Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: WEDNESDAY AFTERKOON....ft?pt. 14. * &r*-*i^TiBTisui**T? should be handed in by 11 t'etaefc, M , otherwise they may not ap >HI until the next day. ? ? ? ? agirti for the star. The following person* are authorised to con tract for the publication of advertisements in the IS car: Philadelphia?V. B. Palvzk, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?8. M. P*ttwgill A Co., Nassau Street. Bofton?V. B. Paum, Scollay's Building. spimiT op the morning press, The fHtelhgtnetr is to-day devoted to news. Tho Union publishes a very able speech delivered by John Cochrane, Esq., of New Tork city, at the recent New York Soft State Convention, wherein the necessity for acquies ?ncc in the principle of the Nebraska bill is enforced with powerful effect. WASHINGTON NEWS AND G08SIP. *he Maine Eleotion.?Our ad viees concern ing the Maine election, received up to the hour at which we go to press, render the defeat of Morrill, the Know Nothing, Abolition, and Elaine Law-parties' candidate for Governor, certain, beyond peradventure. He frils of ?lection by the popular vote, and his oppo nents have carried the Legislature by a hand some. majority. The Legislature elects his successor, and will doubtless choosa Well*, the Democratic, anti-Know Nothing, and anti Maine Law candidate. Reid, the Whig, anti Know Nothing, and anti-Maine Law candi date received a very small vote; so small as to render it certain that his friends in the new Legislature will rupport Wells. The majority aga:nst the continued existence of the Maine Liquor Law is in all probability sufficient to Insure its prompt repeal. The grand result of the election proves, that though the people of *>me portions of the United States will, at times, gocraiy about new notions, second thought soon restores them to their senses. We judge from this contest, and its result, that the era of sumptuary laws is over, at least in Maino. Our Public Schools ?An indignant tax payer sends us the following communication, wherein the Trustees of the Public Schools of Washington are arraigned and handled with earnest severity for adopting a rule by which *s the writer alleges, all children are excluded from the privilege of attending our public schools, unless they have previously been taught the alphabet and other first rudiments of spelling and reading. We have no idea that our correspondent's impression with refer once to the existence of any such rule can be correct, and fancy that the child, to which he particularly refers, must have been refused on ?ome other account. We, however, publish bis communication, in mier to encourage our fellow citisens to scan tae management of the public schools with jca ous care. It is their right as well as their duty; and we trust, as we believe, that the allegation embraced in what he writes will be promptly explained : Afr V/; wtn ICOMIfCJflCATID. ir you al,ow me throw mvself upon your kind indulgence and occupy ? brief 5pace in the column.- of the Star' A defire to perform an act of justice to those im mediateJy interested in the operations of our a faaa al?nc *?P?"ed me to solicit tth ?!i V *1 . bcen P,anted >n the r?U? ; and ere it shall take root, I, for one, will endeavor to eradi cate the noxious seed. ?,Ilrfn|dr! exi-t lan^uaJ?e sufficiently powerful to enable me to express my surprise at the existence of a rule recently adopted by ifeiCd ?iS# P?bl?c schools-a rule which. ?Ln<5^ certaady undermine the only foundation unon which the mighty fabric of ^hmt*8nf1D j .?fted' aDd Prelude the pos Jf en obtaining a knowledge even of the rudiments of an education. Thn ?fDP?fedented rule?thU colossean principle of pedagogueism?this something new uQ<[? the sun is, that no child will be Admitted in" uarJ ??U th? Cit* of Washington J possesaes a knowledge of the orthog raphy of the language. The child must know ' i ,re u commences to loarn the C'P 3 a language' IsU t^ind, ?f the P"m?ry schools? Is it to induct children into the mysteries of Jhe iffEbe anghtge-: I," " U to ,earn them the alphabet, or how to form the letters of the alphabet into syllables and words ? It is the u Prunar7 school to teach cha in of it fti and Q,/w to apnly the let, t7 mu?t Uke thb S?1 *<cp or t*ll tKU ^ advance; and where are they to take this step In the primary schools If KhJlt?0ttt0 bt the Caie' tb?nwe pay our 5ow?!mm support nominal teachers; and if our children are to bo educated at home let lis close the .schools and keepoTr moneilit lbU 10 Ucl1 an '?npo^ition. A ohild 2S2.1 j t0 6p*n betore it can go to Thev ca^nM6,! ?10/1'00 of the ^ustees. 1 hey cannot deny it; for a few days since & ?ake hcr'gea^in^16 a!phabeti wa3 **** *<>r to v^rd , J I primary school at the navy yard, and because she could not snell th? teacher would not admit her, and when I in H*d*h?J?Dre ?fi?e trU8t6es if such a rule ex isted, he informed me th-U it did. There are ?v?J ETSSL-ff" uUAch their children '' childlen of such pa tbe^e Ifm^KmUSt g? uned?catod, when at *ne same time these very parents pay a school support public schools J r Washington !). C., Sept. 12, 1S55. Sweaborg.?The English are certainly the most elaborate braggarts on the face of the ?artk. We refer to the English Government, ^d the press, that invariably take, from the Government its key-note in discussing foreign affairs, or in publishing statements for facts in which its Government's relations with other powers may be involved. As additional au thentie news of the late affair off Sweaborg reaches us, the more the fact to which we al lude above, becomjs patent to all who will see K r ?*?**nd Md Prance have in the nlUc the largest and most completely equip ^ "rU ,T" 7? they ba? prorwl attcrly i?0oi.nt for miliUrj Mto. B? M Victoria ?., ,bont Tisit r S'poloon, it wu n?cMlrJ w get u , firing Kla, hertrf \ !L?", K / th" ' m,,Ck "^o-tratioo ?facQ,d ba mad. ^os, nmt of tho t.oo. of th, .ix ute, Of 6w?bor? that drfen) the approaches to the dock-yards of Hel?in" fors: the combined fleets of course taking due eaxe to keep out of harm's reach. That puxt of the programme was otserved with scruj u lon care, indeed, and more powder was burn ed, and rockets and shells were exploded, than bj i^e elder Napoleon in either of his so re aarkabls campaign, that entirely changed state of governmental affairs on the con It was first declared that they had destroyed Sweaborg, the famous dock yards and th* ??< ?< -To. " xeet to the letter throughout the war, and ton the naire aooount of our oountrywoman Mn. Bodisco. that the damage done amounted to little more than burning a huge pile of fire wood, whieh vm on Are for two days. Un fortunately Finland, from whence it came, contains an unlimited quantity of llr (pine) quite conveniently situated. Vive la Baga telle! Visits of English Queens to Franoe do not occur, however, every day. Corrugation.?We yesterday witnessed the effect of corrugation upon plates of iron, pro ducing results that should be widely known. It was at the War Department. A plate, three incbe* long and four broad, so thin that, sup ported only at the ends, it would bend of its own weight, corrugated, sustained a weight of six hundred pounds: as was proved by testing by its side a corrugated plate of precisely sim ilar weight and dimensions attached to it by a string. The Quartermasters' department are extensively adopting corrugated iron for camp utensils, 4c., instead of wood, iron, or other metals, prepared (shaped) in any other way. Thus, a camp bedstead has been adopted which is sufficiently strong and firm for alj army purposes, though not weighing more than fifty pounds?quite as strong and firm as the army bedsteads now being sent from London to the Crimea, which weigh one hundred and fifty pounds each. A corrugated iron water tight wugon body, that floats from two thou sand to two thousand five hundred pounds of freight, beside the running gear, and weighs less than a wooden wagon body to carry the same freight, has also been adopted into the service of the United States, besides other ar ticles of the same material. These facts show that, living in an age of progress, those en trusted with the management of the Quarter* masters' department of the army of the United States are making the most for their charge, of the steady advance of their countrymen in im provements in the useful arts. Purification.?The Evening Post is the best puffing machine imaginable. The Cam den A Amboy Railroad Co. should, by all means, use it for drawing its traine, to guard against future Burlington catastrophies?vide its puffing achievements in connection with the never-to-be-forgotten Kinney Expedition. John L. Nelson, an U. S. Consular Agent at Turk's Island, runs away from his post and joins Kinney's marauders, and is sent by K. to one of the South American Governments to look out for the interests of the pirates there. Whereupon the Post heralds him to the world as the Hon. John L. Nelson, Envoy Extraor dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from Col. Kinney, a distinguished potentate of the earth, to one of the South American governments! A wayward boy, not over 15 years of age, who happens to be the grandson of Daniel Web ster, who in his life time was a special subject of the unstinted abuse of the Post, joins the expedition, and is thereupon styled by the Post?Daniel Webster, Esq.! After this fashion alone, has this Kinney expedition been made to assume importance in the estimation of a gullible public, by such engenuou? journals as the Post aforesaid. West Wing of Patent Office.?We are grati fied to state that the marble work of this boau tiful building, under the immediate superin tendence of Col. Alexander Provest, of the firm of Provest, Winter A Co , will be finished by the 1st proximo, in accordance with their con tract. The energy of tbis firm elicits universal praise. Nothwithstanding the obstacles which they had to encounter at the early stago of the work, and the delay which was experienced by them on their own account, but not under their control, a few weeks ago, by the over flow of their quarry, by one of the heaviest rains by which Baltimore has been visited for very many years, yet with a spirit nothing daunted, characteristic of Washington me chanics. and at a pecuniary sacrifice, they have surmounted difficulty and delay, in or der to comply with their agreement with the Government. Dismissed.?The Secretary of the Treasury hascaused tho name of 2d Lt. Henry Wilkinson, now attached to the Revenue Cutter JefferBon Davis, in Puget's sound, to be dropped from the roll of the officers of the U. S. Revenue Marino Jervicc. The charge undor which he is dropped is understood to be dropped is " in toxication." Mr Buchanac.?It is understood here that Mr. Buchanan does not anticipate that the pub lic business, which bids fair to detain him in London beyond the 6th of October, the time originally fixed by himself for his return to the United States, will keep him there longer than the Gth of November, about which time he will probably embark for New York. The Currant Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 11th September, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department ? For the redemption of Stocks.... $586 03 For the Treasury Department... ? 11,294 50 For the Interior Department....? 8,762 09 For the Customs 45,366 99 War Warrants received and on tered 232,513 91 War repay warrants received and entered 60,982 73 From Customs 51,249 81 From miscellaneous sources.... ?. 80 On account of the Navy. 36,745 00 Repay Warrants on account of the Navy 16,194 07 PEBSOHAL. ....Sir John Radcliffe, of London, Hon. Sutherland, N. Y and Hon. W. L. Lee, Com missioner to the Sandwich Islands, are at Willard's. Hon. J. E. Wilson, of Massachu setts, and Hon. Sam Chipinan, M. P. Halifax, N. S., are at Brown's. Hon. W. Thompson, of Missouri, is at the Uuited States Hotel. ....Santa Anna was, several days ago, sus. pected of being in Norfolk, and some excite ment was occasioned in consequence of the un founded rumor. It is now said that P. T. Barnum. was offered, on Monday, $200,000 for Iranistan, his country residenee, by Santa Anna's agent, and that he offers to sell for $250 000. We are inclined to the opinion that tbis is but another humbug. ....Tho celebrated aeronaut Godardmadea balloon ascension from St. Louis, last Thurs day, and took ten persons with him. High times in that party. ....Gov. Price, of New Jersey, has issued a proclamation, setting apart Thursday, the 4th of October, as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God. for the continuance of public healtn, with abundant harvests, Ac. ....On Tuesday last, while some repairs were making to the gas fixtures of a store in Savannah, an explosion occurred, which shat tered the building and seriously injured four persons. .... Mr. Fillmore has declined the honor of a Doctorate of Laws from the University of Oxford, which Lord Palmerston and other great men of England were desirous to have conferred on him. and this on the ground that he had not received a university, or even a college education. .... A despatch from Syracuse, New York, dated Sept. 10, says that a party of fifty first class mechanics had left that eity for Kansas. They are engaged to work on the Government buildings at Fort Leavenworth. The Epidemic in HorfUk and Portsmouth. The port offices in Portsmouth end Norfolk being abandoned, no mails here been reoeived from those cities. The Baltimore American learns from Dr. Maud, who came passenger in the steamer Louisiana, at that port, yesterday, that Dr. Merris, who was on Sunday reported as being down with the fever. is doing well and will probably recover. The disease is represented as very fatal to the negroes, as they are what the doctors oall "bad patients," refusing in many instance? to take medicine when attacked, generally ex* pressing a wish to die, oomplaining of "mis ery in the head." or "misery in the shoulder." The detail 01 suffering in individual cases and in whole families is almost too harrowing for publication. In some instances, the mas ter, the mistress, and servants, are all sick at a time, and on attempting to separate the lat ter, they if possible seek their mistress' sick room, often hiding under the bed in order that they shall not be discovered by the physician or nurses; many of the slaves are heard beg ging, as a last request, to be interred with their master, or mistress, as the ease may be?all being alike subject to attack and death. J. Hardy Hendren, Esq., the assistant City Sergeant of Norfolk, has recovered, and ar rived in Baltimore yesterday. He bears strong marks of his hard usage, the fever having completely burnt the skin from his hands and arms. Among the deaths at Norfolk during the twenty-tour hours ending at noon on Monday were the following: Dr. Craycrof>, of Philadelphia. Dr. Smith, of Columbia, Pa. Dr. John 8. Marshall, of Baltimore. Dr. Please, a German physician of Bal timorer Dr. Gooch, a promising physician of Rich mond. Dr. Morse, of Richmoed. Dr. Balfour, of Norfolk, died at the Springs. The following are the names of the victims of the fever at Norfolk : R. S. Bernard, James Harris, Mr. Jackson, Miss Woodward, Miss Whitehead, Mr. Daud Icr, Mr. Steaten, two Misses Hamburys, Mids M. Hatchings, John Hammer, Barbara Sudde way, David Christopher. Jane Simpson, Lewis, John Saunders, wife of Rev. Leonidas >mith, Win. B. Sorey, U. S. Marshal, Jasper Menser, Frederick Johnson. Howard Associa tion; Mi?.s Ghieslin, Miss Hetty Revell, son of N. B Wilroy, Mrs. Baker, S Spratt, E. Bal lnnce and 7 of family, Mrs. B. B. Walters, Mrs. J. Selden, Miss V. Seldon, Alex. Ferret, Mrs. A Ferret. Mrs. Holden, Miss M. Holden, 11 ichard Hall, Mr. Wall, Master Granberry, Geo. Barnes. Nelson Meyer, A. Briggs, James Chearnoy, James N. Myers, Susan Flanagan, Wm. D. Dunbar, Joseph Barron, D. Wheeler, Howard Association; Mrs. Aristides Smith, J. Cherry, jr., Wm. Mehegan, Mr. Robinson, J. Granberry, Theodore Cunningham. Miss S. Nimmo, Mrs. Adams, Wm. Doyle, Mrs. J. M. ^mith. Theodore Owens, Mrs. H. Harwood, Mr*. Wm. C. Whitehead, Mrs. Stikes, Thos. Fentress, Mrs. John Alanand. Mr. Solomon Cherry, of Norfolk, has been very ill, but is recovering, and looks exceed ingly feeble. He was ono of a "mess" of seven who determined to brave it out. Five of the " mess" have "passed away," and the remaining two are left very much enfeebled in health and deeply depressed in spirits. Miss Andrews, of Syracuse, is said to be quite well. The Rov. Mr. Wills lost one of his children I a day or two ago. Mrs. Anthony Dibrell, wife of the Rev. An thony Dibrell, and her two sons, who have boen ill with the fever, have so far recovered a? to be able to travel. They arrived in Pe tersburg on Monday. A father and son fell victims to the fever at Norfolk. William Walters is able to walk about. Rev. Mr. O'Kecfe, of the Catholie Church, and the Rov. Mr. Willis, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, are doing well. William B. Sorey, deputy United States marshal, and Frederick Johnston, hatter, wife and child, are also numbered with the dead. Mr. McEwen, foreman of the Herald, has returned well and hearty; but Mr. Webb, an other printer, is down with the fever. It is said many of the slaves who have been left by their owners are sickening and dying for want of attention. All the surviving members of the family of Ignatius Higgins, deceased, are said to be down with fever. A. P. Leonaid, Esq., of the Norfolk Argus, is out every day, but he has four servants down with the fever. The widow of Wm. P. Burnham, deceased, h dead; also a son. Mr. B. fell a victim to the fever but a few days previous to the death of his wife and son. The atmosphere of Norfolk is close, humid and suffocating, with an average temperature of 80 deg. No peculiar stenches are observa ble ; nor do the streets possess that filthy character which is almost a necessary conse quence of the utter neglect that follows the outbreak of an epidemic- The proximity of a stretch of marshy ground is believed to be an inciting cau-e of the malady. A peculiarity of the fever ha? been especial ly remarked Soon after the attack, the eliin of the white patients takes on a yellowish tinge, similar to that of a lemon or orange. Black patients undergo a similar metamor phosis?their hue changing to bronse. In all cases, the progress of the fever is very rapid and very often fatal. The following was the whereabouts of the following physicians at Portsmouth on Sunday last; Dr. Uelbardt, dead; Dr. Mierson, of Philadelphia, gone home; Dr. Cole, do., gone home; Dr. Rizier, do., went homo with the fever, but returned on Saturday ; Dr. Aspill, do., ill at hospital ; Dr. Handicrib, do., ill ; I)r Biyant, do., dead; Dr. Kennedy, do., ill; Dr. Marshall, of Baltimore, dead; Drs. Web ster and Walters, of Baltimore, still up; Dr. Howie, of Richmond, dead; Dr. McDowell, do., still up; Dr. Crow, do., better. FROM PORTSMOUTH. From the Richmond Dispatch and the Peters burg Express, both of which papers have a number of correspondents . in Norfolk and Portsmouth, we make the following extracts: Among the deaths are John T. Nash, Mrs. C. T. Myers, Mrs. Geo Topping. Mrs. James Totterdale, and Drs. Howie, Marshall and Smith. Robert T. Scott, who has had in charge the provision store, and has been very active, is said to be in a dying condition. The Rev. Mr. ilume, of the Baptist Church, and the Rev. Mr. Devlin, of the Catholic Church, are the only two pastors in town to day. They have been constantly engaged since the fever broke out?save a short penod when they were successively sick. I The Rev. Mr. Chisholm, already reported at the hospital, is said to be improving. The Rev. V. Kskridge is considered doing well. Mrs. James Edward Wilson end two of her cl ildren died on Saturday last. Miss Alice Haynes, daughter of Mrs. Jno. B. Davis, deceased, is now recovering, although the much dreaded black vomit made its ap pearance during her illness. Mr. James Totterdale died a few days since. Mr. Witbey, an engineer in the employ of the County ferry, is dead. Nathaniel H. Wilson, (a deaf mute,) for sev years past engaged in the olerk's office at Portsmouth, is down with the fever. The family of the Rev. Mr. Eskridge, Chap lain of the Navy Yard, Gosport, I am sorry to sapr, are down with the fever in Portsmouth. The following is a list of those who died from Friday night up to 8 a. m. on Saturday morning: Robert Bullock, Mrs. Pike, Mrs Goudy, Henry Hardy, Miss Webb, daughter of George Webb, dead; Miss Parker, dough ter of Srntth Parker, dead; Jos. George, son of Henry George. The " plague fly" disappeared Thursday, and leaves us in doubt as to whether it disap pearance is a good or bad omen. They are insocts very much like mosquitoes, except with large wings, and their bites greatly in flame the flesh and raise great knots on it. When they oame here their bellies were red and when they left they had beoome yellow. ' Robert McDonald, the only remaining win ter of the Daily Transcript, at Portsmouth, died of fever on Friday might The following letter has been addressed to a gentleman in this city : Frigate Uvitbo Status, i September 11,18W. J 1)enr .'Sir:?Your kind letter was received yet ? .tJ i y, and I thank you a thousand times for your kind offer, u we arc all in a pretty fair I way to starve. You oan get nothing, and I expect to see all the stores closed in a few days, if things do not get better. j Please send me a few hams and middlings. Yon cannot gst them here. I You no doubt seo by the papers the ferer still continues to rage in both places. I hare uy children on board with me, as our ship is perfectlyjhealthy. They are taking tincture of iron three time a day. We all take it here. I I hare been a little under the weather two or I three times, but thank God I am feeling as well as any one about here at this time. 1 do I not think there are two men in either place that does not feel the effects of the foul air. Rooke Chandler is not dead as reported in your papers, but is getting well. Norfolk I will be shrouded in black next winter; not a f ingle family has escaped, nor will escape. The I ftreets look deserted. Excuse this, as I am I compelled to use wrapping paper to write on. I All the bookstores are closed. LATEST. I For the following we are indebted to Wm. I D. Collins, Esq., just arrived with the families of his dead father and uncle : I Disease and misery still desolates the two cities. It really seems that all who remain I there will surely die. i , The following are the names as far as could be ascertained of those who died between Mon day, at 3 p.m., and Tuesday (yesterday) at the same hour i Virginia Rogers, about 15 years; Richard I Granbory, son of Capt. Stark. U. S. N. ; Dr. I Junius Briggs. dying; Mrs. John Adams, Sol- I omon Spratt, Miss Snsan Mimmo. Mrs. J. L. I Hathaway, Mrs Sikes, Mis* E. Wyatt, Miss A. B. Baylor, Miss Clark, M. Wilson's wife, I colored; Mrs. A. Ballance, Child of Solomon Spratt, Mrs. E. F Watt, Mr. Mehegan, tai- I lor; Mrs. James Baker, Miss Fannie Totten, I Miss Ann Stark, man of A. P. Woodworth, I

Eliza Weaver, Child of Richard Granbery, I Ambrose Dooney. Augustus Lapelouse. slave I of N. Wilson; Mr. 0 Connell, John Kinsley. James Mnrfey's infant, Nancy Kelener, child of Sarah Jones; Mathew Robinson, Mrs. Bal- 1 entine, James Dantler, Miss Stark, Mr. Wor- I thing, Child of Maria Wilds, Child of J. T. I Elliot, Colored child on Union street, Wife of I Horace Drury. Deaths at Hospital since yesterday: Joseph I White, John Keys, Thos. Briggs, (of Washing tin City,) Mary Little, Mrs. Dalby, Au?. Chandler, Lovie Robinson. I Admitted in Hospital.?-Mrs. Mahone, James I Ward, Mr. Layman. John Hudson, Margaret, John Clark, Henry Myers. j In Portsmouth, on Monday afternoon, they I were as follows : George Reed, (colored,) John Iloser, son of John Brown, Rev. Vernon Esk- I r ige and his 6on Richard, aged 16years, Edw. I Lairtence, son of James Shannon, son of Geo. I Guy, Miss Laura Webb, child of John Thomas. On Tuesday, there were 25 deaths in Ports- | mouth up to 3 p. m , when the cars left, and I 4 were dying. The following are the names of some of these ] who died on Tuesday : Miss Totterdell, eldest daughter of James Totterdell, Esq.; Jchn Thomas, Emele Billisoly, Mrs. Drake, Miss S. Sand, Miss Catherine Webb; John Vermillion, father of the acting postmaster, [in conse quence of which no mail left Portsmouth on yesterday afternoon?Ed.]; Julius Eastwood; Mr. Hand, of the Macon House; Mr. Graham, nurse; Mr. Daley, Thos. Wright, Mrs. Smith's child, Henry Edwards, John Pullen, Corne lius Coleman, Miss Jane Jordan, Mrs. Sarah White, Sarah Peed, (colored,) Miss Martha Peters; Harrison Ferrebee. superintendent of Norfolk ferry; Rev. Jas. Chisholm, pastor of St. John's church. There were also deaths at the Naval Hospital. New cases in Portsmouth in the twenty-four hours : Mrs. Yates Brown, and her sonSamue', Mrs. Margaret A. E Bilisoly and daughter. Mother of B. Aocinelly, Rev. John Devlin (re lapsed) and is in a dangerous condition. B. Accinclla is recovering. On Monday night the Georgia carried down Dr. Wilson, principal physician of the Havana hospital, and Messrs. DeCaster, Moore A Free man, of Cuba, experienced with the disease; and nurses Gordon, Beard, Towns?nd, (drug gist,) and Parker of Philadelphia; and Dr. Hunter, of the Baltimore city Councils, to make arrangements to remove the fever or phans to Baltimore for the Baltimore authori ties. Drs. Azpel Bryant and Kennedy are sick at the Naval Hospital, though not desperate; Dr. Crane, of Richmond, is recovering; Dr. Hamel, of Philadelphia, has the fever, but is better; Drs. Webster and Walters, of Baltimore, are again out and laboring; also, Drs. Rogers and Briggs, of Philadelphia. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE GKOfteKTOwx, Sept. 12, 1655 At a meeting of the citizens of Georgetown, convened at the Town Hall, on the evening of I the llth instant, on motion of Philip T. Berry, I Esq., Henry Addison, Mayor, was called to I the Chair, and, on motion, Levi Davis was ap- I pointed Secretary. The Mayor, upon taking the Chair, made a I short speech relative to sumo further action on 1 the part of the people of Georgetown in assist- J ing the citizens of Norfolk and Portsmouth in I the Bad calamity under which they are now | laboring, and concluded by requesting the I suggestions of the citizens in furtherance of I this object. Wm. McK. Osborne, Esq., offered the fol- I lowing resolution, which was unanimously adopted: Resolved, That the Mayor be requested to convene the Councils of the town, and recom- I mend the appropriation of a sum not exceed- | ins two thousand dollars out of the treasury in I aid of the afflicted citizens of Norfolk and Portsmouth as the wish of this meeting. At a meeting of the President and Directors of the Metropolitan railroad yesterday, it was resolved that the President and Secretary of the company be directed to invest in some re liable stocks the funds of the oompany now re maining in the treasurer's hands; and fir the purpose of economizing, as far as possible, the salary of the secretary and treasurer was reduced from $800 to $400. Mr. Joseph L Semines has commenced the enlargement of his operations at the Phoenix Planing Mills, by adding on a corn and plas ter mills; the foundations for the building are now being laid. Trade upon our canal since the opening of navigation has been quite brisk. The daily arrivals of boats with flour, coal, Ac , is ouite large. Business along our wharves, and Water street has also presented quite a lively and encouraging aspeot. In other parts of our city, however, we hear some complaints. We are pleased to learn that the pupils of the male department of the Georgetown school contributed yesterday $7 for the benefit of the orphans at Norfolk and Gosport. Well done, boys; God will i-eward you for the act. Arrived?Packet brigs Ann Elizabeth. Tay lor, Boston, to Hartley A Bro.; Acorn, Chase, Boston, to same ; steamer Columbia, Harper, to Hyde A Davidson; packet schooner Ann Pickrell, Dukes, Philadelphia, to syne; schrs. Chesapeake, Wroten, Baltimore, to Barron A Stover; Alverado, Wheatlev, do., to Amos Young; Southerner, do., do.; brig Ssxah, Gibbs, Boston, to Geo. Knott. Several of the paokets of Messrs. Dodgoand Peter Berry's lines are now loading with flour for the Northern markets. Up to yesterday afternoon the flour and grain markets were steady and quite active. The foreign news, however, somewhat unset tled each Small Bales of the former, before the news, were made to the home trade at 98, at which holders were firm. Shippers, how ever, refused to purchase at that figure. We think it likely that the newi will stop the up ward tendency of both the markets, Swnd cause etoh U> decline. Wheat, yesterday, was sell ing freely at fl.fl0afl.65 for red, and fl-65a fi.70 for white, of prime qualities. This morning prices have a tendency to veeede. SpacTATon Paid bor Wsirrwo a Bor.?A few days since, one of the driver* of a team uwd for hauling can on the Market street railroad, caught the eon of a tavern keeper on one of the ears while it vu in motion. He took the 1 boy off and fare Mm several cute with hie whip. 8ome of the tavern keeper's neighbors saw the act and made quite a noise about it, and informed the father of the boy. He (the father) let on to be very indignant, and told them if they would show him the driver he would settle with him. The driver was matched for, and when seen the father was in formed of it. The team was stopped and the driver invited into the tavern and asked if he was the man that had struck the boy. "Yes," replied the driver, " and I shall do it again if I catch him on the can." The indignant fa ther put his hand violently in his poeket and drew out a dollar, which he gave the driver for the good servioe he had performed ? Phil. Ledger. Rejoicings ih Doc, do m?Wo are now in the midst of a canine jubilee. The dog law, which allowed fifty cents for the oapture of all un muxxled dogs in the street expired by it* own limitation last Friday. Since the 2*th of June, when it went into operation, nearly four thou sand have been sent to the pound.?iY. Y. Herald. TO TBE PUBLIC ?Having learned that 1 have been represented by sundry evil disposed persons as a Know Nothing, this Is to certify that all such representations are false, as 1 have not now, nor have I ever had the slights e*t lot or part, or sympathy with Know Nothlng ism. I am now, as I ever have been, opposed to them. SAM'L GRKG&, sep IS?It* Seventh Ward. Washington. >J. BOULANGER RESPECTFULLY notifies his natrons that, according to his custom on soch holidays, his restaurant, near the War Department, will not be opened to-morrow (Wednesday) the 12th Instant. sep II?at AC ARD.?Having heard that it is reported that Messrs. Shekell & Bro's stock of groceries is now advertised to be sold out under a deed of trust to secure amounts due me on account of sale of my stock to them, I state that they have paid me all that was due me. and do not owe me a dollar; and that I have no claim of the kind, and had no knowledge of their selling out except from re port. JNO B K1BBEY sep 18?3t DOG STOLEN.?Was stolen from the yard on the corner of 9th and G sts., this morning, a Newfoundland Brindle Pup, in which black Is the f>redominant color. It had white feet and tip of ts tail, large heed, with ring around i's neck. S5 will be eiven to any one bringing the d?>g to the corner of 9th and G streets. sep 11?3t* NEW PAPER-HANGING AND UPHOL STERING ESTABLISHMENT. THE subscriber having taken the Store, No 391 Seventh strett, between H and I sts . would respectfully Inform his friend* and the public gen erally that he has just received a splendid supply of the latsst patterns of papen, ana all other arti cles in the above business, which he is prepared to dUpose of on the most reasonable terms. Being fully prepared to exect te all work in his line at the snortest notice, he flatters himrelf that he will receive a share of the public patronage. N. B. Carpets cut and mule to order. jepW N. E. WORTH1NGTON. FIRST OK ARD BALL OP THE SEASON. THE members of the TERPSICHORE CLUB take great pleasure in announcing to their friends and the Public in genenl that their second Grand Annnal Ball will take place at Odd Fel lows Hsll, Navy Ya'd, MONDAY EVENING, September 44, 1*>35. The member* pledge themselves that no pains or expense shall be spared on their part to make this pass eff with the same eclat that has hereto fo:e been experienced at the Balls' of the Terpsi chore Club. No hats or caps allowed in the ball room except worn by different Clubs. Prof. Louis Weber's celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and ladles; to be hsd of anv of the Managers and at the door on the evening of the ball. MAN AGK2S. Marcellus Marreron. Stephen McNamee, Robt E Thompson, Philip J E".ni?, Geo A Bsrr, Jas R Dobbvn, John Smith, Win E Tucker, Smith Townshcnd. sep 12,15,20,21,32,84* DRY GOODS! DRY GOODS 1 GREAT INDUCEMENT AT THE 4 WASH ING TON STORE " AS the store will positively change hands by the first of Ncvemner, and in order to reduce the stock as much as possible by that time, ws will of fer the remaining goods at very reduced prices Persons in want or tome rare bargains would do well to give us a call, as we at all tin*s take great pleasure In showlsg of (roods and use our ever) effort to please our customers. THE WASHINGTON STORE, 16, opp. Centre Market, bet 6th and 9th sts. sep 12?lw (Organ A. Intel) HON ANDREW J. MINUGH is relation to the Carrol! Family on which I have been missing a number of years Miss Carroll Com r?laints in the Baltimore Republican will be klnd y attended to at the Glenwood Cemetery on Sun day, 10 o'clock, at the hours of churcn, on sev enth street road. sep 12?lte Hon ANDREW J. MINUGH. WHITE BRANDY AND GREEN GIN ger, Mustard Seed. Just received? 180 gallons White Brandy 190 pounds Green Ginger White Mustard Seed 15ii sugar cured Hams 5 bbYs prime old Whiskey. sep 18?3t WM. ORME. F OR BOSTON.? Reeular Patkrt Line The Brig ANN ELIZABETH is now loading for the above port?will have quick dispitch. For freight applv to HARTLEY A BRO , Agents lol Water street, Georgetown. D. C. sep 18? 3t LO*T.?On the evening of the 10th instant, two brass Axle N uts. The finder will be liberally rewarded upon returning them to the subscriber, at the First Watd Livery Stable. Fa. LAKEMEYER, First Ward Li very Stable. on G street, between 17th and l^th sts. sep 11?3t EYERY BODY NOTICE. WHITE A SONS wishing to give every pur chaser an opportunity to contribute some thing towards alleviating the suffering caused by fever in the two ill fdted cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, have concluded to appropriate the nett prcflts, on their sales, for the week ending Saturday, St ptember 15th, to that benevolent pur pose. P. S ?Goods, If possible, will be sold cheaper than ever. WHITE A SONS, No. 321 Pa. avenue, south side, sep 11?5t 2d door from 7th street. HAMLIN HOUSE. THE proprietor of this House respectfully an- { nounces to his friends and the public that the entire receipts of the establishment on THURS DAY NEXT, 13th Instant, from 5 a. m until 6 6. m. will be appropriated for the benefit of the orfolk sufferers JOS HAMLIN, corner Tenth street and Peuna. avenue, se 11?3t MADAME DELARUE respectfully solicits of ! those persons having to purchase articles in her line to give her a call, most especially on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, or FRIDAY of the present week, as the profits of all cask sales made on those davs will be contributed for the re lief of the sufferers of Norfolk and Portsmouth Call at the Fancy Millinery Store, 238 Pennsvlva nia avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. se ll?3t Aid far the Norfolk Sufferers ! NATIONAL EATING-HOUSE, Nortkitest corner ef Sixth it , and Pa. avenue THE underpinned intends to contribute his mite to the suflVrinv poor of Norfolk and Ports mouth, Virginia; therefore, he will open his Res taurant for their benefit for three davs, WED NESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, the 12th, 13th. and 14th of September, the proceeds of which will be sent to some responsible person to forward the amount received upon the three above named days for their especial aid. A Snack, with all the delicacies of the season, will be kept from 10 a. m. until 4 p m., for the comfort of those who may honor him with a call for the above purpose. _ _ FRANK SELDEN, Proprietor. All hall to the man who, for the ssfltering poor, Fcrgets his own Interest and opens his doer: Who contributes his mite, be it ever so small, To the cause of humanity, whenever II calls, sep 11?3t FRENCH BOOT MAKER. JACOB WOLFBTBINER, No 487 Eighth St., near Pa. avenue, is now prepared to? make the most Fashions hie French Boots Ml His loag experience and pra tlce in thlsf W branch of the business in Paris and New York, Justify him in saying that his boots cannot be excelled in this country. Has on hand a lot already made up, to which the particular attention of gentlemen are invited, sep 11?4m* NEW MUSIC received weekly at 906 Pa av#. nue, near 10th st J. F. ELLIS, au 81 AMUSEMENTS. PLEASANT BBSOBT. amlMO eA?BI??j irRMU HAKWBNB, " <r 9???H Live* pool salt at adctior^h FRIDAY, tie I40? lnrtant. ?<JI ?'clock a m, will be eold at Ike warehouse ?ff the 9,000 Mrks eoar*e Liverpool Bolt 3.000 sacks factory tiled fine Ao la full bleached sacking. lUtitM tw to tb? too Terms at aale. POWLE A CO. aep II?d ; I CAN FURNISH SCHOOL BOOKS a* ehaan a* they can be purchased at any afore la Waah in^ton. All the new book* recently Intrwdnisd into tke Public Schools ran be found at 4*. Seventh "tree*, together with a large nsaortMnt ?t fine Stationery, Blank Book*, Ac. , W.A KENNEDY, aep 11?3te Book SeUar and Stat J or K& W HIKBY PALI SB'S PIANO rOKTICLAIIII Im Gtorg* tow* mmd AUwmmdrim IN obedience to the nameroui now?fortke la 'RdortiM of the Piano forte Clnaaea into 4r above cities, Mr. W H Palmer la willing la us dertake one Class la earh city, to be roadoctod on tke rase principles aa tkoae already ftiimad la Waahlngton. Application* to ha made by letter or la parson la Mr Palmer, at hla residence. No. S3B P atreet, Washington Term* S3 per quarter. -P to coal:?coal: T^HE ooasnmwa of Coal are laapattfsUy 1- formed that the undersigned caa furalah tkean with a hi perl or article, and at tke eery lowest price. Punctuality and Just weight la hie motto, and ke aaourea all that may fa tot htm with their order* that they will have no cause to complain C.tll at the Yard oa 3d atreet. a few steps sooth at Pa. avenue. H C. HARROVER aep 10?lm (Sen tlnetA Organ) LIME, WOOD AND COAL 2AAA BUSHELS wood-burnt Lime fteak ?VA/U from tke kilns, landing tks day la good order and of superior quality. Also, hickory, oak and pine Wood. White and R"d A ah Coal, suitable for grates, rangea. stoves, Ac., all of which will be sold low for os*h or to punctual customers WM WARDER, 549 corner 12th and C sts , near Canal aep 10 eoJt (Organ) NEW FIRNITIRE. ALL persons about to furnish anew or to additions to their Furnl ture are invited to examine the stork in the store next to Odd Fellows' Hall. Seventh streak, waich contains a large assortment of House Fur nishing Good*, consistinr of? Cabinet and Cottage F urnlture Office Desks. Tables and Chairs Mattreases, of hair, husk and cotton Oilcloth, Carpeting and Matting Glasa. China and painted Tin Ware Children's Carriage*, Basket and Woodarara Clocks. Mirrors, Tol et Bets. Ac The stock coopt Ism a large amount of Pnral ture, much of it coativ and elegant, and large ad ditional supplies will be received during the pres ent month, ?o that almost every taste can he suit ed A. ROTHWELL rep 10?2aw3w IfEW FALL GOODS. JOHN H K.IIOOT, As. 119 ?. Bridge, ntar H*$k St., ^KoacKTown, p. c., Has received, and offers cheap for cash, or to prompt ravine customer*, aa aaaortment of sonabie Stable Goods, viz : 100 piece* new style English Prints SO do Merrimack do 30 do Manchester and Lancashire G lnghams IS do plain oolor Mous de Lalnes 5 do beat make black Silk 30 do ckeck'd Muslins, cheap 20 do white Cambrics do 25 do Swiss and Mall Muslin 10 do Richardson's and Barklles Irish Linens SO do extra heavy bleached Cottons, 12)ge. SO do medium do., soft finish The above Shirting* rre manufactured to order, and can be highly recommended New York Mills and other good brands. SO pieces heavy 4-4 and 5-4 brown Cottons $5 do heavy bine Osnaburg Prints The very best goods made for servant women 90 pieces white, red and yellow Flannels 2? do bl'd and bro. Canton do ftO dozen Linen Cambric Handk'fs, He to tl 50 do ladies', misses' and men'* Hosiery With an assortment of Table Damask, Crash, Huckaback. Bird Eve Diapers, Marseilles Spreads. Sheetings, Jeans, Casslmeres, Sat tinetta, Ac. Purchasers will find it decidedly to their ad vantage to call before making their purchases Large additions made during the month aep 10 J. H 9. MADAME R'S REMOVAL. MADAME R. respectfully informs the public in general, thst she will give information la all the Affairs relating to Lire, Health. Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys. Law suits. DlAcul ties in Business, Absent Friends, Sickness sad Death, and In respect to all other subjects She la also able to tell the Ages of persons by rending numbers All those who wish to consult Madame K will please call soon, as she will remain la tke city but a short time. She can be consulted at all hours of the day and evening. Her name la on the door?at No 2P2,13th street, corner of D. oa the left hand side. Gentlemen Sooenuand !*adies 25. Sep S?tt AC A KD.?The undersigned would gratefally acknowledge the former kindness or the citi zens of the District and the nubile la general In the gift of their patronage, and would Inform them that he has located himself at tne corner of 7th and D streets, opposite the Patriotic Bank where he intends keeping a general as win. est of F ur nlture, which he will sell low for cash, and will give particular attention to all Auction atd Com mission business, and would respectfully solicit th; continuation of their patronage Very respectfully, A.GREEN ?ep8?eolm NEW GOODS. G*OLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEW I ELRY, CLOCKS. FANCY ARTI- ? CI.ES, Ac., just received, and can be bought 45 per cent, cheaper than similar goods can be bought in Washington.?dSHm Good Clocks, f 1.25; prime jewelled Silver Watch lh-carat Gold Watches, jewelled, S20; Gold Levers. 11 iewels, ?23: Jewelry, all prices and st\ l^s: Gold Chains, very cheap'and in great va riety; Fancy Article*, such as Loops. Shaving Cream, superior Razor Strops, Razors that can't be excelled, Knives. Scissor-. Clothes and Heli Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and a great many arti cles too numerous to mention. Also, some very high-priced Gold end Silver Watches of ihebaet makers in London; Silver Watches as high as ?5"; Gold do., tl7S. Call and examine for yourselves |^7* Terms invariably cash. N B.?Watches and Jewelry at wholesale ? Cash paid for old sliver J ROBINSON. Jeweler. 319 Penn. av., opposite Browns' hotel sep 5?eolm 1" ilANOS EOR SALE OR RENT ?New and second hand Pianos from the bett<CShH manufactories, at moderate snd coaw-j i|f{' nient terms for sale; second band Pianos token In exchange, and tuning pianos attended to nt No 4ft- Eleventh street, above Pa. avenue F. C. REICHKNBACH. sep 8-*meoSTaAThe BARRELS RROWS St GAR. 20 hhds. prime New Orleans do. Just received per schooner Fairfax, from New York, and for sale by sop!>?eo3t MURRAY A BEMMES NEW CLOTHS, C ASSIMEKEb A VEST ISi&B. THE undersigned begs leave respectfully to In form the public that he is now receiving aa excellent stock of Fall and Winter Cloths. Caaal meres and Veatings, and will make to order, Coats Pawts and Vests ia tke neatest and most fashion 100 able style. Having determined to confine him self for the future exclusively to the cajA lyntm. Invites his friends and the public desiring any ar ticle in his line for cash, to give an early call when every effort will be made to please them In every respect WM PETERSON. 6th street, between Pa. avenue and 1) at. sep 3?eolm - PRESERVING KETTLES?Just received. A a fresh supply of Clarke's English Enamelled Kettles, all sizes. Persons wishing tke very beat article manufactured, st a very low price, are ia vited to csll at the HoustaeeperV Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh atreet. sep 8 0 FRANCIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND PRIVATE SE M1N ARIES.-All the School Book- ia geu end use throughout the District of Columbia, to gether with an assort moat of School Stationery, ai very low prices, oa sale nt TAYLOR A MAURY'S, sep3 Booksellers, near 9th atrtat. Memoir op rev sydnky smith. edited by Mrs. Austen, t vols Panama la ISM. PRANCK TAYLOR an 29 | T MB R ELL AS, BASKETS, Engravings. Per V fttmery, Ae., at ELLIS'S, iw Penn aven a, near 19th at *b t.?