Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY March 13, 1PJ6. (17* Advertisement* should b? banded In by la o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. ITT" Asbnt* rot thi 9ta>.?Tbe following persons are authorized to contract for tbe publication of advertisements In Th* Star: Pkxhuiflpkim?V B Pal***, northwset cor ner of Fifth and Chestnut street*. Sew Y?rk??. M. PaTTiwaiLt A Co*, Nmao Btreet. Bourn?V. B. Palm**, Scollay'a Building jjjT Job P*intimo.?Our friends and patron* are notified that we are now prepared to execute every kind of Job PaiMTizte with despatch and In the best manner, at price* a* low aa In any other otfice In Washington. Job Printer* arealso notified that we are pre{>ared to do every descrip tion of preee- work that can be executed on double cylinder and Adams' power-presses. S*o, also, b** tbe Star otfice a Book Bindery con reeled with It. equal In iu capacity to turn out book binding of ail dencrlpttlons to an) other in the District of Columbia. SPIRIT OF THIS MORNING PRESS The Union rejoices over the New Hamp shire election, wherein the Democrats havo gained at* ut 8,000 on the popular vote and 120 members of the Legislature. Of the re port, of Judge Douglas, read in the Senate yesterday, the Unton says : '? Mr Douglas made a report, as chairman the Committee on Territories, on yesterday, which is destined to exert a powerful influ ence on the popular decision of the questions involved in the Kansas difficulties. It is the most thorough and elaborate investigation of these questions that has ever been made, and is marked by a depth of research and a power of argument which will place it amongst the ablest State papers that have at any time emanated from Congress Mr Douglas sus tains unanswerably the positions on which all truly national men stand in regard to the slavery question. He has erected a bulwark of historical truth, conclusive reasoning, and constitutional deduction which will defy the attacks ot the champions of sectionalism We will nor undertake, from merely hearing the report read, te give a synopsis of its con tents. If its length shall prevent us from publishing it entire, which we should much regret wo will at least make sueh copious extracts in our next issue that our readers will be fully able to appreciate Mr Douglas's unanswerable facts, his unassailable reason ing. and hi.* impregnable conclusions." The Inttlligcncer quotes Mr. Washburne's opinion of the great value of Mr. Flagg's ,lRi port on the Commercial Relations of the United State*. " prepared under the direction of the Secretary of State uLder a resolution of Con gress, and joins that gentleman in profusely complimenting the author and his work. Hope Ok ! ?The Pacific has r.or been at sea ever fifty days, ai.d there arc no definite t:dings of ber. A dispatch from Glasgow brought by the Arabia, says : '? The fcteainer Edinburgh, frcui New York, passed, Feb. 7. large quantities of broken ic?? Saw in it a quantity of broken cabinet furni ture. together with five ornamental doors, with white or glas? hand! *, a ladies' wo-k b"X. and other articles, such as are common in the cabins of first class steamers." This gives rise to fearful apprehensions, but on the other hand, the N Y. Mirror says that if the Pacific entered the immense ice fields, seen and reported by .various other vessels, she might have become so entirely surrounded and locked in, as to be compelled to remain until the ice gave way. Canadian Opinio*.?The Montreal Herald impartially gives it readers the correspond ence on the ''Enlistment question," approving the President's publication of the same, and expressing its opinion "that Lord Palmeraton would have aoted more wisely had he consent ed to lay it before the British Parliament and people, as ealled for by Mr. Roebuck. The Montreal editor also copies an article from the Liverpool Times, which concludes thus : '*We fear that Mr Crampton is not a very prudent man, as no one with due reflection would have countenanced such a policy, which commenced in ridicule and is in a fair way of terminating in blood. If it be true as wc have seen it stated, that he left Washington for Nova Scotia to promote the enlistment, we can only gay that his indiscretion ought to have i..Juv.ed the British Government to recall him without waiting for a demand of the kind to proceed from the he><d of the American Gov ernment. He ought to have known belter than to act in this way, and a man who has resided so long in America, and evinced such ignorance of the national character as not to have anticipated the outburst which condust like this was sure to provoke, is clearly un fit fcr the high duties confided to his hands." Asothir American Thu mpi.?The follow ing article, translated from the Pant Moni t*vr of February 21st, is the record of another victory gained by American inventive talent in Europe : 4 Tbe Emperor, accompanied by the Minister (A rt at, an aid-de-camp, and an officer of ord nance, went on the 2d of February to the Seine, near the Military School, to witness some experiments made to exhibit the quali ties <f a military carriage, of corrugated metal, that Mr i ranees, of New York, had constructed to present to his Majesty. Mr. I rancis commenced by giving 3ome in. formation on the mode of construction, and on the processes employed in giving great strength to a very thin and very light metal, and furnished a proof of it by striking the wagon body with all his strength, blows redoubled, and at tbe same point, with a large, long handled hammer, lie afterwards caused the wagon, with all its equipments, to be launched In the water, were it floated like a boat The m,Cn *ho.wer* in >t, to the number of sixteen, placed themselves in a mats on the sides, without bemg able, in spite of all their effort* to make the sides sink to the level of the water. The wagon was afterwards taken into the current of the river, to ?how that a load could by this means be trasported from one bank to the other, without being necessary to take off the wheels, so that a train of the?e wagons could continue to follow their route without delay. Afterwards, the running-gear having been detached, the body was manoeuvred separate ly, like a boat, with oars. . " These experiments obtained the approba tion of his Majesty, who had tbe goodne?s twice to call Mr Francis and congratulate him on bis success o???d Mr. Fr.nci. to giro -boot hi, metallic boats which have obtained ereat celebritv .odI of which th, rcd.u .f" ^"h. .^' f K^r. Al:iDleK XaSiD,ltion ?*??*? larted more ? ?Urw ?bowed the interest which be .ook in these iuventions as beinz an important improvement for the rmy and ma nne service. J " At the same time Mr. Francis informed his Majesty of official news received from the luited S'ates army, giving account of an ex pedition of 1,500 miles over very bad route*? *'? expedition during which bia wagons had eros^el rivers, floating with their cargoes from ' ne shore to the other, without any water course having been able to arrest their march." t^The coupon bonds held by Geo. Pea a ,7 w,I. D<*on! un<i?r a transfer from Seldon, Wither* A Co , lost in tbe steamer Arctio, and now prayed to be replaoed by a new .ssue, are olassed by the Petersburg In telligencer among '-the mysteries of finance '? The work on Steven's Steam Batterv f?r the defence of New York Harbor hIn been resumed with some prospect, afte'r all, the knowing ones say, of finishing it in the course of another twelvemonth. The report thao application has been, or is to be made to Congrew, for another appropriation, is a mis I WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP, 8aving Life ?It affords us great pleasure to publish the following report from an officer of the United States Revenue Marine, which demonstrates most eloquently and forcibly the great benefit resulting from the system of using the Revenue Cutters of the Government as relief ships on our inclement and dangerous ooasts, in the winter, when their services can be spared to make the hasardous and gallant voyages incident to such efforts in the cause of humanity. Surely no one interested in commerce on the ocean can fail to appreciate the debt of gratitude due from merchant-ship owners, masters and crews, to the Secretary of the Treasury, to whom the country i? in debted for the initiation and successful prose oution of this new system of employing the Yessels under the Treasury Department's order* during the season of disastrous ship wrecks upon the coats of the United States. The report is dated " U. 8. Revenue Cutter Caleb Cushirg, Harbor of Portland, Maine, March 5th, 1856," and is as follows : Sir: I have the honor to report the arrival of this vessel at this anchorage this morning, at 2 a. m. Cape Elizabeth Lights, bearing north four miles, it being very dark and cloudy, beard loud and piercing cries y>pa rently ooming from persons in distress, I im mediately dispatohed an officer and six men in the direction of the sound. At 3 a m. the boat returned on board, having taken from the rigging the first officer and five seamen of the l>ark David Nichois of Searsport, Me., Capt. P. C. Sweet, with cargo of molasses, for Portland. They reported that the vessel was going eight knots, and striking some floating ice which proved to be very thick, she wns sut through, and sank immediately in nine fathoms of water. They also reported that the captain, second officer, and one seaman bad succeeded in getting on some planks which were found drifting about the vessel, with the hope of reaching the shore. I immediately dispatched a boat in search of them. A 4.30, a m , the boat returned, having succeeded in finding the second officer and seaman. They were found in the ice. which was drifting in laige quantities around them. The Captain had fallen through the ice and perished. Four of the men, one much frosted, during the day. remained around the wreck, and succeeded in saving a part of her sails and riggirg At 4, p. m., recovered the body of the captain and took it on board. At 5, p. m , got under weigh, and have run into this port. So soon as the men and mate rials saved c?n be landed, I will immediately go to sea again. I am, sir, with high respect, your most obe dient servant. Green Waldro*.Capt. U. S. R. M. Hun. J. Guthrie, Sec ry of the Treaty, Ac. The Caucus.?The Republican managers in Congress are chagrined ever their want of auccess in the result of their caucus convened in the House hall on Tuesday night last. They hoped that they would have roped in more or less of the National Know Nothings, to go there and pledge themselves to support any candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency who may be nominated by the Republican party. They had previously bagged Messrs. Campbell, Purviance, Todd, and one or two others, of Pennsylvania, and Messrs. Pelton and Wakeman, of New York elected rather as American-party men than as anti-slaveryites, and expeoted fully to se cure at least half a dozen more. But their " haul" was a dry one. Not an additional soft or '? green" customer fell into the meshes of their net; and what was worse, it was found that nearly a dozen of those who voted for Mr. Banks, took occasion to make it plain that they are not going to act in the fall with the Republican organisation These gentle men having already seen quite enough for their shilling, not only failed to attend, but gave as their reason for so doing thoir want of identification or sympathy with the new party.for whose benefit the caucus was called. The Pire-Arm? Men.?Among those from a distance now in Washington, are an unusually large number of gentlemen interested in pat ent arms; the consideration in Congress of the bill to increase the efficiency of the army, which proposes to expend a considerable sum in improved fire arms, having attiasted them hither. They have, among them, a dosen different kinds of rifles, muskets, pistols, Ac., nearly all of them being decided improve ments on the arm? now in use in ibo public service. An inspection of their samples shows that we are advancing quite as rapidly in tae art of killing as in any other art whatever. The difficulty will be in deciding which of the very many decided improvements will be most available for the publio service The class of persons who have them in charge, ere famous for oarrying smooth tongues in their heads, and are generally able to argue, each in favor of his own gun, as astutely as any Philadelphia lawyer, for his client. The War Department and the House and Senate Com mittees on Military Affairs may make up their minds te undergo a cross fire ordeal from them, almost as much to be dreaded as a crose fire from their several patent weapon?. The Case of Dr. Simons.?The reader will find on the outside of the S:ar of this date, sundry affidavits bearing on the case of Dr. >im'jns, lately dismissed from the army in ac cordance with the decision of a oourt martial, for leaving his post during the prevalence of cholera there. It is to be regretted that the evidence embraced in these affidavits wa3 not before the court martial whose action made it obligatory under the circumstances, on the President, to sever the connection of Dr. S with the army. No gentleman connected with it has a larger oircle of personal friends, all rf whom retain their confidence in him as a chivalrous, accomplished and high toned gen tleman and professional man. We are per suaded that among the most disagreeable duties the present Executive has been called on to perform, was that of acting on the evi dence before the court martial and its finding, rather than on all the facts of Dr. Simons's case, as they are now coming to light. Sleeping in "Meetin'."?We have fre quently heard of a fact that was forcibly called to our mind, yesterday, in the House hall? vis : that Horace Greeley almost invariably falls asleep when in church. Parson Trafton, of Mass., was addressing the House upon the Kansas contested election case, his style of oratory being critically j ulpitisb; more so than that of any other member we ever heard in the chamber. Horace went into a balmy slumber shortly after the reverend gentleman commenced hia effort, and sat fast asleep in one of the reporter's elevated seats, in full view of and facing the House, until the con clusion of Mr. T.'s hour! ' In a Bad Way.?Elsewhere we comment to day on^the disappointment of the Republican party managers over their failure to gain a ?ingle point through their cauous of the night before last. But that is by no means the worst of their present troubles. They hare cme to the conclusion that It impo^ sible for them to win in No\ embir ncx? unless j they conciliate and form a junction with the National American*. That can only he ac eompliihei by the surrender of a portion of their ultraism on the ?lavery question To make any such surrender wiil be to insure that their ultra anti-slavery wing the life, loul, bone, sinew and muscle of their present organisation?will promptly desert them for the Abolition party of Gerritt Smith, Tappan A Co. Thus, they are between two fires, and sannot escape ore without rushing into the ather. A jolly time of it they are having, truly. The U S. Sloop-of-war Portsmouth is now preparing at the Norfolk (Va ) navy yard, to join the East India squadron. The following ire the officers who hare been ordered to join tier, vis : Commander, A. H. Foote; Lieuten mts?Wm. H Macomb, H. K. Davenport, Edward Simpson, P. G. Watmough ; Master, Fras. E. Shepperd ; Surgeon, Andrew A. Hen ierson ; Assistant Surgeon, John Vansant; \ctiDg Boatswain, Paul Atkinson; Gunner, fames A Gates; Carpenter, JosephG. Myers; Jailmaker, George C. Bcerum. The Wheeling, Va., Custom Bouse and ?cst Office, &C.?We learn that the Treasury )epartment have called, by publication, for ho proposals for the construction of the new loyernment building at Wheeling, Ya. ? to Lcccmmodate the custom house, post ofeee and Jnited States courts there. Resignation of an Army Officer ?The res ignations of Captain Thomas It McConnell, :th infantry, and Second Lieut. Edwin F. TowcEend, 34 artillery, have been accepted >y the President, to take effect March 11, 856. Death of Army Officer ?Captain Charles ?. W ooster, 4th artillery, died at Fort Brown, Texas, February 14, 1856. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 13th of March, .here were of Treasury warrants entered on ;he bocks of the Department? For the Treasury Department... 83.517 72 For the Interior Department 11.246 39 For Customs 2,667 81 War warrants received and en tered 297;938 48 Wr.r repay warrants received and entered 230,338 48 From miscellaneous sources 144 38 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the 8euate, yesterday, after we w?nt to press, Mr. Douglas concluded his report from the majority of the Territories Committee on Kansas affairs. It embraces a history of Amer ican slavery in this country, and enters at somo length into its constitutional relatione It states that the institution existed in all the colonies; and of the original thirteen States, six have retained it, while in seven it has been abolished Since then, eighteen new States have been admitted into the Uniun, nine of which has chosen to come in as free States, and nine as slave States. Every new State desiring admission into the Union has a right to come in on terms of equality with the old States, regulating her domestic institu tions and internal concerns in her own way, subject to the Constitution The report refers to this principle as embo died in tho Nebraska and Kansas bill, and condemns the combinations entered into in certain sections of the country to control the destiny of the future State of Kansas; quotes extracts from a pamphlet entitled "Organira tion, Objects and Plan and Operations of the Emigrant Aid Society,"1 also "A Description of! Kansas for the Information of Emigrants " The report argues that no State has a right to pass a law with regard to any Territory which it could cot pa*s in reference to any other State, or any foreign government, and proceeds to give a detailed history of the elections held in Kansas, at which the territorial legislature was chosen. It denies that the illegal votes said to have been cast nullify the election, or that the removal of the seat of government rendered the action of the legislature null and void. Next the report discuses the Topeka Con vention declares that the powor to govern a territory being vested in Congress, the people have no right to annul territorial laws oy ac tion in a private capacity It is 'proposed to carry out the recommendations of the Presi dent in his special message, by the passage of an aot providing for the election of delegates by the people to assemble in oonvention and form a State constitution preparatory to admis sion into tho Union on an equal footing with original Sta'ss, as soon as the population shall amount to 93,420 souls; and the committee will also move an amendment to the general appropriation bill, appropriating such an amount as may be found necessary for the purposes of maintaing good order and enforc ing the execution of the laws in Kansas. Mr Collamcr presented a minority report from tho same committee; which was also read at length for the information of the Sen ate. It takes the anti slavery side of tho questions involved in the Kansas imbroglio, and embraces the arguments and pleas com mon to the oratorical efforts in favor of that cause. On a motion to print these reports a'debate sprang up on their merits respectively, where in Messrs. Sumner, Douglas, Brown, Seward, Wade, Pugh, and others participated; when the motion to print was agreed to. Sundry reports of committees were then made ; after which they adjourned. In the House, Mr. Trafton concluded his speech in favor of the resolution authorising the Elections Committee to send for persons and papers in the Kansas contested election case. Mr. Davis, of Md , addressed the House against the resolution. Mr. Wakeman argued at length in its favor. And then, pending a motion to adjourn, Mr Meacham, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported a bill to define the rights of voters and the duties of commis sioners of elections in the city of Washington, and for other purposes; which was read twice. [This bill is substantially Ihe same as that heretofore introduced by Mr. Meacham. and referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. It omits, however, the provision which makes tho oath of a person whose right to vote is challenged prima facie evidence of the possession of that right; and also provides for those persons whose names may have been omitted from the poll list by the assessors.] Mr. Meacham moved that the bill be refer red to the Committee of the Whol# on the State of the Union. Mr. Jones, of Tenn , dicLeiot think that the bilj oontained any thing that required the reference proposed by the gentleman from Vermont. He suggested that it be postponed until Tuesday next Mr. Meacham modified bis motion in accor dance with the suggestion of the gentlensan ; and it was agreed to. And then the House adjourned. Note ?Among the resolutions introduced into the House yesterday, and adopted, was one moved by Mr. Galloway, aj follows : Resolved, That the Judiciary Committee be requested to inquire into the judicial expenses of the District of Columbia, and to suggest luch amendments to the laws regulating the tame as may be deemed proper. Preeee4ii|? ef Te-Day* In ths Senate, to-day, before we went to press, a number of petitions and bills were ntroduced, and sundry reports were made Nothing of publio interest transpired in that :hamber up to that hour, when they were ibout again taking up Mr Bigler's resolution *> subscribe for copies of ''Kill's Arctic Expedition," with Mr. BrodheadT amend Bent to reward Dr. K. with $25,000, instead >f subscribing for his books for the use of the ..era**. In tho ?lcoie, Mr. Ready presented resolu* tions of the Tennessee Legislature in favor of lightening the duties on railroad iron. Mr. R. moved their reference to the Com merce Committee. This motion was debated by Messrs. Jones of Tennessee, Campbell of Pennsylvania, Campbell of Ohio, and Ritchie, in favor of its reference to the Ways and Means Committee ; which was agreed to Mr. Ready introduced a bill to remit and refund the duty on railroad iron ; referred to the Ways and Means Committee. Shortly afterwards the House proceeded to the consideration of the special order?the resolution Authorizing the Eleotions Commit tee to Fend for persons and papers in tho Kansas oontcstod election case. Mr. Purvlnncc, who was entitled to the floor, addressed the House in favor of the resolution. PERSONAL. .... D'Aroy McGeelectures in Philadelphia to-night. .... Hon. Jacob A. Westerrel, of N. Y., is at Willard's Hotel. .... Adelaide Phillips is singing at the New York opera. ....West's panorama of China will be brought here in April. ....Mr. Yincent Wallace has just arrived in London after a long sojourn in Amerioa. ....Fanny Kemble is giving readings at Brighton. ....Capt, Nye, the popular translantio commander arrived in the city yesterday, and is at Willards. .... Powell's picture of De Soto is unmerci fully criticised by Belle?we mean " T. B " in an " intercepted letter." ....E. Meriam, the weather-man, says, ?' how long the oold weather will continue no one can tell!" ....James Draper, Esq, of Weymouth Mass , made a donation of two hundred dol lars to the Public Library in that town. .... Rev. Dr. Oldham, of the University of Oxford, while on a visit at Rome, has adjured

Protestantism and embraced the Roman Cath olic religion. .... Mr. Bright, M. P., has been unable to resume his seat in Parliament this session, in consequence of indisposition arising from an i affection of the livor and bilious attack. ....Mrs Hoar, wife ef Hon. 8- Hoar, of Concord, Mass , is tho only surviving child of Hon Roger Sherman, one of the singers of the Declaration of Independence. .... CasMus M. Clay says his creditors have allowed him to go on, and he will be able to pay all his debts and have a handsome estate left. He did not lose a dollar this season in the pork trade. ....Mr. Cooper, the thin, nervous, spicy local editor of the Rochester Union has teen elected Alderman in that city. Asaconre- ' qunoe, we have not reoeived the Union for two days past, but we don't intend to " let it slide " .... David Leavitt, the esteemed reporter of the Boston Journal, has been appointed Ju&tice of the Peace by Gov. Gardner. He has now the right to peform the marriage ser vice, and all such bonds rivetted by the tew 'Squire will be as firm and lasting, while his gnllanty will make the bride's first kiss a suf ficient recompense. .... Edward Riddle, Esq., of Boston, was nn effective orator in the late New Hampshire campaign. In his speech at Portsmouth. N. H., on Saturday last, he spoke of the Presi- ! dent in glowing terms of admiration, and his allusion to that distinguished publio officer were responded to with cheer upon cheer by the enthusiastic audience who knew so inti- , inr.tely the object of the orator's appropriate eulogy. ....According to an announcement in ' Tuesday morning's Setinel, Charles Maurice Smith E*q., of Va., who has been one of ite 1 editors since it came into being, has retired from its tripod. We part with Mr S. with regret, because he is a gentleman of oharaoter, talents, and attainments, whose connection with the press of the Federal Metropolis ally graced it. We sincerely wish him success and happiness in whatever future he propose* for himself. Utah?We learn by recent advices fr?m Great Salt Lake that Governor Young recom mends the early call of a convention for the purpose of forming a State constitution and the taking of the census, preparatory to ask ing the present Congress to admit Utah as a State into the Union. Propositions have been made for establish ing a steamboat route for fi eight. It is thought that steamboats can ascend tne Missouri as far %s the Great Fall, from which point keel boats ascend the tributaries that have their sources in the vicinity of the headwaters of Snake and Green rivers, whence goods can be wagoned a short distance to either Green or Bear river. By Green river, fl'it boats will bring freight within one hundred and sixty miles of Salt Lake city, and by Bear river within sixty, but requiring ajlonger stretch of wagoning from the Missouri tributary; so that the advantages are about equal, unless the state of the wagon ro*ds should give a preference. Last year, six firms of Great Salt Lake city had carried there at a cost of seventeen cents per lb , five hundred and thirteen tons of merchandise, requiring three hundred and four wagons, and three thousand two hundred and ten oxen, with a loss of seven hundred and twenty-two of the latter. This great transpcr tation tax, which is a heavy burden to the in habitants of Utah, could be no doubt materi ally reduced" by the projected route, besides giving a greater impetuosity to trade between there and the States. ?-^s?MKDICAL INSTRUCTION ?In ot der to complete his class, Dr. J. E. MORGAN will rccelve two or three young men In his office as Students. Clinical lectures will be delivered and examinations held once a week, mar 13?lt? *^3a?l AVAIL MYSELF OF THIS PUB 11c mode of conveying my heartfelt tbanka to my friends and neighbor* on the Island, who so kindly and zealously saved my prope-ty from the flames on (he morning of the 12th inst. 1 am fully convinced that without their assist ance I could not have saved my house. _lt* JOHN N. TROOK f^S&AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, KB TO-MORROW (Friday) EVENING, occurs MISS DARLING'S Flrnt Select Enter tainment in Washington Longfellow's famous Indian l'oem, " HI\WATUA," will be rejited by her with great elocutionary power and dra matic e fleet. See programmes and bills of the day. 2t ?-^3s?LECTURE.?MRS DR SAYER has kindly consented to deliver a Lecture for the benefit of the Columbia Library, at Columbia Hall. Capitol Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, the 14th instant, at 8 o'clock. Admittance 25 cents. mar It ^2=aNOTICE ?THIi OFFICE OF THE Sv_9k Oak Hill Cemetery Company has been removed to Room No. 1 second floor of Cisseirs Building, on the northeast corner of Bridge and Congress streets, Georgetown mar 11-3t HENRY KING, Treasurer. ?-rr^A CARD?CHARLES LYONS RE VCS spectfuily returns his thanks to the mem bers of the Fire Department for their exertions yesterday In saving his property from destruction by lire. mar 11?St* THE SUBSCRIBERS TO THE Sub ?OHk scrlptlon Ball to be given during Easter week, will please attend a general meeting en THURSDAY NIGHT, the 13th instant, at the room over the Savings Bank, corker IOth street and the avenue, at 8 o'clock p.m. A punctual attendance is required. mar 11-31 GEORGETOWN CORPORATION TAXES ?All persons indebted to tbe Corporation of Georgetown for tales of every des cription, whether under the general tax ordi nances, or those imposed for improvement, are hereby notified that the same must be paid to the subscriber wl<hout delay, as he has been em Kwered and directed to cloee his collections ia s most summary manner. As all par las ae in debted have long slnee had their aoeounta de livered to them, and their payment requested, they must not expect to be again called upon la person Thoee who may wish to avoid the heavy expenses consequent upon deetrains, will please call on either or my brothers?George Jewell or Henry C Jewell?at the corner of High and Gay streets, Georgetown, who are authorised to give receipts in my behalf. THOMAS JEWELL, Collector of Taxes. Georgetown, Marsh 7th, ISM. mar 7?tf CITIZENS AND STRANGERS can fl"d at LAMMOND'S, Seventh street, a mim moth stock of TOYS and FaNCY ARTICLES, suitable for presents. msr i3-8t r pRA HSFi RUNT BAR SO A P for c hupped -I hands, a *npor1or article, ar.d the cheapest toilet ?oap lr u?e, for *sle by mar l?-?t LAMMOND, Sr.. ?th street Fresh vejiisoji from Hampshire ccuntv, Virginia. 62 Hams and Saddle*, warranted perfooUy frrsh. Just rece'vod by J AS H SHKKELL, mar 13?lw No. 279 F street, corner 13th Kentucky BREAKFAST BACON (?*? gar cured) and the oolabrsted Maryland HATI. For aile bv JAS. II SHEKF.LL, mar 13?3t No. 278 F street, coixer 13th. District of coLDaifiiA, waihiac tea fount y.?Taken up adrift, In the Bastern Branch of the Potonur, on the^Jfift msr ? lag of March 9th, a SAIL BOAT, with the name "Elizabeth" on the stern; whiah the ownir oan hive by proving property and payingcharges. Apply to JY?HN LVCKBTT, at Neal's NVharf mar 13?3l* ORAPHES. COLDEN SYRUPS, Ac ? 20 boxes OR AN' BP, In prime order 8 0 0 CUCUMBER PICKLES. In vinegar 100 bags family and axtra F LO U R Star, Nectar, and Double Eagle WHISKY Wert's No. 1 ETHER IAL OIL . 0P cents 5 barrels OOLDEN SYRUP APPLE BRANDY, Jamaica and New jineitnd RUM Port and other WINES, Ae For sale by W H. TENNBY, mar 13?eo3t Georgetown. GENUINE EXTRACTS FOR THE HARD KERCHIEF. Hutchinson a munro have just rec-lved a fresh supply of LUBIN'S EX TRACTS, whleh they warrant genuine. Also, Fiver's MAUOENET and COUDRAT'S, and other French Pomadas end Extract*; Pbalon's Invigorator. Lyon's Kathairon, Haule's Eau Lus tral.and Harry's Trieopheroua, which (hey can furnish at New Yorfc prices. Those In want of any of the above, or anything In the Fancy and Millinery line, would do well to give us a call, when we will be h>ppy to wait on their orders HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, No 310 Pa avenue, betw. 0th ar.d 10th sts mar 13- tf A SUPERIOR F1ANO FOR SALE. The piano fortesbnt from new York, to be used at the Musical Corg'ess which recently assembled in^ f'y |l Washington, but which failed to arrive In time for that purpose, has just been received, and can be seen for a few days, at the Music Depot of Geo. Hllbus, (who has kindly tendered the use of bis wa-eroom* ) It is from the celebrated manu factory of Haines Bro's, and was ser.t by their Agent*, Ccok A Br J , Muslo Publishers, III Broadway, New York. It Is offered for sale by T J. Cook, who will be happy to show It to dealers, teacher? and the public It will be sold at a low price for the purpose of introducing them in thl? place Mr Cook hits many testimonials from dWinguiahed musicians and others. mar 13 ' DK.1TISTRY. Doctors j f. caldwbll late of Virginia, and STEPHEN BA1I.Y of tb is city, have formed a connection], in busings to practice In all the phaa*e of Dentistry. Their rooms are ot the north *id? of Pennsylvania Avenue, a few doers east of Fourteenth street and Wlllard's Hotel, where thev both will constantly devote themselves to their profession, promising the ladie* and gen tlemen f f ihi? city and the public generally, that from the r long eipe lenrethey wul execu e all kinds of their work frl'hfully, satisfact rlly. and upon terms with which the most fastidious will be phased. near '3?lw IRREGULARITY OF TEETH Kach of us has a son whose treth were co very Irregularly situated in their arches as to dlsflgure their mouths and arpeirance greatly The cat ting edges of some of their teeth crossed obliquely the arch of the jaw, and others of them tn the upper jaw passed insid* of the tee?h in the lower jaw. while others in the lower jtw. wh**n tfee mouth was shut, projected outside of those In the uprer j<w Dr. Caldwell, now located In Washington,saw them and ts ured us he could correct them We permitted him to operate on tbem, and it gives us I pleasure to rav that he succeeded in a short time to put all regular. As a cursr of tooth-ache and i extractor of teeth we consider that he far excels ! any other Dentist. WM. WISE, JOHN WISE. BIRD CARES, Bird Seed, Fish Base, Ac., at the Housekeepers' Furnishing Store, 49u Seventh street. [mar 12] G FRANCIS FEATHER DU&TER9, all Sires, plala andcolorei; BRUSHES of all kinds; together with every kind of Housekeeping article. Pricaa always low. G. FRANCIS, mar 12 490 Seventh at CLEAVER'S PRIZE MEDAL HONEY Soap. Low's Old Brown Windsor Scap, Sha ving Soap. Shaving Cream. Barry's Trlchopher ous, Balm of . Thousand Flowers, mar 12 G. FRANCIS. 190 Seventh st STEAM ENGINE FOR MLE. FOR SALE, THE PORTABLE STEAM ENGINE, three horse power, locomotive boiler. With which the presses of the Star Office have been run. It 1* for sale because it is found nerestary to replare it with an ecglne rf much greater power, owing to the increase of demands on it* services It can he dispensed with at the Star Office about the 1st proximo, when our new and larger engine will be completed It will be found extremely serviceable for light wotk, and will be sold very low. mar 14?tf BLTTER, BUCKWHEAT, Ae. 25 kegs choice Orange County BUTTER 1,0(0 lbs extra hulled BUCK W tiEAT 1 bbl. fresh ground OATMEAL 300 lbs. SMOKED BEEF lOcaaka Hlbbert's London BROWN STOUT J ust received and ior sale by WM. BRYAN, No. 44, opposite Cent*e Market, mar 12?3t between 7th and 8th streets LOST-ON SATURDAY, THE 8th INST., between the Capitol and 13th street, a plain gold BREASTPIN, with pearl centre. A libe ral reward will be given if left at this office. mar Mjj Found?in an omnibus, a small sized Locket, containing n geuLleman'a like nws : al*o, a green silk Umbrell#. which the owner can get by paying for this advertisement and calling on the subscriber, at the Unirn Line Office HAN C. ADDISON, Agent Union Line Omnibuses, Ge rg'n. rear 11?St TERRAPINS !?TERRAPINS PERSONS IN WANT OF THE ABOVE article would do well hy calling on BENTER A DUBANT, at thefr| Restaurant, aouthwest corner of Penn a?enoe and Sixth street, as they have just received a large ot of the finest TER R A PINS ever offered for sale In this market. mar 11?3t iti A MJ \J ? U SINGER'S Improved Sewing Machines. To whieh was granted the highest Award el the Paria Exhibition, thereby receivlag the World's Verdict of Snperiority. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA chlne has simplified them in many respects, and they are capable of executing twioe the amount of work they did formerly In any given time They are without question the only Machlnoa ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfrct; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can bs st wa by any of those machines by a simple change of needle and thread in such a manner that the do?e<t scrutiny e?nnot detect a fault. Manufseturers, planters and families will find tbem the only safe Machines to purchaae. aa they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. Wa have machines with guages attached, for binding Hats, cap fronts, niters, Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., ooastantlv on hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desire us of information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO , 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Term? l.b sral Persons who hare been lndtteed to purchase inferior machine- under the pretext of being cheap, will And this a benefit Indeed. mar 10?tf mkdical caro Doctor stanistas bernisz, rfo ular Practitioner of Homcaopethy Office, 231 oorner F ard Fourteenth stretts Consuita Uons from AO a. m , to 3 pm. Doctor Stanislas Hernias, having returned from Europe with improved health, will attend to the prac ice of his profession. LsDocteur parle Francals. Dor Doctor sprloht Deutsch. El Doctor habla Espaaol 11 Dottoie parla I tall a no. mar LOST.?A ROLL OF NOTES, aaaounting to ?488 Any persons finding the same, will receive f 100 reward upon leaving It with C.J. BUUCU, Foujteauth ureet, or W. P. HUMPH REY mar 8 G E? O TO BLLftS'S mar 8 FOR SHBAP GOODS. LI?IS*S STORK la SOS Feaaiylraala , mi Tofttfc itrM. mu 8 amusements. NATIONAL T H K AT?E. KT1NKKL A CO JOHN T. FORD BO Lit MAN M?! R JOSEPH JEFFERSON Sta^e Manag* SATURDAY EVENING, Much 15th. The Fourth and Poeltively the Last Appearance and Benefit of MR. K. EDDY the vrmti1* and genlnsendowed American actor. wh?*. * teltfirg romp:lan<* to the general d* ?-lre of all who beheld hi* former intellectually-pel l*hed effort? In tha *ame celebrated character, will now BID FAREWELL to hit Washln^on fitend*. In Judge Conrad? great tragedy of JACK CADE! His forclbla and vigcrou* rendering of which m'ght claim an honorable position la tha Nlclie of Fame. He will be supported In his valedictory efforta by this delightful cast: JACK CADE I crd Say Mr Myrl" Adams clnriWf.::: ** Mr Andiswi Offlce^.7....... *r C. Burnett Concluding with the very laughable fare* of TIIKIPEl'TRK BR1DEORUOWJ Dlggory............... ...Mr. J<*. Jflteceon An engagement has teen entered into with the fa ntd and accomplished actor, KR PETER RICHINGS and hit- gifted daughter, ths charming Comedi enne and Vocalist, MISS CAROLINE RICHIKGS ' They will shortly appear In a series of their Justly celebrated roltt. Pairas or Admission ?To Bojes and Par quet'e 50 cents; Famliy Clicle and Gallories M cento No extra charge for Reserved Seats Bos Sheet open frein 10 until 6 o'clock Bo* Oflce open every day. Grand Concert AT CARVSTS SALOOSj WASHINGTON ML L E CLARA K E A N (From the Royal Academy ef Music. London* Resrectfullv announces that she W1H have the honor of (living one GRAND CONCERT of VOCAL AND INS mi MENTAL MUSIC, at Carusl's Saloon. On Saturday Evening. March 15, assisted bv Mr CAMOENS, the celet.raUd Bas so, from the Conaervatoire. Miian. and Theatre Royal, Drurv Lane, Lor don For fun particulars see programme. Prtc.t of Admission ?Single ticket 50 cent*. Family tickets, admitting thre* persons, < nedol lar. To he had at Davia's and HUbua's music atorea. at the principal hotels, and at the door Door* open at 7 o'clock, and Concert commence* at8 F WIDDOWS, Busines* Agent. Notics.?Any lady or gentlerrau desiring a partlcula- p!e=e of n usic performed, vecal or'n str mental, not on the programme, by addre-aing a note t > the Agent at Davla'a m<iaic store on ths davofthe Concert can have their wish complied with. mar It?d NOVEL * ELEGANT ENTERTAINMENT ODD FELLOWS' If ALL, Seventh Strasr, FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH 14th, l?J6, Longfellow's Remantlc ladisa Legendary t'oem, hiawatha, SPOKE* BY MISS CLABA DARLIKG A Young Ladv po*? ea-lng a h gh degree of Vocal and Dramatic taler.t. in the Costumetf an INDIAN GIRL, w.tb appropriate Foreet Sce? erv Indian Wig. wains, and other Illustrative Decorations Miss DARLING has spoken this Poem. In the above atvle, before large audWnres cf Llteiary people wi h distingu >hed suceer* Reserved se<its FIFTY CENTS, to be ob tained at the Hail. Tickets admitting THRLE PERSONS for SI, to be had at pilnctpal Music Stores and at the door For particulars, see descriptive programs mar ll-4t A CARD. MISS MARTHA BEACH IS PREPARED to give full and accurate course* of Instruc tion on the PI ANO FORTE to those who may desire her atrvlcts. Pupils at ended at their res idences or her own. She refers, bv permission, to Prof Foikisch, Miss Mart Mckiat. Mr J . L. Clcb? ?nd Col. Wm. P. Yocho. Applv at the residence of he1 parents. No 310 Nortn Ninth street marll-3we PRIZE BKKI'.? IB IZE ill Pp ! I SHALL SELL ON SATUKDAY MO?N lng at my italls in C<=n*re Market terir?rr of tfce finest C\TTLK ejMblt?d thi<B| ? Winter. The proceed* cf the sal"* of ,1. th*r inornlng I intend to ilvlde equally wtwee i the wo Orphan (Asyluirs of thl* c:ty, efter de ducting the net coat of the above Cattle which 1* one thout nd dollars The price* will correspond with the cost of the stock, and I hope mv frlsnd*, cust* mers and the public in genera, will patron - lie this charitable underraUug Part of the stock was raised by Mr. John P i elanv, of Lo don county. Virginia. JOHN HOOVER, mar 11?4t* BARGAINS !?BARGAINS 1 1AM NUW CLOSING OUT A LOT OF GOODS, bought at auction, which I Invite all who want chenp goods to ca'l and examine, as they will soon be gone I rame In part Muslin Embroidered HABITS. 37cents Do do SLEEVES, lftfc a pair Do do COLLARS, ffcc a piece Do do STRIPS Do do CAPS, 75c, worth SI Cheap DRESS CAPS Cap and Bonnet RIBBONS A lot of rid VELVET TRIMMINGS 5 to 11* eents per yard, less than half cost A TATE No 314 Pa. avenue, bet. 10th and Uth sts mar 11?St CHOICE FRUIT TREES FOR SALE. in ann APPLE trees, of extra AVfyv/UvJ growth and well assorted Sftflh s.0"0 PEACH TREES, forming a com plete assortment and well grown ? A few eerv choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. The above eomprlalng a eerv choice assortment of Trtes were raised by the late John H. King, thev will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W. Albert King. No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Vallev View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown Catalogues furnished on application E. J. KING Al*o, fbr sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES Apply a* above. E.J K. mar 11?tf NOTICE ? A FIN M SIT OF ROLLING SCENERY, comprlaing twelve scene*, for sale on reieonable terms Apply at the National Theatre mar P-tf SPRING OPENING OF 1*50. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RB turned from the Eastern Msrkets vlib ^ one of the largeet and most varied assort ments of FRENCH BONN RTS. adapted to the seasoa. ever offered In this market Also, a large stock of French FLOWERS. EMBROIDERIES RIBBONS, STRAW GOODS, and CORrtETTS Ladlea DRESS TRIMMINGS In greit profo slon Particular attention paid to Dreas making la the la teat French stvles Neatness and despatch may be railed on In all oases M WILLIAN. Market Spaoe, be'ween 7th and *th street* mar 11 WILL LEtVC SHORTLY. Madamer respectfully informs the public in general, that she will gl*e In formation In all the Affklrs relating to Life. Health*.Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys, l^aw Suits DIHcultlee In Bualncaa, Absent Friend*. Plcknesa and Death, and In reapect to all other subiecU. She Is also able to tell the ages of per sons bv reading numbers. She can be consulted at til hours of the day and evening Her n*r"e is on the dorr?at No. ?33 l'th str et corner of D, on the lalt hand aide Gentlemen M oents and ladles itf. mar 10-?w* BUIKSeFn SHIRTS AND DRAWER*1* Having received the agency op the above-named ' oods we can assore all parsons sfllcted with Rh>umatism or Pulmonary Complaints a speedv relief, as thev are v?y high ly reoommended by the medical faculty Also, SPARRING GLOVES, F-ngllsh RJ DING and HUNTING LEG6INS aid SUS PENDERS . All of the above Goods eold are warranted te t ? unsurpassed For sale only at HOPKINS S. New Baiaar. mar 1-eotw corner of ?th st. and Pe _ FRBSH VrBlllOW, WILD TURREV. *?' WILL RECEIVE FROM THE M*'C? talns on Tuesday, by the Manaseas Gar s ? FRESH VENISON, WILD TURKEY, Bt T TER. BGUS Ae .at