Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W18HII0T0V CITY: FRIDAY Jaaaary 96, INS. |fT Ail vert laemenls should be handed In by 1* o'clock, ai.) otherwise they may not appear mi til the neat day. 117" AttBHTl voa 1KB 8tab.?The following named persona are authorised to contract foe the publication of adwsrttoetnents In Th* Stab: Phtlti(Ulf>kia?V B Pal bib, northwest cor ner of Fifth and Chestnut streets. >??? Vert??. M Pbttmoill * Co., Nassau Bosto*?\. B. Palkbb, Bcollay's BnUdlng. Job Pbihtiho?Our friends and patrons are notuted that we ara now prepared to execute every klad of Job Pbi*iib? with despatch and In the beat manner, at prices aa low aa In any atfcst office in W ashington. Job Printers arealso notlAed that we are prepared to do every descrip tion of press-work that oaa be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-presses. Bo, also, has the Star oAce a Book Bindery oooaeeted with U, equal In Us capacity to turn out book binding of all deer ript tloas to any other In the Dietriot of Columbia SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union contains the President's mes sage on the state of affairs in Kansas We regret more than we can express that we are without space in which to spread the whole of It before oar readers to-day. We are denied that privilege by the fact that we were un able to obtain a copy of it in time for its in sertion on our first page to-day, where wo can alone find room for it. We shall, however, publish it in eztento t>morroa* as it mast be read by all who desire to know the exact truth concerning the condition of things in Kansas, and the cause? bringing that condition about. Governor Keeder's dilatoriness originally is clearly shown to have been the foundation of the so-greatly-to-be-deplered state of things there, and hu utter faithlessness to the obli gations of the trust committed to his Uands, together with the improper efforts of associa tions and individuals in distant, States to abo litionize the territory, is tho superstructure of the at present deplorable and threatening state of Kansas. The President, in this paper, completely brushes away the net work of systematic fal sification concerning the brief history of the new Territory, by means of which, np to this time, the pseudo abolition newspapers and public men have managed to deceive the pub lic of the northern States. What he says comes with crushing force against their in cendiary schemes, and will satisfy all but the 1 craiieet abolitionists of the land, that if there is a dangerous element in our midst, it is that j which professes to have at heart the cau-e of i freedom, and is endeavoring to undermine the < character and principles of the Government of ] the United States, as made by our fathers. The Inttllig'ncfr continues its controversy \ with the Union upon the question as to which i party the responsibility for the failure of the i House to organise rightfully rests. I Cbbap Rbadibg.?Our friend Roberts, 327 1 Seventh street, i? selling second hand novels 1 for 6i cents. Who has got a lip * Kbtumbd.?Our esteemed fellow cititsn, Jos C. G. Kennedy, returned from Europa in the last steamer. We are indebted to him for late Paris newspapers. A Valuable Scqobstioh.? Mr. Prince, the well known nurseryman, of Flushing, L. 1., , reoommends the culture of Lieorioe, as one of the most important plants that could be added to American agriculture. A deep sandy loam or other light soil is adapted to it, and the {lant is propagated by outtings from the root. t yields an immense crop, is quite valuable, and bow largely imported. A correspondent is reminded by the above of having soen, some years ago, on a farm in Stafford county. Virginia, a very luxuriant crop or growth of it, where it was totally ne glected, yet growing in great profusion, it resembled small trees, or clumps, rather, of seions of the locust, which, growing in a light loamy soil, threw up numberless shoots from very tender soft roots, that were easily taken from the earth, and seemed filled with the rieh, sweet juice, which the children of tho family enjoyed highly and amused themselves by palling up The Madder yields well in that part of the country, and is of superior qnality. It might also be made an article of great profit to any who would engage in the cultivation of it. Lbap Ybab.?Wn learn from the Lowell I Mews that the Yankee girls are exercising I their priviliges in famous style. They had a I hall on Thursday evening of last week, when I Bom* seventy-five of them " healthy, robust, I cbeery, and lovely, took their carriages, called I for their beaux, were driven to the iiall, where I ladies managed, selected their own partners, I ordered the supper, and gloriously paid all the I bills !" The partners selected spoke well for I judgment of the girls. The Now* says: I "Wo were amused, however, on observing] bright-eyed lasses with roguish eyes, trip np I to demure young men and solicit the honor of | their hand for the ' next cotillon.1 Who could I refuse ' One enraptured soul engaged him. I self to eight different ladies for Money Mu^k. I and to six others for Hull's Victory f Many I a poor heart hid away under a vent, was I irretrievably ruined but it could not be I helped." The company broke up about two o'clock, 1 when the ladies escorted their beaux home. I and then went off to their own. fy The Portsmouth Transcript states that 1 the steamer North Carolina arrived there on I luesday from Baltimore with her hull cut 1 entirely through by the ioe, and is now Ijing I at her wharf in Norfolk |y Owing to the immense amount of pork I and fioar that pa?as over the trie Canal, I Dobbs thinks the route traveled should be I not as the Brie, bat ** Alimentary 1 Canal.'' The New York Legislature ehouId I take the hint into early consideration. The Yarmouth Regiater says handreds of baahel*of eels.--troten aa stiff as pokers, ' I have been driven ashore and raked up on the I botch, and, after being packed In barrels, aro shipped to the city markets la Mew York they sell readily at from 10 to 12 eenta per I pound gy A little girl, in a locality where the fall of snow had been alight, hearing her father lament it and expressing a wish that more might fall to enable him to indulge his ytn * Kant for sleighing, after saying her prayers one evening and invoking blessings upon her larents. stopper short and asked : " Mother, ahan't I pray for those two inches of snow which father wants?" A Clobb Sbavb.?A while ago, one hot day, A vary wealthy miser of this city died of chol era, and it was found necessary to place his body in the coAn without remoylng his usual apparel One of his heirs, who was standing by, suggested, just as the lid was being fas toned, searching the deceased s packets, which was done, and the searcher also found an or dinary money-belt around the corpse, contain ing over $&,0o0 worth of notes, bills. Ac ? JC hi cog 0 Tribune. WASHIHGTOH 1TKW8 AHD 0088IP. The Message.?We left the ball At 2 p. m., yesterday, through ly disgusted with the mel ancholy display that had been in progress there for the previous half hoar. The Presi dent had done his duty in essaying, in obedi ence to the Constitution, to communicate to Congress information on public affairs of which he deemed it necessary they should be in pos session. As his act, in so doing, tended to fix more strongly than before, tho attention of the country upon the present reprehensible and unjustifiable state of the House, it was attempted to be repelled as an insult to the dignity of that body, whioh has, already, en tirely lost the confidence and respect of the country, from Maine to Louisiana. The scene in the Hall when the message was announced baffles all attempts at descrip tion. No political meeting after night-fall in tho Sixth Ward of New York?and we have witnessed many of them?ever was more dis orderly ; nine-tenths of the noise and confu sion coming from the demure side (the Repub lican side) of the chambor. It told plainer than words could tell, their appreciation of the fact that the oountry cannot fail to com prehend that the House is faithless, utterly faithless to its trust; and that the very best thing it can now possibly do, is to disband, resign, and have a new general olection, in which the people may have an opportunity of passing directly on the questions, which, as they are managed in the Hall, are bringing so great discredit on the National Legislature. Advancing their Pay and Mileage.?The Providence Journal thinks that with money worth in this city one per centum per montht tho fact that members of the House can get advances on their pay in the present nondi tion of the body without interest, is evidence that the bankers in Washington have designs on the treasury only to be consummated by placing tho honorable Representatives in a pe ^niary position into which no honorable gen tleman should permit himself to be entrapped The Journal is in error in tho promises on which it bases its slurs on the bankers of this city, in the first place, we know that all but one of the Washington banks?the Patriotic bank?have kept their skirts clear of compli city with responsibility for the present condi tion of the House ; and we trust that institu tion has been equally prudent, in view of the present necessities of its business patrons for accommodations, and the fact that they got precious littlo "accommodation" from it. The money doled out to the members to en able them to protract the present state of things in their chamber, has come for the most part from Pennsylvania, and, wo tako it for granted, it is tho paper of some bank more actions to get out and keep out it notos among distant communities, than to redeem thom promptly We trust that our business l'ellow citizens irill set their faces promptly against any mch bank paper. They may rely on it that iny distant bank that will loan their notes to t>e paid ont to the members without interest, under the existing condition of the House, ?rill be very sure to fail at the most conve nient moment A more desperate shift to in volve innocent parties in loss was never do vised, than this scheme of sending wild cat Pennsylvania money here to furnish the means with whieh to perpetuate the present state1 of affairs in the House Thrown Away.?We never saw an oppor tunity for catching a Speaker under difficult circumstances more completely thrown away than was that of electing Mr. Orr to be the Speaker of the Thirty fourth Congress, yester day, after Mr. Richardson had withdrawn his name from the contest. However wise and necessary as a political move it may have boon, so far as the mere matter of consummating the election of n Speaker was conccrned, it was an egregious fuur pa* to postpone taking the main question on the resolution of Mr. Rust, as was done on tho day beforo yosterday. Had that question been put without postpone ment, and had the House then immediately proceeded to vote for a Speaker, (Mr. Richard son having previously withdrawn his name,) Mr. Orr would have been elected on the next succeeding vote. But for tho intervention of tho Democratic caucus after Mr. Richardson s withdrawal, Mr. Orr would have received nearly every Know Nothing vote in the hall, though notoriously as emphatic a supportor of the caucus resolutions, and as firm an advo cate of the regular organization of his party, j as any other gentleman in the House. The Republican!, on leaving the ball on the day before yesterday, comprehended that they were a beaten?a badly beaten?party. Their only hope left was that the Democratio caucus might save them in some wayor.otber. Their long heads, it seems, did not reckon without their host, for the faux yas of failing to profit instantly by the advantage accruing to thom of tho rejection of the motion to lay Mr. Rust s resolution on the table, made Mr. Banks more formidable than before, aB a can didate, as was plainly seen in tho action of the House yesterday. Elected.?A reliable friend at Jackson, Mississippi, telegraphs us from that city under date of yesterday, that the Hon Jefferson Davis was, on that day, duly elected to the United States Senate by fifty-eight majority, to take his seat on tho 4th of March, 1857. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 24 th of January, there were of Treasury W arrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... $32,923 f>? For the Interior Department..... 9,36V 93 War Warrants received and en tered 129,641 67 War repay warrants received and entered 199,641 67 Interior repay warrants received andenfered 1,174 93 Froa miscellaneous sources 2,92101 PnuiTica (ou thk leu.?The editor of the Louisville Journal discourses wittily upon the crop of ice being gathered at last dates in his neighborhood He says: The crop it quite abundant, and many perrons are busy laying in the summer supply in all its varieties We may expect next sea son to have choice of either hog ioe, frog ice, or common ioe Hog ice is procured from Creek, in the neighborhood of the lt of a delicate wine color, but it is too high flavored for our palate. The frog ice is found in the ponds bordering the eity , it has a pale gaeenuh tinge, with occa sional streaks of duckweed; we are not fond of it, and shall leave it for those who alwavs put in a few drops of ?? the ardent" to kill the animalcules. As for common ice, it is got from the river, and is too well known to need description. We rive it our preference, and wish the getters of it all success. iy The City Council of Cincinnati has ex CBlled a reporter for refusing to apologise, for aving said that one of the members was a harmless and useless gentleman. C0H6ESSSI0HAL PR0CKKDIH08. In the House yesterday, after we went to preM, the voting on the one hundred and twenty-fourth ballot for a Speaker waa oon cluded, with the following result: Whele number of rotes, 200; necessary to ft choice, 101 Mr. Orr received 08, Banks 95, Fuller of Pft. 26, Ricaud 5, Campbell of Ohio 3, aeatter ID^efore the result of this vote was announoad, the President's private secretary made his ap Karance at the main entrance door, and the >orkeeper announced?" A message from the President of the United States." Immediately upon this announcement?(we quote from the Union's detailed report)? Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, objected to the re ception of tno message. Great excitement and disorder here occurred, members rising in all parts of the hall. Mr. Orr submitted to the gentleman from Ohio that he allow the secretary of the Presi dent to make the announcement of the mes sage, and then make his objection to its recep tion. Mr. Craige said that the gentleman from Ohio objected to something?he would like to know what. Mr. Orr hoped that the sacretary would be allowed to state whether it was a messago or not Mr. Craige rose to a point of order. Ue de manded to bear the announcement of the sec retary. The gentleman from Ohio [Cries of " order," 44 order."! The Clerk desired gentlemen to take their seats and preserve order. Mr. Craige insisted on aearing what the paper was. [Shouts of order ] lie could not be cried down. [Order, order.) lie demanded to be heard as a member of the body, repre senting as he did a district which first pro claimed the Declaration of Independence. tVociferous cries of " order," and indescriba lo confusion ] Mr Craigo continued speaking, demanding to hear the announcement of the messago. Mr. Paine ?In the nnmo of God and my country, I protest against this thing. The Clerk requested gentlemen to take their seats and aid him in preserving order. Order being at length somewhat restored, Mr. Craige proceeded to state his" point of ordor. The gentleman from Ohio (Mr Camp bell) had objected to the reception of what? The House did not knew what it was, and they should Grst learn who tho messenger was, and what he brought, before any objections were made. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, made the point of order that while the House was acting under the rule prohibiting debate it could do nothing except vote on the motions that were submit ted. Mr Stephens moved that tho moseage be re ceived. After some further conversation, the points of order were withdrawn; and the motion to receive the message was agreed to?yeas 117, nays 84. The Clerk having stated that the message would now bo received, the President's secre tary made tho following announcement " A am directed by the President of the United States to communicate to the House of Repre sentatives a message in writing, if it bo tho pleasure of the House to receive it," Mr. Craige. It is tho pleasure of the House. Mr. A. K Marshall moved that tho message be read. Mr. Wakcman movod to lay the motion on the table. The question was taken on the motion to lay on the table, and it was not agreed to? yeas 90, nays 108. The question then recurred on the motion to read the messago ; which was agreed to?yeas 108, nays 80. jOn the announcement of the vote there was applause in the galleries | The Clerk then read tho message. On its conclusion? Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, movod, that as de bate was not in order, to lay the message on the table. Mr. A. K. Marshall moved to amend fhe motion by inserting that the raeseage be cem mitted to the hands of the present Clerk, to be handed over by him to his successor. Mr. Campbell accepted the modification. Mr. Jones, of Tenn., said that if they would lay the message upon the table it would al ways be in possession of the House. Mr. Sneeu moved to lay the whole subject upon the table ; which motion was agreed to. And then the House adjourned. Preceedtmge af Te-Day. The Sontte was not in session to-day. In tho House, after prayer by Rev Mr. i <? Sunderland? Mr. Boyce moved a call of tho House; on which tho yeas and nays were ordered. Mr. Bennett, of N Y., asked leave to offer a preamble and resolution declaring, that as one of tho three parties had a lar^e plurality of the House, they were entitlod to the Speak ership, and that it was Tight and proper that the plurality rule should be adopted to that end. Mr. Dunn asked leave to causa to be read for information a substitute for this proposi tion, setting forth that the majority of the people is largely against the Nebranka bill, and in favor of the restoration of the Missouri compromise; and that it is the duty of the opponents of tho Nebraska bill to persevere in this contest, until they can restore the Mis souri compromise without making a factious and fatricidal war in *> doing The question was then put on tho motion for a call of the House; which was not ordered. Mr Smith, of Tenn., moved to rescind the resolution prohibiting all debate in ten min utes speeches. It was then moved to lay that motion on the table ; laid on the table?yeas 104, nays 91. The Houso then proceeded with the one hundred and twenty-fifth vote for a Speaker, with the following result: Whole number of votes oast 200 ; necessary to a choice 101. For Mr Banks 94, Orr 60, Fuller 2tt, Ricaud 3, fcattering 9. Decimal Currency m England.?Decimal currency isto be introduced intoOroat Britain. Tho pound will be retained as the unit, and divided into one thousand parts; the half orown will be abolished?the shilling fifty, the sixpence twenty-five, and a new coin Will be introduced representing five farthings, while the present farthing will be depricated one twenty-fitth in value; that is, there will be a thousand to the pound sterling, instead of nine huncred and sixty. . iar* city editor, who was a bachelor, hav ing said in his last issue that ho really wished that be had a son so that ho could dress him up in fashion, was called upon the next day by his adorable, to whom he had been paying his attention for the last two years, and asked if he really said that. " Certainly I did, my dear " 44 Well, Billy," said she, " why don't you make arrangements for one ?" Our friend said it was the first time he was ever oomered. Ha felt so mortified he went right away to the parson. Kill or Curb.?A doctor was employed by a poor man to attend his wife, who was dan Cerously ill. The doetor gave him a hint that e had fears of not being paid. " I have fivo pounds," said the man to the doctor, " acid If you kill or enre you shall have the money." The woman died in the doctor's hand; after a reasonable time he oalled for bis five poundrfl The man asked the doctor if he killed his wife? " No." 44 Did yon cure her?" "No.'1 44 Then," said the poor man, " you have no legal demand." And the man of physic went his way sorely vexed. Pious Servant Girl.? A family in New I Jersoyvillo, employed a girl to do the house work The mistress of the houso observing that her now ' help" was much addicted to Methodist hymns, asked her if she belonged to | that ehurch. " No," she replied, "not exactly a member; but I have been tuck in on suspicion !" " Probation, you mean " i . 14 I*?>1 don't (in a sharp accent, and with a dogmatical manner,) I know what you mean; I ^ was tuok in on fusptctov " PERSOVAL ....Madame LaGrange is popular at Bolton .... Robert Barns wai born January 2i>, 1T5?. .... Gov. Shannon stopped on hia way from Kansas to visit bia family at Si. Clairsvttlo. .... Mr. Banks wat born at Waltham, Mas? , on tho 50th of January. 1816. .... Santa Anna and bis wife bare sepa rated .... Alboni bas been engaged at the l'aria Opera. .... Gen. McDowell, of Ky., is at Balti more. ....Got Pratt gave a grand Ball at An napolis, last evening. .... lion. W. C Dawson, of Georgia, was on a visit at Memphis, Tennessee, last week. ....Rev Dr. Oilman, of Charleston, S. C., E reached at the Unitarian Churoh, Louisville, jr., last Sunday. .... William D O'Connor, of Boston, wrote the " Ghost Story*' in the January number of Putnam. .... John Mitehel, will deliver a lecture at Troy, on the 29th inst Subject, tho " Kipen ing of tho Revolution in Ireland." .... Franklin's birth day was observed so strictly by tho printers of Chicago, that no papers were issued there the next day. .... Miles Greenwood, inventor of the " grate stemo squirt," has received a eervice of plato from ninety prominent citicens of Cincinnati. .... Hon. H. W. Hilliard, of Alabama, bas made the Bostonians wrathy by not lecturing there that week, aa ho had promised to, or sending any excuso. .... Lieut Bent, U. 8. N., read a p.iper on the Japanese Gulf stream yesterday, Defore the New York Geographical Society .... Blackburn, who was killed on the Cov ington and Lexington railroad, near Paris, a Tew days since, was the sixth brakesman killed )n that road in the past year. .... Lord Panmnre has directed that the title of Secretary of War be no longer used, md that in all future communications and jorrespondenco his lordship is to be addressed >nly as Secretary of Stato for War. .... Julia Dean Hayne's husband has gut into an altercation with Mr. King, of the Cin

cinnati Columbian, for a criticism on the fair Julia's acting He will find this decidedly un profitable. .... Capt. Nye, of the steamship Pacific, laa been presented with a gold medal, as a Lestimonial of his humane conduct in saving lineteen of the crow of the wrecked ship Jessie Stevens. .... Mr. Buchanan entertained a large party )f the corps Uiplom ntiiji/e at dinner, on Wed lesday evening, the 9th, at his residence in Upper llurley street, London. So says the Uourt Circular. .... M. Thalberg ha* left Rio for Buenos tyros, where his performances bavo been ittonded with brilliant success ; and the atten ions lavished upon tho groat pianist are equal o any that oould be paid to the highest envoy 'rom any foreign state. .... The Earl of Erne has invested some- 1 hing like ?105,000 in the construction of tho Jundalk and Enniskillen line of railway. Of his amount ?75,000 was cash down. He is in industrious man if he can Erne this by his >wn exertions. ? I ... .McCormick is said to havo accumulated j in immense fortune already by his patents, I ind Manny has been almost equally success- i ul during the timo that he has been in the business. McCormick resides at Chicago, and Hanny at Rockford, 111. ....Harvey Moore, of Lawrence county, Jhio, claims to have discovered a principlo by I vbich direction can be given to ati air car, I ind its speed acoelcrated or retarded at tho will of the engineer or pilot who may take 'hargc of it, and without tho use of ballast or iraste of gas in the ascent or descent. .... Michael Smith, of Dublin, has entered | nto a contract with the Government of Napo- I eon, for the supply of several hundred tierces ? I ibout a thousand?of Irish beef, to be deliv- I sred at Brest or Cherbourg, within a definite 1 jeriod. This event is a novel ono in tho com mercial history of ,hat city. .... Rowecroft, the English Consul at Cin- I sinnati, is said to look at least ten year* older I than he did a month ago. His fino, Norruan Bngli'h physiognomy has grown thin and care worn, and his eyes dull and sunken. His strut is no longer pompous, nor his manper I inobbishly dignified. i | .... Napoleon has presented to Queen Vic- I toria, as a new year's gift, an album contain ing water color paintings, by the most eminent I artist*. each picture representing some inci lent in the Queen's visit to Paris. To the I Kmpress he has presented a costly and inge- I niouMy devised service of plato. ! .... Park Godwin, Esq., of New York, is I to deliver the address at the Second Annual I Meeting of the Cosmopolitan Art A.ssociation, I r?n Thursday evening, January 31, in San dusky. at which time the magnificent Works r>f Art, collectod during the past year, will be distributed gratuitously among the subscri bers .... Gov. Winston has vetoed the bill pasaed by the Legislature of Alabama to loan to the Memphis and Charleston Railroad Company 1300,000. The bill was passed by a moderate majority, and will most likely pass over the veto of the Governor, inasmuch as the consti tution of that State only requires a majority of the Legislature to enact a law in despite of the executive veto. .... Gen. Scott has failed to find anything in the late Court Martial on Lieut. Haldemau to impoarh the integrity of that officer, nnd has accordingly ordered him to report himself to bia regiment for duty. This result will bo bailed with satisfaction, not only by hia per sonal friends, but by all who feel a just pride in the dignity and fair fame of our military department. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Jan. 25, 1856. The City Council, at its last session, passed a resolution authorising the real estate com mittee to purchase a lot for the use of the ilydraulion Eire Company ; a bill in relation to quarantine, and someothor matters of little import. A young German, named Rosenbaum. at tempted suicide on Wednesday bv swallowing an ounce of laudanum The aervioes of Dr. J. C. Brown were called into requisition, an emetic administered, and yesterday tho pa tient was doing well. Disappointment in love is said to bo the cause of this consumate folly. Capt Gedney, of the steamer Thomas Col Iyer. aiuL A- J. Hough, Esq., of our city, yes terday crossed over the frozen Potomac,'op posite Alexandria, in a sleigh. This morning they propose a aleigh ride to Washington on the ice. The weather begins to moderate. Travel upon oar railroads is nearly unobatructed, yet businesa is quite dull. Ami. The principal witness against the Cin cinnati Irish fillibustera was shot at in the streets of that city, on Tuesday, the ball nasa ing through the rim of hia hat. He had been forwarned of his danger. fc .^^SMITHSONIAN IECTURES ? Prof. Pva .C C. FELTON, of Harvard University, will, THIS (Friday) EVENING, deliver a lcc tuie on "Greece." Lectures commence at 8 o'clook. The public are respectfully Invited to attend. _ janstt?It ^ ? ^THE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION PCflCwiU meet TO MORROW at the Smith sonian, at 11 a m. Mr. Z. Richards will read a paper: subject? "Faults Incident to the Teacher in the School room.? R. T. TAYLOR, Sec. Jan gS-lt? m ^^UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION.*? ?CKl'he regular monthly meetiog of the Hoard of Director* will beheld FRIDAY (to morrow) EVENING, at the residence of T. J. Magiuder, 4 W F street, at 7 o'clock A full and punctual attendance of the members la very dealrable, a* business pertaining to the "National Musical Convention" (to take place on the 18th proilmo) will be considered. The regular rehearsal for the month of January will take place at Temperance Hall on MONDAY E V EN 1 NO next, the s?th Instant, at 7 o'clork. . jan2t?it THOS J. LLOYD, Sec. .FOURTH WARD ELECTION NO *?_ TICK ?Notice U hereby given ??*? ? special election will W held at the City Hall, on THURSDAY, tkn 21*1 day of January, I*!1* one member of tka Board of Common Council, ta ?lift vacancy cnaaed by tbe reslgaatlon of A. MTbe^poUs'wi;l\*l opened at 16 o'clock a. m atd rin^d at 7 o'clock p m. clowaai/B. J. C McKELUEN, N.D LARNER, WM. LORD, ^^ Commissioners m?^.LE<]TUKK!?DR LYDIA 9AYER 83?^wlll,onSATl'RDAY EVENING, lee ture at Temperance Hall. x4m-1 Subject: "Fashion as antagonistic to Morsl and Physical Health." rnnm Tickets 25 cents?for sale at the coantlntr room of the Evening Star, and at the Book?to?e of Col. Joe Shllliagtoa, corner Fa. avenue and 4k at. The lecture will commence at 7* o'clock Jan*?3t m~ ~ V H KM KM HER THE TEA POT."? Mrs Smith stt her Tea Fot on the range to draw the ten, little ft reaming M ?? would stand the ire," till ahe saw It r?a. Ska screamed as It disappeared, and fell back In convulsion* Every remedy was administered, bat nothing would reatore her. At last her husband mid be would caU on FRANCIS, Seventh street,and buy heroneof his FIRE FROOF TEA FoTS, when she was observed to smile In tbe morning After starting away, Mr. Smith looked back and saw her standing In tbe door. For a moment be lis tened. It was that Mm* musical voice, "My Dear, remember tbe Tea Fot." LOftT?ON THE 24tk Instant, Ml Ue Av ouue, between 14th and 10th streets, a child'' Gold Ring, with the Initials of "C D " Theflnd er, by leaving It at this ottce wlli be rewarded Jan 25?3t L OHT.-NOTICE I* IIRKKHY GIVEN I that OertiBcate of Stock No '?! for ?ve t-hare* In Union Building Association. Georgetown, In the hands of John Paxton. has been lost, and lbs' n new certldcate has been applied for ]an'2S-3t* JOHN PAXTON. R ELIEr FOR THK POOH.?1 AM RH tailing SUGAR, TEA, COFFEE, MEAL FLOUR AND MO I. ASSES at cost for cash JUS \V. DAVIS, It# Corner Ninth aod E streets (UOtKl, WATCH Eft AND JEWItl HV. J GOLD W ATCHES from *21 to f 150 SILVER WATCHES from ?s to ?5 CLOCKS from tl 25 to * 15 Watches and Jewelry at wholesale and retail, at J. ROBINSON'S, 319 l?a. avomie, opposite Browns Hotel. N, B. -Cash advances on Watches to be sold at Auction jan 25-Im THE FOURTH ANNUAL BALL or THI MONTGOMERY GUARDS, WILL BE GIV1M AT THE WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS MONDAY EV EN I NO, Feb ?th, 1S?>. THE montgomery GUARDS beg leave to luform their friends, rtvil and military that they will give their fourth annual Bad on MONDAY EVES IN U.February 4th, lw50 In making |this announcement the Guards pledge themselves that no pains will be spaied to nrake this as agtreable as any they have hereto fore given. Refreshments and Supper will be served by an experienced caterer A most excellent band of music Is selected for the occasion. No hats or caps to be worn in tbe ball room ex cept by the military. Committtt ?/ Arrangtmtnti Capt Key, Corp'l Nihil, Frlv McNlchol, Sgt Burk, Lt Kelleher, 1'rlv I) O'Lery, SgtMurry, I'rlv Jlrdin. Qr M Maher. Ensign Wall Prlv McCaffrey jan 25?dtb EXTHA HEAVY I'LATEU TEA SETS. CASTORS CAKE BASKETS, Ac We Invite attention to our assortment of ?be above Gcods, all of th* best quality and newest styles. Also, very superior A LB ATA FORKS, LA DLES, SPOONS, Ac. These goods are all gotten up In so close an im itation of silver, as to defy the strlc'est scrutiny II. W GALT A BBO , 321 Pa avenue beter Wh and 10th Ms Jan 2S? INSTRUCTION IN DANCINO. MONS J. COCHEU BEttS LEAVE TO IN form the citizen* of Washington. George town, and vicinity that his second quarter will commence on the 26th instant Those who are desirous of favoring him with their patronage are politely invited to nuke early application, that tbey may be prepared to participate In his next May Festival, on which occasion he Intends In troducing fas an addition to those already Intro duced by him) several new and characteristic dances. P. a ?Mons. C. being free from any engage ment every morning during the season (except Saturday) offers his services to ladles and gentle men desirous of receiving private Instruction at their rettdtMce. Orders left at the Music Stores of Mr Xautzln ger or Mr. Davis will be thankfully attended to jan 23?lin ___ rnilHEE'PI.Y MIIKT COLLAR*, a beau x tlful article, for sale hy Jan 24?3' LAMMOND, Sr , 7th st STRAYED AWAY?ON WEDNESDAY af ternoon, January vi3d, a sorrel Horse, M' with a slit In his right e^r, having on a saddle, bridle and halter. Enquire of K h? A BKO . corner Green A Beall sts , Ge'-riretown. i Five dollars reward will be paid for the delivery of the horse. jan 24?3t* UKNXEK A DU BANT Respectfully beg leave to in form their friends and the public generally, that their HIFLE AND PI8TOL GALLERY Is now complete, and will l>e open for visitors on Monday, January 2rth. So, gentlemen, if you are ready, call and lire. jan 24?Dt ~ MADAME DEVON. FROM PARIS AND NEW YORK. r ADA Ml-'. DF. vos' MILLINERY H AS* A R - rived, and is now opened for Inspection at the LAKES, No 501 Ptnntylvauia area?<\ to which the attention of the ladle* of Washing ton, Georgetown, Jfcc. is respectfully invited j an 24?tf CAUTION AND REWARD ?I.and War rant No 40,?25, In ftivorof John Sannders.for 120 acres, assigned to blank before A Abat, No tary Public, New Orleans The above warrant has been lost or mislaid. Persons are cautioned against purchasing the same. A liberal reward will be given for Its return. * CHUBB BROTHERS, Bankers, opposite the Treasury. Jan 21?3t ___ GOOD INVESTMENT. WE HAVE FOR SALE THE FOLLOW lng Bonds and other Securities, wbl'b will yield the holder ten to twelve per cent, on the In vestment, viz: Orange and Alexandria Rail Bonds Virginia and Tennessee do Illinois internal linp't Bonds of 1S47. The above securities are unquestionably safe SWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE, FAN! A CO., Jan M-lm Bankers, j%2 Pa avenue ALIINATIC.?TRUEMAN DF. MOTT. A Lunatic, with sandy hair and tlorld complex ion, escaped from his noine and friends In the town of Ellery, N Y.,tome time since, and. It is thought, will endeavor to make his way to \N ash lngton. His relatives are most amicus to ootaln Information where he Is, and any one who may hear of him will be suitably rewarded for drop pine a line to the editor of the Star. jan 2:1?tf CLOTHING MADE TO ORDEH. Mkmbeks of congress, citizens and strangers wishing to supply themselves with superior garments, made to order. are Invited to examine our superior assortment of Doeskins, Cloths, Cass 1 meres, Silk, Satin and Velvet Vest Ings, ail of which has been selected with an espe cial view to the wants of our customers which we will make to measure In a manner inte'lor to none, at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 3*2 Pa. avenue, between 9th and llKh streets Also, 394 p? avenue, 3d door east of the National Hotel. Jan 2>? Notice-the public are hereby cautioned against purchasing a note glvea by William V H. Brown, and the undesigned, to Franklin Skinner, bearing date 13th of February, I-55 for the sum of live hundred dollars, and pay able twelve months after date Said note having been fraudulently obtained, neither said Brown or myself will pay the same. GEO W. BOARDMAN. jan 23? law3w? OT ICE?THE PARTNERSHIP I1ERE _ . tofore exist ng between the subscribers, In the Coal and Wood business, bas this day been dls solved by mntual consent^ r waTKRS MARY L. WATERS Having been authorized to settle the affairs of the above Inn, aU peisons having claims can pre aent the same to me. All debts duo the same are ? -r only jan Jl?aolw Corner of B and 12th streets opi N PERA ?LA?SE??The lsrgest and cheap it In the city at JOHN F. ELLIS, 3US Pa noepne, between ?th and loth sta. 91 DRKII AH# CWA* Mima k d a v idbun tares this method at laformlag U* cltlxen* and * ran ker* of Wa?blngton, that she sitil conttaue* lb* DRESS AND CLOAK MARINO la all the latest and mo* fb-bloaabie varieties H? loag enperl. ence In the buslpesa warrant* her In assuring ?at traction to those Ihvorlng brr with tbetr pmtna an Ladle* wishing Cloaks and l>ie?*m cnt and bast .d ran be accommodated an imnuMi RMidra*, ?U? atreel, bdwwn D and b, ?? ?, it Ride I? **-?* PINK WOOD O *i?? *4. ONK OR TWO HUNDRED CORPS BMT quality PINE WOOD, wtil seaaoned, will be drtiverfM at ?ve dollar* per cord Shaw* In proportion. Apply at the * aid*, coram Mb aad H utrfft^ and foot of lTth ninety oppwit^ Intfton Monument J?? ' CHIUU HHOTIIEH *, BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AMD DOMESTIC BXCHAHOE; Fl'KNISH D HAFTS On all Parti ?f Unitwl Stat* and Enrop?. COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United Stattt and Earope DRAW B u is ON IRELaND FOR i.1 OR UPWJLRD*; BUY AND SELL IJONIM, STOCK!*, A OTHER SHCURITlEf, NKOOTIATK TIM* >AH?? la I !?>???> ptTlH 10 V aad ever, far Mia. LAID -? .11 tinea Purrbaslag, aad Kaaa far A MkYftNV WAK ?tliT??l^ ^TfTVy I .mi A Warranta lataH* ' MlnDMOia. t'HUHH BROTMERa jan fl tf ?MbW.'fP""' lb*_Tr^*Ur,r__ 9-4,' KTS, wn eboap, red. bine and ptay Krmrh Mffloo and Merino Plaid* Oullled Sklrta Hosiery and Ulavea White, red and re!low Flaanela With many other WMff Ml ohecjosed Ailt rhfil) " W H . K I Lr^ ? ? Car.What , opposite Centre Marhet Jin 2*?1m _ rnHC NKW BI.I K HOOK, or GowimfLf 1 K eplMer IW, Just 1**ued plviag the aamer salaries. location*. Ac , of all po*t ma?4eT* jmA ?nt er rubllc otneers and ayent*, clfll, military, and naval, In the service of the United State* with the name*, forca. and condition of all shins ana vwhcI* belonging to tbe t'nlted Sfatea, and when ai d whore built; and the name* and romp?i.?. tl?.n of all printer* In an* wav employed by t on yress, or any department or o?c? r of the tcwin inent. 1 octavo volume, price ?1 4t?. Can Le sent by mall to any part of the llaltel States. l or sale In Washington by TAVLORA MAURY. Jau ?2 Hook seller*, near 1Mb at CALL IMRKVIATKLV! A Book warlb?I.Hi lar Oae Dollar! A WD A PRESENT? Worth fro? 25 rent* to One Hundred Dollar* ! T THE STORE OF THK WASHINGTON Hook Company, under Dextet'a Hotel J nst received? Mimic l.lfr, Atone. Widow BeAott Papers Juuo < Hlttord, Female Life Among the Mormon Ml** Hunklcy'* Book, Youag Ladle* Book Pto-nlxlana, Kate ? latcn Abbott's Napoleon, 2 vola Macanlay'* History England, 4 vol* l.en Year* Among the Mall B*t>* And 1 o,MM( other pood Book*, too numerous to d^iKnate In a catalog TKt la*t *>?'k of tkt Smlt nnle*a a Mpoafcer 1* elerted In Congta**' Call and examine our 1MMKNSF. STOCK and Jiidp*' for yonrselve* Rememher the la*< cbame 1'osTtlvely the last See Ked F lap. jan 42? lw ? OAUL'fcKKfcOTYPINO HY A LADY. Mrs a.c kf.dmhno havint, added to her new room* c beautiful Skyllpht. and eiijjaj'ed an Ass|*tant Oiierator fone of the be?t In th?* l)J?trl?-t,) *he tnteras not to hare her Picture* esrell^d If i i|iiallid in the Csited Stat^>. PIC TURES pu up In Km bow 4 Cases for Fifty C'mi*, such a* are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar. Particular attention paid to Copy ing Defmerrc otypes, Oil Paintings, Ac ,Ae. Sir* K solicit* tLe patrona^f of the Ladle* par ticularly. 1XZ7?" Rooira? Iftl Seventh street, we?t *lde, be tween Hand I. Jan ?l tf idTit i oh roaTroNBMKnr. Wt AHE?XiMPKLLED TO ANNOUNCK to the subnciibrr* to the FR1ZK KM BROlULR \ RAFFLE, that we shall have to po*tpoi>c the dr..wiap f?<r a fpw davs, on acc< unt of there being still a mu&bcr of ebancva not yet uketi. Thoae person* wishing to subscribe win oblige ns by giving u* Ibelr names early, as we do not wish to del*y tLe drawing any longer thxn we can help. We will state the day for drawing In a future advertisement CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO . Jan It Cor Penn. avenue and Ninth street Nn T I f E.-WK SINCERELY TENDKR our thanks to all tbone of our customer* who have In accordance with the notlr^of the lssse of our bills, called and p^ld at our desk their re speetlve amounU Those who still owr ii?m respectfully nn -d to settle up their bills, without wsltlnp to be <al.?d, on. which maybe disapue. able All are aware, from thr Leading of their bills, of the terms on whlcu they made their pur chases. CLAVKTT, DOL>SON A CO Jan 21?lit (1AKAL BOAT FOB MALIC. ?THF. FINE J ('anal Boat '-l?*ac Ung,' about 1 tons burthen, will btfcL^_fai* sold on favorable terras Apply to GT~oRCI WATERS, corner of High and Water street-. ?? w: Jan 21- lw Notv% ithstanuimu the immif eedented t reat rush at out store during last week we havt a few more fine Fancy Goods, Top. Work Boies, Books, Card Casts, Ac., left which we are determined to run off at our usital low rates. JOUN F ELLIS, No. M |'a. avenue, near luth street dec *>? P1STOLK.?A NEW ARTICLE, WITH KF VOLVING HAMMERS, Ji?t received and for hale by CAM PBELL A CO YLE Jan in 2wa No asi Psana aveauc LMNK LlkHARY EDITIONS ofCampbrll. F Milton, Drydtn, Bryant, Balleck. Loagfei low, Shakspeare, Byron, Pope Moore H Joanna, li^iiie. Cowper, Thomson. Willis, SI gourney, Herbert. Shelly, Coleridge, W ord^worth. Burn*, Goldsmith, Scott. Hood, ^wlft Chaucer Spender, Tennysoa, Southey, Ko^or*, Youn/ and many other Poet*, may be found at the most mod erate nrlce-, at the bookstore of the undersign^ line editions. In Morocco and calf bindings, mai.v of them beautifully Illustrated ; most ofthem 1m ported direct from Loudon, by the underst. nrd and bound there. TRANCK TA\LOK dec 2b llfKKA IILAKAU. Hutchinson a munkh have open ed a ttne assortment of OI'EKA GLASSES which they can sell at estrcmely low pri<^?, 'ivv bnve constantly on Land a large and Wftl *elect.d stock of FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTI CLES, PERFUMERY, Ac , to nil of which they InvlteattentlAu at their Fancy Store, No Jlu Penn sylvania avenue, brtwetn Ninth nnd Tenth ?t* next to Messrs Walter Harper A Co 'a. j3n t Baolkv*? finkkt uolo pkn a,*s gold and silver esse*, for sale for the aianu facturere, at their lowest retail prlt?a, aad to ths trade at their lowest wholesale prices Also, Morton'? short-nib Oold Hen*, dlffcrtn, estMfutlaily In their constriKtlaa from aay otbrn,, and suiting the requirement* of many who nav." Vttherto been unable to make use of any metallic pen whatever I KAN> k TAVI.Ok jan 1U I ETTEK, CAP, ANU MMAPClhW tA ' pers at ELLIS'S 31 IMS Fa Almanac* viih t?wu, JU CENTS PER Dtl'/.EN JOHN F Kan, 'JOB Fa, avenue, bet Mb and lath ??? Jan Ih?tf _ JOUNM)N'? a A LOON, No 311 l> if?rl,/u<' Tktflttuih ?iW He being well ekperieno.i> ?> c ( Cooking, will serve MEALS to gentlemen. Dinner Parties, Lame Supper?, and Soups served up dally Also, stewr*! Teraplna 1 erma moderatt Several R ooms to let. ?'all as above jan 15?2wa ?^1 m. Horra a to , BEG LEAVE TO NOTIFY THEIR frl.n.l and the public that they will re open tb'tr Watch Repairing and Jewelry store in the Star Boltdlag*, as soon as the *U|(b( damages d"ue to the store by the recent lie, caa be r<-pair< d; the state of the weatbsr op to this Una* bavlni ren dered It Impossible far ctrpssUt, to work tLerc |aa liMf < The only flack in the i it* Tor4 get the new publlcatioaa. My Marv A. n. A?- . Kle Schotttsch, Craxy Maiden S<boU?Mh. and* ye Watrhmanis at F.LLls>> Music store, 308 bettraeu Mb and loth *t* jHkU