Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Bovun or Alokrmbn ?The Board m*t at the usual hour; the President (Mr. Clark) in the chair A communication was received from the Major, calling attention to the condition of the streets, alley#, and gutters of the city, and usking for an appropriation to have them cleaned oat; referred to finance committee. The Council araondmert to the bill regu lating the sale of lottery tickets, and which amendment reouireathe Mayor to call the at tention of the Chief of the Police and Captain of the Auxiliary Guard to the violation of the law in relation to lotteries, was taken np, and after some debate, w;u, on motion of Mr. Pepper, indefinitely postponed. A resolution from the fower Board was adopted, allowing Messrs Rogers and Spalding the use of the southern portion of Centre Mar ket space for equestrian purposes. Mr Pepper presented the petition of B. B. French, asking for the draining of east Capi tal street; referred to improvements commit tee. The Chairman presented a petition from John W Stevens; referred to claims commit tM Mr Pearson introduced a bill for grading T> street south, between Eighth and Ninth streets west; passed. Mr. Smith presented a resolution instructing thecommittee on claims to examine the con dition of the canal bridges, at Virginia ave nue and L and M streets, and ascertain if tbey were in a dangerous condition ; passed. On motion of Mr Pepper, the bill for dredg ing and walling the canals, was taken up and passed Mr. Houston, from the finance committee, reported a fell authcriiing the Mayor to an ticipate the revenue of the Corporation to pay for the new fteum dredging machine; passed. Mr. Houston, from the same committee, re ported a bill making an appropriation to pay the salary of Conyi.ia3icner of Health to the end of the fiscal year; parsed. Mr. Pepper, from improvements committee, reported Wk a bill making an appropriation for grading and graveling Fourth street east from Pennsylvania avenue to A street south. Mr Lusoy moved to strike out "A street pou'b,' aiid insert " to East Capitol street." The amendment was adopted, and the bill passed Mr Houston called the attention of the Boaii to a new pump called Policy's Patent pump, and which he desired should bo exam iaed by the Mayor with a view to having it introduced in place of the pumps now in use The patentee offered to place this pump in any well, however deep, at the rate of fifty cents per foot. Mr. Houston proceeded to draw up aresHu ti?n to effect his object, and meantime Mr. Magruder presented tho petition of John 0. Dwyer asking rt mission of a fine, which was referred to claims committee Mr. Houston introduced a resolution re questing the Mayor to have Policy's pump tested, and trfaking sn appropriation of one hundred dollars for that purpose. Mr. Busey opposed the resolution. If the invention was a good one, and the inventor really desires to introduce it, he will tc*t it at his own expense. He was surprised that his colleague, who was generally "so anxious to save the public money, should offer this resolution. A protracted debate sprang up, participated in by Messrs Miller. Pepper. Magruder, Hove, Smith, and others, in which a pretty sevore overhauling of the present pump system of Washington was gone into. Mr. Miller said that in the First Ward the hydrants were indeed ' hydrants," as they were always running. Page's pump had worked well on trial, but from that day to this had never yielded one drop of water. Mr. Magruder moved that 'the matter be referred to a special committee, who shall ex amine this ttnd all other pumps offered to them and report to the Board Mr. Smith expressed his opposition to the whole system of dragging in patents. If the improvement was a valuable one it would make its way in the community, and then it could be adopted by the eity. This practice was opening a door and establishing a prece dent that would be vexatious to the Corpora tion. The question being taken on Mr. Magrudcr's amendment it was rejected. A substitute for Mr. Houston's resolution was proposed by Mr. Busey authorizing the Mayor to examine Polley'a pump and other lifting and forcing pumps, and report tho re sult to the Board with his opinion as to any pump being superior to those now in use Mr Magruder offered an amendment that a "ommittee of one from each Board should act in conjunction with the Mayor. The amendment and substitute were agreed to. The chair appointed Mr. .Houston on the committee on the part of the Beard of Alder men And then the Board adjourned. Thb District is Congress.?The De ficiency bill being up in the Senate yester day, Mr. Hunter moved the insertion of an appropriation for tho repair of the Long I Bridge. He thought it would be an act of Kreat injustice to leave that bridge unre paired when road3 had been made to connect with it. He contended that to leave the bridge there unfit for use would not remedy the evil complained of by the people of Georgetown, while it would of necessity '?ut off all the avenue* of approach to the city from the people of Alexandria and tho adja country He denied that the filling up of the mud fists was occasioned by the build ing of that bridge, and exhibited a rn~.p to show that these flats were causes of cirplaint as long ago as 1790 ; and that so far f oai any injury having been inflicted upon the people of Georgetown by the building of the bridge. r - ad really benefitted tbem, by beirg the means of deepening the main channel and en larging their avcnue3 of trade. If injury haj bef-n done to the navigation, it was by the citiaena themselves in connecting Analostan island with the main land; and he insisted that the evil complained of could not be remedied unless that correction was entirely removed He quoted from reports of dis tinguished engineers to show that the bridge had not causcd the evils so much complained of. but that if any existed it was owing to their own a;t in erecting the causeway Mr Brown considered it high time to stop patching up the old bridge, and that any ap propriation to repair such an old rickety con cern wou' i be worse than useless. It would stand there aaadisgraceto the nation. He spoke of the flata occasioned by it, which at the ebb ing of every tide were exposed to the rays of th? sun, causing a sickly malaria to arise from them He thought if the commerce of a Urge and growing city was obstructed from such a structure that it was time to cease makinff appropriations for it* repair. Mr IbUik avowed his intention to sustain tc.e amendment of Mr Hunter, being satisfied from the renarks of that Senator and the map he had shown that there was nothing to coun tenance the opinion that the flats had been occasioned by the bridge On theotherhand, he could very well understand that connecting Mason's Island with the main land had been the means of throwing the mud on the Mary land shore, and th-reby occasioning the flats. He thought it out of the iuestion^hat the people of Alexandria an 1 the adjacent coun try should be forced to go three or four miles out of their way to reach this city He saw that it might b? considered a very convenient thing for Georgetown to have all the travel of the country made to pas? through it. George town was a component part of this District, and he wna entirely willing to appropriate any necessary improvement for its benefit; and when they came here to ask that the peo ple of Waahington, Alexandria, and adjacent country should be forced out of their direct communication with cach other, he should opDo^e it. Mr. Pratt opposed the amendment at some Georgetown was the place of his childhood and ho could well reco lect the in jury sustained by its commerce owing to the erection of the bridge, and the cons-quent filling up of the channel. He could well re flect when vaiicls of the largest claas came there to load with tobacco; and what was now AniJ .J Lat Tes?el? "flight draught only could approach their shores, lie pointed > the state of the President's mansion, abso lutely rendered uninhabitable from the ma laria ariaing from the flats during a greatef portion of the fall, and asked if such a struc ture was to be retained, to the ruin of the commerce of Georgetown and detrimental to the health of Washington ? Mr Ilunter replied that the city was quite as healthful now, and more so, than it was in preceding years, and that the channel had not been affected by the bridge; that the river was becoming shallower at Georgetown as at other places. In days by gone large ships had been loaded with tobacco at Dumfries, and at Bladensburg, and at other ports. Tbo question was taken on the amendment of Mr. Hunter, and decided in the negative, as was an amendment offered by Mr. Pratt appropriating five thousand dollars for the re Sair of the Nary Yard and Eastern Branch ridges. ?? Natiojal Thkatrk.?As we anticipated, tho appearance of Mr. Forrest, last night, in the part of Richelieu, draw a very large au dience to the Theatre. As the Theatre is likely to be crowded during Mr. Forrest's en gagement, we would suggest to the managers the propriety of having a larger outlet for tLe audience at the end of the first piece. Last night, when probably three-fourths of the audience passed out at the end of Richelieu, they were detained unpleasantly long by the narrow single-file exit, which precludes the possibility of rapid disgorgement. There was much grumbling among the goers out at the delay, and the opinion was generally expressed that it would be a terrible position, so cooped up, in ca-~e of a fire. This, however, was an unnecessary alarm, as we learn that the means of exit aro really very abundant ia case of necessity; but the public will scarce'y realize this fact under present appearances, and the spirited managers of the Theatre will, we have no doubt, apply a fpeedy remedy for the evil. Mr. Forrest sustained the j art of the crafty Cardinal with his usual power; and, with some few exceptions, was very adequately sustained. To-night, Mr. Forrest takes the part of Hamlet. There has been a great deal of dis cussion as to the merit* of Mr. F.'s perform ance of this strictly ihtellectual character, and we apprehend that the public curiosity will lead to another very full house to-night. Crimmal Court ?On Saturday, Richard Maryman was found guilty of malicious mis chief; sentenced to two months in jail. Ne groes Lewis Travers and Guss Travers were found guilty; two months in jail. Samuel Posey, free negro, assault with intent to com mit a rape on Elixa Chase, was found guilty of an assault only ; sentcnccd to five months in jail. On Monday, John Anderson, found guilty of larceny ; one year in jail. Negro William Moody, larcecy; found guilty and sentenced to one year in the penitentiary Negro Caleb Barton, found guiity of petit larceny ; three months in jail. Caleb Barton, guilty of grand larceny ; sentenced to one year in the peni tentiary, to take effect after the expiration of the sentence iu jail. Michael McLamarra, larceny; not guilty. Negroes Eleanor Davis and Elizabeth Bell, larceny ; not guilty. The jury in the Poudrette case came into court and were discharged- The case is to brought before the court to-day. [ COMMUNICATED. Mr. Editor : Sir?A complimentary card, which appeared in your paper of last week, clearly showing us that we havo gentlemen among us who appreciate music (as we hum* bly think) of a high order, having been kindly and readily met by the lady and gentleiran, Miss Clara Kean and Mr. Camoens, accom panied by Prof. Foertschon the piano I only hope that it will bo cheerfully met by a full hou.^e this evening. There are two or threa pieces I would mention I should like a repe tition of, if agreeable: The romanza from 4'Robert II Diavolo," "Man the life-boat,"' by Henry Ru?scll, and "Then you'll remember me," by Balfe ; Prof, l'oertsch would oblige us with a repetition of his sdo, "An Italian Serenade,*' by Alfred Jaell, and if the mus'12 of "Old Mad Tom"' can be had Mr. Camoens would oblige us by singing it; and it Miss Koan would favor us wiih " I've been roam ing," we should feel still more obliged. Yours, respectfully, B. Georgetown, D. C., March 2b, 1856. Lecture of Bishop Iver is Georgetown. This distinguished divine lectures at Forrest Hall to-morrow night, before the Young Cath olic Friend's Society. From the prominence which he has occupied lately before tho public, in consequence of nis adherence to Catholicism and from the interest manifested to see and hear him. we presume the attendance will be large, and will include many from this city. Columbia Fire Company's Ball.?Wecon gratjtato our "Columbia" friends on the success of their ball last night, and must also give them crcdit for the ixcellent order pre served, and the general efficency with which the arrangements were carried out. When we left at an early hour this morning, the happy assembly were in the full tide enjoy ment. We Learn from good authority that the loss (S10,0(H)j sustained in the destruction bv fire a few nights since, of the two fine brick dwellings on Twenty-second street, between F and G streets west, has been promptly paid by the Insurance Company of North America, at Philadelphia. Pilferers.?Persons residing naarthelho aixe have to be very watchful to protect their property from the petty thieves who hover about that neighborhood. Frequently the garg operates in the Theatre iWfelf The offi cers would do weil to break up the entire' gang. Concert at Temperance Hall To-Night. We hone that the deserving giver of this con cert. Mr. H. S. Beavers, who is blind, ' ill receive a generous suppoit from the Washing ton public. The concert will consist of choice selections of vooal and instrumental music. firemen were called out twicc during last night. At 7 o'clock there was no cause for alarm, aud we did not learn that there was any reason for the second, at a later hour. ?? Cbauming Clara Kban takes her compli mentary benefit to-night at Carusi's Saloon. Note the rich bill offered in the advertise ment. The Grace Church Fair continues to be one of the most delightful and attractive re eorts in the city. Drop in and see for your selves. To Jail ?Wm. Robbins was arrested yes terday by officer Stewart for ill-treating his family. The case was examined by Justice Clark, who committed the accused to jail. The Centre Market was not so well stock ed this morning as we have seen. The prices were about the same as during the past week. Watch Returns ?Jno. Warner, (colored,) drunk; workhouse thirty days. Alfred Lew is, (colore 1,) disorderly in the Theatre ; fine and costs. Francis Wa?on, vagrant, dismissed with the promise of sixty days at the Farm if caught again. Lr Tore and (unadulterated Medicinal Liqcuaa? Old HrNNMMT Brani>t Oi d Pobt, pure juice Jo?t received, 01 direct Importation. Alao, very superior Oui> U? Wuiur, ortr tea years old, la demijohn* tuJ bottle*. 2 D. OILMAN, fio Peun. & venue Oino. u Wmi, ta excellent tonic end Invigorating cordial, particularly beneficial to persons suffering from a weak an I nervous elate of itie itom>< .1. Prepared as above, mar j?-lw LZ7~ foushs, Bronchitis.?Brown's Bron CUlAl. TROCHES are a? familiar a* "household words" In Boa ton, because lew of oar cltlxene who a-e afflicted wltu any trouble of the lunge have failed to aval! t;em?tlvee uf this favorite au-t thoroughly tented spaciHc. It Is not a'one the Invalid who may be materially b-uefllted by this aduiir able preparat 00. but It Is to the public speaker or vocalist an admirable auxiliary to their trying professions. Inasmuch a* It slrengtbent the vircal crgana, and Is a pleaavit and II aural auxiliary to the physical effort that both Singer aud pabllc spasker uiusi make. I Bullou s Pictorial .) Sold by all nruggiets. JaMKS N. CALLAN, Agent, mar 16?1" I77- Facts can net be questioned, when tbe people of any country bear leeumony Id mass, as In the case ll Or. J. MOSTETTta U hTOUACH BITTERS. Not ouly have fee .he Individual tvldeuca of ti.e land, bat almost every paper In tli* Union Is commenting upon t*e great ben eilt derived from the nee of these celebrated Bittern . 1 eaidee verl<>QS Mptomae award*! tiiem. among which Is one from the uhlo Mvchau.cs' lneiitule, at tueir Thirteenth Annnal Exhibition, at Cincinnati, where the Committee was cob p se<1 ieSy of Physicians In the city. These are all weighty Kcts t*:?t cannot hslp bat convince the most credaloar t at l? la at l-ist worthy .of trial. For D/epepela in any form t te.c B uers are a certain care when need as per ftlractione co b?k'.le. k'or sate by J AUK4 N. OALLAK, Agent. laal IS?I* DIED. On Sunday evening, the 23d Instant, at half pa?'. 8 o'clock, Sister MARY ANGELA, known as Henrietta Martina Dyer, second dsnghter of the late Edward Dyer, In the twentieth year of her age Her funeral will taVe plice at the rfsldence rf John F. Boone, Esq , No. 447 Eighth s'reet, >e tween E and F, tJ-morrow (Wednesday) at 9 o'clock The friends of the fami v are Invited to attend without further notice. * On the'25th Instant, MICHAEL QUI6LEY, in the 40th year or his age, a native of Ireland, but for the last twentp years a resident of this District. The relatives and friends of the fanlly are in vited to attend his funeral on Thursday, at 4 p. m., frcin his late residence, corner of 7th and O st.etts. * WANTS. WANTED?A WASHERWOMAN COMPF tent to do all kinrisof wishing and ironing, and who can com?-well recom mended for and Industry. Apply at No. 174 Fourth st. west, mar -25?31* A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN wishes to obtain a situation in a small family as Cook or Chambermaid Enquire on H street, between 5th and 6*h streets, at HAMILTON DAV13S. It* WANTED ?TEN GOOD MILLINERS. and a few apprentices to learn the millinery buslne?B. Apply to Mrs RKOF, No 3eastCaj> ltol street, Capitol R',11. nnr?5-lw* WANTED?A COMPETENT COOK. AT Columbian College, 11th street. Good ref erence a? to honesty will be requlri d. Apply at once. mar *24 ?st* Board wanted?fora g kntlem an . wife, and two or three others, in a genteel house and familv. within four blocks of the Pat ent Office Abetter directed to Wtt R.OGDEN, Post Office, stating terms, accommodation and location, will be immediately replied to. mar '22?3t* WANTED~A~ MIDDLE-AGED WIlTfE Woman as nurse, to take care of an infant. Apply at No. 345, 19th street. mar 22?3:* A GARDENER WANTED?ADDRESS DR WM. WIRT, Oak Grove, Westmoreland county, Va. mar 21?2w* ANTED? * RESPECTABLE MIDD~LE~ aged American white woman totakecharge of the hcusehold duties of a family of four per sons, (no children ) One of good moral char acter, without children, and who is willi-'c to make henelf generally useful, will find a perma nent heme by addressing: a note to Box 781, Post Office, giving address. Ac mar*2J?ec3t* WANTED?A PURCHASER FOR A LOT of very fine Csbbnge*. Also, for 200 bush els Sweedlsh Turnips. Applv at Locust Hill Farm, 7th street road, near tie first Toll Gate, mar 20?lw* BOARDING. I>OARD ?THREE OR FOUR PINGLE Gen J tlemen may obtain board in a small private family where there are no children. Location on D. b-tween 1st and 2d streets north. To those wlsalng a quiet and pleasant home, a fivnnble opportunity now off rs. mar 23?3t* Board.- a gentleman and wife, or three or four single gentleman, may obtain board by callingatthecorr erof 13thand G streets. Terms, from S3 50 to S5 per week, 24-2t* Boarding ?one large room, hand somely famished, and a single room for rent, with or without board. The house has a large yard attached, making it desirable for child'en Apply at No 4?- Tentu street, between D and E. mar 20?lw* B ONLY 12^ CENTS* UCKLEY'S CELEtiRATED SONG BOOK for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New Orleans Serenaders at thfir opera house. Broad way, New York. For sale by the an< nt, ALEX ADAMSON, ma r 22-3m 7th street, opposite Post Office. The rising star game.?this is a beautiful and instructive ?ame for Children. It learns thtm to commit to memory all the Inci dents and celebrated battles that were fought du ring the American Revolution For sale by the agent, ALEX. ADAMSON, mar 22-3m 7th street, opposite Post Office. A CARD. MISS MARTHA BEACH IS PREPARED to give fall and accuraWVpurses of instruc tion on tee PIANO FORTE to tho?e who may desire her services. Pupils attended at their res idences or her own. She refers, by permission, to Prof Fobrtsch, Miss Mary Murray, Mr. J. L. Clubb and Col Wm P. Young. Applv at the residence of he: parents, No. 310 North Ninth street marll-3w* CHICKERISG'S SUPERB PIANOS. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIV ed, per steamer Wm. Jenkins, from Boston, fivee'egant PIANOS. He will; ; f ffj receive next week, per steamer Jojsph Vv hitney. four more; and on the following week an addi tional supply. His stock, which will be con stantly replenished, embraces one of the largest and most select assortments In the United States. Superb Parlor Grand Pianos, an Instrument of novel and unique design, which hat already ac quired an unprecedented popularity in all the iarge cities of the Union,ascomblnlng elegance of form with all ihe qualities of tone of the large Grand Pianos. Magnificent Louis XIV. Central and Square Pianos of every .'ole and the latest patterns, from the world-famed factory of Chlckering A Sons This factory. <helargest in the country, bv Us jfreat and increased facilities, now produces "better in struments than at any other period of its th'rty three year's existence. Also, Pianos of beautiful tone ard superior worknr anshlp, b Brown Sc. Allen, Boston, m skers of long experience and acknowledged fcki;l. Second-hand Pianos teken la part payment. Pianos sold at factory prices A good assortment of MELODEONS, GUIT ARS, FLUTES, VIOLINS, Ac. N EW MUSIC constantly receiv*! RICHARD DAVIS, innr 22-3t Penrsylvjfnia avenue. "THE MARRIAGE GUIDE." Marri age guide, or natural His tory of Generation, for the use of married persons and those about to marry, of both sexes ; prl^e, SI ? THE MALE GENFRATIVE ORGANS," in health and oistase, from ir,f*ncy to old aj:e, with the treatment of all th*ir derangements ; for every nun's own private use; with colored plates; price. |t. A POPULAR TREATISE ON VENEREAL Diseases; their cure and prevention; for private use; with colored plates; price. SI. THE MATRON'S MANUAL OF MID wiferv and theDlseas^s of Pregnancy and Child birth," for everv female's own private use; price SI THE DISEASES OF WOMEN?THEIR Carses and Treatment Any of the Books can be had of the agent, ALEX ADAM SON, mar 22 3m 7th street, oppo. ite Post Office. MADAME S. D., Professor of Aitrelcgy, has arrived in Georgetown. a.!d Invites all persons who wish to inquire into their futurity to call upon her at No. 79 Bridge street, 2 doors above the Post Office. She is able to give satis faction relative to love, marriage, law, sickness, ana allaffhlrs in life Gentlemen 50 cents, lallts 25 cents. Madame S. D. is lately from Europe, where she received patronage from nobility. She Is now making a tour through the United State*, and will be here for a short time only. mar 24?2 * J. CONNELLY, Undertaker, No. 123 Seventh strtet, xtest tidt, let. (r and H, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and the adjoining counties that he is4 prepared to attend to all orders at ihe shortest notice and on the most liberal termsi He will spare r.o pains to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the dead In the warmest weather for any length of time. A large supply of ready made COFFINS of all sizes and qualities, always oa hand. Shrouds, CatrlHges, Hearses, and every other article furnished or the best quality. A share of the public patronage is respectfu'ly follclted. mar'4-tf StOABS, TOBACCO AND SNUFF. HC. PURDY, IMPORTER OF SEGARS, ? TOBACCO, AND SNUFF, has just re ceived a new invoice tf GOODS of superior qual itv Also, dealer In Meerschaum and other PI PES, and other articles usually kept In a Fancy Segar Store. Cons mers are respectively invited to giv? me a call. H.C. PURDY, Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d street, mar 10?lm under Washington House W A T C H KS?AVir7?w^irirY~?8?-F" ?? cent. Cheaper than can _ _ be bought elsewhere In Wash Ligt n, at J. ROBINSON'S, mar21-lm 349 Pa. av., opp. Browns' Hotel. /UOU5-CLOCK5_lLt)CkS.-AGREAT variety of CLOCKS, ill warranted to. keep good time one year, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Pennsylvania avenue, mar 21?lm opposite Browns' Hotel (^O TO ELLIS'S I" mar 8 FOR CHEAP QOOD9. FOR SALE AMD REWT. poR rknt -a parlor and chamber adjoining, cr will be rented feparatelv If re

qayTX^ Ter,n* moderate No. 134, corner of F and 13th streets. mar 25 ?coGt* POR RENT.-A TWO STORY BrTcK ..v. .8e,on thecornerof Seventh and M street*, with a lar^e yard and brick stable attached. A good stand for a grocery, with fixtures, or any C business. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate, and possession given immedi ately. For terirs apply to SAMUEL SHREVE, Jr., orC. S. O'HARE. irar25?3t# rpo LET ?TWO OR THREE COMFORT ably furnished Rooms, in the l.rick buildifg No 418, cast side, 6th street, between G and H. mar 25? 3t* POR RENT?A FRAME HOUSE, contaln *- ing *!x rooms, situated on east Capitol street, between 4th and 5th streets. For terms apply to O. A. DAI LEY, D*n'ist, Penn avenue, between oth and <th streets. rnar 22 3t pOR SALE ?I WILL SELL AT PRIVATE "al* between this and the 1st of May, my property, consisting of two two-s?ory Frame Houses, situated on 20th street, No 101 and 4* 6. between 0 and H. Alth, two two-story Brick Houses, situa'ed on 22d street. No. 214 and 210, between G and H Also two small frame Houses, situated on 23d street, No. 114 and 11(5. north of K. AJse. one vacant Lot of Ground cn2M street, betwen brand H For terms of sale inquire of Mrs. HANNAH M1LLSON. on stree*, l*e* ^ mar 22?tin* SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY X Residence, on 7th street Plank Road, about eS ?,0'n ^ ashington?25 acres with orchard P<*floh, Apple, &c Wculd make a good mar ket farm. Inquire at No. 2? third story of Treas urV- mar 20?2w* T^RAME HOUSE AND LOT AT PRIVATE f- pale ?A pleasant y located frame Hous?,cou. taming fwrgood sized rooms, and a line spa-iocs Lot with a fine young piach orch .rd attached, will be sold low If applied for rmn*-diatelv For Particulars address to "M C M," Ciiy Pest Of ca mar 19?lw? POR RENT-THE DWELLING ON TUE JL corner of New York avenue and l.Vh street Possession given on the 1st of April. The loca tion is very desirable, being directly on the om nibus route, and in the immediate neighborhood of the Pre^dent s Hoi^e and Government De partments. To a desirable tenant the rent will i?.v,eJX}0W Enquire on the premise' of J. w. NAIRN __ mar 17-2*? r|RUG store; for sale?situated u on the corner of 9th and i stree's. Robert C. Dyson h. Co. Apply to W. H. OILMAN, comer ? % street and Fa. avenue, or at the store, mar 94?lw* ITERY HANDSOME BUILDING LOT FOR V sa'e ? Part of Lot No. 14, in square No. 345, having a front on the west side of 10th street we-t, of 20 feet, between G and H streets, run ning back 100 feet, containing 2,000 square feet. The above described property is handsomely lo cated, and in a rapidly improving neighborhood. Title indisputable. For particulars app y to mar 13-dJw CHAS. S. WALl.ACH. F OR RENT?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, nearJy new, either furnished (to suit the oc cupant) or unfurnished, as may be desirel. Th? situation is unsurpassed. 266 F street, and the premises may bes<en any day after 4 o'clrck p. m- inarl3? lm FOR RENT?THE LARGE HOUSE, com plexly furnished, situ-ited on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and the ^resident's Square, No 4. Possession given Immediately. Also, a flue pair of family horses, not more'than eieht years old. Enquire on the premises, No. 224 Pa avenne. mar 8?tf Desirable property for sale.?i will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockvllle Turnpik'*, about two miles above George'own, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office. The place contains 63^ acres, and is handsomely im proved by a two-stop/ brick house, 32 x <0, with a wine 25 * 31, and all necessary out houses. Apply to H. VV. Blunt, Water st., Georgetown Jan17?tf THOS. MARSHALL. For rent.-severalThaxdsome Rooms, including a Par!or and Chamber, with board. Als->, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs BR^ ANT'S, No. 303 G street, between 13th and 14th. nrur 18?eolm Ij^OR RENT ?THE I ATE LESIOENCE rf Samuel Byington, Erq., on 4){ street, near N, Island. The house is lirge ar.d convenient, with carriage he use. tin" fruit tre<s and garden. The property is in good order. Enquire of D. SANL?S. ovf-r Stott's Drug Store, Penna avenup. Rent $25'J per year. mar 22-ectf For sale?a tract of land con taining 17& acres, 40 of which is cleared, 15 or 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balance in c.ik and hickory, some of which is very heavy, it is handsomely localed, in a thickly settled and rap'dly Improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners. 6J{ miles soul} west of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria ?t:id Georgetown; well watered ; soil of the b?-st qual ity; buildings, a small frame Honse and stable: contains a valuable (tone quarry, and will be sold in whole or in part, at a treat bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H . SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H. CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf Rare chance?the undersigned offers for salw those b?autiful Lots frituated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence bites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. h. c. harkover. feb 23-tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par - lore and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient b^rd. Irqulre at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ncv *1?tf ORSE STOLEN OK STRAYED?Wa ana in good condition. Any person giving infor mation as to his whereabouts will be liberally re warded by J LREMI AH CON N OR, at the Glen wood Cemetery, or JOHN CONNOR, National Ho'el. mar 24?21* FOR THE LADIES IN PARTICULAR. A NEW ATTICLE IN THE SHOE L'NE A NEW STYLE OF CONGR FSS GAITER, which embraces all the qualities of tueold, with the addition of one other essential?they will not rip, and are perfe< tly water-proof as high as tbe foxing; and they are of good Quality, durable, and cheap. We would invi'e all to ex amine thetn, we know you will like them. Just received a case of light colors, the first in this market. Call early and see them. A HOOVER A SON, South side Pennsylvania avenue, mar 24?it between 6th and 7th sts. mastic work. PLAIN if ORNAMENTAL PLASTERER, No. 426 K Street north. THE UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THE Arm of Noonan ft Tlerney) respectfully in forms Owners, Builders, Architects, and otacrs, that he is prepared to attend to orders for Plain and Ornamental PLASTERING and MASTIC WORK with promptness, and in his usual satis factory style. Orders to the above addresspnnctnallvattended to. [mar20-eolm?) JOHN TIEftNEV DR SCHWARTZE'S Worm Destroying Syrup. The only known remedy which never falls to destroy Worms without Injury to the patieut. It Jswairanted to be a purely vege table compound, and compared with other prepa rations is pleasant to take, and Innocent in its operation. It needs but a trial to prove its effi cacy. Price ?5 cents a bottle. For s*l? at JOHN SCHWARTZE'S. Drug and Chemical Store, No. 468 Pa. avenue, next to U. 8 Hotel. P. g.?A liberal deduction will be made to the trad^ mar 20?eotf NEW CHINESE YAM, OR POTATO. (Disscorea Batatas.)?'The undersigned can supply tubers of this valuable new esculent, the only real substitute for the potato?83 per dozen ; *20 per hundred JOHN SAI L, mar 22-?o6t 306 7th street, comer of H. MEDICAL CARD. Doctor stanistas hernisz, iifg ular Practitioner of Homoeopathy. Office, 231 corner F and Fourteenth streets. Consulta tions from 10 a. m , to 3 p. m. Doctor Stanislas Hernisz, having retained from Europe with improved health, will attend to the practice of his profession. Le Uocteur parle Francals. Der Doctor eurlcht Deutsch. El Doctor habla Eapanol 11 Dottore parla Ita'fano. mar 7?3m* REMOVAL. Dr. m. v. b. bogan has removed his office and rcfldence to No. 4, corner of 9th and K streets, where he will alwajs te found to answer the call of his friends, when not pro fessionally engaged. mar 21-3t? MIU W. HENKY PALMKR'l PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Five Dollars Per Quarter. Apply at GEORGE UlLBUS'S Music Depot, Pennsylvania aveaue. mar 14?tf Any hobv and every rody run to ELLIS'S to buy all you want. He has every thln^, and Is selling out at a tacrilce to change hit business. mar 80 rjj ,c; u w AUCTION BALES. Bv J AS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. CIPEHIOU WIBIFS AND LIQUORS AT ^Auction -On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, March *7th, at o'clock, at the Auction Ro<mi?, I shall cell a small lot cf choir* I/quors. being the balance of the private ftock of a gentleman of this city, comprising? One quarter-cask of very superior Sherry Wl?e 7 dozen Old Port 3 dozen Jamaica Rum. very cheic? a baskets (picts) Heidsick A Co Champ?gnc. Also, on anathrr account ? 4 quarter casks Sei)cnctte Brar.dy 9,000 Landres Cleats The who> to be sold without reserve Terms : C3 'and under, cash ; over sum a credit of 3 and 4 months, for satlstactorllr en dorsed not s. bearing interest _mar 25-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auct By E S WRIGHT; Georgetown. FURVlTURK \T AlJtTinS ?On FRI DAY MORN IN (i next, the S*th instant, at JO o'clock, I shall fell, without reserve, at the residence of Lt Kurtz, on Gay tireet, the house hold effects, conslitmg of Spring So'a, rane seit atd Windsor Chairs Rockcr*. Breakfast ard Card TaMe* Extension dining Taole 25 feet long Chtra and Glesswsre Castors, Window Shidcs, Ac. Beds Bed?'.eads, Ac. Dressing zi d pliin Bureaus, Wash* and* Kitchen Furniture, Cook and other Stoves. Ar Termsca-h E 8 WRIGHT, Auct. mar -'5-It (VOTiri:.?The undersigned, appointed Trus 1-* tecs by a Deed of Trust executed on the 13th dav of December. 1853. by Henry Sebwier and tliiabeth, his wife, to Henry C. Stroman, will expos? to public sale, for Ccsb. at the market house in Georir**!own, at four o'clock in the after noon. on SATURDAY, the 5th of April next, ty acres of land, more or less, with lmprove ent?, ivlng and be'.ng !n Fairfax county. Stste m Virginia, near the Little Falls Bridge, agre* ably to thetf rms contained In said deed, and wlil dve to the purchaser such title as ttey are au thorized by said Deed of Trust. WM. H WEST. * Trusts BEN J ? F. MACKALL, ) lrusU** mar 21?1 fit Bv JAM tS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. q'niSTEE'S SALE OF VERY DEJIBA I hie Brick Dwelling-House on Tentb, r< ar F Street On WEDNESDAY AFTER N jON, April id. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, bv virtue of a deed of trust, duly made ard re corded, the subset ber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the nor'h half of Lot num bered 15, in square numbered 317, having a front of about V5 feet on Tenth street wes*. between E and F streets north, running back that width 110 feet 1 inch to an alley, togeiher with the buildings and improvements, consisting cf a handsome three-story and ba^ementbilckdwelling,contain ing, in all, twelve rooirs, fl ilshed in the most superior manner, with wa'er and gas throughout There is also attached a stable and arrlage nou?e. The buildings we:e erected bv an experienced builder tor his own residence, and no exnense was spared in the erection to make them comfo table and substantial. jerms: One-balf cash; the residue In six and twelve ironies, with interest, secured to the sat isfaction of th2 Trustee. SAMUEL REDFFRN. Trusts. JAS C. M? 6UIRE. mar 22?d Auctioneer. By JAMES C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. SI PEKIOK. HOSE VYO<>D BOUDOIR tin no, frxcelient Furniture end llontr. keeping I fleets at I ublic Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING. Aprils, at l?c,'cloek. at tfce residence of the Swedish Minister.* exrner of 11th and 1. street*. I shall sell nil hi* Furrd ture and Housekeeping Effects, viz : Superior Rosewood bcudoir Flano Forte, by Broadwood, London Handsome suite of rosewood d>? mask-coven d and parlcr Furniture, ccnslstin^ of large French Sofa, two Lounge?, two arm. two Gothic, and six side Chairs Marble-top Centre Table, gilt frame Mantel Mir ror Walnut What not?, fancy Tables Chinese Work Tables. Ottomans, fancy Chairs E'egant gilt ani Sevres China. French Mantel Clock, Ccndelefcras to match Sultsef damask ai d la'e Curtains. Shades, and Fixtures Two excellent walnut Cooke ice*. Wrltlng Tables Walnut di'.ing ' able*, plush sent dining Chaiss Two walnut marble tcp Sideboards Elegant Freach Cilna dinner, dessert, and tea Service Silver-plated Tea Service, Kettle, Cat tors, Ac. Cryttal c ;t glass Ware, Table Cutlery Excellent mantel Tirrepiece. Engravings \V ainut and Mahogany WcrJrobes. Bureaus Iron Lidateais, walnut Cottage I'edstesds Marble-tot. Washstamls, 'IoilttScts S'rperi' r hair and husk Mattresses. Bolsters, and Pillows Count-rpaiies. comforts, Blankets Excellent English R'Jg? lldll L amp, ball o?d stair Carpeting Cooking Stove, Refrigerators. K>tchcn Utensil*. Ac. ALSO, A small quantity of very superior Brown Sherry, Clare t, and Champagne Wines Terms: SHi and under, cash; over th"t sum a credit ef6U and 00 days, for satisfactorilyendorsed notes, bearing interest. JAS C. McGUIRE. mar'21?d Auctioneer ? * ???" By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer ?<MALL i'RAMK HOUSE AND LOT ON O 11th street, near the Steamboat Wharf. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. March 27th. *t4X o'clock, on the prtmises, I shall sell Lot No - 7, In Square 327, situated on 11th stree*. we?t. near ttaryla'id avenue, with the Improvements, consisting of a small frame house Terms at sale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 21?1 Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer VALUABLE ItOTEL PROPERTY, oppo site the Kailroad Depot, at Public Auc tion-Oil .MONDAY afternoon. April 21st, at\% o'clock on the premises. I shall sell part of ori ginal Lot No. 3 in Square No. 630, fronting 50 feet on north D street and 77 feet' 1 inches on New Jersey avenue, ccn aining 5 255 square fe*.t of ground, more or leas, with the Improvements,1 consisting of a three-story brick building, or, tainintrin all twenty good rooms, arranged ex press1.y for a small hotel, with hot and cold water and gas throughout the building. The property is situated on the eorncr immedi ately oppo Ite the Depot, and from Its location offers great inducements to persons desirous of engaging in business. It was built by the late John Foy expressly for a second class hotel, who conducted it successfully unti his death Terms : One-fifth in cash; the residue In 6, 12, 18, 24 and ?0 months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. For farther particulars address Stanislaus Mur ray. Esq ., or the auctioneer. msr 17-eoAds J AS C. McG UI R E Auct. By i. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALlABLE IM . proved Real Estate on Missouri ave noe, near the corner of 6th street west.?Hy virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date on the ll?th day of May, 1952, and recorded in liber J. A. S., No 48, folios 78, et seq., the subscriber will sell at public s"ile oa TUESDAY, the 15th dev of April. 1856, at 5 o'clock p m . on the p-emlses, Lot No. 11. in square B, fronting 33 feet 11 Inches on Missouri avenue, near the corner of 6th street west, by 109 feet S Inches deep to a twenty feet alley, with the improvements, which consist of a commodious, well-built, substantial, and com fortable brick dwelling-house and brick Bowling Saloon, Ac. The above property is situated in one cf the most desliable and rapidly enhancing parts of the city, near the National and Browns' Hotels, and offers a favorable opportunity to per sons desiring to invest or purchase for their own use. Terms : Ore-third cash, and the balance In six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months for notes beaming interest, from day of sale and se cured upon 'he property; and if not compiled wi;h in six days after tte sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of tbe purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. Title Indisputable. CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee. J. C. McGUIRE. mar 18?-Jaw Ads Auctioneer ~Bv BARNARD A BUCKEV . ???"etown TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALl ABLK Im proved Property in Georgetown ?On FRIDAY, 28th March, at 4 o'clock p. m , we wlil sell In front? f the premises, by vlrtiie of " deed ol trust, dated lDth Febrnary. 1851. duly re corded, Ac., from Mr. Wm. O'Brien, tha. two and a half story brick House ard Lot, belne fart of Lot 43 Theckell's addition to Georgetown, fronting twenty-three feet on south side of Bridge street near the market-house, and running back - fret to the property of Mr J Bogoe fht: is one of the best business locations in beorgetov n. Teruis ? One-fourth cash; the deferred p?.y ments in 6, 12 and in months, bearing Interest, and to be secured satisfactorily D. W EDMONSON. Trustee. BARNARD A BUCKEY, feb25?eoAds Auctioneers. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer Building materials at auction. OnTUESDAY AFTERNOON. March2fth, at 4 o'clock, at the stene of th?? late tire cn 2Vd, between F and G streets. 1 sh?ll sell about two hundred thousand Bricks, a ncmber of iron and stone Heads and Sills, Ac BvF^f.th1 as80cia?d press BY HOUg PRINTING TKLlORirt. The WUcontim Oovernorthip. Milwauk,,, Maroh J5.-Ba.wbf4 hu taken the oath.of office, and assumes the Governor ship tc day The Discovr red Life Beat New York. Mareh 25 -The life boat pick ed a,, at sea by the brig Llewellyn, arrived at Previderce. belonged to the Revenue Cutter J. C. Dobbin. Successful American Opera Naw York, March 35.?There was a large audicnce at the Academy of Music last ere nir.g. nothwitbsanding the stormy weather, to witneis the first performance of Signor Ar diti g opera, founded on Coopers novel of "The spy It received marks of decided favor Madam Lagrange, Miss lienMer and other vocalists aequittcd themselves with great credit, and together with the composer re ceivcd heart/ expressions of good feeliog from t o audience. The pioce was produoed by the manager of the Academy with a liberality and scenic effect, that added greatly to its successful representation. The opera was aa nounced for repetition on Wednesday evening. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. March 2S -Flour has advanced and holders are firmer; sales of Howard street Wheat is firm and unchanged: red SI 4<U SI 52, white 51 5Sa?l 72 Corn ha. .lightli improved, with a good demand ; yellow by weight, 59e. Provisions are quiet; mess pork S16 Ba ccn?sides 9a9i; shoulders 8a6j; hams 12#c Nothing doing in Lard. New Ycrk Markets New \ork, March 22. ? Flour is firm; sales of 8 000 bbls. common to good State 75a 57 25; common to low grades Ohio $7 31a >7 87i; good standard brands of Southern 57 68rnS* 0<5J, fancy to extra brands 58 12j a *9 Wheat is firm ; ?ales of 4.000 busbels aouth ern red 51 75; southern white 51.92 Corn is firm ; sales of 50 000 bushels ioothern mixed fiO*. Pork hus declined; sales of 300 bbls. mess at 515 75 Beef is firm; sales of 200 bbls Chi cago repacked at 513.25. Lard has declined . silcs of 300 bbls. at 10c Whisky is drooping; sales of 100 bbli.; Ohio at 28*. Financial. Nrw York, March 25?Stocks are high sr. Chicago and Rock Islend Railroad, 96^; Cum berland Coal Company, 33^, Michigan South ern, 95j; New York Central Railroad, 93* ; Heading Railroad, 92, Missouri ?'?, 64*; Illi nois Central (bonds) 91^. Sterling exchange is firm at 9ia9j. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alrxahdria, March 25, 1&5?, Last night, the opening of the Star fair at W ashington Hall filled the spacious saloon tftth a throng such as has seldom gathered its walis. The neatly ornamented baraars afforded scores of articles tempting alike the eye and the purse; whilst to the inner man. the Uble of confectionery offered vmnJs that " might shake the fasting of an anchorite." The lair ladies who have taken the Star s interest in charge, cannot fail when they offer our cititens such an en tertainment a? is now presented At Washing ton Hall. * Notwithstanding the inclement morning, yesterday,^ the Mount \ ertion Guards. Capt. S. II. DeVaughn, paraded in full strength' making a fine appearance At the target trial, the medal was won by pioneer Jms W Atkinson Atuumuii - _ . . . St. Paul s church, at all times brilliant and effective, was supported by the talented vo calists Professors Johnston and Frost and Misses Briggs and Whitebouse. giving the congregation a rare musical treat In the afternoon, the choir at St Mary's church, in addition to the usual selection of sacred music, gave a superb artistic execution to the prayer " Bow down thine ear, O Lord,1' from "Moses in Egypt " As the spring opens we notice many indica tions of improvement. Several new buildings have already been commenced, and we hear of others about to follow. Our merchants generally are busy in mak ing preparations for the spring trade, laying in heavy stocks of merchandise, Ac. Am. ? !i . BLAIKSMITHIJIO * BOILER MAKIK0. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKES THIS naetb' d of Informing his fi lends and 'he put lie that he has commenced tbe ab^ve named business, In all its various branches, et tbe corner of Ninth s-treet and Virginia avenue, (Island,! adjoining the machine shop of Hall A Co., where, by strict attention to business, he hope* to rece! ve a share of public patrcnage All O'devs addressed at above will receive prompt attention. FT" Repairing done at the shortest notice SMITH PETTIT. Formerly Superintendent of Holler Department of the Eagle Iron Works of Wm M Kill* A Bro mar 15?lm* Lost?this (Saturday) morning. in or near Centre Market, a POITEMON N AIE, containing ??.??a ten end fve dollar gold piece, two three dollar piects, ar.d a ive dollar Georgetown note The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at tbe Star Ottcc mar 22?St* For sale?a second hand one Horre WAGON, which baa been^JgSMi thorcugbly repaired, will be acid at ajgSg^^T reasonable price. Information a* to terms o*n te obtainel by inquiring of HOWELL A MOR SEL]^ mar *2-3t II AT?HA Y-HAt7~ JUST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE, 150 tale? prime HAY. Also, 5.000 bushels MILL OF FALL of all klcd? ; Corn, Oat?, Cut Hay, Ryt Straw, fresh and ground Corn Meal, dally from the Virginia Mills, wholesale and retail, in quan titles (o suit. We have also In store a superior article of RYE FLOUR, by tbe barrel, sack, or pound. Old Depot CLARK Jt BRO., mar lf?-lw* Corner Pa. avenue and Sd at. INTERESTING TO tAHPENTIRS AND BUILDERS. OUR PLANING MILL IS AGAIN IN AC tlve operation, and we are prepared to exe cute all descriptions of work witn great prompt ness and In very superior stvle We have In our lumber yard a prime stock of Carolina Railby I. and * by 4, and all sizes cf Carolina timber White I'ine f>t every variety and thickness. Hemlock Rails and common 4-4 w p for shea thing?cheap. White Pine, Hemlock. Eastern Shore.and Car olina Flooring, of prime quality, and dressed In very superior style Laths and Pickets. and a generrl clock All cf which we offer at ths lowest market prleea for cash. ortosoeh customers a* we choose to trust mar 22-eo2w FITZHUGH COYLE A BRO A CARD. WALL, BARNARD A CO , AccTiOKtaas AXDCOMXISSIOX MllCliRTS.ctrMr Pen*. Sftrania avenue and 9tk streets, will as utusl gl re their esrecial attention to all sales entrusted to them, such as Housekeeping eflbcts, Reel Bs tate, or any other Goods, upon tbe most reasona ble terms. They will make liberal cash ad vances on consignments. mir 8 ? I m THE STEAMER GEORGE PAGE IS now ruanlng regularly between Washington and Alexandria at tbeg following hours: Leave Alexandria 4, 8, 10, U, t\, 4 , and ? o'clock. Leave Washington ?, Hi IM?'K. 5 if, and 7o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICE. Captain. ' mar 44 THE STEAMER GLORAE WASHING. TUN wUldepartat tbe follow ing hours : l Leave Alexandria 7Jf. 9. 11. Itf. 3#. SM Leave Washington.. .9, 10. IS, *#,4Af.t mar 18-d JOB CORSON, Captain [Alea Gsxj CAST-OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT A.ND SOLD AT 7* LOUISIANA Avenue, opposite Holmead's grooery, near Semmes's. Address through pest ottce. to " Mr. Tailor.'' mar *-lm*