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Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHIHOTOI CUT: Tl'ESDAY January 29, 1M6. |[T Advertisements should be handed in by 12 o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear until the neat day. |?T Aei??Ts roa thi Star ?The following nanied persons are authovixed to contract for the publication of advertisements In Tub Stab : Philadelphia?V. B Palmbb, northwest cor ner cf Fifth and Chestnut street*. Yfk?8. If Pbttinoill A Co., Nassau ?tract. Boston?V. B. Palmbu, 8c oil ay'? BalMlf. Iff Job PaiWTiao.?Our friends and patrons are notified that we are now prepared to execute every Mod of Joa Pbintiro with despatch and In the beat manner, at prioes aa low a* In any other office In Washington. Job Printers are also notified that we are prepared to do every descrip tion of presa-work that can be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-pressee. Bo, also, has the 8 fromcaa Book Bindery connected with It, equal in Its capacity to turn out book binding of all deacrtptlions to any other In the District of Columbia. SPIRIT 07 THE MORNIITO P&ES8 The bittlligenetr says of the speech of Gen. Cass, yesterday: " We did not see sufficient cause to alter our voinewhat cherished opioniona on this vexed question, but we listened with much deference to the matured views ef thehonorable Senator. We were pleased to see him vigorous and in health, (indeed with the youthful ardor of 1812, as if again able and willing to drAW his ?word in defence of the country,) advocating what he deems patriotic. We shall be like wise pleased to have an opportunity to exam ine his observations at more leisure than wo could do under his habitually rapid enuncia tion. Whatever conclusion we may arrive at then, we are sure that we shall be, and that ?or readers will be edified by the historical summary presented by the Senator, when his speech snail be published in full. It is possi ble that wc may suggest a few comments on the debate, should any extended one take place. "The Question upon which Mr- Cass based his remarks was a metiwn to refer to the Com mittee on Foreign Relations, the Letter of Lord John Kussel touching the construction of the Clayton-Bulwcr treaty of ISoO.'' The Union defends the act of the Sergeant at-Arms, in advancing money to member*, in the present condition of the House?paying, in the course of its remarks on the subject: 41 Bo far from having any pecuniary benefit in the advances he has made to members of the House of Representatives on account of mileage and per diem, we inota that ho is making a considerable pecuniary sacrifice The case is simply thus : It is well known that, of the large amount of money now due < the members on the ledger of the Sergeant, ] (about S290,0O<>.) not one dollar can be paid to them from the treasury except on the requi- 1 sition of the Speaker of the Houre. In this \ emergency, the Sergeant-at-Arni=, in a spirit of accommodation, which all who know nim agree to be characteristic of that officer, has raised on his own credit, and paid to members tome 580,000. For this, we suppose, he pays legal interest. So far from tne funds thus paid having been of a depreciated character, about one-third of it was of the notes of some < of the oldest, soundest, and best banks in j Pennsylvania , about 530.000 in gold, or notes of the banks of this city; and at least 515,000 in drafts on New York and Philadelphia, which ' are worth more than par in this city. "For these large advances, which, of course, he cannot raise without expense to himself, he has not charged members one dollm oj inter est or premmm." We presume (the Union to the contrary notwithstanding) that no one with half an eje fails to comprehend that the Sergeant-at Arms' advances have greatly aided in pro longing the existing shameful condition of the House. If the members who have been com pelled to borrow portions of the 560,000 had not had his desk to go to for money, until the House was organized, there would have been vastly more anxiety on the part of the House to organiie, than exists. The country, with out distinction of party (outside of the class of professional politicians.) wishes an organiza tion upon almost any terms, rather than a pro longation of the preoent state of affairs, and therefore cannot fail to deprtcate the act of the Sergeant-at Arms by which it is postponed If, as the Union alleges, that officer has oaid interest for the money thui advanced, and if the rateccf interest he has paid is that now ranging in our commercial cities or here, he has already sacrificed nearly the amount of the salary he will receive if re-elected. We have regarded him as a man of Bense, and therefore believe what the Union hints, with reference to his payment of interest on this money, as so much fol de rol. If no interest has been paid, the Pennsylvania banks making the loans hardly deserve the high enconiums which the Union showers on them; their con duct being that of parties exceeding anxious to get ? circulation for their notes far from their own doors, after the wild-cat fashion. We greatly doubt the prudence of the ber geant-at-Arms's investment as a means of in creasing bis chance of a re-election, recollect, lng as we do, the result of extremo liberality to members, in a case of a person who, for a session, srsme years ago doled out pickled oys ters and brandy from one of the committee rooms, and found, in the end, that the very members upon whom ho had calculated strong est were the staunchest opponents uf his bill in the hall' In truth, if we are not greatly mistaken, these advances will prove as inju rious to the prospects of the re election of the present Sergcant-at-Arms, as they have cer tainly proved to that of the organisation < f the House, and to the business of our fellow citisens of the federal metropolis, one and all A BcacTirtL Complexion may easily be acquired by using tho 4 Balm of a Thousand FlowersIt will remove tan, pimples, and freckles from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morn ing. For sale atShillington's, agent for Wash ington, aad all druggists. ? 8.rr"** c?*T-Yesterday-No. 47. Pat II ? ?*eA**nghlin, plaintiff in errer, vs. Jas. M Swani s* al., garnishees. Ac The argu this cause was continued by Hon H. Winter Davis for the plaintifl in error bv Mr -J Mason Campbell ior the defendants in error and concluded by Hon H Winter Day"^ the plaintiff in error. No 48. The steamboat New York, Thos C Durant et a/., claimants and appellants. vs Isaac P Kea, owner of the brig Johanna. This cause was submitted to the consideration of the Court on the record and printed arguments by Meesr- Cutting and Morton for the appel lants, and by Mr. Bettsfor the appellee. No 49. The ship Howard, Ac , Wm. F. Schmidt et ai., claimants and appellants, vs. Frederick Wissman. The argument of this cause was commenced by Hon. Reverdy John son for the appellants Adjourned. 0in*jal ?ennon was preached inNor frik ^Sunday the death of those "Sons of Temperance" who fell at their post during the prevalence of the epidemie last ? IIHT. CT The Richmond correspondent of the Petersburg Democrat says there are at leaat 260 oases of small pox in Richmond WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Outbreak.?For some days past w*> have been anticipating the occurrence in the House halt of something like the sceua with which their proceedings of yesterday were varied. We have repeatedly pointed out the fact that there are twenty-five or thirty mem bers only who compose the band odetermined to force Mr Banks down the throats of the rest of the anti-Nebraska Representatives, and that they are really led by Messrs. Gid I dings and W ade; Jthe latter being the gentle man who, not long since, declared, in the greenness of his simple heart, that there was no such person a member of tho chamber as in abolitionist. These gentlemen, with the exception of Messrs. Gtddings and Grow, are remarkable for being wholly without oratori cal ability, ?o far as the oouutry has been able to judge from their efforts in the hall. Never theless, they exert commanding influence upon those sow undor, their control through their unity of purposo and counsels and their con stant habit of keeping unprincipled and men dacious letter writers for papers sympathising with them, posted up with the inuendoes and slanders of the hour likely to intimidate those whose course they soek to affect. Now and then one of them, as in the case of the Ashtabula letter of Mr. Giddings, and the more recent let ter of Mr. W ade (over a ficticious signature) to the Cleveland Herald, plays the part of the newspaper slanderer of his compeers in per son. In the case brought to the notice of the country yesterday, more gratuitous and un warranted false representations were nover made over a fictitious signature; as was made manifest in what Messrs. Campbell, Thoring ton, Sherman, Leiter, and Dunn felt called on to say. The purpose was but to lash tho mass of tho anti-Nebraska members, until they dare not call their souls their own throughout tho rest of the current contest. Wo need hardly remark that the biter was very badly bitten indeed on this occasion, a; all aro now aware that Mt. Hale wad tho victim of an exposure oi the utter want of foundation for more or less of his statements, and of com ments thereupon frim tho caustic lips of Mr. Dunn, th^would cause any gentleman whose perceptions of right and wrong havo not been seared over with the burning iron of abo litionism, almost to ileo his country. The lesson taught by the debate of the day, is the impropriety of such acts on tho part of members of Congress a^ only bocomo tho par ticular class of writers from this city for the prcs.% who will slander any man (or a handfuj >f franks or a five dollar gold picce. Their number i3 not large, wo aro happy to bo able Lo bo able to say, but tht-y aro very indus trious. They disgrace the corps o! gentleiren at this point who write for tho distant press, and the latter owe it to their respectability to taboo them. We are expecting another similar emeute to I occur in the Hou>e hall in the course of Lhi* week, wherein another of the whipping, in fiaternity will find that in following the illustrious epistolary example of Messrs. Gid dirgs and Wade, he has been engaged in a I business that costs much more than it comcs to The Poor.?Never, within our recollection, have we had in Warhington a season in which the usual out-doors labor of the poor has been necessarily suspended. Indeed, we do not know that within twenty-five years past, the snow has ever before, m^re th.inono wee k con tinuously covered the ground in this vicinity. The consequence of the present state of the weather has been an almost total suspension of the means of suppoj which the neediest am'ng us have, and fa immense increase cf suSering on the part of tho. e who are nut " be fore hand " It is time, hi^.h time, that our fellow-citiiens should meet in ea-.h wind, and appoint committ?es to -eek out cases of suffer ing from want, and other committees to solicit donations for their relief, at each house. 11 the ladies will undertake this good work, we know that it will be promptly and thoroughly performed?God bless them. To bo effective, it should be commenced without twenty four hours delay. The Church Property Question.-A c >rres pondent writes u* as follows on this question " Af>. Editor : In a speech made in the Houte of Representatives on the 9th inst , by the Hon. Mr W bitney, of New York, that gentle man states that at the Council of Bishops held in Baltimore in 184V, the Bishops of the Catholic Church arc directed to take into their own hands <jM Church property, any law of the State to the contrary notwithstanding. I have carefully examined tho proceedings wf that Council as they arc published " in most excellent Latin," and on the authority of the Bishops composing the Council, and find no such decree as that alluded to by Mr. Whit ney. Having also examined the decrees of the previous and subsequent Councils of Bish ops in Baltimore, I can find nothing like that to which Mr. Whitney refers, and of which he has promised to furnish a ufrco translation." I have thought it duo to fairness and honesty to sav this much in relation to this matter, as Mr. Whitney s statement has i^onc to the world without a contradiction, and as I am sure ho does not desire to sustain a cause so honorable as that in which he is eugag and of which he is tho champion, by sweeping misrepresentation. No; he only want* to show that the law of the State of New York, passed in 1855, requiring tho Biahops of churches to transfer to trustees all the church property in their poss ssion, wo* annulled in anticipation by tho decrce of tho Baltimore Council passed, as he states, six years before. Mor.s Anon. California Gold.?For two or three weeks past the gedd received from California has been more than usually loaded with the small crystals of the natural alloy called iridox mmm, (the hard and intractable substance used for the tips of the gold pens.) This body is infusable unalloyed with other metals, and insoluble ia acids. Until lately, the quantity of it has been only about half an ounce in one million of dollars Last week, however, one deposit of only one hundred and sixty ounces contained seven ounces or more of irtdos mmm From intractability and extreme hardness it is a great annoyance to the work ers of gold who use a metal containing it, and it sometimes causes them heavy losses. It is believed that most of the gold now received from California contains large quantities of this ?ubstADce General Order.?The following "General Order has been issued by the Department : Th? v^YtJ,epar?*nt' ?. 1858. Nawin i thp department announces to the after 4 o'clock, in the 72d' year o/hia^e" pasure of*a Christiim Rarely, indeed, has a nation to mourn the loes of so distinguished, so useful, so good a a citiien. His name is associated with the most brilliant achievements which bar* illus trated the American Navy. No fulsome eu logiua oaa magnify it; no " storied urn" nor ^animated bust" is needed to perpetuate it. The recollection of hi* gallant fictions on the ocean, which cheered the drooping spirit3 of countrymen at a memorable crisis in our his tory, will ever be gratefully cherished. As an administrative officer he was signally suc cessful. ilia integrity was incorruptible; his diligence untiring, lie was inflexibly just; he was candid and frank ; he was an honest man. 9 As a mark of respect it is hereby ordered that the flags at the several Navy Yards and Sta tions, and on board of all vessels of the United States Navy in commission, be hoisted at half mast, and thirteen minute-guns fired at mt* ridian, on the day after the receipt of this order, and that the officers of the Navy and Marine Corps wear crape on the left arm for thirty days. J. <;. Dobbiw, Secretarv of the Navy. No Caucus-?It seems that the rumor float ing around the House hall at about 2 p. m. yesterday, that the Republicans were to hold a caucus last night, waa incorrect, although at that time it was the general understanding among those present connected with the press. We have no doubt that such was the inten tion of the directors of their counsel, subse quently abandoned, however, because those whom they have been spurring, lashing, bully ing, and browbeating, were in no temper to be put through the drill that usually takes place on such occasions. The Mission to England.?Perceiving it announced by telegraph that the mission to England has been tendered to the Hon Geo. M. Dallas, of Pa., we have to remark that up to this time, we did not feel at liberty to state the fact, as we obtained the information in a manner in which we felt it to be obligatory on us to say nothing about it until the Govern ment thought fit to make it public. We have only to add that we have no doubt of tho truth of the statement. No better se lection, in any particular, could bo made. A Democratic Senatorial Caaena mot this morning. It is said that they nominated Mr. Nicholson of the Washington Union, by a vote of 18 to 6, for the Senate Printer They evidently had a high time over some thing, as their voices are said to have been raised so loud as to be heard outsido of the olosed doors of the Chamber, in the course of their discussion. Lift of Patent*?issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week onding Jan. 29,1856?each bearing that date: Albert Bisbee, of Chelsea, Mass ?For iin provement in means for operating the throttle valve of steam engines. Jos. T. Capeweil, of Woodbury, Conn.? For improvement in shot pouchcs. Thomas J. Carleton and 8tephen Poet, of York, O ?For improved field fences. Geo R. Comstock, of Manheim, N. Y.-For improvement in locomotive furnace grates Henry N Degraw, of Piermont, N. Y.?For improvement in machine replacing railroad cars Louis T. Delaesixe, of New Orleans, La? For improvement in brick machines. Chas. Foster, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For im provement in scaffolds. Moses G Farmer, of Salem, Mass ?For im provement in telegraphic registers. Stephen J. Gold, of New Haven, Conn ? For improvement in apparatus for heating buildings by steam Johnflinkley, of Huron, 0 ? For improve ment in universal joints lor connecting shafts, Ac* Hazard Knowles, of New York, N. Y?For mortising tool. Noan W. Kumber, of Cincinnati, 0 ?For improvement in pill making machines Daniel Lloyd, cf New York, N Y.-For im proved apparatusfor stenciling window shades. Aaolph C. Moestue, of Kane County, III. For improvement in mastic for covering walls Lucius Page, of Cavendish, Vt.?For im provement in grinding mills. Jos N. Pitts, of Blackstone, Maes?For im provemeut in machines for cutting flocks and paper stock uufus Porter, of Washington, li, C ?For iin^rovwi punching ranchine <*eo. M Ramsay, of New York, N. Y ?For improved hinge. H O Robertson, of Greenville, Tcnn?For improvement in bee hives. Rilev Root A Samuel G H.lyoke, of Galet ,rg, III ?For improvement in machines foi clearing snew from railroad tracks. Henry F. Shaw, of South Boston, Mass.?For improvement in Bciew-jacks. Chas F. Thoman, of Taunton, Mass.?For improved chimney cowls. Philos B. Tyler, of Springfield, Mass ?For unproved method of attaching teeth to saw plates. Elbridge Webber, of Gardiner, Me -For improved device in tree nail machines. Ihos. Winans, of Baltimore, Md ?For im provement in buggy wagons Geo D. Young, of Plymouth, Mass ?For improvement in oelt and band fastenings i N Y . assignor to lumself and Henry F. Read, of same place ? For improved soldering iron. Horace L. Houghton, of Springfield, Vt , assignor to Abel H. Grennell, of same place. improvement in machines for cutting mouldings on marble. Edward Kershaw, of Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and Heury M. Hooper A Co., of same place.?For improved oell lock. Jos. Weis, of Bordentown, N. J.?For im provement in flouring mills. Kt txsuts.?Amory Felton, of Troy, N. Y. January 2Tei8551 1D griuding Patented Jchn Reily, of Hart Prairie, Wis.?For im provement in harvesting machines. Patented November 20, 1855. Tho Current Operation! of the Treaiury Department?On yesterday, 28th of January, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... *13,857 36 ??r .Tr*ttSUr7 Department... 20.063 58 f,or X10 lnteri?r Department 53,443 10 for Customs ? 7in 9c War Warrants received and'en wtored 129,413 62 W ar repay warrants received and entered.. 213 62 from Lands 8 <j79 gg " i C0NGRE88I01TAL PROCEEDINGS. In the House, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, commented with great severity on the misstatements of his colleague (Mr. Wade) in his letter signed ^Keyublican," published in the Cleveland Messrs Thorineton, Leiter, and Sherman, each in turn substantiated portions of the facts stated by Mr. Campbell in his contra diction of what Mr. Wade had written. Mr. Wade, in reply, addressed the House at some length, urging that when he wrote the letter in question he believed what was there in written to be true. Mr Dunn next taking the floor addressed the House upon the impropriety of the con duct of Mr. Wade, so far as it had reference to him and those gentlemen with which he had acted in the contost for a Speaker. What fell from him was characterised by great se verity. Mr Wade explained that it had not been his intention to do Mr. Dunn injustiee in that letter Mr. Stewart offered a resolution for the ad ministration of the oath to each member, in accordance with the Constitution, by the Clerk?it having been found impossible to carrv out the law for the election of a Speak er, Ac.; not agreed to. The one hundred and twenty-eighth vote for Speaker was then had, and resulted as fol lows : Whole number of votes given, 206 ; neces ?anr to a choioe, 104 ?, Bub 97, fulltr of P.. There was no electien. and the House ad journed. Pr?cet(tli|( ?( The Senate did not meet to-day. In the Hooae, Mr. Underwood moved a resolution for the election of a Speaker by voting for or against each member once, st riatum, until a Speaker be elected. Mr. Crawford proposed to offer one to ac complish the same object, bj voting by States, as is done under the Constitution by the House, when it bocomes that body's duty to choose a President of the United States. Both theae propositions were laid over until te morrow, by consent. Mr. A- K. Marshall proposed a resolution expressive of the opinion of the House, that if all the candidates now being voted for would withdraw, their course would be con ducive to an election Mr. M. advocated this proposition with great earnestness, offering, on the part of the Na tional Know Nothing party, to support a Dem ocrat, to be named t>y themselves, or to sup port any member of their own party, to be named by the Democrats. Mr. Million addressed the House in favor of this resolution, deprecating the existing state of things in the hall as a stain on our Govern ment, and urging that it be speodily ended. Mr. Allison opposed the resolution, arguing that the Republicans and no other party were responsible for their course, and intimating that they would, under no circumstances, change tneir policy in this contest. Mr Cobb, of Ga., also opposed the resolu tion, replying to so unth of the remarks of Mr Millson as (he held) reflected on the course of the Democrats in this contest. Mr. Millson denied that he had assailed the Democratie party. He did not regard the caucus as the Democratic party; and remarked that in common with many of the wisest, most experienced, and most patriotic members of the Democratic party on the floor, he seriously doubted the wisdom of the action of their caucus Mr. Whitney addressed the House in oppo sition to the resolution, declaring that no cau cus or combination could induce him to vote for anything looking like a support of this ad ministration.

FE&80VAL. I .... James Gordon Bennet is at Rome* .... Joe Cowell performed at Louisville en the 20th. ! .... Murdock, a Scotch engineor, first made coal-gas, in 1792. .... Edgar Snowden, Esq., has lately lec tured at Alexandria, on History. .... Ex-President Fillmore is travelling in j Italy, accompanied by his friend Dr Foote, of Buffalo, formerly Minister at Austria. .... Gignoux, a New York artist has just finished a landscape ordered by the Earl of Elleemere. .... Hon. Wm. H. Stiles, ex-M. C. and Min ister to Austria, is now Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives. I ....Dr Owen. State geologist, is expocted to present a report of his geological turvey of Kentucky to the present Legislature. .... WD. Gallagher is to edit an agricul tural paper, to be published under auspices of the Kentucky State society. ....Mr. Gill, who resided near Ettrick's Virginia, wa& frozen to death, while on a hunting party, la^t week. .... Fanny Fern's publishers, Mason Brca., i ?ay that, she will so-jii have a new work " in I sheets," for which '4 small caj?s" have been I ordered in abuudanco. .... Dr. Richman recently attempted to 11 lecture in St. Loui> in favor of free-loveism. I He was compelled to cscape through a back ( ioor to save himself from being maltreated. .... Gopb. S. Badger and three of his young I ihildren were frozen to iloath on the 8th inst., I while attempting to walk from their home on the prairie, to Cambridge, Illinois, to procure food. j .... Bishop Fitzpatrick, of Bo?ton, was re- I rcntfy upset from a sleigh while riding on the I Neck. aDd while lying on the snow wa* run I nver by another horse and sleigh and re- I ri"usly injured. { .... Hon G P Kennedy caunot lecture in I St. Louis, as he is literally confined to the bed- I side of his father-in law, Mr. Gray, who has I lingered for some mouths, and still lingers I hopelessly in the struggle of a cruel disease. | .... Brother Cabet, the head of the Icarian j B ilony of Prench socialists it. Illinois, has git 1 into a great row with his colonists, and in in J danger of the doom of Icarus of classic memory, I who, in endeavoring to approximate the Eur, I lost his wings and fell into the sea. .... Rev Dr. Cummins, a famous divine of I London, and a voluminous writer on prophecy, is being severely handled by some oi the Eng- I lu-h reviewers. Dr. C thinks that in 1865, the I millenium will begin, by Christ's personal ad vent. .... The Duke of Sotomayor, who recently I blew out his brains at Madrid, was born in I Philadelphia. Hij mother was a daughter of I old Governor McKean, of Pennsylvania, who I murried the former Marquis of Casa Grujo, when in a diplomatic position in the United I States. I .... Brown is making good progress with j hie equistrian statue of Washington, to be I erected in New York city. It is now contem- I plated to inaugurate it at its place in Union Park some time in April?perhaps the 30th. the day on which Wasnington took the oath s? President of the United States in this city. .... Franoois Jurien, a baker of New Or- | leans, told his creditors that he would pay them all on New Year's day, if he had to ,;coin his heart and drop his blood for drachma." When the time came he was without money, and took a large dose of laudanum, and thus by paying one great debt got rid of all the little ouoa. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, Jan. 29, 1856. As the municipal election draws nigh the I notes of preparation begin to be heard. A I segment of the American organisation, tho I Regulating (?) Club of the First Ward, an- I nounce in the Gazette of yesterday the names I of certain gentlemen whom they will support I in the nominating convention of the American I party Some bona fide Know Nothings are rather chagrined at this wheel within a wheel, I while others see in tho matter nothing but a new sea horse. The Mayor was very busy yesterday exam ining a number of youths charged with break ing up, stealing, and selling some portions of the large copper vats of the Alexandria brew ery. A large amount of property was thus irremediably injured. The buyers of this copper are likely to be stringently dealt with. Last night, tne first time for some weeks, the street gas was lit, making light the sloppy streets. Better late than never. A fire was discovered about 9 o'clock last night in the northern end of a row of frame tenements, owned by R. B. Troble, on Henry street near Quee*. The Friendship was soon there, stretched its hose, and got ready her machine ; but axes and buckets extinguished the flames?not, however, without much dam age. The house was unoccupied; the fire the work of an incendiary. No insurance. On the afternoon of Sunday the long-post poned distribution of premiums to the deserv ing children of St. Mary's Sunday School took plaee at St Mary's Church, Rev. Leon ard Nota, S. J., of Georgetown College, offi ciated on the occasion, assisted by the pastors and teachers in charge. We leara that the extension and improve ment of St. Mary's Church will commence early next spring, the present building to be extended thirteen feet, flanked by Gothic flowers, handsomely embellished in mastie, the interior to be thoroughly renovated, stuo coed, and finished with fancy iron-side galle ries, making the tout ensewihU equal to any thing of the kind in this neighborhood. Business moderate, roads clear, and wea ther rather thawish. Ami. pyNear Devil's Head, in Puget's Bound, Washington Territory, a sea serpent ninety feet long has turned up. |y To open a "bank" requires leas capital than most people imagine. All that is seoes sary is two shillings to buy a snow shovel with. People who wish to take oa airs will fllMI HO tic A NOTICE ?THE GENTLEMEN Ap pointed under the la'* net of Congre*- to prepare ? Code for the DMIH are nquw(?d to meet the Board of Commissioners *1 the Chamber o'the Board of Aldermen on THURSDAY, the iUtlu. taat, at 7* o'clock p m EDWARD C CARRINGTON, jan Jt- ~t (Organ) Secretary _ TUB FUNERAL OF THE LATE TERESA BROOKS vll Hie placet# morrow afternoon, at 2J| o'clock fro-u her late residence on north 3d street between E and F. Jan 19 ISRAEL CHURCH, CAPIT??L HILL.?A fl?C collection rf beautiful CHRVSTALINE VIEWS, cmbra? lag Summer and Winter Scene*, Falling Snow, Cascade*. Volcanoca, Illumination*. Moveable Figures Ac ?lth the ever-pleasing Turkish Chromatropea, will be exhibited at the Colored laraei Church, Capitol HM, on WEDNESDAY EVEN IN?, January 30th, at 8 o'clock. Admittance only 12# c?nts. If the weather be stormv the exhibition will be given on the next fair night. jaa*tt-&,* MECHANICS EXCHANUE ?DIS SOLUTION ?NOTICE.?The mem bem of the Mechanics' Exchange am Incited to attend a general meeting at their Room on E at., I on THURSDAY, Janhary 31st, at 12 o'clock, to conalder the expediency of dissolving the ?>? change Punctual attendance Is earnestly request ed. By order of the Committee on Finance jjn??* .READING FROM THE POETS ? MISS TERESA ESMONDE wiU read selections from the Poet*, at Carnal'a Saloon, on THURSDAY EVENING. January 31st Reading to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Tlekets 50 cents. jan 28??t TO THE CITIZENS OF THE FIRST WARD ?There will be a mat ing of tbe Citizens af the First Ward held In the hall of the Union Engine House, at 7 o'clock on TUESDAY EVENING next, the 99th Instant, to devise means for the relief of the poor ud dev tltute of said Ward. All who are willing to aid In this cause are earnestly reqnested to attend jan 26?2t jFAIR ON THE ISLAND ?THE LA dies of R viand Chapel are, at present, holding a fair In the basement of their Church, corner of Maryland avenue aad 10th sts As they are embarrassed in their fnancesthe liberal heart ed have an opportunity to assist the needy. Fancy Articles, Ioe Cream, Oysters, and other Refreshments are supplied to visitors. The Fair will oontlnue every evening next week, jaa *?3t _ _ POSTPONEMENTS-NOTICE ?Tkf meeting of the Democratic Association of Georgetown has been postponed to the second MONDAY of February, when several distin guished gentlemen will address the meeting By order of Executive Committee: jan*?3t E KROUSE, Sec. FOURTH WARD ELECTION NO TICE?Notice Is hereby given that a special election will be held at the City Hall, on THURSDAY, the 3Jst day of January, 1856. fOr one member or the Board of Common Council, to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of A McU. Davis, Esq. The polls will nc opened at 10 o'clock a. m and closod at 7 o'clock p. m J. C McKELDEN, N D LARNER, WM. LORD, jan 21?Ot Commissioners LO*T ? ON SATURDAY LAST, hetw^n the Capitol and the Patent Office, a MOSAIC BREASTPIN?design : leaning Tower of Pi*a. , The Under shall be suitably rewarded on Iravii^g the Pin at No. 3o>3 New York avenue jan 23?It* | OST, AT OK IN THE VICINITY VP I i Browns' Hotel, last evening, a small black Pocket Book, rontainlng a few dollars In money, and Horn- bonds, notes and other papers, valuable 111 CO! only to the owner. The #nd?*r will "confer a great favor by appropriating the mon*v and leaving the pork* t book and papers at the office of Browns Hotel. jan 29?5to TAKEN AITRAY LAST NIGHT, about 12 o'clock, on the avenue, between llth and l'^th streets, two gray horse* and sleigh, which the owner can have by coming forward, proving property, paying charges and take them away. JOSEPH HOLBROOR, j?n 29?lto Klrkwood House UMBRELLAS, CANES, ENGRAVINGS, Stationery, Ac , at ELLIS'S, jan 29 BUCK SKIN PURSES, suitable for gold or sliver, for sale by Jan >9?4t LAMMOND.Sr ,7th at ACCORDEONS, BANJOS, GUITARS, Pianos. Ac at JOHN F EI LIS'S, jan 3W between 9*.h and HHh streets INDIA RTBBKR, Puff, 'luck and Dressing Comb>> for sale by LAMMOND, Sr., 7th st jan 29-3t NEW MUSIC received weekly at 'he Piano Store of JOHN F ELLIS. Jan 29 C. BEBTOLOZZI, lustra* tor in Preach, Italia* aad Vocal Maalc, Apply to Hilbus' Music Store, or No 525 Pa. avenue j?n 29? 3t* PORTE MONNAIKS, CARD C ASES, Ca bas, Cards, Vases, Ac , at p* ave . betw Vth and 10th st?. JOHN F. ELLIS. Jan 29 NOTICE THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING SOLD OUT his stock of Hats, Caps, Furs. Ac., (with a view of engaging lu a larger businesa,) to Mr B H SMnemetx, would respectfully recommend him to tbe patronage of the public. I shall remain at the old stand for two weeks to s.-ttle up my business, and earnestly request all those Indebted to me to call and settle, as. after that time all bills remaining unsettled will be placed in the hands of a collector jan<9?2w JOHN T EVANS FOR PARTIES, LEVEES, HOPS, Sc. WHITE SILK ILLUSION, 2 yards wide, for evening dresses White ana colored Tarlctons, ? yards wide, for evening dresses. ALSO ? Tinsel Kibbovs a?d Trimmimgt WHITI PLCSH T RIMMIBO ? SASH RIBBONS BUGLE GIMPS, all widths Maltese, Brussels and Valenciennes Laces Rich Collars and Sleeves, in setts TRIMMING RIBBONS,Ac. A good supply at MAXWELL A BRO S, jan 29?eo3t 326 Pa avenue GRAND FANCY AND CITIZENS' DRESS BALL. PROF H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure In announcing that, at the earnest rollcitatlon of many f iends who participated in the Private Masquerade given by him in Decern ber last, he has concludrd to give a Grand Fanry and Citizens'Dress Ball, at MUXDER'S ASSEMBLY HALL, On FRIDAY EVENING, February 1st. 185?. He has again made arrangements with a V ancy Cos turner of Baltimore to furnish dresses for la dies and gentlemen, of much supeilor quality than those furnished at the lust ball, ranging in prices from SI to S3. Apply at the hall, any hour, on Thursday and Friday. There will be no ladles invitations sent Gen tlemen are prlvilrdged to Invite 'heir own ladles All former patrons are politely invited te attend. Jan 29?4t MONEY FOUND! BY CALLING ON THE WASHINGTON BOOK COMPANY,at theirstore. under Dex- | ter's Hotel, you wiU find a great saving In raah by buying your Books there, and also win a splendid Present It continues for 10 days only, and then the sale closes A Book and Gold Watch for one dollar A Book and Silver Watch for one dollar A Book and Gold Bracelet for one dollar A Book and Go.'d Locket for one dollar A Book and Gold Pencil for one dollar A Book and Gold Pen for cne dollar A Bo k and Gold Ring for one dollar A Book and Genu Gold Pin for one dollar A Book and I*adles' Gold Pin for one dollar A Book#nd Ladies' Gold Eardrops for one dollar A Book and Pocket Knife tor one dollar A Book and Stationery for one dollar A Book and elegant Colored Print for one dollar. Our stock embraces nearly all the new and de sirable BOOKS In the varied departments of an cient and modern llterat ure. comprising M lstorics, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Poetry, Travels, Theological and Mechanical Works presenting the most extensive stock ever offered for sale In thlET' Remember the place, and give us an early calT See Red Flag and Gift Book Store, jan 29? lw THE NEW BLUE BOOK, or Government Register 1851, just Issued, giving tbe names, salaries, locations, Ac , of all postmasters aad oth er public officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of the United States; with the names, forces, and condition of all ships wid vessels belonging to the United States, and when and where built; and the name* and compensa tion of all printers In any way employed by Con grcan, or any department or officer of the Govern ment. 1 octavo volume, price S3 50. Can be sent by mall to any part of the U a tied Slates. For sale la Washington by TOT LOR A MAURY. jaa W Bootoolim, star 9tk at. AMUSEMENTS N * TI9NAI' 1 HB/liai Limbs ai?? Nahacu.... Hb*? v C. faaaiTt ' iAlso of ike Baltimore Md.otb > [awsana *?' J*?e*Rso?. PI 1(11 Or SDMlSblOH PrfM Circle and Paranettr M can*. Fsmily Circle. serond tier to " Gallery X'*** No extra chars* for *wrrwi Seats Prtn? Bote* ran be obtained. Boi t?Rce opr. Ti*a<lM and Wednesdsy from 9 until 4 o clock First end only appearand of the successful yonry Amerkvui Tragedian, MB. BOOTHBOYD TAIBCLOUOH WEDNtfOAV EVENING, Jan. 90, IM*s, Will be performed the Trsgrdf of OTUrLLO! OR, THE MOOR OF VENICE. Othello Mr Boothroyd Fairclough Rederlgo PfUdttDODA**** To conclude with the drama of KOllftT MACA1RC. Jaques Strop .....Mr. J' A**' Door* opea at ?* o'ctock p. curtala ???? *? 7# o'clockprecisely ? jm ter rkward.-lost. either at Tft k I) National Theatre or on the Birch s Stable and the National 11 ?**].* *?J|J Pla. black enamelled hand, with opal netThe ?ndrr will receive the above reward by lenvln*. at Henry Blrrh's Stable, ot at thla e?re ju>a??3t? FOR liLB LOW.?ONE CAKtYALI,, nearly new. auliable for a bater or batch'r , Alao. oae WAGON and HORSE Tta* waaen ha. .br~ .r-.jTa tf&Sno*. A??.. No. W Prospect street, GeorgctoWS jan 2b?_ JIOTHE. DRtss ??5&&W5fESi. la?*. tHBKOIDER,I^SOMMV vary ChC&P- O^ll A . I A No^ll Pa. avenoe, be*, loth and llth att jan as?3t P.R SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER IIA* for aale a servant M AN, aped about !i years He il capable of ^waiting m a private or publ-r bouse, the best of reference* given in repart u? wVboreety He will be Mid on very reasonable terms to any person jlurchasing for their own oae. A ddr < *? immediately^ "D C,? througLtbe City Poat Office , Jan**-** * <r REWARD -lJ>ST. FROM A SLEIGH SO on Sunday evening, about dusk, a dark Imt (filch) V1CTORIN E, a*hll? going from Elrv cnth street, on E, to Nlath, jto New * alone the avenue to the Wefxv ??d from the De|?or naatthe Capitol, on Maryland **eu..e to B">< nine's Bridge The above rewarrf will be paid to th- flnder by leading It at F Miller'a ?rare?y. corner F and l*th streets jan 3?? kiUOARTnOLAUKS AN* Bl'TTtR. O 5 hhds new crop Orleans SUGAR lObbls do do MOLASSES jOO lb*, su perl or ROLL BUTTER 500 do round SMOKED BEEF,(R^uada,) 3you do BACON, HAMS, SH O U LD ERb SIDES and BREAST:? Jum received, and for ssl? by W H. TENNEV, S. E corn-r High arid Bridge sts , Geo'town jan eo3t (Organ) JOHNSON'S SALOON, No. 311 O atrert, aear Thirteenth HAVING HAD FIVE OR SIX YEARS ex perience aa Chief cook for?he Mews Wil lard, the proprietor of this establishment Is now prepared to furnish DINNER PARTIES, SOP PERS, BALLS, and all others who mav fcv him with tbelr pat innate He will alM fernUh gcntlrtnen and piivate families wtlh Meala. aiifl sentlr men with Day Board __ All kinds of Game of I he season <. mataatly on hand; and Soup arrved dally Several furnished Koom? to let, apply aa above jtHS-lm HATS, t AF>, ri RI. Ac. The undersigned would respect fullv announce to hla frtmdh and the public th"t hehai> purr ha wd theootlre atock of Mr J T Evaup. ir . and will continue the 11 AT, CAP and FUR burtarw In the lately o?y opled by him No '23b north aide Peau avenur. between 12th and 13th orrcet* Having maitnfbrtured for aeveral yeaia in one of the meat faahlonaUe and well regulated Hat e?ta.>ltabmenta In the District he ferU coa*drn? that he will be able to pleoee in analHy. Myk a*6 price all who may favor him with a call A full aaMrtmtnt of gentlemcn'a dre*s > lark a"d brown F rench fdt HaU , Chiidrrn'a 1 aar y Ham. Canea, Umbrella*, Ac B H STINEMFTZ. iV Pa avenue, bet l?th and 13tb ?u Jan#-2w | O&T-ON THiRSVAV NIOHT, THE 1 4 'J4th Inatant, from a Sleigh, a dark brown Fitch Vlctrrlne Tb* tinder will ne suilablv re warded by leasing It at the countlst; room of the Star. )aa M- H (LtKAS F^OR A GOOD Ilt?NEST CLOCK AL\N AVS go to FR ANCIS. on 7th atrect. BiaGlocka cannot be excelled and hla price* will not frl^rb* en you. He trltaevery one thoroughly. hlm*c)f, and those who buy of him are aure to get a good one or have their money refunded jan ^?HAVING I KKAM. PWNAVVN, HAIR ?3 Dye, Tricopherou*. Hair Oil, Coiorne. Biu^h ea Combs, kr , at 306 Pa aveuue. betw?>en Dth and 10th atreeta JNO. F. ELLIS. Jan aS-tf EVENINU FANS. JUST RECEIVED A LARGE ASSORT ment of Pearl, Ivory and Spanish Fana. van - lag In price from one to twenty-iv* dollar* The above arc all desirable pattern* and oftued unusually low. M W SALT A BRO . Jewelora, 3M Pa. avenue, between 9th and 101k ata Jan ?l?3t CMAUHCEY W ARM HER. WATCHMAKER AND JKWXLER, And dealer in fine watches jf.w ELRV and SILVERWARE, wouldnapt^' fully Mllclt the attention of those who dcsirr a good article, to hit choice variety of l<ondoo, Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of time-keeplsg and durable qualities, for which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase. GOLD SEALS. FOR and VEST CHAINS, FINE JEWELRY, SILVER SPOONS, GOB LETS, CUPS, FORKS, Ac., for sale at N. York prices. v The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder. Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re p 5 ?-d Also JEWELRY. Ac. No. 379 Pa. avenue, between ?th and 7th stieetf Brown's Hotel Building, algn of the I GOLDEN WATCH. _ J*n 36?3m Washington, D C MISS ItlORELY HAS JUST RE* El VED froiq New York, another lot of fa^Ltou able MILLINERY, which will be opt-uitl^J oa Saturday,at her rooms, JIM Pean'-yltaala,^^' avenue, up stairs. N. B ?A pprentlces wanted. dee 7 -*f S. P. HOOVER, Ira* Hall Beat,Shoe aad Trunk Establish ?Ii I HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOR LA dlea\ Gent*', Mlaaer and Children's. SNOW OVER SHOES, Gum Boots ] Go^almer and Sandals Alao. Burk^klnj, lined Shoes, double sole and water-proof Boots, all of which 1 will aell low for caah Ail In want please call and examine for your selves. 8 P HOOVER. Iron Hall, bet. Mh sad 10th su , Pa. av. Jan 19 m INSTRUCTION IN DANCINW. Mons. J. COCHEU BEGS LEAVE TO IN fnrm the clllaeaa of Washington, Oear^? - town, and vicinity that hla aecond quarter will commence on the Mth instant. Those who sre desirous of favoring him with their patroasge are politely invited to make early application, that they may be prepared to participate la hla n? ?t May Festival, on which occasion he Intend* in troducing (as an addition to those alrtady Intro duced by him) sevaial new and characteristic dances. P. S ?Mona C being flea from any ei^ra^e ment every morning during the season (ea'-rpt Saturday) olTtsrs his aerviraq to ladles and gentle men desirous of receiving private Instruction sr (Aetr rtiidtnet. Orders left at ihe Music Stores of Mr Zantiln* ger or Mr. Davis will be thankfully attended to jan XI?lm ELEUANT NEW YEAR'S- PRESENTS may be found at T GALLIGAN A CO S dialers hi ftnc Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Silver, t?: cllah Plated Ware, Tollat Artleb*, Ac , Ac . 371* Penn avenue, under Browns' hotel d? TARE NOTICE M LL WHO WISH TO KEEP WARM A>P ? take care of their health will do weUtoraU at LANE'S, who has a full stock of warm Under skirts and Drawers, Socks, Gloves, Muffiera- a Robes and Shawls, and will aell tbeaa cheap f hat LANR'o Furniiking Store, iW P*-1""?' A