Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR.1 LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Washihotox Gas Light Compa.xt -We have received a circular which the directors of this company have lately put forth, ia which an exposition of the affairs of the com pany is given "at the request of numerous individuals and in view of the many misrep resentations on the important subject of gas light in this city." This exposition, which is full and satisfac tory a history of the rise and progress of the present company, and the difficulties it has had to contend with. On account of the widely soattered population of Washington, and the apparent impracticability of uniting govern mental and individual effort in the es tablishment and maintenance of a company for the supply of gss light, even in the more important parts of the city, several yean passed away before any organised effort w*s made to accomplish this desirable object. It was not regarded by our citizens as a busi ness promising a fair remuneration, and con sequently this city, with all its apparent ad vantage, and with a fixed population of 40,000 inhabitants, wp.s among the last in the Union to enjoy this almost indispensable means of illuqiiu&tion. In the year 1848 the Iresent company was organized with great ifficulty Even on a comparatively narrow basis, and though confined to the central por tion of the city with the foil patronage of the Government, and charging at first $8, after wards $6 40, per thousand <^ibic feet for iti rosin gas, the hopts of its founders were not realized lis president proposed publicly s ?Al? to the city corporation ; but this proposi t:on, after being informally deliberated upon WM rejected ; and ench day only served tf increase the embarrassments cf the companj and to render certain its speedy dissolution In this emergency the hazardous altcrnativ* was adopted, of erecting entirely new and extensive works for the production of coai gas; street mains were laid of ample dimen sions for the supply of the city generally, ir place of the old ones, which, because of theii leaky condition, could not be used advan tageously or properly; met-rs and twenty fen of service pipe w?;re loaned free of charge t< every consumer ; the whole busineis was re organized and improved anJ the gas was fur nished at ?4 per thousand cubic feet, subjec to a deduction of five per cent for promp payment at the effice of the company, whil< the Government, city corporation, hotels, Ac where the monthly consumption was not les feet, wer? charged at the rate o 53 50 per thousand The Board are prepared to show that n< valuable assistance has been given by th< Government, city corporation, or any othei organized body, beyond the ordinary profit arising from consumption of gas, and tha dollar of the wholo outstanding capita stock ^424.000) has been expended economi eally and judiciously within the wide circle o the company's operations in this city. The^ have laid, at va?t expense, near thirty mile of cast iron street main?, varying from thre to ten inch bore, Luiit complete and extensiv works on the most approved plan, with a Re tort House, containing at p resent twenty-eigb benches and eighty-four retorts, capable c producing 260.000 cubic feet of gas in twentv four hours, erected two gas holders of the ca pacity respectively of 120,000 and 2S0.000 fee ^2 .*o*iDB5b*r of con?uBiers has now reach ed 1,681. Erery effort has been made to tg commodate the public, reference being ha to Jutur* more than the present remunera Hon. In regard to results in a remaneratini point of view, for four out of eight years o the company s existence nothing was realize beyond actual expenses, and since that peri- < ? board have been enabled to declare divid !?:V??a"snnu&11y of of th:e?, thn and half, and latterly five percent on tnecap "al stock, not at any time more than the las mentioned rate. The territorial extent of Washington is e great, and its population so widely scattered the prices of labor, ol gas coal, lime, am other materials, so much in advance of othe places, that it is not only the most costly cit in the Lnion to litht in the first place, bu continuously the most expensive. The subject of reducing the price of gas i now engaging the aHention of the director! and is delayed only for a short time to ascer tain on what terms suitable coal can bo pro cured for the supply of the year. In conclusion the directors say : "With capital of f424 000, actually and economical expended in the business, and unincumbcrci by debt, with works of acknowledged excel 1 ence, and capable of producing a supply c superior gas equal to any demand, withthirt miles ot street* mains, covering as with a net work almost all the populous parts of the city and so laid as to admitof any future extension with loM consumers, and this number daih augmenting, our systematized am now generally understc ;d, the company hav every motive for not only accommodating th< public to their utmost requirement, but als; tor reducing the price of gas, from time to time as the adoption of every valuable improve pent and the increased consumption ma' justify This accommodation and reduction our consumers may confidently rely on, an< moreover, the board of directors pledge th< company to furnish, under any and all circuui tances, illuminating gas of superior quality and on more reasonable terms than oanbe af forded otherwise " The (so called) Arlisgtos Base ?I will be recollected that more than a yeir ag we duly cautioned the distant public sgain* touching the notes of this concern purportinj to be located in Washington, no such oautioi being necessary to warn our own fellow citi sens against fooling with any such paper, th< whole history of which was well known U them It seem* that in May last Mr. Josept W Webb who started the concern, sold out al his interest in it. lie has since redeemec every dollar of the paper issued while he waj in any way connected with it. Subsequent!] it is said to have keen the concern of one Mr Shelion, a bank-note-de toe tor publisher ii Chicago Cp to Saturd ?y last,its notes wei< duly redeemed by an agent here. Since then however, the funds are said to have given ou aad the holders of its issues are left in th< vocative. The agent had a desk in the ex change office of Mr. Webb on Pennsylvanii avenue between Four-and-a-half and Sixtl street. Those who ars bitten by this " Ar lington Bank" deserve little commiseration Teicks or the Hasds.?The proprietors o the fishing shores oomplain very much of th< hands whose families they have supported through the winter. The hands promised U work at the landings when the season arrived but now that tha proprietors are ready th< haads refuse to go to the shores. Some hand: have been accused of obtaining money undei false pretences ; and it is probable the case: will be decided in the Criminal Court. Coi'RT or Claims.?Yesterday, at the con elusion of the argument of Mr. Parish in favoi of the claimants in the case of Joseph Nock vs The United States, the Solicitor followed ii behalf of government, and concluded his re marks, when the case was submitted for thi decision of the court; and they adjourned til Monday ?? SToauti Houses.?A number of boys, chil dren of respectable parents, were arrestee by Officers I anning and Stewart for throwing stones at a houss in the Second Ward. Thej were examined before Justice Clark, who helc them to ba^ for peace. The Centre Mieket was a little mori lively to-d-.y than it has been The spaccJ around the market were all occupied, auction eers were bujy at their stands disposing ol horses, wagons, fancy articles and house furni ture. The supply was small, but al! seemed to be lively. ?? _ The Commissions or Justices John L. ^mitb, Eigar 11 Bates, and J. Crandeil have expire 1. The two last named were the police magistrates of the fifth and sixth distri.ts, ol this city, consequently those offices under th? corporation ate vacant. Diyobcb or th* Rev. Dr. Cox.?The New York Police;tte for this week, pn-e 6J cents, will contain the full particulars of this interesting Divorce Case F ?r tale by th? Ageat, Alex. Ad*ms)i>, Seventh S'raet, oppo site the Post Office. * National Theatm.? Forrest performed the character of Metamora, last night, before an other large audience. The piece went off, generally, in good stylo, and Forrest certainlj never performed his role in it more satisfactoj rily, as waa evinced by the repeated applause To-night, we have Mr Forreat in another of his great parts. that of Jack Cade ; Mra Da venport takes the part of Marianne, and Mr. Davenport that of Lord Clifford. Jefferson appears in the farce in a favorite character. Everett's Address upon tmb Life akd Character or Washihutom.?This oration which hat been received with so much enthu siasm in other cities, and the delivery of which baa been ao snxiouslv anticipated here, will be given at the Smithsonian Institution to night. Aside from the intellectual feast offered, the public will be glad to seise the opportunity afforded to contribute something toward the patriotic object which the accom plished orator is doing so much to advance, vis : the purchase of Mount Vernon. Recovery.?Officer Keese yesterday exam ined the premises of Jos. McGucken in search of articles taken from the American Hotel Gas fixtures. Ac., belonging to the building were found there, and McGucken was taken before Justice Goddard. It appeared that the former proprietor had given the articlea to Mr. McGucken in payment of a debt. This being proved, he was dismissed on the ground that the articles being permanently attached to the building they must be considered as real estate, net subject to larceny. The Regiment ?At a meeting of the com missioned r fficers of the First Regiment, Third Brigad, Major P. F. Bacon was unanimously chosen to till the vacancy caused by the death of the late Major Robert Keyworth, deceased. Major Bacon has been acting as Adjutant of this regiment for some time past, and is really a competent officer The choice of the regi ment is heartily approved, and we are assured that the Major will accept and perform tho duties of the office. Burglary.?Tuesday night the residences of J. B. Ward ar.d Edward Auld, noar the Railroad depot, wore entered by thieves and the following articles taken therefrom : From Mr. Ward four silver spoons, marked L. P. D ; from Mr. Auld, 18 tea, 18 table, and 18 dessert spoons, and a silver tea set lined with gold, marked E. V. A., and valued at $75. Ax adjourned meeting of thecitizonaof the Seventh Ward will be hold to-night, at 7t o'clock, at Island Hall A general attendance is requested. Cakusi's Salook.?Caiusi gives one of his delightful dancing Soirees to-day at his aa Icon. See advertisement. ? [communicated. Tllr. Editor: Will you have the goodness to inform me where the Commissioner of the Fourth Ward is. and why he don't attend to his business? Nightly deposits, of a very of fensive odor, have been made for the last month, all along North Boundary street, be tween Seventh and Fifth streets, inside the city limit*, in positive violation of the law of the Corporation, and in opposition to the or der ana direction of our worthy Mayor. If we should leave empty dry goods' boxes, or any thing even less obnoxious on our our pavements for over twenty-four hours, he will p-.ucce down upon us like a duck upon a June Dug, and fine us to the extent of the law. Now, is it just to nnke fish of one and flesh of another, and let our respectable neighbors in the northern section of the city suffer by these nocturnal depredators, when there is a place assigned them for their deposits outside the city limit*, by a contract made with them by the city authorities ? I p^us* for a reply. A Subscriber. Watch Returns ?Thare were no cases for trial in the guard house. Tho ceils were oc cupied by lodgers only. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria. March 27, 1858 The lecture of Dr. Murphy, at the Lyceum Hall, on Tuesday evening, dr*w a large audi ence who seemed highly delighted at the manner in which all the mysteries of 4t Sight," the anatomy of the eye and it? nerves, and the physiology of seeing, were anfolded, the lecture at every point instructive, was some times eloquent, and fully sustains the high reputation of the lecturer. The lecture closed the winter course of the Alexandria Library Company. We learn, with regret, that in consequence of his numerous engagement*, the Hon. Ed ward Everett declines, at least for the present, to repeat bis Washington lecture in Alexan dria. It is hoped, however, that, ere long, our people may be gratified in this respect. The Fair at Washington hall still offers its varied attractions to ourcitisens. and nowhere c:in be found a better place to pass an even log The City Councils met on Tuesday evening and adopted and ordered to be printed joints rules for their government; some discussion was had a; to the gas works, which, it seems, gave no revenue last year; the real estate committee were instructed to inquire into the condition of the public cemetery ; and a spe cial committee trie cost of printing the new city ordinances; some other business was then done and the Boards adjourned. Hon Edward Everett passed through our city yesterday, on hi3 way from Charlottes ville to Washington. Last right, the nineteenth anniversary of Potomac Lodge, I 0 0 F , was appropriately observed. An eloquent oration, by Rev Jus. A. Duncan, occupied the earlier portion of the evening ; after which a magnificent sup per was spread at Carson's El Dorado House, of whioh a Urge number of Odd Fellows and their friends partook. Ami. Drs? Hunter 4c William*, Physicians for Diseases of the Langs, OJJice 62 North CkarIfm street, Bait. The practice of Drs. Hunter A Williams is confined exclusively to the treatment of chronic diseases of the throat and lungs by Medicated Inhalation, and the sucoess that has attended their labors is sufficiently well known.^ It has demonstrated not only that Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh and Granular Sore Throat may be permanently cured, but that Consumption ia all its stages is a curable disease, and that tho direct application of remedies, by means of inhalation, to the seat of the malady, instead of givipg them by the stomach, (always over taxed and delicate in these diseases,) must hereafter be regarded by the profession as the only rational and scientific mode of treatment. Parties unable to visit the city will be treated by correspondence?medicines, in haling instrument, Ac., being sent to them by express. In order to obtain a proper state ment of such cases, a form of questions has been prepared, which will be forwarded by letter. Dr. Hunter or Dr. Williams will be in Wash ington on the 12th and 29th of each month. The next visit will be on Saturday the 29th March. Office 2'iO Pennsylvania avecue, over Mr.'. Voss's Jewelry Store. nAKRIKD, On the iV.h Instant, at the residence of the Rev Dr. O'Toole, LEWIS T. JACKSON to MAR THA ANN, eldest daughter of the l.te Rich mond and Julia k*o*ey, ail of this city. * On the 25th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hlldt, Mr. PETER MILLER, of Anne Arundel county, Md to Misi MARY DUKEHART, of BalU rcri! On the 25th instant, by Rev T. N. H-skeli T W.JOHNSON, Esq., to Mis? FRANCES l! EARLE, both of this city. OIKD, On the 97th March CIIAUNCBY R. JOHN SON , in tne 70th year of his age. He waa form erly of Connecticut, but for stveral yiara a resi dent of tMs city. The Soldier* of the war of 1S12, together with the fiiends and a^qualntan'Mss of the family are Inviel to attend his (to-morrow) Friday afternoon, at ?? o'clock, from the Assembly's Ch irch, cornrr of Massachusetts avenue and 5th utreet. (Hartford, Ct , pipe's copy ) ? On the 2Ath instant, in Georgetown, WILLIE JONES, san of Henry and Barah b. Wingate, utd 5 weeks. * Ob the *td Instant, Mr. JAMES S. HARRIS, aged about 23 years. (Ba't Sua copy) Oa the25th last., Mrs ELLEN LUCAS, aged \>n\he 2M instant, at Jacksonville, Florida, ISAAC M UN ROE CHUBB, Esq , of this city, aged 32 years. w ANTED?A ROOM FOR STORAGE for s short time. Address Box SO Star office, mar 27-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?BY A Single man, a situation on a farm, or with a con* fectloner. Underst-nds the making of pop torn, candy and ice cream. Can be seen at the Star Office from lo to 4 o'clock on Friday. It* WANTED?A FEMALE HOUSE SER vant, wh:1, besides doing other work, can assist in washing and ironing. Good reference* required. Apply at No 338 H street, next to St. Matthew's Church mar 27 31* WANTS TO SELL ?HAVING MADE UP my mind to ram eve to tbe West, I want to sell my Hou*e and two adjolag Lots, situated on 6 street, between 8th and #th streets, I land It is useless to eive a more full description, as the persons w?nting to purchase will examine for themselves. 1 am determined to se'l Terms made ?xsy * SAMUEL GREGG. m?r 17?ThSM-ft* HOUSI. SERVANT WANTED.?A NEAT white girl to waitontab'eanddo hou-ework. The best testimonials as to capacity, character, and neatness required. Apply at 315 1 street, op posite Franklin Square roar 27-3t* PP.P WILL AGAIN VISIT WASH IN G ? ton, Georgetown, and Alexandria, and will buy, to anv amount. Household F urniture. La dles' end Gentlemen's Clothing, Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair Mattresres, Silver and Albata Ware, Table Furniture, Old Books. Old Enerav ings. Curiosities, Ac. Infact, will buy any tning, especially good Books. Wanted, Audubon's Birds. Niles's Register, large Encyclopedias, Spark's Works, and all books but school and pub lie documents. A<idre?s " P P P," Box 24, Star Office, and attention will le paid as soon as pos sible. Be particular in your address. mar 27-2w* W ANTED?A FKW BOARDER?, WHO will be furnished with very pleasant rooms, at No. 211 Pa. avenue, nrarlv opposite Willards' Hotel. Tt'ose wishing it cm get their mtals out of the house Transient boarders can be accom modated mar 26-3:* WANTED?AN ACTIVE COLORED (slave) Boy, or elderlv man at mrderate wages, to take car? of a horse and do other light woik. Ap ply at No 69 Montgomery street, Georgetown, mar 26-3t WANTED ?A COOK WHO IS PERFECT ly competent, and a woman to wash and do housework. References required. Apply at No. 10 Road street, Heights of Georgetown, mar 26-3'* WANTED?A MAN TO WORK IN A D llry. He mutt be a good milker, and un derstand the e re of cows. Also, a man to work on a farm; he mu^t understand the work, as we'l cs the care and m tnngement of horses Such a* can come well rc-ommeaded may apply at Locus'. Hill Farm, Sevenilj street road, near the first Toll Gate. mar 2U-3t* WANTED?A GOOD nOUSK SERVANT. One who is willing to make herpelf gener ally useful and tan eome well leeommended will hear cf a good situation by applying immedi ately to T. SHFCKKL'S Grocery, No 371,7th st'eet west, bet wee a I and K streets north None other need apply. mar 2fi-3'.* WAN TED ? WANTfcD?WANTED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Locking Glosses Portrait or Picture Frame*, round, oral or square Oil Fainting^, larie and small Marble-top Bracken Tables, in bronie or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any siie Looking Gla"?es, or other work in the gliding line dcr:e to ordeT with dis? atch. Also, a lot of casl-iron Brerkeils, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to euit the times, for cash. N. B.?Old Work Re^;51t,?nd Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Kirkwood House dec 19 _J JOHN WAGNER WANTED? \ RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aged American white woman totakecharge of the household duties of a family of four per sons, (no children ) One of good moral char ECter, without children, and who Is Willi g to make herrelf general!v useful, will And a perma nent home by addressing a note to Box 763, Po*t Office, giving address, Ac mar 2 2?ec3t# WANTED-A WASHERWOMAN COMPE tent to do all kinds of wishing and ironing, and who can com?well recommended for horesty and industry. Apply at No. 174 Fourth st. west, mar 25?3t* WANTED ?TEN GOOD MILLINERS, and a few appr ntices to leern the millinery business. Apply to Mrs REOF.No 3e;ist Cap itol street, Capitol Kill. mar 25-lw? A GARDENER WANTED?ADDRESS DR WM. WIRT, Oak Grove, Westmoreland county, Va. mar 21?2wS BOARDING. Boarding ?persons seeking Board may be accommodated wl!h pleasant routr.s at 211 Pa avenue, opposite Wlllards fc'entlemen O' cupylng rooms in the neighborhood can r ls^be supplied with meals. ni*r27 3*. BOARD.?THRF.EOR FOUR SINGLE Gen tlemen may obtain board in a small privat? family where there ar" no children. Location < n D, b tween 1st and 2d streets north To those wishing a quiet and pleasaut home a favcrible opportunity noweff rs. mar 25?3t* Board, Ac ?mrs bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Pth street lspreparedtoaccommodategentlemenwitbrooms, with or without board. Every effort wlllberoadr to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 8? It MULES! MILFSMULES!!! JUST ARRIVED. A LARGE LOT OF FIRST CLASS KEN TUCKY MULES, and they will be ?V_ offered :or sale at Peter Vanntsson's Sta- /Qy ble, Congn ?s street, Georgetown, for or.e week. mar 25 3t? B. S. LETTON. New jewelry, watches, ml verware, Ac ?Ju^t received, a large as sortment of new and elegant Jewelry, W atches, Ac. Also, every description cf pure Sliver and Plated Ware. Persons in want of fine goods of ?he latent styles and the lowest rates should examine our stock. M. W. OALT A BROTH EH, mar 25 324 Pa. av , let. 9th and 10th sta. CAUTION.?1 FOREWARN ALL PER sons from trusting my wife, Margaret Ross, on my account, as I will not pay any debts o| her contracting from this date. mar25-3t? AUGUSTUS ROS*. A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. OUR FRIENDS AND THE PUBLIC OF Washington and Its vicinity are respectfully Informed tbat Mr RICHARD DAVI# Is, and has bren for the pa t ten years, our tole Agent f. r tbe Kale of our Hano Fortes In the District of Co lumbia All purchases madecf Mr. Davisareguarantled to be. both in cheapness and excellence, upon a par with those obtained directly from our manu factory in Boston ; and we can with the fullest confidence recommend (to all desirous of pos sessing one of our instruments) the above named gentle ran a* a person upon whom they can place an implicit reliance. As we have not nor will not supply any other dealer than Mr Davis for this market, sales by other persons are neither guarantied nor au'hor lxedbyua. CHICKERING A SONS, mar 25-1 w Bos on, Mass , March20. 1656. FIKE INSURANCE. The Matuai Fire Insurance Company of the District of Columbia. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS?THIS Company otters to the property owners of the District the cheapest and as safe means of Insur ance against loss by fire, aa any other company, es will appear by an examination of its prlnci pies and condition. The advantages to those who insure in this Company are, mat the Insurer pays no more pre mium than the actual losses bear to tbe wbole amount of propeiti Insured; ant each of the in sured becomes a member cf the Company and has a voi-e in its management, and witn the privilege of withdrawing at any time he may de sire it. ULYSSES WARD. President. CH4HLES WILSON, Secretary. MAT. G. EMERY, Treasurer. Managers. Ulysszs Waid, John Van Riswick, Thomas Blagdin, T. J. Magkudis, John Dicxsom, ' Mat. G. Emesy. Jon* C M-Kildih, Office adjolnli g north of the Bank of Washlne ton Open during ba"k hours. mar 25- fit ONLY 12k CENTS. IJUCKLEY'S CELEbRATED SONG BOOK M-? for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New Oileans Serenaders at their opera house, Broad way, New York. For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, mar 22-3m 7th street, opposite Pout Office. The rising star oaxk this is a beautiful and Instructive Game for Chlldien. It learns them to ccmroit to memory all the Inci dents and celebrated battles that were fought du ring the American Revolution For aaJe by the agent, ALEX. ADAMSON, mar 2S-4m 7th street, opposite Post Offioe. s F FOR BAM AWP BEWT. HOE BUSINESS FOR BALE.?THE AD vertl?er. keeping at the corner of 13th and l> streets, wishes to sell rut his light in the burliest. The place can be immediately occupied by ?ny one wishing to continue in the business. The It turn will be sold 1 oar. ntar27-lw? For rent?a brick house, situ ated near the corner of Maryland avenue and Thirteenth street, (Island,) containing sev^a rooms. Terms mcdsrate to a good tenant. Ap ply at fig Maryland avenue. n ar 26? 3t TO HACK DRIVERS AND OTHERS.?A Rare Chance is now offeied ?Will be said at about tte cost of the building, if applied for im mediately, a two-story and attic Fratr.e Dwelling and bick building, confining nine rooms. A brick stable in the rear. The propeity is within a half square of the jail. Apply tt the Drirk house on 4th street, oppcslte the jail.__ mar 26-3t# FOR SAt E OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY Property ?\ small Grist and Saw Mill, with

20 acre * of good Land ard comfortable Dwelling, situated within a mile and a half of the Loudon and Hampshire Railroa\ and within one mile of the l?eesbuTg and Washington Turnpike. Terms veryaccommodating. EnquireofR W BATES, 13'h street, near corner of G, No. 493 mar 26- 3t* OR RENT.?THE STORE No.37 MARKET Space, Georgetown, Including gas ar.d other fixtures The room is commodious, and well suited for both canal and country trade, for l>oth of which it is very conveniently situated. Pos ression will be given. If required, immediately. Also, a feed atore adjoining. Apply on the p:em laes. mar '2i-3t FOR RENT.?A two STORY BRICK House, on the corner of Seventh ar.d M streets, with a large yard and brick stable attached A good stand for a grocery, with fixtures, or any ether public business. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate, and possession given Immedi ately. For terms apply to SAMULL SHREVE, Jr., or C. S. O H AllE. rear 25?'It# TO LET ?TWO OR THREE COMFORT ably furnished Rooms, in the brick balldl'g No 419, east side, 8th street, between G and H. mar 25?3t* FOR S ILE ? I WILL SELL AT PRIVATE sale between this and the 1st of May, inv property, consisting of two two s'ory Frame Houses, situated on 20th street, No 404 and 1 6. between G and H. Also, two two-story Brick Houses, situated on 22d street. No. 214 ai;d 216, between G and H Also two small frame Houses, situated on 23d street, No. 114 and 116, north of K. Alsr, one vacant i,ct of Ground cn22dstieet. between G and H For terms of ?ale Inquire of Mrs HANNAH MILLSON, oa 22dst^t,l?e tween G and H m*.r 22-^m* FOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Residence, on 7th street Plank Road, about 4 mi'es from Washington- 25 acres with orchard of Peach, Apple, Ac Would ma'-.e a good mar ket farm. Inquire at No. 518 third story of Treas ury. mar 20?2w# FOR RENT ?THE DWELLING ON THE corner of New York avenue and 15'h street. Possession given on the 1st of April. The loca tion is ve y desirable, being directly on the om nibus route, and in the imimdiate neighborhood of the President's House and Government De Krtmrnts. To a desirable tenant the rent will very low. Enquire on the premise * of J. W. NAIRN. mar 17?2w? Drug store for sale-situated on the corner of 9th and I streets, Robert C. Dyson A Co. Apply to W. H. GILWAN, corner 4jf street ai-d Pa. avenue, or at the store, mar 24?lw^ VERY HANDSOME BUILDtNG LOT FOP. sale ?Part of Lot No. 14, ia square No 315, having a fro ;t on the west side of 10th street, we it, of 20 fvt, between G and H street*, run ning back 100 feet, containing 2,100 square feet. The above described property is handsomely lo cated and in a rapidly improving neighborhood Title indisputable. For particulars app'.y to mar 13?d'iw CHAS. S. WALLAUH. Desirable property for sale ?i will naw sell my property, situated on the Georgetown ard Itockville Tumpikf, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining th<? village of Tennallytown, where there is a post officeTl'hc place cottiins 63)$ acres, and is handsomely im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 x <>0, with a wing 25 X 31, and all necessary out houses. Appiv to H. W. Blunt, Water st., Georgetown jan 17?tf THOS. MARSHALL. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Cnlon 1 Cox, (called the Cedars,) poss- ssing rare advanta e* as a building site, and market gar ien. It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak mes3on the great er part < f It?the elevation is such a- to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Co-poratlon Urn its ren ders it more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, &c., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, 'Georgetown. Jan 22?dtf Desirable property in george town for sale.?Aconvenienttwo-s'ory Fr, it* Heure, late the prorerty of Lewis Smith, de ceased. containing el ht or ten room*, and havi.ig all the necessary out-buildings This pioperty fronts 50 fret on the east side oi High street, and runn'ng back about 13a feet, embracing a fins garden of choice fruit and shrubterv. Also, e Lot, fronting about 26 fee^on the north side of West street, and running back to the lir.e of the lot on High street Also, a Lot on Water street, rext to the lumber yard of J . Libbey A Son, fronting 41 fret on satd street, and running buck to the chai.nel of the river There is on the premises a substantial brick b-Jl ding, which, at a small expense, can be converted Into a gocd workshop of any kind. If the first des< rli ed property is not sold on or before the 8th of April next, It will then be for rent to a good tenant. Apply for further particulars as to term', to M. ADLER, Georgetown rear 15?eo6t For rent?several handsome Rooms, including a Parlor and Chamber, with board. Als>, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs BRYANT'S, No. 303 G street, between 13th and 14 th. mar 1^?tolm For rent ?a parlor and chamber adjoining, rr will be rented separately If re quired. Terms moderate No. 134, corner of F and 13th streets. mar 25? eo3t* For sale?a tract of land con talcing 170 acres, 4" of which is cleared. 15 or 20 wcU set in clover and timothy, and the balance In oak and hickory, some of which is very heavy It is handsomely localed, in a thickly settled and rapidly improving neighborbc* d, near Bayly's Coiners. 6% miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria ai.d Georgetown; well watered j soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small fnme House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold in whele cr in part, at a great ba-gaia. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H. SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H. CLEVE LAND, on the premise*. feb 29?tf Rare chance ?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H. C. HARROVER. feb 23-tf OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board, inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov 1f F THE CITY DESPATCH, PENNY POST' Delivers letters, papers, circu lars, Business and Invitation Cards, Meeting, Funeral, and Masonic Notices, and Message* of every kind, throughout the City, Georgetown, Navy Yard, and Island, and to the Post Office, making Five Deliveries dally: At 7, OX,a. m , 1, and 3 o'clock, p. m., through out the City, (leorgetown, Navy Yard, and the Island. At 7, 9%, a. in., 1, 3X, and T p. m., to the Pott Office. Letters to the Post Office and answprs to adver tisements must in all cases be pre-paid. Despath and Government Stamps for sale at the Box Stations and the Principal Office 391 D street, near Seventh. N. B?The Citt Despatch will not deliver Money, Jewelry, or other articles of intrinsic val ue, and the Proprietors will in no case hold them selves responsible for such articles unless regis tered at the Principal Office, and a Spccial Mas ss.toEK employed. A Spicial \Irsskngeb can be obtained at all hours during the day. mar 25?3t* JOHN WILEY, Agent. fTiHST AMDS. The fish stands in the several inaikst-houses will be sold In pursuance of law on the following days, via: In the Centre Market on March S7. In the Eastern Market on March 88 ln the Northern Market on March 28. In the Western Market on March 31. All those stands In the several market* not taken and paid for by the present occupants previous to the above date j will be sold to the highest bidder on the respective dates named. By order of the Mayor. mar 7?eotd TO HIMK?TWO BOYS (SLAVES) AGED 10 and 14 years. Enquire of JOHN WA TERS, 374 E st., bet. 10th and lltk. mar 85-3t? ^ AUCTION BALES. By J A3. C McGUIRB, Auctioneer fpRURTKE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real ?i- Estate.?By virtue rf a dwd of tmst to the subscriber, dated April 1*. 1841. and duly re corded In I iber J. AS , No S3. Mie* 4*1 4S?, 4 3, and 431. ore of the land recoidsfor Wash In g ton county, I shell *ell at puollc auction, ts the highs* bi derk on TUESDAY AFTER NOON, March lltfc, at four o'clock, en the prem th? whole of Square No 471, fhwtii| 08 south K and L and 6tb and 7th streets west Term*: One-third cash; the residue ia ft, It, and IP months, with Interret, secured bra deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. HIlNRY NAY LOR, Trustee. J AS. C. McSl'IRE, Auctioneer iLT The abnve sale la psstasaed until THLJR9UAY AFTERNOON, April lotb. at 5 o'clock, on the premise*. HENRY NAV 1.OR, Trust'? mar 27-eodds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. By JA8. C. McOUIRE, Auctioneer! TRISTF.ES SILK OK EL'RNTURE and Household Effects. ? By virtue rf a deed of trust, duly recorded, Ac., th* sutscrlber will ?e 1 atpnblic auction on MONDAY MORN ING, April 7th, at 10 o'clock, at No 404 F st:s-t, between 6th and 7th streets. (Union Row) all the Furniture and Effects in the aald bouse, comprising? Hnntfsom? suit of inahoganv damask-covertd parlcr Furniture, consisting cf two Tete-a tete Sofas, Arm Chair, Rocker, and Parlor Chairs Mahocaty Secretary, Whitnct Card Table-, Oil t antlngs Window Shades, Vases Rrnssels, thre--ply and ingrain Carpets H >11 and dining room Oil Cloth, Stair Carpet Set of blue Cottage Furniture Double and tinjle Cottage Bedsteads, Ward robes Mahogany marble-top and plain Bureaus Cane and word-seat Cnalrs, Loung's Washstards, Toilet Sets, l ooking Glasses Ex'ellent ha r Mattrerses Bolsters and Pillows B ankers, Comfort*. Counterpanes Walnut extension dining Table, Desk Mahogany Sideboards, Refrigerators Do breakfast and side Tables China, Glas? ard Crockery ware 'I able Cutlery, Fire Irons, Clccka. Ac. Together with a general stsoninent cf Kltcken Requlite*. Terms: S?5 and under cash ; over that sum a r ?dlt of 1,2 3. 4 months, for satisfactorily eisdcrscd notes, bearing interest. CHAS. J. qUF.FN, Trostee mar27-coftds J. C. McGUlRE, Auet. V By A. GREEN, Auctioneer ALU ABLE BRICK HOCSEANO TWO Lots on ? apitol Hill at Anctlsn. ?On WEDNESDAY, the 2d day of April, 1 shall sell li front ?f the premises, at 5 o'cloca p. in , handsome new Brick Horse, containing five good rooms ard passaee. t ituate*! on 3d street east, be tween south A and B streets, near Pennsylvania avenue, aad the lot on which It sta'dsj being parts of lots Nos. 16 and 17, in square No. 761, rnd containing over 3,1(10 square feet. Abo, immediately af ertbe fa'e of the aboTe we shall sell a very va'usble Building Lot on south H. between 1st and 2d streets ea*t, laving a front of 20 ftei, running b<ck 106< feet 5% Inches Ttime of sale of bouse and lot: 0 cash; bal ance in two and five years, forno'es bearlrg in trr?>-t frcm day of sjle. A deed given s?"d a deed i rf t:ust laken. For vacart lot cash. Title indif I putihl1. - A. GREEN, i mar 27?eoAds _ Auctioneer^ By J AS. C McOUIRE. Auctioneer. HAS ??(kO>l E FhlVATl; RESIDENCE at Public Aartl*n.?On-WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 2d at 4 o'clock, in frort of tbe premises. I stall sell that valuable p;ivztc ! re-idenre, situated at be corner of 9:h and E sts recently occupied by W. C Zantz ngcr, F.?q . ! teifg Lot No 10, in Square 407, fronting 40 fee', on E street, by 75 fett on9:b street, with tbe im provements, corsistlng e f a handsome ard weil flnished three ttory and basement Brick l>we'ling Hon e containing ten rooms There is al?o i gocd Brick Stable lu the rear, with suitable ac commodations for wood ard coal The side lot la handsome^ enclosed and laid out as a floxer garden One-fourt'i c*sh ; the res'due in six, twelve, and eighteen months, or one two and three year* at-tfce option of the purchaser, satisfactorily se cured and besting interest mar27-d J- C. McOUIRE Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctiome* \MLUABI F BIH1.U1PI? L??T ON South H, between 13th and 14th streets, a luoilrn.-On MONDAY, the7th day of Arri', i chill tell, at 5 orclcck p m . in front <t tte r?remise?, a very handsome Building^nt ng 5" feet on'north H. between 13th and 14th s're*ta west, runnlneb ck 144 feet to a wile alley, telnz subdivision of Lots Nos 3 ard 4. in Square No. 250, with tte improvement, which is a sma.1 frame house. The above described property is handsomely locstad and improving very rapfdly In value. Terms: One th'rd rash; baance in six and twelve months, tte purchaser to give note* forth deferred p?vmert<, bearing Interest from day of | saie. A deed of trust on tb? property. mar v'7-eodts A. GREEN, Auctlonscr. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. FUBNITU- E A\0 HOIMIHOLD EF? fects at Public Sale ? On MONDAY MORNING, March 31st. at 10 o'clock, at tbe residence of Mrs. I.add, corner of north B and First street > a^t, 1 shall sell all her Furnltare and riouse-ho'd Etfccfs. via: Mabcgany ccse Piano Forte, Stool Plusb covered Arm an 4 Farlor Chairs Marble-top, Ce itre, Side and Work Tablss Ctne and wcod-?eat Chairs Shades Handsome Oil Paintings. Wii,dow Curtain Whatnot, Rockers. Ottomar ? Brussels and Ingn-in Ca pets, Oilcloth Mahogany Soft and Chairs Do Sldeboatd, TabUs China and Gasswa e. Clock , Walnut Wardrobe, Bed teads ( Nureau*. Washstands, Toilet Sets I Feather Beds. Bolsters and Pillows Hair and husk Mattresses, Bedding Cooking Stove, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms: 825 and under cash; over that suaa credit cf 60 and 90 days f?r satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing Interest. JAS C. McGUIRE, mar 26-d Auct oneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. SUPERIOR WINES AND LIQUORS AT Auctisn- On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, March 27th, at 4)* o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, 1 shall sell a small lot of choice L'quors. being the balance of the private ttock of a gentleman of | this city, comprising? One quarter-cask of very superior Sherry ine 7 dozen Old Port 3 doz*?n Jamaica Ram, very cholc ? 2 baskets (pints) Heidslck A Co. Champagne Also, *a another account? 4 qmrtcr casks Seignette Brandy 8.000 Landres Cigars The whole to be sold without reserve Terms : S3'and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 2 and 4 months, for satislactorily en dorsed not?s, bearing Interest. mar 25-d J J C McGUlRE, Auct_ ByE S WRIGHT; Georgetown. Furniture at auction ?On Fri day MORNING next, the 2sth instant, at 10 o'clock, 1 shall tell, without reserve, at the residence of Lt Kurtz, on Gay etreet, the houso hold effects, consisting of Spring So'a, cane seat ard Windsor Chairs Rockers, Breakfast ard Card Tables Extension dining Table 25 feet long China and Gfesswere Castors, Window Shedeg, Ac. Beds, Bedsteads, Ac. Dress;ng and plain Bureaus, Washs'ands Ki:chen Furniture, Cook and other Stoves, Ac. Terms cash. E. S. WRIGHT, Auct. mar 25-Tt NOTICE.?The undersigned, appointed Trus tees by a Deed of Trust executed on the 13th dav of December, 1S53, by H*nry Schwier and I lizabetb, his wrlfe, to Heary C. Stroman, wri!l expos0 to public sale, for cash, at the market house In Georgetown, at four o'clock In the after noon, on SATURDAY, the 5th of April next,^ ty acres of land, more or less, with Improve u.ents. lying and being in Fairfax county, Stat* Virginia, near the Little Falls ?? Iv to theterois contained In said deed, and will ve to the purchaser such title as they are au thorized by said Heed of Trust. J WM H WEST. t Trustees BEN J. F MACK ALL, i iTUnrt* mar 21?lOt Bv JAMKS C. NcGU I RE- Auctioneer. TRUS1 EE'S SALE OE VERY DESIR A Me Brick Uwp 1'1 "i"?AV"aFTKK' near F Mreet On WK1>NESUA\ AFTER NOON, April 2d, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, bv virtue of a deed of trust, duly made acd re cord d the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the north half of Lot nun bered 15, in square numbered 317, having a front of about V5 feet on Tenth street west, between E and F sueets north, running back that width 1(D feet 1 inch to an alley, together with the buildings and Improvements, consisting of a handsome three-story and basement biick dwelling, cont ? in ing, In all, twelve roon s, flulshed la the mot superior manner, with waier and gas throughout There is alsoattachedlstableand*arTiage-Sou?e. The buildings were erected bv an experienced builder for his own residence, and noeipessowas spared In the erection to make thorn comfortable and substantial . _? iermi: One balf cash; the residue in six an twelve months, with Interest, secured to it lsfhctlon of the Trustee. Tnatif 8iM^RcDi"mtlT | i_d Auctioneer FROM TK ASSOCIATED F?l_ by HOPII printing TKLUtiPH. Feanayiyania Ftlitiea. HawiKKo, March. 17.?Tha Lai on Oob rer-tion adjourned JlfM dl4 at uoom after nominating the following State ticket : For Auditor General?Darwin Paelps Canal Commissioner-ThomasCoehran! Surrey or General?B Laporte Later from Texaa New OlUARl, March 2fi ?The steamer Perseverance. from Galveston on the lid, hat arrived. Tte papers state that the Lipan In diana nre gtill very troublesome, and the cititeni on the frontier* were forming them ? aelyea into companies for protection I ater from Kexico. Niw Oblbaks, March 26 ?The reamer Texas with Vera Crn? dates of the 231 haa arrived. Tamaret was still at Pnebla where he was hemmed in by the Government forces It was reported that he had made propositi oca to surrender to ComonforV which th? latter rejected. A company waa still forming to build a rail way from Vera Crut to the city of Mexico The city of Vera Crut waa q ulet. Tha news is meagre Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. March 28 ?Bread? tuffi areflrro an i generally better; sales of Howard street at t7 12]. nothing dona in City Milla Wheat has adraneed 2a3j , hut the markat is too unsettled to give quotations Corn is a irifle higher aalea of yellow at 61a63c The proviaion market ia mora aotive; sale* of bulk sides at 7c, and shouldera at 8c; rues* pork sold for $16 per bbl. Bacon ia in active demand, but the stock is light and prions firm, shoulders Sic; aides 94a9te; Lama Ual2to Lard is in demand; sales in bbla. at 10al0|. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctlonee-. TRUSTEE'S KALE OF EXCELLENT House held I-am Mure at Aacttea ?On WKUNK^DAY. April Sd, at 10 o'clock, a ID . I ?ball cell at tb?* large dwelling houae. No 331 Pennsylvania avenue, between Sixth and Seventh s'reels. opposite Brown's Hotel, an exteuslv* col lection of Household Furnltite. consisting la partcf, ili: M hogany Sofa* and Chain I'arlcr Tables, with marble top Gilt frame Oval Mirror Parlor Curtain* and Cornice*, Music Stand Kostwood Eteirge. Matoganv Rocklag Cbalra Mantel and Tab e Ornaments', Reception Ch*1*t Parlor, Chanrbrr, a d Step Carpeting Hall <>11 Clo b? .Mahogany Sideboard Refrigerator, Mant'l Clock fron-atcne China Dinner Ware, Glass Ware Krenrh China Tea S?t Superior Sliver-plated Tea Pat Chaffing l.'iafce#. CofTte Urna, Table Cutlery Silver plated Fork* and bpooca Silver-plated aad Britannia Casters Heavv Sllver-mcuated Waltera Very t>and?< me Enamelled Cottage Set, connot ing of Dress Bureau with marble top. Bed sVtd. W ashstand with marble for. Wa'd i"be Chairs, Ar Damask Loonge High post and Frercb Beda!e*d* Initiation Ko?. wood Cottage Chamber Set Spring Mattresws Walnut Rocking Chairs Toilet Seta Mahogany and oth*r Dressing Bureaua ? e-tding, superior Feather Beds Wardrobes Superior Curled-hair, Shuck, end Cotto* Me' treases Wa?h!-tand?, Cane-Feat Chairs Venltian B teds 1< e Cream Freezers Radiator Wood Stave* Two excel>. t Cooking Stoves Cooklrg Kequltltes aiuhea Furniture. Ac. Te/mj: Under ?25, ca?h, over S23, a credit of sixty ard ninety days, for approved endorsed xotes, l earing Interest ?... B MILBURN. Trurtee mar 27 dVda C W. bOTELEE, Aue' By JAMES C McGUIRE, Arctloneer SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD BOUDOIR Piano, xcellent Farnitura aad Hesse keeping Effecta at lubllc iBCtlsa.-(iD THURSDAY MORNING. April*. at leo'dotk at tte lesidence of the Swedlh Minister. e? rner of 14th and L streets, 1 stall sell all hi* Furni ture and Housekeeptrg Fff eta. vix : Superior Koaewood H< udcir Flano Forte, bv Broadwootf, Loudon H and sr me suite of rweauud d? ma* k- cover* d and pa'lcr Furnl ure, ccnslstlnv of la*ee Frarch Sofa, two i ounces, two arm. two 6othic, ard six side Chairs Marb'e-top Centre Tab.e, gilt frame Mantel Mit ror Walnut What not?, fancy Tables Chines- Woik (Jttomars. fancy Chairs Elegant gilt anl Sevres China, Preach Mantel Clock, Cendelebias to match Su'ts'f damask and ia'e Curtains Shades, and Fixtures Two excellent walnut Bookcases, Writing Tabiss Walnut du lng ' ab'e?, p ush aeat dining Chal:s Two walnut mar be tip Sideboards Elegant French CLlna dinner, dessert, aad tea Service Silver-plated Tea Service, Kettle, Casters, Ac. Cry?tal c. t glass Ware, Table Cuilcrv Excel ent mantel Tin epiece. Engravings Walnut and Maborany Wardrobes. Buieaua Iron Btd tea'ta, walnut Cottage tedsteads Marble-tor Waabstardo. 'lotletSeta Superlrr hair and hu>k Mattreaaes. Bolstera, and Pillows Count rpanea. Comforts. Blankfts Excellent English Carpets. OllrUth. Rugs Hall Lamp, ball and stair Carpeting Cooking Stove. Refrigerators. Kitchen lltenalls, Ae. ALSO, A small quantity of very a-.parlor Brown Sherry. Claret, and Champagne Wines Terms: and under, cash; over that sum a credit rfGi) and 90 davs. for satisfactorily endorsed nctes, bearing interest JAS C. McGUIRE. m".r '21? d Auctioneer Bv JAS. C. Mc?UIRE, Auctioneer TF.CSTEE'S salk of improved Property?On THURSDAY afternoon, March 2?ih, at 4 o'clock, on the premlae*, by vir tue cf a deed of trust, dated May 8th, 1954, and recorded In Liber, J A S , No 7*, folio 2W. Ac , one of the land records for Washington county, the subscriber will sell all those paita of Lot* or ground In the city of Washington. B. C . being parts of Lots numbered 1.2 and 3, according to Davldaoa's subdivision of Square No. MT, and which are c< nt?>ned In the following meteb and bounds?that is to say, beginning for the same at the northeast corner of Lot numbered one. In said Square, and thence running west 73 feet ? Inches, thence south 78 feet, thence east 73 feet 6 Inches, thence north 79 feet to the place of beginning, with the Improvements, consisting of two frame tenements. The above property la situated on Ninth street west. between north N and O streets Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue laf, 19 and 18 montl s, with Interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the Truttee. N". CALLAN. Trustee JAMES C. McGUIRE, feb 2S?eoAds Auctioneer By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FHAMI HOUSE AND LOT ON O Uth street, near the Steanbeat Wharf. On THUKSDAV AFTERNOON. Match *7th, ato clock, on the premises, I shall srtl Lot No >7, In Square 327, situated on Uth street we?t, near Maryland avenue, with the Improvement, consisting of a small frame house Terms at sale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 21?d AucUoi NEW LEATHER STORE. 1WILL OPEN TO-DAY A LARGE LOT of MOROCCO, and French and American CALF SKIN. Also, PATENT CALF SKIN. A large lot of Spanish and (laughter SOLE LEATHER, for sale cheap by JOHN C. SHAFFR, Fa. avenue, between L3th and 13# sis roar 25-eo3t? FRUIT TREES, Ac. JOHN SAUL HAS THE PLEASURE OF ottering a splendid collection of FRl'ITeM TREES, of superior growth and quality,WF (on*Ming of PEACH, APPLE, PEAk.*^* CHEKtr, Ac , large and vigorous, and Varieties suited to this latitude Also, many thousands cf the large Lancashire GOOSEBERRIES, CURRANTS, red, white, and black, the new long bunched varieties; STRAWBERRY PLANTS. RHUBARB ROOTS, SHAOB TREES. EVERGREENS. Ac., with everything pertaining to the Nursery and Seed buslneas, cf tist qualikv and eery mod crate prices. JOHN SAUL, Bead Warehouse, 390 Seventh st, cor H, Washington.