Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHIHGTOJT CITT: MONDAY Fakrvary 91, IBM. ICT Advertisement should be handed ta by W o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. 117 AtMis TO* TBI Stau.?Tha following Btntd persons are authorised to ooo tract for the publication of advertleeineiite In Th* Btau: Pktl*d4lpki*?V. B Pal***, northwest cor ner of Fifth and Chestnut streets. JViw Ytk?a. M. Pbttihoill A Co., Nassau Boston?V. B Palm**, Scollay'a Buiidlng. 117 Jos Pkiwtiso.?Our friends and patrons are notified that we are now prepared to execute every kind of io* Pain rise with despatch and in the beet manner, at prices as low as In any other office in Washington. Job Printers arealso aoriflod that we are prepared to do every dsecrl p clon of press-work that can be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-presses 80. also, has the Star office a Book Bindery connected with It. equal In Its capacity to turn out book binding of til deecrlpttlons to any other In the District of Columbia. SFIBIT GF THE MOBBING PRESS The IntiUtgencer, publishing the recen* letter of Governor Wright, of Indiana, in re ply to the appeal of Lane, Robinson A Co. for anna, ammunition, and money, to resist tho authority of the United States in Kansas, says: "We have seen nothing from an official source, in reference to the unhappy difficulties In Kansas, more distinguished for good sense and discretion, or moee admirable for enlight ened or patriotic sentiments, than the letter of Governor Wright, of Indiana. Wisdom shines with a double Instre in high places, and espe cially in the seat of official power. We com* mend the letter of the Governor as a bright spot in the dark field of politics. It was writ ten in reply to a communication from three citiiens of Kansas, of precisely the same tenor as the communications frcm the same oitizens which were recently laid before the Legisla tures of the States of New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island. The letter is in strong and honorable contrast to some of the other re sponses " Tha same paper also pronounces preposter ous the pretensions of Francis P. Blair and others, essayed at Pittsburg, that the South will soon look with favor on abolitionism. The Union shows that the Tnbunt con tinues its purpose of mutilating official docu* ments bearing on the state of affairs in Kan sas, by way of bolstering up abolitionism in tha Territory. WASHINGTON HEWS AND GOSSIP The Points of Interact ?We have waded with careful attention through many report! of procedings of the Know Nothing National Council lately in session in Philadelphia, in the hope of getting at the head-and-tail of the affair. We, however, find it to Lave been the most essentially jumbled-up concern of which the public biTe any account; disorder, crimi nation, recrimination, oaths, fuss and fury reigning paramount. Parson Brownlow (who is credited with " cottoning" to a row on such an occasion) could not stomach the display of rowdyism marking its sessions, and the evident purpose of the mass of the northern delegates to force their southern associates to consent hereafter, unquestioned, to permit American partyism in the non-slaveholding States to be but an avowed tender to abolitionism?to make the exclusion of slavery from Kansas its shib boleth. The Rev. gentleman, when his blood was fired by something more insulting than usual said against the South by an Ohio dele gate, offered, in debate, to whip any five of the Ohio delegates, and that five of the Ten nessee delegate would flog the whole of the Ohio delegation for the amusement of the con vention and the improvement of the manners of their northern fellow members' generally ! So say the newspapers. The following is the vote, in detail, by which the Washington Platform was adopted : mi. Massachusetts?Ely, Keith, Brewster, Rob inson. Arnold. Rhode Island?Chace, Knight. New York?Walker, Oakley. Morgan, Woodward, Reynolds, Chester, Owens, aan ders, Wbiston Nichols. Van Deuson, West brook, Parson, Picket, Campbell, Lowell, Sammans, Oakes Seymour, Squire, Cooper, Burr, Bennett, Marvine, Midler, Stephens, Johnson, Wetmore, Hairmond, S. Seymour. Delaware?Clement. Smithers. Maryland?Codett, Alexander, Winchester, Stephens, Wilmot. Florida?Call. New Jersey?Deshler, Weeks, Lyon, McClel lan Pennsylvania?Freeman, Vanelede, Fress ler, Smith. Gillingbam, Hammond, Wood Gilford, Clyde, Pyle, Farrand, Williamson. Louisiana?Lathrop. Elam. California?Wood, Stanley. Ark ansae? Logan. Tennessee ?Brownlow, Bankhead, Zolikof fer. Burton, Campbell, Donaldson, Harris, BUbow. Be!oab. Kentucky? Stowers, Campbell. Raphael, Todd. Clay. Goodlo, Goodloe, Bartlett. Ohio?White, Nash, Simpaon, Lippitt. Indiana?Sheets, Phelps Missouri?Edwards, Fletcher, Hockaway. Michigan?Wood Wiaoonsin?Lockwood, Cook, Chandler, Gil lice. District of Columbia?Ellia, Evani. Illinoia?Danenhower, Allen. Total?108. MATS. New Hampshire?Colby. Emory. Maseachusetts?Ricbmend, Wheelwright, Temple, Thurston, Summer, Allen, Savine, Hawses Connecticut?Sperry, Dunbar, Peck, Booth, Holley, Perkins. Rhode Island?Simons, Nightingale. New York?Barker Maryland?Pusell, Ricaud, Pinckney, Kra mer Virginia?Boiling, McHugh, Cochran, Bote ler. Preston, Maupin. Pennsylvania?Johnson, Sewell, Jones. Par ker. Heistand Kase, Kinkaid, Coffee, Carlisle, Crovode, Edie. Sewall, Power. Louisiana?Herman, Hardy, Arkansas?Fowler. Tennessee?Nelson, Reedy, Picket. Kentucky?Shanklin, June*, Gist, Carpen ter, Underwood Ohio?Gabriel, Olds. Ford, Barker, Potter, Stanbaugb, Rogers, Spooner. Hedges, Kyle, Lees, tiwigart, Allison, Vishback, Thomas, Corwine, Chapman, Ayres, Johnson. Indiana? Meredith Missouri?Breckenridge. Illinois- Jennings, Gear Iowa?Thoringtou. Total?77 In the course of a speech delivered by the Hon. Mr. Ready, of the United House of Rep- i resentatlves. (according to the report of the New York Exyruj)? 44 A delegate inquired if Mr Ready bad not voted in Congress agrtnst Mr F. 9. Evan?, the regular American nominee for Door Keeper ' " Mr R. admitted that he bsd ; but that be did ao because he understood that Mr. B. had received the support of a Black Republican eonvention '< This was denied by several delegates, in cluding Mr. Evans himself." The truth is, the meeting nominating Brother French was not a " convention," bat a caucus. Bo Brother French was technically right, though morally wrong; for a majority of those preeent were Republican supporters of Mr. Banks Had the South Americans supported Brother Freach as unanimously as the Repub licans did, we take it he would now be the Sergeant*at*Arma of the United 8tatea House of Repreaentativea. Mr. Sheeta, of Indiana, one of the principal abolition (or anti-slavery) orators there (all of whom declared themselves against the admis sion of Kansas with a slaveholding oonstitu tion, showing dudgeon whea styled " aboli tioniata," though expressing willingness to be | known as anti-slaverjites) insisted vehemently on the repeal of the twelfth section, which was done for the accommodation of those of m!' ^ **Pr?Med his willingness, and hat of his brother anti-slaveryites, to aocept the Washington platform Why, reader? Listen : " was willing to aooept a compromise, *"e section must be got rid of; he was willing to accept the Washington platform; for if there was anything in it. it was so cov ered up with verbiage that a President would be elected before the people woald find out what it was all about. (Tumultuous laugh ter.) 6 Three Southern States had been carried on the 12th section ; repeal it, and we will give you the entire North. (Applause.) He ap pealed to the Council to take off" this trammel, that the great North and North-West may march to triumph. Do this and place on the ticket a good Southern man, and most of the Southern States will be carried with or with out the 12th section." From one of the New York journals we take the following bird's eye view of the proceed- j ings between the time when the Council died I and the nominating convention was born : '/ Midnight.?The defeated North are in private caucus at the Merchant's Hotel to see what they will do about it. The Centrals and Nationals are talking of their pet candidates for the nominating Convention to-morrow, and the South Americans are consoling themselves with drinking It is impossible to answer the question. ' What of the morrow V " Ihe adoption of the new platform ha.* en livened the Nationals, and they will press- a nomination pretty strongly. Law has the most friends of anv single person, but Fill more and Erastus Brooks have their backers. j North will probably oppose a nomination, and if she is mado to do so, then the bolt which did not come off on the platiorm will probably take place. The Northern side was badly cn Sineered in the fight on the platform. The ew England and Ohio delegates had agreed to go together for a single proposition, to re peal the Twelfth Section, but Ely and Brews ter betrayed them and put the North in a false position, from which it never extricated itself." Erastus Brooks for the Presidency ! Ain't that high ? We are getting seriously alarmed for the senior of our talented, truthful and engenuous neighbor. Why, they'll put him up for the Presidency next, as sure as a gun ! if they keep on much longer after that fashion. And then we shall have to hang ourself out of pure ennui, ooeasioned by the loss of our cus tomary afternoon's treat in reading his per spicacious, profound, disinterested and re freshing?if at times slightly Peck-sniffian, and at other times Pickwickian?lucubrations. But all this reminds us of a story we have heard of two distinguished clergyman of anti revolutionary times, in Boston; the Rev Air Byles and the Rov. Mr. Winslow. Parson B a learned man and great wag in his way, was remarkably absent-minded; while Parson W inslow was famed for shirking work; for watching to find strange parsons in town, all of whom he asked to preach in his pulpit Parson Byles'a slave Pompey?for in thoa? days even New England clergymen held slaves ?coming into his master's study, said his coat was shabby and he wanted a new one. "Very well, Pomp," go ask your mistress for one of mine that I have laid aside." Pompey, how ever, stirred never a peg, and the Parson con tinued reading. Casting up his eyes in a quarter of an hour, he again saw Pomp in hit presence, unhidden. "Master, I want a new coat." "Go to your mistress and ask her for one of mine, Pompey." Still Pomp stirred not; and the Parson again buried himself in study. A third time looking up after the lapse of some minutes and asking the perse vering Pomp "What now?" he was answered "I want a newcoat." On that occasion, his master recollecting that he had told him where to apply for one, ordered him thitheragain, in a huff. When Pomp protested that he could not think of donning a black coat. "Why not, Pompey?" "Cause, massa, if Para<n Winslow see me wid black coat on, ho sure to nab me fur to preach to he congregation." Reaily, it seems as though the Know Nothing National Convention is about to be as indis criminate in ita search for a suitable occupant for the Presidential chair, as Parson Winslow was in times of yore, for brethren to fill hia pulpit. The Metropolitan Eailroad and the Street! of Waahington.- Finding no little excitement among our fellow citiiens with reference to the petition of this oompany for liberty to extend their road through this city to a junc tion with the Baltimore and Washington rail road, we take occasion to spread it before our readers in extenso ; remarking only that we understand from its president that it ia not proposed to cross or traverse Pennsylvania avenue with it, any where : The Memorial of the President and Directors of the Metropolitan Railroad Company respect fully shows to your honorable bodies, that a bj C00*?" the 2d session * Congress, and approved March 3, 1853, granting the right of way to acompanv, whenever incorporated by the State Maryland, to lay out and construct a railroad from any point in connection with the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, at on near the Point of Rocks, to Georgetown, in the District of Columbia. That the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, at the session of 1853, passed a bill to incorporate the Metropolitan Railroad Com panv, to oonstruet a road from Georgetown, in the District of Columbia, to Hagerstown, in Wyhmgton county, Maryland, crossing the main stem of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad near the Point of Rocks; and That the necessary subscription having been obtained, thereupon the company was organised. Your memorialists show, that it is now deemed highly expf dient that this road should be extended through the city of Washington; They therefore pray for the passage of a law. at your present session, assenting to said act of the Legislature of Maryland, and incorporating the said company within the District of Colum bia, and authorizing and empowering it to extend and construct its said road from the Eoint in Georgetown, where its terminus has een fixed by the board, through said town, ^oc't cr*?!1 into and through the city of Washington, by such of its streets and av enues as may be found suitable for the pur poae, and approved of by the corporate au thorities of said city, to the depot of the ^hio "?"road Company, and river *nil , y Yard and the Potoma ? oonVact with the General to regulate the th* pub,ic ?d to regulate the freight on such articles as >.r. not or CADoot b. ch?r*.J b, th."" "* Your memorialist further state ??,. u orable bodies that said road, when th J. fX chartered will be located a distance ofaffi eight miles within the District of Columbia and by its connection, first with the main sum of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad in the vicinity of Frederick, and next, with a rail road, now in course of renewal, leading from Haigerstown to Cbambersburg, in Pennsyl vania, will present important advantages to the District citea in trade and travel, and es pecially to the Capital of the United States, in the early transmission of the public mails from the aeat of Government to the weat and north WMt portion* of the Union, as well at in the transportation of troop?, munitioni of war, supplies, Ac., to and from thesepoints when required. By its oonnaction with the Balti more and Ohio railroad near Frederick, the distance from the We?t will be lessened about fifty miles, as shown by the accompanying map, and a large saying would be effceted an nually to the Government, in transmission of the great western mail, besides a gain of five or six hours in point of time in the arrival of the mails to the citv of Washington, and an extension of time, of the same number of hours in closing the mails daily from it for the West; and, by the connection spoken of at Hagers town, a continuous railroad communication will at once be effeeted, by a new and highly favorable route, with the lake region. In view of these considerations, and others that could be urged, addressing themselves at onoe to the national interests, your memorial ists are disposed to believe that it is the duty of Congress to aid this company in soma form, consistent with its views of constitutional pow ers, and in agreement with its praotice hither to in relation to the District cities. Such aid could be afforded, if not by sub scriptions to the capital stock of the oompany, by donation of portions of the public lands, now so'largely devoted to objects of this kind, in localities where the Government has a di rect interest. Or, if this mode should be deemed objectionable, your memorialists re spectfully suggest that Congress might, with Sreat propriety, make an appropriation of 500,000 towards the construction of that part of the Metropolitan Road within the District of Columbia, as an improvement in that Dis trict, and thereby avoid every constitutional objection. Many similar grants have hereto fore been made oy Congress, and without ask in? a consideration in any case; whereas in this, the following large equivalent is offered, vis : The company pledges itself that, if such appropriation be made, they will carry, at all times, the public mails, troops, public stores, arms, supplies, Ac., without any charge. Your memorialists, therefore, pray your honorable bodies to pass a law at your present session granting aid to said work, (now in pro gress of construction within the State of Mary land,) in some one of the modes suggested, or in such other way a? the wisdom of Congress may devise ; and, as in duty bound, your mem orialists will ever pray, Ac. By order of the Board of Directors: F. Dodos, President. J. W. Dhblk, Secretary. Georgetown, D. C., February 11, 1856. To Try It Again.?The writers from this city for the anti-slavery press have announced in all directions that the "packed" Elections Committee design to-day reporting baok their resolution authorising them to summon hither and quartering on the treasury the battalion of vagabondizing abolitionists from Kansas, who are now begging money and arms from men, women, and children, throughout the North, to aid in setting the authority of the United States at defiance in Kansas. Such, in few words, will prove to be the result of grant ing their request to send for " persons anl pa pers." He who imagines that the backers of Ex-Governor Reeder seek to have any exam ined in person here, exoept such as we indi cate above, has failed to scan closely the de scription of testimony with reference to Kansas affairs wholly relied on by the abolition pre?8 up to this time, to justify the attempt to settle up the territory with abolitionists, so as to strike at slavery in Missouri, and to enable the instruments with which they work, out there, to carry their points by open resistance to the authorities of the United States. For some days past every conoeivable scheme has been resorted to here, in order to browbeat Northern opposition members sup posed to be inclined to wash their hands of j this plot of ex-Governor Reeder's baokers; until to-day the prime movers feel very cer tain they have a sufficient number of them so " snubbed" as that they will quietly follow in the wake of Mr. Giddings in this matter. If they are beaten on this tack they will en deavor to send out a commission to Kansas, to take the additional testimony they pretend is needed in the case; first, however, depriving the cause of Gen. Whitfield of any represent ation whatever upon it. The letter writers to whom we allude above, unite in declaring, in effect, that such will be their aim if defeated in their original pur pose. It will be proposed to strike out the name of the Hon. Sidney Baxter, and insert that of some Abolitionist as the oolleague of j J. H. Bradley, Esq., ef this city. This latter gentleman is in his heart, doubtless, as ultra and ardent a sympathizer with ex-Governor Reeder as Washington now contains. The Democratic party and cause has no more ar dent and ceaseless and politically unscrupu lous opponent, as was shown conclusively by us last summer in commenting on his respon sibility for the reprehensible oonduot of the one-sided election commissioners in onr last munioipal election. Mr. B. was named for the position by an ardent advooate of ex-Gov ernor Reeder's oause. No friend of that of General Whitfield in the House would touch him in choosing such a commissioner with a forty-foot pole, if the choice depended on him. If the House evontually send out the pro proposed commission, and the Republican party desiro to be represented on it by Mr. Bradley, we presume that no opposition will be made by the friends of General Whitfield to their selection. They have not so com pletely lost their senses as to entertain the ! idea of sending kim out to Kansas on their own behalf, however. The News from England.?At noon to-day, aocording to the general impression among those who seem usually to be best informed on eu;h matters, the important dispatches re ceived at the State Department were laid by the President before his Council. All accounts concerning their oontext that are in the papers are of course mere " bosch;" as on this side of the Atlantic no one but the Secretary of State, his Assistant, and Chief Clerk, could possibly have seen them up to noon to-day. Washington has been in a terrible ferment on the subject of our relations with England for twenty-four hours. Our private opinion is, that there is little wool in all the great ory just now surrounding ns. At this time it is impossi ble that we can express an opinion upon the precise tenor of the official news in question, so we decline pretending to tell all about it in advance of knowing anything whatever of it, aecording to the newspaper fashion of the day. The English Question.?Both Senators Ma son and Cass were listened to on the English question to-day with great attention by the large crowd of foreign and domestic officials present in the Senate chamber. Mr M. disputed certain of the statements connected with the state of the relations of the two Governments; while General Cass, going further, essayed to demonstrate the fal. sity of England's denial of complicity with the illegal acts of her officials in this country, I It is very dear that this Government is an - xious at onoe to spread the late official news before the country, whatever it may be, or otherwise the Chairman of the Foreign Rela tions Committee of the Senate would hardly have stepped forward with a resolution of in quiry at suoh a time as the present. The V. f. Steam Frigate Merrimtt ?This ship *M ordered by the Secretary of the Nary toseareh for the Pacific about tbe Grand Bank?, and to relieve any veuel in a suffering condi tion that might cross her path- These orders were in response to requests to that end from parties interested in the Pacific in Northern cities. It is understood at the Department that she left Boston harbor yesterday on that errand of mercy, instead of making the asual "trial trip" South, for whioh she had just been pre pared. The Weather in England ?The mean tem perature of the month of December, 1855, in London, was 34?.99, showing a difference of 4?.65 colder than the mean for the last twenty* nine years. The amount of rain was 1.492 inohes. At Sandwich Manse, Orkney, the mean tern* peraturefor December was 39?.41, and that for twenty-eight years 41?.03. The mean temperature at Washington for December last was 37?. 10, being 2? warmer than the came period in London. The Texas Debt Bill.?The Treasury De partment have duly received from Texas an official notification of the passage through their legislature of the Texas Debt bill, with the amendment to whioh we have cnoe or twice referred of late. An official copy of the action of the Legislature in the premise! is said to accompany the notification Dead.?Letters were received in this city yesterday, we are pained to learn, announcing the death of Mr. Joseph Armstrong, a Jon of the late Gen. Robert Armstrong. His death was occasioned by a fall from bis horse, near Corpus Christi, Texas. He was a brother-in law of Gen Persifer F Smith, U. S A., their wives being sisters His relatives in Wash ington enjoy Ihe heartfelt sympthy of their many friends here. The U. S. 8teamship Niagara ?This splen did ship was successfully launched from the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Saturday last, ao coading to a despatch received at the Navy Department this morning. The Current Operations of the Treasury

Department.?On Saturday, 23d February, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... $25,775 62 For the Interior Department 18,708 15 From Customs 68,212 60 War warrants received and en tered Ifi879 80 War repay warrants received and entered 1,489 31 On account of the Navy 146,127 98 Repayment on account of the N?vy; 151,312 12 From miscellaneous sources 74 75 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Mason intro duced a resolution calling on the President (or the correspondence between this Goverr ment and Great Britain upon the subject of the infringement of the neutrality laws of the country by British officials. Mr James, who ha 1 prepared a speech on this resolution, gave way, ;with the intima tion of his purpose to print his remarks,) to? Mr. Cass, who addressed the Senate at length against tho acts and positions on this subjoct held by England. In the coure of his remarks he commented with great severity on the conduat of Britain, and also on the views promulged by an unnamed newspaper (the Intelligencer) with reference to this affair. In the House, Mr. Craig, risicg to a per sonal explanation, stated that he was being extensively misrepresented by some of the newspapers in the matter of his having failed to rote in the last vote for a Speaker He stated that he was then "paired off" on that occasion with Mr. Hughston, of New York. Mr. Richardson made a similar explanation with reference to himself?on the same occa sion?his "pair" having been the Hon. Mr. Emrie. Shortly afterwards a call of the House was moved ; and it was not ordered. Mr. Quitman moved to reconsider the vt,te of the House by which they had refused to accord a clerk to the Military Affairs oom mittee; reconsidered. The question recurring on agreeing to the resolution to accord a clerk te that committee, no ouorum voted. Mr. Houston moved a call of the House; not ordered. Mr. Jones of Tenn., moved to adjourn, on which motion they were voting by yeas and nays as we went to press. The Pennsylvania railroad company have mado a proposition to the authorities of that State to purchase its main line of public works for $7,500,000 SMITHSONIAN LECTURES ? A ___ Count- of Lectures will be delivered by the Rev. John Loud on the Grandeur and Fall of the French Bourbon Monarchy, commencing on Wednesday Evening, February- '27th. SUBJECTS. Lecture 1. Wednesday. Feb 27."Cardinal Rich elieu and the foundation of absolutism In France." Lectured. Thursday. Feb. 28. "Louis XIV and the grandeur of the Monarchy." Lecture 3 Tuesday. March 4. '-Louis XV and the causcs which undermined the Monarchy." Lecture 4. Wednesday. March 5. -Mlrabeau and the developments of the French revolution." Lecture 5. Thursday, March 6. "Napoleon Bo naparte and the results of the revolution." The Lectures will commence at 8 o'elock The public are respectfully Invited. feb 25-101 M WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY. A meeting of the Company will be held THIS EVENING, at 7k o'clock By order: B. F. BEERS, feb 25?It Secretary. ui UNION GUARD, ATTENTION?You J[ A are hereby notified to meet at your Armory fl Won TUESDAY ENENING, February yflth, ill ill at 7 o'clock All members are requested to be present, as business of importance will be laid before the Company Sorder of Capt. Rkksb : 25?St PETER HARRISON, O. S. MR. JOHN B.GOUGH WILLLEC k ture on Tuesday evening, February Mth, at the Smithsonian institution, for tbe benefit of the Young Men's Christian Association* to ena ble it to carry out Its plans for the poor and ne glected children of the city, religious Instruc tion at the alms-house, the increase of lis library, Ac. It Is to be understood that the lecture ha* no connexion with the Smithsonian course. No tickets can be obtained at the door, but may be had et Gray A Ballantyne's, 7th street, Shilling ton's, Adam's, Franck Taylor's. Taylor A Mau ry's, Nairn A Palmer's. Z D. Oilman's, Stott's, Campbell A Coyle's, Famham's, on the avenue, Moore A Young's, 9th street, and at the rooms of the Association, corner of 10th street and Penn sylvania avenue. The lecture will commence at 8 o'clock. W. J. RHEES, JOS. H. WOOD. JOS. H. BRADLEY, Jr. feb 24?d3t Committee. MISSIONARY EXHIBITION.? ?CflCl'he Youth's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Protestant Church, Ninth street, will nold Its second Anniversary Exhibition on MONDAY EVENING, 25thInst ,at7j< o'clock. The exercises will conalnt of recitations, solos, and chorusses by the children The public 1? respectfully Invited to attend. feb 23-?21 Lost.?a certificate for five Shares of Stock In tt-e Washington Building Association of Washington CltyTlssued to ine 23d December, 1853; number not recollected. The flnder will please return It to me. feb 2S-lt? JAMES W. SHIELDS. Lost.?on Saturday, the wd instant, about noon, either on Pennsylvania avenue or 4K street, A FOOTED BOOT, with new straps The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at J. MILLS'S Shoe Store, under Browns' hotel. feb 25-It# Lost.?on Saturday evening, on i street, between 15th and 11st streets, a Mourn ing BREASTPIN, of but little value except to the owner. The Ander will confer a flavor by leaving It at the Star oflce. it* n WD.-YESTERDAY MOENING, A ?mall sum of MONEY, which the owrtr can in bv proving ths ium and paring tor this ad vertisement^? calling at No. 22 Oregon street BRACELET LOST?LOST. ON FRIDAY evening, either at the I^vee, or r n the way to the PreiMent'i H< use from *tb stre.t a HAIR BRACELET, with a gold clasp A* It I* made of hair mad 1> of no value to any on** bat the owner, a suitable reward will te given for its re turn at this oice teb S6?U /CORPORATION STOCK.-S?,000 Ccrj-o ration of Washington Stock for sale at fob25-tf CHUBB BROTHERS NO HCMBCO! GREAT IMP HO TIME XT IN ETHEREAL OIL LAMPS. WE RESPECTFULLY CALL THE AT tention of our friends and the public gener ally to cur very highly Improved ETHEREAL OIL LAMPS, ths bes of the kind eter offered to the public, o?e of which can be teen at any time burning at our store No 23 C street, between 6th *"?7th HOWELL A MORSELL. ETHEREAL OIL 96 ceats per gallon. ftb POLK* INTELLIGENCE. THAT citizen* and strangers may be at no loss to know where they can obtain the services of t Police Ofleer at any hour, they are informed that the Central Police Office, E street, near 8th. is open even- day of the week from 8 A. M . till '2 P M. Where the aid of e/Tlctrj of tkt rtgularly ??* horiztd Pel et dtpartmtnt can be obtalntd to ferret out robberies, Ac., and to attend to any vio lation of the laws of the United States and of the Corporation. JOHN 8. HOLLINGSHEAD, Justice of the Peace feb 25-31 and Police Magistrate, 3d District. BUTTER, CHEESE, Ac. 1Q KEGS GLADK8 BUTTER, 1*7 40 boxes EASTERN CHEESE, 75 boxes SCALED HERRINGS. 2000 pounds PRIME NEW SHOULDERS, 1000 44 44 <? HAMS. 7 hhds. New Crop N. O. SUGAR. lObbls '4 ?' N O MOLASSES, Just received and for sale by BARBOUR A SEMMBS. No 65 La. av., opp Bank of Washington, feb 25-eottt between 8th and 7th sts VOTI('E<?1 HAVE THI* OAY (FEBRl -1 ary 14th) associated with inein copartnership Iohjt T Mitchill The business willhwafter >e conducted under the firm of HARPER A MITCHELL. I would take this opportunity to say to rav 'ilends and customers who are Indebted to me by lote or open account that they will eenferan ss leclal favor by making an early settlement, as I nrish to clone up the business or the late firm feb 25?3t WALTER HARPER FRUIT TREES, Ac. JOHN SAUL HAS THE PLEASURE OF offering a splendid collection of FRUIT rREES, of superior growth and quality,1 jonslstln* of PEACH, APPLES. PEARS. CHERRIES, Ac , large and vigorous, and varie ties suited to this latitude. Also, manv thou sands of the large Lancashire GOOSEBER R1ES; CURRANTS, red, white and black. thenew long bunched varieties; STRAWBERRY" PLANTS, RHUBARB ROOTS. SHADK TREES, EVER GREENS. AC. with evenihing Detaining to the Nursery ana Seed business, of f rst quality ind verv moderate prices JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehcu?e. 390. 7th street, cor H, Washington, D C. feb 26?eofit* United States Patent Office, > Wash'n^ton, F?h S0.18M.) ON THE PETITION OF EI.ISHA FOOTE, of Seneca Falls, New York, praying f#r the extension of a patent granted to blm on the K>:h day of May, 1642, for an improvement In "regulating the draught In Stoves," for seven rears from the expiration of said patent, which akes place on the 26th day of May 1356: It Is osdered, that the petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 12th of May nex', at 12 o'clock m ; and all persons are notified to ap pear and show cause, if any they have, why said f>e'ition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to lie in the Patent Office their objections, specially jet forth In writing, at least twenty day* before he day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken rnd transmitted in accordance with the rules of he office, which will be furnished on application The testimony in ihe case will be clotted on the Ind day of May; depositions and other papeis ?elled upon as testimony mutt be filed In the tw ice on or before the morning of that dav; the ar guments. if anv, within ten days thereafter Ordered, also, that this notice be p'lbllshed In he Uniou, Intelligencer and Evening Star. Washi ngton, D C.; Republican, Baltimore: Pennayl anlan Philadelphia, and Journal of Commerce, Vew Y*ork,once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 12th dav of May next, the day of learlng. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors of the above pepers will please :opy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, nrftn a paper containing this notice. feb sio?law3w rHE NEW BLUE BOOR, or Government Register 1^56, Just Issued, giving the names, talaries, locations, Ac., of all postmasters a?d oth ?r public officer* and age:its, civil, military, and laval, in the service of the United States ; with he names, forces, and condition of all ships and ressels belonging to the United States, ana when ma where bum; and the names and compensa tion of all printers in any way employed by Con jress, or any department or officer of the Govern* merit. 1 octavo volume, price S3 50. Can be sent by mail to any part of the U sited States For sale in Washington by TAYLOR A MAURY, feb 22 Booksellers, near 9th st. UNITED STATES COURT OF CLAIMS. CARD?THE UNDERSIGNED, JOHN C. DEVEREUX. of New York cltv. and M THOMPSON, of Washington, D C.. Attorneys and Counsellors at law. are associated for ihe legal prosecution of claims for creditors of Gov ernment, In the Court of Claims They will co operate in Immediate and careful attention to business matter* at Washington which may be eatrusted to their care bv gentlemen of the profession and claimants In the city of New York, or elsewhere In anv part of the Union. They may be consulted at any time, per- onally or by letter." either at New York or Washington. Particular information as to claims which have been at any time before Congress or Departments can be furnished at once upon application bv the parties interested. JOHN C. DEVEREUX, No *> Broedway, corner of Wall street, New York city. M THOMPSON, Washington city. N. B ? J C. Devereux Is a Commissioner of the Court of Claims. feb -U?tf CHEAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT very low. 1 second-hand Piano fur 825 1 do do S3? 1 do do S50 1 do do fine tone and finUh, full ?even octaves, made by Rosenkrantz, for ?250 1 made by Knabe, Gaehle A Co., sevea (ctave, new Piano, retail price $375, we offrr for f280. Also, on hand always a superior stock of Pian os from Hallett, Davis A Co., and Bacon A Ra ven's Manufactories. Remember the Great Music and Piano Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, feb 22 306 Pa av., between tth and luthsts. JULIA RAVANAGH'S NEW BOOR.?Ra chel Gray; a Tae founded on fact, by Julia Knvanagh, Paper, 50 cents,* cloth 75 cents A Forest Tragedy and other Tales, by Grace Greenwood; SI. The Bush Boys, by Captain Mayne Held; 75 cents. The Shakspeare Papers of the late William Maguin, LL. D , annotated by Dr. Shelton Mac ken tie; SI Charlemont, er The Pride of the Village; Tale of Kentucky; by W.Gllmore Sims, Etq , SI 26. ^ A History of Philosophy in Eplteme. by l)r Albert Schevegler, translated from the original German bv Julius R. Seely; Si.*5. View or Philosophy In General, a preliminary view of the Reason, by Henry P. Tappan. Si .26. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S, feb 21 Bookstore, near Ninth Street CAST-OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT AND SOLD AT 76 LOUISIANA Avenue, oppoalte Hoi mead's grocery, near Semmes's. Address through post office, to 44 Mr. Tailor." feb 4-lm* GOOD eating: SUPERIOR OLD AND NEW SUGAR CURED HAMS. SHOULDERS, THIN MIDDLINGS and JOWLS; SMOKKD I1EEF, for boiling and chipping; Ohio and Bologna SAUSAGES; a splendid lot of ROLL BUT TER. GOSHEN CHEESE. LARD and SALT PORK, PORK and BEEF Just received at OAR R KTT'd, 99 Centre Market (outside) and 16 West Market. N. B?A first-rate family CARRIAGE and harness complete, for sale for cash or good paper, ?t a sacrifice febU?PMaWSi A GREAT BARUA1N TO BE HAD IN A Family fiats* Carryall?As the subscri ber contemplates leaving the elty be will oflto for sale his Carryall, which has been In use bit a short time, and has rcoently undergone a thorough repair, which give* it, even on close examination, the appearance of new. It was made by D. Joses of Georgetown, D. O Por further particulars call at the store of J. L. White, corner Ith street and Pa. avenue fobtl-lw* W. E GIBSON. AMtTSBMXHVTS IMKlFSHlfCCgSS 07 THK F4V0iIT?|" THREE NIGHT! LOIOKR Or KUNKEL8 GREAT OPERA TROUPE, at the varieties, MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY. Having just completed a most succeeeful tour through the South nod Wml *""" at tfelf beauttftai will appear for a brief season. at this beaut] aad comfortable Saloon, oa which oocaslon they will pre*eat each lady elaltoc with a b?a jufu) VALENTINE Doora opaa at 0Jf o'clock?com meocing at o'clock. Ad mission Si cents. feb 23 d john T ford, Agset MR. DrMPtTKR, Compottr of '? TA? M*f Qu*tn." " Lammi of tk* Irtik Emigrant," '?Tk> Blind Boy,'1 and other Popular Songs. Respectfully ANNOUNCE* THAT ? he will fir* hla Original Ballad Entertain ment at C* Best's Saloob, Washlngtoa, on MONDAY EVENING. February 25th which will laelude the followlag songs: ?? The Indian'a Corr plaint " 4 Some things lore me," "John And era on mv Jo," "Lament of the IrUh Emigrant," " Tie Barrlag a' the Door." ?? Death ofWarree." " The Bllad Bey," "I'm alone, all aloae." " Deaaaa Cray," aad hla celebrated cantata, ' The May Queen," la three porta. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; Booka 15 oaate To commence at 6 o'clock feb 21 ?4t fln'.eU A L nlon ] LcaaiB hid MiHiaii.... Himt C Jiiutt (Also of the Baltimore M useum ) Staob Ma waobb Mr. JarraBsop. pbicbs or ad*:??:oj?. DreM Circle and Parquette SB casta. Family Circle, second tier * Gallery \?T Box book opea Monday, Tuaeday, and Wednesday, from 9a. m until 4pm The public of Washington, Georgetown. Alexia d la. and Bladensburg, are niott respect ? fully Informed that the Sublime Spectacle of THE NAIAD QUEEN; OB.THB REVOLT OF THK WaTER NYMPHS; that has b??n performed In Baltimore 78 Bights. (86 representations) will be performed on WEDNESDAY, VllURSDAY, AND FRIDAY EVENINGS, February 27th. t&th, aad 29th, when all t e MAGNIFICENT SCENERY, SURPRISING MECHANICAL EFFECTS, Grnad Marchea aad Military Maaararara, SO If OS, DANCES, TABLE AVI. ft., will bo presented?together with THE TROUPE OF BEAl'TlFU L GIB LS, who are engaged expressly for 1U representation In the Federal City. 1H/""Notlce.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, GRAND DAYLIGHT PERFORMANCE. wlien the Spe-tacle will be produced with all the Splendora tnat distinguish the evening represen tations. (JjT For Synopsis of Scenery. Incident* Song* Dances, Ac., see 1.111* of the *fheatre Doora open at*K o'clock p. m : curtain rises at 7% o'clock precisely. leb 23-d COAL!?COAL !!?COAL ! ! SUPERIOR WHITE ASH ANTHRACITE Grate COAL SO 50 per ton f*,2?o pounda ) Free burning Red Ash Coal, nut size. Sd 5o White Ash Stove Coal S5 KIT" A large supply of the above for sale at the Yard, southwest corner 9th and H streets feb 23?"U* * FRESH VENISON, WILD TURKEY, Ac. WILL RECEIVE FROM THK MOUN talns on Tuesday, by the Manasaas Gap R , FRESH VENISON, WILD TURKEY, BUT TER. EGUS, Ae. . at KING'S Famllv Grocery, feb 23 corner I and 15th sts KBTl'RN MY BOORS! Those who have my law or mis cellanooua books, or an v of them, are earnest ly requested to return them to my office without delay, as I am aubjected to daily Inconvenience for them M THOMPSON, feb 23?3t Attorney atLaw, 4fr at. Grand Assembly. HE MEMBERS OF THE BKN FRANK lm Target Company No. 1 respectfully an nounce to their friends and the public that their Tenth Aaaemblv will take place at Harmoav Hall on TUESDAY. February ?tb. 1816. They pledge th mselvea that nothing will be left un done to make this the Assembly of fhe season Committn of Arramgtmontt R G Eeckloff. James Thompson, C W Cunningham, G K Boyd. W H Fanaiag, febSS-'tt NEW JEWELRY. CORAL, CAMEO, FLORENTINE MOSA IC, Lava, and all other atylos of rich JEW ELRx. F'b, Guard, Vast and Chatalaln Chalna, Seala. and Keva Diamond, Emetald, Ruby, Pearl and Wedding R:nga. A large asaaortment of the above Just received and for sale at unusually low prices M. W. GALT A BRO-. 324 Pa avenue, between 0th and 1R& ata feb 2t-3t DENTISTRY. DOCTORS J. P. CALDWELL, LATK OI Virginia, and STEPHEN B Al LY of tnUclty. have formed a con-J neotlon In bualnesa to practice in all the phases of bentlatry Their rooms are on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue, a few doors east of Fourteenth street and Wlllard'a Hotel where they both will conatantly devote them selves to their profession, promising the ladles and gentlemen of this city and the public gen erally, that from their long experience thev will execute all kinds of their work faltkfully. aatla factorlly, and upon forms with which the most fastidious will be pleased. feb 23?lw WILL LEA VS~ SHOETLY . MADAME R. respectfully tafcrnss the public in general, that she will give informa tion ,n all the Affairs relatlojWto Life, Health, W?iltb, MarRte* Love. Journeys. Law Suits, Difficulties in Business. Absent Friends, Slcknss* and Death, and In respect to all other subjects. She is, also, able to tell the ages of persons be reading numbers She can be consulted at hours of the day and evening. Her name is on the Coor?at No 13th atr*? corner of D, on the loft hand aide Gentlemen 0 coots and ladles 96. feb 23? ARPER'S .MAGAZINE for March just it . celved at the Book, Newspaper and Station ery establishment of JOE feHILLIN6TON Alto. Godey s Lady's Book for March Graham's Magazine do Arthur'a Home Magazine do New York Journal do Yankee Notions do Harper's Story Book do United Statea, Cuba and Canada, by the Hoi. Amelia M. Murray CbarlemoLt, a tale of Kentucky, by W. Gil more Slmms. Esq. " ' Rachel Gray, a beautiful tale, by Julia Kava naugh A Forest Tragedy an<? other "Paiea, by Grace Greenwood T H The Bush Boys, by Capt Mayne Raid Catherine Valmar.ora Father's Vengeance, ty G. W . M. Reynolds Vivian Bertram, or a Wife's Honor, by G. W. M Reynolds All the new books published received 1 named? ateiy afterwards Everything In the Stationery line for aale at SHILLINGTON'S, Mennavlvania avenue, corner 4^ street feb 23-3t AO REWARD?LOST. LAST NIGHT OK this morning, a Glazier's Diamond, ivory handle, with keys; the handle has been broken. The above reward will be paid ir left at the Star office or at the shop of G. H. V AEN ELL. fobt*-3t HORSE FOR SALE.?A splendid harness HORSE, seven rears old, thorough- rV-fa bred, by the Arabian Imaum. of Muscat, out of a blooded mare, perfectly gentle and sound Can be seen on Saturday. 1st March, at Mr BURCH'S STABLE, near Wlllards' Hotel feb ?-7te SPECIAL NOTICE.?The undersigaed, ha? lng purchased the interest of the late firm of B. O. Rellly A Co , In the Clothing business, re spectfully u?k those persona indebted topless settle their accounts without delay, as the busi ness of the late irm must be settled up. DAVID MASON. No. 81 Bridge street, Georgetown. Georgetown, D. C , February 21, laid. DREIH FRUITS JUST RECEIVED, r Fresh STRAWBERRIES Fresh PEACHES Fresh RASPBERRIES Fresh HUCKELMERRIES Frash CHERRIES Freah PEAS Presh GBEEN CORN For sale by JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, Slgaia and Groceries 474 rsaa avenue. t tab ?-iw