Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING ST Alt. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Sevp*th Vaid Ball k<?r the Benefit <?r the Plh>r ?We would call the particular at tention of our citlseus to this hall which comes off at Island Hall on Tuesday evening, Feb ruary ^th The managers have done every thirg iu their power to make it a successful affair, and tho?n? who attend will haw the double satisfaction of a line evening's enjoy ment. ami of having contributed something towards mitigating the sufferings of the needy. The managers by their generous individual contribution- of five dollars cach, have demon strated with what earnestness they have entered upon their work, and they should be met by a like spirit upon the part of the citi te?? at lance- it is to be hoped that allclose fisted mortals who generally interpose "con scientious scruples" when asked to contribute to charity balls, will kindly forego their scru idos on this occasion, in consideration of the nenevolent object of this ball and of the urgent need of just such relief as this ball ia designed to afford. We are requested to state that the committee, desiring to save all possible eipsrsc, have de cided not to issue Indica' invitations, but a general invitation to the Indies is cxteuded. Hav* we ah OnnEit or Nobility i* our Pi blic Schools ??This question is asked in eonseouen^e of the following facts : A son of one oi the Trustee? of Public Schools, attend* ing the district school on the Island, having violated some of the rules of discipline, was assigned a trifling ta-k this week, as a pun ishment- The youngster, instead of perform ing the exercise at recess, as required by the teacher, ran home to his parent, who endorsed his disobedience The teacher, seeing tho authority given him by the General Board set at defiance by h single Trustee, suspended the topil. TheTrUftee has applied to have his 'jj re-instated, and has called a meeting of the sub board of the school district for that purpose, and also to prefer charges of par tiality. etc., against the teacher. It is expected that if the sub-board decide against the teacher he will appeal to the Gen eral Board to sustain his decision Th? investigation is assigned for next M"n day afternoon, at four o'clock, before Messrs. Yorke AtLee. Theodore Wheeler, and Peter >1 Pearson, sub-board of the Fourth school district. Ma wic Lodges ?The following is a list of fhe officers recently elected for the ensuing vear by the Masonic Lodge? in the .District of Columbia Federal Lodge, No. 1 ?Josiah Essex. W. M G A Schwarsman. S. W.; A. Buchlv. J. W ; J F I McClery. S ; T B. Griffin, T. Naval Lodge. No. 4 ?Y. P Page. W M ; "Wrn E Hutchinson, S. W.; John Bayne, J. W , Job Mundell. S ; John Holroyd, T Potomac L-dge, No b. Georgetown ?J. B. Gibbs, W. M ; John S. Moore, 8 W.; A. H. Pickrell. J W ; Morris Adler, S , A ii. Dodge. T. Lebanon Lodge, No. 7 ?William J Bhecs, W M.; Roger if Weightman.S W ; P b'erc man, J. W.; T. F Maguire.S.; J.O'Bryon, T. New Jerusalem Lodge, No y ?Grafton Powell, W M ; Sarn'l. Crown. S. W ; Fred. Little. J. W . J E. Holland, S ; N. Mulli kin. T. Hiram L- ige, No 1ft ?S D. Mills. W M ; B B Elmun -'n. S W.; Geo. W. Kimberly, J. W . Clias CWwt 8 ; Tho.s Smith, T. St. John's Lodge, No II ?S T Shugert, W M . W M Smith. S W ; H Lightner, J. W , J. S. Brown. S , C Cauimack. Sr., T. National L dge. No 12?Lyndo Eliot, W. M . T Triplet. S W ; W S McNairy, J. W ; 8. B. Erwin. S : P'-llard Webb. T.* Washington Centennial L'?dge. No. 14.?W. H Faulkner W M ; John G. Stock, S W ; L R Hi'lmead.J W , John A Stevenson, S.; David Hepburn. T B B French Lodge, No 13?Geo. C. Whit ing W M S. F Knnd, S W : C C. Leeds, S W ; C. S Lombard. S : W M. Ferguson, T. Reprehensible ?We learn that all the ar rangements have been made for a horse race upon the ice from the "Three Sisters," above Georgetown, to the "Stone House,'' (one hun dred dollars a side) at three o'clock to-mor row (Sunday) afternoon, and also that a fox will be let loose, and a fox chase take place at the same time Su<*h sports are hardly tole rated by public sentiment at their best, but when th* Sabbath is selected of all days for their perpetration it is high time for indignant and energetic rebuke. We hope the police will have an ey? upon the parties concerned in these proceedings, and administer a prompt check Favct Dres? Ball ?Professor Munder hal a gay and hril'iant thr >ng at his grand fancy and citizens dress ba.l last night. We can ei - dorse the opinion exj ;e><cd l?y the Union that the professor is one of the heat and most suc cessful instructors of dancers that we have ever had in thi ^ity. and it is on surh ocra siv&s as we have ju t noticed that flattering eviden e ii furnished of the public apprecia tion ot hia uieiits. SrrnEMK Cockt.?Yestenay?Nos M .*5, and Lessee "f James B. Murry, ft al., plvn' iffs. ? the Iloboken Land ar.d Improve ment Company, and lessee of William P Kathbuue " <// , plaintiffs, t* Rutsen Suckley ?nd ux Tli*- argument i f th^se causes was continued by M?^r? Zabriskie, J P. Bradley, and Hon B F. Butler for the defendants. Adjourned Horrible Occcrresce?Mas Birned to Death '?A small frame hou-o was burned down last night a little north of the "Circle," and dreadful to relate, an aged colored man by the name of Parker, (who will be remem bered by many as an old time omnibus driver.) w%* burned to death before assistance could reach him A gentleman in attempting to break open the aoor. received ? nretty severe scorching Attention All' to the Bookbiuder#' Ball '?On Tuesday ui^ht next where the fraternity will give their friends a cardial and pressing" welcome, and where all lad- and la-jies, who wish to be 4'hand??>mcly bound" in Cupid's chain will do well to attend. Montgomery Gi ar?>s Bali. ?Don t forget the ball of the Guards at the \V arhington Ac -*tnbly room; n Monday evening next They have made all th?- arrangements for giving a delightful entertainment, and with them there is no such thing at- fail The Blnjuir Costi ve has f?und f*\or with many ladies since the able lecture of I?r Lydia Sayer, and she has yielded to their so limitations for another public address, as will be ?een by refereuce to our advertising col umns. 1 Watch Reti'H** ?There was the usual number of lodgers last night at the ?uard hcuse, but no ca^es of im(>ortance otherwise. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gboroetow*, Feb. 2. 1&>4. Several of the members of our City Coun cils^eing absent last night, but little busi ness of moment was completed. In the Council, a message was received from fhe Mayor callirg the attention of the C un<*il to the propriety of taking step* for the preservation of th* platform at the Little Falls bridge, in case of a freshet; referred to the Board of Aldermen , aud ^?n >thcr in re lation to the pr -priety of immediately placing in the hand* of the assistant e'erkthe redeem ing fund Mr Myers. fr?m the committee on elaims, re j >rted a bill arproi riating 52".M 2j for the benefit < f J'i??ph L.bby A Sju, and sundry other persons Aiso, a bill from tha committee on pumps, pr *i ling for the erection of a pump on W a?h lngUa street between the canal anl Water street; not a? ttl on. Mr Engli-h pro-i.ted the memorial of sun 'lry persona in r?-litt ..i to tha j ump on F?ed eric street; ref<irr?d The Aldermen pa. -ed CouuCil bill requiring tae Clerk to pay over to the Assistant Clerk the redeeming fund, with an amendment that requires that eicb of the*e oflicer* shall dis ' narge the dutiss of the >ffi<-e of Clerk jointly Amendment coccurod in. The veto of Mayor Addison was then takon up aad debated at considerable length Upon the ^ue^tion being put. "Shalt the bill pass ii-rtwithstanding ?? vbjtcUwqi uf the X*y</r," it wm decided in the negative, as follows : Ayes ?Messrs E-agli?h Myers, Cameron. Ms Can. Bittinger and Grimes?6 Nays?Messrf. Bangs. Ojhorn, Weloh and Semmas?!? Forrest II1T was well filled last night, by our citizens, to see Winter's Chemical Diorauia's. All were delighted. Let every body who can. go to night, and see for themselves. The foreign and domestic news has quite unsettled the fl >ur market. The stock being light holder? are r.ot inclined to force any quantity upon the insrkot. C"nscqucr.tly prices will not be likely todeclinc materially, lleld nominally at 5S 2 t.iSS 50. The oflcrings of Beef Cattle at Drover's Rest, yesterday, amounted to about 2t)0head, which was purchased by District butchers at 52 hii aS4 75 on the hoof equal to 55 7:>a$9.50 nott. Sheep, good quality. 5c per lb gross. SrECTATOF. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Feb. 2, 185f>. The thaw of yesterday cime, damping alike streets and prospects of sleighing, but the ice still keeps its blockade on the rirer, and it will require several day-; of warm weather to start it from its present position. The Know Nothings, in council assembled, have adopted as the new " basis principles'' ofthe American party in Alexandria, the Phil adelphia platform, with the Lynchburg hole in it. Dr. Bayne, of Prince George's, the great truit rai.'er of this vicinity, announces in a letter to one of our city papers, that Prof. Page is incorrect in his opinion that the peach blos soms have been seriously injured by the rocent freeiing weather. Dr. B. bases his denial on an examinationof the extensive peach orchards opposite our city The Alexandria. Loudon and Hampshire railroad are miking extensive preparations for a renewal of the work on the lino of their road. The chief engineer, C. P. Manning. Esq , advertises for the cross-tios necessary for the first fifteen miles The alarm of fire, last night, proceeded from the ringing of the bell of the Friendship Fire Company. It was false. The Mount Vernon Guards, with the intent of placing their corps upon a firm basis, have re-organized upon a new plan, admitting, upon the payment of a small sum annually, honorary members, who assist in the control of the com pany without being subject to the active du ties of volunteers. This corps ha? long aus tained the military ardor of Alexandria, and well deserves the cordial support of our eiti ten*. Ami. PERSONAL .... Hon. Joseph L. White, counsel for the Nicaragua Transit Company, in its r?cent difficulties with the General Goverment, is in this city. .... Gen John C. Crump, for many years a Senator in the Virginia Legislature, died at his residence in Nansemond county, on the 2ftth of January ....Mrs Mulloncyheld her annual levee on Monday evening last The tables groaned under the following delicacies Two smoked herrings, and a cent's worth of pipes. The company was received by Mr O'Donncll, who varied the amusements of tho evening by a l>rush wiih Mr Floyd, in the back yard. ....l>r Loring, of Salem, delivered an ni tres:?. on the 8th inst , before 11.a Columbian | Society of Marblebead. and it ha' '>ccn pub ' lisbed. Its title is " Constitutional Freedom, the Genius of our Government." 11 is writ ten in a clear and flowitg eiylo. an i 1 a truly eloquent tribute alike to tho memory of tho immortal patriot, the hero of New and to the grand constitutional principles which he defended on civil anl military fields. .... Lucy Wolcott. who merely carried out the free love doctrines and chose that the father of her child shouldn't be her husband, has been sent to tho Connecticut State prison for two years, and takes with her her little boy, who is about a month old. Lucy's hu."? band, rather an elderly man, consented to her living with her younger friend, but the law is sterner than he, and Lucy is a convict It must be remarked, too, that Lucy, when she left her husband, had the modesty to go to another State to practice her wrongdoing, but was pursued and brought back. Snnford s Invigorator is a mild la*ative, tonic ?ml *t mutant, and ia reeommended to Mm public, relying upon lt.? Intrinsic worth in the cur?of the f?>l lowlog Complaints. All Bilious Derangements. Sick H?? l ?<?!;?, Dypepsla, Habitual ("oatl venea*. Chronic Iiurrhaa, Poll J, Tain in ll.e Stom*cb and Bow> Is, ( Debility, K?re?ie W.-akne*?, A< E.>r sa1<- by Irngglats generally, and by I> MlI.M AS,46f P?. avenue ; by JOHN SCHWARTZ, IH Pa avenue, ?ml by o M. L1NTHICI M, c rner Bridge and High atreeta, Georgetown, D. C. jan 31 \\f llQStetter'* Bitters.?l)f?|??ptici, If ?n ?mM be ?-n, try ? botu- ..f aoSTETI ITS HITTER* it %ct? like * * >i*rai in Ktvli; ? to the ??rr%u*. ?' 1 )u i*trfD2thtulu; th** ncrv.?aBiyfihiu. K?pecl*lly 1m Um ntility m* h foric hii'1 a preventive < f Uncoiir, of t'n~ iil<htat v?ln* hi the ntiniin??r, wh?a tl?e pervitin and iiriurn %r *y?t?*f*i re!**e??, *n?f <fTVct? a rnudUioti wl?f* li per iij? t- ?ppr**** h "t 11In not a ntii?le ? kn?'Wii of ftlllrin t?? '??i w??ere it hmt been u^l ^ rUnf t t!?iie Try *t. Thin c??u** r artK i??, B t ter\ for c*i9 bf drug|ist4 fceuer-'ilj. JAMES N I'AI.I.AX, Afiit, Wmkbigf*. jaii W !v ]f7" Tlie .''lew Theory Viatlicateil*?TEe re|. it* of the C"T Inspect'** of New Y >rk, Ho*t"i> and l'litlalelphla, *l*o |t*ltinjore ao.i Waeoingt li. abo'* miliil Uk^My that the tb< <>ry <1 lit.- di-liiigu.-ned Trot. I HIES (i, I.KITM r'yarding lh? trnt'ittaiil of a certain cIih "t *ji rn^nt", ao ,*ry ?* >uiiiion fo Uirongli the rarlihle n??? <>f onr cl'inat^ an*! Ihe ti ir?u!*titi?? "f "oir (.eopl^.i l.?i, fnlly ilMi'>ultial<"l i"i1 u. t*ioe<t. There li?.? h?H|i DolUlll), au>l uu.|ti?-tioij?Li.y lentj (<4iu all'l ?u'T?lliiK, flute th? mil' 1ucl .n of the ? ELECTRIC Oil." tb?? before, by ? Ur;e per cent. The *lt?l fort <-a ?m1 thec? p? tyj.f r*?i?t?ii'?lu tb? uninan Kiructure havebeeu ;re??tly lncre?*~l by iti IN, en<l there remain* Dot lite sbe'luw of ? tf?nbt that the tendency to COX91 MPTION even, woo I eooatantlj 'lltuiuiah, it psrenla and otbera wout! <l?lly or w?eklv TRUE Dk IjBATH ? " EI.E'TRIC OIL" M? aa well t > allevUte ?ui cure {otinful CompUlnta. Ouly OfJl' e. S9 Honth Ki?h?h etreet, Thtlala'phU Rm .' the irtter* of einiueul ?litborltj, ?d<1 ?ee the pepers for full particulars. The Profeaa."- is over rnn mitli ?rpltc?ute. ?ud be make* micy curee iiiilT ? PhHailelphla Lclger Jan (0?eo?t |:r >IHl Walker fc marble Hall Cathie* Knportnm, Browtia' Hotel BnlHInf, reapectfnlly ? nmarce lhat their <1t*p!ay of PALL ?n4 WINTER CLO THINO li now r??<lv for Ir txv-tion. romi rlatUk an araort ment of C O A T H, TALM *?, OVERS4CKS, SCRTOT TS, VEST1* ?n1 r?NT*LOON9, of tha ue-veet urni rictieet If ?Una In material, trinncln^ an1 ?i-rkrnaoahip. To gantle tr.?ii e noatn'ly e*cellan'-e wltlj economy in faehlonable ?r tirlee of drers en oo^ortonlty l? now offered f.r eelecttng trim ?n? of the attri' tfve ?Uxk? of Uood* In Ui!? vary r?!u ed price* dot J?U irr HMH?nd'? HrrmoH Bitters, prepared ? u<l -oM bT l?r At tba (terman Medi' il St re, 170 Ar?b "treat, Philadelphia, dally Increaae tn tUeir ?elide ?erred celebrilj fur theeore . fall f>l?ea*e? arl?ii < frotr de raiii-ii,-n' af ih? l'ver Th?*e Bt^ara I w ?, indeed, prued a Meectnf t?< the aflli' ?bo ahow their irratilude hy tha vioet " itterluK taatiru' O'al* Th>* tue llcine haa e'tahllalied Ita'lf a name that rompetltora, however wily tr.eir ? > ?nea. or ardui tlve their prt niire*. cannot rea'h. It S?itiad tite pubilc conflden-e by tha Imtcenaa tanpfila that have I eau d<>rl\ed from It, and will ever maintain It* posi tion. See adreriiarmeul. dec 11?tin IZT Urtwn'i Brenichal Troche* ron IMt ALLCVlaTIOM or PBONCHITIS. HOARSENESS, COCGHS, ASTHMA,COLt>9, ? lid alinll?r affection* of th* tiiroat Thera are oo | artlcular direction* to he obtei eel tn Ihe n*a of tbaee L02ENUK9 ; they can be uae 1 according to the ??rarity ol tha ra?e By taking OMOI two praMona to the ?-tercia~ of apeaklng or singing, and the Bame qnautity aftei ?n.-h a\er'-l4* Public speaker* and Voealut* will find these rrechea serrHeafcle in Claariug tha Voice, and allaying any Irr lallou ?f the Throat, whetliar produ.a] hj. Cold or un >.su*l esertioii of the vocal organ*. Aga :j (? r W^ahiogtou, J. N. CALLAN and J. B. MOURE. Jau i9 lw_ LJ~ The Hreat Kttaslau Kemedy- ? Pro BONO rt'BLim.??? Every mother *bon!d have a bo* In the hollar handy tn c?*e of accident* to the children " BIDDING'S Rl'HSIA SALVE. It i? a Boston remedy of thirty years' standing, and Is r? ce last ended by physlciana. It la a .are and ?pe?dy enre for Barns, Pllas, Boils, Corua, Felons, Chlibulus, and Old Sores of erery kind . for Eerer Sores. Clears, Itch, Scald Head 8 ,"'1. Binlons. Sore Nlppi?e, ) recommended by i.nrse*, WhlU. w?, Stia*. rester., Fle? Bite*. Spl is.- Stlug* Fiosen l.lmba, Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Sore and Cr?cked Llpa! Sore Noaa. Warte and r>ah Wounrta, it 1* ? moat valuable remedy end enre. wbl'h can be taetiBedto by tbou'?ad*?b'< hava uaed It tu 'he city of Boston and vicinity f..r the laat thirty ye,ia In no tn.Uuce will this Salve do an Injury or Interleia with a puyai'lau's prescription* It I* made from the pnreet nuterU's, from ? re'lpe brought from Ru.aia?of arti iee growing in that conn'ry?and the pr .pria?-ir* have l-tter? ftim a'. U*-ea. ^I,r, ? p| H1 , nurse., ani others who hava u?al it themaelraa, aud raeom' men I It to others. He l ling'* Kua*i? Sulre ?* pat in large tin b- ies. aumpad on i .a --ova- ?uh a picture of % hotae and a disabled aoidler, whl h pb tore la ?>?? engta\ed on tu wrapper Tric'e, 55 Cent* a Ho* hold at all the stores In > . ?u or country, and may ha (.r.|. >? l ,.f m?y wholesale drnggial. Kir Sal* SHlLLINtlTUN'.S, Agent for VV.*t lugtoii. Jan 11 |r^A?hr?typ?.-A??n|<t th* moat at tra ? re and 1-a^ntlf"! *pe<'lme'is of the PU.iU.araphlc art, now no Mhli.iUon el WHITKMt BMT'S OALt.KliV, .re the AMBROTYPES The/ ?r? trniy ? be?utilul ri--tar?, ?u 1 tn r ?!!-e res,>ec?< ?u tniprorenien' on the old uuiiii?r !>? i 11 -re tyi>ea. Th? Oaliery Contain* quite a lai a- colter-ti.?n nf Pilot"*rap'; * uu p*p*r l)agnerr?otyj>~* ot t ie I nliel suter sur-'eaie 0>nrt sine* lift?, mambe.s ot the lotted States cm, te ; Praai lent Plorce and Cabin?t ?nd many other publK meu of th. Nation. A visit to WHllKH. RST8 GAL 1 BUT No 4M Poiiusylroula avauu?, 1* wall worth th* tron bl. and tba time. BOT nAKHlKDt On the 3Ut January, at St. M&their'j' by Rev J. B-Donelao, Mr LAtiHAN, W Mis* MARV E HAbfcRT^, d4nKbttr u- ) ot CUf? LIST or LETTERS Remaining inth' Post Office, Washington, D. C February 2, 18C6. [Ordered to he advertised in the " Evening ?ar<? agreeable to the following section of the lost Ofliee I<aw?it being the newspaper having 11 v c,rcu,ation of any daily paper pub lished in Waxhington: *V. J*w'* *' further enacted. That the ^ t w remaining uncalled for in any poft ottice in any city, town, or village, where iiews paners shall l>e printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, Wintr issued weekly* or oftener. shall have, the largtst circulation within the range of the delivery r?f s?id otlire, to be decided by the postmaster at such office ] WP-r*ot,,, applying for Je!t#r, in the following list, will please ?ay they are Adtkhtibud. LADIES' LIST. Alhorline. Mi** n*?Wworth, Mr* C Andrew*. Mi,* a M n^lion, Mi*s e A?hror.1, mim S liavie*. M.iry Ann Blair, Mia* M A L Deacer, Florence liaine*, Mr* M T F.deleii, Mian H 3 Brown, Mr" Kate M Edward* Mary Bean, Mi?? A c R ? Field*. Mr* C "-?'I. *'r* E F.?le*. Almira L Blake, Mr* J A Fanning, Lon1*a Bull, Mi** L Fowler Mix* J Brooke, Ml** M E Gordon, Mr* M _ . Borne, Mr* M A Greenfield, Mr* L V Prinze. Ml** C Hroth watte, Mia* K GIU1**, Mr* J 8 Baldwin, Mr* J A Hood. Mi** Anna Bntler, Mr* H Baldwin, Mi* M 8 Hoaton, Thnr?d*y Bntler. Ml** M J Merger, Mim M Burrel!, Mix* A J Hrowniuf, Mr* K Cox, Mia* M A Clark. Mr* H E Cox, Mi** A Cole, Martha W Cary, Mr* Gen F S M*r*<-hael.Mr* M A McKenney.Mr* A M Macdanlel, \li*- M H, Mr* OK..I1, Mr* J 0'l.emy, Miea K W OKrian, M-s 8 Odring, Mi*? 8 O'Connell, Johanna Plckard, Mr* A Phillip*, Alice / Haines, Mr* S Houfh, Mr* C Herts-nan, Mi*a C Hort, Ml** J M C Harvm, M r* K E Humphries, Mr? S Jone*. Ml** K F Jone*, Mr* J Johnaon. Mr* E M Je- ker, Ma-lame A Kiiott, Mi** M A King. Ml** O J Kemp, Mis* Anne Ro*e, Virginia Robey, Mra T B Ko*en, Mr* V*II Rn h*rdson,MraL C Rnseell, Mi*s Ann* Romeriie, Madame 8liehon, Bridget 8lone, Sarah K Shield*, Mi** Ann Stewart, Mr* F Stewart, Ml M I> Todd, Mia* ?. W Tharp, >' .?* M M ' Tail Mra K Taylor, Via S 1 Thomp?on, Mrs M G I'liRerer, Ml** M White, Mrs T J Carroll, Mi** M CI- v*4aodMl**Mary King. Mi*a J P 1 Kernan, Anne Cockrell, Misa E Kendell, M < Ma y Conner. Mr* Ann J Knolner, Elizabeth West, Miss M A Cunningham, Mi** I.rnch, Mrs R W?at. Mr* Elenor Annie Leaden, Mrs Wtiilsm* Mr* A Clement*. Mr* A E Little. Miss Anna Wilson, Mr* Henr\ Ciomwell.Mr* H.u Maaon. Mi*s M'dlee Williams, Mr* H M r'?t Morton. Mr* A B William*. Mlsa Jo* Connor, Mi** Manktn*. Mr* J T Withers, Mr* JuPett Donah*., Mrs J T Mc*fc-h?r. Mr* tSallte YoU?- Mr* M liana, Mrs Wta P W GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Anlrewa, M Alhiirtl* Sauil Alien, H"n Jno Mhmoii, R?v J C Ardelaer, John p 2 r->\, C H Farr?r, Is?a( )r Plowman, Jess* 3 Freeman, Pr J H Powell, Capi J?*?e Fo?ter, G H Pesiaoii, Cap' .??**}' French. Franri* O 2 Pnrklmr*t, J, jr Allen, Harvey I Anders on, BenJ L Atotcha, Alexander Boyd, Wm Bridy, J I, Brown. Win Hiv-kmirH^e, W H Borver. Wm Butler. W P Brown, Tho* Broderif k The* For?li?r, C 8 Friel, Mi- liael Frirk, A M Gibson, W .1 Gih* >n, C*pl W M tiarnei, Walter G-ar, N 3 liore, Jain** Gavin. Janif* Hrlffltli, Jn" H Goodwin, Firman Burdi'-k. Cap* Hich G-ar. II M Bums, Ti li Bowie. Richard Reall, R M Borle, Patrli k Brocchna, p K Boll, Panlln* Bum*. Pattirk Brow a. Mr Broderh k,'i e B-rk. Jo, W Black, Jn A 2 Bowen. Jo* G |? Breeding. !***? Brook*, Capt Jno Baker, Jno Bs?*ford, l**ac F Bnree, Jno F Brady, Jno Brown, Jas L Bradley, In F Bookman, H I? Baldwin, Harvey Bsrr- It, Geo F Beaher, G Ph Brvant, Geo Beck, Frederb k Bom, K C B ii-ti.w, r Biiiiihibsl, Dall*s Boou, t'o| Brown. C S Br. dh? id, Chan Beri v. C H Bab- o? k, I' P Karmsn, Ai".ii,<.n Bot^>r, A K Bell, fs* i Jr s Chi isiU 'iid, Wui W M Campbell, Tho* 2 Carv, Gen 8 F Critw nden, Rol ert Crow, reter C? niiell, Pat 11 ii Carter, L?wis Ch? ster, Jo* L Ctvin. Jno A Co*, Jno T Coif. Jno A Calhoun, O' n Jno Clark,J H Czoghan, st Geo CraiK. Ge't Cutting, F B Cnnninglmii, Maj K A Chapman, F \ Cliild?-rs, E'lward Clark, lianl Connelly, C C Cu.iitniiJK, C H 3 Cook, C-,1 Clark. Beut Corcoran, 1 im Clsrk, M St Cl iir Daviaon, W 8 Bobbin, W p Dawaon, W C ItouKla*. TI.os Itelaney, Tb -s I' ra^h, >*1111 Honnel'y, R tiet t I'ella, Pet^r f>r? w, Phli.ea l?*Tis, Owen Donslasa, J W Hoaer, Jno I'icwry, Hot, J Havidson, III Jot Da via J A Dwlicht, H W Houtrlas >i" l?r!c|( Dant, Fran? ta X Dawaim, I) li llniih <m, C I, Priiry, C W l''i!.,uey,c, ,mBli1enNov <?* l> >r sty, Anthony D -a 'iey, lln^li Fd*ard?, Win F. Ebb'i-. W II >..| * Ml <|.( > || :-.?-nn, M L K.-? i. J Ii I. an, H* riy E^an, Fran,"i* Fr^-mau, fff 'ey Fair' anks, 1 K K'iwk?, C*i ? f mil Kr .ncls, Rich ii d fisher, liobeit France, J M II Kuwick, jno H Eeeney, Jnn Go>sman, I.t G#.? tir?ni:?r, F P Gillette, Fraud* Goodwin. * Hawiev, K K H< It, Thos H H??r\ey, Wm F Holmes, Maj T H 3 Hallorau, Msiiri< e Herbert, 8 A Henderson, Pr 8 H H'>yt, Oti? Hohman. N 1 Hay ward, N r Holton, M .1 Hoover. Michael Haaiill, J** Heinaey, Jno Harper, Jasper F Harrla. Jos P Humphreys Jno Heath, Ja* E Hite, J irn-? M i Ha*tin;*, G F llaseltiiM. Geo Hovi, K > Handy, C S 3 Harrison. C G Harrison, B H Haliiuia> k, B S Houghton, A J Johnaon. Richer Jones, Gen T J J< ???*, I bo* Jfdineton, S W J? ne", Meriwether J >ne*. Lucii n Proctor, J no c Pearson, Col U Tearce, P iniel Pag". Chas F. Power*. A J I'atton. J T Rust, Pr W E Itodgeiv, Wm Rlchardaon, Tiio* P Haiiscme, I.t R Rawlrtt, Jesse Knldnaon, Judge Reader, J M Robertson, Col J B 3 Rabnwieler, Paeid 3 Robineon, Henry Roberta, H H Robertaon, Hon Geo Rogers, Edward Swirt, M Kee Staably, Mr Boiler*. A R Shea, Jno Stalling, Fred Smith, R Morris Spear, Wl< kham B Stilwell, Toblaa Hlmrnou*, 8 Smith. Samuel V <m |i 811 ney, Patrick 8ch*fer, Peter Hclinabel, Philip Smith, P F Stephen*, Br J C 2 Stirling, .lame* Ii Sulll* an, James Scagg*, Jas B Stewart. Li Jn Smith, John Behernierhoi n, J J Shipp, James W s, hi me*. G W W Sniallwo'd, G T Siepbena, Geo w Ship'ey. Geo F ?sj en. er, G?s> D Seller. F W auntoQ, K M Rt inard, RohtC Scrtt, Rev R *in?on Jensen J Cliristiau s bu inchamniei. K Jewitt, J H J ? m. Cbaa s D I ewe! I. W I iClop|.er, R D Kalie, John i>e||||j. k.*, J K K-rr. J k Kavtou, Andrew Lirimei, Gen Wm I.owe. Wm, R H Leonard, Peter Lathsui, M S Lewi*. Jauies I. l.Tllig, Ja- oh G l.ewi*, C'liae ? Lincoln. A F l.u. .s, J P Muiphy, Thomaa Morrow, ('lis* S i S ,nd*. C M Sharp, S Stoin-. A. jr Thompeoii, Jaios M lain 111,Capi Joaiali 2 Toiilaon, Wm Taioerl, W J Toner, Wm Tompkins, V a Thompson, Wooeter A C.> Taylor, W H Thori.bnry, W H rhomi aoii.Dr W . M Taylor, Thoms* Taylor, Sami G Thomas, l.oren? T?llant, Capt Rol t J Mei. I?nhal\ W P 3 Tucker, N B Mitchell. W H Mnrphey, W D Mardes. Wtn Mack, Simou Mayail, Saml Marcy, Capt R B Merrltt, P H

Murtaitgh, Patrick Teiler. Henry Middleton, J To|e, Geo Montmollin. J S n Tucker, C H Middb ton, Pr Jo* 2 Thorp, Ge Tucker, Wm Todd, James Thomaa, John, Jr Tighe, Jno Throop, J V X 2 Tuly, Jame* Taylor, Henry Me lf<?rd, J. Mac*, Jno H M urray, J no F Mitchell, J L M si other. Henr* MUler, Pr II J Milhurn. J P Mary a, Geo T Molian, Artlmr M in i ? k, I: M . M' I'al-e, Chas P McKee, cbaa Ml^*ne. .lame* M< Dulli , Col 4 T M< Gin kiL, Jo* M< K ..n.i, !' tr; '.{ M H' iirr Wtn T P Xoriiirup, J B Oliver, Win W G O?l>orn, Tins o Urine, ? i hael f Otert ti, Jin, l* ?>berhe|m, Jno O Veal, Jno J Oliver, J. s Phillip- Wm E Priii-lle, Wm Phillips, W P Tur*-II, Th -a Pcaice, Tho* Power, Timothy Winship. Ma) O F Webb. W Wirt Wadawortb, W B Williams, Win Walner W H Walah, Tho? Ward, Thos Willoughby, 8 A Worf'ien, R L Will-!, It H W tlden, Phlll] E Waia^e, Jno W llett, Dr J F. Walsh, J C Williams. Jo* R Willi*, Jno Williams. J R 3 Wentw ,irt' Jno War I en, J E ? illiama, Jas M Wie>-ile, I*.la- 2 Wlllord, J Wilaon J E W ; ?oli, H o W III .m-, II C Whitney, Geo || W(Ill u n, Geo 2 Willi.una. Geo H ei|a, Kli*ha Wells, II W Wa laworth, C W Wtllard, c P Penny, Capt l'linlff Ward, lien Aaron 3 Parrlsli, R A Winland. Aliquot Philp, P T INITIALS. Columbia Lodge, Jfo 10,1. O O F Colnmhi i Encampment, Editor Southern Pre* , Private CitUeus; llutrhlcvnn Eirn IIv- K E ; J M. ti. February 2 JAMES G. HEKRET. P M. BOARblOTO. Boarding -mrs pierce has seve ral good Rooms with board, suitable for fam ilies or siiiglo gentlemen, at No 563 i'a avenue, few doors from the Capitol. Jan 'il?eo* Boarding?two- families can be accommodated with board and lodging, at 1*2 D street, between flth and 7th streets. jan 30-tf MRS BANNKRWAN,CORNER OF fllhand E streets, is prepared to accommodate per imnentor transient boarders On the most reason able term* jan 29-co5t* Board.bates,on the s w. corner of Peitnsyivania avenue and 9th street l? prepared to accommodate gcntU-nnwith rooms, with cr without board. Every cflort will be made to render thi?sc comfortable who may favor bei with their rR'n-nage. np ti?tl yiuxKY found : HY CALLING ON THE WASHINGTON BOOK COM PAN V, at their store, undt r Dex ter's Hotel, you will Undayrrat saving in caah by buving your Book* there, and also win a splendid Present It continues foi lOdays only, and then the sale clones. A Book and Gold Watch for one dollar A Book and Sliver Watrh for one dollar A Book and Gold Bracelet for one dollar A Book and Go!d Locket for one dollar A Book and Gold Pencil for one dollar A Book and Gold Fen for one dollar A Book and Gold Rlnjj for one dollar A Book and Gents Gold Fin for one dollar A Hook and Ladies1 Gold Pin for one <Wlar A Book and Ladies' Gold teardrops lor one dollar A Hook and Pocket Knife for one dollar A Book and Stationery' for one dollar A Book and eleeant Colored Print for one dollar Our niock embraces nearly all the new and de sirable BOOKS in the varied departments of an cient and modern literature, comprising Histories, Biographies, Poetry, Travels, Mechanical Works, presenting " offered ror sale in Encyclopedias, Theological and the most extensive stock ever this cltv. IJT Remember the place, end give us call Sec Red Flag and Gift Book Store an early jan 29 -I w n.STKUtTlOH IN DANVINU. Moms j cocheu be?s leave to in forin the citizen* of Washington, George town, and vicinity that his second quarter will commence on the Jftth instant Those who are desirous of favoring him with their patronage are politely invited to mike early application, that they mny be prepared to participate in his next May Festival, on which occa*lon he intend* in troducing (as an addition to those already intro duced by hlui) several new and characteristic dances. P. S?Mons. C. being fre? from any engage ment every morning during the season (except Saturday) offers his services to ladle* and gentle men deslroua of receiving private in-traction at thttr rtsiUenre. Orders left at 'he Music Stores of Mr. Zantxln ger or Mr. Davis will be thankfully attended to. jan 23?1 in ^IIAVINU IREA>1, POMATUM, HAIR ^ Dye, Tricopheroua, Hair Oil, Cologne, Brush m, Combs, 4c , at 30* Pa ?vrnii*. between Ptk ?M loth street*. JNO. r\ ELLIS. )*? 96-tf WANTS. WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH and iron for a private family. One with recommendations may opply at No. b north A st., Capitol Hill. feb2-2t* A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT LADY^ROM the North wculd like a situation in a School as Music Teacher, or would nr.t object fo going So^ith with a family? Can teach almcst anything ?r rcnch. Music Drawing. Mathematics, Ac For particulars enquire of L. SAYER ,*d. D., 151 I enth street, between E and F. feb 2-folw* 4 COMPETENT MANTUA-MAKER desires - ? employment in it family, or at a inantua ma ker's, for a short time References glvei. Ad dre** Washington, D. C. feb I-'21* WANTED?AN ENGLISH WOMAN IS v ? desirous to obtain a situation either a? laun dress or housekeeper in a hotel or private house Address 'Mrs E " City Post office feb 1?at* W A WOMAN, WHO HAS HAD A LONG and -T*. practical experience as housekeeper, bat who would not object to take charge as laundress or to do plain sewing in a private family wants a situ ation. Address "J B,''Star Office feb l?2t? IVAN TED?A PARTNER, WITH *3.500, in ? v a manufactuiing business, who can com mand about S500 now, and can increase it from time to time, during the next four or five months, to above amount (?3,500.) The article manufac tured is a staple, In good demand in this city, paying an undoubted gocd profit, and is entirely a safe business, as will be snown. Address " I. T.-' over proper signature, at this office. feb l-3t* WANTED?A NURSE FOR A CHILD two years old. Colored person preferred Ap ply at 479 E street. feb 1 - -it* C'O nnn-w A N T E O, FOR ONE OR 1 two yenrs. 91,500 or *2,000, for which will be given the be?t real estate as secu rity Address "H W," through City Post Office. /eb l-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AT THE * ? Mansion House in Alexandria. fourflr?t rate Men, for the dining room Wages ?l> ppr month Janil r.r* A. G. NEWTON. W'ANTK I)?A GARDENER. TO TAKE charge < f a market gar,Jen near the city? oik* who understands his business and fan coin? well recommeudfd may hear of a good situation by addressing ?<Mott," at this office. A single man preferred. Jan 31-34? ANTED -PURCHASERS FOR 88V - - eral Brick and Frame Houses are wanted For particulars call at CHARLES WALTER 'S General Agency and Intelligence Office. 39? D st between 3d and 1th, opposite City Hall jan 25-ec6t# WANTED -A SITUATION WANTED BY a voung and active man as clerk or sales man. Any merchant In want of such will do well to address '? J T H." through Post Office. Gro cery or lumber business preferred. Satisfactory references given Jan 29?ec3t? WANTED?A GIRL OR A YOUNG Wo man to take care of a" child and do the washing for a small family Colored preferred Apply, if well recommended, to Wall, Barnard A Co . or to Barnard A Buckey, Georgetown, jan 31?3t WANTED?AN ACTIVE AND COMPE tent man, who can read and write to take chargc of a large dining room. Also, a compe tent and Intelligent housekeeper. Applv at 2.*13 F street. jan 31? 2aw Room and b o a r d wanted?by a - centleman and lady In a family where there are few or no r-hildren. Reference riven and re quired. Address " Boarding," at this office. jan 3T-3t* Ur ANT ED?A COLORED WOMAN AS washer and Ironer, in a small family A slave Is preferred. No on? need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this office. Jan 19 FEDUCATIONAL.?BOARD WANTED?A A gentleman qualified to teach the English. La tin, French and Spanish Languages, and all the higher branches of Mathematics?having some unoccupied time?wishes to obtain board in some private family, where his services in instructing a limited numbers of pupils would be received as ; an equivalent therefor. Undoubted testimonials and references given. Address "Editor" box 513 Post Office. jan 19 WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN RESID ing on the Heights of Georgetown, D. C., a woman to keep house and do plain sewing. Ad dress ".Mac," at this office, or at No 15 Eichth street, Georgetown. Jan if? WANTED- WANTED ?WANTED?TO find persons In want of tae follow!ne ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Fraines, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, and any sire cooking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dls atch. Also, a lot of casl-lrcn Brackett*, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the tl mes, for cash N. B?Old vYork Regllt, and Looking Glass Pla^ inserted. 255 Peiuui. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 10 JOHN WAGNER FOR BALE AND RENT. |1WU FURNISHED rooms FOR RENT? I a b-d zoom and pulor. on the first floor Ap ply at No 12 north A street, near the Northern Gate of the Capitol squa'e feb l-3t* I > OO.MS FOR RENT.?l?\RLOF AND BED Ik. Room, well furnished, for rent. Apply at 27 Seventh street, between G and H street, and in the neighborhood of the Patent Office, feb 1 ec3:* FEOR RENT?STORES NOS. 135 AND :?37 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns'Ho tel. Enquire of JACKSON, BROTHER A CO. Jan 31? 3t? FOR RENT?THE TWO-STORY BRICK House on the southwest corner of F and 20th streets, Washington city Key may be found at Mr. C. Alexander's, near Winder's Hnlldlng. For rent, in Georgetown, the Restaurant and a few rooms on the first floor of Forrest Hall; and a commodious Store, with Warehouse attached, recently vacated by Mr. H. W. Blunt, corner of Hijfh and Gay streets, opposite the Hall. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST, Georgetown jan 29-lm FEOR RENT- A DWELLING HOUSE, con taining ten rooms, very eligibly situated, with all the modern conveniences. Possession given on the first of February. Apply at No. 35-3 I st., between 13th and 11th. Jan 24?tf AN opportunity I OR A GOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or IB acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox. (called the Cedars,) possessing rare advanta es as a building site, and market garden It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak mess on the great er part ? f It?the e*levalion is sueh as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria The fact of this property being jin?t outside of the Co poratlon limits ren ders It more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. jan 22?dtf DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE ?I will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockville Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office The place contains ?3)f acres, and Is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 x "0. with a wing 25 X 31, and all necessary out houses. City property will be taken as part pay. THOS. MARSHALL, jan 17?tf At United states Hotel TO LET?A NEW THREE-STORY BRICK Hoiue Also, one to five rooms and parlor, opposite to the City Hall, furnished or uufur nished Apply at JONAS P LEVY'S Wine, Liquor and Grocery Store, 474 Pa avenue, jan 23? eoflt TO let ?A COMMODIOUS DWELLING house and lot, between Sixth and Seventh streets, near Island Hall. Also, Rooms on <\% street, near the City Hall, furnished or unfurnisned, suitable for lodging or for offices, with the privilege, if desired, of a large law and miscellaneous library Applv at No. 7, 4tf street, near the City Hall. jun 5?tf Furnished rooms for rent ?mrs G ANDERSON has several furnished rooms for rent, suitable for a family or single gentleman. The rent will be moderate No. 276 Pa. avwiue, 2d door from Kirkwood House. Jan 2?tf Furnished house for rent.?a large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas In the house. For terms, Ac., apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf ICE HOUSE FOR RENT ?THAT LARGE brick Ice House, situated at the corner of Vir ginia avenoe and lltb street. Island. For tarms apply to JOHN R. ASHHY,at Perry 4. brother*. (U? 1-7?tf , t dfi n I AUCTION BALEB. Bf C W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. TRl'STEK'S SALE Of FRAME HOI SK and Let at Anction ?By virtue of adf d of trust duly recorded amcng the land records for Washington co inty, I* C., we shall proceed to sell, on TUESDAY, the 5th day of February. IS 6, on the premises, at t o'clock p in . part of i Lot numbered one, (1.) <n square numbered aeven hundred and sixty-six (7?? ) The lot fronts on *ki *tre?t east, between Virginia a^nur and I street south, 25 feet, and running twk one I'tidred feet I*he improvements thereon c."?nsi*t of a two story frame Building, fronting on s*1d lot 20 feet, with a depthof 2; ftet, contaning live rooms, with a Hx foot Hall Terms cash. All conveyancing at expense of purchaser Intbe event cf a failure to comply with tlie terms of sale within five days, the property will be resold at the expense of first purchaser JNO V. BONN, J. GEORGE S. UONN.j Irustces Jan 29-dts C. W. BOTELER. Auct By B W FERGUSON A CO , Aucu Extensive saleofgold akd s l ver Watches, Fine Jewelry, Ac.?We will sell, for the undersigned, at our store, comer of 6th street and Pennsylvania avenue, on SAT URDAY evening the 2<ith instant, at 7 o'clock p | m., the above mentioned Jewelrv. to which we particularly invite the attention of our friends and the public. This Jewelry Is of tfcelatest style and most exquisitely wrought. We name in part Gold and silver Lever and Leplne Watchcs Fine gold-plated hunting and open facc Watches Lsdlesand Gents' tine gold Breastpins Cameo and gold stone-set Earrings Gold neck, vest and fob Chains I Gold Bracelets and seal Rincs Gold Lockets cf every description Also, a large variety of small articles not enu merated. VINERE A LUTES. B W FERGUSON A CO., Auct*. P. S.?The above sale will be continued every evening until the whole Is sold. B. W. F. j*n 25?d Bv JAS. C McGUlRE. Auctioneer. ONTl'ESl?\Y AFTERNOON, the seventh day of February. 1 at I o'clock, on the Premises, by virtue of a de^d of trust. d*ted "3d 'ebruary, IR55, andrecorded inthe Land Record of Washington county, D. C , In Liber, J . A S , No. 01, folio511, Ac ,1 shall offer for saleoncun dlvided third part, of the undivided fourth part, of the undivided two-thirds part, or T.ot No 4, in Square 2t*?, In the city of Washington This Jot fronts on the north side ?>f E street north, between 12th and 13th street* west Terms of sale : One-third ca*h ; the balance In j six and twelve mouths, to be sccured as may be required by the trustee JOSEPH TR AVERS, Trustee. JAMES C. McGUlRE, dec 6 ?law2m Auctioneer. T NOTICE ^IlE UNDERSIGN ED HAVING SOLD OUT ? his stork of Hats, Caps, Furs, Ac., (with a view of engaging in a la'gcr business.) to Mr. B i H Stlnemetz, would respectfully recommend him to the patronrge of the public. 1 1 shall remain at the old stand for two weeks to i settle up my business, and earnestly request all those Indebted to me to call and settle, as, after I that time all bills remaining unsettled will be i placed in the hands of a collector. Jan 29?gw JOHN T. EVANS. HATS, I APS, FURS, Ac. THE UNDERSIGNED WOULD RESPECT fully annouaee to his friends and the ff~\ public that has purc?i?edtheeTitire stock of Mr J T Evans, jr and will continue the HAT, CA P and FL R bi -loess In the store lately occupied by him, No ?.?*? north side Pmn avenue, between 12th and 13th streets Having manufactured for several years in one of the most fashionable *nd well regulated Hat establishments in the District he fwls conildent that he will be able to please in quality, styk and pilce all who may favor him with a call A full assortmuit of gentlemen's dress black a? d brown French felt Hats: Child-en's Fancy Hats, Canes, Umbrellas, Ac. B H. STINEMETZ. 236 Pa. avenue, bet. Pith and 13th sts. Jan 38?2w (VORY HARMS KNIVES AND FORKS, and Knives without fo:ks Also, cti extensive assortment of Pearl, Ivory and Horn Handle Pen and Pocket Knives, imported direct from the cel ebrated manufactory of Joseph Rodders 4 Sons, and will be sold at very low prices, by E. K LUNDY, Jan 15?tr No 128 Bridge st.. Georgetown. CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DHAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe: COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Europe; DRA W B ILLS ON IRELAND FOR 4.1 OR UPWARDS; BUY A>'I) SFLL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TI >1 E PA PES. investnicut paying 10p nnd over, for sale, LAND WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale. I^NI) \\ AURANTSof aii denominations Laud Warrants located in Iowa. Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. SWZENY, miTENHOUSE, FANT & CO , BANKERS, JVo. "?*>2 Ptnntylvmia arrnue, two doors of BrotCHs'' Holti. WWKENY. KITTEN HOUSE A CO. having associated Hamilton G Fant in their co-part jiersiiip will continue the Banting and Exchange business, In all Its branches, under the name and style above mentioned SWEENY, R ITT EN ROUSE A CO. Washington, D. C. Jaminry 1, 1*555. Jan 2? 1 in HATS' HATS' JVTKW YORK WINTER STYLES OF^l Beebe, Loarv, Genln, with other fash tollable Gentlemen's Dress HATS, a full and complete assortment at LANE'S Hat, Cap And Gent's Furn. Store, 45H Pa aveaue. dec 3?tf OOOD INVESTMENT WE HAVE FOR SALE THE FOLLOW lng Bonds and other Securities, which will yield the holder ten to twelve per cent, on the in vestment, viz: Orange and Alexandria Rail Bonds Virginia and Tennessee do Illinois Internal imp't Bonds of 1817 The above ?ecurlties are unquestionably safe SWEENY, BITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO., Jan 24?lm Bankers, 332 Pa avenue. 1 NEW JEWELRY STORE. Daniel hirscii, late of paris, has op?ned a new store of _ ? Prenct FANCY GOO US and k JEWELRY, on LouMana avenue, opposite Centre Mar- L_ ket, (the store formerly occupied by Mr WiUlan.) to which the attention of the citizens Is called. He keeps on hand BREASTPINS. EARRINGS. WATCHES. BRACELETS. RINGS,CHAINS, and a general assortment of JEW'ELR Y. Jan 5?tf CHAUNCEY WARKINER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, And dealer in fine watches jew elrv and SILVERWARE, would respect fully solicit the attention of those who desire a good article, to his choice variety of London. <ie neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of time-keeping and durable qualities, for which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase GOLD SEALS, FOB and VEST CHAINS, FINK JEWELRY. SILVER SPOONS. GOB LETS, CUPS, FORKS, Ac , for sale at N. York prices. The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re paired Also, JEWELRY. Ac. No. 37!) Pa. avenue, between 6th and7th streets, Brown's Hotel Building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCH, Jan 26?3m Washington, D. C. M. HOFFA A CO , BEG LEAVE TO NOTIFY THEIR friends and the public that they will re open their Watch Repairing and Jewelry Store in the Star Buildings, as si>on as the slight damages done to the store by the recent fire, can be repaired; the state of the weather up to this time having ren dered it impossible for carpenters to work there. Jan 12? tf NEW MUSIC received weekly at the Piano Store of JOHN F. ELLIS. Jan 29 ^HE PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF Henry Clay. 1 volume. oc?avo, ?2 50. dec 24?tr FRANCK TAYLOR CHAFING DISHES. DISH COVERS, ?J Soup Tureens, Soapstone Griddles, Plate Warmers, Game Roasters, Oyster Boilers, Slaw Cutters, Ac. Prices low. G. FRANCIS. * jan 26 7th street BILLS OF EU HAKIE ON EUROPE. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO DRAW BILLS OF EXCHANGEON LONDON, PARIS. BR KM EN, and other points in Europe, in sums to suit SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO, Bankers, No. 3*2 P? av#nue, j*?> IMoi west of Browns' total T TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. from the associated press. B\ HOI SK PRI1TIHO TELEMRATH. Wew York Market*. , ^ork, Fob. 2. ?Flour hu declined 1-ia-.?o ; sale* <?f .S,500 bbls. Straight State at 57^8' ; good Ohio $S *>; Southern $5 81. \\ heat has declined, sales of *2 *00 bushels. T>rice? are nominal. Corn is dull, tales ot 5,-SOO bushels Western mixed at *sc Pork is drooping; sales of 3,000 hhta. at 516 2?. Uccf has declined; salcsnf 2>?0 bbl at $14.50 for Chicago repacked Lard ir dr>o| inp; eales of lf^lbbl? at 11c Whisky i? firmer; sale.* of 100 bbls. at 31J for Ohio Stock Market*. New York, Feb. 2?Stocks are lower: 8 le* %>f Ohio and H<*k Island 87; Cum bar ? lani C<>al Company 2.11; Illinois Central Rail road 02 Michigan Southern Railroad 89. New ^ ork Central Railroad 92 j; Pennsylvania Coal Company 99]; Reading Railroad ^6$; Vir ginia 6s Missouri 6's 85i. Sterling exchange firm ]Lf 1S? lORKLT HAI J 1ST RRCB1TBD ., vJ(JTl.7*,.ew York. another lot of fhahlon able MILLINERY. which will be opened on Sat.irday,at her rooms. Pennsylvania/!^ avenue, up ?taire. N B ? Apprentice* warned dee 7?tf / iLOCK S, WATCHEK ARt JKWELKY. V-/ GOLD \N ATCHES from 523 to 9150 SILVER WATCHES from %. to ?;? . u ^ . c,LocK5* f'?? ti a to *i;? Watches and Jewelry at wholesale and reull at J. ROBINSON'S, 319 Pa avenue, opposite Browns Hotel N. B.?Cash advances ou Watches to he sold at Auction jaa 25 I m WBRirOti TUARRITO THOU or our customers who have so promptly t"in forward and set 1? d their bills as rend* rid; and to those who have still unsettled aecour.ts with us they arc respectfully, hut mo?t earnestly re quested to close them on or before the Mh day of February next, a* It is verv important thatth*y should be settled to If at date COLLET A SEARS. No 523 >eventh st., adjoining Dexter Ho?el " .tan fit -ecfil ?A?DBBBB0TfnHt RV A LAD I. Mrs. a c. rkdmond having addld to her new rooms a beautiful Skylight, and enj^id an Assistant Operator. <op* of the bes' In the District,) she interd* not to have her Picture# eseHled. if equalled, 1n the United States PIC TURES pu up in Embossed Case* lor Fifty Cents, such a* are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar. Particular attention paid to Copying Deguerie otypes. Oil Paintings. Ac .Ac Sirs R. solicits the patronage of the Ladles par ticularly fTT Rooms-10l Seventh street, we*' side, be tween Hand 1. jan 21-tf FOR PARTIES, LEVEE*. HOPS, fcr WHITE SILK ILLUSION, 2 yard# wide, for evening dresses. White and colored Tarletons, 2 yards wide, far evening dresses also? Tmt'l lithhovs tnd Trimming* WHITE PLf?H TtlMMtiai SASH RIBBONS BUGLE GIMPS, all wlfithe Maltese, Brussels and Valcnelenne* Lace* Rich Collar* and Sleeves, In ?e?W TRIMMING RIBBONS.Ac. A good supply at * MAXWELL k BRO S, janVJ~co3t -TSPa av?no? I)!STOLS.?A NEW AR TICLB, WITH R . VOLVING HAMMERS, just received, and for sale bv CAMPBELL A COVLE, jan 1- 3w* N 3M Penna av?n?. GjOSABi MbillBI AND BtTTBR. O 5 hhds new crop Orleans SUGAR lObbla. do do MOLASSES .*?u lbs superior ROLL BUTTER 500 do round SMOKED BEEF,(Rcunda.) 3000 do BACON. HAMS, shoulders. SIDES and BREASTS. Just received, and for ssie by W H TENNfcY, S. E corner High and Bridge st* , Oeo'town jan ?eo3t i Organ) ? jVOTM E -THE partnership HERE IN tofore exist ng between the subscriber*. In fhe Coal and Wood business, has .his day bowl dis solved by mutual consent W K WATERS, MARY L WATERS Having been authorized to settle the affairs <*f the above firm, all peisons having claims can pre sent the same to me. AU debts due the same are to be paid to me, or my authorl7?d agent only. U B WARD. Jan *21?eo3w Corner of B and 12th streets columbia MARKET, Ptnnsyh ?n?i , corner of 13<A ft. ('HARLES MALLARD HAS OPENED TI'E > above place for the keeping and sale of Pork. Be?f. Mutton, Poultry. Butter, Larl, to>?etler with Game, Fruits and Vegetables In all Its sea sons C M Laving had sixteen vears experience In a neighboring city, flatters himself that he will l?e able to k<*ep a choice election of PROVISIONS . nicrall v. and hopes, l>y modemte ch r^'w^ and strict |>ersoual attention to the wants of his cus tomers to merit a share of the public patronage. j an 23?2aw2m >1 AH RLE WORK -MAKBLE WORK: FOK SALE rpHE SUBSCRIBER HAS ON HAND A A variety of American and Italian MARBLb monuments, of beautiful design and highly finished workmanship, to which he Invite* the attention of the public Persons in want of Mon uments, or any other kind of marble work, will find It to their advantage to give him a call. The marble and workmanship Is of the best quality, and will be sold as low as similar work can be obtained at the North. Also, on hand, a large stock of highly finished MARBLE MANTELS, which will be sold at re duoed prices alexander RUTHERFOKD. Marble and Brown Stone Yard one door frota 13Jtf street, opposite National Theatre. nov 10?eo.7m (Union) PA NO* FOR SALE OK KENT ?New nd second hand Pianos from the manufactories, at moderate and conve-f f | f 11 nlent terms for sale; second hand Pianos taken In exchange, and tuning pianos attended to at No 196 Eleventh street above Pa awtiue F C. REICH EN BACH. sep ??WmeoSTuATb* OPKKA UL A&SES. Hutchinson a munro have opun ?*d a fine asnortment of OPERA GLASSES, wiiieh they can sell at. rtremely iow prte** "1 hey have constantly on hand a large and well selected stock of FANCY GOODS. TOILET ARTI CLES. PERFUMER Y, At , to all of which thev Invite attention at their Fancy Store, No 310 Penn sylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth st?> . next to Messrs Walter Harper A Co's Jan 1 LOCKS. For a good honest clock alwai ft goto francis, on 7th street His Clocks cannot be excelled, and his prices will not fright en you He tries every one thoroughly, himself and those who buy of him are sure to get a good one or have their money refunded Ian "n IUEUART WW V EAR'S PRESENTS j maybe found at 1 6ALLIGAN A CO 'S dealers in fine Fancy Goods. Jewelry. Silver, En gllsh Plated Ware, Toilet Article*. Ac., *c , 370 Penn. avenue, under Browns' hotel dec 19 IS*TKA HEAVY PLATED A TEA SETS. CASTORS CAKE BASKETS, Ac We Invite attention to our assortment of the above Gcods, all of th* best quillty and new**' styles. Also, very superior ALB ATA FORKS, LA DLES. SPOONS. Ac. These goods are all gotten up In so close an im ltatlon of sliver, as to defy the strictest scrutiny. M W GALT A bro., 324 Pa. avenue betw. ?th and loth sta. jan 25? CHRISTMAS GIFT Robert schwarze has the plea^ sure of informing the public that he is well prepared for accommodating 'or public In with FRESH OYSTERS, pit up air-tight, for Sending th?m to their distant friends in the coun try He also keeps constantly on hand a Rne sup Dlvof PICK led and PRESERVED OYSTERS Please call on R SCH WARZK, corner of Ufh and E streets, or leave orders at his establiahmtfit corner of 10th street and Potomac river deotf-tf MY MARY ANN. 400 copies more just published at the MuAc aad Piano Store of JNO F. ELLIS, 30* Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. jan26?tf L'Ol'RTH VOL. OF MAtAl'LAll*! M1S F torvof England, liroo J oet received by ^RANCR TAYLOR jan U