Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE Tn Councils.?In the Board of Alder, men, on Monday, there wai do quorum present^ Common Council.?All present except Mr Onne. Mr Bayne presented the petition of Wm. Van Keswick, asking to be refunded the amount overpaid for a license ; referred Mr. Raff presented the petition of J. ?. Clark, asking that the channel may be deep ened at the Corporation wharf at the end of Eleventh street east ? referred Mr. Walker introduced a bill for the relief of the City Assessors; passed. Mr. AtLee. from the committe of claims, re ported the bill from the Board of Aldermen, entitled "An act amendatory of the act for the relief of S. 11. Piatt, approved May 17, 1855 passed. Also, from the same committee, an adverse report on the bill from the Board of Alder men for the relief of Ann Laporte, and a like report on the petition of J. Tabler. and asked to be discharged from their farther considera tion ; which was agreed to. and the committee was accordingly discharged. Mjt. Ruff, from the committee on police, re S>rted without amendment the bill from the oard of Alderman providing for the estab lishment of a Board of Health, the appoint ment of a Commissioner of Health, ana pre scribing his duties, Ac.; laid over. Mr Petere moved that fifty copies be printed in bill form for the use of the Board. Mr. Jefferson moved to amend the motion by enclosing in brackets all the new matter con tained in the bill, and that the committee on police superintend the preparation and print i-?,of said bill; ageed to. The President laid before the Board a com munication from the Mayor, transmitting a communication from the City Suveyor in re lation to the records. Ac., in his office. Mr. Abert moved to refer the communica tion to a special committee of three ; agreed to, and Messrs Clements, Lloyd, and Turton were appointed said committee. The President laid before the Board a com munication from the Mayor, transmitting the following communication: Richmond, Dec. 15, 1S55. Dear Sir : The committee appointed by the last Southern and Southwestern Commer cial Convention to select the place and fix the time for its next session, having announced their acceptance of an invitation to meet in the city of Richmond on the 30th day of Jan nary next, the undersigned, on behalf of the citisens and Board of Trade of Richmond, aware of your interest in the subjects con nected with this movement, cordially invite your attendance and participation in the de liberations of the convention. We also request that you will take such earlv action as will insure the appointment of a full delegation from your city Horace L. Kent, Jos. R Anderson, James Lyons, James H. Grant, Henry C-Cabell, David J. Burr. Committee of Invitation. To the Mayor of Washington, D. C. Mr. Clements moved to refer the communi cation to a special committee of three; agreed to, and Messrs. Peters, Abert. and AtLee were appointed the committee. The adverse report made on the 17th inst. by Mr Towles. from the snecial committee on the subject of hiring out the grounds attached to the Washington Asylum, was then taken up for consideration. Mr. Clements moved that the report and the petition in connexion therewith be referred to the Committer on the Washington Asylum; which was agreed to. The Board then adjourned. The Report of the Secretary op the Interior contains considerable matter of in terest to our readers. The construction of fire-proof public build ings is recommended. An appropriation is also recommended for a building for the ac commodation of the Department of the Inte rior. Within a few yean the business of the Pa tent Office will require the whole of the entire structure in which it now is, and the Depart ment of the Interior will have to seek shelter elsewhere If an appropriation for the erec tion of a proper departmental building were now made, it could not be finished and pre pared for occupancy in less than three or four years, which is the longest possible time the rooms now occupied by this Department in the Patent Office building can; with any show of propriety, be retained. It therefore becomes a question of moment whether immediate pre paration should not be made for the anticipa ted exigency The extent of some of the public grounds has been trenehed upon. whilst perhaps their limits should have been enlarged. Ground enough for public purposes has not been re served, and many years will not elapse ere there will be an universal regret that more space had not been retained. The estimates for improving and ornament ing the reservations have been inarea-ed. The plan adopted for the "Mall" should be more vigorously prosocutcd. Its present appear ance is inelegant, when, with a comparatively small expenditure, it might easily be con verted into a beautiful park. The grounds, for which suitable appropriations were made by Congress, have been well improved, and are admired by ail far their neatness, beauty, and tustefulnoss. It is recommended that a competent and in telligent landscape gardener be employed to superintend the improvements of the public grounds. The condition of the long bridge is noticed, and the Secretary advises that it should be replaced by a substantial and per manent structure. The bridge is indispensa ble, and the means of defraying the cost of con traction abundant. The appropriations for the erection of build ings for the National Hospital for the Insane are nearly exhausted. They have been judi ciously and economically expended, under the supervision and control of its intelligent super intendent The whole sum appropriated is $171,341, which covers the cost of the farm, the present buildings, furnishing, fitting up, and all other incidental expenses. Although originally designed for ninety patients, the Sre-ent buildiLg will accommodate one bun red. More room and outbuilding will be re 1aired and an estimate is made for them. Ithough the buildings were not completed, yet there were upwards of sixty patients re ceived into the hospital and taken care of pre vious and subsequent to the 30th of June last The Board of visitors authorized by act of Congre.-i has Leen aop' inted, organised, and are faithfully and cheeriully discharging their appropriate duties The institution has been opened under favorable auspices, and bids fair to be one of the first in the country. The Washington Infirmary also claim- and merits attention. It is under the manage ment of some of the most distinguished phy sicians of the District, who gratuitously labor in it to alleviate the sufferings of those under their charge The annual appropriation made by Congress enables it to relieve many non resident paupers who are suddenly seised with disease in this city. At this time eighteen are provided for, bat the the number oould be in creased to forty by doubling the usual appro priation. This is demanded by the increase cf that clM? strangers visiting the city and Teqw.ring such aid. The Penitentiary is so planned and construc ted as not to be well protected against fire or the escapo of bold and ingenoius convicts. Its indebtedness has been paid, the contract sys tem partially adopted, and the strictest econo my and accountability established. The reorganisation of the Patent Office has been perfected, and its good effect already ?cnsitly experienced. It will require a further appropriation to complete the west wing of the Patent Office building The east wing cost $607,700. Owing to the declivity of the grade, an addi tiwnaT story was required in the west wing. It was found necessary so to construct its basement, sub-basement, and principal story that each might be converted into one large room when the requirements of the Patent Office demanl it. To accomplish this object marble and granite piers and architraves have keen introduced which are not in the corres ponding *t jries of the east wing. These and other additions cost about $100 000, and yet the whole exj>enditure will not exceed that of tie east wing. The north part of the building should be fommenced The estimated cost is $450.0WO, without a portico A partial estimate for its construction has been submitted. There is a large room in the Patent Office, designated the National Gallery, which is not used for any practical purpose. It has been made the depository or the curiosities of the exploring and-other expeditions, and of other rare articles worthy of preservation, if they oould be removed to a more suitable place it would be very advantageous to the Patent Office. This room is one of the largest in the building, being two hundred and sixty feet long and sixty-two feet six inches wide ; and the cases it contains coat some thirty thousand dollars, drawn from the patent fund. The room is required for the proper disposal and exhibition of rejected models, for which it is so well calculated and was probably designed. The Commissioner could then determine which of the models could be treated as useless and wbich placed ou exhibition; and thus would be brought to light a ret of models, never seen by the public, of scarcely less importance than those now so well exhibited in the cabinets of models of patented inventions. This would be a great acquisition to in ventors, one of the most meritorious and de serving classes of our citizens The collection in the gallery, a very curious, interesting, and instructivo one, is constantly open to and at tracts large numbers of visiters, which in it self is very proper; but, when taken in con nection with the secrecy and seclusion to which the inventions and discoveries are entitled whilst under examination, it becomes a privi lege of doubtful propriety, calculated, as it is, to disturb the employees of the Patent Office in their business, and to affect, in some in stances, the interests of the inventors. The collection has no connection whatever with the Patent Office, and may as well, therefore, be placed elsewhere. Sc^remi Court.?On Monday, Sidney L. Johnson. Esq.. of Louisiana, and Franklin A. Dick, Esq., of Missouri, were admitted as at torneys and ccansellors of this Court. No. 31. Alfred Savignac, plaintiff in errors, ii. Abraham Garrison. The argument of this cause was continued by lion. T. Ewingfor the defendant in error, and concluded by Mr. Baxter for the plaintiff in error. No. 32. Robert A. Parker et al., appellants, vs. Wm. Overman. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Bryan for the appellants, and continued by Mr. Lawrence for the appellee; until they adjourned. Delta Kappa Epsilon.?There will un doubtedly be a large and refined audieuoe this evening at Carusi's Saloon, where the convention of this fraternity will hold its pub lic exercises. B. K. Welford, Esq., the ora tor, is one of the most eloquent members of the Virginia bar, and every one who reads the Southern Literary Messenger, (we wish more paid for it,) know? the rare talents of the poet, John R. Thompson, Esq. After the publio exercises, there will be a supper at Gautier's. No one in the city, who wishes to be considered intellectual, will stay away from Carusi's this evening. The First Session of tho musical conven tion under the direction of Messrs Johnson and Frost, was held to-day in the Picture Gallery of the Smithsonian Institue This hall has been conveniently fitted up for the accom modation of the convention, but seems to be inadequately warmed. Pro!. Johnson gave the opening lecture, lie has a well developed chest, and looks as if he could sing a little himself on occasions The Professor is evidently at home in music, and the exercises cannot fail to be of interest and advantage. The Convention, which was quite fully at tended, wae still in session when we left. Those Boston Cream Cakes sent to the compositors of the Star office this morning by Ridenour A Co., confectioners, Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, were voted unanimously to be A. No. 1, by those discussing their good qualities around the imposing stone ; also decided, nem con., that the public should be apprised of the place to procure excellent confectionery, Ac. In the opinion of the " oldest indabitant" yesterday was the greatest New Year's ever experienced in Washington, from which he infers that the quality of our whisky is im proving, or that there was less ot it drank? probably the latter. The guard-house is quite empty this morn ing, which, for the day after New Year's is a fact to be "made a note of." All interested will, no doubt, bear in mind that the Odd Fellows' Levee comes off to-night, at the Hall on Seventh street. From the interest taken in the matter by members of Columbia Lodge, and others, a fine enter tainment is expected The Yaoers had a brilliant New Year's ball last nigh at Carusi s. Ihe beaty, fash ion. and gallantry of the Teutonic race was will represented, and the whole aff liar was delightful to all who participated. . Criminal CorRT.?Margaret Bruce, for re ceiving stolen goods, was being tried when we left the oourt to-day. On Monday last, Add Williams, colored, was sentenced to two years in the peniten tiary. They are Comino.?Who? WhyChristy's Minstrels; they open at the Varieties on Mon day next, for a short season. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Jan. 2, 1856. The announcement on Monday, that Presi dent Pierce had transmitted to Congress his annual message in advance of the organiza tion of the House, took many of the denizens of our venerable city completely by surprise. Every right thinking man among us, however, commends the President for waiting no longer the tardy movements .of the Hou-e of Repre sentatives. The message contains much in formation of vital importance Vt> the country, and had he waited until the House organized before he sent it in, we think it more than likely another Christmas would have found it still in his po?session, and the nation without the important information it contains, unless a little more ol real national feeling and the spirit of compromise should characterize the doings of the members of the House in the future than hitherto. Of the merits of the message as a state paper we have heard but one opinion expressed by either conservative Whigs or Democrats, and that is that in point of ability it deserves to take rank among the very ablest of any of his predecessors. The decided yet conservative tone in which it dis cusses our foreign relations, meets with a very general approval. And the able manner in which the cause of the sectional jealousies now abroad in the land is discussed and put in its proper light before tLe people, togetner with the wholesome suggestions it contains in relation to the matter, and the keen rebuke to masterly administered to the plotters of sec tional strife and social discord, meets with a hearty approval from every real patriot who has carefully perused it. Doubtless, it will tend in no small degree to allay much of the sectional feeling now abroad among portions of the people, and cause the heart of every lover of national concord to pulsate with new emotions of love and veneration for our glo rious Union. Our young friends of the Methodist Protest ant Sabath School intend favoring us to-mor row evening, with one of their very interest ing exhibitions. We learn from some of them that this one will far surpass in interest any heretofore given. The pieces for declamation and singing, and dialogues selected for the occa^i-.n, are nearly all new, and of the most appropriate character. This school is in a nourishing condition, numbering about laO pupils, with about f 120 in the treasury, and 600 volumes of useful books in the library. Many ?f our ice merchants are as busy as bees this morning lay ing in a supply of the ar ticle for the coming season. At the ladies' fair and festival there was a perfect jam again last night. We have never seen so deep an interest taken in any fair heretofore held in our city. It closes this evening, so we would advise all who can to go. The flour and grain market is unusually S[uiet, no sales of moment transpiring. The ormer is still held at SK 62Ja8 7i, and the latter at SI b0al.85 fjr red, and il.85al.90for wait*. Spectator. |XT Letter frem Hn. Mm Miner 0ett?. Of Yirittala, dated Richmond, July ?Ui. 1865 Mwn. Wm. 8. BkimA Co.?Geotlemen : Considerations of duty to tho afflictel aW 119 prompt me to send you this vol DUr\ testimonial to the (root value of CARTKK'S SPANISH M1XTI BE. for that almoit Iocarable dlMMe, Scrofula. Without being disposed, or deeming It nrm?r> to go into the particulars of the rase, I con oay that the astonishing re sult* that bare been prodocod by that medicine, on a mem ber of my own faMll.y and nnder my own obtervatloa and superintendence, after tho skill of the best physlclaas had been exhaastrd, and all tho u?ual remedies had felled, fully Ju?Ufy me tn recommending Its use to all who may bo suffer ing from that dreadful malady. I do not moan to aay that It Is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford the same relief In all > aeo?; for, of conroe, I can know nothing about that?bat from what I have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use It in any ?-ase of Scrofula, * ith person* for whom I felt an Interest, or over whom I could exercise influence or control. Jam 1?lm Respectfully youra, JNO. H BOTT3. 1ET1 New Medicine-?" When was there o time when there was not ?*? asks the reader There uover waa any very long time elapsed. we think, but some new noetrum made its appearance, bnt as one medicine can not cure all diseases whatever the vendors may say In their advertisements, wo think there is room for science yet. Dr. L. B. Wright has discovered and prepared a vegetable "Liquid Cathartic," which merits some attention. If we can administer a good mediiiue to our children or our Invalid friend* without producing nan<ea, or any of those severe pains atteudlnc all other purgatlvei, we will cousult uot only their health, but also our own comfort by so doing. This Cathartic or Family Physic Is very pleasant to take, and l*,we are fully aseurel, prepared by an old experienced prac titioner personally , he assure* us there is uothing In it but what Is purely vegetable and wholesome In alt cases iold or young) where physic to required. Giro It a trial. Jau i?lw 1X7* I? It Om!?Yes'. Christmas is over, bat not It* agony. Many ore now suffering pain lo the limbs, or about the shoulders or side, from an I) regular ac tion of the liver, caused by bail usage during the excitement of convivial houre. Nothing like I>E GRaTH'S El.ECTRIC OIL, to relieve such painful recollections. Even rheam* tism of thirty years agony has been cored In one day by this valuable "Electric Oil," frcm the Professor's oul y office, S9 S. Eighth street, Philadelphia, between Cbesnut and Walnut. A regular dojtor In attendance. P. S.?K. 9. Coverdale, Esq., of Beverly, N. J., who was so badly InJU'edby the disastrous collision or the steamer Mr Donald, was completely restored by I?e Grath's wouderful Electric Oil. He says, "tell the world ;** so a?ys Rachel, aud thousands more. 39 Sooth Eighth, close by Che-nut, only offlc*. doc SI?tf H7" Are yen SielcT?Then yen can't be cored too soon. Don't delay until your complaint is Incura ble, and then mourn when it Is too late. Four-fifths of all the disease which people the church yards might be cured by AYKR'3 CATHARTIC PILLS, If taken in season. Don't go dragging through the Spring faint, sleepy, and listless, be rauxe your Hood Is loaded with bile. Don't wear the head ache, heartburn, and their kludred disorders, because your atotnach is foul. Don't parade yourself around the world, covered with pimples, blotches, ulcers, sores, and all or any of the unclean diseases of the skin, because your system w?nis cleansing. Don't show yourself about, lean, haggard, all caved In, because your Stomach hod Itowels nee.l "trensth enlng into healthy actlou. Ayer's Pills set these things righl a? surely as water quenches fire. They purify the body aod blood, aud restore their fuuctlons into healthy activity whl<-li you can feel as quick as they are taken. They are the on? great medical wonder of this age. rc<-ofn1zed by all who know tlieir virtues, and many thousands know them. Take the Cherry Pectoral for a Cough, and the Pills for all derange ments requiring a Purgative medicluo. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass., and sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z. D. OILM AN, Washington; O. M. LINTHICl'M, Georgetown ; JAMES COOK A CO,, Fredericksburg. oc 16?eo3m lJ7Balm ot thousand Flowers,discovered by Dr. Foxtikk, of Paris, for beautifying the complexion, curing diseases of tho skin, for shaving, cleansing the teeth, removing pimples, tan, and freckles, and many medical pur poaos. Price M> cents per bottle. For tale at SHILLING TON'S Bookselling and Stationery Establishment, Odeoo Building, corner IT4 street aod Penna. avenne. doc 11 U7* Dyspepsia, in all its various forms ?! emaciated humanity, resulting often from small causes like Indigestion, producing Constipation, Flatulency. Nausea In the Stomach, aud a thousand other ailments tending to pros trate or debilitate the physical man ; any and all of these Ills vleld Mke m?gic to Dr. Hostetter's celebrated STOMACH BITTERS, giving It the reputation It bears of relnstatiug t< health thousands who have tried its vivifying *nd strength euing Influence upon their almost despairing and broken rotistitutlous. All should use tnese Bitters durlr>g this weather, as It la the most effectual preventive of disease* knows For sale everywhere?wholesale depot at JOHN N, CALLAN'S, corner K ane Seventh streets. dec 26?lw Noah Walker Jc ???, Marble Hall Clotbiug Emporium, Browns' Hotel Building, respectful!) announce that their display of FALL and WINTER CLO THING is now ready for inspection, comprising an assort nient of COATS, TALMAS, OVERSACKS, St'RTOLTS, VKSTS and PANTALOONS, of the newest ?od richest de signs 1u materi-1, trimming and workmanship. To gentle m-ii who study excellence with economy lu fashionable ar ticles of dress an opportunity Is now offered for selecting from ie of the attractive stocks of Goods Id this city, at very reduced prices- nov 1?tf U7* llooflnnd's German Bitters, prepared and sold by Dr. Jackson, at the German Medical Store, 12( Arch street, Philadelphia, dally Increase In their well-de served celebrity for the enre of all Diseases arising from de rangement of the liver. These Bitters have, indeed, pro\e<1 a blessing to the afflicted, who show their gratitude by tin most Mattering testimonials. This medicine has established for It-elf is name that competitors, however wily their schemes, or seductive their promises, cannot rearh. II gained the public confidence py the Immense btuefHi thai have been derived from It, aud will ever malutUn its posi tion. See aUvoriisemei.t. dec 12?3m {Tj^Ambrotype ?Amonfst the most at* trartlve and beautiful specimens of the Photographic art, now on exhibition at WHITEHl'RST'S GALLERY, are the AMBROTTPES. They are truly a beautiful Picture, and In some respects an Improvement on the old familiar Da guerreotypes The Gallery contains quite a large collection of Photographs on paper. Daguerreotypes of the United States Supreme Court since I860; member! of tie United States courts ; President Pierce anil Cabinet, and n.any other public men of the Nation. A visit to WHITEHl'RST'S GAL I.KRV, No. 434 Pouusjlvania avenue, la v.e'.i worth the trou ble and the time. nov 2H tf MARK I ED, On the 27th Instant, by Rev. Jaraw B Donelan JOS. M. FKEEMAN.jr , to Miss M AUGUS TA, daughter of Dr. E. C. K oblnsou, all of Nor folk, Va * fi DIED, [On the 1st Instant, of dropsy, Mrs. ANN \V. 1CH KY, wife of John Rlctey, In the 4t!h year of her aee. The funeral will take place at 10 o'cloc k Thurs day morning, ftom his late residence, 31G C street between 6th anl ~th. * On the 1st January, Miss ANN ELIZABETH DAN FORD, In the 31st year of her age WANTS. _ WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO THE general housework of am4>derate sized fam ily. Address "Maria," at this office. Jan 2?It (COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?A OEN J tie man from the South, with his wife ana two small children, wishes board in the family of a respectable farmer, comfortably hxed, and not more than six miles from Washington. Liberal board will be paid and the beat references glvm Address "Georgia," through City Post Office, or at the Star Office. jan 2? 3t* WANTED-A SITUATION TO DO PLAIN cooking, and the washing and Ironing of a small family, or nursing. Address "F u\" at this office Jan 2?it* WANTED?TO HIRE A GOOD SERVANT to cook and do general housework. Apply at No 415 Ninth street, between F and G. jan 1?2t* WANTED?TO HIRE BY THE YEAR, A colored Woman, to do thecooklng, washing and ironing ot a small family, residing a short distance from the city. A slave from the country preferred. Inquire at the Store of Shunter A Cla gett, Pa. avenue. jan 1?tf WANTED?EVERY HOUSEKEEPER IN Washington and vicinity to know that we have received a fresh supply of that good imperi al, Gunpowder and Black Tea, which we will sell at the usual prices (50 and *25 cents) per lb. The ^reat demand speaks for the article WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auct , Comer Penna. avenue and 9th street. dec '24?eolw WANTED ? WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons in wa it of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, la bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with disratch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B?Old vVork Regilt, and Looking Glass Plat?s inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Ktrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING. BOARDING ? MRS. DUVALL.No *J1 Penn sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel,has several large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. Jy3b tf Board,Ac.?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9tb street is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor hex with their patronage. ap 6?tf M' A CARD TO THE LADIES. KS. M- E. DARR A MiSS E. C. HICKEY, FASHIONABLE MILLINERY and I) HESS MAKING, No 410 Penn. avenue,1 second door went of Adams A Co's Express . Office. BASQUES, CLOAKS AND TALL..^ made in the best and latest style, at the shortest notice. N. B.?Children's Dresses made to order. Just received, a lot of splendid French Head Dretises and Bouquets. Cutting and Fitting done at the shortest notice, dec 13?lm* BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, OR Voice Lozeages, Just received and for sale at MOORE'S Drug Store, 113 Pa. svenue, opp. 7 Buildings. Tooth, Nail, and other Brushes. A large sap ply just receded aod for sale as above dec 31- eo3t FOR SAUB A1TP RBlfT. Fir rent?the second and third

storlea of the new bouae opposite the national Theatre Apply on the premlaea, or to W. H Prentiss, corner 15th and L streets. jan 2?eotf Furnished rooms for rent ?mrb. Q. ANDERSON has several furnished rooms for rent, suitable for a family or single gentleman. The rent will be moderate No 27? Pa. avenue, 'id door from Klrkwood House. Jan8?tf FOR sale?a very convenient House, with four rooms, suitable for a small family. Apply at No. 90 0, between Wd aa?l 23d streets. jan 2-3w* FOR RENT?A PARI.OR AND BED Cham ber, with or without gas. Also, three suites of Chamber*. Is prepared to take boarders either by the day or week. Apply at 275 Pa. avenue, between lOth and 11th sts. jan 1?4t* THOS W. JONES FOR RENT?a FIRST CLASS HOUSE, desirably situated, in the First Ward, and in the neighborhood of the Circle. The house Is new and contains twelve rooms, with hot and cold baths. The furniture, which Is entirely new and of modern manufacture, Is also for rent. To a gooa tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply at 51 Pa avenue, corner of 22d street. dec 28?lm* Furnished house for rent?a large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms ; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas in the house. For terms, Ac , apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf A BRICK COTTAGE IN THE WEST END. For rent, near the corner of Ifeth and H sts., with a tlue enclosure, convenient outballdlngs, and handsomely furnished Apply at the prem ises. dec 22?tf ICE HOUSE FOR RENT ?THAT LARGE brick Ice House, situated at the corner of Vir gln'a avenue and 11th street. Island. For terms apply to JOHN R. ASH BY, at Perry A Brothers aec 15?tf Rooms to let.?a furnished par lor and Chamber (Including lire and gas) will be rented together or separately during thf session of Congress. The rcoms areonjhe first floor, within one square of the Klrkwood Hoijse Enquire at the office of the klrkwood House.' dec 8?tf Building lots ?for sale, a variety oi low price building Lots located on the Island and other parts of the ci'y, on terms accommodat ing to purchasers. EnqulreatJ.E KENDALL, office between 6th and 7th streets, north side Pa avenue, 3d story front room, over R. Morrow'j Exchange Office. D. MYERLE. dec 1?6w FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient boaid. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov 27?tf For rent?a well-furnished suit* of Rooms, a parlor and two Bed Chamber* on one floor. Apply to No. 217 Penn. avenue, be tween 14th and 15th streets. nov 20-tf ROOM FOR RENT ?A pleasant Room in th( third story, with or without furniture Appl) to GEO WILLNER'S Paper-hanging Store, 464 Ninth street. sep20?tf FOR RENT?THE SPACIOUS STORE and Warehouse now in the occupancy of Mr. H W. Blunt, situated on the corner of Gay and Higfc streets, immediately opposite Forrest Hall, In Georgetown, D C Possession given on the lsl Januarv next. Apply to BLADfcN FORREST [ Cox's Row, Georgetown, D. C. nov 22-eo6w* For rent ?a handsomely and newly furnished houke, situated on one of th? most pleasant streets of the city, one square fronr the Patent Office. It contains ten rooms, exclu sive of closets, with all the modern conveniences of gas, bath and other water fixtures, with a stable and carriage house attached The furniture is entirely new, and complete in all Us appoint ments, making it one of the most desirable resi dences in the city. Terms reasonable to a good tenant. Inquire at 416 Eleventh street, betweei G and H. dec 29?eo3t# For rent?a house, with flower and vegetable garden, together with 25 aoret of land under good cultivation, suitable for a dairy or market garden, (the letting of alltogHhei would be preferred ) pleasantly situated, directly north from the Capitol, only a few minutes wall to the city limits. Any person desirous of secur ing a pleasant and healthy residence in the coun try, and near the city, will please call on the sub scriber WM.EMMERT, Mount Pleasant, near Glenwood Cemetery. dec 12? Notice.?john georgestock, real Estate Agent, and Intelligence Office. F St., between 8th ana 9th streets, south side, has on hand an extensive lot of Houses and Lots for sale or rent, on the most liberal terms He informs the citizens of Washington that he is prepared to exeouto Deeds cf Trust and the various forms of Conveyancing, in both the German and English language. dec 7 ?lea O 1 S FOR SAL E.?TWO OR THREE good Bulldinw Lots in a rapidly improving neighborh ood for sale on f?* year*' ertJit. Ap ply to J . H. DRU R Y. |y2l?tf L All the new hooks published received and for sale, at SHI ISLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE Caspar, by the author of -'Wide, Wide World " The Mysterious Story Book, or the''Good Step Mother Lances of Lynwood, a new Juvenile book, by the author of the Heir of Redclifl'e Travt Is, Voyages, and Adventures of Gilbert Go ahead, ov Peter Parley Mimic Life, by .Mrs. Ritchie,formerly Mrs. Mo watt Widow Bedott Papers The Hunter's Feast, or Conversation around the (-amp Flr??. by Capt Mayr.e Reld, author of the Scalp Hunters Ten Years among the Mall Bags Fanny Grey, a history of Jlfe in a series of six beautiful figure", the neatest and most delight ful jjlft for children that we have seen. Blank Books and Stationery of every descrip tion, at the lowest prices, for sale at SHILLING TON'S Stationery and Bock Establishment, Odeon Building cor. Pa av. and 4^ st. dec 31?3t Elegant new ykar-b presents maybe found at T. GALLIGAN A CO 'S. dealers in fine Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Sliver, En glish Plated Ware, Toilet Articles, Ac., Ac., 370 Penn. av8nue, under Browns' hotel. dec 29 SELLING OFF CHEAP. WISHINN TO CLOSE OUT MY STOCK of RIBBONS, LACES, EMBROIDER IES, AND FANCY NOTIONS, for the purpose of making a change In my business, I will oft'er bargains to all who will favor me with a call. A TATE, No 314 Pa avenue, bet. 10th and 11th sta dec 21?eo6t (Intel) MRS. RUOFF, Milliner, Lately from new york, respect fully informs the ladies of Washington, that she has taken a store, No. 3 ea2t Capi- ^1 tol street, aear the eastern gate of the Capitol Yard, where she has on hand a splendid assort ment of the latest styles of WINTER BON NETS AND CLOAKS, Ac., which will be sold at one-half the price usually charged in the stores of this city. dec 13?eolm? BROOKEV1LLE ACADEMY. THE DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION will be resumed on MONDAY, Dec. 31st, affording a favorable opportunity for the entrance of pupils. For catalogues apply at Charles H. Lane's. Pennsylvania avenue, or address the Prin cipal at Brookeville, Md. E. B. prettyman, A. M , dec 27?lw _ Principal. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT ?Newand second hand Pianos from the best^r^gTjga manufactories, at moderate and conve-jTftfl nlent terms for sale; second hand Pianos taken in exchange, and tuning pianos attended to at No 198 Eleventh street, above Pa avenue F. C. R EI CHEN BACH, sep 8?flmeoSTuATh* TO MY FRIENDS AND customers.? In accordance with the custom which pre vails In our city, 1 desire to notify all my friends and customers, who may have unsettled accounts with me. that their bills are made out, in antici pation of a general settlement on the first of the year Those who may not find it convenient to call will be waited on at their dwellings or places of business about the first of the year P J STKKH Merchant Tailor, No. 468 Seventh st. dec 29?d6t A GENERAL INVITATION TO EX amb e one of the largest and best assortments of Parlor Grand, Square, and Boudoir PIANOS, ever exhibited to a washlngton public. Persons wishing to purchase, will find that they can be accommodated on the roost liberal terms, by early application at the Music Depot. Star Buildings, geo HILBUS, Agent. Constantly in receipt of new MUSIC, dec 24?tr Holiday presents from europe, lust received at THE LAKES, dec 24?tf 504 P? avenue.^ <INE GOODS FOR PRESENTS it ELLIS'S 300 Pa. avenue, near 10th street. dec JO ATTOTIOK BALES. By A. OK KEN, Auctioneer Household and kitchkn fuani. tut, at Aactiea.?On MONDAY, the 7th Instant, 1 shall Mil. at th? residence of Mrs Tripp*, No. 6 east side 4# street, between C aid D near the City Hall, at 10 o'clock i. n , u ex cellent assortment of Furniture. Tlx : M srble-top and other Side Tables Dressing and other Bureaus WalnutSofa Csne and other Chairs Wardrobes and Stands Fine French plate Mirror, flit frame, plate 00 by MInches Bedsteads, Toilet Sets Bedding and Mattresses Five fine new Feather Beds of best quality Bolsters and Pillows Large passage Oilcloth Ingrain snd Stair Carpets and Matting China, Glass and Crorkery Ware Large M ap of the U tilted States Large Cooking Stove, Hathmay patent, fixtures complete Airtight and other Stoves With a good s?sortment of Kitchen Requisites Together with many articles unnecessary to be mentioned ? Terms All sums under S35 cash; over SiS a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest The above mentioned furniture is of a good quality and nearly new, and the sale will be well wortbv the attention of person* purchasing Jan 2?d A. OREKN. Auctioneer. By A. GREKN, Auctioneer Household and kitchkn furni> tare, Feather Beds, Dry Geeds, Ac , at Anctlon.?On FRIDAY', the 4th day of Janu ary. 1 shall sell, at the House-furnishing Store of Mr A. H. Lee. on north K, between 7tn and 8th Mreets, Immediately opposite the Northern Mar ket, at 10 o'clock a m , a good assortment of Household and Kitchen Furniture, vlx: Mahogany dining, card and other Tables Fainted chamber Cottage Set Bedsteads, Chairs, Ac. Four Feather Beds Hair and shuck Mattresses and Bedding Cooking and other Stoves With many other articles in the house-furnlshlng Also, a large lot of Dry Goods of various de scriptions. and a good second-hand Buggy. Terms : All sums of and under $30 cash . over 830 a credit of 60 and i?0 days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, bearing Interest dec 31?d A GREEN, Auct. By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni. tare, Arc., at Aaction.? On THURSDAY January 3d, 1S56, at 10 o'clock a m., 1 will sell, at the residence of a gentleman declining house keeping, on the corner of New Jersey avenue and B street south, near south Capitol gate, No. 554, a good assortment of Household Kfleets, such as Mahogany Sofa and Chairs Marble-top Centre and other Tables Carpetings and Oilcloth Cane ana wood-seat Chairs Girandoles and Looking glasses Bureaus, Toilet Tables, Ac. China, Glass and Crockeryware Bedsteads and Bedding And many other articles Together with a lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms : 8*25 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of 30 and 60 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest from date A GREEN, Auctioneer. N. B.?The House Is for rent and the Furniture may be purchased at private sale previous to the day of sale. Apply on the premises. dec 28 ? d T By JAS. C. McGU I RE. Auctioneer. ON TUESDAY AFTKRMOO91, the seveath day of February, 1856, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated 23d February, 1855, andrecorded In the Land Records of Wrashlngton county, D. C , in Liber, J. A. S., No 91, folio 311, Ac ,1 shall offer for sale one un divided third part, of the undivided fourth part, of the undivided two-thirds part, or Lot No. 4, in Square 290. In the city of Washington. This lot fronts on the north side of E street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. Terms of sale: One-third cash ; the balance in six and twelve months, to be secured as may be required by the trustee. JOSEPH TR A VERS, Trustee JAMES C. McGUIRK, dec 6? lawim Auctioneer. By HUGH DOW LING A CO , Auctioneers. Regular day and evening sales. The subscribers, determined to devote theii whole attention to the Auction and Commission Business, respectfully Inform the public that they are prepared to receive all goods consigned to their care for sale at public auction ; that no exer tions on their part shall be spared to obtain the best prices for the same by fair and Impartial rep resentations ; and as they Intend to confine them selves to a strict cash business unless otherwl?e ordered, those sending goods to their sale shall be settled with immediately when the goods are de livered to the buyers. Goods sent to them for evening sales can be settled for next morning, if sold A regular evening auction for the sale of all kinds or merchandise can by this mear.s be of great service to the community, whose patronage is most respectfully solicited by the public's obe dient servants, HUGH DOWLING A CO , Auctioneers. DAY SALES?MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY mornings, at 10 o'clock, and every evening at 7 o'clock at the Store, No 53, Varnum Buildings, Louisiana avenue, and at all other time- and places where their services may be re quired Sales on the Market Square, opponitf the Bank of Washington, attended a* usual cn market days. Cash advances on consignments. HUGH DOW LING A CO, Auctioneers, dec 10? eolm C'HOICK FRUIT TREES AT AUCT ION. ' in order to give all persons an opportunity of securing a portion of the tine Fruit Trees raised by the late Jno. H. King, at Valley View Farm. r.?u Georgetown, the executrix of the estate hv. ae;er mined to offer them to the hiuhe** bidders cn THURSDAY and SATURDA * of each week, in front of the Aucttoa Store of Messrs Wall, Bar nard A C^. These trees are all grafted fruits, lc & flourishing condition, of good site, and wui be warranted to be what they are repr^eutcsd Catalogues can be had on application at the above Auction Store,At the stall, Valley View Farm, in Centre Market. E.J KING dec 1?v>AF Executrix. By J AS. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer pURSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE an< L Eligibly situated Real Estate? By vlr tue of two several de*ds in trust from James A. Wi?e and Harriet Ann Wise, his wife, bearing date respectively on the 7th day of April and the 8th day of September. Is65, and duly recorded, the subscriber, at the request of the treasurer or the Frackiin Building Association, will sell at' public sale on THURSDAY, the S4th day of Jan uary, 1856, at 4 o'clock p m , oa the premises, part of Lot No. 12, In Square No. 429, beginning for the same at a point on 7th street west on the front line of said lot, at the distance of 40 feet from the southeast corner tfaerecf. aad running thence due west parallel to the south boundary line 100 feet to the rear line of said lot; thence due east 100 feet to the front line ; thence south with *ald front line 15 feet to the place of begin ning, with the buildings and Improvements, which consist of a tfiree-story brick dwelling house. The above property is eligibly situated on 7th street west, between G and H streets north, and rapidly enhancing In value, and offers a favorable opportunity for investm ent The terms will beone-thlrd cash, and balance In six and twelve months, for notes bearing Inter est from day of sale secured by deed of trust upon th* property; and If not complied with In six dty* after the sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk er,d expeme of tue defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of tue purchaser. CHAS 8 WALLACH, JNO. C. C HAMILTON, Trustees. JAS. C. McGUIRK, dec 21?3tawAds Auctioneer. By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE ?By virtue of a deed of | trust, dated the 25th day of November, In the year 1854, and recorded In Liber J. A. 8., No. 89, one of the land records of Washington county, D C.. the undersigned will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 7th day of January, 1856, at four o'clock p. m . on the premises, Lot 18 in square No. 247, fronting on 12tli street west, just above L street. Terms : Seven hundred dollars in cash; the bal ance In four notes of equal sums, at 3 6, 9 and 12 month*, to be well endorsed, with Interest from the day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the property. Deeds at the expense of purchaser. If the terms of sale be not complied with In five days from the day of the sale, the lot will be re sold. on three days' notice, at the risk and loss of the purchaser. JOHNSON HELLKN, Trustee, dec 21?4tAds A. GREEN, Auct. CHARCtiAL SOAP DENTKf FICE?A su perior article for the teeth. The best article ever offered to the public. Prepared and sold only by J. B. MOORE, Druggist, dec3l?eo3t First Ward. NEW YORK STORE SELLING OFF. MISS H. M MANN, SUCCESSOR TO Miss S. J. A M McGaw. next door to Post Offlce, Bridge street, Georgetown, In order to reauce her stock of goods before the Spring sea son. she will sail at cast a handsome assortment of EMBROIDERY, DRESS TRIMMINGS, RIBBONS, FEATHERS, and FLOWERS, dec IS?fltAeoim TBLSQRAPHXC WBWa UFOETID F01 THE ETEEIWO STAB DmU of tko Hob. J. M Satai?i?am Ju 1.?Hon J. M Berrien died her* at 9 o'clock this morning, after an illness of only twelve ??ji Pennsylvania Legislature ?Governor's HAKBiBerao. Jan. 2 ?Got. Pol look delirs ered his message to the Legislature this mora ing It commences with congratalatory re marks aboat the financial condition of the State. The State debt has decreaeed daring the year $36,000 ; and there has been no ne cessity for creating nee loans. The Governor refers to bis former message for his opinion upon national affairs, reaffirm ing his opinions then expressed He ealls at tention to the necessity of farther legislation on the license question He adverts to the duty of electing an 1'nited States Senator. He alludes to the robbing of the State arms at the Uarrisburg arsenal, and recommends the enactment of a lew inflicting panishment for such offences and a farther appropriation for bailding an arsenal at Philadelphia, the State arm? now being kept in en insecure oat house, the former building having been torn down and not re-built, owing to the insaf ficiency of the appropriation. Ch ar leet on M ar ket i. Charleston, Jen 1?Cotton i? depressed and prices are in favor of buyers. Sales of 1,400 bales The weather continues stormy. Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. Jan. 2 ? Flour is firmer; How ard street is held at $8.62, and $8 50 is offered for City Mills. but no sales reported Wheat is dull; good to prime whites SI 05a 52, fair to prime reds Sl.88a$l OS Corn is dull and unchanged; good to prime white and yellow 73a76c. Provisions are more active. Mess pork $16 87a$17. Bacon is lower , shoul-ders 10c, sides 11c. L&rd has declined, sales in bbls. lOjallc, in kegs ll|al2a. New York Markets New You, Jan. 2.?Flour is firm Sales of 7.000 bbls. straight State $8 44; Good Ohio S8 62|; Southern S9 26. W heat is firm; sales of 12,000 bushels? South em red (1 94, southern white $2 00. Corn i? firm; sales of 30,000 bnshels Western mixed 93c. Pork has decliped; sales of 500 bbls mem ?17.00. Beef is drooping, sales of 150 bbls. Chicargo repacked 14 50. Lard ha* declined; sales of 150 bbls. at 12c Whisky has declined; sales of 50 bbls. Ohio 35fc. Stock Markets. New York, Jan 2?Stocks are higher Sales of Chicago and Rock It-land Railroad 85; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 731, Cum berland Coal Company 23i; Erie Railroad 51;. Galena and Cbicego Railroad 121; Michigan Southern Railroad 91|; Reading Railroad 93|. A FOR THE HOLIDAYS! LL WHO PURPOSE MAKING CHRIST mas and New Year present* during the ap proaching holiday*, are respectfully *oTl< lted to examine our assortment. which is both appro Kiiate and seasonable, such as? .obes de Chambre, of rick cashmere and other pattern* French embroidered Smoking Jackets, new style A No. French Oil Print Jar ket*. Smoking Cap* Gold and Silver-heed Cane* Scarfs. Tie*, Cravat*, Glove*, Muffler* Portemoa nates. Vest Buttons Toilet Articles, Perfumery. Ac., Ac. GEO Hi WHITE A CO. Hat, Cap and Geuts. Furnlshlne Establish merit, Pa avenue, between Oth and UKb at*, dec SO?eottw Q CA R E W A R D ?I wlu give the ibwp V vU mentioned reward loi the apprehension and delivery to me, of AN N, a slave, who call* herself Ana Johnsos and who ran away from me on Saturday night, the 6th Instant. She la about 24 year* aia, 6 feet, fou* or ive laches high, light bljck complexion with full round face, of good figure, and likely. She has a variety of clothing and took with her her leather bed and bedding. WM F PHILLIPS, dec 10?eetf 596 New Jersey avenue. MEDICAL CARD. DOCTOR STANISLAS hernihz regu lar Practitioner of Hommopathv, Offlce 231, corner F and Fourteenth street* Consultation* from 10 a m to 3 p m Doctor Stanislas Hermlsz, having returned freer* Europe with improved health, will attend to the pructice of his profession Le Docteur parle F rentals Der Doctor sprlcht Deutsch dec 17?lm* MESSRS T>.VLOR A MAUKV HAVING complel^d their arrangements for ibe ap Koachi^g season, respectfully Invite attention to e*; Ikrge and varied stock, which Includes, In addition to a superb collection of HOOKS, e large assortment of FANCY ARTICLES of the roost elegant and recherche description, particularly suited for Chriktmaa and New Yeer Presents dec *j_tr Fine French editions?of ROUS seau, Racine, Sevigne. Cornellie, Mollere. Lie Stael. Ducts, Frolssert. llou'daJooe, Le Sag**, Schlner, Guliot, Possuet, Monslrelet, Valherbe Descartes, Barthelemy, Voltaire, Chateaubriand, Florlan. Rabelais. Scribe, Malebrancbe, St. Pierre, Fenelon, Thierry, Macklavelll, Regnard, and other writers, may be found at the most mod erate prices at the bookstore of the undersigned : imported by himself direct from Paris, In fine calf and morocco bindings, some of them with beau tiful Illustrations Also, a small oollectlon, vtrlous, of French Boor* for youth, Parts editions dec*6?tr FRANCK TAYLOR. CHRISTMAS UI FT 5 Robert schwarze has the plea sure of informing the public that he Is well prepared for accommodating the public In general with FRESH OYSTERS, put up air-tight, for sending tb?m to their distant friends In the coun try. He also keeps constantly on hand a One sup ply of PICKLED and PRESERVED OYSTERS Please call on R SCHWARZK, corner of 11th and E streets, or leave orders at his establishment corner of luth street and Potomac river. decfc!-tf Fictile ivory ?just received, aev eral exquisite specimen* of his manufacture, including "The Descent from the Cross," after Rubens; "The Flight Into Egypt"Adora tion of the Wise Meu;" " Head of Christ," after Domenichino?Madoina, " Ecce Homo," Ac., specially adapted for Christmas present*, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S dec 21?tr Bookatore, near Otk *t M. A TYSON A SISTERS French and engish female semi nary, for day puplla, on F street, between 12th and 13th streets For terms, Ac , circulars mav be had at the principal Bookstores, and at the Institution, dec 22?lm LACOILTRE * ROGERS'S RAZORS ? We have a fins assortment of the above named RAZORS, to which we call the attention of gen tlemen who wish to have an easy shave Also STRO PS of the most approved makes .SHAVING CREAM, SOAPS, and everything requUlte for a gentleman's toilet. T S GALLIGAN A CO , Fancy Goods and Perfumer)-. 370 Pens av., nov28?tf Under Brown'* Hotel CABAS, WORK BOXES. CHINA GOODS, CARD CASES. PORTFMONN AIES, Ac , at 306 Pa avenue, between ?th and 10th streets dec 20 JOHN F. ELLIS The private correspondence of Hentar Clay. 1 volume, octavo, S2 50. dee 24?tr _ FRANCK TAYLOR Fancy goods?English. French and German Juat received at THE LAKES, dec M?tf ** **? avenue (^AST OFF CLOTH I SIM IOIAHT AND J Sold; also, Cleaning and Repairing, at 75 Louisiana avenue, lnSemme'* Building opposite Holmead 'a Grocery dn &?l?S S STEWART'S KYLIGHT DAGUERREAN ROOMS ?1 PICTURES are perfectly life-like, with e beautiful brightness, and having an elegant snxvnb and beautiful soft tone, they are not surpassed, it equaled, In the United States. We mvlte the public to call and see for themselves Gauery over M W, Gait A Bro* Jewelry Store, betwrea Vth and 10th streets, No 3M Pa. avenue, nov l??eotfm