Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, fVRLflHRB EVERT APTKKIOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) if tkt St*r of F ?VMM Mi itimxU Itrm, fcy ^7. 0. WALLACE, * ii b- serr?4 to KibMrfbni by carrier* at 81X 4.V1' A VJI'ARTKR CKNTS, payable vreekljl k- ii.e Averts; papers f urred fn peckagca at 37 * trnu per n ooth. To mall subscribers the rnb rrtption prloe Is THREE DOLLARS* AND FIP fV CENTS a year is adranct, TWO DOLLARS for six months, ar* ONE DOLLAR for three ??ntb*; for le*s t!>ta three months at the rate of J2# ccntn a w?vk l?T SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON t SATURDAY. APRIL 5, 1856. NO. 985. THE WEEKLY STAB. This exoeUeat Family as 4 New Jowl ?? talalag a (renter variety of la lerestin greeting thaa eaa be fouad la aay other?la published oa ?etor day moralac tna. Blagleeepy, peTaaaan - fl M TO Hill PlTIWpl? 15 M Tea ooplec B ? Twenty copies ?????????*?????16 W) CT CASB, IRTAfttAUT IU ilfiM. f?T SIngleeopies (In wrappers) can b* proec ed at the oonnter. immediately after the lane of ih paper. Price?Taebb Cbhtb. Post hast bbs who act as agents wUi ?? allows a commission of twenty per oeat. ANTHONY JICCHLY, UN DE RTAEE R, ?hep and Residence Ne. 303 Pens, arena#* ???th tide, between9thand lOtksts., Having provided himself with an ELEUAXT HEARSE, and ail necessary conveniences fort properly conduct'ng hu business, would respectfully inform the public that he is fully prepared to All all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice. and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sizes. alwavs on hand, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B?Resld ng on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours. BLACKSMITH I NG A BOILER HAK1N9. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKES THIS method of Informing his friends and the pub lic that he has commeaaed the above named business, In all Its various branches, at the corner of Ninth street and Virginia avenne, (Island,) aijoining the machine shop of Hall A Co., where, by strict attention to business, he hopes to receive a share of public patronage. All orders addreieed as above will receive prompt attention, jjy Repairing done at tne shortest notice. SMITH PETTlT. Formerly Superintendent cf Boiler Department of the Eagle Iron Works of WTm M. Kill* A Bro mar IS?lm* NOW THE SNOW IS THAWING' THB LAKHS ARE OVERFLOWING with Bouquets of Reil and Artlhclal FLOWERS, with PERFUMERY. FANCY WOODS. MUSICAL BOXES. CLOCKS, STA TIONERY, Ac., Ac. OPERA GLASSES for sal* or rent. At THE LAKES, mar i 504 Pa av., near Adam's Express. JONAS P. LEVY) mrOlTIl IRS BBALIS !? WUTE3, LIQUOBS. CIGARS, AHD 7UTS GROCERIES, General Commission A Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE and bill broker, No. 474 Pa. av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, Washtjistom Citt, D. C. N. B ?Country Merchants era requested to give aae a call before purchasing elsewhere. ?c *-ly CHOICE FRUIT TREES FOR salz. in nnn APPLE trees, of extra IUjUUU growth and well assorted. JfiA 5,000 PEACH TREES, forming a com-^W plete assortment and well grown. A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised bv the late John H. King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep Apply to W. Albert K!ng, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown Catalogues furnished on application E. J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES Apply as above. E. J. K. mar 11?tf CHAl NCEY WAKRINER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. And dealer in fine watches jew ELR V and SILVER WARE, would respect fully solicit the attention of those who desire a good article, to his choice variety of London, Ge neva and Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of time-keeping and durable qualities, for which a suitable guarantee will be furnished those who purchase. SOLD SEALS, FOB and VEST CHAINS, FINE JEWELRY. SILVER SPOONS. GOB LETS, CUPS, FORKS, Ac., for sale at N. York prices. The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re ^Also. JEWELRY. Ac. No. 379 Pa. avenue, between Rth and7th streets, Brown's Hotel Building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCH, Jan 20?3m Washington, D C. French novels and romances; Just imported, in variety, from Paris by the jnderslgnea, including the best of Victor Hugo, Dumas, Sue, and other writers of note, at prices racing from ten and fifteen cents upwards, many of them with numerous illustrations. Also, a few of the modern French Drama, by Scribe, Ba'zac, and others. _apj FRANCK TAYLOR "THE MARRIAGE GLIDE." IVARRIAGE GUIDE. OR NATURAL HIS 1*1 tory of Generation, for the use of married persons and those about to marrr. of both sexes , price, *1. " THE MALE GENERATIVE ORGANS." In health and ilsease. from Infancy to old age, with th* treatment of all their derangements; for every man's own private use, withcoiored plates; price, ft. A POPULAR TREATISE ON VENEREAL Disease*; their cure and prevention; for private use with colored plates; mice, 91. '1 HE MATRONS MANUAL OF MID wifery and the Diseases of Pregnancy and Child birth, for every female's own private use; price 81 THE DISEASES OF WOMEN?THEIR Causes and Treatment Any of the Books can be had of the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, mar t2 3m 7th street, opposite Post Office. SEGAKS, TOBACCO AND SN IFF. HC Pt'RDV. IMPORTER OF SEGARS, ? TOBACCO, AND SNUFF, has just re ceived a new Invoice ef GOODS of superior qual ity Also, dealer In Meerschaum and other Pi PES, and otherartlcles usually kept In a Fancy S?/ar Store. Consame;s are respectively Invited to give me a call. H.C. PURDY, Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d street, mar 19?lm under Washington House. SINGER' S * Improved Sewing Machines. Te which was ( ran ted ths highest Award el tke Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict ef Saperierity* HE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA chlne has simplified them in many respects, and they are capabfeof executing twice the amount of work they did formerly in any given time They are wltnout question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shirt besom or heavy trace for narness can be sewn bv any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread in such a manner that the elosest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find ?hem the only saf* Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to K*t out of order We have machines with guages attached, fur binding hats, cap fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk. Thread. Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly oa hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M SINGER A CO , 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B ?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms l.b "n. Persons who have t?en Induced to purchase inferior machine* under the pretext of being cheap, win find this a benefit Indeed mar 10?tf LADIES, PLEASE READ ! liar arrived from Kingston, ja ** malca, W. I., and In store for sale by the sub scriber: , ? dox PRUNE CORDIAL, particularly for ladles' use. Also, far gentlemen, a few dozen of PRUNE DR.\M ?n much esteemed for Its virtues for the benefit of health, about eleven to one o'clock. ?ot to be had In any other store but at JONAS P LEVY'*, 474, Pennsylvania avenue. W '.nee, Liquors, Segars, and fine Groceries, mai 7?tf T BOYS' JAIKETt, BOW PANTS, BOYS' VKS IS UOV> SHIRTS, BOYS' C?ATS, BOYS'SACKS, HOY!*' DRAWERS, BO\S' UNDERSHIRTS BOYS' CAPS, BOY'S' MUSPKNDERS, BOYa' COLLARS, BO Y S'CRAVATS, Being the largestar.d finest assortment of Boys' REaDY-M ADE t? ARM K.N !'?<, suitable for drees M"* school wear, to be found this s!de of New ? ork. to which we particularly Invite the atten tion ef Ptrsati and Guardians assuring them that *11 goods will oe offered at the prices. WALL A STEPHENS, tta Pa av., between 9th and loth sts. mar* next to Iroo Hall LULU Aj ivtnr S STORE is 300 Peansylvaati avenue, aear Tenth street. mar * official. Trkabttbt DiriiTMiNT, Dec. 1,1355. Notice Is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of SI,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 184*, a premium of ten per cent.; for stock ef the loans of 1847 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the art of 1850, commonly called Texas-In demnity stock, a premium of six per cent.; aad for stock of the loan of 184#, redeemable on the l*th November, 184#, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of 2# percent.; if received between the 1st Jan nary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent; and If received after the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of 1% percent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the let July last, if aligned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed in addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's Interest will be &L iwed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department ua der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's la tere# t, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) bv the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Pavment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theasststant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. 1,000 POTATOES ! POTATOES'.! TO 1,200 BUSH. PRIME MAINE Mercer POTATOES Now landing and for sale by D. L SHOEMAKER. UO Water street, Georgetown, D. C. mar 31-6t H ENTWISLE A BARRON, CARPENTERS AND IUILD2ES, Shop on 11th street, between B and C sts . near Carusi's Saloon. mar 25?2w? HUTCHINSON fe MUNRO AVE JUST RECEIVED A BEAUTIFUL , lot of Fancy Goods, consisting of? Cabas, Workboxes, Jewel Cases Portfolios. Portemonnaies, Comt>s, Brushes French and other Perfumery and Pomad s Dressing Cane? for ladies and gentlomen Writing Desks, Fans, Opera Glasses Spectacles, Eye Glasses, Stationery Accordeons, Toys, Ac. We Invite the attention of citizens and stran gers to our stock, of which the above form a part, and are certain that tho?e in want of anything in our line will find It to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 310 Pa avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts., Next door to Messrs. Harjer A Mitchell's, ap 1-lw I FOR SALE. 25,000 Extra flae Reeee, Pratt Tree*, Or namental Shrabs. Climbing Plants, Ac. I HAVE RECEIVED, FROM PARIS, 12.000 of the most rew and celebrated EVER-jg* BLOOMING ROSES known in Europe,2C comprising Bourbons, Hybride, perpetual Noisette, Tea Moss, Monthly Moss, Striped Prov lns, and Climbing Roses, all fine large plants, the best collection In America. ALSO? The best collection of PEARS, on Pear and Qnince Stocks, some of large size and fine form. Also, APPLES. PEACHES, APRICOTS, CHERRIES. GRAPE VINES, Ac , and Orna mental SHRUBS, EVERGREENS, CLIMB ING PLANTS, DOUBLE DAHLIAS, PAR LOR PLANTS. Ac. All warranted true to name and of first quality. ALSO? 1,000 bulbe of the celebrated new CHINESE POTATO, (Dvoscorea Batatas,) the most valu able acquisition of this ce tury I invite the attention of ail lovers ef gcod fruits and admirers of good roses to this collection. A JARDIN, Florist and Nurseryman, Connecticut avenue, coreer of M street, two squares from Lafayette Square. ap3-2w WORKED COLLARS AND SLEEVES tn sets?Just opened from the importer a full assortment of? Collars and Sleeves in set* Cambric and Muslin Collars at very low prices Also, White Cambrics Plain and Figured Swiss Muslins Plaid Cambrics and White Brilliants at 12* eta. per yard With many other Goods very cheap. WM R RILEY, ap2-lm Cor. 6th st., opp Centre Market. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. OPENING OF SFR1NU MILLINERY ON THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL 3, MRS. PRIBRAM A DATGHTER will open at No. 27? Pennsylvania avenue, the largest and handsomest assortment of SPRINGyl^p MILlINERY ever before offered, consisting in part of Silk, Lace, Crape, and Straw Hats of the latest Parisian style Also. Ribbon Flow ers, Rusches, Blonde, Caps, and Flu'.es, Ac To all of which we invite the attention of the Ladles of Washington and vicinity, and most respectfully solicit them to give us a call, as we are determined not to be ezcelled by any other house ir. the city, having made ar rangement tobcenitantlysupplled with French and New York made Ha's Mrs. PI BR AM A DAUGHTER. No. 277 Pa. av. betw. 10th and 11th sts. mar 31?2 w |70R SALE OR EXCHANGE. ?SEVERAL .F s?ven-octave rosewood PIANU-< FORTE, elegantly finished, will bej _ sold low for cash or good paper, or will be" ex changed for building material and work. The*e Instruments may be seen at my Saloon, and any person disponed to purchase or trade will please make early application. inar26 LEWIS CARU31. ONLY 13* CENTS. BUCKLEY'S CELEBRATED SON(i BOOK for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New Orleans Serenadera at tneir opera house. Broad way, New York. For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, mar 22-3m 7th street, opposite Post Office HARPERS' MAGAZINE, fer April, 85c. The Old Dominion, by G P R. James, 50c. Yankee Notions. for April, 1'tfC. Harpers' Story Book. No. 17, (Klfred,) 25c. Ballou's Magazine, for April. lt)c. Also, a K?od assortmment of Faber's Pencils, Glllotte's Pens, and Mayuard s A Noyos Ink For sale by K. K. LUNDY, mar 22?tr No. 128 Bridge st., Georgetown. L. J. M1DDLETON, DEALER IN ICE, Offirt and Depot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. feb27-tf MR. W. HENRY PALMER'* ' PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Five Dollars Fer Quarter. Apply at GEORGE HILBLS'S Music Depot, Penasy vanln avenue. mar 14-tf (BLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS.?A GREAT J variety of CLOCKS, all warranted tO| keep good time one vear, at J.ROBINSON'S, 340 Pennsylvania avenue, ? mir 21?lm opposite Browns' Hotel. A CARD. WALL. BARNARD A CO , Acctionkkbs amdCoxmission Mseccorner Penn sylvania avtnue mnJ 9(4 streets, will as usual sire their especial attention to all sales entrusted to them, such as Housekeeping effects, Real Ks lute or any other Goods, upon the most reasona ble terms. They will make liberal cash ad vances on consignments. mar 8?lm Feather dusters, nil sixes, plain and colored: BRUSHES ofall kinds; together with every kind of Housekeeping article. Prices always low O. FRANCIS. m*r u 490 Seventh st. Wl I T. N. K ID WELL, DEALER IN ICE. fkRDERg LEFT AT THE FOLLOWING C Jl *** be promptly attended to : Kldweli A Laurence, corner Pa. ave. and 14th street. G.F. Kidwell A Co., 14th street, OPP Frank lin Engine House J . B. Moore, Druggist, Pa. avenue, betw. 19th and 20th streets. Geoj. Seltze, New York avenue, between 10th and 11th ftreets. R. C. Dyson A Co. Druggists, corner of 9th and I streets. ' Robert A Payne, Druggist, corner 4th st. snd Mm*, avenue. ap 3?2aw6w T SPRING OPENING OF 1930. HE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RE turned from the Eastern Markets with one of the largest and most varied assort menu of FRENCH BONN ETS, adapted/P^F to the season, ever offered In this market. Also a large stock of French FLOWERS, EMBROIDERIES. RIBBONS, STRAW GOODS, and COKSETTS. Ladiee DRESS TRIMMINGS in greit profu sion. ? r Particular attention paid to Dress making In the latest French styles. Neatness and despatch may be relied on in all cases. M. WILLIAN, Market ."pace, between 7th and ?th streets, mar 11?eoCw FISHING TACKLs! THE SUBSCRIBERS THIS DAY OPEN their first arrival of GOODS, In this line, of the season, *nd would respectfully solicit an ex amination of their stock, which is constantly re eelving additions. These goods were selected exprenly for us. and embrace irany new articles, especially in the way of LINES AND HOOKS, which we have never before had. E. TUCKER A CO , 353 Pa avenue, south side, near 6th street. ap8-WFflt HOOTS AND SHOES. QUICK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. WE ARE DAILY ADDING TO OUR large assortment of Spring BOOTS, and SHOESfor Ladies, Misses, Children.] Gentlemen. Boys,an<l Youths. You willj save time and WWqr by calling early and examining our *tocfc. ' Another supply of those new style Gaiters received to-day. A HOOVER A SON, South side Pa av., bet. flth and 7th st. ap '2?TThASIm JAR. T. MclNTOSH 11 CO.. DRAPERS AND TAILORS, Ptnn avenue, near street, (American Hotel,) Have just received their spring GOODS. Cloths of all colors, flue ta finish Cass' mers, and elegant styles of Silk atd other Vescings, suitable for fprlng and hummer wear, which we are prepared JUL, to make up in a style to suit all tastes and on fair terms. Also, Gentlemen's FURNISHING GOODS, consisting of Ties, all colors: Shirt", Collars, Umbrellas. Gloves, and all gooas in that line. Also, a new style of Driving or Traveling Coat, water-proof, to which the attention of the public Is Invited. Call and examine. mar 12-eo3w DR SCHWARTZES ? Worm Destroying Syrup. 'PHE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY WHICH never falls to destroy Worms without Injury to the patient. It is warranted to be a purely vege table compound, and compared with other prepa rations is pleasant to take, and innocent in its operation. It needs but a trial to prove its effi cacy. Price cents a bottle. For sale at JOHN SCHWARTZE'S. Drug and Chemical Store, No. 488 Pa. avenue, next to U. S Hotel. P. 8.?A liberal deduction will be made to the trade. mar 20?eotf JOSEPH R. THOMPSON, Draper and tailor, at wall a STEPHENS'. 361 Pennsylvania avenue, 3 doors east of the National Hctel Just received a superior assortment cf Spring CLOTHS and CASSIMERS of the latest styles mar 34-eo2w I HAVE THIS DAY BOUGHT OUT ALL k the interest ef Geerge W Garrett In the Stock and Fixtures of his Carpenter Business, as here tofore carried on hy fcim at his shop, in the rear of Jackson Hall, between lid ?nd streets i shall continue the Carpenters' Bnsiness in all its branches, at the same plare, and respectfully re quest a continuance of the custom , t , HENRY A. GARRETT. I hereby authorize (>10131 W Gabrett to transact business for me in any matter connected with the Carpenters' Business. H. A. G. ap l-eo9w FRUIT TREES, Ac. JOHN SAUL HAS THE PLEASURE OF offering a splendid collection of FRUITFUL rKEES, of superior growth and quality,VW consisting of PEACH, APPLE, PEAR>*? CHERR V, Ac , large and vigorous, and varieties suited to this latitude Also, many thousands of the'nrge Lancashire GOOSEBERRIES, CURRANTS, red, white, and black, the new long bunched varieties ? STRAWBERRY PLANTS, RHUBARB ROOTS, SHADE TREES. EVERGREENS, Ac . with everything pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business, of first quality and very mod erate prices. JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehouse, 3?U Seventh st, cor. H, Washington mar '25-eo6t A GREEN WOULD RESPECTFULLY ? inform the citizens of Washington, and the public in general, that he has just received a large assortment of? Gold band and White French China DINNER and TEA WARE Very fine Gilt, White, and Flowered VASES Do ICE CKEAM SHELLS COLOGNE BOTTLES and CARD BASKETS. ? ,Ai8"'a1,1ArT,e1.and J?ei>eral assortment of Flint j . *,l(l * large stock of Mahogany ^-i^t/URNJTlJR?' BEDS and .MAT IK LSSES of every description, all of which will be sold low f r ca?h. Please caU and examine at No. 5'M Seventh street. Very respectfully, A. GREEN, mar 28?eo2w BUSINESS MEN OF WASHINGTON 1 Ix?~r,,*lfr.chant,? Manufacturers, HOTEL KEEPERS, AND ALL OTHERS! AIT"?* DESIRE A PORTION OF THE 1 T,?' Southern Maryland, are recom mended to advertise in "THK PLANTERS' ADVOCATE," I ublished at Upper Marlboro', Prince George's county, Maryland, atd having a larger circula tion than any country paper in the St?t? The " Planters' Advoeate," has been estab lished for sevtral years, and is well known throughout the southern portion of the State, cir culating extensively in Prince George's, Ann Arundel, Calveit, Charles, St Mary's, and Mont jomery counties, and also in the District of Co lumbia Being devoted to the interests cf the Agricultural community, its columns are the tchann?l to the attention of farmers and others, where custom Is desirable to the Bal timore trade. Terms of Advertising: One square, and not exceeding three squares, per year. S12; ditto, six months, ; ditto, three

months, SV ' Address THOS J. TURNER, Editor Planters' Advocate, mar 2.3 ?eoCt Upp r Marlboro', Md. E. I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS ITuo^ MANUFACTURERS ow WILMINUTON, DEL. 8nperfine Sporting, and all other kinds. Diamond Grain, extra fine. Eagle Gun-Powder, r INK GRAIN, for Sporting, in Canisters, pound ?????6*;lb COABSER GhAIN, ss?ln c""* PREMIUM EXCELSIOR S4FETY FOSE In quantities to suit purchasers. ' OUlT-POWDTTi ? F FF VpAFFNpVpND SHIPPING. ,"'C| 1' FF' FFF> 100, 50, and 25-lb. FORMILITARYANDNAI>vfLRSERV1CE. S0PERFIWE SP0ETISQ OUN-POWDEB, ln ?, ?*, Sole Agency for the Distrlrt of CoinJiJti # No. 35 HlGH STREET, GEORGETOWN d _ mar 11?2awlm CORPORATION STOCK.?St*,000 Corno * s ration of Washington Siook for sale at feb'45-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. AUCTION SALES. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FURNITURE and Household Effects. ?By virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded, Ac., the subscriber will eelatpublic auction on MONDAY MORN ING, April 7th, at 10 o'clock, at No. 405 F street, between 6th and 7th street*, (Union Row) all the Furniture and Housekeeping Effects In the said house, comprising? Handsome suit of mahogany damask-covered parlor Furniture, consisting cf two Tete-a tete Sofas, Arm Chair, Rocker, and Parlor Chairs Mahogany Secretary, Whatnot Card Table , Oil Falntings Window Shades, Vases Brussels, thre^-ply and Ingrain Carpets Hall and dining room Oil Cloth, Stair Car pet Set of blue Cottage Furniture Double and tingle Cottage Bedsteads, Ward robes Mahogany marble-top and plain Bureaus Cane and wood-seat Cnalrs, Lounges Wa^bstands, Toilet Sets, hooking Glasses Excellent hair Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Blankets, Comforts, Counterpanes Walnut extension dining Table, Desk Mahogany Sideboards, Refrigerators Do breakfast and side Tables China, Glass and Crockeryware Table Cutlery, Fire Irons, Clocks, Ac. Together with a general stsortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: S25 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of 1, 2.3, and 4 months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. CHAP. J. QUEEN, Trnstee. mar27-eoAds J. C. McGU I RE, Auet. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE.?BY VIRTUE OF two deeds of trust, the one duly recorded in Liber J . A. 8 , No 99,one of the land records for Wa?hlngton County, In the District cf Columbia, and the other duly filed the 16th of January A D 1856, In th? proper Record office cf the County acd District aforesaid, the subscribers will sell oh MONDAY, the21st of April, A. D 1W6, atfive o'clock, p. m., the following described Real Es tate and improvements thereon, situated in the City of Washington, inthe District of Columbia, namely: l'art of Lot No. 1, In ?qaare No. 397, beginning for the same 43 fe*t. and one inch north from the south east corner of said Lot one, run ning thence north aleng 8th street west 12 feet 11 Inches, thence west 99 feet 4 inches, being the entire depth of said part of Lot This sale will take nlnce in front of the premi ses, and the terms will be one half cash, and the balance in 6 and 12 months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at cost of purchaser The property will be resold at tfce purchaser's risk and cost on ten days notice if the terms of sale be not complied with within three days from the day of sale BENJ. P SMITH,) Tmtem E. C. MORGAN, < 1 ru"?" mar 15?2awAds A GREEN, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUlRE., Auctioneer Handsome private residence at Public Aactien.? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 2d. at4* o'clock, infrort of the premises, 1 snail sell that valuable private residence, situated at ' he corner of 9th and E sts , recently occupied by W. C Zantzlngtr, Esq , being Lot No. 1?, in Square 407, fronting 80 feet on E street, by 75 fe?t on 9th street, with the lm Srovemen? consisting of a handsome and well nlshed three story and basement Brick Dwe'ling Home, containing ten rooms. There is also a good Brick Stable In the rear, with suitable ac commodations for wood and coal. The side lot Is handsomely enelosed and laid eut as a flower garden. One-fourth cssh; the residue In six, twelve, and eighteen month*, or one. two and three years at the option of the purchaser, satisfactorily se cured and bearing Interest. mar 27-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auet'r. IE/" The above is postponed in conse quence of the rain, un 11 WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON, April 9th. sarr.e hour and place, ap 3-i JAS. C. McGU I RE, Auet'r. Bv BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. VALUABLE BUILDINO LOT AT Alt' tieu.?On TUESDAY, the 15th insiant, at 4 o'clock. P. M., we will sell part of Lots 5 and 6, fronting 30 feet on tbeeastaide of Congress street, between Gayand Bridge streets, and running back 121 feet 6 inch?<. On one side of this lot is a 12 foot alley This is a valuable piece of property, in a good location for building a private residence. Title indisputable Terms liberal and at s.ile. BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auctioneers. The lot is for sale till day of sile. ap 1? B. A B. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALEOF VALUABLE Real Estate.?By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, dated April 12, 1851, and duly re corded In Liber J. A S , No 23, folios 4'Jl. 4ii8, 4 23, and 421, ore of the land records for Wash ington county, I shall sell at public auction, te the highest bi ider, on TUESDAY AFTER NOON, March Uth. at four o'clock, en the prem ises, the whole of Square No 471, fronting on south K and L and 6th and 7th streets west. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6, 12, and 19 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. HENRY NAYLOR, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ITT" The above sale is postponed until THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 10th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises. HENRY NAY LOR, Trustee. mar27-eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. I/ALUABLK HOTEL PROPERTY, eppo ' site the Railroad Depot, at Public Auc tion?On MONDAY afternoon, April 21st, at 4# o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell pirt of orl Sfinal Lot No. 3 in Square No. 630, fronting 50 eet on north D street and 77 feet 11 inches on New Jersey avenne, containing 5,255 square feet of ground, more or less, with the improvements, consisting of a three-story brick building, con taining in all twenty good rooms, arranged ex pressly for a small hotel, with hot and cold water and gas throughout the building. The property is situated on the corner immedi ately opposite the Depot, and from its location offers great Inducements to persons desirous of engaging In business. It was built by the late John Foy expressly for a second class hotel, who conducted It successfully untl1 his death. Terms: One-fifth in cash; the residue in 6,12, [18. 24 and *0 months, with Interest, secured liy a Mm of tru81 on the property p^Tor further particulars address Stanislaus Mur ray, Esq , or the auctioneer. mar 17?eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUALLE Im proved Heal Estate on the Island?By virtue of a deed in trust bearing date the 23d of N ovemb r, lt-54, and recorded In Liber J. A. S. No 69, folios 399, et sen the subscriber will sell at public sale on THURSDAY, the 10th day of April, 1H56, at 5 o'clock, P. M., on the premises, part of Square No 353, fronting 30 feet on 11th street west, between L and E streets south, by 99 feet 10# Inches deep, with the improvements, which consist of two well built frame dwelling houses and brick bakery. The above property is eligibly situated in a rap idly improving part of the < itv, and offers a favor able opportunity to persons desiring to secure a residence or business stand, or making an Invest ment. The terms of sale wiil l>e: One-third cash, aud the balance in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest, secured oy deed or t:u?t upon the property, and if not complied with In six d ys after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All con veyancing at the expense of the purchaser. C. P. WALLACH. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER, mar 31?eots Auctioneer. Apples and potatoes. 10(1 bbls. prime Boston APPLES 100 bbls prime Mercer POTATOES For sale by HARTLEY A BROTHER, mar 26 Georgetown. Three pianos 'received this week, and for sa'e low, at the great Piano and Music Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Penn ?venue, between 9th and 10th streets. ap 2-tf RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, ? HAS REMOVED His office to No. >06 Pennsylvania av enue, between 9th and lOtk streets. mar 29-lw GO TO ELLIS'S mar 8 FOR CHEAP GOODS. EVENING STAR. PALMER, THE POISONER | CONCLUDED.) The crime has recalled to memory a eu rioua experience of a friend of ours, which happened not long after the introduction of the Life Insurance Companies We give an account of it, so far as wt can recollect, in his own words : '? I was passing the latter part of the sum mer of 18? in the eity of Boulogne, where I had gone to escape the heats of the Boule vards of Paris. It was my habit to dine while here at a little cafe on the quay. nearly op S'osite to the usual landing place of the Lon ion steamer. 44 I soon came to know all the habitues of this cafe, and was particularly attracted to ward one quiet gentleman, who, dre??ed in black, whoso manners were subdued, and with whom 1 suon grew into terms of inti macy. I think I have never met with a person, before or since, whose information upon all the current topics of the d?*y was to precise, s > extensive, and so entirely at com mand. I am quite 6ure that I gained more knowledge of the government, social condi tion, and commerce of France, from thiigen tl?m;in 8 remarks than from all other source. combined ; nor has subsequent familiarity v ith life in that country shown that there wa% ; :'.y falsity in his statements, lie talked very 1 elingly and knewingly of all the new scien tific inquiries cf the day. In respect to gome his information may doubtless have been su perficial ; but in the matter cf chemical sci ence (to which 1 had myself paid considera ble attention) I was sure that he had read and experimented understandingly. . Our talk turned one day upon poisons ; he detailed to me with surprising particularity the influence of certain active poisons upon brutes. He told me that at one period of his life (he could hardly have been at that time more than five and thirty) he had a ie culiar passion for experiments of that kind. "I remarked that it was well that the se crets of medical science wero generally out of the reach of those whose temptations or want or suffering led to crime. "'And yet,' said I, 4 it is a blessed thing that there is no poison, after all so subtle but that chemical tests will find Some trace of it, and reveal the cause of death ' '"lam not sure of that,' said he. '?I fixed my regard upon him attentively, in expectation that ho would go on to justify the remark. But he said nothing I fancied that he seemed embarrassed far a moment; but presently in a laughing tone added : * li there was such a subtle pdson as to take away life without leaving a trace, the knowl edge of it wouid make a very dangerous se cret?too dangerous to be talked ot ' ' He then diverted conversation to the jour nals of the morning. I respected his scru ple-, and did not allude to the subject again In the course of our intimacy, he bad. on one or two occasions, borrowed email sums ot money from me. which he had repaid prompt ly. At an early stage of our acquaintance he had given me his card, and I had known him merely as Mr. White. On repaying mo one day a small sum for which he was in my debt, he a?ked pardon for a deceit which he had practiced . 4 My name,'said he, 'is not White , it is Wain wrigh I was once in the possession of a con siderable fortune, but was tempted to enter into a foolish speculation which ruined me I am living here to be out of the reach of my creditors; and to avoid the notice cf any old friends who might be passing this way, I have adopted the name of White.' " I had often heard the story of the Eog lish exiles of Boulogne, and knew that njthi*g was more common than a run thither to es cape the close courts of Marshelses. I cannot say that the explanation affected at all the terms of ourohance intimacy. 44 Some two months had elapsed after this when one morning I received at my ledging a hurried not from Wainwright, saying: " For Heaven s sake, come and give mo a word or two. I am in the city prison ; ask for White; explanations when you come.' 441 went to see him. lie was in a gay hu mor; a little excited, it seemed to me by the novelty of his position. 444 They have got up a trumpery criminal charge against me,' said he, 4 in the hope of gutting me across the channel; and once there, why I am at the mercy of my credi tors.' ?4 I asked him what the charge was. 44 4 Murder!' said he, with a strunge s.nile, 4 and ingenious?very ingenious ' 44 Of course I was intensely curious to know the particulars. 44 4 Oh, never mind now,'said he, 4 you'll know them all soon enough. I dare say they will have it in the papers. I must beg you to see these people, and to see the British (Jon sul. They are quite wrong, their action is altogether illegal.' 44I gave him what aid I could in bearing messages and in visiting tue British oflijial in his behalf. 4' The result showed that he was correct. The charge was not properly sustained, and the claim upon the Government for Wain wright was not made good, lie was discharged, after only two days confinement, aud was onoe more a habitue of the little cafe upon the quay. 44 Wainwright," said 1, one morning, 4,what was all that affair of the murder accusa tion ?" 41 For God's sake don't ask me; I dare say you will see it all some day in the pa pers." 441 did not refer to tho subject again. When I left Boulogue, whioh I did shortly af terward, he bade me adieu with a good deal of feeling. 4' I owe you more than you know of," said he; 44 but 1 think 1 shall go to England the coming month, and they may do their worst. Of course, you will read all about it in the reports. I was once a reporter myself," con tinued he. 441 know what a godsend it will be for them " 44 And to be sure I did read all about it in the Times new.-papcr the same winter. David Wainwright was put upon his trial for mi" der. It appeared lhat he had secured a heavy insurance, to the amount, I think, of JtlS,00U, upou the life of a young girl, who was living under his guardianship. Of the history of this girl, or of her family, nothing was defi nitely known, lie had perhaps (it was inti mated) taken her out of tue streets of Loudon, selecting her for her ru ldy face and general air of health. She had been well clothed and cared for by Wainwright It could not be shown that any improper intimacy bad exist el between them On one oc :asion he had taken her to the theatre in the Haymarket, and on their return they had supped together at his lodgings. Di rectly after supper she was taken violently ill. A physician was immediately sent for. Wain wright met the physician at the door, and said to him, in substance : 44 The girl is very sick; I fear she may dio I must beg you to give especial attention to all the symptoms, and, if you please, note them dowu. I have a heavy insurance upon her life, and if her death be sudden, there will, ot oourse, be full inquiry about thecaso You will pleace take every measure yim tLink fit to insure a full knowledge of all tho facts in the case." The girl died. 44 A post-mortem examination brought to light no facts which would tend to criminate Wainwright. The death was such an one a-> might have been produced by a violent at tack of cholera; no known poiaou would pro duce the effects observed. 44 The insurance companies, however, de ferred the payment of the demands upon them They pushed investigations in regard to the 0 previous history of Wainwright. It was found that he hid already recovered Urge sums from various ffi-e? upon lives which had been insured at his instance, and which had ended suddenly. ?* Suspicions were aroused bv these circum stances, and to escape tbem Wainwright had flrd to Boulogne. although his attorney wai still engaged in the prosecution of his iniur aucc claims. " An attempt to arrest him at Boulogne had failed. ^ His attorney had subsequently ad vised his return to England. at a time when it was thought that all suspicions had been lull ed to sleep The fact proved otherwise ? Wainwright was arretted just one week after his arrival in London '* The report of his trial, 1 remember, filled several columns of the London Timej ; but a decision was deferred, either by the arte <>f his attorney or for some cause of which I am not aware, to so late a period that it nav?r came to my knowledge. ' I expected never to hear of Wainwright again; when, one evening laat winter, I chanced, in Ban Francisco, to be in the eom p*ny of a young engineer who bad just re turned from a trip to Australia. Among other thing", he was shown a few rude sketches of scenery in the vicinity of Melbourne and of groups of miners. Ouj attention was partic ularly attracted by a sepia drawing of a hut, ?n'>st picturesquely placed opon the edge of a brawling stream. *4 4 Ah, yes ' said the traveller. 4 nothing c>uld be more t icturesque ; and what is more n-niarkable, tho man who lived in that hut? Wainwright??a? one of the most remarkable men I think I ever met with * " ? Wainwright?' said I. " 'Wainwright?David Wainright.' said he ' misanthrope?a perfect victim to the blue devils ; and yet the most greedy man for gold I ever happened to meet with. The miners all consulted him; I am sure he was a man ef education. I passed a night with him when I was in his quarter. He died afterward very suddenly There were suspicions of foul play, but no positive evidence that I ever hoard of. A wonderful fin* tree that, over hanging the hut?peculiar to that region.' "? Hyper's Magatint The Sound Dues We announced in our impression on Satur day that the Conference at Copenhagen upon the Sound Due- had been again adjourned, In order to gain time. The American Govern ment, it appears, has consented to prolong the obligation of the treaty existing between tho United Slates aud Denmark, which was about to expire uu the 14th of April, for a further term of two months, on the express under standing that something will be done in the meantime towards the abolition of the Sound Dues We trust that Denmark will be ablet<* comply with the terma of this misunderstand ing aud that the concession on tha part of the United States will meet with that success which U seems to challenge. At the 8<<me time we must protest against the recommendation on this subject in the Time* of this morning, to the effect that, be cause the Sound Dues are the staff of life to Denmark, anl the bread by which, as a na tion, she exists?and further, because a great part of the Danish foreign debt has been con tracted in this country, and assigned to Brit ish bondholders?that, therefore, this coantry should consent to pay Denmark a large sum of money to effect the abolition of the dues ? Has our cotemporary taken the trouble to as certain whether Denmark is entitled to levy these toll* at all? We are told that if the 35 000,000 rix dollars demanded by Denmark f ?r the capitalisation of the dues be paid, British Shipping will benefit, in English mo nay, in the proportion of between ?70.000, tho present sum paid by this country in the shape of Sound Dues, and ?45.000; the interest of the sum which it is proposed England shall pay by way of capitalization. But who is to pay this ?45 000 * Not the Shipping In terest, surely Upon what principle can Gov ernment justify the Bill which they have just lost for the abolition of Passing Tolls levied in this country on Shipping, if they should be in duced to determine that, with respect to for eign Passing Tolls, not only compensation shall be paid, but be paid by the Shipping Interest ? We believe, as we have affirmed on every occusi >n the subject has been under discus sion, that Denmark had never any right, ex copt by treaty, to levy these obnoxious tolls, and that, at the expiration of the treaty now in existence. British ships would have a right to pass free into the Baltic without leave of Denmark, and, of course, without submitting to be taxed by that State. Are the United States going to pay their share of the sum de manded for the capitalisation of the dues or, when Denmark has exacted all she can from European Commerce, are American ships to ride thtough the Sounds free from the exac tions from which other Maritime countries have had to purchase exemption ? This is a question which must be answered before the subject of compensation can be permitted to bo opeued in this country. Whatever the is suo may be it must be perfectly understood that British ships will no longer submit to pay these Passing Tolls to foreign States, nor will the shipping interest consent to be saddled with the oost of compensation to foreign Pow ers for tho abolition of such imposts as ocr Government has admitted, in the present ses sion to be iniquitous and justifiable as regards the Passing Tolls on Shipping levied at our own Ports ? London Skipping List. Adclteratiox op Food ?The London pub* lie were not long ago startled by the results of investigations made by some leading Eng lish Chemists, whereby it was demonstrated that there was a systematic tampering with food, drinks, and drugs, on the part of deal ers. Late inquiry and investigations go to show that our dealers are not immaculate The London oommittee state that bread is adulterated with potatoes and a variety of poisonous drugs In every ca^e examined, alum was found in bread, and in some cases traces of arsenic. Carbonate of copper is UrCI with muriatic acid as a substitute for yeast, to make the bread light and spongy, liko our bakers' bread Coffee is adulterated with a great variety of substances, and colored with red ochre, ic., and out of 34 cases examined, 31 were found adulterated, and some of them to such an ex tent a* to lose nearly all traoe of the true cof fee berry. Tea is adulterated with leaves of the syca more, Ac., and flavored with a great variety of drugs injurious to health. The conclusion of the committee is, that all green teas, without exception are adulterated with gums, earthy matter and Prussian blue, and other poisonous drugs In fact, there is no .?uch thing as green tea, and all that is sold as such lias been manufactured to suit the market. Sugar was found adulterated to a very groat extent Arrowroot was generally founu adulterated with potatoes, and soma samples were almost destitute of any of the real article of West India arrowroot. Lard is adulterated with wheat flour, lime and other substances as unlike lard as chalk is unlike cheese Id short, almost every article that enters into the consumption of the British public has been authoritatively proved to be adulterated in the most shameful manner. Now we must be a very innocent and confi ding public, to believe that with the same fa cilities aud temptations, our own dealers are not in the habit of doing somewhat in the manufacturing line An investigation would probably make some startling developments in regard td the composition of articles of daily oa?.