Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY Febrwary 14, 1*30. |tr 7" Advertisements should b? handed in by 13 o'clock, in., otherwise they may not ippeai until the next day. Agists for thi Star ?The following name i persons are authorized to contract for the publication of advertisement* In Tui Star: Pk'laJtlpkia?V. B Palmkr, northwest cor ner of Fifth and Chestnut streets. A'<ie York?H. U. Pxttihbill A. Co., Nassau ?treet. Boston?V. B. Palxkr, Scollay's Building. JO" Jos I'eikti!*o .?Our friends and patrons are notified that we are now prepared to execute erery kind of Job Pri*ti!?q with despatch and In the best manner, at prices as low as In any otner office in Washington. Job Printers arealso notified that we are prepared to do every descrip tion of press-work that can be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-presses. So, also, has the Star office a Book Bindery connected with It, equal In Its capacity to turn out book binding of all dercrtpttlons to any other In the District of Columbia. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union is very indi^pant indeed, over the Speaker's selection of cominittcc?, saying in the course of its remarks : "Look at the list of standing committees of the ll"use. published in another portion of this morning's Union, and there find the jus tification for Mich language. Of all the ptomi nent committees, the i*oj>le of the South, inhabiting fifteen States, have not beeu honor ed with a single chairman. Mr. Banks selects, as the heads of those committees to which are to be confined questions immediately material to the people ot the South?quertions iuvolv , ing not inertly their interest* and their rights, but directly connected with considerations of life itsm?the most ctfcnsive and the most reckless fanatics of the free States, the very worst of those who, speaking of the people of the South. pi pose to '-give their roofs to the tlamcs and then i'esh to the eagles " Of the two remarkable speeches delivered in the Capitol yesterday, the Union auvs : " We hardly know how to employ sufficient ly expressive language in order to give the distant reader a correct conception of the great but divided, intellectual attractions at the Capitol yesterday In the Supume Court of the United States the important Missouri slave case was again uj for consideration Hon. Reverdy Johnson, of Maryland, one of the counsel engaged in the case, epoko at great length and witn even m"re than his accus tomed ability Ilia masterly aud elaborate argument against the constitutionality of the MiMouri Compromise, was listened to with the most profound attention *? While Mr Johnson was 5peaking in the Supreme Court a crowded and delighted Senate were listening to the argumentative, and eloquently effective speech of Hon J P. Benjamin in -upport of the action of the late Naval Board." We are glad to hear that, at the request of many distinguished gentlemen in public life, who heard Mr. Johnson deliver the speech re ferred to above, he designs preparing it for publication. The Union, also, reprehends the conduct of the Speaker in taking Mr. Houston, of Ala., from the head of the Committee of Ways aud Means and placing him filth on the Territories Committee; and. also, taking Mr. Stephens, of Ga., fr m the Ways and Moans, and placing him on the Elections Committee. The Intelligencer devctcs ita editorial col umns, to-day, to an able and interesting essay in answer to the recent speech cf Senator Sew ard, upon the Central American question. It seems that the veteran Whig organ is by no means inoiined to abandon its ancient position on issues between this Go/ernment and Eng gland. It reprehends the idea of making war for the acquisition of Canada ; and hints very broadly that Mr. Seward and his Sena' torial imitators have changed their front on this question, only in the hope of using it to wrest Canada from Britain, by hook or by crook. N6W Publication. The Pirate's Sox. Philadelphia : T. B. Pe terson. For sale by Taylor A Maury. This is a story of the sea, and, is appro priately advertised a* i^asee.dng that pictur esqueness of description, romance of situation, and abundance of adventure, which the ocean ever affords the novelist. The most thrilling scenes are illustrated. The Natcralizatiox Laws liy a Member of the Bar. Rochester, N Y : D.M.Dewey. For sale by Taylor A Maury. The great interest that prevails throughout the land in reference to naturalised citizens renders it imperative on the part of every voter, nutiveor alien,t" understand thoroughly the rights of all parties. In this work, which is net political or of a partizan character, aro all the factd aud laws btarirg on this import ant question, with the Constitution of the I niud States, and a table of the nativities of all the foreigners in the United States, and the number of each nation in each State, ac cording to the census of 1S50. The Ice Blo*.kai k still continues, and the Philadelphia merchants have ordered tho captains of tbeir fr' ten out vessels to discharge their csrgoes at New Castle or Chester, and forward them by railroad to the city. At Baltimore, the weather was so cold yes terday that the labores employed in opening the harbor were forced to quit work. Sixty Southern passengers arrived from Annapolis, whither they had come from N< in the steamer N< rth Carolina This sl?amer sailed again yesterday afternoon, taking a number of passengers who were waiting for her at Annapolis. The agent reports about -eventy vecsels at Annapolis bound for BaLi more. The bay ii> repreeented as full of im mense fields of floaticgice, of such thickness that the oystermen were walking on it. The Uor at Willaaus Hotel, last even ing, was a giy an 1 brilliant scene of festivity The salo'n? were crowded, and it seemed as if all those who were at the reception of Mr. Outhrie had afterwards eome to enjoy the gayc.ies at Willarda'. The prominent topic *?f conversation, of coarse. wa? the piquant account of tho re cent ball at the smno place, which had ap peared in the New York llerald ot bunday. It was acknowledged to be a truthful and pleating description of a delightful scene. Careless Letter-Writers.?An Instanee of the frequent carelessness on the part of let ter-writers is mentioned by the editor of the Philadelphia Bulletin, who recently received a "registered" letter, mentioning that a sum oi money was sent in it; but the letter had never been sealed, and there was no money in it. This led hitn to suppose that the money bad been stolen, until a few days afterwards, when he again heard from the writer that he had forgotten to put the money in the letter althoQgli he had the precaution to have the letter registered. |gp* The ship Champion of the Sea which arrived at Liverpool previous to January 24th from Melbourne, Australia, had o;i board gold to the amount of ?60t,000 sterling. ' WA8HIHGT0N NEWS AUD 0088IP. The Hon. Mr. Meacham.?Our fellow citi zens of this District unite with us, we know, in thanking Speaker Banks for his kindness iu selecting from among those who honored hiin with their votes for the speakership, the lion. Mr. Meacham of Vermont, to be the Chairman of the Comraitteo on the District of Columbia. The act proves, incontestibly, the kindness of tho personal sentiments of the Speaker himself towards this District with which so many important interests of the general government are indissolubly connect ed. Could we have uursclf cboscn from among all who supported Mr. Banks a chair man of tho District Committee, our choice would instantly have fallen on tho gentleman who has been named for tho position. Mr. Meacham ia the scholar of the House, besides being a man of conservative views. From our personal knowledge of him, we feel very cer tain that he docs not sympathize with ultra ism of any sort on any question. Possessing excellent judgment and great firmness of character and purpose, he is, nevertheless, a public man endowed with proper liberality of views on all things touching the public inter est. His long experience in Congress has thoroughly instructed him as to the true char acter of the community of interests between the general government and the District of Columbia: while his varied and profound ac complishments as a literary and scientific man, must necessarily lead him to take proper pride in identifying his namo and reputation with the progress of the District of Columbia, now held in the hollow of his hand, as it were. We predict for him tho most enlight ened and popular admini?tration of the im portant chairmanship to which he has been assigned, so far known to the history of Con gress. Badly Treated ?We know of no more scur vily-treated folks than our feliow-citizens of the Dirtrict of Columbia who left the Demo cratic party to become intensely patriotic Know Nothirgs for the chances. Thes?> en thu: i-totic geutleuieti havo spent all they could possibly spar?j i.i politics, in the cou:<e of the past year. M ir.y of th^r have spoken their lu g. aiuii .-t out on th?; --lump, or shou'ed them out around the stump, or burned them out in doii g the ardent patriot's share of the hibitication of tho past year s most active and laborious canvass?f r with theiu the canvass has lasted quite a year, without cessation Th??y get, f>rnli their sacrificc? of health, timo, money, and conscience, anions them and be tween them, iu the distribution of the patron age of the House, with its nominal handsome 41 American" majority, hardly enough to amount, on a fair division all around, to a red cent apiece - We are deeply mortified and chagrined at the way in which thoy have been treated for the benefit of persons who, in addition to the patent of political nativism havebased their "claims" on the now evidently so much .-tror.ger patont of swearing by the <Jod of anti-slavery. In time and money, we presume thatilOO 000 will bo a low estimate of the cash value of the sacrifices made by those whose case we have been pleading so piteously above, for the ben efit of their political cause. The dividend upon that investment cannot reach more than a single red cent all around. In this estimate we do not take into consideration the pecunia ry sacrifices made by our talented, enthusias tic, truthful, and inzenuou" neighbor; is they have been duly set forth and eloquently urged throughout the contest for Houso officers, ad. nauseam. P. S ?Some of tho Democrats around u? ask us respectfully and kindly to remind such of our Ameiican-party friends as are now soberly jjiilosophizing over the ingratitude of human nature and tho vanity and folly of the things of this sublunary world, that tho Loco Foco books still remain open, upon which the names of all who desire to return into the bosom of tho political mothor church may yet be inscribed. They arc singing, for the cn- | couragcmcnt of the disconsolate to whom wc refer above, that veneratod psalm? " While the lamp holds out to burn."' The Hoaae Printing ?Wc never saw disap pointment more forcibly depicted on the coun tenances of persons, wh", from their position in life, might bo expectcd under ordinary cir cumstances to bo able to conceal their emo tions when it is advisable so to do, than was manifested yesterday on those of the Republi can members and the host of Republican '-out eiders" who now hover around tho lobbies of the House like a flock of locusts, when the Speaker announced that Cornelius Wendell had been duly elected " printer to the House" for the Thirty-fourth Congress. When Mr Follett was mminr>ted, his party entertained no doubt, whatever, of their ability to elect him; believing that their victory in electing Mr. Banks to the Speakership, and the post master and Doorkeeper, had so completely dis heartened and dispirited theiropponentaas that they would have no difficulty, to speak of, in securing the great prize iu the way nf pa tronage, which they, at least, regarded us of great importance to their pro?pects in the ap proaching Presidential election. In their judgment, tho chance for tho success of the Democratic nominee, who was only certain of eighty-two votes in a full House, was not worth a chew of tobacco. Visions of political unity ai.d strength floated before their ardent im aginations, and promised them an easy victory in the fall. Wc stated to our readers at the time, that theii anticipation* of beiDg able to effect any thing whatever iu the course of the session, wei? mere illusions as to tho real state of tho House Their candidate for printer at no time commanded the support of more than eighty eight members; and after it became apparent that he was really the representa tive ol the Republican party, rather than of the mare sentiment of opposition to the Ne braska-Kansas bill, sixty-eight votes was the extent of his greatest strength. Under the circumstances, the election of Mr. Wendell is a far greater triumph for tho Democratic party than that of Mr. Banks was for tho combined anti-Nebraska interest in Congress. It tells plainly the fact that when compelled to chooso between the success of one or the other of the two great parties in the next presidential election, many thousands who now belong to the third (American) party, or who agree with the Republicans only on tho Nabraska bill question, will bo found doing battle under the Democratic standard. While tho election of Mr. Wendell, who is simply a practical printer, without connection with politics, will be of no positive advantago to the Democratic party in the approaching national contest, as it defeat* the anticipa tions of the Republicans, of using the profits of the Uoum printing to build up at this point a central party organ under tho man agement of some such gentleman as Mr- Fran cis P. Blair, it is evidently a subject of great rejoicing on the part of the friends of tho ad* ministration in Washington, TheHouso Committees ?Below, our readers will find a complete list of the standing com mittees of the House, as announced yesterday after the election of the Printer, and at too late an hour to permit its insertion in the Star of that day. We design to-morrow to commenoo the analyzation of theso commit tees, which will occupy us some days. We shall necessarily have to explain the precise position of various gentlomenon tho questions of tho day, thus throwing a flood of light upon tho composition of the House, evidently not understood by the oountry at large Committee of Infections ? Messrs. Wash burn of Me., Stephens. Wats?n, Spinner, Oliver of Mo., llickmnn, Colfax, Smith of Ala., ami Bingham Ways and Means?Messrs. Campbell of Ohio, Howard. Cobb of Ga., Jones of Tenn., Davis ol Md., Sage, Phelps, Campbell of Pa., and Do Witt Claims?Messrs Giddmgs, Letcher, Bishop, Jones of Pa , Dunn of Ind., Knowlton, Tay lor. Gilbert, and Marshall of 111. Foreign Affair*?Messrs Pennington, Bay ly, Clingman, Aiken. Fuller of Pa., Mattcson, Sherman. Burlingame, and Thurston. Military Affairs?Messrs. Quitman. Alli son, Sapp," Faulkner, Williams. Stanton, Den ver, Buffinjrton, and Washburne of Wis. Naval AfTurs?yiefisrs Benson, Stranahan, Bocock. Haven, Winslow, Seward, Davis of Mass . Boyoe, and Millward. Indian Affairs ? Messrs Prirgle, Oj-r. Bil linghurst. Greenwood. Leiter, llall of Mass., Todd, Caruthers, and Herbert Tm itories?Messrs Grow, Giddings, Pur viance, Richardson, Houston, Granger, Z lli coffer, Morrill, and Perry. Commerce?Messr* Wash^urno of HI., Wade, Millson, M Queen, Tyson, Kennett, Pelton. Comins and Lustis. Public Lands- Massrs. Bennett of N Y., Harlan. Cobb of Ala . Lindley. Cullen, Wal brid^p, Brenton. Maxwell, and Thorington. Post Utfi** and Post Roads?Messrs. Mi ce, Norton M.gler, Barclay, Day, Powcdl, Wal ker, Wood, and Herbert. District of Columbia?Messrs Meachatn. Dodd. Goode. Cuuihaek, Dick, Harris of Md., Bennett of Miss , Trafton, and Bell. Ju.d111 iry?Messrs. Simmons, H. Marshall of Ky , Barbour, Caskie, Galloway. Harris ot Ala , L^ake. Wakernan, and Tappan. Revolutionary Cla*ni*?Messrs Ritchie, Murray Smith ot Va , Euglish, Fuller of Me., Allen. Clawson, Crairin, and Emrie Public Expenditures? Messrs Dean. Co vwile. Kelly, M<?tt. Pearee, Vail, Elli/tt, Waldron, and Branch. Private Land Claims?Messrs Porter. Gor ton of Ohio. Thorington, Etberirigo, Bowie, Saudidge, Herbert, Robison, and Horton of N. Y. Manufacturer?Messrs. Clark of Conn., Knight, Crawford. Blir^, Durfee. Edwards, Dow Itll, Campbell of Ky., and Kicaud. Agriculture ? Messrs. H<>lloway, Ready, Grow, Bell. Campbell of Oiiio, Morgan, Sabin, Cullen, and McMullin. Rev./lntionaiy Pensious~-Messrs. Broom, Albright, Edmundson, Miller of N. Y., Miller of Ini , Craige, Kuapp, Woodruff and Hall of Iowa. Invalid Pensions?Messrs. Oliver of X Y., l'iko. Florence, Savage, Welsh, Talbott, Dick son. Lumpkin, and Bobbins Roads mid Canals?Messrs. Kn??x, Hughs ton, Ruffin, Scott, Peck, Moore. Barksdnle, Bradshaw, and Rust. Militia?Messrs. Kunkel, Whitney. Harri son, Hoffman. Foster, Parker, Wntkins, Wright ot Miss., and Hall of Mass. Patents?Messrs. Morgan, Chaffee, Smith of Tcnn , Pain* and Eddy. Public Buildings and Grounds?Messrs. Ball, Todd, Puryear, Keitt, and Roberts lievisal and tin finished Business?Messrs. Sabin, Knowlton, Warner, Clark of N. Y., and Shorter. A counts?Messrs Thurston, Cadwalaior, Nichols. Bufhngtrn, and Carlile. Mileage?Messis. Snced, Brook-, Kelsey, Evans, and Woodworth. Enrolled Bills?Mes.-rs. Pike and David son. Expenditures of that State Department? Messrs Brooks, Smith of Tenn.. Parker, King, and Damrell. Expenditures in the Treasury Depart merit?Messrs. Waldron, Wells, A. Iv. Mar shall of Ky., Kidwell and Clawson. Expenditures in the War Department? Messrs. Cragin, Yalk, Jcwett, llivcrs, and Covode. Expenditures in the Navy Department? Messrs. Harris of 111 , Wheeler, Wa.-hburne of Wis., Underwood, and Wright of Tenn. Expenditures m the. Po*t Oilier. Depart iii' nMessfs Pcttit. Cox, Williams, Burnett, and Reade. Expenditures on. Public Buildings? Messrs McMulltft, MeCarty, Stewart, Swope, ami Trippe. JOINT COMWITTRES. The Library?Messrs. Aiken, Tyson, and Pettit. Engraving?Messrs. Kelsey, Damrell, and Wright of Tenn. Pi intiug?ilessis. Nichols, Cragin, ana Flagler. An Unintentional Misrepresentation.? The Boston Daily Advertiser, a j mrnal usu ally scrupulously coiieientious in its represen tation of public affairs, we perceive, has had dust cast in its cyos by the mendacious icrib blers who are engaged in filling tho New York Tribune, Times, and other such newspapers, with acuouuts of matters in Kansas colored so j as to palliate the practical treason involved in the moabures being taken by the Abolition emigration societies to rob the peoplo of Mis souri of their slave property by settling up Kansas with Abolitionists. Tho Adorn li ser republishes the appeal of Line, Robinson &. Co., t > the Legislatures of non-slavcholding States, for aim*, ammunition, money, and Abolitionists to fight a civil war in Kansas, and quotes the recent revolutionary message of Gov. Chase of Ohio, in response to the appeal wo refer to above, which it endorses. By way of justifying that endorsement, it says of Lane and Robinson : 41 The names attached to this communication flora Kansas, illustrate the ch-araster of the free-state body in Kansas One of these gen tlemen was a General in the Mexican war, and as Senator from Indiaua, voted f.>r tho Nebraska uct. Tho other, a New England physician, who had been prominent in Califor nia, und it is understood to have been active in the free-soil party here." Now, the editor never was more mistaken in his life than in bis estimate of the character of these two revolutionary leaders in Kansas. James H. Lane was not a general in the Mexi can war ; nor was he an United States Sena tor. He was a volunteer Colonel, elected upon his oiley tongue, and served as such in the Mexican war, where the only particular repu tation he earned was that of a mischief-mak ing grumbler. On his return home, he wa* elected to Congress through the momentary popularity that accrued to all demagogues who had served in Mexico. The proof of the fact is to be found in the summary marner in which bis constituents dispensed with his services on learning from experience with him, his truo character. Here, he is well known to have been one of the most trifling men?in the com prehensive sense of the term?who ever served in the House of Representatives of the United States. Ho wont to Kansas avowedly to bo elected territorial delegate ; ai.d hadhis pro ficiency at deinas^ging availed him to secure the support of the anti-Abolition party there, it is well known that, as when in Congress, he would have gladly gone all lengths for slavery. But knowing his reputation here, they would i not touch him with a forty-foot pole. He found gudgeon?, however, on the other side, and quickly changed his politics. Wo need hardly add that no sensible and honest por tion of the anti-Slavery party there, hare the least confidence in him; and thus he fails to get elected under their bogus government to any place, that, by any possible chance, may become or.e of trust and importance to the public interest. His companion, Dr. Robinson, was conspic uous in California as a demagoging leader of the squatters there who sat up a claim to other men's acknowledged property, basing it on Co't's pUtols; as his followers in Kansas have, theirs, to authority superior to thatof the officers of the United States, on Sharp's rifles, lie was driven from California by the force of public opinion growing out of his intrigues to carry the point of his squatter followers* who had no more legal right to what they claimed than wo would have to take posses sion of the snnctum of the editor of tbo Adver titer, kicking him out body and breeches, if he should venture to inquire by what right we assume*! to occupy his premises. An immense amount, indeed, of misrepre sentation relative to tho people ani affairs of Kansas requires to be brushed away ere the citizens of tho North will comc to comprohend the true condition of matters there. Governor Shannon, of Kansas, accompanied by Gen. Calhoun of that Territory, a distin guished leader of the State Rights party of tho Territory, has arrived in Washington. TLe latter taenia to be as fair a specimen of the genus " border ruffian"' as our friend Whit field The very presence (personal bearing) of theso gentlemen cannot fail to open tl;e eyes of many members of Congress who still believe the ogro stories of the Anti Slavery pre-s. Tin Current Operations of the Treasury Department .?On yesterday, 13th February, there wre of Treasury Warrants entered on tho book-1 of the Department? For the Treasury Department... ?48.181 76 For the Interior Department 2,02-8 51 I*or tvu-"torns 040 11 War Warrants received and en

tered 55,590 26 War repay warrants received and entered 3,335 2G Froin miscellaneous sources 2,337 81 From Lands 23,111 35 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, tho debate on tho a:tion of the late Naval Retiring Board was continued by Messrs. Benjamin and Mallory in its favor, and Messrs. Bayard, Hale, Crittenden, and To.miba against it, ere they went into an Ex ecutive session. ' At the conclusion ol the Executive session, they adjourned. In tho House, the Speaker announced the various standing onuimittees of the session, (a list of which will be found in our news col unirs.) Mr Jon'?s, of Tenn , explaining that his duties on the Ways and M".ans Committee du ring the past two or three years had so worn him down as greatly to injure his health, a.-kfd to bo excused fr iui uga'n serving on that committee (to which he bad been named;) agreed to. Mr. Faulkner presented tho memorial of Col. J. Bankhead Magruder. Col Miles, and twenty-one others, otli ers of the army of tho United States stationed at Fort Bliss. Tex:is, J opposite El Paso, praying the passage of a iaw J allowing tho present commutation price ol the j army ration to bo increased twenty cents Tho Speaker next proceed to call the States for resolutions, when Mr. Washburn, of Mo, offered a resolution ! to proceed to the election of a Chaplain. After some disc us> ion at to the propriety of a lojitir.g this resolution, tho previous ques- I tion on it was callcd and seconded. Tho following nominations were then made : I By Mr. Wakeman?Roy. Byron Sunderland. I By Mr. Tyson?Rev. K. D Morris. By Mr. Aiken?llev. D. S. Duggett. By Mr. Doan?Rev. Win. Patton. By Mr. Cullen?Kov. A. G. Carothers. By Mr. H. Marshall, of Ky ?Rev. Thomas I Fisher. 1 By Mr. Shorter?Rev. Wm. Mosely. By Mr. Knowlton ? Rev. Mr. Conway. By Mr. Allison?Rev. Thos. U. Stockton. By Mr Pennington?Rev. Win Hodge. I By Mr. Kennett?Rev. Mr. Cummins. ! j By Mr Hall, of Mass.?Rev J. G. Butler* 1 By Mr. McMullin?Rev Wm. G Baldwin, j By Mr. Mr. Yalk-Rev. F S Evans. Mr Jones, of Tenn.. nominated Elder Rob- I ert C. Leacham. of Prince William county, I Va , a Hardshell Baptist in religion, and a I Democrat in politics. [Great laughter | J Mr Brooks, with a view of having the or- I ganization of the Il"U*e r?f the sarno stripe, I respectfully nominated Mark Trafton as a 1 candidate for tho chaplaincy. (Laughter) Mr. Granger proposed as a candidate for I chaplain tbo Rev. Daniel Waldo, of York, a revolutionary soldier, in his ninety-fourth J year, and who had been a clergyman of the I Congregational church, without spot or blcin- I i.-h for more than seventy years. He was yet I erect active, aud wcll-gilted in his profession. I He Mas taken prisoner by the British army. j The House then adjourned. j Note.?The following is the vote ;n detail I by which Cornelius Wendell was yesterday I elected tho House Printer : ? For Mr. Wend*!!?Messrs. Aiken, Allen, I Barkbdalo, Bell, Hendley S. Bennett, tiiehop, j Bocock, Bowie, Boyee, Branch, Brooks, Bur- I nett, Johu P. Campbell, Carulhers, Bayard I Clark, Clingman, W R W. C'>bb, Cox, Craige, I Crawford, Davidson, Dowdell, Eduiundsnu, j Edwards, Elliott, English, Eustis, Evans, j Faulkner, Florence, Foster, T J. D. Fuller, I Goodo, Greenwood, Augustus Hall. J Morri- I son Harris, Sampson W. Harris, Thomas L. I liarn*, iliekiuan, Houston. Hughston, Jewctt, I George W Jones, Kidwcll. Lake, Letcher, I Lumpkin, Mace, Alexander K Marshall, Sam- I uel o Marshall, M-Mullen, McQueen. Smith Miller, Miilson, Millward, Nichols. Aid.ew Oliver, Mordecai Oliver, Orr, Pennington, P>?rter, Powell, Puryear, Quitman, Ready, Rieaud, Rivers, Robhins, Ruflui, Rust, Savage, Seward, Shorter, Wm. Smith, William R | Smith, Stephens, Stewart, Swope, Taylor, Thurston, Trippe, Tyson, Underwood, Yalk, Walker, Watkins, Williams, Winsiow, D. B. ] Wright. John Y. Wright, and Zollicoffer. Fur Mr. Fullet.?Messrs Albright, Allison, Benson. Bliss, Buffington, Cragin, Dean, Dick Son, Flagor, Galloway. Granger, Grow, Ke!? sey, Knowlton, Leiter, Morgan. Mott, Murray, Perry, Pike, Pringle, Walbridge, Waldron, Elihu B. Watshburno, Israel Washburn, and Watson For Mr. De/rees.?Messrs. Barbour, Bren ton, L D Campbell, Colfax, Cuinback, Dunn, Harrison. Haven, Halloway, Howard, Knox, Humphrey Marshall, Parker, Soott, and Tho rington. For Mr.Sargrnt.?Mossrs James H. Camp bell, Comins, Covode. Cullen, Dick, John G. Miller, Roberts, and llobison F r Mr Coombs.?Messrs. Bingham, Har lan, Ritchie, Sabiu, Sapp, Sherman, Stanton, and Wade. For Mr, Webh ? Messr?. Burlingame, R. B. Hall, Morrill, Stranahan, Wakeman, Mea cham, and Dodd. For Mr. Farti/uim.?Messrs, Broom, Car lile, and U. W. Davis. For Mr. Prentice.?Mr. Etheridge. For Mr. Knayp.?Mr. Lindley. Fractediaca ?f Te-Day. In tho Senate, to-day, the usual morning business was transacted, the presentation and reference of patitions, reports, bills, Ao. Mr. Wilson offered a resolution calling on the President for information concerning the state of matters in Kansai. The resolution of Mr. Jones of Tenn., call ing on the Secretary of the Navy for the charges, Ac , on which the late Naval Retiring Board acted, coming up, Mr. Butler addressed the Senate at length in favor of tho i?aid reso lution. ? In tho House, Mr. Cobl> moved to take up the President's Annual Message and accom panying documents, to refer thcin to the C?tn mittcc of the Whole on the stato of the I'uion; agreed to. and *<> referred On motion of Mr. Cobh, the subject of the number of copies thereof to be printed was ro ferred to the Committee on Printing Mr. Florence, stating that he had come to no conclusion on tho statement* of tho^paper in question, presented the petition of A II Reeder, the contestant for the territorial dele gate's scat in the House from Kansas, which was read for information from the clerk > desk; referred to the election committee. The Executive communications, reports, ?Lc., which had acoumulatcd on the Speaker's table were then taken up and ordered to be printed and referred. The question on the number of extra copics of each to be printed bring re ferred, according to custom, to the Printing Committee. PEKSOHAL ? ???Mrs. Ilamblin is performing at Rich mond. .... Hon. John William*. of New York, is at WillarJs. ....Hon. Thurlow Weed, of Albany, has returned to the city and is ai Willards. ....Hon M L Martin, of Wisconsin, is at Willards. .... Lr. M. M Lewi* is to be Chief Marshal at Alexandria on the 22d. .... Rev Mr. Williams, reputed "Dauphin of France, ' is in this city, oppressed by ill - ncss, age and penury. Col. C A Alexander deliver* a lecture before the Alexandria Library Company, < n Tuesday evening next. ....John Mitchell lectured in Petersburg on Saturday night, on the Kipeniug of the Irish Rebclliou. .... The Edinburgh Express reports that the filth volume of Mr. Macanlay'a 44 History of England" has been committed to the printer .... Commodore Breese ha* returned to opetzn. having been prevented from mahing a projected visit to the Crimea by the ct?<rriiy weather, iw.d a discovered defect in the iua ehinery of th<- steam frigate Saranac. A LECTURE WILL BE DELIV credby Maj BEN. PERLEY I'OURK, or Massachusetts, for tbe bent tit of the j?oor of tbr ^ourtii Ward, at the R-v. G W. Samp-ons l'.,1 IT*1' K.str?*1 between 6th and 7th street*, on MONDAY EVENING, Feb. 18th, at - o'clork. rickets Twenty five Cents s-ibj-c- "Foreign Travels, from Paris to Pai cst'nr oythe way of Constantinople '? f*bi4-3t ' J^?AT the annual meeting ok the Merchants' Exchange Assoclatlcn on ruesday rvenlng, the 12th Instant, the following odicers were elected for the ensuing \f*rt viz : President?SAM (JKL BACON. Vice President?J A M ES B RODS ON Secretary?JO H N F El.LIS. Treasurer?W1LL1AM WALL. niKKCTORS. Walter Harper, M. W. Gait, ?. George Burns C Buckingham, B P Mor ell J B Clagett, W B Todd, A E Perry, Ber:j Beall, 1 ? "arker, II udaon Taylor, feb 14-2t ..PATRONS Ol THE TURF.-AN adjourned m<*?tieg rf the centlcrnen In favor of establishing a Race Course will be he d a Flint's Hotel, cn THURSDAY EVENING Februcrv 11th, at 7* o'clocl. All gentlemen de Mr< l,s of becoming member* of the Club an? -e questfd to attend. fti, ?-^S*THE PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH ?The District Committee under th" canon of 1?r3, ?? for th" m ?lnt*lnanc*? and extension of Religious Worship ard Instruc tion," have appointed a series of convocstional service*, to be held In the Churches or St Join*. Eplphtnv and Asc^ns! ,'iigon WED N v.SDAY. the 13th Infant ai d to b- continued for time days. The services will be cojducvd la the fallowing order: On Wednesday morning, at tl o'clock, In ^t John s Church, and In the afternoon, ct Hplphany Church. On Thursday mornl-g. at 11 o'clock. In Epi ph ny Churcn, and in t^i?* e?enlnp. at 7 v o'clock in Church of the Aaceusion. On FrlJay morning. at 11 o'clock, in St. John s Lburch, and In the evening, a'. 7k o'clork. In Ascension Ch-irch. The Holy Communion will be administered during the morning services. The Con vocational S-rmon will b? preached at fcphlphany Church on Wednesday afterncon. Addr by members cf the clergy and !a'? will be d? iivered at Ascension Church, on Thurs day evening. Collenlcns for the benefit of city missions wiU be taken up at each of the services Square0110 * ^urch, " street, opposite Lafayette Ascension Church, H street, l?etween P?L ard 10th streets. Ephlphany Church, G street. b;tween 13tL and Hth strews. fej, ^ vt ,\oTICK ?WE TAKE PLKAttJIR In announcing to the suliscrlbers to the '?Prize Embroidery IMstributir.n" lhaf the draw ing will positively take place on FRIDAY next, the 15th instant, at 5 o'clock p m , at our Stores Those ladies and gentlemen who are Inter.sted In the drawing are nios>t respectfully Invited to be present There are yet a number of chances remaining unsold, which we would be pleaded to dlspo -c of OLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY ft CO., febll-5t Corner Pa avenue and tfth st jRI MEMIIEK THI I'OOK -THOSE gentlemen who have promised to aid In relieving the poor of the Klrst Ward, as well as all other residents of the Ward who ar? desirous of contributing to the relief of mi ffering humanity in this freezing weather, but who may not have had the opportunity of doing so presented to th< m h- retofore. are respectfully rtquesiod io send tn?ir contributions to tbe Treasurer, J W EASBY, No g street, between JOth and JUt strett* feb4 "jVOTM't.?I have tendered both to the t uste.-? -L s and Mr John W Shtles, the creditor 'n the deed of trust referred to in the foregoing adver tisement, in gold and silver, the au.ouut of tbe ?iebt, interest, and cost due on the tlrst not**, in tended to be secur d by the said deed, nsid it has Iteti refused. 1 therefore forewarn every one again t purchasing at th?* sale above adve lifted, and give notice th^t I will hold all |>artl? s con cerned th*-re)n answerable f.v all damages that 1 may sutler in the premise*. feb 14 It JOHN W STEVENS P'H IIIKK?A SMALIi t'ULUREII HOV. J- Applv through the Post Office to"W." feb II?Th.MTbl;* TAKK NOTICE -C'IMK to THE eK(l. vision Store of the subscriber on Fri day, the Pth instant, a white man (ttc'jL.A^ name not remembered) with three liveJ3Q6^. Hogs, o?'eri:ig 'hem for sale t>n beit'g ques tlojif-d If he ral ed the bogs and could bring proof that he did. his reply was in the afflrwdti >e. on which he left Since then he hj# not beeii u?*ard from The owner of tbe hogs will please come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. Signnd this ltthday of February, 19i? ANDREW KRAMER, f b 11 3t* Washington, D. C. United States Patent Office, > Washington, Feb. 13. 1*56 J ON THE PETITION OF MICHAEL B.DY O FT, of Pni'adeif.hla, Pa , praying lot the extension of a patent granted to him for .in im Srovement in " Lamps for essential oils," for ?veu years from the expiration of said intent which takes place on the thirtieth day or Mav' 1850: It Is oroered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Ofliceon Monday, the l?h'day of May next, at 12 o clock in ; and ail persons'are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, whv said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Otflee their objections, speclalir set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing: all testimony tiled by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken transmitted in accordance with tht* rules of the office,^wh;ch will be furnished on application o.v *ie case be closed on the sth tlay of May, 185?; depositions and other pa pers relied upotf as testimony must be filed in the onlce on or before the morning of that d?v; thear guments. if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington, D C.; Republican. Baltimore Man land . Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia, Fa ; and Journal of Commerce, New York, New York; once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 19th day of May next, tbe dav of bearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patants. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Oflce, with a paper containing this notice. feb 14?Iaw3w AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL TIIKUItl Lb**** tHV Mswss**.... Hkhst ?' i'lmn ( Also of the Baltimore Museum I Mr iwiumr, fEir*? or *nit?ioii. Dress Circle sad Paranette Family Circle, second tier ** *? Gallery No extra ehsrp* for Hf*rv^l Sests Prlvst* Botes ran be obtained Box <>?re open Friday and Saturdav from until 4 o'clock. Grand CompI'menUrv Test'monlsl to MISSK5 SUSAN AND KATE DEWI* On which occasion Tbroe Great Pieces will bs prr^fDUd MR ?. A. HOU?H. The popular and vivacious impersonator of D'>vc bast Character, ha? kindly volnnteeud and will appear in a character mane peculiarly hid own MISK M'PAH DMIN Will tin" the doleful ditty of VILLIKINS AND Hl?> IHN AH SATURDAY EVENING. Feb 1ft. lf?, Will be performed U?rflLAS; or, The Sable Shepherd. Yo ngNorv-l MIm Sussn Donlu Lad; Handoiph Mir* Kate Deain After whl^h Tift YA.>KRK UlELIST. EUm l'ucake Mr G A Hou^h To conclude with THE OOOD-I-Oli-SOTIIINO. , Nan, <h<? Good for nothing....Ml** Husas Psnin Poor* open at ft K o'clock p m : curtain sise* at o'clock precisely l^b 14 '* F '-> K TWO i? A * S ONLJf! AT ODD FFLl.OWS HALL. Wl.D.\ESDAY AND THURSDAY, Februsry 13th ai.d 1 lib, R. WnTLR'l GRAND EXHIBITION OF CHEMICAL DIORAMAS, Embracing uumrioux (KYNTAI I.IMK TIRWR. ? MROMA TKtirCS MKTAPHOKll?,kr. \\ tth the favorite Diorav.a of " Mil.AN CA THEDRAL,** with 111* celebration of Midnight Ma*? and be gorgeous Mibject. 'Belshaziar i Fcvt " A Band rf Mu?lc In attendance Ticket* S? *..d 15 cents. Exhlbi;l'?n at 7J| o'clock. feb 11 | OST-41N MONDAY Nlt.HT, GOING I.J from tb? Theatre to the I'atrnt Ofli'-e.aKold l?ocket. coira'ntng a pentiemar's 11kep<-?* By leaving said locket a* tb?' European R<saiir*nt, c. irner ~th ar.d G streets, the tinder will Ir hand somely rewarded ftb U-Jt* \1 I S * MtRRAV'H AMERICA?Letter* 1*1 from the Unl?#d Sta'e?, Cuba, ai d Canada, by the Hen Amelia M Murray. ?? Th" Attache In Madrid; or. Sketches of the Court of Isabella II. #1 The Naturailxatlon Liwf of the United States, 25 cent3 Clement Laieiiier, bv Anju? 11 Res? h, i?c. 1A^ LOR A MAURY'S feb l i Bookstore, near 0th at. MCA*"* ABLE GOOD*. I .HN H SHOOT, No 119 BRIDGE ST, ?I GeorgtOvn. D C . has received '.he following SEASONABLE GOODS: 1 case (11 (mi va;ds? j?erfectly undressed Shirting Cotton. mnnufacttred to order. an1 can be re commended, at 12X ct* 1 case (1050 yards) undressed and extra heavy do at I2)t eta 1 rjK< New York r-.nd Br-'e* Mills do 5-1 bl ached and brown Sheeting Cotton 10 1 and 12-4 do. do Klchardaon'a and Harklle' Shirt lug Linens ^Leering and Pillow-cate Linens Dan a?k Tabie Linen*. Blrd't Eve A Hutkatocfc W uite Briliianle, Cambrics and Plaid Muslins Plain blue, pink, buff and mode colors .Mousella de Lalne* French Worked Collars and Seta, with other i?<asortaWe Goods j?7- \\ to mak" room for Sp'lrg G<v>d? every description of ?N litter Good* wlil be ?tiered at rerjr t ricn f*r cfttk or to prompt cus tomer*. JOHN H.SMOOT. feb 13-tr tfkjr REWARD?LOST. ON SUNDAY. the V* ** 3d Instant, between 5th s'.reet and St. Vat thew's Church, a brown Moro^o fane, eontr'n irg a Isdv a Mourning Brtas'.pin. >?ith gold p'n ?nd chain attarttd. surrouna^d with pc*. 1? - name of the de< <a*Ml person en graved Kv leaving the said Breastpin at Mr. St.MKKN'S, Jewtlery Store, Pa avenue, the finder wlLi receive the&liove reward, and the 'Lanka of the owner feb li-lw* VALENTINES. JUST R ECEIV ED AND OPEN KD. A F H FSH lr.v->lce of the'a'ot *nd best English VAL ENTINES, at THE LAKES,SIM Pern, avenue, n*ar Adams' Kapress AihO, FANCY GOODS and STATIONERY, at THE LAKFS. feb 12 M1ELINERY ?M ELINFKT. MADAME DEVOS'S Millinery, bonnets, head DK i:s?*KS, <'AP8. COFFIEURS. Ac. At . still at THE LAKES, SDH Penua avenue, near Adams' Express Ladies may be suited to the^r ta? e- with the law. and ii?f>st fashionable .MILLINl R^ .dlieet from Madame l)evo?'ii print Inal e>taM sVments, at N"w York and Paris M wime D< v? ~ a Milli nery seeds no itc iiimendatlen from u- #> I's fk cellenoe is kr.owti and jppret icte<i in I ? r and Auieri* a. aitd will upon Inspection s;iak for It self Call at TH E LAKE> and see '? b 12 A SPEAKER ELECTED! Yes, a Speaker * who, ??y weans of certain am" lory epistle*, sptaks aunually to the hearts and und?rs'autiings < f all the Ln<ls and 1 assies, Maidens and Bachelors, Susceptible Widows, and Si;hln; Widowers, in this and the adjoluing cities; and t^jHclail/ on that intert^tli g day of all days In the ve*r, tLe evcx-welcme and mciimab.c day of the goi-d Saint Valentine! Wbicb has from time to time been ? sher^d In with nn imsurpar--ed In this or any otbet age by the Srint's weU tr'.ed andspctlally ap pointed agent, JOE SIIILLINGTON. W ho dispenses the Saint's favors as 1 n tim^ past, et that favorite resoit cf Low1* Votaries and Polite Literature, T?' Od'0 i, rorr.-r \ ttr'ft and arvairs. Where he Invites ail his friend* bo'h male and j female, to come and select a catdidate of their | own, who wtli represent tbeir views d- rtng 1't.etr pilgrimage of a 1 >ving constitue-cy to t te eager1 v so .ght for ultimatum of di>in?tjc happ'nefs. a d appoint committees of brtd sma ds r.rid gio ms m n, who w ill act upr>n al! iratf-rs brought be fore them without unnecessary delay, aud to th* satisfaction of tLe meml*ers of their d lf rent f?ui llies generally. No objection, un pipe- a\1ng or lobbying allowed the parties bein^ d. ed elected for life, aTer having fit t reeclv?-d :hc blessing cf a very imporumt ntiuber in cier ial robrs. who Is empowerc^t to act as < harhiln on the occasion, the only difl'-'r; nee fce '.- g that lr '* appointed by the parHes most ln'ewted iii'iead of wing elected, as ba? been the rule in all lcfcia lative bodies in this cr any ether confederacy since the formation of governments. JOE SH1LLINGTON. Chief Clerk and Private Se retary to the good and great St. Vaiei the Given under his hand an>. seal, this Mth Moon, at the Odeon corner of 4? street and Pa avenue, feb li?3t A VALENTf NEfc ! ?ALE?TINr?! SPLENDID ASSORT"! I NT OF COMIC -- and Seutiiiicntal VALENTIN I s. wholesale and rttail J*?H\ F ELLIS, Pa avenue, betw ?th and loth sis feb U-tf ESTIiAY tow?A BUFFALO COW that has beer stoll-ng around the preiui ses of the advertiser fjr sonu* mouths was taken In during the Ute ?> ? > wither, and attended to. The owner Is reaurst ed to call at 510 L s reet nrrth, between V.u ar.d luth street*, give evidence of ownership aad tske her away feb U>at TAILOR BROTHERS. The piano used by the taylor Brothers In this city, Is a sample Instrument from the celebrated manufactcry of i.lghte. New ton A Bradbury. New York, and Is prenrtineed t>V tbese eminent music icn.-- to bo one of tte finest instrument*, as regards workmanship and brii llancy of tone, that tl ey have ever listened to This beautiful Instrnment, In consequence of being a sample Piano, and sent to us on sale we are enabled to offer at the low price of ?*SO We will give a wrltt-n guarantee with the Instrument Also, always on band. Plnno* from the long es? ta'llshed firms of Halle?, Davis A Co . Boston; Knabe, Gaehl? A Co . Baltimore, and Bacon A Kaver, New Vori. Old , nstniatents of any kind taksn in part pnyment. JOBN P ELLIS. 31* Pa avenue, between #th and :0th street* feb 11?u THE BOSTON AMERICAN ALMANAC tor V8X received this d*v 11 FRANCS 1AYLOR.