Newspaper of Evening Star, March 10, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 10, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHIHOTOI CITY: MONDAY March 10, U~JF AdvvtiMiMBli should bt handed ia by 12 o'clock, m, otherwise they may not appear until the next day. ID" Aorkts voa tu Sua.?The following named persons are authorized to contract for the puhilcaT0*1 of advertisement* In T*a Stab: Pktlad4lpk*a?\ B Palwbb, northwest eot ner of Fiftn and Cheeinut iMft fitim York?*. M. PaTTiHeitt k. Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. PaLxaa, Seoilay'a Building (?7* Jos Faii?Tii?e.?Oar friends aad patrons are noUAed that we are now prepared to execute every kind of Job PaiRTiite with despatch aad in the beet manner, at prices as low aa In any other office in Washington. Job Printers are also notified that we are prepared to do every descrip tion at preee-work that can be executed on doable cylinder and Adame' power-preeeee. So, also, has (be ffier office a Book Bindery oonnerted with It. eqwal in Its capaolty to turn out book binding of sll de*crfpttlods to any other in the District of Columbia. SPIRIT OF THE MOBBING PRESS. The Union notices the fact that Mr. Dela hay is in Washington claiming to be entitled to a seat in Congress as the representative from the State of Kansas, and says that not long hence of coarse two other gentlemen will daly make their appearance here, claiming to be entitled to seats in the Senate of the United States, under the Topeka-made constitution. Mr. Delahay's title to the seat he claims is every whit as good as that of ex-Governor Reeder's to the seat he claims.. They are founded in the same right. If at any moment Governor Reeder's title was good, that of De lahay superceded it on the 4th inst. The Union also calls attention to the fact that the New York Tribune is again beseeching the Abolitionirtf to ponr more battalion? armed with Sharp's rifles into Kansas. The Inulltgtncer rejoices over the prospect of a speedy peace in Europe, and compliments Austria and Prussia for the steadiness with which they have preserved their neutral atti tude, to which the editor attributes the exist ing prospect of a cessation of hostilities. lie thinks that the resources of England for the prosecution of the war have hardly been taxed as yet; and that though her success in the Crimea has by no means been as brilliant as that of France, she is really capable of ae oomplishing much more than her dashing ally. Norfolk Affairs.?Corn deolined 3 cents in Norfolk under the Baltic's news. "Gray's Saw Mill" was celd on Thursday to John Mopkins for $3,525 Elmwood cemetry is to be the locality for the monument to the physi cians and nurses who fell during the epidemic. Tab Cihcimnati Convbstiow?It is now oertain that every State will be fully repre sented at Cincinnati Senator Butler, in an able letter to some of his constituents, admits that South Carolina must be represented, and says.44 ?putting the question aside whether she should be or cot?let the State send her very best men." A&t Item?The second annual drawing of the " National Cosmopolitan Art Association'' came off at Sandusky, lastweek. The splen did bust of Washington, by Powers, heroic eise, and valued at 51,000, was drawn by Dr. Salter, of New York. He subseribed for the Knickerbocker Magasine only two days before the drawing and there was time only to tele graph the number of his certificate, which proved a lucky one. Dr. 8. is a gentleman of taste, and fully appreciates his prise. Ma. Everett's Oratios.?To-morrow even* log the Hon. Edward Everett will deliver his already famous oration upon George Wash ington at Baltimore, and we learn from the Anurtcan that he will be greeted by a larger audience and more distinguished company at the Institute, than his great oration ha* yet invoked either at Boston or New York, bril liant as both these occasions certainly were. President Pierce has advised the offioers of the Institute that nothing but some sudden emergency will prevent his attendance?his going, however, being attended with the un derstanding that no public demon'tration is to be made on bis aoeoant. Other distin guished gentlemen from this city will crown jhe occasion by their attendance, and the en tire audience is expected to exceed five thou sand persons Babies?Triplets ?A correspondent of the Richmond Dup<iteh gives the following fruit ful details from Gooobland county, Va. Ihose wishing juvenile responsibilities should emi grate to the Old Dominion without delay : " On Monday last, a lady of high respecta bility, in the cunty of Gooohland, gave birth to three living daughters, all of wbom, as well as the mother, were doing well on yesterday Verily. this may be considered a prolifio age, but not as much so, probably, as we imagine, when we contrast it with a peri<>d some time during Mr. Monroe's administration, when, I was informed by a gentleman of veracity this morning, a lady, a pative Louisa, gave birth to four sons, whom ibc nnmed Washing ton, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, all of wi;om lived to manhood. The same lady be fore her death wa* the mother of Uiirty-six children _ _ iy- A a. an who is not ashamed of himself need not b? a-fcamed of bis early condition. fy There Are living in Massachusetts eighteen clergymen whose ages range from seveuty-three to nin??two ysATi? It is said the Charters Valley Railroad will be completed between Pituourg and Washington, Pa., by the 1st of October. gy The Baton Rouge (La.) Advocate is in formed by sugar planters from different por tions of the State that the growing crop of oane hai) suffered material injury from the unusual severity of the winter, and there is every rea son to fear another short crop of dug&r. A New York Assemblyman has intro duced ? bill into the Legieia ure prohibiting the publication of anonymous letters in nows papers, an<* another Scion has brought forward a bill to exeun t clergymen from paying toll on plank roads, bridges, 'urnpikes, Ac. yy The Cincinnati GatlUe, of Wedesday, has the following ''Yesterday, and the day before, there were t?*entv-oue arrivals of steamboK* at this port from New Orleans, bringing 10,000 tons of groceries, amoug which are 5.000 bogheads sugar, and 10,000 barrels molasses '* ?F*A splendid yaebt of seventy tons is about to be cocnnen??ed in Philadelphia, for John Genin and E. Pbalon. of New York, tier stanojng rigging will be made of wire rope, her o'jnieusions will be as follows: length on deok ?$ feet, breadth of beam 10 feet; depth of b dd 1 feet. ALBttxnaia C'EuatRATioM ? The annual meeting of Potomac Lodge, 1 O O. F., of Alexandria, takes plane on Uw 10th of April next. Rev James A. Duncan mil deliver the addrees It is expected that a large ngmber of distinguished persons will be present to participate in the ucrenonies on the occasion. ty The H Y. Dutchman says that who wishes to get along in this world has ?j|y to take a few lessons of s hea ebasing a gra**bot>per. With a long neck and sharp eye. tail* a few hurried steps, stop short, peep over> PVM' under, now t'> the left, now to the right, one flutter and a rush aud then you h/-?ve him That s the wa/it's done tf^SHINGTOW WEW8 AMD 0O88IP. The Pacific Railroad ?We hare no idea that Congress will consummate an j plan what erer for the commencement of the construction of a railroad to the Pacifio. The fever in favor of such an undertaking on Government account, or by a company with Government aid in the shape of land grants, rages by no meant as high in Washington this winter as during the last. However, it matters little how anmous gentlemen in public life who de aire to urge the scheme may be, the sentiment of a large majority of this CongTess is decided ly opposed to undertaking or promising the aid of the Government to the construction of such a work aeross the vast barren and unoo cupied plains and the mountains of the centre of the North American continent. The indis position of the National Legislature to the scheme is indicative of no want of dueoonoern for the future of the portion of the United States situated on the Pacifio slope. On the contrary, wo have every reason to believe that the present Congress will go much further than the last in expending the public money to meet the so rapidly growing wants of the Pacific side. The surveys for a Pacific railroad already made demonstrate the immensity of the con templated work on any route, and the cer tain great average oost per mile beyond all precedent, owing to the want of suitable mate rials, over most of the distance, and to the dif ficulties of construction in regions wholly destitute of inhabitants except the savage red man, and of animals other than the wild buffalo. Among railroad men, the experience of the last few years has produced the im pression that, under the most favorable cir cumstances, as at present managed, very few such works are really profitable; while, un der the circumstances whioh would surround a railroad to the Pacifio it is utterly impossi ble that its business could for a quarter of a oeutury pay its expenses, without beginning to yield a dividend. These are good and suf ficient reasons why it may not be expected that Congress wiH do anything in the way of initiating the construction of the great conti nental work, which another generation?not ours?is destined to see completed. The period of its construction will depend in the main on the rapidity with whioh the settlements west from the Missouri frontier, and east from the Paoific coast, may closely approximate. Lntil they do approximate, we shall have no Pacific railroad?except on paper ; though, doubtless, wo shall have eve ry winter in Washington representatives of enterprising companies of " contraption'Msts around Wall street, proposing to Congress that they will build and own the work, if Uncle bam will make them a present of the means of so doing Nevertheless, for a mere long comparatively, Congress can greatly fa cilitate and insure the safety of the overland communication between the Missouri country and that of the Paoific. That is, by the estab" lishment of a weekly letter (horse) express mail between Independence and some point on the California frontier, with grants of land in single sections, one every thirty miles, or wherever night stations may be advisable over the route. The overland route has been a bad one for two reasons : First, because it is not secure frum attacks from savages ; and, next, be cause, after leaving the present Missouri fron tier settlements, the emigrant or traveler must trust wholly to nature in the most inhos pitable region within the limits of our country, for any and all supplies other than those he may carry with him. Such is the extent of the present travel over the routa, as that the business of supplying it every thirty miles <y so with necessary food and fodder, would form a settlement large enough to form a cordon of posts amply able to protect tho route from the savages without cost to the Government. This idea, it will be remembered, sprang from the sagacious brain of Senator Gwin, who would surely have carried it through the last Congress to the immense benefit of his constituents, had it not been defeated by an untimely effort in the House to make the mail daily, instead of weekly. We hope to see the present representatives from California again bring forward this proposition^ being demonstrable that as a means of frontier and emigration protection, and toinsure the prompt transmission of valuable letters and important news between Missouri, Utah, California, and Oregon and W ashington Territories, it em braces advantages of economy, speed, cer tainty, Ac., superior to any other plan looking to similar ends that has as yet been mooted in the Capitol As wo Anticipated ?The reader will re collect our declaration a few days since, that the Republicans would strive to prevent the minority report of the House Elections' Com mittee from going forth to the people of the non-siaveholding States, with the majority re* port of the same committee. This pnrposo was evident in the extreme reluctance mani fested by the majority to acquiesce in the motion to include the minority report in the extra number ordered to be printed for the House, which was suggested as an amend ment. It prevailed without the active and earnest opposition of Republican party? only because that eoorse on their part would have been utterly without avail; soi&e of the Anti-Nebraska, but Anti-Republican party u?ecj hers, not being available to earry the ui tra and indeed shameless measures with whioh they would consumAtte their end of aboli tioniiing Kansas by aotion of Gotgr^ss. The New York Tribune't course with referenoe to these reports is a fair illustration of the pur pose actuating its political friends. The report of the majority was evidently forwarded to the Tribune office in advanoe of its presentation to the House, or it could not have made its appearance in that Jour nal's columns on the succeeding day. A sort of promise to publish the minority report was made ; but up to Saturday last we have been unable to discover it in the Tribune, in its stead, we fin<i ample and virulent misrepre sentations of the contests of that paper, and grosser repetitions of the falsehood* concern lng what has taken place in Kansas, w"hi?h baying first appeared in that journal, are, in truth, the foundation, and t^e only founda tion whatever, for the assumption (jf facts on which the majority of the committee ask Con. greis to east to tho four winds all law, truth, justice, and precedent, u> aid them in the ta?k of abolitionizing Kansas by Congressional action. w .. , No stronger proof of the injustfoa and ille - galiit^.of the recommendations of th? major ity of the oQtamJtU#, or of the want of foufi' d at ion for the statements on whioh those recommendations are pretecded to be based is needed, than the disposition mauifekted by m? Republican party to conceal from the public eye, m far M possible, this minority report. while falsifying its character by mis representing it. Verily, modern Republican ism ia the sheerest budget of false pretences and unfounded assumptions with which men ever essayed to oarry a political point. The Navy Retiring Board Question ? The monstrous accusations againat the Presi dent, the Seoretary of the Nary, and the members of the late Retiring Board with whioh so many newspapert hare groaned of late, and whioh have been uttered without stint elsewhere, are fast produeing that reac tion in popular sentiment that naturally re aults, in such eaaea, from overdoing things Thua, we hare aeen of late in the Boaton Daily Advertiser, the Philadelphia Bulletin, and the Richmond Enquirer11 powerful ar guments indicating the wiadom and propriety of the action of the Board, the Department, and the Executive in the matter; all of them explaining and contending that the aggre gate of the changea consummated were im peratively called for, and were conscien tiously and wisely made; and pointing out the fact that no such reform oan be carried out in any branoh of any public service with out generating just euch complaints as those which have been urged on Congress and the country in this case. It ia very olear to ua that nothing will be done by Congress by which the main points in the action of the (Government, under the late law for the reform of the navy, will be dis turbed ; and we have also every reason to believe that the virulence and vehemence with which that action has been aaaailed by here and there a press or the friends of an aggrieved individual, stand seriously in the way of tbe success of efforta before Congress to obtain relief for the more meritorious claims of the kind that are being urged on the Senate. This latter is to be regretted, though the blame for it must rest on the right shoulders. On those of the parties who, in the face of the facts, insist in effect that the Pres ident, the Secretary, and the Board did in the matter what was equivalent to entering into a base conspiracy to degrado and injure meritorious officers. The Vacant California Senatorship ? So far as Congress is oonoerned, the late victory of the Know Nothings in California has turned to ashes on their lips By the aotion of the Senats of that State, the choice of a successor for Senator Gwin has been postponed until | another Legislature shall be chosen. General Foote was only nominated by the Know Noth ings, when so to do was but to offer him a very empty compliment indeed That ia, after the election had been thus formally thrown over. Knowing the indomitable energy and sagacity and uniform success of Dr. Gwin when he sets about such a task as winning an election wherein be is personally interested, we feel assured that he will triumph in this contest. We rejoice over this prospect, because we be iieve that the interests of his State at Wash ington aro most deeply involved in hia re election. The TJ. S. Steam Frigate Merrimac.? It seems to be thought among naval men in Washington that Secretary Dobbin will short ly order the Merximao to come up from Nor folk to Annapolis, so that she may be visited by saoh members cf Congress as choose to avail themselves of the opportunity to examine tbe best specimen of steam naval architecture now afloat. The Current Operations of the Treatnry Department-?On Saturday, 8th of March, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For tto redemption of Stocka.... (36.605 67 For the Treasury Department... 134,669 27 For the Interior Department 41,826 24 For Cuatoms 223 52 War warrants received and en tered 2,709 65 War repay warrants received and entered * /'? 493 S3 From miscellaneous sources 25.374 76 From Customs 33,147 58 On account of the Navy 35,463 94 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, to-day, ere we went to press, many bills and resolutions were introduced and referred. In the oourse of these proceedings the fol" lowing bills were duly passed, One authorising the circuit counof the Dis trict of Columbia to regulate the terms of their aaid court, provided that they hold three terms annually. One, regulating punishment in the peniten tiaries under sentence of United States circuit or district oourta. As we go to press the Senate are in act of taking up the bill to inorease the efficiency of the army of the United States. In the House, on motion of Mr. Smith of Va., the Secretary of the Interior was re quested to communicate to the House the amount of money that may be required to complete the Little Falls bridge over the Po tomac, above Georgetown, on the plan adopted. Mr. Wbeelor offered a resolution referring to a select committee the subject of providing new Post Offices in New Yora, Philadelphia, Boston and Charleston ; not agreed to. It was then referred to the Post Office com* mittee. The regular order of husincss being oalled for, the House proceeded to the further cVn sideration of the resolution from the Eleetion committee granting them power to send for persons ana papers in the Kanaas contested election case. Mr. Crawford, who was entitled to the floor, addressed tho House against tbe resolution. iyv? ry few men, properly speaking, live, at present, but are preparing to live at another time. '? fyHeaekiah says that if his landlady knows beans, she wouldn't buy the article called " burnt and ground coffee." |y A friend of ouis has a dipper with which a philanthropist lately bailed out an unfortunate debtor. gy India rubber ladders don't answer as well as was supposed. There is a drawback connected with them?you climb all day with out getting up any. Beauty's Dovbtau.ih? M/chinb.?This in vention is said to execute the common dove tailing work in a very rapid and effective man ner. All the mortices or tenons, on end of the stuff aro cut simultaneously. One machine will do the labor of 30 persona working with mallets and ohisels in the ordinary manner. A Professional, PaarBKBNca.?" How do you like the character of 8t. Paul ?" asked a parson of his landlady one day, during a con flotation about the old aaints and the apos tles. " Ah, he was a food, clever old soul, I know, lor he once said, you know, that we | must eat what is set before as, and ask no I questionjpforcoa^ciencesake. I always thought I should like him for a lewder." 1 Kxpbriments witm Au7m*u*.-*Th*? metal melts at a degree of heat between that re quired for sine and that for qopper, And then ft oan be cast and mo\>lde4. It was appre hended for some time, thai aluminum Ml unalloyable with any other metal; pat thp experiments of Messrs. Tissiar bare demon? strata] that it will alloy with nlver, siftfl, tfn, anu compositions more or less fusible, buf melting ittWkef tban aluminum. The alloy with copper, wu!?'1 Mr Deville b*d suc ceeded to perform soon after Ml discovery, is remarkable tor its hardness and brittleneas. ? J ? it ? * PXR80NAL. .... Simm'i " Charlemont" it in the press. .... Ralph Waldo Emtrton la soon to oom menoe a court* of lectures in Boston. ....Dr Baird's lectures oa the Waldenses, at Louitville, did not draw, although fro*. ....Mr. Goo. H. Boker'tplayaand poemt will shortly bo issued in two volufeea. A V... Rev. Orrille Dewey ia lecturin* at CM^fctan. * ..!. Robert W. Frater, lata Conaul at Hali fax, haa been nominated and oonfirmed aa Constl at Nowoastle-npon-Tyne,-England. ' .... Harrison Heartwell, a wealthy cltiien of Brantwiek, Va., died eaddoaly ia Maoon Ga . on the 13th ult. ? *.? SA ? .... Geo. W. Greeni, onoe Coftaal at Rome, ia pnblishing a life of hit grand-father, Gen Greene . ?.. Col^ J. W. Forney, of Philadelphia, hat been appointed chairman of the Democratic 8tate Central Committee, of Pennsylvania. ... .Matilda Heron has gone to New Orleans. Her engagement at Cincinnati was popular and profitable. .... Richard Kelley, who waa arraigned for the murder of Corrigan, at Sylvester, C. W., and acquitted, haa been thot dead. Qp3 The Hebrewl, lately in aession atCleve land, have resolved to found a University at Cincinnati, for the education of their people. ....Mr. Brougham will publiah, early in the spring, a volume of t*les entitled " Irish Bcboes.'' It will contain half a doien stories, in the writer's richest vein of humor. .... Dr. A. G. Mackey is now delivering at Charleston hi* interesting, profound, and well-digested course of lecturea on the "Sym bolitm of Masonry." .... William S Messervey hat been elooted Mayor of Salem, by a majority of 55 votet over General William Stutton, the K. N can didate .... Cvfax, of the Hartford Times, the other day, had the curiosity to examine the contents of a plump partridge's crop and oounted seven hundred and forty apple tree buds. ,... Susan Denin failed at Cincinnati in lot, a character entirely too poetic for her cm Eacitiet. She and her sitter have gone to ouiaville. .... Sbakspeare well knew that there wat no true pathetic?nothing that can permanent ly lacerate the heart and embitter the tpeech, unlet* a woman it concerned. .... Robert Schuyler, the New York defaul ; ter, (who has been killed twice by printing

I ink.) is after all alive, in the little town of Brugge, Germany. .... Geo. W. Clinton of Buffalo, end Robert Kelley of New York, both Democrats, have been elected Regents of tho Univeraity, by the Legislature of New York. .... Major Crawley?every one knows the Major,?sued Horace Greely for a libel in tho Tribune, and was awarded $50, with costs of suit. Eyes right! .... Edward B. Oliver, a well known and highly gifted musician, will shortly open a Musical Institute in Pittefield, Massachusetts, at which a first rate musical education may be had by young ladiea. .... Mr. Ewbank estimates the population of Brazil, at 7,360.000, of whom 2,160,000 are whites, 1,100,000 are free colored people, 600,000 are domesticated Indiana, 3,120,000 are negro slavea, and 180,000 are free blackt. .... Col. DeWitt, Representative in Con gress from Massachusetts, is quite Bick at his bouse in Oxford, with rheumatio fever, and will probably be unable to leave home for his seat in Congress for the present. .... Mitt Adelaide Phillips has taken Mme. Didiee's place in Mr. Paiue's opera troupe now in Philadelphia. She made her debut in the character of Artaco, in the opera of Serni ramide, on Thursday evening. .... We are glad to learn that Mr V. Mc Kean, Esq , late Chief Clerk of the Clerk's office of the United States House of Hoprc sentatives, who hat been quite ill at his resi dence in this city for some days past, ia recov ering. ....Sir Allan Park, once said at a public meeting in London . "Of our civilization, our freedom, our laws, we forget entirely how much is due to Christianity. Blot Christianity out of the pages of mau't history, and what would his laws have been, what his civiliza tion?" ....Lieut Alvarado Hunter's funeral was attended by Edwin Forrest, ani several other civiliana, and many members of the service, including Captains Nicholson, Morris, and Rowcn, Lieutenants Babnett, Woodhull, Cras ton, and Haxtoa, Chief Engheer' Say, and Purser Hunter. ....W. H Aspiuwall has retired from tho Presidenoy of the Pacific Mail Company, and the agency of hit house in managing the busi ness of the Company at New York aas been surrended to the Bjard of Directors, of which Mr. W. H. Davidge, late Secretary, has been made President. ....Rev John S. Abbott it upheld by the N. Y. Independent, that radical of radical theets. at the author of a " Life of Napoleon" distinguished for " high toned christian char acter and devout conscientiousness." Bah! He stole the very idea of tho work from a manuscript submitted by another author to the Harpers. .... W. H. Hand, who served hit time in the Allentown (Pa ) Demoerat office, hat juat turned up fighting the Indians in Oregon He has lived in Philadelphia and New York, been on a whaling voyage, went into business in the Sandwich Islands, moved to California and is now a volunteer m Oregon. He ia about 21 years of ago. ' >. .... Liebig has of late made several impor tant discoveries in the elements of food. With these he has published an explanation of hit well known (and in Germany by no means appreciated) views of lager beer. As beer contributes nothing to the blood, Liebig main tains that, though it may have its valuo as a souroe of pleasure, and at invigorating the nervous system and respiration, yotohtmioal* ly apeaking, it ia almost worthless. .... Governor Minor, of Connecticut, hat ap pointod Friday, March 21tt, aa a day of fast* mg, humiliation, and prayer, in that State. This we regard as a movement in a right direction, as the day that designated is the Good Friday of the cccleaiastioal calendar? the dav observed by a largo portion of the Christian world, in oom mem oration of the death of the Savior. .... Win. H. Preacott, the eminent Ameri can bittorian, who resides at Groton, Mats., loat one eye when at college, by a blow from a crust thrown by a bov. The sight of the other wat to weakened by tympathy, that he cannot ute it. He accordingly uses the ap paratus invented for the blind?a ttylut, with tracing paper, and strings to guide the hand. Ho ia thus able to ait up at night and write without lighting a candle In thla way hit great historical labors have been perfected. ....Alexander Stuart, a swift compositor, died at Winchester, Va.. laat week. Hisdis* ease was consumption, brought on by an un Sroved and brutal assault by a band of row iea in New York, more than four yearf since, in which his ribs were probably crushed in upon the lungt, rendering him unoonacioua for teveral days, and from tbeeffeots of which he never recovered. He wat mitteken, in a dark night, for another person, against whom the assaulting partiet held a grudge. SVpoaBapnicAL Novxlty.?Messrs. Adams A Gee, printers in London, have found that metallic plates of thioknest of ordinary sheet tin may be yrinted qpon with usual printing type, if the plates be first coated with a com position, the secret of the inventor. If sheets thus printed be afterwards subjected to a cer tain Japanning process, an even, lustroas surface is produced, whioh cannot be acted upon except by a sbarD steel instrument. It requites no great contiaeratlon to ditoover that thit invontion ia of a very important cbaraoter. If may be applied in any inttance where printed ?? either to be exhibited, or even handled,'for m?y Jepgth of time; and mav be moil advantageously submitted for the hitharty mounted paper lessons. However soiled a copy of Jljfl ?*?tal pflnt may'become by exposure dust of ever? k#n4, ^ can be and vafhed ev?n jritjiont being faken off. The various ttofcafs Bigpanjret ?e pe placed on covers, oatkt, or other pareeli can now be affixed in the tame way . ? London Journal. ly1 wisdom ty Old Bomrbon whisky, worth $2 par gallon, ii shipped from Lwairvtlle, Kjr., to Scotland. gy Com plaint if the largest tribute heaven recti vet, ud the lincinrt pwt of #or devo tfett. r We start in life with a great stock of om, hut it ?rows and 1ms the further we go. Unfilial Wish or ? Msdical Stcdbst "Oh, that my father were seised with-a re mitttnt fever." philosopher who had married a vulgar but amiable girl, used to call har *' Br(*wr Sugar," because, he said, she was tweet but anretued: IvriKiTisiMAi..?There are more animals in the milt of a codfah that men on the whole earth?and a single grain is larger than four thousand ef them. A Sim.*.?An angry woman In a room is as bad aa a lighted cracker?for when onee she Soes off there's ao stopping her, and whtti eh* oes go is sure to be with a bang fy ? Why," said aa argumentative gen tleman, " it is as plain as that two and two make four." " iTiat I deny." retorted his antagonist, " for 2 and 2 make 22." jy A questioner is sometimes one who is really desirous of obtaining information ; bat more usually he assumes ignorance in order to display his own knowledge. tySomrf Turkish ladies at Scutari left their homes on aocount of the telegraphic wires having been carried over the roofs of the house. They Imagined that the wire could tell all their secrets ! fy A remarkable bard drinker, who was expiring, begged one of his friends to bring him a goblet of water, telling him " on cur death-beds we must be reconciled to our ene mies." jy An English paper says that during the year 1365 the Oriental Company's steamers tu>k out India and China silver to the value ofsix millions and a half sterling. It weighed about 720 tons. < ty The Charlottesville Advocate state* that Mr Marshall Baylies, of Fauauier, Powell known iuihat section of Virginia, and who left some time since for Kansas, has recently gained a suit in the Court of Appeals, by which he will realiie $30,000 CT* A letter from Portamouth, Va, dated March 7, 8 p. m., says that a fire had been raging there at the wood wharf, for two hours The entire block, with the old saw mill, be ing in a blase. PP*What is fashion7 Dinner at midnight, and headache in the morning. What is idle ness ? Working yellow mountains on a pink subsoil?or a blue-tailed dog in sky-oolored convulsions. What ia joy? To count your money and find it overrun a hundred dollars. Brutal IsouAnrrDB.?Scared individual dodging infuriated bull behind a tree?' You ungrateful beast you, vou wouldn't toss a consistent vegetarian, who never ate beef in his life, would you ? Is that the return yon make?" Practical Sciehcb.? -Grandma?Well, Charley, and what have you b*>en learning to day ? Charity?Pneumatics, tiran'ma !?and I can tell you such a dodge ' ?if I was to put you under a glass receiver, and exhaust the air, all your wrinkles would come out as smooth as Grandpapa's head ! His First Boots ?A youngster who bad 1'uet risen to the dignity of a pair of boot* with teels on, laid himself liable, through tome misdemeanor, to maternal chastisement. After pleading to get clear to no effect, be exclaimed? ? "Well, if I ve got to stand it, I mean to take off my boots " " Why ?" asked his mother. "Because I won't be whipped in them new boots, no how. That's so!" GREAT ATTRACTION AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL ?The Ladles' Fair will be continued three evenings longer ? THIS (Saturday) EVENING, and MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS of next wsek Music by the Band and Singing every evening mar 8-3t jREV. A. A W1LLITS. OF I'HIL | adelphla, will deliver a free Lecture to the Young Wen's Christian Association in the Hall of the Smithsonian Institution on MONDAY NIGHT, at 6 o'clock. Subject: " The Man for the Times?a bteu ideal of Character for Young Mtn." The public are respectfully Invited. mar 8 -8t ,THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET lng of the Democratic A??oclatinn of Georgetown will b* held at Forrest Hall M ON ? DAY EVENING, March 10th, at 7* o'clock. All the member are requested to be present as the election of officers witl take plare mar 8??t G KROUSE.fccc .GEORGETOWN CORPORATION TAXES.?All persons indebted to the Corporation of Georgetown for taxes of every des cription, whether under the general tax ordi nances, or thc*e Imposed for lirprovemen s are hereby notified that the same mutt be paid to the subscriber wiihout delay, as he has be?=n em powered and directed to close his collect ons In the most auramary manner. As all per le.4 so In dubtel have long ninoe had their accounts de livered to them, and their payment reqies'ed, they must not expect to be again called upon In person. Those wno miy wish to avoid the heavy expenses consequent upon deatrains, will ple**e call oa either of my brothers?George Jewell or Henrv C Jewell?at the corner of High and Gav streets, Georgetown, who are authorised to give receipts In my behalf. THOMAS JEWELL. Collector of Taxes Georgetown, March 7tb, !3fig. mar 7? tf DENTAL NOTICE. Dr hoffar may be found on and after Tuneday next, the 11th Inst M at his cfflce, ready to attend to profes sional engagements mar 10-lte RAN AWAY ON SATURDAY LAST from the subscriber, JAMLSCLAGETT an ap prentice to the dyeing business AH persons are warned not to harbor aaid boy under the penalty of the law J T BERKLEY mar 10?3t* Penn. av., opposite Iron Hail. FLORA'S DICTIONARY, by Mrs Wirt. New and enlarged edition, with very nume rous engraved illustrations, some plain, others beautifully cok**d from Nature, in various fine and ornamental bindings?price $6 and f0 Sold for the publishers by mar 10 FRANCE TAYLOR AC A R D .?THE ATTENTION OF THE ladles and gentlemen of the District and the public In general Is respectfully Invited to the ex tensive sale of fln<* Flint Gla*s. China and Crook? eryware, which will take place at 10 o'clock on TUESDAY, the 11th Instant, at my Auction Rooms, 526 Seventh street, corner of D. The stock is large and of a good quality, and win be sold In lots to suit purchasers For further particulars see advertisement. mar 10-It A. GREEN, Anet. WILL LEAVE SHORTLY. Madame r respectfully informs the public In general, that she will give in formation In all the Affaire relating to Life, Health, Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys, Law Suits, DIMcultlee In Businees, Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and In respect to all other subjects. She la also able to tell the age* of per sons by reading numbers. She can be ccasulted at all hours of the day and evening Her name is on the do?r ? at No. 1 ih street corner of D, on the left hand side. 6enC?men 50 cents and ladies 15. marl0-2w* SINGER'S Improved Sewing Machines. Te which waa granted the highest Award si the Paris Kxhibtllea, thsreby receiving the World's verdict af Superiority. fftHE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA 1 chine has simplified them In many respects, and they are capablt of executing twice the amount of work they did formerly In any given They am without question the only Machine ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for names* can ba sewn by any of these machinos by a simple chance of needle and thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only sifr Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable. and not likely to get eat of order. .. . . We hsvs machines with guages attached, for binding hate, cap fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowe?t rites Persons desirous of Information regarding Sew > co, 105 Baltimore street, BaltlMM^ N. B ?We fro ptepared to exchange these n ? chi ape fee old i*achl*M of any kind Terra 1 fc eral Persons who haye been Induced to purchase inferior machine* under the pretext of being cheap, will find this a benefit indeed. mar 10?tf AMTTSEMEHTTS KUNRKL A CO ....LHJKM, JOHN T FORI) 90I.E MANAGER Also of Holllday-streeC Baltimore. ard M*r?ha!l Thfl**. Rlchmoad, Vtrrlala. The Third Dramatic RtpmutotiM of the sea ?on will take p:ace on MONDAY KTKNINO, March 10th. The Second appearance of MR X EDDY Whose HTorU on the last cccasloB elicited the Mt praises, ?1U appear, by permis ?Ion of Mr E Potim u JACK CASE. Id Judge Conrad'? great play of that name Mr Eddy's delineation of this character at the Holiday street T*taat*e excited no much eathuai. asm aa to compel (he Mam*era to repeat the place three times; on each occasion ha w?? twice called before tbe curtain bv the wild excttemant of the large audience preeest. OB MONDAY EVENING, March 10th, Judge Conrad * great play of JACK. CADE! Jack Cade ? a????w*??????a e???*??#??? Mr ?. Eddv Lord Say Mr Jack Friar l<acy Mr Lanadoa Clifford ...Mr. Hnggs Mariinna Mra Proctor Widow Cade Mm German The whole to conclude with a FAVORITE F&ACE. Pjccaa or Admissio* To Boxee aad Par quotieA) cent*; Family Circle and ?aliene? M oanta No extra charge for Reeerved Seete Box Sheet open from 10 oatll ? o'clock Box Oflca open everyday. ft MR. DEMPSTiri SfcooJ Original Ballad Entertainmmt WILL BE GIVEN AT CARUSl'S SALOON, Ob MONDAY EVENINO, March 10, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING SONGd - I "The Rainy Day," 44 Morning. Noon, and Night," 14 Lamentof the I lah Emigrant," ''The Barring o' the Door,** ? Hlgb'a'd Mary.'* "Oh' poortlth cauid and repass low," "The Death <f Warren," "I'b alone, all alone," ?4A Man'a a inan for a* that." " Dnncna ?fay." and ?? Tbs May QBBea," la three parts The whole accom panied an a Chlekerlug Piano Farte. furnished bv the pfllTtetwa of Mr Davie Tickets FIFTY CENTS To ooanmetw* at S o'clock. mar 6-4t A GRAND FIREMEN'S BALL will aa atrca ?r tii Columbia Engine Co., No. 1, AT TBS WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Oa EASTER MONDAY, March *4, 1Mb. THE MANNER IN WHICH THE COM pany has conducted their prevlooa Ball* Is a eure guarantee that this one will glee pleaanre and satisfaction to all who mav be j-reaent. Ekputa's full Cornet atd String Band hare been encaged ?upper ard Refreshments ulll be furnished by an experienced hand Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentle man end ladles. ?iu?lir( CommttUt. Isaac Beers, Jaa A. Brown, J as Coleman, Geo Follansbae, Thos E Young. inar ?,?,10,12,14,ISAdSt (^O TO ELLIS'S T inar 8 FOR CHEAP GOODS G LLIS'S STORK la 300 PeaasylvaBla avenue, Bear Tenth street. mar 8 FOR HIRE?A NEGRO MAN, (SLAVE.) accustomed to running a ste^m engine mar 8 ?3t* RICHARD WALLACH. NOTICE?A FINH SET OF ROLLING SCENERY, comprising twelve arene*. for sale on reasonable term*. Apply tt the National Theatre. mar 8?tf OYSTERS. JUST RECEIVED. A FINE LOT of FREfcU SALT OYSTERS For sale bvj the gallon or barrel. at R SCHWARZE Oyster Oilar mar 8-3t corner of 11th and E street uu I oi r K n '?:w MATS! HATS! The most popular spring style I of gentlemen's Dress HATS now La d 'gSc All G?Btlamen having peculiarly ehap?d^^M heada can, with the use of a patent Conform tear have the *xact size and shape taken, and base a hat made to fit the head pfeaaaatly at ti e short est notice B H.8TINEMETZ, Practical Hn'ter 1'a av bet 14th and 13th eta mar 8?lw More new jewelry, watches, Silverware, Ac. Diamond, Pearl. Camoo. Florentine Mosaic, La va. and Plain Sets, complete Diamond Broochee. Ear and Finger King* Diamond Cmtsai. Studs. Plus. Ae Ladles' and Gentlemen's eitra fne Watrhes Gentleman's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains Ladles' new ct>le Chatelaine and Fancy Guards Pure silver Tea Se's, rlchlv ejaboeeed Walters, Goblets, Curs. Spoons. Forhs, Ladies And every variety of Fancy SILVERWARE, suitable for'presents The tbove are all of tte latest styles, just re ceived and offtred unusually low M W. GACT A BRO , mar 8 JH Pa av. bat Oth and '?b ?u LOST A LEATHER WALLET contaialuK l one fifty dollar gold piece, of California lsaue. and a two-hundred dollar note of ha'd Tbe flnder will be libera llv rewarded by ltavlng It at this oRce. H B HURToN. ? 7?3t N A -3te ID TO ifi Lost?on thesth instaht. either in Washington or Georgetown, a carved GOLD BRACELET, with two locktt * attached, one of them tearing the initials of E H. A suit able reward will be given If left at this oflee, < r with Hartley A Brother, Water street, (i-oye town. _ mar 7?? LOST ?A ROLL OF NOTES. amounting to S195 Any pe'fous finding ins same, will recti v S100 reward upon laa^ng It with C J BURCH, Fouitesnth atreet, or W P HUMPH REY. mar# HOOPS FOR THE CHILDREN ; / LSO, Building Blocks, Graces, Tea Sett*. Doll* and Heads. Railroads with a general assortment af TOYS, lor sale by mar 7?3t LAMMOND, Sr , 7th street. SPRING STYLE HATS, 1S1I. OW READY AT MATTINGLY'S FASH lonable Hat and Cap Establishment Also, a fire assortnr.eut of youths' and gents' black and brown Felt Hats at the low<*U prices No 994 Feventh atreet mar "?3t* FINE W ATCH REPAIRING. PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO Repa'rlng cf fine Watches bv J A. W ATSoN. experienced practical Walch maker, 50 Bridge etrtet, ibolow the Poet ORce,) Georgt-town, D. C. I Clocks kept In repair by the year. Jewelry neatly mended. mar 7?3t* LADIES, PLEASE RYA?: k JUST ARRIVED FROM KINGSTON, JA malca, W. I., and la store for sale by the sub scriber : 4 dot PRIME cordial, particularly for ladiea* use. Also. f< r gantlemtn, a few dosea rf PRUNk DR ^ M. so much este?a;ed for Its virtues ft?r th? benefit of health, about eleven to one o'cloca Not to be h:d In any other etore but at JONAS P LEVY'S, 474, Pennsylvania avenue Wines, Liquors, Se^ars, atd Ine Grocerlr-e mar 7?tf MEDICAL ?'ARl? Doctor stanIstas hf.rnisz, reg ular Practitioner of H maopsthy Office. ?231 corner F and Fourteenth atreats Consults tions from 10 a. m , to 3 p m. Do-tor btanlslas Hernial, havlne returned fr?"' Europe with improved health, wiu attend to ik? practice of his profession. Le Docteur pari* Francala Der Doctor sprlcht Deutsrh. El Doctor habla Espanrl U Dotioie parla Italiano mar t- 9m* INDIA) the PEARL of PEARL HI* ?*? I by F D EN Soathworlh. SI Learning to Thlak, by Abbott. CO cents United fctate*. Canada and Cubt, by Miss ray, fl. Putnam's Magaztnt for March, is cants Harper's do Aa da Hecri De L'tour. or the Oamrade* n Arms, M F. Qxnl b 50 caota Aaaaal of 8cleatlfi<- Discoveries, or Tear Boo* of Faefc, for'85i; ti tt Par sole by B I LUNDV, mar 7-tr No. 146 BrUreet, A CARD. WALL, BARNARD A CO , AwcT?"f?? A?adoMMiasioB M?ac?sBrs^c? sylvamxa ar?ssi ami 0ik *,r#*i*'TL Cntnutr4 rsi cash r* p .r J?1B> w> iixcvi. ?ui u m m<-t reev<ne tate, or anv other Goods, opt* ?e "k ble terms They will make liberal casn ?