Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. MT BIBTSDAY. it TBomi noon. ? My RLth day "-whata different ?ouad That word bad in my youthful ears And how, t ach time the day come* round Le*a rnd less whl:? its mark appears * Whaa first our scanty years are told, 1: *e?>ms like pastime to grow old: And, a* Youta counts the shining links That Time aroand him binds so fast, Pleased ?rith the task, he little thinks How hard that chain will press at laat. Vain was the n an, and false as vain, v? ho said, "Were he ordained to run H '?* long career of life agal n. He would do all that i e had done." Ah ' 'tis no thus the voice that dwells la fobf-r birth-days speaks to me ' rar otherwi^ ?of time It tells La\ i*L* d unwisely, carelessly; Of co m*el mocked : of talents, mads Haply for hifch and pure designs. Rut oft, like Israel's License, laid L'pcn unholy, earthly slarlnes; Of nursing many a wrong; Of wandt ring after Love too far. And taklx g every moteor fire, That crusscd my pathway, for his star; Ail this it tells,and could 1 trace The imperfect picture o'*r a^ain, "With power lo nod, retouch, efface, The llght and shade*, tne joy and pain. How llttfe of the pa*.t would stay ! Ilow quickly all shooed me.iawfy! All, but that freedom of the mind, Which Lath been more Li an wealth to me; Those irieudnhips in my boyhood twined, And kept till now u changlngly; And that uear Lome tha'? saving ?ik, v\ here a ove'a true light at la*t 1 >ve found, Cheerln2 within wt-en all prows dark. And comfortless, and *tcrmy, round: Ssake Bite?Remedy at Hand?A ne^-o oxaa, belonging to Mr. Dickson, of lia><cock county, was bitten by a snake oa Sunday, at the CMup ground, under the followir.g intere. tiug circutnitume: ilavirg deposited <i bottle of liquor in an old hoi tow stump near one of the U nta, he c< nclndi'd lie woali like to have a little towar< s evening on day. an*i accordingly thrus his hand iuto the hol low of the ftuiup, anu was literally snako bit by a highland moccasin, it appearing tut. three of this class of reptiles had taken uj ?juartcrs there. Having the remedy at hand, ho was relieved, after suffering pain lor aoiui licur*?Crntraf Georgian. ?ru se the iue:in8 and tiusl to God for the blessing. novornTs ov vcea.i btix^i;:.-. rao* TUB UNITED STATES. Name. Leave* tor Day. lltrinann New York..t*outhamDtoy.Sep. h Canada Boston Liverpool !Sep. Ki Aaxogo New York.. Havre Sep. 2.' FROM aVEOTK. Atifli?gci?.,?.21 avrc.?????.N w \ ork?..>?i?p. *1 Africa Liverpool... Boston !rep. 1 \\ ashing ton.. Southam'n .New York Sep Vi iZT 1 .'ic California st"~.rncrs leave New Yo;l en tio T- h and A''.h cX ecch month. ARRIVAL* AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wilinrds' llstsl? h. i.ti.c. willahd. M M Tu'.ly, Pa H J Sdmai, S ?? W J Dawc*, Tenn Mrs Law s, do Mr Harris VV D Kt needy, N V It 1'artuiovc do J L Adams, Fa Dr O F Mn: son. \C A >hf lie/ Jk lady, N V W C II jrley, Teltn W Fry 3c laily, Va W J Pow.ll,'Ala G C Funuan, ,N V 8 Wo db'iru?, Ky J S Matsell & lady, NY Mi?s Matnel!, do li Law-on & iadv, La J Lawson, do Mb- l^iw-ou. do Mrs li C Ker.utn, do J D Jones lady, Aid MIks (jel*U.n, do D P lw ?fr,5, ,'Ja?>s II M Pea body and lady, M C Rrno, N V Va K tl Briscoe \ ladv, Md S B Hamilton, ct J Randall, KI W P Sarcrcn!, NJ Mi s Sarjent, d^ XV A Keinoid.-, .N Y T R IJcal, Aid C S JJir?ey, N C li R Mak o.ii*', 8C W C Bradford. I'a W L rkl? v. N V D C Ward a. iauy, do J S Murr j*, Ct * C Keney Jt lady, .Ma^s U V Christian. Va K C Ranks, do ? .VI Lall-y i. svt, Md W C Cobbiflft, do J Grinifc. U. lady, Va M i?s A A<?hbur> , do \1 Rice, Pa V W Muliikin, Md , -- W McK^r.sC J N Le.i k it lady, NC Mrs P.-rker. do Mi-J Leach, dW G De Siirsi.:", do Miss Mar*i<aJ, do Jtid.e Gould 4. ;adv. Ga J Vtre-n a !ady, SC l)r H Blllin;:, do '' A Kwordy, Va Mis'* iiilliiig, do E > Cook ?, do J li Muifurd, do G A T.i,, do J A Mitchell, La J A W ushln^ton, do H Jiuckley, do R VV ashln^io.'!, do C Alexander, do G L Wuhlr gUW, do Ho i 15 M l* Hunter, Val A J Weste. well .N V J a?, ? W M ', Va L A Osborn.V lady. MJ Hcii o P a>cart>ur^h and M Oi.s ?v iady, Aila l?r Blackburn, Va J F Ma&on, du W B sbaw, DO ?I Mac Raw NO C Brown, NV h C Johuson, Va Miss Montieatb, t al R T S?*i.d rsi-n. tn^ family, do M Ari :j*, NY Miss L c Mo\a. do J F Haltefcon. China J S? llarding. Ala kl VV Mouur^ath lady, Cai ' M O l)ariK)ur an i lady, M ;ch R B Sax age A dan'tor, O M Mcl-one-h, Va Alaiue W R L?e?urry, Miss T Remarry, do J D RobifkMsn. Me R M Lo ^st.ett, Md Miw A McDuuoU 'h B \V Laie. Va >V R I t-f d L iady, do J Grillin <V l.idf, do c , It 1) li(?tk iirid^', \C U A Hartweil and lady. S C Ueanison u. ,adv, l a Mass A F at du- ch? II I> Hampton and iady, tor, do M'* W Mavo, .Mass C P l.elaad A ladv. NY C M Waters. Aia U R W aierman. Md F R Ouian, do VV F Hti^h?r. do R C Duiitou, Va R GaniMe, Ga Rev R Lalov, Fa KrswaV Katal? J C V\ aldg'ave, l'a Alis.i VVaMigrave, do VV II Adiu-dcij. Va A NC N I. Wade, Va O B Hold-:i, do VV B irnett, NO S L) Huhl^irJ. Ala J Conce luii M VV edwell, N Y T Bowling, fa G VV K ess T?nn E J Armstrong, Va T 17 ntermyer, do j* Gm;?-rh: lu er. do T Goodman, Fa 11 Goodman, do C II Ko??, Md VV K ek. Va E J Beall, do C ? Rooi. Mil 13 L Fan* siock and iy, Fa Miss K Fanestock, do Mis- fc F?nf<i ook. Md J l> Faaentoek. do A T M.:rfott, do H Longf<>ot. d"? Mr Medring and lady, Mrs Carrlci. Fa Mrs Ta>k>'. do H G Thompson a ad ly, Va Mi s WIL'iaas,do Ml s I hou as do R B Green. NY J VV Lar.ieti, Ohio l>r VV ulvathney * ly, Va T rl?.fB?4.X, T CaLan, Miss J li Lancer, NJ K Neat, do 1> H Bild-es. NC M Hodkin.-i, do J Lale, ij t T M Croader, Va C B J: hnson, N V L L and lady, Me Miss Rodn.'i:, do VV K O'Conner. SC C i? Holland, Va Gen M L Casynaugh, Tei ^ ? ' Gen T S Green, do Mrs Green, d i Miss Kil-ry, do Mias I. Ctan-y, Mass Miss K Chaney, ds J w G re<- n, Tex VV VV Lirkiand, U8MC H rtav^r, Md L A Osbtra and lady. NJ ' J* 11 VYheeler and lady. NY A P F VV Grren, do T A Butler * nd ly, Va J V?' Hawkins, Md H N Kyland. V a VV IT A les, do B liod^ s HO H Moigan, Md J R Shanks, Ohio C B Cott n, Ky VV Ar;nstron. ljt A Lanawye, Pa United States Hotel?a c hackkzt. V T-.I.A. r. V a I ? I _ ? , ? 7 W Z Tahor, l'a W -and. do L H Baskln, Fla A G J Han-on. do L A R^r^ei, Ala UN L*ar;holew. Md icun VV M ThotOMoa, Mich Mi is M J lied'e, Ala C C Lewis. ,N\ Miss M Rroom, Md V. 1 . f "V ?> V? I' '/ tl :?! . N A Ilonie &. lady, SC 11 Vu'a^hu. CI H H Jlohos, NC Mrs Gassauay, Va l>r Wadsw, nh and ladv, Teun ? Grove. Va C M -itefllrg Pa J B Nu^t nt la F Ceu?ul -?, Md U Snl?f>. Ct D Concliion, IS\ U Paul, Va ii Johnson, da Z I.r^cke, do H Rh?des,Jr. Ky 11 D Wright, NV SSKlrby, La G '/, Mills, \ra W J 5<4n,th, do A II Weed, do Hon J R Daniel, NC A B St?l<h do J U Hamendev. Va C It ."Smith, do G Robertson do K Mitchell, Md II Poe, ct l> H d?*ur/, Va ftLlrVwosd llanso ? ? Wilson, Pa G R Hal er, do T Gwlon A. ne:ce, Ala T J llra u or, lt? T B McNeir. Va Mr Brent. Md Mr Ksvauaugh A lady, do 9 K Worth and sister, Ma** P T Coji A ladv. Me J Woudhouse, Va J m. A a. I'txwocn. VV T DuvaQ, Fa VV K Grithta. Md G T PhiLip, <*o J F Ehh-r, do A Backrack, Va J Rice, do L S M-C mley, do S* Hene?f ry Md J H -nek-il, DC T P CLi, man, Va R J Henderson. Fa American Hotel ? J Foy, DC J Rutrer. Pa R M Ha risen, Md ? M Pat-tf, Pa W a Moorv, do J Roche, Va G Johns n, do (f D Msrcer, do HirLIBOWKi k LOV1TT. J II K^Uy, Va M J R\a;t. Md M B aldovv. DC R J Flo d, Va T C - i?h r, do J L Ziuiu.eiu4*n, Md JB R Ogal, do ' Miscellaneous. NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, Twa?hik?tor, d. o. HE thlrty-fou rth annual course of Lecturee will wmiMBM or MONDAY, the 2?d of October, 1353, and end on the 1st March, 1836. ViCfLlt. Txouae, M. J)., Profeeeor of Anatomy and Phynlolosy. Wk. P. Johnhto*, M. D., Profeseor of Obstet rlcs, and Dl*e*??i of women and children. Joihca Rtlky, M. D., Professor of Materia Med lea, Therapeutics and Hygiene Jvo. Fred Mat. M. D.. Professor of the princi ples and practice of surgery. UHi yton Ttlkr, M. D., Protestor cf Pathology end practice of medicine, and of clinical med icine. Lbwis H. Steinkr, M. D., Professor of Chemis try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scott, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER, AS. D., Dian Like moat similar institutions in Europe, tht ej ^. m which the regular lectures are given, and the words for clinical instruction are under the fame roof, The entire expense for full course lectures..f t*) 00 Anatomy by the Demonstrator.... 10 00 rv. atr.culatlng fee, payable only once 5 00 Graduating expenses 25 00 Admission to the medical and surgical clinic with out charge. The lecture* will be given in the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those engaged in busi ness during the morning honrs to attend. For further Information address THOMAS MILLER, M. D., Dean of the Faculty. N. B?Jfc??1leal students desiring situations at resident anient In the Washington Infirmary, (which is the clinical department of the National xMedical College.) are requested to mak? applica tion by letter to Joshua Riiey. M. I>., Curator oI the Washington Infirmary, who will giTe any in formation that may be desired. Itunnecessary to state the Treat advantages of a residence in a hospital for clinical instruction. Ttose making early application, will have precc deucc. Six are to be ehc.sen before the 1st of Oc ieber jy9?eotNovl S Office op the Commanding Officer, ) Washington Arsenal, August 2l>, 1S55. J J j-A I.ED PROPOSALS will be received at thi. -> rtfi;e until October 20th next, meridian, fot building an armor.' in Washington cltv,D. C..on th'? public rqnare iving between B street on the ht uta, Canal street on the north, Seventh street on the wr-.t. and Sixth srrett on the east, an appro priation of :<:JO,OUO having been made by Con^res;. fcr ibc same Master builders desiring to propose for this building v>ilt please call at this oifice to examine the drawings, specifications, and blil of work, and receive any additional explanation in order to make up their proposals, wli;eh they will be en abled to do conveniently and at leisure at this of No propose!i w 111 be received but from an ex perienced tnd approved ousltr builder, a> the work has to be done in a ?ijerior manner; hence persons r.t a distance, "nknown to the under sailed. will be exported to present satisfactorv before the bid be accepted. Ail proposals must be n.ade according to the It^ms of the bill of wo?k. (which have been cal c lated with precision.) if the proposer find the ?uur.6 correct. Aa experienced superintendent is appointed. ar.4 v.'ii oe always present on tue ground of build ing, alVr the v/oi k comint nces, in the abuense of ti-.e oommanding olScer, to see that the contract Li silic'Jy complieO with V*'U. H. BELL, ..lajor C >inrnandiiig Washington Arsenal, t'l 25?J*iwtlH>j CLUE FOR HOT WEATHER. A RNV'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, pnd WA ?i* Ti-.R IOI>3, for which he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. is highly recommended for the above. Will U sent t ? any part of the District free of ch*r?n. S- ad \o^r orders t.? bl bridge st., Getfgetsvrn Jv2??ttf ii . L i N D 5 If E V i CSALEH IH PT -'.L Z!?7ATE A3D LA7TD WAH2ARTS, SAINT PAUL, Mill. TERRITORY. J AN BOUGHT AND SOI.D THROUGH i-i OUT THE TRRRITORY. Taxes pild. c.?'l r.nui :>ru.s cashed, and the hi^nert Pi ::.; :dven for Land \\ arrants. u L an Is located wlthmuob c^re. an>l 1'?. t^e ji ??:!"* a-?d lo.;*o, sharo?l erjually af tue expbation^ of tve ye.i^ The Land at that u b-* scia, unless otiierwiseagreed upon, an*l ?. ' half of tae ci nerit v..l'j?' ?f the Warrant at the v..v \ .itrv. -".nd half of expense otlocating to lure ducted fiom the sul^riberu'iaterest. To P"T.^u'i.. wishing to locate Warrants entirely on their rvwn arromt, the charge will do, fortif y ?cr * i .; eighty a::i^s oi'e bui.rtud and -^a-:.*, - : andv/il; .:-cci .T with their litl?, a p. .1 r.utl des?:riptiou o! th**. vn?l. nKFKasscss: *7 ; ?lo?. Willis a. Gorman: l>-f>? n Alex. Ra-r,<ry; H-?t. J. T K ><ser, See. M. T ; .ur?jrs Ames cc va.i Eltn?. Atlornrys at l.av.; M " Morton Ac Pnoe, Wholesale Drn,Tc!st.'?. I4MMWM?W.P. Prestrn, Esq , jCunrneynt Law: iii hard C. Bowie, l/a., Com. Merchant; Messrs. Deur, Norris Jt Co.; .Messrs. Me.Clcc&e \?a- itn-iTox?Hon. W. W Sf^tcn ; Hon. J. T. Tower??, May >r; Hon. Jitdge J. Br\-.:n; .1 C. O. Hamilton, E?q., Attorner r.t Lav.*; Col. Win. Hiriey; Col. J. fliiey; Ke-r.. Tayb? Msurt: Messrs. Lewi.s, Johns?ru ft Co, Banxers: U. C. Uramtiiar, Lsq., i're-.ideat I'atrkilc. Bank jy 17?dtlw .1KW FALI. GOtiD ?. XV ^ are now it'Ceiv:n;j our fcrsl Fall ^ipplie? of ? ? Fancy i .d r-tiiplr Dry Goods, to winch we cordially invite purchasers tj call <iud < xainlne oe^^re making luoir s'l'dloii.t v. f name h f-**' leaduig article* Rich figured s;nJ plain Mous eiine dc Lalns, Co b-ry Clothe tiae blk Alpaca* G'.nrnams, l.n li-h and American Calico*, sune rior Sail ting Linens u.d Cottons She?-.log Cott .us and Linens, Table Diap?rs, Napki:--. Twellnog, Kussia and fcotch t?l ?p r-, I i^uuel ^ cf the best brands, tine a-*:d n:e? Blank'ts. Shawls a-d S'arf* Black a;-d faicy colored Clctha, Cassimeres, a d V. stl.igs, all cf the n^w? ^t styles We rhall cc?:.iiij!i to m\1 ofi' our entire stcxk of fiiu'iy JJre .? Silki at cost, f >r cash. 10 } Utce? suptri.r black Dress Silks iust on-nrd froiij 70 ce.its t-? 1 ?o per yari, whi.h we know to b?- very cheap. !rr All aiticle.s warranted to prove as repre sented. SPECIAL NO nCE ?A11 persons having bills ui.seitlc l v. hl"h were rendered tl.e L>t juF,-. aie iiioit y re<iiu>ted to clo.:e tl em without fuithe-niCce. COLLEY tc SEAKS, No i/S-i Seveni street, abavc Pa. avenue, au CO?tojwr 1 wrrttl i IO N IN O f'LLRA J'lC, GLEE AND BALLAD AILSIIL. T E. SCilEEL. Instructor In Vocal and Plai>o ? " ? .'d'-'dc, would Infer ji l.iuf lend^aud the p.jb lie gen --rally that he wi'l commence gl.ln' a oae in the above earned Seaehea foe f.i^-L-s wi.l practice in ^uartetts, Tilos, D et. *, S-'itos ai.d CL(?! u o^. Private i xtructiou will be given to earh pupil as tttav tc needtd. r ' I .ad its a: d gentlemen who fel Inclined lo Join snld i>Liss wll please 1. ave their iianiea at his rt s lder.:x* ??.i i Lb street, between F and G, bi d wheu a sulfide: t number t-ha!! have bren obtained tr rangements eh to t me and plae-e will be made. ' HIU per serii:? of 22 It*sons. The et-r iKts will be assisted by an able TianNt or "in Orchestra if neresri y. N Bt- arty appllcaUon la desired. au '-S?eolm I. iijte ):* f?r Lr.lldlng a Light*-houss en Jfciii s's Pcmt, ucar AlexuuJrla, Va. TREASHRV DEPARTMENT, 1 Offick Liciit hovseBoalp, > Washington, Aug. 2-J, 1955. ) OROPOSALS will be received until 12 o'clock * m ?v; : hc ':>i of September next, when the bids wil. l< open?-d, for furnishing the mate-la'.s and buiidlngalight house on .'ones' Point I'o toai-".* riv. r, tear Alexandria, by the 00th of No rcmber next. It v 1.1 Oe a framed building resting on brick foundation, ai:d of one and a'-hnlf-Btorv, with bi-fcti > *nt. Laving a circular tower on top for the snppoit of the lantern -tlie horizontal dim- asioas being by 19 feet. Detai!ed drauiugs and specifications can be seen at thi; c lice, tu at the odlce cf the collector a: MexanJrli. Should any bid be oecrp?ed, a contract will be e*i at orce fort he work No payment will he mnde until the whole work Is comp ftrd ; and befor ? it is received It must be inspe',-fd and approved bv the ag?u.t of the gev erninent appointed to superinted the work?7?id H?r"t hnvlog power tn nil nab-rlals aad work:' unship, net In accordance with the term os t'.:e i ortrr.^t. Ti;e right is reservi d to reject any and ell bid that m?, t?dei'm d prejuau.ial to the public in tere*t All bids should be j 'air A and add.essod to the undcrsi-ued, tniorsal "Proiiosals fer ione.s's Point Light house." o> ?<-DM'D L. F. HARDCASTLE, au ?-. eoiiu fc^giaoer Seert tary. rr, T1VA^D WARRANT* IiO' ATKO. piIK B'u.vTibtrs uiij locate Land Warrants 'ther in Olr.o, Indiana, Illinoisor laws, end V'd ?lve a eerrert dt^scrlptlon of the land locaUd. I\ > r- '8 disicrlptlon proves ln ?1,?"V"?^'-Ues take the land, giving for It another wvnu.t for the quantity? One of the iinn resides in tho West, and %v*P glv? die business hispersonal saperintendance. idlLLER it BROWN jy ijliii0ppc'-iuj 110,1 u*ce' W?w^gK?. Information for Travelers. ORANGE k ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. SOUTHERN MAIL LIXS! nTVVICE dally between WASHINGTON and SOUTH, via ALEXANDRIA, 60R DON8VILLE and RICHMOND?no night line on Sunday. ? Leave Washington * before ? o'clock a m Leave Alexandria if " 7 "am Leave Washington ^ "7 ? pm Leave Alexandria * " 8 " p m TARES BY !tICHT MSB. From Washington and Alexandria, to Ger donsvilie ?3 25 From Gordonsville to Richmond 2 llS Travelers will find the morning line the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious route to the Greenbrier \\ hite Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm, Eot, Alum and Capon Springs, Warrrnton, Charloth?ville, Staunton, Strasburg, Winckf^ter, Hcrrlsonburg, Lexington, Weirs Ca\e, Natural Bridge, Luray, New Market. Mid dlfborg, Ac. FARES BT MOKftlga LITtB : Frcaa Alexandria to Warrenton. - - $2 00 " " Gerdonsvill?, - 3 50 ChailoUwviCe, . 4 SO " " Staunton, - - 6 00 " " Strasburrr, - - 3 30 " W inchester, - - 3 50 " " Luray. - - . 4 25 u " New Market, - 5 00 " " Middlchcri . - 2 25 O.MN I BUSES and BA GG AG E \VAOONS will be at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to couvev passengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for ALF.XANDRI A, a distance of 6 miles, allow ing ample time for meals. H. W. VANDEGR IFT, Jy I* _ Gen. Supt. 2'? SAILSOAD BISECT X0 THE W?ST Time between Washiiijtoti and Wheeling but 17 hoars ! Eunniag Tims Uorwcr'E. Washington and Cincinnati S7 hears !! THaOVGH TICKETS AND BAGSiQE CHECKS TO BE HAD IN WASHINGTON. 'lorr: mltimobk and oiiio rail 1- ROAD having greatly improved its Western connrctions, now ofli-s the fullest inducements to | Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Washington J "notion {lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio riv^r Bai'rrage is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, f with the passengers) without char<T. for tho?e holding Throiurh Tickets for pcints be vond. The connecting Trains eave Washington daily at 0 a. in. and 4,^ p. m. On Sundays at th< latter hour or?ly. At WHEELING dir>ct connection is ma<L wi h the trainscf the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD. running from Bellaire. on the Ohio, nc&r \V heeling, through Cambridge. Zanesvill^, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with the cars of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo Detroit, Clil. apn St. Louis, cfc. At COLUM ICS the C. O. Railroad trains ccn nc-: with for fist trains of the Little M-iarr.i Rail rxrvl to XenJa. Cincinnati, I.ouisville, etc. At X.ENIA (cn Little Miami Railroad) connection L formed with the trains thro >gh Dayton to Indian argils. TW Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. etc., ferred at C',r.r?r>natl "to the Maii'sleamersVn the Ohio. Tickets for EvansviUe, Cairo, ai.d St Lrr:;r> are tc.i.i by this rente. ?- /*" For C LLVELAND. and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., t',rk?;s are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and V/ellsvilie (forty* mile;;) whe:c a connection with the Cleveland and Pltlsbnrg Railroad Is made. i raVtlcrs are requested to rottce that while thin is taeenly route affoiding Through Tickets and Checks In Washington, it is al.-o the shortest, m-.-t speedy, and dWect to nearly all the leading P?:s*.s la the great West. Th* distance from A a .Lih^ton to Cincinnati is but 653 miles, beicp about !?!.? miles shcru-r Than by any othe' route * THROUGH TICKET. PR OX ?v AbHJ.iIG ION To \\ bcclin:*, ^9 50; CTiuin ou:-. :"l'l Daytor.. rt)5 * i; Cinciniiati, f;a <-:? ,j ? lnvii.. ? v* rcilrocd, SI" C.>, by steamer froni Cincinnati, ??ie ( ?t; I:?di^*>apoli3, :?'7 ?U: t:'.ov land, J12 50; TiicJo, giift,; U.troit. Pi.*! 20; Chicago. ??"?> R5 ?nd .* 10 St. Louis ,x? ?.nd JJein&his. New Orlrans, r* et,% A'*? HiEPBE'8 r r !. ,1 [Alt': iNSBUKG, CM'MHKRL * vp BliRI'.LI .tal :tIN6?, BKOFOKil SI'F INGs! l**i<l)AION'", OAK LAN t>, m i i A " ?: pa.?^r.ucrs may l.ate V, tshii. ,ton a-. 6 a. m.. ? JX P m. i'or the minor wajr MatU.ns 1-cixeea .{ai'lroore a id Wheeling, takf 8 a c.. tra^i Hum Warhlin-^on. ?CTFor ta'iis to sn4 fmrn B:iitlm>re, ArsroMs, etc . ? ?? advertisements U3~fu;thcj InforuaticR, Thro-a'h Tlcfcrfi &C , apply to 'I* MO MAS H. PARSONS, A-xi atwiskhigtoa Steliun. JOHN II. DONE, I" tster 1.: T:oii^f?crb;tif4. Bi' loiore uA Ohio Railroad, L'iuti^we m-.vU?'f CANAL PACKET TO fOIST OIf Ror;;<?. "ML C.umI Pickft CONGRESS La%'in? 1 thoro:.;;Lly repaired and pmw.^-..irrrrrr2? '-?? i1 r ru'e or<!er (tht: mar hlnery ielv '"in iv ! : I horse power i-'.ilwtTuiU<i> t on tiBiies tnaklRg her regular iriM between Geor-e and the a's?ve place. a 'J'h- th??- wiii leave the wharf of W. II. & I! G Rliltr for I' at of K?^ k:. o- .\iO\|i\Vg WED NKSDA 1 S and FRIDAVSat? o'clock a! m: ai d to? I ir.nt of iiorks fur (ieuree'uwn on TL E? i-A \ S, THURSDAYS andS ATURDAYS at the '??; ho .,^injxat the di3'erentlandiiupt aloay lai* .Inr ?or tli*-rtt" *ption and Jandin^of puscDy^/a ilV. goin^ and returning. The Brat will 1-avt- Georgetown at 7 o'clvk a m., a ;d arrive at the head of the Gr^at Falls al i! >eu<va at 1, Edward's |vrry 3^^ MonocacySk' Kno'.vlan'f Ferry ti. and pi.lnt of Rocks at 7 o'er* p. m. Returuinir, leave Point at 7 a. in.. Know Hn m I-erry at < Moiuicacyft, 1".Jvv. .d'n Feny li, Seneca 1, Gr??at i* ails 3)|j, and arrive at George town at 7 p in. Passage throiujh either way f.2. Mealr- served regularly oa lio^rd the boat at mod era?. prite-j. CHARGES MERRILL, Capt. je ?dtr IliE KtW VORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED states B "1 AIL it'ai' liA Tit U li, TMiF. SKIPS COMPRISING 'i'RiS LINE s'etke ATI/ NTIC, Crptain Wt-r.t, Pacific, Capuic Nye, BALTIC, Ca; U*in Com.?tor'k, ADili ATlC, O^pUlii OrafcAQ, o^'ps have been t.ulth/contract,express? ly .t* * overniiicat cervloe; ?v?-ry ccre n;ts bTn taken in ihelr ccnstn;u?icn, as in the o>4''rca~io Insure strength and ep^jd, l ;d t.?c?r ccoommo^a t;ona for patseager* are uaaqu?21ed Icr ci?pa^oe

aud comfort. K ?iiei r,y FAS5JLC-*. PmmNewYcrk ic Liverpool,!" furtca'cl*, Clil SdCOild Exclu.'i fg Ucc of er.lra ilzs locme, - two From Ldverp^l toi?ewYoii, - X30and?i0 An ex placed Sur^can at'.;.; z<+i to each chip. N ^ boilh can be *cctvd until i-id for. t CS aoLht or L'a*.,.irc apply to ED WARi) k. COLLINS Jc CO., c.> Waii sire?t, New Yo.k. BROWN, SiiiPLKY A CO , B. ?. ROBERTS fc CO.}*"** johnmu&obTco?' Loi,4M 30 Rue Notre Dame d^j Vl^tcires PaTt? GEORGE li. DRAPER, Svro The owner., of theso snipa wiU not be arcotmti b!e f,.t J^oid, Sliver, buiilou, spt; !e, lowelry, prc oloui stoaes, or m^aD?unle s bills of ladin/are flpncd thoreXor, ana tae value therao* thereto er. P^? nov 15?iy *UE TOTO IAC Riven ktea.mbTJat COMPANY SSTEAMER ALICE C. PRICE CAPT SAMUEL BAKER. WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT S*X o'clock a. m., arid ALEXAN- ** DK IA at 7 o'clock, a. m ? 1**^-W-g* On TUESDAY MORNINGS-ForM^T Currloruan, L. Machodoc, Piney Point, Ki^ale' and Cone. ' On FRIDAY MORNINGS-ForChapel Point. \. icomico, Leouardtown, Piney Point. St M^rv's' andC?aie ^^.uiirys, ?/,in.^,;:vN,:SDAJ' (returnJngJ-Leave Cone at i o dock, a. m , for St. Mary s, pjnev 1 oint Leonardtown, \\ icornicn, end Ch.ine1 Po'nt ' On SATURDAY, ?returnim,)-l?ve Cone at 1 o'clock, a. 111., for Klnsale, pTacy Poiut L Ma chodoc, (inrrloman, and Mattox ' ' L A& The A. C. Price will call at the usual landings on the river when signals are made u,u?.* By order of the Board: ai a 1 "J^^US P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., June 1,18^5. Je 13?tf ' FOR MOUNT VER~*0i?0 ON "rtJESDAYS AND FRIDAYS-FARE round trip, 51; from Alexandria rr"*' ?!* 7.r> cents?The steamer THONT COLL\ ER liavea asolngton at ftnrl jRomT dria at \)% o clock. Coachea leave riie Csd"o1 foi U? l.oat? f a o'eta* c?< h b410 ci5S pSi sons wishing the coaches will lmve their residence With Georjv tc Thomas Parker. rresioenoe Refre?hir.-'r.t? on the boat. ?d 38?tf SAM'L GEDNfiY, Oiptala. Information for Travelers. ALEXANDRIA * WASHINGTON BOATS. HE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave at the following hoar*. ^ m ?/ . ' T ui Fare 12X cents. M tl, The TIIOMAS COLLYER, when not other way* engaged, will make trips on the route at al ternate Honrs. I^ate Washington at 6,9, 9%, ll X, 2*, ?, ?K, and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 0,i?x. IX, 3 X, 4 X. and P. S?The Boat will leave Alexandria at IK p. m , or immediately ou the arrival of the cars. Jy 7?d JOB CORSON Captala. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARRIV \ Ing in Washington Alexan- ? _ ?.!!. dria.?The Steamer* Till/S. CO!/ YER or GEORGE WASHINGTON will make the above connections, ka?inc Washington at # a. in., for the Orange and Alexandria Cars, and con nect with the same train on their arrival. MEALS furnished on the boats. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. may 17?tf WASHI>UTO!* BRANCH RAILROAD. Ml CHANGE OF HOURS.?On and after Mod* day, the 'iJd instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 aud 8X a m., and 3 and p. m. On Sundav at 4 X P- m. Leave Baltimore at 4 if &nd9Xi m.,aad3asd 5X p m. On Sunday &t?X 3- m. ap?-tr T H PARSONS, Agent TO ATT. THA.T VALUE THCTR -IGHT. ^jcTh^" \Tn?ii to ca'l the attention to all that sr.ffer Vr with defective fight, caused by aire, Klck >w.KS and particularly from glasses Injudiciously ?elected, to his s-ij^rior SFECTACl.ES ami CLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye Very numerous are the ill etlects caused to ?he precious organ of si^ht fiom the commencement of using glasses In not. being precisely sui'ed. by the use of an Optometer; and the prac'ice <>f manv years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely rr i uired will be furnished with precision and satis faction. J. T. acknowledges the very lilieral encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of tuose that have cot yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use. and stating how many, inches they can read this print with their specta cles. can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and ief-T ences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glarses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his oEce, No. ?12 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Norfolk, S^p?ernber 7, !S54. Sir?The Spectacles you mad-' for n.c silt* very well, and seem to have improved my sigh: more than any other 1 have lately tried. LI rr. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair cf Spe*. tacles obtained from Mr. Tobies, and find them of i_reat assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recomuienrt him as a skillful opti cian. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J. Tobias: Sir?The pairof Spoctacles vou furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfac tory to me. Tuev are very decidedly the best I possess, and 1 am the owner of tight or nine pair, arefully selected in different places ai?d from op ticians recommended to me on account of their nrofeeslonal standing in England, France and th?; United State*. I have fo?*en al'-o pleased with your remark-* and directions on the tr-almcnt oJ the eyes, for thepuruo-eofpieservlLg and improv ing tie sigh!. Rcspeclfullv, yours, CIlAS CALDWELL, Profe-sor of M. C.. i^oulsville, Ky. Ltschecbo, Nov. 10, le5>l. Mr. John Tc bias havi::g furnisN-d n.e with Glasses, b\ which I have be**n greatly aided (my vision having sutl'ered greatly from reading at n'ght in my earlier life) it affords me the highest pli'jisu e to ?ay that i consider him a skillful piac tieal optician, a id v.- 11 prepared to aid Uiose who may n?.ed hi; professional M?rvice? WM. ?. ROKZIE, Eider of Aiefh'>di -t (.'onfmit*. WiLMirtSTOK, H. C., Jan. "z>, IHM. Mr. J Tobias: Dear Ir?I ^xn happy to rsy that the Spec t icies which 1 ofcui ? ? d from you ia ?' vce'si are entirelv salirf-ftory. From an inequal ity in the vlsne! rrui'-e <>f my eyes, I have hereio foi'' four.d trreut d;Ciculty In getting glasses of the proper focal d'iMa.ncc. It nttordr me pleasure to itn'e llial. by the aid of your optometer, this diili eulty L..o i>een aappii?' obv!-it?*d ro tj .i thoclajem you'fcralshed me are decidedly the I- at adapted t* wy oyes cf an / I havi ever yet used. Vtiy xtsjtectfuliy, yours. 1f.ll. DdANE, Hector rf St. Jt::ie?! Famish. Drpartment of 1 .iterior, Mrv 7, le55 Vxo-*t pstuiai dcittls ai.d the no .'anal nosgecf a / oy?*s. I fcsve been compelled to US'* f^r sev-ral years. I have tried ?'li.'ereii?.'orUeiass without obtain!3.< perlectly ta my eys Four months Mr Toolesxn.ide tv/c paiis ePiwcialiy tor ine, which 1 ha>e fennd to -?rve me perfectly. By the use of h'.s optometer ha is et'iiviad to a'dapt ;Sla?.*c- a;inuu*3? to the ev?\ 1 ipoat eheeifutly r?.,comro'nd Mr. Tohl&s to'all >?avir.'g ceesion to usegla/ ?ck, rnd oear my teat> as to his skill an optician. HENRY E BALDWIN, Aasist. iicc'y to sign Lar-d Wairants. Jy iC?tf JOE MlltLMNGTO!^ !:as j[H?t received ? Putnam's Ma^;a/ ue for Sepurmber Harper's Monthly Magazine, do Flank l<e-ii ? s Fashion Book do Gcde.}'k i.auy's Hook do Peterson'H Magazine do Arthur's do do Ballon's Dollar Monthly do Chanib>r's Journal do Frank Leslie's N. Y. Journal do Yankee Motions do 'i'ne hidden Path, by Miiion Hariand, author of Alo >e Light aj.d Darkrrsi; or the Shadow of Fate?a story of Fashionable Lif? A memoir of Rev. Sydney S "ith, by his daugh ter, edited b/ Mrs Austin The complete works cf Dickens 1-2 vols octavo hlze, in large type, beautifully illustra ted ai.d neatly bound in cloth. Sold separably if desired The Yellow Mask, a new itory, by Charles Dick ens The F?cr>.ped N un All the new l>ooks received as soon a? publislicd Everything in the Stationer-. Mac at J SHILLING TON -3, Odeoa Building, corner Pa av. and-tK st an 29 [Intel PLCl.'^ L'J.V ?) >'<? fll.KRKF. WiM f. MAN U FACT l' K E i) F KOM F R EN C H GRAI'ES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, bE VILLE O I? AN G E5, d*?.?This delicious bev erage L-esiomes the greatest favorite wherever it ii introduced. It is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half the price of other foreign wiati. Many physicians u. e it exclusively, ai.l recom mend It to all troubled with FlaLalency. Dybpeo .->ia, Debility. Cramps, Diarrhuia and Dysentery. Persons subject to Chiilfe, cr living In diitric'ts where Ague or Cholera prevails, ilnd its occ*.doa ai use a pleasant and adir.irabie preventive. Mi ,vd with a little iced-water, it forms the most refresh ir.g and wholesome cooling drink ia warm weathei that can be taken. Price 50 cents per bottle, C5 per dozen. N.B. Country Druggists. Grocers, Ac.,findthie Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, it's a tirrt rate article, sells well, and gives great satis faction . Agents, STOTT A. CO., Washington: PEEL A. STEVENS, Alexandria; CI SEEL, Georgetown: J BALMER,Baltimore. jyV-tf IYJEW BOOKS AT TAYLOR it MAURY'S. ?-* Sydney Smith's Memoirs, a vols, ? J The History cf Woxna:i a;?.d 1 erconnexion with Religion, Civilization, and Domestic Manners, from the earliest period, bv S W. Fulloin, au thor of the Marvel of Science, Si Panama in 1M35, by Rooeri 'iotres, 60e. The Horse, by Wm. Youatt, new edition, with observations on breeding cavalry hor-es, by Cecil, fjl Ballads?Romantic, Fantastical and Humor ous?by W H Ainsworth, 75c The Music Master a love story, by W. Arling ton. witn 9 woodcuts, 75c My Brother's Wife, by Amelia B. Edwards 38 s ' Leila, or the Siege of Granada, by Edward B Lytton, 25c Small Farms and how they ought to be man aged, ii5c The Poetical Works of Mark Akensideand Jno Dyer, Illustrated, St The Industry ol the Unlt-d States, 25c Gra?n50?. >0f ^ t*ueen'" ?wu? I>yJ?mes Just received at TAYLOR & MAURY'S. Bookstore, naar Uth st. (LOIRS! CLOCRCl FRANCIS. 4'jO S.' venth street. He has c locks that cannot be excelled? handaome a-id good time *eepe?. U? sella low, and every Clock Is war rdated. iv *i Medical. i i IRHALiTIOR rot, mi mil or /LSTBS A AlfD COlfSUHFTIC*. NEW AXD TERY WONDERFVL ! ! ! BTTO-raANA i?rcmfht home to the dosr ?( the Millies T A WONDERFUL dlrcovenr has recently hern made by Dr. Curtis. of tnls c'ty, In the treat ment of Consumption. \stbraa, and *11 diseases oftheLunr*. W? ?f?r lo I)r CURTIS'S HV G RAN A. or INHALING HY6EAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP. With this nrw me thod. Dr. C. has restored many a?l.cted ones to health, as an evidence if which he h as lnnumera ble certificates. Sp< tk1 hi of the treat ;r.ent, a ^uj ftlclan remark*, ??I: If evident that Inhaling?con stantly breathlnp ar airreeab)e,beallnr np?tf?the medicinal p.-rpertle? most come In direr! contact with the whole arris 1 cavities of the lnn^, and thus e*mpe the oia-.y ara raxiedf bmmvip roduoed upon them whin Introduced liitoU;^ stoniach. and i subject to the procsrj cf dlgcst.on." The Hyre tr.a is for sale at ill the Druggists throug hout u*e country.?N. Y DutrUman Jan. IS. The Inhaler Ir worn en the breast under the lin en, without the least I nr. on von- once?the brat of 1 the body being su?clent to evaporate the fluid Hundreds of c.tses cf ccres, like tko fUlow1*i?, m'<'ht be nzuned. One package of the Hrpeoia has cured ice of I the Astama of six y*ar? staid-n? J. F KEksEF.RR Y, I' M. of D neannui, Fa i 1 am cured of thr Aethica <-f ten years' sundia^ by Dr. CnrtU's Hvaesna. MARGARET EaSTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. MRS. PAUL, cf No. i Hammondstr?t, N. Y., wvs cured cf a cf voir case of Bronchitis by th Hygeaaa. My sJ?ter htubeen c.^ed of k distressing courh of several years1 standing, and tie*, lied to Lc In curable by '.he la/sic iai.K. She wss cured In on ? month Vy It* Pvi-tttr.;?. J. K OACDKRT, P. M. Kk'hmcnd, Me. Tb?* Pev I>r CH EEVI:P . of New York, testi fies of our medicine in the ft>ll?.winjf ia:.,-ua?e: Nsw Yosx. Nov. 15, bM. Dear Sir: I think bljrhly of Dr. Cuitis's Hyije nna as a remedy in di-oases of the threat and lungs. Having had some opportunity to testify its ethca cy, I am convinced that it Is a moj?te*c??llent rem edy, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. S. CFNTl II writes tin r* fellow: Gentlemen?I have rt-rtatly occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hvcran Vapor. In a raw of chronic sop*tbroct. that Lad ref !*j-d to y|?-ld fen otfcer formxjf treaunent. and !he result ha* satis fied tvr that, whatever may in* 'he eomfKwItlon rf \otir pr? pttration, it i? no impor :iS?5,*-et an fir*l leni r? uiedy. 1 wi.-h. the v.'i r -fur . tfi.t^d, thai it mi^Lt be orou^ht wltl U . ? ?.f i of all. DR. JOHNS, one of the He 1 Physi cians in New York writes as f. Dr. Ctktis?Dec* Sir? Havlaj vrlrn--"-d 'he ercllent ell'erts of ^our lly^eana of Inhaling Hy fvan Vapor and Cherry Sv.-i:n. t? rare r.f Chronic frciicbltls, nod Mnt; mu< h in farnr cf f onuter ir ritation in attection* of the thro..: Liotichiai t::l? , and iun^s. I r^n therefore che*-rtCUy recc??m? nd your Medicated A[<anUus as U-injr the most con venient and effectual mode of af>u(yiii<; anything of tbe kind I iiave ever s? rn. No Crmbt thous<irtds of persons mav be relieved, and many cared, by Udng yo'ir medicines. 1 must here be allowed to c >i.fe*s that I am op Eosfd to presrrlhin^ or :sint< itecrvt romrouaa*, ut this little neaily (ontrivied article, ana its ef fects in the ca?e above aliaded to, have induced me to speak in its ftivor. You are at liberty to use this In any way yoa may think pro|>er Respectfullr, youm, Ac , C. JOHNS, M . D No. 603 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a pacfctire. Sold by CURTIS A PERKINS ar.d LOYD 4 PAUL, 111' Chambers si.. N . Y. Four pa^ka^'n sent free to any part of the Uni ted States for ten dollar* N. B.?Dr. C irtis's Ryrear.a IstheORIGlNAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; ail ethers are bas?- imitations, or vile and injuriocs couat?r felts. Stun them as you world POSSuN For sale in Washlti^ton bv CHAS. STOTT, Pa. avenue, near 7th street, and J. H. MOORE. in the Kirs: Ward. may 'J2?Cm CAKTfCK'S SPANISH MIXTURE. TIIK GRKAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD! NOT A FAKTtCLK OF .YKiCrRY I!* IT. AN INFALLIHLE REMEDY f r f^rcf^a; King s Fvil. Rheuiiiati^.n. Ot? :>it .te Cu!a:ie ous Eraptions, Pimples or P;:stule? on th?- fare, B]"t^he?, i;?'ls. Cl.rorlc S?ire r'.v' s. Rin^V "rm or Tetter, S.aid Head. La'^ro ueit and Pain of the Bores and Joints, v uoboru Ulcen. Sy ph:li?ie Disorders. Lnrebap**. t'plnal (cm (?laials, and all tbe disease" tiisl :?j from an in | J idit ous use df "Jercury, io.p;ad'.cce la Life, pr Impurity of the iilood. rpiiiS VALUABLE MEDJCi,\?J. w'.,.rh has a. become ccl? ,: ited for the n .'mber cf extraor dinar)* curts. efftctrl tLrc:H;b lu ageuev, has in djoea the proprletcrs, ut tl.e ur?c::tc *t o! lb fir friends, to offer it to 'he \ Mir, wbVh ti-:-y do with thentin.iKU corfldoi in it? >'irrn ? andwoa- . derfui curstlv^ rn.pertles. Thr foUowla}; ce.tld j cate;:, selected frcmalarperamber,, however, ' stronger testimony than the mere wo;d of tue prj- : prtet<?r?- and a-e ail frroi -a we'i k.jovn | fa their Jillt>, b.-.\ ? f u. highest icsp^rubil'. .r, many of lhc:u rczldL ^ la ti.c city cf Itlch Ea^'id, Vs. F. BOYnr.N, Esq., or tie ry.ciir.fe lt.Vcl, Richmond, anowa eveiywhtre, ft.y* L * has toe Medicine cai.'i-d r? -. t: e?.'? S?4.?ti!W Ifc;x- , tvf.e, admlnisti;ed la o.rr ahuaditd j u&aiiy ai; the disease* for which it U feeoo.iucu.i- : cd, with the uicst a;.lo:ilsh:iigiy re?uits. He ?y& ii is the most eattaordiuary luedkiae hj hxs , ever fctvn. AirUK AND PETFK?GREAT CUKE.?I { hereby certify th2? for three y? .rs 1 had Ague and ; Fever of the most violent description. I had v< v- | oral Physician*, took lar^o quantiilesof Quleiae, j Merenry, and I believe all the Tonics advertised, ? but all without pemijtrent relief. At last I tr-ed Carter's Sjianish Mixture, two b3ttl?*s vf which , tioctually cured me. and I am hsrpy to ?ay I hive baa nei'Ler chills or fever;; sit_>e. I con eidsr it the best Toaic In thi.? world, uud the only s^ediciue that ever reachcd inv case. JOHN ECNODEN. llxavsa Ditch, near JiieLmon.1 Va. C. B. LUCK, Eaq., eott in the city of xlich xcond, ajid for maay \fars in the I*o X t??fee, Lis auci c-?nilatnee in (Le a^t aishin^ rttracy cf Car eer's fcjpaniah Tuiaiure, thtt he ta: bau^ht up w.-td" of 23 bottle, \ Ll-h h? gr?vn u-'.ay to the aiSicted. all". ~ak * he h :s utver known li to fall when taker. k? -.ordia^ to dlracUooc. Dr. UINGE, a pr... ih-i.1" thymicIwji. tad for merly of 'he City Hotel hi io o:?y of R1 fcmotii, iays he haj In a ?'? tuber of lnstaac-u ihe effects of Ct-r Vs Sp^tilch Mixlur^, wldch i were most truly s.-.r^lt:..^ tie nays in n esse of J Ccr.?Jinptiou, dependent on ihv Liver, the ^ood i et'ecis v.vrt wonderful SAMUEL H DR1NKES, cf the 5nn cf Orla ktr K Morris. ll?c ?cio..(i w?? cur.xi cf Llvei Ccir.ploir.t of three t. an -r.adir^-. by t-e use ct two bottles or Carters Cp^cish Miitare. GRZATCL'RE OP StJRO FUL H ?Th- loi ter-; of the Ulckaiand Republ:-au uad s srrvaal fjr.plo'vd in th*.ir press room, earo.1 of violent Sjrofuie, combiaed '.vlth Uheutoatlsiu, which en tirely d.&jMed lia fr. n nvk. Tro bottles cf Carter's iifanish ni.ituje ixa-de a j>crfect cure cf i him, aad the Editors, ia a pooll** u.?ti*:c, say thc^ "ch.Jcrfidly reeomntcad It to all ?houeauct^i ! with any ai?auie cf the hie >d." STILL ANOTHER CL UE O FSCROFULA. 1 had e very valuable be/ enred of .Scroftda ay Carter's Spa.ihh Ml*tci.-?. I crr^'dtr it truly a valuable morilcir.fv J AMEss M TA\ LAIR, Con ductor on the It. F aud i'. R R.. Co., K ichtuon J. Va. SALT nHEUSt OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CUKELt ? Mr JOHN THOMP SON , reddln" in the city of Rlchmoud, wascurud by thKe bottles cf CartVr's Sps.d-h Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty years, and which all t'ae physicians of thr city could not cure. Mr. rl hO'npson is a well knowa merchant in the city of Richmond, <*t?d his cure is most remarkable. WM A. MATTHEWS, of Richmond, had a servant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully recommends it, and considers it a vefy iuvaluable medicine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the reve nue, say* he has seen the guod efforts c?f Carter's , Spanish Miiture In a number of t- vphllilia eases, and says It Is a perf&.t cure for that horrible dis ease. WM. G. HARWOOD, of nicbmor.d. enred of old Sores and Ulcers, which disabled b'm from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was enabled to walk widiouta crutch, in a short time permanently cared. Principal Depots at M W ARD, CLOSE St CO., No. ?fc Maiden Lane. New Yoik. T. W. DYOTT * SONS, No. LcS North Socoad street, Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEERS, Nc. 12j Mala atrcU, Richmond, Va. A nd for s%leby CHARLES STOTT, Washing ton, D. C.; HEN K Y PiiEL, Alexandria, ai d by Drnj'gists everywhere. Pric? *1 per* hot tie, or all bottles for S3 sep 21?ly C. WARRINER, W A T V U M A K t R , No. 330 Ps. ??*?***, bftirtti 9tk *aJ 1H4 s(r??lf, washimotok, r. e. Pivoting, Jcweling, aad every kind of repairs lo Watches. Jy i7-k? Medical. PRIVATE ME1HCAL TREATISE Off T*B PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF KAJLlUQK ST H. B. LA fOU. !i. U., ALBANY. >' r.t ITT M? W* Fio*. CoLrrei Lltfcojrrepha tad Piste* Trie# ?mly TwtBty.PJw C?U. Snii FVm ?/ Pftift l# mil ?/ '*? I^HKAPEST BOOK EVEB Ftf ^L1JRED-. V> end containing nearly double the quantity offend ing matter tn that ef the FIFTY CENT OR POL tJkB PUBLICATION?. It tTenta on the PH VHIOL O0Y OK maruia<;k. and the turret ItiSriLUiw*, and P'sorder of Yot tk and ' ? , Matuilty, resulting from ?t- v _ _ >-???, wLlch destroy the *?? \ t-y phyafcV ard mental pow- . >. ?* h ' Jv * $ era, with OtwrvEtlors or Man-tape, it* dttie* and diaqaa! Eratfara, and tfctlr mrcdlaa, with Lithograph*, IMaetr?t!nf Zha Anatoiry and Phvatolory. aad'P'feaareof tbe Pte ptedactive Organs of Loth aetes, their atruciujv, uNi, and flu^cUcra. A popular ard c?i4j rebea *l?e TVeatlae cn tbe Ttltlea and Caistltii* ef vLn. gleand ir-arrlrd llfr?bapp^fr.d a'liaftre*. u.ode c.f r^arlnr them?inf. '*ci?e t* and lnfr?ie ^rea?tb? r obvl fior and r^mova] ? JB'pon .! bit ts to tbn?e contemplating ma '!monv. that vill* ovcrcomf tc it; i.ere. however. >4*' 4 take this i :portant *trp\?i?h"i.i ir>t r.-titulwiu? lu page*?co: n -?nta;a* on the <lli*?!rs ard n.odl<'M :-raiment of f?maie* infancy to old age, ea- k ra^e impli'ially Ittut iratrd by bea-Uft2 mti^ra phk plate ?t>ervr?? deb'.Mtv. ft? esuaea and eurr, ??v a |>ro< fi * at once fo a&onple, *afe. a'?d eOctual Ihitollur It tr pmlblr?n/n fr< n*n.o. mfBt?en *^??ay on Sponuau?nha?a, with pranieal obaervatloca or. a safer and n.-orr njcceaaft'] mM* of treatment?pnr^autlrrarv Lint* on the evila re. milting from empirical mctlo*?an esaav on al! disease* arising Trom Jr.llacretloa, with p!a*T? and ?'n:plf rulr* by which all per* cn* can e->re then., weives wtthMt meieory?remedies for those Keif. iufcicte<i lajMrtfii an<l disappointed i.owt ao un fortunately prevalent in ihv \cung It la a truth ful ati.l*er to tbe married . nd th<Miocatitemi>la."ng marriage. It* pcrv*?ii 1* partk ularlr r?v?it?n?end ??d to |>erR.">ut rntcrtiiinJr.^ arrr??f doubt* of thHr r?bvslral n*dlti?>fi. a?*d mtLoare mnmcSoa* of b?*. n:/ haz?ril?-d the b^altb. h*p|-1i#?*?. and priril*%:-* to which every bwtnan 1m \% enrttUd. Prirc TWE\TY-FIV ?: TINTS ner eory. or Fl?fe Coi?i?* for t?r.e lW'sr Mil'td free of pont ag: to all parta of ib?- U n :?d State*. \ K?Thow wbo pr> r?-r a>*y ronnll Pr 1. K CKOIX i.pou anyof'Lfdi' aN? u;<onwLI<'h :hia U> k . either per>.oi.ati\ or by mail Modi rim ***ut U? ai?y l"?rt of the I nl ni vrmdiBc tc di re* Mon*, ?;ift-)y |vu k?td aiid < arefully i^un4 frutn ?ii o'-vrvr tinn. \ddren* l?r. M n I.A TROIX. No. 31 Maiden Lane, or Port < isx<* l{f>* 5*.U Albany. N Y. ! f~ Oftl^e opf n diilv f on 9 a. tn to 9 p. m , ai: l i?r S? t,da\ fW>m t ??"??! 5 p m IP" Other R RMOVEIi from Nc ? Bfaver at. to '?< Lane, All ^n), Y. dec 7?y DUCTUIt ii O O 1 fi A K 1) ' I CKI.F.IJK A I I i> GERMAN BITTERS, HEfARkti IT Or. C. >1. JA? Pb.i-tielpbia, Pa., WILL LiFCtrULLl CTKt LIVER C0I1PLAIN' LY.PEPtlA, Jiumdic*, CkroH-r t-r A"trrf*> Dtltli *. Dit to*** of tkt Kfln'ys. an I i!i U>*<4>ti crt 'i*? from a l)'*rr4rr? 4 Liter or Sti*r.+' h. Sneh re Constipation. Inward Pile*. Ft:or Bioi \ totb*- llrad. Aridity of the ^UMM'-h. Nait (leartbum. far food. Ftillne**. ?ir We! rbt in th?9toauach.%^x:rl>irta!:nna.Sink i* ? ?r Fli:tt?-rin^ at tLt 1*11 of ifc?> St'^n-fb, Sw, arixinj: of the Head. Iluirt-d a:<d liltSt uH Il.Ti hin?. F ft Ileurt. Chokinv or Sf i.^atioa* v' ea in a l\1n? Pokt.:?<, L; i in :ie>!? t't V ifian, Do4? r.f \Y?-T,s U forr ti>e S.^bt, Fem and Dull Pain in tb* Ii-^*d. |)*-h eiets'-v of P?T*pirat:on. Yeiiou tie** ?.f tLe ^kln and Eve*. Pain in the Side Park.Cheat. Lhriba &r., ?>.iid> n ri*x?ht-a of Heat Burma- in the Ktrsh. ConMant in.a^i.un^,>? of Lvu. ai.d (,re\t Depres. ion of Spirita. rj'UE PROPRIFTftR ?ti ruling the a!t.a:ton A of tb? ptibl.c lo this prepjtration, doe* ao wirh a filing or the atnwf! eojitld?-n?e in It* virtnea bud adaptation of it to the di*v*ea for wbteh it :? re omrnetided. It is no new and untried article, but ?;??- rhat La? ?U??d the test of a ten yes ti !:il la-fore liie ATT."*r. icun p-r>pl?. and it* rrj: itati..?i nnd *ale S tit rl ?aile4 by anv aimilar prfpar?' io-* ei* ? The tentirnonv !?? 1?? f?vor ^1?e-i by the mr t rren.l iient and'well-kaewa Pt^irhm a?id individuai* in aL purto of tLt <oun:;\ la I: ,m<twe The fol low iai; from N."> fh C^> ?!::.* :? r- r tT tily a >V tn;tn-a, rcf.rri:u! tny \\: *> ^**11 M'l 'o tbe "M^nomb'lia. ' or Practi'ii P I .>??k, .i? Farni?'* ai d Fan iU^?, t*? r-? bad ^rctii of ail ibc Ager.b for ?ae <>rrsr.r n I!'. u*r w. I'nnripal OUce und. -? -v. AU'. B 2TPKF T, PHIUAL*^!.i'BlA, 1 A. TKSTTKONY 1F./1 Mil 1 CAROLINA Ctrli,3-?i? a/Dr. W . tih, IltJi, kicA rr.'.xi < C F-sk tlin., M. refcf, 1654. Pa. C. *.1. Jaet-r.rt, Ph!Iade!p? ?a- L?r^r -?ir: I here L?en a *uM -I *-l iJ/*??". ~ I3 Ha vt rsi f:-.riit. for tfc? Liet fee y*a.r?. P'teh vr*' mv condi tion for twclwe avaUu tbit ;^e r '.ivak-taaa ?nd ali vl.-> kiiv it:-raid 1 ir-.L-t d_??. )k. ?nlc la thiscort diiloa 1 wa.j car.kd 10 thi' Wbi-.?r'?;g place* in Vt: gl.'ia, T?Wie&eee, a^d Null Car r.a. but r VneSttcd by any wi!>- to wb'ch I wts uken. Vfb!!eoc -teppe iw cktt It th err^rdtoa. a :cai ?.t:a*r?* in North Carolina, tc try the eot^t of a.- ;;." <L i Syhrat*" v In th it plat-e. About the lait c?f ?fc- wee'- I went l it.- a uru j vto;e to ^et toute wed iw fat ui < h.iu a- i Kyutf. Thetc were*vr. tl of the v'lla^-e phy i (Ua> in ttv* atcre, t:id <?n?- of tb v trt si-etn^d '.o takt Bome lnttre*t In mv rus?r. c -d. a!t-r e^kiv^ ii?e aame qtteatioaa, said be b .-t bc^'a a dy*| ? ?> '. a .a tnJ l*? n L"?-all\' b?seSt??*d Hv tK 'tap r.f HOOI'. L\NUGERMAN HITTERS, p-pci d ty you, and he .:ial?ted tLat I would cry the Uiitars. lie al?o calltyt the ne::t div at try rcurn. and In a'.f'cd to tn -< h tha? l wo il f tn- t rm that I r.?k-d to f^et me one bcttle. ile did U, i i d 1 r om mi"i" d tak'ng li e- dirr:ted. and lv.? irore beti elt <d by it ihuu uil tLe v-vc; a:<d u^dlcine I L<td erer taken. Afu-r reaching hoir ? one of mv neighbor* ra*:f tc in- f< r a preKrii '.ion aitd meal' uir, the ? dy - Isivilc.,) tad 1 j;ae^ hiia r'.y all tb? I?i tern 1 tad it-ft, wLkh t -T-cttHl it... l ..c.d lahlacaje. lie l aa alteit railed on i. r Dr c t cf th? aame kiad cf meti'. ine, Bf.yirtT b^? xt~ tt?>rebcn ft'd b/ it th in any othi/ t - lied tri.;-1. bu: I ba. ? not biv.: able t<> ^et an7 more ?jr hi - ar nywif titoe; wul you, UiuKfort, pkc w ahip n.c a data ot lC)rt a: mjou us in^a'.L,;,"'. Re.tpecJbfi:. yoow, \Y. SMITU O. 2. nooEER, r.ew- Ziorc, Wak^ Ca.. N C.; uctobcril, lNi:t, fcj. 1'? ?1 ?npcrii ltuxi vaiy rrcat bt mil froti th? Viae of Hub F LAN I; t).:l .d-S MTTKlr. ia Cb oal Uvw iter/ ut.i ; ._t;l :d. r^x.-n.-n.t rl tbe Liver, oal 1U concc^iitaut evils, I am dtr iuJ? of cbtainl.a !fy rf It ft-rthi bei- tt of n.y oun^r.cnliy. You U u!, th rrffct.-, :rtdi lo*, &o.. As. CUE TI no ATS C'X- Wli. ArWvJvJD. li.uriv._Lr, Y..?k!r < o., N.C ) N< . - n." ls^ V Zj ( itr. C PI. Jock^r*.?D^r ~'a: tJ<x prw to you r.iy .ec??- tl-.ur.)r: f ir yn-^r ui^- ov.rv ?.f a rrcdklr? v hlc'a, lo w :ht- lea^ t of it. ba? (? fbcttd ^ cure that all o;b -r 'med? inea. I 1-t. ?"* takes. ri?vee?'irelv .'a. U J to do. UOOr'LANU S UKitMAN BlTTt K - bav? curtd me of th. ie ? t sti:^:A)i-n and c.r:.rav^i. J cs e of the tilbp th ?. petLapj, ever Lll to the .ot of uiu. At) cave i? uolaitran cr in this coiiiinunlt;-, a . I am well known u tuin ud tbe aurrauading connti--, ar.4 can truiy iciy that i:iy re? ?vrrv b^ a^t? ,ded all iuj frle.;d* and reiat on*, a* I V- dtr-.ed ?.?nrning in un?ra^rd and nothing ad me acy ,v'a un til I we** ptc vailed upoa ti uy the Bltttra You arc at l b, ny to n ai. any ust of tuia ctnui iiica ti?.n for tbe ?^neSt r;f the aiilciwl, jou u.ay :h:t.k pro*>;. Tm!y,your?, WK. J. AT WOOD. T Tbr-^c bl'icr. are v,g;.*>U, they lav;. mate and atiwgthcn tha -jnwni arver prastrata it, and car. oc u?tid for infants c.* well u tlsltt. Fit sale by r- prru!' d;- 1 ra < errya i.c'.c. t ad by 7. !> OILMAN. Yt'rsLii : J L ?:t> \VELL, Otcrgctovm, anl J. K PlF.RPONT, Al(x?adiit. mar 1?'y REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND t.AS FITTING DLiUT. rMIE acbrv.riber rc*r>*< if dl,, announeca to hit L frit-nd and the put.lie .n ? ? ? 1. ; t % e receivfd the first lot cf tne celebrated POlitJK'J* DOUbLK \CT1NG SUCTION ^\1> FORCK PUMP, which re* < ivrd toe SUA KK M F.DAL at the late Fair of l?ie Metropolitaa Mecbanit a' Icati tute, ard ia now prepared to furnlah aU who uu> favor him with a till. Ilia acock of GAt* FIXTURES are ucaurpaised la tbe piatrict. With hi* corpa r f eomj->eteiit workmeri hepr!<1** himself to til aiiv cidera in tbe PLUMHINtt ANU GAS-FITTING liue with promptneaa and despatch. lif All work d^ne warranted to -Mve ernif lete aatiafaction. JOll.N IlKLSl., mav ^?tf comer CtU at. and la avenne IETTERA TO THE PEOPLE rn Healtfc -A a id Mappinraa. by Catherine E B< ,he? In paper 37^, cluh U>c. Blatory of theCouucllof Trent, ftomthi Ft?a?k by John McCllnto. k, p.p , (1 HarptT'* Picture Book for tha Nuraery, by Ja cob Ao joct, 3 vuia each New volume of Harper'a 9tory Book fl TAYLOR A MAURY'S su II acar Sth atrtci.