Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1856 Page 3
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Evening star. local intelligence. Tag Geavb or Lommiiie Dow.? Aa the long drawn-out procession of fireman ware wending their way back to the city after having per formed the last ritea of aepnlture to their gallant, bat unfortunate brother, on the ocea jk>n of the late funeral, we lingered a moment in the city of the dead The gray skies and chilly air of a sombre atteraoon were in keeping with the plaoe Nothing disturbed the atillnesa, bat the hol low sound of earth falling upon the coffin aa the seiton rapidly filled up the new-made grave, or occajionly a gu3t of solemn mu?ic doated on the breeze from the receding pro cession, with now and then a faint murmur of the roar of the distant city. were alone with the silent dead : i i xu at regt now?all dual! ?wave flowa on wave But the aea drlee not' What to na the grave ? It bring* no real homily; we >lih, Pan* for a while. and murmur, 44 All muat die"" Then rush to pleasure, a' tion, aln, once more. Swell the load tide, and fret unto the ahore We remembered to have heard that the re mains of the talented, eccentric Lorenso Dow. rested somewhere in this yard, and on inquiry of the sexton, he kindly led the way to the tomb of this celebrated preacher. It is iu a secluded part of the yard, ahaded by cedars A plain slab of stone over the grave bears the following inscription : The Repository of Lorenzo Dow, who was b. rn in Coventry, Connecticut. Oct Ibth, 1777. Died February 2, 1*24, Aged S4. il A Christian in the highest style of man. ' He is ?4 A slave to no sect, take* no private road, But looks through nature up to nature'a God " The sexton aays that the grave is visited by many people from a diatance, especially old people who had known Dow in his life timo. ArPOI>TM*!?T? OP THE MkTHODIST KpJUCO pal Cosrxmxsca.?The Baltimore annual Conference of this church has been in session at Baltimore for the two weeks past. At the meeting yesterday the liat of appointment* were read The following are those for the Potomac District: Jobs Laxahah, Presiding Elder Alexan dria? L. F Morgan, J N Coombs, A Griffith, sap.; Princess Street, J. S. Gardiner; City of Washington?Foundery, S Regeater; Wesley Chapel, Wm Kreba; Capitol Hijl, R. R. S. Hough ; MeKer.dree ana Fletcher Chapel, Geo. Hi'.dt, M A Turner, sup . T. H. Busev, jap.; Ebeneier. F. H Richey; Ryland Chapel, J" 8. De&le ; Gorsuch Chapel. J. H Ryland; Chapel, S. Rogers. W. 0. Lum?den, \ ^ R White, tup.; Georgetown?B. N T M-Hanson, sup.; West Georgetown Tlnn.'Uytown?T. D Gotwait, J. W eijr .L ' Fairfax-D Thomas. R. R. SnTh, " t.'ft '^rd?W C. Steele, R S Mc WillLi'; "Fr^e ^^J1-? I ?iUS?y: i1 Mary s-J. W L.'?b#ts: F A M"ceT * Sfehlosser. sup, J punting, sup . B.adens burg?C C. Lintbicum?* '? ^,'K ^ ' Woodville?H. C Westwc ^ ?j!?, ** w k Hawley, J. H. KnHts; /^kville?W G. Eggleston, Adam B Dolly, ""J'?''0* : Asbury and Mount Zion?Thorn w ^ Jesse T. Peck,editcr of tracts f?d c?TrfJ pondent secretary Tract Society oi *'?* Church, member of Foandery Quarte.^'J Con* ferauce. Elisha P. Phelps, agent for Dickinson Col lage. Taa Day.?This is llGood Friday," which received its name, according to Wheatly 41 from the blessed efforts ?f our Saviour's sufferings which are the ground for all our ioys, and from those unspeakable good things he hath purchased for us by hi* death ' Among the Saxons, it waseallcd Long Friday, but for what reasons, excepting for the long fasting and offices they then used, does not appesr. From the very first age of Christian ity. the commemoration of our Saviour's suf ferings has always been observed as a day of the strictest fasting and humiliation; "not that the grief and affliction they then expressed, did arise from the loss they sustained, but from a sense of the guilt of the sinaof the whole world) which drew upon oo r blessed Redeemer that painful and shamefid death of the oross." National Tb?at?:b ?The comady of-' Ex tremes " wii admirably performed last night before a crowded house. Aside from t?te great interest added to the piece by the superior manner in which Mr. and Mis* Richings per formed their respective parts, the vocal effort# of the latter being so highly appreciated, tha stage appointments were in capital taste, ren dering tue entertainment extremely agreeable even to the moat refined in sentiment To morrow evening, it will be seen, a complimen tary testimonial to those accomplished artists will come off ; and the same series of decided hit* will be enjoyed, we trust, by an audience that will tender such a demonstration in that large Theatre, no unmeaning compliment. Gaoas Carxi.K9bnxss.?A correspondent calls the attention of the authorities to the man-trap on the pavement adjoining Baker's Hotel, near the third lamp post from Penn sylvania avenue, on Four-ai.d-a.hAlf -treat, in the shape of a broken iron shutter, whioh only partially covers the opening to the cellar underneath. A stranger crossing from tha opposite side of Four-and-a-half street after dark would stand a g<>od chance of being maimed for life. M> Dxmpstxr ?The concert of this popu lar artist, it will be perceived, has been post poned until to-morrow eveniag. on acouut of the terrible weather with which our city was afflicted on Tuesday evening last. As a bal lad finger he is at the head of his profession in this country, and richly deserves tha plau dits of the large and discriminating audiences who alwaya attend hi* entertainments. Tai Fba9xlii? Acriva Association baa elected the following officers : President, R. G Eekloff; Vice President, L R Thomas; Treasurer, Charles Cunningham ; Secretary. Henry Hutchins. This association bids fair to b? of much usefulness. | COMMCHIC ArXD. Mr. Editor : I wish to inquire when that " good time is coming'' that we were led to believe would come, on the establishment of a 44 Board of Health,'' Ac., and 44for the abate ment and removal of nuisances7" The past winter has afforded a fine opportunity to house keepers to throw their coal aahea. dirty water, and offal of all sorts, into the guttera and streets During the intcnie cold weather it excited but little notiee ; but now the filth be gins to present itself unmistakably Look at Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth streets, north of the Avenue, to say nothing of other parts of the city, and make note *rf the heaps of 4-nui aatxea ' Its disgraceful to the city, but more so to the housekeepers who permit such things in front of their dwellings exciting the dis gust ef every pasaer-by, and one would sup poae, ev?n of those who sanction it. It has led many honest persons to suapect that it is all a farce having laws and regulations iu re. gard to nuisances that are not enforced. H. Watch Rxtubss ?James Devilin, a b,y of twelve or fifteen years of age, was brought up for misconduct to his mother. Jam -t had be haved very badly, wa?idle and saucv, associ ated with bad b<>ys, had refused to go to a trade when a place was found for him, and had resisted his mother by blows. James promised to do better in future, and was dis missed William C Jones, fjund drunk in the mar ket house, was diamifsed. Benton Purcell, brought uk for being disorderly, was dis missed James Brom. disorderly, was dis missed John Shehill. was committed t > jail f >r resisting officer. Isabella Thornton, vag rant, was dismissed. James Brown, drunk, was dismissed. ? A number of articles found in the possession of Elinora Davis, Elisabeth Bell, Caleb Bar ton, and Wm M n>dy, (all colored,) who were committed for stealing, remain at the guard hoase for identification. They consist of a book marked 44 J. 8. Cranston," one marked *? Gen. Tows'ia," two carpenters' chisels, one I new metal kettle, one large brass safe key. one iron store key, an engraving of 44 Noah s Ark.' several hats, a wheelbarrow, two axes, the materials fur a dress, and some silk capes. Persoua having missed such articles had bet ter call at the guard house and Identify them Tub JiMMTtwn Sociitt has elected the following officers : President, Philip R. Fen dall; Vice President, Archibald Henderson Treasurer, John T. Towers; Correspond ing Secretary. Beverly Tacker; Recording Secretary, C. W. C. Dnnnington; Executive Committee, Ju M McRea. William Towere Thornaj Lumpkita, Tho?. J. Massie, end H a' Cooke. . To THOSE w*0* IT MAT COXCMK.?With regret do I say ? good-bye" to the many kind friends I here met in Washington. Ere this ireets your eye* I will be on my way to my northern home ; and, a> I cannot take too all b7 th. h?.d, with tb. b..rt i ,11 ?. bri<,f inttreoBm hu pror?n profitable to both I hare eAosin a rugged path, hedged in with brambles and thorns, by th? ***>and m r-piQck thVnJti t*ir sweet odor, it strengthens the listless arm which sometimes grows weary in propelling the oar against the mad waste of Wu f*>n rest in the quiet core where the air is vocal with melody, where the sunbeams play and the graceful branches of the drooping trees dip their boughs in the sparkling water. But onward and upward is the voice of my soul; and I oould not?if I would?aulet this ever present monitor: and, as I go forth to other fields of labor, with my patrons and friends would I leave you a " God bless you," and hope for thine in return I hope to return to you at no distant day yet the future alone will derelope itself, with the present let us be earnest, attire, and an faltering. Gnce more ?'good-bye." Dr?. Ltdia Saver. XT ? [CUlfMClUCATBD. t,aitor: Mr. Richardson in yesterday's star has replied to my inquiry of a few days previous, in relation to stopping 7 tens of mailable matter at a velocity of 700 feet per second. I am obliged to Mr R for his reply ? at the same time I must say that it is alto gether unsatisfactory, and so much at rariar.ce with all laws of acienoe, that, with ycur per mission, I will show you and your one hun dred thousand readers, that the Atmospherio Telegraph, as exhibited in Mr R s book, and endorsed by the Senate Committee, is not by any means adapted for practical purposes on the scale that he proposes. Mr. R says that the mile of contained air In the tube next to Washington will be em ployed a? an elastic buffer, to resist and over come the momentum of the load, (he does not say how this mile of air is known to be there ) whether more or less, and that this eompressed air will b ? allowed to escape through the safe ty valve at a pressure of 40 lbs. to the square inch, which amount of resistance will nearly overcome the momentum of the 7 tons, and after it has passed the valve it will be an nounced by the ringing of the bell. Now, fir. 7 tons, at a velocity of 700 feet per second, pttams a momentum of nearly eleven millions of pounds; in other words, his mail bag of 7 tons moving from Baltimore to Washington at the rate of 700 feet in a second, will require eleven millions of pounds to arrest It at Wash ington In his book, he nor his Senate com mittee do not say anything about stopping it; an,d' J2 10 first qweition. he offers enly 18 000 lbs. to stop it. You will readily P*rfe,v? that his 40 lbs to the inch of pressure will not answer at all. Hence the necessitv of some other reply to satisfy ? Iago ' and the public. There will, X opine, be something more than the ringing of the bell to announce \r"w ? ba8g "f 7 10118 wc'gbt at Washington, and I would say to the post master " stand from under ' at its arrival! >ow. ty taking his book and explanation, endorsed by the Senate Committee as data and fccas a guide, his tube, 2 feet in diam eter and 40 miles long, with a capacity of 640,006 cubic f*et, and his 2 pumrs with a capacity of *8,000 cubic feet, will be found entirely inadequate to exhaust the tube in 27 revolutions, or it is* 27 revolutions. The first revolution will perhaps exhaust 43,000 cubic feet, and the air remaining in the tube will become sufficiently rarefied aa to fill the tube and the second revolution of the shaft will ex haust a far less quantity of air at a pressure of 14 lbs tc the square inch, and so on with evcrry subsequent revolution the air will be eoine more rarefied end less of it will be ex hausted Now C hope that Mr. R. and his committee will be enabled tc see why his load will not be able to reach Washington af ter leaving Baltimore as soon as the shaft hss made 27 revolutions Now, sir, I must beg leave most respectfully to differ with Mr. R, and his book endorsed by that committee. I have with all the light at present in view arrived at the eonclusion that the Atmospheric Telegraph will never be of any great practical utility. I shall feel prond to see his 7 tons of mail beat a 2:40 Uurse on the courso from Baltimore to Wash 'ogton. I feel no little interest in thesucce** of Mr R's invention ; at the same time that I feel to be impracticable. I am, however, open io conviction, and shau be much pleased to have my objections removed by Mr Rich ardson, Most respectfully, First Warri, March 20. Iago. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Oaor.uEToyx, March 21, 1856. A fire occurred at about nino o'clock last night, in a frama stable, situated on Mont gomery street, opposite the public school house The stable was the property of a col ored man named Wm. Lewis, and it, together with a quantity of bay, Ao , was entirely con sumed. At the time the fire occurred there wore several fine horses also in the stable, one of which was burned to death. Lewis's loss will be about $500. S.?me suppose the fire was the work of an incendiary, wnile the gen eral impression is that it was caused by some one of a number of boys, who are employed about the stable, going among the bay with a lighted candle or while smoking a cigar This building was situated in the midst of a thickly settled square ; and but for the fact that the surrounding buildings were all very damp and a dead calm was prevailing at the time the fire occurred, much destruction of valuable property would have resulted. This is a warning to our Corporation to enaet at once a law to prevent stables, in the future, from being built alongside of dwelling booses. The vigilant Fire Company and several from your city were promptly on the spot with their apparatus, rendering good service. Trinity (Catholic) church, last night, was literally crowded to overflowing to boar the discourse of the eloquent president of George town College, Rev. B. A. Maguire. Mr M. is a very pleading speaker, and generally at tracts large crowds of all denominations to hear him. His subject last night was an ex fdonation of some of the more important points n the Catholic faith. Fish, in considerable numbers, are begin ning to make their appearance in our market, but the prices which are asked for them are beyond the bounds of reason and the capacity of our pocket. Spectator. Norfolk.?The Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns vis ited Norfolk on Wednesday last, to preaoh, in St. Paul's Church, the funeral sermon of the late lamented pastor of that congregation, the Rev. W. M J<*ekson, who fell a victim to the fatal epidemic, while in the performance of the Christian duties of visiting the sick and the afflicted. On Monday night, the Rev. Mr. Plunkett lectured on the 44 Life and Mission of St Pat rick," and treated his audience, (says the Ar gus,) " to one of the most eloquent displays of pulpit oratory ever enjoyed in this seotion. Uis allusions to the life and services of the veuerab'e and revered Saint, were beautiful, tna-terly, and impressive; and his description of Irish character very able and instructive." iV Some men are like cats. You may stroke the fur the right way for y?ars, and heai nothing but purring; but a03ideutally tread on the tail, and ail memory of former kindness is obliterated. iy The father of a lad 16 years of age, was yesterday called upon to give bonds for his soa's appearanoe to answer a charge otluctns jtne coneibitu, preferred against him by a serving girl in hii father's house. The newly made father was found at schoel ? All Jit%? ? ter iy Cleanliness is carried to a greater length in Holland than in any other country. To keep the cows clean when placed in the barn, their tail s are wrapped in brown paper snd laid upon a shelf behind them. Te keep tobacco chewers from soiling the carpet, they spit into one another pockets. This arrange ment may be good for the carpet, but it is not objectionable otherwise ! B7 Mere aktit GIIhu'i Hair Dye1 RlAD.-fllLMAITI HAIR DTK.?The iroorlMort having had repeated proof* of the inperlnrl ty of thle ov?r other* I In the market, have made arrangement* to be cooetant ? trpplleA, as<l ba*e the article for aale at wholesale an I i tall. JOHM I. BBOWH A SOU, 4W Washington rt., Boatou. The wholesale and retail Depot Is at OILMAN'S new Drug Itore, KO Pnn. a??ie. mar IS?lw ?AKRIBD, Ob the 98th Instant, by the Rev. J. C. Smith, ANDREW JACKSON LYNN to Miss NANCY ANN GOODWIN, both of Virginia. ?uu?. On the morning of the 20th Instant, after* long Illness, whleh sbe herewith exemplary meekaess and patience, Mr*. SOPHIA JONES, wife of Thomaa W. Jone*, and second daughter of the late #eo. Been, in the 36th year of her age, leav ing a husband and ati children. The death of thla estimable lady leaves a void In a large and devoted femlly clrcls which time can never fill; but s>,e leaves with them the bright example of a life adorned with many vir tues and excellent qualities, which will ever en dear her memory to all who knew her. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral from the residence of her husband, on south B street, Capitol Hill, at 3 o'clock, to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon. * On the 91st Instant, In the 60th year of his age. JOHN DEVLIN, Esq , clerk In the offlce of Ihe Fifth Auditor of the Treasury. The funeral will move from his residence on Twelfth street, at 9 o'clock, on Monday morning, wither his friends and acquaintances are respect fully invited to attend. The appropriate services will commence at 10 o'clock, at St. Matthew's Church. ? On the *>th Instant, WARRINGTON, eldest son of Charles St.J. and Ellzi C. Chubb, aged2 years and 5 months. The friends of the family are respectfally in vited to atte: d the funeral to-morrow, at I o'clock p. m , frem the residence of the parents, 507 I street. WANTS. A GARDEN fcR WANTED?ADDRESS BR. X*. WM. WIRT, Oak Grove, Westmoreland ?oonty, Va mar 91?2w? WAxNTfcD?TWO YOUNG MEN FROM Georgetown, and two from the city, to de liver for the City Despatch. Enquire at the offlce, 394 D street, near Seventh. The young men with whom 4 made previous arrangements will alao call as above. It* SITUATION WANTED AS NURSE?BY A colored woman, who can produce the most satisfactory tesimonials as to character and capa city. Enquire at No. 403 Twelfth st., above I. mar 21?3t* WANTED.?A GOOD FARM HAND, ONE that understands tbe management and care of horses. A colored man (slave) would be pre ferred. Apply at Locust Hill Farm. mar 20?3t* TT7"ANTED?A PURCHASER FOR A LOT TV of very fine Cabbages. Also, for 200 bush els Sweedlsli Turnips. Apply at Locust Bill Farm, 7th sfeet roaa, near the first Toll Gate, mar 20?lw* WANTED?A SUPERIOR SADDLE Hor?e and well broken to harness, of about 16 hands high. Address ''H B," at this offlce, stating price. mar 19?3t* BOARDING. BOARDING.?ONE LARGE ROOM, hand somely furnished, and a single room for rent, with or without board The house has a large yard attached, making it desirable for children. Apply at No. 468 Tenta streef, between D and E. mar 20?lw* Board,&o ? mrs bates,on the s. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is prepared to accommodate gentlemen wl th rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf NEW FLOUR AND FEED ST0RE. JOHN BALL. LATE GROCER ON NINTH street, near D, has opened a FLOUR and HORSE FEED STOR E, on Seventh street, near H, having made arrangements that will enable him to furnish ?-very article in his line of the best quality and at the very lowest prices. He a?ks a trial from all. mar 15-6t* MEDICAL CARP Doctor stanistas hernisz, iiko ular Practitioner of Hoinoaopathy Otflse, 231 corner F and Fourteenth streets. Consulta tions from 10 a. m . to 3 p. m. Doctor Stanislas Hernlsc, having retained from Europe vrith improved health, will attend to the practice of his profession. Le Docteur parle Francals. Der Doctor sprlcht Deutsch. El Doctor habla Espanol II Dottore parla Itallano. mar 7?3m* A CAR II. MISS MARTHA BEACH IS PREPARED to give fall and accurate courses of instruc tion on tne PI AN O FORTE to those who may desire her services. Pupils attended at their res idences or her own. She refers, by permission, to Prof Fobrtscb, Min Mart Muieay, Mr. J. L. Clcib and Col. Wm 1*. Yocse. Apply at the residence cf ha? parents, No. 310 North Ninth street mar 11-3w# For b o h t o n?the schooner TRANSIENT Is now loading for the ?boye port For freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agent*, mar 19?lw J01 Water street, Georgetown. MULES '^MULtitS ?MULES JUST ARRIVEO. A LARGE LOT OF FIRST CLASS KEN tuckv MULES. They willbeoffered for sale at N AI LO R 'S STABLE, hetweer 13 u and 14th streets, opposite the Nations! The atre B 9. LETTON. mar 19?3t* F O V N D .?ONE DAY LAST WEEK, A GOLD CHAIN, which the owner can have I'V describing the same and paying for this adver tisement. Enquire of Wl LLI AM KING, office of Dlrksoi. Jc King's Wood Yard, Water street, Georgetown. mar 19?3t PRIZE BEEF!?NO HUMBIO!! I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO 1N form the public thst I will expose on, Friday Morning in the Western Market,! at Stall* No 29 and 31, one-half of four* of the finest Cattle ever brought to this market I invite the citizens and strangers to call and see them on 20th street, between L and M. Ti e other half will be offered on Saturday, the 22d instant, at J'tall No 66 Centre Market. N B ?They were raised and fed by Mr George Rca*nt>erger, of Rockingham county. Va., and will be sold a' prices to suit the times. mar 19-41* (Intel) WM LENKINS. rpUE STEAMER OtOIlOE WASHING. J TON will depart at the follow ing hours: Leave Alexandria 7#, 9, 11, 1#. 3#. 5# Leave Washington...8. 10. 12. 2#, 4#, 6 m*r 18-d JOB CORSON, Captain. [Alex 6e?J HAT?HAY?HAY. UST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE, HO bales prime HAY. Also, 5,000 bushels MILL OF FALL of all kinds; Corn, Oats, Cut Hay, Rye ground Corn Meal, daily from J Straw, fresh and _ ^ the Virginia Mills', wholesale and retail, ln'quan tltles to suit. We have also in store a superior article of RYE FLOUR, by the barrel, sack, or pound. Old Depot CLARK 4 BRO . mar IP-lw* Corner Pa. avenue and 2d st. FO R HARPER'S FERRY, Ft* Chesapeakt f .-rrrrrrt J^23EEHi Ohio Canal. THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS TbE NEW AND SPLEND1U PACKET BOAT ARGO. Capt. Cjjas H Mkkkill, will commence making Regular Tr\ft between GEORUE1 OWN and the ul>ove Point, on Mon day. March 27th, 1856. l'ne Boat will leave the wharf of W.H.tH.fl, Rltter, Georgetown, D C , e' ery Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday u.ornlng, at o o'cloc*. arriv ing at the Great Falls at 9 a. m ; Seneca. 11 a in.; Edwards' Ferry, 12#, p m.; Whites Ferry, 1# p in ; Monocacv, 2# p m.; Poland's Ferry, 3# p. m ; Point or Rocks, 4 p. nrt; and Harper's Ferry at 6 p m. Returning, she will leave Harper's Feny every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 6 o'clock; Point of Rocks 8a m.; Nolanrt's Fer 7', 9#, a. in ; Monocacv, 10# a. m., White's erry, 11 a. m.; Edwards' Ferry. 12# p m: Seneca, 1# p. in ; Great Falls, 3 p. m ; and arrive at Georgetown at 6 p. m. Through Tickets, ^,23. Intermediate points as follows: From George of Rocks', 81.90; and Harper's Ferry. $2 25. Re turning the same rates. Pamille* intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coming season will find this by far the most ?afe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley, Capon. Shanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Bom. For further particulars Inquire at the store of W. H A H. G RITTER, Georgetown, and G. W. CUTSHAW, Harper's Ferry, Va. mar 18?tf ELLIS'* ITORE U 306 Peftasylvmfttft avenue, near Tenth street. mar t GlTTtT kLLU'S mar 8 FOR CHEAP SOON, F F FOR BALE A WD KEWT. OR sale OR RENT.?A TWO STORY and attic brick Dwelling, on Seventh street, li ??jpwh M and N streets north, containing eight ? >nm* and kitchen, with vide and hack alley* I . r particulars enquire cf B WAG MAN. next dior, south. Possession can be given the first of April. mar 80 - 3t* OR 8ALE.?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Residence, on 7th street Plank Road, about 4 mites from Washington?25 acres with orchard of Peach, Apple, Ac. Would make a good mar ket farm. Inquire at No. 28 third story of Treas ury. inar90?2w? FOR RENT?ON CAPITOL HILL, a Brick two story and attic House containing ten rooms and kitchen, with large and Ine garden at

tached The premises are on the east side of F lrst street north, between B and O streets. Possession will be given on the 1st nf April. Apply to Mr. FRANK BROOKS, at the extension of the Cap itol Building, for terms. Ac. mar 20?#te Fine farm for sale ?in fairfax county, Virginia, within V miles of Alexan dria; 12 of Washington, and 2 of two railroads and turnpikes; contains 600 acres, fine orchards, is well watered; has excellent buildings ; about 40 acres in wheat and is perfectly healtnv. Ad dress Letter Box 176, Washington Post Office, mar 20?3t? . LZ. Brick stable for rent?in the rear of house No. 405 New York avenue. En trance to stable on H street. Rent moderate Ap ply at the house before 9 a. m mar 20-3t* Members of congress and others wishing a pleasant location on Capitol Hill can be accommodated with a furnished house or rooms, with or without board, at 3H? Delaware avenue, north of the Capitol, former residence of the late Judge Cranch. mar 19?3t? Frame house and lot at private Sale ?A pleasantly located frame Hons?, con taining f >ur good sized rooms. and a fine spacious Lot. with a fine young peach oichtrd attached, will be sold low if applied for rnunedlately. For particular address to "MC M," City Post Of fice mar 18?lw? F OR RENT ?THE DWELLING ON THE corner of New York nvenue and 15th street. Possession given on the 1st of April. The loca tion is ve:y desirable, being directly on the om nibus route, and in the immediate neighborhood of the President's House and Government De partments To a desirable tenant the rent will be very low. Enquire on the premises of J. W. NAIRN. mar 17?2w* VERY HANDSOME BUILDING LOT FOR v sale?Part of Lot No. 14, in square No. 345, having a front on the west side of 10th street, we<t, of 20 feet, between G and H streets, run ning back 100 feet, containing 2,000 square feet. The above described property is handsomely lo cated, and in a rapidly improving neighborhood. Title Indisputable. For particulars apply to mar 13-d2w CHAS S. WALLACH. For rent?a first class house, nearly new, either furnished (to suit the oc cupant) or unfurnlsced. as may be desire). The situation is unsurpassed. 266 F street, and the premises may be seen any day after.4 o'clock p. m. mar 13?lm FOR RENT?THE LARGE HOUSE, com pletely furnished, situated on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and the President's Square, No 4. Possession given immediately. Also, a fine pair of family horses, not more'than eight years old. Enquire on the premises, No. 221 Pa. avenue. mar ??tf SUNN VSIDE FOR SALE ?THE SUB9CRI fcer desiring to remove South, offers for sale this Veautlful and highly improved farm, ivlng in Alexandria county, Va , 1 mile from the Long Bridge, or2)< miles from Centre Market, with ea*y eccessby Washington and Alexandria turn pike, or Alexandria Canal, which touch the place, f he farm contains 200 acres; 3d acres is in good timber; the balance weli laid off in arable fields and meadows Also, about *00 fruit trees of va rious kinds, well selected and planted in suitable situations The Improvements consist of a food Dwelling House of 8 rooms, bosideearrrt and bn?ement: a house for overseer and hands, stab ing for bor-es a'id cattle with necessary sheds, Ac , usual to a dairy and market farm. Persons desiring to purchase can get further in formation by applying to BURKE A HERBERT, Alexandria, or to the subscriber on the premises. Terms liberal. KDW B. POWELL. If not previously disposed of at private sale, the above property will b? offered at public auction on tte premise*, on THURSDAY , 10th day of April, and if desired divided to suit purchasers. EDW. P POWELL. mar 17?aotf FOR 8ALE ?THE ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD and kitchen furniture of a well located and weil established boarding house, now doing a food business and commanding good prices. The ouse is situated on Pennsylvania nvenue, near the Capitol, and will be offered at private sale for one week. Enquire at the Star Office, mar 17?eo3t# Rooms to let?a fuknishhd pak lor and Chamber (Including fire and gas) will oe ranted together ot separately during the session of Congress. Th? rooms on the first floor, within one square of the Klrkwood House. Enquire at the offire of the Klrkwood House. Jan 30?eotf Brick yard for sale ?the under signed will dispose of their U pper or Eastern Brick yard, sltuated|on the corner of N and Sou.h Capitol streets, (20 building hill) with an abund ance of th? best quality clay. The improvements are?one steam engine or 20 horse power, lin ? roved Clay Mixers, three large substantially ullt 12 arcn kilns, and suitable shedding. Ac , and all the Improvements necessary to make 28 or 30 thousand brick dally; will bp' sold on libe ral terms. Application can be made to Richard Wallach. or John Van Rlswlck SAMUEL BYINGTON A CO mar 11-eotw Restaurant for sale ?that very eligible aid central Restaurant, known as M ThP Verandah," situated on Pa avenue The block, Futures Furniture entire, with the unexpired license aud good will of theestablish ment For terms apply to H. C SPALDING, Attorney, 3^ north D, between ?th and 10th sts. mar 5?^eotf OR RENT ?TWO LARGE AND PLEAS ant Rooms will be rented low Apply to T POTENTINI, Confectioner, No. 270 Pa. avenue, mar i4?eo&w F For sale?a tract of land con 170 acres, 40 of which Is cleared, 15 or 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balance la oak and hickory, some of which is very hca*y. It Is bardsouwilv localed, In a thjcklv settled u;d rapidly Improving neighborhood, near Bayly s Corners. 6^ miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frtme House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold In whole or In part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms msde easy. For further particular* s?pply to F. H. SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H. CL.EV E LAND, on the premises. feb29?tf_ Rare chance -the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on Sd atrei't, a few feet south of Pa. avenue Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence bites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice H.C. HARROVER feb 23-!f TOOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome Par M. lore and Chambers, with board. Also, table and trunslent board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov 27?tf An opportunity for a good in VK3THE3T ?For sale, 17 or 18 arm of Laud, on the Heights cf Georgetown, u.aj.>in)i.g the property formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox, (called tne Cedars,) poss-sslng rare advantages as a building site, and market garlen. It has a fine growth or young cedars and oak mess on the great er p?ut i f It?thf elevation is such as to command the most extensive view of ueorgetown, Wasn lugtcn and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Co poratlon limits ren ders It more desirable, being nese from the Corpo ration tuxoe. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. Jan 22?dtl SALE.?1 on the 0 r, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office. The place contains 63^ acres, and Is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick hous?, 32 ^ 10, with a wing 25 31, and all necessary out houses. Apply to H. W. Blunt. Water St., Georgetown. Jan 17?tf THOS. MARSHALL. 1EM l >t EXTRACT* FOK THE HAND KflRCHIKF. Hutchinson a munro have just received a fresh supply of LU BIN'S EX TRACTS, which they warrant genuine. Also, Piver's MAUGENET and COUDRAY'S. and other French Pomades and Extracts; Phalon'e Invlgorator, Lyon's Kathalron, Haule's Eau Lus tral.cnd Barry's Trlcopherous, which they can furnish at New York prices Those In want of any of the above, or anything in the Faney and Millinery line, would do well 'o give us a call, when we will be hippy to wait on their orders HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, No 310 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar 1J- tf DKRrVMKRY AND TOILET <MJODS A cheep, at JOHN P. ELLIS'S. feb ltMi * AUCTION 8AUB8. Bv JAMBS C. MaGUIRE. Auctioneer SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD BOUDOT R 0 Pltao, Exrflltat PtriHari aid He??? kffplu Effects at labile Aactiea.?On THURSDAY MORNING April*. nt 1*o'clock, at the residence of the Swedish Minister, corner of 14th and L streets. I shall sell all his F urnl ture and Housekeeping KCrcti. vix : Superior Rosewood Boudoir Tiano Forte by Broadwood, London Handscmesulte or rosearood damask-coverf d and parlor Furniture, consisting of large French Sofa, two 1.ounces, two arm. two Gothic, and six side Chairs .Yarble-top Centre Table, gilt frame Mantel Mir ror Walnut What not*, fancy Tables Chinese Work Tables, Ottomans, fancy Chairs Elegant gilt and Sevres China, French Mantel Clock, Candelebras to match Suits ?f damask and la*e Curtains. Shades, and Fixtures Two t xcellent wai nut Bookcase#*. Writing Tables Walnut dining f*b'es, plush seat dining Chalra Two walnut marble top Sideboards Elegant French Cbina dinner, dessert, and tea Service Silver-plated Tea Service. Kettle, Cattora, lie. Cry*tal cut glass Ware, Table Cutlery Excellent mantel Tiitepiece. Engravings Walnut and Maho^anv Wardrobes. Bureaus Iron Rtdstea?ls, walnut Cottage I'edsteads Marble-ton Wasbstand*. Toilet Sets Superior hair and busk Ma'tresses. Bolsters, and Pillows Counterpanes. Comforts, Blankets Excellent English Carpets. OilcUth. Rugs Hall Lamp, ball and stair Carpeting Cooking Stove. Refrigerators. Kltcnew Utensils, 1 Ac. ALSO, A sinai' quantity of very superior Brown Sherry, Claret, and Champagne Wines Terms : $10 and undev. cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. JAS C. McGUIRE. mar 21?d Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni tare, Lemons. Flae Bs|fji Old Car riage, Ac., at Aactiea.?On SATURDAY,the 22d Instant, 1 shall sell, at 10 o'clock a. m.,ln front of my store? A large lot of excellent Furniture China, glass and crockery Ware '25 boxes Lemons 1 fine Bug^y, 1 Carriage, with many other articles, mar SI?it A. GREEN, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SjiMALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON j 11th street, aear the Steamboat Wharf. On THURSDAY AFTKRNOON. March *7th, at 4 ^ o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lot No *7, In Square 347. situated on 11th street went, near Marvland avenue, with the improvements, C'nslsting of a small frame house Terms at sale JAS.C. McGUIRE, mar 21?d Auctioneer. Br JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer Building materials at auction. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. March25th, at o'clock, at the s'ene of the late fire on 2sid, between F and G streets. I shall sell about two hundred thousand Bricks, a ntmber of iron and stone Heeds and Sills, Ac Terms: O ne-third cash ; the residue In 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. JA?. C. McGUIRE, mar 19?d Auct on^er By WALL, BARN AD A CO . Avctloneers VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY at Aaction?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April 1. in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock, on itn street, between F and G streets, we will sell Lot No. 7, in square 53*. fronting on 4th street ff-et front, running back 93 feeilj^ inches to a public alley *20 feet wide. Improved by two frame bouses containing 8 rooms each, nearly new They will be sold separate or together The above property U iu a rapidly Improving part of the citv. and is worthy the attention of pur chasers. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance In six. twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, with notes bearing interest Deed given, and deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the coLt of th? P'rchasers. Title indisputable. WALL. BARNARD A CO . mar 19?dt* Auctioneers. Bv J. C. McGUIKE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM proved Real Estate en Missouri ave nue, near the corner of 6th street west.?Ry virtue of a deed of tnMt bearing date on the 19th day of May, 1852, and recorded in liber J. A. S.. No 48, folios 78. et seq., the subscriber will sell at public sale on TUESDAY, the 15th day of April. 1856, at 5 o'clock p m . on the p-emises, Lot No. 11. In square B, fronting 33 feet 11 inches on Missouri avenue, near the corner of 6th street we?t, bv 109 feet 8 inches deep to a twentv feet alley, with the improvements which consist of a commodious, well-built, substantial and com fortable brick dwelling-house and brick Bowling Saloon. Ac. The above property is situated In one of the most desirable and rapldlv enhancing parts of the city, near the National and Browns' Hotels, and offers a favorable opportunity to per sons desiring to invest or purchase for their owu use Terms : Ore-third cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months for notes bearing interest, from day of sale and se cured upon ihe property; and if not cm plied with in six days after the sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of toe purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. Title Indisputable CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee. J. C. McGUIRE. mar 13?2awAds Auctioneer By JAS.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY* oppo site the Railroad Uepwt, at Pablic Auc tion?On MONDAY afternoon, April 21st, :.t4^ o'clock, on the premli-es. I shall sell part of ori ginal Lot No. 3 in Square No. 630, fronting 5u feet on north D street and 77 feet ? 1 Inches on New Jersey avenue, containing 5 855 square feet of ground, more or less, with the Improvements, consisting of a three-story brick buildir.g, con valuing in all twenty good rooms, arranged <x press".y for a small hotel, with hot and cold water and gas throughout the building. The property Is situated on the corner immedi ately oppo ite the Depot, and from its location offers great inducements to persons desirous ?f engaging in business. It was built by toe late John Foy for a secund ^las* hotel, who C(-nduc;ed U successfully untl his death. Terms : One-fifth in cash; the residue In 6, 12, 18, 24 and 0 months, with Interest, soured by a deed of trust en the property For f>ir:her particulars address Stanislaus Mur ray, Esq., or the auctioneer. mar 17? eoAds J AS. C. McGUIRE Auct Cy JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED Property. ?On THURSDAY afternoon, March 27th, at 4 o'clock, on the premise", by vir tue cf a deed of trust, dated May 8tb, 1851, and recorded in Liber, J A. S , No 7*,foUo299 Ac , one of the land records for Wa*-mngton county, tho subscriber will se\l all those part* of Lots or ground In the city of Washington, D. C , being Krta of Lota numbered 1.2 and 3, according to ividson's subdivision of Square No. 367, and which are contained In the following {bete* and bounds?that is to say, hfcgianlng for the tame at (he nortbeasi corter of Lot numbered one. In said Square, and thence running west 73 feet ? inches, thence south 76 feet, thence east 73 feet fl Inches, thence north 76 feet to the place of beginning, with the lmpiov?ments. consisting of two frame tenements. The above property is situated on Ninth st.eet west, between north N and O street*. Terms: One-fpurth cash; the residue In 6, 12 and If months, with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the Tnt tee. N. CALLAN, Trustee J AM Ed C. McGUIRE, feb-28?coAds Auctioneer Bv JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a deed In trust from Geo. Geddis and wife, dated No vember 2d, 18i5, the subscriber will sell at pablic auction to tire highest blrfd-.r, at the Auction Rooms of James C McGulre. on SATURDAY afternoon, March * 2d, at 4 o'clock, a lot cf ground, numbered 19, in Square numbered 36, fronting 25 fe t on 2Jd street w^st, and 54 feet 6 inches on north N street, containing 1,362)^ feet, more or less. Terms cash. NICHOLAS CALLAN. Trustee mar 15?d JAS C. McGUIRE. Auct CAST-OFF CLOTHING Bought and sold at 76 Louisiana Avenue, opposite Holmead's grocery, near Semmes's. Address through post omce, to " Mr Tailor." mar 3-lm* A CARD. WALL, BARNARD A CO , Apctiohkeiis a xdCommissios M**cba jits,eor??r Penn svltania aeeaae 9ik streets, will as u^ual El re their especial attention to all sales entrusted to them, such as Housekeeping effects, Real Es tate, or any other Goods, upon the most reasona ble terms. They will make liberal cash ad vances on consignments. mar 6? 1 m aY/vr K w A RD _lo9T FROM THK $ 1U Island, during the first week In ^>1 Jsnuary, a liver colored and speckled POINTER SLUT, about ten months out. li e above reward will be paid on her delivery at the National Fating House, corner of Stxth ftreet and Penn. avenue. mar 15 AN~ESSAY ON LIBERTY AND SLA very, by Albert Taylor Bledsoe, LL. D , Professor In the University of Virginia. PrlceSl. mar 14?tr FkANCa TAYLOR TELEGRAPHIC a&W b FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. BY HOUSE PRINTIN8 TKLHI1PH. Telegraphic Expedition Nsw Oblbans, March 11?The Pertia's newa vu retired her via th? Washinftor. and New Orleans Telegraph before noon yes torday and published in the afternoon editioni by the AaeoeiaVed Presa Arrival of tho Quaker City. Saw Yoaa, March II .?Tho Qmaker City (the substitute for the Pacilc) arrived here this afternoon. the left Liverpool on the 6th instant, oon*e4uently her dates have boen a. ticipated by the Persia, which tailed from the same port three days later. Death of a Haval Officer PhinDBLPBiA, March 21.?Commodore Da vid Connor, one ef the lately reeerved Naval officers, died here yesterday. He entered the navy of the U. S., in 1809, and eerved 47 years in various capacities in that arm of our national defence. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. March 21 ?Flour has declined Sales of 500 bbls Howard street at $8 M at wbioh price the market cloeed firm Wheat is unchanged ; choice white told far ?1 SO, and good red at SI 50. Corn la a triSe higher; yellow by weight 6Sa5?c . and white by measure 53t55c Provisions a re steady. M"tsporktl6a$16 25. Bacon?shoulder, 8^a8i, aidea ?ia9t hama 11 alZic. Lard ia ecaree and wanted; in bhla lOfj . and in kegs10}allc Whisky ia scarce at Sic. for Ohio, and SOc for Pennsylvania and eity New York Market* , Yore, March 21? Flour is more ac tivo ; sales of 8.500 bbla. straight State S6 87 aS7.12; good Ohio S7 25aS7 .7*Tpouthern S8 12 ftf 9. Wheat is firn,; sales of 4 000 bubals Sosth 3*n ** ?outbern white SI SO. Corn has declined; sales of 17,000 bushels western mixed 65c. Pork is firm; sales of 250 bbls. mess at $ 15.87. Beef is dull, sales of 200 bbls. Chieaco n P wk^uat?13 25" Lard not reported at 30 declinod; ??les of 150 l(bls. Ohio Stock Markets. \orb, March 21 ?Stocks are hifher Chicago and Rock Island 96; Cumberland u-7 Co?p*ny JSJ; ?|iiooU Central Sharec K'JZh?g*n Southern 94}; New York Cen tral 931; _ Reading 88j ; Penna Coal Company 96; V irginia 6's 94} ; Missouri 6's 84*; Ta u pkkior piano for iilk. ~ HE PIANO FORTE SENT FROM NEW ? ork, to be used at the MiulcayCSM Congress which recently assembled^nfrFMl but which f?lled to arrive in time ? or that purpose, bas Just been rece.ved, and can * ftW^aV"' at tbe Musis Depot of Geo. HIIbus, (who baa kindly tendered the nee of bla w?feroorn<i ) It ia from the celebrated manu ti?nu n '? *nd *ent by their * v Bro ? Mu,le Publishers, 3*3 rr?f^nr*"''v ??e,*d for sale bv I J Cook, wno will be happy to ahow it to dealer*, teachers and the public It will be sold ^ki>W P f?ltil?.PurP0^ ?f Introducing them in this place Mr. Coek haa many testimonials from distinguished muaiclana aad others mar 13 TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND HOTELS SPRING is rapidly advancing R we take no little pleasure In calling atter. i0 vi* family Medlelaa?eee that ia in. Vn !f ^ climate? and all seasons We wrixiou p i?7'B ^ebrated PREMIUM ' fcRS. a perfect cure wben there la loes of appetite, Fever and Ague, and General Debility. For sale at the Depot No. 474 Pa avenue s(:tiTrnJU*i ,\ ?""*???' of rtH ALLS, and LOiXDON PORTKR "ROWN STOUT, ^d FALKIRK AJLE * Orders addressed to JONASP LEVY, W lae. Liquors, Cigar*, and Groceries. W 17~g 474 Pa ll(,i, HR. t'AM I'BELL i KONS, of Baltimore AVING DETKRMIN ED To SO EXCLl) - opfneda y inU> WkoU,aU ??"?"?? BRANCH STORE IN TBIS CITY to aid In closing out their Large and F.laesnt stock of WATCHES. JEWlfLRV, SILVHU AND PLATED WAHK t. The Good, will be offered raaliy at roe? u fbe object is to clow them all out dunng tbe prweem reason An^opportunity i Ike this fo^the of, .aple and Fancy Goods at these r rices rarrlv occurs, and -Lculd Le Improved by.fiWho | Tnrirt ta h r!!c!e" *" *>"miaation i i'e v- ni ^P?etfully solicited at No 4At Penn*v I vanla avenue between 4% ar.d ?th streets n. ar the Nationm hotel. n^1; ^ NFW CO\F|;t'TIOM K t ^HE SUBSCRIBER, HAVING NOW PER ? arrMg.menti for tbe SFr?ng ?nd Slimmer Business is now prepared to serve bis C()\ FKrVmb v ^n,*r,ll> wUh the tn^r no VV.fV .both foreign ird domr tic that hi. ever t^wn offered In this cltv Ha has jcat itrceived, direct from Paris tbe anwt and purest assortment of PRl'IT G1 ack candies^ ?kkam ^febnch R ",e to ??nre Dlmer. Supper, Ball and Wedding Parties In ? manner nasur pa?^d bv arv m;,b\ubr,>ei?t ?a tbe ro-intr% HI A!?r S M. CHARl OTTE RUSSE. f P ^1 . .J" * JELLIES. ofevtrx flavor, can be bad at the short sr possible notice Als< tfrnamental and plain PYRAMIDS, cf Cream Jellies, Cake Orances, Candy, Ac THOS. POTTENTINI. No 279 Pd avenue, bet. l?h and Uth su mar 18?2w nLKAVER'B PRIZE MKDAL ~BON t > , S<iap. l^ow'sOld Brcwn Windsor Soap. Sha ring Soap. Shaving Cream. Barry's Trlchopber ous. Balin of a Thousand Flowers mar If O FRANCIS 49u Sev?,th st. IV^lSJiov FINiL?ET OF r?LL1NG *? R SCENERY, comprising twelve sr?o?a for sale on re,.?onable terms. Apply at the Natloo^ rheatre nj*j g_tf ladies, please read: 11ST ARRIVED FROM KING8TON,Ja maiea, WT. Iand in store for sale by the sub scriber : ' \ dor PRUNE CORDIAL, particularly for ladle*' uae. 1 Also f<r gentlemen, a few doren of PRUNE l?K AM. so much esteemed for its virtues for tbt benefit of health, about eleven to one o'clock Not to be had in any other store but at JONAS P LEVY'S, 474, Pennsylvania avenue Wines, Liquors, Segars. and fine Groceries, mar 7?tf WILL LEAVE SHORTLY. Madamer respectfully informs the public in general, that she will give In formation in all the Affairs relating to Life. Health, Wealth. Marriages, Love, Journeys I^w Suits. Difficulties In Business. Abser.t Friends. t*lckn.*?s and Death, and in respect to all other subjects She is also able to tell the ages of per son* by reeding numbers She ran he consulted at nil hours of tbe day and evening Her name Is on tbe do r?at No S65 I'th str. et corner of D, on the le r hand aide. Gentlemen 5o oents snd ladies 25. mar 10?tw* CHultE VRt'lT TREES kOR SALE. IA SW1A APPLE TREKS. OF EXTRA I U5UU0 growth and well assorted 50(0 PFACH TREES, forming a ccm WW plete assortment and well grown A f-w ven- choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra ?ise. The above er m-Msing a very choicesecortment of Tr?? were raised by the late John H King they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W Albert King, No. 36 south High street, Georgetown. D C . or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalogues furnished on application E. J KINS. Also, for sale, a few thousard very cbole. ROSES Apply as above. E. J K. mar 11?tf BI AlKKMITHINO ft BOILER MAEIft*. The undersigned takes this method of informing his ft lands and the pub lic that he has commenced the above named business, in all Its various branches, at the corner of Ninth ttreet and Virginia avenue, (Island ) adjoining the machine ahop of Hall A Co., where, by Mrlct attent'en to businees. he hopee to rerel v* a share of public patronage All ordera addre<sed as above will receive prompt attention ItT Repairing done at the ahorteat notice. , _ SMITH PE1TIT Formerly Superintendent of Boiler Department jf the Eagle Iron Works of Wwi M Kill. A B,? mar 14- lm?