Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1856 Page 1
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PC BLISHED EVERY AFTKHNOOH, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 41 144 Stt Buildimft, i*rair of Ptnmjflvmmi* ?? *J #. ?*> r a ip ?*<?M >?4 kltv*tk strut, By W. D. WALLACM, W1U beatrved to snbscrlbrra by carriers at SI & AND A qUAKTU GUN I'M, payable weekly to the Agent*; papers nenred In packa^ea at J7){ ?e?iu per m??nth. To uull ?nb?crlber? the anb ? rlptloa price la THREE DOLLARS AND UK TV CENTS a yeartmmdramet, TWO DOLLARS f<>r tlx month*, and ONE 1HJLLAK for three iftontts; for lea* than three month* at the rate of l.'Ji ivuts a wpt-k. |tT?lN?LE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C A FRIDAY. JANUARY 25, 1856. 4 talaiaci ana be to **T aaon THE WJKKKLT STAR. ..-ut New. randlnf than l OX.IMMI .?1 ? la say ? w wv. KtvaeopU* Wfn QOp)fll?aa ??f>?44#a ?aMt?4a?4?ftma? ^ Twenty ooptea Ift w IDT Ca.h, mniuKi m utoib. Singlerrpi#?(tBwmppee>c*e beprorned papw. TrtoK-TuiiCiiri. foav M a ay na? who ant na ag?H will be allewe a commlaalon of twenty pw oeM. omcuk TaBABOEf Dxpartmimt, Dec. 1, MX. Notice la hereby given to holders of stock* ot the U alt Hi states that this Department will pur Chase to the amount of 9l,Suu UOO of said ftocks at any time when the tame may he offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay theretor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of tft!9, a premium of ten per rent ; for stock of the loans of 1047 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the act of 188?, commonly called Texas-In demnlty stock, a premium of six per cent; and for stook of the loan of k46, redeemable on the l**h November. 1*4?, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of*2)f percent.; If received between the 1stJan lary and the 31st of March next, a premium of ?J per cent ; and If revived after the list of March and prior to said 1st of Jane neit, a premium of P" re?* Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified In the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January neat After that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium froin 1st of Januarys the date of their receipt In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Oertiacates transmitted to this Department un der th?* present notice should be duly assigned to the United Statea (with the current half year's In ter**, If sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts npoa theasslstant treasurers at Boston, New York, Of Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the mooty may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3 ?dtJunel Secretary of the Treaaury. NAVY DEPARTMENT, Braaxc o? Co??st*tjctio!?, ke., January 14, 18o6 PROPOSITION** WILL BE RECEIVED by this bureau, until the 1-Jth of February, for the following articles for the United States steamer Mississippi, to be delivered at the navy yard, New York: Two vertical tubnlar boilers, to be made of the best charcoal bloom boiler plates ; tube sheets to be one-hair inch, water bottoms and ash-pits sev en-sixteenth, shell three-eighths of an Inch In thickness. All the external parts to be double rlvetted, and caulked on both side* where It can be got at to do so; no screw stays to be used In the lews, water bottom*, or steam chimney. The crowns and sides of shell to be ftltfened by T iron, from which the braces are to lead. The boilers will be about twenty-three and one half f?*t front, by about eleven and one half feet de-p, and about twelve and one-half feet high; to be furnished with the necessary man and hand hole plates, furnace, fine and damper doors; luys for i/rate bearers, and for securing boilers to the ?nip, and to be tested when done at a hydraulic pressure of 35 lbs per square Inch The tubes to be furnished by the government and to be set by the contractors, the government being responsible for all tubes condemned from tijeir defects, and the contractor for all condemned from bad workmanship. The price to be per pound finished, less the welghDof the tubes. Also, the prlccs per pound for such Iron cast ings as May he required for engine and boilers, of fcreen *md, of dry sand, of loam, and for one and one third sets of grate bars, and for com position castings (of copper and tln.l The patterns to be fumtafaed by the govern ment. The whole to be done in the best manner, and to be subject to the Inspection and approval of such persons as the department mav appoint Drawings of the boilers will be furnished bid ders on application to the department. Payment* will be made for one-third their esti mated amount when the boilers are half com pleted : the remainder when they have been test ed satisfactorily by steam. For castings, when delivered and approved Bidders will be particular In ^fating their prices and the time when they proper? to complete and deliver ihe work Bond and good s?rirlty will be r?*;nlred for the faithful performance of the work and the fstttti incut of the contract. jan 13?lawlw I No 550 1 ? Swamp and Overflowed Lands." JUHLIC NOTICE-PURSUANT TO THE tastructioiis of the Secretary of the Interior, pub<?- notice Is hereby given that, In order to briqg to a clo*e the business under the act of Con gress approve September H3o, entitled, "An act to enable the State of Arkauras, and other States, to reclilm the 'swamp lands' within their limits," and at the same time alford to parties who claim that portions of the lands selected un d*-r said law are dry and lit for cultivation, an op portnnity to Introduce evidence, all lands so se lected, to the approval whereof no objection be made wlthlu six months from the date hereof, will be certltted a ltd patented to the Slates. Huch objections as are contemplated by the above must be made under oath, aad filed with the register aud receiver of the proper laud ofilce for transmission to the tteneral I .and Office The necessary forms for affidavits are In the hands of said ofiler-rs. The following classes of laud are exempt from cbtectlon, to- wit: l* l.ands entered with cash, or located With military bounty land warrants or scrip, after the passage of the act of -.frith September, ls50, and prior to the pa-sage of the act of '.M March, IH66 'for the relief of purchases and locators of swamp and overfiowed lands " Jd l.ands already patented to the State under the swamp law In all ca-es wLerc objection is raised, testimony must be t?ken before the register and receiver of the laud r tfice, at such time' after the expiration of said six months, as tbev may appoint with th? conscnt of the Commissioner of the Uenoral Laud Oflre TbeiUtsof swamp and overflowed lands are open to Inspection during the regular business hours of Ik* l*aitd Ota^e. Ulven under my band, at the city of Wa^UIn*' ton, this 'Jlst day of Deo-nilier. !*>&? THOS A HEN URIC AS, Commissioner Uenoral l.and Jan 1K ti. P. llitOVKK'S Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Eit?bli?hni?rt, iron Hall, Pa avenue, between Vth and lutu xts. | HAVE JUST RECEIVED FOR LAMES, 1 MISSES, aid CHILDREN, Clan. Button. 11 n-k?kln, lined Button, HmmII] WAITERS Also, thick and thin Gaiters-fMl Bronze. Blsck, and Colored, at Si to' worth t?; t.adles Alpine Button Waiter,*gf 5o Freach H hlte Satin bilcerlous SL1 PI'ER 8 Gen tlemen's French I'atent lather BnoTS aud BMOE0, of all descriptions; Uentleinen s De tar bed ti Al TERS, ail colors, Boy'? ami youth's Patent Leather and ?'alf BOOTS and SBoEH My stock of Fall and Winter Wear, recently se lected from the muf t celebrated manufaturer* is very superior. ' 1 promise to oft>r uausnal Inducements,and ra sper t fully solicit y.??ii patronage aad inkuenne doc H? tf ? P HOOVER. L'lNE FRENCH EDITIONS -OF ROUS ?T senu, Racine, Sevigne, Corneille, Mollere. De Stael, Duels, Froimart, Bourdalone, l^e Sage, Schiller, ti llzot, Boss net, Monstreiet, Malherbe, Deecartes, Barthelemy. Voltaire. Chateaubriand, I lorlan. Rabelais, Scribe, M ale bra nc he, St Pierre. Fenelon, Thierry, Mac Mavelll, Regnard, and other writers, may be found at the most mod ?sate price* at the bookstore of the uuder.d^ned imported by himself direct from Paris, In Mnecal Mr i"?^rt>rro bindings, some of them with beau tlful lll'istratlsns. u*!* Alio, a small collection, various, of French A*nS'r editions FRANCIi TAYLOR. NEW CKI'ITs?NEW KKt IT* NKC^fJSsfi81!^ f,us> cranberries, Plcki. 7^ V?isi^r2"' Almonds! dred HentJi . "J*'**' CMIb. a hlin ril wi'^ally-aeaUj Fruits; Pickled Fruits of all klnd?, very superior ard rhean ? ?ii ' varies of fre^C and nice article.. Kt,lt*ble to? the fc.ison V or >ale at iny store, a few ,teri? north t^stof Jackson Sutue P" aorth 1101,13 Z * P.KINS. Hkfriiks, tunui, po>iati~.n, t-oloin~ Bay Rum, Ac, at ELLlk?n * M? p? ,v??ue I TWPHAM * NORFI.ET*! NEW AND CHSAP ? ADDLE, HARNESS AND TRU1VE STORE, 409 Seventh st .oppositeOdd Fellows' Hall /S-A MESSRS. TOPHAM. flB^^Llate of Philadelphia, ana Hi^^NORPLtST of tbla cliy,. ? respectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a targe and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladles', and Boys* SADDLES, BK Il>l.h8, MAHT1NWALKS, and WHIPS HARNESSot every description, ooth for city and country use. AU kinds ot TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladles'SATCHELSuTRAVEL INO BASKETS,and FANCY WORK BOXES. HOKrtK BLANKETS. COVERS. COLLARS, and HAMKS Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, *C Ac All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident tbnt our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Particular attention paid to coverlag Trunks and repairing all kinds of work. on band nov7?tf nd repairing all kinds of v Saddler*' tools constantly MKMHICKS OK ? ONUKK** AND VISIT ORS TO WAKHHurim Ark respectfully inkormeu that at TAYLOR A MMJKV'S BOOK ASH STATIO yh K\ STO11E, Pennsylvania avenue near Ninth street, they will meet all their require ments. Their extensive stork, in addition to the following important works, comprises every de partment nf Literature. Science, and Art. catlo*W UooKS received Immediately on publi Weekly Importations from England Calhoun's Works, 6 vols. Jefferson's Works, 9 vols. Webster's Works, 5 vols., Autograph edition. Everett's Orations and Speeches, 2 vols Clay's Private Correspondence, 1 vol S. 9. Prentiss's Memoirs, 2 vols. Bancroft's History of the United States. 0 vols Statesman's Manual, 4 vols Hic.key's Constitution, 1 vol. Jefferson's Manual, 1 vol. of the United States, 1 vol. Elliott's Debates and Madifon's Papers, 5 vols Marsh s Orators and Statesmen, 1 voL Story's Works. 3 vols Lives of Chief Justice# of the United States 1 vol. ' Lleber s Civil Liberty and Self Government, 9 vols. VV lrt'si Life of Patrick Henry, 1 vol Kennedy's Life of Wirt, 2 vols. Garland's Life of John Randolph, I vol Party indent, by Baldwin, 1 vol tter""m ??" Crimke's Nature and Tendency of Free Institu tions, 1 vol. Constitutional Text-Book, 1 vol Carey's Past, Pre*ent, and Future, I vol. Seaman's Progress of Nations, 1 vol Mchlllgott's American Debitor, 1 vol Future Wealth of America, 1 vol Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol Every d-scrintlon of Amprican, English and F"""* ,ue i TAYLOR A MAURY'S, jan h?tr near i*tu street. noKK ikw (.nous. H _8MOOT? NO. 11? SOUTH SIDE ?* Bridge street, Bear High, Georgetown, DC, has received an additional supply of 1 all auri Winter GOODS, making his aUrtment very complete J I merit of? "t0C* Wl1' fo,ln* a rate assort Ladles' Dress Goods Black Moire Antique Silks KS? (ih*k and Ore** Trimmings Rich strlpwd and Moire Antique Sa*h and Bonnet Ki boons SwIm and Cambric Bands, Collars and Sleeves Black and col d Cloths, for Cloaks u '' Hroch* Way State Shawls With a good issor.ment of the best make* Flcn new. Blankets, and Dry Goods generally Cbeafi J???*?era ,1:^" ^vantage to call be/oregetting novW J 11 SM OOT. ....... ?VJta pkkmia TKETH. T HAVK 'N , A . i of **ndln? ol" patrons to Dr. Cosby for DeuLal operations for a number of ye*r^, a nd Si! ist^' recommending him to the cltl IVa , .) bln^l*?n as the best tootb extractor and dental operator that we have ever met with .Kn#Tr upon eT<>rV Plan I* practised In the United States y \ P. Ho iiaaii. M l>. B W. Tow 1m M d A. T P%yu?. M D, 1>DM Joko K Miller M D o'hV.^'j.V - "? ? ?? ? ons. WyUn liuatoy, U. D B M PrsurUfo, U. U once over Ford A Bro No. S?. corner of 11th street jnd Pa avenue novj??dm* WUTTA I'EKMIA TKKTM. |\R O MUNSON, AT 310 PA AVENUE, ? ' Is mounting Teeth on a Hurts Perchs base Also, with Allen's uei ent continuous Uum, combining beau ty. strength and cleanllnesn. 1 Dr M is determined to keep pace with everv in'^nrTs'IV.'1 ln , ?nd will strive tu pletiae and profit his patrons. y Biramaifca: SfTHVnr Gn,ley? Hon. R H GUlet, Hnn i"^7' Hon 8 A Douglas, Son a W . Dr K P ratteFson, H"n.A,.? ?* Nicholson, Dr R Cooltdge, And the Medical Kacuity of Georgetown Col _? 1 _ novvg?tf p'en LE 1VO RY.-J u ST RECEIVED, sev ?P?c,,,'?,lx of his manufacture, u Descent from the Cross." after Kubena, > 1 he I-light Into Egypt;" " Adora i?ome( i r,Wl,^.,Mt ni" " l<#,ad ^brlst," after Domenlchlno?Madonna : " Ecce Homo " Ac specially adapted for Cbristma* pre^nTs 'at ' dec 'I TA^ LOR A MaUKV'S Bookstore, near bth st. w IUS AND TOt (^mZKNS AND STRANGERS ARE RK men I . and WIG MAN UKATm National Hotel. AC.TOR Y, Sixth st. Wigs and Toupee, made on the shortent notice AUu a I'ood assortm?-ut or Ladles Hack Hmlds Jest arZ,vedjr^. w vork^ dec corpiM wah tuou.n, *7] WILLIA&] Pl.ANT A Co., ?Nlib'Bva ? aKKS? rn?ldence4In Seventh ?treet, ?;etwe?n M and H htreets. Interments pro<-ur?VI tu any ground ?r cemetery Cofllns. Carsi, Shsouds, Carriages, tan, and every article for Interments ot the bent quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the alght Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpne Preserver, we guarantee to keep the ?ead for auy length of time. )y 11?ly JONAH P. l.KVY, IMPORT IB ANO D?AI.*B IN WIKES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AMD FIVE GROCERIES, General Commission A For warding March ant INSUKANC R AND HILL BROKER, No 474 Pa av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, Washington City, D. C. N H ? Country Merchants are requested to give on- a call before purchasing elsewhere. oelt-iy A GENERAL INVITATION TO K\ aini?e one of the largeot and best assortments of Parlor Grand, Square, and Boudoir PIANOS, ever exhibited to a Washington public. Persons wishing to purchase, will find that they can be accommodated on the most liberal terms, by early application at the Music Depot. Star Buildings, GEO HILHUS, Agent. Constantly ln receipt of NEW MUSiC. dec 24?tr (lOLT'S, ALLEN' K??H BI m*, and LA W J re nee A Co's patent revolving hammer, Ave and six banel PISTOLS Also, a good assort ment of single barrel Pistols, from it* cents to each American RAZORS of the best quality, "?"V""" it.'&HDT. dec 11 No 12B Bridge street, Georgetown TlABAS, WORK BOXES. CHINA GOODS, V/ car/) CASES, PORTEMONN A1ES, Ac , at'Jbrt Pa avenue, between Wb and loth streets 4acS? JOHN F. ELLIS. MAIAOLY'S lllHTOKY 4?r ENGLAND, vol Jd, this day received. jan t? FRANCA TAYLOR. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. rpHOMAH MclilLL, SUCCESSOR TO THK 1 firm of Kirk wood ft McGlll reapectfnlly an nounces that he Is fully prepared to execute all or ders for PLAIN OR ORNAMENTAL PRINTING at bis large and convenient Establishment, 7th at. three doors below Odd Fellows' Hall. The business of the old firm, and all other work entrusted to him will meet with promt attention. THOMAS McGl LL% Seventh street, between D and E. Three doors below Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 4?eolm A pa K K W A K O ?1 will give the above VP9**' mentioned reward for the apprehension and delivery to me, of ANN, a slave, who calls herself Ana Johnson, and who ran away from me on Saturday night, the Bth Instant She Is about 24 yearn old, 5 feet, four or five Inches high, light black completion with full round face, of good figure, and likely. She has a variety of olothlng and took with her her leather bed and bedding. \VM F PUI Ltd PS, dec 10?eotf 596 New Jersey avenue. NKW YOKK IIATM. | WISH ALL GENTLEMEN WHO AKE IN I want of Mats to bear In mind that the plan which I adopted six months ago, of selling HATS and CAPS at greatly reduced prices, for "cash only, Is In success ful operation, consequently those who pay cash have the benellt of cash, and are : not charged twenty-live per cent, extra profit to ojrcet bad debts. The very t>e*t and mN fashionable DRESS HATS, at #:i 50, equal to any itsnully ,sold at and the best #3 Hat south of New York ; and a first rate, durable, and fashionable Hat, 83 50. A full supply of black and brown FELT HATS, and Children's Fancy Goods, at verv low price* Small profits and quick sales is the motto. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh 9treet, near Pennsylvania avenue, Opposite Dexter's Hotel. 1 have made arrangements with one of the best boot makers In Philadelphia to be kept constantly supplied with the very best and moat fashionable French calf-skin sewed BOOTS, warranted French calf, or no sale, which I offer for the un precedented low price of I have shown them to competent judges, who pronounce them to be the be?t Boots for Ihe price in the United Stales. I also have a splendid sewed GAITER BOOT, made of the very best French calf skin patent leather, all of the latest style, for S3 50. Competition Is out of the question. All I ask is for gentlemen to come and see for themselves 'Ix-rms positively cash. dec fl?eo3m H H. SEMKKN, Jeweler, 33?l Ptnna. artnui, bttvmen Vtk and 1014 stritM, AS RECEIVED ANDOPENED THIS DAY a magnificent assortment of tine and A# rich Imported JEW EERY, such as Flor entlne and Roman Mosaics, Italian Lavas^T^t and ('orals, Garnets, Campos, and a varl-^H^V ety of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any d^scrlp tlon, the very latest styles Also, a new lot of fine liondon and Geneva WATCHES, warranted tlmekeep-rs. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers, Castors, Creams, Goblets, Cups, Forks and Spoons, (sterling.) Fish, Cake and Pie Knives, Butter and Fruit Knlyes, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Preserve. Sugar and Cream Spoons, Salt Cellars, Napkin Kings, etc., etc. SILVER PLATED WARE, ON ALBATA. Casturs, Baskets, Butterboats, Urne, Forks and Spoons. FANCY ARTICLES. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments, in vhrit-ty, Card Cases, Psrtmonnales, Cigar Cases. And aldo a large assortment of SPECTACLES In Gold, Sliver and Stool Frames, to suit everv eve and age; Eye Glasses, Congress Specs, ana Opera Glasses. ICT" We take pleasure In showing our good* to all, whether purchasers or not. All our goods are warranted as represented, and will be ?old at the lowest possible price irr Jewelry and Silverware made to order: Diamonds remounted ; Gold Pens re pointed, and Engraving on Stone executed at short notice. Chronometers and all kinds of fine W atches and Musical Boxes put in perfect order at short notice. M SEMKEN, Jeweler, 3J0 Pa. avenue, ??etween tttb and loth ata. dee i?if MAKKIAUftG OH I OK. DR. YOUNG'S POCKET 2ESCULAPIUS; Or, Every One his iwn Pliysiclnu: Being observations on marriage Medically and Philosophically ccnsidered, an MANHOOD'S EARLY DECLINE, with dl recti ons for its perfect cure Being a Confidential Silent Friend and Private Adviser; followed by Observations on the Treatment of Venereal Dis eases, Uonnorrhiea, Gleet, Stricture*, Ac ; Illus trated with Cases I'lates, and Diagrams, from l)r YOUNG'S PRIVATE PRACTICE-to l>e t-oiishlied without exposure, and with assured confidence of success. Only 26 cents. For sale by the Agent, ALEX. ADAMSON, on Seventh at , opposite I'ost UtHoe. dec 24?aiu? NOTICE Or CONTINUATION. JAMES H SHEKELL HAVING SUCCEED ed to the business of Shekell ft Hrotuers. and located at No. 271) F street, corner of IJth, will open January 1. lafiti with an en-. tire new and fresh stock of G ROCER1 ES,\^M together with a full and complete assortment fine WINES BRANDIES, CORDIALS, Ac., all of which have been selected with care, ex cliiKlveiy for families, and to which he invites the inspection of his friends, the patrons of the late firm, and the public, intending 'okeep for sale all the desirable varieties afforded by the firm. dec. 2V? lm United States Patent Office, > VV/. . . Jan. 17, lis50 J ON THE PETITION OF ALONZO C. AR NOLD, of Norwaik, Conn., praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the'.fid day of April, 1842, foran Improvement in "punch ing machines for manufacture of covered but ton's." for seven years from he expiration of said i?tent, which takes place on the 'Aid day of April, 1850: It 1b ordered, that the said petition he heard at the Patent OtBr* on Monday, the 7th of April ltsSti, at 12 o'clock, in ; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are reqyired to file In the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing: all testimony filed by either party to be used at the hearlug must be taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules of the of fice which will be furnished on application. The testimony In the case will be closed on the 27th day of March: depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony, must be filed intheoillce on or before the morning of that day; the argu ments, if any, within ten days thereafter.

Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Unlou, Intelligencer, and Star, Washington, D. C.; Argus, Baltimore: Evening Argus, Phila delphia. Pa ; Journal of Commerce, New York, and Dally Post, Providence, R. I ., once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 7th of April n?xt, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. S.?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bllLs to the Patent Oalce, with a jwiper containing this notice. Jan 1 -5 lawJw U1 FT BOOkSTOKB! A GENERAL SELECTION OF STANDARD Gift and Miscellaneous BOOKS AND STATIONERY for sale at Jjm/?B& III LBUS'S MUSIC DEPOT,cor ner of Pa avenue and 1Uh street iHMHftlv ORE AT INO UC E M F NT. EVERY PURCHASER RECEIVES A GIFT. Each article Is sold at the usual retail price; and for every dollar's purchase a sealed envelope Is drawn by the buyer, containing the name of some gift, which Is presented on the spot. Among the Gifts are Gold Watches, Jewelry, Music, Fancy and Toilet Articles, ftc HILBUS MUSIC DEPOT. dec 8?tr ^ ^Jorner Pa av. and 1 ltn at. MY >1 Ah Y ANN WE HAVE JUST PUBLISHED THIS cel ebrated and favorite song of Mrs. Barney Williams, embellished with a full length engrav ing of the authoress. Price 25 ceii's per copy. JOHN F. ELLIS, 1106 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. Jan 14?tf rime boston ankhican almanac 1 for 1850 received this dav. Jan 11 FKANCK TAYLOR. EVENING STAR. A POEM i be ancient wrong rules many a land, whoee groans Climb, swarming, to the stars by day and night, fhrouging, with piteous clamor, 'round the throne* l,he archa,?K^ sit, In God's gre?t light, Ana, pitying, mourn to ate that wrong still reigns And tortured nations reat beneath their chains ^ ? M4?8*ry iB<' France fierce crlea po up. And beat against the portals of the skies , Fair Italy still drinks the bitter cup, And Uermany in abject stupor Ilea : The knout on Poland's bloody shoulders rings And Time la all one jubilee of kings. It will not ?>e so always Through the night The suffering multitudes with Joy dtwcry Beyond the ocean a great beacon light, Flashing its beams Into tbelr starless sky, And teaching them to struggle and be free? The light of order, law and liberty. 'Jfcke heed, ye bleeding nationa, and your chains Shall ahlver like tbln glass. The dawn I* near When harth shall feel through all her aped veins rf .^rt?"ew 1,100(1 flushing, and her drowsy ear Halt b reedom's trumpet ringing in the ?ky, Calling ber braves to conquer or to die Arm, arm ye for the struggle ! let the sta^s Against the lordly lions stand at bay. Each pass, Thermopvlus, and all the crags Voung Freedom's fojtres-es * And soon the day >fiall come when right shall rule, and round the thrones That girt Uod's feet shall eddy no more groans THREE EPISODES. A "Happy Mew Year's" Fragment. BY T. RICHARD HUDT). EPISODE 1. Down a dark lane, in a murky atmosphere, amid dilapidated dwellings till you come to a eold Northwind sweeping square, and there is a large bouse! With the idea of a "large house," we in tuitively sketch on the imagination's retina a rich ground-work of ease, with the golden landscape of the "old masters." W e bow to the Midas as he sails down the Pactolian stream It is ' living wators" in which he "paddles his canoe," and we, the tide-waiters on the banks, with rods of adula tion, all willing to angle for the 'fishes'' an J dive for the "loaves " This is not that "Large House' ?this is a large house filled with the poor. An old rickety front stoop with an inclined plane from the front door, five planks up. They were steps before the docay of time had lopped them of their fair proportions. Paint used to adorn the large house, but that was in the long ago, when old Midas lived there, lie rents it now at eight dollars a month per family, to twenty families, and "no repair? included " There can no tax on glass be col lected. for there is not an entire pane in the large ! Now you ascend the before-mentioned planks and open the front door, and are in possession of the hall, (iropo your way along, for it is dark and dangerous. Up a pair of stairs this time, for you can feel that it is a stair-way for one balustro is left of an old fashioned balustrade. Grope along, and up again lou aro nearing the altitude of the stars; for there, see?they shine through the roof. You might see the whole heavens, only there used to be a tight roof, and a few of the shingles stiH cling to the old familiar rafters. Open a door here at your left, and some body's "home" is before you. The young washerwoman is asleep, or at least she feigned so to be, and so thought those two waixted eyes set in a pale sunken face, and showdowed with a wealth of dark wavy hair; while two little hands belonging to those dark eyes were clasped in those of the sick mother,and the young washerwoman's son sat motionless. A young Patience smilling at elder grief! Old washerwomen are numerous, and young ones lew. and she, the sleeper, was barely twenty eight. The history of a washerwoman may not be deemed classic, but her's was pathetic. A daughter ot Albion's isle, born to all the comforts of a wealthy farmer-father, she had lived without care to womanhood's estate, and then womanlike?loved. Sho loved a foreign er, one from tho American shore, and she married him and was forbidden her father's house. To her native land she bade adieu, and in her husband's vessel, (for he was a sailor, tho captain of his own merchant ship,) sa 1 d away. Time dealt richly with her in the land of her husbaiid, and one born in their house made glad her heart iu a new relation?sho was a mother ! Her husband was called away by his avoca tion, and left her provided for a year, and he was to return ere half that season should have into the time past. The half year passed, its fellow followed quickly after, and he came not. But news of shipwreck and disaster followed in the wake of the dead year, crushing all her young heart's hopes?hopes that had blossomed only to wither Poverty was now a continuing foe No friends, uo acquaintances, a stranger in a ?.trange land. A Kuth, and not a field to glean in. While strength washers, it was freely spent, not for herself; sho lived and toiled for her child. Fever overtook exertion and exposure, and now, on the eighth return of her varied eras ot wifehood, motherhood, she lay upon a feverish bed, and on that eve of the (to thous ands) Happy Now Year, was needing the at tentions of the sick?medicine and food. Jiark ! from the time measurer, una, tiro, to ttrf/vtand tho old year has taken to itself wings, and fled away to the hereafter ! .Nowpoal on peal swells to the dead hour fono - chime on chimo for tho new year born, ho past is a spook floating awuy to make up the year ago ! Tho proscnt is speaking with a.tonguo to wake tho slumbering, and to cheer the watching. Far and wide its tintinnabala t;ons reverberate. In two hearts it echoes not with gladness. The mother wakes ?wakes with madness in her brain. The fever-demon triumphs. "Come, husband, let us go! Thy homo is mine." A foft smile of confidonco played around the sick one's mouth. She was the young bride again, trusting all into the hands of the alter plcdge architect of her future life. " Oh ! father, frown not thus ! Seo, at thy knee I cling; my sainted mother in me pleads. Forgive thy Mary ! Oh' Uod, he turns away; ho curses his unhappy child ! Oh! mother, bless me1" And the fever leaps again into the sea of memory to drag up past recollections. Tho child all this time was weeping, with his faoe buried in the tattered coverlet, and salt tears preserved his sunk cheek from the fever heat of bis crated mother's hand. Again the fever rages. She is the mother now, and with a voice the fever could not rob of its sweetness, sings the "Childs's Poem." " Hush, my babe, lie still and slumber." Oh! tho fever melts, and a big tear roll? down the mother's oheek, and the semi-ohild is all the ohild again, for he whispered? "Oh ' sing it again, mother, for vou sung it a-long ago, before the days I was hungry." liut the mother is in the mad dreamland again, singing low? " Oh ' the river is deep; the tide is tlowing To the land where you and i are going; We are going afar, Beyend moon and star, To the land where the sinless angels are." Soft! there was a form of loveliness dark ening the once doorway. Mayhap the " an gels" have come?" those sinless ones" from " beyond moon and star"' This new apparition is followed by a stout nerving man and a huge basket. I " A happy Nor Year'" From the "angel fell, jn musical nations, on the ferer burnt heart, and a soft hand is on the sufferer's bruw, and it is *? " Happy New Year!" Famine the tirim, who bed long hung in the dark corners of the little room, vaoitbed at that? " Happy New Year !" 4' The mad ferer forgot its fren*y at that? 44 Happy New year"' And the little child, so heroic in that long period of differing, who bad been nurse and comforter till the 44 Angel" came, was sleep ing calmly by hi? mother's tide, dreaming of that? 4 Happy New Year !! Nut alone was the child happy?the giver she wa< happy at the sight of the happiness she had wrought by that? U?PP7 New Year!" From many a heart will the 44 happy new year glide From father to mother, as they sum up the wealth of her domeatic treasury From brother and sister, as they smile in the pride of their youth and happiness. From the lover's lips, a? he reads the Utopia of a future in his metres*'* eye It will come ir<>ui big-hearted men and big-souled women a< they practice the theory to bring about the wish of a? 44 Happy New Year !" How true sing' the 4? Tcacher Poet," with * soul as -ubhmc as his verse? 44 Oh 1 the music of hearts that are taupht to beat time, It is nobler than rythiu, and sweeter than rhym* Not a line wa* e'er caunted for glory or gold W here the thunder of organs la melody rolied Haifa* sweet to the ear of the heart, or of heaven. As the broken ' Ooo bi.k*s totj,' to charitv given." 4b I The child is sleeping calmly; the mother breathing with difficulty; the fever had de parted, but death was taking its place Death's cold breath frose up the fevar. Kind hands are miniatering to the dissolv ing soul A physician was thare, and he spoke not of hope. Why did they bring him of all others?,) pale-looking himself? The world knew him as the talented, but consumptive student. The littlo child is dreaming of the "Angel" who came from 44 beyond moon and star." with food and warmth, and smiled aloud a? '? Happy New Year!" The student of medicine started like one electrified. 41 Happy ' Oh. (iod ! not for me ?" and he rushed madly from the presence of sleeping innocence, dying virtue, and mild-eyed char ity. And the living child awoke in affright to Cling to a DEAD MOTHER. KPI80DK II. Twas rast midnight?and 1S6- was in its grave. The new morn with its freshness was tanning the cradle of the new born l&K The student alone, unmindful, seeming- I y, of the joyousness without Starting at I iH-t. as if conscious only then of the change. I which the glad bells without were pr.elaim- I mg so loudly to all, he groaned aloud? ! "A happy new year!'' "Mockery! have I?oh! answer my soul! I have I known one happy hour in the past, I and can I hope for one happy hour in the I year to oome Oh. answer ! can I knowhan- I pmess more !" r I And the soul was repeating inaudible to I ears save his own? i ?? Happiness never more !" [ " Oh! lying bell, cease thy mockery !" I he student wept on as he groveled on the | carpeted floor?groveled there like a worm in I the dust. It was a strange room, with many a strange I and curious thiug therein. A surgical instru- I ment here, a mortar there, with many a trea- | tiseonhfe and death in the heavy filled shelves I that lined the wall*. He was a medical student, and he lay there I in agony?his mental throes starting out in bie I drops of sweat from his pale brow They go I by his window ; he hears them, the happy I ones as they meet, and the wish escapes?the I wish others hear with a smile of gladness. I thrills this student, even in the recess of his I room, with madness. 1 he past year is all before him; written I upon the wall of his room ; painted in flaming I colors upon the lofty ceiling. Dees the stu- I dent open a book ' It is there. Does he turn I his gate sky ward ' Lu \ it is there j 1 lie student is haunted by the memory of I tho past. I He goes forth into tho world, men see bis I woe-stricken features, but not the corrodin-' I Eoison at his heart, nor this whisper that he I ears every where? "TUOU ART A SL'HlHRgR! ' The student is still upon the fl.?or, and his I eyes are fixed upon the roof overhead. I Ho is reading lor the three hundred and I sixty-fitth time, the history of his last 41 Han- I py >?'ew Year!" Ihey tell me that disease has fixed its I grasp upon me. They tell me that in other I lands, under softer skies, I may grow myself I uguin. Fools! they know not that 1 am I doomed of liod !" The student struggled with himself alone I upon tho carpet; but he deemed that another I was striving with hiin?felt a cold hand upon I bis brow. I " Still the oold hand is here , and again I does the voice bid me tell o'er the horrid taTe ' 1 441 was young?am yet in years; still what I an age of woe has bowed my spirits. In my I profession I was resperted and sought. Frienia [ gathered around. Friends! 'Tis a lie, h ?t I irorn Pluto's brain?they were demons in dis- I guise. They proffered the red wino. I drank, drank again, and was its slave ! Deep, deep I in the sea of dissipation did I throw myself, I and was a god in my boaalings! Many knew I it not, or if they did, only thought it a weak- I ness of what they called my genius ! Still I I had patience At the bed side of death I I stood with the fire of grape in my eye, aud its I madness in my brain. Oh ! had they known I that a drunkard was their physioian ; ''One night?my God ! shall I never forget I it f and it wasouly one year ago?New Your's I hive?we bad met to drink out the old year I and drink in the new. I was tho wildest of I the party and had drank the deepest. 44 In the midst of our uproariousness, a mes I senger, pale and breathless, came to me. The daughter of one of my patients had met with I a serious accident, from the oversetting of a I sleigh load of merry ones. A surgical opera- I tion requiring great skill must be performed. 44 1 was wild, and hardly comprehended the I messenger's sad story, but siezing my instru- | ments, I followed him to the bed-side of?Ob, [ Uod ! she was my idol?the shrine of my heart's I adoration She knew it not?none knew it; I it was my secret. Yet I felt no emotion?I felt nothing but the demon in my brain. Why I did not some one see my condition, and tear I me from the room * But no. The deep grief I of all concentrated itself upon the fair sufferer. I I can remember the father's smile, wan though I it was; yet he bad faith in my skill"? 4> Oh, Doctor, you can save her!" 44 My brain was whirling, yet I paused not, but thought myself equal for anything The incision was made?her safety nothing com promised. My nervous hand had forgotten its cunning, and it* unsteadiness plunged the instrument into a vital part, and I toas a murderer ! lea, howl it ye fiends, for it has been I ringing in my brain since that hour ! 'she died, and tile smile of confidence which had borne her unshrinkingly through that odeal was still upon her lips in death. She had believod me able to save her life. Game- I ster like, I had played with her mortality to I hide my disgrace. 14 None knew the truth, none know it now. I The world is lavish of its pity for the talented I surgeon, an early victim to consumption !" There lay that ruin of mauhood, and death was pulling at the heavt-strings remorse had worn to threads. j Who shall judge bm m* L?t iheut who have not by yutoe or eEimple for a mo rnent leaned towards tha wine pros* of dertruc tioD. throw the first rtons The student li rnmmonad to a higher cuitt of inquiry, and bora tha breath of the New u**r ?A*r ihe daad form of tha old Ik- k ?or?in? ??nli^ht crap* is slowly throttgh the wiadow blinda, ud through a reak of golden light acroaa tha calered tlnU bu 12*5:m lt ",lW ln ? ?tu?mv ? *P turne<1 f**? <* th* TK- r . hi. The C emeterj gatoa opou For many a year ta gates have opened aud shut All daycare On this New Year'a Day twoaoulshave been c V ?* * *wo m'n<" immortalixod The one cortege enters and ita 1 ug trajn ol carnage? axtend half around tbe area of the silent city. with ita voieeles.- multitude ofciti ?ens. Nodding plume* of salde hue ware in the keen air. and the Mack velvet in ?potted with the white favors of winter?bridal emblems on Death s bier. Bleeding hearts of near and dear una* open afresh, the briny fountains flow again with salty stream* So grief is natural current runs. Ihe holy man stands uncovered before the earth dug cavity " Dust to dust, ashes to ashes!" and now clod to clod are mingling while the mourners aob?Amen ! And in that grave there he looks, a? be did when the morning sun threw its shadow acr e* the carpet, the stadent waa at raat. There ia another funeral train awauing an tranoe. and it waita on tbe outaideof the irate for the long line to depart, and then it m<?vea in. Not moth time it taken by ita length or numbera. One Wagon for the dead , the liv ing are in procession?a little child lad by the "Angel." ' The velvet work is wanting, but there are coffin* W ftTW" fAiI 00 m P'ne There are not many tears in the little mour ner a1 eyes for the ?? Angel" has been tilling him how Lappv she ia now " beyond moon and star, where they are never sick, and hairi ness is the " feast of the soul.'' He had wept on waking to find his mother w eold, and haro like stripped off hia thin jacket to spread it over her icy form kJre now^ l,hat u wai od,j th? hf<dy?that was before him Hia mother, sho who hadaung to him. and told him of her love in the long ago, was on a journey to a land where the sky was never dark, and tha cold never pinched. He a-sociated ail this with tbe " Happy New Year, ' and asked when his "Happy New Year would come. ?kT!\eI kne.M there in the w?nter'? chill, and i??i P"yed for tbe detd tbo little child murmured " she's gone to tha? " Hapi-v New Year 1" MALL OF THK Washington Highlanders, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE POOB rpHB MANAGERS IN ANNOUNCING THIS X Hall would most respertfollv ask the nubile to extend their aid in behalf of the Poor of ibis city who air now suffering for tbe want of tbe ne cessaries of life, and would respectfully refer tbe public to the cortlflcat* of Major H B French published ia tbe Intelllglncer on tbe 17th, lsth,' and lwth instants, as to the use made of the money last year. The Ball will take place at MUNDER'S ASSEMBLY HALL, On MUN1)A\ EVENING. January 2Sth lrA? TICKETS ONE IfOLLAM The committees. Ac., will be designate as fol low* ? ? Floor Managers, trl-eolor rosette- Mana gers, blue and red ribbon; Ladles' K?ception t orn luittee. white rosette, Doorkeepers, blue rosette Makaoies. On btknlf of the Comynmy. CaptUaln, Lt Reynold*, Xergea'tA Bam Lt. Campbell, Lt. McCloud, Prlv'e Harrover Oh b? kalf of tke Cuiztm. Hon. John T Towers, William H V\ Inters. F.*! Richard Walin L, Kikj. Columbus .Monroe, Es.i A11 bats and caps, except those worn by the mil itary, must be left In the hat-room Capt Jobn Bala, Treasurer, 4.ho .Massachusetts avenue, next to Washington market, to whom all communication* are to be addressed jan It OK AND CLUB, MILITARY, MHKMEN?> AMU CIVIC BALL booneclub. 1* H K FIRST URANI) FANCY DKKHS Ball of the Boone Club will be given at the Washington Assembly Rooms, on TUKSOAV EVENING, the*Kh January, liM. The Club, In announcing their first Fancy Aires* Ball, take occasion to assure thoee who msv hon or them with their presence, that every effort will be male to reader their time pleasant and agrm? able; that strict order aad de? orum wlli be mslD tained. and nothing left undone which will t?ud to Increase the enjoyment and add to the pleasure of the occasion. i*cott's celebrated Cotillon Band has boen en Kagod for the occasion. supper and Confectionery will be furnished by an experienced caterer Committee of Artam^tmomI*. A Bridgett, Thos .May, LCRoberUon. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and ladles jan It?e<>tb HOI KICKS PROF. H \V. Mt-NUKK MOt?T RE8FECT fully annouueas to the public that bis **otrees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. Thene eatertalsments are considered by all who have attended tbein to lie the most soctabl< tbat ban ever \ een kiven In this city. jan 'i'i?TAWw NOKTll WFAT HI NS FOR THK INDIAN IEKVRK IN 1Mb. Orrica or Indian Affairs > January 41, 1-56 } PROPOSALS WILL BE RECCIVFI* AT the Ottlce In Itan Affairs until noon <-f me iiNh day of February next for furnishing and deliver lnif?one-half on or after :be 1st day of .May, l-v5rt, and one half on or after tbe litb day of June nest ?one thousand Northwest guns for the Indian department, to be delivered to the agent of the de partment at either of the cities of New York Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, rinclanatl, lie' troit, St. Louis, or Chicago, as tbe Udder may elect; and the right will be reserved to require the above amounts at one time or at different times, at and after the specified dates, or to order at any time in tbe year I85?, at tbe same price sad of the same quality,any additional num&r of guns actually required in the service Each bidder wlU be required to exhibit a sam pie or samples of the klud and quality of t;un or guns he proposes to furnish; sud the department reserves the right of accepting such bid or bids as ire believed to be most advantageous to tbe in liana, considering serviceable oualltlea, price. *c.j but no bid will be coasldered unles* s< on patiied by a su?cient guarantee that If the bid of the party Is accepted, he will enter Into contract accordingly, and give security for the perform ance of his contract within ten days after the award. The sample or samples of the accepted bidder will be retained at this office, and all guna to b? delivered must, In every respoct, be similar and fully equal thereto. Before tbe aAneptan je or the (runs, each one will be subjected to tbe in ?t thorough and rigid Inspection and comparison * lth the samnle gun, and those that are not fo?r,d similar, and fully tqnal in every respect, will be ejected. A I>oad In an amount exceeding ths? at the bid will be required for tbe faithful execution of the contract on the part of the sueceosful bidder Pavment for any quantity or quantities received will b? made through tbe united States tress ry mmediately after the delivery and acceptance hereof GKO H MANNYPENNY, )aa EM?d3tA9(awtlMhFeto Commissioner THE PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF Henry Clay. 1 volume, octavo, 50 decJM-tt FRANCE TAYLOR