Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, PUBLISH KD KVKH T AFTER lOOS, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) |l tU 3-k Buildings, r.o*n?t *f Ptnn:yi?e*i* ? ?mi? Ml EUrtmtk B j W. D. VULACH, If IH fce<*rv-d to *ute?*Mber* by carrlcT* at SIX UNO A '.{CARTER CENTS, payable week'y to the A<ent?; paper* served In packages at 37* aeate per month. To 1 subscribers the sub scription price i* THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TV WNTS1 f?ria?4?a?(i,TWO DOLLARS for si* m"nth*, end ONE DOLLAR foi threw months; for low thaa throe months at the rate of I 'ji cents a w<yt. G^SLNGLK COPIE* ONE CENT. t .SITED STATES COURT OF CLAIMS. (ptRD-THE UNDERSIGNED, JOHN C. J DEVEREUX, of Nevr York city, and M. THOMPSON, of Washing?. D C , Attorneya and CoanM'lar* at law, are associated for tne lejjal prosecution of claim* for creditor* of Gov* srnment, In the Court of Claim*. They will co operate In immediate and careful attention to busfo-s* matters at \V ashing ton which miv bo entrusted to their care by gentlemen of the profession and claimants !n the city of New York, or elr.^where in any part of the Union. They m ty be consulted at any time, personally or by letter, either at New York or Washington Particular Information as to claims which have b-en at any time before Congrem* er Department* ean be furnished at once upon application by the parties interested JOHN C. DEVEREUX, No 90 Broadway, comer of Wall street, New Vork city M THOMPSON, Washington cily. N- B 9 Devexeua is a Commissioner of'ha vourt of Claims. ao?tf W~* SK31ILKN, Jeweler, T*> Finn*, cr???. bt'vttn 9lk and lOil struts, LIAS RECEIVED AND OPENED THIS DAY 11a magniicent assortment of fine and A rich Imported JEW KLRY.sucha* Flor enane and Roman Mosaic*, Italian Lavas JqI and Corrls, 'Jarnets, Cameo*, and a vari-4M^S ety of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any deserip tion, the very latrtt styles Also, a new lot of Inc London -nd Geneva WATCHES, warranted timekeeper. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS A spl-ad'd assortment of line Silverware, Pltch Prescrve, S:rgar and Criam Spoon*. Salt C-'llvs! Napkin Rings, etc., etc. SILVER PLATED WARE, ON ALBATA. Cantors, Basket*, Butterboats, Urne, Fork* and Spoon*. FANCY ARTICLES. rr-r>ch Clo-ks, Dre-den China Ornament*, la var'etv. Card Case*, Po;tmonnale?, Cigar Cases. And also a large assortment of SPECTACLES In 3eld, Silver and Steel Frames, to suit every eve and a^e; Glasses, Congre** Specs, and Opera Glass:*. !uT We take ph^asure la showing car good* to all, wfceiher pu.xhaaers or not. Ml our *ood.s are warranted a? represented, and wiil be soid at th? '.oweit possible price. 1CT Jewel ty and Silverware made to order; Diamonds remounted; Gold Pens repeated, and Engraving on Stone executed at short notice! ? hronometersar.dallkind.sof fine Watches and .?? Boxes put in perfect order at short notice. H. SEMKEN, Jeweler, JJO Pa. avenue, between ?th and 10th *u. I?if CHAUNCFY IfARHMER, WATCHKAKER AND JEWELER. 4 ND DEALER IN FINE WATCHES JEW 1 \ E L.R V and SILVER W ARE. would respect f illy soilc!t the attention of those who desire a good article, to his choice variety of London, Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of time-keeping and durable qualities, f?;r which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase. GOLD SEALS, FOB and VEST CHAINS, FINE JEWELRY, SILVER SPOONS, GOB LET?, CUPS, FOiUs.. Ac : for sale at York pTlCf^. The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re paired A!w) JEWELRY. Ac. No 379 Pa. avenue, between ?h and 7th strecta, Brown * Ho:el Building, *lgn of the GOLDEN WATCH. Jan W?3m Washington, D C. OAGl EKREOTVPl.ICi EY A LAOY. MRS a C. REDMOND HAVING ADDED to her new room* a beautiful Skylight, a^d e 15aged an Awlvant Operator, one of the best In the D-strlct,) she intends not to have her Pictures otceliod, if equalled, in the United State*. PIC TURES pu* up in Embossed Cases for Fifty Cents, such as are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar. Particular attention paid to Copying Deeuerre ctynes Oil Paintings, Ac .Ac. >lr* R solicit* the patronage of the Ladles par ticularly. [TT kooms?V)l Seventh street. west side, be tween H and I. Jan 2lltf co7fi."i RiftsRoonTSi; 1 WILLIAM PLANT % CO., VNDERTA i'? KLRS -realde^ -11? SfT-nta ?tr*t, betw-rn G aaa II *tr-e'.s< ?1 Interments procured in aay ground orcemetery Coin*, Caps, Shrouds, CarrJ^e*, H*ar*e, and ever/ article for In'ennrnts of the best quality furaished at short notice, oatlie 31 >st reasonable and at all hours of the night. Having the ex.:asive right of Crrmp'a Pa'rnt Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the ?ead for any length of time. Jy 11?1y TNo. 550 ] ? Swamp and Overflowed Laud*." I)I BL1C NOTICE?PURSUANT TO THE * ioatr v'lons of the Secretary of the Interior, tub ic noMee is hereby given that, in order to bf!ni$ to a close the business under the act of Con gress approved September ?8, luM, entitled, "An act to enable the State of Arkani-a.-i, and other States, to rwiaim the 'xwamp lands' witkln their llruiu."and ai. the same time afford to parties who claim that portion* of the lands iu>lect?-d un der said law are dry and lit for cultivation, an op Crtunlty to introduce evidence, all lands so se ?"d. to the approval whereof no objection be made within six months from the date hereof will be certlfted and patented to the States. ' Sach objections as are o ntemplated by the above must b-? made under oath, aad Sled with the register and receiver of the proper land otBcc for transmission to the General Land Oflce. The rTf"iry forma tor a?davlt* are in the hands of ?aid e4eer*. The following classes of land are exempt ftom objection, to-wit: * 1*. Land? entered with cash, cr locat?d with military bounty land warrants or scrip, after the ln,>age of the act of 38th S-ptcmber, IS50, and prior to the pR-^ye 0f tfcc act of i4 March. teSS. ir?r .he relief of purchasers and locators of swamp aad overflowed lands.?? ' -^d Lands already patented to the State under tne swamp law. I a all esses where objection is raised, testimony must be uk?n before the register and receiver of tkclaitd oftcc, at s.ich time, after the expiration 01 Htd ?ix months, as they may appoint, with the oik* ^mmlssioner of the General Land ft-J-VV* 0f ,warcP *r<l overflowed land* are pea .0 Inspection during the regular business Moara of lhe Land OSce t?,n ",?dci m5r hand' at the c,t7 of Washing t'>n, this -.?l*t day of Dcc-mber, Hfe.- ^ THOS. A.HENDRICKS, Ccmmlssioner General Land OAce J an 19? LmOVI LONDON AMU PARII.-HOIV * ard * Laws of the British Colonia* in Amer les i->d the West Indie., * vols Debate* on the qaebec Bill In 17TI, I vol. Auber ? History of the BrltUh Power In India. * vols. ' K?enta in Brit. frora i:50i to 1&49-? vela E J!.Td .n/w^*, JS*"? 1?' ?' H1?U", " "" .nding Caestolre * Resultsof the British Census 1 vol State Paper* growing oj> of the Wnl. " French Revolution, 10 vol, V af> of the Jacob Scienee des Finances, tire de I hl.torie inanclere moderne des Etats de I'Eurooe v De Mare-s et De Cumy-Ree^rxVltS * ?>"ventlon?, et autre* Acte* Diplomatique^ i VOlS. 9 De Marten*-RecaeiI de Traitesde* Pulwancea A* l Europe, 14 vol* ??Qcea I>e Martens?Cause* Celebre* du Droit de* G n* f vo'.s. De Marten*?Nouvelles Causes Celebre. du Droit de* Gens, 2 vol*. 'wpor'ed, with manv other valuable works of Qfthe samecliss, by_ FRANCE TAYLOR W? LOTMINU MADE TO OKDEK. EMBERS OF CONGRESS, CITIZENS w,?W?g to supply themselves wicnaupcrl- r garment*, made to order are Invited tximine oar .uperior assortment of Doeskins, L'i .?1CV,i,n'*rrrt ?llk- Velvet Ve*t ng?, all of which ha* been selected with an espe to the want* of our customers, which .nEU 10 iaa manner inferior to ??ck cheaper rates than the usual city WALL A STEPHENS, A * >*tweea ?th and linh *treet*. H^; m 1? 3d door east of the National nmn~ j?n L ,K *' <i'?ti^meB'a Dresa dace B -,tw 1 ib?? shall this day Intro ? iilstlng Store. I VOL. VII. WASHINGTON. O. THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1856. NO. 971. " L. J. MIOOLKTON, dealer in ice. Ojflte a,id Depots-Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. feb 87-tf jonas p. LKvr, IHrOBTIK A *<D D1ALSB 10 WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AND FINK GROCERIES, 3enrralCommiuion A Forwarding IT ore n ant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, No. 474 Fa av., two door* below U. S. Hotel, VVagaiKaxoN City, D. C. N. B.?Country Merchant* are requested te glv? qae a call before purchasing eUcwhere. oc. i-ly WI TTA PKUL'HA TEETH. 11HE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN the habit of sending *ur patrons to Dr. COSBY, formerly of Richmond,t Va., for Dental operations for a nura ber of years, and take pleasure in recommending him to the citizen* of Washington as the best Tooth Extractor and Dental Operator that we have ever met with He Inserts Teeth upon every plan that Is practised In the United Stales. Sec r. Ho'dmaa. M D. S. W. Tow leu, jf. D. A. V. r*Tne. M. D, DD9 John T. Miner, M. D. J*m#? Bryant, M D O f. Ofcamberlln, M. D., PD8. O. H. H*rrts, M. D. Saranel P. Brown, M. D. *|Cli? Tlnnley, M. D B. M. Fr*nci?co, M. D. Ottce over Ford A Bro.'s, No. 290. corner of llth street and Pa avenue. nov S7??m? OUTTA PEflCHA TEETH. DR O. MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base. Also, with Allen's pat-/ ont continuous Gum, combining beau ty, strength and cleanliness. Dr. M. is determined to keep pace with every Improvement in Dentistry, and will strive to please ana profit bis patrons. R5FKRHNCK: P. D. Gurley, D D. Hon K H GiUet, J. G. Binucy, D.D. Hun. 8 A Douglas, B Sunderland, D.D. Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Esq. Dr. R H Coolldge, Hon. C Mason. Dr. Thomas Miller, Hon. A O P Nicholion, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col leg^ nov 23?tf DESTINY DEMONSTRATED BY THE PLANETS ??R ASTROLOGY. PRO^'K SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foreteil all Particular Events of Human Life, such as Love, Marriage. Description of Persons. Riches, Business, Friends, Rights, Claims, and Deeds of Property; all kinds of Speculations, Law Suits, Ga'n or Lose; of Sickness, all kinds of Dis tempers cured in quick time. Terms: Fifty Cents, male or female; People of Color, Twenty-Five Cents. No. 137 B street, opposite the Smithsonian, o? he Island. mar3-lm* Jc NORFLET'S NEW AND CHEAP ? ADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK SIORX, 49? Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS. TOPHAM, of Philadelphia, and l?l^^.\ORFLET of this city,. ? respectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of? Mfs'. Ladles' and Boys^ SADDLES, BKJDLES, MARTINGALES, and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, with for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladies'SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS. COVERS, COLLARS, and HAMES. Horse.Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac .Ac. ' All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for sevtral years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Particular attention paid to coverlag Trunks end renairiiife all kind* of work. Saddlers' tools constantly on hand, nov 7?tf S P RIJIOOOO bsT JOHN H. SMOOT, No 110 South si ?e Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, D. C . has rc ceivedhi* First Instalment of SPRING GOODS, sul ed to the early demand. Plain cols all wool Mous ilftLalnes, Plain Black Silks, a1! grades, Plain French Procolesor Cambrics, White and colored figured Brilliances, 100 pieces Lnglish and American Calicoes, vt) pieces Manchester and Domestic Ginghams, 93 pieces White Camb'lcs and Jaconets, 50 pieces Checked and Plain Muslins, '?15 pieces Richardson and Barklie's Irish Linens, 3ix> pieces soft-finished Shirting Cotton, lti^e. New York. Bates and Wamasutta Mills do., Heavy blea hed and broarn Sheeting Cottons, Toweling, Table Damasks, and Napkins, Lad is and liants Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Heavy Osnaburg Prints and S riped Osnaburgs, Mixed Denims and twilled and plain do. Also, Whalebone and Manilla Corded Skirt*, White and slate colored do , with other seasonable goods, to which large ad ditions will soon be made from the latest arrivals in New York and Philadelphia. Cash and prompt puyingcustomefsar?; solicited to call early. (mar 5) J.H.S. SELLING Ol'T TO C HANGE BUSINESS. Having determined to piscon tinuethe I'wfumerv, Stationer/, a'd Fancy Goods business, and keep solely a first-class Piano, jVf'oif, and Musical Instrument Store, we shall continue from this day to sell our s ock at a great sacrifice *Ve Invite the ladles of the city to call and ex amine our assortment, assuring them they will flnditthe largest and most varied In thla city. Such goods as Combs, Brush**, Perfumery, Soaps, Card cases, Portmonnales. Jet and Cor nelian goods, Papier Mache and Peerl goods, Umbrellas. Toys. Basra's, Dolls. Chens. Statu ary, Twi let articles, Visiting and Playing Cards, Pens. Ink, Paper, Cabas. Work Bcxes, Fans. Bird cages, Clocks, Vases. Mantel Ornaments, Engravings with or wlthoat framea, Kuive*, Knives. Scissors. Laiors, Ac., Ac Call and examine. Ills our pleasure to show goods whether you buy or not Remember 30<1 Pa avenue, between dth and 10th streets, the Great Piano and Muelc Store of mar 12 JOHN F. ELLIS. HATS f?HATS 1 NEW YORK WINTER STYLES OF Beebe, Learv, Genln, with other fash ionable Gentlemen's Dress HATS, a fuL and complete assortment at LANE'S Hat, Cap And Sent'a Forn. Store, 434 Pa. aveiue. dee 3?tf u INDIA, or the Fearl ef Pearl River; by Mrs Southworth. The Family Christian Albnm; edited by Mrs. K P. Elam. Vol 1 Matthew's Digest of the Laws of Virginia of a Civil Nature. Vol 1. The Quarterly Law Journal, published In Richmond January No. The Virginia Ccnventlon of 1778; by H. B. Grlgsby. FRANCK TAYLOR. VALUABLE LAND AND PENSION boeks?scarce. Illinois Bnnnty-Land Patent Book; lands in Illinois to soldiers of late war, giving the names of tbe patentee, the service perfoimed, and de scripti n and location cf the tract of land to which taev are entitled. Pension Rolls of the United States, 3 volumes; ?showing the tames,service, and allowan:ee, Ac , of all pe-*ons eal'tied to a pension In the differ ent States and Territories or the United States TAYLOR A MAURY booksellers, have fer sale two copies each of the above books, Invalua ble to pension agents and those engaged In the land agency business. inarul Book store near Ninth street. HEW SPRING CLOTHS, < ASSIUERES, AND VESTING*. \A7 E AKL NOW RECEIVING OUR FIRST ? v supples of new Snrlng Geods for gentle ?en ? wear, of late and fashionable style*, select, edwlth great caie, from the Philadelphia and ? markets, which we will make to order ;,n, 9'no,t 8UP*rlor '"anner, at much cheaper ratee tha* the usual city prices _ WA.L A STEPHENS, ?n?U*ap aTena?' door National Hotel, # ^ a?eaue, between %h and loth sts. feto? (IntAOlobe) HfR. W. HfcNkk PALMiTs 11 n n1!AN<i P9RTE CLASSES, F\vt Dollars Per Quarter Apply at GEORGE H1L?US8 Muaic Depot Pen sy. van la avenue InjLf CKETCH BOOK OF MEISTEH iLAH L. ^ by C. 6. Leland, $1.36. M The Way of Salvation, by Albert Barn**, 11. The Oeetn, Illustrated, by P. H Go*se, f 1. Tales fromLU. German, by W. H Tuxness, 75a mar 5?tr FRANCK TAYLO* OFFICIAL* T&bascey Difakixikt, Dec. 1, 1696. Notlee is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of 3),?00 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may b?i offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1042, a premium of tan per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the act of 1850, commonly called Texas-In demnity stork, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 1846, redeemable on the 12th November, 1346, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium ot*X percent.; K,ceceived between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent; and If received after the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of IX percent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, if assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. Afte* that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed in addition for the money to rcach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the Unload States (with the current half year's in terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to rocelve the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theasslitant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may dlroct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJnnel Secretary of the Treasury. A.1T110HY Itl'CHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shep Hesidence No. 303 Penn. avenue, sooth side, between Otli and loth sts., Having provided himself' with *n ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences fori ptoperly conducting his business, would respectfully inform the public that he is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sizes, aiwavs on hand, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Resid ng on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours. feb 7-ly AGENCY OF TI1K Keystone Insnrunce Co. of Philadelphia, ' Capital $300,000! \NNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ending January 1, 1656. Assets of tncj Company, consisting of Bonds and Mortgages on unencumbered reales tate 8110,6<U 00 Stocssofother Corporations, worth par 25,620 00 Cash on ha<<d 31,656 30 Bills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans 83? 913 70 Stock notes 814.386 00 51,339 70 $219,420 Whole receipts for premiums during the year 5112,812 05 Paid for losses and expenses during the year 71.133 01 P M MORI ART V, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this No charge for policy lee. Enquire at the office of J. E. Kendall, over R. Morrow's Exchange Office, first door West of W. B. Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. feb 7?3m DAVID MYERLE, Agent. BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND POMLSTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Europe; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR XI OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHKR SECUKITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER, (?vestment paying 10 V and over, for salt. LAND WARRANTS. We arc at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTS of all denominations. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-lf Banker*, opposite the Treasury. Moke new jewelry, watches, Silverware, tic. Diamond, Pearl, Cameo, Florentine Mosaic, La va, and Plain Sets, complete Diamond Broochee, Ear and Finger Rings Diamond Crosses, Studs, Pins. Ac Ladles' and Gentlemen's extra fine Watches Gentlemen's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains Ladles' new style Chatalalns and Fancy Guards Pure sliver Tea Sets, richly embossed Waiters, Goblets, Cups, Spoons, Forks, Ladles And every variety of Fancy SILVERWARE, suitable for presents. The above are all of tbe latest styles, just re ceived, and offered unusually low. M W GALT A BHO., mar 3 3?i Pa av. bet 0th and lOtb sts INDIA; THE PEAKL of PEARL RIVER, by E. D. E. N. Southworth. Si. Learning to Think, by Abbott, 50 cents. United states, Canada and Cuba, by Miss Mur ray, 81. Putnam's Magazine for March, 25 cents. Harper's do do do Henri De L'tour, or the Comrades In Amis, by F. Smith, 50 cents Annual of Scientific Discoveries, or Year Book of Facts, for '856; 81.25. For sale by E. K LUNDY, mar 7?tr No. 128 Brld^st., Georgetown. SELLING OFF. A CHANCE FOR GREAT BARGAINS ? From this to the 1st of April we shall offer our stock at greatly-reduced prlres. in order to make room for our usual Immense Spring Stock We mention, in part, Jet Goods, Brushes and Combs, of every class and style, Perfumery. Cologne. Extracts, So^, Shaving Soap and Boxes, Rozors, Strops, Knives, Umbrellas, Canes, Baskets, Portmonnsles, Card cases, Card receiv ers, Paint Boxes, Children's Toys and Games, fine Engravings, with or without frames, Paper, Ink, Envelopes, Cards. Sand Boxes, Inkstands, Rulers, Note and Check Books, Vases, China Goods. Fans, Cages, and an endless variety at the Piano store of JOHN ELLIS, mar 8 3c6 Pa av bet. 9th and 10th sts. SINGING AND FLl'TE LESSONS VI R- WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of Slng iTJL Ing, Ac., having been Induced to accompany his nephew (Mr. Henry Palmer, the eminent pi anist,) on his return to this coun'rv, and to take up his residence in this city, will be happy to re celve pupils for Instruction either In Singing or In the art of Flute Plavlng, having been associ ated with the best Professors In Europe, studied und*r Crevelll,the great vocal master in London, and under C. Nicholson, the renowned flutist. For terms, Ac., apply to him, by note or other

wise, at No. 257 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. au 21?tf NOW THE SNOW IS THAWING! 'pHE LAKES ARE OVERFLOWING I- with Bouquets of Real and Artificial FLOWEKS. with PERFUMERY. FANCY GOODS, MUSICAL BOXES, CLOCKS. STA TIONERY, Ac., Ac OPERA GLASSES for sale or rent. At THE LAKES, mar 5 SOI Pa av., near Adam's Express. F. NKNN1NG, ARCHITECT AND SUPERINTENDENT, WILL FURNISH PLANS AND SPECIFI CATIONS for buildings of every descrip tion, and superintend their erection If required.. Designs for pabllc and private Buildings, Counting Houses Churches, Monuments. Also, Wo king Drawjpgs for builders will be carefully execut**! at reasonable terms Oflce,?16 F stree , north fide, between 14th and 18th, Washington D. C. ' mar I-l* SINGER'S Improved Sewing Machines. T?hThpl!l1WV *ra,,ted *??? blfihest Award ef the wVrM- v lb,llon' lher?by receiving the World'. Verdict ef Superiority. TfrkinilIPR.OVEMENTS IN THI8 MA ?ndthp"?rBM 'mpUfled them in many respects, of xtori thev Pd iH f eiec,utl1n?lwlce f be amount Tfc#viM?nt . formerly In any given time cable yjlfr01 que"t,on th? oniy Machine? ca JhWt vJjT * vVery varle,y *f ger>da perfect; a iwnb^rf.t, *Vy trace for harnew can be ZitZrU J . v?se machines by a ?lmplc change 3<S2rZr?!irthrmd, ?uch a inan?? that the } J Cn,lt?ot detect a fault '"rers, planter? and families will find we^bulit ??mn Machines to purchase, as they ptMtfSSSf a:ld durabl?. ?"? "? "My to klSfn?hM."? ?"?."rlIt.KU,E'* a"act?<l-for ?1??,I1?8. nata, cap front,, gaiters, Ac. nn^.nH I?u Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. ' i? ^?OIi.8.<*e8lrcus?f Information recajdinij Sew ing Machines will pluase address K I M S1NGF.R A CO m ? ... 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. ehin?#?^! *re PrePart'4 to exchange these ma chinas for old machines of any kind Toms lib eral. i ersons who have been Induced to purchase inferior machines under the pretext of bclmr cheap, will find this a benefit inaeed. mar 10?tf the PrG8ident, Ladies, i' *hk citizens of Washington MApNJ ?? b^t physicians of -L A 1 hiladelphia have approved of the ELECTRIC OIL made by A. E Smith, Chemist, Philadelphia, and thousands of the Best Citizen* have been cured < f very painful complaints. The most em inent dealers who buy 8Iimhj worth at a time, such as Karnes A Park, New York, Weeks A Fetter Boston, Balch A Son, Providence, Parcel!. Ladd.' A Co Richmond, J D Park, Erq , Cincinnati, u U. H% husq ' P"Ua?d, E J . iVlorton A Co Maurax. (IN.S.,) and many more, say, "it is a splendid arttcle,,} free from injurious properties and is bound to take the place of ail remedies tol similar complaints. Since writing the above, we hav? the following orders, showisg the frequency of the calls, as these parties often ordrr: ,.Rlc,?Mn*I)> Va ' March "th, lc5? Messrs Ds Grath A Co, Philadelphia:? ^ ou may shiD the Electric Oil as ordered in ours of the *5th oft (81,000 ) We expect to drive a Spring. Ship by steamer with J'J,0i0 bills. \ ours respectfully, PURCELL. LADD A CO. u- ^ Cincinnati, O , March 8, 1F56. n. C. DE Grath A Co., Phlla Gents : Please send me, via Pittsburg, :j eross 25 cent and 3 gro.-s 50 cent, size Electric Oil: l.eins al ready out of those sizes. Yours truly, J. D. TARK Providence, March 10th, 1;56. Messrs 1)k Grath A Co.?Gents We want another invoice of your Electric Oil, same as be fore. We should like to have it by express if tou stare (he freight; otherwise by steamer as soon as possible. Yours truly, BALCH A SON. Baltimore, March fl;h. 18:6. Messrs. De Grath A Co :?Please send me tlectrlc Oil to amount of 8900, sizes as follows, and draw on me as before. Yours truly, SETH S HANCE. Utica, March 11, 1958. Messrs. Ciias. De Grath A Co.:? Gents ?? ] lease ship us the Electr'c Oil as propo-ed in former letter, amount of 8500. Send also 5 000 bills with our names printed on byexprcss Will you please forward the medicine immediately, and the circulars as soon as possible We are respectfully vours, DICKINSON, CO.USTOCK A CO , Wholesale Druggists. Danville. Pa., March 10th, 1856. McmDs Grath A Co , i biladelphia, Gents: I have sold all the 50 and 75 cent sizes of the fclectric Oil ordered from your Dr. Smith last week It sells ? like hot cakes " I sold it all in one day, and could havcsold as much more. Send me immediately 24 doz. more bv International express, and draw on me for came. From the way It eells it must be working wonders Yourstruly, J.B MOORE. Druggist. P. S.?Don't delay ;i moment sending it. Washington, D C., March 14, 1856 I have sold the Oil made by Dr. irmith, of Phil adelphia, called De Grath A Co.'s Electric Oil for some time, and all have pronounced it far superior to any thing before in use for similar complaints. One customer (Mr. Rider) says he ?' would'not be without it in his house, and that the Oil appenrs to be almost lnfillible for pun, neuralgia, Ac." J. B. MOORE, ?Druggist, Penua.avenue. CHAS. STOTT, EfQ., Druggist, Washington, and others cau tell of most wonderful cures: such cures as no ordinary liniment can cvt r make. The ladies find it pleisant and soothing. Mr. S. S. Hance, of Baltimore savs "some cus tenners have bored him half an hour with praise of this wonderful Oil, which had cured th?>m, and he scarcely ever need recommend it, as it speaks for Itself In all cases." It cured Dr Elkinton's wife, although she had suffered many years. It has cured pe pie cf Palsy, also Neuralgia, in one day, when the face had been distorted thr?>e yean. It will reduce an Inflammatory Swelling often in a few hours, and always eures painful Tetter Rheumatism, Sprains. Bruises, and Burns yield at once to the wonderful efficacy of this Oil. It will cure Pain JET" We would caution the good citizens of Washington to beware of imitations, and to ex amine the bottles, (which must have our name blown in,) and also the wrappers, which must be signed in writing thus : 44 De Grath A Co ," and "A. E Smith ;" to Imitate which is felony ! The genuine Electric Oil, made by Dr. Smith is sold by C. STOTT and other respectable Drug gists here Also, by Peel A Stevens, Alexandria; Purcell, Ladd A Co., Richmond, Va.; Dr John H Seay, Lynchburg; F. H. Roberison, Peters burg. and throughout the United States. Canada, California, MexTco, and West Indies. Price tf?, 50 and 75 cents and 81. Lsrge bottles ten times the cheapest. Principal Office. 39 south Eighth street, Phila delphin, nenr Chesnut. mar 15??o3t CHAS. De GRATH A CO. I 1 FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL THEM. For sale, at the nurseries of the subscriber, at Linnan Hill, and ongM? 14 th street, in Washington,* large and well<3W seleted assortment of F RU1T and OKNA-"*" MENTAL TREES. Amongst them 13 to 15 thousand APPLE TREES, well-assorted and of fine growth, at 820 per hundred. 15 to 20 thousand PEACH TREES, forming a complete assortment, at 812 60 per hundred, or 8100 per thousand. 5,060 to 7,000 PEAR TR EES, dwarfs and stan dards. A few hundred DWARFS of extra size. W 1th a general assortment of PLUM, CHER RY, APRICOT, NECTARINE, andQUlNCE TREES. Also, CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES. Ac of the most approved kinds. The stock of ORNAMENTAL TREBS is ex tensive and fine. Amongst those of large size for streets and lawns are many thousands of such as American and European Elms and Lindens, Tu lip Trees, Aspen, Abele, and other Poplars; American and European Horse Chestnuts: Sugar, Silver. Scarlet, and Norway Maples; Mountain Ash, Green and White Ash; several varieties cf Oaks and Magnolias; Weeping Willows, Golden ? < Willows, and many others . |, Ornamental Evergreens and Shrubbery. Great exertions have been made to make this department complete; it now contains from thirty to xorty thousand Firs and Pines of choice varie i a portion of which are of extra size. | < Persons wishing to embellish their grounds and preprletora of public cemeteries will And it to their advantage to call and select such as may an swer their purposes. Persons residing near, when it is desired, can have Tre?b dellversd, with balls cf eaith to the roots, which they will find to give them a decided preference over trees transport*! from a distance. Job gardeners will be supplied at a reasonable discount. JOSHUA FIERCE, mar 14?wtf VTVEATHER DLITERS, all alzes, plain J? andcolored: BRUSHES of all kinds; together with every kind of Housekeeping article. Prioee always low. G. FRANCIS, mar 13 490 Seventh st O TO KLLIS't [' max 8 FOR CHEAP GOODS. \ G EVENING STAR. Mr- CliEgnaan'a Address. Wo regret that our limits only permit ts to give the conoluding paragraphs of the able address recently issued by Mr. Clingman to his constituents. The document presents a concise review of the rise aud progress of abo litionism ; a startling exposition of the bar barous tyranny and cruclty of slavery in the English Indies ; the objects and aims of Eng lish abclitionirts, and the aid and comfort they calculato upon, and are likely to re ceive, at the hands of American abolitionists ; a defence of the principles and the expedi ency of the Kansas-Nebraska bi'l; together with a frank and impartial statement i>f the real issue which is to cuter the next presiden tial contest, and tho position of parties there on, and it concludes with tho following elo quent appeal in favor of the Constitution and of the Union: li When you aro about to decide an issue of snch moment, heed not the words of a few mercenary traitors among us. They have marks upon them by which they may bo known They are tho men who, without one cheer of ajrplausc, witness the unceasing blows of tho heavy bittle axe of Douglas, wielded in our defence from morn till eve, and from year to year, untiringly and continually as the billews of the ocean dash against its shora. They chuckle like fiends when it seems that Franklin l'ierce and tho granite democ racy of Now Hampshire are about to be borne down by our enemies, so as no longer to be able to shield us from danger. But the true men of the Northeast, though for a time over powered, return to tho contest with renewed zeal. Remembering that though the Britii<h armies once had possession of most of their territory, tho spirits cf their ancestors were unbroken, and that the revolution failed not, tlcy rally again, and boldly proclaim that the battle for the constitution " has only begun." Pennsylvania, - Collecting all her might, dilated stand*. Like Tenerlffe, or AtTax, across the entire breadth of the way, and says to fanaticism and treason, " Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further, and here shall thy proud waves be stayed." The young giants of the Northwest, lamenting that they were not old enough tft have marched under the banner of Washington, press eagerly forward to take the front of the column if any of tho Old Thirteen should falter in the hour of trial. On every side there are coming up the brave and true for the decisive struggle. '? Many a party banner has risen and stoop ed again; but there is a flag which has never yet gone down before the eyes of mortal man It first shone in the sunlight on the fourth of July, 1776; and though it wavered in the dark hours of the revolution, it went not down, but still kept its place, and still has kept through many a stormy period since, on land and sea The old flag of tho republic now looms high over the field of danger, summon ing its friends to gather around it. There is only one of the political organisations that can stand under that banner. And will you leave the democratic party weakened in for mer contests for the right, to fight this great battle unaided, and alone to triumph, or alone to die in such a cause 7 ' Where will you bo found, gentlemen, when such a field is to be fought and such a flag upheld ? Look back into the past, and see that in tho olden time the enemy approached our section only to bo repulsed. The moun tain peaks which looked down on the rapid flight and destruction of Ferguson's army still stand silent but impressive monitors Though; of the bold riders who dashed through their gorges and forests, only the last linger yet a little while, the memory of their deeds is immortal, and will again kindle the flames of patriotism to future triumphs A victory in this contest saves tho constitution from dan ger, overwhelms its enemies, and gives the highest assurance that our magnificent oceau bound republic will continuo for ages to run a career ?o bright and glorious as to challenge the wonder and admiration of the world." Correct Portraits. The following portraits are sketehed from life, and wc doubt not but that our fair read ers will at once recognise the originals : The Model Widower?He begins to think of No. 2 beiore the weed on his hat loses its Sr*t gloss. May be seen assisting young girls to get a seat in churoh, or orderiug carts off dry crossing.* for pretty feet that are waiting to pass over. Is convineed he was never uaauu to live alone. His ohildren must be looked after, or, if he hasn't any, he would like to be looked after, himself. Draws a deep sigh every time a dress rattle* past him with a leinale in it. Is very particular about the polish of his boot or the fit of his glove thinks he looks very interesting in olaok Don't walk out in public much with his chil dren, when he does takes the youngest' Re vives his old taste for oioonligl t and poetry pities single men with all hi.* heart; wondurs how they contrive to eiist? Reproves little John for saying "Pal" 60 loud, (when he meets him in the street.) Sets his face agaiutt tho practice of women going home ualon? and unprotected" from evening meetings Tells the widows his heart aches for 'em. Wonders whioh of all the damsels he seos he shall make up his mind to marry. Is sorry that he ihall be obliged to disappoint them all but one ! Has long since preferred orange bios soma to the cypress wreath. Starts some fine day and refurnishes his house from garret to sellar ; hangs his wife's portrait in the attic (shrouded in old blankets,) and marries a playmate of his eldest daughter ! The Model Widow ?She wouldn't wear her veil upon any account. Thinks her com plexion looks fairer than ever, In contrast with her sales Sends back her new dress be jause the fold of crape on the skirt isn't deep mourning enough. Steadily refuses to look in the direction of a dress ooat for?one week Wonders if that handsome Tompkins who passes her window every day is insane enough to think that she will ever many again Ia Ferp fond of drawing off her glove and rest ing her little white hand upon her black bon net, thinking it may be suggestive of an early application for the same. Concludes to give up housekeeping and try boarding at a hotel Accepts Tompkin's invitation to " attend the :hildren's concert," just to please little Tom my ! Tommy is delighted, and tkinks Tornp kins is a very kind gentleman to give so much ,'andy and so many bon-bons. His mama be ;ins to admit certain little alleviations of her lorrow, in the shape of protracted converse lions, walks, rides, calls, Ac. She crlea little when Tommy asks her if she has forgot :en to plant the flowers in a certain cemetery Tompkins comes in and thinks her lovelier than ever, smiling through her tears Tom tuy is sent out into the garden to make " pret ty dirt pies," (to the utter demolition of new frook and trousers ) and returns very un expectedly to find his mama's cheeks very rosy, and to bo tossed up 'n the air by Tomp kins, who declares himself his " new, now papa!" fyOnii of the beautiful swans onOosfield Lake, Essex. (England,) belonging to Samuel Courtauld, Esq., was seen floating dead. On being drawn to the shore, it was found that it had been engaged in mortal conflict with a monster pike. The pike had swallowed the head and neck of the swan, and being unable to disgorge it both had died, and were found thus linkad together. THE WEEKLY STAB. *ki? excellent FamllTaaA N saa be founS la uy otfcar -Is p?Wrt?< ? Aay flBoralag. iimi. Btajrle wpf, pet una <....?1 * ft tint Plntttiet ** Tea copies ..... 9 W f*wt| copies... iMhK w C71 Cash, ibvabisblt in abvahcb. U7&iagleaopl?B(ln wrappers) eaa be proea eA at the counter. Imafter the lata* of Ih papet. Price?Tbbbb Cbnvs. Post mai ? bbs who Betas Bleats will be allows B oommlwloa of ttrenty pet oral. Interesting Remin license The following remislBcenoe of a waiter at the St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, might easily be applied to some of oar Washington establishments. " No man," Bays the gifted writer, 44 is a hero to his vmlM-ds Corporation dinner Saturday night last Large number of the members <>f the Legit latare present. Exceeeive quantity of cham pagne ; everybody affectionate. General pop ulation of the Uaited States toasted individu ally. 44 Mr President," addressed by every body who could attain an equilibrium on his pedestals. Naval engagements of ideas, which sailed around the room without rudder or compass, and entered inte private conflicts in detached squadrons Interesting tegmenta of speeches. agreeably diversified by myste rious disappearances under the table Orders to call all tne members early for Baton Rca?e boat. Dinner over 2 o'clock, a m. All hats and overcoats wrong?evidently been taking champagne. Scene changes ti 7 a m Called several gentlemen, who expressed a painfal nnxiety to know what State they were in. Thought privately they were in a very bad state Found one door oarefully loe'rei. an 1 s'anding half way open. Cravat carefully folded on the table, and a huge nair of boots emerging from the lower end ol the shoe's Pulled the boots (not off) and became aware of the fact that tbey had a proprietor. The proprietor called upon "Mr. Speaker," aad requested information as to the point of order. Thought the member was decidedly out order, but considered his views on the 44 internal improvement" question particularly sound. Member imagined himself clerk of the 11- use, and proceeded to call the roll. Ono roll brought him out of bed, and there being no lirait to speeches, he had the floor for a quar ter of an hour. Constituted myself a com mittee of one, and retired to consult Bell sounded?returned to room with two cocktaila ??iB per order, and overheard member assuring a man fce saw in the looking-glass that b? must have got drunk and made d ?d f?1 of himself, nnd that he had better go to Baton Rouge as soon as possible. Man seen in look ing-glass, drank his own health, and did start for Baton Rougo. 44 Scene shifts."?X. O. Dtlta. Good Advice Wo find the following excellent advice in a late number of the London Comi: Times. Bear it in mind: If you have a rich aunt, don't talk to her about billiards and brandy and water. If you intend to do a thing, don't change ycur mind; and if you possess a ten pound note, don't change that. If you happen to say something in society which causes a pain ful sensation, yon had better go out for a walk for five minutes. If you don't know what everybody else knows, you had better hold your tongue ; and if you "know something that everybody eUe knows, you had better hold your tongue too. Shcmld you be talking to a thin lady, of an other thinlady. you needn't describe the party alluded to as a 44 scraggy old maid." If you require a person to beoome security for you. don t ask the man who promised he would do anything for you when he knew that you didn't waut anything done. If you happen to know an author don'town it; one half of the world won t believe you, aud the other half won't think much of it if they do. Don't say you never take suppers, excep ting where you know they never give any. Don't tell a mother of the faults of her favorite child. If you wish to sleep quietly, don't praiie another woman while yonr wife is undressing to get into bed. A Ball Scbxr i* Nbw York. ?At a tnili tary soiree given the other night at a well known ball room on Broadway, quite an ex citing sceno oceured, which, but for the in terference of the officer on duty at the place, would have resulted in "some fight" betweeu two women. It seems that about 9o'clock a w man dressed in a calico gown, with a hood on her head, and a plaid shawl wrapped abou t her, appeared at the door and asked for Mr. . She was told that be had not arrived upon which she took a position at the front door. The officer on duty told her she could not remain there, but she refused to go away? saying that Mr wai her hutoand. and ?be wanted to sec him when he .oame In a short time a carriage drew up to the door, when Mr , in his showy uniform, jumped out and assisted hiscompanion?rather a g< t>d looking young woman, gayly attired in a pink dress, to alight To cross the sidewalk was the work of a moment, but ere the unsuspect ing fair had passed the threshold, a violent tempest arose Woman No. 1 with the calico dress and hood pitched into woman No. 2 in gay attire, and for a few moments pink rib bons. artificial flowers, hair pins, and frag ments of the pink dress aforesaid, flew as thick at bail on all tide*. The officer on duty has tened to the door and separated the comb atants. Woman No 2 ran behind the door, and woman No. 1 drew back apace, determined topreveut tier rival from going into the ball-room with tier husband. Mr and bi? wife finally took a promenade down Broadway and settled the matter amicably, but the terms of settle ment we did not learn. Ax Incidbnt.?Tbey met. 'twas on ths sidewalk, and ho thought to cut a swell, so ho raised bis beaver gracefully, bent his body like an L. She bowed and smiled so *weetly, that he thought her very nice, quite forget ting for the moment that he stool upon the ice. rhus, little recking what he did, or how he 'tood, or where, his head approached the pavement, and his heels went up inthear; while be xt*rn-\y and with violence, on the sidewalk took his seat, and with a very sheep eh look, picked himself up, and tue way he "put" around the corner, isn't very often beat far as speed is concerned, at all events. Maxxbrs.?What a rare gift, says tho iu Lor of Pelhara, is that of manners! llow lifficult to define?how much more difficult <o impart! Better for a man to posses* them ban wealth, beauty, or talent?they will nore than supply all. No attention is too ninute, no labor too exaggerated, which tendi ,o perfect them. lie who enjoys their advan ages in the highest degree, namely, he who :an please, penetrate, persuade, as the object nay require, possesses the subtlest seoret of ,he diplomatist and the statesman, and wants lotbing tut the opportunity to become 4 great." Faith ?Whfn Philip Henry, father of the iommentator on the Bible. Bought the hand%f he only daughter of Mrs. Matthews in mar ?iage, *n objection was made by her father, vho admitted that he was a gentleman, a cholar, and an excellent preacher, but he was i stranger 44 True," said the daughter, who tad well weighed the excellent qualities and graces of the stranger, 44 but I know where ie is going, and 1 would like to go with him" -and they walked life's pilgrimage together. Woman's CcriobiT*.?The following *eene s recommended to the consideration of our roung genU who are cultivating their upper ips: * Amy.?4:1 wonder how it goes to kiss one ?fjthose creatures with a horrid mustache Fanny ?1>4 W hy, lah, Amy, of course I don t tDOW " Amy.?44 Well. I m going to get the boot ?rush and try it." Amy finds out, and the scene doses. Good Adtjcb ? Never deal with an under taker if you can possibly avoid it. Thev're a nean lot?always wanting to sarew you dows