Newspaper of Evening Star, April 12, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 12, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING star. local, intelligence. Mor* a?-tt thr Important Arrests or WA-iUHSfO* BrROLARS A!*r> IXCRU DIARIES \n hoar after the Star was worked off yester j,r Officer Bos?. suspecting John E Bailey, ? coaiu'ult of the eounty, trom his habits ,,f intimacy with the prisoners, (the circuu. ??ances of whose arrest we published yester VJT 1 arrested him (B ) for participation in the bar?I?ry a* Forrest's shoe store on the night before- Bailey, on being questioned, admitted hi# connection with the act and the gai>g in their many crimes, and implicated young De Biine. whr, working and sleeping in Hare ?et zrtritg shop next door to Forrest's, bad been ^rcployed by the latter to watch in order to jijcover who it was that had been time and agaia plundering his store. It will be recol lected that according to Demaine's story, pub lished in the Star of yesterday, he had con ned himself behind a pile of leather on not being to ^is pistol when, as he said, tedweoveicd the robbers in the honse. A rltnk or two of the partition between Forrest's *nd litre's premises had been removed or fixed so as to be movable, with Forrest's KDowled?e, the better to enable Demaine to witch F. s store Through this aperture Nay ]or escaped into Hare s back shop, where he hadcrcuehed down on being alarmed by the entrance of the officers. He was seized by Forrest, it will be recollected, there, feigning ti> be very drunk and unable to know how he got there. Bailey denied that any of the stolen ?<.od* were at his house, though due search of bis premises brought to light a considerable quantity, among tbem beii.g a portion of the proceeds of the robbery of Forrest's shoe store, of Michael Hoffer s jewelry store, of Hinton's merchant tailor's store, and others, that bare been identified John H. Ray had been Naylor's partner in tht coach blacksmithing business, and was, at the time, working at the business for Naylor. So also was Henry Crogan, who boarded for ^>me two-and-a-balf years with Naylor, but when arrested, was boarding with John H. Ray On searching Henry Crogan in the guard house yesterday morning, an over coat and dress-coat, proceeds of the Hinton robbery, were found on him A burglar's pecaliar match was found in his pocket Jchn li Kay bad on a pair of pantaloons made of cloth stolen when Eckloff's tailor shop was robbed. On searching him, a revolver was found on him ; and, as he was being conveyed to jail, shavings, such, we hear, as were used in t&e preparation to fire Dr Hoffar's dcnlnt office, "(over Forrest's and Hares) dropped fr m fcia pocket They (John H Kay and Henry Crogan) admitted that testimony en< -ugh had. even at that time, been found against tbem, to send tbem to the penitentiary for a term of years, and said that they had con federates who were still at large, but refused to tell who they were, on the principle of 4* honor among thieves " Both made light of their position, and intimated that they did not care for the punishment impending ever tbem. They are all of the gmg sus pected of the patriotic work of destroying the Pope's stone, not long since?Washington Nsylor being credited as one of the chief ac tor* in that exploit. He is now Vice Presi dent of the Know Nothing Council of the Sec ond Ward of this city, and a member of their Grand Council, we regret to hear. At our last municipal election, be was ono of the Know Nothing challengers at the Second Ward polls, and has long assumed, indeed, to be a!m at the head and front of their active organization in the Ward. His prominent connection with " the Order," of course gives great pain to respectable men among us in it. It. however, goes to show its dangerous ten dency in the matter of giving position, through the peculiarities cf the organization, to bad men; and also in generating the association of bad men for the perpetration of crime, as we have often labored to explain. Neither Washington Naylor nor his bail were on hand at 6 p. m yesterday afternoon at ihe guard house. At about a. m. he was seen in a buggy seated by Hammack. bis bail, it is said, heading in the direction of the farm in Montgomery county, Maryland, near the District line, where, it was thought, he would seek a temporary refuge, at least. This buggy story is not true, as we explain below. Hammack returned alone to the stable (Nay lor's; with the horse and buggy about lip ui. yesterday. When the gang who were last convicted of arson were being sought by the officers, they suspected that one of them?Streaks?was at this same farm. At night, officers Boss an.l Barnaclo, went thither to search fcr him. They were refused permission to do so, Officer Barnaclo tells us. because they had no war rant that was operative in the State of Mary land Officer B. tells us further, that while watching to arrest Streaks on that occasion, he heard a lad or young man in the house check Streaks, us the latter was aboct to descend to the ground by a ladder; telling him not to do so, as ?' Barnaclo was at its foot and Bjss at the front door." Some months after that occurrence. Officer Barnaclo arrested Streaks in Alexandria county, Va , on the tow-path of the canal He turned State's evidence on his ass*elates, and through his testimony some of them were conricted and are now serving out their term in the District penitentiary. When he turned State's evidence he admitted to Offi cer Barnaclo th-t ho w?*s in the house at the farm when Mr Boss and himself were de feated in the effort to arrest him there All these facts should be known to this com munity. as they boar on their future safety from ?rwn and burglary. So wo, therefore, uiake them public. If ever a public officer earned the gratitude of a community, it is Officer Boss, on this occasion. His prompt ar re-t of Bailey and young Demuine, and his successful eflorts to get at tne bottom of all the operation? of the gang, having secured the tes timony necessary to the entire exposure of the villains and their prompt punishment. It was previously questionable in our mind whether they could have been held for a greater crime than receivingstolengoods, and waetherHenry Crogan could have been held at all. B-jth the day and night police, however, deserve great credit for their labors yesterday?Chief Davis, Officer* Getting!. Wise, Simonds. Martin, Alleu and Lian iy, as well as all the night police force being very active in securing the goods stolen Mr Kckloff, of the night police, first suggested th? policy of promptly searching the hoase of J hn H Kay on leurning from Hammack that he had last seen Washington Naylor on the Light before in his tHammuck'a) drinking hju;?, ineompany with John H. Kay and Henry Cr gau. Bailey was made a constable for the county aboutnine months ago Washing'on Naylor, when found at John H. Kay s, shortly after being discharged on bail, ?as engaged in secreting stolen goods under the house, which accounts for bis crawling out from under it. when be made off. We are satisfied that Hammack did not carry off W ashicgum Naylor in his buggy yes terday , nut that the person who went ui> with him to the farm was a different man. Wash ington Naylor went up to the farm by a dif ferent road, where it was admitted to the -ffcers?Allen, Getting*, Wise, Simonds, Mar tin. and Watchman Moccabee, who reached there ab ut midnight?that Washington had 1-een there in the course of the day Not being officers of the State of Maryland, they f joli no; search the house, and being c> mpelled to leave, they returned to the city before day ttii morning Washington Naylor is said to b*ve been seen at the farm as late as sunset. The shoes on Bailey, when arrested, were i<itUjfied by Mr Forrest as his property, and in his shirt bosom was found a diamond pin, ?upposed by the police to have been stolen *fcen Mrs. Taggart's house was fired. It is ?n the hands oi Oflk-er Boss for identification. Demaine, when arrested, were panta "?jds, identified as the property of Mr Hin i and shoes, identified as Forrest's prop erty Last night. Watchman Eckloff arrested aiLai?^k for aiding Washington Naylor's ** *pe, and Chief Birch put him under $1,000 ?" i <r his appearance to answer that charge, * S T>-day, offi ers Stewart and Fanuing. jaunty otii;ers.) of the independent police t5?' P'oeured a search wirrant to examine * hou?c>, in the First Ward, occupied by Armstrong, a blacksmith, au alleged inti *** burglars previously arrested, and * fro* his premises sundry goods, which '? 'eived ui be a portion of the proceeds ltl? They arc at the po farVi e ?f Justice Clark, ou'Twelfth street 1 l4,;ti^licaUwo; a pair of boot* among them haying been identified by Mr. Forrest as stolen from him. Armstrong alleges them to have been a present to him from Ray At 10 o'clock a. m on Monday next a far ther examination of Bailey and Dcmaine takes place at Justice Holling^hesd's office Armstrong has been committed for baring stolen goods in his possession by Justice Clark At noon to-day, Officers Fanning and God dard searched Ray's present blacksmith shop on Eighteenth street, between G street ana Pennsylvania avenue, where they found goods stolen from the Union's bindery, gun nipples, a gas fitter's pincers, and twenty-two skeleton keys. " A Special Call ?Those concerned will read the " accompanying documents," and govern themselves accordingly : Office Commissioner of Health, ) April 2, 1856. \ TO HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTHERS. The city of Washington having been di? vided into sundry sanitary districts, and ar rangements having been made for the removal of the solid and fluid offal from the dwellings and places of business, your especial atten tion is requested to what the law requires of you You are required to deposit " in prongr and convenient vessels," all such accumula tions of your premises, and deposit the same in separate vessels, the solid in one, and the fluid in the other. The sweepings of stores are to be collected in the same manner, and during the month of April persons employed by the Corporation for that purpose will call three times a week, and daily thereafter until the first day of De cember, and remove all such matter as may be so collected and kept in somo place conve nient so that they can get the same readily. In all case? where there is an alley to the premises these vesse's must be kept within the lot, convenient to the gate or outlet; and where no alley exists they must be placed on the curb line; and every facility for the prompt performance of his duty must be af forded the slopman It will bit kept in mind that no improper substance must be cast into these vessels; in whi'h case the contractors will refuse to take it away, and the parties offending will be held to the penalties of the law. This heavy expense having been assumed by the Corporation with the view to the con tinued salubrity and health of the city, you are hereby cautioned against casting, placing, or layiug, (or allowing the same to be done,) the sweeping of dwellings and stores, or any offensive matter or obstruction in any street, avenue, alley, open space or open lot, or else where, so that the same may run into thorn or upon the premises of anotber, as it is the determination of this department, in all cases of violation of this law, to hold the parties so offending to the heaviest penalties. Alex. McD. Davis, Commissioner of Health. Mator's Office, April 2, 1856. The commissioners of wards and the police officers are hereby required to execute prompt ly the provisions of the act "providing for a Board of Health, and for the abatement and removal of nuisances," in relation to the clean liness of the city. John Towers, Mayor. Parodi's Concert ?It was once a matter of serious complaint to a musical critic that a certain artist of whom he was desirous of writing was so uniformly excellent in the per formance of every part that there was liter ally nothing left but an opportunity for such praise as had already been lavished to super fluity. Such is, indeed, the case with Parodi. She needs ao praiie?the extreme attractive t ess of her concerts, the excellent selection of pieccs, which can be seen in another column. Her incredibly extensive musical reportoire, her talented assistants, and her own miracu lous vocal and dramatic powers, are known to the world. It is needless to state that her concert on Tuesday evening, will be ascrowded as it can be. since we have been informed that the demand for places is enthusiastic, and that we shall witness an array of beauty and fashion almost without precedent. But why is this to be the only concert7 Mu.-t it be so ' Can we not be gratified in hearing our great national song, 44 The Star Spangled Banner," in which she is unsurpassed ? Wanted?A Lover.?Written on the fly leaf of a popular novel in the Alexandria (Va .) Library is the following in a delicate hand : 44 My character is a fac simile of , ex cepting the noble traits of her-!; if there is any in mine, lovo may bring it out?but it has never been tried. No one ever loved me. though she had innumerable trials, not so many as I; she was loved before she was seventeen, and I am nineteen. If any one would love me, be it who it may?I will cherish their love. So help me God." Come up to Washington, dear We wouldn't givo two straws for the beaux of Alexandria it' they allow the natural want you express to go unsatisfied. We have lots of young men here who would gladly love you, and thank you too. Come up by the first boat, and take your pick of the eligible your.e men, com mencing, of course, in the Star office. Supreme Court.?Yesterday?No. 219. A. Secombe et al, plantiffs in error, vs Frank lin Steele. In error to the Supreme Court of the Territory of Minnesota. On motion of Mr Sargent, of counsel for the defendant in error, this cause was docketed and dismissed, with costs. No 79. Wm. Thomas et al , appellants, vs. James W. Osborn. The argument of this eau?e was continued by Messrs. Thomas and Wallace for appellee, and concluded by Mr. Burne for appellant Adjourned Visitors.?During the past week a very lar~e number of ladies and gentlemen have visited tho model hall and gallery of the N ttion-1 Institute, located in the U. S. Patent office buildi.igs. They were mostly strangers in Washington, and desirod to see all that was beautiful and curious. Such visiters are paid well by a visit to those splendid halls. Tnere is enough there to attract the student and in ventor, and the time of such men is never misspent there. The Ball of the American Hook and Lad der Company, on Thursday night, was largely attended, and everything was conducted in the very best manner, the committee fully redeoming their promise. 4' Fairy forms, now here, now there, Hover'd like children of the air," and dancing was kept up until the early hours cf the morn admonished the gay throng of the time to separate. Police Report. ?Ellen Conner and Daniel Conner, John and Sarah Shanks, for an assault and battery, were held to bail for court, and Dan;el Ready, Clay Wilson, Ed. Gatton, Wm. Murphy, and Samuel Smallwood. were held to security for peace, *>y Justice Uollingshead last night. The cause of the disturbance was rent money and whisky. Serenade ?Last evening a band of musi cians were serenading at various parts cf the city . They performed finely, and the ladies for whom the compliment was intended, were uo doubt pleased with it. A bugle solo per formed by one of the band, attracted the at tention of many very able musicians. Centre Market was crowded this morning, a number of dealers from the country around were there, and all supplied with fresh vege tables, and obtaining good priccs for them The butcher, fish, and hay markets all sup plied and crowded with purchasers. Coking.?A number of carriages passing up the avenue conveying baggage labelled 44 Pyne and Harrison Opera Troupe," herald the approach of that unrivaled company. Circi'it Court.?This oourt has been in session during the week, and much business has been transacted, but it is not of a char acter to interest the publio generally. Released.?Mr. Owen, who was committed to jail by Justice Smith for drawing a knife on another person at tho Steamboat Hotel, a a day or two since, has been released on bail. Commissioned.?Major Peter F. Bacon has been confirmed by tho President, and hiso)m mission is ia the bauds of Major. Gen. Walter Jones. ? Thk Last Chance!?The circus closes to" night with the grand contest trial of the rival performers. Tic Wbatobr ?Our Georgetown friend *' B ," again favor> us with the range of the thermometer for the pact week, beginning on Saturday night (April 6) and ending ?t noon to-day : Morning. Noon. Night. Saturday ? ? 48? Sunday 38? 50? 48 Monday 34 53 56 Tuesday 42 59 56 Wednesday 42 62 58 Thursday 52 62 52 Friday 36 56 50 Saturday. 52 72 ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from the 6th of April to 12th inclu sive 42? 02'. Thr Stkaxkr Columbia is cxpected to re same her trips between Baltimore and the District to-day, the extensive alterations and improvement* which have been for some time in progress having been completed. She has had her hull lengthened twenty-five feet, which gives her two hundred additional tons burden. The gentlemen's cabin has been en larged, and now has forty-four commodious berths. After the gentlemen's cabin has been constructed a ladies saloon with retiring rooms, while tho ladies' cabin below deck has been correspondingly enlarged. The cabins and saloons have been handsomely and appropri ately refitted. The whole cost of which was $20,000. Concert's preparing ?The ohurch choirs are preparing for a grand concert by the Union Choir Association. A great many excellent selections from works of the best musical com posers sre in rehearsal and will bo brought out very s^on. The choir of the Ninth street Methodist Protestant church is also preparing for a concert of sacred music. The aid of some of the best vocal performers in the Dis trict has been secured, and we predict that when the concert is given a very large audi ence will be gratified by it Court of Claims ?Yesterday, the cases of Egleibon and Battoll vs. the United States, and Courtlandt Palmer va the United States, were called up by the court. These claims are for the repayment of duties alleged to have been illegally exactcd, and the same questions being involved in each, they were argued together. The argument in favor of the claimants was made by Messrs Sherman and Ely, and that in behalf of government by the Solicitor. Adjourned. Watch Returns?No cases for trial this morning, and only a few lodgers last night. ! 1 ? 9 * To Editors, Druggists, and (be Pub Lie.?No ptrtjr ha* the right to contract debt* rf any nature, cor to riga an j paper, n< tr, or obligation In the nam* of our Prm, except Dr. timlth, who Una had the aclepower and con trol of our bnaiuet* and manufacture of oor oil. ap n-tt DeGKATH * CO., 19, South oth itriet. MARRIED) In Georgetown, on the Ifith Instant, by the Rev. T O Dashiell, of V. es'roorHand county, Va , Or F.S BARBARIN to REBECCA M , eldest daughter of Anthony Hyde, all of Georgetown. In Norfolk, Va , on the 7th Instant, by the Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Capt. JAMES PARISH to LAVIN1A, daughter of Ellas Guy, Esq. On the 8th in*t , at Schock's Mills. Lancaster county, Pa . by the Rev Geo. R. Moore, of Wash ington, D C , Mr. SYLVESTER CROUT, of Roxboro. gb, to Miss ANN 1E SCHOCK, of the former place. DIKOi Cn the 11th Instant, ADDIE S. SKIRV1NG, a^ed 3 years and '27 davs, daughter of John and Fannie E. Sfcirving On the 11th inrt. WILLIAM EW1NG HAR RIS, son of Rev. William A. Harris, In the7th year of his age. On the 10th lnstaht, In the 33d year of his age, ARTHUR LUNT. ? WANTS. w TANTEO-A SITUATION IN A SMALL family to do the housework. Good recom mendations given. Apply at 372 E st , between 10th a d Uth. ap 13-It* RO O MS W A N T E I) ?ONE OR TWO rooms, well furnished, for a gentleman. Lo cation to b#? within three blocks or so of Dexter'a Hotel Address box No. 1, Star Office, stating location, Immediately. 1 * A COOK WANTED.?TO A COMPETENT Cook good wa:?es will le given, or a man and his wife Apply to Charles steams, Me ridian Hill b??ad of 16th street. it* BOARDERS WANTED?SIX OR EIGHT single gentlemen can b? accommodated with good board at mv house on iHd ft'eet, betwetn H and I streets, (First Ward). Terms mod?rate; and rare taken that the house shall possess the comfo ts of a home. ap HMt* SARAH POOR WANTE D?A COLORED OK BLACK girl as nurse A good home and li?>eral wages may bs obtained by early application at the " Webster House," Louisiana Avenue, next to Unitarian Church. ap 12-3t. WANTE D -IN A SMALL FAMILY, A competent Cook, with gooireferenc . None other need apply Einiulreat No. 3VS, C street. ap 13-3t? WANTED?BY THE advertiser, A Situation to superintend or manage a farm. Has a wife and one child Good reference given. Address -'S F," Box 8, at tfcis cfflce. ap 11?3t* WANTED-A SITUATION BY AN IRISH Boy, sixteen years old, who is willing and competent to do th1* chores of a family, such as working In the garden, taking care of horse and cow, sawing wood for family, Ac He comes highly recommended from his la*t place where be has lived for upwards of a year His industry and usefulness n.ay be relied on. Address F. H. S. at this cfflce. apll-2t WANTED ?A GOOD WOMAN COOK, Also, a colored boy as houseservant. Slaves prefered Applv at ap 11?3t FLINT'S* WANTED?A YOUTH IN A RETAIL Drugstore. One who can compound pre scriptions. Must coine well recommended Ap ply at this office. ap 3-2w* WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, AT THE Mansion House. Alexandria. Va . a compe tent Barkeeper. Good recommendations rrqulred. *p 10-3t* A. G. NEWTON. WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large end small Marble-top Brackett Table*, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit tbe times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regilt,and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. *55 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING. Boarding ?mrs. nevins has three front r oms, which sh- will rent with board. No. 425 E street bet. 7 and ?th. ap ll-3i* BOARDING ?ONE LARGE room, hand somely furnished, on the first floor, and one large front room In the second story, furnished or unfinished, with or.wlthout board Also, two single rooms for gentleman Table boarders cau be accom xodated on reasonable terms. A large yard is attached to the house, making it desira ble for a family with children. Apply to 468.10th street, between D and E, east side, ap 0-2w? Board, tc ? mrs. bates,on the s. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ttth street Is prepared toaccommodategenUemenwithrooms, with or without board. Every effortwillben\ade to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap ft?tf Kid oloves? Just received a complete assortment, of Alexander's KID GLOVES. STEVEN'S M ap 10-3t Bales Room, Browns' Hotel. Pencil mharpeners, port mom. nales, Purser, Emories, Lead Pencils, Elastic Rlbhon and Cord, Combs and Brushes, Needles, with a great variety of Notions and Toys suitable for presents, at LAMMOND'S, 7th st. ap 10 3t TO VUK ISRAELITES] P E S AC H GROCERIES. THE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO IN form the residents (Itratlittt) that he Is now ready to receive orders for the approaching HOL IDAYS. Orders will bs received until Monday next, the 14th instant, at his sto?e No 474 Penna. avenue JONAS P. LEVY, ap 10-dtl4th CORPORATION ITOtlU?**,000 Corpo > ration of Washington Stock for sals at fftbtt-tf CHUBB BKOTHfiRS. FOB SALE AND RENT. ! BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TWO x Parlor*, three Bed rooms, Basement and kitchen In a neat two story brick house, provided | with gas fixtures, situated in the Pint Ward, on the North side of F ?reet, between 19th and 40th I street above apartments will be rented to a gc? tenant on reasonable Wins, and possession glv* n immediately. For particulars apply or. the premi The above apartments will be rented to a good >nant on reasonable Wins, and possession given immediately. For particulars apply on the premi ses. or through the po&t ofllce to FREDERICK D STUART. ap 18-3t* F~0 R RENT-A DESIRABLE THREE story bilck house, with basement and back bonding, - ituated on id street, between B and C streets, noith. The bouse contains nine rooms; and. also, has smoke hou?e, wood house, and a {;ood slxed lot attached. The hou*eisne-irTrin ty Church, and in one of th? most convenient and

healthy parts of the city. For further particulars, enquire at No. 171, next door. ap 12-dlw* Farm for sale, containing one hundred acres, about one half cf it cleared, Improved by a good, ntw two-stoiy frame dwel ling House, Ac The land lies within sight of the Leesburg turnpike road, three and a half miles above Georgetown, and near the Little Falls Bridge, in Fairfax county, Virginia; is watered by an unfailing stream, in a very healthy and pleasant nelgnno-hood. Title perfect, and a chance for a decided bargain Inquire of J.F. BROWN, War Department. ap l'2-eo3t TO SELL?A FRAME HOUSE ON I ST., near Fifth, containing six rooms and bark kitchen. Apply to J. KIRKWOOD, Agent, 514 Beventb street. ap lt-it? TJVJR RENT ?THREE SUITS OF A PART IS ments handsomely furnished, with or onttoaid, Also, table and transient board In quire at No. 21 4K street, between C and Penn. avenue. apll-H? FOR SALE.?A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT, 25 feet front by 105 deep. Title guarantied. Price S^50, cash. For Kent ?That large and commodious house, with RESTAURANT, in Alexandria, opposite the market. For Rent.?A market garden, and farm of 30 acres, near Georgetown, or would be let on shares. Wanted?To Mre a colored man. LLOYD A CO., ap 11?3t* 15th St., opposite the Treasury. FOR RENT?-A TWO STORY BRICK house on Thirteenth street, near the Smithso nian Institute, containing nine rooms, good base ment and attic, large yarl and choice fruit trees, grape vines, Ac. For further particulars enquire at 472, west Tenth street. ap 10?3t? At private sale ?eighteen small building Io!s for sale, ccrner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle. First Ward, ranging in price from SO to 160 dollars each Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lnmber or bricks (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will b? advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property Title Indispu table. For any other information apply to H, PARRY. Marble Yard, Pa. av.,bet. IStb A 1?:h sta. aP 10?3*? WOOD AND COAL YARD, Ac .FOR SALE AND RENT-A Wood Yard,ofllce and a nearly new coal scale, one of Fairbanks' patent, for s;le, and a large yard for rent Also a small frame house and lot on 20th street, between L and M streets, for sale. Enquire of James Daly, New York Avenue, between 13thand 14th streets, or corner of L and 14th sts. ap "<0?3t* For pale or rent.?athrke-stor" frame House, with two-story back building, situated on Virginia avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, in the seventh Ward, near the Smith sonian Institute. Terms easy. Apply to WM. R. R1LLY, oorner 9th street, opposite Centre Marker ,.ap 0?lw F_OR SALE?THAT VERY VALUABLE Square of Ground, in the Fourth WVd, ci.y of V asblngton, known as the " Middle on Square," and numbered r.24. is now offered at private sale upon the mcst favorable terras The situation of this square Is so well known that a particular description here Is not nece sary; and it is equally well known that the Improvements in progress in this Ward are now more rapid han In any other section of the city. Tfce ow-er, be in<* acoutto leave the coun ry,now effer the prop erty at a very low price. Twn thirds of the pur chase money may remain on tl.Te, with interest at the rate of six percent per annum For futher particulars Inquire rt the Office of theGa* Light Company, corner of Pena. avenue and blh st *P 8-lw For sale or rfnt?lot no. i,in Square No.P53, correr of E street south and 10th street west, near the Steamboat Wharf, con talning about 10,000 square feet , recently occupied bv 'no W. Martin's blacksmith and wheelwright rttpi. Also, for rent, Square No. 502, Ite'ween 2d and 3d streets west, and H ;?nd I streets north, con taining '2% acres; new occupied by Mr. H. N. La"*dale On the square, which will be enclosed with ;i good fence, is a stable and carriage house, and the land in excellent order and well situated for cultivation Possession , given on the first of April. An abundance of exc-llent gravel and sand, on the premises, for sa'e Inquire of mar8?eolwAStf JOSEPH INGLE. House and lot in Georgetown for sale ?A two-story Brick House, at the southeast corner of First and Lingan streets, op posite the new Catholic Church, Georgetown. The Lot has a front of 16 feet 6 in' hes oj First htre'^t, with a depth of 120 feet on Lintran street. Terms accommodating Applv to HENRY KING, Esq , totomic insurance Office, George town k p 7-9t* FOR RENT ?ANEW TWO STORY BRICK house on the comer of N and 4th street, north, containing six good rooms. Ore of the rooms is adapted for a store, and is alieady fitted up. The location is salubrious ard healthy, ?nd a^ good chance for business Enquire at 430, 1- ighth street, north, near corner of i.. MRS. MARTHA WILLIAMS, ap 10?eo3t? TWO ROOMS TO RENT. AT 470 FOUR teenth street, opposite Willards'. ap 10?e^3t? FOR RENT.?THE LARGE HOUSE, COM pletely furnished, situated on the corner of ] Pa. avenue and the President's Square Posses sion given immediately. Enquire on the prem ises', No. 224 Pa avenue. aP SEVERAi FURNISHED ROOMS FOR Rent?Opposite the Kirkwood House and near to Mr. Gautier's Saloon. Apply at No 533 south 12tn street, between C and D. Also, a stable attached to the house, at a ir.od erate price ap 9-WFS* Desirable property for sale.?i will now sell my property, situated on the Goorgctown and Rockvllle Turnpik'1, about two mile.; above Georgetown, adjoining the village of | Tennallytown, where there is a post ofllce. The place contains 63U acres, and is handsomely im proved by a two-story brick house, X 40, with a wing 25 X 31, and all necessary out houses AppW to H. W. Blunt, Wator st.. Georgetown. Jan 17-tf *i"HOS. MARSHALL^ 1JU)K RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27?tf FOR RENT.-A TWO STORY HOUSE con taining seven rooms, besides the kitchen, w th Gs through the house. Apply at stU, H street, tween 18th and l?th street. aplO-eoSt TO RENT-A FURNISHEDTWO STORY brick house on 17th street, a few doors from Pennsylvania Avenue Possession given the 1st) of May. Apply at Ne. 40, Winder's Building, ap 10?eo3t* Apollo hall! apollohalli-for sale or lease, the lot on which the Apollo Hall formerly stood, fronting 48 feet 4 inches on Pennsylvania Avenue, south side opposite the National Theatre, by a depth of 85 feet This let is generally considered about the best vacant lot on Pennsylvania Avenue for a safe investment. Terms one-third cash, the balance in one, two, and three years Apply at Mb. 334, G street, or of E. C. Dver, Esq., Pennsyl?ania Avenue,between 12th A 13th streets, north side. ap 10- eo2w OR SALE OR REN f ?A SMALL FARM situated near the Old Field*. Prinre George's couctv, Md., on the stage ro I from Upper Marl boro' to W ashlngton, only se /en milei, to Wash ington. Ou tbe place is a good Dwelling House, good fruit, a young growing w.^ods. ai.d tbe soil easily Improved For particulars inquire cn D st , between tth and 7th, No 424. ap 4 - lm* FOR RENT.-A HANDSOME THREE story frame House on 11th street, between New York avenue and K ttreet north, contilning n<ne good and conveniently-arranged rooms, with wide passage. It has a large cistern in the yaid. Apply to M. SNYDER A SON, Bankera. OR RENT.?THE DWELLING ON THE corner of New York avenue and 15th street. Possession given on the 1st of April Theloca tir.n is very desirable, being directly on the om nlbui route, and in the immediate neighborhood of the President's Hou?e and Government De partments. To a desirable tenant the rent will be very low. Enquire on the premise* of J. W. 1The premises can be seen at any time by applying as ibove. 17-4w* Furnishing eooos: SKLLINO OFF AT COST! TO CLOSE BUSINESS, AT BlRGE'S, ap 8-iw 22J Pctna avenue. I AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue eft deed or tru*t, duly recorded In Liber, J. A 8. No. tB, one or the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, we E C Morgan "dH B.Sweener. will sell, on MONDAY,the 3Utof Mirch, A D 185?, at S o'clock p. m.,the following described Real Estate ?nd Improve ments thereon, situated In the city of Washlng on, District of Columbia, nanrely: Pat of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 844, l>eiag the southeast twenty-two feet of sakl Lot Not, fronting on D street south, and having a depth of sevtntv-ive reel; with the Improvements, which are a small brick house. The sale will take place 1 n front of the premie a. and the terms will be one-half cash, and the bal ance in six and nine months; with interest, se cured by a deed of trust rn the premise* All conveyancing at cost of purchaser E. C MORGAN, i Trustees H. B. SWEENEY, \ A. GREEN, Auct'r 1 he abov.* m3ntion^d property having been sold on the 31st March, and the purchaser having failed to er mplywlth the te>ms, the nnderalgnr d will resell on TUESDAY, the 22d of April, 1816. at6 o'clock, p m , at the auction store of A. Green, No 536 7 street. Terms, as above mentioned. If the purchaser should fall to comply with the terms in three days afttr sale the Trustees reserve tbe ri ht to resell the property at the risk and cost of the delinquent, by advertising three time* previous to such resale In the Evening Star E. O. MORGAN. > T,?.tf|. H. B. SWEENEY, \ rnutee* ap 12-eodAd* A. GREEN, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. LON? BOAT TOW THIMB, AT AUG tion.?Oa THURSDAY, the 17th ii atant,I stall sell, at 6 o'cleck, p m., in the Washington Canal, between 11th ana 15th street-*, a lorg beat, named Tom Thumb. She is a good boat, bring 75 feet long and 13 feet 9 1 net en wide, a- d two ma .fa Capacity upwards rf 32 tons Terms cash. ?P 13-d A. GREEN, Auct. Hy J C. McGUlKG, Auctioneer GOVERNMfNT KALE OF OFFICE Far niture, Carpets, ?rc On MONDAY AFTERNOON. April 14th, at 4 o'clock, in front of the Treasury Department, I shall sell? A lot of Office Frrnlture Brussels and Ingrain Carpets Cocoa ar.d Straw Matting Venit'.an Bllrds, htoves, Fenders. Iron Safe, Shelving. Ac. Terms cash in specie. ap 11?d JAS C. McGUIRE, Anct'r._ By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Grand sale of marble statua> ry, Ornamental Vaasami, and abject* ?f Fine Art*, the importation of Manor Ve to Vile A Sans.?On THURSDAY MORN ING, the 17th instant atlOo'clcc* at tbe Saloon over Fan.hnm's Bookstore, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th stre t, I shail sell a large "invoice of b autiful works of art just received by Signors Veto Vite A Sons, from Italy. The ass<r ment will contain classical copies of all the ancient original Vases to be found in the studios in Europe Amorg them are? Superbly carved Hebe Vases, Etrurian Urns Agate B^ccante V ases Pare wuPa Grecian \ ases Bac. ante Tazzas, for Cards, Ac. Among the Marble Statuary wili be found One finely carved life-size Bust of Daniel Web ster, in Carrara ma. ble, the finest grain that the qua'rie* < f I'.alv produce Also, a su(>erb bust of the Emperor Nicholas One beautiful Madcnna of Tenerannl, by the v *11 known artist, Sig. Bachianl One beautiful gjoup of Bacchus and Arltdne One group, the Shepherde>* One superb group, Dlvlue Instruction. The assortmf nt also contains rare and beautiful specimens of Parian China, viz: The Finding cf Moses. The Return of the Prod igal, tae Gentle Shepherdes', Tragedy and Comedy, A c., all of which are mounted on martile pedestals One superb pew style Landscape Tea Service, the first of the patter" imported Beautifully decorated Tea Sets, Chocolate Cupa, Ac. Elega: t Grecian Ptdestals for vases or Busts. Pair of superb Amphcra Va es, copies from the originals in tbe Pitfe Palace Rich Bohemian Glass Va?es, Perfume Bottle*. Card Receivers, and Jewel Ba*kets Terms c??h The saloon will be op=n and the goods on exhi bition oa the day ami evening of the '5th. ap 10?d JAS. C. Mrt.l IKE, Auct. By JAS. C. VcGUIRF, Auctioneer. TWO r.MALL FRAME HOUSES AND Lot* on the island at a action.?On SAT URDAY AFTERNOON, April 12. at5)< o'clk. on the premises, I shall sell Lot A, in Hall Nell son's subdivision of Square Sfc7, with the im provements, consisting of two small frame dwel ling*, containing four rooms each, bui t in the rear of the lot, on a wide public alley. Terms rash. Sale positive ?'P l? d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By BARNARD A BUCKEY ; Georgetown. LAR^E STOCK of NEW AND FASii ionable Loots end Shoe*, Hat*, Caps, TooIp. Lasts, Boot Trees, 4 ases, Trunks, Store Fixtures, Ac., at Auction.?On WED NESD ^Y, the l"th Inst., at 10 o'clork a. m., we will sell, at the Shoe Store on Bridge at.. south side, between High and Cong:ess streets, the en tire stock, as? Ladies' black, brown and col'd Luting Gaiter* Do Morocco and Kid SUpp>rs Do h.sled Gaiters. Buskins Do C:ilf Boots, Walking Sboes. Ac. Misses' and children'* Boots and Shoes Men's fine French Calf Boot*; thei>e are the best quality, being home made. Youths and Boys' Shoes ar.d Boots Coarse Mices arid Boot- fur men and ser?ants Felt Hats, Caps, a good assortment Trunks, Boxes, Cases and Fixtures Also, the entire stock cf Tools La*!s. Tree*, Bencles. Ac. Sale positive, as the present occupant is about to change his business. Terms liberal end at sale. The attention of the trade is Invited, a* the stock is large and of the verv be*t and most fash io'able kind. OVERTON O. WARNER ap lrt-d BARNARD A BUCKEY, Anct'r*. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. HANDSO.ttE NEW T H It t. E-ST4JR Y Frume H us?- aid Lot on Massachusetts avenue, at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 14tl_ instaiit, we Btailsell, at 6 o'clock p. in., in front of tbe premises, parts of l,o;* Nos 9 and l?>, in squa'e south o squire No 562. fronting on Mas sachusetts avenue, between 2d and 3d st* west, runnu g back to north H street, with the impro ve ments, which are a new three sto.-y frame house, containing s?ven conveniently arranged rooms. Title indisputable. Terms: One third cash ; balance In 6 and 12 kaentts, fcr note* bearing Interest from the day of the sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. ap8-d A GREEN, Auct By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer SALE bY ORDEK OF THE OR FH AN'S Court of the stock of Jewelry, Silver and Silver-plated Ware, Glass Cases, Store Fixtures, and i eols of the late Robert Key worth.?On TUESDAY MORNING, April 15 commencing at lo o'clock, and continuing until the whole is disposed of, 1 shall sell the Stock, Flx;ure* and Tool* in the establishment of the late Rob ri Keyworth, on Pa avenue, near9th st.. comprising? Fine Gold itreaatpins, Finger Rings. Ear Ring*, Bracelet*; Studs, Locke'*, Neeklaces Key*, Watches, Seals, Ac., ef various patterns Silver-plated Tea Sets, Castors, Baskets. Pitch ers, Mugs, Waiter*, Spoons, Forks, La dias, Coasters, Sugar Tongs Silver Boquet Holders, Card Ca-es. Comb* Second hai.d gold and silver Watches, Chain* Lot of Coral, Military Buttons and 1 rimming*, Beads, Clasps, Portemunnaies, Cigar Ca *cb, Portfolios, Specticie*, Napkin Rings,, s, Clocks, Lzmp Shades, Candela bra", Ac. Two very superior Regulators Six-plate G'ass Counter and Show Cases Counters, Shelving, Side Cases, Chandeliers, Ac Sales to commence with the tools, consisting cf? Complete set of Die*, Punches and Stamping Fall Two plain rolling and three border mill* Lot or raising Stakes Head Tools and bottom Stakes Draw Bench. Vices. Turning Lathe, raising and planishing Hammers Together with a large variety of Bench and other Tools for tLe manufacturing of Silverware and Jewelry. Terms : ?25 and under, cash; over tfcat sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily ea dor ed note*, bearing interest. By order of the adminls'ratrlx: ap7?d J C. McGUIR?, Auct. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Lease and fitures of the ?>yk> rsndah" Restaurant at Public Sale.? On MONDAY AFTERNOON. April 14th, at5 o'c'ock, on the premise*. I shall sell the lease ard fixtures of the "Verandah" Restaurant, situ ated on north D, between l<?th and 11th sis west second dcor west of the Auction rooms. The rooms are well furnished with every re quisite for the business, and the house, if well managed, will do a good business. Sale peremptory. Terms: One half cash ; the residue in two and 4 month*, with interest, satisfactorily secured ap?-d J . C McGUIRE, Auct. GO AND EXAMINE THE BOSTON PI ANOS at ELLIS'S Mu*io Store, M, betw. Khoad UKfc stre?u. telegraphic rowa ASSOCIATE? F&B89. ?Y HOUSE PRHTIM fLMRAFH. The Expected Steamer f th "r X' ^^ril 1,,"~Th?r* ?? yet no eiga* of the Canard .te.nuhip Cambria, now up wards of fourteen day, out from Liverpool for this port. Baltimore Markets Baltiiio*!. April 12?Flour U Arm - *ai*? of 1.700 bbl?. Ucrard street at $675- Cit* Mills is held at S6 62*. * , y Wheat is firm and unchanged ; fair to rood reds SI 50*SI 56; choice do SI 65; fair to choice whites SI 60aSl.?5. Corn ia better white 4Va53c jellow 53a5Sc. Provisions are steady; mess pork S17 Bacon-shoulders 6*a8*; sides ft Lard. 10 alUic. in bbls and kegs. *ew York Market!. Ji*w Yo*r, April 12?Flour has declined StfttatOM00 bbI> ' common food State Ohio ITsot0 ?ow grades of extra e?ffJPSM mix9i to "*?*?* South. aS8 *0 J 10 exirm So***? S7.7A aJfthm " fiirmJ of 1 800 bushelt; prima Southern red SI 80; Southern white fl 86 Corn i? firm, salea of 20,000 bushels* South ern mixed 60a64c. ooum Porkisflrm; sales of 500 bbls mn..t ?i* Beef .? doll; ?le. ?f ijo bbllTh".! 2 Htlte Urtudill; nluoftsfkbU. ^Whisky has declined, sales of 160 bbU. OWq Financial. New York, April 12 ?Stocks era dull Ch cago and Rock Island #4; Cumberland Coal 23eh lJV: ,inoia Centrtl Illinois bonds 89|: Michigan Southern 97; New York Central 941; Pennsylvania Company 99t ? Reading 9JJ; Virginia 6's 93 j; Missouri 6'i Sterling exchange is firm By BARN ARD A BUCKKY Goonrrtnwr, ' * ui^STSoii. -t*. DA\ , the 14th instant, at 10 o'clock a m we will sell, at the residence ?f the late James Coyle, deceased, on Bridge street, near Union Beheld f2Sb2S! ,r*4c' ""!eU'" ,k? In pert we name? 2 Carryalls. 2 Wagon* Horse, Cow. 6ear. Wheel ha r-ow He*eml tons old Wrought and Cast Iron Old Copper. Brasa, Steel Grates, Pots, Ovens. Tin Ware Saddle*, Harness. Trunks Umbrella*. Andiions, Steves Chairs, Tacles, Bedsteads Beds, Mattresses. B^lnz Bureaus and aucf.on Furniture Large lot of UU Raga var"ty ?f*atoD4'h*?d?? Terms at sale. *CRU"\ Administrator. ?P? BARNARD a BUCKEY, Aucts FIBST WARD 6H0E 8T0iE~ JOHN H. WENDKLL, MPt*na artnu?, near 17U ttrttt ? w AND RKPaIRS SHOES at?4 the shortest notice. He solic.ts of the public a share of their patronage. ap 8-eoSt* marble and bkowji stone works Pa Ttnue, btt*een \^th and I9tk struts tH?d.UJ!,?ER.PIG?EU KEEPS ON HAM) J. and makes to order on the motl reascnahle t-rms-MUNUVKNTS. TOMBS GRaviT STONED. MANTELS. 'TABLE TOPS MAB* BA!,i,nanfi T,Lt? for Flooring Al. o, ail kinds of plain and ?rnaiWDtal Ma-t>le and Brown Stone Work for building purposes executed with promptness, and at as low price! as can be had elsewt* re p ?PlOcoIy H. PARRY. iIKW CONFECTIONERY. r304 J CA\l)VCs1V|^ A FINE LOT OF French CANDY of all flavors and kinds, and of the XfPiT ?! tuch as FRENCH, WHITE NEUGA. in tin foil extra fine. Love HEARTS arsiimallow DROPS, Liquorice DROPS, an^ *" t aQd a general variety, to el LnV"f^#PJbllC t0 and "?* r ittsH L A KES every day. ICE CREAM THAT IS CREAM, WATER vtc, AC. A nd?very article of the best qualit r. 1 am 11 lea, and parties furnished at short notice o^oU ? * r,d^OLR*CO, W4 Pa avsnue, betw. 9th and 10th su ap 10-eo3t (Or^an) NEW GROCERIES, k. 1 CHHS NEW ORLEANS SUUAR, AT A *J low prices ?-H) bbU prime Orleans MOLASSES 30 bags Rio and Java COFFEE 20 chests flne Green and Black TEA 10P ''American" Hams, of superior qualltv 5 hhds Sides,Shoulders,a: dBreastpi<v?t K? bbls No 1 LARD P 150 doz. fresh EG6S 3(>" lbs choice Roll BUTTER 10 boxes ORANGES and LEMONS 100 bags family and extra FLOUR 50 bbls do do J ust received and for sale by mpld-MOl W> j CTtfot T ? ALE' A*n BRuw> Jl'S *?? Just '?*??ed. and for sale on draught, and in quaxt and pint bottlee; flnearti Superior Old Whlaky, 1840 Fine Cheese White ulne Vinegar North Carolina Peach Brandy. JONAS P LEVY. Wine, Liquor and Groceries. aP8~lw 4T< Pa avenue. B(,pcU^A5T OFF cLOTl!INO OUGHT AND SO! D AT 76 LOUISIANA aveaue, opposite Holmead's Grocrrv. near Semmes Address, through Pott Otfice. to "Mt. TaUor apy-ima BONNETS, FLATS AND RIBBONS. W? K HAVK jlst received our sec VV ond supply of HON NETS. FLATS. AND RIBBONS. Infant's and Children's4#^ HATS AND CAPS Also, BONNET/lM I" LOW KFS and TRIMMINGS, which we effer at vejy low prices W. EGAN & SON, _ aP 7 3w 323 Pa.^venue, near 7th street. NEW SPRING MILLINERY. ON THURSDAY NEXT, A^RIL THIRD, Miss THOMPSON will open our stock ^a?, of SPRING MILLINERY, Iw.d we re-C\ spectfully solicit a call from Ladles cntheJ|r above named day HUTCHINSON a MUNRO, ap2-tr No. 310, Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. FOR MOUNT YERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?VAKE ROUND TRIP, SI; FROM _ JT? J ALEXANDRIA 76CENTS ?The steamer THOMAS COl LYER lesvin^sW? ton at 9 a"d Alexandria at9^ o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the bout at SR o'clock Sosch fare 10 cents. Perrons wishing the coaches will l?ave their residence with George a Thomas Parker Refreshments on the boat. *P*-tf SAM'L OK OK EY, Captain THE STEAMER CEO RUE FACE IS A now running regularly between _ ^.Ik ^ Washi - gton ai d Alexandria at tie following hours: Leave Alexandria 4^, 8, 10, 12, f\, 4j^, and C o'clock. Leave WasLlngton 6^, 9, 11, l M. 3K,6U, and 7o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICK, Captain, mar 24 THE STEAMER GEORAE WASHING. TON will depart at the foilow- _ #Jt, "? ^ ing hours: v Leave Alexandria 7*, 9. 11, 1^. iw, 5k ' Leave Washington...8, 10, 12. 2k 4k 6 ?P?-d JOB CORSON . Captain J TO PHYSICIANS AND OTHEKH. V?T RECEDED A SUPPLY OF Tllden's *? luid Extracts of the various Medicina' plants *.8UPP1v ?t fresh snd pure MKW CINES. J.B MOORE, Pharmaceutist, ap9-eo3t 113 Pa. aver.ue. First Ward. JUST RECEIVED. * 2.000 lbs pi line Family HAMS 3.090 lbs. SHOULDERS And for sale by BARBOUR a SEMMES, No 65 La. avenue, bet *th aid 7th st*. up 7-eo3t ? PAR ?, SOLS !?PARASOLS!! Just received from the Manufacturers! *M> PARASOLS in every quality and six*, ind for sale vety cheap bv WM. R. RILEY, ap2-1 m Cor Hthst.,opp Centre Marfce< BASKETS:?BASKETS! CTTORK, CARD, NURSERY, TRAVEL YT ing. Knlfs Key, Cigar. Tumbler. Oflse, Harket and Clothes' Baskeu. Children's Nur evy snd Rocking Chairs. Ladles' Jennr Lln4 tVorkstands, Ac. Not ??at cost," bnt lower orne sell wko say "at ooet." ^ * ?. FRANCIS, nu ^ 199 Seventh H.