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Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 7, 1856. NO. 960. THE EVENING STAR, rCBLIIHEO KVEKY APTEKNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) if tk? StUr . ccr*?r of T ??<??< a*d Kin.tnik tint I, By W. D. WALLACE, <9ill be served to subscriber* by carrier* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly li the Agents; paper* served In pack*?ea at 37# aadts per month. To mall si-b-crloers the aub ? irtptlon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year m*dvant$, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three Months; for leaa than three months at the rate of li# cents a week. \?T SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. UNITED STATES MAIL. Post Orrict Dip41t*iit, February 9, lo56. PROPOSALS for conveying the malls of the United States from July 1, 1856, to June3u, l?67, In the States of MAIN?E. NEW HAMP SHIRE,and NEW YORK; from July 1, 1863, to Juae 30, l?J5v, in the States or VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA. SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, and FLORIDA; and from July], 1896, to Jane 30. KV, in the States of ALA BAMA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA,TEXAS, ARKANSAS, MISSOURI, Territories of KAN SAS, N EURASK A. and MINNESOTA, Statea of IOWA. WISCONSIN . MICHIGAN, INDI ANA, ILLINOIS, KENTUCKY, and TEN NESSEE ; will be received at the Contract Office of this Department until 3, p m , of April 14 next, to be derided by the 7th May following, on the route* and in the times herein specified. (Being, for the most part, routes established by act of Congress of Mttrch 3, 1865 ) MAINE Fr.fn July 1, 15*56, to Junt 3l?, 1S67. 150 From Gardiner, by West Gardiner. Litch field, South Monmouth, and Wales, to Sabatus, -JO mile* and bark, three times a week Leave Gardiner Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Vam Arrive at Sabatus same days by 8 p m Leave Sabatm Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at Gardiner same days by 3 p m. 151 From West Lebanon to Great Falls, N. H, ? miles and back, three times a week Leave West Lebanon Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Great Kalis same days by 10# a m Leave Great Kalis Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4 p m Arrive at West Lebanon same days by 0# p m 152 From Alfred, by Waterboro' Centre and Hollla Centre, to Bar Mills, 17 miles and back, six times a week Leave Alfred daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m Arrive at Bar Mills same day by 10 a m Leave Bar Mills daily, except Sunday, at 4 p m Arrive at Alfred same day by 8 p in. H8 From Bangor, by Ames's Mills, to North Carmel, 12 miles and back, once a week Leave Bangor Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at North Carmel same dav by It m Leave North Carmel Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Bangor same day by 5 p m. 154 From Brewer v illage, by East Orrlngton, House of Ephraim Goodale, Jr., the He wev Settlement and Bucks's Mills, to Bucksport, 15 miles and beck, once a week Leave Brewer Village Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Bueksport same day by II a m Leave Burksport Wednesday at 19 m Arrive at Brewer Village same day bv 4 pm 136 From West Trenton, t>y Eden, Salisbury Cove, and Hull s Cove, to East Eden, ll miles and back, three times a week to Eden, and twice a week residue Leave West Trenton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Eden seme days by 2 p m Leave Eden Wednesday and Friday at 2 p m Arrive at East Eden same days bylpm Leave East Eden Wedneaday aud Friday at 5 p m Arrive at Eden same days by 6 p m Leave Eden Monday, Wednesday aad Fri day at 6 p in Arrive at West Trentoasame days by s p m. 156 From East Newport, by Stetson, to Exeter, 13 miles and back, twice a week I/eave East Newport Wednesday and Sat uqlay at 8 a m Arrive at Exeter same days by 12 m Leave Exeter Wednesday ana Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at East Newport seme days by 4 p m. 157 From East Machias, by Plantation No. 4, to Cooper, 20 milee and ba~k, once a week Leave East Machias Saturday at 7am Arrive at Cooper same day by 12 m Leave Cooper Saturday at 1 pm Arrive at East Machias same day by 6 pa* NEW HAMPSHIRE Frum July 1, 1856. to Jur\? JO. 1867. ?&i From West Rumney, by a corner of Groton, Cheeper's Comer, in D<*chester, and the River Koad, to East Canaan. 10 miles aad back, twice a week Leave West Rumney Tuesday and Satur day at 8 a m Arrive at East Canaan same days by 1 p m Leave Last Canaan Tuesday and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at West Rumney samedays by 7 pm. Mai From Winchester, by Richmond, to Fltz wUliam, 13 miles and back, three tlmee a week Leave Wineheeter Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at b a m Arrive at FltzwUliam same days by 11 am Leave FltzwUliam Monday, Wednesday, and F riday at 12 m Arrive at Winchester same days by 3 p m. NEW YORK. From July 1, 1966, to June 30, 1857. 1476 From Churubusco, to Frostier, 4if miles and l>ack, once a week Leave Churubusco Saturday at 19 m Arrive at F rontler same day by 1 p m Leave Frontier Saturday at 1X p m Arrive a>. Churubusco same day oy 1^ p m 1477 From Cortlandt Village, to Gioton, 10 mllee and back, three time* a week Leave Co:tiaiidt Village Monday, Wednee day. and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Groton same da>s by 4 p m Leave Groton Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Cortlandt Village same days by s a in Proposals for six times a week service are Invited. 1479 From Newark Valley, to Ketehumville, miles and back, once a week Leave Newark Vall-y Tuesday at 9 a m Arrive at Ketrh'-.mvlile same day by 11 a m I<e*ve Ketehumville Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Newark Valley same day by 3 p m. Proposals for twice a week service axe in vited. 1479 From Lewiston,by Dlckersonvllle. to Cam bria, 14 u<lles and back, once a we*k Leave Lew'ston Saturday at 1 p in Arrive at Cambria same day by 5 p 9a Leave Camt ia Saturdiy at 7 a 9 Arrive at Lewiston same day by 10 a m. 1?90 From Pittsburgh, by Rlker's Hollow, to North Cohoctoa, 10 miles and back, once a week Leave Pittsburgh Friday at 8 a m Arrive at North Cohocton same day by 11 ? m Leave North Cohocton Friday at 1 d m Arrive at Pittsburgh same day by 4 p m. Proposals for twice a week service are in vited list From Randolph, by Conewaago, Leon, and New Albion, to Oattaraugus, 18 mltesand bark, onse a week Leave Randolph Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Cattaraugus same day by 11 a m Leave Cattaraugus Tuesday at 1 pm Arrive at Randolph same day by 6 p m. Proposals to stop at Cattaraugus or Leoa will be coasidcred; also, for tri weekly service. 1W2 From Redford, by Harr s's Mills, Union Falls, and Hlo^mlngdale, to Siranac Lake. 33 miles and back, once a week l/**ave Redford Tuesday at 7 a ui Arrive at Saranac Lake same day by 6 p m Leave Saranac Lake Wednesday at 7 a in Arrive at Redford same day bv 9 p m. Us3 From Woodhull, by East Troupeburgh, to Troupsburgh. 10 uilles and biu:k,oncea week Leave Woodhull Tuesday at 5 p m Arrive at Troupsburgh same day by 7^ p m Leave Trounsburgh Tuesday at 2 p m Arrive at Woodhull same dav by 4^ pm Proposals for two trips a week are invited. Hci From Dr/den, by Harford, to Klllawog, 17 miles and bark, onre a week Leave Dryden Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Klllawog same day by 12 m Leave Kiliawog VW?diy at 1 0 m Arrive at Drydeu same day by 0 p m. 14bi From Drydeu to Marathon, 16 miles and back, onre a week Leave Dryden Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at Marathon same day by Ham Leave Marathon Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Dryden same day by 5 p m Proposals to Include Harford and Uossrarfl Invited !????? VIRGINIA. From July I, H56, to Jurn* 30, 1859 6232 From Cameron, by Beeler's Station, to Wheeling,30 miles and back, ones a week Leave Cameron Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Wheeling same day by 0 p m Leave Wheeling Thursday at 8 a in Arrive at Cameron same day by tf p m *33 From Prllllman's. (Franklin county,) by Granville, to Rough and Heady Mills, (Henry county,) 17 miles and beck, onee a week Leave Prllllman's Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Rough and Ready Mills same day by 12 m 1 Leave Rough and Ready Mills Monday at Arrive at Prllllman's same dav by 6 p m. >291 From ClaysvlUe, (Taylor county,) by Fair view. to Grassland, 10 mile* and beak, once a week Leave Claysville Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at Grassland same day by 1 p m Leave G rassland Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Claysville same day bv9a m. 5235 From 1'arkersburg, by Buena Vista, Wells, and Sandy, to Jackson C. H , 40 mile* and back, once a week Leave Parkersburg Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Jackson C H same day by 8 p m Leave Jackson C H. Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Parkeraburg came day by 8 p m. Proposals for serai-weekly service are in vited 5238 From Dublin Depot, (Pulaski county ) by Dublin, Draper's Valley, and Cedar Mount, to Max Meadows Depot, 26 miles and hack, once a week Leave Dublin Depot Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Max Meadows Depot same day by 3pm Leave Max Meadows Depot Wednesday at Arrive at Dublin Depot same day by 3 p m. Proposals to commence at Draper's Valley, and for semi-weekly service, are invited. 6237 From New California by Three Forks of Reedy, and Sandyville, to Ravenswood, 31 miles and back, once a week Leave New California Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Ravenswood same day by 0 p m Leave Ravenswood Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at New California ?me day by 6 pm. 4836 From Leadsvllle, by Job Triplet's, and Thomas S. Whites, to Mouth of Seneca, 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Leadsvllle Thursday at 9 a m Arrive at Mouth of Seneca same day by 0 p m Leave Mouth of Seneca Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Leadsville same day by 6 p m. Proposals to commenoe at Beverly,omitting Leadsvllle, are invited. 3230 From Weston, by Keys?llle and Marple's Store, to Burnersville, 25 miles and back, once a week Leave Weston Tuesday at 5 a m Arrive at Burnersville sime day by 12 m Leave Burnersville Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Weston same day by 8 p m. 9240 From Arnoldsburg, (Gilmer county ) by Knottsvllle, to Davison Atkins, on Sandy Creek, once a week Bidders tos'ate distance and proposesched ule 9841 From Winchester, by Gainesborough and Bloomer/, to Paw Paw, 36 miles and back, once a wees Leave Winchester Tuesday at 4 a m Arrive at Paw Paw same day by 2 p m Lea^e Paw Paw Monday at ll# a m Arrive at Winchester same day by 10 p m Proposals for twice a week, also for three llines a week service, are invited. 5242 From Toll Gate No. io, on the Northwest ern T'irnpike. (Doddridge county,) by Middlebo-irne and Shirley, to Slsterdville, 36 miles and bar k, once a week Leave Toll Gat* No. 10 Tuesday atO a m Arrive at Slstersvllle same day by 0 p in Leave Slstersvllle Monday at 6 a in Arrive at Toll Gate No. 10 same day by 0 p m. Proposal* for twice a week service are h? vited SMU Prom Holllday'e Cove, by Freeman's Land ing and N*w Cumberland, to Falrview, 12 miles and back, once a week Leave Holllday's Cove Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Falrview same day by 12 in Leave Falrview Friday at 1 p iu Arrive at Holllday's Cove same day by 5 p in. Proposals for twice a week service are in vited. A4A From Rrcoon to White Day Glades, (Tay lor count?,) 0 miles and bask,once a weak Leave Racoon Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at White Day Glades same day by 3 p m Leave White Day Glades Wednesday at 4 p m Arrive at Racoon same day by 6 p m. 5%45 From Janelew, ^by White's Store, Fink's Creek, John Husk's Settlement, on Fink's Creek, to Troy, on the Parkersburg and Staunton Turnpike, 23 miles and baok, once a week Leave Janelew Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Troy same day by 6 p m Leave Troy Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at J anelew same d ?y by Bp m. W48 From Lee C. H to Fayetteville, Tenn.,once a week Bidders will stale distance and propose a schedule. 9147 Prom Wayne C. H. by Warfleld, Ky., and Pigeon Creek, to Logan C H , Va ,70 miles and back, once a week ]j?ave Wayne C H. Monday at 0 a m Arrive at Logan C. H. next day by 8 p m Leave Logan C. H Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Wayne C. H next day by 0 p m. 9248 From Upp?r Falls, of Coal River, oy Forks of Coal, Mannlnsvllle, and Briar Creek, to P ytona, (Boonecounty,) -26 mtles ana back, once a week Leave Upper Falls of Coai Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Peytona saute day byttpm Leave Peytona Thursday at ft a m Arrive at upper Falls of Coal same day by 6 pm. M49 From Point Pleasant, crossing the Kanawha tllver, via Mercer's Bottom, Hereford, and Upland, to Mud BrlJge, (Cabell county,) 34 miles and back, enoe a week Leave Point Pleasant Thursday at 7 a in Arrive at Mud Bridge same day by 7pm Leave Mud Bridge Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Point Pleasant same dav by 7 p m. 8250 From Point of Rocks, Md., to Waterford, Va , 12 miles and bark, once a week l^eave Point of Itorks Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Waterford same day by 5 p m Leave Waterford Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Point of Rocks same day by 12 m. 8261 From Lewlsburg, via Blue Sulphur Springs, to Raleigh, 60 miles and bar k, once a wsek Leave Lewlsburg Wednesday at 6 a in Arrive at Raleigh next day by 12 m Leave Raleigh Thursday at 3 p m Arrive at Lewlsburgh next day by 6 p m. Proposals for twice a week service are In vited. NORTH CAROLINA. From Jul* I, 1866, to J ??? 30,18*8. 8838 From Clinton, in Sampson county to 6eorve Robinson's, 14 miles and back, once a week l<eave Clinton Monfay at 7 a m Arrive at Reblnson's nme day by I* m Leave Robinson's Monday at 1 p m Arrive at Clinton saire day by 6 p m. 5et38 From fcagle Rock to fclarpsboro',8 miles and back, once a wek Leave Fagle Rock Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Earpsboro' same day by 11 a m Leave Karpsboro' Monday at 12 m Arrive at Eagle Rork same day by 3 p m fcrtO From ttoldsWo' to Jerieho, 15 miles and back, one* a week Leave Goldsboro' Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Jericho same day by 12 m Leave Jerlrho Monday at 1 p m AiTlve at Ooldsboro'same day by 6 p m. 5841 From Hendersonvllle, by James Davison, Big \\ llton, Thomas Asteen's, on Crab Creak. .Minjah Thomas's, on Little River Head, to Pumpklntown,?! C., jo mile* and back, once a week Leave HendersonvlllelTuesday at0 a ra Arrive at Pumpklntown same day by 8 n m Leave Pumpklntown Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Hendersonvllle same day by Hp m 8842 From Hookerstown. by Snow Hill, to Kins-' ton, HI miles and back, once a week Leave Hookerstcwn Saturday at 1 p in Arrive at Kington same day by 8 p m Leave Kin-ton Saturday at 5 a m Arrive at Hookerstown same day by 12 m 5343 From Monroe, by Morgan's Mills, to Salis bury Bidders will state distance, and propose a schedule of departures and arrivals. 50M From Newion, by the Sulphur Springs, to Lenoir, 38 miles and back, once a week Leave Newton Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at Lenoir same day by 7 p m Leave Lenlor Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Newton same day Iy7pm 9846 From Shelby, by Mall's Store, to Morgan town, 45 miles and back, once a weak Leave Shelby Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Morgantown next day by It m Leave Morgantown TuesJay at 2 p m Arrive at Snelby next dav by 6 p ra. 9848 From Sill's Creek, by Harrell's Store, to Lltburn, 30 mil s and back, mire a week Leave Sill's Oreek Wednesday atSani Arrive at Lisburn same day by 6 p m Leive Llsburn Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Sill's Creek same day by 6 p m. SOUTH CAROLINA. From J uiy 1, 185?, to June 30, 1839. 0153 From Columbia to Sandy Run, 22 mllea and back, once a week Leave Columbia Saturday at 5 a m % Arrive at Sandv Run same day by W m Leave Sandy Run Saturday at 1 p in Arrive at Columbia same day by 8 p m. ?154 Prom Pendleton to Double Branches, & miles and back, once a week reave Pendleton Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Double ifcanches name day by 11 a m Leave Double Branches Saturday at 13 m Arrive at Pendleton saom day by 3 p in. Proposals to extend by PickeusvlUe toGreen ville, 81 mile*, are invited. 6186 From Pickens C. H , by Clayton's M4lla, Pickensville. Dtvlsvllle, and Kastatoe, to Pickens C H , ? miles, once a week Didder* will state distance and propose a schedule of departures and arrivals. 6l5fl From Tlmmonsvllic, by Rollinsville. Phil adelphia, Swift Creek, Cully, VVoodsbop, Andrews Mills, and Sparrow Swamp, to Timmonsvlllc, 42 miles, once a week Leave Tlmmonsvlile Monday at 5 a m Return to Tlmmonsvilla same day byt* pm. GEORGIA. From July 1, 1856, to June 30, 1859. ?603 From Athens, by Danlelsville, Madison Springs, Franklin Springs, Hartwell, and Seneca, S. C., to Anderson C.H., 07 miles and ba"k, three times a week, In two horse hacks. Leave Athens Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 0 a m Arrive at Anderson C. H. next days by 5 a m Leave Anderson C H. Monday, Wednes day, and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Athens n?xt days by 5 a m. Proposals to run by Andersonvlile are In Wo4 From Atlanta to Wane^ville and back, onoe ? week. Bidders will state the distance and propoee a schedule. 0606 Fiem Uuena Vista to Geneva, 31 miles and back, once a week. Leave Buena Vista Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Geneva same day by 0 p m Leave Geneva Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at Buena Vista same day by t> p m. 6506 From Columbus by Ollvit, Ala., and Enon, to Midway, 50 miles and back, once a week. Leave Columbus Monday at 9 a m Arrive at Midway next day by 0 p m Leave Midway Wednesday at 9 a m Arrive at Columbus next day by 6 p m. Proposals for more frequent tripj and greater speed will be considered. 0507 From Dublin, bv McLendou's Store, to Little York, 50 miles and back, once a week Leave Dublin Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Little Yoik next day by li m Leave Little York Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Dublin next day by Opm. 0506 From Griffin, by Jackson, to Indian Springs, 27 miles aad back, once a wee*. Leave Griffin Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Indian Spring* same day by 5 p m Leave Indian Springs Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Griffin same day by 5 p m 0500 From Jacksonville, by Douglass, to Mag nolla, 73 miles and back, once a week. Leave Jacksonville Monday at6 a m Arrive at Magnolia next day by ti p in Leave Magnolia Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Jacksonville next day by 6 p m. t610 From Orel, by Harris, in Irwin county, io Pennsborough, 20 miles and bark, once a week Leave Orel Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at PennsbDrotigh same day by 8 p m Leave Penusborougb Saturday at 5 a m Arrive at Orel same day by 12 m. Mil From Thomasviiie, bv Tatesvilleand Green field, to Ocklockn'ey, 33 miles and back, once a week. Leave Thomasvllle Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Ocklookney same day by 7pm Leave Ocklcckney 'I hurvday at 7 a rii Arrive at Tbomasville same dav by 7 p m. WW From Tbomasville, by Cairo, to Bainbrldge, 40 mile.' and bark, ouce a week. Leave Tbomasville \\ edne*day at Warn Arrive at Bainbrldge next day by 12 in Leave Bainbrldge Thursday at 3 p in Arrive at Thomasville next day by 0 p m FLORIDA. From July 1, le.'6, to June 30, 1M*. 0Mt> Prom Bayard, by George's Lake and Danlel vllle,toNewmansvlUe,0l miles and baek, ence a week. Leave Bayard Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Newmansville next day by t> p ui Leave Newmans?ille Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Bayard next day by 0 p m Proposals for semi-weekly-serv]?p, with Increased speed, will be considered. ALABAMA. From July 1, 1350, to June'M, 1806. 71W From Gadsden, by Hoke's Bluff and Bluff' and Ball Play, to Gotheii, 37 miles and back, once a week. l?eave Gadsden Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Goshen same day by 7 p m l^eave Goshen Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Gadsden same day by 7 p m 7198 From Jacksonville, by New Bethel, Hoke's Bluff, and Ball I'lay, to Centre, 40 miles and baek, once a week. l^eave Jacksonville Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Centre same day by 7 p m Leave Centre Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Jacksonville same day by 7 pm. Til* From Jasper, by Bartonville, to Fllyton, 44 miles and back, ouce a week. Leave Jasper Monday at V a in Arrive at Elytoe next day by 12 rn Leave Elyton Tuesday at 1 p in Arrive at Jasper next day by Cjp m. 7200 From Wesobulga, by John Powell's and Delta, to Warren, 40 iniles and back, oace a week. Leave Weeobulga Monday atOam Arrive at Warren sauae day by 7 p m Leave Warnn Tuesday at* 6am Arrive at Weeobulga same day by 7 p m MISSISSIPPI. From July I, 1866, to June .'10, 185b. 7480 From Osyka, by Brookhaven, Gallatin, Shady Grove, and Newton, to Jackson, 118 mllea and back, daily, In four horse coaches. From 1st April to 1 it November. Leave Osyka dally, on the arrival of the mall from New Orleans?say at 8J p m Arrive at Jackson next day by fli p m Leave Jackson dally at 0 a in Arrive at Osvka next day in timetoconneot with the mail for New Orleans?say at 6 am. From 1*1 November to l*r April. Leave Osyka dally, on the arrival of the mall from New Orleans?ray at 1 p rn Arrive at Jack*on ntxt day by 1 p m Leave Jackson daily at 2 p m Arrive at Osyka next day in time to connect with the mall for New Orleaas?say by 2 p m Bids to run through in it-as time, which moat be specified, will be considered. LOUISIANA

From July 1, lt*56, to June 30. 1868. 7*11 From Bellevue, La , to Magnolia, Ark , 100 miles and back, once a week Leave Bellevae Monday at ft a m Arrive at Magnolia Wediie?dny by 12 m Ltava Magnolia Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Bellevne Friday by 7 p m. 7812 From Vernouto Winfi.ld, 40 milesand beck, once a week Leave Vernon Monday at 7 a m Arrive at W infield same day by 8 p m Leave W Infield Tuesday at 7 a ra *rrlve a' Vernon tame day by 8 p m. 731* Prom New Orleans, by the Isthmus of Te huantepee, to tan Francisco, Cal., ? ui?!10* and back, once a month Hidden will state the distance and propose a schedule, 7814 From Alexandria, by Cotlle and Cloutlera vllle, to Natchitoches, ?6 mllea and back, three times a week, la four-borse coa hea i^nve Alexandria Monday. Wednesday, and Friday at tin in Arrive at Natchitoches next days bv 5 p m Leave Natchitoches Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at4 a ra Arrive at Alexandria next days by 9 p m. 7?ld|Prom Natchitoches, by i'leasaat H111, Mans field, and Black Jack, to Shreveaport, 97 mllea and back, three tiurus a week. In four-horse ooaefcee LeavA Natchitoch s Monday, Thursday, aad Saturday at 4 a ra [Continued on fourth orriGUi. Thiasury Dipartmxit, Dec. l, 1856. N otlce Is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United State* that this Department will pur chase to the amount of Sl,5uo 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be otfrred prior to the 1st day of June neit, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of lb42, a premium of ten per cent .; for stock of the loans of lfc47 and ltH8, a premium of sixteen per cent ; for stock Issued under the act of 1960, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of six per cent ; and for stock of the loan of lfW<, redtemable on the 12th November, 1-HU, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of -1% percent.; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and If receive*! after tne 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of I)i percent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rate* spec!fled In the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of J anuary to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's luterest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest, If sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theasslstant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec J?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. NEW UUOD8!-NEW OOOUS! WE ARE NOW RECEIVING A LARGE assortment of Bleached and Brown Shirt ing and Sheeting Cottons: Shirting and Fancy Print* ; Blue Osnaburg Prints ; Striped Osna burgs; Penn Plaid Cottons, shirting, check* and stripes; Apron Checks; Tickings; heavy twilled Cottons; twilled Cotton Osnaburg: Osnaburg Cottons. Raven Duck, Kentucky Jeans, Blue Drills, Blue Denims. also? Bar'nlle, Young, and Robinson's superior makes of Irish Linen*, Linen She tings, Pillow case Linen, Linen Damask, Linen Table Covers, Napkins, Dogles, Crash, Ac. ALSO? J. A P. Goats, Dick A Son. and Brooke's Spoo's Cotton, Linen and Cotton Floss. Tidy and Knitting Cotton, French Working Cotton also? A very large assortment of Cotton Hosiery and Gloves, all of which will be so.d at Whole sa'e and Retail, and verv low prices. W b'GAN A SON, mar 3 fit 323 south side Pa. av., near 7th st. COPARTNERSHIP. I HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED WITH me C. Stribllng, under the name of HO W E L L ft STRIBLIN6. for the transaction of the whole sale Grocery, Flour and General Commission Business. All parties Indebted are requested to call prompt ly and settle their accounts, by cash or notes, to enable me to close the business of the old con cern. S. H HOWELL, marl?dlOt Georgetown. D. C. P. NEBBING, ARCHITECT AND SUPERINTENDENT, ILL FURNISH PLANS AND SPECIFI CATIONS for buildings of evry descrlp ' tlon, and superintend their erection if required. Designs for public and pilvate Buildings, Coun'ing Houses Churches. Monuments. Also, Wo king Drawings for builders will be carefully executed at reasonable terms Office, 216 F stree , north side, between I4?h and 15th, Washington D. C. mar 1-1 m More new jewelry, watches, Silverware, Ac. Diamond, Pearl, Cameo, Florentine Mosaic, La va, end Plain Sets, complete Diamond Broochee, Ear and Finger Rings Diamond Crosses, Studs, Pins. Ac Ladies' and Gentlemen's extra fine Watches Gentlemen's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains Ladles' new style Chatalalns aud Fancy Guards Pure sliver Tea Sets, richly embossed Waiters, Goblets, Cups Spoons, Forks, Ladles And every variety of Fancy SILVERWARE, suitable for presents. The above are all of the latest styles, just re ceived, and offered unusually low M. W GALT A BRO , mar 1 3-21 Pa av. bet 0th and Kith stw. Mackerel.:?mackerel! '20 half barrels No. 2 Mackerel 15q'r do do In store and for sale low by HARTLEY ft BROTHER. feb 20-Iw 101 Water street, Georget'n. IjlOR SALE?A STEAM E N G I N E , OF three horse power, fitted with W M. Smith's patent valve, for sale. It has only been worked one month In the Maryland Mechanics' Institute at their last exhibition, when a silver medal was awarded to the patentee. Apply to WILLIAM M SMITH. Patent Agent, Ac , Seventh st., oppo site the General Post Office. feb NOTIC*TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I have an application pending before the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia, to change the direction of Delaware avenue, near the northern boundary of the City. Any persons hav ing objections may file them in writing, with the Clerk of said Committee at any time within two W6cks. By order of said Committee: feb2ri?2w* J. M. GILBERT. COO REWARD.?! will give the above re ward ?cd ask no questions, for the re turn of a lot of Papers, consisting of warrants, judgments, notes of nand, and bills for collection. They were left by me in care of Mr. H. W. Tur ner, the Clerk of the American Hotel, during my employment there, for safe keeping. They were seen by him on Monday evening last. In the desk at 8 o'clock, and were missing on Tuesday morn ing. They may be left at this office, or at tne of flee of J. H. Goddard. Esq , on Louisiana ave nue All persons are hereby cautioned against b ylng any of the said papers if offered for sale, and will please give Information of the same to the undersigned. Should they give me Informa tion so that 1 may get tbem again I will give the above reward. A. E L KEESE. p.S?Any Information concerning the above papers will be considered strictly confidential. feb28-tf (Intel) L. J. MIDDLETON, DEALER IN ICE, Ojflet and Depot?Southwest corner of P aud Twelfth streets. feb 27 tf NO HUMBUG! GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN ETHEREAL OIL LAMPS. WE RESPECTFULLY CALL THE AT tentlon of our friends and the public gener ally to our very highly Improved ETHEREAL OIL LAMPS, the bes of the kind ever offered to the public, one of which can be seen at any time burning at our store No. 23 C street, between 6th ane 7th. HOWELL ft MORSELL. ETHEREAL OIL & ?ents per gallon. feb 2S-2w MUTTER, CHEESE, Ac. KEGS GLADK8 BUTTER. 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The robins?Low they used to sing When you and i were young; And how did hit the wild be-? s wing The opening tiowers am.?ng ' It is not uow as it used to !.?' The voices loved of ycr<*, Ar.d the forms we were wont to see. We fee and hear no m ire Nnm re! Alas, we look in vain, ?? For thwe to wbum we clung. And ioved as w< can love but once, When you and I were young. LUTHEB AT HOME. At the appointed hour Fitchuer entered the hulls of the Augustinian monastery, in which Luther had bin resilience. In one of the pas sages he met Veit Dietrich, on tho ev-i <>f go. ing out. 44 Oh. here you are," he cried out, and ex tending to him the hand of welcome. '? i have mentioned your coming to the Doctor, and he is expecting you. He is just now ir. his family room, and jou can enter without any hesitation." Fitchner's heart was agitated. He had not yet seen the man whose name was mentioned throughout all Europe, and even in the coun tries of Asia; by some with fear and tremb ling and execrations, and by others with j->y ful hope and fervent blessings He felt as it he was about to appear before a judge who could spy into the recesaas of his heart, and it required some courage to knock at the door pointed out by the Secretary lie heard with in a voice speaking in a loud and tender tone, and he thought that his knocking was not heard, when some one cried out, "Come in." When Fitchner entered, he saw a man in a black, broad lapelled dressing gown, and a child riding on his knee, heartily laughing at the irregular leaps of the miiuic horse "Will you ride with us, sir?" said Luthc. laughing, to the stranger, without waiting for a salutation. 44 My little Hans is riding straight to K"iiic to give his father's saluta tion to the Pope. When he sees the innocent child, I should think he should laugh frt m his inmost soul. None but a father and mo ther kn'.iw the great blessing of Go 1 such a child is; vulgur people and obstinate heads are not worthy of it. Yes. Hans," he contin ued. whilst he patted the chubby cheeks of the child, *? you are our Lord's little fool; you live under grace, and n^t under the law: you have no fear; you are secure, and have no anxiety about anything ; whatever you do is right ' Do you know,''said he, turning to Fichtner, " the word of the Divine chil dren's patron. " Unlessye become liae little children, ye cannot enter into the kingdom -f Heaven." " Yes, reverend Doctor !'' replied theyou; g man, and he trembled with profound vener.. tion and nlmost holy awe before the man whu had shaken the half of Christendom, and h id alarmed Popts and Emperors, and yet, wLo was here the humble servant of bis infant child ; " Yes, I know the passage, and wouIJ like to become like a child " *'I perceive you also so understand it. coutinued Luther ; '? that -uch a simple child should be preferred to a wise man I only comprehended this pa? age rightly since "l have observed the simplicity a:>d innocence of children in my own flesh and bl .d. The taith and conduct of children are most perfect of all. for they have nothing but the w >rl ; t that they adhere, giving God the glory only, and trust simply in his promise^. We old fojls, on tho other hand, are agitated by ro.i flicting pas-ions . wc dispute long about the word which children receive with pure faith, without disputation, and simply believe. But, see, sir," interrupling himself, '?little Hans is now in Home, and wishes to dis mount " Whilst he was letting the child from his knee gently to the floor, a side door oj.ene<l. and a young wouiun, in plain domestic dre. enteroa. The child extended his arms, and trippod with awkward stop towards the mo ther. '? Here i; the ui grateful little follow. Katy'" said Luther, smiling, to his wife. "For half an hour 1 have been playing hor?<* f. r him, and now he trundles away without a word of thanks It is certainly true that when a fi ther and mother have a contest about a hihi. the father comes off second best. It i? my opinion it was for this reason that God commanded the father Abraham tosacrifi'e Lis only and well-beloved son ; Sarah, the mother, would not have done it!" " And would you have done it, dear sir f:* asked Catharine, whilst she tenderly caressed the child. ' Ah! ah! dear Katy!" eried Luther " thai is a very sharp thorn with which you fierce my heart But still I think i would ave disputed with the Lord, if He had pro posed such a thing tome." '? I cannot comprehend." continued she, " how God could desire such a horrible thing af us as to slay our own children.*' Luther looktd on his wife with an earnest, yet tender air, and said, " Dear Katy, can you then believe that God gave his euly be gotten Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to die for u?, when He had nothing more dear in Heaven or earth to give ? ai.d yet Ho permitted Him to suffer the ignomi nious death of the cross? If we are to judge )f these extraordinary acts of God by the jght of human reason, then we must conclude '.hat God acted more paternally and kindly towards Caiaphas, Pilate, Herod and others, 'rom whom He demanded no such sacrifice, than towards His only begotten Son " " You are right, dear sir," replied the wife. ' But you have said yourself the mother would not have done it; and it must have seen hard enough for the father." 44 Yes, yes," continued he, " the Patriarch nust havo ascended Mount Moriah with a leavy heart, and I dare say ho did not utter i word to Sarah about the sacrifice he was ?ommanded to make. But he still did it, < r ?ather was sincerely willing to do it." " What do you suppose could have consoled lim in such a terrible undertaking ?" asked ho mother. 4' My heart trembles when I inly think of it." 4- It could have been nothing el.*e than his," replied Luther ; 44 Abraham must have >elieved in a resurroction of the dead when ic was about to sacrifice his son Isaac, for he lad the promise that tho Saviour should de cern! from him, and this promise could, of ourse not be fulfilled, if Isaac should not, in ?.me way or other, be restored to life again, ."he epistle to the Hebrews testifies the same hing. But I will not oppose you. dear Katy, nd willing grant that our Heavenly Father rould have to assail me sharply before I rould consent to sacrifice our little s n with ay ORB hand." An interesting conversation on the relative ?uties of husband and wife ensued betwocn hene two persons. Luther spoko tenderly of he blessings of domestic felicity, and of msr ied life generally, and his wife responded in ? manner becoming the virtuous, Christian roman " But," said Lutber, turning towards his uest, 14 whilst as husband and father I have >cen speaking in praise of matrimony, I, as i man and Christian, have not been treating THE WEEKLY STAB. Tkl? nMU?i Family u4 New* Jwaiwal?c^n talaiag * t miM varVty of lawe*t?f readlm# ?aa tee found la aay ?tk?r?la puKT.*b*d ?? **??>?' Ait aMntiag. fiuu. Slagle ????? H? *"?? m *? v* I1VM Pivcoettei .mm..** ?( n T? eoples ? w? Twenty copies fry Cats, iruiuiit ia aiTiiin |J^ singlecoplcw (In WTupp?e)r!aa bcproea ad at tbe oonntrr. 'miwdlstelv alter tke taaue ot Ut paper Price?Tkiii Cants. PosTHA'Tita who act as amenta will be alio we a commission of twenty per oeat. yoa very politely. I have not yet bid you welcome, just as though you were n?t preaent. You are, doubtlcsa, the young maa from Mi lan. of whom my Secretary has spoken to fa ?drably to me. irforming me. among other thing*, that you were seated beside him and my relative Granach, listening so attentive ly and profitably to the affair of the Fran ciscan K or bach. and my faithful Mycobiu* " Fitchner blushed when he beard theso words reapeotmg himMlf 44 Venerable Dor. tor, said he, 44 if your Secretary has spoken anything in praise of me, he has done wrung. *' 4- That is very well said,'' replied Luther 4* and although 1 do not like to see young people too backward and baiihful. but admiro some degree of self-coafidenec in them, yet everything has its limits, and humility very well becomcs a young man " In the meantime Catharine. Luther's wife, had ri>en to leave the room, and to take lit lie Hans with her But the child was un willing to g??, and negan to cry. as the mother was akut tenderly compelling him to r? And as he would not be composed, hut oriel still more violently, Luther said. 4,W?it Hans, we will soon drive away the evil spirit " He reaohed towards his lute, which sto>?l in one corner of the room, touched several strings, and the child was instantly silent 44 Do you see," aaid he to Fitchtner, ,4whal a glorious gift of God music is' Just as it si lences the child il drives away the devil, anl makes people happy. Are you alto a devotee of M?.dain Music'" 4*Ye?, venerable Sir," replied Fitchner, with acountenanoe lighted up with joy. 44 And do you also play the lute * inquired Luther. And as the young man alao gave an affirmative answer to this question, 4- Then," continued Luther, 41 you nave come exactly at the right time. Hans shall aoon be quieted Have you heard of the Christian martyrs at Brussels ? 1 have written an account of tho whole transaction in verse, and have set it to music ; and as my dear K.aty ha*> not heard it yet. you shall aid me in playing it." Luther stepped ituo an adjoining room, and s<>on returned with n large book. He opened it, aud banding the lute to the young man. said, 44 Now. sir, | lay this tune as David played it. Y<>u shall be excused from sing ing; that is >ajr part And you, dear wife, shall listen attentively with the child, 'nl sine with us in your heart." Fichtner took tho lute, and, as he was mas ter of the instrument, he played the short prelule with confidence and expression. Lu ther sang with his full, eonorou* voioe, three stanias of tho poem when Fichtner said. { Venerable sir if you will do me the hon >r to allow inc. I will continue the singing my self " 44 Play and sing, then." cried out Luther, pi-yfully *41 observe already that 1 have found a master in you." And Fichtner sang on, in a beautiful t?n <r voice, three more stanras Thus far, Luther listened attentively ; but he suddenly seiud his flute and said. 441 cannot be silent any longer when I hear such splendid music Piny oji an l sing, master of Milan, thai the little angels in heaven may be refreshed 1 have again my part to perform " He now played his flute with the perfection of a master, whilst the young man sang The laet stanza alluded to the infamous attempts of the papists to show that these young mar tyrs had abandoned their faith in their last moments; and wheiHt was finished, Luther cried out with a loud voice, 44 That is tbe devil speaking out of tbeae papist* No <>n* who has ever ascended the scaffold for Christ'* sake has come down from it denying Christ. Let them carry on their game with deception and lies, we still know that the devil ia the father <>f lies " And now belaid his tlutc ? side, and sang in company with Fichtner in an ardent t> ne of triumph, the last stanza, which ended with the word "Amen !" 4- Amen, and again Amen !" repeated Lu ther. whilst his eyes glistened with fire, like one full of the Holy Ghost. "Our enemies must acknowledge our doctrine even ag-iin^t their will ; yea, the truth is so apparent thai no sensible man can deny it. But their lies, thank heaven, are now revealed and brought to light, si that every one who is not stock blind m iy see it " But Fitchner, who was still taken up with tho story of the poem, and now asked. "An I Ij all thi.J true that is here written, Doctor'" 44 Yes. alns ' all is true'" ronlied Lather. 44Four years ago, on the first of July, A D. 1523, all this happened at Brussels Two brothers of my order, that is, Augustinian monks, and soon after a third, were burnt at the stake for their confession of Christ But the time has now arrived of which Solomon speaks. The f! <wers appear on the earth; tho timo of the singing of birds is come; an 1 the voice of the turtle is beard in our land But,:' continued he, turning to Fitchner, 4?y. u are a finished musician. 441 cherish it as a gift of God !" said Fit-li ner. 44 That is right," responded Luther. '-The devil does not stay long where music i* pre formed. Music is the nest balsam for a dis tressed heart ; it refreshes and <(uick -us the soul Music is a governess, which renders people milder, meeker, more modest and dis creet. Yes, my master of Milan, music is a glorious gilt of God ; and nix4 to gy. I sjive to it the highest place and the highest honor I am myself but a poor tnusi -inn. but 1 would not part with my knowledge of it for agreatde d. ' In the meantimo little llans had left tho room without any opposition or noise Fitch ner soeuicd to be w liting lor thi? opportunity; for he tarned to Luther, and said, "Vonerablo Doctor ! you have received me, a stranger, a. a child of y >ur own house. Oh ' you do not iuow how greatly you honor me by this a t . t" kiudness Grant me an interview of a sh <rt iiour. that I may p?ur out my heart to you ' 44 If I can advise and help you. 1 will cheer fully do so," replied Luther, and invited hU ?Mat I folic w him into his study. "'A regular fly-press." as the sugar re narked when a thou *nd dies lit on it. |y One of the teeth of a biting frost was recently picked up in the town ot Hull 44 Business before pleasure," as tho ?an said when he kissed his wife before going out to kiss his neighbor's. U A Yankee has invented a plague which [ills off nil who d lot pay the printer. It is uore destructive than the consumption. fy Muttrosses stuffed with cork cut into ittle grains are coming into use in New York, rbey :? re soft, easy and light, aud on ship uarl form very convenient life-prescrveis. tjr It is ? stimated that the clergy cost the Juited States six millions of dollars per year; he criminals twelve millions; the dogs ten uillions; and the lawyers thirty-five millions. Ujjr" In San Franeisco, two *uoce^ivestrings if ten pins were lately rolled, in each of which three hundred was itcorcd. Tha party 'oiling was betting five dollars on each ball, vhich was to tumble ten pins or lose. A bill was introduced in the Kentucky legislature on Monday, imposing a tax upon >achelors over thirty years of age, $5 on each ?10(M> worth cf property, ad valorem, to e lu :ate other people's children A compunv has been formed to work h? iron mine of Nova Sc jiia, to be called the Lcadiau Iron Company, with a capital of in ilS shares Among the Director! ro persotu connected with the tiade of Shef leld. iy ? Friend it is very wrong to swear as !uu do. Why do you do it ? 1 44 because," eplied the prisoner, 44 I've understood that a nan may swear out of jail in thirty days, .nd I wan t to sea if it oan't be done in fif een. I am going to sit up all night and d? ay worst."