Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SHINGTON CIT T: THURSDAY April 10,1-56. IfT* AJvm semtnii should be handed In by M o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear ant II tb* ne?t day SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. I The Intelligencer'* editorial to-day i? * synopsis of the able speech delivered yester day by Senator Seward. The Union reviews the speech of Senator Seward, saying in the course of its remark! : 2. "At the close of his two-hour's tirade, in which he perverted and misrepresented the positions and the arguments of the President's messages, assailed his motives, and falsely attributed to bim purposes that he never en tertained, be very complacently assumed that he had convicted him of high crimes and pro ceeded, as lawyer, witness, jury and judge, to pronounce the judgment of guilt upon him as a criminal He did not, in so many words, invoke his friends in the House of Represen tatives to commence an impeachment, but he clearly intimated that he was prepared to pro nounce a verdict of guilty. All this only proved that Mr Seward holds the President responsible for destroying the bright visions of presidential honors with which the triumphs of abolitionism in 1S54 had flattered bim. His assaults upon the messages of the President left those documents intact, and only proved the more clearly that they are impregnable." WASHIireTOlV NEWS AND GOSSIP Xodein Progret*.?The redoubtable Hor Ki has issued his instructions to the North in the House upon the matter of admitting the legality of the Topeka-made constitution for Kansas. He directs, through the Tribune, that Kansas shall be admitted as a State of the Union under it forthwith; taking occa sion to notify Messrs. Haven, Dunn, and others that unless they stand up to that point of *be policy he is dictating for the North on the Kansas question, he will shortly be after them with a very sharp stick. Indeed, such is the substance of much of his pithy letter on Kansas affairs published in the Tribune of the day before yesterday. Wc are curious to know how far the some what cotseivative members whom he thus threatens will obey him in this matter. There are twenty members in the Hall who, though always protecting against hi? views in conver sation, if, being the very quintessence of tho **%sic?t rMicalism. have not dared to vote again* anything he advocated in the Tribune. It is well a ~,wn f he two gentlemen named above are not of this number. Yet thej scarce.y express themselves as being more fixed in their repugnance to the peculiaritiei of Mr. Greeley's 3chool of politics, than do those of his implicit followers who grit their teetl every time he issues an order against which their views of the fitness of tbiDgs revolt. They are afraid of the demagogism of hie journal and its tail of little ones scattered throughout the noc-slaveholding States. We of course expect to find these gentlemen, how ever much they may be individually disin clined to vote directly to legalise revolution in this country, standing square up to Horace Qreeley when the bills of Senators Douglas and Seward reach the House. By-the-by, Mr. Greeley, is already en gaged in endorsing, through the Tribune, the peculiar obligations of the constitution with reference to slavery in the States, an nounced in the last spcech of Mr. Granger. That gentleman proclaimed it to be the dutv uf Uiv id aoolish slavery in the States, and argued to show that one of the purposes cf the formation of the consti tution was to Ivdge in its hands the power to effect that purpose? Mr. Greeley applauds these notions a2 being sensible?far-seeing - patriotic. Ae., and eagerly looked forward to the day when tbey can be carried out Mr. Greeley is the acknowledged exponent of the v;ews of the great Republican party of the eountry, which is thus shown to be " pro gressing" in its sentiments in due keeping with the speed of the time*; of this" fast" H* Pretty political company this, for Mr Fran cis P. Blair, who, by the-by, is showing him self to be quite as " speeiy" in his old age as the youngest and most inexperienced of the brood of demagogues by whom Le is now po litically surrounded If ever a man went mad for revenge, that man is Francis P. Blair, whose name has already become the very exponent of the idea of political prosti tution to serve the most malignant of all ends Malice, malice, and nought but malice, is at ibe bottom of his present affiliation with the Grangers and the Tribunes of the land, who set up a shout cf joy unalloyed whenever a " philanthropist*' steals a negro of one of Mr Blair's fellow eitisens of Maryland, cuts the throat of a Maryland slaveholder's child, or poisons hi/ family. Nioe man, politically, is Mr. Blair. The Washington City Election Bill ? This measure will again be reported back from the District Committee, shortly, we hear. Oar talented neighbor has done the Washing ton public the favor of disproving his late fun ny allegation that it is an Administration measure, by protesting through a column and a half a few days since, that, after all, it is a Republican party measure. lie holds it to be the duty cf the Democrats therefore, to rally to the support of South America in the work of killing it. His authority for charac terising it a* a Republican party measure is the fact that the editor of the Era recently dubbed it " our '* city election bill in bis col umns. bis newspaper being published in Wash ington! Our neighbor is a gentleman of the very keenest perceptions imaginable, as may be judged from this very remarkable discove ry?a perfect terrier in his way, on such mat ters. Out ?f at least sixty gentlemen who in va; ai>ly vote in the House for all Republican propositions but tftteen recorded their votes for this bill Every Democratic member of the chamber supported it. The latter by no means object to having it laid to their door; as it meets, in nearly every one of its pro visions, the approbation of nearly every eiti gen of this city who is disinclined to have the Federal Metropolis disgraced at elections as was Louisville at tho last State election in Kentucky. Costa RicA.?A Washington correspondent of the New York Tribune graphically explains the origin and history of Walker's ourrent raid upon Coeta Rica, taying : " It requires no peculiar ssgacity to pene trate the motives which have led to the exist ing wur between Walker and Costa Rioa He was willing to cultivate friendly relations with that State, if by such means control could bo obtained of its political power and pecuniary resources. If aot. he was ready to provoke a eolliaion as mi alternative mode of acquiring both. Straightened in resources, surrounded by spies, aud threatened with the danger of revolt among his unpaid troops. Walker was compelled to have money In some w?jr or abandon bis position. Forced levies in Nica ragua had been exhausted M a means of re plenishing an empty exchequer. Military Scrip was a drug. A thousand or more sol diers demanded pay, and were not content with beggarly rations. Costa Rica is the only oue of the Central American Stated that has credit, and almost (be aoly one tbat has char acter. Her bonds are salable on 'Change in London Her people are frugal and indus trious. They have accumulated seme wealth and at least are prosperous. This was the prize that tempted Walker in his desperate condition?the war wu a consequence. Arctic Seas in Northern Lakes ?Mr. Jas. J. 8trang, the "monarch" of Beaver Isle, Lake Michigan, the celebrated Mormon lead er, in sending to the Smithsonian Institution his meteorological returns, says: " As the mail is sent by a ma? ?n f"0* shoes eighty miles and back at my private expense, I ao not get off but one or two a month Our winter, so far, has been ??ry fine, though a little colder than usualI; but the field of ice Is immense, beyond all ex ample. I think there is two thousand sauare miles more of ice north of the Maniton Islands than have been known before within the date of the earliest tradition. Nine feet of ice was found by cutting through off South Fox Island, where ice was never seen before This is to be attributed as much to the still ness of the water as the eeverity of the cold Tery little ice is banked. Most of it remains undisturbed where first formed. The Belief Duty of the Revenue Cuttere ? The following is a synopsis of the relief ser vices of two of the United States revenue cutters, under the orders of the Secretary of the Treasury to tbat end, in the course of the past winter: The Cushing, Capt. Waldron?station, Port land, Maine?boarded and spoke 125 vessels, ti? : 3 ship*, 13 barks, 23 brig*, and 86 schoon ers; assisted 14 of them, and saved 9 lives. The cutter Forward, Captain Sands?sta tion, Wilmington. Delaware?boarded and spoke 158 vssels of all descriptions, and re lisved 19. Declined.?S. H. Huntington, Kjq., Clerk of the Court of Claims, has declined the ap pointment of a Justice of the Peace for this District and County, recently conferred on him by the President He finds that he has the right to ndminister oaths In connection with the business of the Court of Claims by virtue of bis office under it. Monetary and Commercial ?The following quotations of bonds, stocks, and land warrants were furnished us (April 10) by Sweeney, Eittenhouse. Fant A Co., bankers : BONDS AND CITV STOCKS. Par. Waahincton Corporation 6 per cent. |l<>0 1*S ? !?* Georgetown do ( do IS? 9* 9. Alexandria do ? do ? COIfOM. St. Louie City Boude ? per rent, ex In*. 1,000 79 Q *? Cincinnati do ? do do 1,000 W (a 90 Uti'Till* do ? do do 1,000 W (* 80 Lcnievllle do S abort b'd? do 1,000 90 (4 91 Fred*rl<-kab?rg S do do 1.000 SO <S *1 Memphia do ? do do 1,000 67 M M New Orieana do ? do do 1,000 71 <?$ 7g Pittaburg do i do do 1,000 , 78 (?< "? Burlington do S do do 1.0OO 90 (4 91 San FraucUco do 10 pay N. T. do l.OOCi 105 (4 lo? San Franclaco do 10 pay S. F. do 1,000 ?S 94 Sacramento do 10 pay N. Y. do 1,000 79 9 w CKITBD STATES STOCKS. Loan of l?6? ? (percent. ? Loan of 1862 ? do I ? , Hi 8 HI Loan of 1M7 ? do ? 11? w 11' Loan of IMS ? do ? 11? ? H Loan of 1**4 Conpona) C do ? 1116 <9 117 Loan ot 1**5 'Texaa ind.) 8 do ? | 1#* <j| 107 RAILROAD BONDS. 1 ? _ Baltimore A Ohio ?p. ct. 1J85 ? | ? S*S Beading S do 1SS0 , ? | ??> <? ? Orange k Alex. ? do Illinois Central ' do Uiinola Centra] (Freeland) 7 do BANK 8TOCK. iiank of Metropolis Dank of Washington Patriotic Bank Farmer* A Mecb.'a' Rank, Georpotowh Bank of tue Old Dominion, Alexandria Back of r immeroe, Oeorgetowu, none for aa'a, IKS! uaack STOCKS. Flrem<-n'a none to market) Franklin |none In tne market) Potomac do * do BTATB STOCKS. Virginia 6 percent. Maryland ? do Mieacorl ? do Kentucky ( do Loutelan* C do Tenn-eae* ( do CaliXorula 7 do 79 U CO <1 "SJ4 <4 106 (2 IOC ! 75 @ ?0 40 <A 50 70 to 71 100 it lol I 9l\ % *?S ltf6 <* 107 M MVj 1 ?> '? 101)j a* 90 9? ($ 96* 91 RAT Kb OF PORRION BANK ROTBS. Dlac't. Dlac't. Eastern States... 4 Richmond I New York State. 4 Norfolk I New York city... par Petersburg * I Pennsylvania.... 4 Fredericksburg.. j Philadelphia .... par Winchester | New Jersey j N. W. States .... 14 Delaware j Kentucky 14 Maryland j Tennessee 24 Baltimore par North Carolina... 2 Virginia j Other S. States . .Ia2 LAND WARRANTS Buylxir. Sailing. 160-acre warrants, par acre... .$1 0?4a$l 094 80 do do do .... 1 1 094 120 do do do .... 1 04 a 1 05 60 do do do .... 1 04 a 1 05 40 do do do .... 1 14 a 1 16 The market in New York continues to be reasonably well supplied with money, and loans can be bad upon call at 7 per cent ; on 60 days' paper at from 8 to 9 per cent. Stocks remain steady at our last quotations. The New York bank statement for Satur day, April 5, shows a very active movement The amount of loans increased during the week $2,216,711. Specie fell off from $14,216,841 to $13,381,454, showing the serious decline of $835,387. Circulation increased $404,445, and deposits $2,231,760. The loss of specie is ac counted for by the shipment of gold to Eu rope in payment for importations and by de posits in the Sub-Treasury. The speoie in the latter depository is $7,516,916. The statistics of the custom-house, New York, shows the following remarkable facts in our imports : For the nine months ending with March, 1856, $141,784,114; for the same period, 1855, $121,758,463; for the same period, 1854, $143,521,602. Thus it will be seen that while our imports for the last nine months are greater by twenty millions than for the cor responding period of 1855, they are less by nearly two millions than the receipts for the same period of lb54 Land warrants have advanced 4 to 1 cent per acre under the effects of a reaction from the heavy decline noticed three woeks ago. Holders withdrew their supplies from the market which caused a temporary scarcity. Dealers are gradually lessening their stock; and while prices have only slightly advanced a better feeling exist*, and the tendency, though Blow, is manifestly upwards We do not think, however, they will reach as high a point as was paid about the middle of last month. The Current Operations of the Treaecry Department.?On yesterday, 9th of April, there were of Treasury warrants entered on ttoe books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... $93,624 19 For the Interior Department 12,036 94 Customs 29,765 38 w ar warrants reoaived and en tered 99 gg On aocount of the Navy 170 484 33 From Custom 2,176,008 21 The Pabodi Corcrrt ? Parodi; will be greeted on Tuesday evening next by a most brilliant and faahienable audience. Ticket* are selling brisk, and no doubt every seat will be taken by to morrow. Every body is desir ous to hear the great song of liberty, ?? Le M arseillaise," as only a Parodi can sing it. j CONGRESSIONAL FEOCXSDINOS In the Senate, yesterday, after jre went to press, the pending motion to print the me morial of the ?elf-styled Legislature of the State of Kansas was debated by Messrs. Bat ler and Mason against it; the former saying, in the course of bis remarks, that he bad no objection to Kansas coming into the Union with or without slavery, provided she oaae in through the gate?not by climbing over the fence The subject having been poatponad, the Kansas State question was taken up, and Mr Seward delivered an elaborate speeoh is favor of her admission as a State on the To peka made constitution. Mr Clay next obtaining the floor on thifl question, they adjourned. In the House, at the conclusion of the speech of Mr. Shorter upon the Deficiency BH1, they proceeded to consider and dispose of many amendments thereto, that appropriating $49, 200 for the engravings connected with the reports of the Pacific railroad, being among others, disagreed to. At length, no quorum being present, and but one hundred and fif teen members having answered the call of the roll, they adjourned. Proceedinga ef To-Day. In the Senate, Mr. Seward introduced a bill giving dramatic authors the copy right to the performance of their plays, as well as to that of their publication by printing ; bill re ferred. Mr. Houston gave notice that ha would address the Senate on Wednesday next on the Naval Reform Board qnestion. The question then came up on the printing of the petition of the self styled Legislature of the " State of Kansas," which was op posed by Messrs Butler and Brodbead, and advocated by Messrs. Hamlin and Hale, ere we went to press. In the House, Mr. Smith of Va , gave no tice of his purpose of offering a resolution concerning the Government Aqueduct at the proper time The regular order of business being called, the Speaker announced the question to be on agreeing to the resolution from the Elections Committee declaring Mr Foulke the contes tant for the seat certified as that of the Hon Mr. Trumbull is not entitled to it, and allow ing him the usual pay while contesting for the seat, and mileage. Mr. Harris of 111., addressed the House at length against the resolution. Annapoli9 Election.?The Democracy tri umphed on Monday last at the municipal election held in Annapolis, Maryland. Last year the Know Nothings carried that city by a majority of one hundred and twenty. The Orizaba.?Three hundred filibusters went out from New York in the steamship Orizaba, on the day before yesterday, to join Walker in his raid on Costa Rioa. Three ar rests were made by the deputy marshal!, who then gave the captain of the steamship a per mit to enable her to pass the revenue cutter stationed at the " Narrows'* for the occasion. So say the New York papers. Aurest of the Robbeb.?George W. Hay don, who stole ?50,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry from the establishment of Ball, Black A Co , in New York, where he was employed, was arrested on Tuesday last as be was leav ing for Boston to take passage for Europe. He was dressed in coarse clothes and a checkered shirt, with a round plush cap on bis head, and colored spectacles over hie eyos, and car rying an old carpet-bag in one hand, and was passed several times by Mr. Black, his late employer, who did not recognise him. Barxum Still on the Rack ?The late dis tinguished, but now extinguished, showman. Was brought up again in the New York courts on Monday la^t. He begins to get restive under his protracted torture. Tho dotails of the examination showed, in addition to what the former examinations disclosed, that Mr. Barnum. having no other business now than that of settling his debts, was perfectly re signed to the endless repetition of this form of squeezing a dry spouge. He said, after asserting that most of the alleged clock debt claims were void: " but if creditors prefer to stop law expenses, they are welcome to take all the property without opposition from me, and fignt it out among themselves. Bat if you prefer this form of dragging me into Court daily, please go ahead. Tho only way for creditors to realise anything is to take the Connecticut property pro rata, paying off th? mortgages, and then sell it gradually at private sale." In answer to a detailed inquiry what had become of his last Summer's fortun1: of nearly half a million, he accounted for it asfcilows : Clock debts paid and secured $70 000 Lo?t on bonds bought for the Jerome Company at high prices 30 000 Sacrifice on property in Connecticut worth more than it will bring at forced sale by from $150,000 300.000 Lost on speculations since July 18,000 Depreciation in assets 35 000 Tolal loss $483 000 Besides this, family expenses, and especially law expenses, make a large additional item After the examination the pi lintiffs counsel took an order for further assignment of any property that Mr Barnum might have re maining, if any. Col. Ebemont's Bid.?The following is an extract from a letter from Col. J. C. Fremont to Dr. Robinson, the mock Governor of Kan sas, very recently published It would have been complete had it given the world the Colonel's opinion upon ''the equality of the races " " The Banks balloting in the Honse. and your movements in Kansas, had naturally car ried my mind back to our one hundred and forty odd ballots in California, and your letter came seasonably and fitly to complete tho con nection. We were defeated then, but that contest was only an incident in a great strug gle?the victory was deferred, not lost. You have carried to another field the satne prinoi fie, with courage and ability to maintain, and make you my sii.cere congratulations on your success, incomplete so far, but destined in the end to triumph absolutely. I had been waiting to see what shape the Kansas ques tion would take in Congress, that I might be enabled to give you some views in relation to the probable result Nothing has been ac complished, but I am satiafitd that in the end Congress will tuko efficient measures to Iny before the American people the exact truths concerning your affairs. Neither you nor I can have any doubt what verdict the people will pronounce upon a truthful exposition It is to be feared, from the proclamation of the President, that he intends to recognise the usurpation in Congress as the legitimate Gov ernment, and that the sedition law, the teft oath, and the means taken to expel its people as aliens, wiH all, direotly or indircctly, be supported by the army of the United States. Your position will undoubtedly be difficult but you know I have groat confidence in your firmnecs and prudence When the critical moment arrives you must act for yourself. No man can give you counsel A true man will always find his best counsel in that inspira tion which a good cause never fails to give him at the instant of trial All history teaches us that great resulU arc ruled by a wise Provi dence, and we are but unite in the great plan. Your actions will be determined by events as they present themselves; and at this distance I can only say that I sympathise cordially with you, and that as you stood by me firmly and generously when we were defeated by the nullifiers in California, I have every disposi tion to stand by you io your battle with them in Kansas " The notices which yon had seen of me in connection with the Presidency came from the partial disposition of my friends who think of me mora flatteringly than I do of myself, and uo not, therefore, call for any action from us. PERSONAL. .... Dt- Sajor lectured in2?ew YecJaaity on Tuesday night last .... Thackeray was to commence a course of four lectures in Philadelphia on last night. ....William N Brown, jr., of Alexandria, and Lucien Knight, of Prince William county, started yesterday for Kansas. .... Thomas Francis Meagher's saw weekly paper, The Irish Ntws, is to make its appear ance this week .... W. M Thackeray is said to hare been present in Wew York cUv at tke launeh of Collins steamer - Adriatic .... Pulpemickel sava that a woman's heart tithe 44 most sweetest thing in the world ; in iaot a perfect hooayoomh?full of tells. Bet' ware ....Rev. John Pierpoint, who baa bean settled for the past seven yenrs over the Uni tarian Society in Medford, Maes , has resigned his pastoral charge of that pulpir, ....Senator Brodhead. of Pa., and Hon. Mr Wheeler, of N. Y , House of Representa tives, both of whom have visited their respec tive homes recently, appeared in their seats in Congress to-day. ....The anniversary of the birthday of Charles Fourier was celebrated on Monday evening last, in New York. It came off at the house of Albert Brisbane, of the New York Tribune ...* The compositors in the office of tke Bos ton Post presented Mr B A Shillaber, alias " Mrs. Partington," with an elegant silver goblet, on the occasion of his retirement from that journal, as a token of their warm feelings of attachment and regard^ ....A Philadelphia punster says, that in view cf the universal fan nmde by the Amer ican press over the birth of the Prince of Al giers, he proposes that the title of the illus trious stranger should be changed to the *? Prince of All-jeers " .... Isaac Newton, the celebrated Philadel

phia Quaker, has recently purchased 3 000 acres of land in Prinoe William eounty, Va , for the purpose of supplying the Washington market wi>a fruit. lie is a gentlemen of un blemished integrity, untiring enterprise, and undoubted patriotism. ....A writer in the Boston Courier nom inates Rufus Choate for President He says : " There are those who know that if his (Mr. Choato'a) ambition had been equal to bis merit, he would have been brought forward at the Baltimore convention, on the unmistakable indications that Mr. Webster ceuld not obtain a nomination. His friendship for that great, neglected man, would not permit it." ATA MEETING OF THE UNION ? - - Association, (anti-KnowNothing) held this evening, April (Kh. 1*56. in Harmony Hall, ia this city, the following resolution, by Win. F. Bally, Esq., was passed: Ktsolvrd, That the citizens of the several wards opposed to tue principles of the Know Nothing party, are requested to hold public meetings on Thursday, the 24th lmt, for tbe purpose of elect ing live delegates from each Ward to meet in convention, for the selection of a suitable candi date for the Mayoralty. Also, the fo lowing was offered by Geo McNelr, Esq , and parsed unanimously: whereas this meeting has hea*d with unspeak able pleasure of the glorious triumph of civil and religious liberty by the municipal election last Monday, in the ancient city of Annapolis, which has ever been famed for its patriotism, Therefore be it Resolved, That Dr. William Jones, the Presi dent of this Association, Is respectfully requested to extend our congratulations to our friend* in that city through the Mayor elect, Richard Swann, Esq , wth the assurance tbi t we will follow their example on the first Monday In June next. WILLIAM JONES, Pres. Jas. A. Kiknkdt, Secretary. It , THE LA DI ES OF THE SIXTH __ Presbyterian Church (Rev Mr. Noble's) contemplate holding a FAIR in the basement of their edifice, corner Maryland avenue *nd Sixth street, commencing on MONDAY EVENING, ths 14th April. They will offer for sale a va iety of useful and fancy articles, the proceeds of which sales they devote to the extinguishment of a por tion of the debt langlng over the edifice In which they deli ht to sssemb.e themselves togetner to worship Almighty God, and whl<;h they desire t) see f/eed, utterly and entirely, from the lncu basofdebt. ap U-Ot VA/ MASONIC NOTICE?THK MEM jg?L ^Pra of Washington Centenlsl Lodge, No ^^^"14, are requested to meet at their ball on THU RSiiA V E V EN IN G "ext. ?t 7)f o'c ack, as Brother Tbiplstt. of No 12, will aelive? a lec ture on Masonry All brothers in good standing are fraternally invited. WM. H FAULKNER, jap 9-2t? W. M., No. 14. Washington Gas Light Company, > April 7, 1836 ( ,TO CONSUMERS OF HAS.?THE subscriber regrets to announce that, ow Ing to the bad qaality of coal and the c? sequtrt ctokingof man of the Auk, it is apprehc >ded there will be some deficlensy of Gas through the city during the w^ek. A large fore* < f wo-t men is now employed in reconstructing the fiuex and putting in n-w reiorts, and every eff >rt will be made to produoe the usual abundant sup plv ct the ea>) lest moment Our consumer* are the-efore respectfully ad vi*Hi not to depend txclusivtly on Gas M*ht during this w *k WM. CAh TWR .? HT, ap 8?3t Superintendent ,LAST NOTICE?CORPORATION _ TaXES.?All persons Indebted to the Corporation of *?eor je?own for Taxes are now no tiflad that the same must positively be paid by the twentieth day of the pre-en' month The Property of persons who *htll be delln ?[uent on that diy will be advertised for gtle orthwith THOMAS JEWELL, Co lector of Taxes. Georgetown. April 4th, 1856 P S.?Persons disposed to pav their tar? can do so by cal'ing on my brothers, George or Henry C Jewell, corner of Gay and High sts , r eorge town. ap 5-dtgQth Rkoistxk's Office. March 18, 1836. NOTICE TO ALL WHuM IT MAY CONCERN ?Notice is hereby given that licenses for Ca>ts, Wag ns, and Dray* will expire on *he first Monday of April next, and that said licenses must be renewed at this office within ten days from that time SAML. E. DOUGLASS, mar 18?eodtAplO Register. WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS, AT TENTION.?A special meeting of the Company will be held at the armory, on THURSDAY EVENING next, the 10th instant, at 7# o'clock, for the purpose cf electing an Orderly Sergeant, and the Iran action of other business of importance to the interests of the Company. Every member is requested to at* tend. By order: ap 8-3>* JOHN BAIN, Captain. Lost?on Monday night, near the Market, and tke Circus, a morocco* POCKET BOOK, containing about! 130 in gold and silver, and a note of|( John Fairfax for S100, and endorsedk by Caroline Sanderson; one for ?200, of C. S. O'Hare, l>e?ides other notes which are not recol lected at present. Any one returning the same to me through the Post Office shall be well reward ed. HENRY MARTIN, ap 10-lt* BEEF ! BEEFil BEEF III I AGAIN HAVE THE PLEASURE OF IN forming my customers and tbe pub-1 I'c that 1 stall have in the Western. Market, at Stalls 29 and 31, on Friday morning, the 11th Instant, another lot of superior CATTLE, equal to anything ever offered here Also, a rholce lot of CORNED BEEF, from the lo'sold in March. A portion of it will also be offered at Centre Market, Stall 60, on Saturday, the 12th instant. ap 10 2t WM LINKINS. OPENING OF FASHIONABLE WILLI NEK Y. MRS. J . LANE OST RESPECTFULLY CALLS ATTEN M ticn to her opening of FRENCH latu * side, be'ween Congress and High streets, George* PATTERN BON'NETS, on Saturday next^Q April 12, at her Store, 101 Bridge st., south town. The public are invited to call and exam ine her splendid assortment of new Paris sty es. 'Oget. er with a fine assortment of RIBBON* Flowers, CAPSandDRESStrimmings! ap 10 St* new groceries, *. I PHHS NEW ORLEANS SUGAR, AT X tl low prices 20 bbU prime Orleans MOLASSES 90 bags Rio and Java COFFEE 20 chests fine Green and Black TEA 100 " American" Hams, of superior aualitv ? KST 150 dot. fresh EGGS 30" lbs. choice Roll BUTTER 10 boxes ORANGES and LEMONS 100 ba^s family and extra FLOUR 50 bbls do do J ust received and for Bale by W H.TENNEY, ap 10-eott Georgetown Kid gloves.? Just received a complete assortment tf Alexander's RIO GLOVF.S STEVEN'S ap 10-3t Sales Room, Brow at' Hotel For bale?two spring wagons-t one a two-horaa, an# the other a on* horsa wagon In good order, and will be sold a bargain If applied at onoe. ^r J. ROBERTSON, Agent, ap 10 tt?* MO Prospeet st., Ceorgetn. PKNCIlTsHAHPENKR*, PORT MON naies, Purse*, Emories, Lrad Peii'lla^ Elastic Rlbron and Cord. C^mbs and Brushes. Needles, with a rrear variety of ,?ttton? and Toys suitable for presents, at LAMMOND'S, 7th st. ap 10-tt TO THE ISRAELITES J P E 8 AC R GROCERIES. The subscriber begs leave to in form the residents (Israelites) that he is now ready to receive orders for the approaching HOL* be eoeived until M IDAYS uidars wlU next, the 14th Instant, at hit st?;e No 474 Penna. avenue JONAS P. LEVY. ap 10-dtl4th JEWELRY-NEW STYfES?WE ARE now opening a h?ndsome assortment of N LW JEWKi RY, consisting of Coral, Cameo, Flor entine, Mo?alc, and Lava Brocches, Bracelets, and Kar rings Also, Necklace*, Chains. Charm*. Seals. Rtys, Lockets, Ac. M W GALTABRO. ap io. ' 3-24 Pa av , bet. t*th and lbth sts. LOST?A DRAFT ON AMERICAN Ex change Ban*, N Y, made by tbe Somerset County Ban*, N. J , for seven hundred dollas. payable t? tbe order cf James Campbell; dated January 17, 1S56 Any person finding It and pre. sentlng It to tbe bank or RIG'?S A CO , will be llbe<ally rewarded by the owner Said draft bad on tbe bark tbe Indorsement of Jas C?mnhell and C. H McCormlck ap 10-tt* reduction IN GAS-FITTlNO, At 069 s. s. Pa. ssiRMt, between 1H/A and 1114 ?t. OWING TO RECENT REDUCTIONS IN prices of Gas Fitting materials we row effer to fit up BUI i.DINGS WITH G*3 TUBING AT LOWER RATES thaa ever before done In this city, and In a thorough workman Ilk# man ner Alio, on hand, the mwt comnlete assortment of GAS F XTURES ever offered from the factory of Cornelius A Baker,-comprising several nsw French patterns. apl0-2w J. W. THOMPSON A BRO. MARBLE AND BR WN STONE WORKS, Pa avenue, bftween 1@<A and 19(4 streets. THE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND and makes to order on the most reasonable terms ?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONES, MANTELS, TABLE TOFS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring Also, all kinds of plain and ornamsntal Marble and Brown Stone Work for building purposes executed with promptness, and at as low prices as can be bad elsewhire. ap 10-eoly H. PARRY. FISHING TACKLE CHIN FSE GRASS, t*ILK. LINEN ANI) Cotton FISH LINES, furnlshtd complete and unfurnished Kirb/, Limerick, Gravitation, Virginia*, and Che*tertown Fls-h Hooks of ail sixes Limerick Hooks on Silk worm Cut. Ringed hollow and bank Sinkers Btst Bamboo ami Reed Rods And everything in the Fishing Tackle lira for sale very low by E K LUNDY, ap 10 123 Bridge st , Georgetcwn. 304] NEW confectionery. [304 JUST RECEIVED A FINE LOT OF Fr.n-h CANDY of all flav rs and kinds, and of tke very best quality, tuch as FRENCH. WHITE NEUGA. in tin foil, extra fine. Love HEARTS. Varshmallow DROPS, Liquorice DROP?, and Strawberry DROPS, and a gene al varle.y to which I invitetha public to call and see FRESH CARES every day. ICE CREAM THAT IS CREAM, WATER ICES, Ac And > very article of tbe best quallt Families and parties furnhhed at short notice. U. M. KiD IVOUR A CO., 3"4 Pa avenue, betw 9:h <.nd 10th sts. ap 10-eo3t (Organ) Copper-Plate & Word Engraving, and Lith ographic Drawing and Printing ? i Offici Sopbf.ijitx hist Public Pxintixo > Washington April 10, 1856 \ Duplicate PROPOSALS WILL BE Re ceived at this office until the 23th dav of a pril instant, tt 12 o'clock, m , fur Engraving upon Copper, for tbe use of the Senate ard Home of Rf preservatives. In the best manner, tfteen Charts of Harbors, Ac , io accompany tbe report of Commodore Perry of the recent expedition to Japan Also, for transferring and printing from stone, eighteen tlou?and four hundred and twenty im preseions o' each chart. *l?o, for drawing on stone, and printing in oce or more colors tbe same number of imprr?slons of certain plates of Natural History ar.d Coachol ogy. to accou par.y the sama report Also for transferring and cutting on wood, in the ver\ be>t style, one ' nndred or o-e p- fee* of rr achlnery (4 51-6 by 7# inches) to illustrate he rpT-r-rt cf the Commis loner of Patents on Me chanics. A?so, for iransferrlDg from copper, and printing la the best mauner on stone, twenty-twotho' sand ulu? hundred end twenty Impressions of tlxtv charts, to accompany tbe annual report of the Su perintendent of the Coast Survey. Also, for engraving on stone, or drawing In crayon, and printing, twenty-three thousand nine ' nndred and twenty impressions each of certain quarto plates (6 by 9 inches) of Botany, Natural History, C< nch 'io?y. and Geology, to accompany the reports of surveys of route for railroad to Pacific <>, ean. The illustratirns will be open a' this oflice. for tbe inspection of those per ons desirous of bid ding for tbe same, un'il the closing of the bids, andanv informationdestred will also bef r- lsked. I for drawing and engraving on stone, and Sr ntlrg and coloring, for the use of the Hous?- of .epresenfatives 10,000 copies of a map or Cen tral America. i 1'he paper required for printing the lithographs will be furnished by this office. Contract' will be e tered Into with, and bonds *ith wcuritv will be required from the successful bidders for the faithful execution of their con tracts. It is to be distinctly understood that no bids will be entertained from any par ies not directly engaged In, an' practically acquainted with the st\ ie of work bid for The bids will state separately the price, and but one price, for each class of work bid for; and in the iltocgrapv, the price foren^ raving er draw ing ; and 'he price f< r p inting, either transfer in crayon ? r colors the price per hundred and one tbc.m>and copies for each tint ar color, and the time required for tha execution of the work, or portions of the sama; and must be addressed, one to th? chairman of the Committee on Engrav ibg House of Representatives, United Ptatee, and one to A G Seaman, Superintendent of Public Printing, Washington, D. O., and be endorsed " Proposals for Copper-plate" or 44 Wood Engrav. lng"' or " Lithographing." A. ft. SEAMAN, ap 10-eodtffith Superintendent. CM.OSIN" out KNGRfViNGS at a sacri > flee, at 306, betw 9th and 10th sts ap 9 JOHN F. ELLIS GO and EXAMINE the BOSTON PI. ANOS at ELLIS'S Music Store, 306, betw. 9th and 10th stoats. ap 9 For sale-two first rate show WINDOWS, at a great sacrifice Apply, soon, to J.B MOORE, Druggist, ap 9-3t 113 Pa avenue, First Ward. Everybody who use paper, ink, Pe s, and Stationery in general go to 306 Pa. avenue. We are selling such goods out very low. JOHN F ELLIS, ap 9 between 9th and 10th streets. Bedford blue lick waters?a fresh supply just received and for sale in any quantity at MOORE'S Drug Store, ap 9-4t No. 113 Pa. avenue, h irst \Vard. LATHE for SALE. A SIX-INCH LATHE, WITH 4 FOOT ? Inch metal Shears, wl'h Screw Cutting Gear attached, capable, at present, of cuttii g three fine Screws It can be seen for a week. Apply at 122 East Capitol street. ap IN FLATED WAITERS. ANEW ARTICLE?JUST RECEIVED A handsome etsortment of very superior PLA TED WAITERS, from in to 3ll inches, equal in qua'ltytotbe best Sheffield Ware, and at very much lower rates. M W GALT A BRO., Jewelers, ap 9 324 Pa. av bet. 9th and 10th streets. Lost?\ blue morocco pockei BOOR, containing some valuable Tapers and notes of hand, two cf which aresif aed by James Branson, and payable to the ?ut>s rlber Th finder will confer a favor, aad will be liberally re v arded by leaving tbe same and contents ki tte furniture store of Mr J M. Wight, 67 Louisiana avenue or at the Star oflice ap 9-3t? JOHN K NEALL. SIME. DEVOS MILLINERY ft ROW PA K S. Madame devos tares pleasure in announcing the ladles from Wasbln* ton t at she will exhibit, In a few dsys, In Washington, a most beautiful stock of Spring snd Summer Mlllinerv, selected frem h r establ shment in Paris, Rue de la Palx, and New York 481 Broadway T e place and day of opening will be announced by the papers. ap 7-lw? AMUSEMENTS NATIONAL TI?KATRp7 KUNKKL * CO LFSStpa JOHN T FORD SOLK MANAGER The ceVrbr-tcd and comp e'ely organised Pyns & Harrison ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY comprising, among other g'ft? d aitl?t a, tit# w,^ rfnownad ' Queen of Fnglish Song ' ?IS! LOUISA PTKI, who well, by tbe landing critic* of atari? mrr eity of note throughout the Union. baa been ar corded an aacallei ce scarcely Interior to Jenx* I.ind a; the renowned English Tenor, KB W. RABBISOH, tha oelebrated Hasso. MB. STB1TT0N; and MB H0B1CA8TLE will comi.tenet a brief FASHIONABLE OPERA SEASON At tbe National Theatre. Oa MONDAY K**NING, April 14th, aided bra powerful and competent Orrhek raa?.l a full anil efficient Cboma Tbe engagement of thia renowned company U limited to bat SI X N KiH TS ' during wbtch t a>e there will be pr Muted each ni*ht on ? cf SIX COMPLETE OI'ER AS with effective accessions of correct Scenery, Cos t times, Ac ICT The Box Sheet for the *a1e of Reserved Seata will 1* op- n every day thia week Offic* hours t>#*twe?-n 9am and 5p.m. MONDAY. April 14th. Initial Opera?BOM NAMBULA." [Organ] ap 8-at M'LLK TEBESA PABODI, aaalatad by M'ME AM ALIA PATH 8TRAK0SCM, tha distinguished Contralto, and SIONOB LEOHABDI, the eminent llarltone, Under the direction of the gnat Piaalataad Com poaor. MAUBICE 8TBAK08CH, oa their way to the North, will give, la thia elty. ONE. ASD POSITIVELY OXLY ONE, GRAND CONCERT, Oa TUBSDAY EVENING, April Id. M'LLK TERF.SA PARODI will alng, on thta occasion. for tbe first and only time, tbe ceie . bra led national French Hvirn LA MARSEILLAISE, Which haa been received with immense enthu siasm wherever rung by her. Tbe programme on tola ocraalon will be unap f' (reachable la rarletv,an4 will Include gemsfrom he great ira?tera of claaalcal, (Opular and mis eel laaeous mnalc The price of admission hai been died to all parts of tbe hall at ONE DOLLAR Seats ran be secured, without extra charge, at the Music Store of R. Davit, Esq , beginning on Thursday, April 10. For particulars and are small bills 1 and future advertisement. Doors open at 7; Concert commences atw. ap H?St THE FIBif A If N UAL BALL or TBI | Mil U & LIB tl. WILL TAKE PLACE AT ODD FELLOWS HALL, NAVY YARD, Oa THURSDAY EVENING Ap-il 10,1**?. THE COMMITTEE PLEDGE Til KM reives that no palna or expenae will be spared to render tHs one of tbe beat balls of the season. A celebrated Band has bean engaged for the ocraalon Supper and Refreshments will be attended to by an experienced caterer Tlrketa ONE DOLLAR?admit lng a Gentle man and Ladles; to be bad of 'he members, or at the door on the evening of tbe bail. Committee of Arraug Wm. Spetden, Ph lip Ha bin, W. J. Furgi.aor. Wm H. Getrendarnar, J awes Gardlnar mar 29,apl,3,5,8,10-6t <OAL! COAL!! < OAI!!! WE ARE 1 HIS DAY RECEIVING A Car go of very superior COAL, both White and Red Ash Mao, on band stock of Ork and Pine WOOD at cor yard, on 6th street, opposite 'be National Hftel CAS I LEM AN A BRO ap 0-3t GREAT FALLS AND WATfrR WURKk. f|'HE CANAL PACKET M. C. MEIGS, ? Capt'n Jams* L Wixwirn wlli coram n^e mii-lng Per lar trifs for the &b ve paints oi <he 15:h of April She will leave h?=r wharf every lUFSDAY. THURSDAY' and SATU R DAY at 7o'elo<k a in C~r PI EA I RE PARI IES vrihbln? to visit the Great Falls and Water orks csnrharttr tbe boat on'be alternate days, on reaaenable terms, by applying to W H A H G R1TTER, *P Q eorgetown LOVERS OF GOOD THINGsl Look to where you can gf.t them I have ?hls dav. for tbe flr?t time, Introduce*! th* ?? OR * NGE CAKE," '? UNION CAKE." *nd Bi-m" otter new Cake all cf wtlch are very fire. together with my al'eady large assortment of CAKE and CONFECTIONERY In this city, at price* to suit the times. Pies. Cream-, Jelller Charlottea, Blanc Marge and all other kinds of tbe good things of life Call early and save 25 per cent over all others or the same qua lty J . G WEAVER, i*47 Pa avenoe, opp Browns1. Coffee, Chocolate^ Oystern, Pe?f 8eak, Ham and Eggs, Ac, served up in fint atyle. Cai', Ladies, tee at 11 make our iotr. ap9 3t* Pkof. wood's cm lbritedITahi RESTORATIVE, received ard on sale b> ?P? FORD A BRO CONGRESS S' RING WATER rfrtlved and on tale by FORD A BRO. ap 8 JVOTICE.-11W1 PUBLIC ARE H1 RE BY L v notified and cautioned not to credit anv per son on our account without our specific authority to do so ap8?3t KELLOG A BATES__ nBVIIIE'S COMPOUND FITCH LO Aj ZENGE, cure for Coughs, Colds, Croup, Costivenefs. Asthma, and Coa^mpllon, on sale by (ap 8-3t) FORDABKO. LOST?ON MONDAY, THE 7th INSTANT, a pair of GOLD SPECTACLES In a case on which wa? the name of J Tobias The finder will be llb? rally rewarded on leaving them at thia office. ap s-Jt* BROWN'S CELEB RATED BRONCHIAL. TROCHES, on sale bv ipS-3l FORD A BRCK_ Furnishino goods: SELLING OFF AT COST' TO CLOSE BUSINESS, AT BIRGE'B, ap P-lw Peuna avenue. DE LANOri PALMETTO DENTR I* FICE AND MOUTH WASH , elegant ai.d most effectual prepar.tlons for cleansing the Teetv, hardening the Gums, and rendering the Breath sweet ana wholesome, Just received, and on saV by FORD A BRO , DruggUU, aps-3*. Corner 11th street aud Pa avtnue AKCTUSlNEt a maelllarus prrpr.ration from the Canada I'ear for pro mot 1 g tbe growth and luxuriance of the H AIR. on sale by aptt-3t FORD A BRO. ClDBh, SCOT! M ALE, AND BROWN Stsat. Ac , lust received, and f ?r sale on dra ight, and In quait and pint bottles; m.e arti cle. Superior Old WhUky, 18.0 Fine Choese White wine Vinegar North Carolina Peach Brandy. JONAS P. LEV V, Wine. Liquor and Grorerlss. apB-lw 474 Pa aver we. WOOD AND COAL. JUST ARRIVED, THE SCHOONER JO ?srhus A Edwin, with a superior article of COAL. Pe sons wanting Coal are rrqnes'ed to leava their orders at tbe < tfires immedl tely, a> a*e will eil for lea^. delivered frcm the v?s-el Also, on hand, a stock of HI- kory, Oak and Pine WOOD, all of which we will sell at the owest market prices BARRON A STOVFR. Green street. Georgetown; Corner of I and Slat itreets. Washington. apS-St"^ ? AST OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT AND SOLD AT 7? LOUISIANA avenue, opposite Holmead's Grocery, ?>*?*' Semotes' Address, throngh Post ORce tc ? Mr Tailor" ?-r ap7-lm? BON NITS, FLATS AND RIBBONS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR SEC ond supply of BONNETS. FLATS AND RiBbONS. Infant's and Children's HATS AND CAPS Also, BONNET FLOWERS and TRIMMINGS, ahich weife at ve.y low prices. W EGAN A SON, ap7-*w 3SS Pa. aveaue, near 7(h street.