Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FBI DAY : March 7,1Mb. |Advertisement* should be handed In by 151 o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. ITT a?isti for thi Stab.?The following n*nM?d persons are anthorlxed to contract for the publication of advertisements In Th i Stab: Philadelphia?V. B Pilmii, northwest eor Mt of Fifth and Chestnut streets. iVtte York?S M. PiTTiweiLt A Co., Nassau street. Bouon?\. B Palmeb, Scollay's Building. p -f 117" Job Pbihtijs*.?Our friends and patrons are notified that we are now prepared to execute every kind of Job Pbibtino with despatch and In the best manner, at prices as low as In any other otttoe In Washington. Job Printers are also notified that we are prepared to do every descrip tion of press-work that can be executed on doable cylinder and Adams' power-presses. So, also, has the Star ottice a Book Bindery connected with it. eaoal in Its capacity to turn out book binding of all descrlpttlons to any other in the District of Columbia. SPIRIT OF THE KOBIJIKO PEESS. n.r, t ,r "I " tb' f?ll0WiD? ???<??? r^stal 'obstmnce or result, of ? ?c? postal arrangement with France ? French and k!7i- v PaM,ng between the been ccn<?inri P08' offiocs, has resently STvernm! ^ ??d EngllsJ pers in^ a?k' 7 ? e t?rms of which n*w?P"* Wrted PritCd matter m*y b? trans thro^rttfcQd fr?ni * ranee. on French account, andf? p?,tVnt0r7 of the United Kingdom] y Bntuh mail packets or commercial veascla amnng at and departing from th? '???* ^ n'tcd Kingdom. Dew therefore' n?t only newspa Ck'g sUtchld ga^!ttei' Periodical worL, dooks, stitched or bound, pamphlet* c!ro?'""- " 3S? P, ' ?riJ,t*d cr Mtb"?'?pted, ?d SvhI - /v *' AI&*na- orcities of Turkey, ^Z"a'.a?d E?JP'? ?n which France has post ^ffi?.es. also, similar printed matter (exceit FriUce*ddre*?ed countries to which be forwarded "to " States or British P^keTby w.T Gf En^?1^ on payment of the same rates^f post! " Urdne?s^Sr5eiin thi8 C0UDtry on like mat. <Wr ' ?r receiT?d from. France, or gMetti.Djrill hiV*' 0D newspapert ica! woJks tW? cents e#ch J on period an oun4 oV?r?c^Mf ?F pamPhlet!' one *?nt Oth? C* J fraction of an ounce ; and on all other kinds of printed matter, the 7?m? 8sw^iMsr.-5si5 tSr0ne4r *' deVOted 10 Dews' and literature to-day. T*h Pacific?It is now forty-two dayssinee this noble steamer left Liverpool. They who are most inclined to hope for her safety, say th at if disabled in mid ocean-for instance, by the breaking of her shaft.-she could not, under canvass, have reached either coast at so early * date as the present. Another consideration in her favor is. that her hull was divided into compartments, which would have prevented her filling,^had she^un foul of an iceberg. Troop., ? C^Da.-Tkar. are usually eight regiments of British troops stationed in the Canada.; when the war broke out all but three were sent to the Crimea. Ttffey are no longer needed there, and they are accord ing.y sent back, or a portion of them, to Can I/tK v 'tthe exPIanati0? which is given by the New York Post of the order for the re moval of troops, as mentioned in the London Times. The Mirriiiac.?This noble steam-frigate HamPton Roads on the evening of the third, after an experimental cruiae of seven ays. bome one on board wrote to the Balti more Sun . Monday ofth F^0" **VJ Tard &t 1 P ? , this magnificent ship sail. Our tirrm witi, Vhou/r? cBo8ton Y*rd to Boston Light was 1 hour and 5 minutes. From thence we made tr?em?nTe ?ap? SabIe' wber? "e had a l^a in .U0! fg h- k T-nd with verJ rough A M uahties oTth.? ?"g'Trh7" bV ?? "? The South Carolixa College The sna pension of the exercises of the South Carolina College seems to be rather of a seriowand !TS^s:The Columbia Exlin^ our du'ty'as a jSuraanSW Col L! ,ef? ou; duty, in relation to the College, to state frankly our opinion. Al. ia^f r'\YeCent wa* the immediate bi di,*ai-ii! frrV mt#rr,?Dnffl. ^ cannot difguised that, for some time previous much d?Matijf?ction felt and ex pressed in regard to the late change in the thf nast'w^S ?- th? CoHege Thc event' <>f . P .***?' connection with our pre vious information, convince as that if the ftZTtl!! " th? ProsPerity of the institu ?Irt'Jitl? "??rn ?aT? a ful1 meeting, as certain the cause of this state of thirds and P*>?!*?J apply the remedy, even ff that"4 to th* ~omL..."?Dn''f'fb*.' A ^ ocho Lanv BrR.tED to Death ?One of was literally burned to death through strange and unaccountable icactmn ,JTk . fb-r^v.rdbix^ J,? hand to extiLguUh the flames, abJdutel. tempted 111 vain to smother the flames bv v.r?5F,Dg f overco*t. burning his hands aaverely In the act At last he .uc ^eede.1 m confining her until water could be dMhel upon her After lingering through three weeks of agoniiing torture, borne UQ compla.n.rgjy, death released the sufferer All that remained of the fair and blooming woman waj a mass of offensive decomposition _ Detroit Free Press. Railroad Accident ? The Thursday morn ing mail train from Baltimore t. Philadelphia met with au accident of a serious character five miles north of Wilmington, by the break tng of the driving-wheel of the enrine The engine was rendered a complete wreck, and her pa/aenger cars were forced up an embank ment, and left lying upon their side The paasengers all escaped serious injury, but the fireman was severely hurt. The mail agent was thrown from the window of the car and escaped with seme slight bruises The wreck on the track prevented the passage of the other trains, and the passengers had to walk round and take the cars on the other side. , Fharkcl Effect or a* Avalanche?I>ur icg a recent rain storm at Cape Breton an avalanche of snow, impelled by a large body of water, overwhelmed the dwelling-house of a Mr. Campbell, about thirty miles from Syd ntj, destroying the; house and burying in the ruins Mr Campbell, his wife, mother, three eh.ildreo and twoj young girU Mrs. Camp bell. her three children, and oe# of the girls perished by the catastrophe, but the others were reseued alive. The avalanehe occurred is the night. ? A bare was also overwhelmed and eighteen head vf cattle were kiiled WASH! WO TOW 1TBW8 kWD GOSSIP. The Kansas Election Cue Reports?We bare read attentively the majority and mi | nority reports of the House Election Commit tee, accompanying the resolution (of the mi ; jority thereof) to accord to them power to send to Kansas and elsewhere for persons nnd papers. We have to repeat the declaration made in yesterday's Star, that those who hold that General 'Whitfield is entitled to the seat in dispute, are perfectly willing to be bound by the country's verdict in the case after it shall have mastered the contents of these two papers. They bear out to the letter, with irresistible force, the truth of our re peated declarations that Governor Reeder is asking Congress to adjudge for his own bene fit, that his official statements, made while Governor of the Territory, are false ; that he makes no pretension to have been himself elected in pursuance of any law ; and fur ther, that he is here claiming the seat without the scratch of a pen (other than his own wholly unsupported allegations) in the shape of testimony sustaining his foolish demand to be received as the rightful delegate from Kansas. The report of the majority?all " friends of freedom" in the modern sense of the term is simply a compilation of the sweeping mis statements of the truth concerning Kansas matters that have appeared from time to time in such journals as the New York Tribune and Times, a deliberate and earnest endorse, nient of their truth on the unsustained allega tion of Governor Reeder, and a plea that no weight shall be acoorded to his official state ments and acts as Governor of the Territory where they bear on the merits of the contro versy, because, as they assume, he now act? for the people of Kansas rather than for himself This is a position proving one of two things' vis : Either that they have deliberately del termined to cast all law and common sense to the winds to accomplish a partisan end , or that their minds have become so warped by the intensity of their political prejudices, as that they have lest all capacity to remember that they were sent to Washington to aid in governing the country by law, and under constitutional limitations. Abolitionism, intense and unadulterated, runs through efery paragraph of their paper the legal positions of which are so absurd as that one might easily imagine it to be the production of the pen of some such publicist as William Lloyd Garrison, Parker Pillsbury, or Abby Kelley. Indeed, they argue as ear nestly and openly in favor of setting all law and sales growing out of legal principles at defiance, and for being governed by the high er law of their own momentary views of the necessitses of their own case, as ever was ar gued in an official report of " the American anti-Slavery Society" penned by Garrison himself. Some time since we took occasion to explain that this scheme of sending for persons nnd papers was merely a dodge designed to pay wages to a large number of Abolition agita tors who have devoted themselves for the past year to the work of abolitionising Kansas. These are the parties who are intended by Gov Reeder and his abolition co-laborers to be brought hither at the cost of the Treasury of the United States. A large number of them are already in northern Atlantic States, beg ging for money and arms with which to resist the laws and the officers of the government in I Ka-sas. Some of them are now in Washing ton ; while it is designed evidently to import direct from the Territory the strongest swear ers among those of them left there. It is clearly evident from this report that the majority of the committee intend, if pos sible, to throw the decision of the case over until after the next approaching Presidential election. Oi, in other words, that their aim is to make Republican party capital in that election, by and through the expenditure of money from the United States Treasury to pay the cost of flooding the non-slaveholding States with abolition falsehoods, written by the parties they aim to collect here, to the thousand abolition newspapers; and by pay ing them each an aggregate sufficient to en able each of them to play the Republican party missionary over the non-slaveholding States for months before the 6th of November next There can be no doubt that the Re publican-party managers now here have ar ranged this plan in detail. Hence the de mand for power to send for persons and pa pers. The scheme is a vast one, and ounning ly contrived, indeed. The Kansas contested election caso, already shown in the two re ports in question to be the boldest pretense for an election contest ever conceived by specious and unscrupulous men, is, indeed, simply "a good enough (Republican-party) Morgan until after the election." Our belief is, that honorable members who, while they are anxious that slavery shall not exist in Kansas are not sympathizers with the general politios of the Republican party, will hardly bo caught in the trap set for them. ' It is designed to drive them into it, however, if brow-beating and personal abuse of them by the pens of persons writing from this city to Republican party newspapers in their re spective districts can effect that end. The Washington Monument.?If anything were needed to show the insincerity of Know Nothingism, it may be found in the course of the gentlemen who were sneaked into the Board of the Washington Monument Society, by a well-arranged party trick. The indecent haste which they exhibited to oust their pre decessors in office, the blustering, swaggering tone which initiated their entrance upon the duties of their now positions, their boastful and pretentious pronunriamento, addressed to their brethren throughout the country?all these things are remembered, and will long be remembered, not only by the oitisens of Washington, but by every good and true man who blushed to see this desecration of a work that had hitherto been regarded as holy and sacred. The old Board, composed of gentle" men distinguished alike for their virtue, wis dom and intelligence, were ordered to retire and make way for these patriots, who were panting to complete at once this testimonial of a nation's gratitude." To be sure, some were invidious enough to suggest a compari son with the indiscreet purchaser of a certain animal called ?? the elephant," while a few hinted their doubU as to the performance of these lofty promises, on the ground that they had often heard of Know Nothings tearing down, but never yet of their erecting a struc ture. But still it was hoped that having entered upon their labors with the %eal of neophytes, and having in some measure un der their command the machinery of the va rious lodges throughout the country, they would do something which would justify the rashnes# of their undertaking. Bat, alas! for human hopei, based on raoh Blender fbun? dations! A year has rolled round, nearly two courses of stone have been laid ; the ?la> ries of all the officials have been paid, and the Washington Monument Society, so we are offioially informed, u is debt! Such is the result of their labors for the first year. How magnificent the promise?how insignificant the performance ! ! It is saddening to reflect upon what may be the effect of tbis disgraceful failure. We believe that this undertaking, so dear to every American heart, has been choked in the embrace of those who have prostituted it to the purposes of political gain. They have, we fear, rendered hopeless all future efforts, and have induced the fear and the belief that this noble monument, commenced with such high and holy hopes and aspirations, will never be completed. But even in its unfinished condition, it may serve a useful purpose. When, in after years, the principles of this party shall have been buried in the oblivion into which they are fast hastening, then let this monumental pile, thus "shorn of its fair proportions," tell of the blasting and blithing effects of the fell spirit of religious intolerance. Thus may it be a sad and solemn warning to those who are to come after us, and even in its prema ture ruins, be " rich in mournful eloquence " The Absurdity of it.?The impudenoe and absurdity of Governor Reeder's claim to be received as the delegate from Kansas, are glaringly exposed by the fact that there is now in Washington a Mr. Delahay, claiming to havo been elected a full member of the Congress, to represent the new State of Kan sas, under the Topeka-made constitution, which went into effect on the 4th inst., if there be soundness in Governor's Reeder's theory relative to the political rights of his friends there. If without authority of law they had a right to set aside tho eleotion le gally ordered, in which General Whitfield was chosen, and a few days after that oocurred to hold another election without a pretenoe of warrant of law for so doing, then the subse quent action of his friends at Topeka, re sulting in the election of a member of Con gress?Mr. Delahay?superseding him (Gov ernor Reeder,) was also lawful; and Kan sas is no longer a Territory, but a State Mr. Delahay, and not Governor Reeder being her representative in the Congress of the United States. Regarding both the acts on which we com ment above as being mere impudent and revolutionary pretensions, we see no validity in the claim of either R. or D. Yet, as against Governor Reeder's claim on the grounds on which it is based, that of Mr. Delahay (the 4th of March having expired) is valid and sound. In the whole course of our reading and experience with public affairs, we never before saw or heard of a case based upon such bold and sheer false pretences as this claim of ex-Governor Reeder to be admitted as the lawful delegate from Kansas, The Democratic Nomination ?Quite a number of sturdy delegates to the recent Democratic State Convention at Uarrisburg, Pa., are now in Washington. These gentle men are, of course, and very properly, earnest supporters of the proposition to nominate Mr. Buchanan. As a matter of course they are earnestly pleading his cause with prominent Democratic public men, from all sections of the Union. The abiding attachment of Penn sylvania to James Buchanan, while it tells well indeed for the integrity of purpose of the good people of that State in all they do, involves an abiding compliment to the worth of Mr. Buohanan himself that tells well for him in all respects. The Current Operations of the Treaaury Department.?On yesterday, 6th of March, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... $25,798 65 For the Interior Department 6,749 94 For Customs 21,180 57 War warrants received and en tered 2.150 00 From Customs 763 12 On account of the Navy a 330 00 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the annual fortification bill, (appropri ating, in all, about S2,800,000,) was passed. The resolution of Mr. Sumner censuring the President for giving to "Denmark the notice for the termination of the Sound Dues treaty, and directing the Foreign Affairs Committee to report such measures as they may think ne cessary on the part of Congress to make the abrogation of the Sound Dues treaty legal by securing for tho action of the Executive the concurrence of the legislative branch of the Government of the United States, was then taken up. Mr. Sumner argued that, althougb-the treaty was constitutionally made by the President, by and with the advice and oonsent of the Senate, it was not competent for either the Executive alone or in combination with the Senate to abrogate it; that it could only be terminated by act of law?that is, by the leg islation of both Houses, approved by the President. He oontended that such was the sole course permitted by the spirit of the Con stitution, and such was the rule prescribed by judioial authority and the uniform precedents of our Government, Mr. Mason controverted the views of the Senator from Massachusetts, and urged that the treaty has not so much been abrogated by the act of the President giving the notice as by tho necessary result of a contingency provided for in the treaty itself; that in fact the treaty expired by the terms of its own limitation. A protracted discussion ensued until the hour of adjournment, in whioh the subject was presented in various lights by Messrs. Fessenden, Collamer, Cass, Crittenden, Tou cey, and Stuart; after whioh the resolution was adopted, the implied oensure on the Execu tive, having been previously stricken out; and the Senate adjourned to Monday. In the House, yesterday, after we went to press, the annual West Point Academy and Pension appropriation bills were passed. The pending resolution authorising the Committee on Elections to send for persons and papers in the Kansas contested election case, being taken up, Mr. Boyce addressed the House at length against it, and Mr. Bing ham for it. This resolution being informally laid aside for the day, the Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of the Treasury recommending the construction of six small revenue cutters for servioe on the lakes, and to dispose of two largn cutters now employed there; referred to the Ways and Means Committee. Shortly afterwards the House adjourned. Frecee4iage ef Te?Day? In the Honae, to-day, after the introduc tion and reference of lundry resolutions Mr Clingman oalled for the regular order of business. Whereupon the Eleotion Committee's reso lution amtnorlaing them to send for persons and papers in the Kansas election ease again came up. Mr. Oliver, of Mo., then delivered a speech against the reeolution, which he had not oon eluded when we went to press PERSONAL .... Ole Ball is at Louisville ....Mr. Louis Tambro, died at Kaleigh, N. C , on the 24tb ult , aged 100 years. .... Thomas H Davisfroie to death io Cal houn county, Miss., on the llth ult. .... Gen. Almonte, en route for Mexioo, ar rived at New Orleans on the 38th ult. ....E. P. Whipple is lecturing before the anti-slavery lyoeum in Boston He never was able to ereat* a " icnsation" at the South. .... Cnpt. Rynders has been elected Presi dent of the Empire Club of New York, just organised ... .Hon. Edward Everett will lecture before the Mount Vernon Association at Richmond on the 14th inst. .... DuPont A Walker's steam sawmill at Wilmington, Del., with its oontents, was de stroyed by fire. Loss 53,500, no insurance. .... Dr. Snow, of Providence, R. I., esti mates the annual value of the products of the industry of that city at $14,413,152 ....Commodore Perrv read a paper last evening, before the N. Y. Geographical Socie ty, on " Geographical science, consequent on commercial extension. .... M. Calderon de la Barca and his gifted lady are residing at Pasvy, near Paris They were at the recent marriage of a daughter of Queen Christine. .... M Boxant, who had held several posi tions of official trust in New Orleans, commit ted suicide on the 29th ult., by plunging a daggor in his breast. .... Rev. Mr. Jope. recently attached to the Theological Seminary, at Alexandria, has re ceived a call to take oharge of St. John's Church, at Portsmouth, Va. .... Abbott has come out in his own defence against the oritics of his Napoleonic romance, but his argument is not specific enough to have weight with those competent to judge. ....Francis Bolan, of Minersvitle, Pa, drew the Genoa Crucifix," at the Sandusky Cosmopolitan Art Association distribution of prises. There were 24,188 tickets. .... Leverton Thomas, an old man of 70 re cently convicted of forgery, was sentenced on Saturday, at Pittsburgh, to the penitentiary. He protested his innocence. An application has been made for a pardon. .... Dr. Spaulding, the Catholic Bishop of Louisville, is delivering his course of lectures on "The Elements and History of Modern Civilisation," before the Catholic Institute of New Orleans. .... Peter Cooper has petitioned the N. Y. Legislature to appoint a Board of Trustees to inaugurate his magnificent donation of a Free Educational Institute in New York city,? which has cost half a million.

.... Fieke P. Brewer, a tutor in Yale Col lege, (son of the reverend "Sharp rifle" advo cate of the same name) has been thrashed by the students for having acted the part of.a spy. ....Capt. H. Whittaker has made a suc cessful experiment on Lake Erie, in the pro pulsion of vessel*, and which is looked upon as a matter of special interest. The plan consiets simply in the application of the com mon propeller to the sides of the vessel. ....Judge Marsh of Boston has sentenced Edward Coburn to ten months imprisonmeLt and a fine, and Benjamin? Dalton to five months imprisonment, for the assault upon young Bumncr, of which they were convicted when tried for his murder. ....Major McCaslin, the Indian agent in Kansas, is a famous fiddler. Those who have heard him play the " Arkansas Traveler," and are familiar with bis bland and genial manners, will not be astonished at his power to "soothe the savage heart," and control the turbulent spirits of the far western prairies. .... Mr. R. G. Parder, in his revised - -Man ual of the Strawberry, ' says that during the last year New York city consumed from 47,000 to 54,000 bushels of this delicious fruit; Philadelphia, from 10,000 to 14,000, Boston, from 9,000 to 11,000, and Cincinnati from 11,000 to 14,000. .... John M. Bell, sheriff of New Orleans, wa8 required to give security to the amount of fifty thousand dollars. Twenty well known gentlemen of that city, of different shades of politics, have placed their names on Mr Bell's bond, each for twenty-five hundred dollars, the said twenty signers representinn a capital of at least four millions of dollars. ....Daniel Webster once said that " the sin of America was the sin of suretyship" There is written in mournful letters in the history of every man, the record of suffering by endorsements. It would make the most extraordinary chapter in human experience if tho incidents of this feature in business were written. Henry Bedwell, surgeon, and Augustus F. Turner, assistant surgeon of the 75th regi ment, have been commited to Maidstone jail, England, upon finding of a coroner's jury that they were guilty of manslaughter in giving William Stinson, a private, opium instead of senna, by mistako. Another man, whom they had treated in the same manner, was in a dy ing condition. .... Captain Hunter, better known to the world and the newspapers as Alvarado Hun ter, died recently in New York at the hospital of poverty, privation and disease. This offi oer, while under tho command of Commodore Perry, captured a town on the Mexican coast contrary to the rules and regulations of the routine system of naval tactics He was well known in this oity, and has left many personal friends. .... Senor Portello, of the Convention of Peru, has presented tho following project for disposing of the guano at Chinchas, Lobos, and elsewhere, via : " The Republic to annul all existing contracts for the sale thereof on commission, and sell it hereafter at the several places of its deposit, at $40 per ton, to be paid for $15 oash, and the balanye in rateable pro portions of the bonds of the House and For eign debt, with tho object of extinguishing the National Debt." ....Prof. Hitohcock, of Amherst College, has just returned from a tour at the West, where he has been giving lectures on Geology as conneoted with religion. He has publish ed a very interesting account of his tour in the Boston Congregationalist of last week, in which long artiole, he gives a bird's eye view of the unbounded hospitality of the Western people, of the growth of theirfcities, of the geology and railroads of the We?t, and of that section of the country generally. He speaks of suffering with the cold at Cincinnati and generally in that latitude much more than he has in New England, where the dwellings are constructed in view of severe winters. NOTICE?THE BOARD OF DI rectors of Washington Building Associ ation will meet THIS EVENING, In the room of the Franklin Fire Company, at 7 o'clock. It* J. P. DICKINSON, Secretary. fc" ^fc>UNlTARlAN CHURCH.?REV. DR. BURNAP, of Baltimore, will preach TO-MORROW. The Church will be open in the evening for a Theological discourse. Subject: A vindication of the Unitarian Faith. .ATTENTION, FRANKLIN FIRE CO., A No. 1.?You are hereby notified to attend a called meeting at the hall of your En nine-house on SATURDAY EVENING, March 8th, at 7 o'clock Urgent business demands the attendance of every member. ROBT. E. DOYLE, President. Gio. R CaossFiiLD, Secretary. mar7-? ?fc ?wflRORGRTOWN CORPORATION TAXES.?All persons indebted to the Corporation of Georgetown for taxes of every des cription, whether under the general tax ordi nances, or those imposed for improvement, are hereby notified that the same roust be paid to the subscriber without delay, as he has been em Kwered and directed to cloee his collections in e most summary manner. An all parties so in debted have long since had their accounts de Hvered to them, and their payment requested, they must not expect to be again called upon In person. Those who may wish toavotd the heavy expenses consequent upon deetralns, will please call on either of my brothers?George Jewell or Henry C Jewell?at the corner of High and Gay streets, Georgetown, who are authorised to give receipts In my behalf. THOMAS JEWELL, Collector of Taxes. Georgetown, Maroh 7th, 1860. mar 7?tf THE AM PHI ON QUARTETTE BAND, of Washington elty, will sing at Odd Fellows' Hall every night daring the week, oommenclng on Wednesday Right, for the benefit of the Lutheran Church holding the Fair there They receive nothing for themeelves. The Braes Band will play hetwesa the vocal performs noes, mar 4?4t _ ?IOTICE?'THE OFFICE OF THE London Publishing Cot pair 1* re oth _?v ..oM "tand,D street, corner ol and nJllZuA^c*,bere harm* Parts of works, S 2?*^ e< r*moTal otherwise. hv eall tnfdcSt* * will be promptly at ?.?JL?iI*BUM*Z0M* =*" of goodaddrrss can obtain remunerative employ ma! at niruo W fc OAHKOOD. mar 8 It General Agent *LADIE9 FAIR FOE THK BENEFIT m rf~r. . P?ul s Lutheran Church, comer ?f ? aad Eleventh streets. will be Leld every nfv rlD?J w*ekl commencing on WON - DAY, March 3d, at Odd Fellow*' Hall, 7th ?t 'ual e*,erJ' accommodation usual at FVrs win be provided ?v?nfnRKnd0f MU*iC WlU U ln attwulanc? every Come one, come all. fab tt-dt7mar L??lI^AJL,fATHER WALLET containing tifs . P1**-of California issue* ? i JJ'o-hundreS dollar no'e of hand Ti e fhlloR?. b?liberally rewarded by leaving it at iJa *-? H. B. HOBTON. L<l?T^;?J?nT,HEith 'n?tant, EITHER GOLD BR Arn i'T ** (*?orRptowTi, a carved uwuu BRACELET, with two lockets attached one of thein bearing the Initials of E H a suit' W2U ^ *,Vt n if ? this oaM (r town Brother, Water street, O-orge ?- jnar??it ?? ?^r?; mar 7-3t LAMMOND. Sr., 7th street SPRING STYLE HATS, 183^ NOW READY AT MATTINCLY'S pa<m fcMJbl. Hat ??d C.p EiiibU.l,nJ[ ^L' ai*o, a line assortment of youths' and ge.its' 5 ^ Md F?U H.U at the foWe, tig prices NoW Seventh street mar 7-3t* runJr^in JT,ATrM rKPAIRIN?. PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO Watsjmv * ?f-4fln? Watch*e bv ?* A. A Prac,lc*l Vv'atch row the **11* 10 "<*>' "" '^r ?-*T ladies, please kran* \V IiVa^Ll!ROM KIN08TON, JA scribe!^ ' *Dd ln ,tore for ,ale b>' tbe ?"?> ladIes('use,RIME CORD,AL? P?rtieolariy for DK VVf f?nSLem^n' " doten of PRUNE benefit of hMith v^.m. , lu *,rtu? f?r 'be N^tn il h !T? ' U e,<? t0 oae o'clock. N ot to be had In any other store but at JONAS P. LEVY'S, ,v. M , "'"i PeDniylvania avenue, nir Hltf ^gar"' Md "?e Groceries. D medical card OCTOR STANISTAS HERNI97 RVn ular Practitioner of Homcnopathy' Oflice M??f/ner f? ind F*?**??th -trWts. Consulta tions from 10 a . m , to 3 p. m. It^? tor Stanislas Hernlsz, having returns) from DwT^fKVrr'prrfll health, will attend to the prac Ice of his profession. Le Docteur pari- Francais. Der Doctor spricht Deutsch El Doctor habla Espanol 11 Doc tore par la Itallano. mar 7?3m* T_ FISH STANDS. HE FISH STANDS IN THE SEVERAL i marliet-hou8es will be sold ln pur^ uanoe of law on the following days, vii: in the Centre Market on March ?7 In the East*? Market on March 29 In the Northern Market on March *8 *.. !u he. Marktt on March 31. JL W??e? Svfn V." the several m?rkets not taken and paid for by the pres<-n? occupants prevlcm. to tbe above dates will be sold to tte highest bidder on the respective dates named. By order of the Mayor mar 7-eotd INDIA; THE PEARL ol PEARL RIVKR 1 by EDEN Southworth ?1 ER, 10 Th,nk> b>' Abbott. ?0 cents. ray "sif ttateS- c?nada Cuba, by Mies Mur r'aSStb'xSHu ?"b' c?mni"'? *" ofAp^t! ?of,8C^?"r .?' V?" Bo?k For sale by E K. LUNDY mar 7?tr No 186 B.ldge st , Cecrgetcwn. ASTOUNDIMG NEWS! Raordihary UHDERTAKIKQ " LIGHTNING NOWHERE TKLEURAPH DISTANCFD*"' S3,000,000 BET ON THE RESULT l!!!! TH,^S.JJMSSRrBKR8 WOULD MOST RE lS the,r cu?tomers, th?? pub ^ el8e? tba* after an enorm us outlay, ne eseary to such a stupendou* uader J ff' ("ever b?fore attempted by mort*l.) that thty. having completed their grand Express ar world'4411 for tb** '^neflt of those fond of gocd living,) lave now the great ~ ti a^d,eit[em* f?llc,t>" of announcing, tmm. ' and our customers in par arrived ln'lh Kreat through express rider has ar'X ln th" extraordinary and unpreredented shcrt >pare of furty-llve hf u? from Tn.a^vtnwn feet^d^n r,dlnK through snow 105# >n , -$TP' 8W,i??ling cretkji three feet wide, kill ing 72 horses in the afempt, bringing sealed docu ment, announcing the arrival ft VSmKR k k a fattest specimen of Sheep that i have been ?een ln these parts for same time ' They are the picked Sheep of ail the flocks in the world^ It takes 4.0011 men to fan them to keen them from melting. They wtre raised and -raieS by those prlrxe of farmers Franklin J Cnsi, ;;'tq 'vLslonezL?y co,inty. Md and r ste*: ard, Ksq , of Faiifax county, Va , who havs A^dthL" ?tud>'fro,m lnfancy how to fatten sheep. The subscribers will offer the above Phe p for wSk t ? No- 26 and "8' ?ld centre Thl5kV,,w?rV?ay ,norning' Marcb 8 18SV , , J past favors, with a constantentieavor tr/.P ' lbey still solicit a share of public pa raw7-?t. " *,'I"rKRBACK t BHO United States Pateat Office, 7~ QNHor"of Je^r'M. V By*', of New York, praying for the ' xten S7.Sa,?"<L?n,nifd l? him nD ,he "0 il day rL. ^'J, ' f5r ^ ,mProvernent in ? ma?hit4e j for grinding and pulverizir g mrtalllc plat. *.? fbr ZTu ?Zn fT?m the p*P'r*tion of .laid ivateut, which takes Place on the -"Kith dav of May, 18fi? ? p!?? the *ald P?ltlon be h ?ard at tte Patent Oflce on Monday, the IVth day of at 14 ?'cl??k m- Md all perKons are notified to appear and show cause, lfany thev have, why said petition ought not to be granu-d Persons opposing the extension are required to set forth?ina^M?fflCe l^elr obJHrtlofi?- aj^ially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by cither party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted ln accordance with the rules of thT^\rhlCh r111 ** on application o< J!J le,il^ony Ln the **** wiU ^ clostd on the h day of May; depositions and ether par-, rs re lied upon as testimony must be filed ln tt.* oflce on or before the morning of that day: theargu if any, within ten days thereafter. ?k' r?5.that thl8 notice be pubiished in the Union, intelligencer, and Star, Washington, ?t.? ' ?alUfnort'' Mdi PtnnTylva. nlan, Philadelphia, Pa.: Journal oi Comirterce, New \ ork, N\ Y.: and Dally Pout, Providence, R. I j once a week for three successive weeks nre ?lous to the 19:h day of May next, the day of MfUtg, CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patsnta. P S ? Editors of the above papers will nlm?? ?end their bills to the Patent OAoe, with a pars containing this notice. mar 7?law9w Ualteo State* Pateat Office, t O N08BH0R n t F ?? E rLtaV,'i? "V an ,mProv*m?ntln "feltb g? for eighth day of May, 1836: twenty . ordered, that the said Detltlon h* ^ the Patent Ofiice oa Monday. Se 12th dav of Mav ^"M?'?toekm ; .?dail p?r?on.arenodlij to appear and show cause, If any thev have said petition ought not to i?e granted. ' a,r??KM2PP"% the extension are required te Sef fnrtV.?, aten.t Ofllce their objections, specially ^"ng, at least twenty daysbefOre hi h?rine L 411 te?timony filed by either ^ Mld bearing m!? be taken Se olK^^hw^ ^.i^?^dance the o1 Thftes'tl^ln^ furnl,hed on application -2d d*l nr 2?ay ,LaJhe c?-? wlU be closed on the day,^ May? dapoaitlons and other pa ? ^EPn u teatlmony must be filed ln the or before the morning of that day; the ar 'j .ny' w'lbin ten days thereafter. .. u?ere*: 5^io?'bat this notice be published In the Union, IntelligencerandEveningStar, Wash ington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore. Maryland: tv- nlng Argus, Philadelphia, Pa ; Dav Book New York. New York; and Post, Boston, Mas: once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 12th day of May next, the day of hearing CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents P. 8 ? Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent ORce with, a paper containing this notice. mar 7?lawtw pr 8ALK VSRY low ?. at ELLIS'S, 306 Pa. avenue. fefc ? AMUSEMENTS. RATIO I A ?< T II K A T K I; KUNKKL A CO LES8KES john T FORD SOI E MANAGER Also of H oil Iday-street. Baltimore. and Marshal Theatre, Richmond, Vfr^ia'a. Seeond and Lest A p pester ce of ;L? charalrg and Lovely Actress, KISS XAOOIS MITCHELL! whoee impersonation*created inch a decided Im predion oa Wednesday evening isst MIU MITl'HKLL la ?*???< hs meters! THREF CAPITAL PIECES. TWO FANCY DANCES, and AN INIMITABLE IRISH JIG. SEVERAL SONGS DURINGKftNING ON FRIDAY EVENING, March 7, 1S56 will be predated AIMOOKll; Or, The Little P l*s Share! Carlo (a wandering mlnatrol)..Mias M Mitchell Aft'.r wfclch the original farce, written express]* foil Mia* Mitchell by the author of Kate O'Shiel, entitled A LADY'S ITRATKOKM I Maggie Wilton Miss Maggie MltchefT Moll Toser, with an Irish Jig..... Miss Mitchell Alexis (a Greek Boy. with a Fancy Dance,) Miss Mitchell Capt Eugene (a French ofieer)... Miss Mitchell Giselle, with song " On the Banks of the Bine Moselle'' Miss Mitchell To conclude wl'h the beautiful comeJlef t entitled m i ll r; Or, The Maid with the Mllklag Pall ! Mtlly, wl*h the original song. *'As I glanced at my MUktr.ald Shoes" Miss Msgg'e Mitchell N IN G, March 10th EDDY will appear in the great Historical Tragedy of JACK cade: On MONDAY EVENING, March 10th, M. B . E. EDDY Prices or Admission To Boies sad Par quetteSO cents; Family Circle and Oallertes Hi cents No extra charge for Reserved Seats Box Sheet open from 10 until 6 o'clock Box Office open every day. It MR. DEMPSTER'S Seeoul Original Ballad EotrrtaiomrDt WILL BE GIVEN AT CARUSI'S SALOON. Oa MONDAY KVKPHN44. March in. INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING SONG* "The Rainy Dav," "Morning. Noon. ?nd Night," " Lament of the I-lsh Emigrant," "The Barring o'the Door," ' Highland Mary," "Oh poertlth cauld and restlees lone," "The Death rf Warren," "I'm alone, all alone," "A Man's a man for a'that." '* Duncan Grav." and "The May Queen," In three parts. The whole aceem Eanled on a Chickerlng Piano Forte, furnished y the politeness of Mr Davl? Tickets FIFTY CENTS. To commence st "i o'clcck. mar 6-41 LOST ?A ROLL OF NOTES, amounting to SIM Anv persons finding the ssme, will receive f 100 reward upon leering It with C. J 8URCH,Fourteenth street, or VT P HUM PH REY. mar 6 rpO HIRE.?A SMALL COLORED BOY, A accustomed to dining room and boose work Apply at No 481 F. street. Ntween 3d and 4th mar I?2i* Lost.?near browns* hotel, on Tuesday. March 4th, a Stone Martl-i FUR VICTOR IN R. A liberal reward will be paid for its return If left at the Star OAoe, or with Mrs. YOUNG, at the V. 8 Hotel raarti-3? A CARD. WALL. BARNARD A CO , Acctiokisb. axbCommissiom Mfscbaxts,corner Ptn* sfltamia avenue and 9:k streeti, will as usual give their eetecial attention to all sales entrusted to them, such as Housekeeping effects. Real Es tate, or any other Goods, upon the most reasona ble terms. They will make liberal cash ad vance on consignments. mar 6 ? tin For sal k*_a pair of superior young Kentucky matched HORSES., we'l broke for ridingor driving The? are. without fault, and will be sol?Tat a great hirga'r Enquire at We-don's Stable, at the foot o: th - the Capitol Grounds, or at the residence of J W SMITH, near Bennlng's Bridge, where ttev may be seen for two or three days. m?r I?It* INDIA, or the Pearl af Pearl lirtr; by Mrs South worth. The Famllv Christian Album; edited by Mr*. E P Elaru. * Vol. 1 Matthew's Digest of the Laws of Virginia cf a Civil Nature Voll. The Quarterly Law Journal, published in Richmond Januarv No. The Virginia Convention of 1770; by H b Grlgfeby. FRANCK TAYLOK. FASHIONABLE DRKSft MAKIUH. ALSO. CUTTING AN> FITTING BY MRS B 8 NORR1S, (late cf Baltimore.) No 49Jsoi'th Fourteenth street. Wa?h'.ngtou N B She is prepared to 111 all oiders with neatness and despatch Se eral Dre.<s Makers wan'ed Ms B. B N orris's eelebrated CEDAR TAR and TAR SYRUP for sale as above mar 0-lsra TO DEALER*, TOBACCONISTS, AND OT H ilK $. iq nnnpr,ME Havana >egars ? aOf"vFU Jast received, on consignment eighteen thousand verv prime Havana ?*#^ars, of choice brands, among which mav be f<> nd scn.? very superior Any of wht -h will be sold at the It it polling prices to close consignment WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer? and Commission Merchants, marO-Ot corner Pa. av and 9th-t FOK SALE?A GOOD STRONG WORK Horse. Works well In anv kind of ?\__ harness Also, one or two zcod W ago , ? suitable forabutcher cr trader, or Ice w g< u Ap ply to J AS. ROBERTSON. AgeU, No 00 Pros peict street. Georgatows. mar S?3t* Lost on the west side of sev enth street, between Pennsylvania and Messe chusetts avenues, a light brown FUR V1CTO RINE. lined with purple silk. Anv one return leg It to Mrs POLLARD WEBB at the Wash ington House, corner 1'enn. avenue and 3d street, will be suitably rewarded. mrrS-3t NOW THE SNOW IS THAW I N? ! The lakes ark overflowing with Bouquets of Resl and Artificial FLOWERS, with PERFUMERY. FANCY GOODS. MUSICAL BOXES. CLOCKS. STA TIONERY, Ac , Ac. OPERA GLASSES for sale or rent. At THE LAKES. iniri 501 Pa av., near Adam's Fxprers [Union, Globe, A lntelllgecc.r SPRING GOODS. JOHN H SMOOT.No.llO Soath ti e Bridge street, near High, Georgetown. DC. has re ceived his First Instalment of SPRING GOODS, sui ed to the early demand. Plain cols all wool Mous de Lalnes, I Pisiu Black Silks, all grades, Plain French Procolesor Cambrics, W bite and colrred figured Brllhantes, 100 pieces English and American Calic***. *0 pieces Manchester and Domestic Glngtsn.* 25 pieces White Cambrics and Jaconet*. 50 pieces Checked aud Plain Muelins. U pitces Richardfonand Barklie s Irish Linens, 300 pieces soft-finished Shirting Cotton. It^e New York, Bates and WameMitta Mills do , Heavy blearhed and brown Sheeting Cot tone! Toweling. Table Damasks, and Napkins. Ladits and Gents Linen Cambric Handkerrhiefr Heavy Osnaburg Prints and Striped Osnaburgs Mixed Denims and twilled and plain do Also, Whalebone and Manilla Corded Sk<rts, White and slate colored do . ?with ether seasonable goods, to which large ad ditions will soon be made from the latest arrivals in New York and Philadelphia. Cash and prompt paving customers are solicited to call early. (mar 5) J. H 8 DESTINY DEMONSTRATED BY THE PLANETS 4)R ASTROLOGY. PROF'R SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foretell all Particular Events of Human Life, such as l*ove, Marriage, Desrription of P? rson? Riches, Business. Fiier.d*, Rights, Claims, and Deeds of Property; all kinds of Speculations, Law Suits, Gain or I*oae; of Sickness all kinds of Dis tempers cured in quick time. Terms: Fiftv Cenu. insle or female, People ol Color, Twenty-Five Cenu No 13? B street, opposite the Smithsonian oa he Ii^nd. mar 3-lm* CAST-OFF CLOTHING pol'GHT AND SOLD AT 71 LOUISIANA IJ Avenue, opposite Holmead's grocery, near Semmes's Address through post oSce. to " Mr. Tailor." mar 3-1 nn* BONNETS AND RIBBONS. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING Ol R FIRST Spring supply of Bonnets and Rlb-^^a bona. Bonnet Linings. Tarltona, Florences. Crapes, Ac , and shall continue to receive all the new style* of BONNETS s"d Chltdrvn's FLATS and HATS, as they arrive from :he man ufacmrers. W EG AN A son. mar 3 It 313 south side Pa av., near Ttk st LOIT?A PAIR OF PLAIN MOLD EAR t Rings, on High or Bridge street Geer^ei s The finder will be liberally rewarded them at this oftce or at Mr J L CATBCART a on High street, dliactly opposite Fourth mar t-lw4i