Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Ocak 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Ocak 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligekck OMMBMMi Hi?M ? ?The Board met on Monday at the n?ual hnnr?Mr Tretler absent O S.oo.?d Wm. W^'?n.i H P Ho.?ni ??>?! Job" HThiid"W?rd-Dt Berry and H?r?.j Ctil tB Ft.'orth Ward-Dr. Harvey Lindsley and William O- Deale. Fifth Ward?D A. Watterson and James A ^Sixth Ward?Dr. Charles W Dnvi* and John E Bs'm Seventh Ward -Dr J. 1> Stewart and Benj. 6>. Kinsey. I>r Alexander McD. David to be Commis funer <?f Health Which nominations were confirmed, except thoxeoi D. A. Watterson and James A. Brown, which were ordered to lie on the table, for the reason that ? he law require# that one of the members of the Board from each ward shall be a physician. _ . . Tho Chair laid before the Board the report ?4 the Intendant of the Asylum for the month of December; which was referred. The bill from the Couucil to eunply deficien cies i? the appropriations for the support of the A^yluin for the years 1*54 and lH.->5 whs tak^n up. and, after some discussion, laid on the tablo. Mr. Magruder submitted a resolution re questing the Mayor to obtain, as early as practicable, from tho Commissioners of tho Asylum a copy of the rules and regulations which they may have adopted, andall the rules and regulations which are now in force for the government of the Washington Aav lum. anl transmit the same to this board; adopted. The bill from the Council for the relief of William Muckaboy, Joseph B Stanley, and Edward A Thomas was taken up and passed ?yeas 10. nay# 3. The B"ard then proceeded to the considera tion of the special order being the bill to reg ulate the sale ol poisons within the city of Washington. The bill was then amended and passed Mr binitb, from tho committee on the fire department. re|?orted back, without amend ment, the bill for the relief of the Northern Liberty Fue Company . parsed. Mr Pepper. fr >m the committee on improve ment''. reported back, without amendment, the bill for the relief of tieorge T. Wilson; laid on the table. The Board then adjourned Common Council.?All the members were present Mr AtLee, from the committee of claims, made an adverse report on the petition of Philip Krafft and Frederick tirnmer, and askea to di?chargL<d from its further consider ation, agreed to. Also, from the samu committee, reported a bill tor tho relief of Philip Aldoiffer, passed Mr AtLee moved a reconsideration of the vote by which the committee of claims was disch ;rged from tho consideration of the peti tion oi Philip Krafft and Frederick Kramer; disagreed to. The vote by which the hill from the Alder men f -r the relief "f Mr Ann Laporte was re jected was reconsidered wh-Jti it was taken up and passed The bill frem the Aldermen for tho relief of the poor of th*j several ward3 ol the city was next taken up Mr Abert moved to amend the bill by sub stituting the word 4 fuel' fv-r tho words * bread, su^ar tea, and coffee Mr McCutchen moved to lay tho bill on *.he table, decided in the negative?yeas 3. nays ]? The question then recurring on the motion tc amend the bill? Mr Lloyd moved to l.<y the whole subject <n the table, decided in the negative?yeas <s, nays 10. Mr Abtrt's motion toast ::d wasthen agreed to Mr McCutchen moved to amend the bill by striking out '? $700" and im-orting " 57.000.'' aud on this motion asked the yeas and nays, which were ordered and, beiug taken, it was decided in the negative?yeas 6, nays 13. Mr Abert moved further to amend the bill ly striking out the wrds "under the direction of the Commissioner* of the A-ylum, in the proportion if one hundred dollars to each ward,"' .md ib-erting the words "to be dis tributed in the usual way " Mr VenaMe m->ved to lay the bill on the fable, disagreed t?> The question inen recurred on Mr Abert's motion to further amend the bill, and it was decided in the affirmative?yeas 14. nay* 7. Mr MeCut''hOT> moved further to amend the bill by adding an additional section pro viding that the delegation fr^m each ward re linquish one-third of their pay to carry out the provisions of the bill in-tead of taking it out of the funds of tiie Corporation. The Chair ruled the motion out of order. The bill, being on its third reading, was re jected by veas 7, ray? 12?as follow* ? Veas li' -Hj j Abert. Fisher, Fuller, Jefl*r wn Orrne Towles. and Turton? 7 Nay-?Me-srs AtLee. Baldwin, Ball.Bayne, B^hlayer. Clements, Llovd, McCutchen, Pe ters, Huff, Venablo, and Walkei?12. The Vice President laid before the Board the following communication: ?* Washington, Jan 1, 1H56. " To tn? Board of Common Council : ' tieiiiiemen . 1 hereby resign my position in yonr Board as a member from the Fourth Ward. I have the honor to be. yours, respectfully, "A McD Davis." Mr McCutchen moved that the resignation b? accepted, and that the thanks of the Board be tendered to A McD Davis, Eiq , for the able aud impartial manner in which he has discharged the dutie-of its presiding officer, unanimously agreed to Ball rut*united the following resolution K/w'rei, fhat an election be held in the F-jurth W .'itd, on Thur*i iv. 31st day of Jan uary. it the City llall. to fill the va cancy occasioned by tho resignation of A JI.D Davis, E.-q , and that Messrs J. C. Mckelden. Alex.inuer Lee and Noble D Lar ger be appointed commissioner* to hold said election. Mr Jefforson inquired <?f the mover of the resolution whether the peisona named as in tf^'or j were all of one political party or not' The presiding i fficer i Mr. Clements) said h? could assure the gentleman that one of those person- was not a member of the American par'y. The re-olution was then adopted. Ou motion of Mr. Peters, the Board pro ceeded to the election of President, (Messrs McCutchen and Abert acting as tellers.) with tne following result Mr Jefferson received a votes. Mr At Lee 6, Mr Clement? * Mr Abert 1. No candidate having received a majority of the whole number of vote? cast, the Board \ r??9*eded to a second ballot, which resulted as follows: Mr Jefferson received 2 vote.-. Mr Clements 4, Mr AtLeo 7, Mr. Fuller I, Mr Towles 1, Mr Abert 1, blanks 2. There being no election, ihe Beard proceed ed to a third ballot, which resulted a* follow: Mr. Clements reo*ivod 8 votes. Mr. AtLee 7, Mr Abert I, blank I. Mr tirme moved that tho further balloting L ? p'leip'jued uutil Monday evening next, dis agreed to The balloting was then resumed, and the fourta badot resulted a* follows ; Mr CI emer.ts seceived 7 votes, Mr AtLee 7, Mr Jeff^rs n 1. Mr VeTiablc 1 M; Alert 1, blank 1 No o'e*.t:"n having been effected, the Board preceded to a fifth ballot, whul* resulted as lxlloW Mr Cleineuls received 8 vote.- Mr. AtLee 7, Mr Jeffer?>nl.Mr Vunablr 1. Mr Abert 1 No ole<. >ion having been effected, the sixth ballot was proceeded with, and r>.sulted as foilo w. Mr Clements received 8 votes, Mr AtLee 7. Mr Jofferton l,Mr. Vcnable 1, Mr A Wit I Noeuoiee having been effected, Mr Fisher moved that the vyte be now taken viva voce ; agreed to The roll was then called, with the f'dlowini; re?nlt For Mr Ciemcnt?? Abort, AtLee, Ball, Fwher Fuller, Lloyd, McCutchen, Pe w" T?JleS' Turt?n- ?ud Walker? II <> . * i- AtLee Menr?. Baldwin, Bavno, Bohlayer, Clement., Ruff. an,i Venable-6 For Mr. Jefferson-Mr Orme. rot Mr Abert?Mr Jefferooo i hereupon J. T. Clements. Esq., war de clared d,,ly elected President of the Board for ft? remainder of the term of the Fifty-third Council Mr. Ball moved that the Board now go into an election for President pro tempore ; which was agreed to, and, being taken vttio. vnrt, resulted a* follows For Mr AtLee? Messrs. Baldwin. Ball, Bayne. Bohlayer, Lloyd, McCutchen, Peters.' Rolf. Towles. Venable, and Walker?11 For Mr. Jefferson?Messrs Abert, Fisher. Fuller Orme, and Turton?5. For Mr Abert?Mr. Jefferson Whereupon S Yorke AtLee, Esq , was de clared duly elected President pro tempore for the remainder of the term. Mr. Orme offered a resolution requesting the Mayor to inf.,rm the Board of tfomuiun Council the cause of the scavenger of tho Second Ward refusing to do his duty asscaveu ger. adopted The President submitted a resolution direct ing the compensation of the page to the Com mon Council to bo paid out of the contingent fund, adopted. Mr FuHeriMlced leave to withdraw from - e^ ard tho Petiti01J Hnd papers of Philip Krafft and Frederick Kramer, re quest granted, and papers withdrawn. The Board then adjourned. Sri rem* Court ?YeeUrday,Hon. John U. Pettit, of Indiana. M ircua J Parrott. Esq , of Kansas Territory, and Aliza Jefford. Esq . of Ohio, were admitted attorney? and counseli-jra of this Court. No. ?2. Robert A Parker et aIv$ Wui. ?verm-iii. Appeal from the circuit court L nitcd Mates for the District of Arkansas Mr J usticc (iner delivered theopiuiun of the Court reversing the decree of the said circuit court with costs, and remanding the cause with di rections to entor a deoree therein annulling the deed of theshoriff to Overman, and in con formity to the opinion of thie Court. No. 31 Wm Jones et ?/., vs. Wm S John ston . in error to the circuit court United States H ii ll,?nois Mr Nel son delivered the opinion of the Court, revers ing the judgment cl the said circuit court, with costs, and remanding the cause with direction.* to award a venire facias dc novo. No. Ijj. Jan. L Calcote, plaintiff in orr..r, is Frederick >tantou ?toi The argument of the motion .o di,miss thiscause was continued by Hon Reverdy Johnson for the plaintiff in error, m opposition thereto, and concluded by w Benrimtn in support thereof. No. 4 4 John L' Craighead rial , appellants, rs. Jos. E and Alexander Wilson, The argu ment of this cause was commenced by Hon. Miles Taylor for the appellants The Court tlicu adjouruod. A? a sedate and portly old gent, was walking down the Avenue this morning a gust of wind, which came circling n>unl a corner, blew tff his hat, and a small black w1?.'L Wl*r THc*1,turw tii0 escaping chaj eau was the souerer s first ta.-k. but ere he had reached it. a wiry little Scotch terrier espied the toxpet Evidently considering it ?< o-nne ' as its ambrosial curls were gently blownlilong he made a spring after it, caught it, << and merrily ho <l:i shake it," ruining its fair pro portion; ere the owner could recover it. tWL!f VL0Tnr:* ?bear in mind, dear reader, that if you, who can wrap yourself up so com fortably. shiver as you face the blast, si-for' >ng must be tho l.t of the poor wretches who , ait with chattering teeth and shaking limbs, in fireless hovels, half clad and hungry, or in thin and tattered garments crawl about the streets, trying to fijvl the means of a miser able subsistence. Why not then, let each one give some article of c?*t off clothing to these p-vr fellow creatures ? It will cost nothing, the articles will not be missed, and a deal of good wi!i bo accomplished Theatre ?Remember all, that the bewitch ing Miss Albertine peiforms to night at the Rational Manager Jarrctt is entitled to a full house, lor the expense of warming the house and of bringing his stock company here is necessarily large. Mr Chantrau is /aid to be as excellent in " Mons Dufard" a? h* ie mirth-provoking in "Tondles." That Mi-s Albertine will attract all the lover? of thrilling melodrama by appearing as that wicked scamp Jack ^heppard there can be no question. Bold ?The Merrie Bachelors'* must be oold fellows, to eipose themselves as they will have to Thursday evening. It is ' Leap T??ar " and several sweet creatures, for whom coy swains have long sighed in silence, (learful of the matrimonial,) intend to bring mat ters to a decided propo*?| Wo expect to publish the m .Triages of at least half of tho I brotherhood before spring Complaint ?A' constant reader" a-ks us to call the attention cf the city authorities to the unsafe condition ol th? sewer on the north ca>t corner of ninth and F ctreeu A part of the board that crosses the gutter and cover" the sewer, ha.< been carried away, thus leaving ball of tho hole expo-ed?rendering itexceed 1Qg'7 precarious f??r pedestrians A Sio.v or the Timks ? A Dentist ,ets forth, his sign, that he is a practirat dentist, this, r,{ course, implies, that the generality of dentists are merelv theoretical in their opera tiona. ?? Ifwhat I have undergone from other dentists, exclaimed a lantern jawed friend of ours, on reading the sign, ? was only theory. Heaven deliver me from that man's practice " Amen !" said we. Belliorrkmt ?There wa3 almost a row yesterday, in a private Committee meeting, on the action of the Naval Retiring Board. Three gentlemen, whom we will designato by the first letters of the alphabet, could not a<*reo Mr A taking neutral ground, Mr B con demning the action of the Board, and Mr C. sustaining it. From words they almost came to blows, but "others rushed in. on hearing th- din, and B. and C were parted " The Ladies of the RyUnd Chapel are bu "dy engaged with .heir Fair, held in the base i i \ c!11nrch We sincerely hope they will be liberally patroni?ed If being waited upon by handeomo ladies, and an opportunity of to their heart's content, arc in aucements for going they are bountifully supplied with both requisites Give them a call <*a*bo??, interested in a debate, a.-'ked an V- '? had spmvtcd' "No!" replied the indignant honorable ; " I get what money 1 Want of the Sergennt-at-Arms, without re sorting to pawnbrokers " Wamus.?A little child of Mr. Field's, at the >avy Yard, aged between three and four years, fell on the ice, yesterday, and fractured an arm in a fearful manner. Watch Rearms -William Bush, drunk and disorderly, workhouso thirty days Three were m for l^lging*. and dismiwed this inoru ing. err t ti<? ureat Rnnlau Rewndv Fv<> Ir'lm'htqi*Ll???" Hv?r>' lu"U>*r ilaonli * box la Uie h?nd, 10 fw?| ideuta u, th. . h" It I. K . S "? SS1A HALVE "..?u .".*J^ k'./.T; '/ ,h.,rl' "??' '***<"??, 'OKI .. Tf> - V f ' r""*- r"Jvu#- ?U1 Ol.l H-irri rr ??? I,*}*w'. ,lM' yi" B,t-. t?... N--"e, W?.u ."l r "'.l^W V; T"'1 Cr,lr ...v, W,1In ,,,y Si*?** T.,t w'u. ^ ?2,-7. ^ nai?. and who i?t. u? , ? u??,^ } ? ^<1 ;t to ..Ui*r? l.r-Uln3 < Ku?pU S.|vo ? tu u,.? ?iu Oote>. ?U.:: i?4on tl.o ever w!?l. , plotur# of 4 lif,f???i,a 4 ilMbled ?>l?ller, whKh pictnr, 1. cu u w 1?,Prl. e. K f>ot? a B..? s ,|.| .. ?ll i" ?owu .>r M'unti r. ?ii.t m?y l.? .,1 lei^t nUy For ?!? at SUILl-lXoroS 8, A,i?nt t..r Wa?li ,u?? '? )?n U }rr Br?nclillta, i'?H|rh?, llearaeaeaa.? IHoWN'f) HKoHiHUL TROlHKH, ?r Coi'??b LoieN?ts, ? 1? .u?ie 11 on ? lil^hly ef [<m?uiu I r?ci|H> Ivr the all?riaU',a <>i Ki.iuclilal A Or .<(>.u(i)a, Hoai '??<??. Aatlima, Irrltotl' n i*t lli* T!.n?t, * '.her rbnmlr, '?rr*al-m?*<l by u>H or bumu^i aserll ni .>r ih?\ocal oraane t' r|<e?klu|{ or etajiaf. Uleray uteu. Vocaliau>, l,*t?rr?, aud k!l Pl'BUC SI'EAKKRH. * aii a-lrnlr*Me ?tiha|ltute f?>r water In aoothlna the bronrhial tnli*a %na a ralnahle ana eW^len? leiuady Con t.. mm no oj'lnm, they < in n-?e?l aa ft' <:.j ai> r- inlnlte John I ?KOW!? A HONS, Boetuu Proprteuire rorealein W?al.iUKK.u by J. N. CALLANand J K ?IimjKK| Raltlm re, COI.EIf AN A KOOeRS, riiiU telpnU, f UROWN; Cincinnati, t KCHtiJIlN lan 11-lw j V apK.? ' "??lp|ter,? Celebrated Stem i *? "? OT'? y*r-Bottlm tn lk? ,, , **. **t* P**' raara h?? ???t equaled, ??ir r . w1n? / r wr" ."u ' *? ?q??I -lit, ?re?t .ntt ?1y .p?rttr . On. wine ?hr-.- time- j, ,^.tnrP m??|7wlll or ?n-"t ^h7whol?'"* * *00,!'aH InT^A"*' health r ?B? kinrf "$2 ?*.'. ',er"on tafferin* frtm debility tl!.m ' JE?f ,*h".U'?1 *" to tr> th" <rre?t antltode Tr> r"r ?"'<? at ill thg prln, )xw?l Un^m, jAn Ji^iw fr^AieVTetype?Amingit the meat at no*^ ?r?hti.T*nM,'IIwrV;l,n'!''" ?' Ul* Photo* rapMc art,^^IrV WhlTKHI Hsrs OA l/LFRY, .re the in ?. mi ,MI . * *r* trn,y * <**ntih.l, and an-r^tHST* T,"nTtlt"vw""'' "n u'* ol(1 familiar Pa of PHniJi? ?. * y conUln* qnlip a lurft* collection st.r. ?- r ''*r"r I**Ki*rrJotj'pe? of the r..lted Htelee Wain? Onmt rlor? i-sp, m?n.l,ere ..f the Inltel iii i.J IMwca and Cabinet, ?ml many other n.,hltcm?" of Ihe Nation 4 vWt tn WHT1RHI KHT'S .HI, ? y" *** p?">n?lvauta aveuu?, le well worth tli* tiMii ble and the time. ??v tl ID"''???Hand's Gemma Hitters, prepared \b.1h . . .. l,erm*u Medical SU>re, 12U ^ 1??' Phii."lelphU, Uiiy |ncr?a?c li. thuir well de ? celebrity .or the tut# of all U!*e<ute? sri?inj{ from d? ran<em?nt of the liv^r These Ulttei* ha*e, iudaed. proved a Moaetnj to the atfli. ted, -vho show their gratitude l-y the u<*t Nattering teetlraoiiUls. n,u medicine haa eatabiiahed for Itaolf a nemo that < ompetitor*, however wily tkelr " i",Ii'W.V0r *f1nrtl''" promise*, canuot reach It gained the pnbllr contldeur* by t'le tinmen** t.en*Stg that have b?ei, derived frnrn It, aod will ever maintain tt* ro*J tiou. See advertisement. dec 1??lui _H7" N?ah Walker * Marble llall CI 'thin* Kmpci lorn. Brown*' i|,,tel Bull-ling, r?*pectrolly ? nsnnnr* that their dlaplay of FALL an<l WINTKIt CLO TH INU la now ready for Inanertlon, conprielnc an aaw.rt ?2'!Lrf COATH, TAl.MAS, OVERSACK4, 8lKTOlTT8, tK.'iTS unci PA NT A LOON 8, of llie uewost ?n1 rl< hent <1* ?l*n? in matert*l, trimming and workmanahtp. To (fentle men wboatmly e*cellenre with economy In fachlonable ar tlci-'a of ire?a an opportnnity !? now oitere<1 for eelectlng fi''iu one of the attractive utotka of U jo-1* In thll city, at very reduce*) price* no? 3 ti 00-A t'r#wn will not Cure the Hmdarhe, nor a goMen allpp?r Ihe gofit. It reijnire* power to produce motion. 4a adequate r?u?e for every result. P?tn canal way* h,. cured bv Trof C. 1>k UKATH S ?? KL.KCTRIC Oil.," a? thoue.iuda now know, from Roxton to New Orleans, and fi om the A Mantle to the Minaiiialppr ft fian redio:e'f tbc in?-Ht painful swelling in two hnnrn, .itid cured InfUtuiimtorv Khetiimttlani. mid other coropUlu!?, In one iil*l?t. Offlc? Mi aouth Kl/lilh *1 reel, Philadelphia. A*k Mrs. Kachael Tru iieder, Kev I'weKUi, below TO (an at?tr IT7*Kalm of tlioiittand FlowrrntillsccTcrcd cnrii'? f"r the completion, f"r ",i-4,rin?:. cleansing the teeth, removing iHmplee. tau. and fre.-l;l-. and many medical pnr TiTv^'v U W e"nw ,'*r b"ul*- "?l* at 8HILUNO nl.i.7, lto"kH?n"1? ?'"? Stationery irtaWUhment, Odeon '1' coruer II) street and P<>una aveuue. de< 12 *P~ from Hon. Jchn Minor Uott*. of \ irelola. dated Klchniond. July ?t!:. 1*55 , !'T*rr ^ " l)1 * Co.?t?entienieii: Oonelderatlona nt.rt 'L.l. rr"n'l't me to "end yon thlx vol th* tr"lit va,"r "f C.\RTKK'S SPANISH iw.;. . almost Incurable dlae*?e. Scr-fula. Without he!n* disposed, ordoemiiiK it neceaaary to *o Into til* partn nUm of tlie r*s?, I r.ln any that Ihe I'ljoiahln* re f"' , hare becu produced by tl,?l nudiclne. on a m.-tn 'd inv own fniiill.y and nnder ,uv ?h^ rvalion and "nperintandenre, after the skill of th. ?. .f phyetclam had been exhausted, and all the iiaual reme-iie. had fulled, full-/ ju-rify me In recommendIta use to all who may he autter 1 iu* fioia that dreadful malady. nJ .1" ??.l m!!!B - '",v 1,1,111 |fl ??'?Pt"*' to all ronatltuHona or that it will affi rd M,e rime relief In all cnees. for of c'ntae. I ran know nothing about that?bnt from what I Have seen of the efTe-t.*. I would not hemtate to use it In anv ca^e 01 vi ofula, with per...** for whom I felt au ljtere*t, or o\*r wlioni i ronH e^ri>p luflocnco or ? ontro!. Jan 1?lm Re^pectf'iiiy ynri jvn m BOTTt1 ICT A|o#d artl?lp will tblwaya trimaph over any preten le.| laiutloo. It haa beei. -aid that e^rr ' 7 v. * Uumh?K., hilt let a roally merit,.rluna * * "mt 1a l'roml"'"t '?"? It. and It will ? opposition np-?n tnflntM no i"r.l. ; Hoilnttrr'i f?tnei HTON AC'H KIITKH^ t???r !ml tried Vi''"' !?f " UUken h"1'1 "f the pe?.ple ! 4 ' n lu curing *uy < m*e nt Dvp-" KTl'S'" \al r"m w,'-n theae facta are known, why ? i ' not appreciated, and uaed by everthody Tor I * Drn5*Ht< and P.a'era geueraliy JAMK8N CA L LaN, Agect m Washington Jao *? tr aouin t.lrlilli etre.-t, Philadelphia A.k Mia. R?r lev, J*. ?011th SIxtli street; Silae Kro.t, |>,, Kiiur wiith. I?l i? Rac?; C'hariei N. Hlitcht.iaoii, I'well C'dnniMa, Philadelphia, and hnn-lreds ni<*re DIED, On the 2l*r mutant, MARV JANE, wife of Lotus 1., Hounett. In the Wth v^r of h^r a.-e '^!{j^-l,.nCre' ??n the 19?L in.?#nt. JAMfcS R . , ^ 'n th*' 31d ycir of hi* age, formerly a resident of thin cify ' WANTS. T1TANTED?BV A SMALL FAMILY RE TT. ^ a short f?nce in the country, a white Woman to rook, w?.h a,id Iron, and Wil li n? to make heraeif generally useful She must under lai.d baking p.rd milking. Best of refer 1 ?T' T3"Jrtd ArrJy at 5? H street, belwera Ifith and ftd. jan iyANTKJ)-A COLORED BOY ABOIJ1 1 r, ?? years of agp, to go a fhort dlVanre in the country. lie n.itst understand driving Anyone having such a hoy m tv near of a d? >bable situa tion by adire^ ilng box 7W Post UUlce A slave prefWred_ jan vQ?3t iyANTLD-A CANVASSER. Til WHOM y ? ftcadv empioymen* ^nd pcod wane* will be given Address R?ix |ort Georf-etown Post Office 0r * ^"al this om .e jan 23-li? W^T'^A FIRST RATE CO??K AND *' ??herwoman for a small family in the >ary ard Must *?e well rerommei^d'd The be?t wares Klven Apply to "B,? Watch Ih>* at Navy V ard Gate jan y|_3t* A t RENCH STEWARD, WITH THE high -?* eat cify and Paris ret oinmendationn, wishes a aitudtinn In a private family AddrCK3"BH " at thisoffl.e, or at No 425 Thirteenth street ' Jan *21? 3t* WA N T ED?A COLORED WOMAN AS washer and Ir^ner, in a small family A ah:ve is preferred. No one need <u>ply wlthc ;f | good rei-ommerdatioua Apply at this office jan 1? ? ?EDUCATIONAL.?HOARD WANTED ?A ? * gentleman quaiifled to teach the English. La tin, F rem h and Spanish Languages, and ali tne tii^hf r hr.nil lies of IVlaf liematics?having some unoccupied Mine?wishes to obtain board in sorm prlva'e family, where his service* In instructing a limited numbers of pupils would be received a? an equivalent therefor Undoubted testimonials and references given Address "Editor" bo* 513 Foat Office jan 15 4 GENTLEMAN, AGKD S5, OF ACTIVE J * dlsposiiion, somw business talents and expc litnee, with rash capital of #12,0<K? would invest a portion of the same in a partnership business, affording active employment, and remuiicictlve prnflt. Addrt ss "C S" at this office. Jan 11?!ive? WANTED?BV A GENTLEMAN RESID lng on the Heights of Georgetown, D. O , a woina;i to keep house and do plain sewing Ad dres* "Mac," at this office, or at No. 15 Eighth t-lreet, Georgetown. J^n if? $*1 OHO T? LOAN-Apply to I JEF tp^^oou FERSON SMITH, No 46'2 Fif teenth street, ov?r Chubb Bro 'a bank. Jan 12?If WANTED- WANTED?WANTED?TO 1 find persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses F"rtrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil i'alntlnrs, l.trpe and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work In the gliding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Brackctts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on haud. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash N B ? Old Work Regllt, and Looking Glass Plat?-? inserted 25i l'enna avenue, opposite Klrkwood House. dw" I9 JOHN WAGNER BOARDING. |>"ARD1NG ? TWO LARGE ROOMS AND some single ones can be obtained by ?**rly ap pllcatlou, with or without board, a' No 47a Sixth street, between D and E. AI30, table boarders on the must reasonable ferui3 jan tli?eotft* WO ARD, Ac ?MRS. BATES, ON THE S W. corner of Pennsylvania avennc a;id tfth street Is ore pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. hp g _tf IJISTOLS.-A NEW ARTICLE, WITH RE I VOLVING HAMMERS, just received, and for sale by CAMPBELL & COYLfc, j*nl6-'2w* No 3.31 avenue. NOTICK TO TitK I'UHLIf: ~ \|RS ELLEN STEWART nas uken the 1*1 house, No 109 G street, near the corner of 11th, where she hT comfortable and handsomely furnished bed rooms to Itt to gentlemen French ;utd English Is spoken In the house, and a capital Saloon is kept by a snperilor artiste tIt rutin*, In the basement ?>elow, from whl*h Meals can be ?crvrd as desired. Balls, Dinners , &c , will also be provided to or der from the Saloon. Jan 1??lw? AftTKOLOUY DEMDNSTKATElT PROF SILVESTER INVITES THE LA dlca and gentlemen of Washington and vici nity to call and consult the planets, for such as the have In store for you on the day you wa., born, the same yet shall receive at different ages In your

life for in them Is the foundation of truth, and the oinnlpotance of a great God. to execute, is will to man, and all things. Neither can you yea had or take from whatsoever the testify. Terms 50 cents, man, woman, or child . people of color H oents Any particular advice will be given and conideiitlal Apply at No U7 B st , second house from 12th street, opposite Smltliso nian, on the Island. All kinds of distempers cured In quick time dec lm* FOR SALE AND BENT. o NK OR TWO GOOD ROOMS. WITH Hoard, next to Mount Vrrnon Hon*, can be had by Immediate application jan H3?3t? TpO LET?A NEW three STORY BKH'K -i- House Also, one to five room* and parlor, opposite to the City Hall, furnished or unftir nUbed Apply nt JONAS F levy'S Wine, Liquor and Grocery Store, 474 Pa avenue jan 23-eortt An opportunity for a eooo in VESTMENT?For sale, 17 or 18 acre* of Land, on th? Height* of Georgetown, adjoining tin- property formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox, (called the <>dar*,) poss. ssing rare advantage* as a building site, and market garden It has a Une growth of young; cedars and oak mess on thegr*-a? er part < f it?the elevation is such to command ? he most '?ttenslve vi^w of Georgetown. Wash ington and Alexandria The fact of this property being jnst outside of the Co poratlon limits ren ders It in<-re desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. K1DWKLL, Georgetown jan 22?d'f I^OK RENT?TWO ELEGANT DWEL 11 ng* In the First Ward, and opposite the War Department, on 17th street. The finest location for a boarding-h"use, or private dwell inns in the city. Will be rented to a good and punctual ten ant on such terms as cannot fail to please For further particulars call on JOHN ALEXANDER, '?MO Pennsylvania avenue Jan 21?Iw (Intel) A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM FOR RENT at No 2I'J Pa avenue, opposite Willards* Hotel jan 19?lw* Desirable property for sale?i will now sell my property, situated on the tfeorgetowu and R?>ekvlile Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of TeruiHllytown, where there is a post office. The place contains acres, and is handsomely im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 S. 40, with a wlnj; 26 X 31, and ail necessary out houses. City property will be taken as part pay. THOS. MARSHALL, At Mrs. Spalding's, corner 9th and F sts jan 17?tf TOO LET ?A COMMODIOUS DWELLING a Louse and lot, l??tween Sixth and Seventh streets, near Island Hall. Also, Rooms on 4^ street, near the City Hall, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for lodging or for otttcet-, with the privilege, if desired, of a large law md miscellaneous library Apply at No. 7, 4X street, near the City llall. jan 5?tf Furnished roomspoi rent? mrs. G ANDERSON has several furnished rooms fur rent, suitable for a family or single gentleman. The rent will be moderate No. 276 Pa. avenue, 2d door from Kirkwood House. Jan 2?tf SUNNYSIDE FOR SALE ?THE SUBSCRI her desiring to remove South, offers for sale this beautiful and highly improved farm, lying In Alexandria county, Va , 1 mile from the Long Bridge, or 2% miles from Centie Market, witn ea^ty access by Washington and Alewndria turr pike, or Alexandria Canal, which touch the place. The farm contains 200 a/ res; 3ft acres Is in good timber; the balance well laid off In arable fields and meadows Also, aboutbOO fruit trees of va rious kinds, well selected and planted In suitable ?ItuaUona. TLe improvements consist of a good Dwelling House of 8 rooms, beside garret and basement; n house for overseer and hands, stabling for horses and cattle, with necessary bheds Ac , usual to a dairy and market farm Persons desiring to purcha;?e can get further In formation by applying to BURKE A HERBERT, Alexandria, or to the subscriber on the ptemisea. Terms liberal. EDW B. POWELL no* 12?eotf FfOK RENT?A FIRST CLASS HOUPE, d?-slrably situated, in the First Ward, and in the neighborhood of the Circle. The house is new and contains twelve rooms, with hot and cold baths The furniture, which is entirely aew and of modern manufacture. Is also for rent. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply at 51 Pa avenue, corner of 22d street. dec 28?lm* Furnished house for rent?a large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms; will be ren'ed for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas In the house For terms, Ac , apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf ICE HOUSE FOR KENT ?THAT LARGE brick Ice House, situated at the corner of Vir ginia nvenufc and 11th street, Island. For term* apjilyfn JOHN R ASH BY, at Perry A Brothers lw, 15?tf FOR rent?a LARGE, AND ONE of the nw*st commodious, houses in the city of Washington, with three-story back buildings, with good din1n<??, bath and store rooms , also, a flne kitchen, with range; a laundry, with a range of wash tubs, with hot and cold water pipes at taf htd toeach Also, hot and cold water Incvery chamber, gas throughout the house, with all ne cessary fixtures provided Any one wishing to see th?" house can apply next door, No 247 'Iweuty se?oiid street, between F and G. Also, a comfortable, large and convenient house situated on the corner of 'i2d and G streets, which will be rented for a moderate rout. Al-o. a handsome, convenient and newly-lin proved house in G street, second house above21st strcot. All the above houseware heated by hut air fur naces. For all of which Information can be had at the ibo*e mentioned place. Jan 11?eolm? Rooms to let?a furnished i ar lor and Chamber (including tire and gas) will be rented together or separately during the ?ession of Congress 'l he, rooms are on the first door, within one square of the Kirkwood House. Enquire at the office "f the Kirkwood House. dec 8?tf F^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board Also Labis and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. ?M ITH'S, 233 F street. nov 27?tf W b NOTICE VV POSTPONEMENT. E ARECOMPELLED TO ANNOUNCE -- to the subscribers to the 1'itIZE EM UROIDERY RAFFLE, that w* shall have to wstpone the drawing for a few days, on account if there being still a uumber of chances not yet ?iken Those Persons wishing to subscribe will ?bilge us by giving us their names early, as we lo not wish to delay the drawing any longer than wc can help We will state the day for drawing n a future advertisement. CLAGETT. NEWTON, MAY A CO., jail 11 Cor. l'enn. avenue and Ninth street JWKENI, RITTENHOUSE. FANT A CO., 1SANKEHS? !Vo. 3SU Ptnn,ifh"?nin avenue, two doort writ of Broicm' Hottl. JWEENY, RITTENHOUSE A CO having ^ associated Hamilton G Fant In their co- pari urship will continue the Banking and Exchange justness, In all its branches, under tho name and ityle above mentioned SWEENY, rittenhouse A CO. Washington, D. C. Janunry 1, 1856. Jui 2 - I in ? L?l KTI1 VOL. OF MAIAILAT'S HIS to?y of England, 12mo J ust received by FRANCK TAYLOR jan 15 FOIt SALE, At Ureatly Hrdneed Prices, far Cash, ^ILVER PLATED COFFEE SETS ON ^ white metal, from S14 up Best Silver plated Cake and Card Ba>kets from PI up First quality plated Castors 4,5. ti, and 7 bot'les fromffi up Plated Urns, Kettles, Waiters, Butterboats and Saltstands, at unusually low prices. also? A variety of fine Fancy Articles, such as Parlor Clocks, fiionzes. Diesden China Ornaments, Hates, Cup* and Saccera. Parian Marble Vases, Figures, etc , which will be closed out without regard to first cost, being left of Christmas goods. The public are invltca tocall and examinethese goods. H. SEMKEN. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. Jan 18?2w^ IVORY HANDLE KNIVES AND FORKS, and Knives without forks. Also, an extensive is-ortment of Pearl, Ivory and Horn Handle Pen ind Pocket Knives. Imported direct from the cel ebrated manufactory of Joseph Rodgers A Sons, md will be sold at veiy low prices, by E K LUNDY, jan 15?tr No. 128 Bridge st , Georgetown. rpHE ONLT PLACE IN THE C1TV TO 1 get th^new publications. My M?rv Aon, Ar ;?y!e Schotth;ch, Crazy Maiden Schotti^h, and I he Watcbmauis at ELLIS'S Music Store. 'JOG betwetn 9th and 10th sts. jan 11 JOHNSON'S SALOON, iVo 311 G street, near Thirteenth street. He being well experienced in Cooking, wiU serve MEALS to zentlemen GtgPfiX* Dinner Parties, Game Suppers, and Soups served up dally Also, stewed Perapins Terms moderate Several Rooms to let. Call as above. Jan 15?2w* i tPEKA GLASSES?The largest and cheap LJ eat assortment in the city at JOHN F ELLIS, 306 Pa. aveaue, between tftfi and 10th ats. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Hrparter) for !lie E<rni| Star k7 the Agrat of tfce A??eci??e<l Pre*?. Arrival of the Steamer Africa. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM El'ROPK. CONTINUED PREPARATIONS FOR WAR CONSOLS DECLINED Ntw \ork, Jan. 23?The Cunard *catn ship Africa, tupt. lltriiK>D,hiu arrived at thin p -rt from Liver|*>ol 9th inst. The m-wi by this arrival consi.ts morcly of an extension of the peace rumor* by the prv 1 vious steamer. Russia's answer to the proposal* of the Allies could not arrive before the 10th. *Dd w>uld not probably for ?<>uie day* later It is expected the answer will contain nei ther an absolute atvent nor refusal, but will make counter proposals to be settled by re newed conferences. The feeling in England continues warlike In France it is again becoming so Russia continues incessant preparations foi another campaign. There is nothing later from the Crimea, ex oept that the French blew up tho docks at be battopol on the 2Vth December. Affairs in Asia are unchanged. British news is unimportant The grand council of the Allied gonerah was still open at Paris The conference for the adjustment of th< Danish Sound dues was indefinitely postponed Sweden is making active warlike prepare tion?. The Baltic arrived at Liverpool on the morn ing of the bth. The latest Berlin papers do not speak un favorably of the disposition of Russia to con sider tho Allied proposals NECoJIIj UISPATCH. The Africa arrived at her dock at nine thi; morning The latest London dates are of Wednesdaj morning. The report that the Hnglish funds yesterday, experienced a rally of jd at th< opening, but a relapse subsequently tooh place, closing at yesterday's price?. Monej was easy with a good demand at 5 per cent for government securities. At Paris the 3 pei cents closed at decline. Foreign ex change? were generally better ASIA. The Russian army took its position at Kars on the 3d December Tho troops were being I quartered in the town, leaving a small de ta< hmont of Cossacks occupying the fortifica tions at Sobanly-Dagh, and at Zeni-Keni, a 1 villago on the road to Erzerouut. The Rus ' aians had collected large stures of provisions. The Russian General was apprehensive ol an attack upon Kars by Selitn Pacha, and conpequently ha? concentrated all his availa ble forces at that point. Seliui l'acliu was en camped in the mountains of Dereh-Boynon. A Russian attack upon Erzerouin was not considered probable at present, in conse quence of the exhaustion of the troops and the statu of tho road? Omar Pacha had arrived at Batuum His army suffered much from a lack of provisions, before reaching Kutais, and being unable to proceed had deemed it prudent to return The fall of Kars had rendered Omar very unpopular at Constantinople ? Gen William had arrived at Guniri The counsel of war at Constantinople w?? directing all its efforts to the defence of Erze rouin and Tribizoude. AUSTRIA It is again confidently asserted that Austria will submit peaco proposition to the Gorman Diet, and call on that body to support them Crimea ? Data.* from the Crimea to the 25th state that the Russians have increased their fortifications over the Inkermann, and un m tsked new batteries on the leit of theTohei naya, Pellissier remains in the Crimea Gen Mai mora acts by proxy at the council of war at Paris. . No injury was done to the ship's of war in the Black Sea by the recent storms RUSSIA The grand war council at -ist. Petersburg was principally engaged upon questions rela ting to fortifying strategic points in the Em pire. The i -tifications at Krev will be finished before the close ot winter. The railway between St. Petersburg and Moscow is to be protected by redoubts, and each redoubt is to be occupied by a battalion of militia. ENGLAND. There is nothing of special importance from England. A Paris letter, alluding to the recent report that the United States had made a treaty with tho .-uah of Persia, guaranteeing the territory on the Persian Gulf, says that. " though no such treaty has been made, yet it is certain that tho most friendly advances have been made, and it is unfortunate that, at the moment Russia and America are intriguing with the Shah, that a suspension of Persian diplomatic relations with England should have taken place " ITALY. There is considerable excitement at Rome in consequence of the report that Mexico has suppressed her legation and withdrawn her minister. The archives of the office have al ready been packed for removal. THE MARKETS Liverpool, Jun 9.?Cotton?Some circu lars report a decline of iaid, but the Broker?' B jard report it unchanged m price, with a declining tendency. Sales for three days 18, 000 bales. Sales to speculators and exporters 2 000 bales. Flour has advanced 6d Western Canal 40 a42s; Ohio I2a44s; Southern 41a43s. Wheat has advanced 21. red lis 3dalls yd, mixed lls3dall*Vd. Corn ie firm, with an upward teudeucy , white 40a43* . yellow 42a 42s 6d, mixed 42a42s ??d. Rice is firm at ^2a35s. Spirits turpentiue Are quiet at 37s; crude do. quiet. Tar quiet. Common rosin 5s. Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. Jan. 23 ?The announcement of the steamer has unsettled the market At the opening Howard street sold for SR 25, but at the close was held at $8 50 There were no offerings of wheat this morn ing. Corn is unchanged; yellow 74a76, white 72a75c. There was a sale yesterday of 2 000 bushels of white wheat, at S2; afloat Provisions are materially unchanged, but the market is firmer and transactions are light. Mess pork ?10 75. The demand for bacon is confined to the trade Sales of small parcels at KJaSJc for shoulders, Via9io for sides, and llial3c for hams Lard, sales yesterday ol 100 tea at lOic, but it may be quoted gener ally to-day at lOialOic fur western. (d? Pittsburg was, iu the early history of the country, called Fort Duque*ne l>y the French ; and afterwards was named Pitt, in honor of the Earl of Chatham AUCTIOH BALES. Br JA!? C Metil'IKI., Aa-?Hii?*r I^mmivtsiLcvr rmut ? a*111,1 -* Urcfurlfi, Wiiri. Ll<iaor?, A*-.?The subscriber will ?eil at pnblle auction, pt hi* o?n-e room. < orntr 7tb and E streets, commencing <?n Tl'K!*l)A\ MiiKMNli, January ??, atlti o'elk. and continue from dav to day until tbe vWtlr 1 dl-|?>?<d ?*. h >?> entire stock at Wr11 sel?**4Pd fain lly limoMtn, Win**, l.tquct* Ac . and a lar*^ variety of ml*cellaiiet?u* articles. all of which wi re recently purchased, consisting in |*rt of Brown. crushed. j>owdered. rlar'AM anj loaf Su gars Java. Maracitibii. [.a^uyra and H i?? . Wnr? imperial, Young II)*o:i, Gunpowder and Oresu Tea* Oolong, Chilian. l'o??LnBk Bin. k and othe* o rie'le.* of Tea* Tobacco of various brand*, andCig.irs ^ood. me dium and luw |>rl< ed Klour ia barrela and ba^s. Hock wheat Soapa of various kinds. Sureb and Indigo Wm, mould anetm and adaman ine < andi?? (III*, Pickle*. Preserves, Catsup, Sardine*. Ac renper. Srlces, Flab, I'beeoe, Capers W fne* Champagne Madeira pale and brown Sherries, Pert, Ac. H rand lea? London Dock, Old Otard, llfuarM, and others Whl*klra? Old Bourbon, MonongaheU. Ncttar, A? . Mats, Willow and Hollow War*, Store Fixtures. Ac Together with a i;eneral assortment of all artlcic* compriiied i? a well assorted grocery atore Terms iajn aa^ uodet ea?h; over that *?m a credit of two, ihr?* and four months, for *at l?fs< tor lly endorsed notes J NO II. JOHNSON jan 1 J C McGUIRE. Anrt By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ^TOf K OF UROCKKIE4 AND PROVIS k ions ni Aactten.? I will act I, on THURS 1) A V, the *lth InatanU at 10 o'cloi k a m at No 4W N Intb street, Deft door to the House F Mulsh ing Store of DonnA Bro., a good assoitmeut ot Groceries aud Provision* such as? Teas, Cofe. rn^ar, Splceo, Starch Tinware and Gla^*waie Onions, Beans, lined Fruit And other things that are usually kept In RetaiE. Grocery Stores not necessary to mention Terms at sale. A GREEN, A act Jan h-FWTh By J AS. C. McGUIKk. Auctioneer. Tmi'lTKE'H SALEUr VALl 1BLK Real Estate.?By virtue of a de**d of trust U> the subscriber, dated April 12, 1h5I, and duly record ed in Liber J. AS, No SI, folios 4*1, Itt 423, and I'.'l, one of the land record* for Washington county. I shall sell, at public auction, to the high est bidder, on MONDAY afternoon. Decern ber 17, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, tbe whole of square No. 471, fronting ou south K and L, and Ath aud 7tb streets we*.t Terms. One-third cash; the residue In *, t?, and 1* months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at cos* of purehaaer. HENRY NAYLOR. Trustee J. C. McGUIRE, Auct Immediately after tbe above. on th? prem ises, we shall sell, by virtue of a deed of trust du ly recorded, Ac ., lota Noe 3,4, 5 and 6, In Page's subdivision of square No 3Ml Terms a? above If the purchaser or purchasers shall Ml to aom plv with tbe terms of sale within ive days t here after. the Trt??t??o reserve the ri^ht to resell, at the risk and expense of ?ald defaulting purchaaer JoflN T FKNWICK. > Tn, . RK HARD WALLACHf iro,w J AS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer nov 13-iawAds ir^The above sale ia M*tpaMed aattl WF.UN4581)AY aAerooon. January l?th. at 3* o'clock, on the premise* J At*, e McGUIRE. dec l??vfawA df Auctioneer. UjTTheaha^ ftale la farther Postponed until VVKI)NKSDA * AFTLRNOON . Januar\ 23d. same hour snd place Jan IO-UawAd? J C McGUIRE, Auct r. D NEW IEVT LLK V STOHK. jANIEI. HIR^CH, LATE OF PARIS, 11 A> op-utd a new strr* of I rench FANCY GOODSand JEVVLLRV. on ijoulsiana arrniie. opp ixitr Centre Mar-1 krt, (the s'-?roformirlyoe4-uried by Mr Wllllan,) to which the attention of the cltltens Is t ailed keelson Land BREASTPINS, LAR RINGS, WATCHES. BRACELETS. R INGS.CHAINS, and a general assortment of JEWELRY. Jan ??tf LADIES May be served <bv ladies) with every variety i-f Coametic snd Artk^e*eo-om panylng the toilet. a? THE LAKES, 504 Pa avenue, uear Adam's EKpresa dee iJ?tf (HEAP FOITION. r|tHlRD AND FOURTH VOLUME OF MA -1 caulay's History wf England bound In one volume, full muslin Also, tbe oth^r edition*, a* published The American-Almanac lor !.-<*? All the New Bo^ks. a? tabued from the pleat-, received and for sale by GRAY A BALLANTYNE, jan 15 lite 7th street. | ? ? ? i .ii .i M. HOEFA A CO , I*EG LEAVE TO NOTIFY THEIR friend* A and the public tbat they will re open their Watch Repairing ard 'ewelry Store In tbe War Building*, an *oon as the slight damages done to the store by the recent flre, enn be repaired ; the state of the weather up to tbis time having ren dered It lirpo**iblc for car|?enters to work there Jan U?tf Notice.?the partnership herl tofore e*ist?nc between 'he siile< rlt>er*, lu 'be Coal and W(>od busmesn, has this day been dls solved by mutual consent W E. WATERS, MARY L WATERS JB IjA m Having been authorized to settle the affair* of the above firm, all pet*ons havlnc claims can pre sent the same to me AU d? bts duo the sarne are to be paid to me, or my antboriz^d .tgent only U B WARD. Jan '21?eolw Corner of B and ICth street#. V P HOOVER. Iron Hall Bo?t,Shar and Trnnk Establish ?eat, I HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOR LA dles', tient*', Misses', and Children's, SNOW t)VFR SHOES G .in Boot*,] Gossimer and Sandals. Also, Buckskin\ lined Sboee, double sole and water proof Boots, all of which I will sell low for cash All in want pleaue call and examine for your nelvea. S P HOOVER. Iron Hall, bet 9th and loth *t? , Pa. av. Jan IV TO THE LADIES. MR. R L HARPER > BROOMFIELD street, Boston, has Ju*t rfelved a choice aa sortmeut of those rich and el*|.aut STRAW EMBROIDERFD BALL DRESSES, of the latest Parisian style, which were so uul versnlly admire?l at Newport last wm As he was not then able to supply tbe demand, be t*kw? this opportunity to inform the ladteo ?hat he Is Just opening a fr?*sh supply, mw of which nre while and very api?roprlate for bridal costumes Also Head Dre**es, Colfteurs, Capatees. Col la r* ^4 ant lea, Ac , all of which are In embrol dereTf'raw on black or white lace, and a variety of Wreaths of Straw Flowers, Feather Flowers Ac , Ac. N B. This Is the only bouse In the United States where these good* can be obtained Boston, Jan. 5, 1*56 . Jan-?"RawVw BILLS OF EACH A.14* E ON EUROPE. WE ARE NOW FREI'AREl) TO DRAW BILLS OF EXCHANGE ON LONDON PARIS, BREMEN, and other points In Europe, in stun* to suit SWEENY, RlTTENHOUSE, FANT A CO Bankers No M* Pa. avenue, jan 14-im west of Browua'hotel TARE NOTICE All who wish to keep warm and take care of their health will do well te rail at LANE'S, who haa a full atock of warm Und<* sblrta and Drawls, Socks, Gloves, Matter*, a d Robe* and Shawls, and will oell them cheap fvr cash at LANE'S GanU FurnDhlug Store, Pa avenue, jaat OFEKA ULASttES. Hutchinson a munko have open ed a hue assortmeat of OI'h-RA GLASSES, which they can aell ateatreiucly low prices They have ' onstauUy on band a large and well oele> led stock of FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTI CLES. PEEP U MER Y, Ac ,to all of which tl.?v Invite attention at their Fancy Stort, No 310 Perm aylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth at* , next to Messrs Walter Harper A Co ? Jan * hats:-hats: NEW YORK WINTER STYLES OF Beebe, Leary, Geuln, with other fksh lonable Gentlemen's Diiss HATS, a full and complete assortment at LANE'W Hat, Cap And Gent'e Furn Store, Ml Pa mvtmvt dee 3?tf FANCY STATIONERY, AND PAPIER MACHE PORTFOLIOS, BLOTTERS, Ac , at THE LAKES, ?M Pa avnnue dec? Brushes, t ones, Bay Rum, Ac , at ELLIS'S dec 31 3?P> ?^?Uf