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Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAB W A 8HIWGT0N CIT T : WKD!VESD&y April 3, 1M6. JIT" Adv?rtiH?ni?nu should be handed in by 14 o'clock, m , nthewrUe tbey may not appear anttl the next day. SPIRIT OF THE MOBNING PRESS The Intelligencer saya of ilie proapect of peaee in Europe : " All the late accouDts from London and Paris apeak confidently of an early pease. The Paris correspondent of the New York Post, in a note to a private letter dated the 11th ultimo, says : " ' You may state to your roaders that com ' mittees hare been appointed by the Peace ' Congress to whom are to be referred all ? questions of mere detail, and that the prin cipal treaty will be sijmed next Saturday or ' Tuesday at furthest ' "A postscript to another private letter re ceived at New York, dated two days later, and coming from an American gentleman resi dent at Paris, says: " 41 have ju"t received from what is thought good authority that peace will be proclaimed within three days. You hare it as I got it ' Our own London correspondence also in spire* the hope that the deliberation! of the cioiu*y "?n co wil1 terminate auspi Cimmet t ng upon yesterday's portion of the present '? heated term" in the ben ate of the United State? over the action of the late Na val Retiring Board, the same paper says, with Pickwickian gravity: '? But the debate has, for the most part, taken a wide range, and from the peculiar nature ot the inquiry, and of the material upon which investigation must necessarily concentrate, if discursive discussion be in dulged, considerable personal feeling mu?t mingle with the deductions of reason. So it is tc be feared, in the progress of a s< jiewhnt vague debate on topics so delicate, that more acrimony may be engendered?to be sure, of a temporary character?than is usually pro duced even by discussions upon the strongest party topics. Wo are certainly glad that no such regretable incident has yet occurred." Now. the truth is, there wa3 a 14 high time" there, yesterday. between Messrs. Bell and Clayton. The latter, in his defence of Captain Dupont, toek occasion to compare the allega tion? made hy Lieut. Maury in his suit against the company owning the stage by the upset ting of which he was made a cripple for life, and these of his application for a pension, with the allegations embraced in his memorial to the Senate against the action of the Naval Retiring Board in his ease. Commenting, with freedom, upon what be conceived to be their very striking discrepancies, he said things highly . ffensive to Mr. Bell, the senatorial friend of Lieutenant M. The latter retorted with warmth, so vehement, as to excite b,th himself and Mr. Clayton, until many of the large audiencc present would have bot even on broken heads and bloody noses ere their session of the day came to a close. The Unto it quotes the renniy Iranian's 1 >t<j ten-column article, wherein it is held that Mr Buchanan is in cff<?ct uncommitted upon the propriety of repealing tho Missouri com promise and enacting the Nebraska bill, acd argues that those who advocate his nomina tion on such grounds are doing him irrepara ble injury The editor soouts the idea that they can Is ?j caking by his authority in as suming any such position for him. The Union end r?nn*jflvaniaH affair is what is termed "a *ory pretty quarrel, as it stands," and its progress is viewed by the Democratic, and indeed all o her public men in Washington, with intense interett, as being likely greatly to effect the solution of the problem-Who is is to be the nominee of the Cincinnati Con vention * I Book Notices. We have received from Mr. Joe Shillington %t Blackwood's Magsiine" for Mareh and * Putnam's Monthly" for April. Blackwood presents a rich array of good thicks, compris- I ing articles headed ? Liddell's History of Rome. ' "Monteil," " Biography Gone Mad," "The Greek Church, ' *? Nicaragua and the J Filibusters,TheScottiah Fisheries," " Sid ney >aith,' '? Peerages for Life," and The Wensleydale Creation " The articles in Put nam are able, as usual, tut rabidly political From Littcl & Co , Boston, we hare the I April number of that valuable and interest- I ing publication; " The Panorama cf Life and | Literature." _ I We have also from Mr. Joe Shillington I Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashions" fori April. From the extraordinary circulation I this publication has run up to we presume the I ladies consider it an indispensable I Who abe Text ??The Pittsburg Dispatch I ssya that on Tuesday evening a lady reached I that city from Washington, I>. C , in pursuit I of her husband, who had eloped with another I woman. Tho parties stopped at a tavern I down uwn, ai.d the lady learning the fact I proceeded thither, and told the landlord the atory of her tribulation and her husband's I rascality. The guilty pair. learning by seme means of her presence in the, tavern contrived I to leasre the house without her knowledge, I and started for Alleghety with a view of get- I ting off in tho next train. Accompanied by I the landlord she pursued them to the station, I but here they gave fcer the slip again, and I though every exertion wai made by officer I Scott and others to effect their arrest, the gay I Lotharw and his paramour escaped. It is I supposed tbat they went on board some of the I steamers lying at the wharf and are now on their way down the river. Further than that I the man actcd as an interpreter in Washington City, and oocupied a respectable position in I society there, nothing could be heard cf them. I A? Speaker Banks says we should advise the I wife to "let em siide!" Ketch* oir the Aectic.?We mentioned I yesterday, that the Propeller Arctic, Comman- I > <1#T Hart,tein, had arrived at New York city. I She had been out forty seven days in acarch vease.s in distress, and encountered a sue- I cession of rery heavy gales The Arctic has not seen nor heard of any vessels requiring assistance. On the 29th March, lat 39 30 lo?. 71.40, spoke the schooner Fred. Dyer of I Belfast, bound to Boston and leaking rome but declined assistant. It was the intention of Commander Ilartatein to have gone as far east as the i?e had been met with ; but plac ing confidcnco in the correctness of the report received at Halifax, that the Pacific bad put back into the river Shannon, he concluicd, after examiaiag Sable laland and its reefr, for recent wrecks, that it would be better (as he ha* done) to work to the westward, along the edga of the Gulf, keeping as much as possible in the track where vessels that might be disabled would most probably be found; but finding no disabled vessels, he returned to pert G" Brewn !;ft his boarding house last auk beeau... he saw his landlady rinsing her Wil ding baain^ o ho pud* I ? *? ?. WASHINGTON NEWS AND 0038IT; A Powerfal Appeal ?After returning from the late Virginia State De moor a tie Conven tion, we took occasion to mention our impres sion that the rote of the Old Dominion will be given at Cincinnati for the renomination of President Pieroe. All the information we hare since received from all qcarters of the State confirms this opinion. We may add truthfully, that the circumstances tending to j secure the vote of Virginia for the renomina te of President Pierce, are acting no less powerfully throughout the whole South. We find them ao concisely, eloquently and forci bly set forth in an anonymous phamphlet. bearing the following title? 'The next Presi dency. An appeal to the Democracy of Vir ginia. 1856,''?as that we extract them there from by way of presenting them to the Sta?'< readers far more satisfactorily than through elaboration by our own pen : " If President Pieroe is not available, then there is no available candidate in the ranks of the Democracy. Is there a disposition to pro scribe him because of the prominent part he has piayed in the fight with the Abolitionists? Are the Democracy to dodge issues? Are we to make concession to the prejudices of ourfoe? Is it proposed to win victory by fraud ? If not, then let Ibj Democracy adopt the most manly, the most straightforward, and the met chivalric policy. Let us make the distinct is sue before the country. Let us proclaim our principles without equivocation end with a ?bout of defiance. And for leader let us se lect no timid time-server, no skulking coward; but let us take tho veteran of the war, all covered as he is with glorious wounds, and bid him conduct us to defeat or to an honorable triumph. With Franklin Pierce for candi date, the Democracy can conduct the canvass on no other but the highest ground*. His principles are not susceptible of equivocation, lie stands before the country, not like a cloudy unroality which aaybody may liken to what soever figures may please his fancy, but in distinct proportion and bold relief. He is tl e same East, W North and South. His posi tion in reg ird to every measure of public policy is incontrovertibly certain, and his nomination wUl nerfect the consistency and individuality of the Democratic party. ? r ?k i* U *Vd 0f Pranklin Pierce fell the wrath which the repeal of the Missouri re striction provoked throughout the North. He was reviled and persecuted as no public m*n waa ever before reviled and persecuted in this country He was assailed not only by the violence o4 his enemies, but by that more cut ting pain?the desertion of friends. Yet did he not shrink. He never swerved from his support of the South, nor abated a jot or tittle of heart >n our servioe. And is this the man whom the South will betray for some easy p rson who has been reposing in inglorious the/w 7 iI,e f ranklin Kerce was enduring the sweat and agony of the strife !" The Boundary Survey ?Probably no sim ilar work was ever accomplished under the authority ot any government more complete, satisfactory, and useful, than that of the Uni ted States survey to fix the boundary with Mexico under the treaty, as the directions of the Interior Department have been carried out by Col. Emory Wo spent an hcur, a day or two since, in the office of tho work in this eity, where we were more gratified than wo can express. The Commissioner took due care to cause information concerning every element of the country acquired by the Guadulupe treaty, and the subsequent one (tho Mosilla \ alley treaty,) to be carefully noted and pre served. In addition to its geographical and topographical point* of interest, its natural history, geology, entomology, Ac , Ac , havo been carefully studied. The maps and draw ings which are by long odds the most beauti ful ever executed for this Government in connection with a similar enterprise, embrace a number of novel features, and in themselves present daguerreotypes of the region exam amincd so thoroughly, which convey to the mind, through the eye, on the instant, an amount of practical knowledge concerning it (the region of country) hardly attainable from books alone under any circumstances We are glad to perceive that many of the most beautiful engravings of topography, animal life, views, Ac., so far executed fi>r tho work, are the handicraft of artists resident in the Diatiict of Columbia, who can at this moment vie even with Paris in the ta3te, faultless ac curacy, and style of finish of their professional labors. W e advise all literateur* and scientific men who visit Washington to take the Boundary survey Offico in the circle of their calls at puolic places in this city, where they will en joy an hour as hardly to be enjoyed elsewhere in this ccuntry. The Revenue Cutter Washington ?We make the following very interesting extract from the account which the commander of this vessel gives of the Washington'! last cruise for the relief of suffering vessels and erews on the coast, as follows : "On the 19th, having received on hoard everything necessary for tho cruiso. I put to sea. One hundred and thirty eight vessels have been boarded and spoken Fourteen vessels have been assisted out of the ice. Wo assisted the United States marshal in arrest ing a prisoner from the ship Albert Gallatin, from Liverpool. In lat. 4<F 12' N , Jong 73* 17 W., supplied the bark Reindeer, from R:o tor Aew lork, with provisions. Lat. 39s1 10' <;*'r inng f3 35xr W -.supplied schooner Anna Gardner, from Neuvitaa f Jr New York, with provisions, water and lump oil. On the 2oth blowing a gale from northwest, with snow squalls discovered the schooner Alert, from Boston for Philadelphia, off Delaware Break water, in distress with loss of both anchors and dispatched an officer and boat's crew' with anchor and hawser, to her asshtance! who succeeded in getting her into the harbor and anchoring her in safety. " Distauce sailed during tho cruise 2,478 nii'ei. ? * # * ' Very respectfully, your obedient servant, t ''John Faukoe, Captain. Hon J amis Guthrib, Sec. of Treasury." California Survey. -With returns received at the General Land Office March 28, 1856, are sectional plati of forty-one townships and fractional townships situated as follows: Nineteen townships immediately east of the Sierra Nevada, chiefly between the sixth and ?eventh standard lines south; five townships west of the Coast range, between tho seventh and eighth standards south, and six town ships north and east of tho "Butte Moun tains/' between the third and fourth standard parallels north, all surveyed from the Mont Diablo meridian; and eleven townships and fractional townships north and east of the ' Peaks of San Jacinto," between the San Bernardino base line and the first standard parallel south The following surveys, made in Washing Gen W'th received at the h ? ? March 28, 185rt: Town (^: ilwWill'?etU meridian, situ, ated in Lak> Washington," "Union " and "Green" Lakes ' *nd New Consuls in the United Statea ?The President has acknowledged Auguetu! Kohler as vice consul of Russia at Baltimore, Md.. and Federieo V. Cloemann as consul of the &opubUo or Chili at Philadelphia. Tht Current Oper?tioni of M?e Treaeury Department?On yesterday, let of April, there wore of Treasury warrants enter"J on the books of fce Department? For the redemption of stocks,.,, S35,695 21 For tho Treasury Department... 102 919 16 For the Interior Department,.... 13 903 60 For Customs 8.84ft 51 War warrants received and en tered 73,000 CO War repay warrants received and entered 30 95 From miscellaneous sources 11.535 44 From Customs 05] 55 On account cf ths NaTT......... 146,259 36 OCTGBZ8SIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, yesterday, after wo went to press, Mr. Clayton delivered a speech upon Mr. Iverson s resolution for the appointment of a select committee with power to send for persons and papers, to examino into and report on all the action of the late Naval Retiring Board, in which he particularly defended Captain Dupont, U. S N.. against tho alle gations against him embraced in the late speech of Mr Houston. In the course of his remarks, Mr C. reviewed the memorial of Lieutenant Maury to the Senate with great severity. Mr Bell replied at length, and with great warmth, to the speoch of Mr. Clayton, and particularly in defence of .Lieutenant Maury. Ero be had concluded, they adjourned. Ia the House, they agreei to the pending amendmentto the Oregon and Washington Ter ritories protection bill, appropriating $120 000 for the purchase of gunpowder on the Pacific coa?t; and then the bill was passed?yeas 110, nayi 35 Mr Campbell, of Ohio, moved to close tho general debate on the President's Annual Message in two hours; (giving notice at the simo timo that next week ho would call up the Kansas affairs message, on which tho Kan sas question might be debated at length) mo tion not agreed to. The House then went into Committee (Mr. Mace in the chair,) and resuming tho consid eration of tho Annual Message, Mr. Warner addressed the committee at length on the slavery question, insisting upen the right of tho South to enjoy tho territory of the United States in common with the other States of the Union, and tho right of the citi zens of tho South to romovo into it with their slave property The institution of slavery was protected by law, and was recognis-d bv the universal law of nations, and none had a right to interfere with it. He said that for maintaining tho great principles embraced in ttie Kansas-Nebraska bill, and for vindieatin* the integrity of the Constitution, the Pteai dent of tho United States had been denounced by his opponents as a "doughface;" but it was much better for him to be called a dough face than to have been denounced as guilty of perjury in failing to discharge his duty under that Constitution which he had sworn to sup port and maintain Mr. Allison followed in opposition to the ex tension of slavery. Mr. Smith, of Tennessee, obtained the floor when the committee rose, and the Houao ad journed. Proceedings ef To-Day. In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Crittenden pre sented a memorial from J. M. Stanley, the artist, asking Congress to purchase his gallery of Indian portraits ; referred to Committee on Indian Affairs. Mr. Mason reported from the Foreign Af fairs Committee, a joint resolution authorising Dr. Kane and his associate officers on tho Arc tic exploring expedition, to accept gifts or tes timonials from tho government of Britain, whioh was debated by Messrs. Crittenden Bayard, Toucey, Butler, and Biggs against it, and Messrs. Mason and Seward for it, ere we went to press. In the House, thoy went into Committee of J tho Whole on the state of tho Union (Mr Mace in the chair.) Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to lay aside the subject of the President's message, tempo rarily, and proceed to the consideration <lf the annual pension appropriation bill, and one or two other public appropriation bills, which had been returned amended from the Senate Mr Smith of Tenn , who was entitled to the floor, haying consented to this arrange ment, the said motion was agreed to The Senate's amendments to the pension appropriation bill were then considered and disnoood of. Xhe Senate's amendments to'ho West Point Academy appropriation bill were next taken up, considered and disposed of, after debate between Messrs. Letchcr, Howard and Yalk the discussion being upon tho item to cover the erection of suitable stables there. A Smsiblk Freak of Fashion ? Late hours navo so long been the besetting sin of all balls parties, Ac, in fashionable life, that itisouite refreshing t<*find an effort made to cffect 1 ohange. A praotice has just beon introduced in New 1 ork which is decidedly en effort at reform It is, to say specifically upon the card of mvitatation that the pleasure of the guest's company is desired from seven to eleven o clock, p m. At ten minutes after eleven tho music plays good night, and the hostess takes ner place to pay the parting compliments to her visiters. The fashionablo hours have been from ten to two. and the reform simply . takes three hours from the latter part of the entertainment and places them in tho forepart. Who will introduce this very sensible reform in Washington ? At present it is hardly eti quette to leave a ball 01 party before throe or four o'clock in the morning, and in conse quence those who have any regard for their health are obliged to stay away altogether GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gborqbtow.v, April 2, 1655. The flag of the Vigilant Fire Company has been at half-mast since yesterday morning as a token of respcct to tho memory of Dr. O M. Linthioum, who wis for many years an active and efficient member of the company. The Doctor was also for a long time an active and leading member in our City Councils. He enjoyed the confidence and esteem of an unusually large circle of friends, to whom he had greatly endeared himself by his liberal frank, and manly deportment llis death lias caused a vacancy in our community which cannot be easily filled. The scholars of the West Georgetown Sab bath school have determined to entertain their friends on to-morrow (Thursday) even ing with one of their very interesting exhibi tions. We would advise the readers of the Star, who may wish to enjoy a perfect treat to go, see. and hear the children. The exhi bition will be held in tho lecture room of the church As yet no boat has reached our city from any point beyond Harper's Ferry. We learn thi?t in some places among the mountains the ice upon the canal is from eighteen inches to two feet thick, and so firm as to defy all the efforts of the Chief Superintendent to remove it. I WV?w r?cent,y in the possession of Mr. Joseph Marll, on High street, rather a curious freak of nature, being a young animal appa rently a compound of dog and hog. It is the progeny of a female dog belonging to Mr. Urn rctrout. We would advise thoso in the District of Columbia who are in the retail grocery trade to give our new Water street firm, Messrs Howell A Stribling a oall before purchasing elsewhere. Their stock of goods in large, and consists of everything in tne wholesale groce ry line. They do business on the regular go ahead young America principle?quick sales and small profits?the sure road to a heavy custom and fortune. Lieut D. L Kurts has disposed of his hand some property on Gay street to Miss Lydia English for 53,400, or $40 per front foot. Little doing in flour, stock light, and held *t f7_25 for good shipping brands. Wheat is helw at $1 56a$l 60 for red and white, and but little coming in. It is generally under stood that many of the principal growers are storing for higher prioes. No change in oorn. SraCTATOB, j PERSONAL. .... Forrest is playing in Baltimoro .... Thackeray is lecturing in Cincinnati .... Gen. Pcraifer F. Smith is at Willard'a .... Ex-Q')t. Smith, of Virginia, iaatillooc* fined by aickness to hie lodgings in Waahing ton .... Mr Everett had an aadieneo of 1 400 or 1.500 persons last night at the Maryland Institute. .... Dr. Lydia Sayer reached New Yorkjcity on Monday la<it, and created quite an excite ment on Broadway .... Benjamin F Harwood, clerk of the Court of Appeal*, New York, died suddenly, od Sunday, at Albany. .... Hon. Iliram Walbridge, ex-mcmber of Congress, has purchased valuable real estate ?ear Charlotte, Mecklenburg county, N C. ....Qen. Houston lectures tonight at the Maryland Institute Baltimore. Subject: "Big 9try and Fanaticism " .... Prinoa Jerome Bonaparte, cx King of Westphalia, who married an American w fo snd repudiated her, has bad an attack of apoplexy, and is lying dangerously ill. .... At the Queen's levee in London, on the 13th ultimo, Capt. H. W. Benham, of the U. 3 Corps of Engineers, was presented by the American Minister. ....Br C. E Robinson, tho mook Governor jf the mock State of Kansas, and Col. Jas, H. Lane, the mock Senator thereof, arrived in Washington last night, we understand. ....Sidney Smith says, the Anglo Saxon race was made for two purpose*, vis . to man ufacture calico and steal land. A hard hit, ind, wo fear, not undeserved. ....Col- Braxton Bragg has resigned his ;ominiSi>ion in the U S Army, and become ihe owner of a sugar estate in Lafourcho ?' A little more sugar, Colonel Bragg," will now be substituted for " a little more grape " .... Hon. II. W. Uilliard has accepted the ?pj*>intment to deliver the address before tho Pni-Kappi and Demostbcnian Societies of tho University of Georgia, at Athens, at the ap [>ioaching commencement in August. ....The many frienda of the Hon. Mr. Dunn, of Indiana, will bo glad to learn that le is again able to appear in his scat in the Souse of Representatives, after his recent ir Hspositlon that confined him sarcral days to lis lodgings. .... Mdlle. Rachel has received numerous nsits from distinguished personages since her ?cturn to Paris Notwithstanding the losses trhich she is said to have sustained by her ri?it to America, the continues tho embellish- ? nents of her hotel in the Rue Trudon, on the^ most expensivo scale. Mob* Trouble for Col Walker.?We lonrn from private letters received by the Illi nois, that the British frigate President, which had come down the coast with silver to Pana ma, immediately upon her arrival at that port hastened back to Punta Arenas, the seaport of Cost! Risa on the Pacific, in order to defend the country against an incursion of Walker, whi.'h was expected by tho authorities A French frigate was at the same port, with the purpose of acting with the British force against Walker.?Boston Herald, March 31. Interesting from Mexico ?Adviccs from Vera Crux to the 23d ult announce that an

engagement had taken place between the government troops and tne insurgent forces under Harcry Tamariz, at Puebla, in which the latter suffered much loss in killed and wounded, with the destruction of a great part of their armament and munitions, while the former gained possesion of part of the city, Haro being loft shut up with ons half of the forces ho had previously raised there The surrender of Tam.-riz Las baen demanded, and he his probably, ere this succumbed, as the supply of drinking water in his section of the city had betm cut off Tho government forces were continually firing on the city, do ing great damage The President has authorised a company to prosecute, as promptly as possible, the con struction of a railroad from Vera Cruz to Mexico, by tho way of the plains of Apam and Puebla Late letters from Lower California, according to the Heraldo, announce the discovery of new and very rich silver and gold mifces, the pro duce of aome of which had already reacned La Paz. Ons very rich cold mine had been discovered in Malancita Rica. IxroRTANT FROM CENTRAL AMERICA ?By 'he steamer Daniel Webster which has arrived at New Orleans, with San Juan dates to tho 23d March, we have the following important intelligence : Col. Schlesinger was expelled from Costa Rica on the 0th General Walker had been reinforced by 300 Americans Co5ta Rica had made a formal declaration of war against Nicaragua, which reached Granada on the 10th, when Walker immediately returned the compliment, and on tho same evening accom panied three hundred men across thu Lake to Rigin Bay Next day the three hundred men under Col Schlesinger marched against Costa Rica. At tho latest advices they bad not met the enemy, but had provided themselves with borses intending to proceed against Guamo Castle On tho 214 Major HeUs arrived out with despatches for Mr. Whaeler, the Ameri can Minister An ambassador from San Salvador had ar rived at Granada with despatches of a peace ful character Gen Walker, in his proclamation, issued rn tho 9th, says: "Invited by the Democratic party to Nicaragua, he had struggled to carry [jut the priucipleM>f tho revolution of 1844, but the legitimist party refusing all the effirta made for conciliation, there was nothing left but war." The Costa Rican Government has issued an address to tho people of Central America, call ing on them to rise and destroy the American invaders. jf"32aSPl hitual manifestations. VsA G. A. REDMAN, of Boston, the cele brated Test Media in, has takfii rooms, for a few tldV" only, at 314 Delaware avenue. a few rods north of tbe Capitol, where he will receive visit or who ui&v wish to satisfy themselves of the Iruta of Spiritualism. Terms : Private sittings of half an hour $1 for i single person, and 50 cents extra for each addi tional person; private parties lets than ten per ?or s |5 per hour; over ten, 50 r ents for each per son. Hours, frcm 9 a. in. to 10 p. in. ap2?4t? MONTGOMERY GUARDS, ATTEN TION.?You are hfreby notified to attend a regular monthly meeting of the Company on WEDNESDAY EVENING, theidin s'aat. Punctual attendance is requisite as bus iness of Importance will be transacted. By order of Capt. Kav : ap i-Ut THOS. McENIRY, Sec. LADIES OF GRACE CHURCH will continue their FAIR during THIS \V El- K, In thehall over Farnham's Bookstore, mar 31?6t , a?-^-^A FREE LECTURE Wi/lBEDB ?Cflr^llvered by Rev. ANDREW B. CROSS, of Baltimore, at Forrest Hall, Georgetown, on the Convent System, on TUESDAY EVENING, 1st April, at o'clock, and on \V E0NESDAY, 2d April, at Ttmperauce Hsll, Washington, on the same subject. i Tte public are Invited te attend mar 3l-3t? NOTICE ?THE MARION RIFLEi wou'd respectfully announce that tbey will give their Firs Cotillon Party in tb* ball of their Armo'v, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 2d, IMS _j . . . ^ Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admltlrg a gentle man and l&d*? ?to be bad of 'ha Committee and at the doer on the evening of the ball. Committee of Arrnngemtnts. F M. Shekell, F G art land, S B. Spencr, James Handly Wm. Cahoe, mar<P-d GEORGETOWN CORPORATION SlCSk TAXES.?All persons indebted to tte Corporation of Georgetown for taiea of every des cription, whether under the general tax ordi nances, or those Imposed for Improvements, are hereby notified that the same must be paid to the subscriber without delay, as he has been em K wared and directed to close his collections in t most summary manner. As all par. lee eta in debted have long si nee had their eecounts da Uvered to thera, and their payment requested, they must not e*pect to be again called upon in parson Those *no msy wish toavold the heavy ax pauses r.onsrartait upon destrains, will please call on either of rny )r others.?George Jewell or Henry C Jewell?a\ the corner of High and Gay streets, Georgetown Xwho are authorised to give receipts In my bebalf\ "'HOMAi J R WELL, Collector of Taxea. m. tnrr?* TREASURER'S STATEMENT, Skovttng the amoteir at kis ertdtt to fA? Treasury, ttttk assistamt rrM??firi and de'tgaatrd d?. posttarus. tad t* tkr Mimt amA bromrkes. by ntmrmt recetved to Monday. Jfrck 24, Ml the amount for tchirk drafts have been tssned, *rere unpaid, and tkr Amount tk>n subject to draft alse. tkr amount of future transfers to and from depositaries, at ordered ky the Secretary of rA? Treasury. In what place Amount an De poelte Treasury of the United States. Washington. D. C....| Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer. New York. New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania....! Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina .... Assistant Treasurer. New Orleans, La Assistant Treasurer, St. l.ouis, MI?ouri Assistant Treasurer. San Franc'sco Depositary at Buffalo, New York I Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland Depositary at Richmond, Virginia. Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia Depositary at Wilmington. North Carolina Depositary at Savannah. Georgia Depositary at Mobile, Alabama Depositary at Nashville. Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Depositary at Galveston, Texa?. Depositary at Cincinnati, (late) Depositary at Dnbuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit. Michigan Depositary at Tallahueee, Florida Depositary at Detroit, (late) Assay office, New York Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Penn Branch mint of the United >tates, Charlotte, N C ... Branch mint of the United States. Dahlonega, Ga Branch mint of United States, New Orleans, La .... Branch mint of the United States, San Francisco, Cal 9IS3 042 45 2 736,712 It 5.054,010 356, It A :9 136,1137 93 2)0.321 91 1 eOS.TM 49 900,?31 ftt 991 It 311,347 CI 3 .166 00 21.180 47 32,2t?4 18 108.V52 51 1*3.202 f9 27.338 92 9.N13 60 11.306 24 435 70 20 3* 170 295 15 42,529 48 3*9.181 52 212.401 f5 5<,223 21 50.1 01 5,744.500 00 3 278.3*4 16 31.000 0> 97.951 03 2,039,002 41 1T200,OCO 00 Drafts hereto fore drawn. but not yet Amount snHfct paid, though to draft payable Deduct difference in transfers. 25,483,136 47 ?43,894 22 144.490 87 5 9 499 68 4,'>23 6' 7.745 08 219 (N3 31 480 942 79 971."*9 18 276 Sf> 53,607 40 1 830 44 1/.92 60 11 3>2 5ft 22.749 38 14.837 98 2.405 4S 3,S59 77 850 09 ' 83,407 95 1 \2FS 96 10.8?J 56 52/26 76 1 452 36 2.374.349 37 Net amount subject to draft. ?379 .148 23 2 612 294 35 4.5<4 510 9* 3MT93 If l28,2ftt 87 Jl.31* ft* 1,324.791 ?| ?*,*?? 41 714 74 299.^40 41 1 333 St 19 69? f>7 28^91 68 M.-W 13 98.3*1 91 24 933 ?7 5953 m 10 516 16 4* 70 tn 39 w.fir so 31 T4? at 30? 3*9 <W 159.774 H 50,770 84 600 00 9.741.500 tt 3.278 354 M 3VOOO oo 27.950 to 2.639>02 41 1,900,000 (0 23.10C 787 14 738 501 47 .922.372 *85 ft] Transfers ordered to tfeasury of the United States, Washington. D C 3.'|0.000 on Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer cf the 1'ulted States, New York .. W0 000 00 Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United States. New Orleans . La...... 180.000 00 Transfers ordered to assiatant treasurer of the 1'nlted States. St. Louis, Mo 390,006 00 Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of he United States, San Franrlsco, Cala .. 685,0U0 00 Transfers ordered to depositary at Norfolk. Virginia 85.000 no ?2.5:0.000 00 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, Beaton. Massachusetts Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, St Louis, Missouri Transfers ordered from depositary at Dubuque. Iowa Transfers ordered from depositary at Chicago, Illinois Transfers ordered from depositary at Detroit. Mich Transfers ordered from mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Panns\ Ivan la. Transfers ordered from branch mint United State* at New Orleans 1 021.001 47 7:12.500 oo 115.000 i? SSjOOO 00 4*5,000 00 fco.COO 00 FOO.UOn 00 SP,000 00 April 2?It ?3,^86,501 4' Bargains at Ellis's; he i* eeiiing out. ipt-t( OAK AND fine WOOD A LARGE SUPPLY NOW LANDING ANI) for sale at the Yard, sot11;west corner 9th and H ?tre*t* ap 2-3f Three pianos rcccivcd this weak, and for sa'e low, at the great Piano and Muatc Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th street*. ap t-tf PARASOLS !-PARASOLS!! ^ Just received from the Manufar turns 300 PARASOLS In every quality and slxe, L and for sale veiy cheap b* WM R RII.EY, ap2-lm Cor 8thst.,opp Centre Market. The steamer georae washiwo. TON will depart at the follow- r ^.IL "* ^ ing hours ASSbI|^? Leave Alexandria 7jtf, 9, 11, 1%. 3%. 5% Leave Washington...8, 10. IS. 2\, 4 jtf. 6 ap '2-d JOB CORSON, Captain NEW SPRING MILLINEHY. ON THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, Miss THOMPSON will open our stock of SPRING MILLINERY, ard we re g spectfuUy solicit a call from Ladles cntheyl^r above named day HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, ap2-tr No. 310, Pa av.,bet. 9th and 10th its SAND Fv R SALE. TUE SUBSCRIBER HAS ON HAND AND will continue to have a good supply of SA ND suitable for Brick Work and P ast-ri'r.g, which he will sell cheap for CASH ONLY. THOMAS H. WORTHINGTON, Corn r C and 14th streets, near the Cana' ap 9 eo6t Thi nks and carpet bags.?just received, a supply of Trunks |LHK \ and Carpet Bags, which will be fcejc-. , ? s eold at small profl s Jyltl b \!\ A HOOVER A SON, ?111 1 1 1 1 Boot and Shoe store, south side Pa. av bet 6tb and 7th streets. ap2?eo3t GLAD TIDINGS. SPRINGHASOPENEDANDMRS EATON has just received something new, direct from PaMs. as to PARTY DRESS the most exquisite and an entire new Neglige for morning wrappers Thene?e?t patterns lor draas makers crn be ob tained by calling N. B.?Fifteen young ladles wan'ed at the ab< ve business. No 5C6 Eleventh street. Washington ap 2-3t* * F O STOCKS AND BOND!. OR SALE? feoria (111) Bonds 7 p?r cent. Covington (Ky ) " 7 ,i Memphis " 6 *' Orange A Alexandria R R Bonds6 percent The above securities will be sold on such terms as will net th? holder over 10 per cent. SWEENY, R1TTFNHOUSF, FANTA CO ap3-3t Bankers. COR MOUNT VERNON. N TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FAR E ROUND TRIP. 81; FROM - ALEXANURIAT5CENTS -TLefi6S2tia steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing ton at 9 ard Alexandria at9% o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for th* toat at 8^ o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Perrons wishing the coaches will leav* their residence with George A Thomas Parker Refreshments on the boat ap2-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain WORKED COLLARS AND SLEEVES In seta?Just opened from the Importer a fall assort xent of? Collars and Sleeves in sets Cambric and Mualln Collars at very low price* Also, White Cambrics Plain and Figured Swis; Muslins Plaid Cambrics and White Brilliants a' 18^ eta. per yard With many other Goods very cheap WM R RILEY, ap3-lin Cor. 8th st , epp Centre Market. FISMIFG TACKLE. The bubscriukrb this day open, their first arrival of GOODS, In this line, of 1 the season, and would respectfully solicit an ex- I amination of their stork, which is cor stantljr re celving additions. There goods were selected exprer sly for us. and embrace rrany pew article*, especially in the way of LINES AND HOOKS, which we have never before had. E. TUCKBR A CO., 3.53 Pa avenue, south side, near 6th street. ap'i-WF*jt ROOTS AND SHOES. QUICK SALES AXU SMALL PROFITS. WE ARE DAILY ADDING TO OUR large assortment of Spring BOOT^^A* andSHOESfor Ladies, Misses, Children^|H? ' ?*l. Gentlemen, Boys,and Youth*. You save time and money by calling early and examining our stock. " Another supply of thoee new style Gaiters received to-day. A HOOVER A BON, South side Pa av., bet. 6th and 7th st. ap 2 ?TThASitu PERSONS DESIROUS OF SENDING Letters per CITY DESPATCH wi 1 find Boxes atatloucd as follows : Fihst Ward.?J. B. Mcote's Drug Store and Boulanger's Restaurant Skcoud Ward ?R. L Teasdale s Drugstore, James Shekel!'* Grocery Store Liberty Hall R< s taurant, Wiilards' Hotel. Kidweil A Laurence's Drug Store, Flint' ? uaurrnci'l Drug Store, Flint's Hot?l. I^ovejay's Drug Store, H. Kuhl's Restaurant, Dyson's Drui More, Kirk wood House, Elllct's Drug Store, and Ford A Bro'a Drug Stor*-. i A .. V wuBugn a wrug store, Dtxter's Hotel, andNaim Palmer's Drug Store. Fourth Ward.?Mclntlre's Drug Store, Ad atmon's Bookstore, Union Hall Restaurant, Jos. Heard's Dreaaing Salotn. Browns' Hotel, H Mueler'sDrug Store, William H. Gllman's Drug Store, C StoU's Drug S ore, Shllllngton's Book store, Globe Oflce, Schwartze A Son's Drug Store, Unite* States Hotel, Washington Houae, and Martin King's Drug Store. Firm Ward, Ctpifl Hill?Waveilv Hous*. Pavilion House, and McPherson'a Drug Store. Sixth Ward, Asry Yard.?HUboraa Book store. Wash's Drug Store, Bates' Drug Store, Omnibus Hotel, and liulnand's Grocery Store. Srvkrth Ward, Itl+nH?Smithsonian Insti tute. D B Clarke's Drug Store. Steamboat Ho tel, O Boawell s Drug store, P. M. Pearson'* Grocery Store, C FilPs Drug Store, Thornton's Grocery Store, and Sullivan'* Grocery Store And at the PRINCIPAL OFFICE, 394 D at , near 7th. Open from7 n. qi. uatil 8 p ra. apt AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL TUEATRK. KUNKEL A CO LESSEE*. JOHN T FORI) SOLE MANAGER JOSEPH JEFFERSON Stage Manner. Prick* or Aomissiok To Boxes and P-r queue 50 cent*; Karrllv Circle and Galleries vj cents Secured Scats 75 cents, which iray b? ob tained for any evening during the week. Box Sheet open frcm 10 until 6 o'clock. Box Office open every day. First Appearance of KISS AGNES BOBEBTSOR. THE FAIRY STAR. who will appear In two pieces, tb* INVISIBLE PRINCE and the YOUNG ACTRESS THIS (Wedr.erday) EVENING, April *, The performacce w;ilcommence with the farce cf POOR P1LL11 ODD Y. Pllllcrddy Mr Jefferson After which* (he musical piece of the 111 VISIBLE PRINCE. Lcander ...Miss Agnes Robertson To conclude with THE YOCNO ACTRESS. In which Miss Apn^s Robertson will ?u*t*1n i*e different characters, with songs end da ces Doors open at 9% o'clock; curtain rl*es at o'clock precisely. It 01A1TD BALL or TBI TERPSICHORE CLUB THEMEMBEKSOF 1 HE TER P11CHOIR Club moat respetffully announce to their nu merous patrons that they intend giving a BALL At Columbim Hull, Capitol MtU, On MONDAY EVENING, April 7. itM. Tickets ONE DOLLAR Mnnagrrl M Marcercn, K E Khompson, 8 McNamee. W k Toeke*, P J Ennls, C Russell, J T Goldsmith, S Townsfcend, J R Dobbvn. J Smith. m<r 31Aapfi,4.S,7e NLLK. TEKE9A PARODI EGS LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE THAT, 1 on her way to the North, she will glee In th's rltv ore GRAND CONCERT, betwetn the l?nh and 15th April, assisted by Madame AMALIA PATTI STRAKOSCH and Slg lor LEON AUDI under the direction of MAURICE >TRAKOSCH Mile TERESA PARODI w 11 ?lrg on this oc ca?1on. for the first and rnl\ time, the eelebratxd national French Uvmn. "LaMarseillaise "which has baen received with iaaiense enthufciaMn wharever aang bv her. mar *S-tf B' The fast trotting stallion MO eat stall! will be le'. to a LIMITED number i MOSCOW, (believed to be the fast GV--* e^t stallion In the 'bree adjacent States) of Marts ??? M1 im tke mon:k of April cnlf For term, pedi gree, Ac , apply to Dr GEORGE SMITH. apl-dlftAeofc* At Birch's Stables FRKNt H MILLINIRY. RB DAVIDSON RESPECTFULLY IV forms her customers and the public that she haa taken the rooms over Mrtn I Gait A Bro's, whe she will open, Thurs J day, the 3d Inatint, a m^t splendid as- _ soitment of FRENCH HATS ever before ofersd to the public, and also at her Store, 91* Fa a*e> nne. bet Oih end 10th st*. M. L. D. ap !-?? NOTICE. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between George E. Mattlnglr A Bro ther is, by mutual consent, this day dissolved The business In future will te conducted br Gbo. E. Mattiholy, to whom all bills for pay ment must be preeenttd; and who. also, respect fully solicits a continuation of ihe liberal patroa age extended the firm. GEO E MATTIN'GLY, JNO H MATTINGLY WisaiasTOR, April 1, iB0*-3t JOHN H. BCTHMANN, mroETiK asp riAlie m WIVE, BBANDY, CIGABS. Ac , Ac . Pa. ar., brtienn 4 % and fll A llrwll, tout A I'd'. HAS RECEIVED A SUPPLY OF HAVA NA CIGARS, among which are the follow ing brands : Regalia, Y1 Cas Londres, La lnfte* ta, Mlna Cabana, Louis Napoleon, Ac Also, direct frcm Schiedam, a pipe of supenor GIN. containing about 12,000 Schnapps, and ? supply of Champegne, as Mumm's Cabinet. Ht.'d sale It, and other brands. In store, an assortment of Rhine and Frea 0 *INES, some of van- high order, as Made t*. Poi t, Ac. ap 1^-*. UTCHINSON A MINRO OAVE Jb*T RECEIVED A BEAUTIFU A1 lot of Fancy Goods, consisting cf? Cabas. VVorkboxee, Jewel Cases Portfolios. Portemonnaiee, Comt?, Brvabes French and other Perfumery and Pcrnad* a Dressing Cases for ladies and gentlemen Writing Desks, Fans, Opera Ularsfa Spectacles, Eye Glasses, Stationery Acccrdeon*. Teys, Ac. We invite the'attention of clt'.xens and stran gera to our stock, of which the above form a psn> aod are certain that tho?e In want of anyttia* our line will find it to their alvantage te glee v a call before purchasing elsewhere. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, Sit Pa avenue, bet O.h and !0:b ?ts.. Nevt door to Messrs. Harder A Mit&heli ? ap 1-lw BASKETS!?BASKETS! WORK, CARD, NUKbERY, TRAVFL lng. Knife, Key. Cigar, Tumbler. Market and Clothes' Br>kit? Chlklreo ? sery end Roeklng Cha'rs Ladies' Jennr ??*" Werkstands, Ac. Not "at eost,'" but ie?ir tta" some sell who aay "at coat." G FRANCIS. mar 9H 4{? Seventh" ? POTATOES!POTATOE*" TO 1,900 BUSH PRIME MAI"6 Mercer POTATOES Now landing and for sale by D. L SHOEMAKER ? 103 Water street, Georgetown. D ~ ?l-0t 1,000 PERFORATION ITOtK.-fa,^ Cr'^ v melon ot WMhlsrtM Stock lor 1