Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. RSTOBT OF TU COXKISSIOSBR OF PUBLIC BriLDUO*?From this very interesting docu ment we mako an abstract of such thing* as are of more special interest for our District reader*. The Commissioner (Dr Blake,) states that since he has been in office the grounds north of the Capitol have been filled up and graded, and the work has boen transferred to those south of the Capitol, where the small balance of the appropriation that remains will be ju diciously expended To complete the unfin ished portion that has been commenced, and which must necessarily be embraced in any plan that may bo adopted, will require *66,000. This eum may strike the casual ob server as being largo in comparison with the amount expended in grading the grounds north of the Capitol; out it is readily ex Slained by the greater extent of surface and epth of filling up, which arc luorc than five times as much as was required on the north side of the Capitol. As no plan for the exten sion of tho Capitol grounds has been adopted, it is impossible to state what amount of filling up and grading will be necessary, and of course no estimate of the final cost can at this time be made In the opinion of the Commissioner, it would be advisable to adopt a plan as soon as possible, and proceed to carry it out without the grounds may be in a condition correspond ing with the extent and magnificence of the building. The improvement of the Botanic Oarden needs an appropriation of S3,650 to complete the grading ana soiling, with the necessary gravel walks and a dam at the mouth of the creek ; and to improve and ornament it, an additional sum of $2 000 will be necessary. The stone wall forming tbe southern bound ary of tbe park at the President's, for the re moval of which an appropriation whs made by Congress, remains untouched, for the rt ason that the plan it was designed to carry into effect was found to be inconsistent with tho plan adopted for the extension of the Treasury building. The Commissioner recommends that the appropriation be made available for taking down the wall, and improving the grounds south of it according to euch plan as may be approved by the President. U|>>>n the Patent Office builj and is occupied by a portion of the clerical SSL?th.tetK - Ir*nd 0ffic# U " ex pected that the remainder of the building will be ready for occupancy during the ar>nrrL<?h wii^r, and the ?>rtiooVtff exterior of tbe building will be completed during the next season. 1 CU to ?Tl.f *M 00? u. r??n"n?nded n.ii Tk court house portion of the City Hall. The eastern half of the centre buili ing and the east wing of the City Hallare prorriated to the several courts of the District of Columbia, and to the offiee of the derk ffiet of^t'h. ii haPl,ons< the con tb?c?*rts holding their sessions at the lhftt the Crimin?I Colrt i! obliged to trespass upon the courted r.f ??,! corporation andoccupy the Council chamber Congress has heretofore been memorialized by the parties immediately interested, fur an'an* p.npriation to add to that portion of the City Hall set apart for the courts, so as to provide for !h?"f-rH,',rnarcccrJ,,"o?'"d Tir aESft m #l"tst"et towards the Congrce sional burying ground. ? ? ^^nV?n lbe Secretary of the Interior is called to the great nuisance the Centre mar ket is * the avenue. The beauty of th??K thoroughfare of the city i8 much ?arrf(1 J*? old and unsightly edifice, and during market ilLV unfrcqu?ntly happens that its free passage is obstructed by Country watron? which extend from Seventh to Eleventh*^' and create so much filth and litter as to render tt? *Jeu*9 a decided nuisance. Visitors to the city often express their surpriso that such ? rket"bouso ?hould bo permitted to remain on the avenue ; and the nuisance it creates is no uncommon complaint among the Lnless proper measured should be adopted by the Corporation of the city for the s^edJ abatement of the nuisance bv th#? e wJSEW lit ES?? passage of an ordinance to preserve; new aooat the [.remises aed " Heejot ?i: o^up?eycf the bj ?.|;?a " t,r? ?*?*"; th" interposition of (iovercment an thontj u recommended to haee the market house removed. marxet C*IIeU ^ tLe condition of 3 th^itT f Wa" de8;gncd b* th0 Sunders of the city for a magnificent park, and wbi.'h remains uncared for with the exception of the space between Seventh and Twelfth streets occupied by the Smithsonian Institution In the year 1850. the sum of SO,000 was appro priated by Congress for the improvement of the mall from sixth street westward to the Pocomac river, and almost the whole of this amount was expended in doing damage to the beautiful natural surfaco of the pl? be tween Twelfth and Fourteenth streets Tho mischi?f there dono maybe partially rame died, but cannot be entirely obviated without ihM ?ij The bridges across the Potomac und its east ?'? in ? bad eondilion aad stand in need ot extensive repairs to render them sale. The cap* and rtringers are much decayed, and require incessant vigilanco to gu?rd against serious accident. An ai.oro pnation of $11,000 will be required to render them safe; an appropriation of 51,500 to buy ? tot and build a house for the bridge keeper a. Bonning s bridge, is recommended Prom correspondence with the mayors of different cities, it is found that Government is Tf*41* more for 8" tb*n oth?r cities, but tho Commissioner ia at a loss to suggest a remedy, as unfortunately the pipes laid by the Government have been transtered to the Washington GaalightCompany. No good rea son is perceived why gas ahould cost so much more in this than in other cities, and thinks the whole subject worthy of serious oonsidera The case of the Franklin Engine-house is mentioned The Franklin Fire Company was organised with an especial view to the pro tection again?t fire of the President's Home and the adjacent Executive building, and consequently tne house they occupy w*s erected for them and the engine given to them by the Government. It 19 one of the best companies in the city, being composed of active, energetic young men, who always sig. nalue themselves whenever their services are called in requisition. It is apprehended that unless the Government provides a boude in lieu of the building that is to be taken down the company will disband, an event greatly to be regretted on account of the city and the Government. The Commissioner is satisfied it would be sound policy in the Government to exteud a fostering care to the fire compa ?I^c?ally to such as are conve niently located to the public buildings ?h? irI!E"!?e*di . U ll>e appropriation to J? ng lnfirmar7 b? increased to ?0,000, als<>, an appropriation of 521,000 for the improvement of Franklin square also one for the improvement and enelosin* the triangular spaces upon Pennsylvania avenue The Naval Monument, erected in commemo ration of oar gallant officers who fell at Tri Wi, is in a tottering condition. Its present location is inappropriate, and mars the beauty of the approach to the weat front of the Capi tol ac i a recommendation is made that it be removed to one of the triangular reservations, W not on,J b? sn ornament, but could be seen to much better advantage. Orb cbahcb mob a asd thb Last.?Owing to the increaeed difficulty and expense which would attend the transportation of this im mence slock, (navigation being clooed) the "Washington Book Company" have deter mined to close the concern by selling at publio aaetioa. The auction sales will take place on the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 16 and 19, commencing at 4 o'clock p. m. Dur ing the above named days tbe sales will con tinue as heretofore, eaoh purchaser of a book receiving therewith a present worth from 2j cents to 5100 bee sign of the red flag, under Dexter's betel. Abbbstbo.?We learn that officer Wollard has smoceeded in arresting the entire party of boys concerned in the robbery of Mr. A iiol mead's grocery, with tho exception of oue who haa left the eity. How to Economise.?The prices of house hold marketing scorns to go up steadily as the mercury goes down, bat the comparison seeras to hold good no further, for the prices hold thei* own, and it never happens that thcj fall when the mercury rises. While we are paying from thirtj-one to thirty seven eents for buttor, thirtj cents for eggs, from fifteen to twenty cents a pound for chickens, potatoes from two dollars and a half to five dollar* per barrel, and go on, it creates a little disposi tion to grumble on the part of tho beat na tured "head of a family" to hear of the un accountable wido gap between the prices of the same articles here and in the " rural dis trict*" a few miles westward?to know that in western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vir ginia, and various of the more westerly State? within reach of us by railroad, butter is sell ing at from flfteon to seventeen cents, eggs from ten to twelve cent* per doxen, dressed poultry at six and Boven cents a pound, and potatoes at thirty-seven and thirty-eight cents a buahel. The question always comes up why there is so marked a disparity botween oity and coun try prices, and nobody seems able to afford any satisfactory solution. Doubtless tho main cause is the fact of eo many middlemen, each with a separate profit, coming between the producer and the consumer, and in this way there ore four or five distinct profits realised upon each article before it reaches those who buy to use. In New York oity, where the same evil has been experienced, a Mr. Stimp son, the editor of the Express Messenger, a paper published by an association of Express companies, of which he is president, has or ganized an enterprise for procuring articles of farm produce at places far and near, which are sold to those who accept his terms, at a price made up of the coBt of purchase, trans portation, nnu a fixed commission for his own services. Tbe terms aro, that persons em ploying his agency shall advance a small sum of money, to be returned to them in sixty days in provisions. By this arrangement he h able to supply his customers with poultry at eleven cents per pound instead of eighteen, and the best table cutter at twenty-four cents, instead of thirty to thirty-five cents. He is able to do this through being in constant cor respondence with several hundred agents of the principal express companies, who advise him of the stato of tbe markets in their re spective neighborhoods, and, when directed, buy for him whatever thoy can buy advan tageously. The ramifications of express lines are not extensive enough, perhaps, in this part of the country to permit such an enterprise to be carried out sui.?essfully in Washington, but we can at least look about us to seo what can be accomplished in seouring the least expen sive, and at the same time equally nutritious diot In this connection wc supply a few hints calculated for another meridian, but which will do equally well in this : " Freeh meat of all kinds, at the prices at whioh butchers retail it, is not economical food. Meats will average over a shilling s pound. Salted meats are cheaper than fresh. In economising food, meat should never be fried or boiled. If you would get the most substanoe out of fresh meat, make it into soup, or stew, or pot plo. In making soup, soak jour meat seme hours in cold water, and boil it in the same. Thicken with beans, pea*, rice, barley, hominy, or broken bread. The best meat is the most economical for soup- Do not buy bones. "If you boil meat to eat, never put it in cold water. Let it be boiling when you put the meat in the pot. Do not buy fresh meat a pound or two at the time. Buy a quarter or half a sheep. You get it at half price. Beef or p^rk by the quarter is a quarter cheaper. '? Do not buy y>ur broad reidy baked It is sixpence a pound Dry flour is the sme. llouio-mado bread is far mure nutritious. Make use of corn meal, oat meal, Graham flour, hominy, and cracked wheat for bread, in preference to fine wheat flour, both for health and economy. Here are the relative re tail prices per pound of these articles : Wheat flour 6c ; Graham flour, 6c ; cracked wheat, 63 ; corn meal, 21c ; hominy, 3 ; oat meal. 4ic. The latter is (be most nutritious breadstuff known. Look at the Scotch with their oat meal porridge?as robust a set of men us cvor lived. " Hominy is an artiole that no family, de sirous of practising economy, can do without. It is very oheap, healthy, and nutritious food. It cost only half the price per pound of flour, and contains no moisture, while the best of flour holds from twelve to sixteen pounds of water in a barrel. Cracked wheat is excel lent for sedentary persons. That and Graham flour should bo used in preference, at the same {rice per pound, to white flour, because more ealthy nnd more nutritioua. One hundred pound* of Graham flour is worth as much in a family as one hundred and thirty-three pounds of superfine white flour. Corn meal costs less than half the price of flour. It is worth twice as much " The chcapcot food is white beans. They are worth from SI 50 to $2 a bushel, and re tail at eight cents a ouart Prof. Liebig has stated that porks ana beans form a compound of ^ubstanccs peculiarly adapted to furnish all that is necessary to support life and give bones and mu.'clo and fat, in proper porportiocs, to man. This food will enable one to preform more labor, at less cost, thau any other sub stance. A quart of beans, 8ccnts, half a pound of pork, 6 cents, will feed a large family for a day, with good strengthening food. 44 Potatoes should be utterly abandoned by, tho poor. They cannot afford to oat tbeui. All other vegetables are still more economical than potatoes Carrots are the cheapest of all roots But they are but little used as human fo"d, though very nutrhious. They are par tially used in soups. They are good simply boiied and eriten with a little butter or meat gravy They should always form an ingredi ent of soup. They aro sold by tho quantity at 50 cents a bushel. '?Another very excollent, nutritious, eco nomical article of food is dried peas. They are generally a little more costly than beans, but some think they will go further. At any rate, they are good for a change." RlCLIEF or THE P00K IK THE FlRST WARD.? At an adjourned meeting of the citiiensof the First Ward, held on tho 13th inst., to bear the reports of the committees appointed to collect and distribute relief to the poor of tho Ward, it was found that the sum of $618.85 had been collected for that purpose?out of which ?330 75 had been expended for fuel, $185.53 for groceries, and $33.72 for clothing, Ac., making a total of $550, leaving S98 85 yet to be expended in the several districts in propor tion to the wants of each. It appeared that nearly 250 families had been relioved Exer tions arc yet making in furtherance of this praiseworthy ob^eot by continuing the services of the distributing committees, who are au thorized to receive contributions. The com mittee aro Hubert Kicketts, for the first dis trict ; Charles Sioussa, second ; John W Eas by, treasurer, third; Thomas P. Morgan, fourth; W. Worth, fifth, and W. J. Herbort, sixth. Notwithstanding tho relief thus af forded, tbe severity of the weather strongly appeals to tbe sympathies of those who have not yet contributed to 1'iis ubjo.t High W1.10.?The chimney of an unoccu pied frame house, opposite the 14 Six Build ings," on Pennsylvania avenue, was blown down yesterday by the high wind prevailing, which also snapped off dead branches, tore awnings, removed signs, and played othor pranks. We also learn that, about 3 o'clock p. m., the wind blew over the derricks on the top of the Washington Monument. No one was in jured, and as the work is suspended, there will be no delay caused by the freak of Old Boreas. Stop Thief".?We have for somo time past been deprived of our New Orleans and other exchange papers, which disappear from tbe sanctum without " leave or license." Those who purloin these papers, or who obtainfthom from the thieves, will get into trouble if found out. Wherevor they may be seen, depend upon it they were stolen from the office, and the receiver is as bad as the thief. Report op thr Wrathrr ?Our attentive Georgetown friend friend '? B " sends us the following report: Friday night 28?; Saturday morning 24?, noon 32?, night 38"; Sunday morning 22^, noon 16?, night 18?; Monday morning 18?, noon 30. Average rtnge of the thermometer for one week, from Feb. lltb to 17th inclusive, Jl? V above lero. * Til Mosical Cow ?bwtion at the Smithso nian Institute under the leadership of Prof. Woodbury wu called to order about half-past ten this morning. Little more wu done dur ing the morning session than the appointment of officers, in consequence of the coldness of the room. The convention adjourned about noon to meet again at three o'olock this afternoon, and seren o'clock this evening. Speaker Banks on Segars ?Speaker Banks to-day issued the following order : " The Doorkeeper is hereby directed to pre vent persons from smokiDg in the ball of the House." N. P. Banks, Speaker House Reps. U. S. Feb. 18, 1856. Wood-Sawter's Strike.?By notices posted up about the streets, it will be seen that the wood-sawyers contemplate putting up the prices of their labor. What goes up next ? Konkel's Troupe of Ethiopian Minstrels commenoe their admirably performances this evening, at Iron Hall. Winter's Dioramas are to be exhibited for a brief season at Odd Fellows' Hall. Qo and see them. 1 Watch Returns.?William Buchley, drunk and disorderly; dismissed Mary Thomas, do. do. Wm. Brown, drunk and disorderly ; paid fine and costs. Officer Fanning brought up John Betchner for noiso and disorder, and kicking up a row generally in a house near the corner of Thirteen-ana-a-half and D sts. Also, Wm. Rashner and Charles Nileschlich for resisting the arrest of said Betchner. The latter was bound over to koep the poace, and the two others dismissed with some good ad vice Lydia Seymour (colored) for stabbing and cutting Britania Johnson (colored) was committed to jail. Te Members of Congress*?From a rhyslcian who has practised since 1416?loo well known for comment: Paor. De Grath A Co., Philadelphia?Gentlemen Attn tervals, during thirty yr-ars wife has been subje.tto rheumatism of the most violent esse?' say fonr time* a year,! -sometime* no severe as to make It necessary to adm'n'sier largs done* of tli* tincture of guiacum&nd morphia, and to rock her like an Infant In a largo rocking chair, to Induce any repose. Havint frequent oorrespondence with my s>n (No. 103 Ghesnutstreet, of your dty,i I iuformed him of au attack she had about tho middle of last month, < January,) which waa of such severity as to completely paralyze the system. He, In hi* anxiety for hli mother*! w el (art-, seat me a bottle of your Electric Oil; but ae I am one of the practi tioner* ol niedlclua in our place, and not a prusoiyte to any kind of patent medicine, I did hesitate to give It a trial; how* ever, on reflection, 1 concluded to try It, which I did, ut per slons, directly np to Uie letter, and after the third or fourth application she became rather passive, and before one third of the bottle waa used, not* single vestige of the 4lses*e re mained in the system, and she still contluuea well, although she rode out a distance of fourteen miles wtthont a renewal of atiy of the symptoms I therefore feel it my dnty, for the aake of Buffering humanity, and also folly believing that merit, under all circi'instancM, should be rewarded, to for ward this testimonial. I am yours, trnly, Josti n P. Slki!?to.v, M. I>. New Gretns. P. O , Burlington county, N. J. T. S.? Auy communication for me will be received by ad dressing to the c*re of lay son, tmsrehant.) 163 Chestnut it. Another Do< tor, hearing and seeing the great resells l>y using this Electric (Hi, writes: York HrtiROf, Pa . Februarys. lS.'i*. Gent'emen?lactosed, I send you |io for nn? dozen (large site) "Klectrlc Oil." Please forward it Immediately to my address, cars of Wm. C>lden, Harrlsbuig. Oblige, youts respect fully, J. P. Shf.vr.MAv, M D. If the "Electric Oil," compounded by A. E. Smith, chemist, were not doing the great good It is doing, doctors would not encourage it as they do, nor would the people, still more di rectly interested in this matter. W It is necessary to be on guard, and to amid connter f?tts, notice the written signatures of I?e (irath A Co., and A. R. Smith on the lal els, and see the name blown In the class Principal Office, ?'.< South Eighth street, below Ciiesuut, Philadelphia. N. K. ?S.'? great cures In ledger to morrow. feb IS?eo?t {Bj-Ihe Vnderilgsrd continues bis Draw Ing School at hla office, over Gllm?n?? Drug Store, 3f.O Penn sylvania avenue, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday even ings, from T until 9 o'clock. W. J. WEST, Architect. feb IS? 5t* Washington IHT Prohibition.?Tbe receat decision of the people In almost every State In reference to the siie of liquors, does not pretend to Interfere with medlclual cons pounds containing stimulus, as it Is a fact well known to all that without stimulating principles moat cases of extreme debility could not be reached, and the many other of our most valuable compounds could not b? ma 1e without it. For Instance, I>r J HOSTKTTEK'S STOMACH BITTERS, now so celebrated and Indispensable In every family as a medl cine. Thousands of parsons suffering from drspepsla and In digestion, g?nerally speak volumes in favor i f this great ta rallve agent. Fur sale by J. N. CALL AN, Washington. feb 11? f (?7" Orrot Care ef Rheumatism la t'ln CINNATI, OHIO?CONVINCING EV1 HENCE.?For more than three years I have been suffering with rheumatism, and enlargeme'it and pain of the hones and joints. I have strictly followed tit* ad vire of physicians, and at other times used such family medicines a? bad been recommended fortheenre of rheumatism ; Sttll I did not Improve in the least, ami waa frequently coit|>ell*i to keep my bed, aud thereby was pre vented from attending to my business. Some weeks ago I wa? Induced by a friend to try CAKTEK H SPANISH MIX Tt'KS. The effect miraculous. I felt considerably Im proved after I had taken the fourth dose; I hare only nsed one single bottle, an t am entirely free from all pain. I feel better thaa I have felt for years, and I attribute my corr Eletely-restored h?altli Solely to the use of Carter's Spanish llxtnre. I consider it a most excellent medicine for rheu matism and all diseases of the blood, and cheerfully recom mend It to the afflicted. f>. BuaaiTT, southeast corner Fourth and Walnntsts. Clticloaatl, March 17, itii. feb &?lm |?7"Dr. Sanford s lnvigerator is a mild laxative, tonic and stlmnlant, and Is recommended to the poblie, relying upon Its Intrinsic worth la the cure of the fol lowing cempiainta: All Billons Derangements, Sick Head ache, Dyspepsia. Habitual Costiveneas, Chronic Diarrhma, Colli, Pain In the stomach and liowels, General Debility, Female Weakness, Sc. For sale ty druggists generally, and by Z. D. GILM AN, Pa. avenne; also, by JOHN SCHWARTZ, *50 Pa. avsnue, aud by O. M. LINTHIITH, corner Bridge aud High streets, Uaorgetown, D. C. Jan SI UT" Neah Walker k. CeM Marble Hall Clothing Kro|K>rlnm, Browns' Hotel Building, respectfrlly sinounce thai their display of FALL and WINTER CLO THING Is now ready for Inspection, comprising an assort ment of COATS, TALMAS, OVKBSACKS, 8URTOUTS, VK.STH and PANTA LOONS, of the newest and rkbsst de Signs In material, trlmmlug and workmanship. To gentle men who study excellence with ecouomy in fashionable ar ticles of diess an opp- rtunlty Is uow offered for selecting from ens of the attractive stocks of Goods ill this city, at very rsdsced prices- no* S?U lf7"Ambrotype.?Amongst the meat at tractive aud beantlfnl specini-ns of the Photographic art, uow on exhibition at WIIITK.Hl'H.SI S GALLKUY, are the A U it ROT V P KB. They are truly a beautiful Picture, and In some respects an Improvement on the old familiar Da gnei reotypes. The Gallery contains qnits a large collection of Thotographs on paper. Daguerreotypes of the United States Supreme Court since lhM; members of the United Skates courts; President Pierce and Cabinet, and many other Cobllc men of the Nation. A visit to WHITRHl'RST'S HAU SKY, No. 4at Pennsylvania arsnne, Is wall worth Uis troa bls and the tlma. nc v as?tf UjT Tbe Great Russian Remedy.?Pre BONO PUBLICO.?" Every mother should have a box lu tho kouae handy lu case or accidents to the children." BEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE. It is a Boston remedy of thirty years' standing, and Is re commended by physicians. It Is a sore and speedy core for Barns, Plies, Bolls, Corns, Felons, Chllbalns, and Old Bores of every kind ; for Fever Boi es. Ulcers, Itch, Scald Head, Nettle Rash, Bnnlons, Sore Nipples, )reoommended by nurses,) Whitlows, Sties, Fssters, Flea Bites, Spider Stings, Frozen Limbs, Halt Rhenm, Scurvy, Bore and Cracked Lips, Sore Nose, Warts and Fiesh Wounds, it Is a most valuable remedy aud cure, which can be tostifled to by thonsaeds who have used It lu the city of Boeton and vicinity for the last thirty years. In no Instance will this Halve do an Injury, or lntarfere with a physician's prescriptions. It Is made from , the purest materials, from a re. ipe brought from Russia?of \ articles growiug In that country?and the proprietors hava letters from all classes, clergymen, physicians, sea captains, nurses, and others who have nsed It themselves, and recom mend it to others. Bedding's Russia Salvs Is p?t in lar^e tin boxes, stamped on the cever with a picture of a horse and a disabled soldier, which plclnre is also engraved on the wrapper. Price, 36 Cents a Box. Sold at all the stores In town or couulry, and may be ordered of auy wholesale druggist. For sals at SHILLINGTON'S, Agent for Wa*b? Ington. Jan Si MARRIED, On the 14th Instant, by Rev. Mr. French, Mr. HUBERT V. LASKhiV to Miss MARY 11. WHITE, all of this alty OIKDi In this city, on th<> 17th instant, In the 31th year of his age, AUGUSTUS C. OILLETT, of New York, a clerk la the Department of State. lira funeral will take place from his late reui dence, No. 407 H street, between 12th end J3th streets, on Tuesday, tbe 19th Instant, at 2 o'clock p. m. The friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend (Union and Intelligencer copy.) In this city, on the 18th Instant, In the 65th year of her age, Mrs LYDIA ALLEN, widow of the late Win Allen, of Prince William county, Vir ginia. The deceased waa for near half a century an exemplary member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her funeral will take place from the residence of her son-in-law, C. W. C. Dunnlngton, 286 south B strest, Capitol Hill,at 3 o'clock p. m , on Tuesday, February ltKh * On the 17th Instant, Major ROBERT KEY WORTH, In the 61st year of his age. _ BOARDING!. BOARUINU BY MRS. HI.I.K.N STEWART, No. 300 o street, near Thirteenth. Comfort able board at SI per day, together with lodging and well furnished room*, In a quiet part of the city. n feb? UOARD, Ac.?MRS. BATES,ON THE S. W. li corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 0th street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap ft?tf VALENTINES?VALENTINES! HUTCHINSON A MUNRO HAVE JUST opened one of the largest and best assorted stocks of VALENTINE8 ever before offered In this city, and are pre pi red to forniah them at

about half the prices usually charged, at their Fancy aad Perfumery Store, on the Avenue, be tween 9th tad 10th streets, feb ? w ANTED IMMEDIATELY?50 or 60 Wood Chopper*, to work near the city, on the line of the railroad. Apply at the Yard, southwett corner 0th and U stroets, or to Air. WALKER, at Beltsville feb 18 - 3t? WANTED.?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A Situation as chambermaid and seamstress. No objection to assls'. in the washing and ironing. Add'ess "P," at this office. feb 18?It* WANTED-A GIRL AS KITCHEN MAID who can bring satisfactory references Al so, a respectable boy, about twelve years oil, to make himself generally useful in a private fain lly. Apply at the basement of house No. 27 In diana avenue, to-morrow. feb 18-1t*_ WANTED?A NURSE FOR A CHILD two years dd. Colored person preferred. Ap at No. 479 E street. feb lP-2t? WANTED.?A GOOD COOK, WASHER and lroner for a small family. Good recom mendations required. Apply at No. 352 G street, feb 19?2t# WANTED?A BRICK HOUSE WEST OF 7th street, and north of Pa avenre, worth from 83,000 to *4,500 One-third cash ; balance in 1. 2 and 3 years, Dlect to "BR," through the Post Office, when the owner can be seen, feb 18-2t* WANTED.?A YOUNG GERMAN, WHO speaks and writes English, wishes to get a situation where he coald make himself generally useful. For information apply to CHAS. WAL TER, WD street,opposite City Hall, feb 10-lw* WANTED?A SINGLE WHITE MAN TO take charge of a small farm, four miles from Washington. He must know bis business as a farmer and vegetable gardener thoroughly, and must come in all respects well recommended. Address "D," at this office. feb 15?3t WANTED?A WOMAN TO DO THE Cook ing. washing and ironing of a small family. None need apply unless they can bring good city references. A. P. HOOVER, feb 15?3t* No. 33 F street, bet. fithand 7th._ WANTED?A HEALTHY, INDUSTRIOUS Girl, of 16 years or thereabout*, todocham berwork. wait, Ac. White preferred, and refer ences required. Address "T K S," at this office, feb 15?tf WANTED TO HIRE ?A COLORED MAN and Boy (slaves) to work on a farm near Wa*hington city Apply between 12 and 1 o'clock on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's, at the Star office. feb 15?ec3t? WANTED?A GOOD IRONER, TWO good washers, and a good cbamWmald for a ho tel None need apply but those who can come well recommended. Address "M A D," at this office. feb 16-tf WANTS A PLACE.?A COLORED BOY, aged about 14 years, desires a place in a family. He has been accustomed to wa ting. and can bring the best city references as to his good temper, obedience, handlness, and exertions to please his employers. A noteaddre-sodto "Boy," Star offlcc. will be promptly attended to. feb 15?tf WA N T E D?A COLORED WOMAN A3 washer and lroner, In a small family A slave is preferred. No one need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this office, jan18? WANTED immediately?A COM PR tent and active farmer and gardener to rent, on shares, a farm, in the environs of Washington, well suited for supplying the city market. Any one wbo can bring satisfactory references will find it to his advantage to apply to Messrs. JACKSON, HROS. A CO., Penna. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. ftbP-eo6t WANT E D ? WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons In waut of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or sqnare Oil Paintings, larvae and *mall Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size I^OT'king Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dls:-atch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Re? lit, and Looking Glass Plates inserted. 256 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR BALE AND RENT. AC H A N C P. FOR A profitable IN VESTMENT.?Having determined t> dis continue my business I offer at private sale, my entire stock of Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Store Fixtures, Ac., on accommodating terms. The Store, which Is favorably located and very well constructed for business, comfort and con venience, Is for rent. The business is now pay ing well and can be greatly improved To any person desirous of engaging in the trade a favorable opportunity is now presented For particulars Ac., apply to JOHN T. KILL MO N.coiaer Pa avenue and Flr-t street feb 18-eotf FOR RENT OR SALE ? a THREE STORY frame House,situated on 11th street, between New York avenue and K street north, containing nine r;ood and conveniently arranged rooms, with Wide passage, cistern in the yard. Ac. Enquire at the Banking House of M. SNYDER A SON, National Hotel Building. feb ifi?3t For sale?a beautiful country Residence, on 7th street Plank Road, about 4 miles from Washington?V5 acres with orchard of Peach, App'e, Ac. Would make a good mar ket fariu. Inquire at No. 28 third story of Treas ury. feb 15-eo2w* For sale?a tract op land con talning 121 acres, two miles from the Navy Yard Bridge, a part cleared, & line soil and expo sure for a market garden ; the rest well wooded, and will cut from 2,000 to 3,000 cords Oak Wood. Now on It 300 cords seasoned Oak, cut last win ter. The Improvements are a small new dwelling, a corn house, and a stable for six horses. Price $50 per acre. Refer to HUGH BERNARD SWEENY, of the Banking House of Sweeny, Kitten house A Co. feb 14-2w* FOR RENT?MRS spalding, ON THE corner of F and Ninth streets, has a very fine double room, which she offers, with board, feb 4?tf For rent?the two-story brick House on the southwest corner of F and 20th streets, Washington city. Key may be found at Mr. C. Alexander's, near Winder's Bnilding. For rent, In Georgetown, th? Restaurant and a few rooms on the first floor of Forrest Hall; and a commodious Store, with Warehouse attached, recently vacated by Mr. H. W. Blunt, corner of High and Gay streets, opposite the Hall. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST, Georgetown. jan 29-lm FOR RENT-A DWELLING HOUSE, con taining ten rooms, very eligibly situated, with all the modern conveniences. Possession given on the first of February. Apply at No. 353 I st., between 13th and 14th. Jan 21?tf AN opportunity FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox, (called the Cedars,) poss-ssing rare as a building site, and market garden. It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak mess on the great er part cf it?the elevation Is such as to command, the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Corporation limits ren ders It more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. jan 22-dtl Desirable property for sale ?i will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rocavllle Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there Is a post office. The pla<*e contains 63jf acres, and is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 X 40, with a wing 2d X 31, and all necessary out houses. City property will be taken as part pay. THOS. MARSHALL, Jan 17?tf At United States Hotel. FOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient hoard. Inquire at Mrs. SM1TH'3, 233 F street. nov 27?tf Furnished house for rent?a large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas In the house. For terms, Ac., apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf CAST-OFF CLOTHING Bought and sold at 7? Louisiana Avenue, opposite Holmsed's grocery, near Semmes's. Address through po* offiee, to" Mr. Tailor" Wo USS1A RID LEATHER.?FOR SALE, 1,000 skins, by henry a. GANE, 27 CornhUl, Boston, Massachusetts. feb ?~d3W Gill net twine?a prime article and good assortment for sale by E. K LUNDY, fab 9 128 Bridge street, Georgetown. R AUCTION BALES. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneef pLOSINO OUT KALI OF IPLEUDlD Oil Paintings.?On TUESDAY evening, February 1Mb, at 7 o'clock, at^the Saloon over R. F am ham's Bookstore, corner Pennsylvania aye nue and Eleventh street, we shall a splendid collection of OU Painting*, by ancient and mod ern master*: of the form* r we name l*?l>ator Ro sa, Both, Pulssin, Bolkman. Cay pel, Bold, Hu tenburgh. and many others ; of thelatter we same Cole, Willies, B?Rrby, Cooper, Atsdale. Lewis, Boyle, Richardson., Ac. , The above are from the celebrated collection of H N. Barlow. Esq., ef Philadelphia. and are really line Specimens of Art. Many additions have been made to the collec tlon. all of which will be sold without reserve. The saloon will be enen and the pictures on free exhibition dally until sale. CatalojAies may be had at the Auction Rooms or at the Saloon. Terms: Under 950cash; over f30 a credit of 60, and 90 days, for approved endorsed notes bear Ing Interest. J. C. McGUIRK, Auct. feb 15-d By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer EXTCVIIITE SALK OF rtKNITlRK and Honseheld Effects.?Bv virtue of a deed of trust, and to satisfy a distrain for house rent due and arrears, the subscriber will sell at public auction, commencing on WEDNESDAY morning. February 20th, at it) o'clock the entire Furniture and Effects of the American Hotel, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4>f streets, comprising? Mahocanv haie-spring Sofas Rocker, arm and parlor Chairs Gilt-frame Mirrors, gas Chandeliers Cane and wood-seat Chairs. Lounge* Mahogany centre, side and dining Tables Window Curtains, Shades and Cornice Superior Brussels, three-ply and iugraln Carpets Hail and stair Oilcloth, stair Ca?peU Cottage Chamber Pets, various patterns Single and double Bedsteads, Wardrobes Dressing and plain Bureaus, Washstands Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Blankets and Comforts Hair and husk Mattresses Counterpanes, Sheets, Table Cloths Locking Glasses, Clocks, Toi'et Sets Office Chairs and Cushions, office Furniture Hatrackv Hall and chamber Tables China, Glass and Crockcrvware Silver-plated Spoons and Forks, Tab'e Cutlery Radiators, open grat" and air-tight Stoves Large ar:d superior Cook Stove Kitchen Utensils Andirons, Shovels and Tongs, Ac. Together with a large variety of articles not ne cessary to enumerate. The sale will be continued from day to day un til the whok is disposed of Terms: S30 and under cash ; over W> a credit of 2, 3, and 1 months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest B MILBURN, Trustee A. E. L. KEESE. Bailiff, feb 13?d J. C. McGU IRE, Auct'r. By J. C. McGU IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE Of ?MPROVED Property.?On MONDAY afternoon, March 11'th, at 1 o'clock, ou the premises, the subscri ber, by virtue of a de-d of trust dated March 1st, 1850, and recorded in Liber J A S., No. 12, folios tfil, 362, 2hJ hud 254, one of the land records for Washington county, will sell parts of Lots num bered one, two, and three, in Square numbered three hundred and slity-seven, (367,) beginning for the same forty four (44) feet from the south east corner of said Square, and thence running north with the line of Ninth stie-t fortv-four (14) feet, thence west seventy-three (73) feet six (6) Inches, thence t^tith forty four (14) feet, thence east seventy-three (73) fe? t six (6) inches to the place of beginning, improved by two frame tene ments. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing intaie>t, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. N1CH CALLAN. Trustee feb 13-co&ds J. C. McGU1 RE, Auct By J. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. API UNDIVIDED INTEREST IN THE National Hotel, Washington, at Pah* lie Auction.?Trustee's Kale ?By authority of a deed of trust, and by direction of the c? st. q. Trust, the subscribers will sell at auction, at the auction store of James C. McGulre, Washing ton. on TUESDAY, the lPth day of March neit, a': 12 o'clock in , eight undivided three hundred and fifteen parts, the whole into three hundred and fifteen equal parts, deing divided of and In all and singular the lots of ground la Washing ton, in the District of Columbia, marked and known on the plat thereof as lots numbered eight, ?lne, ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen, in square numbered four hundred and ninety one, and all that part of Lot number fourteen, In tald square, aljolnlngsald lot number thirteen, fronting twen ty feet on North C street, and running back at right angles with said street north the full depth of said lot fourteen, with the improvements there on. being the establishment known as the Nation al Hotel, now in the occupa cy of Wm. Guy. Terms of fale: Ore-fourth cash, and the resi due in six, twelve, and eighteen months from the day of sale, for which notes bea'ing interest, with a lien on the premises, will be taken. Conveyances at cr?st of purchaser The property will 1* re.-old at the purchaser's risk nnd cost on ten days' notice if tne terms of sale be not complied with within three davs from the day of sale. RICHARD WALLACH, JOHN H. SAUNDERS, T feb 15-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. AC KEWARD?LOST, ON SUNDAY, the 3d instant, between *th s'reet and St. Mat thew's Church, a brown Morocco Case, contain ing a lady's Mourning Breastpin, with gold pin and chain attached, surrounaed with pearls? name cf the deceased person engraved Inside By leaving the said Bre.tstpin at Mr. SEMKEN'S, Jewelery Store. I'd avenue, the finder will receive the above reward, and the thanks of the owner, feb 12-lw* NEW YORE HATS. 1 WISH ALL GENTLEMEN WHO ARE IN want of Hats to bea^ in mind that the plan which I adopted six months ago, of selling HATS and CAPS at greatly reduced prices, for cash only, Is In success ful operation, Consequently those who nay cash have the benefit of cash, and are not charged twenty- five per cent, extra profit to offset bad debts. The very best and most fashionable DRESS HATS, at S3 50, equal to any usually sold at S5, and the best S3 Hat south of New York ; ana a first-rate, durable, and fashionable Hat. S? 50. A full supply of black and brown F E LT H ATS, and Children's Fancy Goods, at very low prices. Small profits and quick sales is the motto. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenuo, Opposite Dexter's Hotel. i have made arrangements with one of the best boot makers in Philadelphia to be kept constantly supplied with the very best and most fashionable French calf-skin sewed BOOTS, warranted French calf, or no sale, which I offer for the un precedented low price of 83 62)^. I have shown them to competent Judges, who pronounce them to be the best Boots for the price in the L nited States. I also have a splendid sewed GAITER BOOT, made of the very best F rcnch calf skin patent leather, all of the latest style, for S3 50. Competition is out of the question. All I ask is forgentlemen to come and see for themselves Terms positively cash. dec 6?eo3m VALENTINES. JUST RECEIVED AND OPENED, A FRESH invoice of the latest and best English VAL ENTINES, at THE LAKES, 501 Penn. avenue, near Adams' Express Also, FANCY' GOODS and STATIONERY, at THE LAKES. feb 12 TAYLOR BROTHERS. THE PIANO USED BY THE TAYLOR Brothers In this city, is a sample instrument from the celebrated manufactory of Lighte, New ton A Bradbury, New York, and is pronounced by these eminent musicians to be one of the finest instruments, as regards workmanship and brll ,lla:icy of tone, that they have ever listened to. This beautiful Instrument, In consequence of being a sample Piano, and sent to us on sale, we arc enabled to offer at the low price of $250. We will give a written guarantee with the Instrument. Also, always on hand. Pianos from the long es tablished firms of Hallet. Davis A Co . Boston ; Knabe, Gaehle A Co , Baltimore, and Bacon A Raven, New York. Old instruments of any kind u?.n In [?.. r.ym?? JQtm p KIX|I!| 306 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, feb 11?tr Lost a gold cross, the finder will be handsomely rewarded by leaving the same at 233 F street. feb 9?2aw2w* TARE NOTICE. All who wish to keep warm and take care of their health will do well te oall at LANE'S, who has a full stock of warm Under shirts and Drawers, Socks, Gloves, Mufflers, and Robes and Shawls, and will sell them cheap for cash at LANE'S Gents Furnishing Store, M4 Pa. aveaue. )"? Q J 10-4, 11.4 AND 13.4 BED BLANE ETS, very cheap, red, blue and gray French Merino and Merino Plaids Quilled Skirts, Hosiery and Gloves While, red and yellow Flannels With many other Winter Goods to be elosed oat cheap. WM L Cot. 6tk st., opposite Centre Market. Jantt?lm roOH THE ASSOCIATED PRE88 ?Y Moris PRINT&JIO TKLUl&rH. Arrival of the Steamtr Canada. ?IVKN DAYS UTU FROM El tort. The steamer Canada, with Liverpool date? to the 2d of Febaarj (one week later than the news by U*e previous steamer) arrived at Halifax on Sunday morning. We regret that she bring* no nawa whatever of the miming American mail steamer Pacific, which railel from Liverpool on the 23d of Jan uary, ten days before the Canada, and ha* not been beard of. Although she may hare returned to England after the aailing of tha Canada, or may have found a refuge elsewhere without being abla to communicate with this county on account of her condition, we regard it as fearfully probable that a more melan choly fate has befallen her By thi< arrival we hare the welcome intel ligence of the favorable progress of the peace negotiations. despatches received at Vienna from Russia confirm the telegraphic statement of the unconditional) acceptance of the peace propositions by the Caar. Tha memo rand am emboying the propositions had been signed at \ ienna and aent to Paria It was reported that the Peace Congress will assemble at Paris on the 17th of February, and that the whole matter will be settled by the 25th The sign ing of preliminaries only awaited the arrival of the Turkish plenipotentiary. Baron Brunow and Count Orloff are the Russian plenipotentiaries, Lord Clarendon represent? Great Britain; the Marquis I>'Aieglio, Sardinia; Count Buol, Austria; M Walcwski, France; Dervish Pacha, Tur ke7' . ? It is asserted that Prussia refuses to agree to the conditions exacted by the Allies pre liminary to her admission to the Peace Confer ence. and that she will consequently be exclu ded fr' tn participating in it. The Speech of the Queen of Qreat Britain at the opening <?f Parliament is not of particu lar interest. It does not mention American affairs. The London Morning Advertiser savs thst Mr. Buchanan and Lord Clarendon had an in terview at the Foreign Office on Tuesday, when very angry words passed between them touching Central American affairs T11E MARKET8. Livcrpool, Feb 2 ?Cotton is active, with ?sales for the week of 85,000 bales, at a decline of an eighth of a penny since the last report Breadstuffs had considerably declined Ca nal flour sold for 37s and Ohio 40 Wheat had declined 3d to 6d ; white was quoted lis. 21. a 33s.; vellow corn 36s The Brokers' Circular stales the decline in flour at Is. (Id. and in corn at Is a 3s Beef and pork had al6o declined, and the market was quiet. Kice bad declined. Rosin had advanced . common 4* Id a 4s 5d Spirits of turpentine quiet at 35s. 6d Tar is quiet. Consuls 90| a 90'. The money market was more stringent. U. 5. stocks were lower. State securities are easier, but not quotably lower Bullion had decreased in the ?ank of England ?80,000. THE LATEST BT THE CAW ADA. It is stated that, although Prussia will take no part in the pea?e conference, she will be invited by the other powers to sign the final deed of settlement THE BALTIC. Letters received by the 30th speak of milder weather and the early resumption of navira tion at Pcllau, Memel, and Coghaven. ahe ice was breaking up THE CRIMEA. The correspondence from the British camp in the Crimea reports the army healthy. The Russians continued their firo from the north ern forts. Princo (iortechakoff had turned over the command of the army to Gen Luders. and had issued a valedictory to the commanders in the Crimea. On the yth of January the Russian* made an expedition over the ice to attack Kerteh . but, finding Gcu. Vivian on the alert, they retired ASIA MINOR Gen. Williams was at Tiflis on the 14th of December, awaiting orders from St. Peters burg as to his destination Nothing is known about Ears, exeept that the town is occupied by the Russians. Telegraphic Expedition Nxw ORLKiN", Feb. 18.?The Canada's news sent from Washington at 8 o'clock last night was duly received, and pablished by the Associated Press, in the regular morning edition. [It was sent via the Washington and New Orleans line, which is now working through from New York to New Orleans ] Re porter. Baltimore Marketi. BALTixaau, Feb. 18?The steamer's newt caused a oonsiderablo decline in breadstuff* Flour is dull and lower; sales of 400 bbls. of Howard street and City Mills st $ 7 50 Wheat?sales of red at SI 60, and white at SI 70a$l bO Corn is lower; sales of white at 54a6o, and yellow at 56a60c. Pennsylva nia rye $1.05a$1.10c. Oats 33*a37i. The market is generally heavy. There was nothing done in provisions this morning, and prices are quoted nominally. Mess Pork $10 25. prime Pork is S14aS14 50. Baoon is generally unchanged, and sales are confined to the trade ; shoulders sold for 8ic, tides W4o. Hams lljal2ic. The market is steady. Lard in bbls. 10;c, in kegs 11 ic} and in buckets refined 13ic. Hew York Marke'i. New York, Feb. 18.?Flour has declined ; sales of 2,500 bbls strsight State S7.18; good Ohio 88 37; Southern SW 25. There was nething done in wheat. Cora is drooping; sales of 0,000 bushels Western mixed at 82c Pork has advanced ; sales of 400 bbls. mess at 816. Beef is dull; sales of 150 bbls. Chi cago repacked at $14.25. La^d is firm; sales of 400 bbls. at 10ic. Whisky is improving; sales of 50 bbls at . Stock Mark eta. New York, Feb. 18 ?The stock market is firm ; sales of Chicago and Rock Ialand 84; Cumberland Coal Co. 26; Michigan Southern 96; New York Central 94; Pennsylvania Cos! Company; Reading Railroad 871; Virginia 6's 954; Missouri 6's &7J. Sterling Exchange u firm. NATIONAL BIUIICAL CONTENTION. The next session of the musical Convention, under the direction of Prof. 1 B Woodbury, will be held at the Smithsonian In stitute on MONDAY, the J6ih day of February, 1536, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m The Committee of Arrangements. In announc ing this determination, feel aasured that all who dexlre Improvement In the art of Veeal Music will avail themselves of the opportunity of attend ing this Convention The extraordinary suece?s which attended the first Convention, held la Mav la-t, convince* us thst It will make ea abiding impression on our own community la favor of the cause and claims of Sacred Musk, and will no lesa abundantly reward ail who participate there in. We cordially invite the lover* of music In other cities to be pienent and share with ua the advan tage* to be derived from this Convention. All members of choirs, certified as such by their re spective pastois, and other attested delegates will be entertained during the continuance or the Con vention. It is Important that ail persona who Intend beiug present as delegates will address Mr F. Gi.KNaor, Correspondu g Secretary, who will fernlsh them with all Information relating to the Convention. T. J. MAGEUDftE, F A. TUCKER, U. B. WARD, Committee of Arrangements feb 7?eotlWeb - VXLKNTINfl! VALKNT1NKI! At 308 Pa. avenue, between Oth and teth sis. feb6 JOHN F. ELLIS CLOCKS. F)R A GOOD HON EST CLOCK ALWAYS goto FRANCIS, on 7th street 1U Clerks cannot be excelled, and his prices will net fright en you. He tries every one thoroughly, himself, and those who buy of him are sure to get a good we or have their money refunded Jan * 1>ME BOSTON iRK?lCAN ALMANAC