Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE OLD STAGE COACH The good timet when oui father* rode Id safety bv the sta e. Have pass'd nefbre the onward match Of this progressive age; And now no goadly coa<"h and fonr Draws up beside the stags house d?or. How rang the iaugb. the jeat and joke, As all together rodle. Cotrh'd up in friendly jollty Like boys of one abode ! The weary miles *oemed shorter then As thus we rode o'er hill and glen Full half tke pleasure of the way Was appetite aid fare? This gathered from ?? mine host's" fuli board, Titat from tha mountain air, O ? then we w*nt life's flowery way*, They eudcd with our staging days. O ! that was music ' wnen at morn Aa winding round by yon old mill, The driver tTev.- his bright tin horn. And echo answer'd from the bill; Wow, neither bora, nor prancing team la heard amidst this age of steam. But drawn beneath some shatter'd shed Tbo old stat^ teach neglected stands, Its curtains flopping in the wind, The ghost or ruin's waving hands ; While on the wheels the gathering rust Proclaims the mortal, ' dust to dust." White in tha fields their shatter'd bono*, Or on the common trcrned to die; Their ??trips" all o'er, their "routes" all run, The wheolers and their leaders lie. Tha driver's r ride and labor gone, And Hi, "like one who steads alone " High Pkicks ?At a sale of negroea in Lib erty, Bedford county, Va., cn Thursday last, 2i were sold at an average of $1,031 each This is accounted tme cf the best sales ever mad* in Virginia. tiODS kgr the Uodlt.?Among the impor tations into the port of Boston, daring tho past week, were three liin loo gods. They were entered as "articles oi" taste," and valued at 55 Oar people pay higher for their do msstio worship; but the question is, what is the value >>( a Hindoo clergyman 1 fas bust w at.?Jenny?Well, Annie, how did yoa get along with that stupid fool of a lover of yours ' i>id you succeed in getting rid of him ? Aunt*?oh. yes! 1 got rid of him yery easily. I married him, and have nolover now. (Spoken in a modest manner ) A.vaci>OTB or Methchblah?It is written in a quaint old Jewish manuscript, now in the British museum, that the oldest of man kind. Mrtauialeh. did not live as long as ha might have done. The writer says God prom ised him in a drsam that if he would rise up and bund him a house, his life should be pro longed five hundred years, but he replied that it was not worth while to build a house for so short a period : and so he died before he was a thousand years old. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS raOM TBI VNITIS STATU y* M?. Lsaesr For [J*t Baltic New York....Liverpool...Mar. 15 fKOM SOaOFS Hermann ....Southam'a ...New York..Feb.*7 Niagara Liverpool Boston Mar. 1 Quaker City ..Literpool ....New York..Mar 5 Fulton Havre New York..Mar. UJ The California steamers leave New York on the 5th and XOth of each monta. Tha Overland Mails to India and China. We have often been asked for Information in re gard to the depart ire of the Malls from England to China. The following maybe interesting to those who have correspondence with the East: The mails Jeave Southampton on the 4th and 80th of each month, and arrive at Gibraltar about the 9th and 45th of same month ; arrives at Malta about the Htb and 30th of same month ; arrivesat Alexandria about the 13th of same and 4th of fol lowing month. Leaves Suet about the 2??th or 21st of same and ffth or <ltb of fallowing month ; arrives at Aden abou the 'J5"i or J?th of same and 10th or 18th of fOUowlag moatb Lease* Ad*n about the Srtth or ?/7th of same and day of arrival for Bombay, and 11th to 13th for China, Ac Indian Navy sleamer arrive* at Bombay about ib* 3d to Sth and 10th to 21st of following month. P. and O steamer arrives at Peint ae Galle about the flth or 7th and -.Md to 2*d of following month ; leaves Point de Galle for Pulo Penang the same day, if the steamer has already arriv*d which takes tbe ir.zil on , arrives at Pulo Penang about the 12tU or 13th and'Jcih and'ilrth of follow ing month; arrives at Singajore about tne 13th or iSth and 31st or 1st of following month; leaves Singapore about 12 hours after arrival; arrives at Hong K^ng about the 22d or 24th and Sth or 10th of following month; leaves next dayfor Shanghai. Two mails leave Kngland?one on the 8th and ?th of ear h month?via Marseilles, and arrive at Alexandria <iboit the *ame time as the Southamp ton mail ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS VfllltrJi' Hsisl?j. e. A ?. a. wiimi F W Hecsler, Pa 8 B Llvermore, Ct H W V". hltf-btt k. Fia T J Weorick A iy, do M ? Fowls. NY K K .Marcus, do T B Grant A ly, Ga H Beakely, Md C L Conover N Y J F TiitMin A ly, Miti Mta Cehsn. do - W C R iok?jrd. Me H N Kin ldo. Va J D Hance d? ly. do F P Concklin, NB S L) Matron. Miss J S M'Gavcck, Va L H Belnont, NV C G Noriega, Mas> S B Beeieu A ly. do All** B??ic!t, ao I K Wilton. Md J J <'arrow A ly, Va PD Fos.?ick, N J ? L H uributt, do K R Stickney, N V W P t'omrison, I .a K W Comerson. do A Kar.t. dJ L Seldansr, Mich G S R obi net. NC B H Welch, do H P Venable, Va J B Haddock, Pa W H Towntr A ly, do J D Leon A ly, O F B bt-inrich. N Y J E Porras, SC W R Huf?ay, do G L Andrews, Mast it Morand, La L H Bocne, Pa C Chester A ly, do 11 P Hackley, Va F 1? Draper, .Md M J Craven, do G a St bbs. NY W H I.aathall. da C B Madigan. Teno J Cam-ron A iy, do MiasCumeiun, do M A Camerrn, do 51 B Browtr A .v. Pa F Klng>la?d, Can J U Befjrd, SC P G Wa dstein. Pa H K Morewocd.O K W McComa.x. Va F M Schofield, USA W H Buckler, Md T Hardin n, Vt J J B Kingsbury, Mich H VV Kingsburv, 111 T Grates A ly. Md .Wiioual iristsl-WILLIAM ?vy J P Waring, NY K Flagg, do J D Bu'ler, Va S W titviin. Mil If Arthur. Ill W G Menu. NY T M Simpson, do Mrs J H Wilson Md Miss Fuller. do T Marrlatt, do ? B Milan, Ind Mrs L Wilson. Mass J K Williams. NY W L(>riug, Mil F. K Taylor. Vt A H Van Clear, \J K T Janes, Va W J J onss. do W T fiu'idv. do K Droongoola, do F W Smith, do C H iffner do H Westheimer, do P S Sanderson, Pa A Mangum, NC V Doshame Aid Ursvtm' Msiai T St em red, Va G I. Nicholson, do J B H Garrett, do N Archer, do H H Darrab. Mjss R H Uariab Nil J Wiliiaiiis A ly, ilo Miss frn'tb, do S R Clag?tt. Ill H W M urrav A iy, V a Miss M V Gunter, do K W HInes, do J J RoUow do P V Itman. do L Canacbe, N Y J Allen, Md T Alien, do Miss James do J W Oreen, Tex A Pa-ks. Va R Carothon. do J P Dodge,NY R Church. Md G A To!man, do J P Ri ter, NY R T L' nderhlll. do J H Berry, 51 d G Felner, do J H Gardner. Va Miss Garuuer do Miss Pellet, do Hon J H Houston. Dsl D Thompson. Ala Mrs W LLiott, Gu R H Elliott, do GAB tes. Mass H Kellogg, do J K Transdell, do D S Ja? kson, do W p Pierce, do J B Brown. A*a J Beatton Md Jion G Aht. intn, Mass J ftryker, N Y ~1 r 4k M HtWl K II Wyvill, Md W H a mall, Va N W McKee. lud D Lovett, do L P Lathrop, do J A 'id, do A Hungate. Minn K 1 athrop, Iowa G J Wml Ian, NY J Irving Ttnu C 11 Sevier, d i J M Flyer, do C S Bowen. Ml W T Chjr.h, NY C H i;,?on, do J L White. NY A Bsu:on. Pa J C Hobson, Va Detter'a Hotel?is a. tiiirss A H Lawrece Md S W Talbot, N Y J N Knapp, DiT C Klllwixd, Hi Mrs Myers, Md Hon D T Disnsv, O H BH-s, Ct H Ke log, N V T Clayett, .Md Miss Clagett, do G Bennett, O Mrs Pres'on, Pa J Ark*.Ran, NY tf Mlddleton, Md P MIddleton, do klrkwssS >ls?sa~ j. a a. ? tikfvssj W Inaskin. Pa Hon A Rust, Ark 8 Patterson, Ms S McKlrey, Va " ? I'ansain, fa H S Hiliuian. Ma Hsa J Covode. P? ? P Browu, Ms Pi Hedges, 51 d R Ferris Del Information for Trav?Iwi. BT RAILROAD DI&1CT TO THE WEST. m Tin* bitwuu WukiutM Mi WlMlill H? IT % kwni Running Time b?twe?n Wathisftom u4 Cincinnati 87 hours!! VAB III WASHUIOTOM. Title UUTinUKK AND OHIO KAIL ROAD having greatly Improved it* Western connection*, now oflfer* the fullest Inducement* to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE and all portions of the W EST .NORTH W EST and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wuh Uigton and the Trains bound West from Balti more 1* always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This la the only chamr? of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage is cheeked through to W heeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked ana trans ferred there. for those hoi vend The i dally at 6 a. m. and 4# p m. On Sundays at*the latter hour only. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wheeling, dirtei MWMttM la made wltn the tralna of CEN TRAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Belial re, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, Zanesville, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These tralna connect at Newark with the cars of the Newark, Mansfeld and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad trains corn Beet with the fast trains of the LittU Miami Kail r?4 to Xenla, Cincinnati. Louisville, etc At XENIA (on Little Miami Railroad) connection Is formed with thebaic* through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Haute. layette. Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, Cairo, ete Ijy Pso*engers hoi din z Ihroug1*. Tickets f ?r Siftifkil. Tiekismrtf, Natcktx, .Viw OrUaus, etc., which are also soUlat WashLigton?a re trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail tv^mers on the Ohio. Ticic'.s for Lvonsville, Cairo, and at. Louis are sold by the river route. fE^For CLEVELAND, cad via Clev ?Ian" to Toledo, Detrrit, Chicago, etc., tickets are ?nld, when the Ohio is navigable between WfceeMng and Welljviile (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Rallriad l? Traveler, *;e requested ts nstise ih*t while this Lc the tily r-tc affording Irhrcugh Tickets and Checks la Washington, it Is also the shortest, ?est sperdj, and direct to nearly all the leading points in the great West. The distance from Washington to CtncbouU! is but 653 miles, being about lto miles shorter than by any other route! FAZE. BY THROV9H TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling, S? ?; Colum bus, $13 6k Dayton, 115 ftO; Cincinnati, 819 00$ Louisville, oy railroad, SIB 66, by steamer from Clnoinnatl, 918 00: Indlanacoila, ?17 30; Clcve 'and, S14 90; Toledo, SIS 80; Detroit, SIS *0: Ch'.aarc, fc-tt 65 and S19 50: St. Louis. 9W SO and S25; Memphis, S%; New Orleans. S31; etc FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY,MARTINSBUR9. CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PIEDMONT,OAKLAND,and FAIRMOWNT, passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m ot iv p. ra. For the minor way stations between Salomon and Wheeling, take 6 n. m. twin fit n Washington. f?7"For train to a>6 froj* Pcitimore, Aaa^Us, ulc., see special adverttowtemts. JOT For further information, Thronah Tiakets, As . apply to THOMAS ? . PARSONS, Agent, at WasMaro* Statin?. WM S WOODSIDE, Master of TransoertnUen. Pal tineas :nd Ohio RaiLroedLBammsre. marsh l?tf ORANGE ft ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Great Southern Mail Line! T TWICE DAILY (SUNDAY NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Wathinston City and the Sonth! VIA: ALEXANDRIA. GORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND. Leave Washington nt 6 a. m and 7 p.m. Fare from Washington to Richmond $3 SO OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Frtt of CUrgs, to STEAMER GEORGE PAGE. for ALEXANDRIA,a dls tanoe of six mllqp, allowing ample time for Meals. Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfsrt are secured by this Route, as it is a co!?tin? ors link or first class iailroau laua ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE carried without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. information of Route and Lost Baggage ob tained of JAMES A EVANS, feb 11 Agent, Alexandria, Va. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL ? UNITED STATES MAIL ?T E AM ERS.^t 1HE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE are the ATLANTIC Capt. West PACIFIC Capt. Nye BALTIC Capt. Comstock. ADRIATIC These ships havp be?>n built by contract expressly for Government service Every care has been tanen in heir construction?as in the enj^new?to Insure strength and speed; and their accommo dations for passengers are unequaled for elegance and comfort. DATS or IAILIXS. From Nfts York. From Lirtrpool. 1856. 1056. Saturday Jan. 5 Wednesday....Jan. 43 Saturday Jan. 19 Wednesday.... Feb. 6 Sa'urday Feb. * Wednesday....Feb. *0 Saturday Feb. lfi Wednesday....Mar. 5 Saturday Mar. 1 Wednesday.... Mar. 18 Saturday Mar. IS Wedn^dav....Apr. 2 Saturday Mar 49 Wednesday-....Apr. 16 Saturday Apr. IS Wednesday....Apr. 30 Saturday Apr 4B Wednesday... . May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May V Saturday May 44 Wednesday....June 11 enicn or fassasb. From New York to Liverpool, first cabin.... 8110 M 44 44 second cabin. 75 Exclusive use of extra slse state rooms 325 From Liverpool to New York....30 A 'JO guineas No berth i 3M oe secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon attached to each ?hip. Shippers please take not oe that the ships of this line cannot carry any goods contraband of war All letters must pass through the Ipost office? anv other will be returned The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless oills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex prensed For freight or passage apply to BDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 5ft Wall street, New \ erk. BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 47 Austin Friars, London B G WAINWRIGHT A CO., Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. Noticb ?The day of departure of this line from New York, for 1856, will be Saturday, com mencing January 5. and every alternate Saturday; from Liverpool, Wednesday, commencing Janu tjv M. and evsry alternate Wednesday. Jaa 30-y WASHINGTON BRANCH KAILKOAD. ITHANGK OF HOURS.?On and after Men J day, the 23d Instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 and sjf a. m., and 3 aad On Sunday nt 4jf p. m Leave Baltimore at 1* aad 9jf a. m., aad 3 and ?M p m. On Sundny at 4M a. m. ap 13?to T. H. PARSONS, Agent. UL- ? , I !? GLEN WOOD CKMETERY, tftflns Flo. 494 Pn. nvs., corner 10th atreet, T(ovnn thb BAViite's bank.) HIS CEMETERY Is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant oas and a quarter miles north of the 0?p.ltci?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gross. appropriating their ground fo.ever to buxla) purpose* making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting a?i crv-ioachmenu from legislation oi otherwise, which 1? of vast important to those who wLsh their de^d to rapo?c wht're they have placed the.n, for it has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell ?t, and throw the dead promlscously lato one lar^e nit, aad legal measures cannot pmveni it, u no titlos rue given to the gro.iud N U?Ofllce opea from 10 to 12 o'clock a. m , where Parnphlet?. containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of the ground, nnd all other in formation, can bo obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey. No. >10 Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to |0 18?lv A TAKE NOTH- If. LL WHO WISH TO KEEP WARM AND take care of their health will do well to call m LANU'S, who has a full stock of warm Under thiriaand Drawers, Socks, Gloves, Matters, and Robes Ufd tthavrl*i and will sell them sheap for onshai LANE'S GeoU Furnishing Store, 444 Pa avenue. Jan ?LWAJTft SOMETHING RKW1 READ THIS, OLD AND YOUNG' Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative ILL RESTORE BRAY HAIR TO OKI Wluu glnal color permanently; made to grow up on bald heads; remove all dandruff or Itching; destroy all diseases of the scalp; and If used once or twiee a week ref ulariy. will prevent the hair rice a week ref many, win prevent me nair from becoming gray or falling, to an Imaginable aire Read the following testimonials, and we defy yoa to doubt, (says the Waverly Magazine.) Success to the geaius whose tonic we say. Turns back to Its color the Hair that was gray. SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING By using Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, gray hair can be permanently restored to Its original color The subjoined certificate was received from Johnson A r?tone. Gardner. Me , and is but one of the many instances that are daily coming to our knowledge of its wonderful effects. It la no longer problematical, but a self-evident truth, as hundreds of our community can testify.?Bos ton Herald. Gaid.iir. Me, June'22, 1852. Ma. H. Dy*s?Dear Sir: I have used two bot tles of Prof. "Wood's Hair Restorative, and can truly say it is the greatest discovery of the age for restoring and changing the Hair Before using It 1 was a man of seventy. My hair has now at tained its original color. You can recommend It to the world without the least fear, as my case was one of the worst kind Yours respectfully, DAN'L N. MURPHY Cakltlk, 111 , June 27, 1853. I have used Prof O J. Wood's Hair Restora tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, aa 1 thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of the " Restorative" it has resumed its original color, and, I have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United States. HATR RESTO RATIVE.?In our columns to day will be found Prof. Wood's advertisement of the above article, to which we call attention. What it has done, we have witnessed upon sev eral of oaracquaintances in St. Louis. Hair once gray met our view, black or brown as the case might be, being the color of early manhood; and as fine and glossy as silk, and that without any other application than the Restorative. If it has done this upon others, will it not do the same for any of our readers whose "frosty prows" were once like the " raven locks" of Lotniel's warlike chief, if they will try it. We think so.?Jackson ville Constitutional, Ost. 5, 1853. 0 THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE AU E.?It seldom occurs that we notice, under any circumstances, patent medicines, restore tlves, or anything of the kind, for we have a pre judice against most of them. But oardor com ??ls us to iavite attention to the advertisement cf rofessor Wood's Hair Reetoratlve. We are too juvenile to require anything of the kind, but some Instances of its use have come to our knowledge which almost assurea us that it is a sovereign rsutedy against the hair becoming prematurely gray. Itls not a " Hair Dye," but upon Its ap {tlication. as directed, the effect Is produced upon he skin, which brings out the original colored hair, without stiffness, and gives it a glossy and natnral appearance. We have seen persons who have used it. and are much pleased with it Ex amine the advertisement ?Missouri Republican O. J WOOD A CO., Proprietors, No. 31G Broadway, New York, and 114 Market ?treet, St. Louis. Missouri C 8TOTT A COwholesale and retail Agent, Washington. T. W DYOTT A SONS, General Wholeaale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. feb I? 8m ? f J i ^ i TO?? HOOFLAND'S 0 r !. K H R A TED ~ nnan Bitters, it DR. C. M. JAC?SQX, Philad'a., Pa., ant.L r coma I.IILK C03ITUDIT, BTSPKP&U, J1DIDICB, Lkrvuic or Dtbilitm, IX?ami of f?t a%d all du*atei an uinf ftMi m <ii? ireUrtJ Lirmr cr BtommmJL Such as Constipation. Inward Piles, Fuilneee, oi Blood to the Heed. Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Fullness, oi Weight in theStomarh. Sour Eruetations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head. Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering ot the -Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain In the Head, Defi ciency of Penpi rati on, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain In the Side, Hack. Chest, Lirnui Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning In the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. THE PROPRIETOR, In calling the attentio* of the public to this preparation, does so witl a feeling or the utmost confidence In Its virtue* and adaptation of It to the diseases for which It Is recommended. It Is no new and untried article, but one that hai stood the test of a ten years' trial before the Amer ican people, and Its reputation and sale Is unri valled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony In its favor given by the most promi nent and well-known Physicians and Individuals, In all parts of the country is Immense. The fol lowing from North Carolina Is respectfully sub mitted, referring any who may still doubt, to the "Memorabilia,'* or' Practical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be had gratia of all tfci Agents for the German Hitter*. PrinrU?al O* :^e and Manufactory, 1X0 ARCR BTR EFT, Pfci LAi/ELPHIA, PA. TESTIMONY b a CM NORTM CAROLINA. ff*rl4/l?a:? ?/ Dr. W. Smtth, ef Ft*: Hill, Hiek wad ff?WKly, N. C. Pims Hut, March 4,18M. Da. O. ;* Philadelphia?Dear Sir: 1 have b^ea a ?ui>}ect of Dyspepsia, la its wo.fl form for the ia_?; five yearj. ^uch was my oondi tion for twelve moath* that the physicians and all who raw me said I must die. w nils in this con dition I was oarricd to the w&rerlng nltces In Vir ginia, Tennessee, and N^rth Carolina, but was aot benefitted by aay water to which 1 was taken. While on my way hom* I slopped a week at Rath erfordtcn, a email village In North Carolina, to hry the effect of some Chalybeate water in thai place. About tne lost of the vreck I went into a drag store to get some medicine tvi my child and myaei/. There weis several of the village phyci clans ia the store, and one or them seemed to take some laterMt in my cau?, and, after asking me eorae questions Mid. he had been & dyspeptic and L^d boen grf-dt'v beuefittci by ttj? use of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN B1T/ER3, prepared by yoa, and he Insisted thai 1 v/nili try the Bitters. Re Mao called tue a<xt day at my rossa, and la ?islet m niooh that I wouta try thira fait I asked him to get me <-.*e coulo. Us'uld it, aad I com ?eac*t tr.klag It at dlreeiM; aad 1 was mote bet el tied t>f It lhaa col the wilci and Medicine 1 katf aver takea. After reacilsg ?ae af ai lai^abcn came to me for a pMcrlptU.^ ?ad laedlsiae. (heady* Kile,) aad 1 (are hua a?arl/ ell the Bitters 1 I left, whtoii effected aiueh ^ >od lahiscaae. He has oftea called ou aae for Mi're of the same kind of medicine, ray lag he was laore benefitted by It tLan any other he han takea, but I have aoi bee a able to get any mote for him ?r myse'fsln^;; will you, th?refo-e, please ahljp a?e a aotc- s; more as soon as possible. Respectfully, youn, W. BMITi. D R HOOKER, Roger'* Stars, Wake Ce.t M ?., October iM, lira, says: *'Having experienced very great benaft from the ase of iiUOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS la Chronic Dysentery xrtd funr.tlotmi derangement ol the Liver, and ita conoomltant evils, 1 am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my oommunlty You vUl, therefore, please seade let, Ac , Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J, ATWOOP. H*aTkviL2.i, Yadkia Co., N. C. I November 1st, 1866 $ Dt. C. M. Jacteoa?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex pit** to vo l my sincere thanks for your discover! of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I haw taken, have entirely failed to do. HOOF LAND'*1 GERMAN BITTERS have cured me of the moid stubborn and aggravated case of the raas that, perhaps, ever fell to the lot of man. My case U not a stranger in this community, as I am well

known In tlds and the surrounding counties, and can truly say that ray recovery has astounded all my frlr.ids and relations, as 1 had tried everything reoommended, and nothing did me any good un til I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. Yoo are at lib <rty to make any use of this communica tion for tbe benefit of the aflloted, you may thlah Truly, ycura, WM J. ATWOOI. Tneas bitters are they invlg arate and strengthen the systemf never pro-trau It, and can be usod for Infants as well as adults. For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, aad by Z. D G1LMAN, Washington; i. L. 1ID WELL. Georgetown, and J. R. PiERPONT, Alexandria. _____ mar 1?ly mARHIAOe UllUK. DB. YOUNG'S POCKET J5SCULAPIUS; Or, Every Ouc hie cwa Physician: Being observations on marriage Medically and Philosophically considered, as MANHOOD'S EARLY bECLINE, with dl recUoos for its perfect cure. Being a Confidential Silent Friend and Private Advlaer; followed by Observations on the Treatment of Vaneraal Dis eases. Gonnorrhcea, Gleet, Strictures, Ac ; lllus trated with Cases Plates, and Diagrams, from Dr YOUNG'S PRlVAlb PRAtrflCE-lto be consulted without exposure, aud with asaured confidence of suocees. Oniy X cent?. For sale by tbe Agent, ALEX. AD AMBON, an Bmotk it , oppacKe Post osce. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR ?IOHT. WISHES to call the attention to *11 that snftf with deflective sight, caused by age, sick ness and particularly from glasses inJudlci >usl? selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and & LASSES carefully ground by hlmaeU to a true spherical accuracy.' and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or con realty of the eye. Very numerous are the iU effects oaiued to the precious organ of sight from the commeotemsnt of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Oftom*ttr; ana u>e practice of many years, enables him t-o measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and satis faction. J. T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of tnose that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that o&nnot ooavenlently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and stating how many inches they san read this print with their ^>ecta cles, can be supplied with such that will Improve their sight. . Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and icfer en ess given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office, No. 513 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hail, upstairs. _ Nouom, September7,18H. gir?The Spectacles you made lbr me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight mors than any other i have lately tried L1TT. W. TAZKWBliL. i have irled a pair of Spectacles obtained frc? Mr. tot las, and Ind them of great assistance ts my elzht, and corresponding with his deserlptlca i f the fee j*. I recommend him as a skillful optl HENRY A. WISH. Mr. J. Tost as : Sir?The fair ol Spectacles van fnralshtd me yesterday are particularly satisfac tory to cae. Tney are very aeclde<Dy the b?*st I possess, and I am the ewnft of eight or nine pslr, carefully selected in different places and from cp- j tlclans recommended to me on account of their Erofaeslonal standing In England, France and ths inlted States. I have been also pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment ct the eyes, for thejmrpose of preserving and iiapra* Frefassor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. LTNOHSVnS, Nov. 10, 1S54. Mr. Jehn Vobias having furnished me with ?lasses, by which I have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greedy from readlnc ai sight ?.n my oarller life) It affords me the Jiigtrst pleasure to say that 1 consider him a akUiAi prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those whs may need his professional services. 7 WM B ROVZIH, Elder of Methodist Confe WiLMiKSToK, N. C., Jan. 27, 10M. Mr. J. ffoatas: Dear Sir?i am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual rang# of my eyes, I have hereto fore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affbrds me pleturure te state that, by the aid ?f your optometer, this diffi ?ulty has been happily obviated so that the glasses ,rou furnished me are decidedly the best adapted *? >7 eyes of any I have ever yet used Verv respectfully, yours, R. B. DR AN E, Rector of St. James' Parish Department of Interior, May 7,1865. Frem natural defeco- and the unequal nngeof ?v eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glasws for several years. 1 have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfrctly fitted to my tyes. Four months slnoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs espv."clally fcr me. which 1 have found to serve me perfecilv. By the use of his optometer he le enabled to adapt Glasses mlnutety to the eye. I most cheerfutly recommend Mr. sobias to all having occasion to usegtas?ea, and oear my test! ??syh* to his skill as un optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'v tosigs Lasd Warrants. JfJM PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE o* <rnn PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, BT H. B. LA CROIX, M? 1?m ALBANY, N. Y., yui Pagtt SMd 1)0 fist, Plain, and Cilotid Lithm ographs and Plates. PSICI ONLY TWBNTY-FlVl 05NT8. Sent Free of Postage to all parts of the Union. /CHEAPEST BOOK EVKIl PUBLISHED? vy and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter in that of the FIFTY CENT <>R DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PH VSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex- ^ cesses, which destroy the physical and mental pow ers, with Observations on Marriage, its duties and disanall9cation??. and their remedies; with Lithographs, illustrating the Anatomy and Physiology, and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sext-s. their structure, uses, and functions A popular and comprtaen slve Treatise on the Duties and Causaltles of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing ti*em?infelicitous and infertile ones?their obvlation a,id removal ?important hints to those contemplating matrimony, that will overcome objections to it; none, however, staouid take this important step without first consulting Its paj/^?fOiumentarles on the diseases and medical treattn^ct of femaies from Infancy to old agv.'. each case graphically illustrated by beautiful lithogra phic piates?nervous debility, Its causes and sure, by a process at once so simple, safe and effectual that failure is Impossible?rules for dallv manage ment?aa essay on Sporrnatorrhcea. wlrh practical ob^efvatlons on the safer and more sueOMBful mode of treatment?precautionary hints nn the evils re sulting from empirical practice?an essay on all diseases arising from indiscretion, wlt^j plain and simple rules by which all persons them selves without mercury? remedies for those self lnfllcted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent In the young, it Is a truth ful adviser t<> the married and those contemplating marriage: 1'-* perusal is particularly recommend ed to persons bntertaining secret doubts of their physical oondltlon, arid who are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health, happiness, and privilege to whloh every human being is entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per ccny, or Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the United States N. ii. Those who prefer may consult l>r. LA ? ROIX upon any of the dlseaso* upon which this Goo a treats, elthsr personally or by mall. Medi cine sent to any part af the Union according to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from all observation Address Dr. M. B LA CROIX, No 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Office Box 57V Albany, N. Y. oflice open dally, from ? a m to ? p la and on Sundnv from 3 until 6 p. in. inT Office REMOVED iro.n No. 55 Beaver st. to 31 Maids* LcMM, Albany, Nt* York. dc26? ly TYLER'S COMPOUND HYKUP C* GUM ARABIC AS A REMEDY FOR COB8H3, COLDS. HOARSENESS, ASTHMA, WHOOPIN8 COUGH, CR()U P.Ac., p otsevM the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any other in use, having been extensively used the laM twenty Sears with unparalleled success, not trumpeted to ie woild as a opeclfio or cure all, but recom mended us a valuable and scientific auxiliary in r?LMONi.B.Y casbs, ready at hand, and one thut has been generally found to afford relief where most others have been tried without material ben efit. As such It is ieoogniiiid by numbers of oui leading physicians, who know its composition, and have been eye witnesses of its superior effi cacy, as well as by thousands of our most respec table citizens, who all endorse Its claim to being safe, palatable, economical and efficacious. Price 25 cents, or three botiles In one 50 cents. Wholesale Agents, PATTERSON A NAIRN, and STOTT A CO., Penna avenue; PEEL A STEVENS,. Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgetown Retailed by Druggists generally. Also, TYLKFTS (AlM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS, the same composition la loaenge form, 12X cents a box. jy 6?ly CIIUHHS. CO LOS. HOARSENESS, *e. ERSONS predisposed to Pulmonary Affec tions and this the most trying season, owing to the sudden changes In temperature; yet by a little care, adopting warm ctethlng and supply ing themselves with a good prescription or uou^h remedy they may easily ward off what may efse I rove a dangerous winter oompanian. TY - iER'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRUP has been so long known and highly appreciated as one of our most innocent, yet efficacious, plea sant, and (since the reduction in price,) economi cal remedies, that it may be recommended and used with the utmost confidence. It ia sold at 25 cents, or three bottles In one, 50 cents. Wholesale by PATTERSON A NAIRN and STOTT A CO.: and retail by most Druggists. In Alexan dria by PEEL A STEVENs; Georgetown by Mr CTSSELL jy6?ly Extra heavy plated TEA SETS, CASTORS CAKE BASKETS, Ac. We invite attention to our assortment of the Above Goods, all of the best quality and newest ^Also, verv superior ALIIATA FORKS, LA DLES, SPOONS, Ac These goods are all gotten up In ao close aa Im itation of silver, as to defy the strictest scrutiny. M. W GALT A rfRO , 324 Pa avenue betw. Mh and 10th its. Jaafe P Carter*? Sponteh MiHort THE 9BE AT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD ?est AltwmtU* HOT A PABTICLB OF MBXCBBT t? ITH! An Infallible remedy for Serafttls, King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruption*. Pimples or Poetules on the Face. Blotch**, Bolls, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Ryes. Ringworm or Tetter, Scold Heald, Enlarge ment and pain of tie Bone* and Joints. Mi Rheum Stubborn Uloora, Syphilitic Disorder* and ail diseases arising from an Injudicious uw SeBwJ'iaipn,denc*ln Ll**> cr ImjwltT of THIS great remedy, which has'beeone so rap id lv and so Justly celebrated for its extraordi nary efncaey In relieving and curiag tnaay of the mo?t obstinate and terrible forma of dUease -with which mankind la afllcted, la now offered to the public, with th? confident assurancethat no Mm ical t tscovxet ever made haa been so eminently successful ln curing ScaorvLA,and all e-sbassi or THM Blood,as CARTER'S SPANISH MIX TURE. Tb? proprietors are receiving by every ill most flattering and aatonlahlng details of cures made ln all parts of the country, and In moat eases where the skill of the beat Physicians had beea ried In vain. Its power over the Blood Is truly remarkable and all diseases arising from imparity of the great Sbat or Lit* have been relieved and cured with out a single failure, out of the thousands wko have used It. Carter's Spanish Mixture contains no Mercury, Opium, Arsenic, or any dangerous drugs, out Is composed of Roots and Herbs, com bined with other i ugredlents of known virtue, and may be given to the youngest Infant or meet de bilitated Invalid, without the least possible hesi tation. we have only room for ahort extracts from the volumes of testimony in our possession, and ail from gentlemen of the highest respectability, well known ln their various localities. Pleat* read ft? yourselves. We take great pleasure In calling the attention of our readers to the merits of Carter's Spanish Mixture as a remedy for diseases of the blood. It enjoys a reputation ln thla cltv unequalled by any other preparation.?Daily Dtspatck, Richmond 7a. The Hon John M. Botts,of Va.,saysheoonsid era It a matter of duty to add his testimony to th< virtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture, nox actvai raasoKAL observation of lu remarkable curs tlve powers for the diseases in which it Is used We have been cured of a violent aad protracted Liver disease by Carter's Spanish Mixture. We know It to be all 1: professes ?Editor Sontksid? Democrat, Petersburg, Ta. We have found from personal trial, that Car ler'sSpahlsh Mixture Is a truly valuable modi cine ?Si. Vergennes Independent, Tt. ORB AT CD US OF SCROFULA.?A press man in our employ was oured of Scrofula of a vir ulent chaaaotsr by a few bodies of Carter's Spaa lsh Mixture, after evsryttilngelse had felled Oth er cures which have ceme under our own sbserva tlod, proves to us conclusively, that is really a val uable medicinal agent. We take great pleasure ln calling the attention of the aflUcted to ltsmer i?s ?Richmond Republitam. SYPHILIS.?I have seen a number of cures o Brphllls performed by Carta's Spanish Mixture I believe It to be a perfect antidote for that hdfri bledisease. K BURTON, Com of Revenue for city of Riehmoad. LIVER DISBABE?Samuel M. Drinker, 01 the firm of Drinker & Morris, Booksellers. Rich mond, Va . was cated of Liver disease of several years standing by oaly three boCUes of Carter'* Spanish Mixture. OLD SORES, 7L7BRS AND OBSTINATE ERUPTIONS ON THE SEIN.-&* the cure of Mr. Harwood, ud others, detailed ln our Al manac The number of sucn cases cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture, precludes the possibility of inserting them ln an advertisement. EFFECTS 0F MERCERY.?See the cure o| Mr. Elmore He was eaten up with Mercury and could obtain no relief, until he took six bottles o 1 Carter's Spanlsn Mixture, which perfectly restored him to health and vigor. NEURALGIA?Mr. F Boyden, formerly f the Astor House, N. Y.,but more reoently propri etor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, was cured of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish Mixture. Since th!it time, ne says he has seen It cure more than a hundred canes of the disease in which It la used. H e never fells to recommend It to the afllcted. RHEUMATISM ?Mr John F. Harrlaoa, Druggist, of Martlnsburg, Va , writes of the aln gular cure of a violent oese of Rheumatism The patient could not walk A few bottles entirely cured him SCROFULA.?Mr. Harrison alao writes oft Gat cure of Scrofula, in the petson of a young y, (of three years standing,; which ail the doc tors could not reach. Six bottles made a cure of t?r. SYPHILIS ? Dr K. T Hendle, of Washing ton. D. C , who cured an obstinate case of Syphl lis by Carter's Spanish Mixture, sayp "It acts ape dully ofl the Blood, Liver and Sk!t and la prompt ?.nd efficient In its results." Dr. John Minge, formerly of the City Hotel Richmond, now of Alabama, says he nas sees Carter's S;.nnlnh Mixture administered ln a num ber of caws with astonishingly good effect. He reccraai*nd# It as "the most efleTent alterative li IIS6.9 * SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA ? Mr. Jos Robinson, of Wooster, Ohio, was cured of Scrofula and Salt Rheum of three years standing by only three bottle* of Carter'? Spanish .Mixture %VM S. BEERS ft CO., Proprietors. No. 1*4 Broadway, New V oik. UjT Price Si per bottle, or alx bottle* for 85 Per sale by CHAS STOTT, Washington, D. C.. an*! Dnirelst* eenerally. oat i?Iv THE BREATR9T MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE A HE. ail Or. AENNEUY, ef Ksibury, Has discoveitxl in one of our common pi >t?hi wk icns a remedy that cures E VERY KIND OF HIIMUK; racx tin wobst scaorcL* down to a com mon PIMPLB. HE HAS TRIED IT IN OVER EI.EVKN hundred case*, and never failed except ln two ca?es, (botl thunder humor ) He has now ln hit possession over two hundred certlfica'es vf 1U vir tue. all within twenty milt* of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to cure a uun>i:tg sore mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worat kind of pimples on the face Two to three bottles will clear the syetem of biles. Two bottles <ire warranted to oure the won ennker ln the mouth and stomach. Three to five boUl<*s are warranted to cure the worst oase of Erysipelas. One to two bottles ar? warranted to cure humor iu the Two bottles are warranted to cure running of the t-arsand blotches among the hair. Four to six bottle* are warranted to cure corrupt and running uloers One bottle will cure scaly eruption of tbs akin. Two to three bottles are warranted to cure the orstcaseof ringworm. Two to three bottlw are warranted to cure the most desperate case of rheumatism Three to four bottles are warranted to cure the ?alt rheum. Five to eight bottles will care the worst cases of Mrofala. A ben&flt la always experienced from the first bottle, and a poifoct curs :? warranted when the above quantify i? taxen Reader. I peddled over a thousand battles ol this ln the vicinity of Boston. 1 know the effect of It ln every oase So sure as water wil! extin guish fire, so sure will thhi cure humor. I never told a bottle of it bin that acid another; after a trial it always cp&aks for Itself. There are two things about this herb that aposars to me surpris ing ; first that it grows in our pastures, ln some K- ces quite plentiful, and yet Its value lias never n known until 1 discovered It ln ltttB? second, that it should true all kinds of humor. In order to give some Idea of the sudden rlss and great popularity of the discovery, 1 will state that In April, 1863, 'i peddled It, and sold about? bottles per day?la April, IBM, I sold over 1,000 bottles per day of It. Some of the wholesale Druggists wko have beet ln business twenty and thirty years, say that no thing in the annals of patent medicines was eve) like it. 'Ihere Is a universal praise of It from al) quarter*. In my own practice 1 always kept It strictly for humors?but since Its Introduction as a genera family medicine, great and wonderfu. virtue* have been found in It that 1 never suspected Several cases of epileptic fits?a disease whlci was always oonaldered Incurable, have been cured by a few bottles O, what a mercy If It will provt efcetaal In all cases of that awful malady?ther. ar* but few who have seen more of It than I have I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of then aged people cured by It For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headachs, Dyspepsia, Asthma. Fever and Ague. Pain In the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly ln diseases of the Kid neys, tc., the discovery has done more good tha> any medicine ever known No change of diet ever r.eoeesary?eat the be? you can get and enough of it. Directions for Us* .?Adults one table spoonfu per day?Children over ten years dessert spoon ful?Cnlldren from five to eight years, tea spoon ful. As no directions call be applicable to ail con stltutlon*, take sulk lent to operate on the bo wen twice a day. KaRuracTvaaD by DONALD KENNEDY, N?. 140 Warren street, Rorburf, MM. Paicx, Onb Dollab. Wholesale Airents ? New York City, C. V ~ RING, CLICKNER, 81 Barclay street: C H R1NU. 19i Broadway; A B & D SANDS^IOU Fultor street. Phililelphla, T. W DYOTT A SONS Baltimore, BROWN * BROTHER. CAN BY HATCH. Alexandria, PEEL * STEVENS. ln the United States and British Provinces, aad also by tke Druggists of UUs City. WtM ly At RetaH by^dl resjpectsbls Drugg?sts rillTBO STATE. *A,L toar Or rim DnraaT**,T ^ t!,, ?tb? <>** of June^?*"'* ?hw, la the State or NORTH CAIo fNHtl Ihf lit da V of Jul* 1 t_ ,v ^ IHtt, inclusive' " .S'S rt wlU ,t ,h, Co,u*Jl ?5?**. Office Department, in the city or \v^vV*Po? untU Wednesday, the 9(Kh of April in* m., (to be decided by the 7th MaT foi]^,*' * > NORTH CAROLINA " r^A*b1711kL ?>* Sulphur Sprinci H? meny Creek. Pigeon Ri*er V ^ Pigeon, W?m,^" Per* * Franklin, Skene*. J**. Aquoj*. Head Tonnes. Valieuo^1 and Tomaila,U> Murphy li- w. ?? ,/ ?? Wk, twk* ? w?k, fffc?tti?* J" Monday and Thoiafie^, Arrive at Murphr Mt days by IS p lu ^Tm rp *Bturtl*y ?"><? Tuesday w 4 Arrive at Aahvllle neit daft by It r M ^ TBNNESSEE w?? Prom Cleveland. Tann., by Ckatair ?ma, Benton. Palton jipla^nwn t^L Fall.. Cokar Creek. Wrtle Town NV fc?/* v?"n. cSVN Nottln, to Murphy, rt o.lW arul \? ' two-horse ooechee Tp n,""'"" Tb"*d?? ?"* ?"^UV .< fll.Vw M a**1 <?T? by v p m Lm Murph, Wedn?d.y *h1 ^turdaj a, Clevelln<J next day* by l? m vited*^" l? t,,auimc9 ?' Beaton art u> _j "OTKi. No pay wiu be made for trips not r< and for each of suck omissions not Sdi^^d P*y of trip n.iy J inducted. F or arrival* so far behind break connexion with depending malls ,?J , !5 ...?.ci?,iiv???(, ?s2srsiffa" ^ * m vL ^* -P i" rul!>**ct to forfeiture inntv will be lmpoeed, unless the dellnouenrV ? promptly ani satisfactorily explained b/XtlF sate* of postmasters or the affidavits of i Uable pewon. for nepJecthur to take th* r orinto a poet office; for 0Li?frinir it te be h . ^ destroyed robbed o'r loat; a3% ?? ieroand, to convey the null as frequently ,a the ^atraclor rnna, or la concerned W rWn?ve! hlclea on tha route The Poctroaster 'JT annul the contract for re^Z Z^T^lZ!. agreeably to contract, or for disobeying the post afte* law. or instruction, of the depeU^r f offo assigning the control without tbVWS i?t? Jhe Po*lQi**'" (i?a?erei ir.^ alter the schedule He may a!sr. order an lncre* a of aervlce on tha roate by allowing therefor a t?o r"lf on contract pay, HtMTilio curtail ot discontinue the aervlce In whole or la part, at rata deoraaae of pay, if he allow oue moath's extra ccmpauaatlon on the amount cf sec IaL^2"52i Theblda Should be sddrr w cd to^h? Second Assistant Postmaster Genera superscribed "Mail Profomit far Nartk Care * or riaiumi," The contracta to be executed I? P5*Vrn?d to tha department by or before the 7th of May, 8M. For further particulars as to oondltlona to be incorporated In the contracts bid dera may aee pamphlet advwtieemeot for convey y' Ti>nne^ Miaaoari, J AM KM CAMPHELL, mar i-Uwlw Poatmanter General Called Statea Pa teat Oftlea, > WAsataeroN. March 13 I 0 ?Jvi^PliTl TION OF GEO. L. V\ RIGHT . ? 1*2 ^P'inRfield. Mass . pravlng for the exunsloo of a patent granted to him o?*the a-th day of May, Wbi, tor an improvement In '? ma chlnea for ruling letter piptr," for sev? reari ?1.?f P*tent which takea piaco on the aeth dav of May, ies? : It la ordered, that the said petition be henrri ?/ ?eextPSft^?r wl0nday- th* 1?tk of May a 12 ? CiOC.k< m ' arid?^ r-ersons are w aPPWU' "nd sil0W cause. If any aev have, why said petition ought not to be granted ?, f*0"8 opposing the extension are reoulrftd fo ileln the Patent Oftce their obJcettoLTJSSai; ?r ^??h in, ?t least twenty days befo^ ^ L^,rln^ i 41 ^"ttony /led by wther party to be uaed at tne hearing ir.uat be taker and tfanatmtted In accordance with the rule* of the t>f will be fu;alshed on application The testimony In the caae will be clowd on the ,? ^ May; depositions and other pab-rs relied upon as teatlmocy, must be fled in thee Aire on or before the morning of that day: the art - menu, If any, within ten dav? thert^/ter Ordered, alao that this iiotlce be published la ?e^Jnl?"> Intelligencer, and Star. Waahlngtoti D C.: Republican, HalUmore; Pennsyi^fbian PhlladaipLla; Day Book. New ork, and Po? Boston ; once a week for three aiicceMlve week, previous to the IV h oj May o?t, the dav of hrai ? W CHARLES MASON, u j r>n.. . Commissioner of Patcntn r S ? Editors of the above papers will plaa** copy, and send their bills to the Patent O?. * With a paper containing this notice mar 14? lawtfw United ttatea Patent Offlea, > . ? Waanmaroii, Marc1. ?, ibM < ON THE PETITION OF KICHAH*) M HOE. of New Y ork, pravlng for the ?ten - ?ion cf a patent granted to him cn the 30th day of May, for an Improvement In "macULe for grinding and pollshli g m-.talllc plates." ff r seven years fro in the expiration of said patent which takes plane on the autb day of May l^6f It is ordered, that the said petlcion be h?rd at the Patent Oftce on Monday, the ltotfa dav oj May next, at li o'clock m.; and all p rsons are nodtted to appear and show cauae, If any tbev have, why said petition ought not to be granted Persons op|K>? -g the extension are required to file In the Patent Olftoe their objections specially set forth In writing, at least twenty day. the dav of hearing; all testimony lli?d by Htber party to be used at the said hearing mw! be taken and transmitted In a?>corda?ce with the rule* of the oOce. which will be fnrnlshed on appUcaUf u The testimony In the cane wlU ha closed on the V>th day of May; depositions and other paper* re lied upon as toatiiuony muat be filed in tne office on or before the morning of that dav . tht u menta. If any, within tun days tuera^f* h a . Ordered, also, that this notice be published to the Union, Intelligencer, and Star, Washington W c i K*pabi1oan.Baltimore. Md : i'ennsvSs nian. Ptiiladeiphla, Pa.: Journal uf Comn.?r e NewVcrk, N. Y ; a^d Dally Poet. Provldesce. M.I; ouot a weak tor thiee ^ucc?Mlve weeks pte vloiis to the Wth day of May next, the dav <4 hearing. CHARI.EjJ mason, Commissioner of Patents f- S.?Editor* of the above papers will plea?c send their blllu to the l atent Ofire, with a paiier containing this notice mir 7?law3w United ttatea Pntent Office. i Washington. Msrah6.18dii < ON THE PETITION OF MAIi.MADL'KK OSBORNE, of New York, praying for the extenalon of a patent granted to him o? ihe vsth of May, ld42. for an improvement in "f? f>u? for ooats, ' &.c , for seven yeais from the expirafion'of Mdd patent, which takes place on the twentr eighth day of May, 1S56: It la ordered, that the said petition b? heerd at the Patent Office oa Monday, the 12iL dav of May neat, at 13 o'clock ui ; and all pen^ are r otlbed to appear and *how cause, if any the, Ldv*, why said petition ought not to be granted Persons opposing tha extension are ret, tired to file In the Patent Office their objections. s;>eolally set forth In writing, at least twenty da\ % before the dav of hearing all testimony fi>d by elttcr party to be used at the said haarin ' iuus? be 'ikni and transmitted in accordance with the rules >>f the office, which will be furnished on appltce'h The testimony in the case will be closed on tL# 'id day of May', 1856; depositions and other pa pers relied upon as teetlmony must be filed in It office on or before the morning of that day; the ar guments. if any, within ten days thereafter Ordered also, that this notice be publii?b*d in the Union, intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ingtou, D C.; Republican. Baltimore Vaiyland, Evoninc Ariru?. Philadelphia, Pa ; l?av Book, Naw York. New York; and Po?t, Boston, Ma s , once a week for three sucreRslve weeks previous to the ltth day of Mav next, the dav of hearing CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P- 8?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and eend their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing thla notice, mar 7?law3w UNITED STATES MAIL. VIRGINIA. Post 0??tc* Difaxtmbxi . > Contract Orrici March 7. $ PROPOSAL9FOR CARRYING THE MAIL of he United States from July 1, to Jure l40. 1850, lucluaive. on th? following route la the State of Viaaiifla. wlli be received at the Con tract Office of ibis dep rtment rnt!l 5, p m on the 3oih April next, to be decided on tfce 7th Mar fol'owing: From Wfrranton. by Waterloo. Aml?-vllie. Gaines's Cr<ss Road? end V\ ashln^too to Sperryvllle, 3> miles and tack, three time, a week, in 2-horse coai hes Leave Warrenton Tue day, Thttr>day. and Saturday at 11 a m; Arrive at Sperryvllle a: me day# by : p m; Leave Sperryvillc Tuesday, Thurtday, a?d Saturday at 2 a m; Arrive at Warrenton same days by It a ui For form ef bid guarantee, and certificate. ?l?o for Instructions, Ac., aee advertiaement inv ting proposals for mall service in Virginia and N? rth and South Carolina, dated January lllKS J A.ME* CAM PR K* L, mar P?law4w Poetmasur General BIRO CAeU, Bird ?eed, Flak Bene. *c.( at the Housekeepers' Furnishing Store. Seventh atrent [mar WJ 0 FRANCIS.