Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WIND AND SEA B T B A Y A B 0 TAYLOft. The *?a t? * jovial comrade. He laa?b? wherever be gee* ; H's merriment shine* In th? dimpling line* That wrinkle his hale repose , He lavs him d-wn at the feet of the Sun, And rhake* all over with glee. And the broad-backed blilowj f.'ll faint on the shore I a the mirth of the mighty Sea ' But the wind 1? ?ad and And cursed with an inward pain; You may hark as you will, by valley or hill, But you hear him still complain. He waits cu tbe barren mountain*, And shrisks on the wintry sea! He sobs !? the cedar, and inoans In the pines And shudder* all over the aspen tree f Welcome <re both their voices, And 1 know not which is best? The laughter that slip* from the ocean's lips, Or comfo tie s wind's unrest There's a pang In all rejoicing, A Joy in the heart of pain, And ihe wind that saddens, the sea (hat gladdens, Are sieging the self-tame strain ! On the occasion of the late funeral of Admiral Brunt, in Paris, an American and Frenchman were 3tanding in the company, looking at the rorteg*. The Frenchman was in the habit of rallying the American on the foverty of the American cities compared to aris, and as the grand hearse of the deceased Admiral passed, the Frenchman demanded with exaltation : Ah ! in America yon don't give such grand honors to your Admirals " 44 In America," replied the Yankee, "in America, whole fleets follow the hearse." Kixg Crab ?The New Jersey Qeological Surrey Report states that the King Crab, also known by the names of Horsefoot and Sea Slider, is very oominon on all the sea ooast of the State, and particularly along the lower part of Delaware Bay. In early sum mer. wLen tliey como to the shore to deposit their eggs in the sand, the beach is nearly covered with them for a length of nearly forty mile*. K*ch crab weighs about four pounds, aad in one season a million of crabs could be gathered ou a mile of beach Their e?gs are shovelled up in wagon loads and used for feeding chickens, wiiile the crabs are us?d lor foeding hogs. When employed as manure for soil tu?-y produce remarkable effects, and a factory is now preparing them for this pur pose. tjp0 The reason why many ladies dodge an offer of mirriago is, because the question is popped at them. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMEBa. W ROM TBI BMITBO STAT1S. Namt. Loins For Dap. Persia New York....Liverpool...Apl. :l Fulton New York....Havre Apl 5 Ospray New York....Cartbagena.. Apl. 8 Brena. New York....London Apl. Id f bo si avaora. Atlantic Liverpool....New York...Mar 19 A*ia Liverpool. ..New York...Mar. 22 Washington..Bremen New Yeik,..Mar.'JS The California steamers leave New Ycrk on the 5th and 2??th or each month. The Overland Maili to India and China We h '.\e often been a.<>ked for Information in re gard to the departure of the Malls frem England to China Ihe following maybe interesting to tho?e who have correspondence with the Eaat: i b? mails leave Southampton on the 1th and 2*th of each month, and arrive at Gibraltar about the 9th and 25th of same month; arrives at Malta abo it tbe Uth and 30th of same month ; arrive* at Alexandria about the lQth of same and 1th of fol lowing month. Leaves Suez about the 10!h or 21st of same and Sth or ?th of following month; arrives at Aden about the 2>th or 26th of same and 10th or 12th of fallowing month Leaves Aden about the 2fith or 27th of same and day of arrival for Bombay, and 11th to 13:h for China, Ac Indian Navy steamer arrives at Bombay about the 3d to Sth and 19th to 21st of following month. P. and O. steamer arrives at Pelnt ae (Jail* about the 6th or 7th and 32d to 23d of following month; leaves Point de dalle for Pulo Penang the same day, If the steamer has already arrived which takes '.he mall on : arrive* at Pulo Penang about the 12th or 13th and 2^tb and 29th of follow ing month; arrives at Singapore about the lJFh or lttth and 3lst or 1st of fallowing month; leaves Singapore abo at 12 hours after arrival; arrives at Hoc? K >ng about the 22d or ?!th end *th or 10th of following month; leave* next day for Shanghai. Two mails leave England?one on the 8th and SOth of each month?via Marseilles, and arrive at Alexandria about the same time as the Southamp ton mail. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Willards' tletel?i. e * a a. wiLlaaa Br Macormi^k, USN G Pea<~h Del B J Chappe'l, III W C Garland, Va S O'dbain A ly, NY J Bush A ly, do G Ellett,do S G Wlidman, NY T L. Hanover. Va G Cll.-b / A ly, do R P Spicer. Del Miss Cli-by, do >1 Lockett, Pa J R Varney, O D Komulus, do W H Page, Pa S Ronton, O KB Glrnn, do W B/id^e, SC 8 C Scates, Va C Chapman, do H L Baldwin, La A H Weaver, N V W Darforth, do H J Roger*. Md G Redman, Va Mr Spring, do J Som? r* A ly, do E Ward, Mich " E L WoodelA, NY J E Soath'vorth A la'y, N P Blake man, Mass NY H Landry, Ga 8 S Rem&k, Pa F B Hughes, Pa D Bouficault A ly, N J W kinydev, N Y J Gorrie Va 8 Duncan, Tenn W WaL-h, Pj G Gay lor, do R E Rogers, do J W Sheldon, DC E Leversee. NY W E Everett, NY J Surges, Mass 8 N Salmon, do L D Piumbly, N Y Gen P F Smith, USA W G Croton, do II Sm'th, Pa J J Tnrrill A ly, Va J Broadhead A lv, N Y Miss Hanes, do J T Walker A lv. do W Mwdca, Pa R TyTer, Pa JHurtsel.Md B F Quinly, 111 E S l>er:l *. Me Mr Staneford A ly, Mass .M Davi*. Tenn Mrs L?wis, do G B Robeson, do Miss Wheelwright, do C P Gregorv Mrs L A Gamer, Md S M Hawger. NY Mlse M Philips, do F Ruber A ly. Mass G Browning, NY D W Marrh, Md Col Mansfield, USA J A Christian. Ill C C Saydin, NY NsU?aal Hetel?williah say. J A Grren, Va K .MrLeod, Va C M Wise. Md J J] B F Gravely. Va S II Parsons, do M Bainbrldge, do BR Fox, ly, do J R Smith, Fa Mrs M D Hackett,do T TUghmaa, Md W J Winston, Va S S Remak, Pa R J Perkins, do J V Barrttt, Ala R Summer^on, do A S W luteins, NC J D Moocee, do E W Otburn.da C Arnold Pa J S Brown, Md W A Mitchell,do J Bcvan, do J H Latrobe, Md MrsD Bailey, Pa W Whittles, do T H Cuthlrg, Ct T W loans, do C F Hortan. Mass 6 Zlngle J J Ctirrlfo C Robinson, Xan J L Burt USN R KloLi, do A R'-rn*toff. NY S H Paur. do W E Everett, do M Hunt, do W t- Pctrs. ly Pa W H Orr, O Col L G Coleman, Va M Johnson, Pa >\ S Word, f C A M Selfier, Pa C C We*V:ctt. Ga G S Gibellrr, do W R Cod table. Md C A Seltzer, do T G Birch- u, Miss J A Woolson, Ma*J RB hatching., ly, N Y H William*. Md W P Ra^land, Va F Fcote. Va w *rc1' NY J w Draper, Va W D Bowie, Md Ur.was' Haiti?-t f *?.s?aw? W F Beirv, Md J H Kln^, Va F M Buwucr, c o J L Rhi T Lanit;an. Ar* N H Uverina, Md W J Uuderword, Mess V Uruoe, J P Owen, Va JO Allen, ly, va J Oakland, fhin, Pa R F Mitchell, do Miss Blake, do Miss Williams, do Miss O kford, do Mlse i Williams, do J Boulder, Md II I ynch, Md H W ye", do J Blaekston. do W Sm' G W Thomas, do H Titcker. do G L Stewart, Ala T W Hopper, ly. do J Skidmer ly. NY R Fr/-el?i.d. do J B Wickeraham. faro, MIm H A Hail, do H Worlhlngton, Pa Ml-s M Hall, do R i? Harper, Mars MIm L Hall, do Dr.W B Bruce, Md Ml * I Gardtwr. do F A Vltl. Pa Mts* H Hall, do Capt G W Hoover S"K'" Cp.AOMopp.nt kirxwesd Him?j. A a. i. naiweei Dr L L Pollock, Md W G1*b]s A ladles. Mass J H Uoumao. Ml J G Glorler, NY J Chapmsn, va W T Adams, do 1? Htme, do R Newman, ly A dau W H Rt yooldtoa, NY Va 7 ? C Richards, Pa Miee K Wel?h, do ? Collins k Jam, Maae TIPHAM * HORFLII'I NEW AND CHEAP ?ADDLE. HARNESS AMD TRUNE ST0E1, 190 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS TOPHAM. I ate of Philadelphia, and SgP^^NORFLKT of this city, f respectfully announce to tlielr Wends and the public, that they hare com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep ooastantly on hand a large and superior assortment of? Mens' Ladle*' and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES.and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use. All kinds oi TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladles' SATCHELS, TRAVEL INS BASKETS.and FANCY WOI^K BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS, COLLARS, and HAME8. Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, fcc..4c. All material used will he the best that Can be obtained; and both ef us having been practical workmen for severnl yearn, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Particular attention paid to covering Trunks and repairing all kinds of work. Sadaiers' tools constantly on hand, nov 7?tf G?N U1N E EXTRACTS KOK. THE HAND KERCHIEF. Hutchinson a munro have just received a fresh supply of LUBIN'S EX TRACTS, which they warrant genuine Also, Piver's MAUGKNET and COlfDRAY'S, and other French Pomades and Extracts; Phalon's Invigorntor. Lyon's Kathairon, Haule's Kau Lus tral. snd Barry's Trlcopherous, which they can furnish at New York prices. Those la want of any of the above, or anything In the Fancy and Millinery line, would do well to alvs us a call, when we will be htppy to wait on their orders HUTCHINSON ft MUNRO, No 310 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and lOthata. maf IS- tf F STEAM ENGINE FOR SALE. OR SALE, THE PORTABLE STEAM ENGINE, three horse power, locomotive boiler, with which the presses of the Star Ofllce have been run. is for sale because it Is found neceirary to replace It with an engine of much giester power, b'vlng to the Increase of demands on Its services It can be dispensed with at the Star Office about the 1st proximo, when our new and larger engine will be completed. It will be found extremely serviceable for light work, and will be sold very low. mar 12?tf GUTTA PERCHA TEETH. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN the habit of sending our patrons to Dr. COSUY, formerly of Rlchmcnd, Va., for Dental operations for a num her of years, and take pleasure in recommending him to the 'citizens cf Washington as the bent Tooth Extractor and Dental (iperator that we have ever met with He Inserts Teeth upon every plan that Is practised In the United States. r. Ho'dim*. M. D. H. W. Towlmi, #1. D. A. V. r?yae, M. D, DD3 John F. Miller. M. P. James Brj-*nt, M D O. F. CbamturHn, M. D., DOB. 0. K H*rrt?, M. D. 8?mne! P. Br?wn, M. D. W jsh* Tla?!ey. M. I> B. 41. Fr*ncl?<-o, M. I?. Office ovor Ford'ft Bro.'s, No. '290, corner of 11th street ai<d Pa avenue. nov 97?6m# GUTTA PERCHaTtEETH. DR O. MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base. Also, with Allen's pat ent continuous Gcrn, combining beau-' ty, strength aad cleanliness. Dr. M. Is determined to ke?>p pace with every improvement In T)entiscry,and will strive to please and profit his patrons. EKFKRRNCK! P. D Gnrley, I) D. Hon R II GllM, J. G. Blnaov, D D. Hon. S A Douglas, B Sunderland, D I). Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Esq. Dr. R II Coolidge, Hon. C Mason, Dr. Thomas Miller, Hoc. A O P Nlcholeon, And the M??.Ileal Faculty of Georgetown Ooi. lege. not 23?11 DE8TI1Y DEMONSTRATED BY THE PLANET* OR AITROLObY. PROF'R SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foretell all Particular Events of Human Life, sneh as Love, Marriage, Description of Person*. Riches, Business. Friends, Rights, Claims, and Detds of Property; all kinds of Speculations, Suits, Gain or Lose; of Sickness, all kinds of Dis tempers cured in qalck time. Terms: Fifty Cents, male or female; Teople of Color, Twenty-Five Cents. No. 137 B street, opposite the Smithsonian, oi he Island. mat 3-lm* BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Tarts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Earope; D RAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR XI OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, ft. OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPEH. ??vestment paying IU$* and ever, far sols. LAID WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTSof all denominations. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota CHUBB BROTHERS, ' Jan fluff Bankers, opposite the TflSttMrf. AOENCY OF THE Keystone Insurance Co. of I'hilaiclphiu. ' Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ?tec January 1, 1856 Assets of tus Company, consisting of Bonds and Mortgages on unencumbered rcaies tate 3110,Wkl 00 Stocks of other Corporations, worth par 25 ,??*?) DO Cash on ha'<d 31,S?6 30 Bills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans S36 943 70 stock notes ?14,306 00 5*. ,388 70 ?219,410 00 Whole receipts for premiums during the year S112,812 05 Paid for losses and expenses during the year 71,138 04 P M MORIARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Risks changed from otLer companies to this No charge for policy fee. Enquire at the office of J. E. Kendall, over R. Morrow's Exchange Office, first door West of w. B. Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. feb 7?3m DAV1D MYE!UJ2_, Agent. CLOTHING MADE TO ORDEH. Members of congress, citizens and strangers wishing to supply themselves with superior garments, made to order are invited to examine onr superior assortment of Doeskins, Cloths. Casslineres, Silk, Satin and Velvet Vest Ings, all of which has be??n selected with an espe cial view to the wants of our customers, which we will make to measure In a manner inferior to none, at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices. WALL ft STEPHENS, 322 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. Also. 394 Pa. avenue, 3d door east of the Nattonal Hotel. jan 23? VALUABLE LAND AND PENSION books?scarce. Illinois Bounty-Land Patent Book; lands In Illinois to soldiers of late war. giving the names of tie pa tan tee. ttie service performed, and de sert ptl n and location c>f the tract of laud to which they are entitled. Pension Rolls of the United States. 3 volume*; showing the name?,service, a id allowances, Ac , of all persons entitled tu a pension In the differ ?nt States and Territories or the United States TAYLOR A MAURY, LookselleM, have fer sale two conies each of the above b.x>ks, invalua ble to pension agents and those engaged In the land agency business mar 12 Book store near Ninth street. Digest of laws of the united STATES, with references to the acts re pealed, supplied, or modified, and notes, of the decisions and dicta of the Supreme Court of the Union upon their construction; by Jas. Duulop of the Pennsylvania Har; one volume of 1,617 pages, 1*56, price #7 30. nter22 ? tr FRANCK TAYLOR. GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Office Ne. 292 Pa. svt., earner 10th street, (ovaa iun saving's bare.) This CEMETERY Is laldonton the plan el the celebrated Greenwood, of Ncw York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading dlrcctly to the pateway. This Company have seoured a charter from Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial purpottes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation oi otherwise, which Is of vast Importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed them, for It has become a custom la all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell It, and throw the dead promlseously Into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent It, as no titles tie gives to theground N if.?Ofllce opea from 19 to 12 o'clock a. m. where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of the ground, and all othrtr in formation, oan be obtained All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey. No. 110 Seventh street ^ or any other undertaker, willl - is, H?-i| Information for Travelers. FOB HARPKR'I FERRY, Vi* Chttapeakt f -Jl{Wjfc OUo Canal. THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS.' THK NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET BOA, i' ARGO. Capt. Ch*i H. Mkbrill, will commence making Regular Tripi between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mod dav, March 27th, 1956. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. 11. A II. G RKter. Georgetown, D. C , e*ery Monday, Wed* lesday, and Friday rooming, at 6 o'clock Returnlne, she will leave Harper's Ferry every ruesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 8 ? 'clock. Through Tickets, $2.25. To Ltt.iburg SI 02jtf, in-luding the St^ge from Edwards' Ferry Families intending to visit the Virginia Springs he coining season will find *Ms by far the most afe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley, Japon. Sbanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on hoard at moderate rates. A coach will always be in readiness In George own to convey passengers to and from the Boat. For further "pjrticulars inquire at the store of V. II. A H. G BITTER, Georgetown, and G. V. CUTSHAW, Harper s Ferry, Va. mar 19?tf IT BAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WXBT risi bitwito Washington and Wheeling bat lTjf hecrs 1 Banning Time between Washington an4 Cincinnati 27 hoars ? AS IM WASHINSTOI. "revellers between WASHINGTON, BALT1 IORE. andaU portion of the WEST, NORTH VEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash agton and the Trains bound West from Baltl aore is always promptly made at tl?e Washlngton unction flately callcd the Relay House) 9 miles rem Baltimore. This Is the only rhanee of cars ?quired between Washington and the Ohio river, lagraj? is ehcckcd through to Wheeling at the Vasalngton Station, and reebecifd and trans ?rred there, (with the passengers) without charge, :>r these holding Through Tickets for points be ond. The connecting Trains leave Washington ally at 8 a. m. and 4# p. m. On Sundays at the ifter hour only. At BENWOOD, 4 miles from Wheeling, dirset mnceixoa is maoe with the trains of CENTRAL >I11'J RAILROAD, running from Bellalre, on he Ohio, through Cambridge, Zanesyllle, and levrnrk, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect t Nc .vaik with the cars of the Newark, M p. n* field nd ^anduhky Railroad for Sardusky, Toledo, )etr3'.t, CV' ?.-?>, St. Lotils, etc. At CO ./'. T.)S the C O. Railroad trains coa i,?ct wit'.' rains of the Litth Miami Rail ?ai to Cincinnati, Louisville, etc. At I EN IA (or* Little Miami Railroad) connection is ormeA with h' through Dayton, to Indian poiis, Terre Haute. LrJTayette, Chicago, Rock iiaad, St. Louis, Cairo, etc J?7* PuKPD^ers holding Through Tickets for \hm*ki?7 Viekskurg, Natcktx, Ni*? Orliam, tc., vvh'.cn are "'.so."old at W ashington?are trans pired at Cincinnati to the Mall Steamers on the )hlo. Tickets for Evaasville, Cairo, and St. ?o j1s are sold by ti? riv^r route. !E7* For CLEVELAND, aad via Cleveland to Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, rhtn use Ohio 4s navigable telvreea Wheeling ad Wnilsv\lie (forty rallee) where a connection rlth the Cleveland aad Pittsburg Railroad Is iTtd^ Trsve^crs tr* re^a^i'-d tj aetlee tk'.t while this s the esly route affording Thresh Tickets aad Jtecks In Washlagtra, U is alio the shortest, *o*t speedy, aad divot to aearly all 'he leading >olsts lm the neat West. The d'.siaaee from Washington to Claclssati Is but tSU miles, being fcont I DO miles shorter than 'or zsy othar route! FARE, BY THROUGH TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling. 5&; Coium >us, SIJ ?!.%: Bayloa, 815 50; Ctaoianatl, 818 00f jo^lsville, by railroad. 9IS 83, by steamer from 'inclBBd'!, 819 00; Indlanapolu, 317 Cfc; Cleve r.nd, 81* 59; Toledo, ?15 *?*; Detroit. 815 90: Jhlcseo. faeeSnnd 813 N.: St. i^ouls, ?rt) 60 and l#3; ."neiraphls, New Oilcans, 831: etc. FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S oRRY.MARTINSBURG. CUMBERLAND, IKKKLEY t PRINGS. BEliFOKD SPRJNGiJ, 'IEDMONT, OAKLAND, ind FAI.RMOWNT, rtp;em ip^y "W:??b'iv^lo7? at I a. rs. or \? ?. m. i'cr the ne'aor vrsy' rUt!cas betweea iaJiiBtore tad Wtciilaa;, U>t8 6 *. a. traia froi rVa*hlngJoa. CJ-For trilss te tV. frcj? A>CHlS?, <e., vyi speciil R^vertiremeat*. ITT* Foi furAer !nfcmt'.lca. Vbrsnrh Tl?keH, apply to VHOMAS h PARSONS, Ageat, it Washlsgtoa Ststua. WM S. WOODSIDE, M&StST Of 'tfr^E-.pCllafi ?l, Saltlme.-tt tad Ohio Raiiro&d, Ballnsrs. march 1?tf 5SAUGK & ALEXANDRIA F.AILEOAD. Great Southern Mail Line! H>TW(l'K DAILY ?%% (SUXDAY NIGHTS EXCEPTED) totwccu Washington City acd the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND. Leave Washington at b aw. >-.nd 7pm Fare from Washlugtonto Illchmoud.......S'i 50 OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS prill be at the Washington Railroad Depot to r.on rey PASSENGKRS and B/VGGAGE, Fret of Vkarfe, to STEAMER GEORGE _ _ ^iT?*k. PAGE,for ALEXANDRIA.a dis ance of si* miles, allowing ample tlu.c Ivi Meals .. Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfsrt are secured by this Honte, as 1; Is acosTisnoos Lias o? first clas? saii.roau fttOM ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND. * THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE rarrled without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg; Railroad. Information of Route ajid Lost Baggage ob alnedof JAMES A. EVANS, feb 11 Agent, Alexandria, Va THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES .MAIL STEAMERS.; The ships comprising this line are the ATLANTIC Capt. Went. PACIFIC Capt. Nye. BALTIC Capt. Comafeock. ADRIATIC Th-tt shi ps have been built by contract expressly Tor Government service. Every care has betu Laken in 'heir construction?as in the engines?tq Insure strength and speed; and their accommo dations for passeugers are ucequaled for oleganca ?nd comfort. DATS OF SAILIK0. From New York. From Liverpool. 1850. 1=158. Saturday Jan. 5 Wednesday....Jan. 23 Saturday Jan. 19 Wednesday.... Feb. 0 Saturday Feb. i Wednesday....Feb. ?0 Saturday Feb. 18 Wednesday....Mar. 5 Saturday Mar. 1 Wednesday....Mar. 10 Saturday Mar. 15 \Wednesday....Apr. 2 Saturday Mar. 29 Wednesday....Apr. 10 Saturday Apr. 12 Wednesday....Apr. 30 Saturday Apr. 28 Wednesday.... May 11 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May 28 Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June 11 raicK or passaob. From Now York to Liverpool, first cabin.... 8130 ** ?? " second cabin. 75 Exclusive use of extra size state rooms 325 From Liverpool to New York....30 A 20 galueas No berth ran be secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. Shippers please take not ce that the ships of this j line cannot carry any goods contraband of war. All letters must pass through the [post office? any other will be returned The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 58 Wall street, New York. BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KKNNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London B G WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. Noticb?The day of departure of this line from New York, for 1858, wlU be Saturday, com mencing January 5, and every alternate Saturday; from Liverpool, '.Vednesdav commcnclng Janu ary 23, and every alternate W ednesday. Jan 30-y WASHINGTON IS RANCH RA1LR.OAD* C I Lea ?V. ? HANBK OF HOURS.?On and after Mea day, the 23d Instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 8 and a. m., aad 3 aad m. _ _ Sunday at IX p. m. Leave Baltimore at aad tjf s. tad 3 aad m. Sunday at 4jf a. m. ap 23?tr 7. H. PARSONS, Ageat. pLOSINQ OUT AT GREAT SACRIFICE, TO CHANGE BUSINESS ?Fans, Perfum ery, Stationery, Baskets, Cabes, Umbrellas, Chi na Goods, Ac.. Ac. JOHN F ELLIS, mar 80 308 Pa av., bet. ?th and 10th ats. G^UU, FOR BARGAINS* ALWAYS IOIUTHIRG HEW1 READ THIS, OLD AND YOUNG! Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative \TTILL RESTORE 6RAY HAIR TO ORI W ginal color permanently made to grow up on bald head*; remove all dandruff or itching; destroy all diseases "f the sealp; and If used once or twice a week regularly, will prevent the hair from becoming gray or falling, to an imaginable age Read the following testimonials, and we defy you to doubt, (*ays the Waverly Magazine.) Success to the genius whose tonic we fay, Turns back to its color the Hair that was gray. SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING !?By using Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, gray hair can be permanently restored to its original color. The subjoined certificate 'was received from Johnson A Stone, Gardner, Me , and is but one of the manv Instances that are dally coming

to our knowledge of its wonderful effects. It is no longer problematical, but a self evident trutn, u hundreas of our community can testify.?Btt' ton Herald. G&iDiiiK, Me, June92, 1KW. Mr H. Dyks?Dear Sir: 1 have used two bot tles of Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, and can truly say it Is the greatest discovery of the ag? for restoring and changing the Hair. Before using It I was a man of seventy. My hair has now at tained Its original color. ' You can recommend it to tbe world without the least fear, as my ease was one of the worst kind Yourarespectfully, DAN'L N. MURPHY Gaklvls, 111., June 27, 1858. I have used Prof O J. Wood's Hair Restora tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My tiair was becoming, as 1 thought, prematurely jray; but by the use of the " Restorative" it has resumed its original color, and, I have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United States. HAIR RESTORATIVE.?In our columns to lay will be found Prof. Wood's advertisement of the above article, to which we eall attention. VVhrt it has done, we have witnessed upon sev jral of oaracquaintanee* in St. Louis. Hair once ;rav met our view, black or brown as the ease might be. being the color of early manhood ; and unite and glossy as silk, and that without any )ther application than the Restorative. If it has lone this upon others, will it not de the same for mvof our readers whose "frosty prows" were >nce like the raven locks" of Lothiel'a warlike :hlef, if they will try it. We think so ? Jackson villi Constitutional, Oct. 5. 185>. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OFTHE AGE.?It seldom oecurs that we notice, under iny circumstances, pateut medicines, restora ivVs. or anything of the kind, for we have a pre ndre against rrost of them. But candor corn els us to invite attention to the advertisement cf 1'iofessor Wood's Hair Restorative. We are too juvenile to require anything of the kind, but some Instance* of Its nse have come to our knowledge jrhich almost assure# us that it la a sovereign ?emedy against the hair beeomlng prematurely rray It is not a " Hair Dve," but upon its ap plication, as directed, the effect is produced upon :be*kin, whieh brings out the original colored tiair, without stiffness, and gives 1t a glossy and natural appearance. We have seen persons who liave used it. and are much pleawd with it Ex unine the advertisement ? Missouri RtpnHi an. O J. WOOD 3c CO., Proprietors, Ne 316 Broadway. New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louts, Missouri C STOTT A. CO , wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. T. W DYOTT A SONS, General Wholesale fcgent, Philadelphia, Ta. feb 1?6rn UNITED STATES MAIL* Post Offici Df-faktmmt, ) March 17, 1PM J PROPOSALS FOR CARRYING THE MAIL of the United States from the 1st day of Sep tember, 1856, to the 30th day of June, If5*. on the following rouM s in tbe Territories of OREGON and WASHINGTON, will be received at the Contract Ottiee of the Department, in th* City of Washington. until the 8th day of J uly, 1656, to be decided by the next day : OREGON TERRITORY. 1273$ From Stair's Point, by Grand Prairie, to Eugene City, 22 mile's and back, once a week. Leave Starr'? Point every Friday at 7 a if; Arrive at Eugene City samedav by 4 pm; Leave Eugene City e?ery Saturday at 7 am; Arrive at Starr's Point same day by 4 p m 12710 From Port Orford, by Randolph and Coo* Bay, to Gardiner City, 85 miles and back, once a week Lea>e Port Orford every Monday at 7 a m; Arrive at Gardiner City next Wednesday by > 3 p m: Leave Gardiner City every Thuisfay at 7 a m; Arrive at Port Orford next Saturday by 3 p n>; ' 12737 Frew Scottsbirg to Winchester, 51 mile:* Rid bick, ouca a week. Leave Scott b3rg every Wednesday at 7 a ro; Arrive at Winchester next day by 3pm L'-ave Winchester every Monday at 7 a m; Arrive at ScotUbjrg next day by 3 p m. WASHINGTON TERRITORY 12741 Fiom Pacific City to Chenook, 12 miles and ba'-k, on^e a week Leave Pacific City every Wedneslay at 1 P Arrive at Chenook fame day by 5pm Leave Cheenook eveiy Monday at 7 a n?; Arrive at Pacific City same day by 11 a m 12712 From Vancouver to Steilaeooiu City, and lack, once a week. Bidders to state d'.stacce and schedule of arri a s and departures. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS. No pay will be made frr trips net performed, and f< r ach cf such emissions not satisfactorily explained three times the pay of the trip may be deducted For arrival after schedule time not sufficiently excused, one fourth cf the pr.y of the trip m?v be deducted The contract may b"? an nulled forrfpea'ed failures for violating the Pes'. Office laws, or fur als .bey'.ng the department's Instructions. The Postmaster General may or der an lQpr?a>e of nervier at a pro rata Increase on the contract pay. He may al er the schedule provided tbe running time be not diminished; also, he may cur'all the service, or dLooat'nue it altogether, at pro rota decrease of pay. on condi tion of his allowing one month's extra pay on the amount of service dispensed with. No increased pay will be allowed for excess, if anv, cf actual or ever advertised distance, if (he points to be supplied are correctly stated. The contracts are to be executed hy the 1st of geptem ? bernext JA.MK* CAMPBELL, mar20 ?law4w Post mi iter General. United State* Patent Office, > Washington, March 96,1669. f ON THE PETITION OF J N. AND 8. W. LKSH and Z BEESON and D. BOWMAN. Administrator of Jacob Deardorff, deceased, of Wayneoounty, Indiana, praying for the exten sion of a pa'eht granted to J. N A S W. Leah. J. Deardorff A Z. Bee<on, on the 37th day ef June, 1812, for an improvement in "theStaam Generator," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 27th day of June, 1856: It Is ordered, that the petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 16th of J unenext,at 12 o'clock m ; and all persons are notified to ap pear and show cause. If any they have, why said pe Itlon ought not to oe granted. Persons opposing the extension are required te file In the Patent Oroce their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty day* before tbe day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at thssaid hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rule* of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 6tb day of June; depositions and other paper* relied upon as testimony must be filed in the of fice on or before the morning of that day; the ar gument*. if any, within ten day* thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening fetar. Wash ington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore; Pennayi vanlan. Philadelphia; Day Book, New York, and Inquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, onee a week for three successive weeks previous to the 27 tk d&7 of June next, the day ef hearing. CHARLES MASON. Commissioner oi Patents. P. S.?Editors of the above copy, and send their bill* to the Patent Office, witn a paper containing this notice, mar 26?lavv3w MR. KWBA.IK'S NEW BOOK?Life in Braxil; with upward* of one hundred illus trations, by Thomas Ewbank. 82 History of Hernando Carter, by Abbott, illustra ted, CO cents Parisian Sight* and French Principles aeen through American Spectacles, by J. J. Jar ves, second ?r ?, SI Charles Stunner s Kec at Speeches and Address $1 25 The Angel in the House?The Betrothal, 75c. Just published and for fale at * - TAYLOR A MAURY'S mar 26 Bookstore, nen 9:h st. Notes or travel in the east ^ Benjamin Dorr, D. D ; price SI 95 Schamyl and the Circassian War, by J. Milton Mackle; 81 Rogers' Table Talk; 91 Smith'* Law of Landlord and Tenant; SI The View* and Opinions of American Stetes mea on Foreign Immigration, by John P. San derson; SI 50 Memoirs of Richard Cumberland, by Henry Flander.; SI 50 Lehmau's Chemical Phyelologv; 82 16 Flint on the Respiratory Organs: S3 mar ST FRaRcK TAYLOR. BIRD CAGES, BirdSeed, Flail Baaa, Ac., at the Housekeeper*' Furnishing Store, 480 Mt. [mar 18] G. FJIAN018. TO ALL THAT TALUK THEIR SIGHT. WISH ES to call the at.ention to all that tuft* with defective sight, caused by age, sick - - - - - Injudicious! new and particularly from glasses luludlclouMy selected. to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and benalcially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the 111 effects oaused to thf precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the use of an Op torn' Hr; and the practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease al the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and satis faction. J. T. acknowledges the very libera', encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of those that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and statfng how many Inches they can read this print with their specta cle*, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; aad .efier ences given to many whohavederived the greatest case and comfort from his glass**. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No. 512 Seventh street, three doers from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Noxtolx. September?, 16*4. Six?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have Improved my sight mora than any other I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZ2WBLL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained frr m Mr. Tobias, aad End them of great assistance la my sight, and corresponding with his descriptlca of thefocas. 1 recommend him as a skillful op J. alaa. HENRY A. WISH. Mr. J. Teiiaa: Sir?The pair o! Spectacles vat furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfac tory to me. Tney are very decidedly the beat I possess, and I am the owner of eight or nine pelr, caref iliy selected In different places and from op ticians recommended O me on account of their Grofreslcnal standing in Kr gland, Prance and th? nited States I have been also pleased with Sour remarks rnd directions on the treatment ef le evee, for the purpose of preserving and imprav* lag the sight. Rcapectfcliy, years, CH * S. CALDWELL, Prafesscr of M. C ., Louisville, Ky. LvifCHSTaa, Nov. 10, 1864. Mr. Jeha Tobias having furnished me with ? lacses. by which 1 have been greatly aided (ray vi3ion Laving * offered gTeatly from reading at al?ht in my earlier life) it affords me the .highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid thoan whs \y aeed his professional services. WM B ROVZIE, Elder of Methodist Conf< Wilkihstor, N. C., Jam. *7, 1U64. Mr. J Tobias: Dear S!r?I am happy to ray that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirety satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the vlbda! range of my eyes, i have hereto fore found groat difficulty In getting glasses of the proper fccal distance, it affbrde me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obvlatr-d so that the glasses you furnished me are'decldedly the best adapted ?a my eve* of any 1 have ever yet used. Very rcspectfoaLy, vosrs, K M DRANK, Rector of St. James' Pariah Department of Interior, May 7,1853. From aatural def?:ts ard the unequal range of ay eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried dl?fer*at opticians without'obtaining glasses perfectly it ted to my ayes. Four months since Mr. Tools;, made two pairs especially fcr me, which 1 have found to servetne perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasse* minutely to the eye. I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all krviBg occasion to ueeglassta, and bear my test! Z.CT.Y <s to his skill an an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Seo'yts sl^a Laad Warraats fry IS?tf PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE OR TUB PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, ST M. D, LA CROIX, R!. D., ALBANY, N. V., 250 FngiJ and 130 Fini, Plain.and Celottd Litk cgra^ks and Plattt. . Paica o:?ly Twihtt-Fivi Cbrts. Sent Pree of Postage to all parts of the Unloa. (^HFAPKST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? J and contalnlag nearly double the quantity of read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS it trpats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which destroy the > physical and mental pow- *>v^ era, with Observations on v ^ Marriage, its duties and disoualftcaMoos, and their remedies; with Lithographs, Illustrating the Anatooiyand Physiology and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sexra, their structure, uses, aud functions. A popular and comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causalties of sin gle and married 1 lf??happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infertile ones?their obviation and removal ?important hints to those contemplating matrimony, that will overcome objections te it; none, however, should take this important step without first consulting Its pages?oomtnentarie* on the <1 and medics' weatment of females from Infancy to eld age, each case graphically illustrated by beautiful lithogra phic plates?nervous debilitv, its c?use* and sure, by a proc?ss at once no simple, safe, and effectual that failure is impossible?rules for daily manage ment?an e?say on Snormatorrhopa. with practical obsefvatlors on the safer and more suceMtful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from empirical practice?en essay on all disease* arising from indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by which all persons can cure them selves without mercury?remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortuna'ely prevalent in the young. It la a truth ful adviser to the married and those contemplating marriage: Its perusal W particularly recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of hav lng hazarded the health, happhiecs, and prlvile'jes to which every human being is entitled Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per cony, or Five Copies for Ono Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the Ualtad States N. B.?Those who prefer raav nonsuit Dr. LA CROIX upon any of the dlscaseis upon which this book treats, either personally or by mall. Medi cine sent to any part af the Union aocordlng to di rections, safely packed and carefully teemed frcra all observation. Address Dr. M . B LA CROIX, No. 31 Maidea Lane, or Post Office Box 57? Albany, N. Y. JUT Office open daily, from 9 a m to 9 p m. and on Sunday from St until 5 p. m. UjT Office REMOVED from No. 66 Denver at. to 31 Maidtn Lant, Albany. Ntm York. dec 28?ly TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OK GUM ARABIC AS A REMEDY FOR COU9HU. COLDS, HOARSENESS, ASTHMA, WHOOPING COUGH, CRO If P, Ac., possesses the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any other in use, having been extensively urrd the Ja?t twenty years with unparailaiad success, not trumpeted tc the world a? a specific or cure all, but recom mended as a valuable and scicntific auxiliary m rvLMONaiT casxp, ready at hand, and on? that has been generally found to afford relief where most others have been tried without material ben efit. As such it!? recognit?d by numbers of oui leading physicians, who know It* composition, aud have been eye witnesses of its superior effi' oacy, as well as by thoasands of our most respec table citizens, who all endorse it* claim to being safe, palatable, economical and effioecious. Print . 25 cents, or three bottles in ene 50 cents. Wholesale Agents, PATTERSON A NAIRN, and STOTT A CO., Penna. avenue: PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgetown Retailed by Druggists generally. S GUM ARABIC COUGH CAND\ DROPS, the same composition In lozenge form, 12X cents a box Jy??ly COUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, fcc." OKRSONS predisposed to Pulmonary Affoc A tions And this the msst trying season, owira to the sudden changes in temperature; yet by a little care, adopting warm clothing and supply* ing themselves with a good prescription or cou^h remedy they msy easily ward off what may else Erove a daEgerous winter companion TY .IR'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRUP has been so long known and highly appreciated an one of our uost Innocent, yet e?J;jaelous, plea sant. and (since the reduction In price,) economi cal remedies, that it may be recommended and used with the utmost couAdence. It is sold at M cents, or three bottles in one. 50 cents. Wholesale Sf PATTERSON A NAIRN and STOTT A O.j and retail by most Druggists. In Alexan dria by PEEL A STEVENS; Georgetown by Mr OrSSKLL. jy??ly TO EPICUREANS.?THIS DAT RECKIv' lng per express, fresh TRUFFLES, PETIT POIS, PATE*, French PICKLES, fresh TO MATOES, GREEN CORN, Guam and other JELLIE*, LAUCES, CATSUP*, HORSE RADISH. Ac. at Z.M P KING'S. 9?5 Vermont a venae, eorner 15th aad I ate. mar 20?if N ESSAY O* LIBERTY AUD SLA L very, by Albert Taylor Bledsoe, LL. D., oCeesorlnthe Unlvessltvof Virginia. Prise Si. nar IS?Cr FRAN OA TAYLOR. Carter's Spanish Mixtnr# THE O MB AT PURIFIER OFTHE BLOODf lilt AlUrttivi !????!! ROT * FAlTICLI OF HIirriT til IT*!! An Infallible rerodfcy for Scrofula. King'* Kvli, Rheumatism. Obstinate Cotaneooa F.rapuona, Pimples or Postules on the F *ce, BketrkM*, Boll*, Ague and Fever, Chronic Bon Kyaa Ringworm or Totter, Senld Heald, Rnlarg* meet and pain of the Bones and Jolnu Bah Rheum. Stubborn Ulcere. ByphlUOe Murder* and all dlinrr arising from an injadk^oui uw> of Mercury, 1 mprudeooe In Life, or Impurity of the Blood. I^HIS great remedy, which has become ao ran Idly and ?o Juatiy celebrated for lu extraordl nary aftaacy In relieving and curing many of the most obstinate and terrible form* of dl tease with whlsh mankind la afflicted . la now offered te the public, with theeotiftdent assurance that no Mid. icki oiseovanT ever made haa been ao eminently ?uocessful In curing ScaorvLa .and all ntaaaaaa or tbb Blood,aa CAKTKR'S SPANISH MIX TURK. The proprietor* are receiving by erery nan moat Battering and aatoniahlng details of cares made In all parte of the country, and In me*' cases where the akill of the beet Pkystclana had been rledlnvaln lu power over the Blood U truly remarkable and all diseases arlaing from Impurltv of the great Seat or Ur* have been relieved and cured with, out a single failure, out of thettousaads wh? have used it Carter's Spanish Mixture con Ulna to Mercury, Opium. ArsanU, or any dangerous drufa. but Is composed of Root* ai'd Herbs. ton* Dined with other lngredlenUof known virtue and may be riven to the youngest infant or moot de bilitated invalid, without the least possible heal. tatlca. ^ We have only room for ahort extracts from the volumee of testimony In oor possession. and all from gentlemen of the highest respecublllty. well known in their various localities. Fleaee rend to yourselves. We take great pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to the merits of Carter's 9psn'.*k Mixture as a remedy for diseases of the blood It enjoys a reputatloalr. this city unequalled by any other preparation ?Detljr DitpeieA, Rirkmond F?. The Hon John M Doits, of Va.,aav* keccnsld ers it a matter of duty to add hi* testimony to the virtues of Carter 's Spanish Mixture rao* *crraL raaeoSAL ormvATiow of Its renu rkable enr* tlve powers for the diseases In which it Is used We have been eurod of a violent and motraeted Liver d.sease by Carter's Spanish Mixture We know It to be all it prefc'sees ? Edttir So*ikt\d* Dwcrat, Pittrtburg, T?. We have fo-tnd from personal trial, that Oar tor's gpahlsh Mint lire Is a truly valuable iaedl nine?Ed. Tirgtnnit Independent, Yt. GREAT CURE OF SCROFULA ?A pr~*. men In our ompley was cured ef Scrofula cf a rli? uioat character by a few boities of Carter * Spa .* l*h Mixture, aftereverything aleehadfelled 1Kb er cures which have come under our own cbeerva tlsd- proves te n* concltielvely, that la really e val uable medlotaal agent We take gTeat rfsasure In oeSUvg the attenSon of the aAlcted to lu mer IU ?Richmond Jifrubitcmm. SYPHILIS? I have seen a number of core* of SypkllIs performed by Carter's Spanish Mixture I believe It to be a ported antidote for that horrt ble disease K BURTON, Com. of Revtcit for citv of Rlchmoal LITER DISEASE ?Samuel M Drinker, cf the firm of Drlaker A Morris, Bookseller*, Rich mond, Va , ws? cored of Liver disease of several years etandlng by only three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. OLD SORES, 9L*ERS AND OBSTINATE ERUPTIONS ON THE SEIN?Ume the c :re of Mr. liarwood, and ethers. detailed In o'?r Al manac The number of aucn oases cured bv Car ter'* Spanish Mixture, precludes the posbibliMy of Inserting them In an advertisement. EFFECTS OF MERCURY.?See the care ef Mr. Blmere Ha wax oaten np with Merc rv and could obtain no relief, until be t-?ek six bottle* <4 Cdrier's Spanish Mlxture, which perfectly revv-aed him to health and vigor. NEURALGIA ? Mr F. Hoyden. formerly f the Astor Betuw. N Y , but more recently proprl etor ef tt.e Exchange Hotel. Richmond, we*cured of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish Mixture Bine* that time, he says he has seen It cure more thar. a hundred case* of the disease In which tt Is used He never ffclU to recommend it to the effiicted. RHEUMATISM? Mr. John F. Harrison, Druggist, of Martinsburg, Y?., writes of the sla grlcr euro cf a violent caec of Rhe'iir.sManr Ths potior:* could net Walk. A few bottles entirely cured Irira SCRO FULA ?Mr. RerrUon also writes of a Bat cure of Scrofula, In the pesaon of a young y, (of three yc-?ra standing.) which all th?- doc ton could not roach. Six boitlo* made a ct:r? of her. SYPHILIS ? Dt K.T Hcndle. of Washing ton. DC, who cured an obstinate oase of Syphi lis bv Carter's Spanish M'xtnre. *av* "'it acts *pe daily on the Blood. Liver and Skin and Is prompt and eftclen: in !u reenlU." Dr John Mlnge. forroorly of tha Blty Hotel, Richmond, now of Alabama, says he nas seen Carter's Spanish Mixture administered In a num ber of cases with astonishingly good effect He reconutead# It as ' the most r&i.ect alterative la SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA ? Mr. Jos. Robinson, of Wooster, Ohio, wss cured cf SerofuU and Salt Rhe^im of three year* standing, by only three bottlee of Carter 'a Spanish Mixture. *VM ? S. BFKRS A CO., Proprietor*, No. ** Broedway, New Tork. E7" Price tl per bottle, or six bottle* for ?5 For sale by CHAS STOTT, Waahln-ton, D. C.. and DrjggisU rer.e^allv. tfr1 1?^ THE eKKATKST MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE A(rE. Dr. B.KNNKDY,of Roibnry, Ht? discovered In one of onr com?os rasrrtt wiiss a remedy that cures E/KRY KIND OF HUMOR; fgoH thi woest scaorcLa down to a coir Mon rixvi.z HK kiAS TR1KD IT IN <>VFR BLKVEN hundred cases, and never fttHM except in tw? cases, (both thunder hmriOr ) He he* now in hla pocse*slon over two hundred oertlfloate* of 1U vir tue, all within twenty miles of Boston iSarc bottles are warranted to cure a nujalcg sort mouth. ^ . . One to three bottlea wlil cure the worst klad of pimple? on the face. . . Two to three bcttie* will clear the rortem of bile*. Two bottles sre warranted to cure the won canker in the mouth and stomach. Three to Ave bottle* are warranted to cure tta wont oase of Erysipelas One to two bottles are warranted to cure all humor bi the rvea Two botuos are warranted to cure running <* the ears and blotches among the hair. Four to six bottlea are warranted to care oonrpt and running ulcers Udc bottle will cure scaly eruption of the skin Two to three bottles arc warranted to cure th? worst case of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warnuited to ctrre tha ?lost despereU' ca*o of rhe'imatlsm Three to four bottles are warranted to ear? the ?alt rheum. Five to eight bottles will aure thr worn ca?* <* Mrcfula. A benefit Is alweya expertrr.cod froj? the lr*t bcttle, and a perfect cut U warraxitrd wh a the above quantity i* taken. Reader, I peddled ovsr a thousand bottles at this In the vicinity of Joatca. ! kn< w the eff '? of it in every eaee So sire aa water will OAti"' gulsh ftre, so auro wlil thia cure humor. I neetr ?old a bottle of It but th.*t acid ar.cfbcr; af'..' ? trial It always specks for lte'Jf. There are two thla^s about this herb thst appears to me e.urpria lr.g; ffrst that it rrowa in err tcsturea. In mn>? places quite plentlh:l. and yet Its vtloe haa revor been known until I discovered It in ISM?recond, that It should cure all kir.ds of humor Ih order to give some Idea of the sudd?n ri* and great popularity of the discovery, i wil'. stxt* that in April, 13?3. 1 peddled it, and sold about* bottlea per day?In April, 1K54,1 sold over 1,?** bottlea per day of it. Sotne of thp wholesale DrugglcU who have b^*a la buslneas twenty and thirty yea:a, aty ttat a? thl?K la the anuais of patent medlclaea wis eve* like it. There la a universal praise of It Ctom quarter* In my own practice l always kept It atrietly f?* humora?but alnoe Its introduction as a genera* fimlly medicine, great and wonderfil vlrtuoi have been found in it that 1 never en?pe-~'ed Several ca?e? of epllcptte fu?a dilate wh- ? was always ocnaldered lncurfcb".e,have been curca by a few bottlea. O, what a mercy if It will effectual In all eanr of that awful mala?y--?>*" are but few who have seen more of it than ' I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured by it For the various dlsea*^ of the Liver, Sick Headache.Dvspep- ta. A Fever and Ague. Fain in the Side, Dlses-^ c Spine, and particularly in dlsea?e? of the a1? neys, Ac., the Blacovary baa done more good t-" any medicine ever known No change of diet ever necesaary?eat the w* you can get and enough of it. Direction* for Ut*.?AdulU one Uble spoonn Edav?Children over ten years de*s? rt ap?J* ?Children from five to eight years, t?<a ful. As no directions can be applicable to al. atltutlons, take aujlc'.ent to operate on the bev* twice a day. MarrrAcrrarB it DONALD KKR NEDTt N?. liO IFarrrn ttrttt, Roxbttrf, Paica . Oki Doli-ab. v Wholesale Aeenu ?New York CLICKNKK. 61 Barclay atreet: C. H 2LP"tfSSL5-' -? * T. >V atraet. Philadali Baltimore, BRO^ HATCH. Alexandria, . ? , At Retail by all respectable Drugyt<* ' BJ Unlted States and British Provinoes, ^ rfc i ni?arfri? nfliila PI Hi OC'. *>'1' 51 Barclay atreet: C. ? a b a d. sai4os,i? r?Jf iphia, T. W. DYOTT * SO^ >Wn A BROTH BR, CAN ? isndrla. PKKL * ST^ I'.'tbl ? II ???? ? .inLla l)nioi/l*l> I i of BkU City