Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, FCILUIU0 AVERT AFTtRHOOB, (KXCKPr SUNDAY,) 41 111 Stmt RntlMtmgs, cormt #/ Pi??ffliMU **tl bitrtmtk itrttt, ?7 W. D. ff ALLACM, will be *tf(d lOHknlfeai by carrier* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly ?o the Amenta; paper* ?erre.! In pecka^** *137# ?rata pec month. To mall aubaorlbers the ?oh arrlptlon prtoela THRfcK DOLLARS ANi> FIF TY CENTS a year in<utvmmr$, TWO DOLLARS for ati months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for leaa than three month* at the rate of 14# oentii a week. lETSlNCLE COPIES ONE CENT. ?J j? OOpl?V .*#???? e ?????? e ??????? e ?*???????? e " ? Twenty U ? Q~T Caam, invaaiatLT m uhmi. CT Single oeptee (In Bif > li? a? bepteemei at the oounter. Immediately altar the Umm of ?h paper Prtoe?Tim Caara. PoiTliirili who act asaxenU will keaUowa ? commlMlon of tweotjr per oe?i. WASHINGTON, L). C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 30, 1856. BOOK AID JOB PRINTING. THOMAS McOILL, SUCCESSOR TO THE Arm of Klrkwood A, Mr QUI respectfully an nounces thai ke la fully prepared to execute all or PLAIN OR ORNAMENTAL PRINTING at his large and omrsenlent Establishment, 7th st. thw do^>r? below OdU Fallows' Hall. The business of the old firm, and all other work entrusted to him will meet with promt attention. THOMAS McGILL, Seventh street, between D and E. Three doors below Odd Fellows' Hall/ Jan I?eolm A rA R K W A R D.?I will give the above v mentioned reward for the apprehension and delivery to me, of ANN, a slave, who calls hersalf Ana Johnson, and who ran away from me on Saturday nieht, the 8th inatant. She it about 'M years old. S feet, four or ftve Inches high, light Mack complexion with full round fhee, of good figure, and likely. She has a variety of clothing and took with her ker feather bed snd bedding WM P. PHILLIPS, dec 10?eotf 596 New Jersey avenue. NEW YORK HATS. I WISH ALL GENTLEMEN WHO ARE IN want of Hats to bear la mind that th? plan whlcb I adopted six months ago, of setting HATS and CAPS at great)v reduced prices, for cash only, is in success ful operation, consequently those who pay cash have the benefit of cash, and are | not chargcd twenty-five per cent extra profit to oRict bad debts. The very hast and most fashionable DRESS HATS, at S3 50, equal tn any usually sold at S5. and the best $3 Hat south of New York: and a first sat#. durable. and fashionable Hat. S3 50 A full supply of black and brown F E LT H A TS, and Children's Fancy Goods, at verv low prices. Small profits and qulek sales la the motto. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. Opposite Dexter's Hotel. l have made arrangements with one of the best boot makers in Philadelphia to be kept constantly supplied with the very be*-, and most fashionable Franch calf skin sewed BOOTS, warranted French calf, ot no tale, which I offer for the un precedented low price of S3 6'2j( I have shown them to comp**ent ]ud/e*, who pronounce them to be the best Hoots for the prlcc in the U nlted States. I also have a splendid sowed GAITER BOOT, made of the very best French calf skin patent leather, all of the latest style, for S3 50 Competition is out of the question All I ask is fprgentlemen to come and see for themselves Terms positively cash dec 9?eo3m M. SL.MKEN, Jeweler. 330 r?sii . bf tw*.n Vi % is I 1011 Jtruli, HAS RECEIVED AND OPENED THIS DAY a magnificent assortment of fine and rtch Imported JEWELRY, such as Flor entlne aod Roman Mosalrs. Italian Lavas and Corals, GarneU, Cdtnco.s, ami a vari-1 ety of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any descrip tlon, the very latest styles Also a new lot of fine London and Geneva WATCHES, warranted timekeeper*.. FOR CHRISTMAS FRFSENTS A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers, Castors, Cr9an^. Goblets, Cups. Forks and Spoons, (sterling.) F!?h, Cake ai.n Pie Knives, Butter and Fruit Knives, Soupand Oyster Ladles, Preserve, Sugar and Cream Spoons, Salt Cellars, Napkin Rings, etc , etc. SILVER PLATED WARE, ON ALBATA. Castors, Baskets, Butterboats, Urne, Forks and Spoons. FANCY ARTICLES. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments, in variety, Card Cases. Portmonnales, Cigar Ci And also a large assortment of SPECTACLES in Gold, Silver and Steel Frames, to suit every eve and age; Eye Glasses, Congress Specs, and# Opera Glasses H7" We take p!?a*nre in shewing oui goods to all, whether purchasers or not. All our goods are warranted as represented, and will be sold at the lowest possible price. tCT Jewelry and Silverware made to order: Diamonds remounted; Gold Pens re pointed, and Engraving on Stone executed at short notice Chronometers and all kinds of |m Watches and M oslcal Boxes put tn perfect order at short notice. H. SEMKEN, Jeweler, 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth ats. dec I?-If MARRIAGE GUIDE. DR YOTJHO'S POCKET ?SCUI,APIU8; Or, Every One hi* awn Physician: |>riNG OBSERVATIONS ON MARRIAGE fi* Medically and Philosophically ccn?idcred. as MANHOOD S EARLY DECLINE, with dl rectlons for Its perfect cure. Being a Confidential ^llent Friend and Private Adviser; followed by Observations on the Treatment of Venereal Dis eases. Gonnorrh'Fa, Gleet, Strictures, Ac ; Illus trated with Ca?es Plates, and Diagrams, from Dr YOUNG'S PRIVATE PRACTICE--to be consulted without exposure, and with assured confidence of success Only-J6ccnts. For sale by the Agent. ALEX.. AD Am SON, on Seventh st , opposite l'oet OAce. dec i\?3m* & United States Patent Office, > W*ms?ros , Jan 17, 18M i ON THE PETITION OF ALONZO C. AR NOLD. of Norwalk, Cona , praying for the extension of a patent granted to him onth*Zld day of Amtl, 1*18, for an Improvement in "punch ing machines for manufacture of covered but tons." for ?even rears from he expiration of Mid jwtent, which takes place on the ?)d day of April, It is ordered tkat the said petition be hoard at the Patent Otace on Monday, the 7th of April i'tt*. at 1J o'clock, m ; and all persons are noticed to appear and *how cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted Persons opposing the extension are reqj^red to file la the Patent OB*e their objections, specially act for'h in writing, at least twenty days before th? day of hearing : all testimony filed ny either party to be used at the hearing most he taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules of the of fies, which will be furalshed oq application ? The testimony In the case will b*- closed on the 7>th day of March: depositions and ptheir papers relied upon as t ?stimony, must be filed In theoftce on or before the morning of that day; the argu ments, if any. within tec days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, IntdllgMr, and Star, Washington, D C ; Argus, Baltimore. Evening Arris, Phila delphia, Pa ; Journal of Commerce, New York, sod Dally Post, Providcnce, K I , once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 7th of April a?at, the day of bearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents P 8 -Editors of the ?.bove papers will please sony. and send their bills to the Patent Ojfice, with a paper containing this notice. )s* 18?lsw3w Ol FT BUOKSTURK! A GENERAL. SELECTION OF STANDARD Gift and Miscellaneous BOOKS Mais^ AND STATIONERY for sale at HILBUS'S MUSIC DEPOT.w ner of Pa avenue and ll?h street mUKm GREAT INDUCEMENT EVERY PURCHASER RECEIVES A GlFT. Each article is sold at the usual rstall price, and for every dollar's purchase a sealed envelope la drawn by the buyer, containing the name of some giP. which is presented on the spot Among the Gifts are Gold Watches, Jewelry. Music, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Ac HILBI'S MUSIC DEPOT. dec 9?tr Corner Pa av and llth st. NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW ? Published (Quarterly, on the first days of Jan uary, April. July, <*nd October, in numbers of neaily three hundred pages each, at Five Dollars a year. CowUn't 0f N? CLlXf/tr Jt-nirf, l^. Ar'irle I Life, Services, and Works of Henry Wheaton " II. Bartol'a Plctuses of Europe 44 III. Statistics of Iusanity in Massachusetts " IV. Sydney Smith " V. The Romish Hierarchy " VI History of the Jacobin Club " VII. Varan s Memoirs " VIII The Pacific Rsllroad " II American Poetry ** X. German Emigration to A merica " XI. Critical Notices. The North American Review has now attained its 170th number, having been published without Intermission for more than forty yean It is tar the oldest American Periodical devoted to aeiiwral literature and science, and Its reputation has been steadily maintained, both in this country and la Europe as the leading )ourual of the United Sia^swlthla Its appropriate department Subdue m?M)C TAVlfOA, T GUTTA PERCIIA TEKTH. rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN I. the habit of aendlng out patrons to Dr. Cosby for Dental operations for a number of year*, and take pleasure in recommending him to the clti xens of Washington as the best tooth extractor and dental operator that we have ever met with. He inserts teeth npoo every plan that is practised In the United State*. P. Ho!dni*a. M I). B W. Towles, *. D. A V. F?jn?, M. D, DBS John T. MIUst, M. P. tiryuH, WD OF. rhunlxsrltii, *. D., DOS. C. B. Harris, M. D. Hsmnei t. Brown, M. D. , Wyths lintloy, M D B. M. rrsnrise*, M D. 0?ce over Ford A Bre 'a, No. WO. corner of 11th street and Pa avenue. nov*7??m* GUTTA PERCHA TEKTH. DR. U. MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, is mounting Teeth on a Gotta. Peroha Base. Also, with Allen's pet-1 ent continuous Gum. combining beau ty. strength and cleanliness. Dr. M. is determined to keep pane with every improvement in Dentistry, and will strive to pleas* and profit his patrons. avTHBttcfl; Rev. Dr. Gurtey, Hon. R H Glllet, Dr. Blnney, Hon B A Douglas, Hon. C Mason, Dr. R P Patterson, Hon. AOr Nicholson, Dr. R Coolldg*, And the Medical Faculty of tfeorgeurtrn Col lege. nov a3?tf MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND VISIT ORS TO WASHINGTON ARE RESPECTFULLY INFORMKD that at TAYLOR A MAURY'S BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE, Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, they will ineetaJl their require ments. Their extensive stock, in addition to the following important works, comprises every de partment of Literature Science, and Art. NEW BOOKS received Immediately on publi cation. Werklv importations from England. Calhoun's Works, S vols. Jefferson's Works, 9 vols. Webster's Works, 5 vols., Autograph edition. Everett's Orations and Speeches, 8 vols. Cly's Private Correspondence, 1 vol. S. S. Prentiss's Memoirs, 2 vols Bancroft's History of the United States, 6 vols. Statesman's Manual, 4 vols. Hickey's Constitution, I vol. Jefferson's Manual, 1 vol. The ConstRution* of the United States, 1 vol. Elliott's Debates and Madifon's Papers, 3 vols. Marsh's Orators and Statesmen, 1 vol. Storv's Works, 3 vols Lives of Chief Justices of the United States, 1 vol. Lleber's Civil Liberty and Self Government, 'J vols. Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry, 1 vol. Kennedy's Life of Wirt,'J vols. Garland's Life of John Randolph, I vol. Party Leader*, bv Baldwin, 1 vol. De TocqueviUe's Democracy in America. 1 vol. T ie Ffturallxl, 2 vol. Crimk*'3 Nature and 7>ndency of Free Institu tions, 1 vol Constitutional Text-Book. 1 vol. Carey's Past, Preseut, and Future, I vol. Seatnan's Progress of Nations, 1 vol. McEllirott's American Debator, 1 vol. Future Wealth of America, I vol. Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol. Every description of American, English, and Frtnch STATIONERY of the finest quality, at the lowest prices. Visiting Cards engraved and printed with the greatest promptitude TAYLOR A MAURY'S, JaaP?tr near 9th street. TOP II AM A NORFLET'S NEW AND CHEAP SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORK, 499 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hail. A MESSRS. TOP II AM. late of Philadelphia, and H^NOR f LET of this city,. ? respectfully announce to thefr friend* and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on mn a 11aljrio.nim vv ni . HAR.1R?5?0I every description, W>th for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladles'SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVF.RS, COLLARS, and HAMES. Horse,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac, A?. All material ntcd will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we fcel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satie factlon we hope to merit, and rtspcctluBy solicit, a share of public patronage. Pastlcolar attention paid to covcrlag Trunks and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers' tools constantly on hand, not 7?tf MORE NEW OOODA. JOHN H SMOOT, NO. 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street, aear High, Georgetown. D. C , has received an additional huppty of 1* all and Winter GOODS, making his assortment very complete In his stock will be found a first rate assort ment of? ladles' Dress Goods Black Moire Antique Silks Moire Antique Cloak and Dress Trimmings Rich atrtped and Moire Antique Sash and Bonnet Ribbon* Swiss and Cambric Bands, Collars and Sleeves Black and col'd Cloths, for Cloaks Stella, Brocha and Bay State Shawls With a good assortment of the best makes Flan nels. Blankets, and Dry Goods generally. My stock being desirable and cheap purchasers will find It to their advantage to oall beforeeKtlng folly supplied. 4. H. SMOOT. nov li tf IjMCTILE IVORY ?JUST RECEIVED, aev era! exquisite specimens of his msnufaeture, Including ''The Deeeent from the Cross," after Rubens: " The Flight into Egypt"Adora tion of the Wise Mer 41 Head of Christ," after Dom^nlchino?Madonna; " Eoce Homo," Ac., specially adaptbd for Christmas presents, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S dec 91?tr Bookstore, near 9th at. WIGS AND TO (J FEES. fMTIZENS AND STRANGERS ARE RK " ' <pectfully Informed that the bent assortment of WIGS and TOUPEES are to be found at HEARD'S HAIR DRESSING ESTABLISH MENT, and W 1G MANUFACTORY, Sixth at. Nattonal Hotel. Wigs and Toupees made ?n the shortest notice. Also, a good assortment of Ladles Back Braids just arrived from New York. dec li?eoilm COFFIN WARER0091. he. WILLIAM PLANT A CO., VNDERVA ? KEKS?residence4lb Seventh reel, between G and H streets. Interments procured I a any ground sreeror.ery. Cofllns, Caps, Sbsouds. Carriages Hearse, and every article for Interments of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the tight. Having the exclualve right of Crump'a Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the firad for any length of time. ]y 11?ly JO* AS P. LEVY, inottu an? DBALia t? WINKS, LIQUORS, CI0AR8, AND FINK GROCERIES, General Commiaaicu 6 Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, No. 474 Pa av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, Washirston ClTT, D. C. N. B.?Country Merchants are requested to give ae a call before purchasing elsewhere. oc *-ly A GENERAL INVITATION TO KX ?mire one of the largest and beat assortments of Parlor Grand. Sqoare. and Boudoir PIANOS, fw exhibited to a Washington public Persons wishing to purchase, will find that they can be accommodated on the most liberal terms, by early application at the Music Depot, Star Balldlnei, GEO HlLHUS. Agent. Constantly In receipt or NEW MUSIC, decJt-tr _____ _ _ CiOLT'S, ALLEN' RUBOINS, aad LAW ' rence A Co 'a patent revolving hammer, five and six barrel PISTOLS Also, a aood assort ment of single barrel Pistols, from 75 cents to 95 each. American RAZORS of the best quality, every razor warranted Por sale by 1 E K LUNDY, dee 11 No 196 Bridge street. Georgetown. CTABAS, WORE BOXES, CHINA GOODS, y CARb CASES, PORT^MONNAIKS, Ac., aOM Pa avenne, between 9th and llXh streets 40C'H> JOHN F ELLIS. J MAtALLk't HUTOftV Of NN0LAND, TP* f naat?d. . T FHANOK UYWWfc* navy department, Buasau or CoNSTatrcTioR, Ae.. ? January 19, 185ft. PROPOSITIONS WILL BE RECEIVEO A by this bureau, until the 14th of February, for the following articles for the United State* steamer Mississippi, to be delivered at the nary yard, New York: Two vertical tubnlar boilers, to be made of the best charcoal bloom boiler plates ; tube sheets to be oae-half Inch, water bottoms aad ash-pits sev en-sixteenth, shell three-eighths of an iach In thickness. All the external parts to be double rlvetted, and caullpd en both sides where It can be got at to do so; no screw stays to be used in the lews, water bottoms, or stent* chimney. The crowns and sides of shell to be rtlfffened by T Iron, from which the braces are to lead. The boilers will be about twenty-three and one balf feet front, by about eleven and one half feet deep, aad about twelve and one-half feet high ; to be furnished with the necessary man and hand hole plates, furnace, flue and damper doors; lugs for grate bearers, and for securing boilers to the snip, and to be tea ted when done at a hydraulic pressure of 35 lbs. per square inch. The tobes to be furnished by the government and to be set by the contractors, the government being responsible for all tubes condemned from . their defccts, and the contractor for all condemned from bad workmanship. The price to be per pound fnlshed, lew the weight of the tubee. Also, the prices per pound for such iron cast ings as may be required for engine and boilers, of green sand, of dry sand, of loam, and for one and one-third sets of grate bars, and for composition castings (of copper and tin.) The patterns to be furnished by the govern ment. The whole to be done In the best men iter, and to be subject to the Inspection and approval of such persons as the department mav appoint. Drawings of the boilers will be furnished bid ders on application to the department. Payments will be made for one-third their esti mated amount when the boilers are half com pleted ; the remainder when they have been test ed satisfactorily by steam. For castings, when delivered.ami approved. Bidders will be particular In stating their prices and (he time when they propose to complete and deliver the w<?rk. Bond and good security will be required for the faithful performance of the work and the fulfilment of the contract. jan 13? law4w fNo. 550 ] ? Swamp aad Overflowed Lands." PUBLIC NOTICE?PURSUANT TO THE instructions of the Secretary of the Interior, Eubdc notice Is hereby given that, In order to ring to a close the business under the act of Con gress approved September 28. 1W0, entitled, "An art to enable the State of Arkansas, and other States, to reclaim th?? 'swamp lands' within their limits." and at the same time afford to parties who claim that portion* of the lauds selected un der said law are dry and lit for cultivation, an op rortunlty to Introduce evidence, all lands so se lected, to the approval whereof no objection be made within six months from the date hereof, will be certified and patented to 'he States Such objections as are contemplated by the above must be made under oath. and filed with the register and receiver of the proper land office for transmission to the Geueral Land Office The necessary forms for aflldavlts are In the hands of said officers. The following classos of land are exempt from objection, to-wit: 1st. Lands entered with wh, or located with military bounty land warrants or scrip, aftpr the passage of the act of fifth September. 1850, and nrlor to the passage of the act of 3d March, 1856, "for the relief of purchasers and locators of swamp and overflowed lands." ?id Landsalready patented te the State under the swamp law. In all cases where objection Is raised, testimony must be taken before the register and receiver of th^ I aad office, at such time, after the expiration of said six months, as thev may appoint, with the consent of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. The lists of swamn and overflowed lands are open to Inspection during the regular business hour* of Ihs Land Office. Given nnder my hand, at the otty of Washing ton, this 31st day of December, It 56. THOS A I1ENDRICKH, Commissioner General Land Offioe. Jan 10? WATCHES. MW GALT A BRO , OFFER AT ALL ? tlm?? everv variety of superior WATCHES and CHRONOMETERS. Tliey call particular attention to those made by? Jules Jurgensen, Copenhagen. Cooper, Taylor A Dixon, Lonaon, Tobias, Keenly A Blundell, Liverpool. Also, Vacheron A Constantino's celebrated Geneva Watches, which from their slue and finish are peculiarly suited for ladles Our facilities enable us to offer the above at the lowest rates. \\.J~ Rbpaibino?Watches and Chronometers carefully repaired by sklllfal workmen. M. W. GALT A BRO., 3M Pa avenue, bctw 9th and 10th sta. Jan 19?tjf |jMNE FRENCH EDITIONS?OF ROUS A seau, Racine, Scvlgne, Cornellle, Mollei.*, De Stael, Duels, Frolsaort, Bou>dalone, Le Hnge, Schiller, Guliot, Bossuet, M oust relet, Malherbc, Descartes, BartheJemy, Volte Ire, Chateaubriand, Flortan. Rabelais, Scribe, Malebranehe, St. Pierre, Fenelon, Thierry, Machlavelll, Regnard, and other writers, may be found at the most mod erate priee* at the bookstore of the underslgued Imported by himself direct from Paris, inflnecal and morocco bindings, some of them with beau tlful Illustrations. * *? Also, a small collection, various, of French Books for youth, Paris editions dec *?? tr FRANCK TAYLOR. NORTHWEST GUMS FORTHE INDIAN ? ERVICE IN 1?00. OrriCB or Indian ArvAtas, > January 31,18M.J PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT i the Office Inilan Affairs until noon of the 30th day of February next for furnishing and deliver lug?one-half on or after the 1st day of May, 186ft, and one half on or after the 13th day of June next ?one thousand Northwest guns for the Indian department, to be delivered to the agent of the de Sartment at either of the cities of New York hlladeiphia, Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, De troit, St. Louis, or Chicago, as the bidder may elect; and the right will De reserved to rratiire the above amouuts at one time or at different times, at and after the specified dates, or to ojder, at any time in the year 1*58, at the same price

and of the same quality, any additional number of guns actually required in the service. Each bidder will be-rcqulred to exhibit a sam ple or samples of the kind and quality of gun or guns he proposes to furnish, and the department reserve* the right of accepting such bid or bids as are believed to be most advantageous to the In dians, considering serviceable qualities, price, 1 j u no be considered unless accom panied by a sufficient guarantee that If the bid of the party Is accepted, he will enter Into contract accordingly, and give security for the perform award ??ntract within ten days S/ter the *?An?le ?r ?H?Ples of the accepted bidder will be retained at this office; and all guns to be delivered muat, in every respect, be similar and fully equal thereto Before the acceptan'^e of the guns, each one will be subjected to the most ,'lgMl Inspection and comparison with the sample gun, and those that arenotfouad rejected y Cq la rwjr wU* *>? A bend In an amount exceeding that of the bid will be required for the faithful execution of the contract on the part of the successful bidder Payment for any quantity or quantities received will be made through the United States treasury immediately*after the delivery and acceptance thereof. GEO. H. MANNYPENNY, Jan 33?d3tA3tawt!9thFeb Commissioner. ?. P. HOOVER S t Boot> 8ho?, ?nd Trunk Establishment, Iron Eall, Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ate. 1 HA.5?iWBT RECEIVED FOE LADIES, n CHILDREN, Cleth,** n . ,kln'llned Button> Healed Ml S-nH. JSJ55,' BOOT^ and S2Sd^ArPKB*e^r,5on";o0entle,nen'i De tached GAITERS, all colors; Boy's and Youth's Patent Leather ana Calf BOOTS and iHOKH , 2fi?? Hp,u *n<1 552a?i. Ire ted from the most celebrated manufhctuien la very superior. ' ,jF2**^?too?r unusual Indocements.andre ?pectfuliy solicit your patronage aad influence J?*"?8 P. HOOVER. T^^L^TACOJlR^PONDENCt;"^ > ww*1 rrvww,< BALLS. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE Poor of the Seventh Ward. THK CITIZENS BEING DESIROUS OF a. relieving, in some measure. the Bufferings of the Poor of their Ward, have conoluded to give a BaB lor that puspose on TUESDAY EVENING, February 4th, 1866, AT ISLAND HALL. They appeal to the benevolent throughout the city to assist them in this laudable undertaking. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentie man and ladies?to be procured from any of the Managers. Manage rj. P M Pearson, E S Allen, ? L Page, Dr J E Morgan, Jas E Johnson, Thos E Lloyd, J Pettibone, J Pumpfarey, H Polklnhorn, JVanRiswick, Theo Wheeler, Jacob Wilson, ThosMilburn, Wm Tucker, J R Elvans, B S Kinsey, W Camack, sr. W C Bamberger J H DeBllle, Jos Stevenson, A R Harvey, D B Clsrk, 8 Pumphrey, D Johnson, R T Knight, Thos W Riley, J T Casseli, L R H lmead. J M Young, Gil't Cameron, JttsCnrnwell, J W MartTn, Jones Ellis, W if iCftey, J L Smith, John Stevenson. Wm Ashdown, W T Walker, David Hepburn. Committee of Arrangements. J E Johnson, Thos E Lloyd, John Dudley, W T Walker, I^evi Jones, Peter Egan. Joshua Dulin, W Camack, Jr. jan 28-eotb O. BOSWELL, Treasurer. THE FOURTH ANNUAL BALL MONTGOMERY GUARDS, WILL B* GIVEN AT THE WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS MO 1 DAY EVENING, Feb. 4th, 19*6. THE MONTGOMERY GUARDS beg leave to inform their friends, civil and military, that tbey will give their fourth annual Ballon I MONDAY EVENING, February Uh, 1856. In ''making this announcement the Guards pledge themselves that no paias will be spared to in.akethlsas agreeable as any they have hereto fore given. Refreshments and Supper will be served by an experienced caterer A most excellent band of music 1s selected for the occasion. No hats or caps to be worn in the ball room ex cept by the military. Committee of Arrangemtntt. Capt Key, Corp'l Nihil, Prlv McNlchoi, Sgt Burk, Lt Kelleher, Priv D O'Lery, Sgt Murry, Priv Jlrdin, Qr M Maher. Ensign ^all Prlv McCaffrey jan 25?dtb SOIREES. PROF H. W. MUNDER MOST RESPECT fully announces to the public that his Soirees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. These entertainments are considered by all who have attended them to be the most sociable that has ever been given in this city. jan 22?TAW w A LUNATIC.?TRUEMAN DE MOTT. A Lunatic, with sandy hair and florid complex ion, escaped from bis home and friends in the town of Ellery, N Y., some time since, and, lt is thought, will endeavor to make his way to Wash ington. His relatives are most anxious to obtain Information where he is, and any one who may hear of him will be suitably rewarded for drop ring aline to the editor of the Star. an 23?tf OFFICIAL. Tkba.suat Dspartmbnt, Dec. I, 1865. Notice Is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur 'chase to the amount of f 1,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1B12, a premium of ten per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1647 and 1948, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the act of I860, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of six per cent ; and for stock of the loan of 1844, redeemable on the Pith November, 1846, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of2J^ percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary end the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and if received after the Slwt of March and prior to said 1st of Jane next, a premium of IX per cent. Interest will also be allowed on said stock* at the fate* specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's interest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der tke present notice shonld be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, If sent prior to the 1st o1 January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theasslstant treasurer*at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury All the new boors published received and for sale, at SHILLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE. 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Wftf: B. ilILEY, Cor. 8th st., opposite Centre Market Jan 22? lm TTBSSMSSF" I FSAlSCK i'Aylor. evening star. Chemistry as Applied to the Arte. Profxssor Chaos's Second lbcturb The lecture room of the Smithsonian wm again filled on Monday evening with a large audience to listen te the second lecture of Professor Chace. After a brief review of the first lecture, the Professor proceeded : Oxygen is a great electro-magnetic princi ple in nature, it is a great supporter of oom b nation; but although this expression has crept into philosophical language, it is not strictly correct Could we ignite anything in an atmosphere of the rapor of sulphur, or in chlorine it would burn as brilliantly a# in oxygen. Heat id a great cnergizer of affinity. Bodies enter into union with oxygen at va rious temperatures Tbooe with the sweet af finities for oxygen combine at the lowest tern peratures. Metals arc not usually regarded as combus tible. But the oxy-hydrogen blow-pipe, by bringing any metal to a combustible tempera ture, enables it to burn in the atmosphere. The lecturer here described the blow-pipe, and explained the reason of its jowerful ac tion. Hydrogen when burning gives out an intense heat Charcoal burns slowly because so little of its surface comos in contact with oxygen, which composes but one fifth of the atmosphere. When, however, it is broken into -small pieces, more of its surfaco is ex posed to the oxygen, and it burns the more readily. In the oxy-hydrogen blow-pipe we have in hydrogen the most combustible of substances?a stream of fuel in perfect oon tact with oxygen, the greatest supporter of combustion. Hence the intense neat pro duced by this instrument The Professor illustrated tho action of the blow-pipe by burning a number of metals. a&_oteel, iron, brass, and copper. The latter always burns with a green flame and poorly The latter fact is owing to the collection of the oxyd of copper on the outride of the metals Of the brittle metals he burned untimuny. tin, bismuth, and tine. In regard to the light which was so brilliant in burning metals, Prof Chace remarked, that all substances when in a state of ignition gave out light. Stolid bodies emitted more brilliant light than even gases; they seem to conver* some of the heat into light On this principle was produced the great Drummond light, which was caused by the action of oxygen and hydrogen on lime All metals may be burned except silver and gold, which nre therefore callea the noble metals. The blow-pipe enables us to burn out any baser metal, which may be united with either of these incombuftibles; as a piece of wood full of spikes can be thrown into the fire and reduced to aches, so as to save the iron We have hitherto considered the blow-pipe as an oxydixer. It may also be used as a d< oxydizing instrument, that is, to reduce an oxyd to it* metallic base. The oxyds of lead or red lead, was placed under the action of the blow-pipe, and, in a few minutes, a melted globule or pure lead appeared. Prof. Chsee explained tbe process as follows . After the blow-pipe raises the temperature to the proper point, tne stream of oxygen was turned off. and an excess of hydrogen thrown on, which absorbed tbe oxygen and left the pure metal. He then proceeded to mention several in stances in which this blow-pipe i6 now used in the industrial arts; so that one man. with its aid, can do in one day what it formerly took half a dozen men to do in several days without it; but our limits will not allow us to record them. There is another mode in which oxygen unites with bodies than by the aid of intense heat Ibis is slower in its action?precisely the same, however,?differing only in cir oumstances. It Is the process of corrosion or rusting, exerted at all times and tempera tures, on animal and vegetable substance", as well as on inorganic bodies Here, however, oxygen must be dissolved in water, mixed with air Could any substance be immersed in water, entirely devoid of air, or in a ptrjectlif rlty atmosphere, it would never corrode A bright sheet of iron exposed to a damp atmos phere, gradually collects a film of water on its surface. The prooess of oxydation or rusting immediately commences. The oxygen acts through the water Little sparks of rust ap pears. Small galvanic circles begin to act, andcorrosion proceeds with increasing rapidity. This interesting fact he happily applied to the act of defiling the heart by continued indul gence in sin. He also explained by this method of oxydizing the fact that lead, when a long time expo?ed to the water, is dissolved. Water passing through lead pines beoomes poisonous. This is Peculiarly tne case *ith the purest water. Impure water, such, for instance, as contains sulphur, will pass un harmed. The sulphur has a strong affinity for lead, and, combining with it, forms an in soluble sulphato of lead, and, combining, ooats the pipe, and renders the water harm less. Oxygen also acts on organic substances when presented to them through water. This is the oause of the decay of wood and dead animal matter. Death, both of the animal and veg etable substance, must ensue first, for the vital principle is a terror to the destroying action of oxygen. Dead animal bodies are changed by the action of oxygen into carbonic acid and water. This acid is dangerous to animal life. Being heavier than the atmos phere it sinks near the ground, and is achoke damp of wells and mines. Flame will not exist in it. Although perfectly invisible it may, on account of its weight, be poured through the air. Tbe lecturer placed a lighted taper in a glass jar, and emptied another jar, full of the carbonic aeid, upon it The light was immediately extinguished. Carbonic acid is a product of respiration. We oommonly call the act of breathing a life giving process ; but it is rather a destroying process. Constant changes are going on in the system by which the animal matter be comes dead. The oxygen introduced into the blood through the lungs, in its beneficent er rand through tho arteries and veins, picks up this refuse matter, and bearing it back to the lungs, casts it out upon the air in the form of carbonic aeid Hence the unhealtbfulness of once-breathed air. Were it not for oxygen all dead matterwould remain. The carcasses of men and beasts would cover tbe face of the earth until the whole world became a great charnal house. The processes of nature are nearly all oxyd izing processes. One only is rfs-oxydizing, vis : what is commonly oalled the respiration of plants, or the action of oxvgen on the leaves. But this is more properly a nourish ing process. The leaves, instead of being oalled the lungs, should be tanned the stomach of a plant. Oxyds are the natural oondition of metal Very few of the metals are found in nature uncombined with oxygen. Respira tion and fermentation are oxydiziiig processee.' The earth seems onoe to have heen a cinder. Vegetable life was first produced, which, by removing the carbonic acid that pervaded the air, and storing it up in the ground, prepared the globe for the support of animal life. All substances are constantly oxydizing, decay ing. " Dust tkou art, and to dust shalt thou return," is a law of nature as well as of reve lation. Man's only hope of immortality is in his soul, which partakes notef the decay of matter. .. ? R. S. J. ty It Is no one great thing that makes the character of a Man, but a great many little things. ty Heme Tooke was the sea of a poulte rer, which he alluded to when called upon by the proud stripling of Eton to describe him* self. u I am, taia young Home, " ton of i ?mt&mk Xutfcey Mulml*"0??:?-*1 - Spanish Froverbs He that bu no bread, moat not keep a d<* It it better to go round the stream than drown in cros?irg* The beet work a mother can do. Is to take car* of h*r children. Nothing great ceo be efieeted witboet troa bit and labor. Th^ hapinneu of a wife, and the cultivation of a vine, acpendi on the care of a man. What we learn in our infancy remains for ever A regular diet cures more people than phy , * Patience, application and courage onroome all difficulties. Water drinkers are nerer drunk, nor never run in debt. There is no better looking-glass than an old friend People who take out, and do not put in, soon find the bottom The best catch at dice is not to play. Children tell in the street what they hear in the house. The devil lies in a covetous man s cheat. It is pound policy to safer all extremities rather than do a base actum Many drops make a shower, light gains make a heavy purse Do not sign a writing which yon have not read. Never drink any water which you have not seen. He that selb and lies, shall find the lie left in hit pur?c Old reckonings make new quarrels Everybody must live by his own labor It is better to be alone than in bad oom* pany A widow's child is generally spoiled by the love of its mother. Guardians and administrators generally live, but are generally deficient in their aoeeuats We mast take paias if we expeot to get any thing. He who has a wolf for his companion must ?carry a dog under his cloak. Pkivileses or tm Passs ?The Evening Journal speaks wisely and well when it says : "The person who undertakes to push qaickly into public favor his speculations in a singing woman, a tragic wonas, a lecturing man. n racing steamer, a new route of travel, marble slaves, canvass angels, comic, or melodramatic books?without ardently and wisely invoking the aid of the Newspaper Press, is profoundly ignorant ot his business. Journalistic favor is purchased dirt cheap with free tickets These cost nothing?represent indeed only so much square surface of unoccupied sitting places, with its appurtenant aunoephere?the appurtenance too often being of a kind to be avoided. To whatsoever extent the so-called privleges are conceded to the Proas, thecon ceasors are vastly the gainers Considered as a compensation for indispensable services ren dered, they should not t>e mentioned on the same day with dimes, half dimes, cents, or mills. The Press has ever found and ever will find its -privileges' to be oostly." A DiFrERKN. b or Opmov.?Two preachers were reoentiy in the same pulpit in Georgia While one was preaching he happened to say. ' When Abraham baQt the ark " The on* behind him strove to oorrect his blander by saying out load, " Abraham warn t thar ' But tha speaker pushed on heedless of the in terruption, and only took oooasion shortly to repeat, still more deeidedly, "I say when Abra ham built the ark." "And I say,'* cried out the other. "Abraham warn t thar'" Ths preacher was too hard to be beaten down in this way. and addressing the people exclaimed with great indignation. "I say Abraham waa tkar or thar about!" - Emora's biETHEscora ? R<>th?ohild haa just been examining the Chest of Spain and he finds it extremely hollow; laboring under a dreadful oppression, which if remedies are not instantly applied, may terminate faulty. The same medical financier reports that the extreme tightness in Austria's Chest has great ly diminished since the care he reoommend?d for the complaint has been carried o?t. No sooner wae the loan applied than the patient experienced the greatest relief! The Chest of Russia (says the same btetheseopic author ity) is so very bad. in such a hopeless con dition. that he hopes he shall be spared the pain of examining it ? Punch. 17* It has been ascertained that the msn who held on to the last was a shoemaker. |y Epitaph on a lamb just killed : "/W# to its remains." TV The man who had no music in his sole wore seasoned leather. Whatever you would have your chil dren become, strive to exhibit in *our own lives and conversation. ry He loves you better who strives to make you good, than he who strives to please you. Of the Governors of the States. 18 are Democrats, 8 Know Nothings, and 6 Repub licans. gr It is a solemn thing to be married," said Aunt Bethany. " Tea. bat it's a deal more solemn not to be," said the little gtrl, her niece. 13*"" Mrs Quigg, is your husband a Know Nothing'" " I guess so, for he told me this morning that somebody had been making a fool of him." py The best cough mixture that has been made, consist of a pair of thick boots, mixed with lots of air ana plenty of exercise Peo pie who hug the stcve and grow lean aril I please take notice Misplacid.?We saw ahorse yesterday that waa evidently dying of consumption He was attached to an omnibus, bat ft was plain be did not belong to that sort of vehicle, for he had a severe Tuuk ing cough. ty School houses?ill-ventilated establish ment*, to which boys and girls are sent to ac quire algebra and lose their lungs. One-half of the consumption in the market is taken into the system in company with Murray s grammar and Pike s ariuimetic. A Comramsoi*.?A pleasant, cheerful wife is a rainbow set in the slty, when her husband's mind is tossed with storms and tempest*; but a dissatisfied and fretful wife, in the hour of trouble, is like one of those fiends who delight to torture lost spirits. iyA young lady waltxing un New Tear night, at a party in Syraeuse, caught her foot on the dress of another lady and was thrown down, striking on the back of her head. The blow produced concussion of tha brain, and her lire is in danger. BTA patient of some distinction was teas ing Peter Pindar with his symptoms, and who had nothing scarcely to complain of, told him that be had frequently an itching, and begged to know what ha should do. "Scratch yourself sir,'' replied Peter, which laconic advioe lost him bis patient. Thx Last ??Sticx."?Our foreman calls for another "stick" of matter; but the matter is, wo are stuck to know what to write. Items are used up, there is no room for a leading article, and we never manufacture incidents for such an occasion Of course we don't. What are we to do ? Leave a blank to be ti led up at the option of our readers, put the "Devil" to won getting out some stale article from a ootemporary to dress up in e new garb, or candidly confess the truth ' In this extrem ity, we are compelled to make a ? at the diAeulty, as we have done belore in ?? oases : ? b?t to prove our friendship for our renders, we frankly offer them our reportorial |y . hav Jng dont which iff fcwWn to bn*% Uui "ftick/ ?e a ,. .'Si uiIm gmvaud ,