Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR "local i.vtelligence. Piul"" fe?*'iooLS or Washisoto!*.?In the Senate yes erday, Mr. Brown, from the Com mittee on the Diatriet of Columbia, to which was referred the memorial of the Pnblio Schools of Washington asking a donation of city lota for educational purposes, snbmitted a report, aacompanied by a bill for the benefit of public achools in the city of Washington, as followi: The Committee on the Distriot of Columbia to whom was referred " the memorial of the Board of Trustees of Pnblio Schools of Wash ington City, D C , praying a donation of city lota for educational purpoaea, or that a portion of the proceeds of sales of lots heretofore made may be invested for that purpose," have had the same under consideration, and beg leave to report ? That there remains unsold one hundred and ninety lots in the city of Washington, valued 115,613, but they stand pledged for an indebtedness equal in amount to their entire ralua. (Wee appendix A and B ) The first prayer of the memorialist* cannot, therefore, with propriety be granted The sales of lota heretofore made, have pro duced, aanear as can now be ascertained, the oat sum of $707,190 69. Of this sum $686, 426 21 has been paid into the hands of va rious Commissioners of Public Building, and by them expended in the erection of the Cap itol, President's house, Treasury and W ar offi ces. and in building wuarves and bridges, repairing and opening streets, avenues, Ac , Ac. (See appendix A.) The remaining $21, 664 43 was paid int j the Treasury, and has been anpliea under the twelfth section of the act of May 17, 1848. to amend the city char ter, isee appendix C,) to opening, repairing and keeping in order the streets, avenues, foot ways, Ac., in the city of Washington. It thus appears that there remains unex pended no part of the fund arising from the sale of lots heretofore made in this city. The second prayer of the memorialists must con sequently be denied. Your committee appreciate the importance of education every where ; and have, there fore entered upon the investigation of the subject, so far as it is embraced in the mcmo rial, with a sincere desire to recommend some scheme that should advance the educational interests and prospects of this metropolis. It has been ascertained that there was in attendance last year on the public schools in this city 2.170 scholars, consisting of nearly equal numbers of boys and girls. The num ber of schools was 22, teachers IS?females 33, malee 5. It is estimated that the oity requires accommodation for double the number of pu pils now at school, and with suffioient pecu niary aid to enable tho commissioners to ouild houses and employ teachers, 4.000 children would be put to school the present year. Only about one-half that apply can now be received. See appendix D The sum expended last year was $25.291.66. The fund raised as follows : Six per cent on the permanent school fund. $3,030. The poll (or voting) tax of one dollar on each vote $5,230 Appropriation from the city treasury $16,761. J This sum is exclusive of the expenditures for houses Since 1845, when tho present school system went into operation, the city has expended 520,000 in the purchase and ereetion of school houses. The deficiency of house* is still very great, and is in fact the chief source of embarrassment in the present system. Your committee have found the schools in Washington in the main well conducted, and on a plan which gives satisfaction to the al most entire community. With these facts before us, and with the full euivict'.on that the present school fund is al together insufficient to meet the demands upon it, ycur committee have felt it to be their duty to ascertain if some proper plan could not be devised for increasing the fund. They have found a healthy state of public opinion in Waahington city on this subject?the largest property holders coming forward and freely consenting to, and even urging, a tax for school purposes A tax of this kind must ne cessarily fall, in great degree, on those who have only a contingent or resulting interest in keeping up free schools The rich can and will educate their own children It must be tha poor, who pay no taxes, who derive the firet and immediate advantages from public ?o tools Tha assessed value of real estate in this city $25,568,703. It is proposad to levy a spe cial school tax of a mill on the dollar upon this property. This would raise a fraotion over twenty five thousand dollars annually. Tour co-naittee has no means of ascertain - ing accurately the value of Government pro perty within tho city limits; but it is be lieved to be nearly or quite equal to the value of the private property within the same limits. Your oommittee do not propose a tax on Government property. But they have thought, if private persons having only a re mote interest in the education of the poor, are willing to submit to tax on their property for educational purposes, the Government, which has an equal or a greater interest in the same subject, might make its contribution to that object It is fair to say that eitixens of Washington nave the same interest in whatever belongs to the Government as oitiiens of equal fortune in the States, and that they contribute fro rata to the oontents of the treasury. It fol lows that in proportion to their numbers and wealth, they contribute as much of what may be expected by the Government fur schools here aa any like number of persons of like wealth anywhere etoe; and then, if on ac count of their ch >sen proximity to the achools, they pay a special tax for that special advan tage, it wou>d a??em that they have obtained no special favor. It may be said that Congress has no more nght to appropriate money for aohools in this Diatnet than it has to make like appropria tion! for like purposes in the States Your committee forbear to discuss the question of power in this eonnection or to draw the lima T. ? m*rk the jurisdiction of Congress in the District and in the States Nor will your com mittee dwell on the fact, that iu all now Stat?s aspeoially, Congress has made the moat munifi ?ant land grants to achools and colleges. If it shall be assumed that Congress is as much re ?truted in the District as in the States, then wc *?y if Congress owns one half the taxable prop erty m a State, and means to hold it in per petuity, it ought to submit to taxation on that property for the support of schools, or else contribute from the goner il funds a sum equal te the amount paid by private persons in the ?tates for that object. In accordance with the views here expressed your committee report the following bill: ' * r? ? That th* corporate au i>Vsm?'of r i T7 ?f W"hin^?n. in the Ihetneft of Columbia, may. with the consent of the owners of real estate in said citv ler* A ?' ?">?? '?h on* hu7 dred dollars worth of real property lying within the corporate limits of the city, for thi benefit of public schools in said city; and s^nT Seoralary of the Treasury ?hall be officially notified by the Mayor that Ik fas be?n Uvied and collected, it to from the Tr?s"j of the luted States, to the persons legally au thom.d to reoaive the sehool fun is for tha e'tyof Washington, a sum *qu%l to the amount thus raised by taxation : Provide4, It be not more than twenty-five thouaand dollars in ?ny on? year, and that the payments shall uksl *?"" ?"?" That il ih.II b. duty of school commissioners to make an naiLr#PCrt^ of ?" matt?r? concerning the dii S *ho?k V* Washington on the first Mon tarj of th-V"? f '* t*?h Jear' 10 th? **??? eommL,al ?ln?r' Wbose dutJ il ?haIi b? t0 fora tK? ? j *? Congress on or be ^retneaecond Monday of December follow. That ^e par i-wn?(ra of Wa4>hi^Lmur th? r?*l eafate wiii wbmusrss;; vyt?* whetb" j w In thia bill the ^ X* p?rP?,es named tl?t& on ?/d#r T?* " o'her oltctions i? -abject to taxation in .aid oity Boibs or ALt>i*if?ir.?Tka Board mat at the usual hoar, the President, Mr. Clark, in the chair Ceuncil bill authorising the curbstone to be set and footway to be paved ou East square 353. was referred to improvements committee. Council bill providing for building dumping scows for clearing out the canal, was after some debate referred to the canal committe Council bill for repairing tho roof of the City Hall, was referred to the improvements committee. ? . Council bill providing for the election of a Police magistrate for the Sixth District, was passed. Council amendment to bill for constructing an additional room in the City Hall for the use of the Collector, and which amendment provides for a brick partition instead or a stone partition, was agreed to. Mr Miller introduced a joint resolution au thorising the Mayor to have tested the prao ticability of deodorising the night soil in the privy boxes previous to removal. Mr Dove rose to enquire who was to pay the expenses of this experiment. Mr Miller stated that the Mayor had Inform ed him that the experiment would cost noth ing to the city; the scavengers were willing to incur the slight expense of the experiment, in order to test the matter. There^ was no appropriation proposed and no provision made for one. The committee appointed would like this experiment made before they reported, in order to act underatandingly. Every city in the country was taking some steps in re gard to getting rid of this great and destruc tive nuisance. Mr. Dove thought an amendment providing that the experiment should not be made at the expense of the corporation, should be added. On motion of Mr. Pepper, such an amend ment was adopted. Mr. Smith said he did not understand how the corporation had the priviledge of using this* deodorising agent: he understood that it had been patented, and that various cities had purchased the right to use it; the city of Boston, for instance, having paid $3,000 for that right. After further debate the resolution was adopted. Mr. Pepper introduced a resolution author ising the Mayor to have Pennsylvania avenne swept and cleaned from First to Fifteenth street. I Mr. Bayly thought watering the streets would be a better project Mr. Miller hopea the bill would not pass. If we began to sweep, we ought to sweep every street in the city; in three or four days after being swept they would need it as much as ever, the dirt accumulated with every rain. Mr. Pepper paid the gentleman s romarks put him in mind of the man who wouldn't wash his face because it wouldn't stay washed. The question was further debated by Messrs Miller, Smith, Emery, and Houston, and then on motion of Mr. Dove, was laid on the table. Mr. Pearson reported a bill for the relief of F. A. Hagar; passed. Mr. Pearson, from claims committee, asked to be discharged from consideration of peti tion of Thomas F. Owens; agreed to Also, from petition of William B. Lee, which, on request of Mr. Dove was laid upon the table until next Monday. Mr Pearson, from same committee, asked to be di."chargod from consideration of John 0. Dwyer; agreed to j Also, from petition of John W. Stevens. Mr Clark stated that Mr. Stevens had es tablished a hardware store, and taken out his license in good faith, but tbat not succeeding in business, his oreditors had closed him up, and he now petitioned that the excess of license might be refunded, as he was in need of the money. The question being taken, the committee was not discharged, and, on motion of Mr. Dove, was instructed to bring in a bill for the relief of Mr. Stevens. Mr. Smith introduced a resolution instruct I ing the committeo before Congress to urge upon that body the propriety of making the J port of Washington a port of entry, and es I tablishing a custom house therein; adopted j Mr. Pearson, frcm claims committee, asked I to be discharged from further consideration of I the petition of George G. Coleman; agreed to. | Mr. Dove moved to take up bill instructing I the city Surveyor to alter tho grade of Seven I teenth street, which bill had been agreed to I by the committee of conference of the two Boards; passed. Council bill authorising the grading of alley I in square 316, was referred to improvements I committee. i Mr Bayly presented the petition of Henry I Carl, which was referred to claims committee. I The Board then adjourned. I In the Common Council, Mr. Abert, from I the select committee on the subject of the I grade of Seventeenth street, made a report ac I companied by a bill directing the Surveyor to I cause certain alterations in the giade of said I street; whioh was passed. I The bill supplementary to an act approved | May 20th 1853, entitled " An act prescribing I the duties and salary of the Surveyor," was taken up, and after a somewhat lengthy dis I cushion was referred to a select committee of I one from each ward. as follows: Messrs. Fuller, Fisher, Towles, McKean, Baldwin, Bayne, I and AtLee. The joint resolution asking of Congress the power to issue stock to erect the Centre mar I set building, was than taken up forconsider I atinn. I After debate by Messrs Jefferson, MeCut I chen, AtLee, Lloyd. Walker, Towles, and I others. Mr. Towles offered an amendment pro I viding that no issue of stock should be made I until sanctioned by a majority of the voters I of this city. I After some further discussion the amend I ment was adopted, and the resolution aa amended was passed ; and the Board adjourn ed Connr or Claims ? Yesterday, the court or dered the taking of testimony in the case of T. C. Nyo, claiming damages on the reletting of certain mail routes without providing for his stage property, which was to be taken at an appraised value; in that of James Mc Murtrie, administrator of the estate of Gen. Samuel Mifflin, of Pennsylvania, claiming the repayment of money loaned to government by Gen Mifflin in 1776 ; in that of Elisa Shaffer, heir-at-liiw of Christian Orendorff, claiming the payment of a settlement certificate issued to the said Orendorff, dated January 6, 1783 ; in that of the heirs-at law of Richard Froth ingham, claiming the payment of a balance due the said Frothingham as commissary of military stores in the army of the revolution ; in that of Augustus H Evans, cf St. Louis, Missouri, claiming compensation for services as clerk in tho office of the surveyor general of Illinois and Missouri, in the years 1834, 1835, and 1836; in that of Dennis Cronan, claiming compensation on a oontract for haul ing materials for building the custom-house at New Orleans; and in that of Felix Argen ti, claiming the paymentof a bill of exchango drawn by Adam Johnson, Indian agent in the valley of San Joaauin. On the motion or Mr. Sargent that the eourt order the same judgment that was delivered in the case of Sturges, Bennett. & Co. to be entered up in certain other^similar cases, the Solicitor submitted an argument in opposition thereto, occupying the time of the court until they adjourned. Spring Stylbs ?Our readers will do well toglaaceover our advertising columns this morning, and uotice the great Inducements offered to purchasers of every description of spring goods Indeed, the Star now affords so complete a directory to those wishing to obtain oheap and beautiful goods, that no one should fail to consult its columns Mrs. Hill, Mrs Allen, Miss Thompson. M Willain. Mrs. Pib ram and daughter in this city, and Mrs. Thorne in Georgetown, will open to-day an unusually beautiful assortment of spring style bonnets, flowers, ribbons, head-dresses etc , etc. See also advertisment of spring style mantillas opened to-day by Maxwell k Bro. Recovered.?The horse and buggy adver tised in yesterday's Star have been recovered by Mr Kupple. the owner. They were taken away by a colored boy, about ten years of age, who probably wanted to take a ride through the city. As adjournil> meeting of the oitiiens of the Seventh Ward will be neld at Island Hall at 7i o'clock this evening, to oonsider matters of importance, at whioh a general atteadaace is requested. Ciabitails ? Last evening, a good-looking female, with three am all children, went to the central guard h^use for lodging. She cure from Aldie, Virginia, with her husband, and he, to obtain money for their support, was obliged to engage his labor to the proprietor of a fishing shore Not being able to return in time to reliere his family, his wife was driven to npply to the Captain of the Guard for relief. When the members of the guard arrived at the station-house, a oollection was taken up, and Assisted by several benevolent citizens, the guard raised a sufficient sum to relieve the present wants of family and pay for their return home. She departed this morning ? The Infantry?This old and excellent volunteer corps, at present commanded by Capt. Jas. Y. Davis, is making great efforts to inorease their efficiency. We were invited to witness the company drill at their armory last evening, and we noticed that the members have improved very muoh since they employ ed Sergeant Hamilton, of the U. S. Marine corps, as instructor. The Holland Monument -?A subscriber to the fund for the erection of a monument to the late Stewart Holland, requests us thus to ask those who have the matter in oharge to enlighted the publio with reference to the state of the business, as, naturally enough, the many friends and admirers of the gallant young deceased, are anxious for the comple tion of the proposed testimonial. The Canal.?Yesterday there was an in crease of water in the canal, and several boats loaded with wood for the merchants were enable to get to the wharves, having been de tained in the river an entire week by the low water A large quantity of wood is expected during this week. Incendiarism.?Last night an attempt was made about nine o'clock to fire a frame stable on Sixth street, near the canal. The fire was discovered and*extinguuhcd by members of the Auxiliary Guard and officer Stoddard be fore considerable damage was done. The stable belonged to Mr. Smith, merchant Accumulated Cases.?Last night a young man, named Alexander Egleson, was arrested by officer Cox for assault. In two hours after the arrest, a largo number of cases were laid before the justice against the same person, and for offences committed at different times. He was committed to jail for a further hear ing to-day. To Dat, being All-Fool's Day, is, of course, celebrated with spirit by the " Trade Sale's Association." We have seen some dozens of persons already sold and by virtue thereof, voted to full membership of the asso ciation. A Valuable Citizen Dead.?Our District readers will sincerely regret to hear of the death of Dr. Otho M Linthicum of George town, which took place this morning after a protracted indisposition. The District possess ed few more valuable and respected citizens. A Row occurred last night at the corncr of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, but it was speedily quelled by the Guards, who were near the spot. The parties were quieted and sent to their homes without cost to the city or the United States. The members of the Good Will Club have completed the arrangements to carry out their design of making their assembly to-night en tirely satisfactory to all present. See adver tisement in another column. In the Mud.?A white man while passing from the Second to the Seventh ward stepped into the canal, and stuck in the mud. He was extricated by a colored man who was passing, and heard his calls for holp. Mr. Riobt, who was injured on the steamer Minnesota a few days since, is still lying in a dangerous condition. Last evening his re 1 covery was consider doubtful by his friends. From the evidence before us we are in cline to bftlieve that the subscription ball to night at Carusi's will be one of the finest affairs of the kind ever got up in Washington. Mr. John Miller, favorably known to our citizens as a confectioner and cateror, has leased the Relay House, lately kept by Mr. William Gadsby. Boors Bills.?Attempts have been made within a day or two, to pass the bills of the bur*t up "Union Bank" of this city in Balti more. Trips to Mount Vernon ?The "Thomas Collver" commenced to day her regular trips to Mount Vernon See advertisement. The "Law Grets" of Baltimore, command ed by Capt. T. Bowers, design visiting Wash ington and Alexandria. Grace Church Fair is open to-night. Let no one deny himself, or herself, the pleasure of a visit. That Spirited Company, the Marion Rifles, give their flrft ootillon party to-morrow even ing. [COMMUNICATED. Miss Agnes Robertson, the "Fairy Star," appears to-morrow night at the National, not in a pieoe called the Fair Star, as one woull infer from your yesterday's notice, but in two pieccs peculiarly adapted to her inimitable style of acting It is not much of an error on your part, for she will be the " fair star" du ring her engagement here. I um somewhat curious to know what your cotemporary of the " Spectator" will say of her performances The editor of that digni fied and elevated hebdomadal, or at least the theatrical critic for its columns, talks like a Sir Oracle on these matters. The Misses Denin ho eulogises as scarce without peers in the broad United States, and Mrs Julia Dean Hayne, according to his judgment, failed, and was really nowhere, when she last performed to a Washington audience. And now, just twig what ho remark? of the performances last week, when Mr Forrest played : "There has been no one at the National, during the last week, worthy of particular praise besides Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, and these persons are so well known that an elaborate notice is un necessary." I. Watch Returns.?Jno. Jonos, (colored,) out after hours; dismissed James L Gibbs and Ed. Smith, (colored,) throwing stones; fine and costs Geo. Thomas, (slave.) do.; six stripes. Ellen Mulligan, drunk in the street; fine and costs. A white lodger came too of ten, and was dismissed on promise to leave the city. DVD, . On the 31st of March, JOSEPH HOWARD, Ki?q ? formerly of Ohio, and a member of the Senate of that SUte, but for several years past a resident of Washington, In the 5?th year of his age. His friends are Invited to attend his funeral at 10 o'clock, (Wednesday,) a m , from his late residence, 55313th street, Island ? * On the 31st of March. MARION W. HIN TON, In the 17th year of her age, only child of the late Robert W. and Kmellne Hlnton. BOARDING. Boarding ?thrke or four single gentlemen can obtain board by applying at the corner of 13:h and (* street Fare from 6-3 50 to 85 per week. Three or four day boarders can also be accommodated. ap 1* Boarding may be had at modek ate prices by the month, week, or day. Also Table boarders can be accommodated at No. 367, opposite the National Hotel, where there Is at present two large airy furnished rooms unoccu pied. ap 1? Boarding?one large room, band somely furnished, on tbe first floor, and one Urge front room In the second story, furnished or unfurninhed, with or without board. Also two single rooms for gent emen. Table boarders can be arcoinmodated on reasonable terms. A large Curd Is attached to the house, making It deslra lefora family with children Apply totfl?, 10th street, between D and C, east side. inar 31?lw? Board,ic ?Mrs dates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen wi th rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap ft?tf ELLIS'S STORK is 306 Penasylvania avenue, Mar Tenth street. mar 8 WANTS. WANTED?BY A RESPE9TABLE WO iran, a situation aa NURSE. or to do Cham ber work Good references (riven. Address Box No. 17, Star Office. ap 1?If WANTED?AT THE EBBITT HOUSE, 833 F street, three good colored waiters ? A pply Immediately. ap 1?lw? WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A 8IT nation In some storecr department in which he can make himself usetal. He writes a good hand, is a druggist by occupation, but wishes to get in some other business. The best of testimo nials as to character, Ac , can be given. Address C. A. C.t City Post Office. ap 1?3t? WANTED?BY A STEADY AND M1D dle aged woman, with good referenres, a situation to do chamber work, or take charge of children; can work with the needle, and has no objection to go to the country. Add res* J. T , corner of 9th street and Virginia Avenue, Island. ap 1?lt? WANTED?ROOMS WITH BOARD. FOR a gentleman and wife, in a private fkmlly,

where there are few or no boarders. Rooms to be on the first or second floor, furnished or unfur nished. Location to be east of Lafkyette, and within four tquares of It Address "Perma nent," through Star Office, describing rooms and terms. Communications confidential. ap 1?3t# TWO WHITE WOMEN (SISTERS) want situations, one es Ccok, Washer, and Ironer, the other as Waiter and Chambermaid ? The best references given. Apply at Box No. 5, Star Office. ap 1?3t* WANTED ?100LIVE RATS, FOR WHICH five cents a p'ece wiil be paid Apply at No. 354, 4 th street, opposite the jail. ap 1?3'-* WANTED ?AN ABLE BODIED COLOR ed Boy, (slave,) about fifteen years ofage. Enquire on Twelfth street Island, No. ?63 No free colored person need apply. mar 31-2t# WANTED?WANTED TO KNOW THE gentleman's name who sent S5 through the CITY DESPATCH to Messrs. Butt A Hopkln's new Furnlshlag Bszaar. mar 31?3t* WANTED ?A COMPETENT WOMAN TO work on pantaloons. Good wages given for a good hand. Apply to No. 603 7th st., Island, mar 31?21* WANTED?AT THE HOSPITAL FOR the Insane, two female Servants; coif red persons preferred. mar 29-3i WA N T E D?AN AMERICAN OR GER man Girl as Child's Nurse and Chamber maid, and plain eewer, with good reference. Apyly at No. 512 G, between 4th andSth sts. mar 99-3t PP.P WILL AGAIN VISIT WASHING ? ton, Georgetown, and Alexandria, and will buy, to anv amount, Household F urniture, La dles' and Gentlemen's Clothing, Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair .Mattresses, Silver and Alkata Ware, Table Furniture, Old Books, Old Engrav ings, Curiosities. Ac. In fact, will buy anything, especially good Books. W.inted, Audubon's Birds. N ilea's Register, large Encyclopedias, Spark's Works, ana all books but school and pub - lie documents. Address " PP P." Box 24, Star Office, and attention will !.e paid as socn as pos sible. Be particular In your address. mar 27-2w* TTTANTKD ?A PURCHASER FOR S.V000 W worth of Deed of Trust Bonds, secured on property worth twice the amount. Address, stat ing wb#re the party csn bee se?n, to Kox No 17 Star Office. mar 28-ec3t* GARDENKR WANTED ?ADDRESS DR. _ WM. WIRT, Oak Grove, Westmoreland county, Va mar 21?2w* A' FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR SALE?a TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE with attic, situated on E street, north side, between 12th and 13th streets. 11 con tains six rooms. The lot on which the house is located, has an unexpired lease of six years to run. For further particulars inquire of J. E. W. T., or George Savage. ap 1?3t A VERY DESIRABLE FARM FOR SALE. /V Th? subscriber will sell his farm in Fairfax County, Va., lying on the Leesburg turnpike, but a mile' and a half abo?e Its Junction with the Co lumbia Turnpike, at jBalls's X Roads The land is excellent. The farm contains 111 acress, a good young orchard of apples and peaches, a comforta ble though small dwelling bouse, and a capital barn. Thirty acres are of fine cultivated low f'rounds?twelve acres are In wheat. The place s& miles from Washington, and six miles from Alexandria, with turnpike communications from the gate to octh cities It is at this moment the most desirable place known to be for sale within twentv miles of the Federal City. REUBEN KELSEY P. S.?Persons wishing further Informa'ion ir.ay apply to W. D. Walli-ch at the Star Office, (who knows the place well.) or to me on the prem'nes apj.?w4w* FOR SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE near Washington, altua'ed about three miles from the city. between Plney Branch Road and Rock Creek, near Maior B agden's, formerly Mr. Bodlsco's place, containing thirty acres more or les?, of land well adapted to gardening, Ac., al>out half of it under cultivation and In good or d"r; the residue covered with timber of various kinds?having two new frame Cottages, with re qulsile out buildings and other improvements? an orchard of upward? of one hundred fruit bear ing trees of the best klrd?an excellent spring of never falling water; and abcvealf, In a good and healthy neighborhood I or father particulars Inquire at No IS War Depar ment, or corner of G a.,d 20;h streets, of apl-ec3t SAMUEL D. F1NCKEL FOR RENT?ON CAPITOL HILL, A Brick two storv and attirk House, containing ten rooms and kitchen, with Urge and fine garden at tached. The premises are on the east side of First street north, between B and C streets. Pos session will be giv*n immedla'elv Apply to Mr. FRANK BROOKS, at the extension oi the Cap ltol Bulldirg, for 'arm*, Ac. mar 31-3t* TIO ARTISTS AND LAWYERS?WE have three fine large and airy OFFICES for rent in our brildlng* on Pennsylvania avenue, between 4 tt a d 6th st:eets. One of them is a j ----- ? rm. i ill 1 northern room, suitable for an artbt. They will b<* rented separately or togetr er to good tenants by earlv application to DUVALLA URO, mar 3l-3t Merchant Tailors. ir > OOMS TO LET.?A FURNISHED PAR > lor and Chamber will be rented together or separately, with or without board. Also, a few fentlemen can be accommodated with board, .oca'lon pleasant, and terms moderate. Enquire at No. 552 Fa avenge. mar 2d-:it F OR RENT?THE DWELLING ON THE ? corner of New York avenue and 15th street. Possession given on the 1st of April The loca- J tion is very desirable, being directly cn the om nibus route/and in the immrdiate neighborhood j of the Pre'ident's House and Government De- j Eartments. To a desirable tenant the rent will e very low. Enquire on the premises of J. W. ! NAIRN. N. B ?The premises can be seen at any time by applying as above. mar 17?4w? FOR SALE ?a SMALL HOUSE, AND LOT 25 by ire feet; will take S300, a "bargain For rent, that large House, Restaurant, Ac., op posite the market house, in Alexandria For rent or let, on thare*, a Market Garden, with farm of 30 acres, near Georgetown. For sale, a lot of fine Hogs Wanted to hire, a colored man and rough car penter. LLOYD A CO., inar29-3t* 15th street. Grocery store for sale?for sale a Grocery Store, including Fixtures ard everything appertaining to a retail Grocery Store. If appllel for early will be sold very low. WILLIAM M. CR1PPS, mar 29-3t 91 La av., bet. 6th and 7th sts. SHOE-BUSINESS FOR SALE.?THE AD vertlser. keeping at the corner of 13th and D streets, wishes to sell out his right in the business. The place can be Immediately occupied by any one wishing to continue in the business. The fix tures will be sold low. rear '27-lw* FOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Residence, on 7th street Plank Road, about 4 ini>es from Washington?25 acres with orchard of Feach, Apple, Ac. Would make a good mar ket farm. Inquire at No. 25 third story of Treas ury. mar 20?2w* ARE CHANCE?THE UNDERSIGNED ? ?? offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence hites, and will be sold at agreatsacil flce. H. C. HARROVER. Terms: A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, no. th A street, Capitol Hill. feb 23-tf R F OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Rooms. Including a Parlor and Chamber, with board. Alst, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs BRYANT'S, No. 303 G street, between 13th and 14th. mar 18?eolm FOR RENT?several HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board, inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov 27?tf ?RPORATIOH &TOCK.?98,000 Corpo j ntion of Washington Stock tor sale at feb25?*/ CHUBB BROTHERS. C", AUCTION BALES. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Choice collection or hard* Ever ?Blooming Fe*t*. Fruit Tr?f?, aad Flowering Plants*-On FRIDAY AFTER NOON, April 5, at 3 o'clock, it the Auction Rcorns, 1 shall aell a lot of hsrdy ever-blooming Rose*, c*melias Jaronlcaa, Pear Trres, Grape vine*, Ac . from the Nursery cf O. Mare, of A*o rla, Long Island, New York A choicecollection ol Monthly- Rosea, including Moss and Running Roses, of ike finest color Also, a great variety of Ornamental Plants, as Chinese Trees. Peonev, Spires* Monthly Carna tion. Pink in hud, Cameliao in full flower. Or anges and Lemons in fruit, Ever-greens of cooSce variety, Dwarf Pear Trees, in beating slate. Grape Vines and Peach Trees Ladles and gentlemen in want of rare and valu able plants, should not neglec. this opportunlt) to surpiv themselves. All piauts warranted genu ine. Terms cash. ap 1?d J AS. C. McOUIRK, Auct. By .BARNARD A BUCKEY ; Georgetown" VALUABLE BriLDIRU LOT AT AlC. tien.?On TUESDAY, the 15th Ins-art, at 4 o'clock. P. M , we will aell part of Lots 5 and 6, fronting 30 feet on tbeeastilde of Congress street, between Way and Bridge streets, and running back 121 feet 6 inches On one side of this lot is a 12 foot alley Tbis 1* a valuable piece of property, In a good location for building a private residence. Title Indisputable Terms liberal and at sale. BARNARD A BUCKRY, Auctioneers. The lot is for sale till day of a J*. BAB. *Pl? By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown WELL-KEPT HOUSEHOLD rURNI ture at Auction.?On TUESDAY, 15th Instant, at the residence of the 'a e Lewis Smith, Esq., deceased, on the corner o* High and West stieets, we will sell the housshold Furniture, such as? Mahogany Sofa, Stands Do Sideboard, do Tables Dining and breakfast Table Mantel and Toilet Gla?se* Cane seat and other Chairs. Matting Parlor Hall, and Chamber Carpets Good FeathtrBtds, Mattresses Bedsteads. Bureaus, Press Washstands. Britannia Set China and Glassware Plated Sticks and Stands, Curtilns Kitchen Iron and Tin Ware. Ac. Terms at the ssle. BARNARD A BUCKEY, Aucta At four o'clock, p. m , we will sell, at the W rehouse on Water street, near Libby's Lum be. Yard, a stock of Pump and Blockmaking Tools, as Lathe, Chisels, Pump Augers, Grind stone* ; also, a lot of Blocks, Block Wheels, Llg numvitrr Wood Terms cash. apl? ts B. A B. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. o;?IALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON ?3 lltk street, near the Steamboat Vf barf. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, March 27th, at \X o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lot No. *7, in Square 327, situated on 11th street we?t, near Maryland avenue, with the Improvements, consisting of a small frame house Termsatsale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 21?d Auctioneer, jr^" The above sale is postponel antll TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April 1st, same hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 29?d Auctioneer. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD BOCDOCR Piano, Excellent Furniture and House keeping Effects at Fnbllc Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING. Aprll3, at lOo'clock. at the residence of the Swedi/h Minister, corner of 14th and L streets, 1 acall sell all his Furni ture and Housekeeping Effects, viz : Superior Rosewood Boudoir IMano Forte, by Broadwood, London Handsome suite or rosewood damask-covere d and parlor Furniture, consisting of large French fcofa, two Lounges, two arm, two Gothic, and six side Chairs Marble-top Centre Table, gilt frame Mantel Mir ror Walnut What not*. fancy Tables Chinese Work Tables. Ottomans, fancy Chairs Elegant glit and Seves China, French Mantel Clock, Candelebias to match Suits < f damask and la^e Curtains, Shades, and Fixtures Two excellent walnut Bookcases. Wrlting Tables Walnut dicing rabies, plush seat dining Chairs Two walnut marble top Sideboards Elegant French China dinner, dessert, and tea Service Silver-plated Tea Service. Kettle, Cattors, Ac. Crystal cut glass Ware. Table Cutlery Excellent mantel Tlu epiece. Engravings Walnut and Mahogany WarJrobes. Bureaus Iron Bedsteais. walnut Cottage Bedsteads Marble-top Washstands. 'loifetjkts Superior hair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters, and Pillows Counterpanes. Comforts. Blankets Excellent English Carpets. Oiicltth, Rugs Hall Lamp, ball and stair Carpeting Cooking Stov*. Refrigerators. Kitchen L'tensiis, Ae. ALSO, A small quantity of very superior Hrown Sherry, Claret, and Ofcampsgne Wines Terms: ft'TO and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 00 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. JAS C. McGUIRE, mar 21?d Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. TKCSTEE'S SALE.? BY VIRTUE OF two aeeds of trust, fle'one duly recorded in Liber J. A. S , No of tbe land records for Washington County, in the District cf Columbia, and the other duly filed the l?th of Januarv A D 135fi, in th? proper Record office of the County at d District aforesaid, the subscribers will sell oh MONDAY, the21st of April, A D 1816. at Ave o'clock, p in., the following described Real Es tate and improvements thereon, situated in tbe City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No. 1, in ?q-;a?eNo 397. beglnriingfor the same 43 feet and one inch north from the south eas*. corner of said Lot one. run ning thence north along 8th street west 12 feet 11 inches, thence west 99 feet 4 inches, being the entire depth of said part of Lot This sale will take place in front of tbe premi ses, and tbe terms will be one half cash, at d the balance in G and 12 months, with in'.erest secured by acee l of trust on the premises All conveyancing at co^t of purchaser. The property will be refold at tie purcba-ers risk and cost on ten days notice If the terms < f sale be not complied wi;hi within three days from the day of sal* BENJ. P SMITH,) E. C. MORGAN, J mar 15?2awAds A. GREEN, Ar.ct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer VALUABLE BRICK HOISEAND TWO Lets on Capital Hill at Auction. ?On WEDNESDAY, the 2d day of April, I shall sell in front of the premises, at 5 o eloc* p. m., a handsome new Brick House, containing five good rocms and passage, situated on 3d s!reet east, be tween south A and B streets, near Pennsylvania avenue, and the lot on which it sta ds, being parts of lots Nos. 16 and 17, in square No. <61, and containing over 3,100 square feet. Also, Immediately after the sale of the above, we shall sell a very valuable Building Lot on south B, between 1st and 2d streets east, having a front of 20 feet, running b<ck 108 feet 5inch** Terms of sale of bouse and lot: S8< o cash; bal ance in two and five \ears. for no'es bearing in terest from day of s Je. A deed given and a aeed i of trust taken. For vacant lot cash Title Indis putable. A. GREEN, mar 27?eoAds Auctioneer. By C W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF EXCELLENT Household Furniture at Anctiaa ? On WEDNESDAY. April 2d, at lOo'clock, a m.. 1 shall sell at the large dwelling house, No. 331 Pennsylvania avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets, opposite Brown's Hotel, an extensive col lection of Household Furniture, oonslsting in Bxt of, vii: ahoganv Sofas and Chairs Parlor Tables, with marble top Gilt frame Oral Mirror Parlor Curtains and Cornices, Music Stand Rosewood Eteirge, Mahogany Rocking Chairs Mantel and Tabie Ornaments, Reception Chairs Parlor, Chamber, ai d Step Carpeting Hall Oil Cloths, Mahogany Sideboard Refrigerator, Mantel Clock Iron-stone China Dinner Ware, Glass Ware Frenrh China Tea Set Superior Sliver-plated Tea Set Chaffing Dishes, Coffee Urns, Table Cutlery Silver plated Forks and Spoons Sliver-plated and Brl'annla Castors Heavy Sliver-mounted Walters Very naodsome Enamelled Cottage Set, consist ing of Dress Bureau with marble top, Bed stead, Washstand with marble top, Ward robe, Chairs, Ac. Damask Lounge High post and French Beds ezds Imitation Rosewood Cottage Chamber Bet Spring Mattresses Walnut Rocking Chairs Toilet Sets Mahogany and other Dressing Bureaus Peddlng, superior Feather Beds Wardrobe* Superior Curled-hair, Shuck, and Cotton Mat tresses Washstands, Can*-aeat Chair* Venltian Blinds Ice Cream Freezers Radiator Wood Stoves Two excellent Cooking Stove* Cooklrg Requisite* kitchen Furniture, Ac^ Terms: U nder f25, cash; over f25, a credit of sixty and ninety days, for approved endor?ea now, iwlx lu??B MILBURN.Tn?. mar 27-dAds C. W. BOTELERj Aaot. TELEGRAPHIC STEWS rnOM THE AMOCIATKB P1XU BY HOISK PRINT life TKLMliPl, Won-Arrival of the Atlantic. Naw York, April 1, 14 p. m -Up U> thia hour there are do signs of the Collin'a ateam ship At!Antic, now thirteen days oat from Liverpool for thia port Veeael Burnt at 8m Bostoh, April 1?The schooner Tempter | from Charleston, bound to Provideaee wu buret at eea on the 25th alt The erew were aaved and have arrived here Destructive Fir* in Galena. Galbma, April I.?A deatructive Ire oc' curred thi? morning in the heart of oar oity It commenced near the De Soto House, and l?stp>yed thirty buildings including the Catholic Church. The De Soto House vh saved. Lose unknown. Death of Commodore MeXoever N"< rp'jlk, Va., April 1 ?Commodore Isaac M Keever died thia morniug. He entered the service February 1. 1809, and received his commiiaion of captain Deeember 8, 1838. Since the death of Commodore Morria, Com modore McKeever atood number eight on the list of captaina. He entered the navy from Louiaiana, but waa at the time of hia death a oitiien of Pennsylvania, and commander of the Oosport Navy Yard. Railroid Accident. Pittsbcrg. Pa , March 29 ?The train *hich left Philadelphia thia afternoon for thia place was thrown down an embankment fifteen feet, and was only eared from going into the river by the cars lodging in the treea Two <>f the passengers were aerioualy injured, ani others badly bruiaed. Hew Orleans Markets. Nrw Orleans, March 31.?Cotton ii stifler* 'ales, to-day, of 6,000 bales; middling *4a9i' mess pork is selling at $15 50 per bbl^ prime beef sella at $10 50 per bbl. Baltimore Markets. Baltimork, April 1.?The market for Flear opened this morning at $7 12* for Howard s roet and Ohio, but cloaed dnll and lower M fi. Wheat is higher; aalea of reda$1.60a$l $5. whites $1 75a51 90. the l*ter for choiee! t;rn is rather better; aalea of yellow by meaa ure at 56a57c. * *,?rol?0Pt,ar?,moder,lU,y pork ?. J Bacon?shouldera 84c., sidea 94 ! han? 10jal2e; Lard is nominal at 10e in bbls and lOJo in kegs. New York Market* York, April 1? Flour ia quiet; aales of 5.500 bbls ; common to good State $7a$7 31 common to low gradea extra Ohio t7.!74a S7 94: standard Southern $7 50aS8 fanev to extra Southern, $8 0?ia$9 25 Wheat is firm; sales of 3 000 bushels; South ern red $1 7a; Southern white $1.92. Corn is firme; sales of 36,000 bushels; Southern mixed 64c. 4.7/AV danced; aalea of 1,500 bbls. mm at $16 62i. Beef ia firm; aalea of 200 bble ?1^<?wv7pack6d at f ,S Lard if ?nn : of 2o0 bbla. at 9jc . U imPr?ving; sales of 400 bbls. Ohio at 29|. Financial York, April 1.?Stocks are higher. Chicago and Rock Island Railroad,954;Cum berland Coal Company, 23}; Michigan South N,ew ?OTk Cent"l Railroad, 9S|, Reading Railroad, 924; Virginia 6'a 934; Mia aoun d's 84; Illinoia Central Bonda 884 Sterling exchange ia dull a: 94 premium. W undersigned. appointed Tms I; tees by a Deed of Trnat ei ecu ted on the IStb dav ef December, 1853, by Henry Schwler and f Mtnbeth, his wjfe, to Henry C. Stroman, will *xpoee to publ'c sale, for cieh, at the marker ,n G^?'Stt,own, four o'clock la the after noon, on SATURDAY, the 5th of April neS forty acres of land, more or lew. with lmpro**-' "JTS/L and being In Fairfax county. State ?f, W ' near tb* ^tile Fal1* Brldga; agree ably to the terms contained In raid deeJdT andwlll purchaser such title aa they are au thorized by said Deed of Trust WM H WEST, BENJ F MACKALL, \ Tru??" mar at?lot ' ' By JAMES c. McGUIRE. Auctioneer TRhLS,T,E.EL5J?AL.? OF TER* DK9IR4. n. CwelllB|.H?i?e on Tenth. F Vr7t;r?n WEDNESDAY aftkr. v Jlf* ^F'rM *d? at 5 o'clock, on the premises by virtue of a deed of trust, duly made and re cord d, the subscriber will sell at public auction totbe hLhest bidder, the north ha?f of li?nu m' bend 15 In square numbered 347, having a front of;^" '5 on Tenth street west, between t riL. , . Don?' runDln? back that width Mu feet 1 Inch to an alley, together with the buildings end Improvements, consisting of a handsome three-fctorvand basement brlokdwelling,cont*la Ing, in all, twelve rooms, finished In the most superior manner, with wa'er and gas throughout ^ Is ******** Bt*ble and, arTlagelou?e. rhe buildings were erected bv an ezperlenood builder for his own residence, and no eipens# was spared In the erection to make them comfortable and substantial terms; One-half cash; the residue In six and 1^5 T?e mont*ja, with Interest, secured to the sat isfaction of the Trustee. SAMUEL BEDFFRN, Trustee J AS C. McttUIR K. mar 22?d Auctioneer ?EGARF, TOBACCO ARID SNUFF. Hc,J^rdyaimporter ?p segars, ? TOBACCO, AND SNUFF, has just re ceived a new invoice of GOODS of superior quel Ity- dealer In Meerschaum and othtr PI PEJ<, and other articles usuallv kepi In a Fancv Se^ar Store. Consumers are respectively Invited to give me a call H.C PURDY Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d atree* mar 18?lm under Washington Hons* ENTWISLE A BARRON. CARFENTEE8 AND BUILDERS, Shop on 11th street, between B and C sts . near Carusi s Saloon. mar 25? 2w# Apples and potatoes. 100 bbls. prime Boston A PPLES 100 bbls prime Mercer POTATOES For sale by HARTLEY A BROTHER, mar Georgetown ONLY 12^ CENTS. UCKLEY'S CELEBRATED SONG BOOK for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New Orleans Serenaders at their opera house. Broad way, New York. For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON. mar *2-2m 7th street, opposite Post O MADAME K. WILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ON THfr EIGHTH OF MAY, acd ".especially la forms the public In general, tb^t she will ?i*? ia formation in all the Affe'.n relating to Life Health, W ealtb, Marriages, Love, Journeys, Law Suits. Difficulties In Business. Absent Frtend7 Sickness and Death, and In respect to all other subjects. *he Is also able to tell the ages of per sons by reading numbers She can he consulted at all hours of the day and evening. Her name Is on the do-r?at No. 2K l?th street corner of D, on ?he le t hand side. Gentlemen RU cent* and ladle* 25. mar 87 2 WHS. A. W. THORNE to which *he lavltes particular stteatloa. No Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. mar 27-5f WATCHES A'D JEWELRY 25 pur cent cheaper than can bebougbteUewhoreln Wash ington, at J ROBINSON'S, _ . martl-lm 340 Pa av.,.opp. Browne' Ho'al. A CARD. ISS MARTHA BEACH IS PREPARED to give full and accurate courses of Instruc tion on the PIANO FORTE to thoee who may desire her services Pupils attended at their rce Ideneee or h?r own. She refers, by permission, to Prof Fobstscb, Miss MaeT McEiit, Mr. J. L. CLcaa aad Cel W* P.Yovwe. Apply at the residence of he. pereMa, Ne. UD North Ninth street maril-9w* M1