Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR THE ACEKS AID THE HANDS. XT 4. DC6A !?!*!. ?'The tar'h Is the Lord's, and the fullness there of." Said God * most holy word : The water hath fish and the land hath flesh, And the air hath many a bird : And the soil is teeming o'er all the earth, And the earth has numberless lands; Y*t millions of hand? irant arret, While million! 9] arret if ant hands Sunlight and breezes, and gladsome flowers. Are over the earth spread widt; And the good God gave these gifts to men? To men who on earth abide, Yet thousand* are tolling in prisonous gloom, And shackeled with Iron bands? While millions of hands wants teres? And millions of acres want hand* ! Never a foot hath the poor man here, To plant with a grain of corn ; And n?ver a plot where his child may cull Fresh flowers In the dewy morn The soil lies fallow?the woods grow rank; Vet Idle the poor man stands ! Oh ' millions of hands want acres? And millions of acres want hands ! 'Tis writ that "ye shall not muzzle the ox That treadrtbout the corn!? But behold ! ye whackls the poor man's hands, That hare all earth's burdens borne * The land Is the gift of a bounteous God? And to labor His word commands;? ^ et millions of hands want acres And millions of acres want hands : Who hath ordained the few shonld hoard Their millions of useless gold * earth of its fruits and flowers, proUtless soil they hold ? Who hath ordained that a parchment scroll fence round miles of lands,? When millions of hands want acres? And millions of acres want hands ' Tis a glaring lib on the face of day? This robbery of men's rights ! "'TIS a lie that tke word of the Lcrd disowns? 'Tis a curse that burns and blight*: And 'twill burn and blight till the people rise, And swear, while they break their bands, T\at thr kind* *hall h>nceforth hart acres, And the teres henceforth have hands [ |T is the difference botween a pool of stagnant water and a pewter image of Satan T One is a dead level, and the other a iead devil. Watertown i.- cnc of the five or si* old est towns in Massachusetts Its original In dian name win Pigsgiisstt?not especially ?u|*hua:uus to LnglUu ears?sometimes writ ten rigs suci; though Dr. B?>nd says the proper orthography was Prquus.iet. H0YE2TENTS OF OCEAN STEAMEE8. FKOM TBI C3ITBD ST A TIS iVs?m. Leans For Llaf Arago New York....Huvre Jau 1* Canada Boston Liver; ool....J&n 1# Atlantic Mew York....Liverpool....Jan 10 Edinburgh New York Glasgow Jan *5 Hermann New York.... Bremen J an yfi America Boston Liverpool....Jan 30 Persia New York.... Liverpool. ...Feb 5 Fulton New York....Havre Feb 0 Arabia Boston Liverpool.... Feb 13 from sraors. Atlantic Li v?*rp<K>l N ew York... Dec 29 Belglqne Antwerp New York ..Jan 1 America Liverpool Boston Jan 5 Africa. Liverpool New York... Jan 9 Baltic Liverpool New York...Jan 12 Arabia Liverpool Boston Jan 19 Fat :flc Liverpool New Yor*...Jan23 Persia Liverpool New York...Jaa iW The California steamers leave New York on the S'h and 2l*h cf each month. A&&IYALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Natitnai ftlttal?wtLLUM aii^ T Street, Md M S Falls, do H N Gould, Ala J Dlatum* 11. NY H A 8ubil!a, do R A Bclton, Va W M TUackeray, En~ M Soreii, N Y w a Newman, USA J A Warren, Mass F S I.orr, NY F E Rad-liff, do P Hemphail, Pa J W Weston A ly, NY J F Shroder, Pa J W Mallet, do J W Steele, Md F A Thompson, Mass N B Craft at ly, do C P l^wis A ly, do Mrs Richmond, Ct ft F rancis A ly, Wis T S V White, Md T Lr?wnes A iv, Pa C S Webster. Va W K McCracken. Ill A H Kelly A iv, NY Mm W aters, do C Rom. Md R H Campbell, Pa T Seagle, do J 11 Tnomas, Md W Hopkins, Pa A Hopkins, do J B I'unifv, N Y F Han way. Md 1 >r Heath, do W 11 Enjretl, do C M Cox t ly, Ma?s M Ks J M V o*c, do W G Tttrk, Md C 8 Igiehart, do H Rejscb, Pa GO Lombard. Ma?s J k Martin, NY C Muchmore, do T 1) Harris, DC J Taber, 111 M Johnson, Pa J l.armon, NY T Swlgle. Pa T Winans, Md C Rrvilion. Ru??ia J Bloo<*good, NY C C Thompson, do Mr Case, do Mrs Case, do J K Myers, do Prof S'hedd, Mass Col E H Pierce, NV D D Hnddleston. do J J Stedlger, do H Overly, Ky F Feisher, do W A B Jones. Ia J N Sutliff. Kv J J Stadiger, NY J T Andrew, Ct T P Casey A ly, N Y J Wlngata, Md R 80 mar by, Ma s II Huntington, Md P 11 Geddes. DC K Holman, Mass C H Piatt, do C W Arthur NY R While, do Mrs R C Sunard, Va A Schell. N V J W Denny A ly, 111 A 8 Porter, N Y M G Scott, Va J C Walltor, do E M Jackson, Ct J Martin, do E W Tracy, 111 J H Strain, do Capt G A Rawlin-'s, Md W E Bartlett, jr, ao J Noble. Jr, Pa J Noble, do W P Brooke, Md M B Brooke, do Bmwbi' HitiUr r. A h. Blown, J King, Md F N Mitchell, NY W H Tuttle, do D B Parson, do J H Bross. do J 9 Uamuia <d. Mass P Hammond, do J BLi^k. ly. Pa A Heardv, N Y A B Murphy, NC Miss Murphv,do A L 51 ilia. La J Mc?ee, Va E J*tapletnn, N Y J W Cooper, Va W J Bcall, Md Miss Jones, do D B Hubbard: Ct J W Merton Iv. yY C Mo?>re, NY * J Blackmorc, NJ Mis* Hrrjew, do Mi*s 54 J Hulley. do J Halley, d<? W J s unton. do J J Perk. NY T 11 J"a*ai>n, do Miss E Cazier, do Miss 5* Cazier. do J ? Lu'.Lam, NC T Holland, NJ W M Sample, Va W 8 Gilmnn, do Mrs J Springer, SC C J Cling NY H K Carter, La Dr Collins, Ga J C Sudington, Va W J Hbnier, NY C P Tompkins, Ga Mi?s Wlltnev, Mass J E Shock. Md Misa Gale, Vt MissS E Cook, do J A Hlggs, Ct J C Shear, Md J McEthanA. Md A S Felch, O J A Rawlings, Md J R Smith, d J Burgess, iy, Va T J Hunt. Pa W L Biaochard. Pa 1> F >heU, Ark M Ritchie, Pa W H Jordan, Va T Peacoe, Vt Miss l'eacoe, do H G Snowden,O T Hanbley, do Willmrdt* HtUl-j. ?. ft 1.1. wuuii 6 n Holmes. Cape GoodR Thr>mas, Pa Hope J W Barbour, NY L D Brown, NY fiK Thompson, do R H Smith, ly, Miss Smith, do Pa F S Flske, NH ?? S Blatch'ord, NY L O^dcn, Kv A l>?Witt, Mass II S DeWltt, do W Henderson. Va J S Jamlcscn, do L Hammerslv, Md S Maysville, NY ?I F.ewls, Va F Knnwles, Md H Hott'inan. Va C lm;ieby. Md W N Jacob*. Va Miss Brown, Va J SSml h, Md B T StiMOB, do K K Alien, Iowa J P Skeele, Me F R T Nichols, USA J Brocks, Mo W F Mansfield, Mass Col Hickey, ladles, DC J M Purkens, Va T O Culbreth. Pa A 8 Wentworth. O L Davenport, NY A Kennedv, Va J E Thompkfns, NY J H Dandrid^e, NY Miss Landrldge, do W M Lobldson.Da P C Wells, NY 8 H Morreil, do C H Wells, la, Va G M Brown, do Ktrkwaad J Duna, Va G E Dencjil do A J Vjn Pelt, do \N Stevens, Mass M G Bradbury, Nil G Davis, Mass 1 Seaman, NY Arent, Va J McKeenon. Pa C W AUen, NJ t, O fcdmomaon, Md ?J. H. A A . BIBXWasB. J Green, do W G Schaffer. do J C Taylor, Va W R Temple, do S Harding, Md G W Klnnerly, do 11 B Brooks A ly, Ta H Benaett, O A Allen, do T H Duftey, N Y Welter's Hotel?M. a. bbbti J Flnkey, N Y S Stone, do E H Lacy, do i? Berry. D C A S Poplin, Va Miss Bright, N Col Lea, DC C James, Wis W Brinsmade, D C M Sanders do Hon 8 Crawford, Wis J Woodle, do A Hall. D C W W Deun.iHjn, do nlted fttatas Hotel?b. c. hacerbt. Jd. Miss A W Caffdrty. do -ghan^ NY E V Campbell, NY AMD TOUPEES. CJ JSV AND 8TRANGBR8 ark rk. VlP^^uDy,nfor??* that the best iMHt ftSrasws&B &? "?JL Hi^'? MANU'A0TH*v, su.i?. ?H5".an12;oapee* made on "*? shortest notion. lust sTr'i"rdT!,m nr?J Udl<* Back Hraids * from New > orfc dec 11?eoJm UNITED STATES MAIL. Post Orrici Dipaetmirt. Dec. 21, 1855, PRmln?)nAl,SiT CARRYING THE 18M^?th* nn!k Pnltei??,>* from the 1st April, i??L the 30th Jnne, 1858. Inclusive, on the fol SS^AffiiWY.wlIl be received at l^fhr^.^L of the Po,,t Department. Washington, until 5. p. m . of the Ut Vl^Tw Eebruary, 1-5ft, (to be decided by the h?r?T following,) on the route and In the time herein specified, viz: 8*78 From London, Ky., by Laurel Bridge. Me Hargue's Mill, Lynn Camp, Barboursville, riat Lick. Cumberland Ford, Yellow Cumberland Gap, (Tenn.,) Tazewell, Syc amore Thorn Hill. Bean's Station,and Mar shall's Ferry, to Russellville, 9* miles and back, three tlmesa week, in 2-hor.?ecoaches 9 months, and on horseback the residue of the year. Leave London Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Russellville next days by 12 m Leave Russellville Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at an m Arrive at London next days by 8 p m. NOTES. No pay will be made for trips not performed, and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily explained three times the pay of the trip will be deducted. For arrivals far behind time as to break.connexion with depending malls, and not suaiclentiy excused, one-fourth of the compensa tion for the trip Is subject to forfeiture. Fines will be Imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained by certifi cates of postma. ters or the affidavits of other cred itable persons, for neglecting to take the mail 'r't0 a P?st 'or suffering it to l?e ln jdestroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing aner de.nand, to convey the mail as frequently as tbe contractor runs, or is concerned In running, vehicles on the route The Postmaster General may annul the contract for repeated failures Co run aoreeably to contract, for disobeying the post of fice iaw? or Instructions of the department, or for assigning th? contract without the assent of the Po-tmnster General. The Postmaster General may alter the schedule. He may also ord?r an Increase of service on the route by allowing there for a rro rata increase of the contract pay. He may also curtail or discontinue the service in whole or in part, at pro rata decrease of pay. if he allow one month's extra compensation on the dispensed with. The bids should be addressed to the Srcond Assistant Post master General, superscribed " Mail Proposals JThe con!racts to be execute and returned to the department by or before the 1st 2??f V 1 or f,mher particulars as to con aitlons to be Incorporated in the contracts bidden may see pamphlet advertisement for conveying ie.?rntUcky' Tennessee, Missouri, and ^ . JAMES CAMPBELL, dee stt?lawlw Postmaster General. United States Patent Office, J~ Washington, Jan. 3. 1830. | ?f JONATHAN KKaI>, of Al'on, Illinois, praying for the of iSUreh '?tent ?rnntpd fo hi? tbe 12th day MacblnM KV for an '"iprovement in "Reaping ' r Neven v?*rs from the expiration i !ErefriS?:WhiCh tr,kCS PlaCC ?n the i2th d:,>' the P?tenl7iithat J10 2aid ^tUio? be heard at the Patent Office on Monday. tbe Id day of March at 12 ? ^lork nr? ; and all persons are notified to iyipear and show cause, if any they have whv ?a d petition ought not to be granted V ?lo Vn?K?,?pp?s'"r_the extension are required fo Lf e .K < aten.1 their objections, spe< iail y t?eS?J? J" wntin*> at least twentv dayVbefore he day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing' must be taken fho In accordance with the rule- of '"mlshed on application. ?iT p LrnOPy a??"8 wU1 be closed on the **L?bruary, depositions and other pa- | pers rel ed upon as testimony must be filed \n the e on or before the morning of that day: the ar guments.if any, within ten days thereafter. thri-ni ,also,\.that thi" notlce fee p iblisiied in Ltnn n1'/" i KencerJand Evenlng Star, Wash p?iu^\>? ? ' ^,ruu^ Balll?ort. Pennsyivanian, Philadelphia. Pa : Journal rnmn...., v.J ? -??V rvctno UICV1UU5 lay cf March next, the day of hearing CHARLES MASON, P - , Commissioner of Patents. ? - ? Bdltors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office with a paper containing this notice. ' jan 4?law3w Col ted State* Patent Office, 7~~ Washington, Jan a, 1855 J f~)NTHE PETITION OF S W BULf oi k \ w2n?iSntYd!?,?,rn!jrlll-T f?r tbe extension cf ?n hU ontth*? day of March, 1 r*or *?* improvement in "presses for nre** Ing Ac.," for s^ven yenrsfremtherfrtSSon ofMarcP%rb,Cl1 tak^ plar< ?n fhe 10(1 day fJltt tM.w,d r>e,,t,on b<* h?*ard at \t F?*ent on Monday, the 10th dav of "L?""'- ? 12 o'clock m; and aU mfrsons^re h^! ?PPear and sliow cause, if any thev h?o^'dirn:r on*ht not to ^ ?t?sf ^PP0*1Jhe extension are required to I , tbe^hJecUons, srJ^alil 2 vr!itlnK' at lpast twenty days before ^ testimony fi^ed by either parly to b?u?ed*tJth?Lsaid heaj-ing mu*t?> tata^ l:MDllt,<<1 in accordance ^th the rales of xl! *' be fnrnish?>d on application -7h 1Vr<!lra0nvJVbe m"e ? be effl on ie Wth->f February; depositions and other papers re! Mnr S?fh#' testimony must be filed on or befbre Ike morning of that dav thf? ar?ii "ord;J2fa,ri Wl,tK,n Kn da>s theree.ftt-r. 8 tht- ifni?' ^?i, hat thl" noM<*? be published in D C Tr'J,? p.H?nrer' \nd star- Washington, ITilJofn^ p ??re' IdJ Evening Argus, .".h ,h! charles mason, p <* eji. , Commissioner of Patents. containing this notice. jau3-la^JT Called States Patent Office } Washington, Jan. 2, law. f OVoKTH "TofT.iON' ^KPHANIAL b6s ?> ??K In, of Harmer, Ohio, rravin" for Siyof aVmi yfSS krayled to hil" ?r'I si^4' hitln^.^ev' f?r se'eT^rV/r ^n^^efeV;VA^dri^KS': Whl^ t?^ It is ordered, that the said petition ho he^ Patent^ ^Bce on Monday the 21th of March Have why saM petition ought not to'bo gra,Ved Y 111K pS'ni'iV1 tmrn ? required to w'tbin ten days therea^er. .. ?rdered, alIso, that this notice be published In DCAJnBalfcer' ,nd Star' ^Whington" "i> ' ? e; Evening Ar^us pliia CHARLES MASON, p ? . Commissioner of Patents. 44,v' Notieeof the rtiseontmiianc>? of the ?<"> ?> TWO i ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT IN .b. 'rr,?' cant land in said district is redur^rt ?k!? C Va hundred thousand acres, the Sr<"hetart oT t ? iNTKEioR has directed that the l?nd office J! NaNDALta be discontinued, and the lands r, ' ma in ing unsold al the time of the dlscontlnuane* J^es.ihject to s,le aad entry at byliaw\^lnaii!iinp nn ",d a"d unappropriated to entry at sa'd offl . e ' 'i1 C?m<H? t0 ** ,ubJect notice to that ?' receipt of thereof; >'"1 Eive public notice of^h.S w111 f prepared to revive ,n^,y ?t wh'ch they will anv such lands afth3roTiC*Uon" for en^?* of wiven under mv h?n?f ???? ,U* ^ "I* CommtanloQerof lie1L" *?. dec 1 l-iaw?w General Land Office. PCTILE IVORY.?JUST RKrk'iVL'n ' " eral exqaisita sDeci^n^ ?# v. 1 VfcD> "e* including '? The l>e?cent f,n Jl!" ^'n^^tore, ?Ub6?!i 'w he FI1<fbt lnto Kgypt '^- Ad^' Hon of the Wise Men:" " h?.h . . ..dora Dotaenichlno?Madonna; " Ecce Homo''>*lCr specially adapted for ChMstmi^p^ 'at ' dan ?_>, TAYLOR * al ~^ Bookstore, near 9th st Information for Traveler*. ORANGE * ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Great Sonthern Mail Line! TWICE D A I L V "%? (SUyDAY NIUHTS EXCETTEU) Bel ween U'Hshindon City iiiiri (he South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND. Leave WuhlO|toi atfia m and 7pm Fare from Washington to Richmond 85 50 OMNIDUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Fret of C*arf?, to STEAMER GEORGE _ PAGE,for ALEXANDRIA, a dls tance of six miles, allowing ample time for Meals. Ticket* procured on the r?oat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by this Route, a* It is a contiguous lixk or first class railroad from ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE carried without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad J. R NICKLIN, dec 7-tf Tlckct Agent, Alexandria. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. (IHANOE OF HOCKS.? On and e.fter Mon day, the Std instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 and a. m.. and 1 and p. m. On Sunday at 4# p. m. Leave Baltimore at and a. a., aad 3 tad 5X p. m. On Sunday at 4jf a. ra ap S3?tr T. H. PARSONS, Agent. FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE, round trip, Si; from Alexandria 75 cent" ?The steamer THOMAS^Vl^gJS COLLYEK leaves Washington at 9, and Alexan dria at '?)$ o'.-lork. Coaches leave the Capitol for the bost at f* jf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Per sons wishing the eoarhes will leave their re*lde:y:e wltli George & Thomas Parker. Refreshment* or. tv.o boat. ?<it -ic'?tf SAM 'L GEDNEY, Captelm. THK NHVf YORK ANJ? LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL. STEAMERS., THE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE are the ATLANTIC, Captain Wet, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, C'iptain Comstock, ADRIATIC, Captain The*- Ships h?ve been built by contract. exproer ly for Government service; every care ens been tak^n in their contraction, as in the englnee, to Insure strength and sreed. and their accommoda tions for passenger* ue unequalled fox elegance and comfort. rate* or nt?iu. From New York to Liverpool,1* lntcibla, 114 Seoond cabin, ------ 7? Exclusive use of extra *l*s sta?e room-*, - 300 From Liverpool to New York, - in and .?'# An experienced Sargeon Htlanhfd to each ship. No b#>rtb can be secured until paid for. Fsi freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS * CO., M Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool, E. ?. irn/'ERTS * CO., XI ft "?g's Arms Yard, I ?adoa. JOHN MUNROE A CO., ss ft ue Notre Dante de-< Vlctolres, Psrls. OEORGE II DRAPER, Havre. To* owners of there ships will not be eccomta lile for gold, silver, bullion, specie, lcwelry, pre clous stones, ox i?et.-'s, un'r*s bills of lading are signed therefi>Xj aad the ><di:a thereof thcrela ex pressed. aov 1??17 BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO TEE WEST. Tim* between Washington and Wheellaf bnt I7j( horri! Running Tirre between Washington and Cincinnati 27 boors !! HAS 1^ WA9HINBTOK. rpHE BALT'MOKK AND OHIO RAIL I. ROAD having greatly Improved Its Western connection-*, now clfers the fullest inducement* to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE,and ail portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHW EST. Theconnectlon between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) ? miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Basrtnige Is cliccked through to W heellne at the Washington Station, and rec.heckod and trans ferred there, rwith the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tlckcts for points be yond. The connecting Trains leave Wellington dally at ft a. m uad 4J| p. in. On Sundays at the latter hour only At WHEELING d\r*ct tonn$ction Is mod? with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Lella're, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesvllle, and Newark,lo COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with thecars of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O Railroad trains enn MCCt with the fast trains of the Littlt Mient Hnil rent to Xenla, Cincinnati, Louisville, etc At XENIA fon little MIsml Railroad) connection is formed with fh" trains through Dayton, to Ind ian apeUs, Terre Haute, I?aftyott5, Chicago, Rock Island. St. Louis, etc. ICT* Passengers holding Through Tickets f^x Vitkthurf, Natekt*, N?w (JrUons, etc., which arenteo sold at Washington?axe trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail reamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvlile, Cairo, and St. Louis ire sold by this xo:ite. 117* Fox CLEVELAND; and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tlckcts arc :.o|d, wh."n tne Ohio is navigable tKHween Wheeling z'A Wcllsvllle (forty ra lies) where a connection with the Cleveland tsd Pittaburg Railroad b *ade. Trav*!-m are req-testM to sctlce that while this Is ihe only TT'Ute affor^iag Through Ticket.! ai.d Checks In Washington, it la clso the shortest, Most speedy, aad direct to nr^xlyall the leading points in the great West. The distance from' Waahlcgton to Cincinnati is but (153 mli ?*, bolni j'-wt H'O n'.!r* shorter tb*.n bv any other rout*! FAKE. BY THROUGH TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON :?To Wheeling, Z'J 3??; CoImio bus, til M; Dayton, tl5 50; C'.nslnnatl, f l?> Loulsvllie, bv railroad, SIH by steamer frora Cincinnati, fl8 00; Indianapolis, >17 5' ; Cleve land, 50; Toledo, sii Mi; De:.oit, fl5 Kl: Chicago, S'iO r>S and ?'1? 50: at. L'"?uls. fll? 50 ana S'i5: Memphis, IPJrt; New Orl-ejts, etc. |^-FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S W atiblngtou. l?7*For trnios to ???! f?orn r?s!t!aK>re, Asapells, et".., see iipto'iial advertUeinenU. ir^ 1'oxf uthex in. r nr.tlon, Thxoagh Tickets, Afl.. apply to TIIOM V.S 11. PARSOi?ri, Agcat, at Wa?Alitatoa otauoa. JOhN H. DONE, Master of Transportatioa, Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad, Baltimore, ?ay Wf rnite.-l Stuies Patent Office, ) Washington. Jan 3,1S5?. $ ON THE PETITION OF L. WT. A G W. BLAKE, of Pepp'-rville, Mass., nraylng fox the extension of a patent granted to theai on the ?JOth day of April, 1812, fox an Impx >vement In "Watex Wheels," for seven years from the expi ration of said |>atent. which takes place on the 21st day of April, 1850: It Is ordered, that the petition be heard at the Patent Oihreon Monday, the 7th of April next, at 12 o'clock m ; and nil persons are notified to ap pear and show cause, 1f any they have, why said pe'ition ougat not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension arerequlxed to file In the Patent Otllr.e theix objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either

party to be u?ed ut the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in .iccordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. Th?* testimony in the case will be closed on the Jfcth day of March, depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be filed In the of fice ou or before the morning of that dav; the ar guments If any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington, D C.; Argus, Baltimore, .Md; Pennsylva nian, Philadelphia, Pa : Journal of Commerce, New York, N. Y.;and Post, Boston, Mass., onoe a week for three successive weeks previous to the 7th day of April next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and ?end their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice, jan 4? law3w MINCE MEAT. MINCE MEAT OF SUPERIOR (QUALITY, made from Virginia Mountain Beef and F rults and Spices of the purest and best quaUty, under my own supervision, for sale at my store, corner of Vermont avenue and 15th street. novll ZMPK1NG. THE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. Dr. HENHKUV, ?( Roxbury, Hu #cowred In one of our common riiTtti wrrds a remedy that cures EVERY KIND OF HUMOR; HON THI WORST SCBOVFLA DOW]* TO A COM MON TIMFLB. He has tried it in over eleven hundred cases, and never failed except in two cases, (both thunder humor ) He has now in his Cession over two hundred certificates of its vlj all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles arc warranted to cure a nursing sore mouth. One to three bottles will cure the wont kind of pimples on the face. Two to three bottles will clear the system of biles. Two bottles are warranted to care Hie wo*t canker In the mouth and stomach. Three to live bottles are warranted to cure the worst case of Erysipelas. One to two bottles are warranted to cure all humor in the eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure running of the ears and blotches among the hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to cure corrupt and running ulcers One bottle will cure seaJy eruption of the skin. Two to three bottles are warranted to cure the worst case of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted to cure the most desperate case of rheumatism Three to four bottles are warranted to cure the salt rheum. Five to eight bottles wIlZ cure the worst cases of scrofula. A benefit Is always experienced from the first bottle, snd a perfect cure Is warranted wh??n the above quantity Is taken. Reader, 1 peddled over a thousand littles ?f this In the vicinity of Boston. I know the effect of It In every case 80 sure as water will extin guish fire, so sure will this cure humor. I never sold a bottle of it but that sold another; altera trial It always speaks for itself. There are two things about this herb that appears to me surpris ing ; first that It grows In our pastures, In some places quite plentiful, and yet its value has never been known until I discovered it in 181B?second, that it should cure all kinds; of humor. In order to give some Idea of the sudden rise and great popularity of the discovery, I will state tbat in April, 1653, 1 pedaled It, and sold about0 bottles per day?In April, IP54, 1 sold over 1,000 bottles peT day of It. Some of the wholesale Druggists who have been In business twenty and thirty years, say that no thing In the annals of pateat medicines was ever like it. There Is a universal praise of It from all quartern. In my own practice I alwavs kept it strictly for burners?but since its introduction as a general famiiy medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that 1 never susprted Several cases of epileptic fits?a disease which was always considered incurable,have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy If it will prove effectual In all cases of that awful malady?there a'? but few who have s#en more of It than I have. 1 knew of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aced people cured by it For the various diseases of the Liver. Sick Headache. Dyspepsia, Asthma. Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of tb? cpine, and particularly In diseases of the Kid neys, Ac., the discovery has done more good than any medicine ever known. No change of diet ever neccssary?eat the best you can get and enough of it. Directions for Us*.?Adults one table spoonful r?er day?Children over ten v?are dessert spoon ful?Children from live to eight years, tea spoon ful. As no directions can be applicable to all con stltutions, take sulflcU-nt to operate on the bowels twice a day. MANrrACTtfRKD BT MOULD KEHSEDV, A'o. P2t? IVnrrtn street, Korbury, Mast. .. . , Prick, One Dollar. Wholesale Agents?New Vork Cltv. C V, CLICKNER, 81 Bare lav street; C. H RING 1!W Broadway; A B A l> SANOS, 100 Pulton' street. Philadelphia, T. W DYOTT A SONS Baltimore, BROWN A BROTHER, CANBY A HATCH. Alexandria, PEEL A STEVENS At Retail by all respectable Druggists in the 1 n ted States and British Provinces, and also bv th? Druggets of this City. oct'24-ly DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED 0crmait Bitters, PHI PA RED RT DB. c. M. JACESOW, PhiladV. Pa. rn,f*? W,LL ?"?t'TOALtr cru ' LIVES COMMIT, DYSPEPSIA, JADHWCl Cluontc or JVertwus Debility, lh4*ao?t of <? Kidneyt, and all diteatet mZima from. ? ordertd Livtr or ifranaoj. ' ? **?" ,C??8tlPatlon, inward Piles, Fullness, o, Blood to the Head. Acidity of the StomachTNau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food. Fullness, or W eight in the Momach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or I-lutterlng at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing. Fluttering ot the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying Posture. Dlmnee* of Vision, Dots of Weos before the t?!prbt, i ever and Dull pain iu the Head, I>efl ciency of I ersplration. Yellowness of the Skin and Lyes Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs ?L'JM,ldn ,uslw? of Heat- Burning in the rlesh, Constant I magluinLs of Evil, and area! depression of Splriu. * 1^*' f\i!'KOPRIETOR, in calMng the attention Public to this preparation, does so with j j ^ utmost confidence in its virtue* and adaptation of It to the diseases for which it la recommended. " It is no new and tiutried article, but one that has stood the tost of a ten years' Mai before the Any>r ican People, and its reputation and sale is unrl Y preparations extant. The testimony In its favor given by the most promi nent and well-known Physicians and individuals, in all parts of the country is immense. The fnl , wiHf ?n North Carolina is respectfully sub mitted. referring any who may still doubt, to the "-Wemorabllh-" or Practical Rcccipt Bwk, for I* anners and t amUiep, to be had gr vis of ali th< Agents for the German Bitters. *"d iMan'.ifacWtrv, iyi? ARGI ITREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH OAROMNA rtrtifiuit, ?/ nr. X. Smyth, or FuM Hill. /??,*. t**n? County, N. C. ... o ? . f H'LL, Maiohl, 1' . C. M. Urr?oK, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: 1 SUn BUb^cl ?>f Dyspepsia, in ltd vroral I?,?;'0!* ?Ust^r,Zvrin- 3ut'11 wa*n,y Hon for twelve months that the phy^'ans and ill ine Mld 1 nia*t di0- While In this era , J*8* f,-arr'A<* '0 'he watering places in Vlr 5 , Tennessee, and North Carolina, Ir.t win not benefitted by any water to which I was taken While on my way home I stopped a week at Ruth erfordton, a small village In North Cuolle*, to t.y thr effect of some Chalybeate water In praee. About the last of the we-k I went Into a Vu R mfd!clne for my child and rryseL. There were srvemU-f the village nhvsl clans In the store, end one of them seciaed to take som- lr.tereft in my case, and, after askln^ me k>I?ui.'!e!rt,on8' M had lM'ea * dyspeptic anj had bet-n greatly benefitted hyr th? one of HOOP. you, and he Insisted that I would try the liitters He also called th** nejt dav st my nv-?m, and 1n ?.sted so much that I would try their that 1 e-iod Llm to r<*t me one b-rttln. He did It, and I C4)m. menoe.i taking It a# dlroc'od, ai,a I was mora ben oJ^ker and 1 had f^hliig home one of my Rei/?'uhois came \1 a P"?r|,P,,pn an* medicine, (he a d\?? KS -k. V guJl.bAm lwa,iy r*1J Bitten i bnd left, which effected much good In his case f",1M on to, moreSthe.TSi kind r-f medicine, saying he was is re bcne*tted byit .hanany oiher he had taken, but I have not been able to get any more to: aim or mvself si aw ? will you, therefore, pleue me a dou^ e more a i soon as possible. Keupectfully, yonrv, W. SMllfl ^CT', a,w"' wu?c".? cyonlcuy^nj.'vandrunr;l?nai at 2 nii ^ concomitant evils, I am desiroua a quantity of It for the benefit of rev JHTX. pi^S. Zuii CERTIFICATE OF WM. J, ATWOOV. nanvaviLLB, Yadkin Co., N. C. ) n, r> M ^ Novemoer 1st, 1355.1 VJ ? M- -?a<*son?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex ofT^ri^irt1 my !1,n?Cre tbnnks tor y?nr discovery whl-h, to say the least of it, has eI felted a cure that all other medicines, that I ^?l-bave FnUrrl>* failed todo. HOOF LAND'* BKkMaN IMTT^RS have c.Jre4 if ,^5 stubborn and aggravated case of the pil?s that perhaps, ever fell Jo the lot of man. Mv cm? |. not 3 Ktrancer In this community, as I am well known in tils and the surrounding counties and rocove7 astounded S y fronds and rcliiions. sls I niid trlpd pvprvthina recommended ?d nothing did me a^/^S? arear?^l1??vPOn to trF tbe Bltt^s. Yw fion ir, w ot this commnalca ^wlbe Wfit^heaaicted, you maytklak *WM. i. ITWOOf. are tuinlf vtgtusbl*, they In via sss5* ?< j. ?. P1ERPONT, mar 1?lj T?j* 'J* E"DL*?I VARIKTY, at the dJ1?porlun> of Faaey Goods 305 Pa. aveanej dec 10 BLUB. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF OCJI ARABIC A8. A REMEDY FOR COUGH!* COLDS, ,fL<LA??E?,E88'ASTHMA> WHOOPINd COL6H,CROl'P.Ac., pessewses the greatest id vantages, with the least objection* of any other In use, having been extend rely uw-d the last twenty veaw with unparalleled success. not trumpeted to the world as a spec lie or cure all, but recom mended as a valuable and scicntific auxiliary in PVLMonaar cabii, ready at hand, and one that has Seen generally found to affiant relief where mo6t others have been tried without material ben efit As inch It !? recognized by numbers of oar leading physicians, who know its composition, and have been eye wltneases of Its superior effi cacy, a* we'll as bv thousands of our most respec table citizens, who all endorse its claim to being sale, palatable, economical and efficacious. Price 25 cents, or three bottles In one JO cents ? Wholesale Agents, PATTERSON ft NAIRN, and STOTT A CO., Penna avenue; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgetown Retailed by Druggists generally. Also TYLER S tAj.M ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS, the same composition In lozenge form, IS# cents a box. nov 19 immediate relief for the TOOTH-ACHE IS FOUND. There is mow offered to the world a most effectual remedy for the cure o<' 1 Tooth ache. In fact the onijr on* known to care the most violent tooth-ache Instantaneously, il properly applied according to direction. Should the pain after the lrst application, in course of Mme, re-appear, the same application has to be ! made again, and after two or three applications the cure will be effectual and the decayed tooth as useful as any other. This really lndisrw-nsablt remedy causes no pain, and is warranted to have no inturions effect whatever Please call for A. PERGER'S TOOTH-ACHE BALSAM. Price 25 cents per phial. To be had at the Drug Stores of A. J. RIDG LEV, CHAS STOTT ft CO.. D J. DYSON. V. H ARBAUGH, and J. B. GARDNER A CO.! Washington. nov 3 Bibles and prayer books, in rich Velvet, Turkey Morocco, and plain binding. Chlldrers' Books, the most extensive assort ment to be found in the District. Miss Bunklcy's Escaped Novice, price Si Harper's Magazine for January Also, a larjje assortment of ivory and pearl handle PENKNIVES, riSTOLS of all kinds For sale by E. K LUNDY, dec 21?tr No. 128 Bridge st , Georgetown. PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISV ON THK PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, BT M . B . LA I'KOIl, M ? D ., v ALBANY, N. Y., I 250 Paget and 130 Ftne, Flam, and Colorid Litk ogrtfks and Plates. Pnics ohlt Twisit Fivk Cents. Sent Free of Postage to all parts of the Union. CCHEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? ^ and containing nearly | double the quantity of read | lag matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the 1?H Y8IOL OGV OF MAKRIAGE, aud the Secret Infirmities, and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex cpbscs, which destroy the vH physical and mental pow ers, with Observations on w Marriage, its duties and disqualifications, srd their remedies; with Lithographs, Illustrating the ! Anatomy and I'hysiology.and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sexes, their structure, ; uses, and functions. A popular and comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causaltles of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing th*?m?lafellcttons and infertile one*?their obviation and removal ?Important hints to those contemplating matrimony, that will overcome objections to it; none, however, should take this important step without first consulting its pages?commentaries on the diseases and medical t.eatment of females from infancy to old ae?\ each case graphically illustrated by beautiful lithogra phic plates?nervous debility, Its canses and sure, by- a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual that failure in impossible?rules for daiU- manage men ?an essay on Spormatorrhtea. w<th practical obsefvations on the safer and more sueressh.1 mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from empirical practice?an essay on all diseases arising from indiscretion, with plain and simple rule? by which all persons can cure them selves without mercury-remedies for those self infli. ted miseries and disappoln'ed hopes sotin fortuna'ely prevalent in the young. It Is a truth ful adviser to thf married and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is particularly recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their phv-ieal condition, and who are conscious of hav lng hazarded the health, happiness, and privileges to wbich every human being: is entitled Price TWfcNTY-MVE CENTS per copy, or Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the United States _?? B ?Those who prefer may consult Dr LA CROIX. upon any of the disease* upon which this book treats, either personally or by mail. Mtvll cine sent to any part af the Union according io di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from all ob-ervation. Address Dr. M B LA CROI X, No. 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Office Box 679 Albany. N. Y. JO" Office open daily,from 9 a in to 9 p iu and on Sunday from 3 until 5 p. u. tLT Office REMOVED from No. .VI Beaver st. t?3? Maiden Lane, Albany, Ktw York. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. WISHE* to call the attention to all that suffri with d ?f'xtive sight, caused by age, sick? I nesg and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully giound by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye. 1 Very numerous arc the 111 effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the cotumencemeM , of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by th? uso of an OpfoflMfif, and tcc practlrf of intm y years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such classes that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and satis faction. J. T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solid's the pa tronage ef those that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Per onsthat cannot cenvenlent'y call, by send ing the glasses In use, and stating how many Inches they can read this print with their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. r Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and refer ences given to many who have derived the greater;! ease and comfor* from his glassc* Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No. 51? Seventh street, three doom from Odd Fellows' Hail, upstairs. U. ? Noaro*,c, September 7, IHM. .. J*e J?Prc,arlp8 T*'" made for me suit very wcJ, and srem have, improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried L1TT. W. TAZEWELL. _,1 ? Pa'r of Spectacles obtained fro* Ml. and !l?id tbrm of groat a**l?tAnr? I# my fl^ht, and conespontlng with his dewription of tho focus. 1 lecommccd htm as a skUlful optl ?1?*- HENRY A. WISE. Mt.J.Toha? : Sir?The patrol (spectacles yea furnished me yesterday are particularly satluftit lory to noe. Tney are very decidedly the best I possess, and 1 am the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected in different places and from op ticians recommended to me on account of their Er< fecslonal standing in England, France aud the nlted States. 1 have been also pleased with vour remarks and directions on the treatment ?f the eyes, for the purpose of preserving and improv ing ihe sight. Respectfully, yours, _ CHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. ? ,u Ltnch??*?, Nov. 1?, IBM. Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with ?lasses, by which I have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from rending at night in my earlier life) It affords me the highest pleasure to say that 1 consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those whs txay need his prof? clonal services WW. is. ROUZl E. Elder of Methodlct Ceafcici*. M. . ,w?-*"!?To*.N.C.,Jan *7, a Dear Sir?I am hippy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained ffom voalast r?eJJ V "aU?faftorY Erom an lnequal lty in the visual range of my eyes, l have hereto fore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords roe pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi eulty has> been happily obviated so that theglaasas Iou furnished rc^j are decldedlv the bent adapted 1 *1 of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R. B. DRANK, Rector of St. Jaws' Pariah Department of Interior, May 7,1886. Firm natural defects and the unequal range of ?y eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. 1 have tried different optician* yenrfi. i utea* uiaauii uuilGiaut without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer ha Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. 1 most eheerfutly recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to asegtasses, and hear ay leati moay as to his skill as airoptieian. HENRY E BALDWIN, Assial. 0ec'y to ilga Land Warraals. If l?-? ! QLBNWOOP CUIKTUf, Of He* !fo. Wf r?. a vs., earner link itrni (0V1*THIUTIM'|?4,i ) ^ *pHIS CEMETERY I* Lid oat on the ?i? M ?1 theclebrated6reenwood.of New Ymt ?->* situated on tbe hU:h ground distant one Kn4 , quarts miles north of the Capitol? North Cimm Arret leading directly to tbe gateway Th la < Vinpuy have secured a charter fr?? Oj pi* . appropriating their ground forever to hartal puinone?, nuking a fee title to the purchaser. **4 pm hi biting all encroachments from leglaiatloa <* otherwise. which Is of **< Importance U> tfc,.,. who winh their dead to repot whore they h??r placed then. for It has become a custom la all other cltlea when theburial ground beeomrs r?iu. able for other purposes, to aell It, and throw dead proralscously Into oae large pit. and >cw meaf-ur* cannot prevent It, as no titles are gtvca to the ground. N if ?Oflceopen from 10 to It o'clock a n wheee Pamphlets, containing the Charter, Hv' Law*, and a map of the ground, and all other la Ibrmstloa, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F Harvey, N? tlOS< veuth street, or any other undertake r. wlii be promptly attended to. |g?\r SOMETHING TO OLD AMI) YOVNR. PROFEMUR WOOD'I H&1B BBITOliTITI. * I Ml J S preparation, although tows than two ysan ?t before tne public, owing to iu wonderful ef fects upon the numan hair and sralp, ha* already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly ua pani 1,-led. It has without the ordinary appliance used for such purposes, won Its way. and bf?-a heartllv welcomed to most of the cltle* and town* In tke United State*, the Canada*, and the V> rr. India lMai:ds. Nor is this result surprising wti ? It la renx mbi red that l's popularity is based upon its locrlts, solely as established by actual u?t# That this preparation wll! actually Restore gray Ha'r to its Natural Color, prodnoe a luxuriant grow*.c upon the b??nd? of the bald, present the hair from falling off. and wfcrai assdas a tonic ar ticle. npdtice a oontlnual flew of tie natural fluid and thus render the hair soft, glossy and wavy, destroy diseases of the scalp, and expel dandruff the certlflcates of distinguished gentlemen and ladles In every part of the country who have tried It, aM therefore speak what they know, most fnl ly a test. That by a proper u?e of this Re*torativ? the hilt can be made to attain end retain iu nvu ral color to almost any age alotted to iiumantty, by r. moving the cautc of dl?ca.?c from the scalp? ?o suatteT h?'W long standing?the concurrent <mi tlnnnla]* of the pros* and the oetlflrates of nu mT 15 resectable individual* of ** *cre? to the .}?e of th!* curative, a* wr'l as of the reeo? inundations of editor* and certJflcatea before ails ded to, oan be had of all -v^nte. Baooxr 1*1?, Mass , Jan. It, IBM Paor. Wood?Dear Sir?Having m&d* trial ?f {?our Hair Restorative It glvea me p'.f-wure te say btt ltrt efllrct has b?en excellent In removing la fli.mraation, dandruff, and a constant tendem v t? itching, with which 1 have been tronbled f><>*a childhood. and has a!*m estored euv hair, walrfc was becoming gray, tol u original oolrr. I bar* o?od an other article, with anything like the saws plcaanre and proflt. Ycurs, truly , J. K. BR * 911, Factor of Orthodox Church Proolrpeid Cabitib 111., Janet". 18S". 1 have used Prof O J. Wood's Hair Restora tive. and have admired Ita wonderfal effect M y hair was becoming, as I thought, prematura* gray; but by the u*e of his "Restr ratlvaU Ua resimod IU original color, sad 1 haeencdoHoi, pc.imr enUy so. SIDNEY HREKSK, Ex-.Senator Waited eta tea I*xor. Woon Dw Plr?My hair eomrtes vd Ihlttng off seme th?ee or four rears *lsoe. and '?o?. t!nuM to do *0 until I )>eea?e quite bald. 1 UVd ail the popular ^emrdiea of the day, bat to no ef fect, at laf 11 was Induced ?o us?- jrorr oeK-Lrat?d H.ilr KcatoratKe. aud am eery hsppy to aay It 1< d->irg wonders. 1 h&vs now a flne growth ?; yrnrg h&lr, and <-hecrfally recomrecrd Its ax to ail ?frtllrrlv ? . C WILLIAMSON, 133 Second ntree'. AddNM O. i WCK'D A CO.. Proprietors 314 Brcfcdway, New York, and 114 Mara** street. St Louis, Mo. C. STOTT A CO., wholesale aad retail Ageat, Washington ff W^TIYOTT A SONS. OeneT*' Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. aa 1?ly Carter's Spanish Mixtui e THB URKAT PURIFIER OFTHF BLOOD1 Beat Alterative ka*wa" not a fabticlb or NiaciaT in it!'! An infallible remedy for Scrofula. HingU Kvll, Kheumatlem Obstinate Cutaneous Lruptlons, Pimples or Postule* on the Faee, Hlotffce-, Bolls, Ajnie and #ever, Chronic ?or^ K\ ?, Rlnjrwiwm or Tetter. Srald H?sld. Knlar. r. mem and paia of tbe Bones and Jotsu. Sa t Rheum. Stiibbera Dicers, Syphilitic DisoKirr^, and all diseases arising from an lnjudjclon of Mercury. Imprudrnre In Life, or Impurity of th* Klood. 'pH IS great remedy, which has becon*- so nr 1- idlv and so Justly celebrated for its vxtraordl nary eAcacy In relieving and curing many of the mwt obvtlnate and terrible forma <T disease with which mankind is afllicted. is now oflered to the public, with theconflder.t a durance that no Mrr icsl niscovKnT ever made ha* beer-so eminently rnocewdtalincutineScaoi vla. and all d:?i/ ??? or thb Bi.oos,as CARTER'S SP>.NlSH MIX TURE. The proprietors are receiving by ererv ma 11 motvt flatter.. g and astonishing d-lall* of cures made In J1 part*of thscoun'rj-. at<d In mos* ce-/* wh?*re the skill of the best Pb\?icians had bees ried in vain. Itspowsr oeer the Btoon Is truly remarkable and all diseases arising from lmpurltv of the great Ssat or Lifb have been relieved ar>o cured with out a single fhilure. out of the thouaands mho lisve used it. Carter s Spanish Mixture c<?n. :lr*. no Mercury. Opium, Arsenic, or any dan-erojs dntga, out ia composed of Roots and Herbs, com with other Ingredients of known virtue, and may be gteen to the youngest Infant or m?*t dr tMl'Uted invalid, withrut the leai?t poNsiblc h<> ? tatioa. We hsve only room for short extracts from the volume* of testimony in ocr possession, and a I front gentlemen af the hlchest respevtabillty. s> l knowu inlht'li various localities. Please read fb y<Huseivea. We take grant pleaeurt la calling thr aUontloa of oer renders to the merits of Carter's Spaiil*i Mixture as a remedy for dlaoaaes of the blood It enjoys a reputation ia this city unequalled by acv other preparaitlon? Dot If i>??p?ic4, A ?tkmend, fn. The Hon John M. Bolt*,of v? .aara heconsld crs It a matter of duty to add hl? testimony U> tb? virtue., of Carter'* Spanish Mixture, rbom acrrai. SBBsonaL obsbbvatiok of its remarkable cttra tine powers far the diseases in which it 1* >i? A We hsve been etired of a violent aud nratwcUd Liver diufSP by Carter's Spanish Muture. We know It to be all it prufrw**.?A'dtisr Somikn'tt Lit 'noctat, Ptttnkurg, 7a. We have fouud from personal trial, that ?*?? ter'sSpahlah Mlnturc is a truly valuable nsdl? , cine.?Ed. T*rgin*<s ludtptudtnt, Vt. GREAT CUKE OF SCROFULA -A |?r?-* man in our employ was cured of Scrofula of a vir ulent character by a few bottles sf Carter's Span ish Mixture, after everything else had fhlled Oth er cures which have come under our own obaervs tlod. proves u> us conclusively, that la really a val uable mediclaal agent. We take great pleasure In calling the attention of the aSicted to Its mer its? Richmond Republican. SYTHILIS.?I have seen a number of cure* of Syphilis performed by Cart*r'r Spsnl-h Mlxiuo I nelievc it to be a perfect antidote for that horri ble dfeenae E. BURTON. Com. of Revenue for city of R let mend L1JEK DISEASE.?Samuel M. Drinker ?f the Arm of Drinker A Morris, Booksellers, Rich mond, Va , was cured of Liver disease of several years standing by only three bottles of Carter * Spanish Mixture. OLD SORES, ULCERS AND OBSTIHATE KRUPTIOH% ON THE SKIN ?See the cure of Mr. Harwood. and others, detailed In our Al manac The number of auch cases cured bv Car ter'a Spanish Mixture, preclodes the possibility of Inserting them in an advertisement. EFFECTS OF MERCURY ?Seetheecre ?l . Mr Klmore Me was eaten up with Mercury aud { oould obtain no relief, until he took six bottles of Carte's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly restored him to health aud vigor. I NEURALGIA ? Mr F Boyden. formerly of tbe Astor House. N . Y . more r^-eiitiy propri ety of the Exchange Hotel. Richmond, was cured cf Neuralgia by Carter s Spanish Mixture Since 1 that timeTiie nvs he ha> seen it cure more tb?a a ^ hundredcsm* of the disease* io which It !??*'<!.? He never fhll* to reco;umend It to the affined RHEUMATISM? Mr. John F Hariisos. Dra^gl^t, of Martinsburg. Va . writes of the ?ln- , gular cure of a violent case of Rheumatism ' patient could not walk A few bottles entirely cured him. .. ._ SCROFULA-?Mr. Hanlson also writes oft *7V r?> / *- v u ja "n . ?? us ? ? - vh ? - ? greit cure of Scrofula, In the person of a yot?i?g lady, (of three years standing,) which all thr ac tors could not reach. Six bottles made acjarrof her. ' SYPHILIS.?Dr K T Headle, of Wash<>? ton. D. C , who cured an obstinate case of SypW* lis by Carter's Spanish Mixture, says "it acts spe cially on the Blood, Liver and Skla and is prenip1 andeAcient in its results." Dr John M!nge, formerly of the CTty Hotel, Richmond, now of Alabama, say's he haa sees Carter s Spanish Mixture administered in a auJ* ber of cases with astonishingly good effect H* reconunends it as "the most etL lent aiieraL" use " SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA Mr A nnjivn JR iv AJ 0L AVrvs##? Jos. Roblason. ?f Wooster. Ohio, was cured <* Scrofula and Salt Rheum of three years sund - A by only three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture m WM. S BEERS A CO , Proprletora. A No Breadway, New York. ? Cy Price f 1 per bottle, or six bottles for fl* 1 ror sale by CHAS STOTT, W?hl?fi1?>- D' 1 ?? ~ ? ' set l-iy