Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE EMIGBANr'S DYING CHILD.. Father! 1 '111 hunper'd ! give me bread; Wrap close my shivering form ' Cold blow* the wind arcutd my head, And wildly beats the storm; Protect me from the aegty sky, I shrink beneath Its wrath. And dread this torrent rushing by, Which Intercepts our path. Father! these California skies You said were bright and bland? But where, to-n!ght. my pillow lies, ?It this the golden land! 'Tls well my little sister sleeps, Or alse she, 'oo, would grieve, ?But only s?*e how still she sleep*? She his not stirred since eve 1 '11 kiss bar and perhaps she ll apta ;; She'll kiss me back, 1 know. O, father f only touch her cheek, ?Tlsceld as very snow ! Father ! you do not shed a tear, Yet little Jane has died;? O promise when rou leave mt here, To lay me by her side! And when you p.isa the torrent cold, We've come so far to see, And you go on. bey. nd, for gold, O, think of Jane'and me' Father, 1 'in weary' rest my head Upon thy t osom warm? Cola blows tha wind about my head. And w.'ldly beats the storm ! Axixai, Chemistry-?Thb Formation of Fat is thf. Animal Bodt.?The following fact related by M Koss, is valuable, when taken in coniuuotion with the recent discussions wh:ch have been held in relation to the forma tion of fat in in the animal economy. A work man was killed on a railroad, just after par taking of a full meal consisting entirely of bread and grapes. Ilia body was subsequently examined. The process of chemification was found in full activity, and at those portions of the small intestines which the chyme had reached, the mu-uocs membrane waa found dotted with white points, which, on closer ex amination waa seer, to depend on the presence | of drops of oil in the epithelial cells surround ing the extremities of the vili. Here is an example of the abundant formation of fat | from ?ubstances which, at the most eould eon tain bet a very small quantity of faty ele ments, being composed almost entirely of gluten, starch, and sugar. Atthobity ok Railroad Co>sdcctob3.?A ' Worcester (Mass.,) Court has decided that railroad conductors have a right to put any passenger out of the carp by force who refuses to comply with the rules of th? company. A passenger wished to remain on the platform of the cars, (a very dangerous position,) and re fusing to enter the car the conductor put him off at the next station The Court said that as the rules of the Corporation, forbidding ridiDg upon the platform of the cars wore reasonable and necessary, and were several times brought to the attention of complainant, the conductor had a right to prevent oomplaU nant from riding upon the ears and tho right to use reasonable forces in rejecting him there from, for non-compliance. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAH 8TEAMEBS. ItOK TBI tJlTBD STATIC Liffii Far Day. Arabia Boct3n Llverpoc .. .Mar. 28 (Colllis).New York....Liverpool...Mar.39 Persia .New York Liverpool...Apl. a Fulton New York Havre Apl S Ospray Ne* York....Cartba{;ena.. Apl 8 Brena New York.... London Apl IS noM strops. Brendi London New York....Mar. 1 Pulton Havre New York Mar. 12 Canada.......Liverpool....Boston Mar. IS Atiantie Liverpool.... New York...Mar 19 Asia Liverpool. ..New York...IVlar .22 Washington..Bieimn......New Yoik ..Mar. 96 The California steamers leave New York on the Sth and 20th of each month. The Overland Mails tc India and China We have often been abked for information in re gard :o the departure of the Mails from England to China. The following may be interesting to thoee who have correspondence with tne East: The mails leave Southampton on the 4th and 30th of each month, and arrive at Gibraltar about the 9th and 25th of same month; arrives at Malta about the 14th and 30th of same month ; arrives at Alexandria about the 19th of same and 4th of fol lowing month. Mm# and oin or 8th of following month; arrives at Aden about the 25th or 26th of same and 10th or 12th of following month Leaves Aden about the 28th or 27th of same and day of arrival for Bombay, and 11th to 13th for China, Ac Indian Navy steamer arrives at Bombay about the ?>d to 5ch and 1'Jth to 21*t of following month. P. and O. steamer arrives at Peint de Galle about the 6th or 7th and 22d to 23d of following month ; leaves Point de lialle for Polo Penan? the same day, if the steamer has already arrived which takes the mall on ; arrives at Pulo Penan? about the l?th or 13th and2?th and 29th of follow ing month ; arrives at Singapore about the 13th or 18th and 31st or 1st of following month; leaves Singapore about 12 hours after arrival: arrives at Hon^r Kong about the 22d or 24th and 9th or 10th of following month; leaves next day for Shanghai. I woroslla leave England?one on the 8th and 20th of each month?via Marseilles and arrive at Alexandria about the same time as the Southamp ton mall. ABHIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTEL!. ffilltrdi' liatal?r. f,& i.i, wimti Hon A Wake man, NY G B Wickliffe,NY A C Burnslde, R1 S D Burns, Fl* A H Daveaport A ly, Pa T J Gnott, do E F orrest, do HE Wafton, Pa S Martin, NC J p Russall. Vt K N Wood, Cal W W Rus*all. do B Flanders, NY M L Wavnard, NY A Plzzine, Va (i 1) fexton. SC J Plzzine, do E B Co.-rick A ly, Mo 1 T Hatch, ly, 2childn, J Y Fillebrown, Pa , *,v,iNY S E Woodend. do J Mdaloud, jr. Min J B Stimson, Md E S Leland, 111 T R Agustis, Del H Martin. NY D L Hehird, 111 ? Ma tin. do C H I.entasrt. do C H Gordon, Del \V F Davids, N Y B O Wl'son, Mas* G Brayton A lv do i B W heat. Pa Miss C Brdy.on, do ^ Petltt, NY S G Spieer, U B W HukUl. Me E C Grafton, Mass F E Gnilck, Va D Klnlleha't. Pa N J Harrison, Mass s C Gettv. do J? Rngllsh, d0 F B Han,on, N I B H ells A ly, N Y T N Taylor, Vt M W Ball, do p H Garber A ly, P. ? ? v a E w ??*too, Va HP Tunis A ly Pa R J Tompkins. Ala Miss J Tunis, ao li Jones A ly Mo Mrs AUmand, do SFRufus, Aid J 8 Paine, N Y W C F inly, do r 9 Willett. Md 11 C Maston, Va WT? Phers^a, do Rt Kinstry, Ttnn F P Rtdlag, Mass C Osborne, do HT Greenwood, Va F W Simpson, Md Andrf wi. do j I'lurumer, NY E D Grljfijj, Vt L L Stephens, do 7?wa,vcr M* , F ""?l?>n, Me ?C.N?5!SOu' * Y M McCalis'er, 8C H A Patron, do w J Albion. Pa 5 Mor*e A ly. NC G Clermont, do ?lss Mcrse, do Miss Clermont do J D Mafeelv, 8C G Casev, N Y ' A R Wheeiork. do J F Gretland, do M Porter A ly, NY Hrewci' r kB.llswa A L Hendrl-ks, Va R W Htnev Va W B Rcss do J W fcho^ier. do H L Taliaferro, do L Posey, Md R K Chaudler, do Dr A As tfrooke, do ^ Mlae B B Lancaster, do ' NC A K Peyton, do it ^i?r.a?,ham;do ^r Blo.-idham, and sen, " A Biddt* and fmilly, France r p ? ..u Mr I.egletter, Iy,do n u W Miller, NY r xv? K A ^Wr. do r ^ T Minnt. >1V r J Mxthews, do R w Wheat. Va HA Kumpkln, lv, Pa Mrs Ward Md W lohwoi, ly, Ao Mrs Hlij^ins dr do ? ? Da^ney. Va H W Mursev lv Vi J B Pierce, /'C Miss Gunter, do' NaUsnal Haiti wiiluh sit A H Pratt, NY C S Kertcb, Sid I) Mamvn, RI J VV Bow>-n,do E Martin, NY A L Knight, do E Dent, Eng C J M Gwinn, do J H Ja k. ly, Ed A C Gala, SY O H WLitney, NY E Lewis, dr, Pn F A TilTdny, di Mrs Wltherspoon, Ala K K ftprlngtr, ly, O J Gold hwaite, de J Mprigner, do H Go!dthwalte, do J W ??vln, Va AD Mend, 111 R M Cckton, do ttrkwee* H?as?-i A a. H miWMl 6 Barns Conn Jores Va S D VV hi'ney Pa Mr. J AsSac^ Md H SI Dtrnui., do Mrs Dr A>.hbackt do W Dobbins NY Mrs Dr CoUixu do J Hollicgsworth, Va CaptTJ McDonald J Savage J>?V J P Taylor, Va F Bttta. Md Capt W Mitchell,DO W B Rind, 8C W MUward, Pa ' GUTTA PEKCHA TEETH. UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN X the habit of sending oar patrons to 1 Dr. COSBY, formerly of Richmond,/ Va., for Dental operations for n nnra ber of years, and take pleasure in recommending him to the citizens of Washington as the best Tooth Extractor and Dental <?perator that we have ever met with He Inserts Teeth npon every plan that Is practised in the United States. 0?o. r. Ho'dm*?. M D. B. W. Towlm, M. O. A. V. P?rne. WL D, DDS John f. Mhier, M. D. *rj?nt, M D O. T. Cbwnb?rlln, U. D? DOS. 0. H. Hmrr'.n. M D. Stmnel P. Brmrn, M. D. W*b? Tinder, U. O B. M. FrsncUeo, M. D. Ofice over Ford A Bro.'s, No. 290, corner of llthjtrect and Pa avenue. nov *7?dm* D GUTTA PEHCHA TEETH. R O. MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base Also, with Allen's pat-i ent continuous Gum, combining beau ty. strength and cleanliness. Dr. M. Is determined to keep pace with every Improvement in Dentistry, and will strive to please and profit his patrons. BEPBRKTf CI : P. D euriey. D D. Hon R H Glllet, J. G. liinney, D D. Hon. S A Douglas, B Sunderland, D.D. Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Esq. Dr. R H Coolldge, Hon. C Mascn, Dr. Thomas Miller, Hon. A O P Nicholson, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov 23?tf OESTI1Y DEMONSTRATE!) BY THE PLANET* t'll ASTROLOGY. PROF'R SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foretell all Particular Events of Human Life, such as Love, Marriage, Description of Persons. Riches. Business, Fiiend^, Rights, Claims, and Deeds of Property; all kinds of Speculations, Suits, Gain or Lose; of Sickness, all kinds of Dis tempers cured in quick time. Terms: Fifty Cents, male or female; People of Color, Twenty-Five Cents. No. 137 B street, opposite the Smithsonian. o? be Islaud. mar3-lm* BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europo; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Europe; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR XI OR UPWARDS; EUY AND SF.LL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTH-'.R SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Investment paying 10If and over, far salo. LAUD WARRANTS We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTS of ail denominations. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. AGENCY OF THK Keystone Insurance To. of Philadelphia. Capital. ???????????????? ?$3C0,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856 Assets of tnu Company, consisting of Bonds and Mortgage* on unencumbered real es tate 81I0.GM 00 Stoc^sof otter Corporations, worth par 85,6*20 00 Cash on hand 31,356 30 Bills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans 836.943 70 Stock notes f 14,^6 00 51,339 70 8219,420 00 Whole receipts for piemlums during the year....**...... 9112.812 U5 Paid for losses and expeusts during the year 71,133 0? P MMOKI ARTY, President. J MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Risks change.1 from other comoanies to this No charge for poilcy lee. Enquire"at the oflce of J . H. Kendall, over R. Morrow's Exchange OtHce, first door West of W. B.Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. ftb 7?3m DAVID MYERLE, Agent. UNITED STATES COl'ItT OF CLAIMS. -THE UNDERSIGNED, JOHN C. Vj DEVKREUX, Of N-w York city, and M. THOMPSON, of Washington, D C . Attorneys and Counso'lors-at law, are associated for the !?gal prosecution of claims for creditors of Gov ernment, in the Court of Claims. They wlllco operate In immediate and careful attention tobuslness matters at W .uhlngton which may be entrusted to their care by gentlemen of the profession and claimants In the city of New York, or elsewhere In any part of the Union. They may be consulted at any time, personally or by letter, either at New York or Washington. Particular Information to claim* which have -?anv time before Congress or Departments can be iurnishoa <>ncc upon application by the parties icterestei. JOHN C DEVERKUX. No 90 Broadway, corner of Wall street, New York city. M. THOMPSON, Washington city. N. B?J C. Devcreux is a Commissioner of the Oourt of Claims. feb 20?tf H. SEMK.EN, Jeweler, X}0 P?n*v ansMi, bit win 'Jtk aiut 1 Of 4 Until. HAS RECEIVED AND OPEN ED TH IS DA Y a magnificent assortment of fine and ** rich imported JEWELRY,pachas Flor entine and Romaa Mosaics. Italian Lavas and Corals, Gamete. C -meos, end a vari-< ety of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any descrip tlon, the very latest stylus Also, u new lot of fine London and Geneva WATCHES, warranted tlmekee p<?rr. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers, Castors, Creams. Gcblets, Cups. Forks and Spoons, (sterling.) Fish, Cake? era Pie Knives, Baiter and Fruit Knives, Sour an? Oyster Ladles, Preserve. Sugar and Crtam f poons, Salt Cellars, Napkin Rings, etc., etc. SILVER PLATED WARE, ON ALflATA. Castor*, Baskets, Butterboats, Urne, Fork* and Spoons. FANCY ARTICLES. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments, in variety, Card Caees, Portmoanales, Cigar Ca?es. And al30 a iar?? a?3',rtmii.t cl SPECTACLES la Gold. Silver and Steel I rurass, ta suit every eve and ?;je; Eye Glasses, Congress Specs, and Opera Glasses. IC7* VVe tak* pleasur- In sl-o.rlag cur good3 to all, whether purchasers or not. All our goods are warranted as represented, and will b? sold at the lcwL-st possible price. fCT Jewelrv and Silverware made to order: Diamonds remounted; Gold Pens repointid, ani Engraving on Jtone executed at short notice. Chronometers and all kiuds of fine Watches and Musical Boxes put in perfect order at short notice. H. SEMKEN, Jeweler, 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lO'.h sts. dec 1 ?If CHAUNCEY \7 IKK in EH, WATCHMAEtiB AND JEWELER, AND DEALER IN FINE WATCHES JEW ELRY and SILVERWARE, would resper.t fully solicit the attention of those who desire a good article, to his cbolne variety of London, Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of keeping and durable qualities, for which a suitable guurartee will be finished those who purchase. GOLD SEALS, FOB and VEST CHAINS, FINE JEWELRY, SILVER SPOONS, GOL LKT8, CUPS, FORKS, Ac., for sale at N. York prices. The Chronometer, Duplex, L-'ver, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical and oth*r WATCHES re paired Also JEWELRY. Ac. No. 379 Pa. avenue, between Cth ar.d7th streets, Brown's Hotel Building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCH, Jan 26?3m Washington, D C. T ? P 11 A M A MlRFLGI'l NEW AND CHEAP SADDLE, HARNESS AUD TRUNK STORE, 429 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. ~ MESSRS TOPHAM, * it ill. late of Philadelphia, aua NORFLETof this city, - -- 711 respectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they have com inea<i?l tho Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly O't hand a large and superior assortment of? Mer.s', Ladles' and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES,and WHIPS. H ARN ESS of every descrlptlon, both for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladies'SATCHELS. TRAVEL ING BASKETS,and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS. COVERS, COLURS, and HAMES. Hors*,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac. Ac. All material use-i will be the bent that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for se /eral years, we frel confident that our work cannot be s-irpaiied, either for style or durability. Hy unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hop:- to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Pasticnlar attention paid to eoverlag Trunks and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers' tooleconatantly on hand. nov 7?tf P. NKNIINU, ARCHITECT AND SUPERINTENDENT. WILL FURNISH PLANS AND SPECIFI CATIONS for buildlnys of evry descrip tion, and superintend their orectlon if required. Designs for public aul private l5uUdin?s, Counting Houses Churches, Monuments. Al?u, Wo.king Drawings for builders will be carefully executed at reasonable terms Oflce, 216 F stree , north side, between 14th ud iftb, Washington D. 9. mar 1-Un # Information for Traveler!. HARPER'S KERRY, Via Cktmptakt if ' Ohio Canal. THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS' TbE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET BOAT ARGO. Capt. Cuas. H Merrill, will ccmm^nce making Regular Trips between GEORGE I OWN and the above Point, on Mon day, March 27tb, 1856. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H.&H.G Kliter, Georgetown, D. C ,e'ery Monday, Wed nerday, and Friday morning, at 6 o'clock Returning, she will lwive Harper's Feny evsrv Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 8 o 'rlfvk Through Tickets, $2.23. To Leesburg $1.(12){, including the St ge from Edwards' Ferry Families intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coming season will find this by fhr the most b?jPp, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley, Capon. Shanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. MehU served on ttoard at moderate rate*. A csach will always ?>e In readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. Fsr further particulars inquire at the store of W. H 4 H.G RITTER, Georgetown, and G. W. CUTSHAW, Harper's Ferrv, Va. mar 18?If 87 RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST. Vim* between Washington and Wheeling bet 17 ^ botial Innaing Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 boors TJitTca TICXXTS AMD liKiei CHXCIt T? >? KA> in Wi SHIRSTOK. TtlS UALTlHOIiE AND OHIO RAIL UOA1) haviagrrcatly improved Its Western connecticns, now offers the fulieet Inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portions of the WEST, NOltTU WLST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash ington and tho Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 nriilfs from Baltimore. This is the onlv change of can required between Washington and the Ohio river. Ba^gajje Is chocked through to Wheeling at the Wasnlnpton htatlon, and rechscked ana trans ferred there, (withthepassengers) without charge, for those Lolling Through Tickets /or points be yond. The connect'ng Trr.lup leave Washington dally at 6 n. m. and 4)1 p. m. Oa Sundays at the latter hour onlv. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from "Wheeling, dirtet eoRHietxtm Is made wkh the trains cf CENTRAL '?HIO RAILROAD, pinning from Beilalre, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, Zanssviile, and Newark, to COLUMBUS These trains connect at Newark with the cars of the Newark, Mansfleld i ar.d Sandusky Rsllrcad for Sandnsky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Ft. Louis, eU*. At COLUMBUS ?he C.O. Railroad trele* con ?i-ct wi'.h the ftt3t trains of the Lit tit ??i-.*r.* llail r*?/i to Xcala, Cincinnati, Louisville, etc At XEN1A (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed wii> the trains th*r?ngh Dayton, to Ind '.m apo'ls, Terrc Hr.ntr. Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Itlmd. t'ft. Lnjit, Cairo. et?j Pswengers licldirs* Ttro*7?w Tickets f,ij A'txipkir. V-.ih3by>rg, A'cttkiM, Mm Or'.tsnt. ?t9.,whlc? rs-eaLsoKO-aat Wa?b'nyioe?nre trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mali Steamers the Ohio. Tickets for r.vansvll'e, Cairo, aid St. bonis are i?o!d bv tfce river rcste. irj* For CLEVELAND, aad V- Cievlan* to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets ae fid, whtn tha Ohio Is n?vty ible b*trvc?H Wheeling and Wclisviiie (forty miles) whors c connexion with the Cleveland axd Pitts'-,.:r? Filil a-1 is made Travelers sts reqrfsted tt tctist Ik .1 whil? thlt is the ssly rr-to e.7ordi*g Through TlckeU and Checks in WssiiingtOB, It is tlto the shortest, xr*i speedv, sad direct to nearly ail the leading points la tho gre?.t West. Ti:c dls-.a?ce from VVa^hiHgton to Cincinnati !? bat CKI mile? being nbe-it 100 miles shorter than by any other ro ite! FARE, LY 'JTHKOUS'U TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON To Wheells*,* ?."*, Cilnrt bue, 813 S5: J.'tyton. ?i5 50; Cl&rliuiaU, ?-C LoulAVilie, by railroad, CI1? G5, by tiecnier frets Oin.cla.aaii, HI? DO; IndiansixV-is, #17 G3j Cleve land, 912 fC; Trledo *!5 ex'; DetroH. CI5 W; Chicago, 900 f-5 and Sl'J C-'r. tit. i-cuia, 50 and S'i5;>nphla. Orlrjrj fH; etc. IT^ FUIl PKKDKRICK ^ND HAKPEK'tf F?7iRY,r.jAR'flNMitUR9, CUMBERLAND. BERK L2Y SPRIK98.BEDFORD 8PT<1N3S, PIEDMONT,OAKLAND,and FAIRMOVNT, rues-r^ers lejrrs Wae^lngloa r*. 6 n. m. oi 4w p. n. f -K the mJr. . my' stuUuas brtxwt BalL^rf ry.i. WttLVe * z. b. train f.oj# WR*hlnj;;ej. (i^For tnt.12 <5 -i " ficvi H4liisM?e, <to., se? special %C. C7"Forituthcr iiJopvuilio?, Thr?*fv, T!*ict?, *e.,apjsly to a. FA&SON9, Agdat, at Wa*hi-<t<jaSuil?a. WM. ? WOODSIDE, U.xrt?r si I rajupaitatlen, P*i::w3 ciJ Ohio Kalirmd, B&iiluira. march 1?If ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. G-reat Southern Mail Line! Kg- T WICK DAILY '5* (SUNDAY NIQHTS EXCEPTED) Bctwesn Washington City an<l the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, (lORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND. OfiYC Washington at 6 a. m. and 7 p. m. rare from Washington to Richmond ?5 50 OMNIBUSES and BAGttAOE WAGONS will bo at the Warhln^on Rallror.d Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Frt* oj Chirgt, to STEAMER GEORGE _ riCTj t'AGE.for ALEXANDRlA.adis-^^A^gi, tanca cf six miles, allowing ample time fwMeaTs. 1 lckets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfsrt are secured by this Route, as it Is a continuous linsof pir?tclas9 railroad PHOM ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND. THROUGH PASSKNGERS and BAGGAGE carried without cost to the Depot of the Peters0'jrg Railroad. Information of Route and Lost Bag^a^a ob tained of JAMES A. EVANS, feb 11 Agent, Alexandria, Va THFi NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL flMIE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE A are the ATLANTIC Capt West PACIFIC (.apt. Nye. BALTIC Capt. Comstock. ADRIATIC These shi ps have been built by contract expressiy for Government service. Every care has been taken in '.heir construction?as in the engines?to iufture strength and speed; and their accommo dations for passengers are uaequ&led for elegance and comfort. DATS or From New York. From Liverpool. 1956. 1856. Saturday Jan. 5 Wednesday....Jan. 21 Saturday Jan. 19 W>dnesday....Feb, 6 Saturday Feb. 2 Wednesday....Feb. 20 Saturday Feb. 16 Wednesday....Mar. 5 Saturday Mar. 1 Wednesday.... Mar. 10 Saturday Mar. 15 Wednesday.... Apr. 2 Saturday Mar. 2V Wednesday....Apr. 16 Saturday Apr. 12 Wednesday....Apr. 30 Saturday Apr. 26 Wednesday....May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....Muy 23 Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June 11 raics or paiiasi. From New York to Li ver pool, trot cabin.... 8130 " " " second cabin. 75 Exclusive nse of extra sire state rooms J25 From Liverpool to New York. ...30 fi 20 guineas No berth can be secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. Shippers please take not'ee thattheshipuof this line cannot carry any goods contraband or war. All letters mnst pass through the'post otttre? any other will be returned The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. For freight or passage apply to El)WARD K. COLLINS * CO., 56 Wall street, New \ ork. BROWN. SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD 4 CO., 'J? Austin Friara, London B G WAINWRIGHT & CO., Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. Noticx.?The day of departure of this line from New York, for 1356, will be Saturday, com mencing J anuary 5, and every alternate Saturday, from Liverpool, Wednesday, commencing Janu ary 23. and ever)' alternate Wednesday. Jan 30-y WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAdT (CHANGE OF HOURS.?On and after Mex J day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 0 and a. m., axl 3 sad 4* p. m. On Sunday at 4)4 p. m. Leave Baltimore at iff aad 9jtf a. ? ? aad 3 and IK p. m. On Sunday at a. m. tp 23?tr T. H. PARSONS, Ageai. /^LOSING OCT AT GREAT SACRIFICE, Vy TO CHANGE BUSINESS ?Fans, Perfum ery, Sta'lonery, Baskets, Cabas, Umbrellas, Chi na Goods, Ac., Ac. JOHN F. ELLIS, mar 40 306 Pa av., bet. 0th and 10th sts. DCRVUMBRY AND TOILS! GOOD ? A oheap, at JOHN F. KLLIi'f. f?> 1 J SPRING GOODS. JOHN H. SMoOT, No 119 South sl ie Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, D. C . ha* re ceived hi? First Instil mentof SPRING GOODS, sui cd to the early demand. Plain cols all wool Mous de Laines, Plain Black. Silks, all grades, ? Plain French Procolesor Cambrics, White and colored flgured Brllliantes, 100 pieces English and American Calicoes, i0 pieces Manchester and Domestic Ginghams,

25 pieces White Cambrics and Jaconets, 50 pieces Checked and Plain Muslins, *25 pieces Richardson and Barklle's Irish Linens, 300 pieces soft-flnlshed Shirting Cotton, 12X0. New York, Bates and Wamasutta Mills do., Heavy bleached and brown Sheeting Cottons, Toweling, Table Damasks, and Napkins, Ladi s and Gents Linen Cambric Handkerchief^, Heavy Osnaburg Prints and S'rlped Osnaburgs, Mixed Denims and twilled and plain do. Also, Whalebone and Manilla Corded Skirts, White and slate colored do , with other seasonable goods, to which large ad dillons will soon be made from the latest arrivals In New York and Philadelphia. Cash and prompt paving customers are solicited to call early. (mar 5) J. H . 8. DAOUERREOTYPING BY A LADY. MRS A. C. REDMOND HAVING ADDED to her new rooms a beautiful Skylight, and engaged an Assistant Operator, < one of the be*t In the District,) she Intends not to have her Pictures earelled, If equalled, in the United States. 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This Company have secured a charter from Con ^row, appropriating theiT ground forever to burlaJ purposes, making a foe title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which Is of va^t Importance to those who w!?h their dead to repose wbere they have olaced thejo, for it has become a custom In all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to (tell it, and throw the load promlscously into ono large pit, and legal neasures cannot prevent it, a* ao titles aie given t3 the ground. N . l> ?Office? pea flrora 10 to U o'clock a. a., where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of thv ground, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. J&avs F. Harvey. No. ; 10 Seventh meet, or aay ether undertaker, will be prefSptly attended le. I* 18?ly ALWAYS SOMKTHIIIB HEW! READ THIS, OLD AND YOUNG! Prof. Wood'.'* Hair Restorative WILL RESTORE 8RAY HAIR TO ORI jrtnal color permanently; made to grow up on ba.d heads; remove all dandruff or itching; destroy all disees.s of the scalp; and if used once or tWKe a wt?k regularly, will prevent the hair from becoming gray or falling, to an imaginable age Reed tLe f -llowin^ testimonials, and we defy you to doubt, (cays tLe Waverly Magazine.) Success genius whose tonic we say, Turns bac? to its color the Hair that was gray. SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING !?By using Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, gray hair can be permanently restored to its original color. The subjoined certificate was received from Johnson A Stone, Gardner, Me . and is but one of the many instances that are daily coming to our knowledge of Its wonderful effects. It is no longer problematical, but a self evident truth, as hundreds of our community can testify.?Bos ton Herald. Gari>:?kr. Me, June 22. IMS. Mr. II. Dyes?Dear Sir: I have used two bot tles of Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, and can truly say it is the greatest discovery of the age for restoring and changing the Hair'. Before using it I was a man of seventy. My hair has now at. tained its original color. You can recommend it to the world without the least fear, as my case was one of the worst kind Yours respectfully, DAN'L N. MURPHY Carlyle. III., June27. 1858. I have used Prof o J. Wood's Hair Restora tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as l thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of the " Restorative" it has resumed Its original color, and, 1 have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, E(-Senator United States. HAIR RESTORATIVE.?In our columns to day will be found Prof. Wood's advertisement of the above article, to which we call attention. Whst it has done, we have witnessed unon sev eral of ovracquaintances in St. Louis. Hair once gray met our vi^w, blar:k or brown as the case might be, being the color of early manhood; and as tine and glossy as silk, and that without any other application than the Restorative. If it has done this upon others, will it not do the same for any of our readers whose "frosty prows" were onre like the ?* raven locks" of I,i>thiel?s warlike chief, if they will try it. We think so.?Jackson ville Constitutional, Oct. 5. 1653. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OFTHE AGE?It seldom occurs that we notice, under any circumstances, pateut medicines, restora lives, cr anything of the kind, for we have a pre judice against irost of them. But candor com pels us to invite attention to the advertisement rf Professor Wood's Hair Restorative. We are too juvenile to require anything of the kind, but some instances of Its use iiave come to our knowledge which almost assures us that it is a sovereign remedy against the hair becoming prematurely gray, ltis not a " Hair Dye," but upon lta ap plication. as directed, the effect is produced upon the skin, which brings out the original colored hair, without stiffness, and gives It a glossy and natural appearance. We have seen persons who haveusea it. and are much pleased with it. Ex amine the advertisement ?Slissourt Rtpubli a*. O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, No. 316 Brordway, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Missouri C STOTT A CO.. wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. T. W DYOTT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. feb 1?6m [No 650 ] i Swamp and Overflowed Lands." >URL1C NOTICE?PURSUANT TO THE Instructions of the Secretary of the Interior, Eubilc notice Is hereby given that, in order to ring to a close the business under the act of Con gress approved September 28.1850, entitled, "An act to enable the State of Arkansas, and other States, to recliim the 'swamp lands' within their limits." and at the same time afford to parties who claim that portions of the lands selected un der said law are dry and fit for cultivation, an op portunlty to Introduce evidence, all lands so se lected, to the approval whereof no objection be made within six months from the date hereof, will be certified ;;nd patented to the States. Such objections ps are contemplated by the above must be made under oath, aad filed with the register and receiver of the proper land office for transmission to the General Land Office. The necessary forms for affidavits are In the hands of said officers. The following classes of land are exempt from objection, to-wit: 1st. Lands entered with cash, or located with military bounty land warrants or scrip, after the passage of the act of 28th September, 1850, and prior to the passage of the act of 24 March, 1865, "for the relief of purchasers aad locators of swamp and overflowed lands." 2d. Lands already patented to the State under the swamp law. in all cases where objection is raised, testimony must be taken before the register and receiver of the land office, at such time, after the expiration of said six months, as they may appoint, with the consent of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. The lists of swamp and overflowed lands are open to inspection during the regular business hours of ihe Land Office. Given under ray hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 21st day of December, 1855. THOS A. HENDRICKS, Comralsaloner General Land Offioe. Jan 10 ? pOHPORATION STf>CE?S8,000 Corp?, v ration of Washington Stock for gala at fth 29?tf CHUBB BRQ*] TO ALL THAT TALXT1 THE IB 8I9HT. transparency, wearer ac WI3HES to call the attention to ill that suffes with defective sight, caused by age. sick ness and particularly from glasses lnludJcloumlj selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and 6 LASSES carefully ground by himself to a troe spherical accuracy, and brilliant transf suited precisely and beaeflcially to the cording to the concavity or oosifzity of tM Very numerous are the HI effects caused to the precious organ of sight from '.ae commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the qn of an Of to*fttr; and the practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re aulred will be furnished with preeisloa and satis faction. J T acknowledges the Tery liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of those that have not y*t trailed them ?elves of his aid. Persons that cannot eocveniently call, by ?end ing the glasses in use. and stating how many inch* they can rend this print with thf'.r specta cles, can be supplied with such that will Improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and ;efer ences given to mwny who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No. 31t Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, upstairs. NoitoLt, September 7, ISM. Sir?The Spectacles vou made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight mora ] than aay ether I have lately tried. L1TT. W. TAZKWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacle obtained ft*? Mr. Tobias, aad fled tacm of ereat assistance Is my sigbt, sad corresponding with his d'ecriptlca of the fosus. I recommend him as a skillful r.pti. ?ltx HE.NRY A. WICK. Mr. J. ?eiui: Sir?The pair cf Spectacles yea fcra!st;d me yesterday are particularly satlsraa tory to *e Tney are very aecldcdiy the best I possets, end 1 am the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected in different place* ard from op ticians recommended to me on account of their Erofeeslc.ial standing in England, Franee aad the fnlted States. 1 hare been alto pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment t; the eyes, for the purpose of preserving and Improv ise the sight. P.espe-tfuliy, voun, TJHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Kf. LiTlfCHSsas, Nov. 10, 1954. Mr. Jeha Tohias having furnished me wltk ffilaasea. by which I have bet a gTeatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading a. night In my earlier life) It affords me the higher', pleasure to say thct I consider hlra a skillful prac tical cpt'^lan, aud wr?ll preparc^d to aid those whs may aerd his'professional services. WM. B. ROUZ1E, Elder of Methodlsl Conferrals. YYiLMiHfciou, N. C., Jan. 27, lfc54. Mr. J Tosias: Dear bir?I am happy to say shit the Spectacles which I ct-tailed froia you last week r:e entirely raiisfactory. Frem an Inequal ity In th^ visual rarre of my eye?, I have hereto fore found great difficulty In ee'.'i.-g f .aaies of tks proper focyU distance. It afford* mc pleasure to *taie that, by the aid of '-our optometer, this diffi ?ulty has been hoppily oavlattid so that the glasses you furnished me ire decidedly the best adapt*! t* mr eves rf ->ny 1 have ever yet used Yenr respectfully, yours, K. 3. DRANK, fleeter of St. James' Parish Department of Interior, May 7, l^. Fro?* ssiural deft*t* and the unequal ranged my ey>'s, I have been compelled to use glasses f< r several years. I hnve tried d'.Ferec! opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my ?yen. Four months Rlnre Mr. Toola* made two pairs especially for me, which 1 Lave found tt serve me perfectly. By the use of Lis opto>, eter he lr enabled to ndspt ?lassesmir.utely to the eye. I most cheerfutly recommend Mr. Tobias to ail having occasion to usepiave*. end bear my teatl naay as to his skill as an opticiaa. HENRY E BALDWIN, Assist. See'y te alga Lssd Wuruti ly i?-tf IHIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE OH TBI PHILOSOPHICAL TIEW OF MARBIAGE, II. B. LA CROIX, M. D.? ALBANY, N Y , 290 Pagit and 130 Fine, Plain, and Colcrtd Lith egropki and Piatrt. Paici ohlt Twami-Fiv* Cmti. Sent Froe of Postage to all parts of the Unl^n. tCHEAPEST BOOK EVER PU3L18HRD? J and containing nearly double the quantity oi read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats en tLe PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret InArmltles and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which destroy the physical and mental pow ers, with Observations on W* Marriage, iu duties and disqualifications, and their remedies: wl:h Lithographs, Illustrating the Anatomy and Physiology, and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of bKh sexes, their structure, uses, and functions. A popular acd comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causal ties of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliance}, mode of securing them?Infelicitous and infertile ones?their obvlatlon and removal ?important hints to those contemplating matrimony, that will overcome objections to it; none, howe/er, should take this Important step without first consulting its pa^es?commentaries on the diseases and medical treatment of female* from infancy to eld age, each case graphically Illustrated by beautiful lfthogm Shic plates?nervous debility, its causes and sure, y a prooess at onre so simple, safe, and effectual that failure is Impossible?rules fordallv manage ment?an essay oa Spormatorrhcea. with practical observations on the safer and moresuoesshil mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from einplrloal rra:tice?an essay sn all diseases arising rrom Indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by which all persons can core them selves without mercury?remedies for those self inflli ted mi^erlek and "disappointed hopes so on fortunately prevalent in the voung. Il a truth ful adviser to the married and thossoontemplaling marriage: Its perusal is pcrtioolariy recommend ed to persons entertaining secret donbts of their {thvslcal condition, and who are conscious of hav ng hazarded the health, happiness, and privileges to which every human belnjj is entitled. Price TWBNTY?F1 VE CENTS per copy, o: Five Copies for One Dollar Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the United States N. D.?Thos? who prefer may eonsult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of the diwascs upon which this book treats, either personally or by mall. Medi cine sent to any part af the Union according to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from all observation Address Dr. M B LA CROIX, No T. Maidea Lane, or Post Ofilce Rox 570 Albany, N. Y. (ZJT Olfice open daily. from 0 a m to 0 p m and on Sunday from 3 until 5 p.m. !TT Office REMOVED from No 90 Bwvwr ?t. lo 31 Maidm l.?nt, jittixir. Nrv Ysrfc. dec 88?ly _ _ TYLER'S COMTWUriD RYiLUP OF QIM ARABIC AS A REMEDY FOR COU93?. CO!J>S UOARmEKESS, AHTHMA, V*HOOPIN0 COUGH,CROUP, tc., poeeesses th^ greatestsd vantages, with the leant ohjoetloris of any other la use, having been extensivrtv used the last twenty years with nn)*araileled suooes.., not tnurpeU-d to the worid as a speciue or cure all, but w orn mended as a valuab'a and sclectltic auxUlary ia r?!.'<op*ST CAsas, ready at hand, and one that has been fjcncrally found to afford relief where most other." have been trlefl without material ben efit As suoh It Is recogT\'-*d by numb-m of out leading physlolans, who Lnow Its composition, and hnve been eyo witnesses of Its superior ef\ cscy a> weii as by thousands of our most respec table'ciiixexs, who all endorse Its claim to being safe, palatable, economical and eifieacloua. Price 25 cents, or three bottles in one 50 cents Wholesale Agents, PATTERSON A NAIRN, and STOTT A CO., Ponna avenue; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CI9SEL, Georgetown Retailed bv Druggists generally. Also, tYler'S Gum aRabic cough CANDY DROPS, the same composition la ioxenge form, cents a box. jy ??ly Toughs, colds, hoarseness, Ac. PERSONS predisposed to Pulmonary Affec tlons find tnis the moat trying season, owing to the sudden changes in temperature; yet by a little care, adopting wann clothing and supply ing themselves with a ^ood prescription or cough remedy they may e?isily ward off what may else prove a dangerous winter com*>?nlon. TY LER'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRUP has been so long known ar.d highly appretiaud A one of our most Innocent, yet edcaclous, plea sant, acd (since the reduction la price,) economi cal remedies, that It may be recommended ar.d used with the utmost confidence. It is sold at 96 cents, or three bottles in one, M cents. Wholesale 8f PATTERSON A NAIRN and STOTT A O.: and retail bv most Dnr^glsts. In Alexan dria by PEEL A STEVENS; Georgetown by Mr. CISSELL Jy??ly fflO EPICUREANS?THIS DAY BKCEIIV -I- lng per express, fresh TRUFFLES. PETIT POIS, PATEM, French PICKLES, flrssti TO MATOES, GREEN CORN, Guaja and other JELLIES, LAUCES, CATSUPS, HORSE RADISH. Ac., at Z. M. P KING'8/ 2?5 Vermont avenue, comer 15th and 1 sts. mar 20?tf Am essay o* liberty and ila very, by Albert Taylor Bledsoe, LL. D-, 'r*7l?:,k* UmWmrlAN^oTtaylos*1 1 Carter's Spanish Mixture THE GREAT PURIFIER OFTHBMLCom Best Alterative knswaT? ?C* A PABT1CZ.B Of MBBCraT in JT ??? An Infallible rfiWy for Pcrof .lt. ? R hcsmanam, Obstinate Cutu<?u? Enr-tlr^ , PlmpK. or Postules o? Uf Far*, fllSew' k Boll?, Atfue and Fever, CbrosW Jiorr w Ringworm or Tetter. Hrsld Hesld, Ea^ i ment aad pain of the liooa and Joint* iC". fl Rhram. Stubborn fleers, #y phi 11 tic Iliaere. I "{,11 ???*'> kfrOttSS 1 of Mercnrv, Imprudence la Lift, or Imparity* ] the Blood. ? THIS great remedy. Which baa *hrnni mo raa. Idly and ao Jaatlv celebrated for lu aatrar.^T nary emcacy in relieving and curing mur oftkL moat obstinate and terrible forma of d1i?aa* ?i which mankind la alBlcted . la now offered re public, with the confident assnrancsthat no icatnjscovBBT ever made has beenaoemlacn- i I successfnl lncurm* Scbofitla. and ?u ?*??. . J BLoo?,aa CARTER'S SPANISH Ml? ru K r?, The proprietors are receiving by sve.*v tna moat flatter!and astonishing details of fn^ Bade In all part* of the corn try, and In most where the sklU of the beat Phyalcians had V! rlod in vain. Ita power over the Blood la M^MKrhK. and all diseases arising from impurity of the ?r-. I S?a.t or L;ra have been relieved and cured w.rk out a single failure, out of the thousand* wbobt* uaad :t. Carter's Snanl?h Mixture conta'n* &! i Mercury, Opium. Arsenic, or an? dar^ero-. drj?a, but la composed of Roots and Herbs, roc. I bint>d with other ingredient* of known virtue. ?| may be given to the youngest Infant or mst bUltated Invalid, without the lea at possible L? Wa havs only room frw short extracts from tht volumes of testimony In our por*e*a1on andu n th? t?Kbeat res portability, yourseliaa^ localities Please rea4 h We take great puax ira la calling tba attent'o. * of osi reader* to the merits of Carter "a bpat;n P Mixture aa a reiradv for disease* of the blood it 1 enjoys a repuutioaln thla el'y unequalled bv ??. I otherpreparation-Ds,Jr Ott^uk, R.eA^ The Han John M Botts of Va , says heeon. * \ era It a matter of duty to add hla testing u> ? virtues of Carter's Spaciah Mixture.vbom actt* PiaaoaaL obsbbvation of its rsrasrkai.? ran" tlva powars for the diseases in which It Is card We k&rt bean cured of a violent and prorate* Liver diaeaae by Carter's Spanish Mlxtv-r \\. kn^w it to be all it professes?Editor Scsiaiu, ? Dtmocrmt, PtWfb*+g r*. u We hare found from personal trial. tb?t 5C?Bp5V*v Mlttur? *? ? nhakkaift! Cine? Ed Ytrgrnntt l%Aey>t%d*nt ft. GREAT CUkE OF 9VROFULA -A nr.* mau In eur employ was eutsd ef Urn ruia r* s -n, nleat character by a few bottles of Oartw ? ? f t?h Mixture, after everything alae hadftllod Oik. er cure* which hnre come undcrcur owr. wi???r?a tied, proves to us conclusively, that la really *n! uable medicinal a^ent We take grent , y In caning the attention of the a?lcted to fu ra? ' It* ?Richmond lltpvbltcm%. SYPHILIS.?I have *-^ts a numVr cf r i BrphUls performed by Garter'a Spa^t-h Mirois' - I bellevelt to be a pcifect antldot? for that bur ble disease K BURTON, ' C?a. of Reveauefrrcllv of Klottti *.J MIBMASEteam'wl M. Urtot???-. ?j I the Arm of DrliJaer H M Trta, Bookarllrr>. Hkt mond, Va., wm ciicd of Liscr dla'?st' of year* a landing by oaJy thr<je bottles of Ci/i, Spanish MUt re. OLD S0RFS,W'.7MXl AffD ORST!\'A7t ERUPTIONS ny THE SKI*- tb-r'r.' of Mr. Harwoo-i. end oihet* detailed In ?v.t Ai manac I far nuiclh*? cf such nasrs cored b>- Car ter'a Spanish Mlx'.ure, pr,xsiudea th.? poes.buitr of lasertlac thee* ir; aa adw^w. BFFECTS OF MEiiCVKT?^ihecttfi Mr. Kimore He wa? eaf^a up with Mere-,r, oouid obtain uo relief, ua'Jl ba took six kottW M Carter's Spanish Mixture, whichperlec "vrv mi I him to health and vigor. i NEURALGIA ? Mr. F. E vdec, formerly f the Astor House N. V., but mere recently propr t etor of the Kxchrnye Hotel Richmond. w\Te . of Neuralgia by Carter's Spaalsh M i iture *\nm 1 that time, he say* he has sse- it enre more tL?n i I hundred eases of the disea&o iu which It (. -isf< I He never fails to rocommri^l it U> the cj^ict>d RHEUStATIS?Mr. Joha F UcImi Dragglr.t, ef Alart'usbarg, Va , writes of tf ala- 1 g\Ja.r cure of a vioieut case of Rha tmstlsm Tte patient could acl wali. A few bo.Jcs cntt d? * ocred him SCR'JFULA.?Mr. Harrlaon also write, 0y, gre^t cure of Scrofula, in the new on of a vouai lady, (?f three years standing,) which all tltdac tors could not reach, t'lx bottles made a cured h?r SYPHILIS.?l)t. K I Ileadle, cf w ??-??? ton. D. C , who cured an obstinate cam ef 11a by Carter's PpanWk Mix^re. says "it act* *ne- t daily oa the B1 od. Liver and Sklr aud l? p?i mix and eAclent In its results.*' Pr JohnMinge, formerly of tke Cry Hotel, J Richmond, now of Alabama, aays be I > ai] OWr^s Spanish Mlxtare administered In a nan ber of case* with astonishingly good efe-t Hr ^ recommends It aa "the most emclent altera: ?e ii SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA ?Ml Jo* Robinson, of Wooster, OLlo, waa eured d Scrorila and Salt Rheum of three yesra ater.dlM. \ bvcaly three bottles of Carter's tipanl'h Mtxtuic f WM. S. BEEKto A CU., Proprietor*. _ No 304 Broadway, New York. IU~ Price f 1 per bottle, or six bottles for t* For sale by CHAS STOTT, WMklagtoa. S. C.. aad Drug gists generally. atl !-!? THE IREATblT MEDICAL DISCOVERT OF THE AGE. Dr. KC^NE?>r,ef Kezbary, Ha* disco Tared la one of our comxotv ri^fii wkixd^ a rerrrdv that curea ETERV KIND Of HUMOR: **om te? woasT scaoFCLA dows to a c-a von riHPts. Hk has tried it in c;vfr rleven hundred oaaen.B.nd never toilet' except In tare eases, (both thunder humer ) He ~*s a?rs ?t< * possession over two hundred cer, Urates ef it vir tue. all within twenty mile? of Boston. Two botllaa are warraatt J to oure a aui?< ?? v?f mouth. One to throe bottles WI! curr the worst kind ?f pimples oc the fa<* Two to three bottlas will clear tba ayst-ta of ' biles. Two boCtlee are warranted to rre the won canker in tba mouth and aUtmcch. I Three to five bet Lies are warranted to crrc -at I worst caeo of Erysipelas. One to two bottles are warranted to ctuv ill I humor tn the o\ os. Two bottles are warranted to ccre rtan'.s/ i tte ears aad bJ otckea am on? the hair Four to six bottlea are war ranted to cure comuM Ud rrnr.lag ulcers One bet do will euro acaly ertptJon cf the ?.ki?t. Two to three bottlea are warranted tc cure tw worst case of ringworm. Two to three bottlea are warranted to cut* t* most d.^perstc case ef rheumatl'm Three to four bctUea are warranted tc nre M ?alt rheum. Five to alglit bottlea will cure the worst cuad atrofula. A benoflt fa always experieaoed from the bottle, and n perfect cure la 'jranaaled wijec tb? above qnasMry la taaeu Rsadw, i peddled over a thousand !<*'_*? M this In toe vloiii'ty of Boston I know tb^ of It in every case ^osuieaa waUi wil, ci'ln julsh Ire, ao sure will this oure humcr I "ever ?old a boffi-! of ft bet th*t sold aiother; ?fsr? trial It always apeaka for Itself There an wr* things ebon; thla herb that appears to me surprt* '??? ?"t tbat it grows In oar pastures. In ac?f places quite plentiful, aad yet its value it* -ever been known until 1 uocc?ar?d It In le44 '-r id that it should crun ail klnln of fcum-jr. la rider to ?ive aoare '.dr- cf nie f dira bottlea per day of it. Someof the wholesale Druggl^ia who have bec? j la business twenty and thirty yeara, say that re- ( thing la the annus of petert medlclnw was ever like It. Yhere 1? a universal praise of It f:oa t quarters 1 n my own practioe I always k**pt it rtrle?ly fw humors?bat since ita Introdactisn as a ?et?era: finally medicine, greet and wonderful rlrta? have bean fouad in It that 1 a*-ver aui peeled Severs 1 oases of epileptic Sis?a disease v^S always considered lac arable, have been curs<l bv a few bottles O, what a merry if it will pr?? \ e^eetaal In all ca"-e of that awful maladv?'he* ars but f??w who hsve seen mere of it tbaa 1 b*vt I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of taste 5ed people cured by It 4- or the various d ess** the Liver, Sick Headache. Dyapepala, Astfc'O*' !? evsr aad Ayue. Pain In the Side, Disuse* ft '.be Spins, and particularly in dtaaaaes of Um Kid- J nevs, Ac. the discover* has done mere ftvod tb" any medicine ever known No change of diet ever necessary^?est the be*: vcu cari get and enough of It. D?r<ct?ss< /sr Us* ?Adulta oaa table apooaf" Cir dav?Children over ten years dessert ?p<?* 1?Cnlldreu from five to eight vaars, tea spoon ful. As no d.reotions be applicable to all sea sti tut ions, take suftcient to operate on the bo*ai? twice a day. ?AIVIAOICRID ST DONALD KKNNLDr. Jfs. 190 Wsrrs* sir??i, Kor'utf, JfsJ*. Pates, On? DoLLAk. _ Wholesale Ascu?a ? New York City, C * CLICKNER, 81 Barclay ?treat: C H Rl-N?. IW Broadwar; A B A I1 SANDS. H* F??f ?treet. Philadelphia. T. W. IiVOTT A S<?>= Baltimore, BROWN A BROTHER, CANB* ? HATCH. Alaxaadrta. PEEL A STKV1NS. At Retail by all reapncuble Dru^Klatf 1* T, United States and British Provinces. anA a so ^ - * - Otty.