Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1856 Page 1
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; ? THE EVENING STAB, ftBLlSMKD EVERT AFTEKNOO:"\ {EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 4* the Sl*r BuilditfS. rcrntr ?/ P**nJ(r'????* ?w/im s?a EltTiitk Slrtit, By V. D. WALLACE, 1041 l?e s?rv?Mi tosal?Lrlben toy r-airina at SIX 4.ND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly lo the Amenta; paper? afnred In packa^es at 37# lrnb per month. To autl subscribers the sub ?criptlon price U THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a y^r ?? ?J?^?i,TWO DOLLARS f.j* ?lx months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; tor lew than thro* months at the rate of 14g oer.t* a \ZT SINGLE COl'iES ONE CENT VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 8, 1856. O * K W A R D?I will give the above mentioned reward for the apprehension and delivery to me, of ANN, a slave, who rails herself Am Johnson, and who ran away from me on Saturday night, the 9th Instant She is about *4 years old, 5 feet, four or five inches hlga. light black complexion with full round face, of good ftgure, and likely. She has a variety of clothing and took with her her feather bed and bedding WM F PHILLIPS, dec 10?eotf 5HJ New Jersey avenue. NKW YORK HAT#" IWISH ALL GENTLEMEN WHO ARE IN want of Hats to bear In mind that the plan which I adopted six months ago, of selling HATS and CAPS at greatly reduced prices, for cash only, Is In success ful operation, consequently those who pay ^ash have tb? benefit of cash, and are not charged twenty-live per rent, extra profit to offset bad debts The very bent and most fashionable DRESS H ATS, at 43 50. equal to any usually sold at #5, and the best #3 Hat south of New York ; and a first rate, durable, and fashionable Hat. Vi 50 A full supply of black and brown FELT HATS, and Children's Fancy Good*, at very low prices. Small profits and quick sales is the motto. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, Opposite Dexter's Hotel. I have made arrangements with one of the best boot makers In Philadelphia to be kept constantly supplied with the very best and mint fashionable French calf skin sewed BOOTS, warranted French calf, or no sale, which l offer for the un precedented low price of S3 ?>23f ? I have shown them to competent Judges, who pronounce them to be the best Boots for the price In the United States. I also havea splendid sewed GAITER BOOT, made of the very best French calf skin patent leather, all of the latest style, for S3 50. Competition is out of the question All I ask Is for gentlemen to come and see for themselves Terms positively ca*h dec 6?eo3m H. SLMK h>, Jeweler, 330 Pimm.i ?i t*Mt. betwtt* Vtk a Md l Or A struts. HAS RECEIVED AND OPEN ED THIS DAY a magnificent assortment of fine and A rich imported J EW ELRY, such as Flor entine and Roman Mosaics, Italian Lavas and Corals, Garnets. Cameos, and a vari ety of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any descrip Hon the very latest styles Also, a new lot of fine London and Geneva WATCHES, warranted timekeepers FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers, Ca^'ors. Cream* Goblets, Cup*. Forks and Spoons, (sterling.) Fish, Cake and Pie Knives, B itter and Fruit Knlve?, Sot:naid Oyster Ladles, Preserve. Sugur and Cream Spoons, Sail Cellars, Napkin Rln^s. etc., etc. SILVER PLATED WARE, ON ALBAf A. Castors, Baskets, Butterboats, t rue, Forks and Spoons. FANCY ARTICLl31. French Clocks. Dresden China Ornaments, In variety, Card Cases, Portmonnaies, Cigar Ca^es. And also a large assortment of SPECTACLES In Gold, Oliver and Steel Frames, to suit every eve and aye; Eye Glasses, Congress Specs, and Opera Glasses. ^7" We take pie. sure la showing our goods to tu whether purchasers or not. All our goods are warranted as represented, and will be sold at the lowest possible price. Jewelry and Silverware made to order; Diamonds remounted; Gold Pens repolnted, and Engraving on Stone executed at short notice. ifLronometers and ail kinds of fine Watches and Musical Boxe? put in perfect order at short notice. H SEMKEN, Jeweler, 3J0 Pa avenue, between irth and 10th its. dec I?tf IIS UAY & B' MARRIAGE UVIDE, DR YOUNG'8 POCKET -fiSCULAPIUS; Or, Every One his own Physician: ? KINfJ OBSERVATIONS on marriage ? M ej-call v and Pbiio^ophl'-allv considered as M AN HOLD'S EARLY DECLINE, with di recttons for Its perfect cure Bein^ a Con*ientlal client Friend and Private Adviser; followed by Observations on the Treatment of Venereal Dis ease*. Gonnorrhcra, Gleet, Strictures, Ac ; lllus n:ed With Cases Plates, and Diagrams, from Dr YOUNG S PRIVATE PRACTICE?to be con<i jt:-<d without exposure, and with assured confidence of su~ce-s. Only i5 cents For sale by the Ayert, ALEX. A DAMSON , on Seventh st , opposite Post Olr?. dec 24?Sm* t WVMM >lAI>t TO OH.DEK. Members of congress, citizens and strangers wishing to supply themselves with superior garments, inadetoorder are invited to ?;min?'our superior assortment of Doeskins. Cloths. Cas.lmeres. Silk. Satin and Velvet Vest lng?, all of which has be~n selected with an espe c lal vi?wr to the wants of our customers, which we will mil'' to measure In a manner inferior to none, at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices WALL A STEPHENS, IPa aver.ue, between 1Kb and 1Uth streets. Also, jirt Pa avenue, 3d door east of the Nattonal Hotel Jan* rpHC NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW ? A Published (Quarterly, on the first days of Jan uary. April, Julv, and October, In numbers of nearly three hundred pages each, at Five Dollars s year. Com. en s cf yo. CLXX./or January, 16511. A.t'elel. Life, Services, and Works of Henry W has ton " II. Bariol's Pictures of Europe '? III. Stitls'ics of Insanity In Massachusetts ** IV. Svdaey Smith 44 V. The Romish Hierarchy " VI. History of the Jacobin Club " VII. Varon's Memoirs "VIII. The Pacific Railroad 14 IX. American Poetry " X German Emigration t? America '? XI. Critical Notices. Tae North American Rev'ew has now attained its I roth number, having b?en published without 1 termlsslon for more than forty years It is far tas oldest American Periodi' al devoted to general literature and science, and its reputation has been steadily maintained both in this country and In Eu*ope. as the leading Journal of the United State* within its appropriate department Supplied f>r the publishers by FRANCH TAYLOR. Jan 15? CI91GHS, t'OLlll, fiOAtlSKNESS, Ac. OhitSONS predisposed to Pulmonary Aff?e tlons find '.ais the n: ?*t trying season, owing to the sudden changes Is temperature; yd by a little care, adopting warm clothing an t supply, tag themselves with a good pres? rip'ion ot cough remedy they may easily w_rd off wLal may else prove a da.'^ero is winter companion TY LER'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRUP has bet nM> long k.wwnaiid highly approbated as one < f our most innocent. y?t t &' aclous, plea sant. a; d since the reduction In price.) economi cal ran ed that It may be recommended and used with 'he utmcst corfideuce It 1> sold at 25 certs, or th'pe bottles In one. 50 cents Wholesale by PATTERSON A NAIRN ar.d STOTT A CO , and retail by most Druggists. In Alexan dria ov PEEL A sTEVE.NS; Georgetown by Mr CISHELL. nott OIKT bookstuke: A GKNERAl, SELECTION OF STANDARD -**? Uir.and Miscellaneous BOOKS ? ?r? s>? AND STATIONERY for sale at fjjlrjk HILBL'S S MUSIC DEPOT.cor-JVSSgg^W ner of Pa avenue and 11th street GREAT INDUCEMENT. EVERY PURCHASER RECEIVES A GIFT. Larh article is ?old at the usual reta 1 price, and f> r everv dollar s purchase a sealed envelope is buyer, containing t e name of some ? whleh is pr?-sent?-d on the spot Ainony the ' i Gold Watches, Jewelry, Music, Fancy and Toilet Article*. Ac H1LBLS MUSIC DEPOT. Corner Pa av and 11th st S. P. HOOV?Ri.<| *nd TrJink Est&blithmcnt, MaJl- Pa avenue, between ?th and 10th sss. I H>n^^ViUl,rdK<'UM;,.V::i) Fw* INDIES. ? JllSsKS. ar.d CHILDRI-Ni pi.h, Button. B iciskla, lined ftiattort' H? titd GAITERS Also, thlrk and thla Gaiters-f W ? Bronie. Black, and Colored, m ?i V* MC* ?-rth rf Ladies Alpine Button W.ltr? ? < "? -neb V\ hit? J*at!n ^jllrexlouj* ^1^1 PPK k r n' -hokh r^??,b ?Kwsrts SHOKS, of all descriptions; GenUemen's lit. biched GAf TERS. all colors: Boy', and Patent Leather and Calf BOOTS and SHOKS 8 <?' wi??, w?,, ?>?*tnnn, 1. I premises to Offer unusual inducements and r*. U ^ f. P HOOVER GUTTA PKK< HA TEETH. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN the habit of sending eur patrons to Dr. Cosby for Dental operations for a number of years, ana take pleasure In recommending him to the citi zens of Washington as the best tooth extractor and dental operator that we have ever met with. He Inserts teeth upon every plan that is practised In the United States. e?o. r. HoMm?i. M. I?. B. W. Towlaa, M D. A. V. P?yn? M D, DD3 John F. MlU*r, M. D. Junes Bf jr?nt, Ml) OF Ch??b?rlJn, M. D., DD3. C. H. H?rr1?, M D. Sunnel P. Browu, M. D. Wfth? Tlnaley, M D B. M. Francisco, il. D. Office over Ford A Bro 's, No. 290. corner of 11th street and Pa avenue. nov 97?6m* OUTTA PERCHA TEETH. DK O. MUNSON, AT 310 PA AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta, Percha Base. Also, with Allen's pat-J ent continuous Gum, combining beau ty. strength and cleanliness. Dr. M. Is determined to keep pace with every improvement In Dentlstry,and will strive to please and profit his patrons. RS7SKSNCS: Rev Dr Gurley, Hon. R H Gillet, Dr. Binney, Hon. S A Douglas, Hon. C .Mason, Dr. R P Patterson, Hon. A O P Nicholson, Dr. R Coolidge, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov *23?tf ? * MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND VISIT OR* TO WASHINGTON VRE RESPECTFULLY INFORMED that at TAYLOR A MAURY'S BOOK AND STATIO iV E RY STO HE, Pennsylvania avenue, near N inth street, they will meet all their require ments Their extensive stock, in addition to the following important works, comprises every de partment of Literature. Science, and Art. NEW BOOKS received Immediately on publi cation. Weekly importations from England. Calhoun s Works, 6 vols. Jefferson's Works, 0 vols. Webster's Works, 5 vols., Autograph edition. Everett's Orations and Speeches, 2 vols. Clay's Private Correspondence, 1 vol. S. S. Prentiss's Memoirs, 2 vols. Bancroft's History of the United States. 6 vols. Statesman's Manual, 4 vols. Hickey's Constitution, 1 vol. Jefferson's Manual, 1 vol. The Constitutions of the United States, 1 vol Elliott's Debates and Madifon's Papers, 5 vols. Marsh's Orators and Statesmen, I vol. Story's Works, 3 vols Lives of Chief Justices of the United States, 1 vol ' Lleber's Civil Liberty and Self Government, 2 vol?. Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry, 1 vol. Kennedy's Life of Win 2 vols. Garland's Life of John Randolph, I vol. Party Leaders, by Baldwin. 1 vol. De TocqueviUe's Democracy in America, 1 vol. The Federalist, 2 vol. Crlmke's Nature and Tendency of Free Institu tions, 1 vol. Constitutional Text-Book. 1 vol. Carey's Past, Present, and Future, 1 vol. Seaman's Progress of Nations. 1 vol. McElligott's American Debator, 1 vol. Future Wealth of America, 1 vol. Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol. Every description of American, English, and I* rench STATIONERY of the finest quality, at the lowest prices. Visiting Cards engraved and printed with the greatest promptitude TAYLOR A MAURY'S, jan 8?tr near 9th street. T O P H A >1 tc NORFLET'S NEW AND CHEAP SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORE, 4W Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. /*: A MESSRS. TOPHAM, flB^^Llate of Philadelphia, and M^^NORFLET of this city,. ? respectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladles' and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES and WHIPS HARNESSoi every description, both for city and country use. All Kinds of TRUNKS. VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladles SATCHKLS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS,and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS. COLLARS, and HAMES Horse,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac .Ac ' All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either fur style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Fasticular attention paid to covering Trunks and repairing alx kinds of work Saddlers' tools constantly on baud, nov 7?tf MOKE NEW (iOODS. JOHN H. SMOOT, NO 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street, near High, Georgetown. D C has received an additional supply of Fall and Winter GOODS, making his assortment very complete. In his stock will be found a first rate assort ment of? Ladles' Dress Goods Black Moire Antique Silks Moire Antlaue Cloak and Dress Trlmmlu^s Rich striped and Moire Antique Sash and^Bonnet Ribbons Swiss and Cambric Bands, Collars and Sleeves Black and col'd Cioths, for Cloaks Stella, Brocha and Bay State Shawls With a tood assortment of the best makes Flan nel*. Blankets, and Dry Goods generally. My stock being desirable and cheap purchasers will find It to their ad vantage to cill beftre getting fully supplied. J. H. SMOOT BOV 13-tf TACTILE IVORY.?JUST RECEIVED, sev *- er~. exq ilsite specimens of his manufacture, including "The Descent from the Cross," after Rubens; "The Flight into Egypt;" " Adora tion of the Wise Men;" " He^d of Christ," after Domenichino?Madonna; " Kcce Homo," Ac., specially adapted for Christmas preiw^nt.M, at TAYLOR & MAURY 8 doc 'il?tf Bookstore, near ftth st. WIGS A*D TOUPEES. /CITIZENS AND STRANGERS ARE RE Vy spetufuliy informed that the best assortment of A IGS and rOUPEES are to be found at HEARD S IIAIR DRESSING ESTABLISH MENT ardWiG MAN Ul'ACTORY, Sixth st. NatloiW Hotel. Wi geJad Toupees made on tie shortest notice. Ah*o vgotd assortintrtt of Lcdies Back Braids Jusi arrived fiom New York. dec il?eo3m COSF1H WAUKKOGBZ. i.c. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., (7NDER.VA ? KERS--resldeaceAlb Seventh ?"'<-t betMa g end II streets. Interment < procured Jr. uy?T9ni er cemetery. Coffins, Ccps, Sbsouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every article for Interments of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the roost rtasonable terms, and at all hours of the eight Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the iead for any length of tine. Jy 11?ly JONAS P. LEV*, IMPOSTS* AND DSALSS IW WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AND FINE GROCERIES, GeneralCommiaaion & Forwarding Merchant *1N?F?ANCE AND B1LL bkokek, Xo 1.1 Pa av , two doors below U.S. Hotel, .. W'biisstos Cijt.D. C. L.?Country Merchants are requested to jrtve me a call before purchasing elsewhere. oc 2-1^ A GENERAL INVITATION TO EX ami' e one of the largest and best assortments of Parlor Grand, Square. and Boudoir PIANOS ever exhibited to a Washington public Pernors wishing to purchase, will find that they can b-? accommodated on the most liberal terms, by early application at the Music Depot, Star Buildings GEO HILBUS. Agent Constantly In receipt of NEW MUSlC. , dec 24?tr (tOLT'S, ALLEN' IIOBBINS, and LAW J rence A Co.'s patent revolving hammer, five and six barrel PlsTOLS. Also, a good assort ment of single barrel Pistols, from 75 cents to each. American RAZORS of the beat quality, every razor warranted. For sale by 1 E. K. LUNDY, dec 11 No 128 Bridge street. Georgetown CAABAS, WORK BOXES, CHINA GOODS, ' CARD CASES, PORTEMONNAIES, Ac., aUMXI Pa avenue, between 9th and '0th streets, dec 20 JOHN F ELLIS. MACAILV'K HISTORY Of ENGLAND, vol 3d, this day received JenH FRANCH TAYLOR. oruciAL. Treasury Dktartmknt, Dec. 1, 1655. Notice lu hereby given to ho'ders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of SI,SUM 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of J one next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of ten per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1947 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the act of commonly called Texas-In demnity stock, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 1846, redeemable on the Pith November, 1946, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of2)< percent.; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and if received after the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of 1% percent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, if assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed in addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's interest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theassistant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. tv. PISTOLS.?A NEW AKTlCl.E.WITH RE VOLVING HAMMERS, just received, and for sale bv CAMPBELL A COYLE, Jan 18-3w* No 351 Penna avenue. ALL THE NEW BOOKS PUBLISHED received and for sale, at SHILLING TON'S BOOKSTORE Caspar, by the author of "Wide, Wide World." The Mysterious Story Book, or the''Good Stan Mother 1 Lances of Lynwood, a new juvenile book, by the author of the Heir of Redcliffe. Travels, Voyages, and Adventures of Gilbert Go ahead, by Peter Parley Mimic Life, by Mrs. Ritchie, formerly Mrs. Mo watt Widow Bedott Papers The Hunter's Feast, or Conversation around the Camp Fire, by Capt. Mayne Rtld, author of the Scalp Hunters. Ten Years among the Mall Bags Fanny Grey, a history of life in a series of si* beautiful figures, the neatest and most delight ful gift for children that we have seen. Blank Books and Stationery of every descrip tion, at the lowest prices, for sale at SHILLING TON'S Stationery and Bock Establishment, Odeou Building cor. Pa av. and 4# st. dec 31--tf WNOTICE or POSTPONEMENT. E ARECOMPELLED TO ANNOUNCE to the subscribers to the PRIZE EM BROIDERY RAFFLE, that we shall have t*> postpone the dr ?wing for a few days, on account of there being still a number of chances not yet liken Those persons wishing to subscribe will oollge us by giving us their names early, as we do not wish to delay the drawing any longer than we can help We will state the day fur drawing in a future advertisement CLAGETT NEWTON, MAY A CO., Jan 14 Cor. Penn avenue and Ninth street CHEAP EOITIOS. TH1KD AND FOURTH VOLUME OF MA caulay's History of England, bound in one volume, full muslin Also, the other editions us published. The Americar Almanac tor l-i56 All the New Hooks, as issued from the press, received arid for sale by GRAY A BALLANTYNE, Ja'^ IS 4?e 7th street. MADAME DEVOS FROM PARIS ASD NEW YORK. Madame dkvos' millinery has ak rived, and is now opened for Inspection at THE LAKES, No 501 Pennsylvania avenue to which the attention of the ladies of Washing ton, Georgetown, Ac. is respectfully invited. Jun -^1-lf WARNER'S POCKET REVOLVERS^ Small, sure, and effective Also, Allen's and Colt's Revolvers and single barrel Pistol* G. FRANCIS, dec 31? 4HO Seventn st. REMOVAL. The subscriber would mos* re spectfully Inform his customers and the public generally, that he has removed his Store from the south to the north side of Pa. avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets , where he will keep a full and well-selected assortment of the best and latest stvle of F R ENCH CLOTHS, CAS8IMERES, VESTINGS, AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. As the excellent business stand will enable him to doamach larger business, he feels assured that he can furnish Gentlemen's Garments on more moderate terms than heretofore. Having practiced for a number of years in Germany, England and France, he is confident that he r an please all those who may favor him with a call. Feeling grate ful for past favors he soilciU a continuance of the *ar?e. G. F. SCHAFER, nov 12 Merchant Tailor. ;JL JR LA S. P HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe and Trunk Establish ment, I HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOR LA ? dies', Gents', Misses', and Children's SNOW OVER SHOES, Gum Boots, Gossiuier and Sandals. Also. Buckskin lined Shoes, double sole and water-proof Boots, all of which I will sell low for cash All In want please call and examine for your selves- S P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, bet. Wth and 10th stt., Pa. av. Jan 10 TWO SUPEKB PIA.Nos RECEIVED this week, which, in addition to our usual large supply, makes our stock the most complete In the city. Give us a call if you wish a good and cheap instrument. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa avenue, between ?th and 10th sts dec 28 it AN EXCELLENT SHAVE."?This re i* mark was made by Mr. Jones after trying one of my American Rainapo Razors. Others have said the same after using my Tally ho, or a Double Carbonized I XL. There are no tears shed while using one of them? Razors. G. FRANCIS, dec 31 490 Seventh st. BOYS' WINTER CLOTHING. WE HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED A

large addition to our usually extensive assortment of first quality Boys' and Chlldrens' CLOTHING, which we will offer to our custom ers and the public at unusually low prlce?. Our stock consists In part of? OVER COATS and TALMAS Fine cloth ROUNDABOUTS and JACKETS Fine and common PANTALOONS Silk. Satin, and Merino VESTS White and coiored SHI RTS UNDERSHIRTS and DRAWERS CAPS, SUSPENDERS HOSIER Y, Ac , Ac Making our stock of Boys' and Children's Clothing very large and complete. WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa. avenue, bet. Vth and tut* st-eet Jan 11 next to Iron Hit'll STUART'S CANDIES. JUST RECEIVED, PER EXPRESS, ONE case of Stuart's celebrated STEAM CANDY, consisting of Sugar Plums, Vanilla Cream, and other kinds. For sale at Z M. r. KING'S, 206 Vermont avenue, corner 15th and I sts. ?0V * BALLS, &c. IJISTRUCTIOM 171 UA1CH0. MONS. J COCHEU BE8S LEAVE TO 1N form the citizens of Washington, George town, and vicinity that his second quarter will commence on the '26th Instant. Those who are desirous of favoring him with their patronage are politely invited to make early application, that they may bp prepared to participate In his next May Festival, on which occasion he intends In troducing (as an addition to those already Intro duced by him) several new and characteristic dances. P. 8.?Mom. C. being free from any engage ment every morning during the season (except Saturday) offers his services to ladles and gentle men desirous of receiving private lnstrucflon at tketr residence. Orders left at the Music Stores of Mr Zantzln ger or Mr. Davis will be thankfully attended to. jan 23?l in i BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DHAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Europe; DRAW BTLLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SFLL BONDS, STOCKS, * OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPEH. Investment paying 10^- and over, for sale. LARD WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTS of ail denominations. Land Warrants located in Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 83-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. Clocks, watches and jewelry! UOLD WATCHES from S2J to S150 SILVER WATCHES from 9b to *35 CLOCKS from gl 25 to $15 Watchea and Jewelry at wholesale and retail, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. N, B.?Cash advances on Watches to be sold at Auction jan 25?lm EPERGNES AND PLATEAU. Large Plated Waiters, OYSTER TUREENS, Dishes, Cake Baskets, Bowls, Superior Cutlery, Silver Tea Sets, Pitchers, Waiters, MANUFACTURED AND FOR SALE BY SAMUEL KIRK & SON, QOLD & SILVERSMITHS, 172 BALTIMORE STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. jan 31?lm CHAUNUEY WARBlilER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. AND DEALER IN FINE WATCHES JEW ELRV and SILVER WA RE, would respect fully solicit the attention of those who desire a good article, to his choice variety of London, Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of time-keeping and durable qualities, for which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase GOLD SEALS, FOB and VEST CHAINS, FINE JEWELRY. SILVER SPOONS. GOB LETS, CUPS, FORKS, Ac , for sale at N. York prices. The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever. Cylinder, Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re paired Also, JEWELRY Ac. No. 379 Pa. avenue, between 6tli and 7th streets, Brown's Hotel Building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCH, jan '36?3m Washington, D. C. EVERY LADY THAT WANTS A CLOAK SHOULD CALL IMMEDIATELY AT MAX ?3 WELL A BRO.'S, as they are now selling their #18 CLOAKS FOR *12 SIS CLOAKS FOR *10 812 CLOAKS FOR S10 CLOAKS FOR #6 3S CLOAKS FOR S5 S6 CLOAKS FOR #4. MAXWELL A BRO , 32S Pa avenue. N B - Cloak Rooms In second story. Jan 31?eo.1t O United States Patent Office, > Washington, Jan 22.18.^6 \ N THE PETITION OF JOSEPH H BUR ROWS, of Cincinnati, Ohio, praying for the extension of a patent granted to them on the 23d day of April, 1812, for an Improvement In '?MlllStones,'' for seven years from the ?xpi ration of said patent, which takes place on the 23d day of April, 1856: It Is ordered, that the petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 7th of April next, at 12 o'clock m ; and all persons are notified to ap pear and show cause, if any they have, why said pe ltion ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all tt-stlmony tiled by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case wili^fee closed on the 27th day of March; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be filed In the of fice on or l>?fore the morning of that dav; the ar guments, if any, within ten days thereafter Ordered, also, that this notice be published In T York; and Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 7th day of April next, the day of hearing CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. S ? Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, witn a paper containing this notice, jan 23?law3w MARULL WORK? MARiSLE WORK ! FOR SALE. HE SUBSCRIBER HAS ON HAND A variety of American and Italian MARBLE MONUMENTS, of beautiful design and highly finished workmanship, to which he invites the attention of the public Persons In want of Mon uments, or any other kind of marble work, will find it to their advantage to give him a call The marble and workmanship Is of the best quality, and will be sold as low as similar work can be obtained at the North. Also, on hand, a large stock of highly finished MARBLE MANTELS, which will be sold at re duced prices ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD Marble and Brown Stone Yard one door from 13jf street, opposite National Theatre, nov 10?eosm (Union) A LUNATIC'. ?TRUEMAN DE MOTT, A Lunatic, with sandy hair and florid complex ion, escaped from his home and friends in the town of Ellery, N. Y., some time since, and, it is thought, will endeavor to make his way to \Y ash lngton. His relatives are most anxious to obtain information where he Is, and any one who may hear of him will be suitably rewarded for drop ping a line to the editor of the Star. an 23?tf ROGER'S PEN KNIVES, warranted geu uine, bought personally from the manufactu rersin Sheffield; ladles and gentlemen's patterns, of one to four blades, In buck, ivory, and pearl handles. [Jan 8J FRANCK TAYLOR. OPERA GLASSES?The largest and cheap est assortment in the city at JOHN F. ELLIS, ?i6 Pa. ave?ue, between 9th and 10th sts. dec 31 tJHAVING CREAM, POMATUM, HAIR C5 Dye, Trlcopherous, Hair Oil, Cologne, Brush es, Combs, Ac , at 306 Pa. avenue, between ?th and 10th streets. JNO. F. ELLIS Jan 96-tf * rilHE PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF -1 Henry Clay. 1 volume, octavo, 82 50 dec 24?tr FHANCK TAYLOR EVENING STAR. DYING ADVICE OF HO* MB 8MIBK Simon Smirk was on his death-bed. His son Samuel waa standing by his aide ; and while be was holding his father's hand, his father spoke to him as follows : " Sammy, I am dying?at the age of fifty five I wish you to pay striat attention to my dying advice!" "Father, I will." " And I wish you to follow my advice after I am dead." " I will, father." Sammy, the neighbors and all my friends tell ma 1 haven't an enemy in the world, and I believe 1 haven t. I want you to under stand why I haven't. It's all owing topoli cy, Sam ; policy, and nothing shorter. When I was of your age, my boy, I was as poor as a broken down village horse, turned out to die. Age has at last broken me down, but I aint poor, tbank policy ! Follow my example, and you will become richer by far than your father, Sammy, and die without an enemv. as I do." ' Samuel wept as in duty bound, but grief and his hankerchief choked his utterance, so he sail nothing. ''It has always been my policy," resumed the dying Smirk, " to avoid giving ofience to any one. No matter what people said or did to me?or any one else?right or wrong?I have always endeavored to forbear and sub mit, wherever I could; to be calm and cau tious on all occasions, and to avoid the exhi bition of any sign of resentment. By long experience in this course I have found that by persevering to agree with everybody, skil fully, is a sure eventual guide to universal popularity." "But have you never had any difficulty with any ono ?" ?'Not since I was twenty one," said the dying man, gasping for (breath. " Reach me a little more water, and wet inv lips. They are too parched to speak plain. There, there. ' he added as his son obeyed him. " that will do, and you shall be initiated into my inva riable and invaluable policy. Be deferential, Sam, deferential, and control your temper, and flatter whenever you get a chance?have a bow, and a smile, and a word, and a shake of the hand for everybody?mark ! for ex'try body?and then you will get along."' ^' But I mustn t be friendly to villains, must " Friendly ! humph ! be friendly to no body?seem so. \ ilia ins . they compose two thirds of the community, aod are the most in fluential. As for the other third, though it is well enough to keep their good opinion, they are only subordinate agents in the build ing up of a man. But don't get affronted with them. Oh, no, Sam; never do that! Never kick a dog unless you are sure he has not any owner, then kick away, if you like/' Though his father was dying. Samuel could not help smiling at this language. " That's right, "taid the elder Smirk; "I like that. Smile again, Sam; smile agaiu. By smiling L have gained many a friend. But be careful you^lon't smile at the wrong time. A smile is a powerful weapon, but it must be used with judgment." "Do you know, Sam, why 1 was always such a favorite with the women?'' "No, father." " I was always careful, in the first place, to feel my way with the women; took care to un derstand their characters, their sentiments, their particular vanities and hobbies, kee ping m> own idea? in the bask ground, until I could coincide with their9. I always took care never to speak disrespectfully of the sex. I never, in the presence of a woman, called a woman a 4 woman'or a 'female.' I had but one name?ladies?for all the feminine gen der." " How did you do when they differed, and asked your opinion *" " I would agree with one. and at tbe same time wink at tbe others slily, as much as to say ' 'tis all humbug, what I am saying.' If a woman was ugly, I'd praise her intellect. If she didn't know anything. I'd praise her virtue. In this way I seldom missed the mark; for it is very seldom that you find a woman that is ugly, immoral, and a fool in the bargain In fact, it is hard to find any body who hasn't some good point, or who isn't susceptible to flattery in some way or other; and a man must be a fool, who, determined to flatter, and make his flattery acceptable, can't seize hold of some merit, in mind, heart, form or face of the person he wishes to please, and feigning to admire it, make that person friend ly." " Must I be stingy, or liberal ?" " Oh, be liberal ?be liberal, by all means," said tbe dying man with a ghastly smile? " that is, in sentiment. Whenever a generous deed is done, exalt it to the skies. Alw iys praise generous people. Clap your hands for philanthropy, and then clap them in your pocket and keep them there."' "Suppose a beggar asks alms of me, or I am called on to contribute to some charitable ob ject?" " If any person begs, say ? certainly, my poor* worn an,' or ' my man.' or' my child,' and then quickly feel in your pockets. You will find no money, of course; but you must say, with a sigh, and a tear in your eye, if you can scare up one, *J 'm really ashamed to own it, but. unfortunately, I haven't a ccnt about me ' If you don't get a ? God bless you' for that. I'm mistaken. I never found it to fail." " But a subscription ?" "Kead the paper, praise the object, but say that you have just subscribed for more than you could afford, for another object of a simi lar nature. If the applicant believes by this that you are in a charitable line, he will let you ofl, whereas, if you refused out and out, without an explanation, he might abuse you behind your back. I have made myself a great reputation for benevolence merely by re fusing to subscribe in this way. This 'is a queer world, Sam." Here the old man was seized with a violent fit of coughing, which nearly took him out of thi.s queer world. ' i fear, father, that talking so much will be fatal to you," said Samuel. "No, no,'* resumed his father,''I'm de termined not to die till I get through. As I was saying, Sammy, this is a queer world, and you cau t get along in it without reli gion. ' "Without what!" exclaimed his son, in amazement, lie had never mentioned reli gion before in his life. " Without religion. Hiro a pew, by all means. Talk religion occasionally?you can get the hang of it. Profess?and practice when you are obliged to. But, at any rate, profess : it helps a fellow along in business. I got some of the most profitable customers and best friends by professing religion. Pew rent is no object when you come to think of that." " But if you belong to a church you will have to defend its doctrines; and religious controversies create enmity, don't they ?" "Sometimes. But whenever I found that I was getting into trouble on account of my religion, I was always careful to yield a point or two, smile in a Christiaulike way. and then back out of the scrape. That's the way to do 1 v. It is best, I suppose, to be some kind of a politician inquired the son. "By all means; bat take care and always be on the strongest side. You can, though, be rabid as a nad dog in your views, when no body but your side is present; affect to be very liberal in your sentiments when you talk with these of an opposite political creed. Mankind love a liberal man ; and it-you flat ter your foes you disarm them." "There's a g< od deal in that," observed Sammy, musing j, reflecting upon the many existing instances of its truth. That there is," responded the sick man, nearly exhausted, and hit lips as pal* as ashea. THE WEEKLY 8TAJL This ?*nell?t retail v ul Nivi J I?I IM r I?*TT ?lTlf<| IrfUMiiiniiwiinf 1h?1 Ma be found hi any other?la puMtefce* om laltf day Borulag vfcVM. FiTCMMi 00 T(1 oopla.m.m 0 ~*wwity copies* ???????????????????????????? ?\! w K7 Gill, INVARIABLY III 4AT4RCI Single copies (la Wi?ppe^> een be weee ?? at the counter. '.mro?i lately after the hrte of tt paper. Price? Tain Omnrs. PoiTmiTim whoaot as agents will he Move a oommlasloa of twenty per oetrt 44 Doable dealing, done well, will fix the flinta of evorv body. When I lived in Squealbury? ? liog^uh set there, Sam?1 war a great guu. I wa? a generaT^Jfcbvaita, owing to my man age men t? and I had money Hley were go ing to baild u town hcuee There were two parties, each tavonng a different site. They sent commutes to ask my opiaion. At the parties were about equal m numbers and In fluence. I hesitated at first which tv favor" 44 And how did you overcome this dtoculty*" 411 told the committees that if they woul4 call a meeting of both parties. I would giva them my opinion That meeting was oalled. and I went. 44 Smirk ' Smirk' Smirk !*' they all cried, and I aroee, and after compliment ing the rowdies generally, the town, tie char acter, and 6o forth, disclaimed my right either to the di?tingui;bed honor conferred on me. or to deliver my opinion on the subject f was a native of Squealbury. I said, and no meddler. I would not express my preterence or opirion. I had confidence that the intel ligence of the Squealburians would enable them to choose for themselves, and. with great affected modesty. I bowed and withdrew, in the midst of the cheers of both parties " 4* That was well done, father. said Sam, admiringly; "and that wa? the reason you were elected to the Legislature !" " Ye?,'' said the senior Smirk, faintly ; 44 I made a hit. My noble-mindedne** became proverbial. I was compared to Cincinatuf and Washington, and nut up for representa tive, and ejected by both parties. Do as I did. Sam, and you will prosper oh." 41 God bless you, my dear father! what a the matter ?** " I am going, Sam. I shall ba off in a min ute ! Call in the ministers and the other bores, quick! but remember policy, Sam, policy! And with the unfinished word, whieh had been his guided star through life, upon hi* Hps, Hon. Simon Smirk expired Intelligence of hia death was telegraphed all over the Union, and a great maay edito rial obituary noticea were written upon hia, ending with '? None knew thee but to love thee, None name thee but to praise.*' iiow Blows was Eccbbred ?- Not at all akin tothia, but Rome way suggested sinoe I have been writing, is a little oocurrence which took place up here in the mines not long ago. It was a case of law. One man sued another for a small debt, and on the trial the attorney for the detendant made the following speech. Of course I do not uae the eorreot name1 The testimony was all in?everything was ready, and the defendant's attorney r >se to his feet: Gentlemen of the jury," said he, t'I warit to tell you how this debt waa con tracted Here is Mr. Brown, my client, who used to go into the store of Mr. Smith in the evening after he had done hia day's work, and Mr. Smith knowing he could beat him would ask him to play cards; and when they were through, and he did boat him. he would oharga Mr. Brown with the value of the article they played for. whether it waa tor drinks, or a oiled shirt, or what not. That's how this debt was contracted. Now. gentlemen of the jury* ought my client to pay tt? There he is, you all know him. poor one-eyed Brown, a hard working man, a man who gets his bread by the sweat of his brow; and there is Mr. Smith* picayune Smith, got one-eyed Brown to play cards with him. shped up on tke blind side of him andeucheied him.' By the way a'biled shirt.' in mining parlance, means a whit* >? one. |y Wecan recommend the following means for keeping lips smooth. Get a lemon an4 having cut it in two parts, rub therewith the lips frequently daily, and more particularly before exposure to the open air. Ey A Baltimore lawyer has discovered that Julius Caesar was the author of Kent's Commentaries ' He proves it by Shakapeare. In King Henry VI., Part II., Act IV., scene 7th, occurs the following line - 41 Kent, in the Commentaries Cesar writ," Ac 'Tho dealers in fruit in western New Yor? are said to be much troubled by the di minishing effect that the steam from the loco motives has on apples which they send per railroad So powerful is this agent of motion that it has been known to force apples out of the barrels and cram them into the mouths of the brakwnen The came of Teetotalism is said to have originated in the 6tammeriug of a speaker at a tcmpcrance meeting, who declared that nothing would satisfy him but t-total abstin ence. The audience eagerly caught up the pun. and the name waa adopted by the cham pions of the cause 13T A poor widow, whose property induced her to lay a door upon the top of her bed clothes, with the idea that the weight of it kept her and her little aon warm, bad retired one cold night, when the little child, nestling to ber s&id, "Ma. what do poor people do who have no doors to put on their beds 7 1 Texan Game.?Sporting Stranger?Newly arrived in Texas?44 Any game hereabouts, sir Texan?4* Recken so, and plenty of 'em. There's bluff poker, and euchre, and all-fours, and inonte, and jest as many others as you like to play ." \3T It is mentioned that the Roman Catho lic Synod of Ihurles, have made a very im portant regulation with regard to mixed mar riages of Roman Catholics and Protestants. Henceforth, no such marriage will be allowed, unless both parties sign a declaration to tha Bishops, that they will bring up their children as Roman Catholics. LP" An Irishman and a Frenchman were to be hanged together. The latter was strongly affected by his situation, while Paddy took it very easy, and told bis companion to keep up his pluek. for it wa- nothing at all to ba hanged. 4-Ah," replied the Frenchman, 4,zare be o* c grand difference between you and me, for ze Irishmen arc used to it." rP* An individual remarked lately that be was sorry the art, known to the ancients, of putting men to sleep, and keeping them in that state any length of time, without physi ical or mental injury was lost to the world, be cause he wanted to go west, buy a lot of land, be put to sleep, and after fifty years wake up and find himself rich. Laly Mary Duncan was a rich heireas, and Sir William Duncan was her physician during a severe illness. One day ahe told him that she had made up her mind to get married, and upon his asking the name of u>e fortunate chosen one, she bade him go home and open the Bible, giving him the chapter and verse, and he would find out. He did to, and thus he read, (> Nathan said unto David, thou art the man " Spiteful.?The editor man who wrote tha following, probably got a sniff of the article which has exercised his wrath : The lovers of pleasure got up a ball and evening's entertainment at the Rockhill House recently, and we are informed that some mean, contemptible, soulless, (iod-forsal*nt tier 11 possessed irretch sc alter a 1 cayenne pep per over the ball-room floor. LTA vary loquacious female witness, whom the opposing oounsol could not silence, so far kept turn ai bay, that by way of brow-beat ing her, be exclaimed, 4* Why, woman, there is 7//ass enough in your face to make a ket tle.'' 44 And sauce enough in yours to fill it," aba promptly rejoined. Logical.?Julius?Sam. did you eber no tice what a good place de Park street berry in' ground would be for a hotel ? Sam?De landlord couldn't make much mo ney out oh one dar. Julius?Why ? Sam? Ka.-e dar would be too many dmu^ heads about it.?Boston Postt