Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHINQTON CITY: TULKSDAY January 10, 1M6. |[j" AdTMtitnMntf should be handed in by 19 o'clock, in., otherwise tl?ey may not appear until the nert dav. 1X7" Aexxrs voa tub Star ?The following named p?r*ous are authorized to contraet foe the publication otf advttruiinfncou in lut Sijlr : Pkiludtlpkiu ? V. B Palmir, northwest cor ner of Fifth aud Chestnut streets Mie York? 8. Al. PirTiHoiLX A Ce , Nassau ?tre?t . iis?f#w-V D. Palmkr, Scoiley's Building. ITT Job Pbistiko?Our friends and patrons ar? notltied that we are now prepared to execute every kind of Joa Palermo with despatch and In the best manner, at prise* as low as In any ?>ther ofllce in Washington. Job Printers are also notified that we arc prepared to do every descrip tion of press work that ran be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-presses, {to, also, has the Star office a Book Bindery conaeeted with It, equal in its capacity to turn out book binding of all descriptions to any othet in the District of Colombia. SPIBIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The Inttlligtnrtr is. to-day, devoted to news, literature, and science. The Union speak" in high terms of the re cent speech of Mr. Smith, of Tenn , and cub mend;) Mr Eustis's manly defence of the rght to civil co-equality, under the government of the United States, of our Catholic fellow-citi < ens. We alio find in the Union the two fol lowing items of Democratic political news: '?The State Democratic Convention of In diana met. at Indianapolis on Tuesday last, when A. P. Willard w;is nominated for Gov ernor on the first ballot, and Johu C. Walker for Lieutenant Governor.'' 44 The Democrats of Tennessee met in State Nashville, on bth January. A telegraphic dispatch to Hon. Georee W. Jones and lion Jno. H. Savage, from lion. A V. Brown, give* the following as the delegates at large and electors : " Delegates for the State al Large to the Ciceinnsti Convention?Thomas Lyon. Knox ville ; Col. J linos M. dheid. Hiliabero'; E.G. Eaninan. Nashville; W. B. Travis, Mauley ville. " Electors for the State at Large?lion. W. il Polk, Columbia; Hon iiham G. Harris, Memphis." WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Getting Hot.?We called in at the House hall last evening at about 6pm, and found ?the steam of frnctiousness getting up pretty rapidly. Some members looked flushed. others again merry, and not a few a? though ready I 1 for a general squabble at the drop of a hat ' I 1 The hair of nearly every one of them was dis- I ' .bevelled, and their patience was evidently worn out. Yet it was clearly the determi- I nation of a large majority at that time to I 2pend the night in the hall: there being no I sign at that hour leading to the impression I that either of the three parties were inclined I to "give in,"" though here and there we found I a member anxious to 44 pair off" with an op- j <ponent for the night, li p to that hour nothing I bad been effected in the course of the day by | the expenditure of much wiud and some little I of lTnele Sam's money. The few who were I anxious to adj urn did their best by the noise I they made in voting aye, to the motions to | that end, to '4 outshout'' their overwhelmingly I more numerous opponents. Everybody was I trying to be good humored, though restless- I ness an 1 nervousness on the part of many would momentarily obow itself in spite of I their efforts to take the 44 fix"' they were in a? I philosophically as possible. It struck us that I the usual row of the uight session would not I arire. We never before knew the (louse to I ?it very late without the occurrence of squab- I fcle after squabble upon the floor, growing I ? ut of the undue heat of the member", and the I never-tailing confusion of such occasion?. Sol we give them credit for more physical perse- I verance than we previously thought they do- I served. The public at l:;rge. as matter? now stand. I care infinitely lets ab<>ut the solution of the I question who shall be speaker, than of that? I -whether the Thirty-fourth Congress shall or I i*ball not ever get one. No party is in a ma- I jority in the Hall. So it will be impossible by I the legislation of the present Congress?the I Senate being largely Deuiocratio?to change I the existing policy of the Government in any 1 material point whatever. Whatever party I wins the Sj eakership, will speedily find itself I in a quaudary; a-, in selecting the committee.. I no presiding officer can faal to give mortal I offence to more or leas disappointed gentlemen, | who will punish him and those favored by him I <in making up the committees) en all c?jn- I veoieitt occasions throughout the session. I Such has be'.n the turn tuoh matters have I taken froin the foundation of the (ioverniuent I to this d;.y. and so long as human nature ton- I tinues the same, we may a!ways calculate on I finding members disapp jiuted in the selection I cf the committees, aud showing their teeth on I that aco unt afterwards A Triumph of Art.?We Citn hardly find I ?Words in which to express our admiration of I the thorough artistic ai.d successful manner 1 in which Verdi s grand opera. "II Trovatore," j (The TroubaJor was put on the "tage and I auag l?-t night at the National Thewtro in I this city Max Maretzck, who, alone, has j succeeded in presenting opera in the United 1 State* successfully, never accorded to an I Americau audience n more faultlessly exe cuted mu-.oal entertainment. 1 rom the j Prima Douua. Lagrange, down to the most I unimportant chorus singer on the Mage, all give universal satisfaction to the ciu*d~J h->u:e eomposed as that was of everybody in Washington, with taste and souls for the divine art The beauty of this opera lies in its tfrani an 1 melodious changes of scale with out slides, its harmonious, rich, and effective ? vborUf?J. and tfie perfejti .n of its orchestral nceoinpaLiment, which is without its superior in iufecit* put on the stage in these days. \\ e ?? oaitnand the taste of M aretzek In bring ing to Washington a perfect orchestra, rather than a crowded one. indeed, this is the first occasion on which opera has not been mur dered here by au imperfect ehorus or orches tra. lu the performance of this piece, how ever, all that could be done by those tw> so im portant elements in the successful representa tion of Verdi's <?/?/"U'auire was accomplished, mmid the plauditsof a delighted house All? LaGrange, Di.liee, Brignoli, Aniodio, Gas -paroai, and those who sang so gracefully the aunor roles of the piece, sang to perfection 2ivt a false uote, nor a note out of tube, was jbeard throughout the piece. We are without spat e to criticise the exe cutiou of the various ?rtist.? of the evening, liaving but roots to add that me never mw a Washington audience *o pleased with fcjuuai cal represehUUon aeon this ocoasion Never before hare we had on Washington boards the combination'of such a sopranoj oontra-alto. tenor, barritone and basso, with such a thorn* and orchestra. On Friday night next thay sing Norma, aided by Miss Henslat, tha American l^rima Donna, and Salviani, the celebrated tenor. We havo heard every opera troupe that ha? been on American board* since the days of Mr? Wood, in lioston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans, and really never knew opera to be as artistically, classically, and critically presented to an American pub lic as last night, in the National thoatre. The hous* was very cold, unfortunately, the weather being such as to make it difficult to heat it properly. Manager Jarrett has, however, taken ample measures to insure the comfort of those who patronlie Norma, to morrow evening. His mistake was in not having his fires made until too late an hour yesterday morning At noon to-day, by keep i ing up the fires all night, the temperature of the theatre had become very agreeable, not withstanding the intense oold out of doors. The fires arc to be thus kept up until to-mor row night's entertainment comes "ST. So all who desire to hear Norma sang by the best opera troupe that have so far appeared in the I'nited Statei, may rest assured of a com fortable evening in the National to-morrow night. Personal Explanations ?Mr. W. W. Yalk, the distinguished representative from the Staten Islaud, or Long Island district of New York. chooses the press as the medium through which to communicatc his personali ties to the dear people, lie thus saves money to the treasury of the United States, and docs not imply his belief that matters personal to himself <ire just now of more importance to the country at largo than the election of a Speaker; which latter so many members of the House are now in the habit of compelling thoir fellow members to postpone, at least u*i til they can have an opportunity of address ing their fellow representatives ar.d the pub lic a few remark- all about themselves, per sonally. We need hardly add, that the public are terribly tired of this sort of work, and with great unanimity vote honorablo gentle men who thus interfere with the legitimate business of Congress at this time, most insuf lerablo bores, tiivc us a Speaker, gentle men, we pray you ; give us a Speaker, and thus redeem the reputation of the majority of your body from the public's now vcrygoneral belief that they are utterly incapable of gov erning themselves sensibly, to say nothing of the idea that they are competent to govern < the country properly. i Intercepted Epistle.?The following un finished letter was found on the avenue at an early hour this morning. A* it is neither directed or signed we publish it for the benefit of the good lady for whom it was written. 1 Arawe right ingues-mg that the author is the member fron; the Backbone district? Washington, Jan soruethin'. What day of the month it really be. dearest Jemima, it beats me to tell, for I'm all sorts o' mixed up, and don't know tother from which < One thing s just as certain as a fourpence is good for a piece of mince-pie?we all came here the ninth just as they let down that ere ball I told you bout in my last Well, we sot and we voted, and we sot and we voted, and here we be, way in the night, a sittin' like so many Botherum Pootupi hens. And if it i-<n't the ninth, why it's the tenth 1 Well, as I was a sayin', night came on. and i the gallery was chock full of fellers and gals , awaitin to see our man take the groat red chair. Greeley, he was uu hand, a boo.-tin ' em up, and Wilson he cjine right down on 1 the Door just as tho' be d a been a-kod Some how, though, we didn't get along a mite, and the plaster* Wouldn t stiffen up them fellers 1 urter all. l'was tarnation bad, but we grinned and bote it like sogers when it rains a Fourth 1 of Juiy. W ell, the fellers and gals begun to drop off. ju>t as your brothers and sisters usyd to do when I -parked you. I got sort o' peckish, ' but our landlady had fixed up a bundle, and we went into a committee-room, and wentiuto it, or rather it went into us Cold chicken and biscuit aint bad to take, I tell you; and then u New York chap hail a bottle of what ho called "cholera drops." I took ? big swig of it, and found it nation good. Indeed, if he'nt called it "cholera drops" I should have thought it was brandy! Fact! And, in that case, as I am Pastltrand \ ice Plenipotentiary of the Anti-brivk-in-your hat Association, I should nt have ta-ted it. I ain't, my dear, a* you know, no such tort of a man hut, for med icinal purposes, I did dose myself with them 'ere "cholera drops,'' till I went back, feelin' ju..t about right. Other men had, undoubtedly, urank liquor, for they run on about point* oi order, ai.d tellers, and <yes and noses, just like tho fan ner oi a w.nuo?viiig machine. Somehow I thought 1 did'nt do u?u.'h good, hut Wilson kept a encouraging m.; to eta/, and tireeloy wa* there a writing all the time to his Tribune, an I I did'nt like to go, though 1 wanted too a lluio the wont, I tell you. This heing a member of Congrejs ain i what it'b cracked ur> to be, after all. No, it ain t! \\ e bain t got no money yet, ajid have to be hero and to stay here, just like ooyc iii a school, at so mm h a quarter- I spose there * a ^real principle somewhere? Wilson says there is?but 1 wish J. be smashed it I havo s-en it yet?no! I hain't Bten the interest ot it, much lets the principal. Weil, we ^ot. and v.e tot. Some of the Democrats and the South Americans kept a pitching into each other, but they wouldn't budge *i consumed inch. Oncui.tuwa? mighty saury, lie said he wasn't afraid of alfthe Pope's Lulls and ho would bet his neighbor hal r? bull who was a match for any the Pope ' e>er had. \N e!J, I v-yrf ^uess our old Ayr shire cre.;tur would be s me, in that line, too. i began to get sleepy about four o'clock, and wet t up on tb?SoeaK?r s platform. where I w. nt fust a.-ieep.' Then I g^rt ?>f frit ? pullin '? Stor says 1, half at-le'jp then, ?? Don't pull all tho coverlid off." Then they ali langhi.d, and I sot right up, and there a fellow ha l tied .i lorg stiiu^ to my leg, an I ke- t a pullin' it. C'onsarn his pictur . Well, there wo hot. and Urculey kept a writing, and 1 didn't dare budge. As f .r the oihcr?. or.o was afraid, and t'other didn't dare. S;> we all around, balansayd, and come out .igam irhTe we started. I'd rather turn a new grindstone L-yij)' time than -tand such another night, honor of it or tit hopor of it. The worst op't was, the :\d;olera drops'' has ad give out, and I let I too oueerest copper taste in my mouth, ell, I spose I must Stick on. for Oreoley says there's a tew who only want a "little more rubbin' up " liope 'tis so, but 'tis dubious, tiuess I 11 pair off with some one, and ruu down and shave?per* haps I'll fiud a letter from you at the room, So 1 wont fiui h this till I get there. 1 forgot to say I almost screwed up my courage to raise a point of order, hut couldn t come to tirne.^ ^tooj right ai'ore the desk too, and wasu t made u teller uajry fime. Mighty mean lust una this, I t?U Sleighing-Soch a sewon of fine sleighing as the present is an event previously unknown ha our latitude, for at leaat a quarter of a century ; and, unless the temperature changes almost miraculously, it is very clear that it is to continue, it may be, hr a week or a fort, night longer. We bad no conception that, on a pinch, Washington city could turn out so many elcgaut sleighing establishments as are now hourly rusbiug up and down Pennsylva nia avenue, each transporting from two to twenty happy folks. Those who hare fast ? ?1 horses are very generally making most of the current opportunity to show off their capabil ity tbo best advantage. So far. we have nut heard Of the first serious or even tr'fiing accident waiting from sleighing in euv^ity, though we linve witnessed more break-neak driving ?ir. o Saturday night last, ail oror the oity, than came off here in the previout quar* tcr of a oontury. Why can't the House catch the infection of the " fast" spirit just paw ac tuating all in Washington outside of the south wing of the Capitol 7 At Sea Again ?The act of the Democrats of the House, in setting at aaught this morn ing their previous caucus determination not to adjourn until a Speaker should have been elected, was doubtle*! brought about by the knowledge that quite a number of those who vote for Mr. Richardson were disposed to re tire from the hall, having opposed the pro tracted-sessiou resolution in caucus, and being in too feeble health to permit them to undergo longer the terrible physical exhaustion result ing from the excitement of twenty hours con tinuous session. By thus seceding they pre vented the election of Mr Banks, which would have been accomplished by the failure of Richardson men to answer to roll call, as we explain above, had the sitting been protracted much longer. The South Americans fared badly last night at the hands of the Democrat" of the House. After they had sustained the resolution de claring Mr. Orr the Speaker, another wa? in troduced to make Mr. Smitli; of Alabama, the Speaker, after the same fashion, which pro duced on the Democratic side a poifect tem pest of dissatisfaction, more especially among the southern Dem<>cratic mumbers. Mr. Brooks in the course of remarks against it falling from him. intiuiatod pretty broadly that if forced to choose between the two, they would feel obliged t<> ant and abet the election of Mr. Banks before that of the Alabama American party leader! Medali Awarded.?The Royal Society of England has awarded the Copley medal, this year, to M. Leon Fuucault for his various re searches in experimental physics. Of the two Royal medals, one has been awarded to Mr. Hind for his discovery of ten planetoids, the computation of their orbits, and various other astronomical discoveries ; and the other to Mr. J. 0. Westwood, President of the Ento mologicai Sooiety, for his various monographs ind papers on entomology. Appointed ?Mr. Joseph Hedrlck, of this ?ity, has been appointed superintendent of he Senate's folding room, vice Michael Dooloy, leceased. The Currant 0 per ations of t he Treunry Do - partment ?On yesterday, 9th of January, here were of Treasury Warrant! entered on :he books of the Department? For the redemption of stocks.... f 22,073 55 For the Treasury Department.... 9,KOI 19 For the Interior Department. ..?? 6.077 79 For the Customs.? 7,3li M From miscellaneous sources From Customs ????????.????????? 10 00 Jn aojountof the Navy......... 76,309 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the House, yesterday, after we went to press, the session was continued throughout .Le night, and. until about b a m. this inorn ng. Other votes for a Speaker (up to the me hundred and sixth* were taken without 'ompassing an election. Many speeches were nade to define the position of members. The I'a MM thus sums up their proceedings until 11 p. m : ?'Mr. Smith, of Tennossce, delivered an able ipeech in defence of the administration and Lhe Democratic party Mr. Whitney followed n a defence of the Sth article of the Philadel phia platform. Mr Campbell, of Ohio, called jut Mr. (iiddingF, of Ohio, in commenting upon it letter written by the latter, in which Mr. Campbell was spoken of. Mr. Talbott and Mr. Campbell, of Ky.. both inad?> personal ex planations. in the course of the balloting, Sir. ltobbon, ot Pa., who had voted steadily fi r Mr. Banks, rose and stated that, inasmuch us Mr. Banks had not yet declared himself a member of the American order, and as there w ere doubts about it, he wanted to know if he was attached to the order ; and if he was not. lie, (Mr. Robisoit.) would no longer vote for him. This called out Mr. Dauirell, of Massa chusetts, who again certified to Mr. Banks's Americanism, i'o this, Mr. Carlilc, of Vir ginia, an American member, wanted to know if Mr Banks was a Rockwell American, or a li.irdntT (national) Know Nothing. To this no satisfactory answer was returned, nor to the leuiand of Mr. Robison, and the latter changed his vote from Banks to Pennington. It was apparent that if Mr. Bank3 was proved to I e a Know Nothing he would logo some votes. "The next most important scone w is tho brilliant and remarkable speech of Mr. Ca ruiheis, of Mi.-->ouri, who went on to .-"how why ho could not vote for Mr. Puller, who was nut forth ns a national man, and yet voted for Mr. Pennington for Speaker, with tLe fact in the memory of tho mcmbvre of the last House, that Mr. Pennington bad vote I for Mr. Elliot s pre paratory proposition to repeal the fugitive slave law and in tho pr^seut C'>ngres<? w is hjmself voting for Mr. Banks, ;ultra Repub lican and Know Nothing,) while Mr. Fuller was being voted for by southern men ! This called out Mr. Ci*x, of Kentucky, also an Amer ican, who wanted to know if tho gentleman (Mr. Carutliers) was not a whig; and if so, why he acted with the dcm?>crat.-; and opposed the whigs? It is impossible to describe justly the reply of Mr Caruthers, his retorts upon Mr. Cox. his admirable defence of his vote for Col. Richardson, und the extinction ot the whig party in the embrace of know-nothiugism. The House was i'iten*ely absorbed, except v\ hen the wit and repartee of Mr. Caruthers excited irrepressible laughter. The democrats throughout the long acssiou, and up to the hour when this abstract is prepared voted in uubrokcu column, and made few explanations, contenting thi-mselvos with allowing their principles to speak for them " At a later hour, a resolution for the election of Mr Orr to the Speakership was proposed, and a motion to lay it on the table was de feated by a single vote. The House afterwards refused to order the main question on it to be put; which action was equivalent te its defeat On the last ballot, (the one hundred and sixth.) the relative strength of parties was, on the whole, about as before. On adjourning this morning, they adjourned to meet at 12 m. to-morrow. Pr?cr?diA|i of To-Day. Itl the Senate, to-day, Mr. Brodhead pre sented the petition of Commodore Swan, II. S N., who was recently retired by the Naval Reform Board's recommendation, to be re stored to his former position in the service Mr. B. having advocated the granting of the petition? Mr M ason addressed the Senate against the action < f the Executive on the {recommenda tion of the board above referred to, advocating the enactur'nt of some law for tho restoration of the dropped and retired officers to their former positions in the line of promotion in i the service. Petition referred to Naval Affairs committee. Mr Hale presented the petition of Passed Midshipman Stephens, who also had been re tired on the roeomurenuation of the same board, and addressed the Senate at great length against the action of the late Naval Retiring Board He wap thus occupying the time of Senate as the Smr went to press. PERSONAL. Roger?, the deceased poet, never fan cied female society, and died a bachelor .... Col. Sibthorp, member of Parliament from J^incoln. and one of the moat unrelentiug toriM in England, is dead. .... Aoquaviva was General?f tb? J?tuit?.-j rulad every cabinet in Burope, and colonized America before he was 3?. .... C? M. Boiler. D. D.. of Cincinnati,! forflMrljrof thisB^tropoHi, delivered afceture in Cincinnati last evening, having for his sub ject "A Visit to Pom)*eii in 1853. ' .... Fanny tern ha* been again married, and this time to Mr Parton, tbo unfortunate sub-editor, who figures in such a lachrymose fanner in " Hath Hall." .... W. t. Burton, of New York, who can perform Mr. Hardcastle or Polenius as well as Jim Bags or Poor Pillicoddy, may be suro of continued suecesa and undiminished popu larity. .... Brigham Young is troubled by the rest- j lessuess of the female victims of polygamy It appears that whenever they have an op]>ortu n;ty to fly front the .society of theiroppressors, they do so, no master where tbey go or whom they go with. .... Mr. Hope, a conductor on the Memphis and Charleston railroad, was knocked down with a four pound weight by some ruffian* re cently in Memphis. The weight cut through his cap and scalp to the very bone. The wound though paiuful is not dangerous. .... Catharine O'Conuer, who was acciden tally shot by her brother, John O'Conner, at their residence in Atlantic street, New York, on the morning of the 31st ult , died from the effect* of the wound on Saturday morning She expired lit the City Hospital, where she was conveyed after the accident. .... Joseph Story entered public life at the age of 2t>: he was elected to Congress from the Essex District when he was 29 ; was Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representa tives at 32, and the ssirio year was appointed, by President Madison, a Judge of the Supreme Court of the I'nited States. .... Mr. Russell, the Times' correspondent in the Crimea, alludes in strong confradiotorv language to the statements made by Dr. D nvega, in relation to the Russian war, and published in the New York and English jour nals. He says, " No, no, doctor; you may be a \ ankee-Muscoy ite of the genuine free des

pot type, but you cannot tell these little fibs about your dear comrades, and expect Europe to believe them." ....Fisher Ames, at the age of 27, had ex cited public attention by the ability he dis played in the discussion of questions of public interest. At the age of 30, his masterly speeches in defcnce of the Constitution of the I'nited States, had exerted great influence, so that the youthful orator of 31 was olocted to Congress from the Suffolk district over the revolutionary hero, Samuel Adauis. .... Hon, John A. Bolles, in a recent lecture at Portland on "Strong Minded Women," de fined them as "all who are led. by whatever motive,?good or bad,?in the exeoution of whatever design, noble or ignoble,'' to trans gress the boundaries of that sphere which the laws of God or the customs of society have i marked out for women. Dr. Sayor will pleaao : ask herself if she is included ' .... Mr. John Proctor, the tragedian, having recovored from the severe injuries which he sustained some weeks since, while performing I at Detroit, is now fulfilling an engagement at Newark. N. J., at the conclusion of which he ' opens at Lowell, on the 14th. On the22d be commences an engagement at the Boston Tke atre, playing alternative nights with the Italian Opera Company. .... Judge Haliburton, author of "Sam Slick, is providing on the bench oi the Su preme Court at Halifax, and great has been the mirth at his funny sayings and doings. The old fogy skivers the pr.thonotsry on a pun, scatters ono council's ideas in a fit of laughter, makes another wish himself dead by cutting the thread of his discourse s-hort with a witticism, and then oracks jok<*s on the head of the criminal lie is sentencing until the poor devil begius to think it all a hoax. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Jan. lu, 1855. Our City Council, on Tuesday, passed the bill authorising the admission of the Alexan dria and Washington railroad within the city limits; appointed L. B. Taylor and Lewis McKemie, Esqa., to represent the City Coun cil in the Commercial Convention to meet in Richmond on the 30th iiut.; and elected John Mills regulator of town clock, vice Capt. <?eo. Duffey, resigned. The Alexandria Water Company held their annual meeting on Tuesday. President Beuj. ilallowell s report exhibits a gratifying state of the aflairs of the ootnpanj'" notwithstand ing the heavy outlay for improvement? during the past year the company are enabled to de clare a further dividend. Mr. Hallowell de clined a re election. The following officers were then chosen President?R. H. Miller; Directors? H. Shinn, Thos. McCormick, J. B. Dangerfiiild, W. N. McVeigh, G. D. Fowle, and E S. Hough. On the 8ante day the stockholders of the Bank ot the Old Dominion declared a semi annual dividend of 3? percent., and elected tho following jrentlemen directors: Win. II. F-wle. R. II. Miller. D. F. Ilooe, William N. McVugh, Lewis MeKenzie, B. Waiers, W. G. Cazenove, J. J. Wheat, and S. Shinn. The weather continues very cold. This morning at six o'clock the mercury was 3 de grees below zero. Sleighing and skating par ties are all the go. Our energetic Superintendent of Police is busy protecting tho fire plugs from freezing, giving eacu a well rammed comforter of straw. lu the flour and grain markets prices con tinue uncharged. With blocked roads and frozen river trade is rather dull. Ami. Railroad Collision?Los* o*1 Lipb.?The express train ot cars from Albany for New iork, sUppcd ju^t below Poughkeepsie, yes terday a Iter noon, on account of a defect in the track, when it was run into by another train from tho latter piaco, bound iu the same direo tiou. Such was the force of the collision tLat two cars of the former train were demolished and three persons killed?Mrs. Green, of Utica, and a young man and worn in. names unknown. Twenty-two persons were more or less in jured several of whom were not expected to recover. Among these are Mr. and Mrs. Rob erts and three children, of Albany. The names of the other wouoded, a? far as ascertained are asfollows Mrs Campbell, of Utica, slight ly , II Lmmon, of Vernon, Oneida countv slightly ; Mrs. Oscar Hull, of New Haven' nli..Uiln ? ? O I ? i. . .. 0 , ?? v?*^ j am/w "V O 1 '4C\A and otherwise hurt; Daniel Lord, of New York, slightly?face scalded and other in juries. (THE GROSSEST OUTRAGE EVER YETOUMMIT T E D ON JAMES ROBERTSON, of N Y. EDITOR OF THE TRUTH by a Noted Character well known at ?? Hotel. F irst be tried lo Shouldler hlin Rob ertson object* to It, and hard word* followed when he left the Hotel and was followed accross Penn. Ave. There drawn from the Sidewalk, and beat upon the head and face, and had his Stock, Vect, and Clothes torne, and his hat utterly dlstroyed, and the wretch said to him, that he could not do anything with him, for the Grand Jury had pre sented him as an 41 J-.jjv Paup r " Such are the fruits of the wicked works of the U. B. Senates officers, since December 8 1S19 Then Gen'l H. %. Foote, of M iss Commenced the work of bis dlatruction, by Reporting that he was "/?iJans," and was about to kill Mr. Clay. Ood knows that I had not even thought of It. Therefore, It was Impossible for me to bave done It. Yet 1 am treated worse than as though 1 was a real M urder er by the deceitful la heait, and all of the vile who woula willingly kill me if they thought they could but escape the punishment of the for a? Isaiah S'c said of such character*?They do not believe that there 1s an Omnipotent God who will Justly punish Such, ami pro ectmt hit faith Ju Sti vant. JAMES ROBERTSON, of N Y., jan 10?-It* Editor of the Truth. I?l. O. O. P.?THE REGULAR quar lerly communication of the R. W. Grand e of the District of Columbia, will be held Id Fellows' Hali. 7th street, ou MONDAY, the 14th Instant, at 7 o'clock p in JNO. T. BANCS, jan W?'ThSkl Qr. Secretary. iioa montgomery GUARDS, ATTEN TION ?You are hereby notified to an atMtoXKHl meeting of tbe Company ?*?? ^.^.TIlullfbAY HVEN^NG, the 10th in*tant. F illhUendanre la ne<*ea?iiry a? business of I10' <xuwill bf transacted By?>rd*?* UapL Kbt: ,an?-<t^!r THOS. MrKNIRY.Se*. ii R*?i*t*f's Orriri. WtshiUfton, Dufmbfr 'Jh, 1S55. ?NoTlCK TO AM. WHOM IT MAY , CONCERN-? Notice is hereby give? that license* fat Berbers' Stall* and for Huck sters, alao licenses for dogs will expire on the list instant. and that the name muat be renewed at thla uffice within ten days. SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS, dec '?9?dtJanlo . Mbtrofolita* KAitKoxn Oe?i< *. I Georgetown, December iiy, IHS5. J THOSE SUBSCRIBERS TO TBE _ 'stock of tbe Metropolitan Railroad Com Gny who have not responded to the call made ? 18th of April last for the payment of the sec ond Instalment are requested to do so within thlr ty daya from date, to enable the Company to meet their obiIgatlons to the contractors who are now engaged In prosecuting.the work By order of the Board of Directors : dec 'M J. W DKF.BLF.. Treasurer. , MUTU A LFIREINS1 R ANCF.COM PANY OF THE DISTRICT OF CO Ll'MiilA?Pursuant to the provisions of the Charter of this Company, the Manager* the following statement of the condition of it* affair* Amount of premium notes....931,fs*> Surplus fund In cash."... S.flW' jan T-eoaw ELECTION NOTICE.-The Annual Meeting of the Mutual Fire InsiiraiKc Company of the District of Columbia will be held at the offi*e of the Company, on MONDAY', Jan nary 21, at 12 o'clock, m . when an election will be held for seven Managers, to erw the ensuing rear. By order of the President: jau 7-eotw CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. LO&V?ON THE EVENING OF JANUARY s>th, from a sleigh, on Kenna avenue, a red HORSE BLANKET. TLe tinder will re<-ei\e a liberal reward by leaving the *-?me at the Vulcan Hou?e, Penua avenue, below Slith street jan 10?3t Lost?last evening, supposed on Per.n avenue, between the Capitol ant Pres ident's House, a brown fur VICTOR IN E, liner: with brown silk. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder, if left at the otfice of the Star, .in 10?3t? IOST BY a LADY, IN GEORGETOWN J on the 1th instant, between the corner of High and Bridge streets, ai:d the Convent, a black Lynx Fur Victorine. Th* finder will please leave it at Mr. Remlck's, Bridge street, when a suitable re ward will be given Jan 10?it* SLEIGH FOR SALE.?A single horse Sleigh, in excellent running order; price ?2o Enquire at 35M G street. Jan 10?It* E'MPYY BOTTLES BOUGHT, by J JONASP LEVY, Wine, Liquor, Segar and Grocery Store, 474 Pennsylvania avenue. jan 10?eo3t SUPERIOR POMADE, BAKBY't TRI coperous, Swedl*h Hair Creator, I.lly White. Hair and Tooth Brushes, T ran* pa rent Soap for chapped Lands, for sale at jan 10?3t LAMMOND'S, 7th street. AGLEY'S FINEST GOLD PENS, IN gold and silver cases, fcr sale for the maiiu facturers, at their lowest retail prices, and to the trade at tnelr lowest wholesale prices. Also, Morton's short nib Gold Pens, differing essentially in their construction from any others and suiting the requirement* of many who have hitherto been unable to make use of any metallic pen whatever. FKANCK TAYLOR. jan 10 I^OR SALE ?AT A LOW PRICE, A NEGRO Man, who can make himself in any capacity He has been porter in stores in this city, and has had the care of horses, Ac. He is inalthy and able bodied, of pleasing address strictly honest, and can give the highest testimo nials as to honesty, sobriety. Ac His owner is loth to part with him, but naving no use for hi* services and needing money, he is compelled to do so. He will be sold to remain in the district. Address'-J R," City Post Office, jan 10?3t* Ml'SIC CARD. \YItS DAUNAS. TEACHER OF THE PI lvfi ano Forte and Singing, respectfully solicits a continuation of favors from htr present patrons, and vrould inform those wishing to be instructed either on the Piano Forte or Sluging. or both, that she has time to devote to six or eight more pupils Applications made to Mrs. D , corner of Bridge and Market streets, Georgetown, or at tbe Music Depot, corner of Peuna avenue and llth street, Washington, w 11 meet with due attention. Jan 10?3t? S. P HOOVER, Iron Hall Boet,Sbee and Trunk Establish meat, I HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOR In dies', t?ent*', Misses', aud Children s, SNOW OVER SHOES, Gum Boots. Gossimer and Sandals Also, Buckskin! lined Shoes, double sole and water-proof Boots, all of which 1 will sell low for cash All in want please call and examine for your selves. S P llOO V ER, Iron Hall, bet. Uth aad loth st? , Pa av jan 10? B m [No. 550 ] ?Swamp and Overflowed Laads. Iltf lf NnTll'k PI usiumt r< PUBLIC NOTICE?PURSUANT TO THE iastructions of the Secretary of the Interior, public notice Is hereby given that, in order to bring to a close the business under the act of Con gress approved September 'is, l->50, entitled, "An art to enable the State of Arkansas, and other States, to reclaim the -swamp land*' within their limits,'* and at the satne time afford to parties who claim that portions cf the lands selected un der raid law are dry and fit for cultivation, an op portuuity to introduce evidence, all lands so se lected, to the approval whereof no obj ctlon te made within six months from the date hereof, will be certified and patented to the States Such objections as are contemplated by the above must l>e made under oath, aad filed with the register and receiver of the proper land odice for transmission to the General I .and Office The necessary forms for affidavits ara in the hand* of said o&u-ers. Tbe following classee of laud are exempt from objection, to-wit: 1st Lands entered with cash, or located with military bounty land warrants or scrip, after tbe passage of the act of 'i^th September. 1^50, and prior to the passage of the act of -id Marcb, 1?55, "for the relief of purchasers and locators of swamp and overflowed lands.'' 'id. Lands already patented to the State nuder the rwarnp law. I u all ca?e? where objection is raised. testimony must be taken before the register and receiver of tht% laud office, at such time, after the expiration of said six months, as tbev may appoint, with the consent of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. The lists of swamp and overflowed lauds are open to Inspection during the leguiar business hours, of ihe Land Office. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 'ilfet day of December, 1855 THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner General Land Office. jan 10 ? OPERA GLASSES. Hutchinson a munro have oien ed a fine assortment of OPtiK \ G LASSES, which they cau sell atextremelv low prices They have constantly oil hand a large and well selected stook of FANCY tiOODa, To I LET ARTI CLES, PERFUMER Y, Ac., to all of whkh they invite attention at their Fancy Store, So.'JW Penn sylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts., next to Messrs. Walter Harper A Co 's j*n 8 Notice ?the undersigned, find ing the public cautioned, through the Star, ?gainst trusting her on the account of her hn?band, J <din Loellger, has to say that she has never asked credit on hVs account from any one; and that his habits of drinking and abusing her are such as to make it impossible for her to live with him. ex oept in dread of her life. She has supported her self for by her ewn labor, and, as Is well known to many respectable citizens, has been compelled, from the proceeds of her labor as a washerwoman, at times to support him, instead of having him support het. jan ELIZA LOEI.1GER. Lost on the kvkning ok the 7th instant, between Pa. avenue and the Island, a Cameo Breastpin, with the engraving of a lady's face on it. The finder will be rewarded and re ceive the thanks of the owner, by leaving it at the Star office jan V ? 2t* TAKE NOTICE All who wish to kef.p warm and take care of their health will do well to call at LANE'S, who has a full stock of warm Under shirts and Drawers, Socks, Gloves, Muffiers, and Robes and Shawls, aud will sell them r heap for cash at LANE'S Cents Furnhhlng Store, *i*.M Pa. avenue. Jan? A OCT ION ???ODS I AM NOW IN RECEIPT OF A HAND ? some assortment of fine worked Collars, Bands Undersleevea and other Goods. Also, Mantle and Drass Trimmings lust from auction R C STEVENS, jan 9?4t (Organ) No. 18 Pa. avenue. ArPLES ?JUT RECEIVED, AND FOR by C MALLARD, corner of nth stieet and Pennsylvania avenue, afew barrels extra Baldwin APPLES, suitable for retailing 1 jan 7 -MAThit BEAR WOMAN! The Gr?stesl Cunouty in Ui Wot i HAL! W91A?!-?UHImT( will be eafctKltcd dirin* tbi, wKI.SMMV.TBI.;l?? ?.uu On the Avenue, below the Natlouai Hot* iu iu??t* THE ?E< 0?ID( O!l( r.KT l? with Mesicel WILL n?IVBS II ? TEMrK*AWF. HALL. Ob THURSDAY LVKNINU, Jimnry lwi AM) will CONSIST or music fro Hi the highest <-la?icai u? ^ MlwHiTKHorn; Miss HATTIE BKIGUS. Pr,f A N JOHNSON. Prof K H FROST, of B^un T'cAets and Programmes at the W imW Ticket* FIPT\ CENTS. Three tick*. ONE DOLLAR ^ B ?Special arrangement# havr been to have this ball properly warned and u*4, fortable to the audience. To i lomwnrr at ?.% o olo* k. )*' ? r. THE V ABIETIES? JOHN r Koitfo i * Box tickets *S ?t!> I Parqoett armchairs ^ **caau TMI KMMY EVENING, Jaaeary iu, is*,. Til IK D GRAND SOIREE lly the principal rcurkcri of Uie world renowned CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS (OKOADiriii IHH) Will tppea* every night this ??fk ' If "if A an Enttr* Chamf nf tkt P?r/or*ne?rr ? Particulars In small bills. jan ??4t NATIONAL THEATRIC. ITALIAN OPERA FR6* TUK 1CEW YOEK ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MAX MARETZEK, D1KECTOK. Tbe mtii?g*nM-nl respectfully announce *L? owing to the signal and flattering succesitha; Lj-. attended hi* Introduction of the ENTIRE OPERATIC TKOl !*?;, In Washington, and at the urgent and imnrn soliclfat loba of the admirers of the divine art, be Las the honor of prteent Ing tb?m for OXB VTO HT MO RF FRIDAY EVENING. January 11, in*. Bring most positively the lsat Uuk th?y will ap pear In tniacltv On thia occaaton will be presented bv particular request Bellini's threat lyric trii'tdv of NORMA? In which MADAME LA HAKONESS ANNA 1?F. I.AGR SN'OF, The Eminent Prima Donna MlasELISE HKNSI.F.K, Th* young American Prima Do nr. a SIG. SAI.VIANI, Tbe OlelmM Tenor 810. OASI'ARONI, The Famous ileu? A saUted by the entire resources of tbe troupe. bo't voral end instrumental. The whole under tb?* dire. lion of the preat ma*W >1 A.V MAKKTAEK. Ii / Notwithstanding the outlay of Capital ne cessarily required to defray tbe TRAVELING EXPENSES, and pay the SALARIED Ofn<nr'y One H*ndr<<i A'l'it*, \Zr The management U ? naLied to adept tue same prices a* paid at tbe origiual representation In New York, as follow* : . Dress Circle and Parquetie M 50 Secured Seats < tat Family Circle | ut? ID" Box Book for the at.e of ?ecured see's op<-Q at the National TLentreon Thursday and Friday, from 9 a. m. to 4 o'clor k p. m. Jan IS??t 1 MAt AlLV* HISTORY OE ENGLAND, vol 3d, this dav received jun 9 FRANCK TAYLOR MKS. HI Kli H ALTER WISHES TO INFORM THE LADIES op Georgetown ar.d Washington thai^s^T-TSpi abe is now prepared te commence again) "J f {' f I to give Instruction on the Piaso to ? few pupils at their residence The beat reference* can be tlven Term- moderate. Commune ations left at Mr* Mrs Cittcli's Faucy t?l?re, <"t Pa. avenue, wilt meet with prompt attentloiK Ian eot?i* MILK. PI RE MILE ! lin: HAVE FROM 45 TO GALLONS of IT MUkdaiiv; price rM cents r?*r j/al' livered. Warranted as pure as It I* taken from tb?cow. or no pav. Orde's sentthroujfh tbe Poat Othce, or leH at Henry U.tu^la-s'a. tlorist, corner 15th and 6 atreeta, will be attended to promptly. Le?e tban a gallon IU cents per quart. Caab or cash settlement* everv week DOUGLAS A SMITH, jaa * eo3t near the Anacoatla Bridge ROGER'S PEN KNIVES warranted gem I uirie. bought perBonnlly from the maa?'fact'i rt r* 1r Sbeifi' Id . ladi?s and Keiitleiijen'p pat:? r;is. ?it cue to four blad<w. in buck. 1v<ht, and pe.irl handlt*. [JanFRANCK TAYLOR A" ATTENTION, LADIES GKKAT OPPORTUNITY 15 NOW OF fercd to ladies of Washington and vicinity a* STEVENS' Fancy and Trimming Ptore Iihv irg on Land a larg- lot of old I-ace Fr<>au. Cben lae'.ta, Collars and Sleeves, they will be sold at dl most any price for c?*h. Call early and secure bargains. Remember tbe place. K C. STEVKNS, jan 9?4t (Organ) li Pa avenue CiAl TION ?The public Is rantloned not to t p-.irchase Coupon Bond nutnlwr Seventeen (1?) issued by the Corporation of Alexandria. Vi lo the Manassas Gap Railroad Company fur Mv? hu:idred dollars, with coupona axtac.ned from Ju ly 1. 135*?. to maturity of the boi d Tbe said tjond having be?-u stolen, the payn>ent of th>* bond andcoupcus have been stopp.d. A suitable re waid will be given for tbe return if said bond and coupons. Inquire of J. F. WOLLARD lan 9?3t Third W ard Police OSio?" . TO THE LADIES. MR 11 L HARPER, > BROOM FIELD street, Boston, has just received a cbotce as sort ment ol those rich and eiegaut STR AW KMRKOtDERF.D BALL DRESSES, of the latest Parisian style, VLich were ao uni versally admired at Newport la?t aeanoc As be was uot then able to xuppiy tbe detitand. be tak**N this opportunity to it.form tbe ladies tbat he 1' lust opening a fresh supply, some of wiitch are white and very appropriate for bridal inMin Also. Head Dresses. Cofheurs, ?apatee?. C^J lars. Van ties, Ac , all of which are In embrol derea -;-aw on bla. i or write lac*; and a varies of U re&ihs of Straw Flowers. Feather Flower* Ac , Ac. N. B Tbi' Is tbe only bouse In theL'alteJ State* where tbe?e *oods can be obtained Boston, Jan. 5. 18S6. jan 8 ? Ntavnfw .MEDIC AL t AK D. DOCTOR STANISLAS HLRNISZ. K F.Ob lar Practitioner of llouKBopathv, ottce 'ill, cwrner F and Fourteenth streets. Consultations from 10 a in to 3 p. on Doctor Stanislas Hermisz, having returned from Europe with Improved health will attend to rfce practice of his profession Le Docteur parle F raujeis Der Doctor spricht Deutacn dec 17?la* RICH SILKS AT 75 CENT* PER YARD. WE HAVE SELECTED FROM our stock of SILKS about 50 pieces rood ^tyle Win ter Silks, which we have marked down to 75 r*s. and put out on our tablts. Many pieces In the lot coat tl 15 and ?! St per yard, but we have deter mined to sacrifice tuetu laiber tLan boid on for better prices We nave also marked down our &2 and 75 ? eat Moussellne* to 40 ctnts, and Wool Plaids froiu '?? to &J cents. French worked Collar* we are selling at ball price Tbe balance of our of Cashteere and Pla'd Shawls Las been redund 25 per cent , In orde: l*? close out by the 1st February We have about SU Cloaks ru Land, which we will offer at a very small advance on tbe cwt. All kinds of Woollen Goods will be ollered from this time at greatly reduced prices We reepeclfully ask the attention of Cltlaena, Members of Congreaa, and others shopping f?* Fine Goods, as our stock consists of the west ci?s? of goods known to the trade CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO., Corner of Pa avenue and 9ih street Jan 5?St PANOS FOR SALE OR RENT -New*u* second hand Pi anew from tbe b?-' r **_ r manufactories, at moderate and conve-r7 ? * 1 ulent terms for sale; second hand P'"*??* In exchange, and tuning pianos ?ttei??.e? u> lite Eleventh street, above Pa '^,^01. ?sp a?SawoBTuATS*