Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Police Istellise*' e ?In consequence of a telegraphic dispatch received by Capt Da vit. Chief of Police, yestarday. a P*rty of travellers from the South were arrested as they were about leaving for Baltimore, by Officers Davis, Handy, Allen. Boss, and Mar tin, on charge of having robbed a fellow pas senger of two trunks and a carpet bag at Rich mond The despatch was from the city of Richmond and was sent by the gentleman who claimed to have been robbed, and whose name is Captain McDonald, of the ship uAm bassador,'' now lying at New Orleans The bag*a?fe described by Capt. McDonald in bis dispatch was found upon the parties ar rested . but on the examination before Justice Hollicgshcad tnere appeared no proof of crim inal intention unon the part of those arrested It appeared rather, that they had been acting as his friends in the matter, in attending to bis baggage when he had accidentally misled the train on his way from Richmond after it been checked thnugh The prisoners were accordingly di?mis*el. and the 1 agtrage is now at the office of Justice Hollingshead, awaiting the arrival of Capt. McDonald The affair was managed skillfully and promptly by our police, and though it occa sioned some inconvenience to the innocent parties, it demonstrates the alertness and vigi lance with which a case of real mischief would be tracked out. Mercury s despatch to the Baltimore Sun, in relation to the matter was, of course, incorrect. '?Pilot" '-Padd* "?Baltimore Chal mf.ts Washixoto* ?It will be seen, by the following note. that our Baltitiore friends do not acquiesce in the opinion tuat they were beaten on the occasion of their late visit to Washington ; and Mr Byrne proposes to back up the Baltimore vijw of the case by a thou sand dollar wager. We give the owners of fast nags the benefit of the proposal: Baltimore. Feb. 2. 185? Mr Editor Sir?In the local columns ol the Star of the 1st inst., in your report of the sleighing, you say according to the estimate of the W'ashingtonians, who may have been somewhat partial to home in forming their judgment in regard to the trial of speed on the avenue the day in question I can only lay that I think you could have said, without the slightest risk of being mistaken, that they have been very partial to home, for in regard to my horse Pilot I say that no horse beat him, nor aid I think that any person present was nnder that impression Having respect for Washingtoniar.s. and being one myself by birth, nothing would afford i7>e more pleasure than to have a match with Paudy for SI.<>00, or any other horse that was on the avenue that day ; and I will agree to drive Pilot from Baltimore one day, and trot the race the next. We thank you. sir, for the compliment you paid our party in your report, and hope to nave an <pportunity to reciprocate the many acts of kindness we received durin? onr short stay in jour beautiful city. By giving this a place in your local columns, ynu will confer a /avwr on yours, respectfully. ? Ww. Brows. The W bather?Oh' the Weather!? Maere is the clerk of the weather ' Who know? his posi office address, or caL tell whst he is ?b"?t ' i? ho drunk, or malicious, or what is the occasion of bis serving out to us such a set of -'spells" and '-snaps"?such contradic tory. snowy, slushy, blowy, frecting, semi hourly turns of the wather-xane. We can hardly say " it thaws,before it feezes . and wher. we have male up *>or minds that after *11 it is only clear bracing weather, lo' it mows, and the sn<iw is succeeded by a blow, ar. i the blow is follow ed by a damp chilly ? spell" that penetrates the very marrow We believe that this botch-work is not attributa ble to that experienced and veteran officer the "Clerk of the Weather." but it isthe prentice work of seme of the hangers-on about tue weather office Will the weather clerk conde scend to exj 1.11? ,the Poor or the Third Ward.?We hear .ql6 collections in this Ward are going on suc cessfully and are met in a gratifying spirit. Persons *n want of relief should apply to the following distributing committee? Those Son*h of New York Avenue, to Messrs. Rev ii D Conway, and B E. Git ting*. North of New York Avenue and east ?of Seventh street, to Captain J. H. Goddard. .North of New York Avenue and west of Sev ** ih street, to Messrs. E. G Handy Asa Glad inun, or M Hoover. Those eitisens, benevolently disposed, who have not been called upon by the collecting Committees, are requested to hand in their contributions to any of the above gentlemen on to G Savage, Treasurer. The TEMrKRATt RE?A friend in George town has kindly sent u* the following average heights of the mercury in his thermometer, (which is exposed at a northern aspect, where no sun r**a.-he? it during the day.; for the paet 'hree weeks soon after sunrise, viz : From Jan 14th to 20th. inclusive. .24? Oir ?? ?? 21st to 27th, 44 ..14 02 " 44 2?th to 3d Feb. 44 ..17 03 To-day, Feb 4?morning 4J above tero, noon 8?. Mcsical.?Messrs. Johnson and Frost, Misses Whitehouse and Briggj, whose perfor mances in this city were so attractive lately, nave oeea a doing a fine business in Baltimore. The large Hall of the National Institute was Hourly filled at the eluding performance of the Musical Convention on Thursday evening, notwithstanding the violent snow storm.. Be tween two ana three hundred ladies and gentlemen took cart in the performances be sides Johnson andrrost, and Misses Whiteheuse and Briggs. w'air oh THE Island?The laJieaof Kyland Ois,'*! are still winning all tho hearts by the /raco with which they dispense smiles and >th?r refreshments" to the visitors at their Pair (wh10*1 beld in the basement of their Church > Thursday evening there will bo * sale of tho articles remaining on hand by an amateur auctioneer Go and win their smiles, and spend an evening in innocent amusement. 1 he Junior Reckai/ites will be present to-night in iull regalia. Bard or Kb visor*?This bodv met pur* -uant to adjournment pr?.-ent Messrs Polk, Harrington, Martin and Edm?nston. Mr Ed monston was called to the chair, and Mr Car rington aj pointed secretary. The codifiers hating requested a conference with tho Board, the secretary was directed to invite them to _*Uend their next regular meeting The fc xard then adjourned t^ meet on Wednesday, the tfth inst . at 7 J o'clock p. ui , in the Aldei Uten * chamber t HiLL l*tfTv,?? Las received another supply of the " Ba.'m "1 a 1 h .umi.J Flowers,' and can now supply lbe demand As illustrative of ? fee goodue?* *-'f the Balm, and of the advan tages of alvertismg iu the Star, we mention tne fatft that, in Coiise^uen-e of the steady ru?h tor t he article. Sbilhngtou run completely out of ?nd w:w obliged U> stop his adver tisement 13 the t>'- ?r until he coulii lay in a trash supply. Cold Mo*??.?li >s stated that tho past c nth has beeB altogether the coMest Janua ry *ver ex; erieneed sines W.uhingt >n had a pla e on tne map. The sunshine of to day betokens a good time coining, and, though weighing is a nice amusement, 41 %t*/Ugh is as C?vd as a feast." and very few will des>re a iu-re protracted eeasun of it Jhe Vt-'l/ horso* say fiewh * _____ Wimtkk's Dioramas at Forrkst Hall, Geo. 'Ceivwji ?We hear that Forrest Hall is crowded nightly to behold tnese beautiful Diorama4. On Wednesday afternoon a per formance is to be given for the benefit of aehools at a ieduced price. C?tl> ?Folks about town say that last *i gat the coldest of the season. It was *I?j eiaaca.ngly cold all day yesterday, but ;a ooaso^nanca of the day being clear, the at* tendance was UrtCt at the different churches than for several ?abt>*tb< past. ? - - ?? Bi? al*es arescaxcv. A d??r lover of oys \ ters protests that he viaitei jblru??n restau rants ono day last week, and at Ma one a?uld he |obtain iny. for love or mccey eitht* * stewed fried, or in vSe -Dell " Natiohai. IifiTitrTi.?At tb? last meeting of tho Iustituto (Dr. Gale in the chair) a let ter was read from Lieut. M. F. Maury, in re ply to a notification of hi* election to the Presidency of the Institute, and accepting the same. . Mr. J. Tyajowski explained a contrivance of M. Robert Houdin for utilising the aotion of the electro-magnet upon its armature for me chanical purposes. Donations to the Library.?A volume was received from the Surgeon General's Office, entitled ' Army Meteorological Register for Twelve Year?. 1843 to 1654, inclusive; pre pared under the directi u of Brevet Brig Gen. Thomas Lawson. Surgeon General 1*. a?. Army. Published by authority of Hon Jefferson Da vis, Secretary of War " 4to. pp. 780. Mr Blodget called attention to the services to Science rendered by the Medical Depart ment of the Army, the officers of which nave through a long series of years adhered to a laborious system of climatological observa tions. An interesting discussion took place in re gard to the phenomena of rain distribution in temperate latitudes, which was participated in by several gentlemen [communicated. Mr. Editor ?If you can solve the follow ing we shall feel obliged: The reason why full forty lamps were left unlit, from about Mr. Red fern's store, First Ward, to the foot of Georgetown bridge, on Friday and Satur day nights last' Friday night, more particu larly, as darkness unusually prevailed Time about 7 o'clock. B Georgetown, D. C., Feb. 4,1850. [We cannot solve the problem, but we can endorse the correctness of tho assertion. The sidewalks of the Avenue at that extremity are equally neglected, and will soon be buried beneath a thick coveringof earth and stones.) Postponement ?Dr Lydia Sayer, in com pliance with tho requests ot many who desire desire to hear her, has postponed her lecture until Thursday, the 7th inst. Art Lovers will do well to stop in at Tay lor A Maury s and see some exquisite water color landscapes, just received from Mr. Philp, <in eminent hnglish artist. Criminal Court.?The Court met again to day. By consent the Edward's murder case was continued over to the March terui. Ice on the Potomac.?-TV'e hear that the ice on some of the river flats is over two feet in thickness. ?? Beau Hickman?A man in a yellow hand kerchief asking the loan of a quarter. Watch Returns ?Daniel Nutter, Charles Dennis, Lewis Jackson, John Uawkens, Sainl. Miles. Henry Jaaifer, and Henry Butler, all colored, were up for being disorderly in and about tippling houses; paid fine and cost. William Graham and George Naiborn, va grants, were sent to the workhouso for thirty dav?. Last night was the coldest night experienced at the guard-house, and the shivering lodgers, deserting their berths and benches, wero hud dled about the big stove, which, though of about fifteen hundred heating power, was quite insufficient to keep the room warm. A Few More Left of those second hard novels f'>r a fip; also, Harper's select novels for 12i cents, at Roberts' Periodical Dapot, 327 Seventh street, between K and L streets. Old books bought and exchanged. The fire companies of Norfolk had a funeral procession yesterday, to pay the last sad tribute o respact to their deceased follow members v au fell during the late terrible ?pidem'" there. The Rev. Mr Wills de livered thp sermon on the occasion. Wild Pisbons.?The Central Alabamian, of the 11th inst., says : Our woods are now swarming with millions of wild pigeons, attracted to our region no donbt by the abundant crop of acorns which have not yet fallen from the oak trees. So numerous are they, that the sound of their wings when ihey start from one part of the forest to another, resembles heavy distant thunder. It is said that they have a roost a few miles south of Elyton, where they pass the night among the tranche-* of tall long leaf pines, and that euch numbe 9 aft collected at this nightly bivouao. that their woizht causes a continual falling of the branches, so a.s to render it rather hazardous to approach them. Sportsmen witti their double barrelled shot guns have fine amusement ia sb< r,ting them, and the children take great delight late in th* evening, in watching the dark masses as they maka thsir way to the general rendezvous. Murder.?A of slaves who had been induced to run away. ae?e recently surprised in Cincinnati, Ohio, by the officers o* .ustioe. One when she saw they were about to no cap tured. cautrtal up a butcher's knife, and ran to the children, she would kill them rather than to have them .^turn to slavery She then cut the throat of the youngest child, calling on the grandmother to help her kill them. The grandmother said she would not do it, and hid under a bad. The jury gave a verdict us follow That said child was killed by its mother, Margaret (iarner. with a butcher knife, witn which she cut its throat. Two men arrested as fugitives were acces sories to the murder, and it is to be hopeithat they will all receive the punishment they merit. Ihis is a result of Madame Stowe a sen timental romanc*. l^Dr. Saaforda lavigarator la a mild laiat re, b>Lt- and atimalant, and it recornmruded i<> the po?Uc, raljrteg .pou It* lutrloit'- Worth 1u the cureof the fol lowing cmnpiali.ti All Blllocn Derangement*. S1ek Heid ah*. Dyvp?pel*. Mabltijel UMtlvfDNi, Chronic Ittarrb ?*, 0.H5, Pan. In Uiv Stoma..!* ?iii ueneral i/ebllity, Peioe.e Wetkfie**, Ac. t-Yr Ml* t J lru?'?t* generally,**! ly Z. D ClI.MaM.t64 Pa. ai*:n,?, by JOHN SCH W A KT/, S60 Pa. avenue, aii'l by U St L!NTHICUM, coroer Bridge and High ?treet?, Ue>>rgetown, h 0. Jan |J X^I~ Haatetter'a Bittera*?Dyspeptics, if rou weald be well, try a bottle of HuSTKTJfcK'S BITTKKS. i act* ilk* a '-harm In giving a healthy totie to the djgeatlve organs, ?i I lu ?t-e:.>ctL.vuik the nervoo* ? yatein. K?pefl*liy l? u< ut Ur a* a t<>nlc and a preveMltc of langoai, mt UM 1.Ubut vi u?ln tu *uim:ier. worn the wliult nervous and n?u*culer ?y*teu. relaaaa. and affect* ? condition which per lu.U the a| ^rwa> It of dlaeaae I lure la not a alngle Inktam a known ot lu ftlllcg to d'? good where It L.? been utr.1 ac a.rJIn* to direction* Iry It. Thla calibrated artl le, lilt ter?. Mr *a<e by nragglet* generally. 4.IMK-. > CAM.AN, Agent, WaaliingUfL jau W?lw !?7? 5laah Waiter * v., Marble Hall CI' .tMag Emporium. Brown*- Hotal llalidlDg, . ?apacifol;y anDoanra that tli?lr dlaplay of KALI. anS WiNl Jilt t'n> THIN'U 1? now ready for InaoactlOD, cooipilatuit an aa?<^t meni ?f '"OATS, TALMAS, oVfcBSACKb. SIRTOlfS, VB>r? ai-d PANTALOON'S, of tba newest and rlcl>r*t da ?lr.i? lu material, trimmlog and workmauihlp. r? gautl? nsau '*l?o atady excellence with economy In faablou*ble ar ticle* of lire-* ?a opportunity la now oflar?1 for aelectlng froiu oo* o? ik,#>ttia?.;f>??U*.?eof uvoda In tula city,at very ralu?J p:!cv? B0T ??U Gsrmaa Hitters, prepared and n^M by Dr Ja<*kaon mi tb-< u<rEMa Medical 8t"Te, I'M Arch atreet, Philadelphia, dally luucwil lu their well d? a*, -e<i celebrity for tha enre of all lilac**** <.i^a*^g Je rab^eni-^t "t llrar. rho*? Blttar* Ih^aed, pror?<J a tlciali.g li i.";* atBlcted. who ?How their ?ratlt* le by th* m'tat Satter!i:g MMliuv niai* Xtil ffied.dn? ha* e*lat.U*hed I.jf lta*lf a naiae that C.;iiJ'etlt''.r?, l^owovcr wily Uitlf achemce. or aadactH* their pr..a?Uie*. cannot reach. ?! Kainad U?-> pnblU' > .,oU l?L.? t>/ <ba betio3ts th<il Lavabe -u Jot I. ed fr >K it. a- 1 will are. Waii-'a'n It* potl t: o ?** a.1 vertlaemant. tue iJ-Ju \ZJ- Lftur frem Hob. John Miner Batta, or Vtrgrlt^iA BirtiMooi, July 9th, ltS6. i'!""* "*? ? A Co Ueatiemeu : C >a*tderatlon* ordaty u< theaTlMel al .no prompt me to *eud you thla vol great value of CARTKR'8 SPANISH w.T. I T .*S iJm" >ucurable dlaeaae. Scr.^nl* ?k dl?p.>?ed, oj- ???<hluf K lie e*aar> to ro Into .altlir ^ M- ' ?*?? 1 ^ the aatoalrhlug re ? aua ta.1 u?t. b^n pr.-lu.-?d by that mcdwiu., , m?m Ua,"-> ""J ?> owu oh*er\atloii ?rd wT ?kU1 01 "*? ^ had iTr. fC ?- .? * **"*' remedlen had l?lled, fully uatlfy me lu rw*??ii?lii| it. k** ^ who may b? .od-r ib| from t .iat JrcAdfiil uialaily J * V "> ?? ?' -Up:e4 ?o all roijvt'.tatlon*. , r ,l'*t ,'t ?'"??? >d the Raw* r-Iief in ail ???*?. r of! fjurae. 1 '.ulno. nothing .boot that -hat fr what 1 Save ?n *?f the eO- U. I w.,uld u. t healUU to um It I., aoy t?evl fr with perH..n? for whoui I lelt an li.teioat or over 1 cvU- pltr* ise ludu?*ucn or rnutrul, Jaa 1 lui Kcapts. tfullf youra, jjiq U BOTTS. Ta the Ladiea.?Dtwotn'i Heatal PLI ID II by ?M Dentin* V> be the beit pretairatloo ^or 1L? lu uae. Believes Toothache, ar raeff decay, feature* 111* W-iu* to a toalihy condttiou, and Impart* a talightful Savor tL ?hc niu\jth and breath Por aale by C'harlo* Stott a Cj., aud Z. D. QlllCiao. Waah'.ngt.i^, i> c. ;*-iw? ry Brown'i Braaiclial Trottoea ru? th? iiitfurio* u? BltoNCUI I IS. HOAB->K*IKSa. CtiLUUS, ASTHMA, COLDS, aud timllar a^a 'tioii* ?/ th* {Jjroat. Ther* ar* no particular direction* to b* oMervad In th* uae of theae LOZKMUKS ; they can be n**l *ccordli?g to |ha *ev*rlty of I*. (tM By taking one or ttpo pravlon* to the eierciae of apeaklug or *lnglug, and th* lane 5j?*Ht:ty after ?acheierclae. Public Speaker* ?o4 VocalUti y,11l1fl?J_,he,? Troche* serviceable In Clearing the Volca, and allaylnf any Irritation of the Throat, whether produced by Cold or ?? uaoal exertion of the eooal orgaaa. urtnue 5 Actt.u for WiaLiiiglv/u, J N. t'* LLA N *1^4 /. ?? ItKmC ^. . CP* Th* Or?it Raultn R^mtilT ?Pre BUNO PI HLICO.-" Kvery mother ah?>nl 1 h?v? a bos Id tha hooee bandy In raa? of arridenta to tbe rhlMran." RKDDING'8 Hl'HHlA KAI.VK It It a Boston remnly of thirty years' ?Uri'1lnt. an<l If ra co icmen <le<l by pbyalclani. It le a unre and epaa-ty core for Bnrna, Pllae, Bol's, Corns, Felons, Chllbalne, an<1 Old Soraa of every kind; for Fever Soraa, Ulcere, Itch, Scald Head, Nettle R*?h, Bnnione, 9<>re Nipple*, ) recommended by nnriM.i Whltlowa, Stlea, Featere, Flea Bltea, Spider 8tln??. Froaen Llmba, Salt Kheiira, Scurvy, Bora and Cracked I.lp*, Sore Noea, Warta and Pleeh Wonnd*, It la a moet valuable remedy and core, which can be tee tilled to by thouaaad* who have uaed It In the city of Boston and vletDlty for the laat thirty yeara. In no lnaunca will thli Sa'.ve do an Injury, or Intarfere with a phyeiclan'e prescriptions. It Is made from the pcraat materials, from a recipe brought from Bnaal*?of article* (rowing In that country?and the proprietor! have letter* from all classes, clergymen, physicians. sea captalue, iinrees, and other* who have need It themselves, and recom mend It to otbere Bedding's Kn?sl? Salve le pat In large tin bo*es, stamped ou the cover with a picture of a hone and a dlaHbled aoldler, which picture le alfn engraved on the wrapper. Price, 25 Cant* a Bog. Sold at all the atorea in town or country, and may be ordered of any wholesale druggie! For aala at SHILMNGTON'9, Agent for Waeh (?(ton. )au 23 fjyAmbrotype ? AmtnfM the mest at tractive ami baantlfnl specimens of the Photoffraphlo art, now on exhibition at WHITKHTRSTS GAI.LKRY, are tha AMBHOTYPRS. They are truly a beautiful Picture, and In aotue respect* an Improvement on the old familiar Da gnerreotypaa. The Gallery contain* quite a large collection of PI olograph* on paper. Oaguarrootypea of the United State* Supreme Court aluca loSO; members of the United Stater conrta; Pr?aldent Plerr* and Cabinet, and many other public man of tha Nation. A vlelt to WHITKHl'KST'S GAL UCRY, No. 434 Poni.syH aula avenue, U wall worth the trou ble atid tha tlins. nov 28 ?tf ftl AK K I KO? ?On the 23d of January, by the Kev George Htldt NATHANIEL WELLS to MAKY E BURNS,all of this city. On the 3lst of January, by the Rev. tjeorge HUdt. Mr GEO SPEAR, of Newark, Ohio, to Mies MARY JANE DAVIS, of this city DEATHS. On the Sd Inst. Mrs. MARGARET SMITH, In the 53d year of her age Her funeral will take place on to morrow (Tues day) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from AsburyChapel. * On the 2d Inst , Mrs M AR Y LYDOC, In the TVtb year of her age. WANTS. CIOOK WANTKO?A WHITE WOMA.N, s with good references preferred. Apply cor uer 10th street and Penna avenue. feb 4-tf ? WANTED?A SITUATION BY A SINGLE man, twenty-three years of age, as Clerk In a grocery store or any other business wh-re he can make himself useful. Writes well, honest and Industrious, can give good references Address, through the City Post Office "E G K." feb 4 - It* WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH and Iron for a private family. One with recommendations may apply at No. 8 nor.h A st., Capitol Hill. feb 2-2t? A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT LADY FROM the North would like l situation in a School as Music Teacher, or wonld not object to going South with a family. Can teach almostanything ?French, Music Drawing. Mathematics, Ac. For particulars enquire of L. SAYKR, M D , 451 Tenth street, between E and F. feb 2-eolw^ WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH *3,500, in a manufactuilng business, who can com mand about $500 now, and can increase It from time to time, during the next four or five months, to above amount ($3,500.) The article manufac tured is a staple, in good demand In this city, paying an undoubted good profit, and is entirely a safe business, as will be snown. Address "I. T.'' over proper signature, at this office. feb l-3t* oo nnn-w anted, for one or V~' two years, SI,500 or S2;000, for which will be given the best real estate as secu rity Address ?*H W," through City Post Office. feb l-3t* WAN TED?PURCHASERS FOR SEV eral Brick and Frame Bouses are wanted For particulars call at C B AR LEP WALTE R S General Agency and Intelligence Office, 397 D st , between 3d and 411;, opposite City Hall, jaa 25?eo6t* WANTED?AN ACTIVE AND COVIPE tent man, who can read and write to take charge of a large dining room Also, a compe tent nnd Intelligent housekeeper. Applv at 2?J F ?triget. jan 31?2a w WA N T E D?A COLORED WOMAN AS washer and lroner, In a small family. A slave is preferred. No one need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this office. Jan It)? Ej^DUCAl ION AL ? BOARD WANTED ?A J gentleman qualified to teach the English, La tin, French and Spanish Languages, and all the higher branches of Mathematics?having some unoccupied time?wishes to obtain board in some private family, where his services in instructing a limited numbers of pupils would be received as an equivalent therefor. Undoubted testimonials and references given Address "Editor" bo* 513 Post Office. jan IS WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN KESID ingon the Beight* of Georgetown, D C. a woman to keep house and do plain sewing. Ad dress " Mac,''at this office, or at No 15 Eighth street, Georgetown. Jan 14? 1I?r ANTED ? WANTED?WANTED?TO v ? find persons ln w?nt of the following ar ticles : ' French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronxe or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, and any sixe Looking Glasses, or other work In th*1 gilding line done to bidet with disratch. Also, a lot of cast-iron rirakeU*, svltab'e for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash N B ?Old vVork Regllt, and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna avenue, opposite Kirkwood House, dec 111 JOHN WAGNER. 3QAEDW*. ~ Boarding mk> pierce hasseve ral good Booms with board, suitable for fam ilies or sir. gl?-gentlemen, at No 563 Pa avenue, few dn/i? from th? Capitol. jan 24?eo? OARDING ?TWO FAMILIES CAN BE B 422 accommodated with board and lodging, at D street, between 0th and 7th streets. Jan 30 tf M RS BANNERMAN,CORNER OF 9th and E streets, Is prepared to accommodate per manent or transient boarders on the most reason able terms. jan 2'J-ec5t* Board. Ac ?MRS. bates,on the s w. cor.-icf ./f I'eins'/lvanla avenue and l?th street Is prepared to accommodate gauuctuei. wl to i uvuis, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 8?tf THE NEW BLUE BOOK, or Government Register 1S.V>, just Issued, giving the names, salaries, locations, Ac., of all postmasters and oth er public officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, In the service of the United States ; with the uames, forces, and condition of all skips and vessels belonging to the United States, ana when and where built; and the names and compensa tion of all printers In any way employed by Con gie*>, or any department or officer of the Govern ment 1 o' tavo vol ime, price J.J o0. Can be sent by mall to any part of the United Slates. For sale in Washington by TAYLOR at MAURY, jan S9 Booksellers, near wtn st. Fok sale?fifteen HUNDKEDCORDS PINE WOOD, standing, situated on< the Potomac, near the mouth of Wicomico* River and Neal's Creek A vessel drawing* an eisy d'eught of water can go In the Creek, or ancuor wltuln forty yards of the landing. The land is level and the farthest to u not half a mile Term* accommodating Address JOHN 1IAMMERSLY, Harris Lot,Charles co , Md. jan 31?law3w MONEY FOUND! By calling on the Washington BOOK COMPANY, attheirstore, under Dex ter's Hotel, you will lindag?e&t saving In cash by buying your Books there, and also win a splendid rre?ent. It continues forlOdays only, and then the sale closes. A Book and Gold Watch for one dollar A and silver Watch for one dollar A Booir and Gold Bracelet for one dollar A Book and Gold Locket tar one dollar A Book and Gold Pencil for one dollai A Book and (iold Pen for one dollar A Hook an<i Gold Ring for one dollar A B< ok and Gents Gold Pin for one dollar A Book and Ladies' uold Pin for one dollar A Book and Ladles' Gold Kardrops for one dollar A Book and Pocket Knife for one dollar A Book and Stationery for one dollar A Book and elegant Colored Print for one dollar. Our stock embraces nearly all the new and de sirable POORS In the varied departments of an clenta'.d modern literature.coruprlslug Histories, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Poetry, Travels, Theological and Mechanical Works, presenting the n.o?t eUeuslve stock ever offered for sale In this city. ir^" Remember the place, and give us an early calL See Red Flag and Gift Book Store. Jan tf#?I w MY n>RY ANN. 200 copies more just published at the Music aad Piano Store of jNo F ELLIS, 303 Pa avenue, bet. 9th end 10th sts. Jan 26 - tf FOR SALE A TO FBWT. lURNlttllED HOUSK FUR KENT IN , P*1^ or 'he whole, on Capitol Hill, south B street, but a short distance from the south gate of

the Capitol Por particulars enquire at this olBce feb 4?eoflt* IT'OR rent?MRS SPALDING, ON THE ? corner of F and Ninth streets, has a very line double room, which she offers, with board, feb 4?tf rruvo furnished rooms for rent? i a. r<x>m and parlor, on the first floor. Ap ply at No. 12 nortk A street, near the Northern uate of the Capitol square. feb l-3t* P?UR RtNT?THE TWO-8TORY BRICK , fhe southwest corner of F and 20th streets. Washington citv Key may b?? found at Mr C. Alexander's, near Winder's Bnlldlng Y or rent, In Georgetown. the Restaurant and a few rooms on the first floor of Forrest Hall; and a commodious Store, with Warehouse attached, recently vacated hy Mr. H. W. Blunt, corner o* High and Gay streets, opposite the Hall. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST, Georgetown__ Jan*9-lm ' |7^)R KENT-A DWELLING HOUSE, con ,1 .v ^}en rooms) very eligibly situated, with all ibe modern convenience* PoaaeKsion given on the first of February Apply at No 353 1 st., l^tween 13th nnd 14th. jan 24?tf ANv^?riit'??iN,TV FUK A IN i ^ ? For sale' 17 or lb acrM ?? Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining rtjSC {ormerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox. ^ Cedars,) poss. sslng rare advantages as a building site, and market garien. It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak rnesson the great er part rf it?the elevation is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria The fact of this property being just outside of the Co-poratlon limits ren ders it mere desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. ' For terms, 4c., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. jan22-dtf IkKSIRABI.E PROPERTY FOR 8ALR 1 Will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockvllle Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjolpiug the village of rennallytown, where there Is i post office. T*he place contains 63% acres, and is handsomely tin proved by a two-story brick house, 3*2 * 40, with a wing 25 x 31, and all necessary out houses City property will be taken as part nay , thos. Marshall, jan 1 <?tf At United States'Hotel. Rooms to let ?a furnished par l?r and Chamber (Including fire and gas) will be rented together or separately during the session of Congress. The rooms are on the first floor, within one square of the Kirkwood House Enquire at the office of the Kirkwood House, jan 3D?eotf For rent-in Georgetown, a two. story brick house, with extens've back build ings, and fine apartments for servants. Gas pipes throughout the house, a pump of water l.i the yard, a large garden, and enclosed lot on each side of the house Also, for hire by the month or \'ear a first rate dining room servant, sober, honest and active, and accustomed to drive a one horse car riage Enquire at this office, or on Gay street 104 Georgetown. jan 16-dlwAeotf For rent-a large, and one of the most commodious, houses in the city of Washington, with three-story back bulidiugs, with good dining, bath and store roams ; also, a fine kitchen, with rtn?e; a laundry, with a range ?f wash tubs, with hot and cold water pipes at tached toeach Also, hot and cold water inevery chamber, gas throughout the ho lse. with all ne cessary fixtures provided Any one wishing to see the house can apply next door. No. 247 Twenty second street, between F and G. Also, a comfortable, large and convenient house situated on the corner of 2-Jd and G streets, which will be rented for a mo^rate ren'. Al-c. a hand8Cu,o, convenient ana newly-lm proved house in G street, second house above2la* street. All the above houses are h?atfd by Lot air fur naces. 7 For all of which information can be had at the above mentioned place. Jan 11? eolm? CUNNYSIDE FOR SALE.?THE SUBSCRI her desiring to remove South, offers for sale this beautiful and highly improved farm, lying In Alexandria county, Va., 1 mile from the Long Bridge, or 2# miles from Centre Market, with easy access by Washington and Alexandria turn pike, or Alexandria Canal, which touch the place The farm contains 200 acres; 3u acres is In good timber; the balance well laid off in arable fie1 ds and meadows. Also, about 800 fruit trees of va rious kinds, well selected and planted In suitable situations. The Improvements consist of a good Dwelling House of a rooms, beside garret ana basement: a house for overseer and hands, stabling for horses and cattle, with necessary sheds &c., uauul to a dairy and market farm 1'ersons desiring to purchase can get further In formation by applying to BURKE AH ERBERT, Alexandria, or to the subscriber on the premises Terms liberal. EDW. B. POWELL nov 12?eotf pOR RENT?A HOUSE, WITH FLOWER m and vegetable garden, together with 25 acres of land under good cultivation, suitable for a dairy or market garden, (the letting of all together would i>e preferred.) pleasantly situated, directly north from the Capitol, only a few minutes walk to the city limits. Any person desirous of secur ing a pleasant and healthy residence in the coun try. and near the city, will nh?e call or> the s"b seriber WM. EMMERT, Mount Pleasant, near Glenwood Cemetery, dec 12?eo5t#?wtf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board Also table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street nov 27-tf " TO LET ?A CUMM01)l7>U S DWELLING house and lot, betweeu Sixth and Seventh streets, near Island Hall. Also. Rooms on4* street, near the City Hall, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for lodging or for offices, with the privilege, if desirtd, of a large law an-i miscellaneous library Apply at No. 7, 4X street, near the City Hull jan 8 tf burnished KOliMS FOR RENT.?MRS. L ANDERSON his several furnished rooms for rent, suitable for a family or single gentleman. The rent will be moderate No. 276 Pa avenue 2d door from Kirkwood House. 2?if F E[burnished HOUSE FOR RENT?A large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, contal ring eleven rooms; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas in the house. For terms, Ac , apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf pROP DANCING ACADEMY. I AST giURTS* H W. MUNDER MOST RESPECT fully announces to his frlands and the public generally that his last quarter will commence on TUESDAY, January 20, 1H56. All who desire to prepare for the Grand May Festival are politely solicited to Join immediately. jan 22?eo2w niLK : Pl'RE MILK I WE HAVE ElGHt OR TEN GALLONS MILK, dally, more than we have custom for at present. Any person taking the above num ber of gallons dally can have It at 28 cents per gallon, or flve at 30 cents per gallon ; less than five Si cents per gallon ; less than one gallon, 10 cents per quart; warranted pure milk or p.c pay. Urders left &t H^.? r ?? DoCulas's. 1 lorist, cor ner of Fifteenth and G streets. w?ii be attended to Cash settlements at end of every vieelj. DOUGLAS i SMITH, jan 30-eo3t Near Anacostia Bridge. INSTRUCTION IN DANCING. MONS J COCHEU BEGS LEAVE TO IN form the citizens of Washington, tieorge town, and vicinity that his second quarter will commence on the 26th instant. Those who are desirous of favoring him w'tb their patronage are politely invited to make ?arly application, uiai tney may ?>e piepareu to participate In his next May Festival, on which occasion be intends in troducing (as an addition to those already intro duced by him) several iijw and iliaracteristio dances. P. S.?Mons. C being free from any engage ment every morning during the season (except Saturday) otters his service? to ladles and gentle men desirous of receiving private instruction at thttr tetidenee. Orders left at the Music Stores of Mr. /antzin ger or Mr. Davis will be thankfully attended to. "Jan 23? lm ARCHITECT!. RE 11HE UNDERSIGNED WILL CONTINUE to furnish designs and plans of CHURCHES, STORES. CITY HOUSES, VILLAS, MON U MENTS, and other structures, with full work ing drawings, specifications, and superintend enoe of the same. CHARLES HASKINS, Architect. Office Pa avenue, bet. 10th and 11th sis. feb 1?3t BILLS OF EXCHANGE ON EUROPE. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO DRAW BILLS OF EXCHANGE ON LONDON, PARIS. BREMEN, and o&er points in Europe, in sums to suit SWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE, FANT A CO. Bankers, No 352 Pa. avenue, Jan li-lm west of Browns' hotel. CLOCKS. OR A GOOD HONEST CLOCK ALWAYS _ goto FRANCIS, on 7th street His Clocks cannot be excelled, and his prices will not fright en you. He tries every one thoroughly, himself and those who buy of h!in are sure to ge' a good one or have their money refunded jut W F AUCTION BALES By J AS. C. McGUIKE. Auction** ^PLENDID ( OLLWTIOJI OF AH IENT ^ and Mtderu Painting*'?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. February ?tb. at * o'clock, at the Saloon over Farnbam's Bookstore, corncr of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, we shall sell a splendid collection of Oil Painting, by an cient and Modern master* of the former we name Salvator Rosa, Both, Puissln. Bolkman. Cavpel. Bold, Hutenburg, and many oth? rs : of the latter latter we name Col-, Willies, Searby, Cooper. Ansdale. I,ewls, Boyle. Richardson. Ac The above are from a collection of H N Bar low. Esq , of Philadelphia, and are really fine specimens of art The saloon will be open and the picture* on free exhibition dally until the ?ale Catalogues may be had at the Auction Rooms or at the Saloon. Terms : *50 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of (50 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest I feb 4?d J C McGUIRE, Autt'r By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FRAME HOl'SE and Let at Auction.?Bv virtue of a de?-d of trust duly recorded among the land records for Washington co inty, l? C., we shall proceed to sell, on TUESDAY, the 5th day of February. IS 6. on the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , part of Lot numbered one, (1,) in square numbered seven hundred and sixty-six (76ti ) The lot fronts on 3d street ea?t. between Virginia avenue and I street south. 25 feet, and running back one hundred feet The Improvements thereon consist of a two story frame Building, fronting on said lot 40 feet, with ' a depth of 2J feet, containing live rooms, with a six foot Hall Terms One third cash; the balance In six and twelve months All conveyancing at expense of purchaser In the event of a failure to comply with the terms of sale within five days, the property will be resold at the expense of fir". purchaser J NO Y l)ONN\ iTrn,te? GEORGE S. DONN.f Jan29-dt* C. W. BOTELER, Auct. By B W. FERGUSON A CO., Aucts Extensive sale ok gold and sil i ver WaU bet, Fine Jewelry, 4c. - We will sell, for the undersigned, at our store, corner of 6th street and Pennsylvania avenue, on SAT URDAY evening the 26th instant, at 7 o'clock p m , the above mentioned Jewelry, to which we particularly invite the attention of our friends and the public. This Jewelry Is of the latent style and most exquisitely wrought We name in part Gold ana silver Lever and Leplne Watches Fine ??old-plated hunting and open face Watches Lsdifs and Gents' fine gold Breastpins Cameo and gold stone set Earring* Gold neck, vest and fob Cha;ns Gold Bracelets and seal Rings Gold Lockets of every description Also, a large variety of small article* not enu merated. V1NEKE A LUTES. B W FERGUSON A CO., Aucts P. 8.?The above sale will be continued every evening until the whole Is sold. B W. P. jan 25-?d By A. GREEN, Auctioneer, FHAME HOUSE AND LOT at Anction. On TUESDAY, the 5th day of February next, I shall sell, at 4 o'clock p'm , in front of the premises, Jot No 19, In Square 367. having a front of art feet 6 inches %n N orth N street to the corner of 10th street west, ruflTiing back 120 feet to a 20 feet to a20 feet alley, with the improvements which are a good two story frame House, Stable, Ac Terms : One-half cash : the balance In 6 and 12 months for notes bearing Interest. A deed given and a deed cf trust taken. Title indisputable. A. GREEN. Auct. jan W?eoAds By J AS. C. McGU IRE. Auctioneer. ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, the seventh day of February, l:\ 4 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trist, dated 23d February. 1&55, andrecorded in the Land Records of Washington county, D. C , in Liber, J. A. S., No. 91, folio 311, Ac ,1 shall offer for sale one un divided third part, of the undivided fourth part, of the undivided two-thirds part, or Lot No 4, In Square 290. In the city of Washington This lot fronts on the north side of E street north, between 12th and 13th streets we-t. Terms of sale: One-third cash; the balance In six and twelve months, to be secured as may be required by the trustee. JOSEPH 1 RAVERS, Trustee JAMES C McGUIRE, dec 6?Iaw2m Auctioneer. ? NOTIl'E THE U N D KRSI GN ED H AV1NG SOLD OUT his stock of Hats, Caps, Furs. Ac (with a view of engaging in a larger business,) to .Mr B H S'.lneinetz, would respectfully recommend him to the patroiuge of the public I shall remain at the old stand for two weeks to settle up my business, and earnestly reqneat all those indebted to me to call and settle, as, after that time all bills remaining unsettled will be placed in the hands of a collec'or jan 29?2w JOHN T EVANS. fl ATS, 1'A PS, FI RS, Arc. 'pHE UNDERSIGNED WOULD RESPECT I- fully announce to his friends and the i public that he has purchased theentlre stock of Mr J T. Evans, jr . and will continue^ the HAT, CAP and FUR business In the store lately occupied by him. No north side Penn avenue, between lata and 13th streets Having manufactured for several years in one of the most fashionable *nd well tegulated Hat establishments in the District he feeis confident that he will be able to please In quality, style and price all who may favor him with a call A full assortment of gentlemen's dress black a'd brown Preach felt Hats; children's Fancy Hats. Cares Umbrellas, Ac. B H STINEMETZ, 236 Pa. avenue, bet. Pith and 13th sts. | Jaa 2H?2w IVORY HANDLE KNIVES AND FORKS, and Knives without forks Also, an extensive assortment of Pearl, Ivory and Horn Handle Pen and Pot k?i Knives, lmoorted direct from the cel t-orated manufactory of Joseph Rodgers Sons, and will be sold at very low prices, by E K LUNDV, Jan 15?tr No. 12f HrMgt *t . OeoriMown. ClitUH UKOT11EKS, BANKERS, BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURMSH DRAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Europe DRAW RILLS ON IRELAND FOR XI OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL B^NDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TOIE PAFEP. Investment paying 10^ and over, for sale. LAND WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale. LAND WARRANTS of all denominations. Land \Va?raiits located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. MATtt* II ITV 1 JVTEW YORK WINTER STY LES OF IN Beebe, LeaTj Ccdin, with other fash ionable CeutU'inen's Dress HATS, a full and complete asboittnent at LANE'S Mat, Cap And Gent's Fuxn. Stoie, 4)1 Pa. avemue. dec il?tf GOOD INVESTMENT WE HAVE FOR SALE THE FOLLOW ing Bonds and other Securities, which will yield the holder ten to twelve per cent, on the In vestment, viz: Orange and Alexandria Rail Bends Virginia and Tennessee do Illinois Internal Imp': bonds of 1847. The abotfe securities are unquestionably safe SWEENY, KITTEN HOUSE, FAN'i A CO., Jan 24?lm Backers, 352 Pa avenue. TVOTICE?THE PUBLIC ARE HKREBV 11 cautioned against purchasing a note given by William V. H Brown, and the undersigned, to Franklin Skinner, bearing date 13th of February, 1855, for the sum of five hundred dollars, and pay able twelve months after dale Said note having been fraudulently obtained, neither said Brown or myself will pay the same. GEO W. BOAR DM AN. jan 23?law3w? ^HAVING (REA>1, POMATUM. HAIK o Dye. Tricopherous, Hair Oil, Cologne, Brush es, Combs, Ac., at 306 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. J NO. F. ELLIS. Jan 56-tf M. HOFFA A CO , BEG LEAVE TO NOTIFY THEIR friends and the public that they will re open their Watch Repairing and Jewelry Store in the Star Bntidings, as soon as the slight damages dune to the store by the recent fire, can be repaired ; the state of the weather up to this time uavlng ren dered it lR3pu?sibte for ca/penters to work there, jan 12?tf __ NEW MUSIC received weekly at the Piano Store of JOHN F ELLIS Jan 29 'TUIE PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF A Henry Clay. 1 volume, octavo, 82 50. dec94?tr _ FRANCK TAYLOR CH A V I S G DISHES, DISH COVERS, ttoup Tureens, Soapstone Griddles, Plate Warmers, Game Roasters, Oyster Boilers, Slaw Cutters,Ac. Price* low 07 FRANCIS. Ian '?} Cth street. u TELEGRAPHIC NIW6, FROM THE ASSOCIATED PEERS by house rnnTim teleuraph. Weather in Ohio CixrwwATi, Feb. 4 ?The thannometer thiw morning at 7 o'clock stood at IS def. beloe tero. The ice in the Ohio is eighteen inohe* thick Destructive Fire SrRACriK, N. Y.. Feb. 4 ? Dillaye s block of stores at the corner of Saline and Fayette streets was burnt last night. It wa? or cupied by numerous tenants, all of whom lost their stock of goods. The of the Syra cuse Chroniole in the same block was. also destroyed The building was valued at S35.000. and were insured frr $22,000 Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Feb. 4 ?Navigation is totally suspended, aud the business is wholly eon fined to the trade; consequently nothing is do ing in Breadstuff* Flour?Holders aro ask ing *8 25 for Howard Street aud Ohio, but only $8 is offered There were no transac tions in grain, and prices are nominally the same as on Saturday Provisions?The stack is light, and receipts are coming in more slow ly; holders are firm at Saturday's rates Sales are small, and principally contned to the trade. New York Markets. New York, Feb 4 ?Flour has declined' sales of 300 bbls. Straight State at $7 77 ; good Ohio ?8 .'II ; Southern S8 91 Wheat is quiet and price hns nominally declined. A*8c per bushel since the arrival of the Arabia; sales of S2 Sou bushels. Core is drooping, sale- id 12.000 bushels Western mixed at h7c Pork his declined ; sales of 200 bbls , Mess SI 6 124c. Beef is dull; sales of ISO bbls Chi cago repacked, *14 50 Lard is a trifle lower . sales of 2u<? bbls at 10c Whisky is a trifle lower; sales of 400 bbls. Ohio at 34c. Stock Markets* New York. Feb. 4?-stocks are higher; Chicago and Rock Island 88, Cumberland Coal Company Michigan Southern |90| ; New York Central 93; Heading *6J. EVERY LADY THAT WARTS A CLOAK SHOULD CALL IMMEDIATELY AT MAX ?5 WELL A BRO.'S, as tbev are now selling their *19 CLOAKS FOR 91* SIS CLOAKS FOR R10 f 12 CLOAKS FOR S* ?10 CLOAKS FOR tS CLOAKS FOR SS *6 CLOAKS FOR 94. MAXWELL A HRO , 90 Pa avenue N U - Cloak Rooms In eeeond story. j an 31?eo3t MISS MORELY HAS Jl'ftT KBIKIVKD f onj New York, another lot of fashion- - able MILLINERY, which will be opened 4g\ on Saturday, at tiei rooms, 304 Pennsylvania avenue, up stain N. B ?Apprentice* wanted dec 7?tf (UOt KS. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. J GOLD WATCHES from S23 to * ISO SI LVER WATCH ES from to f35 CLOCKS from fl 25 to SIS Wateht^i and Jewelry at wholesale and retail at J ROUINtSON B 3;r. Pa avenue, opposite Browns" Hotel. N, B.?Cash advance!* on Watt Lea tube sold a: Auction >an 2S?lm OAGUEKRKO TYPING BY A LADY. MRS. A C REDMOND HAVING ADDED to her new rooms a beautiful Skylight, and engaged an Assistant Operator,/one of the beet In the District,) she intend* not to have her Pictures picellfd. if equalled, In the United States PIC TURES pu up In Embossed Cases for Fifty Cents, such as are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar. Particular attention paid to Copying Deguerre otypes, OH Paintings. Ac , Ac. Mr* R solicits the patronage of the Ladle* par ticularly Rooms?401 Seventh street, west side, be tween H and 1. Jan 21-tf PISTOLS.?A NEW ARTICLE. WITH RE VOLVING HAMMERS, Just received, ami for sale bv CAMPBELL A COYLE, jea l-iw* No 351 Penna aveaue. MARBLE HnKK MAKItLt Vi oKh FOR SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS ON HAND A variety of Americas and Italian MARBLE MONUMENTS, of beautiful design and highly finished workmanship, to which be Invites the attention of the public Persons In want of Mon uments, or any other kind of marble work, will find It to their advantage to give him a call. The marble and workmanship is of the best qualltv, and will be sold as low as similar work can be obtained at the North. Also, on hand, a large atock of highly finished MARBLE MANTELS, which will be sold at le duoed prices ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD. Marble and Brown Stone Yard one door from 13J{ street, op poult* National Theatre, nov 10?eo?m (Union) NEW JtWtLKT STORE. Daniel hirsch late of paris, has opened a new store of Frencn FANCY GOODS and JEWELRY, on Louisiana avenue, opposite Centre Mar-1 Set, (the store formerly occupied by Mr WlBlan.) to which the attention of the citizens is called. Hp keeps on hand BREASTPINS. EARRINGS, WATCHES. BRACELETS. KINGS,CHAINS, and a general assortment of JEWELRY. Jan 5?tf CHAUNCEY WARR1FIER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. A ND DEALER IN FINE WATCHES JEW - i\ ELK V and SILVER WARE, would respeet fuUv solicit the attention of those who desire a good article, to his choice variety of London. Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of t!me-keeplag and durable qualities, for which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase. GOLD SEALS. FOB and VEST CHAINS, FINE JEWELRY. SILVER SPOONS GOB LETS, CUPS, FORKS. Ac., for sale at N. York prices. The ChronotoKer. Duplex, Lever, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re paired Also, JEWELRY. Ac No 37V Pa. avenue, between flth and7th streets, Brown's Hotel Building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCH, jan *36?lm W ashington, D. C. I ELEGANT 51EW Y EAR'S PRESENTS ?* maybe found at T 6ALLIGAN A CO 'S dealers In fine Fancy Goods, Jewelry. Silver, En ? gllsh Plated Ware, Toilet Article*. Ac , Ac., 37l< Penn avt-nue. under Browns hotel. jtec ,HTKA HEAVY PLATED a TEA RETS. CASTORS CAKE BASKETS, Ac. We Invite attention to our assortment of the above (it ods, all of the he-rt quality and newest styles. a . Also, very superior ALBAFA FORKS, ffK DLES, SPOONS. Ac. These goods are all gotten up In so close an lm Itatlou ofsllver, as to defy the strictest scrutiny . M. W GALT & BRO., IfcH Pa. avenue b?tw Oth and 10th sts. Jan ? CHRISTMAS GIFT ! Robert schwarze has the plea sure of Infbrmlng the public that he is wei: prepared for accommodating the public In general with FRESH OYSTERS, put up air tight, for sending them to their distant friends in the coun try He also keeps constantly on hand a fine sup plyof PICKLED and PRESFRVED OYSTERS Please call on R SC1IW ARZE. rornor of lltb and E > treeu, or leave order* at his e*(abllshm?t!t corner of 10th street and Potomac rtver. Fourth vol. of macaclaY'I hir torv of England, 19mo Just received by FRANCK TAYLOR. Jan IS K TARE NOTICE. All w ho wish to keep warm and tuke care of their health will do well to call at LANE'S, who has a full stock of warm Under shirts and Drawers, Rocks, Gloves. Matters, and Robes and Shawls, and will sell them cheap for cash at LANE'S Genu Furnlthing Store, Pa. avenue. Jan 9 ACCORDEOFIS, BANJOS, GlITARS, Pianos, Ac at JORN F El LIS S. jan *# 386 between 9th and 19th