Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1856 Page 3
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*VENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. A Hor*? or lticrr<ia Wakted?We are glad to see the disposition manifested by our City Councils to establish a Houm of Refuge for the reformation of juvenile delinquents. Alderman Smith, at the last meeting of the Board, represented tho ardent need of such *n institution in a very forcible liffbt, and though there was aome difference of opinion expressed among members as to the beet mode of supplying the want there seemed to be none a* to the necessity. In noticing cases of juvenile crime heretofore, we hare had oc casion to apeak of their growing frequency, and, Indeed, it wu only yesterday that ten or twelve boys, many of them most respect fully connected, were brought up before Jus tice Hollingshead on eharge of taking arti cles from the Unitarian Fair and of destroy ing property at Odd Fellows' Hall. Not long ago the same number of children, of resoect r able parents, were brought up before Capt. Birch for breaking into a grocery store When the restraining influence of moral and religious parents is found so ineffectual, it cannot be doubted that the character of a , large portion of our youth is such as to excite the most serious concern, especially when we consider what numbers of reckless, ignorant, unprincipled youths there are in our midst who hare had no oontrjl whatever, parental *r otherwise, exercised over them. The in . fluence of this dangerous material upon those L.yet uneontaminated. is of the most delete! rious nature, and self-preservation alone de mmds that the virus should be withdrawn from the juvenile grades of society as speedily as possible. A large proportion of these ju venile offenders could doubtless be reclaimed if they were separated from the temptations to vice ard placed under proper instruction and discipline. The penitentiary where they are thrown into eontaot with hardened and ir roclaimable convicts, is certainly no place for them. All convicts under sixteen years of age should certainly be placed under some guar dianship. where they may receive religions and intellectual training; and many who would otherwise end their days upon the gal lows. or within the walls of the penitentiary, may thus be trained to become useful mem bers of society. So noble and philanthropic an undertaking ought not to want supporters when we are willing to expend so much time ' and money for sinners on the other side of the globe. In New York, the several institutions of this description, such as the " Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquent?," the '-Alms House Institution' of the i?i? na ture. and several other similar organisations, have been operating with the happiest effect. The children are usefully employed in man ual labor as far as possible; shoe-making, wire-weaving and wire-work generally. The children in the female departments are em ployed with the needle or at housework; with the physical labor a wholesome system of in? struction is incorporated. A large number are indentured to farmers Baltimore, the " Monumental city," has raised the proudest and most enduring of her monuments, in the erection, at a e?st of $120,000, of an admira b'y-arranged House of Refuge, with neat and oomfortable rooms for four or five hundred persons, with ample provisions for work shops, school rooms, chapel, cook room, bathing apartments, and an abundant supply of water to every part of tho building So extensive *n institution would n^t be requisite in our city, but tho need of one commensurate with our population is quite as urgent as in any city in the country. We hope the City Coun cils will not suffer the matter to rest until a House of Refuge is established. A First-class Piaso.?It will be seen by reference to our advertising columns, that we have not only a Bourbon, but a first class Piano '-among us," and we hope that all in terested in musical instruments will call in at the Depot cf Mr. Hilbus and examine it. The pianos manufactured by Haines Brothers, (of which this is one,) are said to possess all the excellencies of both the iron and the wooden frame, without the defects of either. Pressing a rioh, powerful tone, without jing f ling, or rattling, when the keys are forcibly struck, and an action and beauty of finish un surpassed. they have the great additional advantage of being remarkably durable, and at n.ding well in tuno in every climate. From among a large number of recommendations, by professional men of eminence, we select tne following: I am happy to say that I have used Haines Fr<>tbers Piar.os. at Musical Conventions, and find them excellent instramenU in all respeo's. Oao. F Root. New York, Jan. 17, 1858. Niw Yoke, December 20, 1856. Messrs Cook A Brother, 343 Broadway. <tents : You ask my opinion of the Piano Fortes manufactured by Messrs Haines Bro thers. of New York I am happy to state that having used thein in several of my Mu sical Conventions, I have been highly pleased with them, and have heard no expression re girding them, from the many musicians in attendance, but that of admiration. For purity and fullness ot tnne. and elas ticity of touch, they deserve the highest praise. Indeed, I am anxious to have one of them to use in the great National Convention which I am to hold at Washington in February next. Yours, very truly, I. B. WooDBfRT. Criminal Court.?Yesterday, after we left the Court, Alex Moore, (colored,) who was indicted for assault with intent to kill, was v found guilty of assault only and sentenced to thirteen months in jail. Vandorah Oterre was found guilty of an assault with intent to kill one Henry B. Robinson, and sentenced to four years in the penitentiary. Joe. Johnson alias Jos. Parrish, who was indicted for as sault with intent to kill John H. Wise, was f^nnd guilty of assault only, and sentenced to cine months in jail. Wm Baker was found guilty of an assault on John H. Wise, and sentenced to one week in jail. Miss Darling, on Friday evening. i? to make her appearance at Odd Fellows' Hall, 'Q Indian costume, and relate Longfellow s beautiful legend : 41 LI? ten to these wild Traditions, To this Song of Hiawatha!" The poem is spoken of as a very curious and highly original production, not yet appreci ated as it will be when better known, and fitly spoken by one who. it is believed, pos sesses talent closely allied to genius, with the aid of scenic effect and appropriate c<>stume, "moot fail to make up a very pleasing enter tainment for persons of cultivated taste. Maujihe Strrrt Swrepiro.?We under stand that r proposition has been submitted tc the Mayor of Washington, looking to the employment of the newly invented street sweeping machines for cleaning the main > thoroughfares of this city The Washington \gents ot the proprietors of the patent under which thev work, ask that f 100 will be ap propriated by the eity government to bring a machine from Philadelphia and operate it here?to show the Councils and others inter ested what it is capable of accomplishing A Grand Rally?At the meeting of the Know Nothing lodge of the First Ward of our city one night last week, called to endorse the course of the Hon Henry Winter Davis, it is said there were thirty-tnree of the brethren present, twenty eight of whom voted for the resolutions in favor of Mr D 's course en the Speakership, which have been since duly fotwarded to his lodge in Baltimore. The re naming five protested against their adoption. Tbr L-jsq Bridge.?We have been re qoestcd by the Commissioner of Publio Build ing; to notify travelers across the long bridge, that two spans thereof are so much damaged by the ice as to demand slow and cautious driving. The damage, however, is not yet so great, in his oninion, as to justify him in stop ping the travel altogether. Br ViaiLAHT!?The citisens of the Seventh Ward are requested to meet at Island Hall this evening, at half-past seven o'clock, to take measures in relation to the recent incen diary acts, and concert some plan for their prevention in future Mr Dempster has been earnestly entreated t' give another coneert, and will again gratify his many admirers. Natio*kL Trbatbb.?It will be aeen by the advertised programme of this establishment tfcat Mr Eddy hu a benefit on Saturday eve ning. when he will appear in Judge Conrad'a tragedy, "Jack Cade," so familiar to the ad mirers of Edwin Forrest. Mr. Jeffarson also appears as D'ggory in the farce of "The Spectre Bridegroom." Mr Richings and hi? daughter, who have been performing at Rich* uiond, will appear here next week. City Dispatch Post?This important de sideratum. the want of which has been felt by citisens, strangers, and the business com munity. we learn, is now about to be supplied. The gentleman undertaking it is one whose business energy and capacity will be a suffi cient guarantee that all matters sent by this mode will be faithfully delivered. We have not yet learned the charges or particulars, ex oept that the arrangement will go into opera tion the latter part of next week. Firbras's Fuseral.?The different fire companies of the city are making active pre parations for this afternoon's parade, on the occasion of the funeral of their late brother, J. Q. Anderson, who met with so sudden a death while in the discharge ef his duty at the late destructive fire. There will doubtless be a large attendance at the funeral. Tbb Coxcbrt on Saturday evening will doubtless be well attended, as great attrac tions are prssented. Watcb Rbtcrhs ? A middle-aged German woman was brought in last night, miserably ill and weak. No information could be got from her as to name or any thing about her, although some Germans wore cabled in to in terpret for her. A rather handsome oloak ana the materials for a couple of shirts were found in her possession, which, it is thought, may not belong to her, and they have been retained at the guard-house for identification. The woman was sent to the work-house for thirty davs. Conan Dorsey, (slave,) was brought up for larceny; dismissed. Tho usual number of lodgers were received. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, March 13,185? Our report of the recent municipal election here, it seems, did not please our dear Know Nothing friends. One of them puts on the garb of his dying master, gets hold of the Organ handle, and turns away at a terrible rate, calling the Star and its reporter a varie ty of names, and at last vents its spite on that harmless bundle, which, failing as it has beer, according to Know Nothing authorities, for j*? years pa9t, has, in sixteen months, out lived, in the hands of a single agent, (being quite as large now as at the commencement of that period,) ten Organ agents. Now the Alexandria reporter, whatever may be his party predilections, endeavors to give a fair statement of every case that falls within the purview of his reports, and is ever ready to disavow unintentional error, by prompt corrections, but the report of the 6th of March, though hastily written, contains no misstatement; and, however unwilling to bandy epithets with " Sam," he is more than reauy to review the article in question, and test it by the facts. We reported, 1st That a majority of the commissioners were Know Nothings , this " Sam does not deny ; mere ly pleading, in mitigation, that the Democrats had one-third of the commissioners. We reported seoond : That the commission ers and officers in charge of the polls were in many cases candidates We give now such as we recollect. First Ward?Conductor John Thompson, candidate for re-election as watch man Among the oommisnoners, G. II Man E'2Q . a candidate for Council. Second V> ard - Conductor Joseph Padgett, candidate for re-election as police officer: Commission ers Henry Mansfield, candidate for assessor' J. T Armstrong, for Council Third Ward Conductor, W. L Penn, candidato for super intendent of police. There arc others, but these are sufficient to demonstrate there was no misstatement there. We reported third: That oitiiens, natu rained within two years, were denied suf frage This n Sam' sustains saying: "The commissioners believed that they must reside two years in the State after they are natural ised before they are qualified." When the Know Nothings of the Commonwealth se lected a candidate for the highest law office in their gift, it is fair to presume that they selected the most c tjpeter t lawyer in their organisation, and yet th?5i; iecont candidate for Attorney General. John jf. Patton, agreed wuh the State Attorney General, our circuit court, and the circuit court of Washington county, that the constitution requires no such additional residence; that the commissioners were united on this subject is not true. We are authorised to say that the Dem<)cratio ?ommNsionnrs did not agree to place tho >/?> turn of H W. Davis above judicial decision.*, and the plain words of the constitution. ?a r?l>0rt*'l fourth : The cithens.long res ident natives, whom misfortune had obliged to accept a pint of soup or a load of wood, were ola?sed as paupers. This was by far the meanest of Know Nothing developments?an other ex ample of that spirit that makes alike the Washington National Monument and the Alexandria munioipal soup house the instru ment to uphold its falling power. In these oases insult was sometimes added to injury and one of the commissioners threatened to leave the polls if such browbeating were per sisted in Didn't " Sam ' see (for wr under stand he was there) thifr example of " the harmony." We reported fifth : That the opposition, ex pecting nothing, made no rally. Whatever may have been the attempts of individuals among the opposition, " no rally was made." The larger portion of the Democrats preferred to give the present government rope enough to hang itself, and opposed all union against it. The meeting at Exchange Block, whioh, if it were in the " cock-loft," was an op^i one, and no man went from it sworn to deny that he had been there. But it failed to unite the opposition, and on the day of electioh, whilst the Kaow Nothings had one ticket, the opposition threw away their votes among four hence we said truthfully, no rally was made by the opposition. We had not the slightest idea that our dear Know Nothing friends would get so angry at the truth ; but if we have given " Sam" an opportunity to show his zeal on behalf of his new masters?alike candidates and commis sioners?and thus increased his chance of keeping his place, we have done a good doed meriting, we are sure, more thanks than he has given us for it. The winter course of lectures before the ioungMen s Christian Association, were ter minated on the evening of Tuesday, by a B Johnson Barbour, of Richmond. The theme selected, "The Rela *?t,reen J.hriatianity lnd Human Know sSff'? manner whioh * rT LnM th? ,lter#ryfame 0f th? KLW,' and ,ur? th?t no audienoe which has assembled in the Lyceum hall has been more entertained and instructed. The association under whose auspices these lec tures have been delived, deserve the thanks treats the ?erie* of intellectual treats, with which month after month thev have entertained our people. T*? military spirit of our young cititens excited by the relations with Great Britain' begins to display itself. A new corps of Vol unteers, "The Alexandria Riflemen," has just been organited, Capt W. W. Herbert and is making ample preparations to insure a fine corps of citiien soldiers. Our City Council met on the evening of Tuesday, appointed committees, direoted the city printing to be awarded to the lowest bid der, and an inqniry into the expediency of a public hospital, and transacted some other business of minor interest, Navigation below us. notwithstanding the skim of ice on the morning of Tuesday it tolerably clear. The Baltimore packets arc about to resume their trips, but the Alex andria and Washington ferry route is yet un opened. Am. A violent and somewhat personal con troversy it g)ing on in New York between the Vestry of Trinity Churoh, and the Rector of St George's (Rey. Dr. Tyng,) the merits of which turn on the immense wealth held by Trinity, which, Dr. Tyng and his friends think, ought to be more liberally distribn*"l tba?? it is, among the Ipisoopal Churc ??? Qturn iiij. ffT* N?ar?l|la Cared ?Read what Mr. Boydcu **y* No nisdlcln* *v*r h*d certificate* from *urh rwprrttb't *onrce* ?> Cirttr'i Sp?ui?h Mixture Mr. F. Bcv ien, od* of the original proprietor* of the Attor Hou*e, Haw York, and for a number of year* of the Rxchange Ho tel,Richmond, Va.. wa cured of a sever* attack of Neural gia. by Carter'* 8panl*h Mixture. The rapid and perfect cure eiTw te-i In bit caae by thl* valuable medicine. arretted bla attention and excited hi* intereat. He recommended It to other* ?ffllcte-1 with a variety of dlaeaaea, and In every Inetance a cure wa* effected. He haa ?een It cure Ague and Fever. Rheumatiani, Liver Complaiat. Dyape;<*U, Fever*. Violent Cough*. and ca*e* wVcb were aald to be confirmed Conenmption, and ne.?rly every oth?r dl*ea*e for which lt1* need. He remark* it I* difficult to know what dleeaae it wi 1 n t relieve or care, and .1* a Blood Puuffier, and Spritig and Fall medicine, he bat never ?eou i?a equal. He cheerfully recommend* It on all o ration*, and believe* it to be the moat valuable remedy extant. marl |J7" !*l. N. Qarilnrr1! Wennlne Bal SAM OF LIVERWORT AND HOARHOUNP.?Prepared from an Indian retelpt, containing the virtue of twenty two dlf ferent kind* of root* and herba In each bottle; the greatest of all pr "fa ratio us ever 4'eooverad in the known world for tlie ccra of Consumption, Cough*, Cold*, Pplttlng of Blood, Whooping Cough. A*thma, I>'.ffi<-ultle* of l'retthing, Iufln *n*v Qalnaey, Phlh?ie, Croup. I,lv*r Ocmplaiut, Ac. TUI* article ha* been before Uie pnbllc for the la?t twenty year*, and tuonaaod* can taatlfy of lu being tl>* beet preparation In the known world. WIKKA A POTTER, 1.4 Wa?h)n;ton atreet, Bo*ta?, are the Oaneral Acute for the United HUM; Z. 0. 01 I.MAN, Wholesale and Retail Agent, new ator* *40 Pa, avenue. mar 7?lw Wtae Know* Capt. Grlgg??Aak all the shipping hon*e* In Maryland. Peltwareand Philadelphia who be i* WoiiDxrftiL CnkM ? Philadelphia, February 1*, 18f>4.? Meaera. Dr Os*ts A On .?I mu*t give you the honor aTd pralae of bavlug tbe beat temedy in the world for ram. Wh??i I wa* coualdered p**t recovery by all, ny eon. 1 R. J. On 1*. merchant, a?4 Market ?tr*%t. a* a latt report, ?*ut for your wonderful " Klectrlc Oil," aud It relieved the pain, which wa* motl Intolerable, 1 Icflammat' ry Rheumatism., iu ?bout ten minute*. I had the Oil continued but a ahort Mme, and wae cared Thl* Oil !? the ?reateet ble**'ng known toman I have *ent many pereon* for It, and I know that th*y have been enred by It. I am well known, and mv *uf ferlng wa* al*o known, and I have no objection* to any n?* yon may mak* of lhi?, a* the Oil cannot be too highly esti mated. Capt Haii Ukioo, Wood and Coal Dealer, MA Maraball itreet. Capt Orlgg I* an old cltisen, and like all who hare been cared, foel* grateful. Office ?? South Rlghfti street, below Che*nut, Philadelphia. Sold by mo*t all respectable dealer* In medicine The genuine Oil ha* the wbittkk sijlutnr** of DeOratb A Co , aud A. R. Smith, Philadelphia. feb St?tr JET Heah Walker fc Ce7, Marble Hall Clothing Rmpcrlnin, Browa*' Hotel Building, reepectfnlly aononnce that thalr dl*play of FALL and WINTER CLO THING I* now ready for ln*pectlon, comprising an aseort m*ai or C O A T 8, 1AI.MAS. oVRRSAOKH, 81RTOLTB, VIST* and PANTALOONS, of the newest and richest de sign* in material, trimming and workmanship. To ger.tle n?en who *tudy excellence with economy In 'aehlonable ar ticle* of dree* an opportunity I* now offered for selecting from one of the attractive stocks of flood* in tblsclty, at very rd*c*d price* ?ov %? U jjy Dr. Sanferd's Invigerater ia a mild laxative, tonic and *tlmulant, and I* recommended to the public, relying npon It* Intrinsic worth In the cwreof the fol lowing c?mpl*lut* All Blllou* Derangement*, Hick Head ache, ny?pep?la. Habitual Oetlvene**, Chronic Diarrhea*. Coll:, Pain In the BlouiacL and Bowels, General Debility, Female Weakne**, Ac. For uale by drugglat* g*n*r*lly, and by Z. D. OILMAN, 46? Pa. avenne; aleo, by JOHN BCHWARTZ, 18? Pa. avenne, aad by O. M. LI NTH I CI' M, corner Bridge and High atreeta, Georgetown, D. C Jan fl fCT" t'onghe, A?thmn, Brenchitls ?Jehu I. BROWN A SONGentlemen : A knowlelgeuf the manner n which various article* of the Materia Medlca were cum dned by you to form the "Bronchi*). Tdocbx.8." le-1 me, diree or four year* since, to alopt their use The result* nave been eucb as to Induce me to continue the practice, be lieving them of gieal benefit In many aflsctions of the Bron chial or<an*. Your*, etc. J. p. W. Lamb, M. D. Boston, September i, ISM. Person* requiring a really good and long-tried article, ar.d 0"e that can be depended upon a* an effectual foogh I.oserge, and being made from the purest raaterUl*. will find Brown'* BRONCHIAL TROCHES to be what they are represented. Put up In boxes aud sold at 2J. cents each, by Druggists gen erally. throughout the I'nited States aud Panada*. BARNES A PARKS, J. MILHAl', New Yo/k, Agents. Fer sale In Philadelphia by F. BROWN ; New Orleans, J. SYMK6 ; Chi cago, J H REED A CO.; Washington, J. N. CALLAN. fob 11? The Great Koaitan Remedy.?Pre BONO PUBLICO.?" Every mother should have a box In Uie bouse handy In cise if accidents to the children." BIDDING'S RI'SSIA SALVE It I* a Bo*lon remedy of thirty years' standing, and ts re oommended by physicians. It Is a *ure and *pe?dy cure for Burnt, Plle?, Boll*, Corn*, Felon*, Chllbaln*, and Old Sore* of every kind; for Fever Sores, Tlcere, Itch, Scald Hnad, Net'le Kn*b, Uunlou*, Bore Nipple*, reccuimand*! by nurses,) Whitlows, Stiee, Pesters, Flea Bite*, Spider Slings. Kronen Limbs, Salt Rheum, Scnrvy, Sore *nd Cracked Llpa, Bore Nose, Warts *nd Pi??h Wcnndi, It I* a most valuable remedy and care, which can bo t*et!2ed to by thousaad* who have used It In tbe city of Bcetou and vicinity for the last thirty yeai* In no tu?tauce will tni* 3a'\a do an lnjnry, or Interfere with a pbyelclan's prescriptions. It is made from the purest material*, from a re: lpa brought from Ruo*la?of artielee growing In country?aud til* proprietor* hava letters from all classe*, cl?rgymen, physlclta*, sea captain*, nuMfV aud othert who have u*ed It them*alvea, and recom mend it to other*. Redding'* Rnsala Salve I* put In large Hn Ixjxss, etaaiped on the cover with a picture of a horse and 4 d'aabled soldier, which picture is a'*o engraved on tbe vrapper. Price, 35 Cent* a Box. Sold at *11 the stores In town or couutry, and may be ordered of any wholesale druggist. Fur aala at SHILLINOTON'S, Ageut for W?*h> sfton. Jao IS H7* Prohlblfiott.?The recent deelalen if the p?tple In aim )*t every Stat.) In reference to the sale of llqnor*, do?* not pretend to Interfere with medicinal com pound* aontalning stimulus, a* It 1* a fact wel! known to all that wlthont stimulating principle* nrnit c.i*?* of extretre debility could not be reached, and th* many other of onr moat valuable oompoun Is could not be made without It. For Instance, Dr. J. HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERN, now ?0 caleh.-atad and lndi*p?n**ble In every family a* a medi cine. Thonaand* of psrson* *ifferlng from dyi.p*p?i.? and ln dlgatilon, generally ipetk volnme* Iri favor of thl* great cu rative agent. For sale by J. V. CALLAN, Wa*b'ngton. fab 11? MlRKlEUi On the 11th Instant, at the realdence of Mra. Ada ma, Pennsylvania avenue, by He*. Geo W. Samaoo, Col ALV1N SAUNDERS and Mian MAR 1 HEN K 8. BARLOW, both of Mount Pleasant. Henry county, Iowa * In Rvl&nd Chapel, on the 11th ln?tant, br Rev J . Mi r^la Pease, of New \ ork, Rev. WILLIAM C. STEEL, of Baltimore Conference, to Mias I'AMELIA A PoASE, dau^b'tir of late Rev. L?'vl* Pet*e, of the New York Conference. On tbe l'Jth lu?>t , bv Rev J. G Butler, JOHN F. ACKHE ar.d MARY M. B. ROAN, both of this city. On the O'.h Instant by the Rfv Mr Holmaad, Mr J A.viES B PU.UPHREV t<. Mlaa A(iNL8 J CLINE, foriiiTly of Baltimore. On tbe 11th ii.atant. by the Rev. A. Ho'mead, r(#Bla? M. MARTIN lotl.aMARY E ..EN NINO. DIJGJUi \ At his residence, near this city, on the 12th lnstsnt, Mr. WILLIAM HOLMEAD,in the40th year of hla age. His funeral will take place on to-morrow (Frl day) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, to which the friends of the family are Invited to attend * On the 12th Instant. Mr. CHARLES PETTIT, In the 6<*th year of his age, a native of Buck's ronnty. Pennsylvania, but for tne last thirty-nine years a resident of this city, and for twenty-six years past engaged in the ofllce of the Secretary of the Treaaury. The <rlends and relatives of the family are re quested to attend hia funeral, from his late resi dence on E street, No. 494, between 5th and 6tb atreeta, on Friday afterncon at o'clock, with out further notice. On the ttth instant. WILLIAM C. POOLE, ?on of Pewls H and tbe late Elizabeth A. Foo'a, aged 3 years and 1 month WANTS. WANTED?SIX YOUNO MEN OF GOOD addrass, from 14 to 19 years of age, and who realde aa fellows, vli: 3 from the city; I from Georgetown; I from the Navy Yard, and 1 frem the Ialsnd. To thoae who are thoroughly ac qua'nted with each of the above named placed can hear of a good situation and constant employ, ment by applying at the cfflce-TOl D street, near ?th, between tfc? hours of from 10 to lti a. m . and from i to 4 p m. mar 13?$t* ? Qfin WANTED A PURCHASER FOR an established business that will realise 910 per week. The present owner being unable to attend through M health, theiefore Immediate application will be requisite. Apply at No. 6(>3, corner of 0th and E streets, Island. mar 12?21* WANTED?A BOY WHO WISHES TO learn the trade. Apply at H. SEMKEN'S, Jeweler, mar 12?3t 330 Pa a v., bet. 9th and 10th at. WANTED ?BY AN ACTIVE BOY. about 10 years of a<?e, who writes a good hard and can give good reference*, a situation in a store Not particular as to the Kind cf business Address ' Boy," Georgetown, D C. mar 13? 4t* HOUSE SERVANT ANDNURSB ?Wanted to purchase for life two middle aged women from the country?the one required to underarand waahlng, ironing, and ccoklng, and housework; and the other to be familiar with waiting on a lady and the care of children Good teatimonlala of chaiacter required Terms caah Address " L L," Bci No. 796 Post Ofllce, Washington, D. C. mar 12?61 ^VURSE WANTED ?A WHITE WOMAN, 11 middle-aged, to take charge of an Infant. Call at thla ofllce to-morrow, from 10 to IS. mar 12-3t? WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, lar^e and small

Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronxe or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any slxe Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dlsi*tch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B.?Old wk Regllt, and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwool House. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING. OOARD, Ac ?MRS BATES,ON THE S. W. X# corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street 1 h p " [tared t n nw iu tr z 'j* Re nf 1 em e n wi t h rooms, with or wMb'?t b- H. I' ?rj e*-?r? - r..- <VV' -.-**?? I j x *l>i?IZ i FOR SALE ART) RE ITT. VKRY HANDBOMR BUILDING LOT FOE sale.?Part of Lot No. 14, In square No 315, having a front on the west side aT 10th street, vwt, of 20 f*et. between G and H street*, run ning back WO feet, containing 2,?00 square ieet. The above described property is hard?>o:nely lo cated, and in a rapidly improving neighborhood. Title Indisputable. For particulars app'.v to mar 13 d-w CHAS 9. WALLACH. F For rent -a first class rouse, nearly new, either furnished (to suit the oc cupant) or unfurnished, at may ba desire!. The situation 1* unsurpr-ssed. F street, and the premises may be seen an- day after 4 o'clock p. in. mar 13?lm FOR SALE.?A HANDSOME Br'.ck How, No. 485 Third street. Capitol Hill, between south A and B atreeta. For terms apply on the premises. mar li? lw? OR REN T.?ONE OF TH08E TWO ttorv and attic brick Houses on H street, be tween 19th and 13th. It contains eight rooms, w'th kitchen and cellar. Apply to J. W. BAR KER , H street, next to Lntheran Church, mar 13?tf FOR SALE.?SOME STORE FIXINGS and Household Furniture, all new. Address Box No. A Star Office. mar 13?3t* FOR RENT?THAT LARGE BOARDING Rouse on 7th street, between G and H. con taining roome enough for the accommodation of twenty-live boarders, and is In as good a neigh borhood for that purpose as any other house in the city. AlS", the house next door, containing five rooms and a store, which is a good stand for business. mar i3-3t? JAMES A. WISE. Brick house for sale or rent ? The subscriber will sell at private sale, the two-story, attic and basement House, with back building two stories high, and a stable in tfce re^r of the lot; situated on 'tth street, near Pennsyl vania avenue. Said house contains 12 rooms and !s in good order Terms moderate or will rent It to a good tenant at a fair price Apply to the subscriber, ?t his office, on Louisiana avenue THOMAS C DONN, mar 1 W3t* A gent for the Trustees. TO LET, CHEAP?A FRONT OFFICE for a lawyer or d'-ctor. Four Chambers and Parlor, Kitchen A Cellar, all with bath and gas in, fronting City Hall Placei for the account of a previous renter that has not compiled vdth hi* agreement. Apply to JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, Cigar aud Grocery Store, 474 Pa averne The above is well suited for a mess of mem bers of Congress. mar 11?3t FOR RENT?THE LARGE HOUSE, com plrfly furnished, situated on the corner ol Pennsylvania avenue and the ^resident's Square No 4.* Possees'.on given 1 named lately. Also, i fine pair of famllv horses, not more than eltfhi years old Enquire on the premises, No. 221 Pa avenue. mar 8?if TO MARKET GARDENERS ?FOR SALE ten acres of Land, well adapted to gardening purposes, situated near Seventh street Toll Gate within two miles of Centre Market. Apply to R GRAY CAMPBELL, Patent Office, or Mr WIN EBERGER, at the Toll Gate, mar 7-tf For sale?a tract of land con talcing 170 acres, 4'? of which is cleared. 15 ci 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balanc* in oak and hickory, some of which is very heavy It is handsomely locaied. in a thickly settled and rapidly Improving neighborhood, near Bayly'i Corners, 6# miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; y^ll watered; soil of the be?t qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold in whole or In part, at a great bargain- Title un questional^, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H . SMI TH at House of Representatives, or to J H CLKVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf FOR RENT?LAR6EAND PLEASANTLY situated Rooms can be obtained at No. 311 South side Pa. avenue, between 0th and 10th sts feb 28-tf FOR RENT -NEAT AND CONVENIEN1 Dwellings on 13th street, between B and C streets south, near the Public Grounds and Smith sonlan Institute, containing nine rooms, and nearly new. Apply to D B CLARKE, Druggist corner 11th street and Mar\land avenue. Island or to R. H Clarke's Law Office, corner 6th stree and Louisiana avenue. mar 6?eo3t* Rooms to let ?a furnished par lor and Chaml?er (Including fire and gas will bo rented together or separately during th< session of Congress. The rooms are on he firs floor, within one square of the Kirkwood House Enquire at the office of the Kirkwood House. Jan 30?ectf For rent.-a large, convenieni and neat Parlor, with a bed-room attached, adjoining the Star Office, on the corner of Penn avenue and 11th street. Inquire of mar8-eo3t# Mrs. K. A BECK. For sale?a desirable little place outr.lde the bounds of the city, contain ing IX acres of land, In a high state of cultiva tion, enclosed with a high and r ibstoniial fence, a two story frame house with five rooms, sepa. rat* kitchen, and other buildings necessary foi family comfort, pump of water at the door, 1% miles from the Centre Market, gdjcinlng Joseph Gale^' farm. For particulars call on the sub scMber at the Dead Letter Office, General Post Office, or at No. 527 K street North. frh 2t-3w GEORGE M KEN PALL. RA"E CHANCF..-THE UNDERSIGN EE offers foT sale .nose beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. Theii situation cannot be exce'Ied for either buslnes- ci residence *itcs, and will be sold at a great sacri flee. H. C. HARROVER. feb 23-tf FOR KENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lore and Chambers, with board. Also, table an?T transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27?tf AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 ncres ol Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colonel Cox. (oalled the Cedars,) possessing rare advantages as a building site, and market garlen. It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak iness on the great er part i f it?the elevation is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Ccporatlon limits ren ders it more desirable, beir.y free from the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWF.LL, Georgetown. Jan 28-?dtf D E81RABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE ?1 ? will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockvillc Turnpike, about twe miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village ol Tennallytown, where there is a post office. Th< place contains 63# acres, and Is handsomely im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 * 40, with a wing 25 X 31, and all nccessary out houses. Apply to H. W. Blunt. Water st., Georgetown Jan 17?U THOS. MARSHALL. F BURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?A * large dwelling house, eligibly situated, near ly opposite the City Hall, and handsomely fur nished, containing eleven rooms; will be rented for the remainder of the session of Congress. Gai in the house. For terms, Ac., apply at the office of the National Hotel. dec 27?tf THE PLACE TO GET GOOD LIQUORS. SUCH AS OLD BRANDIES. HOLLAND GIN, JAMAICA RUM, Old Bourbcn; Rye, Nectar, lil*h and Scotch WHISKIES; Purr Port Madeira, Sherry, and other WINES; best brands of CHAMPAGNE, LONDON PORTER, SCOTCH ALE, PURE CRAB CIDER; fine CIGARS, TOBACCO., Ac , Ac All of which can be bought for ten per cent less than any other place, for cash, from B. M REED, next to Chubb Brothers, F street, mar 6?eo2w? HATS! HATS! rpHE MOST POPULAR SPRING STYLE X of gentlemen's Drees HATS now on4 hand. i All Gentlemen having peculiarly shaped heads can, with the use of a patent Confoima teurhave the exact slse and shape taken, and have a hat made to fit the head pleasantly at the short est notice. B. H. STINEMETZ, Practical Hatter, *6 Pa. &v bet. 12th and 13th sts. mar 8?lw A CARD. WALL. BARNARD A CO , APCTtoitms AiinCoMMiseioB Maacaaxts,comtr Ptnn sylvnnia avtnue ani 9ik struts, will as usual give their eepeclal attention to all sales entrusted to them, such as Housekeeping effects, Real Es tate, or any other Goods, upon the most reasona ble terms. They will make liberal oash ad vanoes on consignments. mar 6?lm B CAST-OFF CLOTHING OUGHT AND BOLD AT 76 LOUISIANA 1 Avenue, opposite Holmeed's grocery, near Semmes'a. Address through post office, to " Mr Tailor." _mar 3-lm* FASHIONABLE DRESS MAKING. ALSO, CUTTING AND FITTING. BY MRS B B. NORRiS, (late of Baltimore,) No.4?J south Fourteenth street, Washington. N. B. She is prepared Co fill all order* with neatness and despatch Settral Dress Makers wanted. Mrs B. B Nonis's eeiebrated CEDAR TAR and TAR SYP UP for sale as above. in i i? * TELEGRAPHIC TOWS FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. BY HOUII PEINTIIQ TELKORAPM. LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. IMPOSTANT FROM CENTRAL AMERICA Jed4a Dtitrtytd ty aa Earthqaake. THIRTY THOUSAND L1TES LOST!! [BT THE ROCTHER* LIMB.] New Orleans. March 12.?Tho steamship Promcthous, has arrived at this port from San Joan with dates to the 5th, bringing intelli gence from San Francino to the 20th of Feb ruary, fifteen days later than previous ad vices. The steamship Northern Light left San Juan on the 5th inst. for New York, haying on board. $300,000 in treasure. The San Franoiaoo markets had slightly im proved. The mines were yielding largely. A shock of an earthquake was felt at San Franckco on the 5th ult. The damage ef fected was slight. The shock was also fait throughout the State. There was much indignation in California, caused by the appointment of MoDuffie, a pro fessional gambler, as marshal of the northern distriot. It was supposed that the President had been imposed upon Strong petitions had been signed for his removal. Oregon ar.d Washington Territories were still troubled by Indians; numerous volun teer companies were being raised to fight them. The question of a 5tate government for Or egon will go to the people at a special election in April. The news from Central America is import ant. Walker had seized on all the boats of the Transit Company on Lake Nicaragua, an nulled their charter, and granted one to an other company. It was reported that Costa Rica had re fused to receive Col Schleisscnger, the Nica raguan commissioner, and that she was much opposed to the foreign party in Nicaragua Col. Kinney had published a letter ia sub stantiation of his claim to Central America. By the arrival of the schooner Page at San Francisco, we have important intelligence from Japan. Jeddo was destroyed by an earthquake on the eleventh November. Ore hundred thousand houses were droyed, and thirty thousand lives lost. The following named vessels had arrived at San Francisco: Skylark and Flora Temple, from New York; Ringleader, Mameluke, and Wild Hanger from Boston ; and Wing? ef tbe M orning from Philadelphia. New Hampshire Election Coxconn, March 13 ?It is believed that the Americans and Republicans will have a majority in the Legislature, and if Metcalf is not chosen by the people, which is yet doubt ful, he will be elected by the Legislature upon a joint ballot. RecruitB for Walker?Departura of Col French, Ac New Orleans, March 12 ?Two hundred recruits for Walker left in the steamship Dan iel Webster yesterday for Nicaragua; among them was Col. Parker H. French Our cotton market was feeble to-day ; salci of 8,500 bales at 9aS4c. for middling. Starl ing exchange is quoted at 8i per cent, pre mium. Possible Safety of the Pacific. New York, March 13.?The ager.t of the Collins lino of steamers in this oity says that the doors seen by the Edinburg on the ice. af well as the other articles, correspond with those in use in the deck cabins of the Pacific, tut as they aro also common to most of the trans-Atlantic packet ships, it is very posrible that they may have belonged to somo sailing vessel. Important from M^xicc. New Orr.EAKS, March 12.?The steamship Texts has arrived from Vera Ciui with dates to tbe Sth inst. There had been little charge in tho condition of affairs. Tamarei was still at Puebla, and 8,000 gcv ernmcRt troops were soon expeoted to besiege him At other points the revolution had been put down. The Constituent Congress had elected Com onfort President for one year ADDITIONAL FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BY THK ARABIA AT HALIFAX. Halifax, March 12.?The ship James Paine was overdue at Liverpool from Molbourne, having been ninety-four days out, and some anxiety was felt for her safety. Mr Buchanan, the Brasilian, Peruvian, and Mexican and Haytien minister were pre sent at the Queen's levee on the 27th. The proceedings in Parliament are of gome interest. It is reported that the government succumbs in the matter of the W ensly Dale Life Peerage,, and will issue a new hereditary patent. Lord Derby, meantime, has induced the committee of lords to define the appellate ju risdiction of the House of Lords In tbe House of Commons, Sir De Lacy Evans has given notice of a resolution disap proving the course of the Government in hav ing refused direct offers of troons from Cana da, while at the same time abortive effvrts were made to enlist men in the adjoining neu tral territory of the United States contrary to international law. The military court of inquiry into the re port of the Crimean commissioners is to be an open court. The Liberal electors of London have under consideration whether again to contest the question of Jewish enfranchisement in the person of the Baron Rothschild, or to elect a more serviceable representative. Mr. Lowe's local dues, or shipping bill, is withdrawn, and its author has offered his resignation, which Lord Palmerston refuses to accept . , , Mr. Mauts, of Birmingham, has moved for a select committee to inquire into the present monetary system. The motion was refused by a majority of 50 against it On Friday night, Mr. Roebuck moved the following resolution : . Resolved, That the appointment of a gen eral officers to report upon the report of bir J. McNeil and Col. Tulloch is to substitute an inefficient mode of inquiry, and that the eflect of such appointment will be to hide the mis conduct of those by whom various depart ments of our army have been subjected to in the command of officers who have been incul pated by the commissioners appointed to il quire into their conduct This resolution was intended to defeat the ministry on a division; but after a discussion it was withdrawn. The protocol of Warsaw of 1852, relative to the Danish succession was laid before the House of Commons. The Board of Trade returns for the month of Jsnuary had been published, and exhibit ed a considerable improvement over the pre ceding month. The amount of frauds oommitted by the late John Sadlier are yet unknown, but it will probably be immense, as new develop ments still continue to be made. Messrs. Allen A Gilfcspie have applied foi permanent berths in the Wellington doek for the vessels of the Liverpool and Montreal Ocean Steamship Company. fog guns are Vo be placed at Holyhead. FRANCE . Parii if extremely gay A continued round of festivities are given in hoaor of tha ease m bled diplomatists It is announoed ths* If Napoleon's child is a son, the Emperor < f Austria will he god* fathar by proxy; ard t>m Pope will ?ome to Paria to baptise it. Walhlngton'i Birth-day was daly celebra ted by the Americans in Paris. Paris, Feb. 2i> ?The Congress ha* not met to-day; it will sit to morrow There is a ru mored break-up of the couferenoe, nod ooa siderable agitation in the money market. Ealtimcre Kark-ts. Baltimore, March 13 ?Flour has deelinod 12ic ; Sates of Howard street at $7 ?j; City Mill* at t 0?i. Wheat?Miles <f white at ?1.A5?$175: clnica at SI 80; red SI *0t?l 65 Corn is drooping; whita by measurement, 56*C9t . yelluw by weight 58t59c. Provisions ar generally unchanged. Mara P rk aold for $16 12}*, balk shoaldera at 7c; Mdes 8c ; hams 9c Baoon?sh" aiders firm at 8c ; sides 91c ; baras llal2T Whisky is firmei; sales cf oity and Fenn *y Irani a 27a27*o ; Ohio 28c. Hew York Markets New York March 12.?Flour has declined, aalea of 4 000 bbls. straight State 57. good Ohio S3; Southern SfO Wheat has declined I centb; aales of 800 bushels; prices are nominal Cora is drooping; sales of 22.000 bushels Western mixed 72frc Pork has de-lined; sales of 700bbls. mass at SI5 62i Beef is dull; sales of 200 bbls Chi. OigO r<pu*ke.l %t *13 SO. Lard is languid; Dales of 259 bbls at 10|c Whisky is drooping; sa'as of 200 kbit. Ohio at 30c Stoek Markets New York. March 13.?Stocks are doll Cumberland Coal Company 22j, Penna. Coal Company 9ft#; Reading Railroad SjJ; Virginia 6's 95; Mi.s juri fl's 36f; Illinois Central bonds 6&1. Sterling Exchange active and firm. I II ?^ AUCTION BALES. By A GREEN, Auctioneer HORSE, WAHON A?D GEAR far lair. On SATURDAY, March 1Mb, at 13 o'clock, I shall sell, at my Auction Store Pour large young Horaoo. warranted to work well In any kind of harneos One two here Wagon and four sets Geir Onn of the borate la very stylish and geatle and well suited for a family cartlsge. Thev will be aold without reeeive, the owner htvlag no further uae for tb?m Terms: A credit of00 and SOdavs f r sa'isfav torllv endorsed notes, t earing Interest mar 10?d A. OR KEN, Au*t fcrwill be added te the akers Sale, a !?ood Top Bugev, but little used, and two sots of Barnes* mar 13-d A GREEN . Auct'r By SAM I" EL J. McCORMICK; Alexandria \TEW ORLEANS SlUAR AND MOLAI il aee at Auction.?On FRIDAV next, the 14th Instant, at 12 o'clock, on S. Shinn A Sons Wharf, the cargo of the brig Fidelia, consisting of? 11*? Lhda. choice and prime Sugar 179 bbls choice Molasses SAMUEL J. McCORMICK. mar 12?d Auctioneer B JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer CtOSINO.OL'T SALE OF MEI?RS. Donn. Brother A ( a ?On THURSDAY and FRIDAY. March ISthand 14th commencing earh dav at 10 o'clock, we shall close out the re malnder of the extorsive stock of Furniture and Hcu*e>furnlshing Go;ds. at the establishment of Donn, Brother A Co \N e name in part a* unsold? Two large and eie ant gilt-frame Mirrors Several hacd?ome walnut carved Sofas, covered ? with broca telle Arm and parlor Chairs to match Walnut ard oak Escrftolre*. faocv Chalra Splendid solid walnut Chamber Suite, made to ord>>r in Baltimore Marble top Centre and Side Tables, Rockers Superior spring-seat Lounges. Ottomans Walnut and Cherry Cottage Bedsteads Bureaus. Washstahd*. Tables, Chslrs Spring Mattresses, superior Feathers Cnildren's Carriage* Rtrd Cages. Hall Lanterns Britannia. BlocW Tin and Japanned Ware Keaatlful French China and Granite Toilet Sets Waiters, Cblna and Glassware Clocks, Toiltt Glasses, Water Coolers, Ac. At 12 o'clock M on THURSDAY, we shail sell? The superior Glass Cases Shriving aid Store Fixture* generally Alfo, an excellent Iron Safe. OID ^e Desks. Ac. Terms: S3t) and under cash ; SW S30 ard un ? dor f 100 a credit of 2. 4. and ? months; ov.r S<W a credit of 2. 4. ft. P. 10. and 12 months, for notes ratlsfact riiy endorsed, bearing Interest. J C. McGUIRE, A act irr Pnr-hasen at former sale* are roq uesu d to call for their goods previous to the above sa:?. mar 10?d By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Household a^o kitchen firri. lure at Anctioa?On FRIDAY, the llth Instant, I shall sell, at lu o'clock a in , at (he Crsonage. No. 22 north aide of e.i*t Cspltcl at , tween 1?t and 2d streets eaei, an excellent as sortment of Furniture, vix: Mahogany Sofa, Secretary, and Bookcase Do Sideboard and Ta!-le< Do marble top Centre or Sofa Table Do Hatrack, cane-seat, parlor, and Rock ing Chalra Do Drosalng Bureau,Walnut Washtfands, Ac. Fine Silt frame Mirror. Wardrobes Do cottage a d other Bedsteads and Mattress Do Brussels, ingrain, and Stair Carpets, aad Matting Do Rndiato', Cooking, and other Stove* Hall Lamp. Stair Rrds. and Window f hades China, Glass, snd Crockeiy Wpre 1 fine Walnut Flxtensloa Tab'e With many other articles which we deem na na^esfarv to enumerate. Terms : All soma of and under SIS, cash; over S'Ji a credit of sixty ard nlne'y days, for ndlos fratisfactorlly endorsed. bearlr<g In ereet The a^ove-mentioned turnlfure Is nearly new. an i of a good quality, and the sale will lie well worthy of the attention of persons wishing to put ? cha^e good furniture. A.GREEN, mar 10?d Auctioneer. Bv J C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer An undivided interest in the National Hotel, Washington, at fab lie Aaction.?Trustee's aale ? Bv authority of a deed of trust, and by direction of the cost q Trust, the subscribers will sell at auction, at the auction store of James C McGulre. Washing ton, on TUESDAY, the 18th dav of March nrfJ. at 1*5 o'clock m , eight undivided three hundred sud fifteen parts, the whole Into three hundred and fifteen equal oerts, delng divided of and la all and singular trie lots of ground In Washing ton, In the Dlstilct of Columbia, msrked ard known on the plat thereof at> lots numbered eight, rlne. ten. eleven, twelve, and thirteen, In square numbered four hundred and ninety ore. and all that part of Lot number fourteen, in said square, adjoining said lot number thirteen, fronting twen ? ty feet on North C street, and running back at right angles with said street north the full depth of said lot fourteen, with the improvements there ? on. being the establishment known as the Natioa al Hotel, now In the occupancy of Wm Guy Terms of sale : Ore-fonrth cash, and the real due In six, twelve, and eighteen months from the day of sale, for which notes bearing interest, with a lien on the premises, will be taken. Conveyances at coat of purchaser. The property will be resold at the ri-baser'a risk sud cost on ten dsys1 notice If the terms of sale be not complied with within three days from the dnyof sale. RICHARD WALLACH, JOHN H SAUNDERS, Trustees feb l^ecfcds J. C McGUIRE, Auct By A. GREEN. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FINE GOLD Jewelry, Watches, Giaaa C'asos, Clacks, Store Flxtaraa, Ac., Ac.* at Aactiea.?On Store, No. 510 Seventh street, l^tweon D and an excellent assortment of Jewelry, Watches, Ac. Tlx: . 10?? fine gold Breastpins of every style I0U do F'lnger Ring* 50 do pairs Ear Klnge do Dockets. Bracelets, and Eye Giaaeea 10 do and 10 silver Watches 100 do Watch Kevs and Peaclls 10 do Watch Chitfns, silver Thimbles 1 fins 8 day Regulator, an Infallible timapla Pure silver Boquet Holdeis Pearl and other Card Catea 8ilvor-plated Spoons. Ac. With many other articles in the Jewelry Una ALao? 3 large mahogany Counter Caaea, with glaea One iron fireproof Safe, Counter, Ac. Set fDnr Sne colored Engravings, gl.t frames Terms cash. The Store la also tor rent. Iaquire oa the "mar 1-4 A. GREEN, A