Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1856 Page 3
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? LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tbb Cocbt commenced it# March term this morning The juries were sworn in u follows : _ Grand Jury?Wm. B. Magrader, Jonathan Proat, Jps Bryan, Marshall Brown, V Har ^awgh, George McNeir, John Purdy, Wm H. winters, Dr. W. Jones, Francis Mohan, Alex. ,f' L"*4* CUrk' Jo?bu? Pierce, AH Pick rell, Michael Shanks, G. C. Grammar, Wm. n b^T"00' ^ohnJJ Kidw.U, Wm. Onne, 2* John^n. Geo. Mattmgly, Richard Jones, George A Bohrer, Wm. Noyer F r?iLZm7~Tu Brady' J\me< B*rnes, E. F. crown, V T. Harrington, M R. Coombs. i-JSR? ,R ,A Walter Stewart, J. J*?kso?> Pumphrey. Jacob Viel B^ttew Tmn 1; t'?" W Ulterm?hl?- R w i V Donohoo, John B Newton. Walter Warder. John Tolenn, A. Boacom, Z Williams, W. R. 8paulding. W. V. Water., B Hackney, Durham, Leo Bo wen, J. D. Evans, R r; ? J*' .(i#or?? D Spencer, D. A. Card well, D. B Kealy. When we left the room Judge Crawford was delivering the opening charge to the Grand Jexy The balance of the day will probably be spent in forming a jury upon the Edward's Fin* ow tbb Islahd.?A fire was discov ered among the wooden buildings on Seventh street (Island) near the corner of F street about 2 o'clock thia morning, and before it I cou.d be checked, a house and cigar shop be longing to Mr. J. G. Hall, and a house and tin shop belorging to Mr. Gricnell, were to tally consumed. Bv the most strenuous exertions on the part of firemen and neighbors, the fire waa pre vented from crossing the alley and communi cating with the neighboring wooden building?, otherwise there must have resulted one of the moat extensive conflagration! ever witnessed on the Island. Luckily the the wind, which was blowing sufficiently bard to convey burn ing boards and other combustibles, with vio lence, lor some distance, was blowing in the direction of gome open ground opposite. ^* lwarn that Mr. Hall was insured to the amount of four hundred dollars, and Mr. Grin nell to the amount of seven hundred and fiftj dollar* The fire is presumed to have beec the work of an incendiary. Polite InTBLLi6B5CB.?-Captain Davis and his officer*, having perfected the necessary arrangement*, made a descent, about 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, upon the house of Hen ry Olive, near the National Theatre, and arrested the following colored gentlemen, who were found on the premises engaged in " fight ing the tiger," i alias faro.) and kindred games ? Wm. Cooper, Paul Wilson. John West, Rich ard Knight, Caleb Batiwm, Wm Butler, John Barker. Wm Howard, Robt. William*, Frank Rounds. Wm Herbert, Chag. Walker, Henrv Thompson, Geo. Barker, Thos. Brown, Wm Cross. Joseph Whiting, George Coates, Arthui Bredner, Robert Seymour, Richard Sandig A haul waa made also of a lot of faro appi tus, checks, sweat cloth, dice, packs of cards *e. The parties arrested here were fined ten head? 8t#' CaCb' byJastice Brings On the same afternoon Captain Davis and officers, made a descent upon an establishment at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania Averue, kept by a white man named Dennis Darden, arresting him for selling '"policies'' to colored people, and he wu fined at the same office fifty dollars and cost*. Charles Ellis Jamea Butler, John Herbert, Thomas Russell' Spencer Day, Robert Dick, Charles H. John son. and William Pindle, (colored) who were arrested upon the premises, were fined five dollara each and costs. Tbbatrical. The National Theatre will b* re-opened to-night under the management of John T. Ford, who is already the populai conductor of the Holliday street Theatre Baltimore, and the Marshall Theatre, Rich niond^ \ a He has thus an opportunity ol engaging eminent talent, which would not b? remunerative for a single establishment, and be promises to render the National worthy th? patronage of the metropolis. " Richelieu, which is to be peformed this evening, is Bulwer a dramatic maeter-peice. We have never seen Mr. Eddy, but hV hai been well spoken of where he has performed aa a young American actor, who posseases natural talent, and la a careful student. Of Mre. Chapman, who appeara in 44 A Husband at !>?ght, it is unnecessary to speak, for ahe it one of the moat deservedly popular actresses in the country. Mi? Maggie Mitchell is to appear on Wed nesday Bravo! Akothxr Chabob in the weather, and thi* time for the better; but oh, what a condition are the streets in after the snow of Saturday the rain that followed the anow, and the freeie that came upon the heela of the rain Pennsylvania avenue is tolerablv smooth bzt with this exception, the streets" are terribly rough, the mud being froien in ridges as solid a* marble, interspersed with an occasional glacier, or ice crevice. '?Jordan is a hard road to travel," espe. V lf ?0U 8? th? wa* of Washington directly after a snow, a thaw, and a freese ! We hope now for better things. The blue btrda are out to day, and the lingering snow albiet unused to the melting mood?" has got a settler by the late rain whioh must bring on a speedy dissolution. So mote it be. Firb. A fire broke out about eleven o'clock yesterday morning in the house of Mr Greg oj^.on Tenth street, opposite Col. Force's. The room in which the fire was discovered was eocupied by Mr Smith, the editor of the Sen tinel. The fire was occasioned by the care lessness of a colored servant, who, to suppress a fire m the ch:mney, hung a blanket across the fire place without taking the precaution to Zl? u'v j w, aft?rw*rd? threw the blanket, which had taken fire, under the bed before it was entirely extinguished Considerable dam age waa done to the furniture, books, papers, Ae., by fire and water together, and probably through the rather rapid and unceremonious manner in which the furniture and documents were pawed out the winJowa, over the balco nies, and into the street. Fcbebal.?The funeral of P. G. Michael Brealin, jaj largely attended yeaterday after noon by Odd Fellows and othera, notwith standing the inclemency of the weather and the condition of the streets. In the proces sion which accompanied the remains of the deceased from his residence near the Navy Yard to the Congressional Cemetery, were the Grand Lodge I. 0. O. F.; Harmony liodge No 9 and the Navy Yard Beneficial Society! Lsputa s full band officiated upon the occa sion. Tbb Rebebvatio.h at the corner of Twenti eth etreet and Pennsylvania avenue is soon to be fenced. as the granite corner posts and foun dation for the iroa-railing is laid. We regret to see that the engineer has not harmonised the gradea ot the two sidea. so as to have the P'jsta of the gate placed at the apex of the tri angle on a level. As they now stand, one considerably higher than the other, the beauty of the enclosure ia destroyed. la it too late to remedy what will be an eye-aore * A if \4m9ic Lectcre will be delivered this evening by M W P_ G Master B. B. French before the Lodge w^jch bears Lia name. Mr Demi'stkr, our mosic-loving readers will rej'tice to hear, intends giving another ooncert here, in a few days. Tbb Siot'H resident* of this city talk of celebrating St. Andrew s day. ? (?'?))( Mt'BIC ATI I>. I be W AiaiSfiToji AqUBDUt t ?Congress now . filly organised and ready for business, it a important that something should speedily he done in the way of an early appropriation ficiency bill, fer the continuation of the piAlic works now aommenoed. Among all these works none is of such importance not only to our own city but to the Govern ment at large, as that of the water works commenced at the Great Falls a few years 'J**5? u ? national matter, and should be treated and fuetered as such. The writer of the communication flitters himself that he is somewhat of a connoisseur in mat ters of tkus kind, and fecliug anxious to ex amine the route and its LtoaUon, undertook to ufce a short trip (or the puxpoee of judging of lt? merit* and its practicabilities. After pre paring himself with the proper d&U and the estimated cost of the improvement, he started down the line, commencing at the Great Falls, from whence the water is to be supplied and passed along the whole survey to Georgetown, a distance of some fourteen miles, and he was well repaid for his task by the information which he gleaned from his personal examina tion It is, indeed, a magnificent undertaking, and well worthy of our great and glorious re public ; and not only reflects much credit on the liberality of Congress, but also the high est honor on Captain Meigs, the superintend ent and originator of its location and the eco nomical design of it? construction. The work has progressed rapidly under Capt. Meigs, assisted by several corps of en giueers under the command of Capt. Wm II, Bryan, principal engineer, whose qualifica tions and industry has betn proverbial through out the country for the past twenty years. Under his active and energetic direction every thing goes like clockwork and it is astonish ing what a large amount of work has been done for the ameunt of money which had been appropriated If tne ignorant oroakers and disappointed opponents of this great national undertaking would take the trouble of examining into the location, and were capable of iudging of its true merits without tne mote id their jaun diced eyes, they would at once confers that all the other plans hitherto advanced would sink into utter insignificance when compared with this of Captain Meigs, both as to utility and the strictest economv. The fact is, Capt. Meigs will not only be able to bring the watei into Washington (provided Congress appro priates early in the session) in tne course ol two years from this time, but he will be able to do it at a less sum than what his original estimate called for. In his report to Congress last session, he stated that he would pledge his official character that he would be able to supply the city with a sufficiency of water, at a certain specified time, and at a cost not ex ceeding 52.300,000. From long experience in such matters, and from a careful and thorough calculation oi the work already done and the amount yet tc be done, the author of this article has nn doubt whatever that Capt Meigs will not only make good his pledges, but that ho will accomplish his undertaking at a cost consid erably less than his estimates. Let Congress but be prompt and liberal in an early appropriation, so that advantage may be taken of progressing with the work on the opening of spring, and continuing such ap propriations h? may be needed, and my word fni it the work will be accomplished at the time proposed, and Washington city will have s sufficient supply of wholesome water to fur nish the wauta of a population of one million of people, and the uovernment of the United States will be ablo to boaat of a national work of art and science such aa the world never saw or heard of before. An Old Ehginebr. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alixandkia, March 3, 1866. The citizeos' meetiog, pursuaot to call, con vened on Saturday evening, in the hall at Ex change Block Though the eveniog was ex ?eedingly inclement, a large number wen present. The meeting have organized by tb( appointment of F. L. Brocket, Esq , as chair man. and Wm. F. Carne, as secretary. A committee reported resolutions condemnatory of a partisan spirit in the city government, demanding retrenchment, and protesting against increased salaries; suggesting thai the clerks of the City Council and Gas Worki should be directly responsible to the people, and inviting all friends of municipal reform toco-operate in an effort on behalf of equal rights, equal laws, and equal juitice. A com mittee of three from each Ward presented the following nominations, which were unani mously concurred in: Andrew J Fleming. foi mayor; John Muir, auditor; G. W. Brent, attorney; R. E. Buchanan and E H. Stanton, collectors; J C. Moore, superintendent of po l:ce ; Isaac Kell, superintendent of gas ; R .J. Smith, surveyor; W. H. McKnight and Wm. Campbell, measurers of lumber; Hiram Web ster, chief engineer; George McCleish. gan ger; Levi Hurdle, clerk of market; George A. Thomas, wood measurer; Jas. Major and Stephen Woolls, assessors. Committees of Vigilance having been ap pointed, the meeting adjourned, and the citi zens present gathered into wards, conversed together, and recommended the following i nominations: Second War 1?Alderman. R. i Jamieson; Council, Jas. S. Hallowell, Hugh Latham. A. G. Newton. H. Clay Ward. Third Ward?Alderman, R H. Miller; Council, D. B 8mitb. Wm II Muir, Wm. Gregory, P. G. I'hler Fourth Ward?Alderman, Wm. H. i Fowle; Council, H W. Vandergrift. Enoch Grimes, J. H Brent, W. S. Ferrell. The First Ward presented for Alderman, B. H. Lambert, and pending the consideration of a Counail ticket adjonrned over. The Southern boat still continues her regu lar trips to Aquia Creek, keeping a channel always open. The Virginia Sentinel heretofore tri-weekly, makes its^first appearance this afternoon a* a daily evening paper. The delegates returned from the recent State Democratic Convention at Richmond, are high ly pleased with the cordial spirit manifested at the Convention. Ami. NEW YORK CORRESPONDENCE. N?w Yoax, Feb. 29,1858. Advertising has become so intimately inter* woven with our social habits that it is now sc customary to advertise for wives aod husbandi as to excite do surprise. The followiog, from tome impulsive youth, appeared this morn ing: "I want a wife. Who will accept' Address Aoxions," Ac. It would excite no wonder if some one advertised " A wife to sell, exchange, or mortgage." The weather at this season Is so precarious that it is not safe to give an opinion upon it. Yesterday we were congratulating ourselves upon the prospect of an early spring ; to-day it snows as it did a month ago. The " oldest inhabitant'' is sorely puxzled about it. In fact, that mythical indvidual has lost much preftige the present season The light of the " Live Oak Clubs'' has be come extinguished since tho nomination of Fillmore for the Presidency. They are now being changed into "National American As sociations." The New Yorkerf appear to be in great trouble at this moment, about a proper name for the great central park. It would be an act of oharity if some friendly city would come to the rescue Some are for calling it "Croton Park," but the objection to this is that we are already deluged with croton. Some propose ''Manhattan/' but that is the name of the island. One or two have been courageous enough to suggest *- Hiawatha," while not a few are under the impression that a better name cannot be given it than " Higbfalutin." .Navigation waa resumed upon Long Island Jtasnd, yesterday, after a closure of some w%eks, by tho steamer " Elm City," which, after battling her way for twelve hours, finally succeeded in reaching New Haven, Connecti cut. It is reported that she forced her way, in some plates, through ice ten feet in thick Dew. If this is the case, it could not have beeo very solid. After the *? Elm City" had opened a passage, a propeller from Provi dence, Khoie Island, reached our city. Nav igation on the Sound, may, therefore, be said to be oj?en for the season. The Hudson must soon clear itself of ice, if the present thaw lasts, a.? it drains a large extent of country, and ri*es io heavy floods by a small iocrease in its various tributaries. Large forces of men are employed, daily in clearing away the ice, snow, and refuse matter from the streets. The Broadway merchants took the initiatory in the movementby pajing for the removal of the matter in front of their ?tores, whereupon the Corporation took the hint, and vigorously attacked Broadway and Chathflm street. It is Mtimated that the cleaning of Broadway, alone, wiil oost ?ft,000. The city Railroad companies have done much in keeping the streets through which their lines passes, unobstructed. By the weekly statement of the Board of Ten Governors, it appears that the number of inmates of the different institutions is ft,627. There wore admitted 1,042; died 22; discharged WJ; sent to Penitentiary 09; sent to State Prison 12. Tfce number of familta regularly receiving aid from Uit out-door poor tfm, vu J,391. The number of families receiving temporary relief, 1,450, the number of fami lies receiving foel wa> 16,249. A resolution was adopted calling up?n the superintendent of the oat door poor, to suspend out-door re lief after the 15th of March, if practicable. TacrxtEH. Last Saturday was St. David's day. and was celebrated by those of Welch descent in New York and other cities. CT* Mrs. Harris says, if men were not in tended for soldiers, how eotnes it. she wants to know, that they are ail born with drums in their ears ? The Newport Mercury states that two geese were dug out of the snow drift in that town a few days since, which had been with out food 42 days. They were very thin of flesh, but quite lively. . The Merrimsc is highly complimented by the New England press. '-Her commander, Capt. Pendergrast," _ says the Portsmouth Gazette, "is an experienced and efficient offi cer, his subordinates gentlemanly and prompt, and his gallant crew consists of as fine speci mens of the Yankee tar as ever drew a ram mer or wielded a cutlass " The property left bv the old lady re cently deceased in Newton, N. H., is apprais ed at $38,419 47; not so much by one naif as was expected. She had 192 sheets, 3 cover lids, 50 blankets, 27 beds, 1200 lbs. feathers, 54 table covers, and 43 handkerchiefs, while the whole amount of her wearing apparel did not exceed ten dollars in value. Public Speakers, Brown's Bronchial TROCHKS differ materially from C<ngh Loieng*s In ordi nary use. Containing no opinm or deleterious drag. they can ha n?*d frwiy by Vocalists and Speakers Or removing hoarseness and clearing the voice. By allowing a Loienge to dlaeolve gradua'ly Id the moulb, the soothing effect to the Bronchial organa alleviate* Cough*, Cold*, Aitbmt, or any Irritation of tba throat. Dear Nlr:?Your "Bsowchml Tnocam" ?eem? to roe a almple aud e't-gant form for adminlaterlng, In combination, *averal mediral anbfUncea, held In general eateem among Physician* In the treatment of Bronchial affectlona. Very reepectftilly, ??<) F. Binm.ow, M. D. Amr.HTox T. Baowjr, Esq.. 425 Washington street Hold In Washington by JAMKS N. CALL AN, and by Drag gi?ts In all the large cities in the I'nlted States. mr r 1?1 w Hostetter's Bitters.?The greatly in creased demand for th*ae popular BITTKKS has kidii'vl the m?nnf?rtnrera to establish a depot ft>r their aala In tliia city, ao that they can now be fnmlehed In any quantities to hote's, steamboats, private families, Ac. Order* from a diatance promptly attended to, and a liberal dlaconut made to those who purchase for aal?. Adtl-"ei<s J AS. N. CALI.A*, Wa*h Ington. mar I?lw U7* Who Knows Capt. Grigg Ask all the ahlpplng h<tase* In Maryland, Delaware and Philadelphia who he la WowDKBri'L Ci ??J.-Philadelphia, Febrnary a*, 1868.? Meaara. Pr. Grath A Co. ?I mu*t give yon the honor and prate* of having the beat remedy In the world for pain. whan I waa eonddered past recovery by all, my eon, IE. J. Qrlgg, merchant. 114 Market street, I a* a laat resort, aent for your wonderful " Klactrlc Oil," and It relieved the pain, which waa moat Intolerable, i Inflammatory Kheumatlrm. in ?boot ten mlnnte*. ] bad the Oil continued bnt a abort time, and waa cared. Till* Oil lethagre*te?t b!e**1ngknown toman. I have aent many peraona fcr It, and I "know that they have been cured by It. I *ra well known, and my anf fering waa also known, and 1 have no objection* to any uae yon may make of tbia, a* the Oil cannot be too highly esti mated. Capt. Make Gai io, Wood and Coal Dealer, t<.fi Marshall atreat. rapt. Orlgg I* an old clliten, and like ali who bave been cured, feel* gratefnl. office V) South Eighth atreet, below rheannt, Philadelphia. "??Id by moat all respectable dealera In medicine The genuine Oil baa tha wbittkm aignatare* of Ds Oratb a Co , aud A. t Smith, Philadelphia. feb i9?tr JTT t'ongbs, Asthma, Bronchitis ? John I. HKoWN k SON:?Oentlem?n: A kn'.wledf?of th?manner In whiob vartona articles of the Materia Medlca were com bined by yon lo form the "Bronchial Trocmkh," led me, three or fliur year* *ince, to adopt their use. Tlie results have been auch a* to Indnro nie t? continue the practice, be Ilevlng them of creat beni-nt in many adectlon* of the Bron al organa. Your*. etc. J. F. W. Lank, M. P. B<?*ton. September 1,1*S1. Perron* re<]Uii lug a really g.- od and long tried article, and ore that can o? depended up>o a* an effectual Congh Ixieng*, and h<-iug made from the purest aaterlaia, will Bud Browo'a BRONCHIAL 1KOCHKS to be what th?y are represented. Put up In boxe* and ?old *t 2S cet,t* each, by Orcg*!*t* gen erall v. throughout tli? I'nit<*d M ite* and Canada*. B A KNK8 A PARKS, J. Ml I. HAT. New York, Agent*. For *?1e In Philadelphia by F. BROWN ; New Orleana, J. SYMR3; Chi sago, J. 11 BEEP k CO.; Washington, J. N. CALLAX. feb 11 (17* Dr. Sanferd's lavigorator is a mild laiative, tonic and stimulant, aud Is recommended to the public, relying upon tta Intr1n*1c with In the rureof the fol lowing complaint*: Ail Bilious Perangementa, Sick Head ache, Dy*p?psla, Habitnal Coetivnesa, Chronic Diarrhoea, Coll:, Pain lu the Stomach and Bowels, General Debility, Female Weakness, kr. For sale ty drngg!*ts **nsrally, and by Z. D. Otl.M AN.4SR Pa. irrnnt; also, by JOHN 8CH W AKT7., 360 Pa. avvnna, and by O. M. LINTHlCt'M, corner Bridge and Ul<b streets, Oeorgetown, P. C. Jan SI |f7* The ?reai Knsslan Kemedy?Pre BONO rrRUOO.?'? Kvery mother ahonld have a bo* Id tha b T*e haudy In case of accidents to the children." REDDIMO'8 HI aSIA 8AI.V*. It la a B?*'ou remedy of thirty years' standing, and Is ra ?ommafided by physician*. It I* a ?ure and *pe*dy enre for Bnrna, Piles, Bolls, Corns, FeloDS, Chllbalns, and Old Sores of every kind; f-?r Fever Sores, Ulcers, Itch, Scald Head, Nettie Bash, Bunions, P<>r* Nlpplaa, (recommended by nnrsea,) Whitlow*, Prle#, Featar*. Flea B1t?*. Bpl ler ttttnga, Fmi?n l.lmbs, Salt Kbenm, Scurvy, Hora and Cracke<l I.lp*, Sore Nnae, Warta and Fie*h W. nnd*. It Is a moat vainabls remedy and cwra. which can he to by thousands who have ns?d It !? the city of Roeton and vicinity for Lha laat thirty y<*n. In no Instaiir* will thla SalTe do an Injury, or Interfere wtth a phrslclan's prescriptions. It la made from the purest materials, from a rer Ipa brought from Reaala -of artl laa growing Id that country?and the proprietors have letter* fr?m ail ? lasses, clergyman, physicians. *ea captain*, niu-Roa, and other* w!;o have uned it tbetuaelve*, and recom mend It to others. Bidding's Rn**la Saive Is put In large tin boxes, aumped on the rover with a picture of a horse and a dlsablod eoIdl??r, which picture 1s also engraved on the wrapper. Pri' e, 25 Cents a Box. Sol i at>11 the stores in town or country, aud may be ordered of any wholesale druggist. Tor ?a:? at SHILUNOTON'S, Agent for Wash Dgton. Jan M 1X7* Great Cure ef Rheumatism in Cia? C1NSATI, OHIO ?CONVINCING EVIDKNCK ?For mora Uian three year* I have been suffering with rheumatism, ar.d enlargement and pain of the bone* and Joints. I have atrlctly fallowed tha ad vice of physician*, and at other times used inch family medicines as had been recommended fortbeenre of rheutnatirai ; *U11 I did not improve In the least, and wn frequently compelled to k*ep my bed, and thereby was pre ?suted froc attending to my bn*'nes? Some weeks I was Induced by a friend to try CAKTFR S SPANISH MIX TI'RK. The effwt was miraculous I felt a<>D*lderab)y Im proved after I had taken the fourth do*e ; I Iwre only n?ed one single bottle, and am eutlrely free from all pain. I feel better than I have fait f>>r years, and I attribute my com pletely restored h-altii eoisly lo the use of Carter a Spanish Mixture. I consider It a nii-at ax* client medicine for rheu matism and all diseases of the blo<#l, and cheerfally recom mend It to the afliloted P B'jbkitt, southeast corner Fourth and Walnut sta. Cincinnati, Marc'u IT, 1&6*. feb ?? lm CT" Noah Walker tc Co., Marble Hall Clothing Emporium. Brown*' Hotel Building, reapectfaliy announce that thalr display of FALL and WINTER CLO THING li now ready for Impaction, comprising an aaaorV ment of COATS. TALMAS, OVEKSACSS. SUBT0CT8, VESTS and PANTALOONS, of tha ueweat and rlcheat da ?Un* In material, trimming and workmanship. To gentle man who study excellence with economy In faablonabla ar ticle* of dre?s an opportunity I* now offered for aaloctlng from one of the attractive stock* of Good* la thi* city, at very ratiured price* uf t?U ID^Ambrotype.?Amongst the most at tractive and )>?autlful specimen* of the Photographic art. Dew on exhibition at WHITKHl'BST'S GALLERY, are the AMBB0TYPE8. They ara truly a beautiful Picture, and In some reepeot* an Improvement on tha old fkmlllar Da guarreotypaa The Gallery containa quit* a large collection of Photograph* on paper. Daguerreotype* of the L'nltad H la tea Supreme Court alnoa 1840; members of the Unltad State* coort<>; President Pierce and Cabinet, an 1 many other tnbllc men of tha Nation. A v1?lt to WHITEHl'BSTS O AL IBT, No. 4M Ponntylvanla avenue, la wall worth the trou ble atid the time. oot M?If IET Prohibition?The recent decision ef the people in aiinoat every State In reference to the sale of liquors, doaa not pretend to Interfere with medicinal com pound* containing stimuli!*, aa It 1* a fact wall known to all that without stimulating prlnnlplea most ra?ee of extreme debility eouid not be rrached, and tha many other of our most valuable compound* could not he made w<thout it. For inatanra. Dr. J. HOSTKTTER'S STOMACH BITTER", now *" celebrated and lndls(>en?able In every family aa a medi cine. Thouaatid* of person* suffering from dyspepala and In dlgmtlon, ;euerally apeak volume* In favor of thl* great cn ratlva agent. For aale by J. N. CALLAN. Waahlngton. feb 11? |T7* Heefland'a German Bitters, prepared and sold by Dr. Jackson, at tha German Medical Store, ISO Arch atreat, Philadelphia, dally increase lu their well-da ?erved celebrity for the cure of all Dlaaaaas arising from de rangement of the II ver. Theaa Bitter* have, Indeed, proved a bleaalng to the afflicted, who *how their gratitude bv tha ?oat flattering testimonial*. Thl* medicine haa established for Itaalf a name that compatltora, however wily thalr achemea, or aadcctlve thalr promlaea, cannot raach. It gained tha public confldanca by the Immense beuaflt* that have bean derived fr' tn It, and will ever maintain Ita posi tion. See advsrt'.aamant. dec 1]?Sa DIKD, In this city, on the morning of the 'id instant, of pulmcnarv consumption, Mrs. STELLA JAN K SMITH, wife of Cbauncey Smith, formerly of Vermont, In the 4Vth year of her age. '?Death, of Its sting disarmed, she knew no frar. But tairted heaven e'en while she lingered here." The friends of the family are respectfully Invi ted to attend her funeral, from Mr. King's, 393 C street, to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. * ANTHONY BI't'HLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence No. 303 Penn. avenae, south side, between 9th and 10th sts., Having provided himself with an EL Eli AST HEARSE, and all necessary convenience* for1 proptTly conducting hU business, would respectfully inform the public that he Is flilly pr.-j ared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sfies. always on band, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give on11 re satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Rentd ng on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours. feb 7-ly AMKRICAN ALNANA', complete from l?s commencement in 140 to it*3, inclusive, *4 Fiars. It tnest new calf binding. Price Ml. or sale (a single sot only, many of tbe volumes being entirely out of print? by FRANUK TAYLOR. Also, The Brltlah Almanac and Companion, 'complete from Its commencement in 18i6 to 1IS1, twenty four years?a slnglr set only, made up with great pains, a complete set not aelng to be jbuntfU LoadoD. frlp? FOR BALB AND RENT. rpo LKT -THE LATE RESIDENCE OP * Samuel Bytngton, E?f, on 4# stoeet, near N The house and grounds are la good order, with carriage house and stab'e. Possession given im

mediately Enquire of D. SANDS, orer Stou t Ding Store, Pa avenge. mar 3- 3t? Property in Georgetown por Sale ?Tbe subscriber wishes to dispose of two or thre? Houses in Georgetown, D C One on Dumbarton street, nearlv finished, in onaof the best locations in the Dlstilct; lot 180 by 190. One on Potomac street, an excellent, well built house, two stories brisk, near St John's Church One on Bridge street, in which my family now reside, three-storv brick. Prices reasonable and terms liberal, mar S-co'-'w R CR UIKSHANK. For rent?one parlor and cham cer. handsomely furnished and verv conve nient, formerly occupied bv the Hon. J. A Stew art of Maryland, Pa avenue, opposite Willarda' Ho'.el, No 215. Apply on the premise*. mar 3?eo3t? J FR1EBU8. House on capitol hill for rent. No. 334 north B street, corner of First, one square north of Capitol Grounds. Inquire on the premises. mar 3-3t?_ Members of congress and oth ers wishing a pleasant location on Capitol Hill, can be accommodated wi h a furnished House, or Rooms, with or without board, at 316 Delaware avenue, north of the Capitol, fcrmer residence of the late J udge Cranch feb 29 3t# 6 FO R SALE?SEVERAL GOOD FARMS, ranging from 60 to '200 acres, and from 8 to 12 mile* from Washington, which will be sold low for cash or exchanged in part for city property. Apply, about 5 o'clock p m., to H N. LANS DALE, at Geo. F. Kldwell's Wood and Coal Yard, 14th street, opposite the Franklin Engine Houss. feb 29-3t? For sale?a tract of land con taining 170 acres, 40 of which is cleared, 15 or 20 well ret in clover and timothy, and the balance in oak and hickory, some of which is very hea*y. It is ba-dsoinelv localed, In a thickly settled arid rapidly Improving neighborhord, near Bayly's Corners. 6^ miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soil cf the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sola in whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H . SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H . CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf FOR RENT ?LARGE AND PLEASANTLY situated Rooms can be obtained at No. 311 South side Pa. avenue, between 9th and 16th sts. feb 28- tf Furnished rooms with board ? The advertiser has taken one of those houses on tbe north side of D. between wth and 9th sts., and Is prepared to rent her furnished rooms with beard As the cooking will be of the best kind, she will serve families who may wish their meals sent them. Mrs. ANN FOX. feb 26?iw* For sale?a desirable little place outside the bounds of the city, contain ing ljf acres of land, in a high state of cultiva tion, enclosed with a high and substantial fence, a two story frame house with five rooms, sepa rate kitchen, and other buildings necessary for familv comfort, pump of water at the door, ltf miies from the Centre Market, adjoining Joseph Gales' farm. For particulars call on the sub sc-iber at the Dead Letter Office, General Po?t Office, or at No. 527 K street North. feb 23?3w GEORGE M. KEN PALL. Rake chance.?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H. C. HARROVER. feb 23-tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov 27?tf An opportunity for a good in VH8TMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colour 1 Cox, (called the Cedars.) possessing rare advantages as a building site, and market garden. It has a line growth of young cedars and oak mess on the great er part r f it?the elevation is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Corporation limits ren ders It more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. jan 22?dtf Desirable property for sale ?i will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockville Turnpike, about two mile*above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office, xhe place contains 63^ acres, and is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 x 40, with a wing 25 y? 31, and all necessary out houses. City property will be taken as part pay. THOS MARSHALL, Jan 17?tf At United States Hotel. Furnished house for rent?a large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gas in the house. For terms, Ac., apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf WANTS WANTEO-A SITUATION BY AN AMER ican woman a* cook in a small family. Call at 4fl5 E street, between 5th and 6th. mar 3?It* WANTED-A CHILD'S NURSE. GOOD references required. Enquire at 404 1st., second house east of 12th. mar 3-3t* W W ANTED?A PLACE AS A CHAMBER mald, and to help cook, wash and Iron, by a young whits woman who can brl"g satisfactory recommendations of her capacity and ability. Address a note to ''Elizabeth Roach," box No. 2 Star Office. mar 3-It# flARDENER AND MANAGER WANTS A "* PLACE.?A middle aged Man, well ac quainted with gardening and managing a farm; marketing, Ac , who can give the best of refer ences, warts a situation. Applications sent to M r. Callan'a Drug Store, corner E and 7th streets, will be attended to promptly mar 3-2t# ANTE D.?BY A LADY, WHO WILL give good wages and accommodation, a Seamstress perfectly competent to fit dresses and use a sewing machine. None need apply without baling com petent and well recommended. A ppl v at 174 F street west. mar 1?3t* " WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITU atlon as porter In a store. Can write and understands accounts. Is willing to make him self generally useful. Satisfactory recommenda tions given.' Address Box No 3, Star office mar 1?3t* COOK WANTED.?A COLORED WOMAN who can cook, wash and iron well, with good recommendations. Address Box 138 City Post Office. mar 1?3t* WANTED-FOR THE SPACE OF 12 AND 18 months, ?800, for which 12 per cent, per annum will be given, and a deed of trust <n real es'ate In a rich, central and flourishing part of the city, for which double the amount asked for baa been offered for It. Title clear. Address Box 5, Star office. mar 1?lw COLORED BOY WANTED ?A BOY, from 15 to 19 years old, as dining room servant. Any slave-holder having such a one to hire out will find a good and permanent home for him by add)easing " Box 838," City Post Office, feb 29? tt WANTED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work in the gilding line done to order with dlsratch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash N. B.?Old Work Regllt, and Looking Glass Plates inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Kirkwood Honse. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. M' WILL LEAVE SHORTLY. ADA.11C ft. respectfully imftrass ths public In general, that she will give Informa tion in all the Affhlrs relating to Life, Health, Wealth, MarMaire*: Love, Journeys, Law Suits, Difficulties in Business, Absent Friends, Sickness aud Death, and in resp-eet to all other subjeots. She Is, also, able to tell the ages of persons bv reading numbers. She can be cons ulted at ail hours of the day and evening. Her name is on the door?at No. 285 19th street oorner of D, on the left hand side. Gentlemen 50 oents and ladles St. feb'JS? 2w* THE LARGESTMUSICESTABLISHMENT in Washington, Is at No. 306 Pennsylvania ?venue. JOHN F. ELLIS. i AUCTION BALES. By J AS C. MrGlMRE. Auctioneer PXTKRIITB SALE OF ITEAM-M y* fine, machinery, Belting. Dressed Lumber, Dsors, H*sh. Blinds, Window frames, Ac?On WEDNESDAY MORNING March Uth,at 10 o'clock, bv virtue of a deed cf trust, duly recorded, Ac , ike subscriber will tell at public auction, the supe ior Machinery and Fixtures of Mr. T B EntwUtle'a factory, at the corner of 10th stm t and Louisiana avenue, In the building erected by ih? Gas Company, ccm Grising? 1 ' ne 15-horse power Steam Eegln? Boiler, and Driving Belt, in good order One "Daniel's" Planing Machine, wlthcoun'er. shaft, belting and driving pulley One " Woodwewth s Planing Machine.'' for sur facing. with driving pulley and belting Two Moulding Machinrs, with the nsval heads, and a large variety of moulding blU of dif ferent sires and kind*, belting and dtiving pullles to each One Upright Scroll Saw, fitted for two saws, vi ith driving pulley and belt One Tennonlng Machine, with double and single heads, with sash, cope, and boring %ppara tus attarhed. also, belting and driving pul ley Counter, Shaft, Pulley, and Belting for turning lathe One Circular Rip Saw, with table, counter shaft, driving pulley and belts One Cross-cut Saw, with table, belting and pul leys Grindstone. Shafting and Bearings, Belting. Ac. Lot of Dresced Lumber. Mahogauy Rail Plank, Doois. Sash, Blinds, Window Frames, Mouldings, Ac. All of the above Machinery Is in first-rate run ning order, and la nearly good as new. ALSO? At the same time, a very superior young and sty lish Carriage Horse, perfectly safe and kind in harness, and Is believed to be without fault One excellent c'.t '-built top Buggy One neat and well-built one horse Family Car riage Lumber Wagon; Harners, Ac Terms: One third cash ; the residue In 2 and 4 months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest SAMUED K EDFERN, Trustee mar 3-d J.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TR t 8TEE'S SALE OF Fl!f E SOLD Jewelry, Watches, Glass Cases, Clacks, Store Fixtures, Jec., Ac , at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 6th day of March I shall sell, by virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded, at 10 o'clock a m.. and shall continue the sale, morn ing and evening, until all is sold ?t the Jew elry Stor*\ No. 510 Seventh street, between D and E. an excellent assortment of Jewelry, Watches, Ac. Vil: 10" fine gold Breastpins of every style 100 do Flrgf?r Rings 50 do pairs Ear Rings do Dockets. Bracelets, and Eye Glasses 10 da and 1? silver Watches 10O do Watch Revs and Pencils 10 do Watch Chains, silver Thimbles 1 fire 8 dnv Regulator, an infallible tim piece Pure silver Bequet Holder* Pearl and other Card Casea Silver-plated Spoons. Ac. With many other articles in the Jewelry line 3 large mahogany Counter Cases, with glass One iron fireproof Safe, Counter, Ac. Set four fine colored Engravings, gi't frames. Term* cash. The Store Is also for rent. Inquire on the prem ises. mar l?d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ByE.S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. VALUABLE KEAL ESTATE AT AUC tien.? On MONDAY afternoon next, the 3d of March, at 4 o'clock, in front of the premises, I > hall sell, without reserve, the northernly third part of Lot 267, In Beatty A Hawkins' addition, fronting 6<i feet on High street, and extending back :?6 feet, with the improvements. This is a very desirable location for a butcher ing establishment, having fine springs. It la the property of the late Jacob Custard Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in 6, U and 12 months, t r approved paper, bearing interest, feb2S-3t EDW.B WRIGHT, Aucf. Bv BARNARD A BUCKEY. Georgetown TTRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM preved Property in Georgetown ?On FRIDAY, 2??h March, at 4 o'clock p m , we will sell In front <t the premises, by virtue of a dpcdcr trust dated 19:h February. 1851, duly re coid?>d, A c . from Mr Win. O'Brien, that two and a half storjr brick ilou*e .cud Lot, Ixitut part cf Lot 43 Thee hell's addition to Georgetown, fronting twenty-three feet en south side or Bildge street, near the market house, and running back ? feet to the property of Mr J. Bogue Thl? is one of the bast business locations in Georgetown. Terms: One fourth cash; the deferred pay ments in 6, 19 acd 1* months, bearing interest, and to be secured fatisfactorily D. W EDMONSON, Trustee. BARNARD A BL'CKEY, feb 25?eoAds Auction* By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. rf\RURTEE'S SALE OF SUPERIOR Fnr 1 nltnre and Hensekeeping Articles?On MONDAY mornirg, March 10th. at lOo'clcck, bv virtue of a deed of trust dated December 11th, lftfl. and recorded in Liber J. A S , No. 68. fo lios 27ft, Ac , the subscriber will sell at public auction all the superior Furniture and Effects contained In house No. 410 E street, south side, near Ninth, comprising? Plush, Broratelle, and Damask covered Lounges, Sofas. Arm and Parlor Chairs Pair of handsome Gilt-frame Pier Glasses, Slab and Brackets Egyptian marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Suites of Silk damask Curtain and Fixtures Superior Tapestry and Brussels Parlor, Chamber and Stair Carpets Walnut Whatnot, Farcy Chairs, Sbades China Vases. Mantel Clock Bronze and steel Fire sets Nursery and Folding Fencers Mahogany Hat Tree, Hall Chairs. Oilcloth Venltlan Blinds, Chlnt* Curtains. Rugs Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany CkatLber Furniture Hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Dining and Breakfast Tables. Sideboard Walnut Arm, Dining and Chamber Chairs Silver-plated Ware. Glassware French China and Granite Dinner and Tea Ware Cooking Stave and Fixtures Chamber Stoves, Ac Terms: S30 and under cash ; over *30 a credit of sixty and ninety days for satisfactorily endorsed n^tes, bearing interest P. S ?The house, which is a very desirable one, is for sale or rent Inquire of the subscriber at the Bank of Washington WILLIAM GUNTON, Trcshe. feb 21?2awAds J.C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE ?By virtue of twodwds of trust duly recorded In l.lbr J A S . Nos 31 and 68. one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, we, E C Morgan and H. B. Sweeny, shall sell, on TUES DAY, the 1st day of April. A D. 1856, at 5 o'clk p m , the following described Real Estate and improvements thereon, situated in the City of Washington. District of Columbia, namely : Lots No 38 and 39. in Elliot's subdivision of Square No. 677, with the improvements, which are a small frame house. This sals will take place in front of the prem ises, and the terms will be one half cash and the other half in 6 months, with Interest, eecured by a deed of trust on the premise*. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. B. C MORGAN. > H B. SWEENY.j lr",t?ea feb 27-2awAds A. GREEN, Auct. BY VIRTUE OF AUTHORITY VESTED in me, at Ball's * Road", Alexandria county, Va., 1 will offer for sale, at 3 o'clock, on TUES DAY, April ?th the weather permitting, a?-d if not the ne*t fair dav, a valuable Lot, of 48 acres of Land, part In wood and part cleared, lying ?>e tw.en the farms of Mrs. Hamlltcn and Mr R. Cruit, about IX ni'les from Goorgetown. in Al exandria county, Va The.e are two excellent springs of wat?*r ai'd a comfortable log house, with fruit tree* on the premises The tract Is en closed by a fine fence. Persons wishing to ex amine the premises or to obtain any information thereof will be accommodaled by calling oa Mr. Robert Ball, Sr., neir Ball s Cross Roads, or the subscriber. ROBERT BALL,jr ? Executor for Wm, Ball, deceased. feb 26-2awtAp7e ~~By A GREEN, Auctioneer. rpRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a deed of X trust, duly recorded in Liber, J. A. S , No one of the tanJ records for Washington county, in the District of Co umbla we,* C Morgan and H B. Sweeney, will sell, on MONDA\ , the 31st of March, A D 1856, at 5 o'clock p m , the following described Real Estate and improve ments thereon, situated in the city of Washing ton, Dlsti let of Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No. 4. in Square No 844, being the southeast twenty-two fetit of tald Lot No. 4, fiontlng on D street south, and having a depth of seventy five feet, with the improvements, which are a small brick houf?. The sale will take place in front of ihe premises, and the terms will be one-h&lf cash, ana the bal ance In six and nine months, with Interest, se cured by a dead of trust on the prem'ses. AU conveyancing at coat of purchaser. E. C. MORGAN, ? Trustees H. B. SWEENEY. S feb27-ftawAds A. ?BEEN, Auct r. (M)B POBATIOPf STOCB.?#8?000 Corpc J ration of Washington Stock for w* *t I feb 10 ? tf * ' OBVBB BKOTUEBB. c rtoi THX ASSOC IAT1D PRESS BY HOtSE rillKTlNS TKLURiFH. The America ? Mailt New ion, March 3 ?Tht Sunday night tram from Bort'-n. with tbe Antriea'a mail*, did not leave New Haven unul S o'clock tbw morning, and i* due here this noon. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, March 3?Fl?nr i? firm; sales of *00 bblf Howard street at 57, and 200 City Mill* at (6.75. tbe market cluing firm. In grain there is nothing doing, and prices are nominally unchanged Provisions?Little doing: aalea of m?? pork Sl? at 16 12*. Bmeom?sbomlder*8i, side* 9j Lard if nominal at I0atf>ic. Hew York Marke'a Niw Yoa?, March J ?Flour is firm. sales of 7,000 bbl? ; atraight State $7.12, good Ohio Southern *8 91 Wteat it Quiet; tales of 1,200 buahel* South ern rei SI.SO Corn it dull; sales of 15.000 bushels Western mixed at 74ie. Pork is dull; sale* of 260 hbls maw ?t S16 50. Beef infirm; sales of 1 SO bbls Chi cago repacked at S13 50. Lard ia lower; sales of 500 bble. at 10c Whisky haa declined, sales of 369 bbls at 29c. Stock Market a New Yoak, March 3 ?fitocju are firm. Chicago and ltak Ialand SStTl^ttmberland Coal Company 24*; New York Central Hail road 93J; Reading Railroad 89; Virginia fi's 94J; Illinoif Central bonds H7J. Sterling exchange is dull. ~ BOARDING BOARDING?MRS. DU V ALL, No. 3J< TA avenue, o polte Browns' Hotel, ha* severe' larg* and desirable rooms, suitable for fainl lea or alngle p* raons, which she will rent with boird a be Ik also prepared to accommodate transient or table loarders mar 3?ec3t Boarding ?a large and pleasant front room, and one bark room of the earn* aire, also, a single room, can rented,furnished or unfurnished, with board. If d eel red. on tb? m at reasonab'.c terms. A large vard la attached to the bouse, making it desirable for a family with raildirn Several gentlemen can be trnommn rated with table board. Apply at 40s- Tenth at , bftweep D and E. mar 1?lw* Boarding ?mrs b spkioo, on mis ?ourl avenue, be i ween 3d and 4>* atree'.a. ha* two very dealrable front rcoms for the accommo dation of boarders fob 29-eo3t* Boarding ?will rk vacant the 1st of Man h. two dealrable rooms, southeast cor ner of 9th and H streets feb ?etfi'.e Boarding bv mrs. kllen stewart, No G street, near Thirteenth. Comfort abla tK>ard at f I per day, together with lodging find well furnished rooms, In a quiet part or the etty. frb 9 Board,Ac ?mrs. bates,on thes w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th atrret la pre pared to aocommodategentlemen wlthrooma, with or without hoard. Every effort will be made to render iboae romfcrtaole who tnay favor h?r with their patronage. ap 6?tf NEW SPRING CLOTHS, CASSIJ1 EKES. AND VEST INKS. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING OUR FIRST supplies of new Soring Gooda for gentle inen'a w?ar. of late and fashionable stvle>. aelert ?fil with great rare, from the Philadelphia and New York market*, which we will make to order In th? most superior manner, at much cheaper ate* than the usual city prices WALL A STEPHENS 391 Pa avenue, 3d door e at .National Hotel, and 33a Pa avenue, between 9th and 10'h at* feb'*9 (IntAGlobe) HON. THOI. H. BENTON'S GREAT WORK Thirty Year's View of the XT 8. Senate trtil hi ismed /ttrtmc tho month of May, la.Vv ^UHSCRiBERS TO ?'TBIRTV YEARS' O VIKW," and others, are Informed that the publishers (Messrs Appletori A Co . New Yorkl have made auflicieiit progress* hi the printing of the second volume of this work to enaole them to appoint a tirre for its publication The second volume will probably be more in t?re?tlng than the first ana embrace the ?am<> number <f pajea embellished with a steel-piate illustration cf the United States Senate chamber Subscribers to thlawork a^e Icformed that I will Lave the assistance of rwo or more active gen tlemen in the dellven'and aale of the work will be Pleased to receive orders for the second volume from rjtizens or strangers, who have ust yet subscribed. in the District of Columbia and Alexandria Fredericksburg WarrentOD. Cbartee town. Sbephard?town Harper a Ferrv. and Max tlnsburg. Va. Copies of the firat volume for ?a!e bv JOHN S. HOLLINGSHF.AD feb 20?3t E street, near Eighth ROBINSON'S PKA< T !< E. Val. fl?THE Practice In Courts of Justice la England and the United Statea by Conway Robinaon. in two volumes. Second volume this dav issued feb29?tr FRANCK TaVLOR DK< ISfON OF THE SUP* EME COL'KT of Wisconsin in the case* of Booth a:*d R v craft (Fugitive Slave Law) being a portion of 3d vol. \\ iscoasin Reports, in pamphlet. &5 ceriU feb* FRANCE TA\ LOR For sale?a steam e n gTn'e of three horse power fitted with W M Smith's patent valve, for sale. It ta? cnlv been worked one month in the Maryland Mechanics' Inatltute at their last exhibition, when a aliver medal was awarded to the patentee Applv to WILLIAM M SMITH. Patent Agent, Ac , Seventh at., oppo aite the General Poet OiSce feb aj-vte NOTICETO^ IT MAY CONtEBN. I have an application pending before the Senate Comm ttee on tbr District of Columbia, to change thedlnetion of Delaware avenac, i.ea' the northern boundary of the City. Any peraona hav ing objections may file them In writing, with the Clerk of aaid Committee at any time within two weeks By order cf said Committee : feo **?2 ?"? J M GILBFRT. AAA REWARD.?I will give the above re ward and ask no quesMona. for the re turn of a lot of Papera. consisting of warraMa, ji d<ricenta, notes of nand. and bills for collection Thty were left by me in care of Mr H W Tur ner, the Clerk of the American Hotal, during n v employment there, for saff keeping Tfcty were seen by him on Monday evening laat. la the dtek at 9 o'clock, and were missing on Tuesday morn ing. Thev mav be left at this rffl?-e. or at toe of flee of J H Goddard. Eaq , cn Louisiana a\c nue. AU persons are hereby cauMoned agali at b vlng an? of the aaid papers If offered for saie, and will please give information of the aame to the undersigned Sbo'ild they give me tnlcrma tion so that 1 mav get them fgatn 1 will give the above reward A E L EEESE P S.?Any Information concerning the above papers will be conaidered strictly confidential. feb88-tf (Intel) L. J. MIOOLETON, D B A L E R IN ICE. OJflte o?id Depot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth atreeta fe'? ? OENU1NK GARDEN SEEDS. THE U N D E R S I G N E D BEGS TO AN nounce to bis patroDn and tbe public tut ri? has Ju?t completed his aupplv of the above, dlrert from England and tbe Continent, among which he would specially call attention to tb* of Extra Early Prince Albert, and other PEAS; Short-top Radiab. Early York, Large \ ork, Heart Shaped. Flat Dutch, Drumhead ar d other choice CA BBAGE8, CAULIFLOWERS, UROCOLI, ? LETTUCES. ONIONS, BEATS, *E AN S, CARROTS, PARSNIPS,CELERY.TA??Ye, LEEK. CUCUMBERS, EGtt PLANTS^TO MATOES, HERBS, Ac., with all other VegHa ble Seeds In great variety. From hla lofig expe rience and connexions In the aeed tradeTae ean warrant them cf first rate excellence, and at very moderate prices. FLOWER SEEDS of choicest kinds, selected with care and specially auited to thla climate, are oflVred either in single packets or oollectlona, 0 very low rates. Catalogues can be had on application. JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehouse S98 Tth street, corner of H. feb eofita CASH PAID FOR flllllTURE. PERSONS DECLINING HOUSESEEI 1NG or having a surplus of Hotisehold 1-tinea on hand, will find ue prepared at all times to per chaae their entire stock, or such aniclea aa they mav wiah to dlapoae of Call and soe i BQNTZ A COOMBS No. 369 Seventh st , bet. 1 and h feb 19-eod ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD Left my house on 19th rtreet last evening, about 6 o'clock, to go to the City Poat Ofil e. a small negro boy, called LANEY, about IS yeera of age He is black, well built, and rather good looking?he has a down, but pleaaant look wben spoken to. Bad on boota, t ray panta and round about, and a check cloth cap, with lapprta I will give SI00 reward If takea f,wAe Dl*rict, and 9^*0 If taken oat oC It. **""* XsbfiO-eofit = EOW'O C. PYRR.