Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1856 Page 3
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EV ENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tpb exercises of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, which were to hare taken place at Carusi s Saloon last evening, were postponed until to-night in consequence of the unfavora ble weather. The supper of the D. K E. at Gautier's last night was a magnificent affair, and was done ample just'ce to by all present. Hon. Mr Orr, of South Carolina, presided at one end of the table, aud W N. Starke, of Eta Chapter University, of Virginia, at the other. The first regular toast was the ''President of the Lnited States;" which was responded to by Hon. Mr. Orr in his usual felicitous manner. " The Senate of the United States'' was re sponded to appropriately by the Hon. Mr. Russell, of Arkansas, as was the "House of Representatives'' by Hon. Percy Walker, of Alabama " The Army." brought up Gen. Quitman, of Miss , who responded to the toaet most hap pily, paying, in the course of his remarks, a high compliment to Gen Scott. ? The Navy" was met by Hon. Mr Max well, of Fla., in a speech replete with wit. In responding to " TheaJudiciary," Judge Caskie, of Kichmond, Va., paid a handsome tribute to Chief Justice Taney. The ''Collegiate Institutions of America" answered to by the eloquent and classical i>imitry, of Louisiana. "The Literature of the I'nited States" and the 4D K E. fraternity ' were responded toby J R Thompson, of the Southern Literary Me^enger, and B R. Wellford, jr., of Va., in a manner which gave rich promi.-e of the treat in -tore for those who may listen to the poem and oration to be delivered by them at Ca rusi's to-night. Each Chapter of the fraternity was then toasted, and replied to by their respective delegate:-; alter which 41 The Ladies" were given, and W. T Starke, of Virginia, being railed on, replied to it in the most felicitous manner, as was the 41 Washington Bar" by A. Austin Smith, of this city, and the 44 Uni versity of Virginia" by Lambert Tree of Wash ington. The volunteer toast? following, elicited much eloquence, wit, and humor, which we regret not having space to chronicle. The celebration this year is under the man agement of the University of Virginia Chap ter, which deserves much credit for the hand ?ome manner in which the affair has been con ducted. Reconnoiterinq a Fence ? Two gentle men, who clerk it in the Departments from 9 a m. until 3 p. in , and then drive out to their country place? to ruralize overnight, are ore?, ty good theoretical farmers, but mu?h bewier practical jokers?and 44 thereby hangs a tale." For shortness we will call them Messrs Smith and Brown. Smith had been the last sufferer intLe matter of some ,4 pure Shanghai ?ggs. bought kt a high figure from Brown, and which, when hatched, sent forth a brood of ordinary feather-legged bantams. Smith said nothing to speak of, thought the more, laid Jow and wait* J Brown had been building at considerable expense, an oak post and rail fencc. upon which lie rather prided himself, but which had some how sprung a leak, through which the vag.i oone pigs of the neighborhood made their way "rooting up things," and playing old scratch generally. So one morning, ju^t as be wag starting for town, he called ?? Dily"? the old blaek servant?and said . ' Now. Dilly. I wan1 you toreconnciter that feiwe thoroughly to-day and report progress when I come back," and off be Uiove. It is a peculiarity of Brown's to use rather grandiloquent language, to Dilly's great per plexity, but this time the word reconnoitre 4 bothered him intirely." Pretty soon, Smith came ruling by. on hi* way to the city, and it struck i>illy that here was a chance to get en .lightened. Smith pondered a moment, with a queer grin upon his faee, and then cheer lully told Dilly how to proceed. "Recon noiter," said he, 4?is from the French 'to get lid off. \ our master wants you to pull down that fence, throw it into piles, and burn Duly immensely relieved, but a great deal puzzled at ?? Mas'rs curus notions." went to work on the principle of obeying orders if he broke owners, and being a strong fellow he was soon reconnoitering that fence with a loose ness. When Brown returned he called on iW refc?rt progress." "Well. Maa'r, said Dilly, "I ve pilel it all Up and set fire to most all the piles, but deed. Mas'r, they burns turble slow;" and then seeing the puzzlod look upon Brown s face, he hastened to interpret it with ' Deed, Maa'r. never should have known what reconnoiter was but r Smith told me " Brown was inclined to be very anifry with Duly, until he heard that Smith /eMhun " and teen he thought better of it, but is since very careful in giving orders, to use language adapted to the most ordinary capacity Scpreme Coirt.?Yesterday, J. Young Scaminou, Esq.. of Illinois, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No. 19. David Bush vs. Maborn Cooper's administrators. In error to the High Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of Mississip pi. Mr. Justice Curtis delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the decree of the said Court in this eause, with costs No 24 The United States vs. Catesby Ap Roger Jones. In error to the Circuit Court of the UnitedStates for the Distr'etof Columbia. Mr Justice drier delivered the opiuion of the Court, affirming the judgment of the said Court in this cause. No. 119 Isaac Hartshorn, plaintiff in error, I-*. Horace H Day. This eauso having been prematurely docketed by the defendants in error, it was ordered to be stricken from the docket. No. 33. Robert A. Parker et at., appel lants vs. William Overman The argument of this cau*c was continued by Mr. Lawrence for the appellee, and concluded by Mr. Bryan for the appellant". No 33. Edward C. Richards et at. appel lants, vi. Sylvester Holmes et a/. The argu ment of this cause was commenced by Sir. Bibb for the appellants, and continued by Messrs Fendall and tracy for the appellees. The Court then adjourned. Election ok Okfiprrs.?At the annual meeting of th?? Northern Liberties Fire Com pany. held lait evening, the following gentle men were elected officers for the ensuing year Middleton Birkhead, President, Chas. Gooch, Vice President; John T. llalleck, Secretary. Jobu H Goddard, jr., Treasurer; James Suit, Captain of Engine Division, Oliver Wade, First Assistant; Remegius Birch. Second As sistant; Frank Truxall, Third Assistant. Thos. J Dawson, Captain of Hose Division; James Slatford First Director. Jerome Columbus, Second Director Van S. Johnson, Third Di rector. Criminal Coirt.?Yesterday, after we left the court, Margaret Bruce was acquitted of receiving stolen goods ; Ratcliffe for de fence Charles Hill, (colored.) for an assault, was found gudty ; not yet sentenced ; Dev lin. jr., for defence. David Y. Moore, for an assault, was found guilty ; not yet sentenced ; Devlir jr , for defence To-day. there were no trials; met for Grand Jury. Lxap Year ?We understand that some of the ladies determined to exercise the privil ege of the year, are getting up a ball, to which they intend to invite the gentlemen. " May 1 have the pleasure of the next waits, Mr Locals'" '4 I am sorry. Miss, but I am en gaged for that and the next one. The third, Mii^s, i will be pleased to dance with you." Accident. ?A boy named Nolan, who was skating this morning in the First Ward, lost his equilibrium, and fell directly before a passing carriage By the promptness of the driver the horses were ohecked in season to prevent the wheels from passing over the pros trate lad, who made his escape from beneath the hoofs (lightly bruised, and doubtless cured of any desire to skate in the streets again. Beau Hick man, hearing a gentleman quote the New \ ear's s..rig beginning "King out, wild bells,' modestly remarked that he would prefer to " ring in " r Central Lodqe have their levee tc-uight at Odd Fellows' llill Addresses ate expected jrvm several members ol Congress. The Odd Fellow's Levbe. by the Colum bia Lodge, last night, notwithstanding the very inclement weather, was well attended, there being a large number of ladies present. Captain Wm. W Moore, a Past Grand Sire of the order, delivered an able addreaa, where in he dwelt upon the object* and aims of the fraternity, and the duties of its members The oouimand? to an Odd Fellow were, to relieve the sick, bury the dead, comfort the widow, and educate the orphan, and these 'nandates were obeyed. After the conclusion of the address, each of the orphans of the Lodge were presented with a beautiful book. The refreshments were furnished by Ridenour; and the instrumental music by Marsoletti's band. Messrs Cooley, Jones, Bennet, and Fruit also*f&vored the company with some beautiful qnartettes: and the exercises of the evening passed off in the i pleasantest manner to all concerned. A Local position, this morning, was hard to keep Once, while endeavoring to walk se dately. we slid off at a two-forty gate, then lurched, then saw the toes of our boots on a perpendicular line of vision, then experienced a fundamental concussion, and then saw my riads of twinkling star?. Then, with a woi'ul countenance, we arose, and looked at the spot where we had measured our length. The pavement was injured. Wao wants a Good Collector '?For the last two years Mr George W. Swain has been the colleetor of accounts for the Star office. We have found him in all respects faithful, re liable. industrious, and attentive to his busi ness; and without his knowledge state these facts for the benefit of those who, having ac counts to collcet at this season, may require the aid of just such a man. lie caa be seen every afternoon between two and four p. m , at the Star office A Portrait of Prnfeesor Henry has just been finished by Mr. Wood, whose studio is at the National Hotel. It is an admirable like ness, executed with boldness and effect. Watch Returns.? John, (colored.) charged with being a runaway, sent to jail. Philip Lucas, profanity, paid fine and costs. Alex Wright, J no. Hamilton. Jno. Armstrong, Thos. Casady. and Bridget Carlin. were accommo dated with lodgiogs. Washington's Birth Day is to be cele brated in several cities with unusual demon strations. In Boston, the city government have ordered the bells to be rung, and salutes to be fired. In Ciocinnatti there is to be a great celebration, and special invitations have been sent to President Pierce, Gen. Scott, G. W. P. Curtis, Esq., Hon. L. Cass, Hon. Sam. Houston, Gen. Butler, Gen. Shields, Gen. Pil low. Gen. Quitman, Heads of United States Departments, Governors of States, Mayors oi Western citics, Board of trauo in the Missis sippi Valley. Officers and Society of Cincin nati, the Veterans of the Mississippi Valley, the Veterans of the war of 1812- '13, prominent military companies in the ^veral States, and associated bodies civil and military in this and other State*. Job Printing.?Our friend? ani patrons are notified that we are now prepared to execute every kind of Job Printing with despatch and in the best manner, at prices as !ow as in any other office in Washington. Job Printers are also notified that we are prepared to do every description of presa-work that can be executed on double cylinder and Adams's power-presaes So, also, has tne Star office a book-bindery connected with it, equal in its capacity to turn out book-binding of all descriptions to sn^ other is the District of Columbia. To Mail Contractor*.?We find the fol lowing advice in the New Orleans Courier, but think after all, that the " saccharine fluid " may have been distilled from the papers them selves. Many of our exchanges from the East came to us yesterday saturated with mola?ses, by which their legibility was by no means impro ved We would suggest to parties engaged in the combined 'justness of transporting the mails and the aforesaid saccharine fluid to put treacle and new-papers in separate bags, for they dou t mix well. Burning or St. Mary's College.?On the 27th of December the building of St. Mary's College, a Catholic institution, located about a mile and a half south of Dayton, (Ohio,) was deitroyed by fire, which originated in an ad jacent carpenter s shop The edifit 3 consisted of a main building and two wings, was of brick two stories in height. It answered at onoe the purpose of a sch<iol and a monastery, and in it were accommodated twenty.four pupils and sixteen brethren of the order of St Mary, be side" tea.-her-, assistants, Ac A large portion of the library was saved and most of the furn iture The loss on the building is ten thous and dollars, entirely uninsured. Death op Editor.?Wm M. Overton, Esq , sometime since connected with the Washington Union, but recently one the editors of the Washington Sentinel, died on Tuesday, at the residence of his father-in-law, Col. Kobert M-Candlish, in Williamsburg, Va He had been in declining health for a long time, anl his demise was not unexpected. He was a gentleman of fine talents, varied accomplish ments, and a vigorous writer. Eclipses di ring 1356.?There will be two eclipses of the Sun, and two of the Moon, this year. A total cclipse of the Sun will take place on the oth of April, and an annular eclipse on the 28th of September, both invis ible here. There will be a partial eclipse of the Moon on the 20th of April, which will be visible early in the morning; und a similar eclipse on the 13th of October, also visible in the evening. tjK'There were 10,581 deaths in Philadel phia last year. When does a man look like a cannon ball7 When he looks round. The speaker who " took the floor'' has been arrested for stealing lumber. The reason that tom-cats are so mu sical is, because they are all fiddle-strings in side. iy?There is a man down in Alabama so tall that he dosen't pay any poll-tax, his head be ing considered to be out of the couutry. |jf-The unfortunate man who last Wed nesday took the law into his own hands, has burnt his fingers and dropt it. 13?^* The Maryland Board of Public Works have resolved to reduce the tolls upen guano, Ac., as far as practicable. A simple friend desires to know whether the abolition of flogging in the navy includes " spanking breezes." iy The large number of vessels now in the harbor of Norfolk, is a subject of remark. Ac cording to the Herald, the city never pre sented a livelier aspect than at present. (y On Saturday last, at Fairfax C. 11., men servants hired at ?90 to 5125?women, iit) to S7Q?boys, $40 to $H0 At the hiring, yesterday, at Catts', West End about the same rates were obtained. Six thousand five hundred and five bushels of corn, being the largest cargo ever shipped through the Dismal Swamp canal, ar rived in Norfolk ou Saturday on the schooner Kent It was from Hyde county, North Car olina l-jf3 During the late rise in tho Allegheny river, there came down on a raft to Pittsburg, from Warren county, one Michael McKiancy, aged y" years He says he piloted the first log raft from Warren to Pittsburg 68 years ago. CT Our crop of Indian corn, if we v?*ue it at but one-half the present market price, amounts to more than h1! the gold from Cali fornia ; and our wheat crop, at the most moderate estimate, is worth as much as all the gold iu the country ; while the moderate growth of oits. with all reasonable allowances for exaggeration, more than equals any two years produce of the California mines. i jJT* Letter from Hon. Jshm Minor Botts. of Virginia, datnl Richmond. Jnlv 9th. 18W. Mp?r'. Wm S Hkfh? A Co.?Oentlemeu Con*t<1aratlon* of duty to t u? afflictwl alone prompt m* to ?en<1 yon thia vr>| ntary testimonial to the Kreat value of CARTKU'S SPANISH MIXTt'RE. for that ilmoii Incurable diaeaae, Scrofula. Without b*lur <JI?po??i, or <feeiniuft !t nec??*nr; to |to Into O * particulars of th* caae, I can ?ay that the a?tonl*hlng re ?irlta that have been pro l u e<i by th it medicine, cn a mem ? fcrr of mv own famil y and under my own ol ?*rvation and ?ii| erintendence, after the nklll ot the l>e?t phyaician* had b?-en exliaa*l?d. and all tlae naual remedies ha t fat'**!. fully Jnrtlfy me in recommending ita use to all who uiay be ?uff?r in? from that dreadful milady. I do not mean to ?ay that It i? adapted to all ronatltntlons, or tliat It will afford the tame relief In all < a*M; fl>r, of nrae, 1 can know nothing about that?bat from what 1 haxe aeeo of the effect*. I would not hesitatv to oae it lu any !a?e of Scrofula, with psrsoca for whom 1 felt an Interest, or Over whom I could exercise intla**uce or control. iao 1?lm Respectfully yours, JNO M BOTTS. |p*A New Medicine*?"When vai there lime when there w ii notasks the reader. There never was any very loug time elapsed, we think, but some new noati um made it* appearance, bnt as one medicine can not cure all disraser whatever the vendors may say In their ad vertiaemetit*, we think there |? room for science vet l>r. L. B Wright ba* discovered and prepared a vegetable " Liquid Cathartic,' which merit* some attantiou. If we can administer a Rood madlclne to our children or our Invalid friends without producing nauvea, or any of those severe (tains attending all other purgatives, we will consult not only their health, but also our own comfort by so doing This Uathai tic or Family Physic is very pleasant to take, and is we are fully aaaurel, prepared by iu old experienced p'ac tltloner personallv . he assure* us there is nothing in It but whst is purely vegetable and wholesome in all case* 'old or youngi where phytic is repaired. Giva it a trial. jau 1?lw |J^ I* it Orer!?Yft! Christmas is over but not Its agony. Many are now suffering psln In the limbs, or about the ahouMers or side, from an irregnlar ac tlon of the liver, can?ed by bad n*ag? dnrlnc the escitemeni of convivial hours Nothing like Dk GRA rH'S KI.KCTRIO OIL, to relieve such painful r?;ollectlous. Eva* rhenma tlam of thirty years agony has been cured in one day by this valuable "Electric Oil," frc m the Professor's only ofh e, 39 S. Eighth street, Philadelphia, between Chestiut and Waluut. A i n ular joitor in attendance. P. S.?K S. Coverdale, Esq., of Beverly, N J., who was ao badly ln.)u ed by the disastrous colliaion of the steamer >lc Donald, was c .mt.l-tely restored by De Wrath's wonderful Klectrlc Oil. He says, "tell Hie world so says Rachel, aud thouaauds mors. 3$ Sooth kighth, close by Che-nut, only office. dec 31?tf |?7* Are yen SiekT?Then yeu can't be cored too Boon. Don't delay until your complaint is incura ble, and then mourn when It Is w>o Iste. Four fifths of all the disease which people the church yards might be cured by AYER'S CATHARTIC PILLS, if taken in season. Don't go dragging through the Spring faint, sleepy, and llstle**, be cans.-your blood la loaded with bile. Don't wear the hea l arhe, heartburn, aud their kindred disorders, becanae your st< mach is foul Don't paradu yourself around the World, covered with pimples, blotches, ulcer*, sorea, anil all or aiiy of the unclean diseases of the skin, because yonr aystem wants cleansing. Don't show yourself about, lean, haggard, all caved in, be-ause your Stomach I nd Bowels need strength ening into he.?iihy action. Amur's Pills set these things right as surely as water quenches Are. Tliey purify the body and bloo4. and restore their function* into healthy activity which yon can feel as qnlck a* they are taken. They are the one gfeat medical winder of this age. recognized by all who know their virtues, and ma.iy thousands know thrin. Take the Cherry Pectoral for a Cough, and the Pills for all derange ments reqnlring a Purgative medicine Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR, Lowell, Mass , aud sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z. U. OILMAN, Washington; 0. M. LITTHICUM, Georgetown ; J A M C'JOK 4 CO,, Fredericksburg, oc It?eoJin [?7"Balm of thousand Flowers, discovered by Dr. Foutimk, of Paris, for beautifying the complexion, caring dl*?afe* of the skin, for shaving, cleausiug the teeth, removing plmplee, tail, ai.ii frt kles, and mauy medical pur poses. Price 50 cents p#r bottia. Tor sale at SHILLJNO TON'S Bookselling and Stationery K*UblleUin<:ot, Ode u building, corner 41* street aud Puiiua. avenue. dec 12 ;?7" Dyspepsia, in all its various forms of em wiated humanity, resulting often from *mall causes like indigestion, producing Constipation, Flatulency, Nausea lu the Stomach, aud a thousand other ai'menta tending to pros trate or debilitate the physical man; any and all cf these ills yield like magic to Dr. Hosteller's celebrated STOM ACH HITTERS, giving It the reputation it bears of reinstating to health thousands who have tried its vivifying and strength en iig iniluetice upon their almost despairing and broken constitution*. All should use the"-e Hitters during this weather, ?* !J I* the most effectual preventive of diseaaea knowi. For **:<? every wuaro? Wuujesalw de,'tit a. j^liN N. CAI.LAN'S, corner K ane Seveuth streets. dsr; 'Mf~ lw >ouh Walker Ic Co., Marble Hall Clothing Emporium, Browns' llot-l ltutldlng, respectfully announce that their dlsj !ay of FALL and WINTER CLO THING is now ready for inspection, comprising ari as^ort m?"it of Co A TS, T \ 1 M tS, OVKRSACKS. SVKTOITS, VE-TS aud PA^T-ltOOXa, oi ihs aaWfai &!:.( nciieat de algua iu materUI, trimming and worUmanahip. To gentle men who study excellence with economy lu fashionable ?r t.cies of dresa an opportunity la now offered for aelectin* from <?' ? of the atlract.'\ealocks ot Goods In this city, at very reduct-t pov I?tf LZ7" Hoofland's German Hitters, prepared an-l sold by Dr. Jackson, at the Oerman Medical Store, l.*o Arch street, Philadelphia, daily Increase in their well-de sei tiu cel?i?rltv for the cure of all Diseases arising from de rangemci.' i.,? the liver. U>?ee Bitter* have. Indued, proved a blessing to lie afflicted, wib> ah.,w ll.?n ^r .llt'ide by the uioal flattering testimonials. 11?ia medicine lias eatai/lished for lt?elf a uame that competitor*, however wily their ?cbenies, or seluctive their promise*, cannot reach. It gained the public confidence by the Immense benatlta that have t.een derived from It, and will ever luaiatain us p<>ei tlau. See advartisemant. dec II?3ui }[7"Ainl)rotype ?Amongst the most at tractive and beautinil *p*cimeris td ti.e Photographic art, bow on exi.i' M .11 at W1IITKHI UI'I GALLERY, STO the AMhROi YfEe. tt.e/ fctp trnlv ? tnautiful Picture, aud In aome respect* an Improvement m> the old familiar Ha gue rreotyp?e. The Gallery contains quite a large . ollectinn of P'lotographs no paper. Daguerreotypes the I'm ted Statea Supreme Court since lH.r,0; members of the t'nlted S la tea ourta , President Plei ce and f'abinet. and many other public :pen of the Nation. A visit to W HITKHCRST'S lili. LERY. No 4:il roxiif; Ivanla avenue, is ?ell worth the trou ble and the time nov 24?tf MARHIED, On the 1st instant, by Hev Mr. Hodges ivM. H HARMKK, <?f New Yojlt to Miss SARAH LEAN A HENNING, of thl-? city On the23U Hecember, by Rev i\ O'Tode, Dr R H STEELE, of S^einaw, Mich , to KATE, eldest daughter of S Mast, Esq., aj thi* city On 1st lnaiant, by Rev L 1 Ghllss, ISAAC HOBATtT KILB\ , of ^stport, . to MARIA GILLIES, daughter of A B Waller, Esq , of this city WARTS. WANTED?A BOY TO LEARN THE Printing buf-lness One who ha* some mowledftC of the business desired and none eth er needapply Address {%W R," at the Star of fice within the next two days jan 3?3t SITUATION VV A N TED-BY A YOUNG O Girl as Chambermaid, or to do general house work Apply at No 296 Third street, between G arid H j'.ntl?It* WANTED FttK SIX OR TWELVE vHJl./ months, on good coiateral. worth ?'2. 000. Apply, contldentially, to Box 313 Post Of fice. Boy of about eighteen years wanted Applv as above jan 3?3t t'OUNTR Y BOARD \\ ANTED-A GEN ' tlemanfrom the South, with his wife and two small children, wishes board in the family of a respectable farmer, comfortably fixed, and not more than six miles from Washington. Liberal board will be paid and the best references given. Address "Georgia," through City Post Otiioe, or at the Star Office. jan 2?3t? WANTED?TO HIRE BY THE YEAR, A colored Woman, to do the cooking, washing and Ironing ol a small ftrolly, residing a short distance from the city. A slave from the country preferred Inquire at the Store of Shuster <k Cla gett, Pa. avenue. Jan 1?tf WAN TED ? W ANTED ?WANTED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, lar?e and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, and anv size Looking Glasses, or other work in the gilding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of casl-lron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, A-c*, on hand Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash N.B ?Old \York Rtgllt,and Looking Glass Plat??s Inserted 255 Penna avenue, opposite Kirkwood House, de. ltf JOHN WAGNER Boarding ?mrs. duvall^ svlvanla avenue, opposite Browc several large and desirable rooms, BOARDING. _ L^A M 1LIE0 AND OTHERS WISHING JT Board, with large pleasant, furnished rooms, can be accommodated at Miss SHANKS, No. 100 Bridge st , Georgetown. jan 3?3t# DUVALL, No.331 Penn Brown's Hotel, haa .ooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ao commodate tlx or eight table boarders. jy 30 tf Board,Ac ?mrs bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street lsmepured to uccommudategentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. apfi?tf ? ? ' A LARD TO THE LADIES. Mrs. m. e darr a miss e. c. hickey, FASHIOSABLK MILLINERY and afc D H ESS MAKING, No 410 Penu avenue,^Pl second door w?*st of Adami A Co's Express Office BASQUES. CLOAKS AND TALMAS made in the best and latest style, at the shortest notice. N . B -Children's Dresses made to order Just ren'-eivcd, a lot of splendid French Head Dresses and Bouquets. Cutting and Flttlug done at the shortest notice, dec 13?lm* Fine French editions?of Rous seau, Racine, Sevlgne. Cornellie, Mollere, De Stael, Duels, Frolssart, liourdalone, l?e Sace, Schiller, Gulzot, Bossuet, Monstrelet, Malherbe, Descartes, Barthelemy, Voltaire. Chateaabrland, Florlan. Rabelais, Scribe, Malebranche, St. Pierre, Fenelon, Thierry, Machlavelll, Regnard, aud other writers, may be found at the most mod erate prices at the bookstore of the undersigned ; imported by himself direct from Paris, In finecalf ana morocco bindings, some of tb*?T w'fh besu tlful Illustrations * I* Also, a small collection, various, cf French Bool:/ for youth, Paris editions deciW-tr FRANCK TAYLOR. FOR BALE AND RENT. F FO R R E N T?WITH 1MMEDITE Pos session, the newly fitted uphouse on the west side of 12th, between Gand H streets, containing two good sized Parlor*, five alrv and comfortable chambers, dining roopi, bath room; kitchen, and servants1 deeping apartment, also a fine dry eel lar, for fuel. Thf* house has jnst been thorough- ' ly renovated and refitted, has gas and water In the house, and a fine large yard running back to a :*) feet alley To a good and permanent tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply to HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. 310 Pa av., bet 9th and 10th sts. Jan 3??t+

For rent?the second and third stories of the new house opposite the National Theatre Apply on th? premise*, or to W II Prentiss, corner 15th and L streets jan 2?eotf ^L'RNISHED KnoMSFOH RENT?MRS. ? G AN DERSON has several furnished rooms for rent, suitable for a family or single gentleman The rent will be moderate No 2^6 Pa avenue, 2d door from Kirkwood House Jan 2?tf IjlOR S A L E-A VERY CON V EN I EN T House, with four rooms, suitable for a small family. Apply at No 90 G. between 22d and -<i3d streets. Jan 2-2w* F^OR RENT?A PARLOR AND BED Cham her, with or without gas. Also, three suites of Chambers Is prepared to take boarders either by the day or week.-^. Apply at275 Pa avenue, between 10th and 11th sts. jan 1?4t* THOS. W JONES f^OR RENT?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, desirably situated, in the First Ward, and in the neighborhood of the Circle The house is new and contains twelve rooms, with hot and cold baths The. furniture, which Is entirely new and of modern manufacture, Is also for rent To a good tenant the rent will b#> moderate Apply at 51 Pa avenue, corner of 22d street dec 2b? lm* FjMJRNlSHED HOUSE FOR RENT.?A large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fnr nlsLed, containing eleven rooms ; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress Gas in the house. For terms, See., apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf |CE HOUSE FOR RENT ?THAT LARGE * brick Ice House, situated at the corner of Vir gln'a avenue and 11th street. Island For terms apply to JOHN R. Perry it Brothers, aec 15?tf R Rooms to let?a furnished par lor and Chamber (including lire and gas) will be rented together or separately during the session of Congress. The rcoms are on the first floor, within one square of the Kirkwood House. Enquire at the office of the Kirkwood Rous'f. dec b?tf BUILDING LOTS ?FOR SALE, a variety of low price building Lou located on the Island aud other parts of the ci'y, on terms accommodat ing to purchasers. Enquire at J. E KENDALL, office between 6th and 7th streets, north side Pa. avenue, 3d story front room, over R. .Morrow's Exchange Office. D MYERLE dec 1?<5w FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 2:13 F street nov 27- ' FiOR A WELL-FURNISHED suite of Rooms, a parlor and two Bed Chambers on one floor. Apply to No. 217 Penn. avenue, be tween 14th and 15th streets. nov 20-tf OOM FOR RENT.?-A pleasant t.' the third -*tory, wi t>> o' wUL^i /unmure Apply to uEo W ILLNER'S Paper-hanging Stort, 164 Ninth street. sep 20?tf FOR RENT?THE SPACIOUS STORE and Warehouse now in the occupancy of Mr. Ii. \V. Ulur.t, situated oa the corner of Gay and High streets. Immediately opposite Forrest Hall, in Georgetown, D C. Possession given on the 1st Januarynext Apply to BLADEN FORREST, Cox's Row, Georgetown, D. C. 22-eo>"v:* O R REN T ?A HANDSOMELY AND newly furnished hou^e, situated on one o| the most pleasant streets of the cliy, one square from the Patent Office It contains ten rooms, exclu sive of closets, with all the modern conveniences of tas, bath and other water fixtures, with a stable ana carriage Louse attached The furniture is entirely new, and complete In all Its appoint ments, making It one of the most desirable resi dences in the city. Terms reasonable to a good tenant. Inquire at 146 Eleventh street, between G and H dec 29?eo3t* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE ? The subscriber has for rent, in whole or in part, a handscrnelv furnished House, situated on 4)4 street, north of Pennsylvania avenue Rent moderate. Inquire of JAS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant dec 27?eo6t FM>K RENT?WITH POSSESSION EARL\ in January, the house now occusied by Jame? Major, Esq., on the corner of Dumbarton and Beall streets, Georgetown, formerly the residence of Mrs Otila 11 has ample room for a large fam ily . and a large garden filled with choice fruit trees, flowers, Ac , toother with a pump in the yard Tbe rent will b? low to a good tenant on early application to the subscriber, 122 Washing ton street A HYDE dec 20?2aw2w (I n tel) FOR RENT?AT NO 335 SOUTH B ST, about two fcauares from the Capitol, a Fur nished parlor ana two fumlrhed chambers de. 20-TThAStf FOR SALE?LOTS IN IHE NORTHERN Liberties ; Squares 411,442 and 447 have been subdivided into Lots, with alleys to each, of suit able dimensions for buildings I"hese lots lie in a thriving part of the city?those on Seventh street fast coming Into demand for plac s of business They will be sold on accommodating terms Ap ply to J NO. G STOCK, General Agent, F street north, opposite Patent Office. dec 13?eolm SUNN YSIDE FOR SALE ?THE SUBSCRl ber desiring to remove South, otters for sale thll?eautiful and highly Improved farm. l,.i?g In Alexandria county, Va., 1 mile from tbe Long Bridge, or 2)j mile* from Centre Market, with easy access by Washington and Alexandria turr - pike, or Alexandria Canal, which touch the place. The farm contains 20U acre.*; 30 a^res is In good timber; tbe balance well laid olf in arable fields and meadows. Also, about 600 fruit trees of va rious kinds, well selected and planted In suliable situations, The improvements consist of a good Dwelling House of 8 rooms, beside garret and basement; a house for overseer and hands, stab!L;g for horses and cattle, with necessary sheds Ac., usual to a dairy and market farm. Persons desiring to purchase can get further in formation by applying to BURKE A HERBERT, Alexandria, or to the subscriber on the premises. Term.* liberal. EDW. B. POWELL, nov 12?eotf FOR RENT?a HOUfcE, WITH FLOWER and vegetable garden, together with 25 acres of land under good cultivation, suitable for a dairy or market garden, (the letting of all together would be preferred ) pleasantly situated, directly north from the Capitol, only a few minutes walk to the city limits. Any person desirous of secur ing a pleasant ard healthy residence In the coun try, and near the city, will plea-e call on the sub scriber WM.EMMERT, Mount Pleasant, near Glenwood Cemetery, dec 12?eo5t#Awtf Notice.?john george stock, real Estate Agent, and Intelligence Office, F st., between 6th and 9th streets, south side, bas on hand an extensive lot of Houses and Lots for sale or rent, on the most liberal terms He informs the citizens of Washington that he is prepared to execute Deeds of Trust and the various forms of Conveyancing, In both the German and English language. dec 7? LOT:? FOR SAL IS.?TWO OR THREE good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on ttn jntri1 cridit. Ap ply to J. H DRURY. jy 21?tl C111ARIMIAL SOAP DENTRIF|CE?A su / perlor article for the teeth. The best article ev?r otfered to the public. Prepared and sold only by J B. MOORE, Druggist, dec3l ?eo3t First Ward NEW YORK STORE SELLING OFF. MISS H. M MANN, SUCCESSOR TO Miss S.J.&M. McGaw, next door to Post Office, Btidge street, Georgetown, in order to reduce her stock of goods before the Spring sea son, she will sell at cast a handsome assortment of EMBROIDERY, DRESS TRIMMINGS, RIBBONS, FEATHERS, and FLOWERS, dec 18 -fltAeolm LAtOl I.TRK * ROGERS'* RAZORS ? We have a fine assortment of the above named RAZORS, to which we call the attention of gen tlemen who wish to have an easy shave. Also. ST R O PS of t he most approved mtikes, SHAVING CREAM, SO A PS, and everything requisite for a gentleman's toilet. _ T H. GALL1GAN 4 CO , Fancy Goods and Perfumery, 370 Penn. av., nov 2(j?tf Under Brown's Hotel BROWN'S BRONCHIAL iKOt lltk. OR Voice l otenj-^3, lU3t received and for sale at ' MOOR E'B Drug Store, klS V* iwenue, opp. 7 Buildings Win, Nail,'ana other "Brushes. A large sup ply just received and for sale as above dec 31??o?t AUCTION BALES. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctions Choice collection or books at Auctiaa.?On FRIDAY EVENING January 4th, at seven o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell an Invoice of Annuals. Al bums, and Standard Books. In rich calf, antlaue, morocco, nnd papier mache bindings, consisting. In part, of? Shakspeare, Byron, Moore. Purns, Scott Mr* Remans, Addison, Goldsmith Spencer, Lamb, and others Also, one hundred rich Anmiala, Albums, and Gift Books of different descriptions beautifully Illustrated and embellished Terms cash, J AS C McGUIRE, jan 3 Auctioneer By C W BOTELF.R, Auctioneer PKRE.VIPTORVtt&LKOF A Retail ?tsrt ?f Dry and Fancy floods.?On SATUR DAY , January 5th. commencing: at 10)| o'clock, ; a m , I shall sell, without reserve, the entire ' stock contained in store No If. known as the ? Washington Store, formerly occupied bv Magra der A Calvert, opposite the Centre Market, con sitting In rart of? Ribbons, Embroderle*. Hosiery, Gloves Handkerchiefs, Perfumeries. Brushes, Combs t Trimmings, Artificial Flowers, Ac Together with a general assortmen* of Drew | Goods The goods will be sold in lots to sull purchas j ers Tbe ladles are particularly Invited to attend The sale will be continued every day until the whole stock Is disposed of Terms cash. C W. BOTELF.R, jan 3?tf A uctloneer By A GREEN, Auctioneer Household and kitchen firm ture, at Au< tlon.?On MON DAY, tLe 7th instant, 1 shall sell, at the residence of Mrs Trippe No C east side 4 ^ street, between C ard D near the City Hall, at 10 o'clock a in , an n cellem assortment of Furniture, viz : ! Marbic-top and other Side Table* Dressing and other Bureaus Walnut Sofa Cane and other t'-hairs Wardrobe^ and Stands Fine French plate Mirror, gilt frame, plate tK?-by 24 inches Be dsteads, Toilet Sets Bedding and Mattresses Five tine new Feather Beds of best quality Bolsters and Pillows Large passage Oilcloth Ingrain nnd Stair Carpets and Matting China, Glass and Crockery Ware Large Map of th?? United States Large Cooking Stove, Hathmay patent, fixture* complete Airtight and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisite Together with many article* unnecessary to be mentioned. Terms All sum? under #25 cash ; over $45 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest Tne above mentioned furniture Is of a good quality and nearly new. and the sale will be well worthy the attention of persons purchasing Jan-.??d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni* ture, Feather Bed*, Dry floats, Ac ? ut Auction.?On FRIDAV, the 4tU day of Janu ary. 1 shall sell, at ti,; Ko isu furnishing Store t>{ Mr A. H ^ee. ou north K. betv^tt and 8th Mioefa, immediately oppos'1^ the Northern Mar ket, at 1Q a m , a good assortment of Uo'i?taold and Kltcheu Furniture, viz Mahogany dining, card and other Tablets Painted chamber Cottage Set Bedsteads. Chairs, Ac. 1 our Feather Beds Hair and shuck Mattress's and Bedding Cooking aud other Stoves With many other artlclts In the house-furnishing line Also, a large lot of Dry Goods of various de scriptions. and a good second-hand Buggy. Terms : All sums of and under $30 cash ; over 890 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, bearing Interest dec31?d A. GREEN, Auct. By JAS. C McG UI RE. Auctioneer"" ON TUESDAY AFTER NOON, the seventh day of February, 1856, at 4 o'clock, on the premlsea, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated 23d rebruary, 1&55, andrecorded in the Land Records of Washington county, D. C., in Liber, J. A S., No 91, folio 311, Ac ,1 thall offer for sale one un divided third part, of the undivided fourth part, of the undivided two-third? part, or Lot No. 4, In Square 290, In the city of Washington This lot fronts on the north side of E street north, between 12th and 13th streets west Terms of sale: Or.e-third cash; the balance In six and twelve months, to be secured as may be required by tbe trustee JOSEPH TRAVFRS. Trustee JAMES C McGUIRE, dec 6?Uw2m Auctioneer. By HUGH DOW LING A CO .Auctioneer*. Regular day and evening sales. The subscribers, determined to devote their whole attention to the Auttlon and Commission Business, respectfully Inform the public that ?h-y are prepared to receive all ^oods cons\gn?-d t^* their care for *ale at public auction ; uat no exer tiens on their part ?nnll Ik -^ared to obtal i the best price for tb? same i>> tair ami impartial rep resentations ; and as they intend to confine them selves to a strict cash business unless otherwise ordered, those sending goods to their sale si?aii oe settled with immediately when Vrf. Kood? are de livered to the buyers ' G*>ods m-di to ttem for evening sales can be settled for next morning, if boid A regular evening auction for the wie of all kinds of merchandise can by ',his means be of great service to the community, who?e patronage Is most respectfully solicited by the public's obe diem servants, HUGH DOW LING \ CO , Auctioneers. UA\ SALES?MON DA V, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY mornings. at lt? o'cio? k, i nd every evening at 7 o clock at The Store. No. 53, Virnun Huildln^-;, Louisiana avenue, and at all other time and places where their services n.ay be re quired Sales on the Market Square, opposite trie Bank of W&ahlugtou, attcn d< d as usual on market days. Cash advances on eonaignmeu-j. HUGH DOWLINL <k CO , Auctioneers dec lo?eoln> J CHOICE I K I IT TREES AT Al eTION. " > In order to give all persons an opportunity ? f securing a portion of the tine Fruit Trees ral-ed t ; the late J no H King, at Yaliey View Farm, nea* Georgetown, the executrix of the estate has deter mined to offer them to the highest bidders oa THURSDAY and SATURDA V of each week, la front of the Auction Store of Messrs Wall, Bar nard A Co. These trees are all grafted fruits, In a flourishing condition, of good size, and will be warranted to be what they are represented Catalogues can be had on application at the above Auction Store, and at the stall, Valley View Farm, In Centre Market. fc\ J. KING, dec 1?W&F Executrix. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer DRSTEE'S SALE OF VALt ABLE and Eligibly situated Real Estate.- By vlr tue of iwo several deeds in trust from Jameti A. Wi*e and Harriet Ann Wise, his wife, bearing date respectively on the 7tL day of April and the 6th day of September. 1855. and duly recorded, the subscriber, at the request of the treasurer of the Fra-klin Building Association, will sell at public saJe on THURt^DAY, the 24th day of Jan uary, 1HS6, at 4 o'clock p m , on the premises, {>art of Lot !>o IS, In Square No. 42l?, beginning or the same at a point on 7th street west on the fr?>nt line of said lot, at the distance of 40 feet from the southeast corner thereof, and running thence due went parallel to the south boundary line 100 feet to the rear line of said lot; thence due east TOO feet to the front line; thence sout** with said front line 15 feet to the place of begin ning, with the buildings and imP^^nients, which consist of a three-story brick dwelling house. The abeve property is eligibly situated on 7th strtet west, between G and H streets north, and rapidly enhancing In value, and o?trs a favorable opportunity for investment. The terms will be one-third cash, and balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing inter est from day of sale secured by deed of trust upon the property; and if not complied with in *lx days after the sale tbe property will be resold, ! upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense or the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS S WALLACH, JNO C. C. HAMILTON, Trustee* JAS. C. McGUIRE, dec 24?3taw&ds Auctioneer By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE ?By virtue of a deed of . trust, dated the 25th day of November, in the year 1954. and recorded in Liber J. A S , No fc9, one of the land records of Washington county, D C.,tbe undersigned will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 7th day of January. 1856, at four o'clock p. m , on the premises. Lot 19 in square No. 247, fronting on 19th street w*?st, just abeve L stre?t. Terms: Seven hundred dollars In cash; the bal ance in four notes of eaual sums, at 3 6, 9 and 12 months, to be well endorsed, with interest from the day of sale, secured by a deed of tn^i en tfea property. Deeds at the expense of purchaser If the terms of h^ uot complied with in five days frcfll tbe day of the sale, the lot wlli be re sol#. o* three days' notice, at the risk and loss of the purchaser. JOHNSUN UELLEN, Trustee dec 21?4t&d* A GREEN, Auct Holiday presents from eurofi., Just received at THE LAKES, <\ec2l?tf ^504 Pa. avenue. T TKT?ORAPHlC BKWft E1P0BTSD FOR IH EVKKIWG ?TA K. Interruption of the TelegTaph, 4c. Baltimore, Jan. J.?There hat been an iu terruption on the telegraph lines north of here this forenoon, and no market report* hare been received. There was do new? <*f the Canada at 1 Mt report Maine Lefialatare AcarsTA. Mai*k, Jan 3 ?The Legislator* of this State mot here yesterday io the den ate, Lot M Morrill (Uem ) was chosen Fret. dent The House elected Joaiah Little, (straight Whigi Speaker. The old-line Dem or rats and straight Whig? have formed aoons) plete union Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Jan 3?Flour it very firm sales of Ohio for future delivery at ib .5. tales of Howard street at fS.62 Wheat is unchanged good to prime whites $1 95a$2 05, g<>od to nrime reds SI.90*12 Corn is unchanged. Corn is firm ; sales of white at 75a7bc, yellow 72a?6c Receipts of corn are light. Provisious are little more active. Mess pork $16.87aS17. bacon?shoul ders 10c, sides lie. New ham? 12jc. Lard is active, sak-t iu bhls at lOJallc, in kegs 11}al2; By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer ?|M<1*TeVs SALE OF VALl ARLK Real I Estnte.?By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, dated April li. |*S1. and duly record ed In Liber J. A. No S3. folios 491, 422. ?*?, and 424, on? of the land record* for Washington couutv. 1 shall sell, at public auotlon. to the blu est bidder, on MONDA\ afternoon, December 17, at 4 o'clock, on the premise*, the wuole of square No. 471, fronting on south K and !,, and 6th and 7th streets M^at. Term* One-third oaah ; the residue in ?, li, and IB months, with Interest, secured by sdeed trust on the premises All conveyanclngat coat of purchaser. HENRY NAYLOR. Trustee. J C McGUIRE, Auc;. Immediately after the above on the prem ises, we shall sell. by virtue of a deed of t?u?t du ly recorded, Ac , iota No* 3.4, S and ?. in Page's subdivision of aquare No 399. Terms aa above. If the purchaser or purchaser* *hall Ml to com ply With the terms of sale within ive daya t here after, the Trustee* reserve the right to resell, at the risk and expa nse of said dtfau It uuc pt-cbaser J??N T KKNWlCin-^^ RICHARD WALLACES JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. l:OV i;i-2awAd8 U^ioNfSDAY^ afternoon, Jtnur^ ith at*3K , o'clock, on the premises. ^ ' * JAS O. McGUIRE, dec 19?2a w Ads Auctioneer ? 'j .. j \0 R "" W A R D ?I will give the abovt ^ mentioned reward for the apprehension and delivery to me, of ANN, a slave. who call* herself Ann Johnson, and who ran awav from me on Saturday night, the ?th lnatant. She la about 24 years old. 5 feet, fou - or live inches high, llyhr black complexion with full round face, of good figure, and likely Sbe has a variety of clothing and took with her her father ?nd l*eddlng WM V PHILLIPS, dec 10?eotf MM New Jersey avenue. MEDICAL CAR D. Doctor stanislas hf.rnisz regu lar Practitioner of Homoeopathy. Office rjl, corner F and Fourteenth street*. Consultations from 10 a m to 3 p m Doctor Stanislas Hermisr, having returned from Europe with Improved health, wp.1 attend to the pructlce of hia profession Le Docteur parle F ran$al*. Der Doctor sprlcht Deutscb dec 17?1m* Fictile ivory ?just received, sev eral exquisite specimens of hla manufacture, Inclcdlng ' The Descent from the Cross,' after k ibena; <? The Flight latoBnat:" " Adora tlon of the Wise Men ;?? " Head of Christ," after Or.menlchlno?Madonna; ?4 Ecce Homo," Ac specially adapted fcr Christmas presents at TAYLOR A MAURY'S dec 21--tr Bookstore, near Wk st M. A TYIOFI A SIST^.KS FRENCH AND ENGISH FEMALE SENI ,, NARY fordav pupil*, -jm f street, between 12th and 13th streets For terms. Ac , circulars may be had at the principal BookV.ores and at the Institution dec 22?1*1 PIANOS FOR SALE OR RE!^T.?New and second hand Pianos from the best^^^to moderate and conve-^gVff nient terms for sale; secondhand Pianos taken In exchange, and tuning pianos attended to at No 41* Ele*ratfc street, above Pa avenue F. C R FLIC HEN BACH, aep S?dmeoSTuATh* Tr MY f Hf ENDS AND CUSTOMERS.? in accordance with the custom which pre vail* In our city, 1 desire to notify all my friend* andr stomer*. who ir.ay have unsettled accounts with me. that their bill* are made out, in antici pation of a general ?ettleinert on the first of the year Those who may no: find It convenient to call will be we I ted on at their dwellings or places of business about the first of the year P J HTfcfr M Merchant Tailor, No 463 Seventh st dec '><U?Mt CVVBA*. WOK a BOXES. CHINA GOODS, / CARu CASES, PORTEMONNA1ES, Ac j at 30? Pa avenue, between 0th and 10th ' treet dec 2u JOHN F KLUfi. ELEOANT NAM HAKH PRESENTS maybe found at T. GALLIOAN A CO 'S? dealers In One Fancy G ^ods, Jewelry, Silver, En glish Plated Ware, Toilet Articles, Ac , Ac . 37U Penn avenue, under Brows' hotel dec ?e MRS. Kl (IKl', Slillmer, Lately from new york. rf;spect. fully Informs the ladles of Washing on, that she has taken a store. No 3 e?>t Capi-4J?% tol street, aear the eastern gate of the Capitol Yard, where she has on hand a splendid assort ment or the latest styles of WINTER BON ? NETS AND CLOAKS, Ac . which will be sold at on^-half the price usually charged In the stores of this city. dec 13?eolm* MFLSSRS TAYLOR A MAURY HAVING completed their arrangements for the ap proaching season, respectfully Invite attention to their large and varied sto. k. which includes. In addition to a superb collection of BOOKS, a lar*e assortment of FANCY ARTICLES of the most elegant and recherche description, particularly suited for Christmas and New Year Presents dec 24?tr S STEWART'S QKYLIGI! ? DA6UERREAN ROOMS -On: PI CI IKES are perfectly life-like, wrlth a beautiful brightness,and having an elegant smooih and beautiful soft tone, they are not surpassed, If equaled, In the United States We Invite the public to call and for themselves. Gallery over M. W. Gait A Bros Jewrelry Store, between 9th and lttth -ireets. No. 324 Pa avenue nov M -eo2on FVANCY 8OOD8 ?ENGLISH, FRENCH and oerinan J ust received at THE LAKES, dec M?tf 304 Pa avenue. CiAST OFF CLOTHINO BOIGHT A!tO * Sold; also, Cleaning and Repairing, at 75 Louisiana avenue, lr Semme's Building, opposite Holmead's Grocery. dec S?line NEW YEAR** PRESENTS. VKW JEWELRY, WATCHES. SILVER - iS WARE. Ac -M W GALT A BKO have ojiened for N'ew Year's a large asooitment of foods, all new styles, such aa? Llch seta of Florentine and Roman Mosaic, Co ral. Cameo and plain Jewelry Ladles' enamelled Watches, ricnly studded with diamonds Jurgensen's pockst Chronometers Cooper's duplex, and all other Watchea of celeb rity Also, silver Tea Sets, Waiters, Urns. Pitchers, Goblets. Cups Ladles, Forks, Spoons, und every variety of Fancy Silverware. M W GALT A BRO , tM Pa avenue, betw 9th and 10th iU. dec 29?tf Home hill for sale-this resi dence Is <1tuated In the immediate vicinity of Fails Church, Fairfax county, Va; Is 10 mile* from W ashlngU s city, S from Alexandria, and 6 from Georgetown. The location Is one celebrate for Its heal kfulceas. The above place comprises tec. acres of first rate land, ndwelllag house,barn, fruit trees, Ac. The dwelling Is large and com modious, and built with a special reference to modern conveniences. The l>*rn embraces car riage house, storage room, stabling, Ac. There Is a wood lot in the vicinity which will be sold with the above, oi separately The above described place is recommended to those desiring a beautiful country residence It would also be an admirable location for n school The Alexandria, Leudon and Hampshire Ran road Is within quarter of a mile. For farther particular* apply to H N Gilbert, Esq., Wasnlngton, D C., or to the subscriber ?u the premises R F. JLJDSON. nov 6?2aw: J uil