Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, riBLUHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At til 3**r of PuuUfifMil *?<?*? and t.tsmnik Unit, 1J w. D. W A LL1CB, <11 be served to subscribers by carriers at 81A kSD A (4UARTEK CENTS, payable weekly k> the Agents; papers served In packages it 37# seats per uiouth. To mall subscribers the sub scription price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF fY CENTS a yeart* ?J???,TWO DOLLARS for tlx month*, ar.d ONE DOLLAR for three s&otitha; for lew than three moatha at Ike rate of 14% eenta a week. (p-SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. UNITED STATES HAIL. Post Office Dbfabtxsht. ) March 3, 1826. S Proposals for conveying the malls of the United States from the 1st day of Jalv, 1956, to the 30th dav of June. I860, inclu sive, In the State of NORTH CAROLINA, and from the 1st dav of July, 1966. to the 30th of Jun% IStt, Inclusive, In the State of TKNNRS9EE, will be received at the Contract OEce of the Post OlBcs Department, In the city of Washington, until Wednesdav. the 30th of April, 1966, at 5, p. a., (to be decided by the 7th May following ) NORTH CAROLINA. 6b09 From AshviUe, by Sulphur Springs, Horn rueny Creek, Pigeon River, Forks of Pigeon, Wavneaville, Peru, Scotta Creek, Franklin, Skench, Tennessee River, Aquone, Head Tennessee. Valleytown. and Murphy, 128K miles and back, twice a week, In two horse coaches. Leave Aahevllle Monday and Thuisday at 4am Arrive at Murphy next dayaby It p m Leave Murphy Saturday and Tuesday at 4 a m Arrive at Ashville next daya by 12 p m TENNESSEE 8648 From Cleveland, Tann., bvChataly, Wans ?tile, Benton, Palton.Spfingtown, Towee Falls. Coker Creek, Turtle Town.N. C.. Laurel Valley, Persimmon Creek, ana Nottia, to Murphy, 77 miles and back, twice a week, in two-horse eoaches Leave Cleveland Thursday and Sunday at lpm Arrive at Murphy next days by 9 pm Leave Murphy Wednesday and Saturday at 4am Arrive at Cleveland next days by It m Proposals to commence at Benton are in vited. ?11. No pay will be made for tripe not performed, and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily explained. three times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrivals so far behind tune as to break connexion with depending calls, and not suEciently excused, one-fourth of tue compensa tion for the trip la aubject to forfeiture. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained by certifi cates of postmasters or the afldavlts of other cred itable persons for neglecting to take the mall from or Into a post ofllce; for suffering it to be injured, destroyed, robbed or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mall as frequently as the contractor runs, or la concerned in running, ve hides on the route. The Postmaster General may annul the contract for repeated fhliures to run agreeably to contract, or for disobeying the post oSce laws or Instructions of tbe department, or for assigning the contract without the assent of the Postmaster General. The Postmaster General mav alter the schedule He may alao order an Increase of aervlce on the route by allowing therefor a pro rata lnereaae on the contract pay. He may also curtail or discontinue the service in whole or In part, at pro rata decrease of pay. If he allow one month's extra compensation on tne amount of ser vice dispensed with The bids should be address ed to the Second Assistant Postmaster General, superscribed "Mail Proposals for North Caro lina or TennesseeThe contracts to be executed and returned to the department by or before the 7th of May, 956. For further particulars aa to conditiona to be Incorporated In the contracts bid ders may see pamphlet advertisement for convey ing the malls In Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, ana Iowa, of 1964 JAMES CAMPBELL, mar 4-lawtw Postmaster General. UNITED STATES MAIL. VIRGINIA. Post Offici Dkpabtmxxt, ) Costbact Office March 7, 1956 } Proposals for carrying the mail of 'he V nited States from J uly 1,1956 to J una 30, 1990, iuclnalve. on th% following route. In the State of Viboimia, will be received at the Con tract ofllce of ihisd-p rtment cntll 5, p. m . on the 3uth April next, to be decided on tie 7th May following : 9255 Fre::i Warrenton. by Waterloo. Amia<vllle, Gaines's Croas Roads, and Washington, to Sperryrllle, 31 miles and back, three times a week, in2-horse coaches. Leave Warrenton Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at II a m; Arrive at Sperrvvllie sjnie days by 7 p m; Leave Sperryviile Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday at 2 a in; Arrive at Warreaton aam; days by 10 a m For form of bid. guarantee, and certificate, also for Instruction, Ac . see advertisement Inviting proposals f r mail service In Virginia and North and South Carolina, dated January 12, 1856 JAMES CAMPBELL, mar 9?lawtw Postmaster General. UNITED STATES MAIL. MISSISSIPPI Post Officb, > February '25, l868 J PROPOSALS FOR CARRYING THE MAIL of the United States from the July 1, 1866, to Jane 30, 1959, lnclu*lv?. on the following route, will be received at the Contract Otflcs of the De partment. until 3 p m , of April 30 next, to be de cided by the 7th of May following : 7484?From Charleston, Miss., by Mouth of Cold Water, Mitchell's Cross Roads, Mound Place. Moor's Bayou, and Swan Lake, to Helena, Ark., 75 miles and back, once a week I,ea?s Charleaton Monday at 7 a m; Arrive at Helena next day by 8 pm; Leave Helena Wednesday at 7 am; Arrive at Charleston next day by 9 p nu. W0TB. Proposals must be guarantied by two responsi ble persons, certified to as such by a postmaster or Judge of a court of record; and contract must be entered Into by the successful bidder, with surety, before the 1st of July next No pay Will be made for trips not performed, and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily explained three times the pay of the trip mav be deducted For arrivals so far behind time as to break connexion with depending malls and not suEciently excused, one-fourth of the compensa tion for the trip la aubject to forfeiture. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained, for neg lecting to take the mall from or Into a post oEce; for suffering It to be Injured, destroyed, robbed, or lo?t; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mall as frequently as the con tractor runs, or la concerned in running, vehi cles on the route The Postmaster General may annul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract, for disobeying the post of floe laws or Instructions of the departmeat, or for assigning the contract without tne assent of the Postmaster General. The Postmaster General may alter the schedule. He may also order an increase of service on the route by allowing there for a pre rare Increase of the contract pay. He may also curtail or discontinue the service In whole or in part, at pro rata decrease of pay, If he allow one month's extra compensation on the amount of service dlspenvd with Ti.e bldr should he addressed to tne Second Assistant Post master General, superscribed ,l Proposals fur No. 74M4, Afuituhft.'1 For further particulars see pamphlet advertisement for conveying the malls In Alabama. Mississippi. Ac . of 1954 and 1?* JAMES CAMPBELL, feb'M ?law4w Postmaster General. OLE* WOOD CEMETERY. Office Pie. Fa. corner loth street, (OTIE TBI liTUe'l BARB.) THIS CEMETERY Is laid oat on theplaa of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter north of tne Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter ftom Con gress, appropriating their groand forevor to burial jwrpji? making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all eucroachiaents from iegl&iat&cn o? otherwise, which la of vast Importance u> those who wish their dead to repot*, where they have placed tae.u, for It has become a custom iu ali other cltie* when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell It, and tnrew the dead promiseeoaly into one fcrue pit, au4 legai measures cannot prevent It, -4s +0 titles aie gives to the ground " ?P?* 10 to 11 o'clock a. ex., where Pamphltts, containing the Charter, Bv Laws and a map of the grouad, aad all other la formation, can M obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F Qarvev No 110 Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will to ptompUy attended te. |e i?_lv SKETCH BOOK t?r JIEISTEH EAUL by C. 6 I eland, SI 25. ' The Way of Salvation, by Albert Barnes. SI Th? Oca in. Illustrated, by P. II Goese Si Tales from the German, by W . H Turnsa- 76a Wit-Hi FftANCK TAYLOR. ' VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, O. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 14, 1S56. NO. 966. MEMBERS OP CONGRESS AND VISIT ORS TO WASHINGTON IRE RESPECTFULLY INFORMED that 1 at TAYLOR A MAURY'S BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE, Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, they will meet ail their require ments. Their extensive stock, in addition to the following Important works, comprises every de partment of Literature Science, and Art. NEW BOOKS received Immediately on publi cation. * Weekly importations from England. Calhoun's Works, 8 vols. Jefferson's Works, 9 vols. Web*ter'a Works, 5 vols., Autograph edition. Everett's Orations and Speeches, 8 vols. Clay's Private Correspondence, I vol. S. S. Prentiss's Memoirs, 2 vols. Bancroft's History of the United States, 0 vols. Statesman's Manual, 4 vols. Mickey's Constitution, 1 vol. Jefferson's Manual, 1 vol. The Constitutions of the United States, 1 vol. Elliott's Debates and Madifon's Papers, 5 vols. Marsh's Orators and Statesmen, 1 vol. Story's Works, 3 vols Lives of Chief Justices of the Ualted States, 1 vol. Lieber's Civil Liberty and Self Government, i vols. Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry, I vol. Kennedy's Life of Wirt, 8 vols. Garland'j Life of John Randolph, I vol. Party Leaders, by Baldwin, 1 vol. De Tocquevilie's Democracy In America. 1 vol. The Federalist, 8 vol. Crlmke's Nature and Tendency of Free Institu tions, 1 vol. Constitutional Text-Book. 1 vol. Carey's Past, Present, and Future, 1 vol. Seaman's Progress of Nations, 1 vol. MeEUlgott's American Debator, 1 vol. Future Wealth of America, I vol. Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol. Every description of American, English, and Prench STATIONERY of the finest quality, at the lowest prices. Visiting Cards engraved and printed with the greatest promptitude. TAYLOR A MAURY'S, J?nB?-tr near9th street. ? M P H A M ?r NOR FLIT'S NSW AND CHEAP BADDLE, HAEN2S8 AND TBTTHK 8TORI, 599 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS TOPHAM. ?h. . Iht ijft^^^late of Philadelphia, and ?E1?^=?sib aPB^NORFLET of this chy,^MR\BMl ? respectfully announce their friends and the pnbllc, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladles' and Boys^ SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES.and WHIPS. HARNESSoi every description, both for cltv and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladies- SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS, and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS, COLLARS, and HAMES. Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac..Ac. ' All material used will be the beet that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or darability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share cf public patronage. Pasticular attention paid to coverlag Truaks and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers' tools constantly on hand, nov 7 tf SPRING GOODS. JOHN H. SMOOT, No. 119 South Bridge street, near High. Georgetown, D. C . has re ceived bis First Instalmentof SPRING GOODS, sul ed to the early demand. Plain cols all wool Mous de Lalnee, Plain Black Silks, all grades, Plain French Procolesor Cambrics. White and colored figured Brllliantee, 100 pieces English and American Calicoes, *0 pieces Manchester and Domestic Ginghams, ?25 pieces White Cambrics and Jaconets, 50 pieces Checked and Plain Muslins, 25 pieces Richardson and Barklie's Irish Linens, 300 pieces soft-finished Shirting Cotton, 12%c. New York, Bate* and Wamasutta Mills do., Heavy bleached and brown Sheeting Cottons, Toweling, Table Damasks, and Napkins, Ladies and Gents Linen Cambric Handkerchief*, Heavy Osnaburg Prints and S riped Osnaburgs, Mixed Denims and twilled and plain do. Also, Whalebone and Manilla Corded Skirts, White and slate colored do , with other seasonable ^oods, to which large ad ditions will ?oon be made from the latest arrivals InJiew York and Philadelphia. Cash and prompt paving customers are solicited to call early. (mar 5) J.H.S. DESTINY DEMONSTRATED BY THE PLANETS OR ASTROLOGY. PROF R SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foretell all Particular Events of Human Life, such as Love, Marriage, Description of Persons, Riches, Business, Friends, Rights, Claims, and Deeds of Property; all kinds of Speculations, Law Suits, Gain or Lose; of Sickness, all kinds of Dis tempers cured in quick time. Terms: Fifty Cents, male or female: People of Color, Twenty-Five Cents. No. 137 B street, opposite the Smithsonian, ok he Island. mar 3-lm* ? til'TTA PERCHA TEETH. rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN JL the habit of sending eur patrons to Dr. COSBY, formerly of Richmond,^10^25* Va., for Dental operations for a nnm.HuTTyTf ber of years, and take pleasure in recommending him to the citizens of Washington as the beet Tooth Extractor and Dental Operator that we have ever met with He inserts Teeth upon every plan that is practised In the United States. F. Ho'diaa*. X. D. B W Towhsa, M D. A. V. F*yn?, M. o, DM John F. Millar, M. D. Jam** Bryant, 5f D G F. Ofcaajbarllu, M. O , DOS. C. H. Barrii, If. D. 8am a*l F. Brown, If. D. Wytfe* TlaaWjr, if. D B. M Fraud***. M. D. Oflce over Ford A liro.'s, No. 290. corner of 11th street and Pa avenue. nov 27?8m* S. f. HOOVER'S Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Establishment, iron Hall, Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ste. 1HAVE JUST RECEIVED FOR LADIES, MISSES, and CHILDREN, Cleth,-tfa Button, Buckskin, lined Button, Healed Wvml GAITERS Also, thick aad thin Gaiters: f Ml Bronze. Black, and Colored, at Si.25, worth Si; Ladles Alpine button Gaiters, S3 50: French White Satin GUeerici.* SLI PFER&, Gen tlemen's French Patent Leither BOOTS and SHOES, of ail descriptions; Gentlemen's De tached GAITERS, all colors: Boy's and Youth's Patent Leather and Calf BOOTS and SHOES My stock of Fall and Winter W w, recently se lected from the i.?ost celebrated manufacturers la very supt;!cr. ' I promls-* to offer unuaual inducements,and re spectfully solicit your patronage and Influence dec 14?tf B p. HOOVER. IMPORTANT TO GUITAR1STS.-A very a large collection of new and old standard Guitar Songs .ind Pieces. Just received at our Music and Pla-o Store, 3WJ Penna avenue. 8 JOHN F. ELLIS. pAGUERREOTYPl.lU ISY A LADY. \|RS A C. REDMOND HAVING ADDED 111 ?o her uew room* a beautiful Skyllvht, and Assistant Operator, one of the best in the Dlsyict,) she Intends not to Lave her Pictures lf ?la*ll?d> I? the United States. PIC TL RES pu up in Embossed Cases for Fifty C**t.?, such as are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar. Particular attention paid to Copying Detroerre otvoes, Oil Paintings, Aa, Ac. * Mrs. R solicits the patronage of the Ladles Dar tlcularly. v Rooms?401 Seveath street, west side, be tween H and 1. jan21-tf HATS!? HaTS I NEW YORK WINTER STYLES OF *"\ Becbe, Learv, Genln, with other fksh-M_A Ion able Gentlemen's Dress HATS, a fall W* and complete assortment at LANE'S Hat, Cap And 3. nt'rt FUiU. Store. 1*4 Pa. av?aue dec 3?tf A TAKE NOTICE. LL WHO WISH TO KEEP WARM AND ? take care of their health will do well to call at LANE'S, who has a full stock of warm Under* shirts and Drawers, Socks, Gloves, Muflers, and Robes and Shawls, and wlU sell them cheap for eashat LANE'S Genu Furnlthlag Store, 224 Pa. avenue, jaa 9 THE BOSTON YEAR BOOK. or Tracts for Ibi0, an Annual of Scientific Discovery, just received by FRANCK TAYLOR. feb 29 L. J. MIUOLKTOIt, DEALER IN ICE. ogitt a*id Dept??Southwest oerner of P and Twelfth streets. {ebSV-tf official. Treabttrt, Dec 1, 18*. Notice la hereby given to holder* of stocks of the United State* that this Department will pur chase to the amount of 11,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of ten pe oent j for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1818, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock issued under the act of 1850, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 1846, redeemable on the 18th November, 1846, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of 2* per cent.; if received between the 1st Jan* uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent; and if received after the list of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of 1% pei cent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, if assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) bv the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by draft upon thea?tislaut treasurer*at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRifc, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DKAFTS On all Parts of United States and Eoro]*; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parti of United States and Europs; DRAW SILLS ON IRELAND FOR XI OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPEK. Investment paying 10** and aver, far sal*. LAO WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTS of all denominations. Land Warrants located in Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. GUTTA PERL'HA TEETH. Dr. o munson, at 310 pa. avenue, is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Perch a Base Also, with Allen's pat-1 eut continuous Gum, combining beau ty .strength and cleanliness. Dr. M Is determined to keep pace with every Improvement in Dentistry, and will strive to please ana profit his patrons. KivxaaNCB: P. D Gurley, D D. Hon R H Glllet, J. G. Blnney, D D. H on. S A Douglas, B Sunderland, D.D. Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Esq. Dr. R H Coolldge, Hon. C Mason, Dr. Thomas Miller, Hon. A O P Nicholson, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov23?tf MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MICHAEL NOURSE,, No. 461 Thir teenth jfriet tvest. PREMIUM FROM 1 TO 5 PER CENT. ON amount Insured, according to age, Ac.; pay able one half cash, one-half in note?annual div idend to the tnsured, after the 3d year, 50 per ct. feb 21?Th6m COLUMBIA MARKET, atenu*, eormr o/13t4 it. C1UARLES MALLARD HAS OPENED THE ' above place for the keeping and sale of Pork, Be?f, Mutton, Poultry, Butter, Larl, together with Game, Fruits and Vegetables in all its sea sons. C. M having had sixteen years experience In a neighboring city, flatters himself that he will be able to keepa choice selection of PROVISIONS generally, and hopes, by moderate charges and strict pemonal attention to the wants of nls cus tomers to merit a share of the public patronage, jan 23?2aw?m SOIREES. PROF H W. MUNDER M08T RESPECT fully announces to the public that his Soirees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. These en tertal amenta are considered by all who have attended them to be the most sociable that has ever I een given In this city. Jan 22?TAWw ANTHONY BUCHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop nod Residence No. 303 Penn. avrnoe, south side, between9th and 10th sts., Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARS *, and all necessarr conveniences fori properly conducting hi business, would respectfully inform the public that he is fully pr-pared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the sliortes' notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sixes, always on band, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give est ire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Resld ng on premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours feb 7-ly AGENCY OF THE Keystone Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1866. Assets of the Company, consisting of Bonds and .Mortgages on unencumbered rtales tate 8110.0"! 00 Stools of other Corporations, worth par 26,620 00 Cash on hand 3) ,8*6 30 Bills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans 936,943 70 Stock notes 314,306 00 61,339 70 S21U.420 (J0 Whole receipts for premiums during the year $112,812 1*5 Paid for losses and expenses during the year 71,133 04 P M. MOKIARTY, President. J MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this No charge for policy fee Enquire at the ofllce of J. E. Kendall, over K. Morrow's Exchange Office, first door West of W. B.Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. feb 7?3in J^113 M YERLE, Agent CLOCKS. IjlOR A GOOD HONEbT CLOCK ALWAYS ' go to FRANCIS, on 7th street His Clocks cannot be excelled, and his prices will not fright en you. He tries every one thoroughly, himself, and those who buy or him are sure to get a good one or have their money refunded. Jan 26 CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or having a surplus of Household Effects on hand, will find us prepared at all times to pur chase their en :lre stock, or surh articles as they may wish to dispose of. Call and see

BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 369 Seventh st , bet. I and K. feb 10-eod NEW SPRING CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, AND VEST 1NGS. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING OUR FIRST supplies of new Spring Goods for gentle men's wear, of late and fashionable styles, select ed with great care, from the Philadelphia and New York markets, which we will make to order Intbimost superior manner, at much cheaper rates than the luaal city prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 394 Pa. avenue, 3d door eist National Hotel, and Pa a venae, between 9th and 10th sts. feb 99 (latA Glebe) I. BUPONT DE NEMOURS * CO., kanuvactvriks ct WILMINGTON, DEL. Superfine Sporting, and all other kind*. Dlantnd Grain, extra fi>t? Eagle Gun-Powder, FINE UK AIN, for Sporting, la Canisters, pound papers. and?k-lb Wi; COARSER GRAIN, expressly for water-Fowl Shooting, in C&nis ters,6* and lSJ<-lb. kegs. PREMIUM EXCELSIOR 8 4FETY FUSE, in quantities to suit purchasers. GUI*-POWDER FOR BLASTING AND SHIPPING. ? F, FF; C, F, FF, FFF, In 100, 50, and 2f-lb. G U N-POW DEB FOR MILITARY AND NAVAL SERVICE. SUPERFINE SPORTING GUW-POWDER, F, FF. FFF, Glazed and Rough, in 35,12 jf, and 6JIf pound kegs, and in Canisters Sole Agency for the District of Columbia at No. 35 HIGH STREET, GEORGETOWN, D. C. mar 11?2awlm FISH STANDS. THE FISH STANDS IN THE SEVERAL ma'ket-bouses will be sold in pursuance of law on the following days, viz : In the Centre Market on March 27. In the Eastern Market on March In the Northern Market on March 28. Id the Western Market on March 31. All tho?e stands in the several markets not taken and paid for by the present occupants previous to the above date* will be sold to tne highest bidder on the respective datea named. By order of the Mayor. mar 7?eotd FOR SALE. Fifteen hundredcords pine wood standing, situated on the Potomac. near the mouth of Wicomico River and' Neal's Creek A vessel drawing an easy* draught of w:ter can go In the creek, or inchor within fortv yards of the landing. The laud is level and the farthest to haul is not half a mile. Terms accommodating. Add re** JOHN E N E A L, at Stanislaus Murray's. Loulslanaavenue. mar 5?c oft w# SPRING STYLKol Gentlemen's Ureas Hats fer 1S56-?1 shall this day intro duce Beebf, Leary, and Genln's fashiona ble New York Dress Hat* LANE'S Fashionable Hat. Cap and Gents. Fur mar 1-eolm nishlng Store. NEW SPRING S1VI.K FOH 1856. J HAVE THIS DAY INTRODUCED MY m u new spring style of gentlemen's H AT8, u which for beauty, finish, and durability cannot be 8urpas>ed, at HOPKINS'S New Bazaar, corner 9th st. and Pa. av. marl-eo2w More new jewelry, watches, Silverware, kc. Diamond, Pearl, Cameo, Florentine Morale, La va, and Plain Sets, complete Diamond Broochee, Ear and Finger Rings Diamond Crosses, Studs, Plrs Ac Ladles' and Gentlemen's extra fine Watches Gentlemen's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains Ladles' new style Chatalains and Fancy Guards Pure silver Tea Sets, richl/ embossed Walters, Goblets, Cups, Spoons, Forks, Ladles And every variety of Fancy SILVERWARE, suitable for presents. The above are all of the latest styles, Just re ceived, and offered unusually low M. W GALT A BRO , mar 9 321 Pa av. bet itth and 10th its MUSIC Avent. Avery large invoice of i this day received at the Music Depot feb IS GEO H1LBUS, J INDIA; THE PEARL of PEARL RIVER, by E. D E N.Southworth, SI. Learning to Think, by Abbott, 50 cents. United Mates, Canada and Cuba, by Miss Mur ray, SI. Putnam's Magazine for March, 25 cents. Harper's do do do He-ri Dc L'tour, or the Comrades in Arms, by F. 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THE ATTENTION OF DEALERS is called to the fact that my facilities are such that 1 can supply them with ETHERIAL OIL at as low a price and on as good terms as any house In Baltimore or elsewhere. The quality of my Oil is surpassed by none. ALCOHOL. CAMPHENE, TURPENTINE, wholesale or retail, at the very lowest prices J. R. McGREGOR, mar 3?Saw 1 m No. 634 7th street. SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS MR WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of Sing ing, Ac , having been Induced to accompany his nephew (Mr. Henry Palmer, the eminent pi anist,) on his return te this coun ry, and to take up his residence iu this city, will be happy to re ceive pupils for instruction either in Singing or in the art of Flute Playing, having been associ ated with the best Professors in Europe, studied undrr Crevelli, the great vocal master in London, and under C. Nicholson, the renowned flutist. 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Admirers, nay, lovers, ahe had by the score ; and whenever liquor was conve nient, many a sober youth got drunk because of her, and many a sighing bachelor woul 1 willingly have given his riding horse, or even his share in dad ? farm, for her. Thero was, indeed, no lack of will on their part; the difficulty waa in muatering up cour age to make the proposal Mankind seemed for once to be impressod with a proper aenre of their own unworthiness. Now, far be it from any one to infer from this that Sally was prudish or unapproacha ble On the eontrary, she waa aa good hu mored, as comely, and disposed to be as lov ing as she was loveable. Poor Sally! it is a great misfortune for it girl to be too handsome ; aim >dt aa great u to be too ugly There she was, as sociable and wara-he\rt %d as a pigoon, amiable as a turtle-dov v looking soft eneouragement, aa plainly >< maiden modestly permitted, to her baahfu company of adu-irers, who dawdled abovr her, twiddling their thumbs, biting the bark off tbeir riding switches, and playing a num ber of other sheepish tricks, but never a word to the purpose. Sally was entering on har nineteenth year when the was one day heard to observe tb*' men were the meanest, slowest, cowardliesi. or'nariest creatures; in short, good for no thing but to lay under an apple treo with their mouth* oped, and wait until the apple.' drop into them This observation w is circulated from mouth to mouth, aud, like the riddle of the sphinx, wis deeply pondered by Sally ? lovere If any of theoi had wit enough to solve it mean ing, certainly no one had pluck enough to prove the answer Not of this poor crowd was Sam Bates, a stalwart youth, who stood, in wiuter, aix fe?-t two inches in his Blockings; (in summer he didn't wear any ) Sam was not handsome, in the ordinary sense of the term He waa freokled. had a big mouth, and carroty hair. His feet?but no matter?he usually bought number four teen and a half boota, because they fitted him better than sevens or eights. Sam was a wagon maker by profession, owned a flourishing shop and several hundred acres of unimproved land, which secured to him the reputation of independence For the rest he was aroystering blade, a good rider, a crack shot with the rifle, and an accomplish ed fiddlar. Bold to the confine* of impudence, he waa a favoiite of the fair; with a heart a? big aa his foot, and a fist like a sledge hammer, be waa acknowledged the cock of the walk, and preux ck*vali?r of the pinehill country. Mr Bates met Sally Jones for the first time at a quilting, and in aixty seconds after eight he had determined to court her lie sat be aide her aa ahe stitched, and even had the au dacity to squeeze her hand under the quilt Truth ia mighty and must be told Although Sally did re?ent the impertinence by a stick with her needle, she waa not half so indignant as she ought to have been I dare not say she waa pleased. but perhaps 1 should not bo far from the truth if I did It is undeniable tkat the more gentle and modest a woman ia, the more she admires courage and boldness in the other sex. Sally blushed every t:me her eyes met those of her new beau, and that was aa olteu aa she looked up. ?a for Sam, the longer he gazed the deeper he sunk in the mire of love, and by the end of the evening his heart aud his confidence were both completely overwhelmed. Aa ho undertook to see Sally home, he felt a numbness in nia joints that was entirely new to him, and when he tried to make known his sentiments aa be had previoualy deter mined, ho found his heart waa ao swelled up that it cloaed his throat and he couldn't utter a word. "WLat a darned, cussed sneak I waa'. groaned Sam, as he turned that night on his sleepless pillow. "What's comc over me that I caii t speak mv mind to a pretty girl without a ehokin ? 0, Lord ! but she is too pretty for this earth. Well, I'm a goiu' to church with her to-morrow ; and if I don t fix matters afore I go back, then drat me.' It is probable that Sam Bates had never hearkened to the story of -'Kasselaa, Prince of Abyssinnia," or he would have been less credulous while thus listening to the whispers of fancy, and loss ready to take it for granted that the deficiency of the day would be sup plied by the morrow. To-morrow came, and in due time Mr. Bates, tricked off in a bran newtweuty dollar mitof Jew's clothes, was on his way to meeting be side the beautiful Sally. His horse, be decked with a fair new leather bridle, and a uew saddle with brass stirrups, looked aa gay as his master. As they rode up to the meeting house door, Sam could not lorbear casting a triumphant glance at the crowd of Sally's adorers that at od rcund filled with mortification ai.d euvy at his successful audacity. Sally a face waa rofeate with pleasure and bashfulness. 44 Stop a minute, now, Miss Sally ; I'll jist git down and lift ye off!" Sam esaayed to dismount, but in so doing found that both feet wt>re hopelessly fast in the stirrups. His face swelled and reddened like a turkey gobbler's. In vain he twisted and kicked ; the crowd waa expectant; Sally waa waiting. 44 Oosh dang the steerup V* exclaimed Sam endeavoring to break the straps with his des perate kicks. At this unwonted exclamation Sally looked up aud saw her beau's prcdicauient. The bystanders began to snicker. Sally was grieved aud indignant Bouncing out of her baddle in a twinkling, ahe handed her eu trapped escort a stone. 44 Here, Sammy, chunk your foot out with this!" ... Oh, Sally Jonea! into what an error did your kind heart betray you to offer tuis un timely oivility in the presence of the uaaein bled county - admirers, rivala, and all. Sam took the atone and struck a frantio blow at the pertinacious atirrup, but musing his aim it fell with crushing force upon a s ft corn that had come from his wearing tight k^MVhoa, darn ye !" cried he, loaingall con trol of himself, and threatening to beat his horse'a braina out with the stone 44 Don't stride the critter, Sammy." said old Jones; 44 you'll gin him the poll-evil. But jiat let me ongirth the saddle, aud we'll git you lose in no time " In short, the saddle waa unbu<*kled, ar.d Sam dismounted with bis feet still faat in the stirrups, looking like a criminal in foot hob bles. With some labor he pulled off his boots, squeaxed them out of the Jtirrup, and pulled them on again. The tender Sally atood by, all the while manifesting the kiudeat ooncern, and when he was extricated ahe took hi? a-ia and walked him into church. ^ But thia unlucky adventure was too inuan for Sam; he sneaked out of the, ring the first prayer, pulled off his boota and rode home la his stocking. the weekly star. r his excellent Family a?4 N? j?nil t, * Biantm variety of lilmMAg Milne t>u be foa?? m Uf other-to published cm Bm> 11?1. ?KM<ui.. | , PW.-H R^'Sp^ 3 ww?? copies ^ Lr CiH, TRniuiiT 1R iivtnn sens&ofs? s jjj-? - papor Pr1c?w_T??.b c??t7T ^ U PotTiiiriu who act uiMBttvUi to a oommlwioa of twenty per coat. irom this time ham Bitot disappeared from Literally and metaphorically be shut up shop and hung op hit fiddle He did not take to liquor like a fool, bat took to bif "*e, and cleared I don't know bow many acres of rugged, heavy timbered land, there by increasing the value of hit tract to tuo amount of several hundred dollart. 7i l?*irastXj ?est him diy9n thflhtli ^JDg th%t ?h* 100,1 ?? of ^he httle accjdent at the meeting house, end Ti? or ^h.:entured on a dir~* p??? ^ owu band* 7 y4r? kni? her But while every effort to win him back to the world was unsuecetsful, the yarn stock mgt were a great comfort to him in ??/?* impcsed exile. a Sata wore them continually, not on hit feet as some matter-of-fact booby might iuPr ?' but in his bosom ; and often, during tL in tervals of hit work in the lovely clearing would he then draw them out and ponder on them until a big tear gathered in hiJeye "Oh ! Sally Jones, lally Jane., ha/l ?.|y had the tpunk to have courted ye Saturday night, instead of Sunday morning, thiuirt iLi^at have been different!" And then he would pick up hit axe, and whack it into the next tree with the energy of despair. At length tba whole country wat elootrified by the announcement that " farmer Jonet had concluded V> tell out and gowett." On the day appointed for the tale, there could no' have been iets than a hundred bene* teth ered in a barn-yard. Sam Batetwat there, field'Dg M uneasj at a pig in a ttrange cora 6a|ly might have been a little thinner than usual J jatt enough to heighten rather than diminish hn charms It wa? generally kn-.wn hat she was arerso to moving w?*t In f<**t ahe Ux.k no pains to eoneeal her aentim^nu on the subject; her pretty eyet were evi dently red with recent weeping. She looked mournfully round on cach familiar abject * the old homestead with itt ehnnked and daubed walls; the cherry treat, under which she had played in childhood; the fiowere abe had planted; and then to tee the dear old furniture auctioned <ff? the ehurn, the apple Gutter pot, the venerable quilting frame, ibe occasion of so many social iratherinpa. But harder than all it was wber ber own white eow wm pu: up; her pet that, when a a oaT, the bad saved from the butcher, itwat t?o mu?b and the teart trickled afreah down Sally s blooming cheeka "Ten dollart ten dollart for tha cow V' ,k F;f*y dollart " shouted Bates ? Why, Sammy," whitpered a prudent neighbor, ' the bain t worth twenty, at the outside. ?'I'll gin fifty for her," replied Sam, d>x gedly. ' ? Now. when Sally heard of tfait pieca of gal lantry. she must needs thank the purch??er for the eoranliment, and commend Sukcy to his especial kindness Than the extended her plump hand, which Sam teind with fe*h a devouring grip that the little maiden could scarcely -oppress a tcream She did suppress it. however; that the might hear whether he ha J anything further to my; but she diss t point-d. lie turned away dumb, twillowing. at it were, bunkt of grief at big as lumplii gt. W hen everything w*s sold off and dinner was over, the company ditpoted itself ab^ut the yard in groupt. reclining on the grass, or teat ed on benches and dismantled furniture. The conversation naturally turned on the events of the day and the prospect of the Jones family, and it was unanimously voted a cursed pity that so 6ne a girl at Sally thould be permitted to leave the country againft her will. 44 Hain t none of y?u tneaking whelps the spent to her ?" asked the white-headed miller, addressing a gr>up of young bachelors lyin* near. * The louts snickered, turned over, whispered tj each other, but no one showed any dfitno* sition to try the experiment. The tun was declining in the west. Some of those who lived at a distance were already gone to harness up their horses To-morrow the belle of Capaon valley would be on her way to Missouri Just then Sally rushed from the house, with a lace all, a step all determination. Arrived in the middle of the yard, she moun ted the reversed apple-butter kettle 4'I don't want to go wett-1 don't want to leave Old \ irginia?and I won't leave, if there i a man among ye that but tr unk enough to atk me to itay." But where is southern chivalry ? whithered beneath tha sneers of eold-blooded mauguity' choked by the matims of dollar-jingling and prudence ? distanced on the citcular race oeurte of p ogreat? bankrupt through the tricks of counterfeiting politicians ? Deluded querist, no! Like a strong and generous lion, it sleeps -sleeps so soundly that even apes may grimace and chatter insults in its face, and pull hairs from its tail with im punity ; but give it a good hard poke, and you will bear a roar that will make the cow ard tremble and tha brave prudent. Hearken to the sequel of Sally Jones Scareely had she finished her patriotio ad drest when there wat a general ruth. The less active were trampled over like puffed g at skint at a bashanalian festival. " Mits Sally, I axat you." Alias Sally, I spoke first " " I bespeak her for my ton Bill," squeaked an ootogenarian, struggling forward to teise her arm To hide her eonfusion, Sally ?<>vere l her f ice with her apron, when she felt a strong arm thrown around her, and beard a stento rian voi:;? shout: " She's mine, by gsuley " Sam B ites cleared a swath as if lie hal been in a griin field, bore his uuresis'i .g ( n?o int?, the house and slammed th< door vu the cVter ing crowd. The weddirg earn* off that night, and on the following morning Sam r.^ie home, dtivirg his white oow before u:>d carrying bis behind bim. Tuk Phivilbobs or Laar Yaaa ?Some curieus diver into the habita of the past aavs that by th: nacier.t custom, a lady weariuga scarlet petticoat in leap year, may propose to & biicbelor U marr/ her, and if he declines to do so, and she shows him a part of the red garment be is bound to present to her a new silk dress to cover it. and &>*uage her wound ed feelings We fancy that if tho requirements of this curioac custom were enforeed in this vicinity, a walk on the Avenue duringtho dis mal thaws we have lately had, would have cost s bachelor whole cords of silk dresses, provided the ladies ohoote to impose the peu al'y The shocking condition of the oroaainjs recently cause i meny extraordinary develop ments of under-garments. Boksbtb ?Our lady readers will beintcr-?st ei to know that in New York, as to spring bonnets, they are said to be bewitching in their new beauty, composed of silk fclond and ti -wers put together In the most artistic way. The form is greatly improved?more room in the crown. In short they are more overcom ing as well as beoommg to the fair laces, smiling out from the blushing buds and blond frills Favor seems rather t > lean to the full crown?caps very deep?with an over frill of blond ;?and form between the two, tendrils and leaves of the molt delicate graates ai.d moii, peep daintly out as if to make sure that the reign ef stem, cold winter was over before preaanting their budt and flow?r> iy A celebrated hangman in ELgland, In thowing the gallows attached to Newgate, ob torved lo the bytUtnders thai he had l.ung twenty persona on it at one time So j = <<ue tuggeated that it wat too small. '* Oh, no, bleaa you, twenty-five persont oould twing oq that vary towtforiably."