Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ^ ?? Tl tSllAV A1TFKWO!* left. II. SPIRIT OF TBS MORNING PRIBS The In telligencer sees no cause of alarm in the European rumors attributing to Denmark the ap^rchcu.ion of. war with us, m the cause of concUiatlng the Emperor of France, saying: " Whatever communication inay have been inadc to the French government by the Danish envoy, under his rumored instructions, and whatever intimation* from my other quarter have bcui made of the probability of a oolli non arming between the I nited States and the government oi Denmark on the question ?f the Sound dues, we do not apprehend thet anything more serious ran grow out of this af fair than such an adjustment of it as will con sist with strict equity between the parties. We do not. know it to be so, but we should not be at all surprised to lcain that some compo sition or compromise of the difficulty were in the couise oi discussion between the contcnd- j ing parties which will remove ail possibility of a hostile termination of the controversy. In any event, however, we cannot believe that there is any danger of a breach of the peace between eountries which have for so many years lived in perfect amity and friendly in tercourse one with another." The Union argues that Know Nothingism was conccivod in falsehood and i? nurtured in Bfl* '' ? " _ WAbHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Maine Election.?We have tw? private despatches from Portland, both from usually reliable calculators The first says "the Dem ocrats and straight-out Whigs hare certainly chosen a majority of the Senate and probably the Governor (Wells) and lower House." TLat reached m at 10 o'clock last night. The next, dispatched at a late hour lart mght, says that 4* the Democrats have clectea a large majority of the House, and probably the Governor by the popular vote. While we feel assured that the isms have been practically defeated, we adviso our read era to place little confidence in the details of >Ey r<l?rn? received in less than twenty four kcjrs from the present writing. Taking his Revenge ?The Star's readers will remember that Francis J. Grund. so we.1 fcn-wn about Washington for his disgusting tastes and habits, applied for a roving and secret foreigo mission on the advent of the present Administration, and also that, when the Administration satisfied themselves with inference to his personal character, he wa> given to understand that they would not touch him wah a forty-foot pole, notwithstanding the seal and ability he manifested for many a: ..the in slushing them over with unasked praise in the columns of 'he Baltimore Snh ar.d Philadelphia L-Jgcr, which journals ht n ?. . to that end when not prostituting t&ein (of couioC without the knowledge and compre bct'ion of their proprietors) to the work oi j-iifing up the various schcmes of plunder in t ngreemonal legislation in which he was to receive fees as a drummer, the ugh at that time ?o'uiUly thecicrk t:> a committee of the House 01 lUprescntaines. This nWs mendacity and ?iuam*les?e? in inch matters were regarded t< re of wantof p.rson-1 c..-;acu? equal to that pro.laimed at times, by convicted professional burglar,, after sentence II made him a n.aik of such general popular uuoiciion as that he had to fleo to his home Europe, to get rid of the glances of men who kef w h;m, on meeting him. He is now writing lor lie^n^1- 4 Ausburg, over hi8 j imtiils. and in so doing, he is indeed worthily employed. Dennett, and his Ausbnrg corres pondence, arc worthily matched. The disap pomteJ, black mailing aspirant forthe French jiu^sioD. aud the disappointed applicant for a jcencrftl roving and eecret mission to watch the American diplomatists on the continent, who having Illegally taken pay on one side of a question before Congress yesterday, notori ously stands ready to take pay on the other fide of it to-day. Of course, as he left Wash ington swearing to got revenge on the Presi dent and Cabinet, lor not taking him at his twn valuation, ho Eeeks it in abusing and condemning the Government of the United fctates, its officials at home and abroad, its loreign policy everywhere, ?Ld the foreign ministers resident here, every one of whom uniltd in treating him, personally, when he cume near them, as though afraid that their watches and portmoniacs would be purloined. This individual intimates that since ho left the United States, robedy in it knows anything ci' diplomacy or statesmanship, and being un der pay (? la Chevalier Wykoffe under that M Eagland) of the allies, he fights their bat tles against th<- United States Government earnestly indeed. His lieart and soul are evi dently with them, as it is equally w evident Russia would not dirty her fingers by buying him and his venal pen. Though ably urr'en, his a-.-aulis on the many gentlemeu on whom he is warring in the Herald, will not weigh a feather on this side of tho Atlantic, because all the American world appreciates the mural of the writer at its true value? as that of an unprincipled adventurer, who stands avowedly ready to do anything whatever with hU pen or tongue for cash, down on the nail. A Regular Balie '?Our attention wa?, ytg terd*y; attracted by a model of an improve ment upon the harvester (power reaper.; which arikes us aj very likely, indeed, to add great ly to the effeiency of all the various descrip tion:- of power reapers now in use, aa it is evi dently applicable advantageously to all of th? m and their name is already, almost, '?le gion." A patent, it appears, was granted for it a? an "improvement in harvester rakes,'' on the 23th ultimo, the inventor and patentee being a Mr O. C. Green of BeUvillc, 111. It strikes us as combining the three great requi sites of durability, simplicity, and economy. It can hardly fail in raking the grain across the platform in the completes* manner. One advantage it possesses, is that the driver, by means of sioto, has perfect contrjl of its (the raker's) speed, and can thus regulate its mo tion to suit any condition of the grain, or of the ma. hine?reaper?to which it may be attached. In this way he may use his pleasure in makir^ tho I undies of cut straw and grain, large or mall. It deposits the bundles on the ground at .he tide of the platform, and immediately in the rear of the driving wheel. The geai > r . tiio is by an elbow working with a rr*M.k attached to the driving wheel. Those laiDiliar with tho* useful machine*, power re*,? and ?*,.wer., wjj, eaaUycomprehend from this description the principles on which this newly ir-ented raker works Although tho main machined have been improved so as to tuve maeb labor by economising much of the short season fn which harvesting must ne cessarily be done, they may not yet be regard ed a? perfect, and w* are glad, indeed, to hail any imp riaat progress in the work of perfect ingthem, as one of which we believe we may ciaas this improvement of Mr. O. C. Green, of Bellville, 111. I?iit of Patent*?issued from the United States Patent Offloe for the weak ending 8ept. 11, 1855?each bearing that date : J. W Bocage. of Cypress Mills. Ark.?For iirprrvcment in machines foreutting standing cotton st?lks. C. 11. Butterfield, of South Lancaster, Mass. For improvement in lantern guards. John Cochrane, of Baltimore. Md.?For im provement in machines for rawing marble. George H. Coney, of Boston, Mass?For im provement in the method of securing keys in connecting rods, A<s. John Clark, of Cambridge Township. Pa.? For self-regulating valve for ventilation John D. Eliot, of Leicester, Mass.?For im provement in machinery for folding and mea> suring cloth. Robert S. Eastham, of Blanchester, Ohio.? t lmProrement in saw-mill carriages. John E Heath, of Geneva, Ohio.?For im provement in harvesting machines. Geo. K. Hooper, of Boston, Mass.?For lifo preserving beds for ships. Josee Johnson, of Washington, D. C.?For ??harger for fire arms. Ac. Frances Grace Mitchell, M. D , of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in hernial trusses. Jonathan Neabit, Jr., and Thos. Cosley, of j Clear Spring, Md ?For improvement in hom iny machines. ^ Christian E. Ofihause, of Newark, N. J For improved rotary steam engine. Freeman Plummer and Gilman B. Rollins, of Manchester, Ind.?For improvement in seed planters. ? John J Speed. Jr., and John A. Bailey, of Detroit, Mich?For improvement in conical plate plate railroad car springs. J. B. T?jrry. of Hartfort, Conn ?For im proved machine for crimping paper for stick pins. O. S. Woodcock, of Connelsville, Ind?For improved method of operating reciprocating saws. Henry J. Weston, of Buffalo, N. Y For improved construction of beds for shingle ma chines. Wm. Wilber, of New Orleans, La.?For im provement in cotton seed hullers Wm. Wilber, of New Orleans, La.?For im provement in steam apparatus for extracting vegetable oils. Wm. Wilber, of New Orleans, La.?For im provement in grinding cotton and other .seed for their oils. Thomas J. Yampcrt, of Mobile. Ala?For double acting force pump. Amos Abbott, of Manchester, N. H.?For improvement in horoincters. Patented in England September 20. 1854. Walter A Jonas B. Aiken, of Franklin, N. H , assignors to Herrick A James B. Aiken, of i same place.?For improvement in knitting machines. Anson A. tSwift, ot Florence, Ala., assignor to himself and Saml. L. Hill, of same place. For improvement in machinery for trebling a single thread. ?J. M. Thatcher, of Jersey City. ?* J-?For improvement in air-heating stoves. Patented March 23. 1852. John Massey, of New York, N. Y.?For im nrorement in grain dryers. Patented April 17, 1859. Designs.?Edward Gleason, of Dorchcstor, Mass.?For design for table casters. James Andrews, of Philadelphia, Pa., as signor to Andrews A Dixon, of same place. Kor design for parlor grates. James H. Conklin, ol Peekskill, N. Y.. as -ignor to Samuel B Sexton, of Baltimore. Md. For design for stoves. The Montgomery County Fair ?Our rea ders, interested in agriculture?and who that eats and wears clothcs is not?are informed that on Thursday next the Montgomery Count j (Md.) Agricultural Society's annual fair comes off at Rockville, the county feat This society is proverbial for getting up the finest among the agiicultural shows exhibited at county fairs iu the I nited States. Andrew Stevenson, of Vir ginia, is to be the orator of the day. Mr. 8., besides being a statesman in times past of na tional reputation, is now one of the most sue ccssful and enlightened agriculturalists in Vir ginia, the leading planters and farmers ol which State are second to none others in the extent of their philosophical agricultural ac quirements, though they make little noise over them, after the Northern fashion. We regret that our duties in the Star office will prevent us from attending this fair, and advise all in W ashington, Georgetown and Alexandria, who desire to comprehend the ex act state of agriculture in this vicinity, as well aa to enjoy the sight of rich fruits of the the earth, fine domestic animals and capitally contrived implements to minister to the neces sities of the farmer, to be sure to be at Rock ville on the day named above. Froken.?We understand the President has confirmed the finding and sentence of the court-martial convened at Santa Fe. New Mexico, on the 7th ol June last, ot which Col. Dixon 11. M;ies ot the Third infantry was president, and before which Brevet Major Philip R. Thompson, Cap tain, firit dragoons, U. S. A., was arraigned and tried for " disre spect to the court-martial." and for "drunk enness on duty." He was found guilty on both Charges, and all the specifications, and was sentenced to be cashiered. Ho ceased to be an officer of the United States army in pur suance of the sentence on the 4th of September instant. Ths Hoax.-?W e have ihc key to the recent dispatch announcing the re-election of Hon. David R. Atchison, of Missouri, to the Senate of the I nited States. It was by a " moot" legislature ! Lad* of the seat of government of Missouri have a moot legislature, just as elsewhere they play with ' moot" court* of) justice. They elected Achi*on, to devil an old codjer tftmed Price, $ great Benton man, who, by way of getting up a show of popular strength for Benton, induced them to go into this mock election, calculating to secure a ma jority for the great rival of Monsieur Jullien. This is a great country of ours ! The Bhering Straits Surveying Expedi. tion.?The Navy Department have dispatches from Lieut. John Rodgerg. commanding this expedition. His ship (the Vincenner) arrived at Petropaulowski, on the 8th of July last, from Hakodadi, Japan; and the Fennimore Cooper, acting Lieut. Commanding Wm. Gib son, (one of the ships of the expedition,) on the 9th. All was well with the expedition! and those engaged on it. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 10th September, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? Forthe redemption of Stocks.... $2,4S5 37 For the Treasury Department... ? 695 66 For the Interior Department....? 7,270 90 Forthe Customs 8,110 21 from miscellaneous sources 5.690 68 tyAt the funeral of Dr. Cone, of New York, a few days ago. Dr. Cox related a sin Bilar incident. Some years ago the Rev. Dr. ilnor, of the Episcopal churcn, the Rev. Dr. Oone and himself were appointed a commit tee in a benevolent body. When together, Dr Milnor remarked upon the singularity of | the fact that they three were together on such a subject. u Do you remember," said he '? where we first met?" " Yea," replied Dr. Cone, " in the theatre in Philadelphia." That nss nearly half a century ago. Subsequent ly all three, far separated from each other, were converted about the same time. The Epidemic in Iforfolk and Portsmouth ! The accounts from those cities continue to be of the most gloomy and heart-rending char* after. The Baltimore American, of this morning, says that Dr. Wm. Henry Freeman, of Phila delphia, who has rendered such noble service in the afflicted city of Norfolk, and who passed through that city on Friday morning last on his way b ime for a few days recreation, re turned to Norfolk yesterday afternoon, in the steamer Georgia. During his absence from home the highly honorable and responsible position of Professor of Chemistry in the Wag ner Institute of Philadelphia was conferred upon him. The doctor states that his heart is wholly with the distressed and his hand open to relieve them. May his valuable life be long spaiod. Dr. F. E. B. Hintze and Dr. Moore, ot that city, also went down; the latter to nurse Dr. Morris, should it be necessary. Dr. de Castro also returned yesterday after- ! noon. We learn from Dr. Freeman that Dr. Hig- ; gins, of Norfolk, who passed through Balti- | more last week, having just recovered from nn attack of the fover, on his way to Phila delphia, bad a relapse in that city, accompa nied by the block vomit, and expired on Sat urday last. The Richmond Dispatch publishes the follow ing despatch from Weldon, which contains later intelligence from Norfolk and Ports mouth than was received by the boat on Sun day : Sunday, Sept. 9.?P. M.?I deeply regret i to inform you that Dr. Collins, President of i the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad, and J. ; W Collins, of the Crawford House, Ports- , mouth, died yesterday. Dr. Thomas Howie, of Richmond, died ear- j ly Yesterday morning, at the Naval Hospital, j George Chambers, jr., also died yesterday, Whit. Aahton, a very estimable young man, Deputy Postmaster ot Portsmouth, died in the United States Hospital. Friday. He was the main reliance of the Postmaster, Mr. Cooke, who is absent. Yesterday there were fifty deaths in Norfolk ?still a frightful mortality. In Portsmouth there were twenty three. Bray B. Walters, of the National Hotel, ia eertainly dead. He died Friday?and a most estimable man he was. Dr. Wright, formerly of Edenton, North Carolina, who has been rendering good service, H sick with the fever. 1 am glad to say that Dr. Gooch, who lies .-ick in Norfolk, is certainly better?and I am : ?il?o gratified to be able to say that Dr. Crow, also of Richmond, who is sick at the United States hospital, was much better yesterday. Dr. N. C. Whitehead, of Norfolk, although once reported dead, is much beter, as also is daughter. Holt Wilson, who ha? labored for some time, the last notary and the last officer in the Bank of Virginia at Portsmouth, has closed that in stitution and left. A letter states that many of the deaths in ! Norfolk, Friday, were of the oldest citizens. , The inability to get the names must leave the j absentees iu a state of great anxiety. We are enabled to correct the statemfnt j ?itb regard to Robert Tatein. who has been 1 reported as dead. He is alive, and at Hamp- j ton, where he is making arrangements to re move his mother and sisters. We learn that tho daughter of Capt. Hard ing, of the steamer Coffee, is down with tho t fever. A dispatch from Weldon, in tho Richmond i American, dattd Sunday evening, suys that tbe residents of Norfolk and Portsmouth were leaving on Sunday morning for " Camp Falls,'' Ihe encampment established noar Old Point C irafort by the M?iyor and Councils of Balti more, and would doubtless occupy the tents in -jreat numbers. Gen. Wm. H. Whitehead left Weldon on Sunday morning with a car-load cf provisions, being his third trip with a lull freight for the ?"jffering ci?ies. The accounts of the fever spread!rg in the interior are incorrect. The only cases that have occurred are among the refugees, who had the seeds of the disease in their system, and in no case has it been communicated to those nursing them. PER80NAL. ....If the accounts of the flight of a Mr. Cohen, with J. C. Woods, (late of the firm of Adams <fc Co.,) from Sau Francisco for Austra lia. refers to Mr. Alfred A Cohen of that city, v. hich we noticed yesterday, they are evidently incorrect. The Evening Posteays that he is now New York city, and expects soon to return to California. Woods has doubt ess fled, and tho fact that Mr. Cohen, who is mixed up in iiis affair with Mr. King, left San Francisco about the lame time, evidently led journalists of that city to eonceive that he was also mixed up with the gold dust adulterating operations oi Woods, and had therefore accompanied that individual to Australia, instead of going to {Jew York. ... .The Mayor of Lynchburg has set apar* Thursday as a day of thanksgiving and prayer' in view of the ravages of the yellow fever. ... .A girl thirteen years old, at Hartford, Coan., is a splendid swimmer and diver, and boldly jumps iuto the water from a pier thirty five feet high. ....Rev. Eenneth A. Kennedy, formerly a professor in Gingham College, died at East pirt. Maine, on the fourth inst. ... .A movement is now on foot, among the ladies attached to Mine of the Episcopal churches in the city of New York, to found a religious and charitable order, similar to the sisters of charity. They have already provi ded a house, where the ladies, (who must bo Single to beloag to it) meet, aud after appro priate religious exercise*, spend their time in making up garments for the poor, and project ing plans to supply their necessities. There are no vows taken, nor i3 any peculiar dress worn, as they above all other things, desire not to be conspicuous. ... .The Presidential election in Bolavia has terminated in favor of Generol Cordola, son in-law of Btlsen. ....The diamonds worn by Rachel when she personates the character of Adrienne, hive been valued, according to the N. Y. Tri bune, by the best lapidisls of Europe at $245, 000. Her five dresses worn in the same char acter, cost M.00U eawh. ....Hon. George Ashman of Massachusetts, heretofore u prominent whig, spurning the Know Nothing, abolition, republican fusion, has joined the Democracy. ....Gov. Shannon, of Kansas, arrived at West port on the 31st ult., where he was ser enaded and in reply made a speech in which ho said that he regarded the Legislature le gal and its acts binding, and that he would exert bis authority to enforce them. ....Wm. J. McAlpine has been selected, under the law of last winter, Commissioner on the part of the railroads of the State of New York. Soicide ?Very early on Saturday morning, the wife of Mr. Storrs, aged about 22 years, residing at 85 Railroad uvenue. Jersey city, committed suicide. It appears that she has been depressed in spirits since the death of a young daughter, which she idolised. On Fri day morning, she tried to procure laudanum to effect her purpose, but, failing to do so, she resolved to drown herself in the cistern. She requested her husband to take their infant child while she went into the yard. Soon after, one of the residents in the house heard a splash and flouncing in the water, aud on reaching the spot found her quite dead, she having drowned herself in about six inches of water.?N. Y. Express. Tag Railroad Safety Telegraph.?Mr. W. C McRae's invention for preventing ac cidents on railroads, at switches, drawbridges and by collisions, is about to be placed on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, the firat company which has given its consent to the inventor to show its practical operations on a a railroad. Tbe principle of Mr. McRae's in vention is said to he very simple. It operates by electro magnetio action, and if it answers the purpose intended it will prove a valuable safeguard to the travelling public. Arrival raon California.?The steamer Empire City, from" Aspinwali, with the Cali fornia mails of the 18th ult. and $979,000 in treasure, arrived at New York yesterday. Tho advices by this arrival has been antici pate! via San Juan, ?? "? : fCO**r*IClTKD. The Georgetowh Election.?Oar attention has been called to an article in a city paper, detailing the result of the eleotion in George town on Thursday last, in which Mr English b denominated the '* antl-Amerioa? oafldi' late/' Ac. That will damage no one in the estimation of persons of sense. There are statements concerning this election being made bj some of the Know Nothings, which will be best answered by an analization of the rote on that occasion, which will prove conclusively that "the Order'' is rapidly falling into bad repute with a largo portion of the citizens of Georgetown, of all sects and classes. The whole number of votes polled on Thurs day last was 603. of which Mr. English re ceived 352 and Mr. Ooddanl 25ft. There were fast by foreign born citizens 59 votes, of which Mr. L. received 47 and Mr. (4. 12. Now, de duct these from the votes of the two candi dates, and Mr. English still has a clear ma isirity of 61 of the native born votes. Again ; i'rum information which we have gathered we incline to the belief that had Mr. E. received the entire vote of the Catholic citizens of Georgetown, that would not have been suffici ent, if deducted from his majority, to alter the result. So much for this charge of anti-Ameri canism. In another article in the same paper of Satur day last, there is used the following very am biguous language with referenco to this elec tion: "As to thw particular election, it may be sufficient to say that there were other than for c'gn causes, though their potency may not be remarked upon. Georgetown is none the less American for having elected an Englishman, ns time avd circumstances will abundantly *how.': We understand this declaration that Georgetown is thoroughly American. The rosult of the late election .-ettles that question beyond the possibility >>f a doubt. But we are certainly in the dark as to what those "other than foreign causes" were Probably an inti mation is meant that this defeat to the party was owing to the unpopularity of their candi date If so, it is a very great mistake, in deed. The result of the vote, when compared with thatof the preceding election, and the facts that Mr. Goddard received on the first ballot iu tho Know Nothing Council 63 out of tho 79 votes cast at the time he was nominated, and that he was the delegate t? the Philadelphia National Convention, completely explode this i lea. At the last tlection in Georgetown lor a member of the Board of Aldermen, the can didate of the Know Nothing party was doubt less one of tho most popular men they could j>ossibly hftve nominated; one who enjoy? the confidence and esteem of a larger circle of warm personal friends than almost any other individual in that community; and yet Mr. Goddard leads him 15 votes, though he wa? elected. So, we think we have spiked that gun. Others have been heard to ;h?rge the d^aster upon tho (their) Mayor, which is non sensical. Now, the fact is just this: We do not believe that any external influence whatever weighed ?< single feather in the result of this election. Know Nothirgisia had been '? weighed in the bilanses, and found wanting." Many of its leading features have become obnoxious to a majority of the people of Georgetown. Party lines were drawn ciosely. and the only issue was Know Nothingism; its opponents had de termined to defeat it, anu succeeded in so do ing. We doubt if there is another man in the party in Georgetown who can now obtain, on the strength of the popularity of Know Noth ingism, 257 votes for any office in the gift cf the people. So fur from time and circumstances showing a different state of affair*, as alleged, it will he found that the next trial of streigth be tween the two parties in Georgetown will show a worse state of affiirs for the cause of Know Nothingism Wc draw this conclusion on sound premises. In the first place, tbeir candidate was one of the most competent and active men iu the order. In the next place, several of them (the Know Nothing?) have declared that they accomplished their utmost?that they brought to the polls every voter sympathWing with them. This we feel satisfied is the fact; for the party, almost to a man, labored with the desperation of drowning men to saw them.-elvos from the defeat which they saw im ' ending. The candidate of the anti-Know Nothings is not a foreigner, as ailcged. Mr. English and his ancestors, for five generations hack, were born in the United States. Geographical Enigma.?I am composed of 59 letters : My 58, 41, 34, 11, 29. 40. 33, 17, is a city in Georgia. My 17, 37, 03, 16, 50, is an inland in the West Indies. My 28, 3, 58, 19, 57. 26, 38, 18. 9, is a city in Holland. My 58, 20, 6. 43, 45, 50, 1,17, are a group cf islands in the Pacific Ocean. My 21, 15, 38, is a river in Arkansas. My 1. 54, 23, 52, 58, is a city in England. My 31, 20, 51, 56, 39. is a city in Prance. My 30, 40, 57. 50, 58, 19, 22, 56. is a river in Russia. My 2. 6, 10, 49, X7. is a town in Russia. My 25, 20, 40, 50, is a river in Italy. My 51, 32, 47, 40. 18, is a mountain in Greece. My 41, 59. 37, 58, 1. 40. is a lake in Minne sota Territory. My 54. 5, 21, 49, 41, is a town in China. My 35, 4, 12, 36, 8. 45, is a sea in Asia. My 48, 2. 55, 50, 58, 37, 43, 24, is an island in Australasia. My 58, 1, 17, 14, 13, is a river in Turkey. My 7, 55. 42, 50, 58, is a country in Africa. My 27, 55. 3, 25, 42, is a town in China. My whole is a beautiful passage of Scripture. Roveb. A Scene?A.v Elopement, ok What??This morning an excursion that an up-town Engine Co. had been getting up, went down the river, i ?lust before the boats left the steamboat dock, a rather ludicrous Bcene occurred. An old codger of about forty, was observed endeavor ing to persuade his " better half' (some twen ty years younger than himself in appearance, who it seems was in company with a male friend) to leave the boat and go home with him. lie expo.-tulated with her iu a very ex citable mauner. but she was immovable. At length the boats moved from the do<:k and were turning around, when lo ! he seized his stubV<rn wife in his arms and pitchcd her over the rails of the boat?she, luckily, jumping on ? cannl boat close by, and he after her? amidst the cheers and screams of the small number on board the boats and the great crowd on the docks They then walked up street together ir anything but an amiable mood, ller " gay Lothario" went down the river.?TVoy Budget. The Oldest Person ix Boston.?The taker of tho census of the Sixth Ward of that city, a? we learn from the Traveller, lately reported that he found in a house in Southac street a colored female, who, ii was stated to him on good authority, had reached the almost in credible age of one hundred and ten yean. Upon inquiry, he learned that the female in question is generally known among the colored jK>ople of that region as "Mother Boston," some of her neighbors making her out to be one hundred and twelve years of age. An in vestigation brings to light the following facts : She was born in that city, and was a slave, aud is, probably, the only person living who was born a slave in Massachusetts. A Gathering or Firemen ?The Board of i Engineers of the Fire Department of Spring field (Mass.) have voted to call a convention of delegates from the different firo companies throughout the New England States and New York, to be held at Springfield, on Thursday, September 27. Friday, the 28th. is assigned for the trial of machines. The prizes offered are cash prizes of $300 aud $200 each, and will be awarded to the two machines making the best plays. A pleasant and profitable gathering may be expected. j Purifying Rancid Oil.?It has recently been diaoovered in France, that nitric ether, commonly knowu as "spirit* of nitre," has a powerful effect in clearing and deteorising im pure oils. A small quantity mixed with the crude oil carries off all disagreeable odor, while, by subsequently warming the oil ao treated, the spirituous ingredient is renewed, and the oil becomes sweet and limpid. A few j drops of nitric ether added to the content* of i an oil bottle, will aot as a constant preventive ! of rancidity. 53^" Two hundred tons of ice haw been sent from New Haven, Connecticut, to the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers t; ? ? M Washington light infantry. Attention ?You are bwbr notified to meet ?t vour armory on WEDNESDAY MORN ING, the l*tn instant, at 7 o'clock, la full ?nmmer uniform, with pompons, for parade By order of the Captain . ?eo 11?It B. RICHLY , O P. M~ ATTENTION, MAEION RIFLES?Yon CoCT at ? o'clock precisely, In full unlfoim, for parade By order Capt F. Manioa : sep 11-lt _JA8 L. FOXWELL, O S. ,J BOULANGER RESPECTFULLY _ notifies bis patrons that, accord ng to bis custom on such holiaays, his restaurant, near the War Department, will not be opened to-morrow (Wednesday) the 12th instant. eep 11? St ii tj ATTENTION, WASHINGTON HIGH ft A landers.?You are hereby notified to appear fli nf at your armory on WEDN ESDAY, the 12th I* ill ins t, at S o'clock a. m . in full uniform, for tbe purpose of Joining! he escort to the *3d Regi ment, off Baltimore. Every man la requested to be prompt In bis attendance. By order of Johx Baiji, Capt. JOS. T K PLANT. O S The Company will bold a meeting TO-NIGHT to make proper arrangements. sep 6?3t ?-^j5*SABBATH SCHOOL PIC NIC EX ?CHkcursion to Arlington Springs ?The Sab bath School of the Seventh street (Old School) Presbpterlan Church, Island, intend having an Excursion to Arlington, on WEDNESDAY, the I'.'th instant, to start from 14th srreet bridge at 9 o'clock a. m and 1 p. m Tickets to be had at the boat sep 10?it* .MONTGOMERY GUARDS, attend a Special meeting of the Company TUES DAY EVENING, the llth Instant, at Lieut Fee ney's, to take into consideration maters connect ed with the Visiting Military from Balttmore, as also other unfinished business. All the members are particularly requested to at tend on this occasion By order: WM O SULL1VAN, Sec sep 10?2t ,UNION ASSOCIATION?A regular meeting of the Union Association wiP be held at Harmony Hall on TUESDAY EVEN ING, September llth, 1=^55. at 7)f o'clock. Punctual attendance is particularly reque t?d as an election of officers for the ensuing year will Le held. C. P. WANNALL, Pres Geg. E. Kikk, Sec. sep 10?21 *-^=?FIFTH WARD DEMOCRATIC AS sedation.?A meeting of this Associa tion will b< held at Casparis* Hotel on TUES DAY, the llth Instant, at 9 p. m Punctual attendance Is pirtlcularly requested, as an election of officers will then take place, and other business of importance tnav be submitted to the meeting. JOHN S DEVLIN, sep 10?at* Sec and Act. Treas. LO\T.?On the evening of the 10th instant, two brass Axle N uts. The finder will be liberally rswaided upon returning them to the subscriber, at the First Waid Livery stable. Fr lakf.meyer. First Ward Livery Stable. on G street, between l?th and l~th sts sep 11?3t EVERY BODY NOTICE. WHITE & SONS wishing to give ever)' pur chaser an opportunity to contribute some thing towards alleviating the suffering caused bv fever in the two ill fated cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, have concluded to appropriate th' ne-t profits, on their sales, for the week ending ?Saturday, St ptember 15th, to that benevolent pur pose. P- S ?Goods, if possible, will be sold cheaper than ever. WHITE A SONS. No. ?21 Pa avenue, south sid*, sep 11?5t "id door f.-om 7th street. clocks :?clofks: ^ VERY variety and every price, from one dol lar and tifcy cents up All warranted to keep time, and cheaper and better than c,n be had else where in this city. For sale bv J R McGregor, sep 11?ea?W 531 Seventh St. HAMLIN HOUSE. THE proprietor of thin House respectfully an nounces to hi* friends and the public that the entire receipts of the establishment on THURS DAY NEXT, 13th instant, from 5 a in until6 p m. will be appropriated for the benefit of the Norfolk sufferers. JOS. HAMLIN, corner Tenth street ard Pentia. avenue, se 11?3t MAOAME DELA RUE respectfully solicits of ! those persons having to purchase'articles in her line to give her a call, most especially on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, or FRIDAY of tl-e present week, as the profits of all cash sale made on those dats will be contributed far the re lief of the ??ufferers of Norfolk and Portsmouth Call at tbe Fancy Millinerv Store. 238 Pepnsvlva nia avenue. i>etw?en Twelfth and Thirteenth street*. se 11- 3t <?rTMfIS IK THE BEST BLACK TEA I J. ever drank!" is the exclamation of those who have tried my FIFTY CENT Black Tea. A few more left. JOS. W. DAVIS sep 11?It* corner Pth and E sts. Aid for tbe Norfolk Sufferers ! NATIONAL EATING-HOUSE, iVorrAwest eortur of Sixth st , and Pa avenur THE undersigned intends to contribute his mite to the suffering poor of Norfolk and Ports mouth, Virginia; therefore, he will open his Res taurant for their benefit for three davs. WED NESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, the! 12th. UUh. and llth i.f September, the proceeds of j which will 1*- sent to some responsible person to forward the amour.t received upon the toree above named days for their especial aid. A Snack, with all the delicacies of the season, will be kept from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m.. for the comfort of those who may honor him with a call for the above purpose. FRANK SELDEN. Proprietor All hall to the man who, for the sullen ng poor, Forgets his bwn interest and opens bis door; Who contributes his inite, be it ever so small. To the ca-ise of humanity, whenever it calls, sep 11?3t FRENCH BOOT MAKER. JACOB WOLFSTEINER. No 4*7 Eighth st., near Pa. avenue, la now prepared to. make the most Fa.- hiou' Lle French Boots J His long experience and pra t ee in thisj branch of the business in Paris and New York, justify him in saying that his boots cannot be excelled in this country Has on hand a lot already made up, to which the particular attention of gentlemen are Invited, sep 11?3m* WINDOW <4LASS. THE subscriber will keep constantly on hand a heavv assortment of all the different quail ties of Window Glass, which he is determined to sell et such prices as will prevent our large con sumers from sending to Baltimore aud Phlladel Ehia for it by making it to tLeir interest tu buy ere. He also has always on hand Oils. Pain's i olors E gUUl Kl., Every kind of dry or ground Paint Vamlsb Brushes. Sasli Tools Fitche, Grainer, Blenders, Ac No pains will be spared to give satisfaction. J R. MCGREGOR, sep 11?eo3w 531 Seventh st. P NEW GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN. J. STEEW, Merchant Tailor, bast juat re ? ceived a 1 rge and beau'if ul stock of new Fall and W inter Goods, to which he respectfully in vites the attention of his customers and the pub lic. I n addition to a large and varied stock of C loths, Cassimeres and Vestings of the n-west styles, his stock of Gentlemen rs Furnishing Goods is also very select and complete, such as? Scarfs, Crava's, Stocks, Ties, Gloves Suspenders, Hosiery Slik, cotton and wool'en Undershirts, Drawers, Ac. He is pr?pared to make np Clothing to order at short notice In a style of unsurpassed elegance and at fair prices. Gentlemen are solicited to call early and select choice styles. &o. 4*3 Seventh st. sep 11?eo3w Lam fs :-lam ps lam ps : Solar and lard oil Lamps German student's or economical Lamp Pine oil swinging Lamp Britannia and glass spirit gas Lamp Splendid Bohemian glass centre table Lamp Mica l^imps T -pet hand Lamm Kllcher's lard Lamps Lanterns, Candlesticks. Ac Beautiful aetherial oil Girandoles Bronze, silver and gilt candle do. Caudle Tops, Paper Shades Shade Protectors, Drop Lights Vestas, Lamp Globes and Chimneys of all kind. J R McGREGOR, sep 11?eo3w 531 Seventh it. LIVERPOOL SALT AT AUCTION .^-On FRIDAY, the 14th Instant, at 11 o'clock a m , will be sold at the warehouse of the under signed? 9,009 sacks coxre Liverpool Salt 3.1100 sacks factory filled fin* do In full bleached sacking, all in ftae order, and ten to the ton Terms at sale. FOWLS * CO sep 11?d I CAN FURN1 *H~SCHOOL~BOOKS as <Wp as they can be purchased at any store In Wash ington. AD the new books recently Introduced into tbe Public Schools can be found at 4*3, Seventh street, together with a large assortment off fine Stationery, Blawk Books, Ac W. A KENNEDY, sep 11?3t* Book Seller and Stationer. Grand Tixcmcns' AT ODD FALLOWS HALL THE Grand Complimentary Bftflt to the Mk tropolitaS HOOK AND LADDER COMPANY. (?ndrred to them b\ tbHr V'rrrutm frlend*. will latf place at the above-namod Uall on Tt'?*DAV EVENING, ttept lift ' The abject of the Fntrrtalnhie' t It tr. aesWt fh* CompuiT (? UwnMtloB of their ii?ok and dor Hovm For this occasion a most 8TABTLIBG ARB AT OT TALEBT a*? _ COMBINATION OF ATTRACTION la olHrd The following eminent taieat has kindly voIbl taered their services: THE LASSELL INSTRUMENTAL COM PANY. Mr R C GRKNNUP THE WASHINGTON OLEB CLUB: among whom are: Mr S. CROSS, Mr C GRIFFIN, Mr CI.ARK. Mr SANDERSON. Mr MrFARLAND. Mr. J. N KECK, the master guitarist. will per form a splendid solo on his Instrument The old favorites?THE HARM ON EONS? will appear in a choice roller t ion of now and beau ttful Choruses. Qua tet?. Ballad*. Ac ; tmoof which will be a Grand Firemen's Chorus. written eipressly for the oeeasioa bvMr. J H Pumphrv. Professor J.A.I srdella will prat Me at the piano A MAGNIFICENT AMERICAN FLAG will be presented to the Fire Coaptiy selling the largest nutr Iter of ticket*?every Compaay la ex pe ted to enter Admission cent* Doom open at 7?performance commence at 8. Tickets to be Laid at the principal b?4eU and music stores, and the vembers of the different Fire Comjtanies THOS STONR, ?ep 4?TnThSM A To Manager PLEASANT KESOMT. SPRING GARDEN*, iFORMERLY FAVIKR'S GARDEN,) f Sire*It6rftei* S*rrmtt?mk # Etrkfentk, OPENED every day In tbo week, and oa Pan day. No spi'ritou* liquors allowed, but Cof fee. Chocola'e, Ice Cream. Ac., will be for aale \Veb?r'? Brass Band will perforin every Mon day and Thursday evening, beginning at abont 3 o'clock. Admittance (tee an it?*hn MB W HEVHY PALM EE'S PIANO FOKTE CLASHES In Georgetown oad Altramdrim. IN obedience to the numerous requests for the in I troductlon of the Piano fort? Cluswes lair, the a'?ovecities, Mr. W. H Palmer la willing to un dertake one Clans in cach city, to be conducted ?n the rime principles as thoae already formed In Washington Apnlicatl n* to b? made bv letter or in person to Mr Palmer, at hi* residence, No 233 r street, Washington. Terms So per quarter. sep 10? COAL!?coal: TBE consumers of Coal are respectfully la formed that the r.ndersigned can furnlah them w'tfa a superior article, and at the very lowest price. Punctuality and just weight la his motto, be a**ure?. all that i' ay favor him with their orders that thev wilt have no cause to complain Call at the Yard on 3d street, a few step* south of Ka avenue. H C. HARROVER. s?p lu?Iru (Ser.tlnelAOrgaa) J FEW FALL GOODS. OH N II SMUOTi y?. 119 s >t4t B'tdgt. ntar Higk II., GIOK0ETOW!), V. C.t Has received, and offers cheap for caah. or to prompt rayieg customer*. an assortment of sea sonable Stable Goods. vis : 1(11 pieces new atyle English Prints K) do Merrimack do 30 do Manche-tfr and Lancashire Ginghams IS do plain color Mous de Lalnes 5 do beat make black Silk 31) d"> cherk'd Muslins, cheap 81 do white Cambrica do ffS do Swiss and Mi ll Muslin 10 do Richardson's and Btrkliea Irish Linen* Vi do extra heavy blesched Cottons, 1V)|C. 30 do medium do., soft finish The above Shining* are man'-fvtured t? order, and can be hitrhlv recommended New York Mills and other eood brands. .V) pieces heavv 4-1 and 5-1 brown Cottons ii da heavy'blue Osaabuqr Prints The very be?t goods for servant women 20 piece* white, red and yel'.ow Flannels *20 do bi d aitd bro Canton do ?'dozen Linen Cambric Handk'fs. he to f I ?V? do ladies', misses' and men * Hosiery With an assortment of Tabl<~ Damask, Crash, Huckaback, Bird Eve Diapers. Marseilles hpreitdv Sheetings, Jean?, Ca^slmeres Sat tinetts, Ac. Purchasers will hod it decidedly to their ad vantage to call before making their purchases Large additions made durine the month seplO J. U. S. NOTICE JOHN MILLER, Confectioner, will cloae hU store on Monday, the 10Oi Instant, in order to t- -? ? * ~ repair ani renew'the premises; where hi* store will be re-oj?en?d October 1st, with freah pre served FRUIT and every variety of superior CO \ - FF.CTIONERY?particularly the be?t loe Cream and Fruit Cake, Ac sep6?3t CHH KERINtt * SONS' SI PERIOR PI. ANOS. SINCE his receut advertl^ment, the subscriber has received from Bostcn thre*- more^S. ItM Pianos This stock comprise* an a?-| ) | f (I sortment, in extent and qualitr, snperlor to anv in this clt>*, and equal to anv In the North, vi* . 'Su perb Parlor Grand, an in trumerit of new con stnicHon. acknowledgtd b? the llrst Pianists to be the rk*f d'aurr* of Chickering; Magm?cent Louis XIV. and Central Pianos of exquisite beau ty of finish and unsurpassed sweetness and power of tone, from the old and famed factory of Chick erim; A Sons. Al*o,6. 8* and 7 octave Pianos, of beautiful stales and workmanship, and excellent tone. by Brown A Alien. Boston,experienc^d ard approved manufacturers The aubscrlber always keeps the first Pianos in the United States , his stock is con stantly replenished ; and he will sell th? m lower rtai they can be purchased In the Factories and brought here. Stcond-hand Pianos taken In part payment J ust received a full assortment of superior Gui tars. Violins. Flutes. Ac. New Musk received weekly. RICH D DAVIS, sep 6?3t Penn. avenue HOW TO GET AND GIVE RELIEF'. C^O TO DR VAN PATTl'N. have your good * for-not Ling, foul and ohetisive teeth taken out. and as he gives tL money to the relief of the Norfolk suBerer* you effect two good ends at one coat. _ sep 8?4t CAME TO THE PREMISES cf theSabarri b?r. living at the stone house nearp^-^i.-^? the Little Fall* bridge, soine riu?e alx ut 1\ t >' ~f* the 1st of June, a large Bl'FI'Ali t'OW. with a red net k. head white from e*e*. two pieces out of the ri-ht ear. and ber legs red from the knees d?wu Mie rav?- a little milk at thetlm'-. and wavaccomianied by two other cows. ?>ep!v3t? JOHN FRISELI IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN. 4 1 It EAT INDUCEMENTS FOi. YOU TO ? ' CALL AND SEE?The undersigned g:ve* notice to bis friends and the public that he ncs just received his stock of Fall and W nter Goods, comprising all tne latent styles and color* of Cloth. Ca>*imeres. and Vesting*; whk-h ^ood* will be made up to order ia the most eleyant intnner as he has some of the best workmen in the I r.ued States at work for him. Bring agent for !<cott, the Reporter of F ashi? ns. ytm niay icly upon get ting the most fashionable Clothing RBAUY-MADE CLOTH IXG of his own make; such as Over-garments. Frock, Dress, and Business Coats. Pauts.and Vests from medium to very superior quality. All the above goods will be sold at very low prues?for instance, a whole suit, Coat. Pants, and Vest, for the amall sum of *15 Overt-oats, beautiful style, from * 10 to f 20 Pant*, do do 3 to 10 Vests, do do i.SU to U> He respectfully solicits a call from all ic want of clothing Ft HN1SHISG GOODS, such as Shirts, Drawers, Collars. Stocks. Hand kerchiefs, Scarfs, Umbrellas. Ac P W BROWNING, Under U nited States Ho'el, between 3d and \% streets, Pa. avenue *ep8?3t MADAME R k REMOVAL. MADAME R. respectfully informs the public in general, that she wtllgive information la >11 the Affairs relating to Life. Health, Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys. Law suits, DiAcul ties in Bu<?ii?e??, Abneut Friends, Sickness and De th.aiMl la respect to all other subjects. Sheis al*o aole to tell the Ages of persons bv reading numbers All those who a i*h to consult Madame R will please call soon, as she will remain in tb* city but a short time. She can lie consulted irt ail hours of the day and evening Her name ia on the door?at the *?utb?ast corner of 11th and 1) streeta. GenUeineadOcent?aiid l^die* ? Sep~ - rlEtEMVING ktTTLt? - Justrecci d a fresb sapp*y of Clarke ? Knrlish Enamelled Kettles, all slues Person* wishing the very be?t article manufactured, at a very las price, are in vited to call at the Hoesefceepers" F ?*mi*blaB' Store. 49o Seventh street. ?ep* < ' ? FRANCIS

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