Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, ri'BLIfilCU EVERY AFTERNOON. (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 41 lU Star Bml'itnfs. tornor #/ Ptnujfiiuui* ??<*m axi fcisvsntk it* ft, 9 j W. D. WALLACE, C U be net red to subsc ribers by carriers *! SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly ID the Amenta; papers served In packages at 37# ktcj? f't month. To mail subscribers tie sub mlpdon price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF fY CBN TS a year ?? advene*, TWO DOLLARS for aiz months, and ONE DOLLAR for three aontha; for leaa than three oaoatha at the rate of |<X cents a week. CT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF THE LATE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. r Difartmint. j Febroary 27,1M4. J WHEREAS, ON THE tB'.h DAY OF FEB rnaty, 1-65. Congress passed the following act npoTi the subject of the debt due to the credl tors of the late Republic of Texas: AN ACT to provide for the payment of such creditors of the late Republic of Texas aa are comprehended In the act of Conjjres* of Sep tember nine, eighteen hundred and fifty. Bt it ematud bj the Stnatt and Htvie ofRt - riKstalieu ?/Mi Omttd tales of America tn Congrt?j assembled. That In lieu of the sum cf five millions of dollars, payable to the State of Texas. In lee per cent stock of the United States bv the as-, entitled "An act proposing to the SMte of Texaa the establishment of her northern and western boundaries, the relinquishment by the aald State of all terr<tory claimed by fcer exterior t? sild boundaries, and of all her claims upon the United Slates, and to establish a territorial gov ernment for New Mexico," passed September ninth, eighteen hundred and fifty, tbe issuing of whl^h itoek was restricted by the first proviso to the fifth proposition contained in tbe first setion of said act, the Secretary of the Treaaury he and he Is herebv authored ar.d directed to pay to the creditors of the late Republic of Texaa who hold such bonds or other evidence.') of debt for which the revenues of tha* Republic were pledged as were reported to be within the provisions of the aald act of September ninth, eighteen hundred and 11 ty. by the report of the late Secretarv of the Trsesurv to the President of the United'States and approved by him on the thirteenth dty of September, eighteen hundred and fifty one, or which come within the provlalcns of safd act ac cording to tbe op!-lon upon the Texas :oinr act of the preaent At.oraey General of tbe United States, addressed to the Secretary ->f tbe Treas ary under date ?f September twenty-Math, eight een hundred and fifty-three, the aunt of aeven millions seven hundred and fifty thousand dol lar*, to be apportioned among the said holders prorata: frorxdsd, That the Interest on the debt embracsd in this act shall be determined by the exlitln^ laws of the State of Texas ?ec 54 And be it further enacttJ, That In all oases where the S.ate of Texas may aave paid any portion of the deM de orib-*l in this act, the said ?e-ret*ry shall refund to the proper officer of said S'ate the amoun> actually so paid by the State, upon the presentation at the Treasury Department or the evidences of said debt on wnich th? said State may have made such payment: Provided, The sild sum shall not exceed the proportion which would have been allowed to the creditor or cr?d'tors If such payment on said evidences of debt had not been made by the State of Texas; and where the aald sum that mav be refunded to the State of Texas by the provisions of this sec tion Is less than the proportion which woul * have been allowed und*r this act to the holders of auch evidences of debt had auch payment not been ma ie t em. such holders shall be entitled to re ceive the difference between said sum and the proportion they would have received under this act If ao paviiient had been made them; and where any original certificates or other evidences of debt have t>*en surrendered to the anthor'tv of the State of Texas, aid new certlfi ates Issued therefor bv said S ate of Texas. su^h new certifi cates shall be received as evld- nces of the original amount of the claim. Sec 3 And b? it further enacted, That nop lv meat shall be made unler this act to any holder of said securities or evidences of debt unless the ?aid holder shall first execute to the United * tates a receipt fr.r the said payment, la which said ho.der shall forever release all claim against tbe United States foT or on a-count f the said secu rities or evidences of debt; also similar relea*?* to Said State of Texas; and the said certificates or other evidences of debt shall then be deposited with the Treasury Department Sec 4 And be it further enacted. That, before payment ot the moneys aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice, by public ad vertisemen: for the space of ninety days, of the time at which said payment will be made, and no payment shall be mads on any bond, certifi cate, or evidence of debt which shall not, thirty dxys before the tiin* limited by sail notice, be presented at the Treasury Department. Sec. 5 And b? it fur her enacted, That the sum of seven millions seven hundred and fifty thous and dollars be aud tbe same Is hereby appropri ate 1, out of any moneys In the Treasury not oth erwise appropriated, for the purpose or carrying Into effect the provisions of this act. Sec.# And be it further enacted. That this act shall not take effect until it shall be assented to by an act of the Leglilature of the State of Texaa. and tc<rpv of the act of the said State, duly au thenticated. d-*pocit^d In the Treasury Department it Wast, Wilton, no? until the Legislature of tb? Sta'e of Texas sbal; piss an actwi.hdrawlng and abandoning all claims and demand-* against the Ualed Sfatss growing out of Indian depredations or otherwise l Approved February ti-5, 1-S >. And where?* on the 1st day of February, '85*, the State of Texas passed the following act, giv ing the assent of that Stat; to the aforesaid act of Congress and specifying the several debts of the late Republic of Texas, amongst the holders of which the ST 750.<>00 appropriated by **id act of Congress Is to lie divided, pro rata, in discharge *f the principal and lnerest due on said debt, ac cording to the laws of Texas : AN ACT glvi-ig the assent of the State of Texas to ? An act to provide for the payment such creditor* of the late Republic or Texas as are e?raprehended In the act of Cmgress of Sep tember nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," which was passed at the second session of 'the Thirty third Congress of the United States, and approved February twenty-eighth eigh teen hundred and fifty-five Wbereas at tbe second session of the Thirty third Cougres* of the United States an act was passed enfltled An act to provide for the pay ment of such creditors of the late Republic of Texas as are comprehended In the act of Con gress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fiftv.'' which act was approved February twenty eighth. eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and pro vide* that .n lieu of the sum of five millions of five per cent stock of the United States still die to Texas under the provisions of tbe act of Congress of the ninth of Sep ember, eighteen hundred and fifty the United State* will pay to the cretltors of the late Republic of Texas who ho.d such bonds or other evidence of debt for which the revenues of that Republic were p.edged as were reported to be within the pro visions of the said act of September the ninth, eighteen hundred and fifty, by the report of the .ate Secretary of the Treasury to the Presi dent of the United Sta'e*. and approved by him on the thirteenth day of Septcmner, eigh teen hundred and fifty-one. or which come with in the provisions of said act. according to the opinion upon the Texas compact of the present Attorney General of the Untied State* addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury under date of Sep 'ember tweniy-s'xth, eighteen hundred anJ fifty ihree the sum of seven millions seven hundred ? d fifty thousand dollars, to be apportioned amjng ffie said holders pro rata, the interest on the said debt to be determined by the existing laws of the State of Texas : And whereas by the erms of the said act of the twenty-eighth of February, eighteen hundred and fifty five. It is not to take efieet until It shall be assented to by an act of the I.egislatureof Texas, uor until the Legislature of said Stat* shall piss a-, act withdrawing and abandoning all claims a .d ilemands against the United States growing oat of Indian depredations or otherwise Now. therefore? J*ec 1 Be it tna-ted by the Legislature of the State o' T-xas, That the said State hereby con *ent* and azrees that In lie 1 of the five millions ? tive per cent stock still due to said State under 'fee act of Congress of the ninth of Septemt>er * g-teen hundred and fifty, the United States s&all pay to the said descrit>ed creditors, whose *? >ts ostensibly amount, with Interest thereon Wording to the ?aws of Tex a*, to the sum ojf ten ? ililons seventy-elj'ht thousand seven hundred and three dollars and twenty-one cents, of which ~*e rnilllona live hundred and two thousand nine hundred and sixteen dollars and thirty-four cents principal, and three millions two hundred and ?^nty-four thousand two hundred and forty-one di> and ninety four cents Interest on said principal, arc evldeared by the certificates of the A idltor and Comptroller of the State of Texas, t*?-ed under the provisions of - An act to provide ror ascertaining the debt of the late Republic of *PPr?ved March twentieth, eighteen ?- -adred and forty eight, and other acts of said ?-a1* paa.ed aubseq.ient thereto, ninety-eight thousand five hundred a-d forty five dollars and ..xty-slx cents of principal^/one hluMtred aiid ? rr? thousand two hundred and nlnety-nine doL ?ara and twenty seven cents cf interest on said principal axe evidenced by ten ,-er cent bonds of the Republic of Texas, Issued under a:i art of ? ongm?sof said Republic of the seventh June ? *.ghteen hundred and thirty-seven; two hundred ? id eighty thousand dollars of principal and ttrce hundred and twenty-five thousand and five a 4red dollars of interest on said principal, are ?*ldeneed a ten per cent l?oni, issued by' the Rcpanfle ofTeraa to Frederlck Dawson for naval 1 v?Mess, dated the thirteenth of September, *igh VOL. VII. ' , WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY. MARCH 18, 1S56. NO. 969. teen hundred and thirty tight; forty-one thousand and one hundred dollars of principal, and forty one thousand two hundred and seventy-one dol lars and tweatv-four cents of interest on said principal, are evidenced by ten per cent, bonds of the Republic of Texas, issued under the provi sions of an act of Congress of said Republic en titled ?' An act to provide for the redemption of the promissory notes of the Government now in circulation, and for funding other liabilities of the Government,-' approved fifth of February, eigh teen hundred and forty; three hundred dollars of principal and two hundred and thirty six dollars of interest on said principal, are evidenced by eight per cent, bonds of said Republic, Issued under the provisions of the act of Congress of the sild Republic last before named; twenty-four thousand and one hundred dollars of principal, and eighteeu thousand three hurdred and sixteen doll irs of Interest on said p.iuclpal,are evidenced by eight per cent treasury bonds of said Repub lic, under the provisions of an act of the Congrats of said Republic, entiled 'In act for creating funds for the support of the Government for the year eighteen hundred and forty," approved Feb ruary fifth, eighteen hundred and forty; two thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars ef principal, and eight hundred and ninety-one dol lars and twenty-pne cer ts of interest on said prin cipal. are evidenced by the first Issue of promis sory notes of said Republic under the provisions of an art of Congress of the said Republic of the seventh June, eighteen hundred and thlrty-seveu sixteen thousand five hundred and thirty-seven dollars ofprincipal, and three thousand six hun dred and fifty-one dollars aud ninety- ne cents of Interest on said principal, are evidenced by the second Issue of the promissory notes of the said Republic, under the provlsioas of the act of Con gress of said Republic last before named; aud three hundred and thirty-four thousand eight hundred and sixty-six dollars and slxty-four oeoti of principal are evidenced by the promissory notes of said Republic, without Interest, Issued under an act of Co jgreee of said Republic of nineteenth of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, the sum of seven millions seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars* to be apportioned anion# them pro rata; and the said State hereby assents to said act of Congress of the twenty eighth of February eighteen hundred and fifty-five, with the forego ing declaration of the debts that she understands to embraced In its provisions, and among which the said sum of seven millions seven hun dred and fifty thousand dollars aie to be appor tioned pro rata. Sac a. Be it further enntrd, That the State of Texas hereby withdraws and abjr.dons all claims and demands against the United States growing out of Indian depredations or other wise which originated on or before the twenty eighth day of February, eighteen hundred and fifty five: Provided, This abandonment shall not apply to claims of individuals for losses of property bv the enemy. u fUTtk'T enacted, That this act shall take effect and be in force from and after the date of ita final passage or approval. H. F. BEE, speaker of the House of Representatives. H. R RUNNELS. . . . President of the Senate. A proved 1st February, 18S<>. E. M. PEASE. Department of State, . Acstin, Tixas, February 2. 1856. I, hdward Clark, Secretary of State of the State of Texas, do hereby certify- that the foregoing eight pages hereto annexed Is a true and correct copy of the original act entitled " An act Hiving the assent of the State of Texas to 'An act to pro vide for the payment of such creditor of the late Republic of Texas as are comprehended In the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hun dred and fl.ty,' which was nassed at th? second session of tie Thirty-third Congress of the Uni ted States, and approved February twenty-eighth eighteen hundred and fifty-five." witness my hind and the seal of the depart [seal] meat the day and rear aforesaid. EDWARD CLARK, Secretary of State. . ?.? S. ,, Executive Department I>h.M. Pease. Governor of the State of Texas, do nerebv certify- that Edward Clark, who signed the certificate on the preceding page as S cretary of State, la and was at the date of said certificate Secretary of State for the Stare of Texas; and he is, by law. the keeper of the original statute laws of said State, and that his attestation is ii due form. in testimony whereof 1 hereunto a'gn ray name and cause the great seal or the State to be affixed, at the city of Austin, tbls the [iBALj sixth day of Fel?. uary, A D. 1956, atid In the year of the independence of the L nlted States the eightieth, and of Tex as the twentietn vear. E. M. PEASE. And whereas the creditors referred to in said act or Congress are deemed identical with the bold en of the debt described in tte said act i f the X of Ie*?; and wher as it Is alleged that there exist forged celuflrates of said debt, the I i . which ir av assert to be gen ine and claim payment of, and whereas the 3 ? section of 'he said act o: Congress requires the holders of the ? ertlfi atcs and otb. r evidence* of said d bt shall execute releases to the United States, -cd f ?f.u tlie ,8lalt* ?' before payment; and tae 4 th section of taid tct requires that public no tice shoild be given for the ?p,ceof ninety days o. the time when said payment will be msde - and whereas the Treasury Debarment has adop-.ed the form A of a release to the United S'a'et, and the form B of a release to the State of Texas, no tice i? Lereby given to said creditors that pay meat Pjora a, will be made at the Treasury of snfnl !!e' b>'Inea"8 of treasury drafts on some of the isslsUn: tretsurersor public deooal' tarles of the United States, oa and after the 1st of June. 18i6. to such of the holders of the genuine cert ficates or other evidences of said debt, in ac cordance with the provLlons of said acts, who shall have assigned their ??>d certificates or other ev.iences of rail debt to the United States, and executed the release in the form A to the United I "i? release in the form B to the State * ?ex5.8' fl tUe 8an,e wlth Secretary of the Treasury thirty days before the 1st of June thirty days being reqi lied to Investiga'e the genuineness of the certUkat s, for which p lrpose, the Department is advised. Texas will send an agent who possesses knowled -e of the o??i?hi a"d the handwriting of the . w?** J1*0?'1"** ?e attached to them it it desirable that all the certificates a-d evl deices of deM should be fi ed thirty days before if l?'Juae>Mdthe holders wilt lake notice that *7l*eoc?s not filed before that time will be 'ctatnedfo; examination and Investl. gatlon until the Department shall be fully satisfied oftheKenulne .ess of the certificates ind evidences rh* ?""rtgnment and release may be e* ?cuted and acknowledged In the presence of rh. Assistant Secretary or cnief clerk Eo^ ' d be certified by the notary under his notarial seal ? but when the holders desire to mfke the ass|un ment and execute the releases out of the city of V7?n ,n*y ** done 1,1 the Pmenca of an assistant treasurer or collector or surveyor and the notary public, and be witnessed by the collector ZT.rY9y0r aud ,he notary public, and be certified n the notary under his no-.arial seal; and If there be no collect or or surveyor of the customs at the place where the tarty resides, the assignment and reJe^es may ?Trl*uted before "y SSt Sf retord. In the presence of the judge and clerk thereof and be witnessed by thein and certified by the clerk under his of oillc/ ll ,h. holder be out of the United States the' uSffaount and releases may be executed before anv^tnif?.i Mates consul, and be witnessed and certified bv bin# under his consular seal Ail ^ cntlng such assignments and releaies??t declare, under oath before the notar" cfcrk ^ consul, as the case may be, that thev ara iln .'.!! owaers of the certificates or Mhe. eviden-tT*, h or that the same bavebe-n a-signed to them bonafidt'.for collection, atd the noUry clerk' or consul must include the fart of that declt? tion in their certificate of acknowledKiilent IJhe prorata dividend, when sllowed i.v accounting offlcors, uiU be remitted to the pitteJ I" 7ith directions, or the draft! bailed to their regularly-con.tituted agents fo? transmission JAMES GUTHRIE Secretary of the Treasury Farm A. Know all Persons by these presents that ? has released, and hereby releases, the Uni ted States of America from all further liability or claUn for the payment of certificate or evldencejof del* number , for the sum of t Issued by the late Republic of Texts, and redeemed by the United States in accordance with the provi'. sioasof an act of Congress entitled "An act to Erovide for the payment of such creditors of the ite Republic of Texas as are comprehended In the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty." approved the twenty eighth day of February, 1*55, and an act of the State of Texas approved the 1st of February, 1856. As witness my hand and seal. Form B. *"? * *11 ptrjom by these presents that ? released, and hereby rdea?es, a,_,? V <?'?? uoieuy rejea??s, the ? ? e of i Mas from all further Uabillty or claim for the payment of certificate or evidence of debt number . for the turn of S , Issued by the late Republic of Texas, and redeemed by the United State# In accordance wltn tbe provisions of an ac: of Congress entitled "An art to provide for tbe payment of Mich creditors of the late Re public of Texas as are comprehended In the art of Congre ? of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty." appr .ved the 28th day of February, Jb&5. and an act of tbe State of Texas approved the let of February, 185#. As witness my hand a nd seal POSTSCRIPT. I In answer to various Inquiries, claimants will taVe that the affidavits of ownership re quited to b* filed with the certificate-, or other evidences of debt, mast show whether the holder Is the real owner, or holds the same for collec tion, or lu pledge for mo-ieys advanced If for collection, or In ple'ge, the name oj the party holding the benefic al or residuary Interest In the claim must be stated In the affidavit, and an as signment and release to tbe United States and re lease to Texas must be duly executed by such party, together with an assignment and releases from tbe per-on In whese favor settlement atd payment is requested Claimants <i >der the'id section of the act of 28th February, I8J5, who have surrendered their cer tificates to Tt-xas up->n payment of a portion of tbe amount, at:d now claim'the difference between the amount so paid and the propo tion payable thereon under that act, mast file affidavits stating the surrender of such certificates, and describing two a, the amount received thereon, whether the party who surrendered to, and received tbe amount from. Texas was the real owner, or held the same for colleciion, or in p'edge The party claiming any beneficial or residuary interest in the differ ence, as well as the person In whose favor settle ment and payment lc requested, must, respee tively, file an assignment and release to the Unlted States and a Mease to Texas In the same manner as lu other eases. After tbe amount paid by Texas upon such certificate! shall be refunded, claims or this description will be examined and settled in conform' ty with the proviso of saKl 2d section Claimants will also take notice that one or more certificates, or o. e or more evidences of the same character of debt, may be Included in the same affidavit rf ownership, assignment, or release, If each certificate or other evidence of debt Is cor rectly described therein by Its number, date, amount, and name of payee. It should also ap pear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas upon claims against the republic, or were issued bv the repub 11-; of Texas, according to the facts In ench case JAMKS GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. TxiiiCEt Diri&iMtNi, March 0, 1856. mar 4? lawtw TUP II A >1 fe NORFLKT'8 NEW AND CHEAP SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORE, Seventhst ,'oppositeOdd Fellows' Hall. A MESSRS TOPHAM. HB^^^late of Philadelphia, and (SP^^NORFLETof thin cliy,( ? respectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Busings at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of? Mens', Ladle*', and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLKS, MARTINGALES,and WHIPS HARN ESS of every description, both for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Indies'SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS, COLLARS, and I1AMES. Horse. 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If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of'-i# percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent; and If received after the lis: of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of \% percent. I nterest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. in both cases one day's interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the prewent notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest, if sen' prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment fer these stocks will be made by drafts upca theasslstant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. ANTHONY Blt'HLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence No. 303 Penn. avenue, ssatb side, between9th and 10th stsM Having provided himself with nn ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for properly conducting hlf business, would respectfully Inform the public that he is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and in the best manner A larye snppl* of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sizes. alwa>s on hand, which will be fur nished on tme most reasonable terms As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire sa lsfactlou on all occasions. N. B.?Ktwld njz on ibe premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours feb 7-ly agency OF thk Keystone Insnrance Co. of Philadelphia. Caoit a 1 ?????????????????? $300.000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1866 Assets of tat- Company, consisting of Hoods and .Mortgages on unencumbered real es tate 8110,9<h 00 Stocs of other Corporations, worth per 26.9*0 00 Cash on hand 31,ms 30 Bills receivable, consisting of Msrine notes and short loans ?.v 943 70 Block notes S14,3s6 90 61,389 70 ^ ? ? ________________ 9919,490 00 Whole receipts for premiums during the year.... Slit,812 05 Paid for losses and expenses during the year 04 P M . MORIARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary Risks changed from ether companies to this no charge for poltey fee. F.naulreat the otlce of J. k Kendall, over R.Morrow s Exchange OSee, first door West of W. b. Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. feb 7?3m DAVID MYERLK, Ageot I BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parti of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts ef United States and Earopt; D R A W BIL L S ON IRELAND FOR ?\ OK UPWARDS; BUY AND SFLL BONDS, STOCKS, ft OTHKR SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPE". Investment paying 10 v* and over, for sale. LARD WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and Lave for Sale, LAND WAR RANTS of a:l denomination*. Land Warrant* located in ir>wa. Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 93-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. Moke new jewelry, watches, silverware, ac. Dlanoud, Pearl, Csmeo, Florentine Mosaic, La va, rnd Plnin Sets, complste Diamond Kroocnee. Ear and Finger Rings Diamond Crosses, Studs, Pins ftc Ladles1 and Gentlemen's extra line Watchss Gentlemen's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains Ladles' new style Chatalalns and Fancy Guards Pure silver Tea Sets, richly embossed Waiters, Goblets, Cups, Spoons. Forks, Ladles And every variety of Fancy SILVER w ARB, suitable for presents The above are all of tte latest styles, Jast re ceived , andofiered unusually low m W gai T ft BRO., mar 8 324 Pa av. bet 9th and 10th sts N i>ia{ THE PEAKL of PEAKL HIV EH, by E. D. e N. Southworth, si. lining to Think, by Abbott, 60 csnts. United states, Canada and Cuba, by Miss Mur ray, si. Putnam's Magailne for Mareh, 96 cents. Harper's do do do He^ri De L'tour, or the Comrades In Arms, by P. Smith. 60 sent* Annual of Scientific Discoveries, or Year look of Facts, for 166; si 26 For sale by k. k. LUNDY, mar 7?tr No. 128 Bildge st , Georgetown. SELLING OFF. A CHANCE FOR GREAT BARGAINS ? From this to th?* 1st of April we shall offer our stock at greatly-reduced prices, in order to make room for our usual immense Spring Stoek We mention, in part, Jet Goods, Brushes and Combs, of every class and style, Perfumery. Cologne, Extracts, Soap, Shaving Soap and Boxes, Razors, Strops, Knives, Umbrellas, Canes, Baskets, portmonnales, Card cases, Card receiv ers, Paint Boxes, Children's Toys and Games, fine Engravings, with or without frames, Paper, Ink, Envelopes. Cards, Sand Boxes, Inkstands, Rulers, Note and Check Books, Va^es. China Goods, Fans, Cages, and an endless variety at the Piano store of JOHN ELLIS, mar 8 3i6 Pa. av bet. 0th and 10th sts. SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS MR . WILLIAM PALMBR, Professor of Sing ing, ftc., having been Induced to accompany his nephew (mr Hsnry Palmer, the eminent pi intnt,) on his return te this coun'ry, and to take up his residence in this city, will be happy to re eelve pupils for lnstruotlen either in Singing or in the art of Flute Playing, having been associ ated with the best Professors in Europe, studied und-r Crevelll, the great vecal master in London, and under C. Nicholson, the renowned flutist. Por terms, ftc., apply to him, by note or other wise, at No. 297 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. au 94?tf NOW THE KNOW IS THAWING! The lakes are overflowing with Bouquets of Resl and Artlflolal FLOWERS, with PERFUMERY. FANCY GOODS, MUSICAL BOXES. CLOCKS, STA riONERY, ftc., ftc. OPERA GLASSES for tale or rent. At THE LARES, mar 6 soi Pa. av., near Adam's Express. P. nfcnwino, ARCHITECT AND MUP E HINTS ND E NT> ii/ILL FURNISH PLANS AND specifl tf CATIONS for buildings of every descrip tion, end superintend their erection if required. Designs for public and private Buildings, Counting Houses Churehes, Monuments. Also, Wo.king Drawings for builders will be carefully cnted at reasonable terms OAce, 919 F stree , north side, between 14th ?nd 16th, Washington D C. max l-liu EVENING STAR. MY DUEL WITH CAPTAIN ELLIOTT. " My duel with Captain Elliott,'' said the doctor, lighting a fresh cigar, "took place daring the war with Mexico Bat, before I pr oceed, I mast give you a short account of my previous history. Elliott and I had been rivals and enemies from our very boyhood. We were educated at the same public school. Be I ore I arrived, he was the pet, the hero, the Nipoleon, eo to speak, of the s?hool; the leader alike in stu dy, in sport, and in mischief He was a proud, imperious, overbearing boy, though witn maty generous and endearing qualities; aau. oat of school, his will was law to the boys, a? much a* that of the teaebcr w,<s in school " When I arrived, however, being aboat his own age, and a lad of considerable spirit. I refused to submit to his authority ; an I there being many malcontents in the school, wh< secretly disliked him. they cne by one en rolled themselves under my standard, and we were thuadi\ ided into separate factions. Num berless were the pitched battles which we had. aa well as the personal conflicts for supremacy; numberless the ' bloody noses and cracked crowns numberless the reprimands and eve?i more tangible inflictions of the tcachers. El lictt and 1 were, in fact, always at variance, always crossing eaok other, and agreeing in nothing except in hating each other cordially 44 When wc left school, he went to West Point, and I to the Medical College, and we 1 jst sight of each othor for some yeara. lu due course of time, I commenced practising as a physician; but finding it did not pay verv well, and being besides of a somewhat roving and adventurous dispoaition. I appliej for and obtained the appointment of army surgeon, and was immediately ordered to Port . " I had been there but a short timo. when the commandant, brave old Gurley, whi.m some ot you doubtless remember, died of ft ver. An officer of the name of Elliott,.wa appointed to succeed him ; and you may jud^e of my mortification when I found it was my old enemy. Much as it galled my pride, I was obliged here to submit to his authority; but I did it, I assure you. with a very bad grace. '?Elliott was essentially changed siuce I bad last known him ; the impetuous, over bearing b<>y had become a grave, quiet, re served mau, who could, if he chose, render himself a very agreeable companion, but who seldom to jk thu trouble to do it Many of the officers, hewevor, and all the men, liked him* very much ; but, however, there seemed t ? be an impassable barrier fixed between him and me. I disliked his reserve, which I at tributed to; and he c<<mplained of my boiateiousnes*, as he was pleased to call it lie did, indeed, make some efforts to concili ate me at find, but seeing 1 repulsed them, he withdrew himself behind hia entrenchments, and treated me ever afterwards with a cold ness absolutely freezing " Things were in thu state, when an uncN of Ellioi 6, with his wife and daughter, stopped for some timo in the vicinity of the fort, on their way to Washington Th. daughter, Miss Eveline, was a charming young lady, and every unmarried man in the garrison fell in love with her. It would weary you to enumerate the pic-nics, the water-par ties, the drives, the balls given in honor of her. A good-humored rivalry prevailed among us for her preference; and bets were taken as to whether Davis or JonoS, or the Doctor, or the Commandant himself h :d the best chance " For myself, 1 waa. i do think, seriously in love with the charmiDg girl. To be sure she did not give mo much encouragement but I tried to encourage myself. I rodo with ler, walked with her, danced with her and kept by her as long as I possibly could. I >aw that Elliott scowled darker th^n eve? upon me, but I did not care f r that; in fact [ was glad of an opportunity of giving him sain, and showing aim that his dislike for ne was not shared by hia connections. "On the evening before her departure, horo had boon a farewell ball. I had danjel with her the whole evening, while Eili dt, Tho did not dance at all that night, sat moodi y conversing with her father I was 6o fas :inated with her, and grieved at the thought >f her leaving, that before I slept that night, L resolved to seo her in the morning and make ler a tender of my heart. " Aojordingly. as early aj decency perinit ed. 1 called, and was by the bluii lcring err rant shown into her, where an ex raordinary scene presented itself Ou a sofa n the room, her face buried in the cushions, ler dress disordered, her beautiful hair which mrled naturally, nil in a tangle,' ;md her itiituie denoting the very prostration of des pair, lay the th&rmirg girl I h*d parted vith last night in the exub< ranee of youth ul bud l.gnt-hearted joy. O.t a table beside ler, ar.d ou the fl jor, were ecatteied iLnutne able letters, and a portrait, a locket, a bine iblon, and a withered rnae, lay carelessly trnctig thein " She roae on my entrance, and would have leniad heraelf, but it was too late Her eyes vere bloodshot with weeping, and her fair hecks swollen and discolored. I took her iaad and with much solicitude enquired the ause of her sorrow. A fresh ourst of grief ras her only answer, and it was sometime be ore she was sufficiently composed to give an xplanation " It appeared that ahe had been for a long iino engaged to her cousin Elliott; aud that ie had in a fit of mad jealousy, retarned her etters and tokens, and formally broke the ngagement. "It was my fault," said she, sobbing; " all ay fault. 1 did wrong to play with his mble ature" " His noble nature !" said I, bitterly; for, ,a you m-y suppose, I did not feel in the dandest of humors at the discovery I had nit made. " Oh, Dr C ,'' said she, "you do not mow him. He is the best and noblest of men; ,ud I have lost him?lost him by my own lad folly." Here she feel into such a pas ion of weeping again, that I forgot my own iiappointmeut in my solicitude for her. I uggested that perhapj an explanation could e made. " Impossible! ' said she. "It waa my irting with you, and Mr. Jones, and Mr. >avis, that offended him?and how cou'd hat be explained 7 I am sure it was not hat I cared a vent for one of you," (fancy ay feelings !) " but I am nnturally fend of dmiration. I have tried to cure mvself of t, but cannot. Oh ! Dr. C , my heart is roken ! Here?read this note " " She gave me a piece of crumpled paper, rith her burning hand, and wet wita her lars, on which L read as follows : " Madam : In returning you the letters aud jkens which 1 have had the honor to receive rom you, I wish you to understand that the ngagement between us is broken off, now aiid >rever. You are bow at liberty to flirt with rhoin you please. I cannot share a heart 'ith twenty others." "'Just like him,'said I, jrith bitterness, -hen I finished thia laconic and sententious pistle, aud was going to indulge in a philip ic against him, but she checked me with such jirit that 1 was fain te hold my peace I then lered, for her sake, to ge to Elliott, and en eavor to explain the matter. " ' Alas !' said ahe, ' you cannot; he went i this morning, befure daylight, on a three tonths furlough, leaving thaturuei note aad )e paoket of letters, to be delivered to me on waking. He bu gone, I presume, to New lampshire, where his friends reside. " Here we were interrupted by the entrance f Miss Eveline s mother, and I toek my iave, quite cured of my l?ve At, and very lankful that I bad not subjected mytulf te ie pain of a iefu?al. THE WEEKLY 8TAB. ru mm* -n, f ???.... v* nm Fit! ecptas .????????????....???.????????? ..Ei Vei c?f mm. 8 <? Tvwty ooptM - ? Ctll, iRvtBUItt W IIT Blagla copies (In wrappeta) oaa toe fron *4 at Ike oonntpr. ImmMIatNj n/ter the las us of Vl paper Prloe? Tan Cents. PtiTKiiTin who act as agents will be allow# a commission of twenty per oeat. 44 Bat I am spinning oat my story too lone. " Whan Elliott returned from his furlough, ho treat*?l me with even greater ?old n cm than before; in fart, we oarer spoke to each other at all. except whon duty compelled us to do -o This made it so disagreeable to me that I was on the point of applying for an ex change, when the war with Mexico br^ke oat; wa were ordered on active lemea, and private animosities were forgotten in our teal against the common foe. 44 Elliott and I continued on mueh the tame terms although, in spite of my dislike. Ioou d not help aduiiing his bravery, his noble daring, his energy and of mind, and his fatherly care of the tr oj>s under hi? com mand. Still, however, the tin* was smouli erimr in our bosoms, only wailing an oppor tunity to break out. At last tha opportunity came " Elliott had been left in charge .f a large number of sick and wounded, while the rtst of the army pressed on towards the Ha'.ls of the Montecumas I of course, was there with several assistants. We were encamped in a picturesque little hamlet, situated in a wild, romantic neigbborheod ; and the coun try being pretty quiet, we were in the habit of venturing some distance from the encatup inent, shooting, sketching or perhap* flirting; for yu know our fellows did not extend to tho Mexican senoritas the hostile feelings with which they regarded the men. For myself, I cannot say that I admired them much; riot of them were very pretty, to be sore, but that abominable habit they have of smokir.? c:.garitos spoiled tkem in my eyes < I lik- a gi>od cigar myself,' said the Doctor, re-light ing the one he held, which had gone <mt, 4 but I don't like to see a woman smoking I C iuMn't fancy Venus herself with a cigar in her month ' " Well, one m rning I had Eaantered torth. portefolio in hand, for the purpose of taking >o ne sketches, and in the course of my wand erings :am? upon a pretty little dwelling by the side of a waterfall, in a sweet, sequestered spot On a mossy beach by the door sat a oung girl of wonderful beauty, in a showy ut picturesque dress, with a guitar in her hand the sweet meiody of which blended da lightly with the toft murmuring dash of the waterfall, and the gurgling of the little stream beyond it It was a picture of rarpawing beauty and loveliness, and I immediately tat down on a fallen tree to commit it to paper. " W bile thus employed, a man waa observed approaching, whom I soon found was no other than Elliott himself. As he neared the cot tage, the young girl, who had evidently been expecting him, threw down berguitaratid ran eagerly to meet him. lie sat down beside her ou thebench ; when suddenly observing me. ho started ai if a ?erpent had stung him. and hisMly approached me. He glared upon me with a look in whieh all the hatred that had been gathering for so many years seemed con centrated "'This is the second time, sir,' said he, fiercely, i that you have crossed my path?it shall be the last time! Follow me if yon dare!' '"If by 'crossing your path,' said I, 4 yott mean an allusion to that young woman I as sure you that I have not spokeB to her n >r ap proached nearer to her than I am now.' 4,4 Must I call you a coward ?' said he; 4 will you follow me or not ?' 4,4 1 threw down my drawiug materials and followed him lie entered thechapparal. and led the way to a clear apace near a running brook. Here he turned, and drew his sword. ? Defend yourself" he exclaimed 44 * Captain Elliott,' said I 4 although I am not conscious of having injured you. I am ready to give ycu the satisfaction you demand. But had we not better return to the camp, ob tain seconds, and conduct the affair in tha regular manner V 4< 'No,' said he, 41 will ho'd no further parley aith you. Defend yourself !' [TO CE COSTIKCED.] Fixe Arts ?The thirty-first annual exhi bition of the New York Academy of Design ?pened at Broadway last week, with an t.rrav of 2S& pictures. The Journal of Com nerce says : 44 In the average of excellence, if not in tho li-play of larg?* and master pieces, thia ex li'oition is not inferior to its predecessors Of :he historical pieces two by The-*iore K ?uf nin.?that of Galileo retiring fr >m theauii slice which he bad failed to c -avert to hia love! truth and that of Luther nailing hi,. Protestation to the church do-^r in Wittenberg it^r.tctei most attention. 4*The Last So?ne in Lear,'' V?y R thermel; "The Gambler ard Death," byEhninger; "Falstaff 'hyEUiott, i! d ''11 Virtu -so, by White viace gcuios i*. I sign, nice arti*tio finish Portraits of in designated ladies and gentlemen were ou' a string force Thia .lepartmeut of . rt, as it s the most profitable, it i . he moat famous to >ur Artists, and leaves but little room fir iin >r*ovement. Cl.ureh, Crop-ey. Hart Cole uan, Kicliarls, M'gn t, and others, coutribu'o ev juisite la::da:a}?es Of sketches, the exhibi ion doea not present a Nrge atorc; l.ut, am^ng hem are several delieateiy excaUd triumphs n IcJia ink. by Darley and Ehnirger Two ir.e crayons of the Poet Longfellow and S B tuggles, are exhibited by Lawrence Mr* Jassel offers a charming pistil of ''The Three fistcrs " The animal pieces are (ew and olerably good, but will scarcely sa'isfv a mb'ic familiar with the best productions of ^.indseer and Herring. The m js? noteworthy oatribution from abroad ia a bit of 44 Water lock ai.d Foliage," by John Huskin. Aj a rhole, the exhibition apeaka well for 'he tai nt and proficency of American artiaU, and hows what can be done by a generoua com ?etition, under the fostering irfiuencea of the Icademy of Design." David Hvvk ?Whatever Hume mijathave ?elieved or disbelieved concerning another rorld, he could always quote tscrpture when t would serve his turn Atone tim?, whan nguged in building a new honse in &t. Da rid s street, he was accustomed daily to make k eh >rt cut from the old town acroas what waa hen a twamp. Upon one occasion, howevfer, rhile ticking his steps, he ma le a slip, and tuck fast iu the bog; observing some N?w i*vcn fish women p issing with their creels, ie called aloud to theui for help, l>ut when hey came up and rccoguized the wicked un teliever David Utune, they refused any ai istance unless be first repeated in a solemn one the Lord s Prayer ; this he did, without tause or blunder, and was extricated accord ngly. He used to tell thia story with great lee, declaring that the Edinburgh fish-wive* rcre the must acute theologians he had ever neonntered." Transient Yoing Gentlemen ?Girl*, be rare of transient young gentlemen; never offer the addresses of a straugar; recollect a at one good steady farmer boy or mechanic i worth all the floating trash iu the world ; lie allurements of dandy tack, with a gold hain about his neck, a walking stiek in his iw, some honest tailor's oeat on bis back, .ud a brainless skull, dati nevar make ui> the oss of E kind father's house, a good mother's oansel, and the society of brothers and sis ore ; thtair affections lost, while that of suok a OQng man is lost at the wane of the honey. toon. "Xii true. ? _ BxrLo.siON sr Heated Nitre.?In a me toir by Dr. Robert Hare?containing a series f investigations relative to the explosions hich may be produced by heated nitre ia ?nnection with carbonaceous matters?the athor shows by numerous experiments, thai Kploaiens of a violent kind ean be produoed j forcibly bringing into contact at a high, imperature, nitie, and substanoes of an to ammable character. Dr H also treats of ie combustion of gunpowder under d fierenl IrcumaunsM.