Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Philadeli'HIa Evbsijtq Bullrtib of vesterday gives Washington City a handsome ootice in its leading editorial. After alluding to the fact that we are without a great na tional city?a city representing the nation as Paris represent* France, or Loudon, England, and that indeed the prejudices of the people are happily against all claim? to supremacy on the part of any one city, it proceeds to say that, in the absence of any great and domi neeiing metropolis, whose commerce, or man* ufactnres or wealth can give it the power to represent the whole nation, we can turn with Si mc pleasure to Washington, as a city in which the people take an interest, and in crh<>se embellishment and improvement every state can take a certain degree of delight and pride. The plan of Washington has been ridi cule J for its vastne-c, and it may have seemed ridiculous to have a few thousand people scat tered orer a plaee that would lodge a million, and call it a city. But the designers of Wash ington had calculated for futurity, and al ready it i? beginning to show that it will be large enough for its plan. Within the cast fifteen year* its population has more tnan doubled, and many of the present generation will live to see it a compact and elegant city of perhaps several hundred thousand inhabitants. The plan, besides being vast, is perhaps the finest ever conceived for a great metropolis. Paris, in spite of Its Boulevards, its Rue de Rivoli and its Champs Elysees, can never be made as superb a city as Washington must become in the course of centuries The uni versally wide, straight streets, and the grand avenues radiating from the Capitol and the President's House, give it an advantage in variety and in circulation that no European capitol possesses, and of which, even we, in rectangular but beautiful Philadelphia, must forever be deprived. There is no grander urban prospect in the world than that pre sented to the spectator from the capitol even at the present time. The city lies at his feet, and Pennsylvania avenue stretches out be fore him. even its mean-looking houses ac quiring a sort of beauty ns being component parts of a vista. Vistas are always beautiful, and this one. terminating with the President's House and the Treasury in the distance, will, at some future day, be one of the must beau tiful in tho world. After some notice of the works of art here, the article proceeds with an intimation to the residents of Washington, that they should not depend too conclusively upon Government sup port. There is no reason why commerce aud manufactures should not flourish in Washing ton as well as in Baltimore; and individual enterprise, should go hand in hand with that of Government in enlarging the resources of the place ?nd increasing the inducements for people to reside there The vast expenditure of late years upon public buildings makes it almost certain that the Government will never be removed from Washington, and indeed the extension of railroads and telepraphs destroys the force of the chief arguments in favor of euch removal. So the people of Washington can safely employ their capital in home invest ments that will be of material advantage, and feel secure that there is no .langerof a re-action or of loss from the of the seat of gov ernment. Terrible is the condition of tho streets. ?Sposk is the word; or if you like that better. There is rough ice about, and some drifts, and not a few holes, in which horses legs run some risk of breakage, to say nothing of the neck* of the owners The thaw gets on very moderately; what thaw^ midday freexes again at night, and so sleighing con tinues, and seems likely to. Now is the time t'. remember the poor. Work of all sorts is brought to a stand-still, and we can readily c -nceive how this must operate on those who are ebliged to depend on each day's labor for each day's support. There never was a time, perhaps, in the history of the city, when there was m._?re privation amongst this class; the numbers seeking shelter nightly at the guard bouse; the crowds at the Mayor's office, the thousand individual cases of suffering met at every corner, show this most unmistakeably. Help these poor p?ople through this month, and the next, or until the season opens, and then they can help themselves. Cocrt of Claims.?Yesterday, the case of Gilbert J. Place vs. the United States was called up for argument. This is a claim for compensation for property which was taken from the ranch# of Sisto Berreyeia, who lives in Napa county, California, in the year 1846, by the I'nited States troops, under the com mand of Lieutenant Colonel John C. Fremont. The value of the property taken is estimated at 516,6:11. The argument in favor of the claimant was made by Mr Baxter, and that in behalf of Government by the Solicitor; when the case wa- submitted for the decision of the Court The Solicitor then concluded his argument in the case of Thomas H Baird vs. the United States. The following named gentlemen were ap pointed commissioners to take testimony to be used in this Court: Texa? ? George M Mason at ludianola. California?A. Spencer Graham at Sacra mento New York?Oliver D. Cook at New York city. The Cvurt adjourned. Ik-TRAOBOCS !??' Blessed is he that oonsid yreth the poor," says the inspired writer, and we have rejoiced to hear that many of our prominent christians, who believe in works as well as fattU have acted tho glorious part of the Good Samaritan during the present in clement season. The cold, the hungry, the sick and tho suflering have been promptly re lieved by those true disciples of Him who 41 went about doing good"?alas! that their ranks have not been full. One family, the members of which make 41 long prayers, and thank God they are not as other men are," have actually evaded the payment of a wash ing bill, due to a poor mulatto woman, who is sick, and needs the pittance thus withheld ! Shame on such hyoocricy says the Star, and we will "speak rignt out in meeting," Quaker fashion, if this bint does not produce the de sired effect. ?? bHAPPOiiTUKST.?Those who went to the Theatre last night, expecting to see Mr. Chan frau and Miss Albertine, were disappointed by an announcement that the ice had detained them at Norfolk. The Museum company, from Baltimore, supplied the deficiency by tome melo-dramatic performance, which were apparently highly acceptable to the audience ihe 44 legitimate drama is evidently not as popular here, as more terrific exhibition*, and we wonder Manager Jarrett does not indulge his patrons again with Jack Sheppard Mr. Jefferson deserves much credit for his inde fatigable and successful efforts to get the audi ence good nature J StpREne Cji rt ?John Pyne, Esq , of New York was admitted :in attorney and counsel lor of thif court Nos 42 and 43 The heirs of Gen Lafay% ette. plaintiffs in error, vs. Joseph Kenton et a/., and tho heirs of Gen Lafayette, plain tiffs in error, vs Edward C. Carter et at. The argument in these causes was continued by tho Hon Miles Taylor for the plaiutiffs in er rer, and by Mr Janin for the defendant in error; and then the court adjourned. To Nigh*'?Ye?, to-night is tho anniver sary of the birth of Ben .Franklin? winter, politician, and philosopher. And the fire c -nipany which bears his name intend to cele brate th?i <iceasion by a grand ball at Carusi s Saloon. Need we say that it will be a bril liant festive scene, where the gallant protec tors from tho devastations of the Fire King will mingle in the dance with the youth and beauty of the city. Need we recommend nil who eujoy a well managed and well attended Lall to go * ? ? - Professor Mlsihr hid a very agreeable Hutrre Damantt at his ball last night Every thing passed <<u as 41 merry as a marriage bell,'' greatly to the satisfaction of the many fascinaliug ladies and accomplished beaux who mingled in the merry danco. Am Irish Bcll ? A Hiberian friend of the i'ltltiniore Republican takes a characteristic view of the House He say that every day's delay in the organitition, is chatcing the bpaker out of eight dollars a day. Criminal, CoumT ?The Jury is itill oat on the Edwards case. The only case tried yesterday was that of Sarah Smith (colored) for larceny ; sentenced to jail for eight months. Wharton for defence. The Court did not sit to-day until 12m., when it was to meet the Grand Jury. The Annual Scprsn of the Medical Fra ternity of the Distriot, we understand, will take place at Gautier's. at eight o'clock to morrow evening. We will insure them good cheer?few understand better than friend Gautier how to cater to hearty as well as deli cato appetite*. We wish them a pleasant time. Election.?At a meeting of the stockhold ers of the LonaconingCoal and Transportation Company, of Allegany county, Maryland, held at their office, il this city, on the 14th instant, Hon. Win. L. Hodge and Com. W. ii. Shuhrick were elected directors. Masonic.?There will doubtless be a full attendance of the fraternity to-night, to hear the eulogy on the late Oliver Whittlesey, de livered by B. B. French, Urand Commander of the Knights Templars. See advertisement. Tbe Minstrels have excellent houses, and the-4Varieties" reverberates with applause at their vocal performances, their quaint jokes, and their mirth-provoking acting. Watch Returns ?There were no other oases than those of lodgers, and the number of these was somewhat diminished by the crowd sent to the workhouse on yesterday. PERSOVAL. .... La (J range, and the opera troupe, which was here with her, go to Boston next week. .... Tbe Forrest divorce case is under re view before the Superior Court in New York. .... Dr. Hnffnagle, American Consul Gen eral for the East, was at Benkioi, Dec, 11. ....General Marmora is expected soon at Turin, on his way to Paris. .... Geo. Copway, the Indian orator, is lec turing at Chatanooga county, N. V. .... Levi North has a circus and amphi theatre open at Chicago, 111., this winter. .... St George Peachy, of Richmond, Va., returned from Europe in the Arago. .... Maj. T. S. Garnett, of Salisbury, N. C . has been appointed superintendent of the North Carolina Railroad. .... Rev. Thomas Hutuo has been re-elect" ed President of the Portsmouth Insurance Company. .... Professor Bache lectures this evening before the American Geographical Society, at New York, on the " Gulfstream." .... The Hon. D. T. Disney, a member of the last House from Ohio, is in this city at Dexter's Hotel. .... Commodore Stewart has addressed a long appeal to Congress against the action of the Naval Retiring Board. .... Henry Stevons, well known here as a dealer in old books, has brought seventeen tons of Nineveh sculpture to Boston, on specu lation. .... Edward Everett will preside to-morrow evening, (tbe ISth,) at a Webster birth-day dinner, to be eaten at the Revere House^ Boston. ....Hon. Robert C. Schenck, late United States Minister to Brazil, is now in Boston. He is en route for Keene, N. H., where his daughters are at school. .... Tbe Hon R. H. Stanton, a member of the last Hou<?e of Representatives from Ken tucky, fell, a few days since, on the ice, in Maysville, and fractured his arm badly. .... Mr. Mitchell gives Mde. Goldschmidt Lind the enormous sum of ?500 sterling for each concert in which she sings, in the series of concerts he is now giving in London. .... Dr. Gesaner Harrison. Professor of An cient Languages at the University of Virginia, contemplates retiring from that institution and opening a school. He has purchased the farm of Wm B. Philips, near Charl >ttesville. ....Mr. Wise, of Virginia, (son of Hon. Henry A Wise,) has arrived at Paris and en tered upon his duties as U. S. Secretary of Legation He had been transferred from an other post in Europe. .... General Luders has again taken uphi3 quarters in Odeasa, and recently gave a ball to celebrate the nuptials of his daughter?the only surviving child out of a family of twelve ?with Col. Weimarn. .... Mr. Dickens and Mr Macaulay have more readers this Christmas than ever. Thirty five thousand copiesof the first number of Lit tle Dorret have been sold, and there will soon be thirty-five thousand copies of tbe History of England in the market. .... Mr. M. A Otero, the contestant of the delegate seat in the House from New Mexioo, and the Hon P. E. Broccbus. an associate judge of. the United States Court of the same territory, have reached Washington. Judge B s numerous friends here wil! be glad to welcome him back once more among us. .... Edward Everett wrote the paper in the last North American Review, on the 44 Life, Services, and Works of Henry Wheaton." It alludes to several questions of international law. that have presented themselves for dis cussion and adjudication during the past hun dred years, in which the United States have been tbe power most deeply concerned. ....That eminent judge, Sir Allen Park, oace said at a publie meeting in London : " Of our civilization, onr freedom, our laws, we forget entirely how much is due to Chris tianity. Blot Chriitianity out of the pages of man's history, and what would his laws have been, what his civilization?" .... Dumas and General B. were dining in Paris at the house of a mutual friend. The conversation turned upon the existence of a God. "Oh," said the General, "I never think about that, one way or the other." 14 General," said Dumas, 441 have two stag hounds at home who share your sentiments exactly?they never think of it either. of thousand Floweri,discovered by Or. Kohtihb, of Paris, for beantlfyliig th* complexion, curlug disea*** of th* (kin, for shaviug, cleansing the teeth, removing pimple*. Itu, and freckle* and many medical pur pose*. Prt-e 60 cent* per bottl*. Kor (ale at SHILLINO TON'S Bookselling and Stationery KstaM Ishment, Odeoti VullJIuj, corner lit street and Fauna, avenue. dec 12 IXjTAmbrotrpe ? Amongst the most at* tractive and beautiful specimens of tbe Photographic art, now ou exhibition at WHITKHl BbT'H UALLKRY, are tbe AMBHOTVPKS. They are truly a beautiful Picture, and In aouie reapects au Improvement ou the old fauilllar Da guerreotype*. Th* Gallery contain* quite a large collection of Photograph* on paper. Dagn*rreotype* of the Tutted State* Supreme Court slue* l*t?, member* of the United State* com te , President Pierce and Cabinet, and many other public men of th* Nation. A vtelt to WHITKHURST'H 0 A L t.K I: Y No IM Ponu*>l?iuia avtune, 1* well worth the trou bie and tha time. uovM?tf U7" Hoofland'o Uermaa Hitters, prepared and *old by Or. Jackson, at the German Medical Store, 120 Arch street, Philadelphia, dally lucre&ae In their well de *?rv?l celebrity for the cur* of all Disease* arising from de raugeneat of lb* liver. The** Hitlers have. Indeed, proved a blessing to the afflicted, who show their gratitude by the B'>et Haltering testimonials. This medicine ha* established for IMelf a nam* that competitor*, however wily lL*lr scheme*, or *e<luctive their promisee, cauuot reach It gained tbe public coufldruc* by th* Immense benefit* that have be*u derived from It, aud will *v*r maintain It* post liou. Hee advertisement. d?e 1J?tin tLT Noah Walker * Marble Hall Glotblug kmpoilum. Drowns' Hotel Kulldlug, reepectfnlly ann um* that their display of FALL and WIMl'KK CLO THING U low ready for Inspection, comprising an assort ment of COATS, TALMU), OVKKSACKS, Bt'BTOlTTS, VKriTS and PA N1A LOONS, of the newest and richest de ?Igus lu mat-rial, trimming and workmanship. To geutle m-n who rlj'ly etcslieuc* with ecouomy In faahlouabl* ar acld of dies* an opportunity Is now oflarad for aelectlug from me of th? attractive ?tricks of Woods In this city, at very r-to -.t 1.1 ) nov 9?u ICT A article will alwsyi triumph over any preteuded imitation. It lias U?en said that every v I* a paradise of humbugs; bat let a really meritorious a .ic e. capable ol d,.lug all that Is promised for U, and It will stand l!i? M*t of any opposition ilependeul upon Inflate 1 no b.rlely . aud Hosteller'* iaued STOMACH B ITT If MS bear ? vl.teuc* ol thle for it ha* been taken hold of by the people and tried, and not found wanting la curing any can* of Dye pepala, lu any form. When thee* facts are known, why should It not be appreciated, and used by everybody. Kor sale by Dragglst' an* Dealers geueially. JlMKHN.CAL LaW. Agent In Washington jao *? tr fry Letter from Hon. John Minor Holt*. ?f Virginia, deled Bicbuioud, July Oth, l*,5. Messrs. W*. S * Co. Gentlemen : Consideration* of da IT to th* afflict- I alone prompt me to send-yon this vol utarv testimonial to tbeitreatvalu* of CAHTKR'S SPANISH MIXIl KK for that almost iucurable disease, Scrofula. Without belug dispose.!, or deemlug l? nt.-nM.ry to go tl e particular* of th* case. I c*n say that the a*l?ulsbiu{ re sult? tbut have been produced by lhal medicine, ou a mem *?IM that under my own obeervatioa and ZZl. ?u.H furthe .kill ol th* be*. pl.y.Klau-h.d s.1 perIutandeu. e att# r i r?rae,lies had failed, ftillj ?" *?? n:-a":: s or that It will *?r>rd A* (Z'-M I c ur**, I 1 wonld not hesitat* lo u?* It in *ny c^^rofiu. w^h P^-n* for whom I MlI ? or 0Ttr wli^m I could ?*erctj? or ^ H0TT8. Jao I?im R^cifullj your#, JNU. M. *wi U7UW Om!-Yci! Ckriilmti U trcr bat Dot IU agony. Many are now Buffering pain la tba 11 mix, or about tb? shoulders or aid*, from as Irregular ac tloa of the livar, caaaed by bad usage during tb? eicttemeni af coiiTlTial hours. Nothing Ilka DtGBATITS KLXCTRIO OIL, m rfll?*e eueta painful recollections. Rno rlieama tlaia of thirty yeare agony haa been cured tn ona day by thla ? aluabla "Electric Oil," from the Professor's only office, M 8. Eighth street, Philadelphia, between Chesnot and Walnut. A regular dojtor In sttandanre. P. a.?*. 8. Oorerdala. Kaq., of Bererly, N. J., who waa ?o badly Injured by the disastrous collialon of the steamsr Mr Donald, waa completely restored by's wonderful KlectrlS Oil. He aay?, "tell the world so aaya Rachel, aud thoasands mora. M Sooth Eighth, rloaa by Cheanat, only office. dec SI?tf CT" Art yea Sick??Them y*o c?*'t be cared too soon. Don't delay nntll your complaint la Incura ble, and then mourn when It la too lata. Poar-flltha of all ilia dlaease which people ihe church yarda mlgbt be cured by AYKB'H CATHARTIC PILLS, If taken In season. Don't go dragging through the Spring faint, aleepy, and listless, la ctone yoar blood la loaded wltb bile. Don't wear the head ache, heartburn, and their kludred disorders, bacauae your stomach la foal. Doa't parade youraalf around the world, cersred with p'mplas. blotcbea, nlcera, sores, and all or*ny of the nncleau dlaeaaea of the akin, because yoar system asats cleanalug. Don't ahow yourself ab ut, laan, haggard, all caved lu, because your Stomach hnd Bowels need streugth eulug into healthy action. Ayer'a PlUa aet tbeae thlnga right aa anrely aa water quenches lire. They puriry the body and bb>o4, and reatore their functions Into healthy activity whlcll yon can feel aa qnlck aa they are taken. They are the oue great medical wonder of thla age. recogulted by all who know their vlrtuea, aud mauy thonaanda know them. Take the Cherry Pe?toral for a Cough, aud the Pills for all derange meuta requiring a Purgative medicine. Prepared by l>r. J. O. AYKK, Lowell, Mara., and aold by ?verv reaper table drngglat. bold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; O. M. LINTHICIM, Qporgetown ; JAMES COOK k CO,, Fredericksburg. ac M?aota MAKKIKU, On the 15th instant, at Foundry Parsonage, by Rev E P. Phelps, Mr ALBERT W. ELY and Miss SUSANNAH B. TRIPLETTE, all of this city. DIED, On the 10th instant, at BowtlngUreen,Caroline county. Va , in the 62d year of her age, Mrs. ANN HOOM ES MAURY, wife of Wm. G. Maury and mother of the late John W. Maury, of this city. In Alexandria, on the 10th Instant, Mrs. HAR RIET 1). P BAKER, relict of the late John M. Baker, formerly Conscl of the United States in Europe and in South America, aud daughter of the late Colonel Frederick H. Baron de wiessen fels, of the Revolutionary Army. In Alexandria, Va , on the 2d instant, EDWIN F. TATSPAUGH, in the 34th year of his age. WANTS. WANTED?A BOY TO I.KAKN SHOE MAKING. A German preferred. Applv to JOSEPH ARK ED, 12tli street, between H and New York avenue. jan 17?It* 100 WOOD CHOPPERS WANTED-AT Dalecarlla, four miles from Geoagetown, to whom the highest price will be paid Apply to DAVID STKANS, on the premises, or to to F. Magmder, Wood and Coal Yard, cor. C st. Jan 17?It* WANTED?TO PURCHASE A WKLL built three story brick dwelling house pleasantly located Price from thirty live to thir ty-eight hundred dollars. Cash payment SI,200. Address "Purchaser," City Post Office. jan 16?gt* Apartments wanted?two com fortable chambers and a parlor are wanted in the vicinity of Willards'Hotel. Address imme diately "N," at this office, stating precise loca tion. ' jan 16?3t WANTED?A GENTLEMAN IN VIRGI nla wants to buy or hire for his own use a servant, accustomed to waiting in the house. I will take either a smart boy or good elderly man. Address immediately "K G," City P. O. jan 15?3t* TO TINNERS -A YOUNG MAN WISH es an employer, with whom he could finish hi* apprenticeship. Haw a good knowledge of the business. Address "J H Raglan," City Post Office. Jan 15?3t? WANTED?A FEW YOUNG DRY COWS. Enquire of LEONARD STORM, Esq., Clerk of Centre Market. jan 15 ?4t Educational ?board wanted?a i gentleman quallticd to teach the English, La tiu, French and Spanish Languages, and all the higher branches of Mathematics?having some unoccupied time?wishes to obtain board in some private family, where his services in instructing a limited numbers of pupils would be received as an equivalent therefor Undoubted testimonials and reference* given. Address "Editor" box 513 Post Office jan 15 A GENTLEMAN, AGED 25, OF ACTIVE disposition, some business talents and expe rience, with cash capital of $12,01(0 would Invest a portion of the same In a partnership business, affording active employment, and remunerative profit. Add/ess "C S" at this office Jan 14 ?2w* WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN RESIO iiig on the Heights of Georgetown. D C , a woman to keep house and do plain sewing. Ad dress "Mac," at this office, or at No 15 Eighth street, Georgetown. jan 14? cu ri AAATO LOAN ?Apply to T. JEF <$?>,WUU FEKSON SMITH, NO.402 Fif teenth street, over Chubb Bro 's bank. jan 12 ?tf ________________ WA N TED - WANTED?WANTED?TO Uud persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-lop Braekett Tables, lit bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work In the gliding line done to order with dlsratch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Hracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, fur cash N. B ? Old \Vork Kegllt, and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 2S5 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 10 JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING. Boarding?one large room and several suitable for single persons can be ob talned bv early application with or without board at No 46* Tenth street, between D and E. Also, as usual, table boarders, on the most reasonable terms. janlti? 5t* Board, Ac ?mrs. bates,on thes. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and fcth street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her Wi.h their patronage. ap 6?tf 2 NOTICE OK POSTPONEMENT. WE ARECOMPELLED TO ANNOUNCE to the subscribers to the PRIZE EM BROIDERY RAFFLE, that we shall have to postpone the drawing for a few days, 011 account of there being still a uumber of cnances not yet taken. Those persons wishing to subsetlbe will oblige us by giving us their names early, as we do not wish to delay the drawing any longer than we can help. We will state the day for drawing 1 n a future advertisement. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO., Jan 14 Cor. Penn. avenue and Ninth street. THE BOSTON AMERICAN ALMANAC for 1b30 received this dav. Jan^ll FRANCK TAYLOR - HMDS PORTO KILO .SUGAR ?J J ust received and for sale by Jan 12-eo3t MURRAY A SEMMES. Brushes, combs, pomatum, cologne Bay Rum, Ac., at ELLIS'S dec 31 306 Pa. avenue. I.MNE LIBRARY EDITIONS of Campbell, ?T Milton, Dryden, Bryant, Halleck, Longfel low, Shaktpeare, Byron, Pope. Moore, Heinans, Joanna. H<*llle, Cowper, Thomson, Willis, SI gourney, Herbert, Shelly, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Burns, Goldsmith, Scott. Hood, Swift, Chaucer. Spenser. Tennyson, Southey, Rogers, Young ana many other Poets, may be found at the most mod erate price*, at the bookstore of the undersigned, fine editions, in morocco and calf bindiugs, many of them beautifully Illustrated; most of them Im ported direct from London, by the undersigned, and bound there. FRANCK TAYLOR, dec 2S _ Ul TTA PERCHA TEETH. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN the habit of sending our patrons to Or Cosby for Dental operations for a uumber of yerfrs, ana take pleasure in recommending him to the citi zens of Washington as the beat tooth extractor and dental operator that we have ever met with He Inserts teeth upon every plan that la practised In the United States. <*eo P. Ho Jiuta. M D. B. W. Towlea, M. D. A V. Payne. M. t?, DDB John T. Miller, M. D. Jainee ttryaiit, M D II P. C'bamberlin, M. D., DD3. 0 H Harrla, M. D. Samuel P. Brown, M. D. Wythe Tinaley, M. D B. M. Pranciaco, M. D. OflU-e over Ford A Bro's, No. corner of llth street and Pa aveaue. nov 27-6in* UUTTA PERCHA TEETH. DR O MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base. Also, with Allen's pat ent continuous Gum, combining beau ty. strength and cleanliness. Or M Is determined to keep pace with every improvement in Dentistry, and will strive to please and profit bis patroas RMriBiNca: Rev. Dr. Gurley, Hon R H Glllet, Dr Biuney, Hon. S A Douglas, Hon. C Mason, Cr R P Patterson, Hon. A O P Nicholson, Dr R Coolidge, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. upv '?)?tf I rOR BAM AJTD RKWT. pUENitHED ROOMS?FOR RENT, A M. Parlor and several handsome Chambers? some of them lighted with gas, at No. '160 F st.. n"f door east of the Secretary of the Treasury Meals are furnished by an experienced Cook, In the basement jan 17?It* T^ESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR 8ALE.-I JL' will now sell my property, situated on the

Georgetown and Rockvllle Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the Tillage of Tennallytown, where there is a post office. The place contains 63# acres, and is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 38 X <0, with a wing 45 x 31, and all necossarv out houses City property will be taken as cart pay. THUS. MARSHALL, At Mrs. Spalding's, corner 9th and F sts. jan 17?tl ' Pj*OR SALE?THE GOOD WILL AND F1X J. tures of the Railroad Hotel, situated on Penn. avenue, between First and Second streets, and now doing a rood business The owner wishes to retire from business Is the reason of selling. For further information enquire on the prem jan 16?4t? tlOK RKNT?IN GEORGETOWN, A TWO* J. story brick house, with extensive back bnlld ings, and fine apartments for servant*. Gas pipes throughout the house, a pump of water in the yard, a large garden, and enclosed lot on each side of the house Also, for hire by the month or year a first rate dining room servant, sober, honest and active, and accustomed to drive a one horse car rtjwe Enquire at this office, or on Gay street. KM Georgetown. _ ^ jan 16-dlwAeotf FOR *ALE-WOODLAND, WOOD, WA GON, HORSES, Ac. A tract of land, containing 181 acres, two miles from the Navy Yard Bridge, a part cleared, a fine soil, and exposure for a market garden, the rest well wooded and will cut from '2,000 to 3,000 cords Oak W ood Now on it 350 to 400 cords seasoned oak, cut last winter. The improvements are new ?a small dwelling, acorn house, and a stable for ?Ix horses. A first rate Wagon and Gear, four large fine Wagon Horses, accustomed to hauling wood, and one young saddle horse. Refer to Hugh Bernard Sweeney, of the Bank ing house of Sweeny, Rittenhouse, A Co. If I he above property Is not sold before Tuesday the SMtl Instant, the seasoned and greenwood, and horses and wagon will be offered at public sale at the Auction Rooms of A. Green, on that day. at 18o'clock. jan li-dttilst Furnished room s ?a large and commodious Parlor, with Chamber attached is for rent in the neighborhood of the Patent Of flee They are well furnished and the parlor con tains gas Enquire at this office jBn 5?tf ! TOO LET. ?A COMMODIOUS DWELLING A house and lot, between Sixth and Seventh streets, near Island Hall. Also, Rooms on 4 w street, near the City Hall, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for lodging or for offices, with the privilege, if desired, of a large law and miscellaneous library. Apply at No. VI# street,jiear the City Hall. jan 5?tf Furnished rooms for rent.?mrs. G ANDERSON has several furnished rooms for rent, suitable for a family or bingle gentleman The rent will be moderate No. 8?6 Pa. avenue 2d door from Kirkwood House. Jan 8?tf OR RENT-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, desirably situated, In the First Ward, and In the neighborhood of the Circle. The house Is new and contains twelve rooms, with hot and cold baths. The furniture, which Is entirely new and of modern manufacture, Is also for rent. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply at 51 Pa avenue, corner of 8*2d street. dec 8b?1 in# F^URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?A large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms ; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress Las in the house. For terms, Ac., apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 87?tf ICE HOUSE FOR RENT -THAT LARGE * brick Ice House, situated at the corner of Vir ginia avenue and 11th street. Island For terms apply to JOHN R. ASHBY, at Perry A Brother* dec 15?tf DOOMS TO LET.?A FURNISHED PAR .V ,or ('bamber (Including fire and gas) will be rented together or separately during the session of Congress. The rooms are on the first floor, within one square of the Kirkwood House. Enquire at the office of the Kirkwood House dec b?tf IJUILDING LOTS ?FOR SA LE, a variety of ? # low price building Lots located on the Island and other parts of the cVyy on termM accommodate I ng to purchasers. Enquire at J. E KENDALL, office between tith aud 7th stieets, north side Pa avenue, 3d story front room, over R. Morrow's Exchauge Office. D. MYERLE dec 1 - -tiw FiR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH 'S, '?t\ F street. uov 87?tf I^OR RENT-A WELL-FURNISHEl7suite of Rooms, a parlor and two Bed Chambers on one floor. Apply to No. 817 Penu. avenue, be tween 14th and 15th streets nov vo-tf LOTS FOR SAL E?TWO OR THREE go<)d Building Lot* in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on u? trtUti. Ap ply to J. U. DRURY. Jy *21?|f r|WE ttOKTIf AMERICAN REVIEW ? ? Published Quarterly, on the first days ofJan uary, April, July, and October, in numbers of nearly three hundred pages each, at Five Dollars a year Contend of No. CLXX,/or Ja .uary, 1*56. Article 1. Life, Services, and Works of Henry Wheaton " 11. Bartol's Pictures of Europe " ill. Statistics of Insanity in Massachusetts " IV. Sydney Smith " V. The Romish Hierarchy " VI. History of the Jacobin Club " VII. Varon's .Memoirs " VIII. The Pacific Railroad " IX. American Poetry " X German Emigration to America " XI. Critical Notices. The North American Review has now attained its 170th number, having been published without Intermission for more than forty years. It is far the oldest American Periodical devoted to general literature and science, and Its reputation has been steadily maintained, both In this country and In Europe, as the leading journal of the United States within its appropriate department Supplied for the publlsfiers by FRANCK TAYLOR. Jan 15? 3T3-1 CASH. [373 Twenty per cent saved by pur chasing FOR CASH ?It is now uni versally acknowledged that my establishment is the place to buy goods cheap, and as I wish to sustain that Justly merited confidence, I now pro pose to reduce my present valuable and extensive stock of Foreign and Domestic DRY GOODS by selling off at an immense sacrifice to myself, and (riat advantage to buyers. Merinos, Cashmeres, e Lalnes, Casslmeres. and Cassinets will be sold twenty per cent, less tnan they have been offered before tnls season. I have iust received from Auction 50 dozen linen Towels at 6 cents 3 cases wide bleached Cotton at 6 cents, worth 10 3 bales heavy unbleached do., at 6 cents, worth 10 3 do very fine do do at 6 cents, worth 10 1 case yard wide Merino 18 cents I case second mourning Calico, 6 cents worth 18 1 case yard wide furniture do 18 do lb 80 pieces Wool Flannel, 12 cents 8 cases fine Calico, 6 cents, worth 10, warranted fast colors. 1 n addition to the above we have a large and well selected stock of BOOTS, SHOES and RUBBERS for ladles, gentlemen and children Also, boys' black and fancy colored CAPS, which we arc disposed to sell very cheap for CASH R B HALL, No 3TJ Seventh street, fourth house above I st and one door above Mr. R G. Hyatt's. jan 11 ? #t (Organ) IN VIEW OF THE ADVANCED STATE OF THE season, we offer the remainder of our supe rlor stock of gentlemen's UNDER SHIRTS and DR AWERS, at greatly reduced prices, such as Silk, Scotch Wool Shaker Flannel, Merino. Ac , of all sizes. All in want of articles in this line will find it to their advantage to give us a call, as we are de termined to close them out very cheap for cash. GEO. H B. WHITE A CO., Hat, Cap, and Gents Furnishing Store, 338 Pa avenue, bet 9th and 10th streets, jan 14?eo2w TIHC ONLY PLACE IN THE CITY TO get the new publications. My Mary Aon, Ar P,le Schottisch, Crazy Maiden Schottisch, and he Watchmanls at ELLIS'S Music Store, 306 between 9th and 10th sts. jan 14 MRS. BUROHALTER WISHES TO INFORM THE LADIES OF Georgetown and Washington thatf-sggJPEI ihe Is now prepared le commence agalnrj f r f ? :o give Instruction on the Piano to a few pupils at :h?lr residence The best references can be given. Terms moderate. Communications left at Mrs. Mrs Clltch's Fancy Store, 8*8 Pa. avenue, will meet with prompt attention. ian 9-eoflte FANC1T STATIONERY, ND PAPIER MACHE POR TFOLIOS. BLOTTERS, Ac., at THE LAKES, 501 ivenue dec b A 25 AUCTION BALB8. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. AIRES OF land ABOUT s MILKS tr?m the centre market, at Aactlea. Oa THURSDAY, the 17th inatant. I shall sell, *t 4 o'clock p m , at my Auction Store, at corner of 7th and 1) streets, 25 acres of line Land, lying about two miles from the Centre Market, on the count* road from North Capitol street to the Mil itary Asylum, being a part of the land of the late Bamoel h. Smith mentioned piece of land It well v^?2f<^aiV? ?nd o? It a eery handsome building slte^ It Is on the rising ground on the sttsspwar "" jast*?1 s*le' a urkkn? aoct by JAS. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer" ON tl esd AY AFTERNOON, the .?TrBth day of February, 1?m, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated 23d February, 1355, andrecorded in the Land Records of Washington county, D. C., In Liber, J. a 8 No. 91, folio 311, Ac , I shall offer for sale one un divided third part, of the undivided fourth part, of the undivided two-thirds part, or Lot no v In Square 290, in the cltv of Washington. This lot fronts on the north side of B street north, between 12th and i:ith streets west Terms of sale : One-third cash ; the balance In six and twelve months, to be secured as may be required by the trustee. JOSEPH TRAVERS, Trustee JAMES C. McGUlRE, dec h?law2m Auctioneer By JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. TCRSTEE'S SALE of VALUABLE and Eligibly situated Real Estate.?By vir tueof two several deeds in trust from James A. Wise and Harriet Ann Wise, his wife, bearing date respectively on the 7th day of April and the 8th day of September, 1855, and duly recorded, the subscriber, at the request of the treasurer of the Franklin Building Association, will sell at public sale on THURSDAY, the 24th day of Jan uary, 1856, at 4 o'clock p m . on the premises, Krt of Lot no 12, in Square No. 429, beginning r the same at a point on 7th street west on the front line of said lot, at the distance of 40 feet from the southeast corner thereof, and running thence due west parallel to the south boundary lfne 100 feet to the rear line of said lot; thence dueeant loo feet to the front line; thence south with said front line 15 feet to the place of begin nlng, with the buildings and improvements, which consist of a three-story brick dwelling house. The above property Is eligibly situated on 7th street west, between G and H streets north, and rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a favorable opportunity for investment The terms will beone-thlrd cash, and balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing Inter est from day of sate secured by deed of trust upon the property; and If not complied with In six days after the sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense or the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at tb* expense of the purchaser CHAS S WALLACH, J NO. C. c hamilton, Trustees. JAS. C. McGUIRE, dec 24?Itawkds Auctioneer R CHRISTMAS ml FT ! ?OBERT SCHW ARZE HAS THE PLEA w sure of informing the public that be is well prepared for accommodating the public in general witl FRESH OYSTERS, put up air-tight, for sending th*m to their dlst int friends in the coun try. He also keeps constantly on hand a fine sup ply of PICKLED and PRESER VED OYSTERS Please call on R SCH WARZB. comer of 11th and E streets, or leave orders at his establishment corner of 10th street and Potomac river. dec*2-tf tfc an EXCELLENT sh A V E."--Thls re ./* mark was made by Mr. Jones after trying one of my American Ramapo Razors Others have said the same after using my Tally-ho. or a Double Carbonized i XL. There are no tears shed while using one of these Razors G. FRANCIS, dec 11 490 Seventh st. HOYS' WINTER clothing. WE HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED A large addition to our usually extensive assortment of ilrst quality Boys' and Chlldrens' CLOTHING, whlcn we will offer to our custom ers and the public at unusually low prices. Our stock consists in part or? OVER COATS and TALMAS Fine cloth KOUN DA BOUTS and jackets Fine and common PANTALOONS Silk, Satin, and Merino VESTS White and colored shirts undershirts and DR AWERS CAPS, SUSPENDERS HOSIERY, kc , kc. Making our stock of Boys' and Children's i.'lotniiitr very large and complete WALL a STEPHENS, :*?} Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th street, Jan 12 next to 1 ron H all. OPERA olasses?THE LARGEST as sortment in the city, for sale and hire. JOHN F. ELLIS, jan 7 306 Pa. av., bet. 9th and ll'th sts. E'LEUANT NEW Y ear'S PRESENTS 4 may be found at t galligan a CO s dealers In line FancyGooda. J?-welry, Sliver, En glish Plated Ware, Toilet Articles, Ac., kc , 370 pt-nn. avenue, under Browns'hotel. dec 29 M. A TYSON a SISTERS h'RENCU AND ENGISH FEMALE SEMI nar V, for day pupils, on F street, between 12th and 13th streets For terms, kc., circulars may be had at the principal Bookstores, and at the Institution, dec 22?1m rpwo SUPERB pianos RECEIVED x this week, which, In addition to our usual lar ee supply, makes our stock the most complete In the city. Give us a call If you wish a good and cheap Instrument. JOHN F. ELLIS, 3u6 pa avenue, between 9th and loth sts. dec 9n MISS MORELY HAS JC'ST RECEIVED from New York, another lot of fashion- w - able mi LL1NERY, which will be opened on Saturday, at her rooms. .'MM pennsylvanla/i^r avenue, up stairs. n. B ?Apprentices wanted. dec 7?tf NEW JEWELRY STORE. Daniel hirsch, late of paris, has opened a new store of French FANCY GOODS and JEWELRY, on Louisiana avenue, opposite Centre Mar-u= ket, (the store formerly occupied by Mr. Wlllian .) to which the attention of the citizens Is called. He keeps on hand breastpins. earrings. WATCHES, BRACELETS. RINGS,CHAINS, and a general assortment of JEWELRY. Jan 5?tf DESIRABLE HOODS FOR TH k SEASON. JUST RECEIVED DIRECT FROM MAN Chester, England? 1 case superb and wry cheap Bed (guilts, all in entirely new styles of weaving, among which are 10-4. 11-4, 12-4, and 13-4 Turkish Quilts, a netted article, In white, blue, and pink. For comfort and durability this article will surpass a.iy other kind in use. Also, two packages Toilet Covers matching the ' above, all beautifully trimmed round with lace. Also, four packages heavy dark-colored Coun terpanes, at low prices, very warm and comforta ble for this weather j cheap. 4 bales superior riband-oound Scotch Blankets Also, a line lot of quilted Comforts for beds, all made of madder colored prints, and warranted not to fade Also, still on hand, some very select and superior Velvet and Brussels Carpetlngs, which, inconse quence of the advanced stage or the season, will now be offered at considerably lower prices than usual. Also, a fine lot of superior Floor and Table Oil cloths. CLAftETT, DODSON k CO jan 7?eo2w OPERA GLASSES. Hutchinson a munro have open ed a fine assortment of OPERA GLASSES, which they can sell at extremely low prices They have constantly on hand a large and well selected stock of FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTI CLES, PERFUMER Y, kc., to all of which they Invite attention at their Fancy Store, No_310 Penn ?n %mv<i a UU< V k>iVIC| ilU JIO mill* sylvanla avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts , next to Messrs VValter Harper k co's. jan 8 Notwithstanding the unpre-n cedented great rush at our store during last i week we have a few more ftne Fancy Goods, Tors, Work Boxes, Books, Card Cases, kc., left, whlcn we are determined to run off at our usual low rates JOHN F. ELLIS, No 306 Pa avenue, near loth street dec 98? ROGER'S FEN KNIVES, warranted gen uine. bought personally from the manufactu rersin Sheffield , ladies and gentlemen's patterns, of one to four blades, in Suck, ivoiy, and pearl handles pan 8] FRANCK TAYLOR. The private correspondence of Henry Clay. i volume, octavo, $3 50, dec 24 -tr FRANCK TAYLOR STUART'S CANDIES. Just received, per express, one case of Stuart's celebrated STEAM CANDY, consisting of Sugar Plums, Vanilla Cream, and other kinds. For sale at 1 Z. m P. KING'S, > 'J65 Vermont avenue, corner 15th aad I sts aov 94 ? 1 etter, cap, and WRAPPING FA .Li per* at ELLIS'S dec 31 x* Pa. aveaaa. k i#l?r REPORTED FOB TP ETETIWO tTUt Ship Burnt at let Halifax, Jan. 17.?Intelligence has beet, received here that the ship William Hitch* eock, from Savannah for Havre, baa been burnt at Ma. The statement ii unaccompanied by any detail* Later from Mexico New Oblbans, Jan 12 ?The steamsh ; Texas has arrived from Vera Crat eighth inat. There if do news of importance Politi cal affairs were in the same confused condition as at the date of oar laat advices. There had been a heavy norther In the G?lf; the British Barque Dagger went ashore on Christmas day near Vera Crux and was totally lost. Kew Orleans Markets NewOrlbaxs. Jan. 15 ?The eales of cotton to-day were 2,500, and for the week 02,000 { bale> Prices are unchanged. The receipt* at this port exceed those of laat year M0,000 bales, and our stock is now 344 000 bales Baltimore Market*. Ealttmobe, Jan. IT.?Floor ia unchanged m m* J5rari. ohi? 5 Sty I Mills is held &t thf Wheat is more aetivs. in consequence of in creased receipts by G,K>d to nrin e reds at $l.?5a$l.85; good to prime white SI 85 Co? i. ?4*<6, yellow 76a78 Provisions are unchanged sales are li*ht Bulk ,boulders 6fa?J; site. TfaS Mtn pMt 516 per bbl Bacon continue? dull ; small parcel? sold for 8fa8;|c for shoulders, 9ia9'c for side*. Lard in bbls lOjallc, inker? IM alljc. New York Markets New York, Jan. 17.?Flour is ?rm. sale* of 7,000 bbls ; straight State $8, good Ohio 18.50, Southern 18 Wheat is quiet; tales of 1,300 bushels South ern red $1 W Corn is firm, Western mixed 94c Pork is finn, sales of 150 bbls mess 117 Beef is firm_ sales of 400 bbls. Chicago re '*? Lard ? unchanged sides of ?>*M? obis. at liic. Whisky is improving; sales of *0* bbls at w. Stock Market a New York. Jan 17.?Stocks are lower; Chi cago and Bock Island, 85J; Cumberland Coal Company 22*; Southern Michigan 87* New lork Central 92; Pennsylvania Coal Com pany WJ; Reading Railroad V5|; Missouri 6 s 83; Virginia 6 s ?2|. Sterling exchange ?s firm. w M1 UK la ffe i TO TH^LADIBS. R R L. HARPER. 38 BROOM FIELD street, Boeton, has juat received a choice ae sortment of those rich and elegant STRAW EMBROIDERED BALLDREMS^. of ihe latest Partalan style, which were so uni versally admired at Newport Laat season. At be was not then able to supply the demand be takes this opportunity to Inform the ladles that be Is Just opening a fresh supply, some of which are wblte and very appropriate for bridal roetumes Also, Head Dresses, Coaeurs, Capatees Col lars, Mantles, Ae , all of which are In erabrol if+ 8t?w on bUck or white lace, and a variety of \\ reaths of Straw Flowers. Feather Flowers O.C., A.c. ST B This Is the only house In the United I States where these goods can be obtained | Boston, Jan. 5, ?Ss. jaa<?-3taw*w TARE NOTICE All who wish to keep warm and take rare of their health will do well to call at LANE'S, who has a full starkof warm Under shirts and Drawers, Socks, Glove*. Muflere, and Robes and Shawls, and wUL sell them cheap for cash at LANE'S^ Gents Furnishing Store, ?*4 Pa. avenue Jan 0- , MY MAHY ANN WE HAVE JUST PUBLISHED THIS cel ebrated and favorite song of Mrs Harney Williams, embellished with a full length engrev ing of the authoreaa Price *25 cents per copy! JOHN F ELLla. :)U6 Pa avenue, near Tenth street. jsn 14?tf S. P HOOV EH, ? raa Hall Beet, Shoe sad Trust Establish ?aeat, I HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOR LA dies', Gents', Misses', and Children's, ?* SNOW OVER SHOES, b'um Boots ! Gossimer and Sandals Also, BucAsklnj lined Shoes, double sole and water proof Boots, all of which i will sell low for rash All In want plea?e call and examine for your selves S p HOOVER, Iron Hall, bet Vth aad loth ?ts , Pa av Jan 10? HATSI-HATS! NEW YORK WINTER STYLES OF Beebe, I-eerv, Genln, with other fbsh M \ lonabl.' Gentlemen's Dress HATS, a fuil 0^ snd complete assortment at LANE'S Hat, Cap And Gent'a Fnrn Store, 4*4 Pa av<-auc dec 3?tf All the new boors published received and for sale, at SHILLING TON'S BOOKSTORE Caspar, by the author of " Wide, Wide World " The M vsterlous Story Book, or the "Good step Mother Lances of Lynwood, a new Juvenile book, bv the author of the Heir of RedcliTe Travels, Voyages, and Adventures of Gilbert Go dhead. bv Peter Parley Mlmlr Life, by Mrs Ritchie, formerly Mrs Mo watt W Idow Bedott Papers The Hunter's Feast, or Conversation aronnd the Camp Fire by Cj,pt Mayne Held, author of the Scalp Hunters Ten Years among the Mall Bags Fanny Grey, a history of life In a series of *li beautiful figures, the neatest and most dellvbr ful gift for children that we have seen. Blank Books and Stationery of every dear rip tlon, at the lowest prices, for sale at SHILLING TON'S Stationery and Book Establlahmant, Odeon Building cor. Pa. av. and st. dec 31?tf ASTROLOGY DEMONSTRATED. PROF. SILVESTER INVITES THE LA dies and gentlemen of Washiaifton and vici nity to call and conault the planets, for such as the have In store for you on the day you was bora, the same yet shall receive at different age* la your life for in them Is the foundation of truth, and the omnlpotance of a great God. to execute, Is will to man, and all things. Neither can you Ff* had or take from whatsoever the testify erms SO centa, man, woman. or c hi Id; people of ;olor '25 cent* Any particular advice will be given and conldentlal Apply at No 137 B st , lerond house from lttb street, opposite Smlthsc J Ian. on the Island All kinds of distempei :ured In quick time dec im* JWEE1IT, RITTENHOUSE, PANT 4 CO BANKERS, So 'J5'2 PtHnsflvmta aremmt, riee doe*t em ef Browns' Hotel. LJWEENY, RITTENHOUSE A CO having 3 associated Hamilton U Fant la their co-part lershlp will continue the Banking and Exchaage msiness, in all lta branches, under the name and ityle above mentioned. SWEENY. RITTENHOUSE A CO. Waehinoton, D. C. January 1, 1856. Jan 2-lm |>i a NOS POB SALE OB BENT.?New aad I second hand Pianos from the beet^CS^B nanu/artorles, at moderate and conve-^W3^^ ilent terms for sale; second hand Pianoataken n exchange, and tuning pianos attended to at /So ifc Eleventh street, above Pa avenue F C RE1CHEN BACH sep S-flmeo8Tu*Th* i\t\k*?rr * pocket-*evTTlVbb sTZ snd effective Alee. Alien's nd Colt s Revolvers and single barrel Pletels. ? W. FRANCIS, dgc 4? seventh st m ~ LADIES if AY &E SERVED (BY LADIES) WITH ' ? every variety of Cosmetic and A rttelee accom panying the toilet, at TH E LA K ES, 5u4 Pa. avenue, near Adam's Expiree dec M tf WAtAl LY'S HISTORY OK ENGLAND, vol 3d, this day received jan 9 FRANCE TAYLOR Baolby s finest gold p k n a, in gold and silver eaaee, for sale for the menu arturers, at their loweat reull prices, aad to the rade at their lowest wholesale prices Also, Morton's short-nib Gold Peas, dtMfcrtag ssentiaily In their coaetructloa from aay others, nd suiting the requirements of many who hav? ntherto been unable to make use of auy metallic en whatever. FRAJNCR TAYLOR >an 10