Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Şubat 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Şubat 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASH HUT 0* CI T Y : PR IDA Fekrwary S, 1M6. U7" Advertisement* should be banded in by It o'otork, m., otherwise they may not appear until t.i? nest day. |^- Auihti ?oa tii Star ?The following nan *d parsons are authorized to contract tor the pabiIcaiion of advertisements In Tm Stab: PkUaltlvkia?V. B Pilxh, novthweet oor ner of Fifth and Chestnnt streeta Jk'iw York?8. M PiTiiiism i Co.,Nimo street Boston?V B Pimi?, Scollay's Budding. U7" Joe PawfTiae ?Oar friends and patron* are notified that we are now prepared toexeoute every kind of Joa PaiNTwe with despatch and In the beat manner, at prices an low as In any other odoe In Washington. Job Printers arealeo notified that we are prepared to do every descrip tion of preen-work that ean be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-presses So, also, has the Star office a Book Bindery connected with U, equal In Its capacity to tun out book binding of all deeorlpttions to any other In the District of Colombia SPIRIT OF THE MORHING PRE8S. The 1'nion announces that both houses of the Maryland Legislature have agreed to go Into the election of an United States Senator on the 14th instant, to supply the vacancy to ? rise from the expiration of the term of Sena* tor Pratt on the 4th of March, 1857. But for hia act of deliberately aiding the election of Mr. Banks to the Speakership, over Mr. Aiken, the Hon. Henry Winter Davis would probably have been the fortunate aspirant. He has, however, adhered to his old procli nties cn the slavery question, as thev were under stood to be by many, when a resident of Alex andria, Va., before his removal from thence. The sentiments which he practically avowed in thus indirectly aiding to elect Mr Banks, render the idea of electing him to the Senate of the L nited States from a Commonwealth wherein such interests as those of Maryland prevail, wholly inadmissable. To do so will surely be to inspirit abolitionism at the North, and to invite it? politicians to redoubled ex ertions against the constitutional rights of the alaveholding States We do not believe that Mr. Davis, under existing circumstance*, can obtain ten votes for the Senatorship. The Union also argues the question of the future political position of the southern Know Nothings. It strikes us that there can be lit tle doubt on that head. The course pursued by the northern (nominally) National Know Nothings, in virtually aiding to elect Mr. Banks over Mr. Aiken, to the Speakership, seals the fate of the organiiation at the South, so completely, as that it is very questionable whether they will venture to run electoral tickets there next fall We believe that every one of their representatives in Congress real ise the necessity upon them to choose between the Democratic party and the Republican party in the next presidential canvass, and are prepared not long hence to range them selves avowedly under the Dsmocratio banner. Next week they will necessarily be compelled to commence voting, and etherwise labor ing shoulder to shoulder with the Demo crats ; after which their transmutation into members of the Democratic party?most of them having already repudiated the great Northern Kn^w Nothing shibboleth?hatred to their Catholic fellow citizens?will be easy ?nought. The InflLtgtuetr is devoted to news to-day. New asd Biactifcl Music.?Friend H'l bus is now engaged in publishing a series of the most popular waltzes, polka*, quadrilles, marches, gallopades, quicksteps, Ac., extant, designed as parlor amusements ? Thelialllo pade Vjuadrille" and the celebrated " Sara toga Polka,' both capital pieces, are just issued The Ice Blockade. We shall keep oar readers advised of the < breaking up of the ice in the navigable waters hereabouts?a subject in whieh many have a deep pecuniary interest. Puiladkli-uia, Feb 7 ? A meeting of mer chants is now in session at the Kxchacge, to provide measures for opening a channel through the ice. The city ice boat is engaged in breaking her way down to the steamer City of New York, from Boston, which is fast in the ice near Red Bank, with her propeller broken. The thaw which set in since mom-ng continues rapidly. Capi Islamd, Feb. ft?5 P. M.?The ice is still bad here, vesels cannot get to the break water or out of it. Weather cold. Wind N. W fresh. Baltimore, Feb. 8 ?The ioe still remains firm in the harbor, though it must soon disap pear after a few days like yesterday. The work of opening the track for the relief of the steamers of the Cromwell line, and the William Jenkins, of the Boston line, was yesterday prosecuted with vigor, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather. Very good success attended the effort, and it is confidently expec* ted that during to-day the Boston steamer will be reached, and she be enabled to come up through the track to the city. The track will be opened to the others, some distance below, and if nofurther obstructions interfere, the Relief will proceed to Annapolis as she seemed yesterday to be making good headway without the aid of ice cutters The heavy ram. with the warmer atmosphere, will soon weaken the ice so that she will have no diffi culty. Ball at Annapolis. We fled in the Baltimore Republican the following account of a Legislative Ball given at Annapolis on Monday evening : ' The Legislative Ball took place at the As sembly Rooms, and we recognised the musicians as being of Volandt's famous band, of Balti more. The members of the Assembly most active in promoting the success of the affair were Col. Sotheron and Berry, of the Senate, and Messrs Wickes, Tower, Bowie, Brook and Partridge, of the House. It was a most bril liant affair, and affected us so sensibly that had we been in full dress (which the non-arri val of our baggige prevented) we should have mingled in with the beauty and fashion, then and there, '"chasing away the hours with gliding feet Among the mtiiy beautiful iad amiable ladies we remarked Miss S?r, Mrs T?*i of Cumberland, Mrs W?r, daugh ter 0fbne of our M Cs; Miss N?s, of the fcaste/o Shore; Miss K?y, Mrs. D?n, her sister Miss D?y, Miss R?t and Mrs. Gov. Pratt. There were man v others, but our space too limited to notice them in full. Lieuts. Wood, Franklin, Smith, Phillips and others, from the Naval Aosdemy, including Mr Rebb. fruirerly of Boston, were in full uniform, and contributed greatly towards the picturesquness of the scene There was also a fair sprinkling of legisla tors and many eminent civilians, all of whom united in going through twenty-four figures, commenting with a quadrille, and ending with the graceful And beautiful Redowa. Tw? kmudrrd hearta beat fcappll??and when Music arose with Its voluptuous swell, i*oft eyes looked love to tye* that sp -fee again. And all weat merry as a marriage bell 1 am comfortably domiciled with the two Messr*. Walton's, who have relieved the wor thy Cot. Walton?their father, of the cares and anxieties of the business of keeping the City Hetel, and who are maintaining the splen ? did repatatiou possessed by him, of contribut ing to the wants of the "inner man " WASHINGTON NEWS AND 008SIP A Deplorable Aocident to Gen Ciu ? At 1 o'clock, p. m., to-day, Gen. Cass, in de fending the granite steps of the great portico leading into the rooms of the Interior Depart ment, fell, and injured himself Tery severely indeed, cutting his head. He bled profusely. Assistance was rendered him as soon as possi ble, under the supervision of Dr. Garnett, who was immediately called in. As soon as Dr. G. oould dress his wounds, he was carried on a mattress, by hand, to his lodgings, a4 the Na tional Hotel. At the time we went to press, it was utterly impossible for us to obtain satisfactory infor mation relative to the injury he has received further than that it is very severe. Those who immediately surrounded the bed on which he was transported to his lodgings, seemed to think his situation critical, all will I b? deeply pained to hear. P. 8. We hear that Drs. Garnett, May, I and Boyle, all of whom were fortunately near by, were called in, and did all that they could for the relief of the unfortunate gentleman, whose situation is critical. The Mexican Drafts ?We are glad to hear, { and we are sure that all who value integrity [ of dealing on the part of States with private citiiens, will rejoice with us, that General Almonte, the Mexican Minister, has received instructions to raise the protest of his Govern ment against the payment of the drafts of the late Government of that country against the I last instalment of the treaty of the Mesillia I due to sundry citizens of the United States for I monies actually advanced. A considerable portion of the amount covered by the drafts in question is said to have been paid yesterday, at the Treasury. Believing that this case involves muoh of the future ?f the extension of our foreign com- i merce safely and profitably, we have felt I great anxiety that the enterprising American I houses of Hargous and Aspinwall and others interested in these drafts, should not be losers through such malfeasance on the part of the Mexican Government as was certainly antici pated not long since. It recent action through I its minister at this point has, however, hap- I pily relieved its reputation from the stain, in this connection, that seemed likely to res. I on it. : The Formation of the Committees?As usual after the election of a Speaker, the I army of persons surrounding Congress, inter- I ested pecuniarily, directly or indirectly, in its legislation, are on the qui vivt to shape the I selection of the various committees of the I House. It is to be expected that gentlemen involved as principals or attorneys in the fate of measures which they know are to be passed I on by Congress, will exert themselves to their J utmost, through friends whom they believe to I have influence with the new Speaker, to have I the committees who are to decide on their I cases preliminary to the action upon them of the whole House, so constructed as to be /nost I likely to report in favor of their intertsts. I This occurs around every legislative body in the world, and as our country has been in- I creasing in prosperity and wejflth and i?the extent and variety of the private interests I locked up with those of the public^t has year by year been increasing at this point, until the skill and the talent employed, and the I ramifications of the oombinations of that skill 1 and those talents to control the legislation of I Congress without permiting the body to know I how it is being done, confessedly baffles the I astuteness of all the shrewd and energetic I members who set their faces against such I practices. Honorable gentlemen who fail at nothing else, find themselves mere novices in the mat- I ter of contending against the unseen and ap parently unaccountable influences that are I brought to bear to shape the action of Con gress where private interests are deeply in volved. They feel their weakness, however, when opposed by such combinations ; and with mortification realize the steady progress in I our land of the great antagonist of practical I liberty and civil equality?special privilege. On Monday next the new Speaker is to name I the various standing committees of the House. I nearly naif of which are to be charged with the investigation of subjects that, if dis posed of without duo consideration, or with l out constantly keeping in view the con servation cf the great principle of public and private justice, not only the public treasury, but private interests may, nay, surely will, be injured to the extent of many millions of dollars for the benefit of en terprising individuals, many of whom make a trade of speculating in legislation. We know a oase occurring some years ugo, in which, on the recommendation of tho ablest and most venerated legal names of the coun. try surreptitiously obtained, a Judiciary Com mittee were induced to report a general bill to effect the final decision of a particular case that had long been before the courts. Of ooursa, the members of the committee were not permitted to know for what particular purpose they were being used ; nor, indeed, to know who were using them. We refer to this example by way of illustration ot the fact we endeavor to elucidate above. The construction of the Committee on Pat ents soems this year to be the chief cause of solicitude on the part of the army of drum mers by whom the doors of Congress are now surrounded. Efforts will doubtless be made to ; compass the renewal of sundry patents, for the use of which alone, the public of the United States are now paying an aggregate of perhaps some five millions of dollars an nually. It will be perceived that their aggre gate value, if renewed, is some |$70,000,000; all of which it is proposed thus to drag out of the pockets of the people of the country, by Congressional legislation. While we do not take ground against the renewal of any and all patents indiscrimi nately?as to do so would be to violate the spirit of our patent laws and the principles of justice?we are opposed to combinations to compass their extension, as well as to the ex tension of such of them as enter, in their ap plication to the necessities of society, into general u*e, under eircumstances wherein the patent.,. ?r tllelr receiyeJ , remuneration from the ,,ublio. or h.d which they b.,c negated or triaeJ th.' JTl "T" "" "M ?* "We* the people of . ?ngl? Congressional district are taxed SoO.OOO per annum, and others for the use of which the people of each Congres sional district are taxed an average or at least $10,000. Such a state of thingscould not possibly exist without affording the paten tees or their assigns full and fair opportunities to have amply remunerated themselves for the time and money invested in perfecting the particular invention!. Those aro the clashes of patent rights to secure the exten sion of which such combinations as we de scribe above ure made. Public opinion is emphatically against com pliance with the demands of parties asking special legislation in their favor in such cases : and with great justice, indeed. There can be no question as to the propriety %f zealously guarding the public interest against the fuo cess of such schemes of legislation, by the construction of the committee of the House who are to guido the action of the body in a great moasure, in patent cases, so as that thejpublic 1 opinion to which we refer, shall be fairly and emphatically reflectod in the sentiments of its members. If a majority of that committee fail to be gentlemen rigidly fixed in the pur pose of guarding the public interest in all they may recommend the House to do, with the industry and adroitness of those who will take in charge private interests in such cases at work upon them, the country will be saddled with a tax of many millions annually, that it should not in justice be called on to pay. The Great Queition ?Very little real busi ness can possibly be consummated by the House before June next, owing to the condi tion of the minds of the members on the slavery question. Every gentleman who fights under the ??ntiNebraska banner seems to be full, to the throat, with a set speech. With few exceptions they are new members, and, of course, have not yet learned the wisdom of saying as little as possible in the Hall; the members who effect much, being, as a general thing, those who eschew bunkum speeches, and devote themselves sedulously to the task of disposing of actual business, as it arises in the due course of their sittings. The set speeches of these gentlemen must, of courso, be answered, if but to correct the evil effect of having their views go out to the country undisputed. Thus, we look forward to seeing the House hall devoted for the next three or four months to the purposes of a de bating society, wherein all subjects but the one interminable, are to be tabooed. The Ne braska-bill party have great advantages in parliamentary experience and familarity with the public history ot the country, which will be found of great importance to their cause. We might name a dozen of them, who, as a body of debaters, are superior to any others that have stood ranged together in the Hall on any one question, within at least ten years past. They will make sad havoc with the ar guments of their inexperienced opponents; more especially as their friends seem disposed to leave the management of the case on their side almost wholly in the hands of those ge n tleiuen. Genuine Americanism ?Last week we took occasion to publish a report from a Brit ish official on the result of experiments made, under the orders of the British Quartermas ter's Department, with the American corru gated iron military wagon body, wherein its vast superiority over everything else of the kind was froely admitted after demonstra tion. We find in a late Liverpool journal the following account of recent experiments made in that city with an American metallic boat, constructed of corrugated iron, with air cham bers, which we lay before our readers with great pride; insomuch as it demonstrates un mistakably our national progress in a most important branch of the useful arts. It will be recollected that the use of these boats for the purpose of saving life on the coasts of the United States, has already decreased the dan gers attendant on shipwreck in this quarter of the globe nearly one half! " America* Metallic Boats ?A very ex traordinary trial of the strength of the cele brated "American metallic boats'" took placo. on Thursday, in tho Huskisson-doek The Collins' steam-ship Baltic, as well as all other American steamers, is furnished entirely with these boats. On the deck of the ship, is one of the largest boats stowed upside down. She i. the dimensions of tho longest size man of-war cuttcr. A strong man with an axe, having a long handle, struck some twenty blows on her bottom, in one spot, with all his strength, without being able to mako an indentation! Any one blow Would have gone through a wooden boat One of the boats was then put on shore and rolled and tossed on tho cobble pavoment, with all the strength of six men; then lifted up, many times, on end, and suffer ed to fall, with groat violence, on the stones. She was then thrown overboard, and rowed many times against the stone-pier, end on, with all the power of four men, and one to guide her All this did not injure the boat or cause her to leak. These boats have been on tho Baltic ever since she was built, over five years since, and will last as long a* the ship, without repairs; betides having the ad vantage of being always tight, and ready for instant use, and are tire proof. The govern ment of tho United fltatej have lined their coast with tho metallic boat?, mostly on ac count of lightness, and being able to dart over reefs and rocks to board wrecks." Oif ? Tho adjournment over of the House afforded a large number of the members the desired opportunity to leave Washington on short trips to- their respoctivo homes or neigh boring cities, which they have eagerly em braced. The cars jesterday afternoon took off quite a host of them bound north, east and west. They will, of course, be back among us early next week, when the business ot the session will commence in earnest. The Door Keeper's new Appointment!.? We understand have all been made, already. Qttiok work . Secu Hiitm, art em, 'pon honor. There are more than two hundred and fifty applicants disappointed. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 7th of February, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... $09 908 13 For the Interior Department 3.479 86 For Customs. . 13,589 04 On account of the Navy 62,250 00 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the debate on Mr. Hunter's report from the finance oommittee on directing the finanoe Committee to prepare and report such of the general appropriation bills as they may deem expedient, was continued by Messrs. Hunter Tooms and Toucey, for it; and Messrs. Seward! Sumner and Wilson uguinst it; and it was agreed to. next8 Sonat? then ^jon'ned until Monday In the House, Mr. Campbell's, (of Ohio,) motion to reconsider the vote by which the House had on the day before determined to Sroceed to tho election of a public printer ir. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to postpone tho further conside-ation of the subject until Mon day next, and advocated his motion in order to afford an opportunity for the House to act ?enate "joint resolution to appropriate ?i,&00 to purohase wood for the poor of Wash, ngton. an?at? McAiullin> Jones of Tenn., Houston r ^re?nwood sustained it. propoeed *th2* ?f 1?Ib debftte' Mr- ? "enwood ansmx- % OTSa States ; bat objections being made, he'wss not permitted to more a resolution to that end. The farther consideration of the subject was informally postponed to permit Mr Nichols to introduce a resolution directing the Clerk to pay all the officers and servants of the House the several sums due to them up to this time; which was agreed to. The Houie then adjourned over until Mon day next. PERSONAL ....Sara Felix, (Rachel's sister,) will give a concert in Charleston, S C., this week. ....Matthew Hale Smith is now a newspa per correspondent in New York. ... .Old King Cole, was a descendant of An thrac'te, and his jolly old soul was nothing but shoe leather. .... Mrs. Banks entertained the citiiens of Waltham, Mass , after a public celebration in honor of her husband's election. ... Hon. Millard Fillmore was in Rome. Italy, by last accounts, sitting for iiis bust in marble to Bartholomew, the celebrated Amer ican sculptor. .... Douglas Jerrold's son, who emigrated to New York, has " vamosed'' to California, leaving his young wife penniless among stran gers. .... Mr MoElrath, of the New York Trib une, has purchased the Waddell Mansion, on Murray Hill and Fifth Avenue, for the pur pose of occupying it .... Mrs. (love Nichols, is a native of Golfs town, N. II. Her maiden name was Neal. She married Thomas L. Nichols, Esq , In 1848. .... Mr- Hale, one of the proprietors of the Journal of Commerce, has purchased the farm at Aurora, on Cayuga Lake, recently owned by Mr. Lewis Avery. .... Mr. Manager Buckstone, of the London Haymarket, has ventured on the perilous ex periment of reviving in this prudish age the sterlingold comedy of tbo " Beaux Strategem." .... Sergeant Adams, the well known Lon don magistrate, is dead in the 70th year of his age. During the twenty years of his tenure of office as a magistrate he tried 31,000 pris oners. .... S. S. Stubbs, ex-Mayor of Norfolk, lost a little daughter on Monday last by a painful accident She was so severely burned that sho expired after two or three hours of extreme suffering. .... Samuel Rogers, the deceased English poet, has left a fortune of i.25,000 Besides this very comfortable maintenance his pictures and other art-treasures were worth ?40,000 more. . ...Ggm. Sutter at his Sacramento valley farm is trying the experiment of sinking an Artesian well for pure water Several at

tempts have been made in this valley and failed. .... Rev. Dr. George B. Cheever is about to have a colleague to aid him in his arduous duties connected with Church of the Puritans, in New York. ....Mrs Letitia Lincoln, who was arrested in New York, for obtaining money to benefit orphans, and kept the money for her own use, and who was let out on bail, has been sur rendered by her bail to the proper officers, and been committed to jail. ....Alexander, Emperor of Russia, is now occupied with the organisation of a numerous body of rifles, the campaign of last summer having shown that these special corps are those most likely to render real service, and now the best soldiers of the entire army are being recruited for this purpose. ....Lucius Manlius Sargent, Esq.. the author of the " Dealings with the Dead, '' has long been known to the public as the father of some beautiful " Temperance Tales.'' He is u man of fortune, and lives at an elegait country-seat in Roxbury, Mass , where many choice paintings and a large library evince the otium cuwi dignitate of the philosopher. ... .The Countess of Blessington was born in J 1788. Her maiden name was P^wer. She married when only fifteen, Captain Farmer. He died in 1817, and in the following year she married Charles John Gardner, Earl of Bles sington, who died in Faris in 1829. Lady Blessington died in Paris, in June, 1849. .... Dr Oppert of France has spent two year* on the site of old Babylon, examining the cuneiform inscriptions on the bricks and slates. He states that this famous old city, in the days of its grandeur and power, covered rather more than area of 200 square miles, being about two and a half more than the site of London. But all this space was not inhab ited, there being immense fields to supply the city with corn and pasture in case of siege .... Ida Vannard, a noted Sacramento cour tezan was tried there iu 1S53, and acquitted, on charge of murder. The charge of the Judge and verdict called down a shower of the severest censure on all concerned, as she had stabbed to tho heart and killed iu cold blood, >a female of like character, anl without the least provocation. This woman had lived iu the city since, and a few evenings ago, getting angry at a company of fi ve men in her parlor, she drew a knife and stabbed one and then drew a pistol aud shot another of the party. Bjth are recovering, however. She has been arrested three times, and twice discharged on bail; but each time her bonds were unsatisfac tory to the court, though parties of consider able property. She is again in custody and likely to remain so till tried for the crime. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gkorgktows, Feb. 8, 1856. No definite conclusion was arrived at yes ter day by the Presbytery in Regard to the resignation of the Rev. Mr. Atkinson, as pas tor of the Bridge street congregation. After discussing the matter for some time, the Pres bytery adjourned to meet again in Baltimore on Monday next, and R. S. T. Cissel, Dr. McKie, and Judge Dunlop, appointed as dele]! gates, and Amos Young a- elder, to attend said meeting. A fire occurred latt night, between 11 and 12 o'clock, in a frame building near Water street, oocupied as a cooper shop. The build ing, together with a quantity of staves, Ac., and the tools of Mr. Robertson, the occupant, was entirely consumed, Jt is supposed that this fire was the work of an incendiary. The weather continues moderate with every indication, this morning, of a settled rain. Seven thousand dollars worth of tho stock of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank was ?old yesterday at private sale at 70c. This sale shows a considerable rise in the value of this stock during the last year or so. The last dividend declared by the Potomao Insurance Company amounted to 10 per cent, for the last six months of the year 1855. The flour market presents no material change. Sales small, and confined to the re tail trade?held nominally at $8.25a$8 50. Wheat $1.70aS1.75 for red and white of good qualities. Pork from wagons S7.75; From ?tores ?8. Spectator. |y An editor, describing a lecture to the fair sex, exclaims with enthusiasm, "Three thousand ladies hanging an the lips on one man!" NOTICE?THE FIVE TAYLOR BROTHERS' Grand Concert will take Rlace at Odd Fellows' Hall on MONDAY EVE IING next Tickets *S cents?can be had at the Mu tic Stores and at the door on the evening of tbeConcert. Mis? Mary E Darlky, or Baltimore, will as sist tbeni. Also, a celebrated Pianist. feb8 l. H. TAYLOR, Director. ?-2fePOOR BALL?NOTICE?All per ?CB sons who have received tickets for the late Ball given for the benefit ol the poor, by the Washington Highlanders, are respec'fully notified that the Committee of Arrangements being de sirous of closing up the returns without delay, will esteem It a favor if they wl 1 forward their contributions to the Treasurer, Oapt. Jho. Bain, Patent Office, or hand them to Messrs. White and Wii.son, who are appointed to collect In all outstanding tickets, Ac., Ac. JOHN BAIN. Captain Washington Highlander*. feb 8?2t? -r-??N OTIC E?THE BOARD OF 1)1 rectors of the Union Choir Association are requested to attend a special meeting to be held at tbe residence of T. J. Magruder, No. 4SS K atreet, between 6th and 7th streets, FRIDAY EVENING, the 8th Instant, at o'clock. Tbe attendance of every member of the Board ledeslred. THOS. E. LLOYD, Sec. feb 7-St .SMITHSONIAN LECTURES ?Prof CHACE will deliver one more Lectu?e oa "The Artof Warming," on THIS (Friday* EVENING Lectures commence at s o'clook The public are respectfully Invlud to attend, feb 3-lt __ fit. DOMINICK'S CHURCII -KM Sunday, the 10th instant, at 4 o'c lock p m., the Rev. J "Bran*, Pastor of St. Matthew's Church, will preach a Charity Smrr.on In St. Dominick's Church, corner of F and #th rtrcei*. Is and. for the benefit of th" Poor, relief very much needed at this time fcbS-U .THE REV B MAGUIRE. PKESI _ dent of Georgetown College will dt livt-r a Charity Sermon for the benefit of the poor, on Sunday next at I0)f o'clock, In Trinity Church, Georgetown. Never has there been an occasion of so much distress as is now exhibited in our Town, and it Is hoped that this appeal will In duce the generous and charitable portion of the District to attend. feb 7 3t* REMEMBER THE POOR ?THOSE gentlemen who have promised to aid in relieving the poor of the First Ward, as well a? ail other residents of the Ward who are desirous of contributing to the relief of suffering humani'y in this freexing weather, but who may not have had the opportunity of doing so presented to them heretofore, are respectfully requested to send their contributions to the Treasurer, J. W EASBY, No 150 G street, between 90th and 21st streets, feb 4 Lost?on Monday nioht, at thk Ball of the Montgomery Guards, a Broska Shawl, with red middle; a Urge plaid Shawl cut in two halves ; and a brown Cloth Cape. Also, two green, one brown. and one blue Vell; a brown merino Hood, lined with red silk, and a pair of ladies' Morocco Boots Anv cne returning the same at FLINT'S, or a this office will be liberal ly rewarded feb 8-lt* LOST, BETWEEN THE NATIONAL and Browns' Hotels, a small leather back Pass Book with R Cunningham in large letters on the back. The finder will be liberally rewarded bv delivering itat Browns' Hotel, or No 15 Cen tre Market ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, feb 8?It* Notice?my wife, louisa wood ward, (colored,) having left my bed and board and her three *mall children without my consent and approbation, I hereby forewarn all persons agalnsteither harboring or employing her In any manner or form whatever. The said Louisa Woodward being mine both by marriage and pur chase, I am determined to enforce the Jaw agalmt anv and all persons who may disregard this no tice. JOHN H. WOODWARD. Georgetown, D. C., February bih. febS?3t# FOR SALE OR to HIRE-For a term of ye rs,alikely voung NEGRO WOMAN ? used to housework." Also, a very likely N EGRO BOY, about 16 year* of age For particulars ad dress a note to uJ T W," Washington, D. C. feb t--2t? SAVING OP ONE TON OF COAL IN THREE. CALL AT SAVAGE'S, AND GET ONE OF his COAL SIFTERS and ASH TUBS, com plete in one They are warranted to save at least , thirty-three per cent., and can be used in the ( house. J. L. SAVAGE, Sign of the Gilt Saw. Henna av , feb 3-lw between 10th and llth stt. [Intell. Ac News] USEFUL ARTICLES. PLATE WARMERS, TOILET SETS (Gilt and Japanned.) Brass, Copper. Japanned. an<1 Common COAL HODS, FEATHER DUST , ERS, very cheap. OYSTER DISHES, and mam i other goods; all of which will be sold at astonish l lng low prices. Call and examine, at J. L. SAVAGE'S, Sign of the Gilt Saw, Penna avenue, feb 6-lw between 9th and lOlh at*. [Intell.A News ] NEW BOOKS. The day star of american free dom. by G L. Davise. I Life of Washington, by Irving. Private Correspondence of Henry Clay, by Cal ton. Diary and Correspondence of Amos Lawrence. Lives of the British Historians Kate Western ; or, to Will and to Do. Ten Years among the Mail Bags. The Three Marriiges, or Life at a Watering Place Lances of LImwood, by the author of Hearts ease. Casper, by the author of W. W World At MISS THOMAS S Book and Fancy Store, No. 8-> Bridge street, near F ront, 6 eorgetown. feb 8?3t* A CARD. The undersigned, intending to make a visit to Havana on the 15th instant, for the purpose of consummating a copartnership arrange merit with J . B. Belt, Esq., formerly of this city, but now, and for the last nine year*, a resident of Havana, would re*pectf illy request all th'se indebted to him to make settlement pre vious to that date. The trade and the public generally are informed that I have on hand over 200.000 CIGARS, prin cipally of my own importation, which will be sold very cheap for cash or good paper, as I wish to make room for a largt* invoice of goods whl< h 1 shall bring with me on iny return. Also, on hand a large and superior assortment of UK AN DIES, WINKS, WHISKIES, GINS. Ac . which will be sold at greatly reduced pri ces Dealers or others desirous of importing any par ticular brands, styles or qualityof Cigars can Lave their ordt-rs promptly and faithfully executed by leaving them with me previous to the 15th Inst. EDWARD C. DYER. Pa. avenue, bet. 12th and 13th streets, feb s-dt 15th NOTICE. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A FULL SUP ply of splendid French Calf Sewed BOOTS of Phila delphia make, and am selling them at the unpreceden-.ed low price of S3.62. Question?How Is!t done' Answer?By doing a cash busi ness only, meet with no losses, but give each customer full value for his money. We do not believe In taxing the customer that paya his cash down for the losses sustained by the credit sys tem. I also have a first rate French Calf Patent Leather Boot for S3 50, equal to any usually sold at S5 or S6. 1 will btt 8'00 to fc.V) that they are ?he bebt Boots and the best Gaiters that are kept for sale in a regular way in the Uni'ed States. I will bet SI OH to $50 that my Boots and Gaiters are made In Philadelphia by good workmen, ex pressly for me, and not an Imitation article as some boot and shoe dealers have reported, who knew no more where thty came from than the man in the moon. My assortment of HATS and CAPS Is com plete A splendid Silk or Moleskin Hat at *3 50. eqi al to any at S4 or So ; a first rate Hat at $1 and one at $2.50; all fashionable and of recent make Felt Hata, black, brown, and claret, very low for cash only. Small profits and quick sales Is mv motto. Let it no longer be said that Washington Is tae most extravagant place In the country to live a. when such bargains can be bad. ANTHONY, Practical Haiter, in 7th street, opposite Dexter's Hold, feb 8?Jit* near Pa av^nuT tas V WAS DROPPKD ON TUESDAY NIOHT the 5th Instant, a gold Bracelet, in front of the door of Secretary Davis, corner of l6ih and G streets. Tho finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at this ofilce. feb 7-tft* Lost?on -Monday evening, at the Assembly Room, between 4# and 6th street, a large double blanke: Shawl?one half a mixed gray, the other half red and green A suitable reward will be given if left at the Star office. feb 7-3t? CAITIO N?CIRCUMSTANCES AGAIN compel me to notify the public that my youngest son, Charles Lammond, is the only per son authorized to collect money or transact busi ness on my account. feb 7 3t LAMMOND, Sr ,7th st. ALENT1NES AND ENVELOPS* Also, Toys and Fancy articles suitable for presents, In great variety and at fait prices for sale oy feb 7-3t LAMMOND, Sr., 7th st. The royal ralendak for i?b, being the "Blue Book1' for England. Ireland 1 Scotland, and the Colonies; giving full lbts of all public functionaries. This day received from London FRANCK TAYLOR. rtb 7 ONE DOLLAR REWARD ?RANAWAV from the subscriber on Sunday evening. 3d Inst., a Black Boy, ramM ALFRED DELANY. IB year* of age, about 5% feet high Was dressed I In blaca Cloth Coat, V?-st and Pants. All persons I are forwarned from harboring or trusting nim as the law will be eaforced against all such. feb 7-3t? A. LEE, Feed Merchant. Lost yesterday, in or about the Hall of the House of Representatives, a Poli cy of Life Insurance which had been seat on to be executed. The large white envelope in which it was enclosed is addressed to the owner. It is of no value whatever except to that person. Th finder will receive many thanks by leaving it at the Star office, or with the Postmaster of the | House of KeprwontaUvea. feb 7-tf AMUSEMENTS. URtND rOFH ERT, AT ODD FELLOW.*' HALL The Five Taylor Brothers Respectfully announce ??> 'be dtlaenr of Wash* Ineton that thev Intend gtrtag one of their POPULAR MUSICAL ENTER TAIX M KM* At the above Hall, on nu^BlY iViNINfi, Feb. 1Kb. Assisted by Ml** VARY K DAR LE^ . Balti more'? fhrorite Vocalist The celebrated Pianl*t, Mr CHAS. MTEIFF will preside at the Pianoforte , Ui Ticket* 2* cent*?to IxUiad at the Mu*ie Store* and at the door on the evfttim of the Concert For particular* see programme* ^ ISA IAH H TAYLOE. feb 8-4t* Dlrecttr THE FOUNDEY CHOIB. Assisted by itMf ef th* tnlented Pro fessors and ( boriatrra a( W??l ia|t?a, WIT.L OIV* A Concert of 8acred Music, AT UNION CHAPEL, 40f A Jfsesf west, bttirttn H ami/ I ttrttti nsrrA. On TUESDAY EVENING, Feb. l?th. tO* THI BISaflT Of SAID CHCBCH. Cards of admission IS centa?to be bad at Grav * Ballantyne'a, 7th street; B. W R**d. Ward ; A G. Rldgely's Drug Store, FJret \\ ard, Welch 4 Wilson, George'own feb s- 3t? NATIONAL THRATKR Li??I( AMD MAKAeil....HlRtT C.JaSBITT (Alaoof the Baltimore Museum ) 0ta<s1 MaNA6tit<aa*?<**?<****.Mr J micas or ADmiaioR. Dress Circle and Parauette 50 cents. Family Circle, second tier *4 ** Gallery 50* 5fc?c. No extra charge for Reaerved Sent* Private Boie- can be obtained Bo* < i?ce ?pen Saturday and Monday from ? until 4 o'clock First appevue* In this city for four years of th? talented and fascinating young Actresses, MISSES SUSAN AND EATE DEWIN MONDAY EVENING. Feb U, P-5G, Will be performed ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo Miss Susan Denm Juliet M1m Kate Denln To conclude with the YOUTH WHO NEVER SAW A WOMAN. Colin ...Miss Kate Denln Kill* Miss Su an Denln Doors open at 6 k o'clock p.m.: curtain *4*es at o'clock precisely. feb ^-3t K. WINTER'S GRAND EXHIBITION OF CHEMICAL DIORAMAS, CRYSTALLINE VIEWS, CHROMA TROPES. METAPHORSES, fee. AT FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN, Commencing THURSDAY, Jan. 31. A Day Exhibition on SATURDAY AFTER NOON, at 3 o'clock. Full particulars in small bl lis. jan 31 ANTHONY BULHLY, UNDERTAKER, Siiep nnd Residence No. ' 03 P*nn. ?rente, senth side, between 9tta nnd lOtb ata., Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniencea fort properly conducting hl?- bualness, would respectfully Inform the public that he is fully pr-pared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFJN8 of all sues, always on band, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms As heretofore, no pains will be spared to glee entire sa'lsfactlon on all occasions. N B.?Resid ntf cn the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours. feb 7-ly ___ EPERGNES, FRI'IT STATUS AND PL A* TEAL'S. WE HAVE RECEIVED THIS DAY AN assortment of the above article*, and also opeieda large invoice of magnificent PEAR I. NECKLACES. BRACELETS, P4NS and EAR RINGS, of the richest klrd; CORALS, MO SAIC.and CHASED COLD JEWELRY, Of the latest styles: together with a vari-ty of SI L V ER WARE, suitable for presents We respectfully solicit a call. H SEMKFN, Jeweler and Dealer in WatcLe> an-i Silverware, No. 330 Pennsylvania avenue, between ?tto and 10th streets. feb 7-tw AGENCY OF THE Keystone Insurance Co. of Pliiladtlriiia. ' Capital $300,000! VNNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR entU.nt' January 1,1^?. Assets of the Company, consisting of Bond< and Mortgages on unencumbered r*al es tate Silo.#** ?o Stocks of other Corporations, worth par fo 6*20 uu Cash on hard.... 31 -"*> Bills receivable, consisting of Marine note-< and short loans S3f"> iU3 70 Stuck notes ?tt,M R ?t,31? TO e?lS,?20 00 Whole receipts for premiums during the year fll?8U Paid for losses and expei.ats during the year 71,133 04 P M MORI ART V, President J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Risks (hanged from other compani? - to this No charge for policy fee Enaulre at he ?fine of J. E Kendall.over K Morrow * ExcLangeOffice, first door West of W. B.Todd s Lil store on Pennsylvania avenue. ft-b 7?3m DAY1P MVEELl:, Agent For sale?a handsome, gexti.k. epirited, sound saddle and harness Horse will be disposed of on very accom modaiing terms, at HI RAM WRIGHT'S Stable, Union Hotel, Georgetown feb 6-3f LOST?ON SUNDAY, the 3d instant, between the Alexandria and Washington de pots, a Memorandum Book, marked -Diary 1-55.' A suitable reward will be paid feb6 3t HUGH LATHAM Lost?on the 3d inst., betw een St. Matthews' Church and the corner of lfeth and M streets, a Purse, containing about ?16?one ten dollar note, and balatce In gold. A reward of five dollars will be ?iven for the return of the same to B. H. CLEMENTS, House and Sign Painter, Pa avenue, between 17th and IBth et? feb 6-3t* YTIW BOORS AT TAYLOR * MAURY'S Dunlop's Digest of the Laws of the United States, I vol, complete, ?7 SO Macaaiay's England. 4 vols complete for fl. feb 6 Bookstore, near >th at. Russia red leather.-for sale, 1.000 skins, by HENRY A GAINE, 27 Coruhlll, Boston. Ma?s?chuNetts feb 6-d3w* SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CO NOR ESS, STRANGERS, AND CITIZEN'S OF WASHINGTON, Are hereby Netified that ear GREAT SALE OF BOOKS, AND GIVING A SPLENDID PRESENT To each purchaser, will continue until SATURDAY, Feb. 16th, AND POSITIVELY NO LONGER ' WE PROPOSE TO SELL A LARGE stock of Standard and Mlwellaneous Literature within that time, and give to the purchasers more than half of the amount of money Invested In the shape of Elegant Presents, varying In value from 85 cents to SuO. Our stock consist* in part of Encyclopedia Americana, 14 volumes Jefferson's Works (cloth * half calf) ? volumes Webster's Works (Library) 6 do Irving's Works (library and cloth) 15 do Bancroft's History U. ft , 6 do National Encyclopedia. 6 do English do Knights. 4 do Shakspeare In 1, 4, or ? do Waverly Novels, <7 do Humes' Philosophical orks 4 do Humes' History of England, 6 do Macanlay's do do 4 do De Qaincy's Works, 18 do Hon. Levi Woodbury's Works, 3 do Chambers' Information for the People, *2 do Clark's Comrre.itariea, 4 do Statesman's Manual, complete, 3 do Dr. Urea' Dictionary, S do Thos Dick's Works. S or S do British Essayist, S do Also, Roee Clark, Widow Bedott Papers Crotchets and Quavers, Ph?nlxiana. Ac. All of which are offered for sale by the Wash ington Book Company. Itraee Red Flsg and Gift Book Slore, under Dexter's Hotel feb S-tf M* MARY ANN. 200 copies more just published at the Must*: aad Piano Store of JNO. F. ELLIS, 305 Pa avenue, bet. Wh and lt?tb sta.