Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1856 Page 3
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\ irio'AL Theatre?Benefit of the Rich \f ?The bill put forth to night is one of h sttraf tiveness and should draw an over ?\winE house, for the worthy beneficiaries. The veteran Peter Riohings appear* a* " Mark ll-?b?rry.'" bia accomplished daughter as *Widow Crosby,'' ourold frieud and favorite 4 W (Jlenn a* " Ebenexer Oldrich," and the foB-inspiring Jefferson " " Aufasto9 Smi ieT " in the satirical comedy of ?' Extremes." The piece seems well cast throughout, and we .-tieinite a fine treat in it* performance. The patriotic allegory of "Washington ' will be g"eD i* conclus:on. in which the whole ronpany appear in national character The deportment of Mr. Richings and daugh ter in public and social life has been such as t?> ensure fur them the cordial respect and warm regard of all who have enjoyed the pleasure of seeing and knowing them, and the public will doubtless give them a bumper at parting Tie Wbather ?Our Georgetown friend favors us with the following returns of the racge of the thermometer for the pact two weeks, beginning on Saturday night (March 8) end ending at noon to-day : Morning. Noon. Night. Saturday ? ? 2s" Sunday 22? 28? 32 Monday 8 10 22 Tuesday 18 32 34 Wednesday. 34 38 Thursday 24 38 34 Friday 30 M 38 gaftarasy 34 40 3d Sunday 32 M 34 M cday. 28 i8 34 Tuesday 30 42 85 Wednesday 34 38 38 Thursday 34 48 48 Friday 38 44 48 Saturday 38 45 ? Average height of the thermometer in the morning from the 18th February to the 22d of Maroh, inclusive (thirty-four days) 27? 20'. Masonic.?The annual election of officers of Washington Encampment, No 1, of Knights Templer. took place last evening, when the followiDK gentlemen were chosen, via : B B French, M E. Grand Commander; liustavus A Schwarsman, Generalissimo; J. 6t John Skinner. Captain General; Clement W Bennett Prelate; Josiah Essex, Senior Warden : James F I. McCleary, Junior War dn; David A Baird, Treasurer; William J. Khees, Recorder; Thomas Creamer, Warder; George W. Hall, Sentinel. The Encampment now numbers upwards of seventy members. Centre Market?Our citixens were well pleased with the appearance af the principal market this morning. The stands were all oceupied, and a great number of our country friend* were on the spot with their wagons filled with produce, for which they obtained good prices without much trouble The wood and hay dealers were numerous and lively. The fish market was crowded with purchasers, and fish were selling rapidly at the followiug prices: Fresh shad, $1 00 per pair; rock and perch, per bunch, 25 cents; herring, per bunch, 26 cents; large rock 50 a SI 50 each. Demtster s Last Concert.?Who that has ever heanl '-John Anderson, my Jo," ' When the Night Wind Bewaileth," or ? The May Queen, ' as only Dempster can siDg them will fail to be present at Carusi's to-night, when this charming vocalist says good-bye to us' Mr Dempster has ?o wound himself in cur affections by the pathos, ten derness, and singular beauty of bis style of vocalisation, that in taking leave of him, we feel as if parting from a very dear personal friend. ??? Wood aid Coal ?The wood-yards on the line of the canal have been almost entirely stripped during the late severe season. Since the ice has disappeared a number of boats haTa arrived with wood for different mer chants, but not in sufficient quantities to alter the prioes Oak is selling at seven dollars per cord, and pine at six dollars. There is but little coal in market, and it is selling at seven dollars per ton. The Ball or Tin " Colmiu."-The ar rangements for this ball are progressing fa mous y, and as it occurs on Easter Monday, when everybody will be inclined to enjoy themselves, they will naturally go where they can do so to best advantage, which we argue will inevitably bring theui up at the Assem l * Ro<>ms, where the Columbia boys will see th?: that they are well cared for. We hope to be there. Visiting.?1We learn that the Tents of the independent Order of Rechabites in this Dis trict have commenced their fraternal visits. The object of those visits is to increase the activity of the brethren. On Thursday even ing. Eagle and George Waihington Tents, of this city, visited lieber Tent in Georgetown, Rod we understand the meeting was very lively, and a!l present were delighted with the visit. Those wasting neat-fitting garments (and who dues not ?) will show a gieat deal of good judgment by calling on James T. Mcintosh A Co , Pennsylvania avenue, near Four-jnd-a half street, who have recently laid in a stock of beautiful spring good*. Their new style water proof traveling coat is a curiosity in its wsy, and is worth examining. Go and see for yourselves. The Officers of the American Hook and Ladder Company for the year are? t f Brown ; Vice President John w. Thompson; Secretary?Wm. J. Fer ?ison; Assistant Secretary?Caleb Stewart; reasnrer?George R. Ruff; Directors?Wm. <iettsendana, Thomas J Champion, Joseph J. Gardner, Joseph Woodward, John T Cannon, John Boswell, Wm. Coombs. Prof Johnson's Concert, which comes off Wednesday night, at Carusi s Saloon, will an.'id an opportuni'y to those who were pre vented from attending the delightful cnter taiment got up by Prof. J. and party, on their J*'? *? " ashington. Of course all who h***d them will go again, and our opinion is tfcat Carusi s will be crowded on Monday Bight. See the rich programme offered. Look Or?.?Ellis is still selling out; and be informs us it is his intention to close out en tirely and speedily and make important and extensive improvement- converting his entire establishment into a piano and music ware house. As we passed yesterday we found his ?t re crowded with ladies Call on him if yon desire bargains, at 308 Pa. avenue, between Vth and 10th streets. Stolen Goods ?Last evening, the Captain of the Auxiliary Guard was busily engaged with a number of persons who had assembled at the central guard house to examine the large lot of goods stolen by a g tog of colored men and women, who were arrested a few days since. A number of articles were iden tified, but a considerable quantity still remain Ib the guard bouse Firinq Gcns in the Stbeet.?The resi dence of Mrs Gen liunterwas fired upon lest night about 10 o'clock, the ball of the gun passing through a window of the third stury, near a bed where a gentleman had retired for the evening. The firing cf guns is not of un frequent occurrence in the neighborhood of C, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets Yocso Route*.?We have heard many merchant* and other complaining of the acts of various gangs of ?' bad boys ' who are train ing to be accomplished thieves. Money draw ers have been robbed, small articles taken from the pavement*, and hen-houses fre quently suffer. Some of the gangs have been described and their ages raage from eight to seventeen years. * The Great Divorce Case.?The New York Police Gaaette of this week contains all the Particulars of the great divorce case of the ?ev. Dr. Cox For sale by the agent, Alex. Adamson, Seventh street, opposite the Post Office. . ? Criminal Court ?The eourt resumed the consideration of the " Poudrette c ise'' against ~ Spaulding, this morning. Able oounsel hai been employed, and the argument will probably oocupy several hoars of-itie day. The 8ale or Fish Stuidb takes place, it | will be seen, in the Centre Market on March 27th ; in the Eastern Market on March 28th ; in the Northern Market on March 28th ; and in the Western Market on March 3l?t, and ruch as are not taken and paid for previous to these dates will be sold to the highest bid der. Atmospheric Telegraph.? Mr. Editor : Allow me to state that I cannot ?pend my time in replying to an anonymous writer; but if ?? Iago'' will show his hand, by writing under his proper signature, I will gladly show him the falsity of his positions; but he will excuse me from striking in the dark! I ask his name for the sake of truth ! Respectfully, I. 8 Richabdsow. Washington, March 22. Thb Franklin.?This active and strong companv of our Washington firemen are pre paring for a visit to Alexandria, Virginia, on the 1st of May next. No doubt they will be wejl received by their brother firemen of that city. Tho members of the Franklin are de termined to make a creditable display on that occasion. Goon Fripat was appropriately observed yesterday at varions cnurches, Catholic and Protestant Episcopal. At the Catholic churches the paintings and other church decorations were draped in black, with other adjuncts cal culated to gire solemnity to the occasion. Retiring Magistrates ?With this month the commissions of several Justice? of the Peace will expire; and we are told that they are finishing the business on hand, that noth ing may be left over when their terms are concluded Watch rrtl*bn9.?The only occupants of the cells at the central guard-house last night, were lodgers, who were discharged this morn ing with the standing adieu of the worthy Captain, " quit rum, and go to work ." GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, March 22,1855. The following business was before our City Councils last night: A message was received from the Mayor enclosing the account of Lewis Carberry; one enclosing the account of the heirs of the late Henry Trunnel; one in relation to Oak alley; and another in relation to the account of John Agnew. (by reference to Council proceed ings February 26, 1855, it will be seen that a bill was passed appropriating $936,374 to meet this claim.) all of which was appro priately referred Mr Barrow, of the committee on election, offered a resolution, which pasted, requesting the clerk to return to the voters the votes re jected by the judges at the late election, with the objections written thereon, and asked that the committee be discharged from the further consideration of the subject ; which was granted. Mr. Jones offered a resolution, which parsed the Council, repealing resolution passed April 14, 1855, authorising a special messenger for tho Mayor. Mr White offered a resolution, which passed, requesting the Mayor to inform the Council whether any contract was made with any per son for the repair of the public pumps last year, if any, the amount pr?id, and whether any further legislation upon the subject is necessary. A message was received from the Mayor, calling the attention of the Councils to sever al ordinances heretofore passed in relation to causeway; referred. A resolution passed both Boards, requesting the Mayor to obtain from the Secretary of State for the use of the Corporation, a com plete set of the Statutes of the United States. Wo have been requested by the ladies to say that the Rev Wm. Hoge of Baltimore, will preach the annual sermon before the La dies' Union Bible Society, in the Bridge street Presbyterian Church, on to-morrow (Sunday) evening at 74 o'clock The samo divine will also preach in the same church at 11 a m. Mr. Alfred Bull has disposed of his farm containing 144 acres (situated in Montgomery county, seven miles from Georgetown) to Mr. Wm. Homiller for 59,000 or rising $55 55 per acre. At tho sugar sale by E. S. Wright, jester day, on the wharf of the Messrs. Dodge, the entire cargo of the barque Wm. Chase, was disposed of at the following prices: 299 hogs head* sujrar at *8 40a*9 05, average nri'.-e tS.72i, and 246 barrelj molasses at 4-r?a47io Eer gallon. The company was large, and the idding very spirited, the whole time of sell ing occupying only 40 minutes. A grand dramatic representation is to be given by the students of the Georgetown Col lege, on Monday afternoon at 2J o'clock The beautiful canal packet Arg", Capt Morri!, will leave without fail for Harper s Ferty on Mor lay morning at 6 o'clock Only about 100 head of beef cattle (quality rather inferior) were offered at Drovers Rest, yesterday All sold to District butchers at S3 50*4 50 on the hoof, equal to $7 00aS9 50 net. Shoep scarce and in demand. None of fered. Flour?Stock light and sales small, held at tft 75. Waeat. $1.40aSl .45 for r??d and white. Speotatob. l?^Ce?gbs, Asthma, Brsnchitii -J*hn I. BBOWN t SON ?()?bU?iupu: A km>wl?.li{eof themanner n which tarluu* article* of the Materia Medics were com ln*d by yon to f..rm the " Bsomchial Troches " led me, ?hree or four yearn sine*, to adopt their uae. The results nave bae:* such a* to In-lu ?? me to continue tbe practice, be lieving them of graal benefit In many aftectlous of the Bron ehlalorgan*. Vour*, etc. J. F. W. Lash, M. D. ?v>au*i, 3opt?mber 1,1S&1. Person" requiring a really good and long-tried article, and one that can be depended upon a* an effectual Oongli l."ienge, and being made from ibe purest material*, will Dud Brown's BRONCHIAL TKOCHKS to be what tliey are represented. Pat up tu boi-e and *old at 2S cents each, by Druggists gen erally, thronrhout the r ti!te<l states and Canada* BAKNR3 k PAKUS. J JilLHAl', New Vork, Agecta. Por sale In Philadelphia by P. BROWN; New Orleans, J. SYHKS; Chi cago, J H UX8t> k CO.; Waabln?toa, J. N. CAL1.AN. feb 11 - Nsah Walker tt ?*., Marble Hall Ciotnlag Emporlaia, Browne" Hotel B ..ding, respectfully announce tkxi their dlaplay oi PALL and WINTER CLO THINO 1* now ready for Inspection, comprising an aseort met.t of COATS, TALMAS, OVERS.'CES, Sl'RTOCTS, VS8TS sad r AN TALOONS, of the newest and richest de slgnain material, trlmmtug and workmanship. To gentle man who study egceilei.ce with ?oonoiay In fashionable ar ticles of dresa an opportunity U io? offered for selecting fronj one of theat'.rscUvertockaof Goods In this city, at very reduced prices BOT S?ti C71 The Ureal Human Remedy.?Pp* BONO PUBLICO.?" Every mother should he*s a box Id the house bandy in ease of aecldecte to tbe children." RKDDINO'M HI S8IA 8ALVK. It It a Boston remedy of thirty years' standing ted Is re eoiameuded by pbyalclans It la a snre and speedy care for Barns, Plies, Bolls, Corns, Pelona, Chllbalns, and Old Sores of every kind; for Pever Sores, Clcers, Itch, Scald Head, Mettle Rash, Buclone, Sore Nipples, )reo mmended by ouraaa,I Whitlow*. Stlee. Pesters, Pisa Bites. Spider Stlugs, PTOten Limbs, Salt Rheum, stcorvy, Mors and Cracked I.lps, dote Noso, WarU aud Pleah Wound*, It la a most valuable remedy and enre, which can be testified to by thousands who Me* used It In tbe city of Boston and vicinity for the last thirty year*. In no Instance will this Salvs do sn Injury, or Interfere with a physician's prescriptions. It la mads from the pursst materials, fron a recipe brought from Rossis?of articles growing lu that country?and the proprietors have letters from all classes, cle'gym?u, physicians, aea raptalnt, nurses, and others who have need It themaelvse, and recent mend It to others. Bedding's Kussta Salve I* put lu large Un boxes stamped ou the covsr with a picture of a horse aud a disabled soldier, which picture la a'to engraved on the wrapper. Price. U Cents a Boa. Sold at all the stores In town or country, and may be ordered of any wholeeale dr:i;glst. Por aale at SMILLINOTON'S, Agent for Wash t|le*. jan IS about Uilmaa'a Hair Dye!? KK Al>.?GILM AN'S HAIR DVB.?'The proprietors having had rs|>eated proof* of the superiority of this Dye over other* In the market, have male arrangement* to be constantly supplied, aad have the article fur sale at wholssals and re tell. JOHN I. BROWN k SON, ??S Washington St., Boston. T ie wholesale and retail Depot 1* at OILMAN'S new Drug Siore, IM Pena. avenue. mar It?lw DIKJPt On the *21st Id*ant, ANDREW McCABE, In the 35th year of bis age . His frietds are invited to attend his 'uncral from Lis lite residence, corner of Bridge and H ttf n streett, Ceorgetowu, to-nor/ow, at 2 o clock. Ktmhal Notice -Captain W H OWEN, (?on of Kdw-.trd Owen of thl?clty,) who died in New Orleans on the t?.h Instant, will be burled from the rt?'.d^nre of his brother, IS. \V. Owen, corker K and 12th streets, on tiunday, the -'id lnotant. at :| o'clock p in. The frt-nd? of the faintly and tbe deceased, and his Califo. nla Mend* In partlcu'ar, are Invited. CHOICE UAROKN IEKUS, Landreth's Warranted Oardea Heeds. ^JPRINO SUPPLY FOR IPM?JUST COM ^ pitted, an extensive anaortmeat of every varl ety of OAKDEN SEKDS, ^rown by D Landreth The aasortme&t of Cabbage. Ueet, Extr* Karly and other Peas, Beans, Corn, Ac. Is unaurnas^d Also, cheJce Engllsi Cabbage Seed, Flower, Herb, and Bird Setds, every variety uandrtdth's Rural ReglsUr and Dfacilptlve Catalogue for ls5tt, with directions for culture, ran b? had on applica'Joi at the Ageucyfor Lan dreth'" Oardea deeds, 3i3 F street, between Vth aud lWh itrtsj, near the Patent Offlce. mar ?0 ? WANTS. WANTED?A SITUATION By A RT spectab e womin as Nurse. Would bn * * no objections to traveling. Good reference* glv -? If required. Apply at Mrs WELCH'S, No 4 14 13th street, between P a< d O It* Board wanted?for a gentleman. wife, and two or three others. In a genteel home and family, within four blocks of the Pat ent Office Abetter directed to WM R OGDEN. Post Oflce. stating terms, accommodation and location, will b?> Immediately replied to. mar 28?3t? WANTED?A MIDDLE aged WHITE Woman as nurse, to take care of an Infant. Apply at No. 345, 19th street. mar 22?3te WANTED-A SITUATION AS VEGETA ble Gardener by a married man; norhlldren. Good reference givtn. Addnss "A," 8tar Of flee. mar22?2t* WANTED?4 RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aged American white woman to take charge of the household duties of a family of four per sons, (no children.) One of gooa moral char acter, without children, and who Is willing to make hercelf generally useful, will find apenna nent home bv addressing a note to Box 7?, Poet Oflce, glvlrg address. Ac. mar 2??eo3t? AGARDENKR WANTED?ADDRESS DR. WM. WIRT, Oak Grove, Westmoreland county, Va mar 81?2w# SITUATION WANTED AS NURSE.?BY A colored woman, who can produce the most satisfactory tes imoblals as to character and capa city. Enquire at No. 403 Twelfth st , above 1. mar'21? 3t* WANTED.?A GOOD FARM HAND, ONF. that understands tfce management and care of horses. A colored man (slave) would be pre ferred. Apply at Locust Hill Farm. r 20?3t* mar W AN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oral or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any s'.ie Looking Glasses, or other woTk in the gilding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Brackrtts, suitable foT shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regll^and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenne, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER WANTED?A PURCHASER FOR A LOT of very fine Cabbages. Also, for 200 bush els Sweedisn Turnips. Apply at Locust Hill Farm, 7th street roaa, near the first Toll Gate, mar 20 ?lw* BOARDING}. B OARDIN6 ? ONK I.ARSE ROOM. band. ?1 somely furnished, and a single room for rent, with or without board. The house has a large yard attached, making It desirable for children. App^y at No. 468 Tenth street, between D and E. mar 20?lw# Board,Ac ? mrs bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 0th street isprepared toaccommodategentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort willbemade to render tho*e comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 5?tf MEDICAL CARO Doctor stanistas hernisz, reg ular Practitioner of Homoeopathy Office, 231 corner F and Fourteenth stretts. Consulta tions from 10 a. m . to 3 p. m. Doctor Stanislas Hernlsc, having returned from Europe with Improved health, will attend to the practice of bis profession. Le Docteur parle Francais. Der Doctor spricht Deutsc.h El Doctor habla Esnanol 11 Dottore parla Itallano. mar 7?3tn? A CARD. MISS MARTHA BEACH IS PREPARED to give full and accurate courses of instruc tion on tne PI AN O FORTE to those who may desire her service#. Pupils attended at their res idences or her own. S*he refers, by permission, to Prof. Fobrtsch, Miss AIart Murray, Mr. J. L. Clubb and Col. Wm P. Yoctto. Apply at the residence cf he' parents, No. 310 Nortn Ninth street marll-3w* F OH BOSTON THE SCHOONER TRANSIENT !? now loading for the ^ above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agents, mar IS)?lw 101 Water street, Georgetown. PRIZE BEEF!?NO HUMBUG !! I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO 1N form the public tint I will expose on Friday Morning in the Western Market, at Stalls No '29 and 31, one-half of four* of the finest Cattle ever brought to this market I Invite the citizens and strangers to call and tee them on 20th street, b"tween 1. and M. The other half will be offered on Saturday, the 22d instant, at "tall No 66 Centre Market. N B ?They were raised and fed by Mr. George Rrsenberjjer, of Kocfclngham county, Va , and will be sold at price* to suit the times. mar IIMt* (Intel) WM LENKINS. THE STEAMER GEIIK'iE WASIIINU. TON will depart at the follow ing hours: Leave Alexandria 7Jf, 9, 11, 1#. 3jf, 5# Leave Washington.. .8, 10. 12. 2M. 4)f. 0 nm ls-d JOB CORSON. Captain. [Alex Gaa] M AST?C WORK, PLAIN If ORNAMENTAL PLASTERER, Ne. 426 K Street north. THE UNDERSIGNED (L\TE OF THE firm of Noona.i .V, Tlerney) respectfully In forms Owners, Bulldeis, Architects, and others, that he Is prepared to pttecd to orders for Plain and Ornamental PLASTERING and MASTIC WORK with promptness, and In his usual satis factory style. Orders t j the above address punctcallyattended to. [inar-20-eolm*] JOHN TIERNEY. ? DR SCHWARTZE'S Worm Destroying Syrup. The only known remedy which never falls to destroy Worms without Injury to the patient. It Is warranted to be a purely vege table compound, and enmpar^d with other prepa rations is pleasant to talc, and innocent in its operation. It needs but a trial to prove its effi cacy. Price i5 cents a bottle For sale at JOHN SCHWARTZE'S, Drug and Chemical Store, No. 468 Pa. avenue, next to U. 8 Hotel. P. S ?A liberal deduction will be made to the trade. mar 20?eotf HAY?HAY?HAY. JUST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE. 150 kales prime HAY. Also, 5,000 bushels MILL OF FALL of all kind-*; Corn, Oat*, Cut Hay, Rye Straw, fresh and ground Corn Meal, dally from the Virginia Mills, wholesale and retail, In quan tities 'o suit. We have also in store a superior article of RYE FLOUR, l?y the barrel, sack, or pound. Old Depot CLARK A BRo., mar 1^-lw* Corner Pa. avenue and '2d st. FO K HARPEK'S PERRY, Vii Chtsapeakt $ 1 Ohio Canal. THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS The new and splendid packet boat ARGO. Capt. Chai H Merrill, will commence making Rtgnlar Trips between GEORGETOWN and the al>ove Point, on Mon day, March 27th. 1856. The Boat will leave the wharf of W.H.AH G. Hitter, George'own, D. C ,e ery Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, at 6 o'clock, arriv ing at the Great Falls at 9a. m ; Seneca, 11 a m; Edwards' Ferry, 12)$, p m.; White s Ferry, 1)$ p in ; Monocacy, 2% p. m ; Noland's Ferry, 3# p. in ; Point of Rocks, 4 p. m ; and Harper's Ferry at 6 p. m. Returning, she will leave Harper * Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 6 o'clock; Point of Rocks 8a. m ; Noland's Fer ry, 9^, a. m; Monocacy, J0'^ a. m., White's Ferry, II a. in.; Edwurd^Ferry, T2# p. in Seneca, 1% p. m ; Great Falls, 3 p. in ; and arrive at Georgetown at 6 p. m Through Tickets, $2.25. Intermediate points as follows: From George town to Great lalls, 50 cents; Seneca, 75 cents; Edward s Ferry, 8i 12tf; White's Ferry, 81.30; Monocacy, 8150; Noland's Ferry, 81 70; Point of Rocks', 81 90; and Harper's Ferry. 82 25. Re turning the same rates. Families Intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coming season will find this by far the most safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley, Capon. Shanondale, White Sulnhur and Warren. Meals served on t>oard at moderate rates. A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. Fer further particulars inquire at the store of W. HAH. G RITTER, Georgetown, and G. W. CUTSIIAW, Harper s Ferry, Va. mar IS?tf LADIES, PLEASE HEAD! JUST ARRIVED FROM KINGSTON, JA maica, W. I., and in store for sale by the sub briber? 4 doa PRUNE CORDIAL, particularly for ladies' use. Also, ftr gentlemen, a few dozen of PRUNE DR AM, so muck esteemed for its virtues for the benefit of health, about eleven to one o'clock. Not to be had In any other store but at JONAS P. LEVY'S, 474, Pennsylvania avenue. Wines, Liquors, Beware, and fine Groceries. ' mar 7?tf FOR SALE A WD REWT. 1-,,K KENT ?A FRAME HOUSK. contain lng six rooms, situated on east Capitol street, v-iwevn 4th and 5th streets. For terms apply to ?>. A. DA1LEY, Dentist, Penn avenue, between i. j and 7th itreets. mar ti?3t For rent?at less price than formerly, that large House and Restaurant, occupied formerly by Carson, McGonegal and otheis, opposite the Market-house, Alexandria

To a good tenant the hou?e will he put In com i> ete repair and at a low rent This place Is well known to be the best stand for a restaurant and market hotel, or boardinr-bonse. In the city, and all who have kept It have made m ney Also, for rent or let, on shares, a Market Oar den and Farm of 30 acres, near Georgetown Also, for sale, a floe Jot of Hogs. Address LLOYD tc CO., 15th street. marSJ-2t* CM)R RENT.?THE LATE LE8IDKNCE r of Samnel Byington, Erq., on 4K street, near N. Island. The house 1s large ana convenient, with carriage hruse. flne fruit tiets and garden. I The property is in good order. Enquire of D. BANi?S. over Stott's Drug Store, Penna avenue Rent >250 per year. mar 22-eotf For s *le.?i will sell at private sale between this and the 1st of May, my property, consisting of two twos'ory Frame Houses, situated on 20th street, No 404 and 4ofl, between O and H. Also, two two-story Brick Houses, situated on 22d street. No 214 and 216, between G and H Also two small frame Houses, situated en 23d street, No. 114 and 116, north of K For'ermsof sale inquire of Mrs HANNAH MILLSON. on22d street. l>etween G and H. mar 22?lm* F V OR SALE OR RENT.?A TWO STORY an<* a.yc bjtek Dwelling, on Seventh street, between M and N streets north, containing elofct looms and kitchen, with side and back alleys For particulars enquire of B WAGMAN, next door, south. Possession can be given the first of April. mar 20?3t# For sale?a beautiful country Residence, on 7th street Flank Road, about 4 mi'es from Washington?25 acres with orchard of Feach, Apple, ftc. Would make a good mar ket farm, inquire at No. 26 third story of Treas ury- mar 20?2we FOR RENT?ON CAPITOL HILL, a B?lck two story and attic House, containing ten rooms acd kitchen, with large and fine garden at tached. The premisesareon thceastsldeof First street north, bttween B and C streets. Possession will be civen on tne 1st of April. Apply to Mr. FR AN K BROOK S, at the extension of the Cap itol Building, for terms. Ac. mar 20? Fine farm for sale -in fairfax county, Virginia, within 9 miles of Alexan dria; 12 of Washington, and 2 of two railroads and turnpikes; contains 600 acres, flne orchards, is well watered; has excellent buildings; about 40 acres in wheat, and is perfectly healtW Ad dress Letter Box 176, Washington Post Office mar 20?3t* Brick stable for rent?in the rear of house No. 4("5 New York avenue. En 1 'ranee to stable on H street. Rent mcderate. Ap ply at the house before 9 a. m mar'J0-3t* Frame house and lot at private Sale ? A pleasantly located frame Hous?, con taining fiur *ood sized rooms, and a flne spacious Lot. with a floe young peach orchard attached, will be sold low if applied for rmir*pdiately. For Particulars address to '? M C M," City Post Of re mar 10?lw* For rent ?the dwelling on the corner of New York avenue and 15th street. Possession given on the 1st of April. The loca | tion is ve'y desirable, l>eing directly on the om nibus route, and in the immediate neighborhood I of the Present's House and Government De partments. To a desirable tenant the rent will be very low Enquire on the premise of J. W. NAIRN. mar 17?2w* ERY HANDSOME BUILDING LOT FOR sale ?Part of Lot No. 14, in square No 345, having a front on the west side of 10th street, west, of 20 feet, between G and H streets, run ning back 100 feet, containing 2,000 square feet The above describM property is handsomely lo cated, and in a rapidly improving neighborhood. Title indisputable. For particulars apply to mar 13? d2w CHAS. S. WALLACH. For rent?a first class hou^e, nearly new, either furnished (to suit the oc cupant) or unfurnished, as mav be de?>lrel. Th?* situation is unsurpassed. 966 F street, and the premises may be seen any day after 4 o'clock p. in- mar 13?lm FOR RENT?THE LARGE HOUSE, com pletely furnished, situated on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and the ^resident's Square. No 4. Possession given Immediately. Also, a fine pair of family noms, not more than eipbt years old. Enquire on the premises, No. -.224 Pa. avenne. mar 8?tf Desirable property in george town for sale.?A convenient twc-?*ory Frame Hou.e, late ?he property of Lewis Smith, de ceased, containing el ht orten room*, and having all the necessary out-buildlrgs. This property fronts 5<> feet cn the east side o[ High street, and running back about 130 feet, embracing a fins garden of choice fruit and shrubbery. Also, n Lot, fronting about 26 feet on the north side of \Vest street, and running back to the lire I | of the lot on High street Also, a Lot on Water ftreet, rext to the lumber yard of J Libbey tt Son, fronting 41 fret on sa!d str et, and running back to the channel of the river There Is on the premises a substantial brick b"l dlap, which, at a small expense can be converted Into a good workshop of any kind. If the first des rlhed property Is not sold on or before the 8th of April next, ft wl.l then be for rent to a good tenant. Apply for further particulars as to terms, to M. AOLEk, Georgetown mar 15?eo6t For sale or rent ?lot no. i, in Square No. ?53, corner of E street south and 10th strett west, near the Steamboat Wharf, con taining about 10,Mt square ft st. recently occupied V?v J no. W. Ma:tln's blacksmith and whoelw right ?hops. Also, for rent, Square No. 562, l>e'ween 2d and 3d streets west, and H :md 1 streets north, con taining 2# acres; now occupied by Mr. H.N. Lansdale. On the square, which will be enclosed 'with a good fence, is a stable and carriage house, and the land in excellent order and wed situated for cultivation. Possession given on the first of April. An abundance of excjlient gravel and sand, on the premises, for sale Inquire of mar6?eolwAStf JOSEPH INULE. For r en t?several handsome Rooms, including a Parlor and Chamber, with board. Als'*, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs BRYANT'S, No. 3U3 G street, between 13th and 14th. mar 18?t.olm For rent.?a hou^e well located on 4 % street large and well furnished To a dealrab'e tenant It will !>e rented on moderate terms. Enquire of VV. H. GILMAN, corner of 4# street and Pa. avenue. mar 1??e:3t# For sale?a tract of land con talcing 170 acres. 40 of which Is cleared, 15 or 20 well set In clover and timothy, and the balance In oak and hickory, some of which is very heavy It lsbai.dsomelv localed, In a thickly settled and rapidly Improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6# miles southwest of Washington, and about the tame distance from Alexandria and Georgetown; well watered; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable; contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold In whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H. SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H. CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 2#-tf Rare chance?the undersigned oilers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacii ?ce. H. C. HARROVER. feb 23-tf F OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par ? lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. no* 27?tf AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerty occupied by Colon 1 Cox, (called the Cedars,) poss sslng rare advantages as a building site, and market garden. It has a flne growth of young cedars and oak mess on the great er part. f it?the elevation is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being Just outside of the Co porailon limits ren ders it more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxus. For terms, 4c., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. Jan 22?dtl Desirable property for sale ?i will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockville Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there Is a post office.^The place contains 63# acres, and Is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 X 40, with a wing 3a X 31, and all necessary out houses. Apply to H. W. Blunt, Water st.. Georgetown. Jan 17?tf THOS. MARSHALL. A CAHD. WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctiowims a sdCommission M aaci an ts,cotnt r Penn avenue ani 9tk streets, will as usual gl re their especial attention to all sales entrusted to them, such as Housekeeping effects, Real Es tate, or any other tioods, upon the most reasona hie terms. They will make liberal cash ad* ?aneas on consignments. mar 6?lm AUCTION BALES. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY DESIRA Me Brick Dwelltag >Hease Teatb. near F Street?On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, April 2d. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of ? deed of trust, duly made and re corded, the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the north half of Lot sum ? bered 15, In square numbered 347, having a front of about 25 feet on Tenth street wea\ between E and F streets north, running back that width 100 feet 1 Inch to an alley, together with the buildings and improvements, consisting of a handsome three-storv and basement brick dwelling, contsln lng, in all, twelve rooms, finished In the most superior manner, with water and gas throughout Thers is also attached a stable and. arrlage cou?e. The buildings were erected bv an experienced builder for his own residence, and no expense wi spared in the erection to make them comfot table and substantial. Terms: One-half cash; the residue In six and twelve months, with Interest, secured to the sat isfaction of the Trustee. SAMUEL REDFERN.Trustae JAS C. McGfIRE, mar 22?d Auctioneer. By JAMES C. MsGUIRK, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD BOUDOUR Piano, Fxcellent Furniture aad House keeping Effects at 1 nbltc Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, April3. st lOo'clock, at the lesidence of the Swedish Minister, corner of 14th and !? streets. 1 stall sell all his Furni ture and Housekeeping Effect*, viz: Superior Rosewood Boudoir Piano Forte, by Broadwood, London Haiidscme suite or rosewood da ma*k-coverrd and parlor Furniiure. consisting of large Sofa, two Lounges. two arm, two6othlc, and six side Chairs Marble-top Centre Table, gilt frame Mantel Mir ror Walnut What nots. fancy Tables Chinese Work Tables, Ottoman s, fancy Chairs Elegant gilt and Sevres China. French Mantel Clock, Candelebras to match Su'ts ft damask ai>d lace Curtains. Shades, and Fixtures Two excellent walnut Bookcases. Writing Tables Walnut diiing ''ables, plush seat dining Chairs Two walnut marble top Sideboards Elegant French CLina dinner, dessert, and tea Service Silver-plated Tea Service, Kettle, Castors, Ac. Crystal cut glass Ware. Table Cullerv Excellent mkntel Tinrepiece. Engravings Walnut and Mahogany Wardrobes, Bureaus Iron Bedftea**, walnut Cottage Fedsteads Marble-top Washstands. Toilet Sets Superior hair and husk Mattresses. Bolster*, and Pillows Counterpanes. Comforts, Blankets Excellent English Carpets. Ollcltth. Rugs Hall Lainp. ball and stair Carpeting Cooking Stove, Refrigerators. Kitchen Utensils. Ac. ALSO, A small quantity of very superior Brown Sherry, Claret, and Champagne Wines Terms : SlO and under, cash; over thst sura credit ofrtO and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing lnteeeet. JAS C. McGUIRE. mar 21?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIR E, Auctioneer. ttMALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON O 11th street, near the Steanboat Wharf. On THURSDAT AFTERNOON. March 67th, at4# o'clock, on the premise*, I shall sell Lot No. ;.7, in Square 327, situated on 11th street west, near Maryland avenue, with the improvements, consisting of a small frame house Termsatsale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 21?d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. BUILDINO MATERIALS AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. March25th. at 4J$ o'clock, at the scene of the late fire on 22d, between F and O streets, 1 shall sell about two hundred thousand Bricks, a number of Iron and stone Heads and Sills, Ac Terms: One-third cash ; the residue In 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed note*, bearing Interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 1#?d Auctioneer. By WALL, BAKNAD A CO., Arctioneer* \7A LUA HLE IMPROVED PROPERTY at ' Auction?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April 1. in front of the premises, at 4 o clock, on 4tn j-treet, between F and G streets, we will sell Lot No. 7. in square 53'. fronting on 4th street 26 feet front, running back *<3 feet 4 h' inches to a public alley 2u feet wide, improved by two frame bouses containing 8 rooms tacb. nearly new. They will be sold separate or together The above property Is in a rapidly-Improving part of the citv, and is worthy the attention of pur chasers. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in six. twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, with notes bearing interert. Deed given, and deed of tru-.t taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the p rchasers. Title indisputable. WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 18?dt? Auctioneers. By A GREEN, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE.?Bv vlrtne of a deed of tri^t. duly recorded in Liber, J A S , No. 99, one of the Ian 4 records for Washington county, in the District of Co.umbia, we, E C. Morgan and H. B. Sweeney, will sell, on MONDAY', the 31st of March, A. D 1856. at 5 o'clock p ni , the following de^crihed K*al Estate and improve ments thereon, situated In the city of Washing ton, District of Columb'a. namely: Part of Lot No. 4. in Square No b44. being the southeast twenty-two feet of said Lot No. 4. fronting on D s'reet'south, and having a depth of seventy five feet, with the Improvements, which are a small brick house. The sale will take p^ace in front of the premises, and the term* will be one-hair cash, ana the bal ance in *ix and nine months, with Interest, se cured by a dead of truat on the preniaes. All conveyancing at cost of p>ircha*er. ? C.MORGAN. i Tni8tMS. H B, SWEENEY, \ feb27-a*wAds A GREEN, Auct'r. BY VIRTUE OF AUTHORITY VESTED in me. at Ball'* X Roads, Alexandria county, Va.. I will oflVr for sale, at 3 o'clock, on TUES DAY, April 8th, the weather permitting, a-d if not the next fair dav, a valuable Lot, of 18 acres of Land, part In wood and part cleared, lying be tween the farms of Mrs Hamilton and Mr R. Crult. about 1% miles from Goorgetown, In Al | exandrta county, Va There are two excellent springs of wat-r ai.d a comfortable log hou*e, with fruit tre*s on the premises The tract is en closed by a line fence Persons wi<-hin? to ex j c mine the premises or to obtain anv information thereof will be accommodated by calling oa Mr. Robert Ball,Sr , nexr Ball's Cross Roads, or the subscriber. ROBERT BALL,Jr , Executor for Wm, Ball, deceased. | feb 26-2awtAp7? By A GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE. ? By virtue of a deed of trust from John Mohrand Jacot? Pfluegerand Barbara Pflu ger, duly recorded in Liber E W. B , No. 1, one of the Land Records of Prince George county. Maryland, the subscriber will sell, on FRIDAY, the 26th of March, A D 1*5*, at 5 o'clock, on the front of A Green'* aucticn store, corner of Seventh and D street*, the foil w ing described tract of Land : Lying and being in Prince George county, Maryland, and known by the name as part of William and Mary Increase, containing in all fourteen and a half acres of land, improved by a small frame house and stable and good fence ' The land adjoins the land of Percy Stone, Joseph Gregory, ans F. Hoys, being about four miles from Washington The te rns will be : One-third ca^h, the balance In 6 acd 12 months with Interest, recured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at co?t of purchaser CHAP. WALTER. Trustee, mar 12?2awAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Bv BARNARD A BUCKEY. Georgetown. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM preved Property In Georgetown ?On FRIDAY, 28th March, at 4 o'clock p. m , we will sell In front? f the premise*, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated 19th February'. 1S5J. duly re corded, Ac., from Mr. Wm. O'Brien, that'two and a half storv brick Hou?e and Lot, btine part of Lot 43 Theckell's addition to Georgetown, fronting twenty-three feet on south side of Bridge street, near the market-house, and running back ? feet to the property or Mr J. Bogue Thi? Is one of the best business locatl< ns in Georgetown. Terms: One-fourth cash ; tho deferred pay ments in 6, 12 and W months, bearing interest, and to be secured satisfactorily D. W EDMONSON, Trustee. BARNARD A BUCKEY, feb 24?eo&ds Auctioneers. By JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE.- By virtue of a deed in trust from Geo. Geddis and wife, dated No vem!>er 2d, 1855, the sulwcriber will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, at the Auction Rooms of James C McGulre, on SATURDAY' afternoon, March ?2d,at4 o'clock, a lot cf ground, ni'ffibered 19, in Square numbered 36. fronting 25 fe t on 2Jd s'reet west, and 54 feet 8 inches on north N etreet, containing 1,962J( feet, more or less. Term* cash. NICHOLAS CALLAN. Trua'e?. 15 d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. WILL LEAVE SHORTLY. Madame r respectfully informs the public In general, that *he will give in formation In all the Affairs relating to Life, Health. Wealth, Marriage*, Love, Jouneys,l,*w Suits, Difficulties in Business, Absent I- rlonds. tfickn0** and Death, and In respect to all o:her subject*. She is also able to tell the ages of per son* by reading number*. She can t>c consulted at all hours of the day and evening Her name i* on the door?at No. 885 Pth street corner of D, on the le t hand *ide. Gentleman 60 cecis and ladles 25. mar 10?tw* TELEGRAPHIC HEW* MtOM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOUSE PRINTING TILIORAP Baltimore Xvkiti Baltimore. March 22 ?Floor ia Imir; sales of Howard street at $6 74; City 11. Us m* reported Wheat is aocbanged, good to prim* white SI 65 a$l 80. fair to rood tad $1 Stall 55 Corn it stea<ly; whit# 54a70e. by weight aad measurement; yellow 55a60 by do. There i< a good inquiry for provision! Provisions are steady. Men porhtlta $16 X> Baoon?shoulder* 8^a81; sides 9Ja9t; hams ll>12ie Lard is sraree and wanted, ia bbla lOic ; aad ia keg* lOlalle. Whiskey is scarce at 21c. for Ohio, aad S6c for Pennsylvania and eity. Hew Orleans Markets New Orleans. March 21.?Cottoai ia im proving; aales of 18,000 balee; middling 9a9}o ; sales of the week 40,000 balea; receipts of the week 36 000 bales againet 27,000 for the aame week last year; receipts at tbia port abaad of last year, 440 000 bales; stock on band 204 740 bales. Rio coffee 12c. Mess pork $14 40, with a d wnward tendency. New York Markets Nkw York, March 22 ? Floor has slightly advanced; sales of 9 400 bbla. strigbt State at $7 18}; good Ohio f 7 74; S<>nthern red $9 00 Whentls uncharged; Sales of 11.000 bushels Southern red $1 65; Southern white $1.90 ; Corn is inactive, and prices are nominal. Pork is quiet; sales of 100 bbls. mess at 515 87i, Beef is qoiet; sales of 140 bbls. Chicago repacked at $13.25; Lard ia firaer ; sales of 400 bbls. at lOJc Whiskey is drooping; sales of 300 bbls. Ohio at 30c. Fioaneial Nrw York, March 22?Stocks are lower Chicago snd Rock Island Railroad, 96 ; Cum berland Coal Company, 23; Illinois Central (shares,) 97|; New York Central Railroad, (J3l ; Pennsylvania Coal Company. 94}; Read ing Railroad, 92 ; Virginia 6 s, 94}; Missouri rt*s, bAi. A Feritmed Breath?What lady or gen tleman would remain under the cursa of a dis agreeable breath when by using the '?'?Balm of a Thousand Flowtrt" as a dentrifiee would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop ef the "Balm on your tooth l>ru*>b and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year. For sale at Shillingtcn's, agent for Washington, and all Druggists. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexardeu, March 22, 1846. The Fair of the Star Fire Company open* at W aehington llall on the evening of Monday. next, and promises to be one of the moet agreeable entertainment* of the kind ever presented to out citizeLS. On Tuesday evening, the 25th instant, the winter lectures of the Alexandria Library Company will conclude with a lecture on "the Anatomy and Physiology of the Organs of the External Sonsts by Dr F. J. Murphy. This afternoon Professor Johnston, of Be* ton. lectares at Liberty Hall to the amateur vocalists of oar city Tbe la?t days of holy or passion week bava been strictly observed at the Protestaat Epis copal und Catholic churches here This morn ing the solouin commemoration of " holy Sat urday"' concluded the Lenten services at St Mary's Church TbesteamersOeorge Washington and George Page, |with their accommodating commanders Corson and Price, are making their regular trips at alternate hours, thus affording tha public that regularity which was so much called for last autumn. Flour, sales light, at S7. Wheat, whita, at $1 56ail 68; red. at $1.40a$160. Corn, at 4Sa53c Rye, 75a80c. Oats, 3la33c Ami. A SI PICK IOR PIANO FOR ItLK. Tuk piano forte sent from new York, to be used at the Mnsira.^rtSSSiM Congress which recently assembled inr^^^^ Washington, but which'failed to arrive in time for that purpose, has Just been received, and can be seen for a few days, at the Music Depot of Geo. Hllbus. (who has kindly tendered the use of bis wa?-erooms ) It is from the celebrated manu fa'torv of Haines Bro's, and was sett by tbetr Atf?-nt?, Cook & Bro , Music Publishers, 343 Broadway, New York It is offered for sale by T J Cook, who will be happy to show it to dealers, teacher* and the public It will be sold at a low price for the purpose of introducing them in this place Mr. Cook baa many testimonials from distinguished musicians and others. mar 19 TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND HOTELS AS SPRING IS RAPIDLY ADVANCING, we take no little pleasure In calling at ten tiontoa great Family Medicine?one that la in valuable in all climates and all seasons We allude to J. P. Levy's celebrated PREMIUM BITTERS, a perfect cure when there Is loss of appetite, Fever and Ague, and General Debility. For sale at tbe Depot No. 474 Pa avenue Also, just received, a Are assortment of SCOTCH ALES, and LONDON PORTER, BROWN STOUT, and FALKIRK ALE. Orders addressed to JONAS P LEVY, Wine, Liquors, Cigars, and Groceries, mar 17?tf 474 Pa. avenue P. (A >1 PB ELL A SONS, of Baltimore, Having determined to go exclu slvely into the Wkolemle Bvsmtst, hsv? opened a BRANCH STORK IN THIS CITY, to aid In closing out their La?ge and Elegant stock of WATCHES. JEWS LK Y, SILVER AND PLATED WARE, fc. The Goods will be offered really at coai, as the objfet Is to close them all out du ing the present season. An opportunity like this for tbe purchase of Staple and Fanev Goods at these trices, rarelv occurs, and should be Improved by all who are in want of au'h rrtlcles. An examination of tve st ck 1m respectfully solicited at No 420 Penasv - vanla avei.ue between 4)< and 9th streets, mar tbe National hotel. mar 18-tf CAST-OFF CLOTHING Bought and sold at 7? Louisiana Avenue, opposite Holmead's grocery, near Semmes's. Address through post oftce, to " Mr. Tailor " mar 3-lm* Al A REWARD ?LOST FROM THE vl" Island, during the first week in January, a liver colored sod speckled POINTER SLUT, about ten months oid. Tte above reward will be paid on her delivery at the National Fating House, corner of Sixth atreet and Penn. avenue. mar li NEW CONFECTIONERY. THE SUBSCR1BEK, HAVING NOW PER feeted his arrange menu for the Spring and Summer Business, is now prepared to serve his friends and the public gtner lly with tt.e finest CONFECTIONERY, both foreign and domes tic, that has ever l>een offered in this city. He has jest received, direct from Paris, the finest and purest a^sortirent of FRUIT GLACK, BON KONS, CREAM FRUITS,and FRENCH CANDIES. He is also prrpaied to e^rve Dinner. Supper, Ball and Wedding Parties in a manner unsur rassrd bv anv establishment in tbe country. 1 C K CREAM, CHARl OTTE RUSPE, BLANCMANGE and J EL LIES. ofev*ry flavor, cau he had at the short st possible notice Also, ornamental and plain PYRAMIDS, rf Cream, Jellies. Cake Oranges, Candy. Ac. THOS POTTKNTINI, No 27v Pa. avenue, bet. lWh and Utb sts. mar 18?Sw CLEAVER'S PRIZE MEDAL HONEY Soap, Low's Old Brown Windsor Soap, Sha ving Soap Shaving Cream, Barry's Trichopher jus, Balm of a Thousand Flowers mar 14 G^FR aNCI8, ??0 Seventh st Notice ?a fine set of rolling SCENERY, comprising twelve scenes, for ?le on re<sonsble terms. Apply at the National Theatre PKIviE ITALIAN MACCAROlll, Ac, IHAVK JUST RKCEIVED A LOT OF prime ITALIAN MACCARONl,of latest lm rx.rtat en Also.fresh Sardines, Ancholves Ser latux Oil, Smoked Beif, Buckwheat. Grtea C?ra, fresh Tomatoes, Ac., Ac , for sale by ipgf 1$ Z. M. P? KING ruiRPORATION STOCK.?#8,OOO Oerpo U ration of W ashlngton Stock for sale at feb?*-tf CHUBB BROTHERS A