Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, riBLlSHKD EVEUST AKTEMUO.I, (KACKTT SUNDAY,) At tkt 9tmr Bmtldtmgs, tetnar of f if Mia ?????? a%d kitttmtk tir?$I, By W. D. WALLACH, Will b??er??>d to snbacrlberw by carrier* at S1A AM> A qiARTKR CENTS, pavabl* wWkJT ?o the Amenta; papers arivfd In pa< ka^m at 37)f aenta per month. To mail aubttoribera the sub scription prtrela Til RbE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CKNT??prw?<?MW,TWU DOLLARS for tlx months, an4 ONE DOLLAR for three month-, for i?s* than three months at the rate of lij| rent* a wwt. fDT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON NO. 930. THE WEEKLY STAB. Thla excellent Family and Newa Josraal?can talaln* a greata variety of lateraattnf r?Alfifl thaa ui be found la aay ~bTT U pibnrtr* oa Aatar - day tnarnla* f llll ???>? P* aaantm ..01 U ?? nna. Flee copter m Tea ooplea S ? Twenty copies... ? CIT Ca??, utvaaiaiL? m aavaaca. IZT" Singlecop4?a(la wrappers) can be preen < ad at the counter. Immediately after the lmat th paper. Prloe?T?a*a Cbwts. PoPTMAXTaaa who art aaag*ats wffl be allow* a commtaaton of twenty pet cent BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. TOHOMAS McGILL, SUCCESSOR TO THE I Arm of K'.rkwood A McGlll respectfully an - wn w that he In fully prepared to execute all or ders for PLAL\ OR ORNAMENTAL PRINTING a' his large and convenient Establishment, 7th st thr?e door* below Odd Fellows' Hall. The business of the old firm, and all other work entrusted to him will meet with promt attention THOMAS McGILL, Seventh street, between D and K, Three doors below Odd Fellow?' Hall. Jan t?eolm ^ ^ ^ ^ R D ?1 will give the above mentioned reward for the apprehension a id delivery to me, of ANN, a slave, who calls herseLf Ana Johnson, and who ran aw. y from me on Saturday night, the Hth Instant She 1s about 21 vears old, 5 feet, fou-or five Inches hign, light black complexion with full round face, of eond figure, and likely, She has a variety of clothing and took with her her feather bed and l*<ddlng WM K PHILLIPS, '??wtf yjn Mew Jersey avenue. NEW YORK HATS. I WISH ALL GENTLEMEN WHO ARK IN a want of Hats to bear In mind that the plan which I adopted six months ago. of welling HATS and CAPS a? greatly reduced price*, for ca*h only, is in success ful operat:on, consequently those who nay cash have the benefit of cash, and are not charged twenty-five per cent extra profit to offset bad defctn iiT5t.very bcst an<l mo*t f<*"blonahle DRESS HATS, at S3 50, equal to any usually sold at *5, and the best 93 Hat south of New York; and a first wife, durable, and fashionable Hat, f-J 50 A full supply of black and brown FELT HATS, and Children's Fancy Goods, at verv low prices. Small profits and quick sales is the motto. ANTHONY. Practical Hatter, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, Opposite Dexter's Hotel. i have mad*? arrangements with one of the best boot makers in Philadelphia to be kept constantly ?wjpplted with the verv best and most fashionable French calf skin sewed BOOTS, warranted French calf, or no sale, which I offer for the un precedented low price of 53 n*2jj. I have shown them to comp*t??nt Judges, who pronounce them to be the best Boots foi the price In the United States 1 also havea splendid -"wed GAITER BOOT, made of the very best French calf skin ptfent leathtr. all of the latest style, for S3 30 Competition Is out of the question All I ask Is for gentlemen to come and see for themselves Term positively cash. dec ??eo3m I is* DA Y A B' H. SE!>1 KKN, Jeweler, 330 Finss utism. btiw-n S?t* and 10tk strttls, Has received and open ed this day a magnificent assortment of fine and 49 rich Imported J EW ELR Y. such as Flor entine and Roman Mosaics, Italian Lavas and Coral*. Garnets, Cameos, and a varl-< e'v of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any de*rtp t'.on. the very latest styles Also, a new lot of fine London and Geneva WATCHES, warranted timekeepers. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A *pl?ndld assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers. Castors. Creams. Goblets, Cups. Forks and Spoons, (sterling.) Fish, Cake and Pie Knives, Batter and Fruit Knives, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Preserve Surar and Cream Spoons. Salt Cellars, Napkin R lugs, etc , etc SILVER PLATED WARE. ON ALBATA. Castors, Baskets, Butterboats, Urne, Forks and Spoons. FANCY ART1CLE8. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments, la variety, Card Cases, por'monnales, Cigar Cases. And also a large assortment of SPECTACLES In Goid. Silver and Pteel Frames, to suit every eve and age, Eye Glasses, Congress Specs, aud Opera Glas?es IT7" We take pleasure in showing our goods to a l whether purchasers or not. All our goods are warranted as represented, and will be sold at the lowwt possible prioe. (Cr Jewelry and Silverware made to order. Diamonds remounted; Gold Pens repotnted, and Engrmvlng on Stone executed at short notice. Chronometers and all kinds of fine Watches and Musical Boxes put in perfect order at short notice. H SEMKEN, Jeweler. 339 Pa avenue, between 9th aud 10th sts. dee 1?if HARRIAUE GUIDE. DR YOUUG'S POCKET JESCULAPIUS; Or, Every One his swu Phjsieian: ? KING OBSERVATIONS <>N MARRIAGE ? Mediejillv and Philosophical!v ccnsldered. a? MANHOODS EARLY DECLINE, with di rections for Its perfect cure Being a Confidential "Mlent Friend and Private Adviser, followed by Observations on the Treatment of Venereal Dis putes. G<?nnonhaa, Gleet, Stricture*, Ac.; illus trated with Cases Plate*, and Diagrams, from Dr YOUNG S PRIVATE PRACTICE?to be consulted without exposure, and wltn assured confidence of success Only '25 ?*ents For sale by the A^ent, ALEX. ADAMSON. on Seventh st , opposite Post Ollce. _jler *1?3m* i No 590 ] ? Swamp aad Overflowed Lands.' I PUBLIC NOTICE ?PURSUANT TO THE lastructlons of the Secretary of the Interior, pubdr notice Is hereby given that, in order to bring to a close the business under the act of Con gress approred September Jb, 1>?50, entitled, '-An a-t to enable the State of Arkansas, and other States, to rceUim the 'swamp lands' within their limits." and at the seme time afford to parties who claim that portions of D lands selected un der said law are dry and fit 'a cultivation, an op portuni'y to Introduce evidence, all lands so se I?^t- d, to the approval whereof no objection be m^d" within six months from the date hereof, will he certlBed and patented to the States Su* h objection* as are contemplated bv the above must be made under oath, and filed with the register and receiver of the proper land otfice for transmission to Ike General Land Oflre The .necessary forms for aSdavits are in the hands of ] said oifioers. The following cla-sscs of land are exempt from objection, to-wit: 1st l?and* entered with cash, or located with military bounty land warrants or srrlp, after the m??<age of the act of "JHth September, P*5?, and prior to the passage of the act of 2d March, l-<65, 'for the relief of pur' ha<mrs and locators of swamp and o?erfiowed Lands." 2d 1.finds already patented to the State under th* swamp law I nail oases where obiactlon Is raised, testimony iu ??t be taken before the register and receiver of | ?he .aad ofii*, at such time, after the expiration of said six months, as thev may appoint with the consent of the Commissioner of the General l<aud ORce The lists of swamn and overflowed lands are open to Inspection durlug the regular business hours of Ihs Land Oflire Given under my hand, at the city of Washlag ton, this "21st day of December. 1S?. THOS A HENDRICKS, Commissioner General Land Ofitoe. |aa 1*? Ul FT BUOK9TURK! AG EN ERA I. SELEC HON OF STANDARD Gift and Miscellaneous BOOKS AND STATIONERY for sale at HILBI'S'S MUSIC DEPOT.cor-< net of Pa avenue and 11th street GREAT INDUCEMENT EVERY PURCHASER RECE1VES A GIFT. Ear h article Is sold at the usual retail price, and for every dollar's purchase a sealed envelope is drawi. by the buyer, containing t*e name of sotno iCft. which Is presented on the spot Amon? the Gifts are Gold Watches, Jewelry, Music, Fancy and Toilet Article*, Ac Hi LRUS MUSIC DEPOT, dec s?tt Corner Pa a* andllthst. 8. P. HOOVER'S Boot, Shoe, tad Track Establishment, Irea Hall, Fa. avenue, between IKh and 10th sto. IH*VE JUST RECEIVED FOR LADIES,' MlS?*KS, and CHILDREN, Cletb.?^e Button Huek-kln, lined Butt.*, H-aledySI GAITERS Also, thick aud thin Gaiters, fMJ B?onze_ Bla< k. snd Colored, at SI'25, worth S2; Ladles Alpine Button Gaiters. 93.30; J" rfBch, Xv_hllr GlleerlonsSLIPPER^, Gen ? rt,nh .P*t,'nt l^tlher BOOTS and SH ^.8, of all descriptions, GenUemen's De 0A1 rKRS. all color*; Boy's tiid Vouth's Fatant Leather and Calf BOOTS and SHOEM My stcek of Fall and Winter Wear, recently .e lec??^i from the most celebrated manufketuren la wry superior. ' I promises to offer unusual Inducetnents^nd re spectfully solicit your paUonage and Influence *?? o P. aOOVLK 1...u 0l,ITA PKRCMA teeth. HIE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN the habit of sending our patrons to Dr. Cosby Tor Dental operation* for a number of yearn, and take pleasure In recommending him to the citi zens of Washington as the best tooth extractor and dental operator that we hare ever met with He inserts teeth upon every plan that Is practised in the United Slates. ?*?_ p-* O B. W. Towind, M D. A. V. P.yn^ x n, DDS John F. Mlll.r, M D. f?D 2 * Ch??ab?rlln, M D. DPS. or S 8?mo*? P Brown, M P. Wytb# * D B M PrsoctoCA, M D. Ofice over Ford A Bro's, No. 290, corner of 11th street and Pa avenoe. nov ?7??m* D OUTTA PERTHA TEETH. R. O. MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base. Also, with Allen's pat / ent continuous Hum, combining beau ty, strength and cleanliness. Dr M. Is determined to keep pane with every improvement In Dentistry, and will strive to please and profit his patrons. aarsBiifci: Rev Dr Gurley, Hou R H Billet, Dr. Blnucy, Hon 8 A Douglas, Hon. C Mason, Dr. R P Patterson, Hon A O P Nicholson, Dr R Coolldge, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col Icge. nov 23?tf MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND VISIT ORS TO WASHINGTON \RK RESPECTFULLY INFORMED that at TAYLOR A MAURY'S BOOK AND [ STATIO X K RY STOR E, Pennsylvania avenue, | near Ninth street, they will meet all their require ments Their extensive stock, in addition to the following important works, comprises every de partment of Literature. Science, and Art N KW BOOKS received Immediately on publi cation. Weekly Importations from England. Calhoun s Works, 6 vols. Jefferson's Works, 9 vols. Webster's Works, 5 vols., Autograph edition Everett's Orations and Speeches, 2 vols. Clav's Private Correspondence, 1 vol. 3. S. Prentiss's Memoirs. 2 vols Bancroft s History of the United States, ? vols. Statesman's Manual, 4 vols. Hinkey's Constitution, 1 vol. Jefferson's Manual, 1 vol. The Constitutions of the United States, I *ol Elliott's Debates and Madifon'& Papers, 5 vols Marsh's Orators and Statesmen, 1 vol. Story's Works, 3 vols Lives of Chief Justices of the United States, 1 vol. Lleber's Civil Liberty and Self Government, 2 vols. VV lri'a Life of Patrick Henry, 1 vol. Kennedy's Life of Wirt. 2 vols. 6arland's Life of John Randolph, I vol. Party Leaders, by Baldwlu, 1 vol De ToconeviUe's Democracy in America, 1 vol. The FVaerallst, 2 vol Crimke s Nature and Tendency of Free Institu tions. 1 vol. Constitutional Text-Book, 1 vol. Carey's Past, Present, and Future, I vol. Seaman's Progress of Nations, 1 vol. McEllif'Ott's American Debdtor. 1 vol. Future Wealth of America, 1 vol. Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol. Every description of American, English and trench STATIONERY of the finest quality, at the lowest prices. Visiting Cards engraved and printed with the greatest promptitude TAYLOR A MAURY'S, Jan ? -tr near 9th street. TUPH AN A NOR F LET'S NEW AND CHEAP ?ADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORE, 499 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. /V-A MESSRS TOP HAM, uB^^^late of Philadelphia, ana Wp^^NORFLETof this city, ? respectfully announce to their Mends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens' Ladles' and Boys* SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES.and WHIPS HARNESSo? every description, both for city and country use All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR "AGrt I-adies' SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS, and FANCY WOliK BOXES HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS. COLLAR*! and HAMES Horse. Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRYCOMBS, SPONGES, Ac .Ac. ' All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfufly solicit, a share of public patronage. Pastlcular attention paid to coveiiag Tru?ka and repairing all kind* of work. Saddlers' tool* constantly on hand. nov 7? tf MORE NEW tiOODS _ JOHN H SMOOT, NO. 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street. Bear High, Georgetown, D C ha* received an additional supply of Fall and Winter GOODS, making his assortment very complete In his stock will be found a first late assort ment of ? Ladies' Dress Good# Black Moire Antique Silks Moire Antique Cloak and Drews Trimming. Rich striped and Moire Antique Sash an<f Bonnet Ribbons Swiss and Cambric Bands, Collars and Sleeves Black and col d Cloths, for Cloaks Stella, Broeha and Bay Slate Shawls With a good assortment of the best make# Flan nets. Blankets, and Dry Goods generally My stock being desirable and cheap purchasers will find it to their advantage to call beforegettlrur ftHly supplied. j H SMOOT nov 13-tf LMCTILE IVORY -JUST RECEIVED, sev . exquisite sperlmens of his manufacture, including ?? The D?w ent from the Cross," after Rubens, "The Flight Into Egypt," " Adora tion of the Wise Men ?' Head of Christ," after Domenlchlno? Madonna; " Ecce Homo," Ac . specially adapted for Christmas present* at . . Taylor & maury's aec ii? tr Bookstore, near 9th st. W IOS AND TOUPEES. ( V 1ANI> DANGERS ARE RK Vv!J7^IUllTJnS?rme<1 thBl thc **"?' assortment N.iSil'SU.'8 MAN?fAOT<.RV, SU.h ?. Wigs and Toupees made on the shortest notlc*. Also, a good assortment of Ladles Back Braids Just arrived froin New York. dec ll?e<v'Jm COFFIN WAHEROOM, fee. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., VNDERVA ? KER 9?residence 41" Seventh _____ ?trect, between O and fl streets Interments procured In any ground w cemetery Crdlns, Caps, Sh?uds, Carriages, Hearse, and every article for Interments of the best quality fnrnlshed at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the o -nt.~ exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the ?ead for any length of time Jy 11?ly JONAS P. LEV Y, IMFOBTBB BBALBB III WINES, LIQU0R8, CIGARS, AND FINE GROCERIES, General Commission A Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, No. 4.1 Fa av , two doors below U. 8 Hotel, WttHINtTOilClTT.D. C. N B?Country Merchants are requested to *lve me a call before purchasing elsewhere. oc 4-1 y A GENERAL INVITATION TO EX Zm l^e largest and best assort men ta of Parlor Grand. Sq?re, and Boudoir PIANOS. evrr exhibited to a Washington public. Persons wishing to purchase, will find that they can be accommodated on the most liberal terms, by early application at the Music Depot. Star Bulldines GEO HILBUS. Agent. Constantly In receipt of NEW MUSIC. decy?tr (MILT'S, ALLEN' KUBBINS, and LAW J rence A Ce.'s patent revolving hammer, five and sli barrel PISTOLS. Also, a good assort ment of Single barrel Pistols, from 75 cents to f 5 each American RAZORS of the best quality, every razor warranted. For sale by 7 E K LUNDY, dec 11 No MB Bridge street. Georgetown / 1ABA8, WORK BOXES, CHINA GOODS, CARi) CASES, PORT^*ONNAIES,Ac., p. ACAt'LY'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, vol 3d. this 4ay received jaa 9 FRANCE TAYLO*. M navy department, Bureau or Construction, Ac., January 19,183? PROPOSITIONS WILL BE RECEIVED * by this bureau, until the 12th of February, for the following article* for the United States steamer Mississippi to be delivered at the navy yard, New York: Two vertical tubnlar boilers, to be made of the best charcoal bloom boiler plates ; tube sheets to be one-half Inch, water bottotas and ash-pits sev en-sixteenth, shell three-eighths of an inch in thickness. All the external parts to >? double rlvetted, and caulked on both sides where It can be got at to do so; no screw stays to be used In the lews, water bottoms, or steam chimney. The crowns and sides of shell to be stiffened by T Iron, from which the braces are to lead. The boiler* will be about twenty-three and one half feet front, by about eleven and one half feet dwp, and about twelve and one-half feet high; to be furnished with the necessary man and hand hole plates, furnace, flue and damper doors; lu^s for grate bearers, and for securing boilers to the snip, and to be tested when done at a hydraulic pressn re of 35 lbs. per sq uare inch The tubes to be fnrnished by the government and to be set by the contractors, the government being responsible for all tubes condemned from their defects, and (he contractor for all condemned from bad workmanship. The price to be per pound finished, less the weight of the tubes. ' Also, the prices per pound for such iron cast ings as may be required for engine and boilers, of grewi^and, of dry Hand, of loam, and for one and one-third sets of grate bars, and for composition casting* (of copper and tin ) f he patterns to be furnished by the govern ment ' * The whole to be done in the best menner, and to be subject to the Inspection and approval of ?uch persons as the department inav appoint. Drawings of the boilers will be furnished bid ders on application to the department. Payments will be made for one-third their esti mated amount when the boilers are half com pleted; the remainder when they have been test ed satisfactorily by steam. For castings, when delivered and approved Bidders will ?>e particular In stating their prices and the time when they propose to complete and deliver the work. Bond and good security will be required for the faithful performance of Cue work and the fulfillment of the contract. jan 13?lawlw The north american review! Published Quarterly, on the first days ofJan uary, April, July, and October, in numbers of nearly three hundred pages each, at Five Dollars a year of No. CLXX, for Ja-iuary, lR.vt Article I. Life, Services, and Work* of Ilenrv Wheat on '4 II Bartol's Pictures of Europe " III. Statistics of Insanity In Massachusetts I " IV. Sydney Smith V The Romish Hierarchy " VI. History of the Jacobin Club " V||. Varon's Memoirs " VIII The Pacific Railroad 41 IX. American Poetry " X. German Emigration to Amcrlca " XI Critical Notices. iue North American Review has now attained Its l?nth number, having been published without intermission for more than forty years It is far the old?-t American Periodical devoted to general literature and science, and its reputation has been steadily maintained, both In this country and in Europe, as the leading Journal of the United State* within inappropriate department Supplied for the publishers by FRANCH TAYLOR. Jan 15? United Mates Patent Office, > Washington, Jan. 22, 1856. \ ON THE PETITION OF J08EPH H BUR ROWS, of Cincinnati, Ohio, praying for the extension of a patent granted to them on the U3d day of April, 1842, for an improvement In "Mill Stenes," for seven years from the expi ration of said patent, which takes place on tne 23d day of April, 1856: It Is ordered, that the petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 7th of April next, at 12 o'clock m ; and all persons are notified to ap pear and show cause, If any they have, why said pe'ltlon ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, sjieclally sot forth In writing, at least twenty d?y* before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the esse will be clo*? d on the 27th day of March, depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be filed In the of fice on or before the morning of that dav, the ar guments, If any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington. I) C.; Argus, Baltimore; Patriot A Union Ilarrlsburgh. Pa , Journal of Commerce, New York; and Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 7th day of April next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. S?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice. jan 23? lawjw LOW-PRICED ( ARPETINOS. UST RECEIVED, AND ON SALE, A LOT ofexceedlnfly low-price Carpeting*, which will be run olf at the following extremely low rates : Some at 31 cents, well worth 37^ cents Some at 3734 cents, well worth 50 cents Some at 50 cents, well worth 62 X cents Some at 62^ cents, well worth 75cents. Also, 5 bales superfine Ingrains, In entirely new styles and superb colors, warranted to wear longer and more creditably to buyer and seller than three ply Also, 6 bales new style Wool Dutch Carpeting#; In new, bright and pretty colors, very heavy and cheap Also, 2U sheets floor Oilcloths, In new designs and colors, which will be cut up as per di agram. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO . Dealers In all kinds of Furniture D> y Goods, jan '48-eoet No. 4 Market Space. J REMOVAL. THE SUBSCRIBER WOULD MOS* RE spe Subllc f tore fr< avenue, streets/ , assortment of the best and latest stvle of F R EN CH ? w " "U liLf mwoa spectfully Inform his customers and the Subllc generally, that he has removed his' tore from the south to the north side of Pa avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth

streets, where he will keep a full and well-selected ? nci R* M CLOTHS, CASS1MERES, VESTING*, AND GENTLEMEN'S furnishing GOOD&. As the excellent business stand will enable him to do a much larger business, he feels assured that he can furnish Gentlemen's Garments on more moderate terms thsn heretofore. Having practised for a number of years In Germany, England and France, he Is confident that he can please all those who may favor him with a call. Feeling grate ful for past favors he solicits a continuance of the ??nw ?. F. SCHAFER , aoT 1* Merchant Tailor. PCOUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, fee. ERSONS predisposed to Pulmonary Affec tions find this the most trying season, owing to the sudden changes In temperature; yet by a little care, adopting warm clothing ajid supply. Ing themselves with a good prescription or cough remedy they may easily ward off what may else prove r dangerous winter companion TY LER'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRUP has been so long known and highly appelated as one of our most Innocent, yet efficacious, plea sant, and (since the reduction In price,) economi cal remedies, that it may be recommended and used with the utmost confidence. It Is sold at 2a cents, or three bottles In one, 5? cents. Wholesale by FATTER80N A NAIRN and STO TT A CO.; and retail by most Druggists. In Alexan dria by PEEL A STEVENS; Georgetown by Mr CISSELL. net ? NOTICE Off POSTPONEMENT. WE ARECOMPELLED TO ANNOUNCE to the subscribers to the PRIZE KM BROIDERY RAFFLE, that we shall have to postpone the drawing for a few days, on account of there being still a uumber of chances not yet taken. Those persons wishing to subscribe will oblige us by giving us their names early, as we do not wish to delay the drawing any longer than we can help We will state the day for drawing In a future advertisement. CLAGETT NEWTON, MAY A CO., Jan 11 Cor. Penn. avnHre and Ninth street. MADAME DEVOS. FROM PARIS AND NEW YORK. Madame devos' millinery has ar rived, and is now opened for inspection at THE LAKES, No 501 Ptnnsylvnma avuut, to which the attention of the ladles of Washing ton, Georgetown, Ac. la respectfully Invited jan tf BALLS. T FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE Poor of the Seventh Ward. ,HI"' CITIZENS BRING PK91R1IUS OF " ? lev1"n> l.n some measure, the Sufferings of u e,,V?r.v '?e,r Ward, have concluded to rive a Hall tor that puspose on TlESDAY EVENING, February 5th, 1S56, AT ISLAND HALL? rney appeal to the benevolent throughout the C X v3?8 ,n th'* laudable undertaking, rickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a genue Managers to Procured from any of the Managers. P M Pearson, E S Allen, t* L Pare, 7 n-Lrlw rKan? Jas K Johnson, Thos F. Llovd, Jlettlbone, J Pumpbrey. II Polklnhorn, iYan?,VLwirk> Theo Wheeler, Jacob Wilson, O w()!^ n? w?n Tucker, J R Elvans, ? u yV Carn?ck. "? W C Ha in larger * u Hf L ' Jos Stevenson, A R Harvey, 0 % J ! ' S Pumphrey, DJohuson, ? tJ ?n.K rh08 ? R?cy, J T Cassell, 1 ? lmead, J M Young, Gll't Cameron, Cornwall, J W Martin, Jones Kills, ' u; i 1 j''' J ''Smith. John Stevenson. W in Ashdown, W T Walker, David Hepburn. Committee of Arrangements. Thos ? Lloyd, John Dudley, W r Walker, Levi Jones, Peter Egan Joshua Dulln, W Camack.jr jan 29-eotb Q. BOSWELL, Treasurer. THE FOURTH ANNUAL BALL montoomery guards, WILL BK OIVEN AT THE WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS MONDAY EVEHISm, Feb 4th, 1*46. 1*11 B MONTGOMERY GUARDS beg leave to Inform their friends, civil and military that they will give their fourth annual Ballon MONDA Y EVENING, February 4th, 15?5?. In making this announcement the Guards pledge themselves that no pains will be spared to make this as agreeable as any they have hereto fore given. Refreshments and Supper will be served by an experienced caterer. A most excellent band of music Is selected for the occasion. No ba?s or caps to be worn in the ball room ex cept by the military. Committee of Arrangements. Capt Key, Corp'l Nihil, Prlv McNIchol, Sgt Hurk, LtKelleher, Prlv D O'Lery, SgtMuny, Prlv Jirdin, CJr M Maher. Ensign Wall Prlv McCaffrey jan 25?dtb ROIREES PROF H W MUNDER MOST RFSPECT fully announces to th* public that his Soirees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. These entertainments arc considered by all who have attended them to be the moot sociable that has ever been gi?en In this city. jan 22?TAWw A LUNATIC.?TRUEMAN DE MOTT, A Lunatic, with sandy halrand florid complex ion, escape from his home and friends in the town of Ellery, N. Y., some time since and. it is thought, will endeavor to make his wt> to Wash ington. His relatives are most anxious to obtain information where he is, and any one who may hear of him will be suitably rewarded for drop ping a line to the editor of the Star. an 23?tf OFFICIAL. Treastrt Dipirtmi^t, Dec. I, 1655. Notice Is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of SI,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following price?, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of ten per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1P47 and 1948, a premium of sixteen per cent .; for stock Issued under the act of i860, commonly called Texas-In demnity stock, a premium of six per cent ; and fur stock of the loan of 18HJ, redeemable on the I2th November, 1S4<5, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of'J# percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and If received after the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of ltf percent. Interest will also be allowed on ?;ald stocks at the rates specified In the certificate*, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next After that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their recclpt. In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United State* (with the current half year's In terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be mad* by drafts upon theasslstant treasurer*at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. All the nkw books published received and for sale, at SHILLING TON'S BOOKSTORE. 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The wild and fiery eyes of the heathen gleamed through the thick undorwoo l of tbe forest, upon the push ing of tho worshippers of the c-uly true God, and the war-whoop rang shrill and lou l un der the very walls of the sanctuary of prayer Perilao* no nart of New England afford* a wider field for tue researches of the legendary, than that portion of Massachusetts Buy, for merly known as tbe province of Maine. There the ferocious Norridgewock held his stern councils, and there tho tribes of tbe i'euobscot went forth with sorg and dance to do battle upon tho white man There, the romantioand chivalrous Castine imiuured himself in the for est solitudes, and there the high-hearted Hal le?the mild and gifted Jesuit?gathered to gether the broken strength of the Norridge w??ck, and built up in the great wilderness a teiuple to the true God. There, too, he per ished in the dark onslaught of the Colonists? perished with many wounds, at the very foot of tho Cross, whi?h his own hands had planted. And there the Norridgewocks fell?one after another?in stern and uncomplaining pride? neither asking, nor giving quarter, as they resisted tbe white spoiler upon the theshold of their consecrated place of wprship. and in view of their wives and children The following is one among many legends of the ft range rencontres of the White Man and the Indian, which are yet preserved in the ancient records and traditions of Maine The simple and unvarnished narrativo i* only given : It was a sultry evening towards the last of Juno, 1722, that Capt. Harmon and the East ern Hangers urged their canoes up the Kenne bec river, in pursuit of their enemies. For hours they toiled diligently at the oar. The last trace of civilization was left behind, and tho long shadows of the skirting forest met and blended in the middle of the broad stream, which wound darkly through them As every sound from the adjacent snores?the rustling wing of some night-bird, or the quick footsteps of some wild beast?the dafh ot tho oar was suspended, ai.d the ranger's graip tightened on his riflo. All knew tho peril of tie enter prise; and that silcnee, which is natural of jeopardy, settled like a cloud upon the mid night adventurers. 44 Hush?softly men"' said the watchful Harmon, in a voice which scarcely rose above a hoarse whisper, as the canoe swept around a ragged promontory, 44 there is a light ahead '" All eyes were bent towards the shore A tall Indian firo gleamed up amidet the great oaks, casting a red and strong light upon the dark waters. For a single ani breathless mo ment the operation of the oar was suspended, and every ear listened with painful earnest ness to catch the well-known sounds, which seldom failed to indicate the propinquity of the savages But all was now silent. With slow and faint movements of the oar, the canoes gradually approached the suspected spot. The landing was effected iu silenoo. After moving cautiously for a o msiiderable distance in the dark shadow, the party at length ventured within the broad circle of the light, which at first attracted their attention. Harmon was at their head, with an eye and a hand, quick as those of the savage enemy wh?m he sought. The body of a fallen tree lay across the path. As the rangers were on the point of leaping over it, tho coarse whisper of Harmon again broko the silence ; 44 God of heaven '" he exclaimed, pointing to the tree. "See here !?'tis the work of the cursed red skins!" A smothered curse growlod on the lips of the rangers, as they bent grimly forward in the direction pointed out ly their commander. Blood was sprinkled on the rank grass, and a human hand?the hand of a white man?lay on tho bloody log' There was not a word spoken, but every countenance worked with terrible emotion. Had tbe rangers followed their own desperate inclination, they would have hurried reckless ly onward to the work of vengeance; but the example of their leader, who had regained his usual calmness and self-command, prepared them for a less speedy, but more certain tri umph Cautiously pausing over the fearful obstacle in the pathway, and closely followed by his companions, he advanced stealthily and cautiously upon the light, biding himself and his party as much as possible behind the thick trees. In a few moments they obtained a full view of the object of their search Stretched at their length around a huge fire, but at a convenient distance from it, lay the painted and half-naked forms of twenty savages. It was evident from their appearance, that they bad passed the day in one of ther horrid revels, and that they were now suffering under the effects of intoxication Occasionally, a grim warrior among them started half upright, grasping his tomahawk, a* if to combat some vision of his disordered brain, but, unablo t<? shake off the stupor from his senses, uniform ly fell back into his former position. The rangers crept nearer. As they bent their keen eyes along their well-tired rifles, each felt perfectly sure of his aim. They waited for the signal of Harmon, who was en deavoring to bring bis long musket to bear upon the head of the most distant of the sav ages. 44 Fire!" he at length exclaimed, as the sight of his piecc interpose i full and distinct between his eye and the wild scalp-lock of the Indian. 4> Fire, aud rush on." The sharp voice of thirty rifles thrilled through the heart of the forest. There was a groan?a smothered cry?a wild and convul sive movement among the sleeping Indians; and all again was silent. The rangers sprang forward with theirclub bed muskets and hunting knives; but their work was done. The Bed Men bad gene to their last audit before the Great Spirit, and no sound was heard among them save the gurg ling of the hot blood from their lifeless bosoms. They were left unburied on the place of their reveling?a prey to the foul birds of tbe air, and the ravenous beast? of the wilderness. Their scalps were borne homeward in triumph by the successful ranairs, whose children and grand-children shuddered, long after, at the thrilling narration of tho midnight adventure. A MISSOURI WEDDING. In a particular vicinity of Missouri, a mar riage was agreed upon between the favored son of a tarmer of considerable influence and the belle of all the country around. Of coarse tho elite of the neighborhood were in attend ance. Everything was there, and everything was in apt readiness. 44 The Hoyal Tiger was present thtr, And the Monkey and the Polar Bar." But that dignitary to whom it was designed to assign tje honor of master of the marriage ceremony had not yet arrived. But just then some one spoke, and said? 41 There comes Squar Ben Buncnos." Quick the light were trimmed and every thing put in place. As usual, agitation, anx iety, and joy, were depicted on every faoe, and Mr. Tom Wisdom, the honorable boat, walked oat to me^t the anxious " Sqaar"?io weloome him is, inquire after hid health, the news, Ao. The " Squar wu a good-humored gentle man, but he wa? chiefly celebrated for Ms tal ent, acutenes*, learning, Ac , in hi* populous township. "Well," Raid the boet, " Ben. too have boon fleeted, bat jou had a close time of it, my vote alone tared yon Yoa beat him bat one vote only." U ?"*, "plied Squar Ben; but the next election I II lick him There ? no use in talking, Mr. Wisdom, withoat using the corn f-r-a-e-l-y." " Ah, well, that'a all over, and yoa are the magistrate, Squar Ben, so coma and let's go in and see what the young folks wish Indee l Squar Ben, are you aware that you are ex pected to say the ceremony. Benjamiu Buncum now began to aee the aw ful responsibility of his office, and to 44 trem ble from centre to circumference.*' For he had never officiated in that interesting capa city. They had not even done him the jastioe to inform him of the part he was expected to perform, or he could hare prepared, fie hal no preparation?no form?nor could any book be found, high or low, having the marriage ceremony Hence, to take it 44 off-hand," was the only chance An unfortunate and excru ciating test for the newly-elected " Squar.'* The company was now arranged into a ores ccnt. The " Squar"' at his place, and in came the parties, prinoipals and seconds?the gal lant* each bearing a candle, which evinced the extent and luxuriant range in that neigh borhood. W ith much assurance and dignity the "Squar1' looked around, and whole age* <>f learning seemed to be rushing through nia mind. He thought over everything he had dreamod, but all in vain. There wu a sup pressed titter all over the house This admon ished him, he must ?ay something, and, in an agony of desperation, he began - 4 fhe State of Missouri, ?? County, 1 command yoa to" This did not suit. Confusion and whisper ing perplexed him more. "Qive him a chance?give the Squar a ohance," said a strong voice from the door. The " Squar" made another effort? 41 Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri " Tho "Squar " was again admonished, by tittering, that he must proceed with tome thing In agonizing desperation he began? When in the course of human event* it becomes " Here he was touched by Mr Wisdom After a pause he began again? 44 Our Father who art in Heaven"? 41 He is repeating the Lord * prayer," said one The 44 Squar" raised his honelesi vision to the ceiling for a short time ana began anew ? "Know all men by these present*" Here be was interrupted by a general noise, and a voice from the crowd? 41 He is writing a deed." Again he eesayed ? 44 Witness my hand and seal, this the" ? 41 He has conclude ! it?he will certainly go on with the ceremony." said several voices 44 In the name of Qod. amen," he began again. ?' He is making his will," said one; 441 thought he would not live long?he looks pro digiously sad." The next essay of the noble and learned Squar was? " Ob, yes' ob yes! come into court' and" 44 Are we to have court to-night ejacu late 1 some one 44Oh yes. oome into court!" replied an other, from the door. The laughter was gen eral. It may be ^apposed the bride and her part ner was somewhat kors du combat, especially the former, but water and suitable aromatioa were near, and Souar Buncum was bar friend, and nsar by He was an untiring man, and, after outing bis eyes around the room, he determined to try again? 41 To the constable or any other land officer greeting." Let's go. He s going to have ns all ar rested." Then followed much oonfusion and displea sure. Here's a gleam of hope flashed over the Squar's bewildered and forlorn counte nance. He ordered the parties to hold up their right hands, and in a solemn voice he said? 44 You and each of yoa do solemnly and truly swear, in the presence of the present company, and of the President of the l uited States, and in the name of the Constitution of the United States of America, that you will perform faithfully, and as often a* you er each of you may wish, all and singular, the duties and functions of husband and wife, as tho case may be, to the best of your ability, so help you God Amen." 44 Good as old rye ! Old Missouri forever '" exclaimed the grateful Mr. Tom Wisdom 41 Come, gentlemen," said he, 44 we will dnnk with Squar Benjamin Buncum " 44 Agreed!" shouted the enthusiastic and happy crowd ? 44 We'll dance all night till broad day light, And go home witb the gals In the morning " A Devil Incarnate We have lately been put in possession of facts relative to a case of seduction?such a case as we do not remember ever to have seen recorded, and which we hope is without a parallel. Some time ago the daughter of one of oar most respectable citiiecs was married to a man who was considered honorable, upright, and in every way entitled to respect and confi dence. The couple removed to a distant point, where they remained until last spring, when they returned to this city on a visit to the wife's parents. The wife had a younger sis ter?a fair and spotless girl of seventeen?for whom, it seems, the young husband oonceived a violent passion. After casting about for means by which ha might accomplish his purpose, he proposed a trip to the Falls, the Canadas. Ac., and his wite and har parent gladly accepted the pro posal. The young daughter was, at the time, quite uuwell, and, of course, was oompelled to remain at home with others On the day appointed for the journey, the young hus band euddenly remembered >o?e important business which he had neglected to loot after, and bade hi- wife and parents to start with out him, saying that he would soon follow them. They did so, and he remained behind. After their departure he proceeded to the chamber where the younger rister lay sick, and commenced a series of brotherly attsn tentions. perfectly proper in themselves, but terrible in their results Among them was the administering of the medicines prescribed by her physician. Relying upon her oonfi dence in him?a confidence that could not be suspicious?he prepared a strong dose of mor phine which he gave her, and when it had produced the effect he desired, this godless villain actually violated the person of the in valid Time rolled on. That invalid is now the mother of a child?the father of which is her own brother-in-law. She has managed to keep the affair a secret from her parents, but it is best that they should know it?as know it they mast, sometime W hat steps they will taxe in the matter remains to be seen, if the devil who brought this misery upon them has any sensibility left, he will hang hitr*elf without delay. The whule annals of crime do not couv i any thing more shocking than the facts we have thus related. A wretch r vile, so far below the lowest of his kind, so little like a man and so much like a fiend, should not be allowed to poilate the atmosphere and dia grace the earth a single momeat. Ha la Bead ed below.?Buffalo Express