Newspaper of Evening Star, February 29, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 29, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Niv Gas Csmpaxt.?We hare been shown the document*, Subscription paper, petition, Ac., for the getting up of a new Gas Com paoy to be callcd the " Mutual Gas Light Company of the cities of Washington and Georgetown," shares twenty-fire dollars each and not aubjeot to assessment beyond aaid p i:e It is also made a condition of the subscrip tion that the Company shall be based upon the mutual saving principle to the stockhold ers thereof, in both price and quality of gai manufactured, and that said price shall not be to private consumers over S3 per 1.000 cu bic feet, and to the use of the city not over S2 50 per 1 000 cubic feet. It also being an other provision of said charter that adiscount shall be made to each stockholder upon his bill semi-annually for gas consumed, of two und a half per cent upon the amount of stock so held by him, equalling five per cent. j>er annum dividend, in addition to the largest discount made to cash consumers who are not stockholders, and in addition to such divi dends as shall be made from tho earnings of thecompany The stockholders likewise agree to use the gas of the company on thoir own premises for at least three years after said ? mpany is put in operation. The petition addressed to Congress repre sents ''That there is a general dissatisfac tion and well-founded causo of complaint pervading this community in respect to the poer quality of gas manufactured and dis tributed to the public lamps and to pri vate consumers by the existing Gas Light Company, of this city?as also in respect to the large price exacted by said company for the gas supplied by them?as also in respect to the negligent and unsatisfactory manage ment of tbe affairs of said company in its re lation to public and private consumers. The undersigned, for these good and substantial reasons, respectfully pray Congress to grant a charter for a r.ow company to build gas works and extend their pipes through the cities of Washington and Georgetown, etc , etc. The movement seems to be undertaken in a business-like way, as if it meant something ; and we suppose the old gas company will feel it their interest to make an exnibit of their position, together with explanations of the grievances complained of, to show cause why the petition should not be granted. Fourth Ward Charities ?Tho Visiting Committee appointed by citiiens of this ward report that they have visited three hundred families and given relief to two hundred and twenty-one. They gave one hundred and seventy-two orders for wood, one-third of a cord each ; and one hundred and seventy-four orders for groceries, about two dollars each, making in all $395.11 expended in wood and $136.10 expended in groceries Tbe amount collected wm ?758 45 : there is, therefore, a remainder of S27 24 The committee also acknowledge from Mr. Washington Young a cord of wood, from Messrs. Pepper and Berry eighteen pairs of shoes for children, and from Mr. Silas Hill the gas on the occasion of Mr. Poores lecture in aid of the fund Of the two hundred and twenty one fami lies relieved, about thirty or forty may be considered regular residents of the city, and a vast majority are strangers, who were enticed or invited hither by the demand for labor upon the public works, and thrown out of employment in poverty at the approach of winter. In conclusion the committee repel the charge that the citisens of Washington are unable or unwilling, to take care of their own poor. Supreme CotTBT.?Yesterday, Dennis Mc Mahon, Esq., of New York, was admitted an Atterney and Counsellor of this court. No. 59 John J. Orton, vs George Smith Appeal from the Distriot Court of the United States for the District of Wisoonsin. Mr Justice Grier delivered the opinion of the court, reversing the decree of the said dis trict eoart in this cause, with costs. No. 62. Itichard C. Stockton, vs. James C. Ford. Appeal from the circuit court of the United States for the Eastern District of Louisiana Mr. Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of the court, affirming the decree of the said circuit court in this cause, with costs. No. 6V. Conrad F. McRae, vs. Jonathan S. Niles et al. In error to the circuit court ot the United States for the Eastern District of Louis iana Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the court, affirming the judgment of the said circuit court in this cause, with costs and damages at the rate of ten per cent um until paid. Adjourned until Tuesday, tbe first day of April IsrAfTiciDK ?The body of a new-born white female child was found day before yes terday ia the lot of Messrs Kiggs X Co.'s banking house An inquest was held at the ofiee "f Paul Stevens, Esq , corner of Fif teenth and F streets, by Coroner Woodward, and from the evidence before the jury there can be no doubt that tho child was born alive and died fiuiu exposure or foul means Th? child was wrapped in a fine white fianntl woman s under jacket We are glad to learn that energetic search is being made for the perpetrators of the inhuman deed. Cases of infanticide are multiplying with terrible rap idity, and are not likely to be diminished until justice is visited upon some of the trans gressors. * First Rorx Fish of the Seas^-v via the P j what as .?ThegaRant oldPowhatan breast ed her way triumphantly through the ioe . dowa the river and returned to her moorings aboat half-past six o'cleck last evening. We learn that our neighbor, Mr. John Kirk wood, who went down on the Powhatan, se cured the first rock of the season?a handsome fellow of some fifty pounds weight?and which will be served up for tbe delectation of the fuests of the Kirkwood House at dinner to my. ?? The Naiad Qieex?This unequalled pa geant is tbe U pic of universal praise, aud we Leer eo every nand approbation of its besu tiful scenery, its gorgeous costumes, its ac complished actors, and the phalanx of beau tiful female warriors, who need no other weapons save their own bright eyes To-night is Jefferson a benefit, and we hope this meritorious comedian will have a " bum per." His "Diggory" last evening is apwken of as a rare piece of good acting. J. B. Goc?h.?The Gough Juror still con tinues. and those who hear him on^e inevitably ge again. There seems a probability that if he were to lecture every night for a month there would be no falling <<ff in his audiences. We see that he ia announced to ."peak to-night at the great Temperance Demonstration at the Smith ?onion Institute, and which by the bve is to be presided over (see advertisement) by Mr. Speaker N. P. Banks. "Thirty Years' View or the Usiteo State* Se.vate."?See notioe in another col umn, by the agent. Mr. Hollingsbead, of the approaching issue of the second volume of this work, the first volume of which had such an unprecedented sale The second volume will, it is believed, even surpass the first in interest and popularity. Ma*aoek Jarrett is about to abdicate at the National Theatre, in tbe triumphant suc cess i>f the Naial Queen To morrow night he has a benefit, and we shall make *' a loud ciH" in his favor. Many eminent citizens and strangers will unite in making his pleasant parting pecuniarily profitable! Local Scembky.?Twu oil paintings by Macleod, one representing Pearson's Mill, <just north of the Capitol,) with itf surround ing beauty, tbe locality of which must be fa miliar to most of our citizens, and the other a scene in Fairfax county. Virginia, are on view at Messrs Taylor A Maury's bookstore. The Drama is to be inaugurated at the National on Monday evening, by the new f management We shAll allude to the excel lent company and the promise of histrionic treats to-morrow. Head the advertisement to-day' Pooa Old Horse!?A half blind horse, at tached to a wood cart, backed with his load nto the canal, yesterday, near the Tenth itreet bridge, aud breaking through the rot ?en ice, was drowned before any aid could bo afforded. Fir*.?A stable belonging to Henderson Fowler, on Third street east, between 1^ and K, navy yard, was destroyed by firolaat night. A horse and carriage in the stable were saved The fire was undoubtedly the work of an in cendiary. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, Fob. 29,1856. The ice on the river is fast decaying, and sanguine hopes arc entertained of a speedy renewal of navigation. Xhe steamer Powha tan ploughed her way to Aquia Creek yes terday, returning in the afternoon, and leav ing an open channel in her wake. The Orange freight train ran into a wagon on Union street and completely demolished it; fortunately, however, neither horses nor driver wero injured. The new Council bill, raising the salaries of the Mayor, Auditor, Superintendent of Po lice. Ac., is far from giving general satisfac tion. Tho largely increased expenditures of the year past are said to be too onerous upon an already burdened community, and calls for retrenchment and reform are loud and earnest. A run off on the Central Railroad delayed the Orange cars on Tuesdav night, and on Wednesday an accident to the engine of the Orange train caused another detention. The Young Men's Christian Association of our city are making preparations to give our citisens another intellectual feast in a lecture from John B. Gough. A number of our cititens, opposed to the present oath-bound oligarchy that governs our city, have called a meeting at the Ex change Block, to-morrow evening, for the pur pose of uniting upon a citizens' ticket for the ensuing municipal election. The Know Noth ing majority at the last city election was nearly six hundred, but it promises to fall slightly below that next Tuesaay. Ami. Parisian Scandal.?We find the following bit of gossip in a letter from Paris, about Miss Smead, tko celebrated Irish beauty, whose portrait was painted by Healey and exposed at the great Exhibition: Two years ago, when Miss Smead first came to Paris, the Emperor paid her marked at tention. The consequence was, that when ever afterwards Miss S.'s name was seen on Lord Cowley's list for an invitation to a ball at tho Tuileries, the Empress Eugenie was eareful to have the name stricken off. Miss S. received no invitation, and soon discovering tho nature of the difficulty she conceived a violent hatred for the Empress, and deter mined to have her revenge. A few nights ago the Emperor and Empress were present at a sotrc* at Lord Cowley a. Miss smead was also there The Empress parsed through a room where Miss S. and other ladies wero seated, and all rose as ller Mnjesty passed but Miss Smead. The Em ?ress noticed the act, and felt the insult iler [ajesty has become notoriously irritable with in the last few months, and every care is taken to avoid violent emotions. The good of tho country, of posterity, of the world at large, but especially of the Bonaparte dynasty, de Bends upon it. An officer of tho household of [er Majesty approached Miss Smead and re monstrated with her for her conduct. Miss S. replied that it was not the habit in England to rise thus for the Queen, and certainly she would not do It for the Empress of France. What passed between the Emperor and Em | press in another room, may be imagined, for soon Napoleon entered the room where Miss Smead was, and seeing her standing on the floor in conversation with a gentleman, he ap proached them, and bewing coldly to the lady, stepped between them, turned his back to Miss S , and engaged the gentleman in con versation for some minutes. It must have been a great saorifice for as polite a man as Louis Napoleon, and as great an admirer of beauty, but the interests of the dynasty mount above the caprices of the in dividual. PER80HAL ....Kimball, author of the St. Leger Pa pers, sailed for Europe in the Persia. ....Rev. Dr. Henderson has resigned the rectorship of Trinity Church, Newark, N. J ., in consequence of continued ill-health. ....Duncan C. Pell is nominated by the Democracy of Rhode Island for the office o! Lieutenant-Governor. ... .Capt James Munroe, late of the army, lectured in New York on Tuesday evening, on the " Creative Genius ot Catholicism " ....Peter Ritching* and his accomplished daughter Caroliue, a singer of great repute, are coming South on a professional tour. ....Punch asks whether, properlv and liternlly speaking, Lonet'eHow'a publisher ought not to be iMHgvian > .... Mr. Williams, of the Toledo Blade, whu was elected binder of the House documents, has disposed of his interest to Robert Farnham of this city. ....Mr. Fillmore, on the test vote for the nomination, only received eight of the thirty five votes cast by delegate* from bis own State. ,.. .Dr. Griswold's divorce oase is now being tried at Philadelphia, and the evidence is not very complimentary to the critic. Mrs. Ann 3. Stephens is one of the witnesses. .... Dr. Clairborn who died of yellow fever at Norfolk. His remains are to be taken to Richmond to-morrow, by the Maaonio Fra ternity, and interred with appropriate ceie monies on Sunday by that order. .... Count de Moray, a half brother of Louis Napoleon, is svon to be married to a daughter of B U. Hutton, a wealthy importing mer ahant of New York, but who has often resided in Paris. The Count is also said to be very wealthy. .... Rev. J. L. Sibley has received the ap pointment of College Librarian at Harvard University, in conjunction with Mr. Ezra Ab bot, now of tho Athenieum The meagre sal ary of 51,200 contrasts curiously with libra rians' salaries hereabouts. ....Col. Wm. C. Preston, by his eloquent persuasion, quieted an armed mob of the students of the South Carolina College at Columbia, last week. The Governor has since taken the State arms away from tho "College Cadets." .... Uon. Auguste Belmont, our Minister at the Hague, and his handsome wife, have just completed the decoration of their mansion, formerly that belonging to the late Russian Minister. Mr. Belmont is about to commence giving some good dinners and entertainment*. ... .Judge Emott, of Poughkcepeie, who has cultivatod the willow for the last ten years, from ten acres, last year had a crop which produced him $171. The value of a ton of Dk-'ket-willow trees, is from $76 to $125?or about f 100 on the average. ....Gov. Gardner, of Massachusetts, has has had the good sense to abstain from send ing to the Legislature of that State the incen diary call for armed " help from certain persons in Kansas pretending to be officers of that Territory, bat known to possess no legal claim to such a distinction. .... Miss Teresa Esmonde has been obliged to return from her proposed tear through the Seutb, owing to the indisposition of her mo ther. Miss E. proceeded as far as Baltimore, where she read to a numerous audience, and was advertised in this city when forced to go home. .... King Kamehamaha IV. is said to have no higher pleasure than in boxing and keep ing company with Yankee Sullivan. On on# occasion Sullivan's wife was in the royal box, ut tbe circus, and the ambassadors of France aod Eugland Sought admittance, and were re fuaed. ....John Brougham, widely known as an aator and an author, has commenced in that excellent Boston paper, the Galette, a " Lith erey and Descripcbious Seriouit of Letthers from Terence O'l)onahoo to his friends in the ould countbry, which, from the well-known ability of tbe writer, cannot fail to be highly amusing. ....Mr. Hewitt, Petor Cooper's eon-in-law, and an extensive iron merchant in New York, has read an excellent paper on Iron and its Deposits and Manufacture in the I nited States, beforo the Geographical Society, it was a most eoinplete and authentic statistical and Acvc ??ifV- fxoosition of his great branch of lu ll i ? D7*Who Knm Capt. Grigg ??Aak mil the ?htppto? hoaiet 1d Maryland, Delaware and Philadelphia who ba la Wo*DSmroi Crat* -Philadelphia, February ?*, 1SSS ? Mmrt. IDi Omath A Co..?I muat itlri yon the honor aid praise of having the beat remedy !n the world for rim. When I *u considered paat recovery by all, my aon, (B. J. Or:?. merchant, >M Market ureal. i aa a laat raaort, aent for yoor wonderful " Klactrtc Oil,- and It relieved the pslu, which waa moat Intolerable, 'Inflammatory RheamatUm.) In abont ten mlnntea. I bad the Oil continued bot a abort time, and waa cured Thla Oil Istbefreataat bleaalnfknowu to man. I have eent many persons for It. and I know that they have been r-sred by It. I aui well known, and my suf fering waa alao known, and I have no objections to any use yon may make of thl?, aa the Oil cannot be too highly eetl mated. Capt. Mask Ghiho. Wood and Coal Dealer, ?iS Marshall atreet. Capt. OrlKf la an old citizen, aud like all who have be-n cured, feel* grateful. Offlre S<? South Eighth atreet, below Oiesnot, Philadelphia. Sold by moat all respectable dealers In medicine The genuine Oil baa the waiTTr* sifuatnre* of T?e Oratli k Go., aud A. ?. Smith, Philadelphia. fab ay?tr UIT BUdgett lc Sweet's new Galvanized IRON OTRN.?A sample of this unrivalled Invention for cooking, which haa taken the prize medal at three State Fair*, and whieh la highly recommended by thouaauds lu the east and west of the country, la uow to be seen at the itore of J A MM SKIK VI NO, No. M", corner of 11th street and Penn. avenue. The right for manufacturing lo the Dlatrtrt, aud alse aeveral of the Southern State*, la offered for sale. Seveu alee* are made, aultlug the largeel hotel aud steamer, or email enough for the small>-et private family. feb ???4t* inT* ''oiigha, Aslhmn, Bronchitia ? Jehn I. BKliWN k SON:?tteotlemen: A knowle<lgeof the manner In whluh tarlous Articles of tha MaterU MeUI'a were com blued by you to form the "liausmiaL Ikolms.8," led me, three or four years since, to adopt their use. The results have been audi aa to luduoe me to continue the practice, be Having tbetu of greet beaetit lu many affectloua of the Bron ehlal irgans Toura, etc. J. P. W. Lamb, M. D. Rnaton, September 1, list. Petrous requiring a really good and long trlod article, and osethat can be depended upon as an effectual Or.ngli I.oceu^e, aad being made from thepureat materials, will And Brown's BRONCHIAL TBOC'HIM tj be what they are repreaeuted. Pnt up In boxes and a.>1.1 at 26 ceuta each, by Druggist* gen erally, throughout the lulled ftatesand Canada*. BARNkS 1 PARKS, j. Mll.HAl, New York, Ageuts. Por sale In Philadelphia by P. umiWN ; New Orleans. J. SYMK3 ; Chi eago, J. U. Kltku * CO.; Waehiugtou, J. N. CAM.AN. fab 11? |?/*Dr. Sanlord i I nvigorator ft a mild laieltve, tonic and stimulant, aud Is recommended to the public, ralylivg upon Its intrinsic worth In the cureof the fol lowing ceiaplaiute : All lillloua Derangements, Sick Head ache, 1>) i-)."Veia, llahitnal Co?tlveuess, Chronic Dlarrhiea, Ooll:, Pain In th^ Stomach and Bowels, Oetieral Debility, Female Weakneet. Ac. For salt: by druggist* rersrally,and by Z. D. GII.MAN.4SS Pa. avenue; aleo, by JOHN SCU WA KTZ, 360 Pa. aveuue, and by O. M. LINTHIOl'M, ooruer Bridge aud High streets, Chsorgetown, D. C. . jau SI irr The Oreat Kaiiiau Kemedy. ?Pre BdVo PI'BI.ICO.?" Every mother ehonld have a *ox In the house handy in oa<te of accidents to the children." RKDDINO'S Rl" SSI A SAI.VK. It Is a Boaton remedy of thirty years' standing, and I* ra eommauded by pbyslclaua. It I* a snr* and speedy cure for Burns, P11e?, Bolls, C?~rn*, Kelone, Clillbalns, aud Old Sores of every kind; for Fever Sores, L'lcer*, Itcli, Scald Head, Nettle Rash, Bunions, Sore Nipples, )reocumended by nursaa,) Whitlows, Sties, Festers, Flea Bites, Hplder Stings, Froaeu Limb*, SaJt Klteura, Scurvy, Sore and Cracked Lipa, Sore Nose, Warta and Flesh Woouds, It 1* a moat valuable remedy ai.d cure, which cau be testified to by thousaada who have used It In the city of Boston and vicinity for the last thirty years, lu no Instance will this Salve do an Injury, or Interfere with a puysiolau's prescriptions. It Is made from the pu.eet materials, from a recipe brought from Ruseia?of nicies growing In thw country? and the proprietor* have letters from all classes, clergymen, physicians, e?a captain*, aiusoe, and otti?r? who have used it tl.euiselvea, and recoui mend It to others. Killing's Russia Salve I* put in large tin boxes, stamped ou the cover with a picture of a horse and a disabled soldier, w'.lch picture Is aleo engraved on the rrapper. Price, 25 Cent* a Bo*. Sold at all the stores In Uiwu or country, and may be ordered of any wholesale druggist. For sal* at SHIL.MNOTON'8, Agent for Wash ngtou. jan u ITT Great Care of RksnmnttiM In Cin CINNaTI, OHIO ?OONVINCINO KVIPHUCK?For more ttian three yearn I have Keen sutler in* with rhecsnsttstn, ar.d et>lari|emeiit and pelu of the bones and Joint*. I have strictly followed the sd vice of physicians, and At other times used ?ueh fatally medlctues as had been recommended fortliecnre of rheumatism : still I did net Improve In the least, and waa fra^nently compelled to keep my bed, and {hereby was pre vented from At lending to my business. Some weeks ago I was Induced by a friend to try CARTKR'S STANIHH MIX TIKE. The eTect was miraculous. I felt considerably im proved after I had tahasi the fourth dose; I haveoniy nsed on* single bottle, and am entirely free I rom all pain. 1 feel better than I h?ve fait f' r y*ars. and I attribute my com p'.etely r>?eU>i'??d h-aith solely to the use of Carter'* Spanish Mixture 1 o?n?td*r It a most excellent medicine for rheu mat.*m and all disease* of the bl->ed, and cheerfully racom mend It tu the afl)i< ted. D. Bwhutt, *outhea*t corner Fourth and \Valaut*Ls. Cincinnati, March IT, 15*6 fob 6 ?lio 1X7*Anabrotype.?Amongst the moat at tractive aud beautiful specimens of the Photographic art, now on exhibition at WHITKBl'RST'S OALLKRY, are the AMUROTYPKS. They are truly a beautiful Picture, aud In some raspact* ?n Improvement on the old familiar Da guerreotype*. The Oallary contain* quite a Urge coiibcUou of Photograph* ou pa^ec. uaaaeritxn>,>ea of the iTntted State* Supreme Court sine* I860; meml^rs of the United States onurU; Preei leiit Pierce au J (Jablnet, aud many other ribllc men of the Nation. A visit to W HITkHT RST'S O AI* ERY, No. 4U Pounaylvaula avauaa, la well worth the trou ble aud tha tl rue. hot W?U \Z^ Prohibition.?The recent decision ol tt.r pwiple lu almoat every State in reference to the sale ol liquors, doe* not pretend to iuterfere with medlolnal oom puttuds containing atimulus, as It 1* a fact well kuowu it all t>LAt without stlniulAtlug prlneipjee most cases of extreme debility could not bj reached, and the mai.y othor of our Oiust valuable oompouud* oould not be made without it. K jr, Dr. J HON'I'BTIKR'S STOMACU BIIIKUS, uow *' (elebratad aud Indlspeusable In every family a* a luedl Oiue. Tli' tisar.ds of pereons suffering from dyspepsia au J lu dlgeellou, gou. I ally speak volume* lu favor of thla great cn tstlve agent. Kor sale by J. N. CALLAN, Waahlagtuu. Mb U? JCT Hoofland'a UcrMtta mttejra, prep^i 6?J audeold by t>r Jackson, at Uie Ueiman M?dic?'i Htorj Vti Arch viiaet, PhliaUelphta, ilally Increase lu their w?ll d* ?urvad colebrlty for the cure of all l>i???ne* arising from de ratigoineul of the IIver. T1..?e Killers have, Indeod, prove! a bloesluf to theaflll' ted, who show their gratitude hy th? aj'>it Uatlnrtug teelln.onlal*. Thti uiedU lne lias estabiuhe-i ( r Itself a name that competitors, huwevsr wily the'i adiMiies, or s?*-lu't!re their promise*, canuot leaih. II gained the public coutldeuce by the Immense bauetlt* thai ha?eteeii derived from It, and will ever matutaiu Its poel U' ?ti. '?ee advertisement. dec 1?? *u nAHKIW; In St I homas's Church. Hancock, Md , on the'iTth February, bv Kev tieo L Mackenb?-lm er.JN?? W HAKKK, of Washington I). C., to NANNIE C., eldest daughter of the Rev. Geo. L Mackenbelmer, Hector of aatd Pariah * On the '^th inst., by th4* Kev. Father O'Toole, at his residence, DAN1KL BRtl WN to bAKAH M AStlN, daughter or Mrs. Harriet .Mason, aM ol this city. * Mill At C o'clock tbl* morning d.-parfetl this life, Elder 1? A V 11 ? *1. WILSON, lu th- full tri umrbs of that faith which he ha* so long eiein pllflt-d anions us His funeral will take place at 'J# o'clock to morrow (Saturday) at the Western Presbyterian Church, corner 19th and H streets. The friends are Invited to attend without further notice On the'28th instant. EVELYN, In the'2d year of her age, the daughter of John r. and Jane E. Tucker The funeral will take place from her father's re-tdeuce, 6th street cast, on Saturday at 3 o'cl'k P TO * On the 2Kb Instant, Mr. ELEMA HKAl.h, in thefl'id yoarof his aga. a native of Montgomm' county, Maryland, but for the last three years a rasldeut of tbls city, and a soldier in the war of lii'j. WANTS. COLORED BOY WANTED ?A BOY, from 15 to 19 years old, as dining room servant. Any slave holder having such a one to hire out will tlnd a good and permanent home for him by addiessing ?' Box 9J8," City Post OMce. feb *29?-:jt WANTED?TWO OK THKKE good Cham bermaids, at Willards' Hotel. feb ?6-3t WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, two women, one to cook, w;uh and Iron, and the otluw as Chambermaid aad uurse. En> quire at No. 8 North A street, tfapitol Hlii. ftb 27-31+ ADKUOCIST WISHING TO DISPOSE OF his Stock, Good Will and Fixtures may hear of an opportunity by rddrosslng "A D," box <Kl City Post Office, stating location, terms, pro lia ble amount of business done, Ac. feb?4-3t* WANTED ? WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, cval or square Oil Paintings, large and Kmall Marble-ton Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work in the gilding line done to order with discatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Brackets, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. kJ66 Penna. aTMae, opposite Klrkwood House. dflC ID JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING}. Boarding.?mrs b. sprigg, on Mis souri avenue, between 3d and 4)$ aireela, baa two very desirable front rcoins for the accommo dation of boarders feb 2U-eo* Boarding ?six persons can beac couunodafed with board at No 03 Congress street, Georgetown. l>. C. febUB?3t# ? Boarding ?will be vacant the let of March, two desirable rooms, southeast cor ner of 9th and H street*. feb '2^<?aotil* Boarding by mrs. kllen stkwart, No Joy G street, near Thirteenth. Comfort aide board at 91 per day, together with lodging and well furnished rooms, in a quiet part or the city. feb # |>OARD,Ao - MRS. BATES,ON THK8.W.

li corner of Pennsylvania uvenue and 9th street is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, wflhur without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf DAIT-Orr CLOTHING OUGHT AND SOLD AT 76 LOUISIANA I) Avenue, opposite Hnlmead's grocery, near Semmes's Address through post om. e, to ** Mr. Tailor." feb 4-lm* ' B FOR BALE AND RENT. Members of and oth era wishing a pleasint location on Capitol Hiil* can be accommodated wl'h a furnished House, or Rooiiih, with or without board, at StC Delaware avenue, north of the Capitol, fcrmer residence of the late J udge Cranch. feb 29 3t? 6 FO R 9 A LE?SEVERAL GOOD FARMS, ranging from (JO to 200 acres, and from 9 to 12 miles from Washington, which will be sold low for cash or exchanged In part for city property. Apply, about 5 o'clock p. m., to H N. LANS DALE, at Geo F. Kid well's Wood and Coal Vard, 14th street, opposite the Franklin Engine Hou??. feb29-3t* 'OK SALE?A TRACT OF LAND CON ? talcing 170 acre*. 40 of which Is cleared, 15 or 'iO well set In clover and timothy, and the balance In oak and hickory, some of which Is very hea?v It Is handsomely located, In ft thlcklv settled and rapidly Improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6% miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable itone quarry, and will be sold In whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy For further particulars apply to F. H . SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H.CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29 -tf For rent -largeand pleasantly situated Rooms can be obtained at No. 311 South side Pa avenue, betwsen 9th aud 10th sts. feb 2E tf IjMJRNISHED ROOMS WITH BOARD ? The advertlsf r has taken one of tbo?e houses on the north side of D, between Mb and 9th sts., and is prepared to rent her furnished rooms with board As the cooking will be of the best kind, she will serve families who may wish their meals sent them. Mrs. ANN FOX. feblK? Xw? FOR SALE?A DESIRABLE LITTLE place outside the bounds of the city, contain ing 13| acres of land, in a high state of cultiva tion, enclosed with a high and substantial fence, a two story frame house with five rooms, sepa rate kitchen, and oibsr buildings necessary for family comfort, pump of water at the door, miles from the Centre Market, adjoining Joseph Gaies' farm. For particulars call on the sub scMber at the Dead Letter Office, General Post Office. or at No. 527 K street North. feb 23?3w GEORGE M. KENDALL. Rare chance?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. Thslr situation canuot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacil ftce H C. HARROVER. feb 23-tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov *7?tf F1 An opportunity for a good in VHSTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Coloatl Cox, (called the Cedars,) possessing rare advanta7es as a building site, and market garden. It has a line growth of young cedars and oak mess on thegrcat er part rf it?the elevation Is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Corporatloa limits ren ders it more desirable, being rree from the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. K1DWELL, Georgetown. Jan 22? drf For sale?a beautiful country Residence, on 7th street Plank Road, about 4 mile* from Washington?*5 acres with orchard of Pea".h, Apple, Ac. Would make a good mar ket farm. Inquire at No 2b third story of Treas ury. feb 15-eo2w? DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.-I will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockvllle Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office, rhe place contains 63)$ acres, and Is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 * 40, with a wing 'ay, 31. and all necessary out houses. City property will be taken as Dart pay. THOS. MARSHALL, Jan 17?If At United States Hotel. 'URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT ?A _ large dwelling house. eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nish>'d,contalrilug eleven rooms ; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congrees. lias In the house. For terms, ^c., appy It the otttce of ihe r>$ailt,nel Hotel. dec 27?tf DENTISTRY. DOCTOKS J P. CALDWELL, LATE OF Virginia, and STEPHEN BAI- - LY of this city, have formed a nectlon in business to practice In all^-C^n^x the phases of Dentistry. Their looms are on the nnrtnsideof Pennsylvania Avenue, a few doo>s east of Fo'rJeenth street and W lliarU's Hotel, where tbev t;otl? will constantly devote them selves to their profession, promising tl.e Indira and gentlemen of this oltv and the pabllc gen ? rally, that from their long experience they wlU ?xei ute all kinds of their work faithfully, satls factorlly, and upon terms with which tn? ny>*t fastidious will be pleased feb'JS ? lw WILL LEAVE SHORTLY. MADAME K. respectfully inferms tUs public In general, that she will give Informa tion in all the Affairs relating to Life, litstUh, Wealth, MarAfti-es. Love, Journeys, Law Suits, Difficulties i:i l/uslness. Alwent friends. Skknes* and Death, and In respect to all other subjects She Is, also, able to tell the ages of persons In read Ing numbers. She can bo consulted at all hours of the day aud evenlug. Her name is on the door?at No. 2e5 llt'a street corner of D, on the left hand side Gentlemen So cents and ladles 96. feb2??2w? THE NEW BLUK HOOK, or Government Register 1H>#, just Issued, giving tbe names, salaries, locations, Ac., of ail postmasters and oth er public, officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, In the service of the U nitea States; with the names, forces, and condition of all ships and vessels belonging to the United States, ana when ard where bolit; and the names aud compensa tion of all printers In any way employed by Con gress, or any depertment or officer of ihe Govern ment. l octavu volume, price *3 Ml. Can be sent by mall to any part of the United States. For salt In Washington by TAYLOR A MAURY. feb2t Booksellers, near 9th st. J FRUIT TREES, As. OHN SAUL HAS THE PLEASURE OF offering a splendid collection of FRUIT TREES, of supetior growth and quality, consisting of PEACH, APPLES, PEARS. CHERRIES. Ac., large and vigorous, and varle tie* suited to this latitude. Also, many thou sands of the large Lancashire GOOSEB ER R1ES; CURRANTS, red, whlteand black, tbenew Ion" bunched varieties: STRAWBERRY PLANTS, RHUBARB ROOTS.SHADE TREES, EVER GREENS, Ac.. with everything pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business, of first quality and very irioderate priew JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehouse. 300. 7th street, cor. H, Washington. D C" feb 25?eoftt* UUTTEK, CHEESE, Ac. lO KEGS GLADES BUTTER, lcf 40 boxes EASTERN CHEESE, 75 boxes SCALED HERRINGS. 20U0 pounds PRIME NEW SHOULDERS, 1000 " " " HAMS, 7 hhds. New Crop N-. O. SUGAR. 10 bbls. '? " N . O. MOLASSES, J ust received and for sale by HARBOUR A SEMMES, No. 05 La. av., opp Bank of Washington, feb 25-eo6t between 6th and 7th sts. English plated wake, TEA SETS. COFFEE URNS, DECANTER AND FRUIT STANDS, CASTORS. WAITERS, CAKE BASKETS, DISH COVERS, fc , fc , Being decidedly the largest slock of Plated Wsre in the city, which we have determined to sell at nett cost. Those in want of a good article will do well to give us a call. Also, a few pieces of sterling SILVERWARE, which we will sell at a small advance T GALL1GAN A CO , Dealers in Fancy Goods, Perfumery, Jewelry, Fine Fans, Ac., 379 Pennsylvania avenne, nndtr Browns'Hotel. feb 47?eetit ANTHONY HLCHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence N?. 303 Penn. avenne, sooth side, between 9tli and loth sts., Having provided himself with nn ELEGANT HEARSK,? and all necessary conveniences fori properly conducting his business, would respectfully inform the public that he Is fully prepared to till all orders entrusted to htm, at the shortest notice, and in the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS offtll sues, always on hand, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. -As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give ?Htlre satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Resld ng on -be premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours. feb 7-ty (10RPORATION STOCK.-*?,000 Cerpo ' ration of Washington Stock for sale at feb 25?tf CHUBB BROTHERS, AUCTION SALES. By J as. c. McGU IRE, Auctioneer. STOCK OF JEWKLKY, rKRfU****' aid Fticy Articles.?On SATURDAY morning, March 1st. at 10 o'clock, and r^umre at 7% o'clock In theeveakag, at the store of Mr. D Hlnch, No W Louisiana avenue. l>elweeo ?th and 8th streets. 1 shall sell all his stock of Jewel* ry and Fancy Articles, consisting of? Fine gotd guard and vest Chains Breastpins, 81ft*re Buttons Finger Kings. Bracelets, barrings Necklace, Hair Pirn*, Combs Fancy Boxes. Paper Weights Portemonnales, Cigar Case*, Purses Perfumery. Fancy Articles. Ac Terms cash JAU. C McGL IKK. Auct. feb '29 *. By A. (iRKE.N, Auctioneer B?W WINDOW, COt'ATKR, MLAtU hide aid Staadiog Cases, Furniture' Glass and Crockery w?re, fcr, aT VJrtlV.' On SATURDAY, the lat March, 1 shall sell in front of my atore, at 10 o'clock a m , one Bow Window, glass standing and side Cas^s. Good lot Shelving, one Counter. A Isrp.- lot of sew and second-hand Furniture. A large lot or Glass and Crocket v Ware J erins cash. I he sale of Class and Crookery Ware will be continued at 7 o'clock in the evening. .et> it A. UKKKN, Auctioneer. ByE.S WRIGHT; Ceo^^^T yALUARLK HEAL ESTATE AT AUC. Of Mir*!*-IV* *f'Nl,AY afternoon next, the 3d 2JK2' ^HK?riOCk' ,n front "f lh* Pulses, 1 shall sell, without reserve, (he northernlv third Fmntina prlSi',n B.71l7 A Hawkins' addition, fronting fir, feet on Hlph street, and er leading feet, with the improvements J" * 7??y desirable location for a bntcher ing establishment, having line springs. It |* the property of the late Jarob Custan* 8 " " n?tI'.r?K ,jne fourth fash : bnlanoeln 6, 9 and V\ iL o' aPPrt-wd paper, bearing Interest. feb2b-.1t ED W. t< WHICH!', a.Vet. Bv JAB. C McOUIRK, Auctioneer. rpitOKOLOil-BKEO SADDLE lfOKSE ?uJt' "n#TUKSDAT, February *ith. llluJu 1,1 fr?nt of the Auction K^ms. 1 ifori^ nrT\ a'"1 ^ "R<uile Horses probably ever offe-ed for sale at Auction ci,k JA9 c McUUIRE, feb-a~d Auctioneer SATllHUk\*h\1W* i*?1' **??M?ed . \i v . , March 1st, same hour and place. at which time it will positively take plsre , , l|Q . J AS. C. McUUIRE. _ d Auctioneer. C. McGU IRK. Auctioneer. L'LKHiST KI.K.1ITUKL AMD HOl'SE. "Ihctiat Auction?On MON DAY morning. March 3d. at 10 o'clock, at tk< residence of George Patfon. No. 468 6th street near the Lnl'arlan Church, we shall sell all hli r urniture and Housekeeping Effects. wkieh art nearly new and of very superior quality, vlx: Handsome suite of rosewood ^raen and void bro catelle coverwd Furniture Suite walnut-carved crimson plush covered Par lor Furniture Elegant zebra wood, rosewood, and walnut mar. ble-top Tables Walnut carved Etagere, do Whatnot Suite of handsome Silk Damask Curtains wl-k lace curtains. Cornice, Ac Superior Tapestry, Brussels, and three-ply Car pets r 7 Klch Gas Chandelier-, China and Parian MarbW ? asei Ornaments, Givandolec Hmdsome bronxe and gilt French Time piece Bronze Orr aments and Figures KEX Ch*lr?< P^nols, Engravings Stair Rods and Eyes Tabie' marbl' toP Sideboard Silver plated Castors Spoons and Forks Frencn China, rich Cut Glassware <"lXe'J"^Vu:nut- ??< Superior hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Marseilles quilts Blankets, Comforts Lounges, Chairs, Tables. Toilet Se?* Chaintiei^Stovee, Window Shades, Looking Superfor Refrigerator, Cooking Stove, Ac. T?g?tber with an excellent assortment of Kltchei Keqci*ite* >nd under cash; over that sum ! credit of two and three months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. febJl?d J AS. C. MtGUlRE, Auct. ^ ^ ' k? House Is for rent; enquire on tLi premises or of the auctioneer. ?fK*u,re ?? TrnZJtl;2 JfS*v 1RE> Auctioneer" RL*TEE ? SALE or AN ASIOKTED ? i /I ? hlna' u,a" a?d <Jneeuswar? c An/U*? -Under, and by rtn'7Z?, deed of trust from James Pooi to the subscriber ^Si1 MKe8^dSyCf J"n?- 1355, and dnh MSMd^oi ! ^Tri. A S1' No at folios ??*? and ,w> I *hall proceed to sell at public auc. d?vol?wtbP FRIDAY. th.Ttl da> of March next, at 11 o'clock a. in ,atthe auc tlon roniyscf James McCuIre, all the stock oi t^fy, Olass and (iueensware contained 1r kept b>" ,",d P?o1. "nshtlDf h rench an.l Fngtisb rblna. deroratfd. gold band v\ P .? and pl??c?? ^.' 7 ^",7' ft;one ,^,na' to?!^ >nd tei t'P's, dinner Ware, Pitchers, Fwers ai,t) Masln*, Dishe", Plates. Csps and Saucer Glass Goblets .Champagnes, W'lne?, Tumblers I'ishes. Bowls Pitchers Jars, Ac Also, Fancy Cbin* Articles, as Vases motto and decorated Cottt-es, Colocueh Mugs, Card Baskets, Ac. ^ ' Terms made known at sale .%VM MOORE, Trustee, feb27-go J C McGUIRK. Aimtioneer. T A GREEN, Auctioneer HI'ST EE'S SALE.--iiy virtue of a deed o| trust.duly recorded in Liber j a 4 \i? 99, one of the laud records for W ashlngton county In tbe District of Columbia, we, E. C. Morwr-tr " Sweeney will s?.|i on MONDAY, th* Jlst of March, A D 1^. at 5 o'clock p m tk> to lowing described Real K,ta.e and Improve. rT iV???"V f,,tl,Btr,d rlfv of Washing ton, District of Columbia, namely: Part of lot No. 4. in Square No =44. being the^Southea" twenty-two feet of ?a!d Lot No 4. fronting on 1) fee^ wt?h f? at! h#Vinp a dePth of "evenly fivt brickTdw Improvements, which are a small -Mle W1U takt" P!ace 1 a 'rout of the premises and the terms will be one-half cash, and the bal ?lx and nine months, with interest, se cured by a deed of tmst on the premises. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser E C. MORGAN, > ^ H B.SWEENEY, < Trostee?. feb27-9awAds A. GREKN, Aucrr. MceUliki, AucUoneer " 'TRl STEE<S SALE Of SUPEKIOK Par a"d Heosekeenag Articles -On MONDAY morning, March 10th. at 10 o'clock by rirtue of a <Wd of trust dated December lith,' IW, and recorded in Liber J A S , No. f*" fo liosAc^, the subscriber wlli sell at public auction all the superior Furniture and KtTVrts contained in Mouse No. 410 E stre<^. south side near N lnth, coinprisiiig? IMusb, Brocateile. and Damask covered Lounaes Sofas. Arsi and Parlor Chairs ' i'Bir of handsome OUt-frame Pier Glasses, Slab and Brackets ' Wainut Whatnot, fancy Chairs. Shades China Vases, Mantel Clock Bronxe and steel Fire sctjj Nursery and Folding Fenders VeaniK^n?ai.Tr^'.Ha11 Chalr?- ?,lclo?k W,\Chln,xCl"'?a?n?. Rugs Rcsewood^WjUnut and Mahogany Chamber Hair and husk Mattres*es Bolsters and Pillows Dining snd Breakfast Tablss. Sideboard siiitLr1 i ,riU\5 g and cfcamber chairs Silver-plated Ware. Glassware t5'ina ^ Granite Dinner and Tea Ware Cooking Steve and Fixtures Chamber Stoves, Ac Terms: ?30and tudercssh; over Mo a credit of sixty and ninety days for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest P? 8.?The house, which Is a very desirable one, is for sale or rent. Inquire of the subscriber at the Bank of Washington WILLIAM GUN TON, Trustee feb Jl?'iawAds J C. McGUIRg, Auct'r Bv BARNARD A HUCKKY, Georgetown npKrsTEE'i SALE OE VALI'aKrTm. i ereved Property i. Geor?M,?s ?? FRIDAY, aeth March, at 4 o'clock d will sell in front c f the premises bv vfrti!? deed or trust, dated lythVebr^y, iV/^v fe corded, Ac., from Mr Wm. O'BruST""'tfft i^ sSSSx? Mt^v, inarket-kouse, and ruiiniug beck feet to the property of Mr J Boyue This Is OIT?rui* b"?in?a locations in Georgetown menf? In'a^2e ^urJb CJuh} lb* deferred pay ^ )n ?' 11 ?R<* 18 montlis, bearing lntOfeet, and to be secured satisfactorily. D W. EDMONSON, Trustee. . BARNARD A BUCKEY, febw-eeAds Auctioneers. Horse for~salk.?a saieodid hancw HORSE, seven years old, thorcugh- fiV . bred, by the Arabian Imauiu. of Murcat.Jwv out of a bloodod mare, perteeily gentle andsouiid RinirH??"7psm l?t March, a-. Mr.' ftStt nftir W,,lar<l-, Ho'oi TELTORAPHIC NEWS, FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY Hotu PAlNTin? TKLMRAPH. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMEE AMERICA Seven Dtfi Later fraaa Kar*r?> Halifax, Feb. 2y?The British mall steam er America arrived here thU momiag with seven day# later European date# She bring* do tidmgsof tbe missing itMDicr Pacific. THE MARKETS Liverpool, Feb. 16.?Cotton ia act Ire ani ?? an(* closed fteady. Breadstuff's are slightly lower. rroriaioni are essentially unchanged Consols 90?a9QJ. ?BruNn dispatch. 11 alifay, Feb 29 ?The British North American royal mail steamship America. Cap tKIn.^uklntn'fr?m LiT?nxx>> on Saturday, the I?th mat , ha, arrived at this port. Her adv.ce* are one week later than those by the Asia at New York on Sunday last, bat con tain no advices of the miaaing ateamer Pacific Ihere waa still some excitement in England with regard to American affairs, but the feel ing was Dot gcoeral, and in fact was confined to certain classes The news of the appointment of iiua. Geo M. Dallas as American Minister to the Court "f St. James, had produced a good effect in aiming the fears of war consequent on tbe proposed withdrawal of Mr. Buchanan. The Peaco Congress was to meet in Paris, the week succccding the departure of the America There is no other political news of import* mco, by the America, though the details may prove interesting on examination. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Liverpool, Feb. 15th ? Cotton.?Iha ad vice? received during the week from the U. Mates has ha<l a favorable effect on our cotton market, producing an advance of i to i of a cent per pound. The sales of tbe week have been "J-.000 bales, including 10,000 to day (Friday.) The market closes steady at tho fflowing quotations Orleans middling 5 15 M.; Orleans fair6Jd.; Uplands middling 5;d . plands fair6;<i. The stock in port is e?ti mated at 409.000 bales, of which 2C4.000 are American Breadstuff^.?Flour is dull, at a decline of ?d. per bbl. Corn had declined Is. per quar ter. ^ Provi-ions.?Pork was quiet at 80a. for mess. Boef was was quiet, and prices a trifle lower. Bacon had declined 3a4s per cwt. Money. Ac?The London money market was more stringent. Consoleclosed at 90*a90*. kAT*8T Markets.?Liverpool, Saturday. ifob 16.?The estimated sales of ootton to-day are S000 bales, at yesterday's rates. Breadstuff* are generally unchanged. Lard h*s declined. Meas Pork 82a. Navigation Resumed. Wheeling, Feb. 28 ?Navigation baa bean resumed from Cincinnati down to the mouth of the Ohio. There are prospects of the ioe breaking here to-morrow. Ihe Valley and Monongahela river# aro breaking up, and are very high at some points At Brownsville there are sixteen feet, and ?till rising. WnetUng Creek is gorged at the mouth, and much damage ia expected here when the ioa gives way ; but all is safe yet. Bodies Recovered. Philadelphia, Feb 29.?Workmen were engaged throughout the night in searching the ruins of Busby's store Two bodies were recovered this morning, via: Joseph Muller. car agent, and Mark lJonohut, measurer. There is still another body among the ruins U S. Senator Elected CmciaxATi, Feb. 29 ?Hon. B. F Wade was elected U. S. Senator yesterday, on joint bal lot, by the Legislature of this State The vote stood Wade, 100. Tod, 36; scattering 9 Great Destruction by Ice St. Lous. leb. 27.?The ice in the Missis sippi gave way here yesterday, sinking twelve boat-, and damaging twenty others Charleston Market*. Charleston, Feb. 28 ?Cotton?sales of the week 8 000 bale? ; pood middling 9?a9i per lb. Stock on hand 45.000 bales. Kice is acti>e at ?la9jc. per lb. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Feb. 29 ? Flour is slightly firmer. News of the steamer's arrival checked operations, and the market closed heavy Howard street and City Mills are quoted at $6 15. Grain is csentially unchanged. Wheat is quoted at ?1 40a?l 5o for good to prime reds, and SI 5da*l 60 for same grades whites. Corn is firm: yellow 59a62c., white G0a61c. Provisions are more active, but operations Te -estricted by the lirht supply. Mess pork ? I5.37a$16. Bacon?Moulders Hi, sides 9;. Lard?in barrels lOo , in kegs 104c. Hew York Markets New York, Feb. 29.?Cotton is quiet and nominal. 1 Flour i? firm; saies of 4.500 bbls ; straight Mate S7, good Ohio fS, Southern f8 87a$10 for extra and farcy brands. 'I here is nothing doing in wheat, and price.? are nominal. Corn is dull; sales of 16 009 bushels; Western mixed <5c. r?r,khas advanced; sale# of 1,200 bbls. me?s at Slo.37i Beet is dul; sales of 150bbl# Chi Bt 513 50 Lard ? sales of 400 bbls. at 10Sc Whisky is drooping; sales ofl 50 bbls. at 30c for Ohio. THE NAIAU ?|l FEN. AS THIS MAGNIFICENT SPECTACLE presents a grand array of female beauty and the mast gorgaoos and startling aeanic enacts. LOR8NET1 *?$ will t* absolutely neceasarv for many of tboae wishing to enjoy It with any de cree of satisfaction. For sale at from f3 to |iu, at T U ALLIUAN A (JO 6 Dealers in Fancy Goods. Perfumery, Jewelrv Ac , 3TO Fa avenue, under Browns' Hotel. feb V ?t no HtMiiro! GREAT IMPROVEMENT IX AT HE HEAL OIL LAMPS. E RESPECTFULLY CALL THE At tention of our frienda and the public gener ally t o our very highly Improved ETHEREAL OIL LAMPS, the Lee: of tne kind ever offered ?* the public, one of which can be aeen at aav Uffe burning at our atore No *3 C street, between Sib ane 7th. HOWELL A MORhELb FT HE REAL OIL **3 cents per gailow. feb M ? W' FKUSH VENISON, WILDTUE*I*?*e. WILL RECEIVE FROM THE MUlN talns on Tuesday, by tbe M aaaaeea Gm> R , FKLsH VENISON, WILD TURKEY,BLI TER, EGG*,Ae at RING'S Family Grocery, fey, '23 corner 1 and 1Mb eta AMEHH A.I ALMANAC, complete from Ita commencement In IS*) to 1F53, inclusive M r*rs. ia Sneat new calf binding Prtre *3S. or sale (a single set onl v, many of the volumea being entirely o\it of print) bv I* R A.N OK TA\ LOR. Also. The British Almanac and Companion, complete from Its commencement in ISSti to 1SS1, twwitv four years?a single set only, made up with threat palna, a complete a?t not being te be found in London Price f* PROF H.W .Ml'NDtK MOST RESPECT - fully announces to tbe publlr that bla Solreea will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING These entertainments are considered by all who have attended thorn to be the most sociable that baa ever t een glean in this city jaa ?- TAV\ w