Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. Vlf. WASHINGTON, D. Cm THURSDAY. MARCH 6, 1856. NO. 959. I T3E EVENING STAK, riULIilUED EVEltV AVT Kil*UOIt, (KXCKPT SUNDAY,) it <4? Si*r Bnil<tin?$ tomit of P*n?tfln*Un ****** *?<f BllOIItU Strtt I, Bj W. D. W A LL ACH, ?5.11 be served to subscribers by carrier* at SIX 4ND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekJ\ to the Agents; papers served In packages at 3T# ???**.? per month. To mall subscribers the sub fcrlpttan price is THRKk DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENT? a year in *dv*ne?, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three ?onths; for than three months at the rate of 1?# cants a week. SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT COFFIW WARIROOM, *e. * CO./.NDRRWA ?r ? KKIB?reddaaof^lfi Seventh street, between G and H streets. ^J Interments procured Inanvground sr cemetery . CoflLns, Caps, Shsouds, Carriages, every article for Interments of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the night Having the exclusive right of Cramp's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead fur any length of time. Jy 11?ly WIB8 AND TUUPKES. /CITIZENS AND STRANGERS ARE RE vv speetfuily Informed that the best assortment of WIGS and TOUPEES are to be fbund al HEARD 9 HAIR DRESSING ESTABLISH MENT, and WIG MANUFACTORY, Sixth st. National Hotel. Wigs and Toupees made oa the shortest notice, Also, a good assortment of Ladies Back Braids ftist arrived from New York. dec II?eo3m CLOTHI.ftt NADK TO ORDER. M RUBERS OF CONGRESS. CITIZENS and strangers wlshi ig to supply themselves with superior garments, made to order are invited to examine our superior assortment of Doeskins, Cloths, Cassi meres, iMlk, Satin and Velvet Ve?t tags. all of wh'ch has been selected with an espe sial view to the wants of our customers whir h we will make to measure in a manner Inferior to none, at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices WALL A STEPHENS, la Pa avenue, between ?th and 10th streets. Al?o. 3W Pa. avenue, M. door east of the NattonaJ Hotel. Jan 23? ?IFT uoukstokk: A GENERAL SELECTION OF BTANDARC Gift and Miscellaneous BOOKS AND STATIONERY for sale at HlLBl'S'S MUSIC DEPOT,cor uer of Pa avenue and 11th street tmmmmtF GREAT ItiDVCEMKXT EVERY PURCHASER RECEIVES A GIFT. Bach article Is sold at the usual retail price; and for every dollar's purchase a seeled envelope li drawn by the buyer, containing tt,e name of some aift, which Is presented on the spot Among th< Gifts are Gold Watches, Jewelry, Music, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Ac ' 1 HILBUS MUSIC DEPOT, dec t>?tr Corner Pa av and 11th st. H. SK.HK EV, J e weYer, 130 Pnu Mism, b-.tMtf* y?4 and 10U HAS RECEIVED AND OPENED THIS DAY a magnificent assortment of fine and A rich Imported JEWELRY,suchas Flor- A entine and Roman Mosaics, Italian Lavas J and Corals, GarneU, Cam*os, and a vari-^HB etv of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any descrlp Uon, the very latest styles Also, a new lot o! ine London and Geneva WATCHES, warrants timekeepers. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers, Cantors, r-r^ams. Goblets, Cups, Forks and spoons, (sterlingJ Flsn, Cake and Pie Knives, Batter and I- rult Kulvew, Soup and Oyster Ladlee Preserve. Sugar and Cream rfpjjt-.d, Salt Cellars,' Napkin Kings, etc., etc. SILVER PLATED W ARE, ON ALB VfA Caftore, Baskets. Butierboeis, Urut, Fork* aad 8pesos FANCY ARTICLES. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments li variety, Card Cases Portmo-.alea, Cigar C^se* And als.. a large assortment of SPECTACLES in Gold, Sliver and Steel Frames, to suit ever? eve aad age; Eye Jias?*a: Con?>**? Specs j..d Opera Glasses. liy We take pleasure In showing our goods to all. whether purchasers or not. All our goods are warranted as represented and will be sold at the lowest possible price. SJeweiry and Silverware made to order; nds remounted; bold Pens repoiuled, and Engraving on Stone execut<3d at short notice Chronometers and all kind < of due W atches *;*! Musical Boxe?^ put In perfect o.der at short notice 11 SEMKEN, Jeweler, Pa avenue, between <#th and 10th sts. dec 1?tf INlfEO STATES 1 Ol'RT OF CLAIMS. CARD?THE UNDERSIGNED, JOHN C DEVEREUX, of New York city and M THOMPSO h . of Washington, D C . Attornevi and Counsellors-at law. are as*oclated for tfit legal prosecution of claims for creditors of Gov ernment, In the Court of Claims. They will eo operate la Immediate and careful attention to business matters at Washington whtcti m*y be entrusted to their care by gentlemen o| the profession and claimants in the city of New Yark, or elsewhere in anv part of the Union They may be consulted at any time, personally or by letter, either at New York or W ashington Particular information as to claims which havi been at any time before Congress er Department! can be furnished at once upon application by tht parties interested JOHN C. DLVEREUX, No 90 Broadway corner of Wall street. New York city. ' M. THOMPSON, W ashington city. ^ ? ?J C. Devereux Is a Commissioner of the Court of Claims. *o_tf 'T^HE NEW BLl'C iltlOK, or Government X Register 1^, just Issued, giving the name*, ularion, locations, Ac., of all pontmut^fsaid oth er public oa >rs and agents, civil, military, and navai. In the service of the United States; with the names, forces, and condition of all ships and vessels be.oiwing to the United States, and whem aad where built; and the names and compensa tion of ail printers In any way employed by Con gress, or any department or ollicer of the ttoveru ment. 1 octavo volume, price 33 50. Can be seat by mail to any part of the Uelted States. For sale In Washington by TAYLOR A MAURY. r<rt> ? Booksellers, near Vth si. J UNAS P. LEVI, iKroaraa i.-u dial** ir WIJE3, LIQJ0R8, CIGARS, AMD FI2TI GROCERIES, GeneralConiinitiion 4 Forwarding Merchant / .V.V V HA SC E ASU BILL BROKER No. 174 Pa av.. two doors below U. S. Hotel W'ashikoton Citt. D. C. N B?Country Merr uantsare reqneste.1 to give mt a call before purchasing elsewnere. oc a-iy CHAl'NCEY WAKH1NEK, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. And dealer in fine watches jew els y and SI LV ER W ARE, would respect fully solicit the attention of those wh? desire a good article, to his choice variety of London, Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES,selected with the view of time-keeping and durable qualities, for which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase. l ??ALS' KOB and VEST CHAINS, \ . SILVER SPOONS, GOB Lfc 1 Sj CU PS, FORKS, *c , fur sale at York prices. The ChronuHteUr, Duplex, lever. Cylinder, Im**"*' a"a ofU,r WAfcMRS re Also JEW ELK Y. Ac. No 37S? Pa. aveuue. betweeu ?th and 7th streets Brown'a Hotel Building, sign of the . _ . GOLDEN WATCH, jan as 3m Washington, lj C. eureka: THE SECRET DISCOVERED. Gibbs's Vegetable Balsam fuk restoration OK THE II\IK. |T RKSIOVES StJURF AND DANDRUFF ? and cures all Diseases of the Scalp 1 ur discovery of this invaluable remedy was brought sbout by the ample opportunities Us in. ventor has had In the course of twenty years' exr perlsu?-e of testing the vexatious and disappolnC lug effects of almost every other article of the kind upon the human head, and having succeed^ 'a pr?durtuj/ a waih which hundreds of (he cltlr ?en* of Waahlii^ton ars ready to teetlfy as uulailr law In its results, it U recommended to tue public with a f jll conviction of its permanent and beais tlfyln^ ejects, Ikhu as a strengthener and a restor ative, while It Is warranted In all cases to stop the hair from falling out For sale wholesale an# retail at J II til BOB' Hair Dressing Estabilsh ment Wliiards Hotel, and at fals Hair Manufh.v JLl vT "f1 avenue, brtwooji ttud 10th sts. feh 11 ?eolm* ... *? P SOOVIH, rsn Hall Hes?,bliss aad Traak Kitaklik I 4!?*Siinul'SM|A?"^CK'VKU KI,K l-A -NOW' OVKK " Gosslm?r and Han.Uls Ala., BucKSirli iu?d Shoes double sole H?d wateT-woof' HJL Bo^s ail of which I will Mll low foCb AH In want please call and examine for vour *?vee 8 P HOOVe/ Iron Hall, bet. 9th aad loth sts , Pa a* Jaat> ' ? IjKHKl >1AK Y A N4# TOILET OOOUN i itsap at JOHN F HLLId ? feu le^tr T0PHAK1 Je lOEFLET'l NEW AND CHEAP ? ADDLE, HABNB8S AHD TxtUlTK STfltt, 4V6 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS. TOPHAN, m A Vf M. U M I late of Philadelphia, tad NORFLET of this clty,4 respectfully announce to their friends and the pnbllc, that they have com* menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior aasortment of? M?mib', Indies' and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES. MARTINGALES and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, Wh for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladies'SATCHELS. TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSK BLANKETS. COVERS, COLLARS, and HAMES Horse, Spdfce. and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac, Ac. Ail material used will be the beet that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability By unremitting efforts to give satis faction w'e hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Particular attention paid to ooverlng Truaks and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers1 tools constantly on hand, nov 7? it BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parti of United Statoe and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United State* and Enropo; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Investment paying 10 V and aver, far sale. LAND WAEEANTB. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WAR RANTS of all denominations. Land Warrants located In lowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 83-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. OUTTA PERCHA TEETH. Dr. o munson, at 310 pa. avenue, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Per'ha Base. Also, with Allen's pat eat continuous Gum, combining beau ty, strength and cleanliness bvurii^bu niiU v? tcvtiiiuicoo. r. M. is determined to keep pace with every ~entlBtry,and w [HIS. RRPKRKNCE: Eli strive to please and profit his patrons. P. D. Gnrley, D D. Hon K H Billet, J. G. Binney, D D. Hon S A Douglas, B Sunderland, D.D. Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Esq Dr. R H Coolldge, Hon. C Mason, Dr. Thomas Miller, Hon A O P Nicholson, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov '23?tf OUTTA PERI HA TEETH. rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN JL the habit of sending our patron? t> Dr. COSBY, formerly of Richmond.' Va., for Dental operations for a num ber of yeurs, and take pleasure In recommending him to the citizens of ^Washington as the best [?per have ever met with He inserts Teeth upon every plan that Is practised in the United States, wo P. Ha'.dmu, V D. h W. Tbwles, H. V. A. ?. Psyiio. M. 0, OU9 John P. Miller M. D. Jernes Bryent, M U Q. P. Cheiuberflu, M. D , DD9. C. H Herri*, M D. 8a;nuel P. Brown, M D. VTytbe Ttaetey. M 1) II. M. Francisco, 11. D. Office over Ford A Bro.'s, No. 2V0.(x>rner of lltU *lreet and Pa avenue. nov 4??Cm* GLEN WOOD CEMETERY* Office No. WJ Pa. nvs., earner 10th street, (ovie thi savms's saitl.) 'I'HIS CEMETERY Is laid oat on the plan of A thecelebrated Oreenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol harterfrom Oon fjrever to burial rress, appropriating tneir ground Urever to buxlai purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation at atherwise, which Is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose'where they have placed the.n, for It has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell It, and tErcw the deed proinisoously into oa<; iar>;e pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles aie gives to the ground. N if ?Office open from 10 tc 13 o'clock a. as., wher? Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Lawn, and a map of the ground, and all other la formation, can be obtained All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey. No. 110 Seven tn street, or any other u rider taker, will b? protfipil/ attended to. ie 18? MUTUAL. LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MICHAEL NOURSE, Au?*t, No .401 Thtr tftnth finer vest. PREMIUM FROM 1 TO 5 PER CENT. ON amount Insured, according to age, Ac.; pay able one half cash, one half In note?annual div idend to the insured, after the 3d year, 50 per ct. feb'il?Th6m COLUMBIA MARKET, Pennsylvania artnue, corn it of 13<A St. 1HARLES MALLARD HAS OPENED THE above place for the keeping and sale of Pork, Beef. Mutton. Poultry, Butter, Larl, together with Game, Fruits and Vegetables In all Its sea sons C M having had sixteen years experience In a neighboring city, Hatters himself that he will be able to keep a choice selection of PROVISIONS generally, and hopes, by moderate charge* and strict personal attention to the wants of his cus tomers to merit a share of the public patronage, jan 33?Saw'2m C DAOL KKRKOT YPING BY A LADY. M' RS. A C. REDMOND HAVING ADDED to her new rooms a beautiful Skylight, and engaged an Assistant Operator, (one or the best in the District,) she Intends not to have her Pictures excelled, if equalled, in the United States. PIC TURES pu up In Embossed Can** for Fifty Cents, such as are usually sold elaewhere for one dollar. Partlciiar attention pakl to Copying Deguerre otvpes, Oil Paintings. Ac , Ac. Mm R solicits the patronage of the Ladies par ticularly. ? fry Rooms?101 Seventh street, west side, be tween H and I. Jan 31 -tf HATS!?MATS ! [EW YORK WINTER STYLES OF Beebe, Learv, Genln, with other fash ionable Gentlemen's Dress HATS, a full and complete assortment at LANE'S Hat, Cap And Gent's Fura. Store, 1*1 Pa. avenue, dec 3?tf N1 u ANTHONY HUCHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shsp and Residence No. 303 Penn. nvenas, sooth side, between 9tit and 10th sts., Having provided himself with au ELEGANT HHtHtft ? and all necessary conveuleucea for^^^^Kiw properly conducting hi> buslneMS, would respectfullyinform the publlo that he is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the short*-* notice, and in the lxs?t manner A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sizes, always on hand, which will be fur nished on tne most reason-bie terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared to glw satire satisfaction on all occasions. N B ? Kutld u? on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours feb 7-Jy P' )IA*OB FOR SALE OK H ENT. New and second hand Planoe from the best^C2^fca manLi/actortes, at moderate and convt-fffFFn nleiit terms for sale; second hand Pianos taken In exchange, ar.d tuning pianos attecded to at No 4?8 Eleventh street, above Pa aveuue F C reichrnbach. aeo s?flmeoHTuATh* 11HE BOSTON YEAR BOOK Op Tracts for 195?, au Annual ot Scientific Discovery just received by FRANCK TAYLOR fsb*W CORPORATION STOCK.???,000 Corpo ' ration of Washington Stock fbr sale at feb 36?tf CHUBB BROTHERS. The largestmubic.kktablishment tn Washington, Is at No KM Pennsylvania a vacua JOHN F ELLIN feb W official. Ttitivu DmtTMinT, Dee. 1,1M. Notice la hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that thlr Department will pur chase to the amount of i 1,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior tc the 1st day of J one next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1840, a premlnra of tea per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1947 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the act of I860, commonly called Teaas-ln <1 enmity stock, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 1?46, redeemable on the 18th November, l!i46, if received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium off* percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the 21st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and If received after the 3ist of March and prior to said 1st of Jane next, a premium of 1# percent. I nterest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rate* specified In the certificates, froin the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificate? received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, If sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theaselstant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. A SUPERB PIANO, OF BACON A KA ven's celebrated manufactory, re-rs^r^Epa celved on Saturday, and will be soldfT g rYl low. Also, on hand, Piano*, 6, 6){, and 7, octaves from the renowned establishments of Hallet, Da vis, A Co , BoMton; Light A Newton, New York; and Knabe A Gaehle, Baltimore: to all of which we Invite the attention of purchasers, assuring them that they will find It to their advantage to call before purchasing Old Instruments of any kind taken in exchange for Piano* Remember No. 306 Fa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, thegrsat Piano, Music and Fan cy Goods Store of JNO. F.ELLIS, mir 3 AGEMUY OP THK Keystone Insurance Co, of Philadelphia. Cap i t al ? ? ? ??.??..?.?? ???? $300.000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856. Assets of the Company, consisting of Bouds and Mortgages on unencumbered real es tate 8110 6<>4 U0 Stocus of other Corporations, worth par 25,620 (Ml Cash on hand..... 3l,i66 'JO Bills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans S36 70 Stock note^ S14,&6 00 51,330 70 8219,420 00 Whole receipts for premiums during the year J1US.812 06 Paid for losnes and expenses during the year 71,133 04 P M. MORI ARTY, President. J MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Kinks changed from other companies to this No charge for policy fee. Knauirt at the ottce of J . E. Kendall, over K. Morrow s Exchange Office, first door West of W. B. Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. f"b 7 ->3m DAVID MYERLE, Agent. F,ENGLISH platko wake. * TEA SETS. COFFEE URNS, DECANTER AND FRUIT STANDS, CASTORS, WAITERS. CAKE BASKETS, DISH COVERS, ft ,fc , Being decidedly the largest stock of Plated Wsre in the city, which we hive determined to sell at nett ro?t. Those In want of a good article will do well to give us a call. Also,a few pieces of sterling SILVERWARE, which we will sell at a small advance. T OA LUG AN A CO , Dealers In Fancy Good.i, Perfumery, Jewelry, Fine Fans, Ac , 379 Pennsylvania avenue, under Browns'Hotel. feb 27?ettk CLOCKS. II*OK A GOOD HONEST CLOCK ALWAYS go to FRANCIS, on 7th street Ills Clocks cannot be excelled, and his prices will not fright en you He tries every one thoroughly, himself, and thotw who buy of him are sure to get a good one or have their money refunded. jan 26 J FRUIT TREES, Ac. OHN SAUL HAS THE PLEASURE OF oil-ring a rplendid collection of FRUITj^L TREES, of superior growth and quality,vW consl?t!ntj of PEACH, APPLES, PEARS ? CHERRI ES, Ac., large and vi orous. and varie ties suited to this latitude Also, many thou sands of the large LancashireGOOSEBERRlES; CURRANTS, red, white and blank, the new long bunched varieties; STRAWBERRY PLANTS, RHUBARB ROOTS, SHADE TREES, EVER. GREENS, Ac., with everything pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business, of first quality and very moderate prices. JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehouse 390. 7th street, cor. H, Washington, D C feb 25?eo6t? SOIREES PROF H W. MUNDER MOST REBPECT fully announces to the public that his Soirees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. These entertainments are considered by all who have attended them to be the most sociable that has ever 1 eer. given in this city. jan 22?TAWw rpHl? IS TO OIVE NOTICE, That the A subscriber hath obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county. In the District of Columbia. Lefters of Administration on the Per sonal Estate of Ann E. Maksilas, late of Balti more city, State of Maryland, deceased. All per sons having claims against the de<-ea*ed nre hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 19th day of February next, they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate; and all persons indebted to said estate are hereby requested to make Immediate payment. Given under my hand this 19th day of February, 1856. ANTHONY BUCHLY, feb 26?Iaw3w Administrator. NEW SPRING CLOTHS, ('ASSIMERES, AND VEST1NGS. W' rE ARE NOW RECEIVING OUR FIRST supplies of new Spring Goods for gentle men's wear, of late and fashionable styles, select ed with great caie, from the Philadelphia and New York markets, whh h we will inai.e to order in th? most superior manner, at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 3W Pa. avenue, 3d door east National HoKsl, and 3?i Pa avenue, betwnen 9th and 10th sts. feo 29 (IntAGlobe) TAKE NOTICE. All who wish to keep warm and take oure of their health will do well to call at LAN E'S, who has a full stock or warm Under shirts and Drawers, Socks, Gloves, Mutters, and Robea and Shawls, aud will sell them cheap for cash at LANE'S

UeutN Furnishing Store, Pa. avenue. Jan 9? (WRETCH BOOK OF ME1STER KARL, f by C. G Leland, fl.25. The Way of Salvation, by Albert Barnes, SI Ihe Ocean, illustrated, by P. H. Gosse, tl. rales from the German, by W H Turness, 75c. mar >?-tr FRANCE TAYLOR Annual of sciknti nc discovery or Year Book cf Tracts In Science and Art, for 1B36 edited by David A Walls A. M $1 26, Just published and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S feb 29 Bookstore, ntar 9th at IMPORTANT TO GUITARISTS?A very * large oolleotlon of new and old standard Guitar Songs and Pleoes, just received at our Music and Piano Store, 306 rear, a avenue. Mht6 JOHN F ELLIS w MEW eOUDSUNEW eooni! E ARE NOW RECEIVING A LARGE assortment of Bleached and Brown Shirt ing and Sheeting Cottons: Shirting and Fancy Pnnt* ; Bine Osnaburg Prints ; Mrlped Osna burg*; Penn Plaid Cotton*, shirting, rbecks and stripes; Apron Checks; Tickings; beery twilled Cottons; twilled Cotton Osnaburg: Osnaburg Cottons. Raven Duck, Kentucky Jains, Blue Drill-'. Blue Denims. | Barklle, Yeung, and Robinson's superior makes ol Irish Linen*, I.!nen She tings, Pillow ca** Linen, Linen Damask, Linen Table Covers, Napkins, Doglee, Crash, Ac. i ALSO" J. A P. ?oats, Dick A Son. and Hrooke's Spool* Cotton, Linen and Cotton Flo**, Tidy and Knitting Cotton, Freuch Working Cotton A.LCO? A very large assortment of Cotton Hosiery and Gloves, all of which will be so d at Whole tale and Retail, and very low prices. W EGANk SON, mar 3 6t 343 sr-uth aide Pa av., nesr 7ih st. COPARTNERSHIP. I HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED WITH me C. Strlbllng. under the name of HOWELL A STKIBL1NG, for the transaction of the whole sale Grocery, Flour and General Commission Business. All parties Indebted are requested to call prompt ly and settle their accounts, by cash or notes, to enable m? to close the business of the eld con cern S H HOWELL. marl-^dlOt Georgetown, P. C. | r. NENNING, ARCHITECT AND SUP E RINTE N D E NT, WILL FURNISH PLANS AND SPEC1FI CATIONS for buildings of every descrip tion, and superintend their erection if required. Designs for public and private Buildings, Counting Houses Churches, Monuments. Also, Wo king Drawing* for builders will be carefully executed at reasonable terms. Offl"?, 216 F stree , north aide, between 14th and 15th, Washington P. C. mar 1-lm CASH !? CASH !!?CASH III Ann AAA ?AGENTLKMAN WILL BE in Washington Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 5th, 6th and Tth March, and will purchase BOOKS. PICTURES, FUR NITURE. CLOTHING. Ac , and will give a high price for the same Those having such to dispose of will please address "PP P. Box 24,'' Star Office. ana it will be attended to All per sons having old Hooks loitering about their house* may now sell them to advantage. mar l-5t* More hkw jewelry, watches, Silverware, Ac. Diamond, Pearl, Camtto, Florentine Mosaic, La va, and Plain S**ts, complete Diamond Brooe.hee. Ear and Finger Rings Diamond Crosses, Studs, Pins. Ac. Ladles' and Gentleman's extra fine Watches Gentlemen's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains ladles' new style Chatalains and Fancy Guards Pureailver Tea Sets, richly embossed Walter*. Goblets, Cups 8poous, Forks, Ladles And every variety of Fancy SILVERWARE, suitable for presents. The above are all of t^e Litest stylos, Just re ceived, and offered unusuilly low M. W GALT A BRO , pruir i 3ii Pa av. bet 9th and 10th tt*. GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. The undersigned begs to an nounce to his patrons and the public that lie has just completed hi* supply of the above, direct from England and the Continent, among which he would specially call attention to the fine stork of Extra Early. Prince Albert, and other PEAS; Short-top Radish, Early York, I.arge York, Hea^t Shaped, Flat Dutch, Drumhead and other choice CABBAGES, CAUi.IFLOWER9, BROCOLI, LETTUCES, ONIONS. BEATS. BEANS, CARROTS, PARSNIPS, CELERY. SAVOYS, LEEK, CUCUMBERS, EGG PLANTS, TO MATOES, HERBS, Ac., with all other Vegeta ble Seeds In great variety. From his long expe rience and connexions In the seed trade, he can warrant them of first rate excellence, and at very moderate prices. FLOWER SEEDS of choicest kinds selected with care and specially suited to this climate, are offered either in single packets or collections, at very low rates. Catalogues can be had on application. JOHN SAUL, Se<>d Warehouse 390 Tth street, corner of II febec?t* CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or having a surplus of Household Effect* on hand, will find us prepared at all times to pur chase their entire s'oc . or such articles as they may wi*h to dispose <>f Call and see BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 369 Seventh st , bet. 1 ar.d K feb l9-?od MACKEREL! ? MACKEREL! 'JO half-barrel* No. '2 Mackerel 15 q'r do do In store and for sale low by HARTLEY A BROTHER, feb 29-lw 101 Water street, Oeorget'n. D~ EC1SION OF THE SUP.-EWE COURT of Wisconsin in the cases of Booth and Ry craft (Fugitive Slave Law) being a portion ot 3d vol. Wisconsin Report*, in pamphlet. -25 cents feb * FRAN^K TAYLOR FOR SALE?A STEAM ENGINE, OP three horse power, fitted with W, M Smith * patent valve, for sale. It has only been worked one month In the Maryland Mechanics' Institute at their la^t exhibition, when a silver med;il was awarded to the patentee. Apply to WILLIAM M SMITH, Pateut Agent, Ac., Seventh st., oppo site the General Post Office, feb '-.-Vt Notice to whom it may concern. I have an application pending before the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia, to chang* the direction of Delaware avenue, near the northern boundary of the City. Any persons hav ing objections may file them In writing, with the Clerk of said C ommlttee at any time within two By order of said Committee : f?o2!-2w* J. M. GILBERT^ anA REWARD.?I will give the above ro ward n*.d ask no questions, for the re turn of a lot of PanerB, consisting of warrant*, iudgirents, uotea of hand, and bills for col lection. They were left by me in care of Mr H W Tur ner the Clerk of the American Hotel, during re employ memt there, for safe keeping. They were seen bv him on Monday evening last, in the desk at 9 o'clock, and were missing on Tuesday morn ing They may be left at this office, or at tne of flee of J. H- Goddard. Esq., on I,oulsiana ave nue. All persons are hereby cautioned against b \ing any of the said papers If offered for *ale, and will please give Information of the same to tbw undersigned. Should they give me Informa tion so that 1 may get them again 1 wJ!1..g'*e..tkrt' ibove reward. A. E L KE.C.SIS.. P. a.?Any Information concerning the above paper* will be con*ldered strictly confidential, frbto-tf (Intel) L. J. MIDOLKTON, ~ DEALER IN ICE, OJflct and Depot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. feb 27 tf NO HUMBUU! 9REAT IMPROVEMENT IN FTMRREAL OIL LAMPS WE RESPECTFULLY CALL THE AT tentlon of our friends and the nubile gener illy to our very highly Improved ETHEREAL JIL LAMPS, the be* of the kind e*er offered to he public, one of which can be seen at any time .turning at our store No 33 C street, between 6th ine 7th HOWELL A MORBELL. ETHEREAL Ol L 88 **ats per gallon feb BUTTER, CHEESE, Ac. 1Q KEGS GLADES BUTTER, lef 40 boxes EASTERN CHEESE, 75 boxes SCALED HERRINGS, ?20(10 pounds PRIME NEW SHOULDERS, 1 l)Ot) " " " HAMS, 7 hhds. New Crop N. O. SUGAR, 10 bbl*. " '4 N O. MOLASSES, Just received and for s^lebv BARBOUR A SEMMES, No 66 La. av., opp Bank of Washington, feb 25- eo6t between 6th and 7th *ta KRKIH VENISON, WILD Tl'REEV, kc. |fm,L RECEIVE FROM THE MOUN W tain* on Tueaday^by the Mana**a* Gap R., PRE9H VENISON; \VlLD TURKEY, rfUT TER, EGOS, *cK^5fu,3 Fmmll_ Grocery, feb *3 _ corner 1 and 15th *t* Avery larue invoice or music tht* day rooeived at the Music Depot. f?b tf GEO. H1LBUS, Agent EVENING STAR. THE MONOMANIAC. [Translated from tk? Irermaa ) " What do you think of thia brilliant Coont deReinburg* He has been at court only i fortnight, and already all the women are in love with him. It ia seldom you pee so much grace and nobleness united to wit and learn ing The Emperor wishes to marry and at tach him to the Court." ?41 have only had a glimpse of him. lie ha3 many personal advantages, but' "Don't make a hasty application of your system tu him " 1 My judgments are founded only on obser ration, and as yet I have not examined him with sufficient attention to be very positive; 1 but a handsome exterior ia not always indica tive of good and eminent qualities.'' " As for him I give bim up to your olosest scrutiny. Analyze his features; feel what you call his osseous protuberances, and I tm quite sure you will think with me, that a lof tier soul was never enshrined in a more beau* tiful body." " Perhaps 80." This conversation took place at a magnifi cent ball given at Vienna, by Prin-e Metter nich There were assoiubled all the person age? of the Austrian Court most di-tinguUhed for rank and fortune ; all the embassadors of the European powers; all the high officers f the crown, covered with rich embroideries and orders; a crowd of charming women, y* ung, elegant, and graceful, sparkling with diamonds, and dressed with tho greatest splendor. Amidst c 11 these noble persona, the Princes de Corphony, through whom Metter nich hoped to gain Alexander s particular friendship and good will, was very conspicu ous ; but young Count de Rcinburg, who.-e brilliant exterior, high rank, and amiable qualities had, in so short a time, made him a universal favorite with the fashionable socie ty of Vienna, attracted even more attention and remark than the Princess The CoU'it had left bis fine Bohemian estate, and ap peared lor the first time at Francis's court, to whom he came to render homage as bis sov ereign. Metternich had already marked him as his own. The first of the speakers was a man of about forty, whose person, though effeminate, was very prepossessing. He had an expanded forehead, a well-shaped noee, large blue eyte. and an agreeable mouth, around which an enchanting amile always played at command His manner was winning, and put you at your ease in a minute. Perfectly self-possessei oq all occasions, he knew how to mingle in the dissipations and follies of the great, but al ways with the determination ol profiting by them. The second, although more than fifty years of age. had all the vigor and boldness of youth. His forehead, already bald, was high and open ; his manly features announced habits of deep thought and decision. This was the celebrated l>r. Gall, the illustrious physiologist; his interlocutor wa* Prince Met ternich, Prime Mini-ter to the Emperor of Austria. According to his custom, the Prince had retired, in the middle of the fete, into the solitude of his closet, in order to despatch s-me business Gall remaining alone, and ?truck with the warm partiality displayed not only by M :tiemi<-h, but the whole cour*.. for the young Count, was determined to watch him closely during the whole evening As tho Count de Keinburg was finishing a minuet which he danced with th?s beautiful Princess de Schwinett, and, during which, every one had crowded around to admire his easy, graceful and elegant manners, the Priuoe, who had returned to the saloon, and stood behind Dr. Gall, tapped him lightly on the shoulder: | "Well," said he, "have you scrutinized him narrowly ' Are you not now convinctd that the Count is a paragon of perfection ''' Gall drew the Prince aside, without reply, and, when they were out of the circle : ?' Your paragon, Prince," exolaimed he " is a monster !" ' liySt Mary ! Doctor," rejoined the Prince, with a smilf, " you cannot be serious, or your system must be false." " You are incredulous?but wait: time will show which of us right." # * # * * Some years after this, a horrible and un parallelled crime spread dismay throughout Germany. The criminal was sentenced to be degraded from all his titles and dignities, and afterwards to be beheaded. Tho sentence was put into execution. It wa*the brilliant Count de Keinburg ' Two months after the ball given by Prince Metternich, and in which he had figured so conspicuously, the young nobleman had mar ried the heiress of one of the riohest and most illustrious families of Hu gary. Young and charming, she had but just made her appearance at Court, when the Emperor dis posed of her hand ; with her free consent, it is true, for she had not been able to behold the Count, without feeling for him the prefer ence which all other women gave him. Im mediately after his marriage, the Count re tired to a distant estate, wishing, as he said. In enjoy, without constraint, his newly foULd happiness The first three years were happy ones ; the birth of two children still increased their felicity. The Count lived in the closest seclusion, visiting neither relations nor friends, nor per mitting any one to enter the castle. His wife, without having any open ground of complaint, found him cold, reserved and severe; a gloomy frown frequently settled upon his features. Although he never spuke a harsh word to, or struck one of his vassais, they always retired from, or trembled at his appearance. He had but one pleasure, which was the chase. In all seasons of the year, be gave himself up to it with equal and indefatigable ardor, rhe deer was his favorite object of pursuit He was extremely dissatisfied when the animal was killed outright, and wished only to have it crippled; his delight then was to satiate himself with the sight of its agouies. as it was torn in pieces by the hounds. When the struggle was protracted, and the death-rattle loud and prolonged, a singular smile animated his features, and he was cheerful for the re mainder of the day. If the hunt had afford ed him no gratification of this kind, be maWe his dogs fight, and allowed no interference till one was disabled If they tried to run away, he pitilessly killed them with his own hanil 1 These eccentricities, however, did not seem more strange than tho?e of many other Hun- ? garian nobles. who resided on their estates, j and kept aloof from the eourt. The Count, moreover, was very liberal, and even profuse, ( to all who approached him. , During the last two or three months, he had , attached a surgeon to his establishment, be cause he was determined that, for the future, - no stranger should come near the castle. The 1 surgeon was largely paid, and had no othtr ' duty than to atteud to the health of the in habitants of the manor, but be had been en p med by the Count to bavo as little inter courao as possible with any other persout; 1 and, particularly, to obaerve profound secre sy as to all circumstances, however unimpor tant, that might take place on the estate One afternoon the Count returned to tbe castle after an unsuccessful hunt, his looks were more than usually gloomy. Without changing his dress, or taking refreshment, aa was his daily custom, he hastened up to bis wife's apartment. Htr little children, her only pleasure and consolation woro around her. She immediately rose, and rushed to embrace him. Tbe Count ordered the chil dren to leave the room. > When he was alone with his ywung wife, ht told hor to be seated, and placed himself be fore her in saeh a manner aa to be able to se j her slightest change of countenance He then drew a long dagger from bit belt, the blade THE WELKLf a* ThtB exoeUaai Paaily u4 News Jv?...??. talalag a m?hi ?wtoty of tutorMrtmg rre4'v t mb be foun4 la uy otae??to published t? ?W ??ft. mw, *??u *?PT. M* tuua ? FI1...I. " (1 J? . ??? ??Mty oopw S C7* Ctll, [RfAllUtT III AIV4ICI ^s&rsssssftsz saw piper. Prtoe?Thi ?? Cawrs. Post Mas riEi who act aaagi?ats will be aiiowe a commission of twenty per oeat. % of which was triangular, and skilfully sharp ened. lie appeared to amuse himself by fuel ing its point o-?w en the end of hi* finger, and ttien on the palm of his hand. The Countess, struck by thu new and unexpected aeeae. out down, and awaited the terminati n *i'n inexpressible anxiety. ,i 7?? Blurt <*?? ?" a V1 "?**n y?? cried the Countesi. -Kik .u * Word<. the hollow tone w nich they were pronounced Lhit ^Madame, you must die, and mat without notte, without complaint." hor lj the arm, he stabbed her in the side She fell fainting When she came to her MM she was upon the bed and a dressing had been put upon the wound. Tue Count was alone with her in the room, bis eyes steadfastly fixed on her, his liwparted with a alight smile He appeared harry .n observing the different impressions wrowrLt by fear or paiu upon his victim's eountet - anoe. ??I have changed my mind. Madame." said he, when he saw she had entirely re^oT?red froui her insensibility, "you shall live; but your life will depend altogether upon y< ur discretion At the slightest whisper of what has passed, or may hereafter pass between us, I shall know how to insure your silence for ever." The Count continued his usual life Every day, after returning from the chase, he went up to his wife s apartment, and curiously ex amined, but without speaking. the wound he had made. One evening, when it whi nearly closed, after carrying the point of his dagger from one part to another of the Countess bv*iy, doubtless t;i increase her agonising suspend, he inflicted a new stab, skilfully directed, at' the same time commanding her. on pa'n of instant death, to utter no cry. The wound made, he appeared for some minutes to revel with delight in the sightof the spouting biod. He then coolly applied the bandage as ! efore This second wound healed, he every succes sive fortnight made a fresh ooe, and alwsys wi.h the same calm and inexpressible cruel ty. No one in the castle suspected the true | cause of the alarming and progressive state of weakness shown by the Countees. who wa* almost always confined te her bed. Meanwhilo. nothing could assuage Rein* bur's sanguinary monomania. The Countess' beautiful body was do longer aught but one horrible ulcer, furrowed as it was by her bus band s dagger. Although the wounds were not deep, (the monster, with a refinement of cruelty, takingespecial care that they should not be mortal.) yet they were to numerous that they threw the poor victim into a violent fever, and her life was in imminent danger. The Count, after much indecision, determined to call in the surgeon, after threatening his wife anew, with the whole weight of hi* vengeance, if -he betrayed bis infernal secr-t, and strictly enjoining the surgeon n-?t to en deavor to find out the cause of his patient's illne-s. He, like every body else in the oas tTc. imagined the Countess to be in aconsump. tion. from the austere, secluded, and mysteri ous lile she led Well skilled in hia profession, he soon traced her situation to a in ,re extra ordinary reason A man of benevolence ani intellect, and a great admirer of her virtues an<l resignation, ho succeeded in wringing the secret from her. Without leaving the eastie, ho informed the authorities of what had taken place. One afternoon, as he relumed from the rhase, the Count found the castle yard filled with cavalry Arrested, and taken to Buda. ho was tried, eondemned and be headed. Pi" hit an Laws?As there seem? of late | years a disposition among some of our eitiiens to import laws aud morals from some of the Puri tan States, we recommend to their consid eration the following act* passed by the Legis lature ot Massachusetts in 163V : *'The oourt has ordered that no person, either man or woman, ?hall hereafter make or buy any apparel, either woolen, silk or linen, with any lace on it, silver, gold, silk or thread under the penalty of forfeiture off aid clothes. Also all gold <<r silver girdles, as bands belts, ruff*. b?*uver hats, are prohibited. Also, im moderate $reat raylee, long wing, etc " liere&tter, no garment shall be made with short sleeves, whereby the nakedness of th ? arm may be discovered in the wearing thereof, and, hereafter no person whatsoever shall make any garment of women, or any tf their sex. with sleeves more than half an *11 wide in the widen place thereot; and s??proportion able for bigger or smaller persons. ' Italian Knvs.iwi ?A rather singular trial took place on the 30th January in the court of Assises of the Seine, Paris An Italian, by the name of Paci, was arranged for the murder of his mistress, who was. by the way, a married woman On being placed at the bar, Paci at once pleaded guilty, ani told the following story : '*1 took the woman aside in order to reproach her, she having deceived me by intriguing with an )ther maa. She denied the accusation. ?You are a base creature,' said 1 4Ani y?u,' she replied, are a coward and wretch. If you are jsalous, and a true Italian, you ought to kill me. 'I thought so too,' continued the prisoner, 'and so I took her at her word. 1 rushed unou her struck her several blow*, and she fell dead !" The jury founl a verdict of guilty, with extenuating circumstances, and signor Paci the man ??wot'' had sustained the eharacter of a true Italian, was sentenoed t j hard labor for life. The first battalion of the Swiss Legion bat embarked at Southampton for Smyrna. ty If honest men are the salt of the earth, pretty girls may be said to be the su gar. a Why is u spendthrift's purse like - thunder cloud ' Because it is continually lightning __ There ha* been a military ri.>t at Suc lerland, and several of the solJiors wore badly beaten by the eitiiens. ty Why had a man better lose sn arm Lhan a leg ' Becau^p losing his leg be loses jointlhing to boot. By advices from Oalatc, the ice on tha Danube broke up <>n the 27th of January, and vessels were expected up daily. 1ST A young lady be;ng recommended t) exercise for her health, said she w .uld jump it an offer and run her own risk. |y Typhus fever is very prevalent in Lon lon at present, ani the cases generally of a ratal character. A di-tingu?uihei literary tourist wa* >nco f>und in a paroxysm of tears over the upposed tomb of Washington, at Mouut Ver ion. but it turned out to be only the ice hou.-e. r?T A lectuie is announced in Clcvdar d on he following striking theme : " Amos Law ence and P. T. Barnurn or the Merchant 'rincts and Prince of Humbug*. ' Ship Vanguard has arrived at Lvudvn rith a cargo of lioo. from Madagascar, being he first importation cj the kind direct irom bat island. A oonfidcuoe man?the man who thinks ii can help a good looking servant girl t 'cord the bedstead1' without getting hi* head ?roke by his wife. ^ A party of workmen are engaged in >oriug for coal, in Mecbauic street, Pittslurg, ut have reached the depth of 2i)6 feet with ut finding any. Several salt springs have ?en struck. The Pittsburg Express doubts rhether it will pay to haul coal up MM feet. Cy Among the importations by the ship Northern Light, brought to Boston la*t week rem Calcutta, was one box containing three liudoo gods. They were entered at tne Cus <>m House "as objects of taste," valued at >nly, and admitted doty free.