Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1856 Page 3
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evening star. local intelligence. Largb Ca?ti:*??Thursday afternoon, the heavy casting intended for the water gate? of the Washington Aqueduct, was made at El lis's founder/, on Ohio avenue, between 13th and Hth streets. The casting is twenty-two I feet in length, and weighs about nine thous and pounds The metal was melted and Kurei in in about one hour and three fourths. lis is believed to be the largest casting ever made in this District, except in the N avyY ard. A few days since a very handsome portable Saw and Grist Mill, with an engine of twenty horse power, was completed by the Bllis Brothers, and shipped for the owner, who re fides in Georgia It is of curious construe tion, and can be taken apart, refitted, and set to work in one hour We understand that this enterprising firm has, in additien to other work, turned out no less than twelve steam engines of different liies the last year, one of which, now nearly ready, is to stand in the large grist-mill of Messrs. Duncanson and Coltman on Ohio av enue near Twelfth street; it is of eighty-horse power, and will compare favorably with any engine of the kind in the country. The sue cess of those gentlemen gives satisfaction to all good oitiieos of Washington, and affords employment for a very large number of flrst clasa mechanics Persons wanting castings from the site of a needle upward, and machine work of any description, can be accommo dated by the Ellis's at the shortest notice. Economy, beauty, and durability recommend them The Baltimore Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, met yesterday morning at 9 o'clock in the Union Bethel Church, on M street, near Fif teenth?Rev Bishop Quinn in the chair; re ligious exercises* performed by Rev Levin Lee Rev A W Wayman was elected Sec retary. The Chair announced the following conmittes : On Finance?S. L. Hammond, J. A Shorter, and S Watts On Memorials? Levin Lee, M Sluby. and Henry Waters. On Home and Foreign Missions?J. A. Short er. J. Hurbert, and M Sluby. On orders?T. W Henry, and John H Heuson On Educa tion?A. W. Wj?yman. L. Lee, S Wattg, M. Sluby. and E. T. Williams Oa Poat Office? S L Hammond and S. Watts. On Sunday School?J. R. Sterrett, L. C. Speaks, and J. H. The Conference agreed to meet at 9 o'clock, a. m , and adjourn at 1 o'clock. Preaching every night at It o'clock in the Union Bethel, on M street, and the Israel Church, near the Capitol. A Mamili.a Emporium in Washington.? Somrthtyig Ntw.?Curiosity prompted us to visit the establishment of Messrs Maxwell A Bro., J2S Pennsylvania avenue, and we were agreeably surprised at the extensive variety of their stock of spring and summer Mantil las, of New York and Parisian designs, their secord story being entirely devoted to that branch of their trade, and having the exclu sive agency for this city, of an extensive New York importer and manufacturer of those beautiful garments, are thus enabled to keep up a eonstant supply of all the rare novelties in that line throughout the season Their Srand opening is advertised to take place on [onday next, April 7th, and we bespeak for them a rush of customers, as their patrons can rely upon finding every class of Mantillas at prices ranging from 53 to 530 each. See their advertisement for a list of their new styles On their first floor they exhibit also their usual variety of embroideries, ribbons, lace g >ods, ladies dresa trimmings, Ac., Ac. Call and see them Bcbglaby ?This miming between one o'clock and day light the rooms of the Com missioner of Indian Affairs, on E street, were entered from one of the parlor windows on the street. The burglar paased through the par lor to the sleeping apartment, where the fath er of the red man was reposing, and bore off the entire suit of clothes which the Commis sioner had thrown off on retiring?and in ad dition, an overcoat and an extra vest which fell in the way of the robber. A single $5 gold piece was in the vest pocket, bat a wal let containing some very valuable papers, to the Commissioner, but of no use to any other person, wds in the pantaloons pocket, and is therefore in the possession of the burglar. The Commissioner expresses the opinion that this wallet and aome few private letters which were in his coat pocket, being of no use to the burglar, will probably be returned to him. Jitvbnile Gangs.?What can be done with the little fellow* composing the gangs of 41 Terriers." "Bricks," "Mije," Ac 7 It aj pears that their parents oannot or will not restrain them The officers dislike to arrest them, and if arretted it is very painful to the magistrates to send them to prison, where they mix with skillful thieves and old offenders. Cannot something be done to save those little boys, and prevent the increase of crime. Dur ing the pact year little complaint has been heard of those feliows; but they are banding again, and, of course, houses kave been stoned, children who will not associate with them beaten, and hen roosts, money drawers, and market wagons robbed. It is now time to be gin with them. But where must they go7 The company of old thieves will never reform them, and there is no prison where they can be kept to themselves, and taught to be useful. SrcBBHE Cocbt.?Yesterday, Geo. S. Yer ger. Esq , of Mississippi, was admitted an at torney and counsellor of this court. No 75 Theodore Adams et al , plaintiffs In error, vs Jonathan Salisbury et al. In er ror to the District Court of the United States fur the Northern District of California. The Ilaintiffs in err<>r having been called by the larshal and failing to appear, this cause was dismissed, with costs No. 121. Mary Ann Conner, alias Mary Ann Van Ness, plaintiff in error, vs. Samuel A. Peugh's lessee. The motion to dismiss this writ of err*T waa argued l.y Messrs. Lawrence and Bradley in support thereof, and by Mr. Brent in opposition thereto. No 75 The Lafayette Insurance Company, pi intiffs in error, vs. Maynard French et al. This cause wad argued by Mr. Gillet for the plaintiff in erTor, and submitted, on the record and printed argument, by Mr. O. H. Smith for the defendants in error. Adjourned. [COMMCNICATBD. National Theatre ? The " Fairy Star;"?pray have yon seen her Who charts* our heart*?our wits entrances' Whoae Oeauty, action, form, demeanor? Au* moot exqulalte a< nga ?nd dances ? has caused such a " commotion In the country through V If not. remember that to-night is the last of Mus Robertson s engagement here. Ifyou have seen her act. you will surely bear in mind it is her benefit night No bill could be pre sented better adapted to exhibit her wonder fully versatile talents Mr Dion Bourcicault, the well known au thor of many excellent plays, will also appear as "Sir Charles Coldstream" in the "Used I'p " Notwithstanding the frequent obser vations to the contrary by that character, the auditors this evening will find that " there is iom*t>nng in it."' I. Circuit Court.?Several cases of no great importance were disposed of yesterday. On Thursday, the appeal case of Quantrill ti Ksti lom was given to the jury, but they failed to return a verdict and wtre discharged The Jarors have been dismissed till Monday, but the c urt was in session. W. K. Riley,corner of Eighth street, of fers a large assortment of cheap and har.d *>?e parasols Prepare yourselves for tho leree sun-glare that will doubtless follow the present "cool spell Ibb Odd Fellows of Columbia Lodge have a funeral procession to-morrow afternoon, for the purpose of couveying to the "city of the dead the remains of a deceased brother. , Aaax?TED ? keenc who was confined in the * airfix County jail for murder and escaped, ?as arrested in Alexandria yesterday by offi cer Chipley. - drains Work ?As the season for building has fairly op?ned our friends' attention is di rected to the card of Entwisle A Barron, car penters and builders Thk Tri.iity Culuch Fair at Odd Fellows Ball 14 doing a fine busintn. National Thiatii ?A great bill is offered to-night for the benefit of Miaa Agnes Robert - aon. That particularly good-looking gentle man and brilliant author, Mr. Dion Bourci cault, will giye us a chance of peeing hia handsome face in the part of " Sir Charlea Coldstream." Of course everybody will go to see the distinguished author of so many pop ular plays?" London Assurance," " The Cor aican Brothera." "Old Heada and Young Hearts," Ac , Ac , to aay nothing of the ac cumulated attraetions presented in the three different piecea in which Mias Agneis Robert son sustains nine characters, performs half a dosen dances, and numerous songs. The pop ular Jefferson will also appear, and make him aelf generally agreeable. The Wbather ?Our Georgetown friend " B ," again favors us with the range of the thermometer for the past week, beginning on Saturday night (March 29) and ending at noon to-day : Morning. Noon. Night. Saturday ? ? Sunday 28? 38? 36 Monday 29 34 34 Tuesday 26 42 38 Wednesday 32 44 ? Thursday ? ? $8 Friday 40 50 48 Saturday ????????????? 40 ?0 ? New moon yesterday morning between 12 and 1 o'clock. Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from the 30th of March to April 5th, inclusive 32? 03'. Market Thieves ?This morning two boys named Andrew alias John Jones, and William Jeanes, were arrested for being concerned in stealing from Mrs Ann Miller, a pocket book containing a seven dollar note, a five dollar gold piece, and several one dollar pieces, and a quantity of small change not recollected ? Another party had not been arrested. The lady tried, but could find no officer to bear her complaints until the party had separated.? Jeans and Jones were taken by officer F. King, and sent to jail by Captain Birch.? These boys were evidently " old hands," and were itinerating. A Successful "Raisb "?A stationary en gine of some two or three tons weight, was elevated yesterday to its position on the top of the Capitol in about an hour's time, without accident, under the superintendence of Mr Robert Sleight. A large number of spectators watched its progress through the air to its diszy landing place. The engine is designed to lower the stone and materials of the old dome, and to raise the castings Ac., for the new one. The Ball of the American Hook and Lad der Company on Thursday evening next, should not be forgotten by terpsichoreans, or th? lovers of the fair sex, as an evening of un alloyed pleasure will be enjoyed by all present. With the " American*' boys will '? The bright and youthful daneirs meet, With laughing lips and wlng'd feet." Breaches op the Peace.?Yesterday, sev eral very respectable ladies and their bus bands were held to security for peace, by the Justices of the Peace. Threats and loud talks caused them to fear each other, and to prevent a general row this course was pur frued. The day previous several femtlcs were held to security by Justice Offutt. The arrests of all were made mostly by officers Stoddard and Parham. Centre Market ?This morning there was quite a crowd of purchasers, and a supply of provisions about sufficient for them. The gangways were often blocked up by the crowds. It was suggested that the inconveni ence caused by these crowds might be in part prevented if ladies would hold their meetings just outside the market line on sale days, or leave their baskets in the scale house till their conversations were ended. Qcite a crowd was collectcd yesterday in front of the Naval Monument in the Capitol E rounds, gating at some gutta pereha mail ags, which were floating in the water, the design of the inventor being to demonstrate their capability of protecting mails from wet A placard affixed to the railing explained them to be " Allen's mail bags, full of papers.'' Kidwell's Ice ?We learn that the north em dealers in ice, owing to the unusual mild ness of the past winter, design increasing the rates for ice this summer, in view of its anti cipated scarcity. Those who expect to want the article, had therefore better contract with Mr Kidwell fer their summer supplies, before prices go up. Sec advertisement. NlisA5Ces ?Several gentlemen have asked us to call the attention of the proper authori ties to certain lots that might be prevented from becoming nuisances if attended to in time* We'presume the authorities know all about those lots as they have been complained of before. Highway Robbery ?A gentleman was knocked down a few nights since on the Cap itol llill, aLd a gold watch valued at $90 was stolen from him His cries for help was heard by the guards, who ran to bis relief, but the villains, four in number, hearing them ap proach. decamped auddenly, taking with them the watch. Identified.?This morning, two axes, con stituting a portion of the goods stolen by Bar ton and Moody, who were convicted at the late term of the Criminal Court, and sentenc ed to the Penitentiary, were ilentified by Mrs. Duvall as her property. Grace Church Fair ? To-nigLt is the la?t night of this interesting festiva', and will doubtless be fully attended, as everybody must wish to purchase some memento to recall the delightful hours spent here during the continuance of the fair. Wood and Coal ?During the past week the merchants on the canal have been receiv ing wood and coal ,to replenish their stock. If the water continues at its present depth a week or two longer, the supply will be suffioi ent for present use Our Georgetown readers will find matter of interest in the advertisement of Mr. Hiram Wri^ht. A ride behind a fast horse, in a good carriage, is one of the luxuries of existence, and we should say that Mr. Wright is just the man to enable one to attain such a desirable good thing. Fire ?The alarm last night was caused by a brilliant light in the direction of Rockville. It may have been caused by burning wooda, and has originated several alarms. The fire men were out, but returned to their engine houses after a long run in the direction of the light. The City Dispatch, we hear, ia working to a charm, enabling correspondents to send Tet ters and obtain answers with almost telegraph ic oelerity. Such an enterprise has been very much needed here, and we are glad to fee it brought into successful operation. Grand Ball ok the Terpsichore Club.? Knowing the gentlemen comprising this club we can guarantee to those who may attend t eir ball a fine time. The ball comes off on Monday night next at Columbia Hall. A Draft or Marines left this city yester day for Norfolk via Baltimore. They are designed for tho United States ship Ports ninnth | Communicated. ) Mr. Editor: Will you be kind enough to call the attention of our puMic authorities to the disgraceful and unwholesome condition of Twelfth street, between F and O streets. The gutters are filled with every imaginable kind of filth, and offal lies iu cart loads in the mid dle of the street. As a public benefactor I appeal to you for aid iu tbe premises?and if by a proper exposure of tbe public officers who thus neglect their plain duty, this portion of the city is rendered habitable, yi>u will receive the most barty thanks of all who are so unfortunate as to reside in this neglected, filthy, and loathsome part of Washington No 460 Twelfth street. City. Watch Returns.?No eases for trial at the fuard house, save those we have mentioned, he guards have been able to present the ac cumulation of corporation cases. Lodgers few. ly The population of Norfolk, Va., is now estimated at 18,000 persona. ? I lETBr?Bchitia, Ceaghs, HoarteseM ?? Brown'* Bronchial Trochaa or Vole# Loienrss ara tma> from ? highlyesteemed recipe, for the alleviation of br-n rhlal affections. ronchi. boirHOM, asthma. irritation ?f t'.i# thmat, either chronic or nccaaionxl by cold or unusoal tier tl?n of the voc?l organs In speaking or singing. C!ergy*>eu, vocalists, lawyer*, tu I all public speakers, will finil them an admirable substitute far water In soothing tlie bronchial tubes, and a valuable an<l efficient rernely. Containing ?'<> pplnni, they can be used a* freely as reqnlslte apS? lw JOHN I. BROWN k SON, Fr?prietors U7" Frnh Cinirtu Water, received this dsy, direct from the cprlng. Daily expecting to arrive, KKDKORD AND BLl E LICK W.VTIBS, at OILMAN'S re* Drag Store, Uo Pa. arenae. ap I? Neuralgia Cared?Read what Mr Boyden says : No medicine erer bad cartlflcatea from snob reaper tab'e sources as Carter's Spanish Mixtare Mr. F. Bi yden, one of the original proprietors of the Astor House, New York, and for a number of yeais of the Bxchange Ho tel,Richmond, Va was cured of a severe attack of Neural gia, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. The rapid and perfect care effected In his case by this valuable medicine, arreeted bis attention and excited bis Interest. He recommended It to oUiers afflicted with a variety of disetses, and lue^ery Instance a cure was effected He lias seen it cure Ague and Fever, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Fevers, Violent Coughs, and eases whicb were said to be confirmed Cor sumption, and nearly every other disease for which It is used. He remarks It Is diflknlt to know what disease it will not relieve or cure, and as a Blood Purlfller, and Spring *nd Fall meiliolne, he has never seen its equal. He cheerfully recommends it on all occasions, and believes it to be the most valuable remedy extant. mar 1 JET A Letter from Dr. McCabe, of VJr glala. HaWptoh, Va., Oct. II, 18SS.?Having had occasion to use BAKKK'.s FKKMIl'M BITTKKS In bit family within the last two years, in cases of Dyspepsia and Nervous Head ache, I c*u safely say 1 have never used any remedy for these distressing maladies with so snccesa as this. I have ever carefully avoided recommending any of the va rious nostrums with which the country Is flooded, because I believe In a variety of cases they do more harm than good ; but, a? Baker's Bitters have been tried under ray immediste observation, and produced such beneficial results, I do not feel at liberty to withhold my humble testimonial to their value. JOHN C. McCABE. We would advise the pnbllc to be ever mindful of BA KKR'9 PREMII M BITTKKS. as a medicine of great merit. It has gained a lasting rspu tstion wherever it has been used ?nd Is generally recommended by the most eminent physi cians In Virginia. ?livery family should keep a few bottles on hand. Price, 60 cents per bottle For sale in Washington, D. C., bv CHaRLKS STOTT k CO., and Messrs. CANBY k HATCH, Baltimore; anl by druggists generally. mar 29?71* trr Coats, Pacta, aad Vests, Dress Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WALKER A CO , Makblk Hall Clothino Expo aiim, Browns' Hotel Building, te>pe<-tfnlly announce that their anneal display of SPRING AND SI MMER CLOTHING Is now ready for Inspection, com; rising an assortment of Okntlihis aiu Yudihi' Ci.othini# of the newest and rich est deslftas. In material, trimming, and workmanship. To those who study excellence, with economy in fashionable ar ticles of dress, an opportunity Is now offered for selecting from on* of the most attractive stock of good* In this city, at very reduced prices ap 2?tf C7- Caation to Travelers.?Travelers at this season of the year should always be careful to procure a supply of Dr J. HOSTETTKK'S STOMACH BITTERS, as it Is now conceded by all who hive tried this invaluable medicine that nature can be assisted, and when a traveler Is subject to the various changes of water and diet, as he is compelled to be, these Bitters are the only reliable medicine now in market, that they are what we represent we can only refer to the people generally, who have tried them, and speak volumes in favor of this great regulator of the stom ach. For sale by Druggists and Dealers generally. ap??lw JAMES N. CALLAN, Agent. MARKIED, On the evening of the 3d Instant, by the Rev. Mr. Greer, at the residence of her father, F. A. CUNNINGHAM to MARGARET J. OAK LEY, daughter of Mr. JOS. TAYLOR. ? (Alex. Gaz will please copy) DIED, On the SI instant. Mrs. VIRGINIA JANE, wife of Thomas \V. Jones, aged 36 years. (Fredericksburg, Va , papers copy) WANTS. WANTED.?AN ACTIV EBUSINESS MAN, a good book-keeper, who has 81.500 to S2,000 to Invest, wishes to purchase an Interest in an established business in this or an adjoining city. The advertiser is a man of family, of irre proachable habits, and can furnish the highest and best references. Address Box No 5->0 Fost Offlce. ap 5-3t* WANTED TO RENT IMMEDIATELY. A comfortable 2# or 3 story brick or frame House, suitable for a small family, and located betwe* n H and N streets, and 8th and 14th streets Rent will be promptly paid. Address Box 546 Post Offlce, Washington. ap5-lt* IMPORTANT TO BEEKEEPERS ? Wanted to purchase 5 to 50 Hives of Bees to experiment with. The most perfect Bee Hive yet patented Town. County and State Rights forsaleand hire, and full Information given at corner C st. rorth ar.d First street east, or through the Post Offlce by addressing J. A. H. it* A GENTLEMAN DESIRES TOSECUKKA Koom comfortably furnished, with board, for the sunnmer. Location ?>etween 8th aad 15th street, and H street and Penna avenue. Private family preferred. Address, [through City Post Offlce, stating tfrms, location, Ac , J. WASH INGTON WILLIAMS ap 5-2t* I WISH TO PURCHASE A SECOND HAND ed Billiard Table, in good orler, but at a mod erate price. Any one having such a one will please address L. S D.. at this offlce, stating the price, and where it can be seen. ap3?3t* WANTED ?A STEADY, RESPECTABLE Woman to do the wa?hing of a family. The best wages will be paid to such a person. Apply at the corner of F and Eighteenth streets, No. 174. ap 3?3t* ANTED?A GIRL. EITHER A.MER1 can or German, (German preferred) to take charge of children, attend to Cnamberwork and do common sewing. Enquire at 494 Pa avenue, between I'd and 4)f streets. ap 3-3t* WANTED?AN ASSISTANT TEACHER In the Brookeville Academy, capable of teaching English branches, and the French and Spanish languages. Salary $330 per annum Ad dress, at Brookeville. Maryland, E B. PRETTY MAN, Principal. ap2-lw WANTED?AT THE EBBITT HOUSE, i33 F street, three good colored waiters ? Apply immediately. ap 1?lw* WANTED?A YOUTH IN A RETAIL Drug Store. One who can compound pre scriptions. .Must come well recommended Ap ply at this offlce. ap 3-eo2w* ANTED?A PURCHASER FOR *2,000 worth of Deed of Trust Bonds, secured on property worth twice the amount. Address, stating where the party can be seen, to Box No. 17, Star Offlce ap3-eo3t# PP. P. WILL AGAIN VISIT WASHING ? ton, Georgetown, and Alexandria, and will buy, to any amount, Household Furniture, La Bedding. Hair .Mattresses, Silver and Albata Ware. Table Furniture, Old Books, Old E ings, Curiosities. Ac. in fact, will buy any I ' " ~ idu W W dies' and Gentlemen's Clothing, Feather Beds, Bedding. Hair Mattresses, Silver and Albata Ware. Table Furniture, Old Books, Old Engrav ings, Curiosities. Ac. in fact, will buy anything, especially good Books. Wanted, Audubon's Birds, Niles's Register, large Encyclopedias, Spark's Works, and all books but school and pub lie documents. Address " P P P," Box 24, Star Office, and attention will i>e paid as soon as pos sible. Be particular in your address. mar 27-2w* BOARDING. BO A R D I NG ? ROOMS FURNISHED OR unfurnished, with or without l>oard, can be obtained by early application at No. 531 17th st., between F and G streets, opposite the War De partment Two offices alto for rent. ap 5?lw* SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE Ac commodated with board in a private family by calling at Mrs. BOS WELL'S, No 3f8 Sixth street, between G aad II. Terms S3 50 per week, ap 4?lw* Board,Ac ?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ?th street lsprepared to accoinmodategentlemenwlthrooms. with or without board. Every effort will be made lo render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap6?tf BOARDING?ONE LARGE ROOM, hand somely furnished, on the llrst floor, and on? ge front room in the second storv, furnished or furnished, with or without board. Also two lari un single rooms for gent emen. Table boarders can be a^comiiKxlated on reasonable terms A large yard is attached io the house, making It desira ble for a family with children Apply to4#3, 10th street, between D and E, east side. mar 31?lw* ?u. ? The steamer oeorqe washing. TON will depart at the follow- r _ ' ' f* lng hours: JmIsm Leave Alexandria 7*, 9, 11, 1*. 3U. 5* Leav? Washington...H, 10. 12, 4jf, 8 ap2-d JOB CORSON, Captain 'HHE STEAMER GEORGE PAGE IS A now running regularly between M ja Washington ana Alexandria at the Jg following hours: Leave Alexandria 4%, 8, 10,12, 2#, 4 If, and 6 o'clock. Leave Washington 6?, 9, 11, 1 3*, 5*, and 7 o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain, mar 24 NEW SPRING MILLINERY. ON THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, Miss THOMPSON will open our stock of SPRING MILLINERY, and we re spectfully solicit a call from Ladles on the Jm* above named day HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, ap2-tr No. 310, Pa av.,bet. 9th and 10th sts. THE KISISU STAR SAME THIS IS A beautiful and Instructive faame for Children. It learns them to commit to memory all the inci dents and celebrated battles that were fought|du rlng the American Revolution For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, inar 22-Jm 70t street,, opposite Post Oftce. FOR BALE AND RENT. F OR RENT?THE STORE ADJOINING the rfflce of the Star. on the east side Rent m^iera'e. and possession g ven immediately. The 6u and other Fixtures attached to the ?tore will be sold; a bargain Apply at this of fice. ap 5 Fur rent?east of thk capitoi., a two story frame House, containing four rooms and kitchen, with large end fine garden at tached, and a pump of never-failing water at the door. Possession given immediately. Forterms

spplvtoG. L BALDWIN, corner B and Tenth street*, east of the Capitol. ap 5-3t# House for rent?on twelfth street, between G and H, No. 418. with ga< and water conveniences. Apply at the Hou?e Furnishing Store of N. M. McG REGO R. Seven'h street ap5-eo3t F OR RENT.?THE LARGE HOUSE, COM pletely furnished, situated on the corner of Pa. avenue and tbe President's Square Posses sion given immediately. Enquire on the prem ise*, iNo 234 Pa avenue. ap 5?tf For sale.?the show window and Fixtures of a small Milliner)* Store, which is suitable tor any kind of business. Should any one wish to take the place, the rent is for store and house g8 per month. Address Box 14, at this office. , ap 4?3t* FOR S1LE OR RENT ?A SMALL FARM, situated near tbe Old Field*. Prinze George's county, Md , on the stage road from Upper Marl boro' to \\ asblngton, only seven miles to Wash ington. On the place is a good Dwelling House, good fruit, a young growing woods, and the soil easily improved For particulars inquire on D strett, between 6th and 7th, No. 424. ap 4 ? lm# For RENT?a square, east of the Navyr Yard, containing six cr seven acres. The soil is adapted to corn or oa's, It Is abund antly supplied with springs. The low part is good meadow ground, or It would suit for a brick yard. 1 nqulre at No. 502 Virginia avenue, ap 4?3t# For rent?a handsome three story frame House on 11th street, between New York avenue and K street north, containing n ne good and conveniently-arranged rooms, with wide passage. It has a large cistern in the yard. Apply to M. SNYDER A SON, Bankers. ap 4-tf pOR RENT?THE DWELLING ON G A. street, containing six rooms, with a good cellar, in the neighborhood of the City Hall. Pos session eiven Immediately. For particulars ap applv to Mrs. MARY B. ALEXANDER, No. 531 12th street. ap3?3t For saleor rent ?athree-story frame House, with two-story back building, situated on Virginia avenue, between 8th and 10th streets, in the seventh Ward, near the Smith sonian Institute. Terms easy. Apply to WM. R. RILEY, corner 8th street, opposite Centre Market. ap'2?lw FOR RENT ?THE DWELLING ON THE corner of New York avenue and 15th street. Possession given cn the 1st of April. The loca tion is veiy desirable, being directly on the om nibns route, and In the immediate neighborhood of the President's House and Government De partments. To a desirable tenant the rent will be very low. Enquire on the premise* of J. W. NAIRN. .- N B ?The premises can be seen at any tim^ by applying as above. mar 17?4w# FOR REN T ? SEVERAL HANDSOME Rooms, including a Parlor and Chamber, with board. AUn, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs BRYANT'S, No. 303 G street, between 13th and 14th. mar 18?eolm FDR SALE OR RENT?LOT NO. 1, IN Square No. ?53. corner of E street south and 10th street west, hear the Steamboat Wharf, con talning about 10.000 squarefeet, re-entlv occupied by ? no. W. Martin's blacksmith and wheelwright MOM. Also, for rent, Square No. 502, l>e!ween 2d and 3d streets west, and H and I streets north, con taining acres; new occupied by Mr. II. N. Lanhdale. On the square, which will be enclosed with a good fence, If a stable and carriage house and tb? land In excellent order and well situated for cultivation Possession given on the first of April. An abundance of excellent gravel and sand, on the premises, for sale Inquire of mar8?eolwAStf JOSEPH INGLE. Rare chance?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lois situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H. C. HARKOVER. Terms : A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 0, north A street, Capitof Hill. feb 23-tf Brick yard for sale ?the unde r signed will dispose of their Upper or Eastern Brick Yard, sliuatedjon the corner of N and South Capitoi streets, (20 building hill) with an abund ance of the best quality clay. The improvements are?one steam engine or 20 horse power Im Sroved Clay Mixers, throe large substantial ullt 12 arch kilns, and suitable shedding, Ac . and all the Improvement* necessary to make 88 or 30 thousand orlck dally; will be sold on libe ral terms. Application can lie made to Richard Wallach, or John Van Kiswlck SAMUEL BYINGTON <k CO mar 11-eotf For sale ?i will sell at private sale between this and the 1st of May, my property, consisting of two two s'ory Frame Houses, situated on 20th street, No 104 and 4i<5, between G and H. Also, two two-story Brick Houses, situated on 22d street, No 214 and 216, between G and H Also, two small frame Houses, situated en 23d street, No 114 and 116. north of K. Also, one vacant Lot of Ground cn2M street, between G and H For terms of sale inquire of Mrs. HANNAH MILLSON, on 22d street. l>e tween G and H. mar 22?lm* Desirable property for sale ?i will now sell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rockville Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office. The place contains 63^ acres, and Is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house, 32 x ?0, with a wing 25 31, and all necessary out houses. Apply t" H. W. Blunt, Water st., Georgetown. Jan 17?tf TlIOS. MARSHALL. For sale?a tract of land con talnlng 170 acres, 4<> ol which is cleared, 15 cr 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balamv in oak and hickory, soma of wb'ich is very heavy It is bar>d?cmelv localed, in a thickly settled and rapidly Improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6^ miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soli of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold in whole or In part, at a great ba gain. Title un questionable, and terms made ea^y. For further particulars apply to F. H . SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J . H. CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf IjHJR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27?tf Lost?on oh about the 23d ult., a red and white COW, with white/ back and small horns The subscriber] will give five dollars for the return of? the Cow. WM. LIN KINS, ?p3 3t* Butcher, Centre Market. DESTINY DEMONSTRATED BY THK PLANETS OR ASTROLOGY. PROF'R SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foretell all Particular Events of Human Life, such as Love, Marriage, Description of Persons. Riches, Business, Friends, Rights, Claims, ana Deeds of Property; all kinds of Speculations, Law Suits, Gain or Lose; ol Sickness, all kinds of Dis tempers cured in quick time. Terms: Fifty Cents, male or female; People ol Color, Twenty-Five Cents. No. 137 B street, opposite the Smithsonian, oa he Island. ap 3-7t* GEORGETOWN LIVERY, SALE. AMD . HIRING STABLES. HiRAM WRIGHT WOULD INFORM THE citizens of Washington. George town, and vicinity that he has thor ougbw* fitttd up the commodious sta- JjHl bllng belonging to the Union V 71 Horses taken at livery on the most reasonable terms, by the day, week, or month. N. B ? Particular attention paid to Breaking, Doctoring. Pricking and Docking Horses, ap 3-1 w* SILVER WARE. JUST FINISHED, A BEAUTIFUL As sortment of solid sliver TeaSets, Urns, Walt ers Pit hers, Salt Cellars, Goblets, Tumblers, Cupi. Ac A'so. Silver Forks, Spoons, ladles ; Dessert, Fish, Pi*, Cake and Butter Kbives, Preserve and Egg Spoons: Sugar Sifters; Napkin Rings, Pickle Knives. Forks, Ac The above are all of our own manufacture and warranted pure sliver. M. W. GALT A BRO , ap4-3t 3*4 Pa av., bet 4th and 10th sts COAL ! COAL !! 1 OA TONS PRIME WHI'L ASH EGG COAL, (perschooner William John, of Philadelphia,) now landing and for sale by BOGUE A O'NEILL, At Wharf No. ?, Water st , Georget'n. Also, a small Lot of Oak and Pine WOOD Just rweived. ap 4>?t AUCTION 5ALL8. Bv JAMES C. M?6U1RK. Auctioneer. LEASE AN0 FITI'RE* OF THE "VE randeh" llHtiirint ?> PaHlcS?l?. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. April 14th, at 5 o'c'ock, on the premise*. I ?hall *11 the letise and fixtures of the "Verandah" Restanrant. situ ated on north D between 10th and 11th sts west, second dcor went of the Auction rooms The r orni are well furnished with every re quisite for the business, and the house, If well managed, will do a good business. Sale peremptory. Terms: One half cash; the residue In two and 4 months, with Interest, satisfactorily secured ?p5-d J C McGUIRE. Auct By JAS. C. MctitlRE. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF SMALL FRAME House and Lot.-On THURSDAY AF TERNOON, April 10th, at 5 o'clock, o. the premises, by virtue of a <ir??d of trust dat?-d No vember26th.* doly recorded In Liber. J A. S . No. ?. folios 101, 1W. Ac . one of th* land records for Washington coui ty, I shall sell part of l.ot No. 1U, in Square No 217. commencing for the same on 14th street we*t, between north I. and M streets, on the line divldlne lots Nos y and 10, and thfn e running north along the lln* of 14th street twenty feet, and with that width one hundied and twenty-eight fert to the 'ear line of the lot, with the improvements, consisting of a sm*ll frame House, containing four rooms Terms ca?h NICH CALLAN, Trust--? ap 4?d J AS C McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Household and kitchen fur. niture, Horse and Wagon, Mere Fix turea, Some Groceries and Li<|iori at Auc tlon. ? On MONDAY, the 7th Instant, I shall sell, on the west side of 7th street, between >1 and N stree's, (the flag will designate the house) at 10 o'clock a man excellent assortment of Furniture, viz.: Mahogany Sofa, Tables Light Stands, Sofa Tables Maple, cane and wood-seat Chairs and Rockers Feather Bids, Bedding tleadfcteads and Mattress Looking Glasses, Dressing Bureau Wash stands and Sets, Carpets Window Curtains and Shades China, Glafs, Crockery and Stone Ware Airtight and other Stoves And a large lot of Kitchen Requisites One Horse and Wagon, which will be sold pre cisely at 12 o'clock m Also, a lot of Liquors and Groceries, Platform Scales, Counter, Shelving, and Bins. Show case W th a large lot of Store Fixtures. Terroscash A. GREEN, Anct. ap 4-d By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY DES1RA ble Brick Dwelling-House en Tenth, near F Street?On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, April 2d. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, duly made and re corded, the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the north half of Lot num ? bered 15, in square numbered 347, having a front of about 25 feet on Tenth street weet. between E and F streets north, running back that width 100 feet 1 inch to an alley, together with the buildings and improvements, consisting of a handsome three-storv and basement brick dwellinz, contain ing, in all, twelve rooms, finished In the most superior manner, with wa'er and gas throughout There is alsoattached a stable and carriage-bouse The buildings were erected bv an experienced builder for his own residence, andnoexpensewas spared in the erection to make ttem comfortable and substantial. lerms . One-balf cash; the residue In six and twelve months, with Interest, secured to the sat isfaction of the Trustee. SAMUEL REDFFRN. Trustee, mar'22?d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. U^Ttie above sale is postponed, in cen? sequence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON, April yth, same hour and place. SAMUEL REDFERN. Trustee, ap?3d JAS C. McGUIRE. Auct'r. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer TRUSTEES' SALE OF HOUSEHOLD Furniture.?On MONDAY, April 7, com mencing at 11 o'clock a m , I shall sell,by virtue of two deeds of trust, duly executed and recorded at No. 373 D street, between Sth and 9th streets, a large assortment of Household Furniture, con sisting in part of? Handsome walnut Parlor Set, covered with bro catelle Marble top Tables, parlorand chamber Carpeting Window Curtains, mahogany parlor, arm and rorklng Chairs Mahogany Sofas and Sideboards Handsome mantel and table Ornaments Looking Glasses, French China Tea Set Crockery and glass Ware, plat-d and other Castors Silver plated Tea r?et. Table Cutlery Mahoganv and other Bedsteads Suj^rTor Feather Beds and curled hair Mattrej'ne's Bedding, Wardrobes Mahogany and Marble top dressing Bureaus Cane and wood-seat Chairs, Washstaad, Kitchen Furniture Stoves, Cooking Utensils, A c Terms: S3u and under, casn; over ttat sum a credit of 60 and W) days, for satisfactorily en dor&ed notes, bearing Interest. ap2-d C W. BOTELER, Auct By A. GREEN, Aictloneer. Fine Holland gin, port and ma deira Wine, Cegnac in tasks and ttot tles at Auction.?On SATURDAY, the 5th In stant, 1 shall sell, at my Auction roc-m, No. 526 Seventh street, at 5 o'clock p. in ? 10 aemijohn3 of tine Old Holland Gin 5 do do Port Wine 5 do do Madeira do. 20 boxes Cognac 4 octaves do ? The above mentioned Liquors, some of which are very superior, will be so:d to the highest bid der. Termscash. A. GREEN, Auctioneer ap 3-d By B. W. FERGUSON A CO., Auctioneers Groceries at auction we win sell, on MONDAY MORNING, April 7th, 1&.V5, at 10 o'clock, at the store southeast corner of C and 4,^ strees, Island, the entire effects of said store, viz: Coffees, Teas, Sugars, Spices Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Candles Soap, Rice, Tobacco, Set ars, Brooms Buckets, Salt, Indigo, Fish, Ac. Also, Tea Canisteis. Counter Scales, Hardware, Drv Goods, and the Fixtures of ihe Store. Terms cash. B W. FERGUSON A CO , ap 3?3t Auctioneers. Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Desirable corner lot for sale at Auction.?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON, April 8th. at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall tell Lot No. 14, in square 84*, having a front of 55 feet I inch on south E street, by 70 feet on 6th street east. Terms: One-third cash; the residue In six and twelve months, with interest, satisfactorily secur ed JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 31?eo Auctioneer By BARNARD A BUCKEY, Georgetown WELL>KEPT HOUSEHOLD t-URNI. ture at Auction.?On TUESDAY, ^th Instant, at the residence of ihe late Lewis Smith. Esq., deceased, on the corner o? High and West ftreets, we will sell the household Furniture, auch as? Mahogany Sofa, Stands Do Sideboard, do Tables Dining and bre^kfiet Table Mantel and Toilet Glasses Cane-seat and other Chairs, Matting Parlor Hall, and Chamber Carpets Good Feather Beds, Mattresses Bedsteads, Bureaus, Press Washstands, Britannia Set China and Glassware Plated Sticks and Stands. Curtilns Kitchen Iron and Tin Ware. Ac. Terms at the sale. BARNARD A BUCKEY, Aueta At four o'clock, p. m , we will Fell, at the Warehouse on Water street, near Llbby's Lum ber Yard, a stock of Pump and Blockmaklng Tools, as Lathe, Chisels, Pump Augers. Grind stone* ; also, a lot of Blocks, Block Wheels, Lig numvltae Wood. Terms cash. ap 1?ts BAB PUBLIC SALE A PUBLIC SALE WILL take place at the house No. 474 Maryland av enue, near 4k street, in thecltv of Washington, on WEDNESDAY, the Bthday of April, 1356. at the hocr of 11 a. m , when all the Household Furniture and other g<M>ds therein will be dis posed of to the highest bidder for cash. HENRY YEATMAN, ap 1-TuBTu Bailiff. VTM. R. WOODWARD, CARPENTER AND BUILDER, 210 Sixth street, between M and JV stre ts PLANS and ESTIMATES prepared on reason able terms. Particular attention paid to JOBBING, ap t-iw* W M1DAME R. ILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ON THE EIGBTH OF MAY, and respectfully in forms the public in general, that she wiU give in formation in all the Affairs relating to Life, Health, Wealth, Marriages, l.ove, Journeys,Law Suits, Difficulties In Business. Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and In respect to all other subject*. She Is also able to tell the a^es of pe* sens by reading numbers. She can be consulted at all hours of the day and evening^ Her name is on *e door-*t No. ttt rthwtr ? corner of D, on the le t hand side, SO oeats aud ladles 26. mar*7-*** TELEGRAPHIC KEWfl FBO* THE A680CIAT1D PBKSS BY HOC UK rniNTnfl TELKORiPR. Later from Havana? Shipwreck New York. April 5 ?The steamship Black Warrior arrived this morning fr >m New Or leans. via Havana 31st alt. Havana wai quiet and healthj, and the weather warm. The American war venela reported in por* on the 25th had left for Matansas. The American clipper ship Sea Witch, from China, with coolies, went ashore on the 28th alt., near Havana, and became a total loss. Several Spanish steamers went to her assis tance, and succeeded in taken eff her paasen per? and crew in safety. New Orleans Markets Nkw Orleans, April 4?Cotton has ad vanoed Middling PJafli Sales of the week 59,000 bales?receipts 52 000 bales Incress e 1 receipts at this port ahead of last year 500, 000 bates Stock on baud 298.000 bales Cf ffeo is unchanged?sales of prime at 12fc Salts ef the week 26.(KM) bag? Charleston Markets Ch arlkstuh. April 3 ?Cotton has advaoced during the week t* J of a cent per pound, with -ales of 15.00*1 bales. The stock in port is now 72.000 bales, and the receipts of the week 12 000 bales. Receipts at this port to date, ahead of last year 50 000 bales We qaote good middling lOjalOic Charleston, April 4 ?Cotton is firm at previous rat?s; sales to-day 4,500 bales. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. April 5 ?Flour has declined, and the markets is dull; JloTard street sold for S'? 87i, and City Mills was offered for $6.75, but found no buyers. Grain i- unchanged. Fair to prime red at SI .'>6a*1 60; g'?od to prime whites at f 1 70a *1.80. Corn has declined?sales of white at 48a50c. Provisions are ufichangsd. Mess Pork has dvanrrd. sales at $16 50a$76 621?but held at lo?c at $16 75 Bulk meats have advanced H icui is firmer?shoulders81c.; side?OjaWic.; N'ash's hams at 12ic.; Lard at 10|c. FOREIGN NEWS. The steamer Asia with European advices to tie 22d of March, arrived at New Tork on Friday afternoon. There is no English news of importance. The King of Belgium was the guest of Queen Victoria at Windsor Palace. No business was done at either Loudon or Liverpool on Good Friday. Mr. Buchanan introduced Mr. Dallas to the Diplomatic corps, and transferred the charge of the Embassy to him. and on the afternoon of the same day he went to Paris, whence be returned on Friday He woald soon take passage in a steamer for home. A despatch dated Friday says the Empress aud the Imperial Infant were doing well. The rejoicings continued and congratulations were pouring in upon the Emperor. The papers were filled with congratulatory addresses The Prussian representatives took their seats in tin- Paris Conference on the tenth meeting. The business of the Conference was understood to be closed and a committee of one representative from each power were en g *ged in drawing up a formal treaty of peace. The eleventh sitting of the Conference wad expected to be heid on Saturday. Advices from Constantinople say that Omer Pacha had arrived there. There had been great mortality among the French troops in the Crimea The fortifications of Nicolaieff were being strengthened, and General Luders had order ed all the Russian officers on furlough to re turn. The news of the armistice produced a pro found sensation of joy in the allied and Rus sian armies. On the shores of the sea of Asoff business had become suddenly active. The Imperial foundery on the left bank of the Don has been closed, indicating the in tention of Russia to abandon its maritime es tablishments on the Black Sea. Genera] Codrington had issued orders for bidding firing upon the enemy until the ex piration of the armistice. A report was current in the Crimea that two divisious of the British army under Sir Colin Campball will shortly leave for Canada. Generals Brandou. Canrobert. and Bosquet have been made Marshals of France. Advices from Spain report great alarm in consequcnce of a Carlist conspiracy. The goveruuent bad been warned of it. and the Frtnch frontiers were closely watched. THE MARKETS Liverpool, March 22.?Cotton?Middling and lower qualities have declined 1-16. The quotations are: Orleans middling 5{, fair 6}; Upland middling 5 3-16; fair 6i. Manchester markets were dull. Breadstuff's.?Wheat is unsettled and price* are considerably lower as compared with last week's rates. Plour is dull but prices are nominally uncharge 1. Corn has declined Is. Provisions are generally unchanged and prices steady. Lard is steady. London March 21?The Bank has reduced its rates for long and short paper to the uni form rate cf 6 per cent. Consols for money quoted at 92?a92|, an advance. PERSONS DESIROlS OF SENDING Letters per CITY DESPATCH wl.l find Boxes stationed as follow*: First Ward.?J.B Moore's Drug Store and Boulanger's Restaurant ? Second Ward?J. W. Nairn's Drug Store. K L Trasdale's Drug Store, James Snekell'e Grocery Store Liberty Hall R'staurant, \N il lards' Hotel. Kidwell A Laurence'* Drug Store, Flint's Hotel. Lovejov's Drug S'or-, H Kuhl's Restaurant, Dyson's Drut ?*tore, KHkwood Hou-e, Fillet's Drug Store, and Ford A Bro's Drug Store Third Ward ?Tv>on's Drug S?ore, Dvson It Co's Drug Store. J H Stone s Drug Store, V Harbaugh s Drug Store, Dexter's Hotel. and N alrn A Palmer's Drug Store Focrth Ward.?Mclntlre's Drug Store, Ad amson's Bookstore, Union Hall Restaurant. Jos. Heard's Dressing Saloon, Br'wn*' Hotel. H Mueler's Dru? Store, William H Oilman'* Drug Store, C Stott'a Drug S'ore. Shllllngton's Book store, Globe Office, Schwartie's Drug Store. United states Hotel. Washington House, and Martin King's Diug Store Fifth \\ ard, Capitol Hill?Waverlv Hons?, Pavilion House, and McPherson's Drug Store. Sixth Ward, Aot-y Yard.?Hllborn's Book s'ore. Walsh's Drug Store, Bates' Dnig Store, Omnibus Hotel, and Gulnand's Orocerv Store Seventh Ward, Island ?Smithsonian Insti tute. D B. Clarke's Drug Store, Steamboat Ho tel, O Boa well's Drug Store, P. M. Pearson's Grocery Store, C Fllrs Drug Store, Thornton's Grocery Store, a'd Sullivan's Grocery Store And at the PRINCIPAL OFFICE, 3W D St., near 7th. Open from7 a. m. until 8 p. m. ap 2-6t The celebrated stallion, dky OF ALGIERS, will stand this sea CV son at Hi am Wright's stables. Union Hotel, Georget wn. at Tenallytown, and at the Navy Yed. Washington city. (For time and pedigree see handbills ) This horse took the llrst premium at Baltimore last fall, and is the very I .est road stosk tn the country Heiss'xteen hands hi h, and of the most symmetrical form and proportions. Own ers of inares are requested to tall and see this no ble animal. ap3~lw* PIKaSOLS !?PARASOLS 1! a Just received from the Manurscturer?4|fc 300 PARASOLS in every quality and sise, ? and for sale veiy cheap b\ WM R RILEY. ap2-lm Cor Hthst.,opp Centre Market The east trotting stallion MOSCOW, (1 lllon In the c le*. to a l.l> ! month of A, kc , apply tc^ GEORGE SMITH ap 1-dlOtAeef _ At Birch ? Stables ? OR MOUNT VERJIOW. ON TUESDAYS AND FR1 DAYS?FARE, ROUND TRIP. SI; FROM ALKXANDRIATSCENTS-Th., iteimer THOMAS COLLY KR lea^T ton at 9 acd Alexandria at 9# o'clock Coaches leave the Capitol for theboetat8j{ o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Prr-ons wishing the coaches will leave their r^ideneewith George 4t Thomas Parker Refreshments on the boat ap'i-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. Bargains at bllu'S; as is eeiiu* out. ap MOSCOW, (believed to be the fast fjV--* est stallion In the three adjacent States) will be le*. to a LIMITED number of Marwdwr in tke month of April tnlf/ For t?rms, pedl gte?. *c , apply to