Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, ri'M:.|IMU> kVKHr AFTFH5IOUN. (F.XOBPT CUNMAV,) It i4? Nta* Hutl-ltngr. eo*n?r M??k( a .J By W. D. V&LL&Cfl, K7 >1 b?'.< tit ?TitiM-rtlier* b? carrier* at HI X ANi? A qUAKTKK CKMTH, payable weekly I/' tLe A^eat*; pupen ?crYnl la at -'17 ^ *-nu |~-r luouiii. To mall Ibe sub ? rtptloa price la THRtl IMM.I.AKS AND FlF li DOLLARS f. r sir mouth#, ind OMK iMD.LAK for thre? ?wrr.fu f.?r tfcan tbr?? ramtb* at the rate I ?!*( ronN n ?f-k. tMiPIKS ONE CKNf. VOL. V1L WASHINGTON * ? MONDAY. JANUARY 28, 185G. NO. 926. f I ?? \ Tkta nteUMt Kaolly u>4 N#n ? talala* a nmUr variety of lBUre?Ung miln than ?u be found la aay other?ta pubftahe* on Batur Aay montla* tun. !*a*le ??P?i .?! * to nna. , Phraooptea ?' ?4? TPB OopiM ? ? ???????oa a??ao???????? a ???????? ? W Twenty ooptea w UT* Oaai, IKTilUIlT m 4BT4HC1 singlecoptea (In wrapper^ oaa baprora od at the counter. Immediately aflar tbe taauaaf ati paper Prtea?Ymaaa C?w*a. PoamaaTaa* who act aaa<r?mta wtli baaUowe a coauuiaalon of twnaty per oenl. HOOK AND JOB PK I M l > <?. rflllOMA* McOILL. SUCCESSOR TO THt 1 ttim of Klrkwocnl A McGill respectfully an nounce* that lie Is fully prepared to exeautaall or ders for l' S O H O HN AMU STAL PHISTISO at his lar^e and convenient Establishment, ?lh st. d?>r* tie low Odd Fallows' Hall The business of the >>ul tlrm, and ail other work entrusted to him will meet with promt attention 111 U.MAS Mc.GlLL, Seventh street, betweeu D and K, Hum tloorn below Odd FelioWr.' Hall. ]u 4?eolm 1 K K W A K U ?I will give the above mentioned reward for tbe apprehension and delivery to me, of ANN, a slave, who rail* herself Ann Johnson, and wLo ran awav from ine on Saturday ulght, tlie nth Instant She Is about 21 years oi?i, 5 f.-e?, four or five 'nches high, light I.lack complexion with full round face, of food figure, and likely She ha* a variety of clotMng and took with hrr feather bed and Iwddlnjj WM F I'll ILL11'S, dec ill . eotf &IM> New Jersey avenue NEW YORK HAT*. 11% ISI1 ALL GEN 1'LEMKN WHO AKK IN want of Huts to bear in mind that the plan which I adop'ed ?>lx months auo, of s&Hug 11A IS and C\PS a: gr.-atly reduced prices, for cash only, Is In snccesa fil opcnf:ot, consequently those who nay cash have the benefit of cash. and are Uv?t chained twenty-five per ceu? ?\xtra profit to offset bad d?iu. The v?-ry Itest aud m.xt fashionable DKKSS HATS, at ?:J50, equal to any usually sold at S;>, and the b?*t Hat south of New York: and a first rati*, durable, and fashionable tlat, 11*4 50 A full supply of black and brown FELT HATS, and Children's Fancy Goods, at v?rr low prices Small profit* and quick salea is the motta. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. Opposite Dexter'a Hotel. I have made arrangetnonU with one of the best boot makers In Philadelphia ta b? kept constantly supplied with the very beat and iucmC fashionable French calf-akin aewnd BOOTS, warranted Freuch calf, or no sale, which I offer for the un precedented low price of *3 ?'2#. I have shown Judge*, who pronounce them to be the best ltooLs for the price In the United States 1 ah*o have a splendid sewed GAITER BOOT. m%de of the very best French calf skin patent . .'her. all of the latest style, for S3 50 Competition Is out of the quewtion. All I ask Is for gentlemen to come aud see for themselves Irrmi positively caah dec 8?eoim M. HtMKKN, Jeweler, t>o j'ta.w arenui, bttut'ia 'Jf s an I link struts, I IAS RECEIVED AND OPENED THIS DAY II i magnificent MMttamt of fine and r ? u Imported JKWK i. R Y , ?oich as Pier en tine aad Roman Mosaics, Italian Lavas $ and CoraU, Gurnets, Cameos. and a varl-^^"l*8? ety of rl< hly chased Gold Jewe'ry or any descrlp tion, the very latent styles Also. a new lot of fine London and Geneva WATCHB8, warranted ;la?eke*-pers CHRISTMAS PRESENTS A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch era, Cas'ors, Creaup, Goblets, Cups, Fork* and itooons, (sterling.M'iah, Cake ana Pie Kniv?s, Butler aud Fruit Knives,Soupand Oyster Ladies, Preserve, Sugar ud Cream Spoons, Salt Cellars, Napkin Rin^s. etc , etc. SILVF.R PLATED WAHE, ON ALUATA. r4x'or-, Baskets, Butterboats. Urne, Forks and Spocas. ? FANCY ARTICLES. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments, la variety, Card Case*, PortmounahM, cigar fa-es And also a lar^e assortment of SPKC.TACI.F.S In Hold, Silver and Steel Frames, to aiut every evrt aud age; Eyu Liases, Congreaa Specs, aud Opera Glasses IlT W e uae pleasure In showing our goods to all, whether p?iruhaa?ra or net All o?ir goodx are warranted as ropresented, and will t?e so id at the low<ed poealble price. l(T Jewelry and Mllwrvtie nmd- to order: Diamond s remounted ; Gold Pens re pointed, ana Engraving on Sione executed at *hor' uwtl<H>. aud all kinds of fiu?. Wat. no* aud Mudcal Bolts, (.hi in perfect order at short notice. H J'I. ME L.N. Jew-lo/, 'Lk> Pa qvenue, U'tween ??th <atd loth eta dee Ml MAKKi AMI til l|)K. DR TOUSGR POCKKT fSCULAPlllS; Or, Kvery One hi* ? wu PLysiclaa: |>KING OOSKR VAl'IONS ON MAP KI AGE l? M^d!<.>tlly and Philosophically crns|ddreil,aa MANIIiiMDS ?;\KI,\ DECLINE, with dl rea-ilou* for Us p?-if?vt cure Bring a t'obfidentlal sitaut I Meud aud Private Adviser; foilowfsi by HUvrvtiiutiii on llir I'reatiiient of V^u?"real Dis eaifc ? . lionattniiusi, G^ef. Strictures. Ac ; lllns trated with c.n.- s I'lite*. an:t Diagrams, from Dr \OUNG S PRIVATE PR ACT KJE -to be consuurd without exposure, and with assured coufid?-n< e <>f snccess On \ -'5. ent For sale by the A gent, A LP. X ADA MS* ?N, on he*enth ?t , opposite Po?t ??filee, dec X\ "lin* J NOTICE OF ? ONTIMtlATION. AMES H HHEKEI.L HA VINO SUCCKEO .-.1 to tue bu?lnes' <.f .-siiraell A brother" ;?ud located at No ".TH F etrret, comer ot 1 Wt will i?r? n January I 1-V with an cn . tire n?-w fresh sl'vk of GROCER lK0,^_, together w4th a fall and complete Hs^rUneUtof toe WINES HRA.MMKS. CORDIAlJl, Ac . all of which have be?*n sheeted with care, ei clu?lvely for ftmiiies, and to whleh he Invtlea the lnspxtlon of Lis friends, the patrons of the late firm, aud the public. Intending to keep for sale all the desirable varletiea afforded by Che firm dec 29?lm Called Mtntes Patent Office > Wa?hinoto<?, Jan 17, U.V. | OiN rUK PETITION OF ALONZO C AR Nt?LD, i?f Noiwalk, Conn , praying for the eiterovion i,f a patent granted to biiin on the *^td day of April, 1 *12, f<?r an linprovecuent In ?? punch ing uiwliinw for manufacture of covered but lou- f<>? neveii v?r< from he explrathui of nald p<Uent. wfii< u takes place on the vtld day of April l35d - It Is ordered. tL >aid pefltioa be h.-ard ai the Patent OA'e no Monday, the 7th of April liiH. at IJ o'cl(M:k, at ; and all is-rsoiu> arc uoll&ed to app?ax aud >ht?w lau*e, if any luey have, ~x\y salil petition ?'nipht not to be planted. Person* ?fp<Hl:uj .he ejien-<iori are required tc UaluliMl'aUatUaiv Lbrlr oi>j< t.onr-.-j^ciaii) set f?*'.h In writing, at least twentv d iy? before D>e day of nearlnt-. all tnrtiiuoay filed by eltnei party to be u^?ed at the hearing must be lakon transmitted In Acruirdaace wltn the rulm of the of fi. e, wnich win be fiir:il*btfd on appllcatkou. The t<wtlaony In the c-aae will be cloned on thf VTtkudsy of d< positions and othex pap^rt fHIM apon a? testlmouy, must be filed In ther>fl|? ? on or before the luorniag of that day; the argu ment* If any, within ten days thereafter Ordered, also, tLat this notice be published In the Union, luldllKencar, and Star, Washington D C ; Ait'<ta. Baltimore; Evening Artrua, PLUa deiphla. pa ; journal of Commerce, New York, and Daily P>'?t. Providence, R I , once a wueft for three succeed ve week* prwvlona to the ?th ol April n?ut, the dav of bearing CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Pateiita P S ? Fdlton of the above papers will plena< copy, and send their bill* to the Patent otltce wtth a paper containing tbla notice J*n 1' laWJw Ol FT IIOOkSTUKK! AGK.Nk.KA 1. SELECTION OF STA-NDARL Gift arid Mlscellaneoua BOOKS AND STATIONERY for sale at HI Lilt S'S MUSIt: DEPOT,cor ner of Pa avenas and 11th atreet tin EAT UtltUCEMRNT. EVERY PURCHASER RECF.IVES A 01 FT. Ka? l. article U sold at the iwual retail jwlfe; arxl for er?ry dollar's p irchase a w-aled envelope l? drawn by the bi\>vr. containing tfce name ifwm' gtn, which Is presented on the spot. Among th? Gift* ar# Gold Watches, Jewelry, Music, Fauci and f olirt Articles, Ac HI Llll'S MUSIC DEPOT. d*c ?tr Corner Pa ;iv aadllthat. MV >1 Ah Y ANN. WF. HAVE JUST PUBLISHED THIS cal ehra M aad fav.irit? sonv of .Mrs. H.irne\ W llltams, embellished with a full length eiftuv Ing of the authoress Price *25 cents p* r cor.y JOHN F ELLIS, JOi ?*a avenue, uear Tenth street. Jan 14- tf rilH* BOSTON amkriu^^lviaiai 1 kor Ibdfi received this dav jaa 11 FR l^NCfc TAYLOR. * *e ^ STAis DA KL gm OITTA PKK< HA TEKTIt. '?HIE UNDERSIGNED IIA V is II6KN IN 1 the habit of Heading our patrons to Dr. Co*t>y for Dental operation* for a number of yean, ana take pleasure lu recommending him to the cttl ren* uf Washington ait the taut tooth extractor and dental operator that we have ever met with lie insert* u*eth upon every plan that la practised In the United States U?v f Ho ituiaa. U U B W Towlaa, M D. a. v. r?ru?. m d, uu8 jubii r. m d. Juno* Ui, M n O K ChaaibSrltii, M. D , DD8. 0. H. hitrru M D. Hiinutl P Brown, M O. *y?h? llual-y, M D B. M fraaciacn, M. O. OMce over l ord A Bro 's, No 2W. corner of Utb Afreet aud Pa avenue nov 27 41m* OUTTA I'Kit( HA TbKTH. DH O MUNSON, AT 310 PA. A V EN U l?, 1* mounting Teeth on a Gntta IVrcha Base Also, with Allen'* pat-j ent continuous G nm. < ?inblnlnv beau ty. strength and cieanllnes*. l#r >1. Is determined to keep pane with every Improvement In Dentiatiy,and will strive to pioe*<' aud profit his patrons. bbvbbbrcb: Rev Dr #uriey, lion R H Millet, 'Or Blnney, Hon S A Dougl&a, lion, i' Mason, l?r K P Patterson, Hon. A O 1' .Nicholson, i)r. K Coolldge, Aud the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col ege. nov 23?? >1I.MHKKS OK I'llNeKKM AN1> VISIT ORS TO WASIIINOTOW VRK K ESPECTFU |,LY INFORMED that at TAVLUK A MVUKY'S BOOK AND STATlO \ E KY STO K fe', Pennsylvania avenue, nf>ar Ninth street, they will meet all their require ment* Their extensive stock, in addition to the following important work*, comprise* every de partment of Literature Science, and Art. NEW HOOKS received immediately on publi cation . Weekly importation.* from England Calhoun's Works, A vols. JeQerson's Works, 9 vols. Webster's \Xork^ a vols., Autograph edition. Evt-rKt's Orations and Speech**, - vol* ('lav's Private Correspondence, 1 vol. S S Prentiss's Memoirs, 2 vols. Bancroft's History of the United States, 6 vols. Statesman's Manual, 4 vols Hickey's Constitution, 1 vol. Jeiferson's Manual, 1 vol. The Constitutions of the United States, 1 vol. Elliott's Debates and Madifon's Papers, 5 vols. Marsh's Orators and Statesmen, 1 vol. Story's Works, 3 vols Lives of Chief Justices of the United States, 1 vol. Lleber's Civil Liberty and Self Government, 2 vols. ' Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry, 1 vol. Kennedy's Life of Wirt, 2 vols Garland's Life of John Randolph, I vol. Party Leaders, by Baldwin, 1 vol. De Tocquevilie's Democracy In America, 1 vol. The Federalist, 2 vol. Crlmke's Nature and Tendency of Free Institu tions. 1 vol. Constitutional Text-Book, i vol. Carey's Past. Present, and Future, I vol. Seaman's Progress of Nations, 1 vol McElli^ott's American Delator, 1 vol. Future Wealth of America. 1 vol Smith's W??aith of Nations, 1 vol. Every description of American, English, and French STATIONERY" of the linear quality, at the lowest prices. Visiting Cards engrsved and printed with the greatest promptitude TAYLOR A MAURY'S, jan W -tr near Win street. TOP II AH Je N O K >? L K T ' ft NKW AND CHKAF SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORK, 1?*> Seventh st , opposite odd Fellows' Hall. f* A MESSRS TO P H A M, ClgflE^latc of Philadelphia. aud V^NOHFI.ET of this cliy, ? respectfully announce to" their friend* and the public,, that they have com menced 'he Saddling Business at the above stand, where th**y will inake and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of -Mens', Ladles' and Boys^ SADDLES, BRIDLES. M ART -NGALHB. and WHIPS HARNESS^ ev?-ry description, both for city and onuntry us* AU kluda of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladles'SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS and FANCY WORK BOXES HORSE BLANKETS COVERS, COLLARS, and 11 AMES Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES CAhl^, ('tRKt coMKU, SPONGES, Ac.AC ' All ina tar la I ns?d will be the best that can he obtained, md both of >is having been practical workmen for .several yesrs. we feel confident that our work caunot t?? surpassed, either for style or durability By nnremlitlng efforts to vlve satis fcictlon we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Particular attention paid to covering Trunks and repairing all kind- of work Sad-li^rs' tools constantly ou hand nov 7- tf >I?KL MEW liOOim. JOHN H. SMOOT, NO 119 SOUTH SIDE ? ? Bridge street, nr<ir High, Georgetown, D C, has received an additional supply of Fail niul Winter GOODS, making hi" assortment very complete in his stock wUi be found a ilrat rats a^sort ntcut of? 1 j*dut> Drees Goods Black Moire Antique Silk* Moire Antique Cloak and Dress Trimmings Rich striped and Moire Antique Satin and Bonnet Ribbon* SwUs and l>ainbrlc Bands, Collars and Sleeves Black and col'd Cloths, for Cloaks Stella, Brocha aud Bay State Shawls Wttli a good assortment of the best makes Flau ucL>, Blankets, aud Dry Goods generally My stock Ixlng dwlrmbi,^ and cheap purchasers will liud It to their advantage to call beforeuettlut; fully supplied. J. H. SMOOT. nov l$-tf I^ICTILF. IVORY -JUST RKt'El VED. sev eral exquisite specimens of his manufacture. Including ''The Descent f-nn the Cross," after Rnlttms ; 41 The Flight Into Egypt;" "Adora tion of the Wise Men 41 Head of ?'hrl?t," after Domenlchlno?Madonna; 44 E>*e Homo," Ac., specially a?Li|<tm for t:hrtstm:is present*, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S dec, 21?tr Bookstore, near utfc st. WMN AND Tt< l t't.KH. (1ITI7.ENS AND STRANtiERS ARK RK t sriectfully Informed that the best ;issortment of \\ IGS n;ul TOUPEKS are to lie found at IIEAKDS HAIR DRESSING ESTABLISH MENT, nnd W 1G MANUFACTORY, Sixthat National li'dei Wigs arid 'Ponpaep made on the shftitest notice. Also, a ^><-d oi Ladlea liac.k Br<tldti Just arrived from New York. dec 11?e.V'iu Cbiri.1 WAKEXUUM, toe. I WILLIAM PLAN m A CO., UNDER VA ^ ? hl-:RH?retldt-ucMib' Koven'h street, tw-ivr?eu G and H str#s*ta y~? . \ . ' y lnterm?-uU prr>our?d In any gioand er.. nvetery Cotfln*, Caps, Sh?oud?, Caalages. Ucaise, ai:d every article for Interments cf the be?rt quality fui'tilsned at short notice, on the most reasonable terras, aud al all hours of the sight Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corp?e Preserver, we guaian'.re to keep the Aead for any len/th of time. )y 11?ly JONAH P. LEV *, ItftroBTBB. AND DBALIB IN WINKS, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AND FlflK GROCERIES, 0?n*raICommiasion & Forwarding Merchant INSUKANCh AND BILL BHOKHH, No Y/i Pa av , two door* below U. 8. Hotel, WilHlHSTOS ClTT, D. C. N B.?Country Merchant*are requested to give me a call before purchasing elsewhere. oc2-ly _ AGHISiEHAL INVITATION TO EX amlne oneof the lar^eat and U^t assortments of Parlor Grand, Soiaire, and Boudoir PIANtIS, ev?-r exhibited to a Wa*tilngton putdlc. Persona wishing to purchase, will find that they can be accommodated on the most liberal terms, by early application at the Music Depot, Star Buildings, GEO till.BUS, A^eut. Constantly In receipt of NEW MUSiO. dec 21? tr (^OLT'?, ALI.fc.V KUHUIN4,aad LAW J rent e A Co.'s patent revolving hammer, live and six barrei PISTOIJ5. Also, h good assort ment of single barrel Pistols, from 75 cents to #5 ea4.b. American RAZORS of the best quality, every raior war ran ted. F or sale by e y K. K LUNDY, dec 11 No. j-JH Bridge street. Georgetown. / ''ABAS, WORK BOXES CHINA GOODS, 1 CAR6 CASES, PORTli*<?NNAlKS, Ac , ak'MJA Pa avenue, belwteu IHh aivd B?tliJ4*"**? dec. 20 JOHN ^ ? KLUB. |t|At Al'lilT HlltOH* or HNNLAilRt M UU ?.y T4VLO.. NAVY DEPARTMENT, M IRK A I. O* V'tiNi TKOCTlOH. AC., January 14, 1HSG. Propositions will be received by tills bureau, uutll the 19th of February, for tbe following articles for the United Stat* steamer Mississippi, to b? delivered at tbe navy yard, New York: Two vertical tubnlar hollers, to be made of tbe b**>t charcoal bloom boiler plates ; tube sheets to Ikj one-hall Inch, water bottoms and ash-pits sev en sixteenth, shell three-eighths ef an Inch In thickness. All the external parts to be double rlvetted, and caulked on both bides where It can be got at to do so; no screw stays to be used la the lews, water bottoms, or stea<n chimney The crowns and sides of shell to be ttlttfened by '1' Iron, from which the braces nre to lead The boilers will be about twenty-three and one half feet front, by about eleven and one half feet deep, aud nl>out twelve and one-half feet high ; to be furnished with the necessary man and hand hole platen, furnace, tlue and damper doois; lugs for grate bearers, and for securing boilers to the snip, and to be testrd when done at a hydraulic pressure of 15 lbs per square Inch The tubes to be furnished by the government and to be set by the contractors, the government being responsible for all tubes condemned from tlteir defects, and the contractor for all condemned from bad workmanship The price to be per pound finished, less the welahf-of the tubes. Also, the prices per pound for such Iron cast ings as may be required for engine and boilers, of green *and, of dry sand, of loam, and for one and one-third sets of grate bars, and for composition castings (of copper and tin ) The patterns to be furnished by the govern ment. Tbe whole to be done in the best menner, and to be subject to the inspection and approval of such persons ;ls the department mnv appoint Drawings of the boilers will be furnished bid ders on application to the department. Payments will be made for onc-thlrd their esti mated amount when the boilers are half com pleted ; the remainder when they have been test ed satisfactorily by steana For castings, when delivered and approved. Bidders will be particular In stating their prices and the time when they propose to complete and deliver the work. Bond and good security will be required for the faithful performance of the work and the fulfillment of the contract. jan I'S?law4w (No. CM.] > Swamp ami Overflowed Laud#." PUBLIC NOTICE ?PURSUANT TO THE instruetlons of the Secretary of the Interior, CubSlc notice Is hereby given that, in order to ring to a close the business under the act of Con gress approved September 'J8, 1*50, entitled, "An act to enable the State of Arkansas, and other States, to reclaim the 'swamp lands' within their limits," and at the same time afford to parties who claim that portions of tbe lands selected un der said law are dry and lit for cultivation, an op nortunity to Introduce evidence, all lands so se (?ctfd to the approval whereof no objection l*j made within *li months from the date hereof, will be certified and patented to the States. Such objections as are contemplated by the above must be made under oath, and tiled with the resist*! aiwl receiver of the proper la*id office for transmission to the General Land < iffice The necessary forms for affidavits are in the hands of said officers. The following .-las*eb of lar.d are exempt from objection, to-wit: 1st. Lands entered with cash, or located with military bounty land warrants or scrip, after the passage of the act of u^th September, 1b50. and prior to the passage of the act of rid March, lw53, '?for the relief of pwchaseisand locators of sWnmp and overflowed lands." 'id Lands already patented to the State under the swamp law in all cases where objection Is raised, testimony must be t?ken before the register aud receiver of the land office, at such time, after the explratlou of said six luouths. as thev may appoint with the consent of the Commissioner of the tieneral Land Office. Tbo lists of swamn and ov> rflowed lands are opeu to Inspection during tbe regular business hours of lh? l<and Office. Wive.ii under iny hand, at the city of Washing ton, thin 21st day of December. In&?. JTtlOS. A. MKNDRlt.llS, Commissioner tienenl I-mid Office ;an M? W ^ y( ' H MW. O ALT A HKO , OFFKK AT ALL ? times every variety of superior WATCHES and CH ItONOM KTKKS They call particular attention to those made by? Jules Juryensen Copenhagen, Cooper, Taylor a. Dixon, London, Tobias, Bee?ly A Blundeii, Liverpool. Also, Vacheron A Coustuntiue s celebrated tieueva \\ ati-bes, which from their dzeiuid tlul-b are peculiarly eulted f?r ludles Our facilities enable us to offer the above at the lowest rates. I[.J~ K KPA iKiNu ? Watches aud Chronometer* carefully repaired by tkilifel workmen kl W UAhT A HKO , 644 Pa avenue, betw. nth <>nd loth sts. jan L! tf FMNE PIBNIW EDITIONS?OF ROUS seau, Haclne, Sevljnn, Cornel lie, .Mollere, De Mael. Duels, Krols.-?nrt, Hourdaiouc, Le Sa^e, !#c.hiller, Uulzot, Hoesuet, >lon?t relet, Malherite, Descartes, Hartbclemy, Voltaire. Chateaubriand, riorlan. Rabelais, Scribe, Malebranche, St. Pierre. Fenelon, Thierry, Macklavelll, Kegnard, and other writer*, may be found at the most mod erate price* at tbe bockstore of tbe undersigned Imported by hliuself direct from Paris, In finecal and morocco bindings, some of thwn with beau tiful Illustrations. *m* Also, a small collection, varloia, of French Hook* for youth, Paris edltlous dec 'J??tr FRANCE TAYLOR. NORTH W KMT GUNS FOK TH K INDIAN kkKVICK IN 1836. Offick of Indian Affairs, > January *21, lo&i. J I lUUPoriALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT A the Office Inilan Affairs until noon of the 'ioth day of February next for furnishing aud deliver ing?one half on or after the 1st day of Way, l~?e, and one half on or after the 12th day of June next ? one thousand Northwest guns for the Indian de|>artmei?t, to be delivered to the agent of the de Krtment at either of the cities <rt New York, illadelphla, Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, De troit, St. Louis, or Chicago, as the bidder may elect; and the ri^ht will be reserved to require the above amounts at one time or at different times, at and after the speciH??d dates, or to oider. at any time In the year ls5?, at the same price

and ot tbe same quality, any additional number of guns actually required in the service Each bidder will be required to exhibit a sam ple or samples of the kind and quality of gun or guns he proposes to furnish ; and the department re^rves the right of accepting such bid or bids as are believed to be most advantageous to the In dlaus, considering serviceable qualities, price, Ac..; but no bid will be considered unless accom panied bv a sufficient guarantee that if the bid of the }>arty Is accepted, he will enter luto contract accordingly, and give security for the perform ance of his coiitract within ten days after the award. Th? sample or samples of the accepted bidder *-111 be retained at this office ; and all guns to be delivered must, in every respect, be similar and fully equal thereto. Before the acceptance of the ?uus, each one will be subjected to the m^t thorough and rigid Inspection and comparison with the sample gun, and those that arenotfosud rejected 3 In every respect, will be A bond in an amount exceeding that of the bid will be required for the faithful execution of the contract on the part of the successful bidder. Payment for any quantity or qnantltles received will l?e made through the United States treasury Immediately after the delivery and aecestanc* thereof. UhO H MANNYPENNY jan ? -d'liATtawtltnhl-'eb Commissioner. R. P. HOOVKH'I Eoot, flhoe. and Trunk Kutablithment, Iron Mali, Pa .avenue, between Vih and lWfa sts. I KF.CEIVEU FOR LAl>I Kb. u and UH'EDRJSN, Cleth,rKjfe<B S,:!^..,.uckl4k,n?1,lvrtl Button, liealwiMfle OA 11 r-RS. Also, thick and thin Unite**: and c?h>rod, at ^1.25, P^.',rh w ?A1rlue ttalters, French \V hlte fr.tln GUcerlonsSLIPI'KRtJ, iltm. ^ Pnteut Leather BOOT^l and iehill r A M w??e'M;ylpVon(,i 1>^ taihed <? AI 1 KKS *11 colors; Hoy's and Youth's Patent Leather an<i Calf BOOTS and SHOKS. My st<s k of I all and Winter Wear, recently se lected from the mwrcelebrated man.jfccturei, Is very superior. ' I promises to offer unusual induoenieats, sad re spectfully w.iltil your patronagf and Inttuene^. dec. 14?If S P. HOOVER r|MJK PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF * Henry Ctay. 1 volume, octavo, 60 deciM-tr FRANCK TAYLOR, j BALLS. FIK8T GRAND ANNUAL BALL OF THC BOOK BINDERS' SOCIETY Of THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 111IE 11KMBKK8 OF THE BOOK-BIND ers' Society respectfully announce to the citi zens of Washington and vicinity that their First Grand AiTrtfeal Rail will take place at CARUSi'S SALOON, on TUESDAY EVENING. February 5th, lBiWl. Every exertion will be uwdon the part of the members to make thin the ball of the season. F.sputa'f celebrated band Is engaged for the oc casion. Tickets THK KK DOLLARS?admitting a yen tlcmnn and two ladies ; for which Supper will be furnished by the most experienced caterer In the District. Ticket! can l>e obtained at the Music Store* of Mr George Hilbusand Kichard Davis, or of any t nemWr of the Society. Positively no Hat*. Caps, or Overcoats allowed o l>? worn or carriad In the brill room. Committee of Reception?blue rosette. Floor Manager?.?white rosette Committee of At nngements VVm l> Tuley, J H Roberts, Jas Mc Cowan, Chas P 1* Wroe, John W Glovor, Theo Walmsley, F J Gibson, Wm Mcl.ane, ('has Eckhard. G Rosewag. R H Mareellus, Morris Dubois, Edwin Jones, Wm H Gorbutt, T L Lamb. Jan 26 THE fOUBTH ANNUAL BALL MONTGOMERY GUARDS, wii.l h;: ;:tvk\ at THE WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS MONDAY EYKNINe, Feb. 4tU, 19M>. 11UK MONTGOMERY GUARDS beg leave to Inform their friends, civil and military, that they will give their fourth annaal Ball on MONDAY EVENING, February 4th, 1;(*6. In making this announcement the Guards pledge them?eives that no pains will be spated te make this as agreeable as any they have hereto fore given. Refreshments and Supper will be served by an experienced caterer A most excellent band cf music is selected for the occasion. No hats or caps to be worn in the ball room ex cept by the military. Committee of Arrangements. CaptKey, Corp'l Nihil, Prlv .McNlchol, Sgt Uurk, Lt Kelleher, Prlv D O'Lery, Sgt Murry, Prlv Jlrdin, Qr M Maher. Ensign Yvall Prlv McCattrey j an '?!??dtb HALL OF THE Washington Highlanders, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE POOB rilliE .MANAGERSIN ANNOUNCING THIS A Ball would most respectfully ask the public to extend their aid In benalf of the Poor of this city who are now suffering for the want of the n? can-sarles of life, and would resiiecrfully refer the public, to the certltlcate of Major B B. French, published in the Iutelllglncer on the 17th, ISth, and lHtb instants, as to the use made of the money last year The Hall will take place at MUNDERS ASSEMBLY IIAI.L. On MONDAY EVENING, January :fc}th, 1i<5<>. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR The committees, Ac , will be designated as fol lows?Floor Managers, trl-color rosette, Mana gers, blueaudrel ribbon; Ladies' Reception Com mittee, white rosette; Doorkeepers, blue rosette Manasibi. On btkalf of the Company. Capt. Bain, Lt Reynolds, Ser^ea't A Bain, Lt Campbell, Lt. McCloud, Prlv'e Harrover. On be half of the Citizens. Hon. John T. Towers. William H Winters,Esq Kichard Walisch, Esq. Columbus Monroe. Ks.| Ail bats and caps, except tho*? worn by the mil itary, must be left In the nat-room. Capt John Bain, Treasurer, Massachusetts avmue, next to Washington market, to whom all coiitmHiiioatlons are to bo addressed. jan 9t,M HKliNH CLUB, >11 L1T AK V? KIKKA1 KNt' A Mil CIVIC BALL or THK BOONE CLUB . rp H K FIRST GRAND FANCY DRESS 1 Hall of the Boone Club will be given at the Washington Assembly Rooms, on TUESDAY K V EN I NO, the *i#th January, l>s5ti. I'he Club,In announcing thelrlirst Fancy Dress Hall, take occasion to assure those who may bou or them with their presence, that every eHort will be made to render their time pleasant and agree able; that strict order and decorum will be main tained, and nothing left undone which will tend to Increase the enjoyment and add to the pleasure of th? occasion Scott's celebrated Cotillon Baud hits beeii en gaged for the occasion. riupp<-r and Confectionery will be furnished by an ex}>erlen< ed catcrer. Committee of Arrangements. A Bridgett, Tlios May, L C Roberteon Tickets ONE DOLLAR -admitting a gentle man and ladies. jan 16-eotb KOIHEKM IJROF. M. W. MUNDER MOST RE8PECT JL fully aunounces to th? public that his Soirees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING .. These entertaiomenu are considered by all who have attended them to be the most sooiabl ? that has ever leen given in this city. jan 931?TAWw ALUNAT1C.?TRUEMAN 1>E MOTT, A Lunatic, with sandy hair and ilorld complex ion, escaped from his borne and friends In the town of Ellery, N. Y., some time since, and, lt Is thought, will endeavor to make his way to W ash His relative are most anxious to obtain Information where he is, and any one who may hear of him will be suitably rewarded for drop ping a line to the editor of the Star. an ?1?tf ojrviciAi.. Tkbasttrt Dkpartmknt, Doc. 1, 1H55. Notice is hereby given to holders of stocks of the U nlted States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of $l,50U ooo of said stocks at any time when the same may be ottered prior to the 1st day of June noxt. and will pay there/or the following prices, to wit: Por stock of the loan of 1H4vS, a premium of ten percent.; for stock of the loans of 1H47 and lb4ti, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under tue act of 1H50, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of six per cent ; and for stock of the loan of 1?4C, redeemable on the 12th November, lt*4?, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of'J* percent.; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and If received after the list of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of IX per sent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st ef January next. After that date the Interest will be allowed ?in addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. I n both c?ses one day's interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January neat) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will b?- made by drafts upon theassistant treasiuersst Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMF.S GUTHH1K, dec dtjunel Secretary of the Treasury riMIK ONLY PLACE in THK CITY TO 1 get the new publications My Mary Ann, Ar gyle Sc.bottisch, Crazy Maiden Sctaottlsch, and The Watchmauls at ELLIS'S Music Store, JiMi between 9th and lt?h sts. jan 14 EVENING STAR. ANOTHER SELL nadnrii with a Method la It. On Wednesday last, a neatly dreaaed, very prepossessing, and prettily spoken woman, somewhere between sixteen and twenty-fife years of age, drove tin to the door of the In sane Hospital, over which i>r. ??- presides, and inuuirod fur that gentleman. She wa uohereil into the reception room, aud awaited the coming of the Doctor, with an air of nom ehatancr which rather taacinated the servant, who looked upon her with eves of admiration and unfeigned pleasure When left alone sb?j amused herself?a woman always will?in gratifying her curiosity by inspecting the vari ous articles in the room critically and thorough ly. The doctor being announced, she receiv ed him with one of thoso bewildering smilee which some women know se well how to be stow, and whose influence no man of feeling could possibly resist. The doctor welcomed her with more than u-ual cordiality, and soon learned the object of her visit. Sho had conio, said she, with a glance full of melancholy, and a tone of more than usual tenderness, to ascertain of the d<?ctor in person whetl>er she could secure private quarter* for her l.U'ban l, who was subject to intense fits of aberration of mind, but whose conduct to wards her, ''bitter, cruel as it was," could not alienate her l?ve for him, which was the all-prevading pission of her soul. He had grown so violent of late that she wished to have him secured from violenco to himself a to h#r, (and here the charming creaturo wept for ?uiue moments.) and if she could make an arrangement with the doctor, she urged that it chould bo kept as private as his most secret thought*, and her husband beyond the scruti ny of visiters. And then she said her heart would break, she knew it would, and wept bitterly and long. The doctor, as all who know his kind and tender heartedness will readily imagine, was not insensible to the touching recital of his vis iter, and with that frankness which always characterised him, he promised to comply with her wishes, to give her husband a pri vate apartment and his special care?and abo to shield him from the gaze of curiousity seekers who run down public ir.ctitutions The lady whs not long in arranging terms she was not long in expressing her thanks, in termingled with tears; she was not long in settling the details ot her husband s confine ment; she was not very long, in short, in takit:g her leave. And as .-ho stepped into her car riage, aided by the kind hand of the doctor, she turned her beautifnl face towards hiui. and ea.-t upon him a glance that was full of tenderness and solicitude, and inspired him anew with admiration and pity The carri.ige drove away, the doctor s eye* followed amid the cloud? of dust which follow ed in its wake, until it was nearly lost to view Down the bridge, along the crowded thoroug faro, over the pebbled way of Chestnut street, toa fashionable, it n t the fashionable jewelry establishment of our city, the carriage paused its sweet and solitary inmate glancing out and smiling within, and 'growing radiant with a brilliant thought which requires another j>ar agraph to learn she alighted and glided into the bazaar of gold and precious stones, with all the stateli ness of a qneen. One or two of the gentletrtan ly attendants ran to learn her wish. bhe wanted to select a set of silver ware, not too plain, something neat tasteful and boautiful. The various patterns were shown, and a sett valued at $560 was selected by the lady of stately tread. She desired the articles put up, a bill was made oat and she would settle it Her wishes were complied with, ami the lady took out her elegrat port-monnaie, but alas there was only about $40 in it She had picked up the wrong port-monnaie, ehe said, with bewitching sweetness, and ahe was vexed at her stupidity She however. Could arrange it. She was the wife of Dr - the principal physician cf the insane Hospi tal, and she desired her attendant to a.~coui t>any her to that place, where she would pay lim the i:">U0 at once. Who conld resist such a request from a beautiful woman?a request spoken a.- much with the eyes as with the voice ' Wot the clerk, certainly. The two get into to the oarriage together, and hack it whirled to the hospital. The lady jumped out, and was warmly greet* I by the doctor, who was at the entrance. " Doctor, this is my husband." said she as turning an air sweet and sorrowful. The poor attendant started He was struck aghast. He could not fathom her moaning " What did you say "Doctor, this is my husband, plea?e take him in charge."' "The devil, ma'am, I'm not your husband' what do you mean." Uuisting into tears ahesobbed aloud, "he has a another spa-m?he haa another attnok Oh! doctor, if you have pity in yeur s*ul, secure him, and save yourself and me from violence " in vain the poor fellow attempted to explain He was hurried along tho corridor and into a room, ami confined seourely?the woman all the while following close behind, weeping as though her heart would break The doctor and the lady returned to tho reception room, and the latter, after giving the other an out line of tho peculiarities of her alleged hus band s attacks, together with somo directions in reference to the caro which ahe desired to havo bestowed upon him, left, promising to re turn again in a few days. And away whirled the carriage, tho silver ware and tho lady, neither of whom have been heard of since. Tho poor attendant was confined for three days before any ono about the establishment could be induced to convoy a letter to his em ployers, who all the time were suspecting his honesty, and preparing to advertise him lipf-n the receipt of the letter, it did not tako them long to discover that he had been sold decidedly; the p<^r attendant was satisfied upon his arrival the hospital, that he ha l been sold most sorrowfully indeed. And here, wo think we will eud the story, which has been talked over in fashionable circles for the ?ast four days with many a hearty laugh ? "hit. Times. Tbb Turkish bToRY-l'BLLitR.?There are no theatres, or plays, or dramatic poems in Turkey; but tho Medak, or atory-tcllor, is heard with that breathless attention that tho schoolboy can well believe was deservedly be stowed on the narrator of the Arabian Nights. The Medak ia generally the proprietor of a cafe, where he exhibits, ataading behind a small table, with upturned culls, and holding a delicate waud. He illu?trates customs and manners, details anecdotes in history and biography; the Jews torm a constant theme for the exercise of his mutative powera, from their very imperfect pronunciation of every language. Old sayings of a rather paradoxi cal character form the usual subjects of illus tration, and give occasion for the introduc I ion ot wit and sarcasm. The moat common pro verbs employed &s texts for exposition 011 these occasions aro of this class: " lu a cart drawn by a buffalo, von may catch a hare.', " More dies are caught by a dr< p ef hone} [than by a hogshead of vinognr:" " Though the tongue has no bones in it, tt breaks many." In these representations the Medak passes from grave to gay with a happy facility, which the Frank hardly imagineu the dull capability of tho Moslem could master. Tho volatile Greek, at his strokes of pathos, burst* into tears at his strokes of pathos, into laughter The grave Armenian, incapable of high excite ment, looks aad, or smiles: the phlegmatic Turk, though profoundly attentifo, never con desconds to alter a teaturo?yet nil aro de lighted, and evince the fact by substantial proof, when the cup i? passed round to collect the paraa. .1U Ml**.J ?' .. .. I, A Bad Habit "Oh. mother, I am tired to death?ai i Jane Mills, as she threw herself into a chair on ber return fr?>m school. "Tired to deathrepeated her mother alow It. 44 Tea, mother, I am, almost I mean," (he added. "No, my daughter, not eren almeat," aaid Mrs Mills "Well at any rate," continued Jane, 44 1 would not walk from here to so boot again to day for any thiug in the world !'* "0, yes. Torn wonld, my dear," satd bet mother, gently. 14 No, mother, I am sure I w >uld not 1 am certain nothing would tempt me ' " But I em certain you could be induced to go without any urging," answered her mother 44 Well, mother, try me, and aee if anything could make me willing to go" "Suppose,* said Mr Mills. " I should offer to take you to the panorama this evening ' 1 expeat to visit it. 44 Do you mother *" asked Jane, with great animation "May I go* Von promised to take mo to it when you went " 44 1 intended to huve done no, but the piece where it is to b? exhibited is a Tery long way beyond your school " 44 I a:n quite rested now. dear mother, ' said Jane 441 would not fail of going tor all the world ! Why do vou smile mother 44 To think what an inconsistent little daugh ter. I hKTe " 4- Whc.t do yon mean by inccnsistent, moth er? 4 Why. when a little girl says one minute thit she would not walk a particular distanco for anything in tho world, and in the next minute says she would not fail of walking still further for all the world, ahe not only talk* inconsistently but foolishly. It is a very bad habit tc use such expreasiens. Yesterday, when you came home from aehoel, you said you were almost frightened out of your life, and when I inquired a? to the eauee of your alarm, you replied that you had met m many as a thousand cross dogi< on yonr way from school Now, my daughter, I wish to break yon of this bad habit. When you are tired, or hungry, or frightened, use the simple word* that express your meaning Por lnetance you may be tired, or exoeedlngly tired , or you may be alarmed, or frightened, or terri fied. From this time let your lips speak the thing you mean The Bible says ? * Let your yea be yea. and your nay nay:' and add* 4 that whatsoever is more than these oometh of evil." Will you try to remember what 1 have been saying, and strire to correct this fault, my dear child 44 Yes. dear mother,' replied Jane ; 44 for I know it if wrong and I feel ashamed and sor ry f.r it." 44 Well, my dear, added her mother 44 im prove ' And now you may get ready and g ? with mo to see the panorama."? T?arh"-'<; 0/f*rin>j. Good Anvi?'K.?We copy the following ex eel lent advice to all who dge, from the Bo>ton Post To dye a madder red, ret mad with one party and then turn Know Nothing in hopo of getting an office. When the disappointment comes the redrees of the original anger will be but a faint blush compared therewith. To dye a fine a-arlet red, cheat your oredi tors by four or five times falling or a thou sand ot' oredulous stockholders by ruloiug a corporation, and by holding the acta up be fore the fire of conscience a scarlet dye is the re-nit that never will fade To dye a permanent blue, begin at seven teen to think you cannot get along without your beer ; continue as begun, strengthening your notations as yea go on Bx fifty the blue will be permanently fixed, and the dye will be cast. To dye a greeu. invest money In fancy stocks, give freely to organ grinders, believe all you hear, Including the at? rv of the suffer" by Vesuvius, take patent medicines, ett-u I auctions, and go largely into gift enterprises, and your prospect is good of dying a most de cided green Advbrti?i*o pob batiLLB?One dav last week a phrenological establishment on Broad whv, New York, holding a high and wall do served reputation for the full-brain-pane ot tho proprietors, and the empty brain-paiii* oil their idielvee. wnaentered by a rather tall an 1 moderately good-looking individual, in a sShunghia sourtout. a long (and rugged) Boas tache, and a short goM?, who with Spanish gravity, remarked : 44 You advertise for some Hsqulmaux skulls, I believe " (Eagerly.) " Yea. we should be glad of one or two. Do you kn^w of auy T" 44 It lis- occurred to me that Dr Kane ceu.d perhapa, supply you." 4( Ah , thank you. We had net thought of him But why do you think he haa them?'' <( Only that he brought home some sum 11 Esquimaux boate, and most likely brought the tcull* with them, if he oan't spare a scull, perhaps, a pair of paddles might answer. Good morning." A Naw Couaaa or HaaMona ?8obm one who feels the need of being *4 up with the times," writes to the Philadelphia Chrietaiu Chronicle as follows * 44 We have had the 4 Women of the Bible ' ' The Daughters of the Bible,' and many other thing? in that line, and now we are having from one of the pulpita iu Now York, 4 The Mothers of the Bible,' with the u?ual varie ties Please announce through your valuable columns that I proi >se commencing a course of sermons on tho Mob of the Bible " among tho subject? of which will be the following : Adam, the Grandfather of all. Noah, the First 8ea Captain Esau, the Man with the Hairy Beard. Absalom. tbe Fast young Man. Nebuchadneccar. the First Pure Vagetarxti Felix, the Free-Lover, Ac., A." Rapid incrkase is th? popclaviok or Tkxak?Texas haa inoreaseI very rapidly in i population of late vears In tho year It^O the census gave it 212.bVl inhabitants. At the presidential election in 1862 the total vote ca3t wus 18,547. As the Dopulatiou had in creased considerably in tne period between IS jo and 1852, it must then have been near Mi J. 000. This would be in the ratio ot about one vote to every sixteon inhabitant* At the election held recently in Texas no leas than 40.647 votes were polled. Applying the first ratio te this, we bheuld have a population ot 728.752, being three times the aggregate ?f tho population in I860. Taking tbo lower ratio, tho total would be Ml,617, ao that, in aayca?e, the aggregate at this time must exoeed hall a million. This is an aatoniahing inoreaae, and evinoee that Texaa has grown as rapidly a? Iowa. Mimleablk Peoplu.?Young ladi? with now bonneta on rainy Sundaya. A witneaa in a bribery eaae A city sportsman at the finuh ol one day t shooting. A printer who publishes a paper for nothing and finds himself. A smoking nopbew on a viait to an anti smoking aunt. A young doctor who has just curel his first patient, and has no prorpect of any other. A star Mctreaa with her name in small letter* on tho billa. An editor with nothing but cold potatoes for a Christmas dinner. A New Dbnvitiom.?'The other day two Dutchmen were overheard diacunaing a knotty question Said llaas : 1 Yacob. vat de Yan keen mean whou he aav about der momuieter. and do see row ' ' 44 Vat," aaid Jacob, 4,y?u not ferstan dat V " Ho; Tat be mean ? ' 44 Vy,' aaid Jacob, 44 it mean twenty hitchee Mow can't get nu tmldto .'"