Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. "lOflAL INTELLIGENCE. Tbb Car is still They Comb.?Soma weeks ago a paragraph appeared in the local col umns of the Star, stating that a gentleman of this eity had received a letter of inguiry in relation to the heirs of John White, formerly of Armagh county, Ireland, or his son# Abner and William, to whom was coming, when found, the comfortable little sum of a million or two of dallara. The oonsequences resulting from this publi cation were surprising; and confident as we were before of tne value of tho Star aa " an advertising medium," we oertainly had not calculated upon such an instantaneous flood of letters of inquiry as came pouring in from all parts of the United States and the Oana das, addressed to the ?' Editor of the Wash ington Star,'* from members of the universal White family, or their legal advisers. Up to this time there has been no interruption in the supply of White letters, and as every mail is opened " the cry is still they come," and sometimes a melancholy foreboding come? over us that they will " stretch to the crack of doom " and that the remainder of our earthly existence it to be devoted to the open ing of letters relating to the case of John White. The census of the White family is not yet complete. but enough returns are in to demon strate beyond the shade of a shadow of doubt that it is by all odds tho most numerous fam ily in the country The " Smiths." are no wnere; even the ubiquitous ?' John Smith" is sot half so omnipresent a personage as the corresponding "John White." And what a prolific head of a family the original Pcrtadown White must have been ; for of the multitude of Whites, with scarce an exception, they ean trace their geneology back directly to John of Armagh. The correspondence is interestirg?rather. One John White, who claims to be a grand son of the original John White, writes us from away down East, at some plac? called " Cathant s Lending," in Maine, begging us not to confound him with the Smiths and Browns, and offering us a handsome slice from "that pile" if we will hand it over forth with. Rather more of a^ Yankee "White" than an Irish one we should say. Some of the writers aro terribly in earnest, and some affect to treat the matter as rather trifling ani amusing though they admit that a mil lion and a half of dollars is a handsome little sum and they wish they could get it It is a handsome little sum, and wa sincerely hope thav may get it! Prom private intelligence?procured no matter bow, or at what expense?we are in clined to believe that the W hite family design holding a monster convention -in this city for the purpose of influencing Government in their behalf. The delegates will form in order of procession?the rear resting upon the city of Boston, the centre upon New \ork, and the head of the column will doubtless fall some where between Philadelphia and Baltimore, and in this order, they will march upon Wash ington?fifteen hundred abreast?and mar shalled by members of the "Jennings family." The procession will be about six months in passing any given point, and every exertion will be made to reach here before the clo*e of the present long cession of Congress. In that body the matter ?ill doubtless be referred to the committee upon " foreign relations P S. The mail is just in with another im mense budget of'' White letters " Moral ?If you want a fact "disseminated" advertise in the Star! llaavv Robbebv?Yesterday, at about two p. m., the wife of th? Hon Mr. Wood, of Me., on returning to her rooms at Willard'a, frv-m a walk, discovered that one had been entered during her absence, and about SI,000 in uioney and ?500 worth of jewelry had been abstracted from one ot them We underctand that Mrs. W. left her rooms in charge of her <?wn waiting maid, who was in another room than the one robbed. Suspicion fell on an individual who had just settled his bill, and who, it was found, had left the city about the time, riding to Bladensburg in a buggy, and there taking the afternoon cars for Balti more Mr II. A. Willard, accompanied by Mr. Davis, the chief of the police of Wash ington, proceeded to Baltimore last night, and arresting him, brought him back to this city this m?rning. None of the missing money or property was found on him We refrain from publishing his name in advance of the term ination of the investigation which is now in progress, in which he may be completely ex onerated from the charge. The proprietors of the house, and the police of the city, are making every possible exertion for the recov ery of the property and the detection and ar rest of the thief. P. S. We understand that the investigation to which we refer above completely exoner ates the indivilnal arrested, who, by the by, came back to Washington voluntarily with Messrs. Willard and Davis on learning that suspicion rested on him The thief was evi dentiy some regular hand at the business, such as infest every hotel. Jiiorc or less, in every city in tbi-J country and Europe. II<? took the money, two diamond rings, and an emerald pin, leaving jewelry of less value un touched. Fortunately, he failed to discover a jewel-studded watch, worth SI 000, which was in the s<uue bureau draw, but under clothes. It is wall known to be utterly impossible to uard always successfully, against the depre ltions of hotel thieves, unless by bolting doors inside. The truth is, boarders at all large public houses, who do not leave occu pants in their rooms when not bolted inside, should alway deposite their valuables in the iron safe of the office connected with the hou.-a. We know no such large establishment in the Union where fewer successful depredations of this sort have taken pla^e than that of the Willards'. and trust that this occurrence will oe a warning to the boarders in all the hotels in Washington, as to what they are liable to without proper eare on their part. That Masqckrade at Munder ? Saloon last Light was from the time of its opening to the time it was suppressed by Captain Birch an , entertainment to which the citisens of V/a?h ington are not often treated. Toe daneing w?j certainly kept up with spirit, if not with dignity, and there was a charming free-and easy style of performance throughout, on tho part of both the gentlemen and the lady masqueraders, which astonished almost as much as it gratificl the spectators. The ladies present were select of their class. It is sometimes urged as an objection to masked balls that females of a questionable character obtain admission, but on this occa sion there eould be no question at all as to the character cf many of the women present la the intervals of a quadrille, or waits, the dancers amused themselves with an oecaaional Uzht or other shindy, and in one of these in cludes the eye of the getter up of the mas uerade?a French hair dresser was nearly .ouged out. Thus the sport was kept up until about half-past one o clock this morning, when Captain Birch very properly, put aa end to it. Aay thing more thoroughly disgrace ful can hardly be imagined then the whole ? entertainment " In justice, however, to Mr Munder. we would state that be had no connectien with this ball, and in letting the room bai tbe strongest assurances that the should be conducted with strict order ani propriety. Police Ixtblliubncb?1Officers Handy and Sittings Oroagh' up Alfred Jones alias A. Wir.Jsjr before Justice Hollingshead ou a charge of obtaining money under false pre tends. Jones is a nearly white mulatto, iiu mode of operating was to go about to dif ferent grocery stores, and on pretence that he was buying good* for some William Collins who wm about setting up a store himself, make up a bill of tome twenty or thirty dol lars. and ordering the goods to be sent to some tlice, would take a d liar's worth or two in his hand, stating that the bill Would be paid on presentation at the place designated. Of Course that was tae last Seen of Mr. Jones, as the d.reelions were always bogus oues. But Mr Jones was now interrupted in his trium phant career, and after examination commit ted to jail by Justicc Uollingshead. At the same office, Rebecsa Grant was > rough t up for riot and committed to jail. Solomon ili?s drunk and disorderly in the etrtet, was sent to the workhouse for 30 day3. i Joseph Ptirris, concerned in the aisault up ?>n Wise was released on 91,000 bail fcr appearacca at Court. The Coscikt, given by the Musioal Con fress, laat night, at the Smithsonian, for the enefit of the poor, exceeded the most anient expectations of all concerned. The hall was crowded to its utmost capacity. Every posi tion that could be occupied, whether on the edge of the gallery, on the stairs, in the aisles, or anywhere else where a foothold could be obtained, wai filled. There oould not have been less than two thousand paying hearer? present. Of the ooncert we cannot say too much, con sidering the great rapidity with which the pieces were gotten op. The oratorio of " Abra ham and Ishmael' is from the pen of Prof. Woodbury principally, Some of the choruses are arranged from the old masters, and adapted to the general style of the piece Other choruses, and some of the most striking, are the Professor's composition, as are most of the soK parts. The duet, "Invocation to Freedom, one of the finest pieces in the ora torio, wu omitted on account of the sudden indisposition of one of the singers. Some of the best amateurs of this city were among the performers, as well as many from Baltimore, New York and other cities, who took an active part. The choruses, which were gotton up under the personal supervision of Prof. Woodbury, were performed excellently ; and the orches tral accompaniments by the Marino Band added much to the effect of the choruses. The secular department presented some very fine solos Miss Farnsworth, of Connec ticut, in two sotos, was encored, and deserved ly too?such correctness of expression seldom being heard here Several solos were sung by other members of the Congress in a manner that drew storms of applause. Prof Cook, in a vitlin solo from De Beriot, surpassed even the high expectations that had been enter tained by those who knew of his high reputa tion as a violinist. Altogether, wo think the conoert was a oomplete success, and as it was given for the benefit of the poor, all must heartily rejoice. The Wkather ? Old Sol is returning from his pilgrimage to thft " Southern Cross, ' and agains cheers us with his genial rays There are as yet snow banks in our streets, and the broad Potomac is fast in the chilly embrace of the Winter King, but it may safely he de clared that General Thaw is getting the better of General Frost, carrying away more by day than can be solidified at night. Truly may we, in this Lent-en season, te-echo the song of Gen Morris: " Thank God for pleasant weather Cfcant It. merry rills! And clap your bards together. Yc exulting hills! " Thank Him, bud Midblrdllng ! As ye grow and sing .' Mingle ia thanksgiving Every living thing" The ladies are especially jubilant, and come forth in full feather, sweeping the muddy pave ments with their costly dresses, or displaying dainty dimity?embroidered expressly to be displayed. Ia New York, this ridiculous custom of trailing skirts is given up, exoept by the " snobs." " You have made my dress too ?ong, ma am," said a pouting beauty last week. ?' Impossible, Miss," replied the dis tinguished milliner. "How so 44 See, the pavement has worn off the skirt!" 14 In that case, Miss, I am not responsible. You have walked! I design only for those who keen a carriage!" Alas! poor Broadway ! Musical Congrxss.?The afternoon session of the fourth day was occupied in a full re hearsal of the programme for the evening eon oert. The evening was occupied by the concert, as advertised. FIFTH DAY. At the morning session, the chairmen of the various committees indicatod their readiness to band in their reports. Oa motion, the business was deferred until to-morrow, and the day was spent in preparing for the concert of this evening. At the morning session to-morrow the con stitution will be acted on, the officers elected for the ensuing year, and other business. The last hour will do spent in singing, when the Congress will adjeurn. Dccks.?Although there is no luck of can ards, (as the French designate newspaper lies,; there is a great scarcity of ducks in our market. This is owing to the ice-embargo on the feeding grounds of tho Potomac and the Susquehanna, wh-re the wild celery is covered by th ick ice. Even on Gunpowder rirer, we are told by one who recently came from Phila delphia. there are no canvass-backs bagged On Benjer's Point, where, between daybreak and surise, we have so often seen one skillful sportsman bring down at lea*t thirty brace of these birds?all looked desolate. Not a crack was heard, nor a st'oWa note A* the car* oVrtbe railroad bridge hurried , Not a docker discharged a single *hot, O'er the ice where the waters bun led St cm:.we Coi rt?Yesterday, Horace E. Smith, Esa , of New Vork, and Hon. Lucian Barbour, of Indiana, were admitted Attorneys and Counsellors <>f this court. No. 60. Israel Kinsman and Colvtn L. God dard, appellants, vs. Stephen K. Parkhurst. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr Keller for the appellant.-. No. 67. Michael Allen's executors et a!-, ^J^tiifs in error, t.?. David Allen et al. Tho argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Williams for the plaintiffs in error. Ad journed. A Festival ?On Sunday next the members of tho Israelite congregation of this city design holding a festival at Harmony Hall, in order to aid in raising funds for the purposes of their church in this city. It will be conducted wholly within their own denomination; the rules of the feet prohibiting them from invit ing those not of the Hebrew faith, to partici fate with them even on such an occasion, hey will, doubtless, enjoy themselves greatly, and all of the Hebrew faith in Washington will, of course, make it a point to be present, as such a reunion of thair church rarely occurs. Yet another Robrert.?Somo gentlemen were robbed of their coats and hats last night which had been left but a few moments pre vious in the passage of Judge Merrick's house, on F street between Sixth and Seventh, where they were calling. They had enquired their way thither of * couple of colored men who were standing in the vicinity of tjie house, and it is supposed these men followed them la and stole the coats As one coat of Judge Merrick was taken at the same tiuio In the pocket of ono of the oout: wan a pocket-book containing money and some pap?i? of value. The Closing Concert of the Musical Con grats will be given this evening at the Smith o-nian. when a fine programme will be pre sented The music selected is of an excellent character; the choruses of tho Italian school, and the solos, Ac., presnut a great variety. The price of tickets is twenty-five cents ; and must be obtained at the usual places, as none will be disposed of at the door of the Institu tion. (iiXiD Eating ?The aity reader is referred to our friend Garrett's card in torday's Star. His salted provisions are fumed all over the city for being equal to any to be obtained of any dealer in the country, thanks to his ex traordinary pains always to have on hand the best the markets afford. Fire ?A frame stable on the corner of Sixth and I street, Island, was burned about o'clock last night A horse, the property of the poor colored man, the owner of the stable, was consumed in the fiimes. Our fire com panies had a long and tiresome run to the placj. Mrs. Oruwat asks- Way are the 41 young men,' who congregate ? n the hotel steps and at corners ?<f the streets, making vulgar and indoccnt remarks upon the ladies who pa^s and repass, like the troops who compose the arm> of Faustin I.? Because they are Black Guards. The Performances of tho Kunkel Opera Troupe, at the Varieties Theatre, attract crowds nightly; and all como away pleased with the excellent singing, as well as the comicalities oi the troupe. Their programme for to-night is a ri *h one, and will no doubt be enjoyed by a full house. ' ? * 'j Our Georgetown friend fa>ori us again as follows : Monday night 20?; Tuesday morning 12J, noon 22^, night Wednesday morning 24-, noon 36?, night 34?; Thursday morning 2i", noon 35v, night 3d"; Friday morning 34?, noon 34 ?' The Pbihtbr's Ball, thia ??ening, will ud doubtedly be the moat attractive festivity of the anniversary. There will, of eourse, be a large attendance of the typographical fraterr ? ity, and with them a full delegation of t ie beautiful and the gay among the fair rx. Many diatinguishcd gentlemen will probably attend, and we recnmmcnd all who are fond of festive enjoyment to be present. [COM JrUHICATKn.] Mr. Editor : I cannot pa98 over the great pleasure and the more agreeable surprise than iuy9elf and a couple of friends derived yester day afternoon, from bearing the rehearsal at the Smithsonian, of the new Oratorio called " Abraham and Ismael," the composition of??. Take it as a whole, it carries with it the marks of a thorough acquaintance on these matters; tho choruses being highly effective and telling. I cannot say that the quartette, solo*, <tc., struck me so much, seemingly wantirg more feeling and expression. Professor Wood bury richly deserve all praise for the high state of perfection he has given to his choir The ladies were in most excellent voice and tune. The tenors appeared a little timid and shy of their work?the basses excellent. Miss Farn8worth possesses by far the sweetest and f>leasantest tone of voice we have heard for a ong time, being delivered with so much un affected grace and ease?the remembrance of which will long remain with us; and in fact, the wholo work and performance was highly creditable to all parties. Yours respectfully, An Old Choru9 Singer. Georgetown, D. C., Feb. 22. 117" To members of L'ongreaa.?From a Ptiy.ician who bu practised aloe* li.b-too well known fur eoaimeot: Pkof. Dc Gratu k Co., Philadelphia?Gentlemen: At in tervals, durln< thirty years put. my wife has beeu suhj?~t to rhSnmatism of the most violent c :se ? i aay tiur timed ayear,) ?sometimes so severe s* to make it necessary to admlu'sier large doses of the tincture of Ruiacum and morphia, and to rock hw like Infant in a large rocking-chair, to Indnce any repose. Bavin? frequent correspondence with my s.n N?. 10J Che*nut street. of yonrclty.) I informed him of an attack aha had ahoat the of last mouth, iJoiin.irT.i wlrich waa of snch severity .is t.< c. ui; l?s;cly paralyze the sjstem. He, In hla anxiety for his mother's welfare, out me a bottle of your Electric Oil; l>nt a* I am one of the practl tloters of medicine In onr place, aud not a proaolyte to any kind of patent medicine. I did lieritate to give it a trial; how ever, ou reiiection, I concluded to try it, which I did, et per slona. directly up to tha letter, and after tiW third or fourth mj pl icstion she t ecame rather passive, and before one third of the bottle waa uaed, not a single vestige ',t tha disease re mained In the system, and she at. 11 comtnces well, although she rode out a dt-tance of fourt-en miles without a renewal of any of the symptom* I therefore feel It my duty, for the atka of salTerlng humanity, and alio fully believing that merit, under all clrcumatancaa, ahctild bj rewarded, to for ward tills teetliooulal. I am yonra, trnly, Joivrru P. Elkimtom, M. D. New Oretnb P. O , Uarllngton county, N. J. P. 9.?Any communication for ma will be received by ad dressing to tha care of my aon, (merchant,) 163 Chestnut at. Another Doctor, ! earing and (eelng tha great results by using thla Electric Oil, writes: Yobk Srauios, Pa., Februarys, lWf. (J?nt'e*nen?Tnc'osed, I send you $10 for one dozen i large air* "Klectric Oil." Please forward It Immediately to juy address, care of Wm. Golden, Harrisharg. Oblige, yours respectfully. J. P. BKKNBM4.N, M D. If the "Klectric Oil," compounded by A. E. Smith, chemist, were not doing the great good it is doing, ductora would not encourage It a? they do, nor would the people, still more di rectly Interested In this mstter. It Is necessary to be on gnard, and to avoid cou;iter Mtl, notice the written signature* of l>e Wrath A Co., and A. E Smith on the labels, and see the name blown lp the glass. Principal Office. J9 South EUhlh street, below Chesnut. Philadelphia. V. B.?See great cures in Ledger to-morrow, feb 18?aoSt_ ILr Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis ?John I. BKOWN k ^ON.?Gentlemea; A kimwle lgeof the manner In which various articlea of the Materia Medlca were com blued by you to form the "Bronchial Ykochks," led me, three or four yeara aiii-a. to adopt toeir uae. The reanlta have been such aa to Induce me to coutinae the practice, be lieving them cf great benefit In many affections of the Bron chial organs. Yonra, etc. J. F. W. Lang, M. D. Ho-*ton. September 1, 185J. Parsons retiring a really good and long tr'ed article, and oc.e that ran he depended upon as *n effectual C-ngh Lozenge, and being made from the purest material*, w ill flud Brown'* HKONCHI AL TKOCHES to be what they are repreaentad. Pot tip In boxes and sold at 26 cents each, by Druggists gen erally, throughout the I'nlted States and Can ad as UA RNKS k PARKS, J. MILHAI', New Y?rk, Agent*. For sale in I'll Udelplilaby P. BROWN; New Orleans, J. 8YMKS; Ch. c<. ro. J H KKK1? A CO.; Washington, J. N. CALLAN. feb 11? _ JIT" Or. Snnford s Invigorator it a mild laxative, tunic simulant, and la recommended to the pt.blic, relying npon its intrinsic worth In the cure of the ft>l lowjng complaint* : All Hllions Derangements, Sick Hea.! a<hs, Dyspepsia, Habitual Cuativenesa, Oironlc IMarrhre*, Colt:, Pain In tit* htom.ich and Bowels, Uensral Debility, I-emal" Weakness, Ac. For sale by druggists generally, and by 7.. D. OILMAN. 468 Pa. avenue; a'*o, bv JOHN SCHWARTZ, 350 Pa. avauuo, Cud by O. M. LiNTHlCi-'M, corner Bridge and High streets, eorgetowu, D. O. Jan SI f?7> fUmk Walker * Co., Marble Hall Clooiln; f*u|x rlani, Browns' Hotel bntidlug, reapactfnliy annonnce that their dlspiay of PALL and WINTER CI4) THD.U 1* M w ;eady for lnspecth.n, comprising an asar>rt IU TU of COjiTS, TALMAS, OVKRSACKS, Sl'KTOLTH, VESTS PANTALOONS, of the newest and richest de sign* : i material, trimming and workmanship. To geutle m :i who study excellence with economy In fashionable ar ticles of lraas an opportunity is naw of era l for selecting fr '.a one cf tha attractive stocks of Uoods In this city, at very ri Ucsd prices- Bov t?W 1ET liooilaad1* (itrman Biitera, prepare* and hold by Dr. Ja<~kaon, at the Oeruiau Mealra, ^tore, 120 Ar h street, Philadelphia, dai'y increase In their well-de served celebrity for the cure of all Diseases arising from de rangement of the liver. Those Bitters have, indeed, proved a biaeslng to the affilrtal, who show tl sir gratl'nde by the ?unit flattrrlng testimonial*. This medicine hac established t?r Itaelf a name that competitors, however wily their * ?'*. or seductive their promisee, cannot reach. It galnt l ti.u ;.chllc eonflde:ire fcy ilia Irtitaeitse '.trne'ts tha. r,%.e b?-en derived fxjTii It, and will ?*??- maliitaUi Its poal iuii. Kw adrsniMOlllt. dec i *?Im ? !????! On tW 'iiitL ln?ta.nt. bv the Kev Mr. Marka, ROUKRT W FFNTON to Miss SARAH EL LKN MOUNT, both of this clt>. On the i9th Instant, bv Kev (j. D. Cummins, AI.EX. STRAUZ and ANNIE, daughter of Dr. Noble Young, of this city. DIED, On the'21st instant, JAMES SWEENY, In the 26th year of his age Hi* friends and tbe friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend Ms funeral on'Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the re.*l<Jenc? of his mother, Mrs A. Sweeny, No. 5 south A st , Cap itol Hl'l * On the2lst instant, after a long and painful ill - nesa, Mrs SARAH ALICE GAREY, In the61tb year of her age. The relatives and friends cf the dec^asfd are respectfully luvl'td to attend her funeral to-mor row (Saturday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from tLp residence of h?r son-in law. Hobert J. Roche, Em^'., No. 415 Twelftu stieet, near New York av enue (Louisville, Kv., Zanesville and Dayton, Ohio, ' papers copy.) Oo theUUt instant, WALTER LOUIS SUEI, aged 71 years, of Sussex county, N J On the 17th Inst , at tha residence of his grand father, Notley L. Adams, JOS1AH N , son of Marjr Jan^- and the late Joalah S. Clements, agod 2 )ear' and 4 months. Gone to the grave In early blcom , He ha* escaped alt earth y woes ; Death angel bendln? o'er his tomb Wept o'er the beauteous blighted rose. This lovely flower, he Is doomed to die, Atfectlon in vain essayed to save ; Ontimely frost has nipped the bud? It perished In an early grave. MCA4ONA0VK GDDDS. JOHN H SMOOT, No. 119 BRIDGE ST., Georgetown, D C., has received the following SEASONABLE GOODS: ^ I ctse (1100 yards) perfectly undressed Shirting Cotton, manufactured to order, ani can be re commended, at 12)j cts ? 1 case (1050 yards) undressed and exlra heavy- do. at 12? cts 1 case New Yorjt and Bates Mills do. 5-t bleached and brown Sheeting Cotton 10 4 and 1-2-4 do. ?o. Richardson's and Barklie'-i Shirting Linens Sheeting and Pillow-case Linens Table Linens, Blrd'i Eye & Huckaback vv bite Brllllante, Cambrics and Plaid Mualina Plain blue, pink, buff and mode colors MoukIIq &e Lalnes French Worke^ Collar and Seta, with other Seasonable Goods Wishing to mike room for SpMrg Goods, every description of Winter Goods will be offered at very rtducedprices for cask, or to prompt cus tomers. JOHN H. SMOOT. fob 13-tr OXK HUNDRED DOLLARS R EWARD. Left my house on 10th street last evening, about6 o'clock, to go to the City Post Otflce^a nmall negro bov, called L^NEY,'about 12 years of age. He Is black, well built, and rather good looking?he has a down, but pleasant look when spoken to. Had on boots, i rav pants and round annul, and a check cloth cap, with lappels I will give 3100 reward if taken in the District, and 9'2iK) If tdken out of It. M>20-ec6t KDW'D C. DYER. CHAFING DISHES, PLATE WARMERS, fcc. HAVE JUST OPENED ANOTHER LOT of Block Tin Chafing Dlsbna, with high and low Covers, varying In sites from 10 to 30 inches, whicl 1 will Hell at very low prices. Al*o, In store, Japanned Plate Warmers, Table Cutlery. Britannia Ware; China, Glass A Crock ery; Plated Goods- Hronze and Iron Gooda: Wil low Ware; fainted Tin Gooda; Brushes: Fancy Gooda; Gas Fixtures, Ac. Being desirous of reducing my stock prepara tory to the receipt of rav spring goods I will ofcr those in want ot Housekeeping articles strong in ducementa to buy. An examination of Goods and prices is solicited. C. W. BOTELER,

feb 19-eo6t Iron Hall. LOtT-AUOLDtkOII. IHKVINDSR will h# baadaomelv iwwerded by leaving tho aame at 233 F street. feb tt-2aw2w? 1 FOR 8ALB AND RBWT. F?? R.KT'I?J'AllOE and pleasantly 4 .I11"*! Rooms can be obtained at No 311 '' v ? o.* avfnue. between ?th and 10th st?. I^DR RENT-THK HOUSE NOW OCCU X pled by the advertiser, situated on New Y< rk iv< nue, No. 162, near New Jersey avenue will be f^IT* ?n lst *^arc^1 It contains 7 roonrs: there is a variety of flowers In the garden. with f?r^ivi!le* fni,t tree* To a prompt tenant " 7jUJ?Vnted 4t ?10 P?** month. ?-3t W M Pf) WELL C'OR SALE OR RENT.?THAT NEW~AND I Cotta?e' on 4* street. No. 297. H^as lately been Put'n complete repair, re-pain t :^a"d,-w,v Parked, and will Ve .old cheap, ?? ui . most satisfactory terras to any one wishing to purchase; or rented low to a good m inrT"? of JNo S- FlNcH corner of 12th and L streets. fei, ai_ ? t pURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?A Par ? ?. * ai!?u9ever21 Chambers, handsomely fur h^w~nTl!,KpM' at No 250 F *,reet> between 13th and 14th, next door e?*t of the See . Treasury. The location is one of the vi i #* and most desirable In Washington. Meils furnished In the honfe. fe1} 20?3t* 4 VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE?THE A.rt* ^ W ''or which he will fake Pf .L ? .v pr^p*rty) a vnh,ab!e tract of Land ly '1 JL^ Gorge's countv, Md . and about 9 %% ashington, viz : 176 acres in all. ? f J v . in good wood lend. eonslst/ng ? ?nd, hlr on"; '00 cleared and laid Ids, all under goo<l and substan ial post and rail fencing?a stream of w ter running is flel 30 acrM of excellent meadow 18 acres sown In wheat, 8 In rve, and ,00 excellent fruit trees, with a good mili seat ri^V^iS J? ?P^>'t0 H N LANSDALE at Geo F. Kldwell,A Co's Wood and Coil Yard, 1' th stref t. near Pa avenue. feb 20-3t* P?K RENT?THATCONVENIENT FOUR ? brick house, recently occupied by Mr Andrada, on H, one door from 18th, No 270i sug plied with gas. water, Ac This property, {f ap lled for soon, will be rented moderate . . _ _ ?HKNRY N. LANSDALE, ^eo F Kldwell a Co >s Wood and Coal * ard, 14th street, one door from Pa. avenue feb 20-3t* P('R KENT-A WELL FURNISHED k House, eligibly situated. For terms. Ac. an ply at No. 56 .Missouri avenue. feb2o-3t* POR RENT?A PARLOR AND BED Chain rr.w"'^uh ?r without g,-.s. Also, three suites of Chambers Is prepared to take boarders either by the day or week. Apply at 275 Pa avenue, between 10th and 11th streets feb 20-3t? THOS. W. JONES. POR SALE?A TRACT OF LAND CON JL tainlng 121 acres, two miles from the Navy Yard Bridge, a part cleared, a fine soil and expo sure for a market garden; the rest well wooded, and will cat from 2 000 to 3.000 cords Oak Wood. Now on It 300 cords seasoned Oak, cut last win ter. The improvements area small new dwelling, a corn house, and a stable for six horses. Price 85? per acre. Refer to HUGH BERNARD SWEENY, of the Banking House of Sweeny, Rlttenhouse A Co feb 14-2w# POR RENT-MRS SPALDING, ON THE ' corner of F and Ninth streets, has a very fine donble room, which she offers, with board. feb 4?tf POR RENT?THE TWO-STORY BRICK x House on the southwest corner of F and 20th MreeU. Washington city Key mav be found at Mr C Alexander's, near Winder's Hnilding. For rent, in Georgetown, the Restaurant and a few rooms on the first floor of Forrest Hall; and a commodious Store, with Warehouse attached recentjy vacated by Mr. H. W Blunt, corner of High and Gay streets, opposite 'he Hall. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST Georgetown. Jan29-lm ' P?R RENT-A DWELLING HOU3"E,con * taining ten rooms, very eligibly situated, with ail the modern conveniences. Possession given on the first of February. Apply at No. 353 I st . between 13th and 11th. jan 21?tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board *nd transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27 tf AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox, (called lite Cedars,) poss. j*fng faie advanta-es as a bQllding site, and market gar Jen It has a fine growtii of young cedars and oak mess on the great er part f It the elevation Is such as to commaiid the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being Just outside of the Corporation limit* ren ders It in#e desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. ' For terms, Ac , apply to J L. KiDWEi^L, Georgetown. ^ jan 2tJ?dff Tk ESI R ABLE PROPERTyToR salieZi *-* will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Roekville Turnpike, about two m:Ies above Georgelcwn, adjoining the village of rennally'own, where there is a post otflce. The place r.,iiuln8 GJlf acrw, and Is handsomely lm p;. veu ny a rwo-story brick hous^. 32 x 40, witb a wing 2.3 x 31, and all necessary out houses. City property will be taken as uart pay. THOS MARSHALL, jan 17?tf At Uu'ted States Hotul. Furnished house for rent ? a lar?^ dwelling hou?e. eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsome!v fur ni.'htd.containing eleven rooms; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas in the house. For terms, Ac , apply at the oflttce of the Natloral Hotel. dec 27?tf W WANTS. -ANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG \N oman to cook, wash and iron for a small family uood references can ?/e given. Address '^Y, Star office. feb 22 \17"ANTED?several experienced ?ni n-K rveb8e?'to canvass for illustrated works published every month W ages from 82 to ?3 P , Addreas Box. ICG Georgetown. D C P?8tPa'd feb 22-It* ' WANTED -A PARTNER, WITH 000 or fl.000, in the Brick making business .i ? hundred dollars or ? x hundred dollars want r?? within sixty da\s, to be increased as wanted "Ji ^ brick making season The yprd has the necessary sheds and kilns erected, and tools, Ac., for six or seven gangs of hands; contains the best of clay and is most con veniently situated near the Capitol. i. w,be b^lre8> 1? ?afe, profits *atLfactory and re liable. fhe best references, with all lnforma. tlon. given. A line to C. V., over proper signature, at the Inte.ligencer office, will receive attention, feb 22 - 3teo 11T ANTED .?A SITUATION AS A SEAM ? f stress, and to do light chamber work. Ad dress C. W at thlsiffi-e. febv2 It* WANTED ?BY A respectable young man, aged 18, a situation to learn seme re ?pect&b.e mechanical trade; harness maker pre ferred Address ?? T. M " at this office feb 22? lt? /GARDENER AND SEAMSTRESS ?An ex perlenced Gardener mav bear of a good situ ation?Single man preferred?by applying, with References, at 5l>b H strett, near Seventh, from 6 to 8 In the evening. feb 21 3t* WANTED?TO HIKE A \VO\l\N TO DO ordinary housework in a small family?lib eral wages and permanent employment will be flven to ope who will do her dutv and conduct erself prop rly Apply to Mrs SHREKVES, 707 Seventh street, near Page's Wind MH1, Sev enth Ward. feb 21-2t? WA N T E D?TO PURCHASE~A~drTCK House, containing from ten to twelve rooms, situated in a pleasant locality. Address W O S, Star office, stating location ar.d terms. Also, waated to hire a good coolc, washer and ironer. Same address. feb20-3t A WANT E D-BY A YOUNG~man, for the purpose of enabling him to per fect and render available a new and highly im portant Invention 8100 will be paid therefor in two months. Satisfactory explanations given Address "Fifty Dollars Wanted," City Post Offlce. feb 20-3t WANTED?A YOUNG GERMAN, who speaks and writes English, wishes to get a situation where he could make himself generally useful. For information apply to CH ast WAL ter, 387 D street, opposite City Hall. feb 16-lw# 7 Want!d?a colored woman as wash* and ironer, lu a small family. A slave is preferred. No one need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this offioe. Jan 19? ' WA NT E1) ? WANTED?WANTKD?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, ronnd. oral or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronse or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any site Looking Glasses, er other work In the gilding line done to order with dlscatch. Also, a lot of east-Iron Brackgtts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B ?Old Work Regllt, and Looking Glass Plates inserted. 8 2U Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwom* - dec IV JO"-'- 0-4*. WAGNER. AUCTION QALU8. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRK. Aoettoneff pl BLIC SALE OP rrR!HTl!RK AMD * Hsasehsld Effects ?On TUESDAY morn ing, March 14th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of CUanncey I.angdo&. E*q., No. 506 E street. ne?rr3d. f *h*n s?llhis rurniture and Household Effects, Tlx: Walnut plush covered French Sofas l)o Centre Table*. Quartette Tables Do cane seat Chairs, Fancv Tables Blue Damask Curtains, Lace Curtains, Ac. Looking-glass, Clock Store* Cottage Chamber 8m, Toilet Sets Walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads Superior Feather Beds Ho ster* and Pillows Blanket*, Comforts, Counterpanes Three ply Carpets, Oilcloth, Rugs Superior Cook Stove and Flit res Refrigerator, Tin Ware, Kitchen Utens'.ls. 4c Term* : S ? and under cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed not^s. l>earing interest. feb 22-d J. C- McGUIRB, Auct. By C. W BOTELER, Auctioneer SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD Furniture at Anctlan.?On THURSDAY, Februarv 49. commencing a' 103^ o'clock A M , I shall sell, at the residence of Mrs. Humphrey's, on B street, between '2d and 3d street*, all of her Househcld and Kitchen Furniture, consisting in part of? Mahogany spring-?eat Chairs do ' Sofas and Lounges Curtains and Ornaments, gilt-frame Mantel and Pier Mirrors Mahogany arm and rccker Chairs, neahegany Ktag ere Quartette and other Tables, parlor and chamber Carpets Hall ajid step Oilcloth, French China Tea Set Crockery and Gla*s Ware, Plated Cantor Iro.i Hai Rack. Flail and other Lamps Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wardrobes Maple Arm Chairs, French Cctta;;e Bedsteads ^?edle-wcrk Ottomans, Hair and other Mattresses Washstands, Bedding. Toilet Sets Walnut Dining Table, Tin ?afe Parlor Chamber, and Cooking Stovei Cooking Utensils, Ac The attention of housekeepers Is particularly rilled to the sale, as the Furniture Is In ex- ellent condition, having been in use but a few months Terms : Unde- S30, cash; o*er ?30, a credit of 20, 6<i, and ^0 days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. C. W. BOTELER, feb *2*2-^dts Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Elegant furniture and house. keeping Effects at Auctisn?On MON DAY morning, March 3d. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of ?.eorge Patton. No. 463 6th street, near the Unitarian Church, we shall sell all his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, which are nearly new and of very superior quality, vtx : Harid?ome suite of rosewood green and gold bro catell? covered Furniture Suite walnut-carved crimson plush covered Par lor F urnlture Elegant zebra wood, rosewood, and walnut mar ble-top Tables Walnut carved Etagere, do Whatnot Suite of handsome s>llk Damask Curtains, with lace curtains, Cornice, Ac Superior Tapestry. Brc?*els, and three-ply Car pets Rich Gjyt Chandeliers, China and Parian Marble V ases Ornament?. Girandoles Handsome bronze and gilt French Time-piece Bronze Orr amenta and Figures Fancy Chairs. Footstools, Engravings Superior Hearth Rug9. Stair Carpets. Oilcloth OaV Hall Set, Hat 'i ree Stair Rrvds and Eyes Extension Dining Table, marble-top Sideboard Silver-plated Castors. Spoons and Forks French China, rich Cut Glassware Handsome marble top walnut, mahogany, and painted Cottage Sets Superior hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillow* Marseilles Quills Blankets, Comforts Loutges. Chairs, Tables, Toilet Sets Chsuiber Stoves, Window Shades, Looking glasses SuperiDr Kefrlgerator. Cooking Stove, Ar Trgether with aa excellent assortment of Kitchen Requisites Ttrir s ? *30 ..nd under ca?h; over that sum a credit of two and three months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest feb 21?d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct. BOARDING. I>0 \ K D i N G BY MRS. ELLEN STEWART, 1) No 3<?9 G street, near Thirteenth. Comfort able b^ard at SI per day, together with lodging and well furnished, rooms, in a quiet part of the City. feb# Board, Ac ? mrs hates on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is nrepait 1 to accom module gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her wlih their patronage. ap6?tf A FINE ARTS, LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CLASSIC ENi?R A VlNilS and original ETCHING by the most celebratcd o'd Masters, as R Monghen, Longhi, Strange, Woollett, Rembrandt. A Du rer, Mure Antonio, and others, among which are TH E AURORA, bv Gctno. MADONNA ST SISTO, i y Raphakt .. VENUS, by Titia*, etc. Forsaleat W ADAM'S Bookstore, i;? Pa. aver.ue, throe doors from st. feb IP? 1 w* VIOLI XUfcLLOS ?TWO FINE NEW IN struinents Just received, and for sale low at JOHN F. ELLIS'S Great Music Store. feb 10-tr GUTTA PERCHA TEETH. Dr. o. munson, at 310 pa avenue, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Jki Percha Base Ai.o, with Allen's pat eat continuous Gum, combining beau ty, strength ai-4 CleanHnesa, Ift- M determined to keep na&o with every improvement in Dentistry, t;.d frill strive to please and profit his ps'rosa. KFPEBRNCE! P. D Gnrley, D D. Hon R H GUlel, J G. Binnev, D D. Hon. S A Dmigla*, B Sunderland, D.D Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft. Esq Dr R H Coolldge. Hon. C .Mason, Dr. Thomas Miller, Hon. A O P Nicholson, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov23?tf PANOS FOR SALE OR RENT.?New and second h ind Piano* from the bestgfC^Skp manufactories, at moderate and conve-jTTy f I nient terms for sale; secondhand Pianos taken In exchange, and tuning pianos attended to at No 486 Eleventh street, above Pa. avenue F. C. REICH EN BACH, sep 8?fiineoSTuATb* Lost yesterday, in or about the Hall of the House of Representatives, a Poli cy of Life Insurance which had been sent on to be executed. The large white envelope in which it was enclosed Is addressed to the owner. It Is of no value whatever except to that person The finder will receive many thanks by leaving It at the S:ar ofll e, or with the Postmaster of the House of Representatives. feb 7-tf / CHANCE FOR A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT. Having determined to DiecoN tinue my business | offer at private sale, my entire stock of GKOCKR1KS, WINKS. LI QUORS, STORK FIXTURES. Ac., on accom m dating terms. The Store, which Is favorably lo-ated and very well constructed for business, comfort and con venience, is for rent. The business is now pay ing well and can be greatly improved To any person desirous of engaging In the trade a favorable opportunity is now presented. For particulars Ac., apply to JOHN T. KILLMON, feb 13-tf corner Pa av and First street UNITED STATES COURT OF CLAIMS. CARD?THE UNDERSIGNED. JOHN C. DKVKREUX. of New York cltv. and M THOMPSON, of Washington, D C.. Attorneys and Counsellors-at taw. are associated for the legal prosecution of claims for creditors of Gov ernment, In the Court of Claims They will co operate In Immediate and careful attention to business matters at W ashlngton which may be entrusted to their care by gentlemen of the"profession and claimants In the city of New \ ork, or elsewhere In any part of the Union. They may be consulted at any time, personally or by letter, either at New Yo;k or Washington. Particular information as to claims wuich have been at any tin.e before Congress or Departments can be furnished at cace upon application by the pa'tios interest.d JOHN O. DEVEREUXj Nt> ?o Broadway, corner of Wall street, New \ ork city. M. THOM PSON, Washington cltv. N.B?J C. Devereux is a Commissioner of the Court of Claims. fob a??tf MILLINERY. Madame devos will close out her stock of MILLINERY at THE LAKES, 4SH 504 Pa. avenue, near Adams' Exprt?s,Jt^ during the present week, at even less than cost prices, preparatory to the opening for the Spring Fashions. Bargalna may be had. feb 1?- 1 |r CLOTHING T*UI!^'?iT AND SOLD 76 LOUISIANA Ai Avenue, opposite, Holme&d's grocery, near I Semmes's Address through post oBee, to Mr. 1 Tailor " feb4-lm* FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRSSS ?v Konac raiNTine tkluraph, At the hour of gii^ to prvu, MAi?| bad been heiu-d at New York of tke Eiro^an steamers now due at that port American Conveation Ae PmLiHiLPiii, Feb 22d ?The National Convention organised temporarily this mcrn ing, by nominating Isaac Haielhurstof Phila delphia, u chairman. Mneh time wm oocb pied in examining the credentials of delegate# There was considerable difficulty ia the Penn sylvania delegation nmong the rival claimants for seat*. The weather is warm and springlike. Flags are displayed at every point of the eitj. Rhode Island Polities. Pbovidbhc*, Feb. 22 ?The Demeeratie State Convention yesterday nominated Amer i-us V. Potter for Governor; and William Beach Lawrence, Alfred Anthony, Ariel Bal lon. Peleg Gardiner, Henry J. Barronghs, William S. Millar, Elisha R Potter, and A1-" bert S Gallic, for delegates to the National Convention Later from Havana New Orlkaxs, Feb. 21.?The steemskip lilaek Warrior, from New York via Havana, 17th insi , hes arrived at this port The po* litical new* frcm Havana is unimportant. The weathor Lad been more favorable, bnt the ? agar crop was undoubtedly short. The mar ket was active, with a good speculative de mand, and 14,000 or 13.000 boxes had been contracted for at $22a$23 50 per box. Mo> lassos was firm Weather in Baltimore. Baltixorx. Feb. 22 ?The weather to-day is delightful, and the snow is rapidly disap pearing Charleston Markets. Charleston, Feb 21.?The sales of Cotton for the week hare been 12.000 bales, at an ad* vance of ic. We quote good middling 9|alSe Our stock is now S8,000 bales New Orleans Markets. New Orleans, Feb. 21 ? Prwes of sottoft a-e easier, but not quotably lower. Sales ef '?,500 bales. Molasses is telling at S4i oents. Freights?Cotton, to Liverpool, 19 3Ids penny. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Feb. 22 ?Flour is lower; sales of Howard Street at $7 25, and City Mills at S7. Wheat is slightly and nominal Corn is ?lull and unchanged; yellow 56a60c, white 56. Provisions exhibit a little more animation; Baron shoulders 8|i8J, sides 9ta9i, bams Hi al2ic. Hew York Markets. New York, Feb. 22 ? Floer is firm, sale* of 4.500 bbls straight State $7; good Okie 5b 12; Southern is lower, sales at Stt 87 Wheat is dull; sales of 800 bu?hels; South em red $1.82 Corn is languid; sales of 8000 bushels Western mixed 77c Pork is lower; sales of 500 bbls. at $15.87# Beef is dull; sales of 200 bbls. at $14.25. Lard is firm: sales of 20U bbls at I0{c Whisky is firm; sales of 100 bbls at 294c. Stock Markets. New York. Feb. 22.?Slocks are 4nlL Chicago and Rock Island 95f; Cumberland Coal Company 252; New York Contral 94j; Pennsylvania Coal Company 98; Reading 88|, Virginia 6'i 95f; Illinois Central 7's, bis, 87i. Sterling exchange is firm at 9c. premiam. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Satieaal Hetsl? william but Robt Martin. N\ J K Baa A ly. Pa X Palis, do C C Beaton, N Y SSEly, Bait J Balrd, P? R N Petersen, NY W Ul*, do W Brown, Md J KUmr. do A Palmer. NY tC T Hubblll, do L Carlin, St Loul- R M McLane Md K H spangle. Pa C Wolf, do T Refers, do G Cowne. do J Bum. do H Benr.ett. do C O Mcit, NY v A Bennett, do R H Pennington, VJ j Bea?man do J H Cooper, P? HL Ne*ls, do J H Judkliig, Texas N J Nevis, do J B Wilklns, do J Carty, Pa N T West, Mast J V Stenes. d?> J J Codtnhead, Ala G W M H Jenks. Tex L L Houps. da A Child* A ly. Bostoa J F Ford, Ohio H 1. Harnum&ly. Md 8T8tew?rt, Va F W Bennett A ly. do J J Lam, Md B Crawford. Pa J ? Bead, Ky W M Mott, Mass J J Hane*, Ga W H Chapman, Ga Dr A P Hayne. NY K I. Han^y, Md Mr* Julia Bean Havne Col John Nelson, do do W 8 Gt tings, do Mlsa Anna Dean, do K U I>ldt*r. do Mr Biaadel A ly. Mass J Fritz. NY F 8 Fignelr, Pa J V Scfchiy, Md R McArana. do or (Hards1 Hetal?i. e. * i. a. wnuu J H Russall, ly. Tenn J Hurdle. NC Miss Russall. do A Lambert, Ird 8 Robinson, Ala F C Jackson Miss Cat t Hunter, NY W Walter. Mara S H Hurd. do O M Simms, DC G Hlrswanger. Ga D T Kdwards Kan J W Oanet, Va R Williams D T Wood. Md M WeUa. Md S M Ban'^r. NY P 8 Jones, R| D Woodbury, do Dr Crumwell. Can J *?* Lewis, do J 8 Brooks, Ms G W Hater, do J F Baker, ly, O Miss Baker, do 8 D McMiUen, ly, do Mtse M Baker, do R 1) Hard well, ?o Ma?t Baker, do 8 P Rk bards. N J C Bottler, Cal P N 8inaUev, Del F F Oarlow, Wlv B F Todd, ly, La B Carlow, do M C Smithaon, Tex 8 B Shark. NMex 8 Tawton, do Q Thumb, G H Henry, Pa OB Townsend. Va W Daniels, Ct 8 Schooler, Knij R Butler Tmn W a Jacobs, Pa 8 C Swt?n, USN M Sullivan M Mecenen. Pa MA Collins, Va E Allen. NY L Summers, Ga W c Milllgan, ly, Pa J Sealy, Va W T Rlre. do K J Montgomerv. NY N Nell son. ly, 2dau'rs, W San ford, Mass Va F Young, ly. Va A L Morton. Del N Johnson La E D Hemy, O C Gray. Va J Livingston, Md E Rowland, ly, do Browne* Hotel?t r ki.mvs Z F Mllbonrn. Va Mrs H 3<nith, Md J Darden, NC W K Wood, do W Thomson, Iowa E 8 Alvord, Ind J C Hall, do R B Wrlshtor, Pa W Thompson NC 8 W Hunter, NY H Lawrence. NY W B Emerson,NB GSefton, NO J Mitchell, ly, Va J EscbUacfc, Md W Phelp?, ly, do J A Eschbacb, do Ml?i Linton, do M Berry, Pa Miss Sutton, do W Hunter, do H Thorne, Me A Johnson, ao C CrablB, Q A H H illeary. NY CM ChUds, N V S L Norrts, Md A Grooakeck. do W T Mart land, do J Headley, do J Head Va J T Blaney, Masa W Smoot, do W Bakeweil, Pa TWhfeler, do H C Jones. Md A Snowden, do 8 Wot&llug, NY J S Hirt, do R G Ward, Na T L Hart, do W Foster, Ala W Parvln, Pa J A Bland. Pa J H Harman, do H Bland, do J Clark, O D Harding. La B W Ptrsons, R1 T A Hird.nn, do Miss Lewis, do Hon T Clark, Md rnlted States Hotel?a. e.n*etna?v J J Censor, O R s Ssnnay, Va. R G Sanson. Va G D Smith, A'j B B Cravcroft k. ly, Pa W B McK ^ier, SC Mi?s E Veatie Md H P Dorsal, Md Miss E B<ck. Pa Hon P. Parker, Ve R R Smith, do j F. Anderaon. NJ E J Jthnxon. Mass ^ W Rnnsome, Md G R 0 reenleaf, do E W Cobb. Mass J A Edlneon. Nk R Simons, do G Rldder, do O W Kevs, O M M Ho't<ni) pjj c Pannemier, NY J *'^1, D C Hirkweed Henee?i. ?. * a. ma J O Taylor, Va J Aims, Md F P Chisman, do fc P U K Gatnes, do P 0 R F Srawner. do H D*b??7> Pe T E M DryeehJId L C Heskett. ao W i Blakey wis