Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE PRISONER. Row gently this way down the stream, Where o'er the bank the Ulaca bend, And through the budding hawthorns gleam Those yellow lights the cowslips lend ; To eyes so long in prison penned, That blue above, this ware below, Those clouds that past th? hills descend, Are heaven Itself, but half their glow I hose spring flower-scented gales btstow. Fsir'st thou that we too fkr may float ? Thou need'st not dread yon s?ntlnel; He knows our shillow shattered boat Could not endure the middle swell. And thou art known and trusted well; They chose thee, for thv woman's arm Could nought through yonder surge impel; They knev/ thee quick to catch alarm? Ah ! knew they woman's heart how warm ? But, in such guise, ':were vain to flee, A captive, loose! some half-hour's space, His limbs 111 ve, his breath to free, And thou, young girl, thy fitter place The village dance, than such a chase. Well, as thou wilt, th* car resign, "Now, plnn ce speed another pace ! Was ne'er more need to dash the brine, If life be precious?hers or mine " Strong arm, stout heart, thou rower brave! Though midway o'er the Danaw's past: For comes the chaJea e cross the wave, And answering to the bugle's blast, The steel clad guard are gathering fait On yon gray walls. "An arrow." "Strain One moment: not this the last Will fly aa far." They faU like rain, And falls the fairer of those twain. Itwas his native land he reach'd, fnear; And wealth, aad power, and friends were Hut could he fly ana leave her stretch'd On that worn plank?her bloody bier? Forgot were flight, and foes, and fear : They seized him, as he vainly tried To stay a life one hour made dear. He scarcely heard the dull bolts glide. When closed ths dungeon wh re he died. The Dtisg Bot ahd the Violets.?A little sufferer lay in a high, dreary garret, and the beams above hia head and on every side were black and foal. His cheeks were scarlet with ths flush of fever, and the unnatural light of hia eye flashed in the dimness of the coming evening like a diamond on its gloomy bed of anthracite. Something told tbe child that death was busy with its heart It might have been an angel, for angels gather tn bands around the despised couch of poverty. Mother," he whimpered, and a pale, bent woman knelt beside him, "is there one blown now ? Look! look ! For the twentieth time the sickly worn tn lifted the ti^r box of violets and the blood rushed to herTice as she beheld one little bud drooping, but just beginning to unfold. She carried it to the child, almost an infant, and a sweet smile lighted up his innocent features. ?? Put it down, mother, where I can look at it until I die." With a mild sob the poor widow placed it upon his pillow, and watched hia glassy eyes eagerly as they watched the flower. Hoars passed?the brow grew whiter, the fluger3that she clasped were n >w clammy, the round lips that had so often called her mother were pur ple, fading into a bluish white, and tremulous as though the failing voice struggled for utter ance. She placed ner ear closer to his little face, and heard him utter distinctly : " tfood bye, mother?take good care of my violets " After the rough pine coffin was carried away and covered with the mould, while her worn fingers were nervously stitchingon the ill paid for garment, that mother could see a vision of her eariv buried child in the pure white robes of heaven, bendicg over the box of vio lets. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. V??i Ltamt' For D ay Atlantic N*w York....Liverpool...Api. It Brands New York....London Apl IS Asia New York....Liverpool...Apl. 10 Washing ton...New York....Bremen ....Apl. 1# Alma (Fr )...New York ....Havre Apl 1? George Law .New York AspinwaJl..Apl, 20 Ameriea Boston Liverpool.. Apl S3 rioM straora Cambria Liverpool....Boston. Mar. 29 Baltic Liverpool....New York...Apl. a Aftica Liverpool New \ ork.. .Apl. 5 Arago Havre New York ..Apl 9 Arabia Liverpool....Boston Apl. It Ericsson Liverpool....New York...Apl 16 ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS, WUlards' Hetel ?r. ?. A m. a. wiiiass M R Pridmore, NY W H Hoople*. NY J C Htsleu, Gt H G Rice, Md Hon T L Cllngman, NCR W Ryr.s. Pa J D Marks. NJ W B Kelly. NY R N Wood, Cal T T Etheridge, do W H Gaines, Va C B Macon, Ga A V Scot. do W J Sumter, Pa C Caaey, Mo J H Lowndes. NY C Jsnklnj, NY W Collin*, ly, do J E Gowen, Mass Miss Collins, ly, do J G Leninan, do G Scriven, Md P 8 Potwlr, Ct J J Bo-wen, Mass Gen Robbes.and 8 svte, \V M Lumpkin, do Mex C Gerald, Va M Escander, do PA Ridges, Md A Mass, do J T Causey. NY Col Duran, ly, de HLNiles, Mass MrE Leroma, do G G Willow. 8C Mrs T C Lore, A sister, Dion Bourcicault, Pa NY PA Hargous, NY Miss Lore do KHM OSS, ly. Va JFFales, Va T 1 Adams. Va D 8 Barnard. Ill T E Mcllvaine. NY BLynah.UHA C M Forsvth. Ga W Travis, Pa Madame Ter u Paiodl C H Wells, N Y M Btn kow h W F Parrott. Mass Mrs Aga?ta D W Stan'on, ly, NY Mr Parodi D Field, do Mr Lfonaidl Mrs Fie d. do J W Colcord Tenn Ml?s ? ield. do S P Wnltlrg, Mich Mrs White, do J T HarwocS. Va XV Harrison, ly, Eng W H Harwcod, do C Bailance. dr E Lovell, jr, Md Hon H W lison, Mass J D Shells, Md W w Galiisoc, Ala T Demlng, Va Pfatioaal Hslsl?witLla* sut 1 Eckert. Pa R Neil, O B Hall, NH W Der.nlsson, Jr, do CK Bingham, NY P Ktdder, do F Hou*e. Can D Horton, do J W Ash mead, Pa Mr Pike, NY J L Pearce, O J Parr'.ton, Pa Dr F Fricke, Ark 8 M Lane. do B C Hammond, Mich C C Little A ly, Mass J Bowes, Md P 8 Alson, do J W Burch, Pa M C Haldefby, NC J Canby, Md G W Tate, NY K M Meade-* G C Fret man, A a W E French, Mass Mrs Freeman, do J C S out hall. Va J M Ml lard, Md C M Massie do P J CL.mdler. do J L Cochran, do W A Kirk, do GF Hughe*,do L B Butchins,do M H Baldwin, Mas# T M Cussan, 1)C W Bueil A ?y, NY LFltman.^Y W B Pitman A ly, do J Hare. Va J W Polndfxter, Va L V razier Md Judge Crain Md 6 Holiytueher, Va Mrs E J Alexander, do S Rosenfeld, Md Miss E Martin, do C C Hen^haw A ly, Mass E Fernandls. do W F Fannin, Ga R Mitchell, do ASchiU.NY J Elliott, Jr. do M McDoi aid, Md C B DufiUld. Va J Hockadgeg, Mo Gen L Combs, Ky R Betts A fam, Md W M Dunn, Md N O J arrett, NC K Franks, N Y J W Hay. do ? Howard la G Corover, NY AC North, Mo R D WaUon do C J W right, O Rt* a B Atkins, Pa D L |: ollins, do M 8 Pitcher, L SA A C Hunter, Cal T H Taylor, Vt S * Mn A Dtake, Md 8 W Moore. do^ Mr. Chapman, do Brawns' r W Johnsoc, Mo j Mrrpby, NY H Begrot. Switx d WiUlsms Pa J W Tvilen, ly. Mai. a Ytung, Md 8 J Megargal. Pa JB Ma?oi, lv N V W H \Vod, NC J Ray fam/do Y A J Fnilgrcn, do 4 Miss Handy, do CSmith, do Miss J Handy, Do B Olbeon, Va J C Humes, Me G W Hull G P Hughes, Va W Houston, Tex P H Hare, ly, DC J Sparted 111 Mias E Be t, do J Gates, do L J Anderson, do P A Chepard. NY C A Lcybert, Va A Priest, dr. Va L J Mavi W Hunter, Pa C H Johnston, O Mlrkwaed Meoae?i A a. a. imwiai T Domaa, NJ FC Thompson, NT J Harrison, do JH Adams, do L Moraell, Ir, N Y H F Cooley, Md G W Ba lahsn, Md W C France, do J Harvey. NH FX Brennan, do A Lewis, NY P B Templeton. Me R 8 Bernard Jr, Va R D Twetdv. DC C T Rellv, Mass Mrs Btevec.s. Pa Hon W Barksdale, Ml R Kennedy, Md C J H rring. Fa OK Barrell, DC G R West, DC T Lumpkin, do L A Uuinlan, Md W H Chapman, Va B M De Witt, Va R T Danish, Jr, do AYER'S PILLS Anew and singularly success ful remedy for the cure of all bilious dis eases?Costiveness, indigestion, Jaundice, Drop sy, Rheumatism. Fevers, Gout, Ner?oasness. humours, Irritability, Inflammations, Headache, Pains. In the Breast, Side, Back, and Limbs, Female Complaints, Ac.. &c. Inaeed,very few are the diseases which a purgative med'cine Is not more or less required, and much sickness and suffering might be prevented if a harmless but effectual Cathartic weTe more freelv used No person can feel well whilea cottive habit of body prevails; besides it scon generates serious and often fatal disease*, which might have been avoided by the timely and judicoHS use a good purgative This i> alike tree of Colds, Feverish symptoms, and Bilious derangemetts. rbey ail tend to become or produce the deep seated and formidable distempers which oad the hearses all over the land. Heute a reliable 'amUy ph\sic is of the first Importance to the public health, and this Pill has oeen perfected with consummate skill to meet that demand. An extensive trial of its virtuei by Physicians, Professor*, and Pa tients, has shown resul's surpassing any thing hitherto known of any medicine. Cures hpve been effected beyond belief, were they not sub stantiated by persons cf such exalted positions and character as to forbid the suspicion of un truth . Among tke eminent gentlemen wno have testi fied In favor of the<e Pills, we may mention: Doct. A. A. HAYES, Analytical Chemist of Boston, and State Assayer of Massechusetts, whose high Professional character Is endorsed by the _ Hon EDWARD EVERETT, Senator of the United States ROBERT O. WINTHROP, Ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives ABBOTT LAWRENCE, Minister Plen , to Eig'and ? JOHN B. FITZPARICK. Catholic Bishop of Boston; also Dr. J. R. CHILTON. Practical Chemist o New York City, endorsed by Hon. W. L MARC Y, Secretary of State WM. B ASTOR, the rlshest man in America. S LELAND A Co., Proprietors of the Metro politan Hotel, and others These Pills, the result of long lnvestigstion and studv, are offered to the public as the best and most complete which the pressnt state of medical science can afford Tt-ey are compounded not of the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtues only or Vegetable remedies extracted by Chemical process in a state of purity, ar.d com blned together In such a manner as to ins re the be*t results. This system of composition for medicines has been found in Cherry Peroral and Fills both, to produce a more efficient remedy than had hitherto been obtained by ?ny process The reason Is perfectly obvious While by the old mode of composition, every medicine is bur dened with more or less acrimonious and injuri ous qualities, bv this each individual virtue only that is des red f?r the cura i?e effact is present. All the inert and obnoxious qualities of each sub stance employed are left behind, the curative virtues cnlv being retained Hence It Is self evi dent the tffccts should prove as t-iey ha epr ved, more purely remedial, and the P.'lls a more pow erful antidote o disease thad any oiher medicine keown to the world. They operate by their powerful influence on the Internal viscera to purify the blood and stimnlate It Into healthy action?remove the obstructions of the stomach, bowds, liver, and other crcans of the body, lestorlng their irregu:ar action to health, and by correcting, wherever they exl?t, such de rangements as are the first origin of disease Prepared by Dr JAMES C AYER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lcwell, Mass Price '25 cents per box ; five boxes for Si Sold by Z. D OILMAN, Washington, and by all respectable Druggists. ap8-4m [No. 552 ] By the President of the United States. IN PURSUANCE OF I AW, I, FRANKLIN PIERCE, President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public sales will be held at the undermen tioned land offices, In the Mate of Michigan, at the times herein designated to wit: At the land office at SAULT STE MARIE, commencing on Monday, the fourteenth day of July next, for the disposal of the public lands sit uated within the undermen;lone? townships and fractional townships, viz: /forth of the bast lint and ictst of the principal meridian The ISLANDS situated in section six, town ship forty seven, of raage two ; in section four, township forty-seven, of range three; in section twenty-eight and twenty-nine, township forty eigut. of range five; and in section tnlrty-three, township ftrtv five, of lange twel ve. Township forty-nine, of range ten. Townships forty-seven, forty-nine and flft7, of range eleven. Townships forty three forty-six, forty ^even, and forty-eight, of range twenty-two Townships forty-three, forty six and forty-sev en, of range twenty-thrte. Town* hips forty-four and forty-Ave, of range tweny-five Townships forty-four and forty-five, of range twenty six. Township forty-nine, of range twenty seven. Townships forty eight, forty nine and fifty-one of range thirty fc ur Townships forty-eight, forty liine, flfcy, and flftv-one, or range thirty-Ave. Townships forty-five, fifty, and fifty-one, of range thiriy-slx. Township fifty, of range thirty-seven. The vacant unappropriated lai ds in sections twenty five, twenty six, thirty-five, Lnd thirty six, in township fifty-two, of range forty. At the land office at DUNCAN, commencing on Monday, the fourth day of August n-it, Tor t ic disposal of the public lands situatrd within the fallowing named townships and paiu of townships, viz: North of tht ba t lint and ice it of the principal meridian. Township thirty seven, of range tw< nty-aeven. Townships thirty four and thlity five, of range twenty-eight Townships thirty-four and thirty-five, of ra^ge twenty-nine. North of the bait line an?l cast of the principal meridian. Certain islands situated in the following sec tions. to wit: in sections twenty-four and twenty* five, township thirty four, of range seven; In sections two. three, thirteen, .iud twtnty-four, town?hlp thirty, of range eight; in sections nine teen ana thirty, township thirty four, of the same range; !?? section twelve, township twenty-eight, of range nine; in sections three, four, nine, and ten, township thirty-two, of the same range; In section thre*\ township thirty, of range ten ; and in sections twenty-nlre. thirty-three, and thirty four , towiu-hip thirty-one, of the same range. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together wlh those ''swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unflt for sultiva'.ion " If any, granted to tte State by the act entitled "An acttoenible the State of Arkansis and other States 'o reclaim the ' swamplands' within their limits," approved September 2s, 1S.0, trill bt excluded jrom tht tales. The offering of the above lands will be com menced on tte days appointed, rnd will proceed in the order In which they are advertised, with all convenient dispatch, until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thus closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two wee*s, and no prlva'e entry of any of the landi will be admitted until after the expiration of the two w? eka. Gl' en under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this flfth day of April, anno Domini one thousand eigh hundred and fifty six. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: THOS A HENDRICKS, Commit siooer of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emp tion to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated, Is required toestab lsh the same to the sa'lsfaction of the reg is er and receiver of the proper land office and make payment thereof as soon as practicable af ter toeing this notice, and before the dav appoint ed for t e commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed ; otherwise such claim will be forfeited THOS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office. ap8-law4w AT home and ABROAD; by Margaret Fuller Ossoll, price Si 25 Court* hip and Marriage, by Mrs. Hentz, SI 25 ?.ontrlbutions to Literature by ifamnel Gllman, D U..S150 ' i&qtfw", by Horac? Binnay Wallace, Physiology and Calisthenics, by Miss Beecher, by,J S< BketcLes and ?dventures la Madeira and Portu 01 ' uVj'SSrf.'iT"- "r Ther AmcMc.n Softly,,.,^ PRIME ITALIAN MACCA&om. trr 1HAVE JUST RKCEIVED A LOT OF prime ITALIAN MACCARONI.oflatest im portation Also,fresh Sardines, Anchoivas Bor deaux Oil, Smoked Beef, Buckwheat. Grean Cora, fresh Tomatoes, Ac., Ac., for sale by saxie z. m. p. king. >4 TOPHAM * MOEFLIT'I NEW AND CHEAP IADDLS, HARNESS A WD TRUNK STORB 498 Seventh st, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS. TOPHAM. gK > iu late of Philadelphia, and HHhfal ^Pi^NORFLETof this clty,^M!IM]ll a Respectfully announce to^^^^"*"""?* their fHend* and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladles' and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES.and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladles' SATCHELS. TRAVEL* ING BABKKTS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. BORSF. BLANKETS, COVERS, COLLARS, and HAMES. Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac.,Ac. All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that our work cannot b8 surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction w* tope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Pastlcular attention paid to covering Trunks and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers' t r>ols cousUid fly on hand. nov 7?If GUTTA PEKCHA TIETH. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN the habit of sending our patrons to Dr. COSBY, formerly of Richmond,! Va., for Dental operations for a nam ber of years, and take pleasure in recommending him to the citizens of Washington as the best Tooth Extractor and Dental Operator that we have ever met with He inserts Teeth upon every plan that is practised in the United States. Qen f. Holdmaa. M. D. B. W. TowIm, U. D. A. V. P?yne. M. D. DD9 John T. Miller, M. D. Judm Bryant, MO O. F. Chsnbsrllo, 41. D., DD8. O H. Harris, kl D. 8?mn?l P. Brown, 11. D. Wythe Tlnxley, M. D B. M. Pranclacn, M. D. Office over Ford A Bro.'a, No. 290, corner of 11th street and Pa avenue. nov 47?5m* GUTTA PEACHA TEETH. DR. O. MUNSON, AT 310 pa. avenue, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base. Also, with Allen's pat-J ent continuous Gum^pomblnlng beau ty. strength and cleanliness. Dr. M. is determined to keep pace with every Improvement in Dentistry, and will strive to please and profit his patrons. R1V1RSNC1* P. D Gurley, D D. Hon R H GiUet, J. G. Binney, D D. Hon. S A Douglas, B Sunderland, D.D. Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Hsq. Dr. R H Coolidge, Bon. C Mason, Dr. Thomas Miller. Hon. A O P Nicholson, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov 23?tf BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parti of United Statot and Europe; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR Jfcl OR UPWARD3: BUY AND SFLL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Investment paying 10 and aver, for aala. LAND WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTSof all denominations. Land Warrants located in Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. Legion, or feigsed excuses, <?for they are many, ' 16 cents The Nightingale; or a Kind Act is Never Lost, from the German of Schmidt; 31 cents Impressions of England, or Sketches of English Scenery and Society; by A. Cleveland Coxe, Hector of GraceChurcn, Baltimore; SI Sermons for the Times, by Charles Kingsley; 75 cents Our Church Music; a book for pastors and peo ple. bv Richard Storrs Willis; 50 cents Haartand Home Truths; being self-musings upon the Divine Will, by Rev. R. Whittingham, Jr ; 75 cents Unison of the Liturgy; by Archer Gilford, A. M. 81 Man and Times of the Revolution ; or Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, including Journal of Travel in Europe and America from 1777 to 1642, with his correspondence with Public Men, and Reminiscences and fhcidents of the Revolution. Edited by his son, Wins low C. Watson: SI.60 Jost published, ma for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S mar 28-lf Bookstore, rear 9.h street. ALWAYS SOMETHING NEwT" READ THIS, OLD AND YOUNG! Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative WILL RESTORE t>RAY HAIR TO ORl glnal color pe rinanently; made to grow up on ba'd heads; remove all dandruff or itching; destroy all diseases of the scalp; and if used once or twice a wees regularly, will prevent tha hair from becoming gray or falling, to an imaginable age Read the following testimonials, and we defy you to doubt, (says the Waverly Magazine.) Success to the genius whose tonic we say, Turns back to Its color the Hair that was gray. SOMETHING WO RTH KNOWING By using Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, gray hair can be permanently restored to its original color. The subjoined certificate was received from Johnson A Stone, Gardner, Ma , and is but one of the many instances that are daily coming to our knowledge of its wonderful effects. It is no longer problematical, but a self-evident truth, as hundreds of our community can testify.?Bos ton Herald. Gakdnkr, Ma, Jane22, 1959. Ma. H. Dtks?Dear Sir: I have used two bot tles of Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, and can truly say it is the greatest discovery of the age for restoring and changing the Hair. Before using it I was a man of seventy "My hair has now at tained its original color. You can recommend it to tha world without the least fear, as my case was one of the wont kind Yours respectfully, DAN'L N. MURPHY Ca-BLTlk, 111., Juue 27, 1853. I have used Prof O J. Wood's Hair R?sstora tlve, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as i thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of the '? Restorative" it has resumed its original color, and, 1 have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United States. HAIR RESTO RATIVE.?I.i our columns to day will be found Prof. Wood's advertisement of the above article, to which we call attention. Whst it has done, we have witnessed upon sev eral of our acquaintances in St. Louis. Hair once gray met our view, black or brown aa the case might be, being the color of early manhood; and as fine and glossy as silk, and that without any other application than the Restorative. If it has done this upon others, will it not do the same for any of our readers whose "frosty prows" were once like the " raven locks" of Lothiel's warlike chief, if they will try it. We think so?Jackson villt Constitutional, Oct. 5, 1853. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE AGE ? It seldom occurs that we nttlae, under any circumstances, patent medicines, restore lives, or anything of the kind, for we have a pre judice against n.ost of them. But candor com Psls us to invite attention to the advertisement ol rofessor Wood's Hair Restorative. We are too iuvenlle to require anything of tha kind, but some Instances of its use have come to our knowledge which almost assures us that It is a sovereign remedy against the hair becoming prematurely gray. It is not a " Hair Dye," but upon Its ap plication, as directed, the effect is produced upon the skin, which brings out the original colored bafr, without stiffness, and gives it a glossy and natural appearance. We have seen persons who have used it. and are much pleased with it Ex amine theadysrtisement ? Missouri Revubli en. O. J WOOD A CO., Proprietors, No. 3lfi Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Missouri C STOTT A CO., wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. Also for sale bvD. S. Dyson, 8. Parker, undor National Aotel, and all Drngcrist** in eor?etown by R S. T. Cissel; in Alexandria by Pe?l A Stevens. a Jpn^PMi* uON8? Gen?ral Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. feb l-5m COUGHS. COLDS, HOARSENESS, *c. PERSONS predisposed to Pulmonary Aflfoe 4 ['OM wli the most trying season, owing to the sudden changes in temperature; yet by a little care, adopting warm clothing and supply, lag themselves with a good prescription or cough remedy they may easily ward off what may else Erove a dangerous winter companion. TY pER'S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRUP has been so long known and highly appreciated m one of our most Innocent, yet eflcaclous, plea sant, and (since the reduction in price,) economi cal remedies, that it may be recommended and nsed with the utmost confidence. It is sold at 25 eents, or three bottles in one, 50 cents. Wholesale Sf PATTERSON A NAIRN and STOTT A O.j and retail by most Druggists. In Alexan S1* PEEL A STEVENS; Georgetown by Mr. CI8BELL. jy ft_jy pEATHKR DUSTERS, all alzea, plain * andcotored: BRUSHESo.'allkinds; together alway^f^ HoaM*?^PlnK article. Prices Information for Travelers FO a HARPER'S FURRY, ~ Via Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. THROUOH IN TWELVE HOURS! rpBE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET J. BOAT AROO, Capt. Cm. H MaaaiLL, will commence making Regular Trips between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mon day, March 37th, 1858. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H A H Q Rliter, Georgetown, D C , e>?ry Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, at 6 o'clock Returning, ahe will leave Ranter's Ferry every

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 0 o'clock. Through Tickets, S3.96. To Letsburg fl 0'2%, tm-lmdtng the Stag* frtm Edwards' Firry Families Intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coining season will find this by far the most safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley, Capon, Shanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rate*. A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from ths Boat. For further pirticul&rs inquire at the store of W. H.AH.G RITTER, Georgetown, and G. W. CUTSHAW, Harper's Ferry, Va. mar 18?tf BY BAILROAD DIRECT TO THS WE8T. Time between Washington and Whssllni bet 17# hours! BuuitzK Time bfltwoon Washington atd Cincinnati 27 hocra ?A. WAIUinOTOM. qiUJE BALT1MOKE AND OHIO RAIL X ROAD havlnprgreatly Improved Its Western connections, cow oflfrs the fullest inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, ard the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from W ash lagton and the Trains bound West from Balti more Is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage Is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked ana trans mm. - Ji At. ? ?? lit ? ? ially at 5 a. m. and 4# p. m. On Sunday* at the lattei hour only. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wheeling, iirtet i*s?iction is made with the trains of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, runn'ng from Bellalre, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, Zar.esviLe, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with the cars of thy Newark, Mansfield and Sendusky Railroad for Srndusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad trains coi ned with the fact trains of the Little Miami Rail' ra*.i to Xenla, Cincinnati. Lonlsvllle, etc. At XKNIA fon Little Miami Itailroad) connection is fo*med wltii the trains through Dayton, to Indian npalls, Ta;e Haute. Lafayette, Chicago, Rock In and, St. Louli, Cairo. eu? (JT* Passengers holding Thrccgh Tickets fc-r Half hit. Vtcktburg. Natchez, Ne m Orleans, etc., whien are also fold at Washington?era trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mall Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evantville, Calic, asd St. Louis arc fcoid by the river route. |Cr For CLEVELAND, and yia CleT?lar<i to Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, etc., ticket* tie scld, when the Ohio is navi^scle brtv*#ea Wheeling lad WcllsriLle (forty miles) where a connection with tee Cleveland tad Pittsburg k-Uroed is Made. Trayfclen are reru^rted tc vetlee thit while Uils Is the aaly ?*u:o .'.ffordla.-* Through Tickets and Check* 1> Washington, it Is sis* the shortest, most speedy and direct to aeariy all the leading points in the great Wett. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 653 miles, being about 100 miles shorter thjn by any ether route! FARE, BY THROVBH TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling, S3 ?>i Colum bus, 813 85: D&vton, 915 50; Cincinnati, 916 0C; Louisville, ny rallrcad. 913 85, by steamer from aiO r a - * - ?? ?? ? - ? ?? Kjaicbzu, rj zsia aiv ia)\ bi. liOUlS, T&3 WJ 82* Memphis. 825: New Orleans, f3l: etc. itj^for Frederick and hArper's FEKRYJVIARTINSBURG, CUMBERLAND, BEntLEY SPRINGS.BEDFORD SPRINGS. PIEDMONT,OAKLAND,and FAIRMOVNT, passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m. ci Ik n. ra. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take C a. m. train from Washington. Ior For tralii te rid frost Balttacre, Ana polls, ?to., see special advertisements. |?J*ForinrtLer lrjona^ss. Tlakets, fee., apply to THOMAS M. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington ftiaticn. WM. S. WOODSIDE, MasteT of vrransporuUen. B^Jtisso. j md Ohio RolUoad, Baltimore, march 1?tf ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Great Southern Mail Line! ??- T W 1C ? DAILY' (SUNDAY NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City and the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSV1LLE, AND RICHMOND. Lenve Washington at 6 a.m. and 7 Fare from Washington to Richmond 95 50 OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con voy PASSENGERS and BA.6GAGE. Frtt of Charge, to STEAMER GEORGH PAOK.for ALEXANDRIA, a dls-. tance of six mile*, allowing ample time for! Tickets proem ed on the Doat. Expedition nnd Comfort nre secured by this Koutr as it Is a contiguous Linnor first class eailhoal> from ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE carried without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. Information of Route and Lost Baggage ob tained of JAMES A. EVANS, feb 11 Agent, Alexandria, Va. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES ,!V1A1L KTKAMERS.; 'J^HE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE a are the ATLANTIC Capt. West. PACIFIC .....Capt. Nyc. BALTIC Capt. Cornstock. ADRIATIC These shl ps have been built by contract expreesly for Government service Every care has been taken In their construction?as In the engines?to insure strength and speed; and their accommo dation* for passengers are unequaled for eleganee and comfort, I?AT3 or 8AILIN3. From Neis York. From Liverpool. 1850. 1856. Saturday Jan. 5 Wednesday.... J an. 83 Saturday Jan. 10 Wednesday....Feb. 6 Saturday Feb. 2 Wednesday....Feb. 20 Saturday Feb. 10 Wednesday....Mar. 5 Saturday Mar. I Wednesday....Mar. 19 Saturday Mar. 15 Wednesday....Apr. 3 Saturday Mar. 20 Wednesday....Apr. 16 Saturday Apr. 12 Wednesday....Apr. 30 Saturday Ajir. 26 Wednesday....May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday.... May 28 Saturday May 21 Wednesday....June 11 PRICX OF PASSAGS. From New York to Liverpool, first cabin....9130 " M 44 second cabin. 75 Exclusive use of extra size state rooms 325 From Liverpool to New York. ...30 A 20 guineas No berth can be secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. Shippers please take not ce that the ships of this line cannot carry any goods contraband of war. All letters must [Miss through the (post office? any other will be returned The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD k. COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London B G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER. Havre. Noticx ?The day of departure of this line from New York, for 1856, will be Saturday, com mencing January 5, and every alternate Saturday; from Liverpool, Wednesday, commencing Janu ary 23, and every alternate Wednesday. Jan jQ-y WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. (CHANGE OF HOURS.?On and after Men J day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Leave Washlagtoa at 8 and S)f a. m., and S and 4 tin Sunday at 4^ p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4j{ and IJ{ a. m , and S and ?V. Sunday at 4 jf a. m. ap 23?tr T. H. PARSONS, Agent DIOE9T OF LAW8 OF TMC UNITED STATES, with references to the acts re pealed, supplied, or modified, and notes, of the decisions and dicta of the Suprem* Court of the Union upon their construction; by Jas. Dunlop of the Pennsylvania Bar; one volume of 1,617 pages, UM6, price 9740. meril-tt ^ FRANCH. TAYLOR. 10 All THAT VALUK THSIE 8I0HT. C' TTT1SHES to call the attention to all that suffei W with defective sight, caused by a?:c, sick ness and particularly from glasses Inludlciouslv his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the lli effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In net being precisely suited, by the use of an Ovtomittr; and ine practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and satis faction . J. T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of tnose thet hare not yet availed them selves of his aid. Perscns thet cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use. and stating hew many Inches they can read this print with their specta cles, caa be supplied with such that will Improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and /efer enccs given to many whohsvederivedthe greatest oase and comfort from his glawes. Circulars to be had (rratls, at his o?ce. No. SIS Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stair*. Noxvolk, September7,13M. Sir?The Spectacle* you made ftor me suit very weil, and seem to have Improved my sight more than any other 1 have latelv tried. LITT. W TAZEWELL. I htvo tried & pair of Spectacle* obtained from -Mr. Tobias, and led them of great assistance ta my sight, and corresponding wTtu his desert plica af the focus. 1 reocmmendhlm as a skillful nml. elan. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J. Tenia: Sir?the pnlro! hpeetaclcs yes fnmliaed me yeeUrday are particularly satisiM tory to me. Tuey are very decldodly the best 1 pesaess, and I am the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected In different places and fr^m op tician* recommended to me on acccunt of tbmi BrofecsionaJ etandlag In England, France and tht 'nlted States. 1 have bven also pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment ef the eyes, for the purpose of preserving and improv ing tic sight. Kesforifully, yours, CHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Xy. Ltnchivxs, Nov. 10,18M. Nr. Jehn Tobias having furnlahed me with Olasse*. by which I have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night In my eerllei .ife) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that 1 consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those whs stay seed his professional services. WM. B RODZIE, Elder of Methodist Conference. W ilMineTON, N. C., Jan 27, 1664. . Mr. J. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that th* Spectacles which I obtained from yea last week are entirety satisfactory. From an Inequal ity In the visual range of my eyes, I have hereto- I fore found great dlOculty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure te statu that, by the aid of your optometer, this d ft oulty has Wen happily obviated so that the glasses you furnished me a re decidedly the beat adapted to ? v eves tf any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully, years, R. B. DRANE, Reotcr of St. James' Parish Department of Interior, May 7,1853. Fram natural defects and the unequal range el tiy eyes, I have been compelled to use glasre* for several years. I have tried different opticians wifhout obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my ?yes. Four month's since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to s?rve me perfectly. By the uae of his optometei he is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. I most cheerfutly recommend M r. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'v to sign Land Warranto. ty i?-?# PRIVATE MEDICAL TKEATIiK ON T HI , PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, art . H. LA CROIX, M. D. | ALBANY, N. Y., 850 Pagii Mi 130 tint, Plain,and Colored Litk ograpks and Plattt. Pmcn onlt Twbntt-Fivb Cmts. Sent Free of Postage to all parts of the Union. HHEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? and cantainlrg nearly double the quantity of reed ing mutter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex cesses. which destroy the physical and mental pow ers, with Observations on Marriage, its duties and disqualifications, and their remedies: with Lithographs.Illustrating the Anatomy and Physiology, and Disease* of the Re productive Organs of both sexes. their structure, uses, and functions. A popular and comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causaltlee of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infertlla ones?their obvlatlon and removal ?lrcrortant hints to those contemplating matrimony, tliat will overcome objections to It; none, however, should take this important step without first consulting its Kss?commentaries on the diseases and maalcal tment of females from infancy to old age, each case graphically illustrated by beautiful 11thogra Ebiu plates?nervous debility, Its causes and sure, y a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual that failure Is impossible?rules for dally manage ment?an essay on Spormatorrhma. with practical obsefvatlons on the safer and more suoMMful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from empirical practice?an essay on all diseases arising from Indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by which all persons can cure them selves without mercury?remedies for those self inlicted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent In the young. It is a truth ful adviser to the married ana those contemplating marriage: IU perusal is particularly recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health, happiness, and privileges to which every human bcin*r is entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, or Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, nee of post age, to all parts of the Uniuid States N. B.?Those who pcfor may consult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of tne diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mail. Medi cine sent to any part af the Union according to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from all observation. Address Dr M B LA CROIX, No 31 Maldec Lane, or Post Odice Box 670 Albany, N. Y. JO* Oftce open dally.from 9 a in to 9 p m and on 6unda> from 3 until 5 p.m. \rr Omoe REMOVED from No. 5? Beam at. to 31 Maidtn Lant, Albanv, Ntw Ttrh. dec *??ly . TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF Ol'M ARABIC AS A REMEDY FOR COV6HS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, ASTHMA, WHOOPING COUGH, CROUP, Ac., possesses the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any other la use, having been extensively used the last twenty years with uopr.ralleled success, not trumpeted tc the world as a specific or cure all, but reeom mended aa a valuable and scicntlfic auxiliary in pslxonatv camp, rep.dy at hand, and one that has been generally found to afford relief where moat others have been tried without material ben efit. As such it is recognized by numbers of our leading physicians, wno know its composition, and have been eye witnesses ef Its superior cA eacy, an well as by thousands of oar most respec table citizens, who all endorse its claim to being safe, palatable, economical and eAcacfona. Prioe 16 cents, or three bottles In one 60 cents. Wholesale Agents, PATTER80N A NAIRN, and STOTT ? CO., Penna. avenue: PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgetown Retailed by Druggists generally. Also. TYLERtS GUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS, the same composition la lozenge form, 12% cents a box jy?_iy GLEN WOOD CXHETKR t] Office No. 49)1 Pa. are., earner 10th street, fovan thi savme's bank.) THIS CEMETERY Is laid ont on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and eltuated on the high ground distant one and a Sarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol eet leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and pro Li biting all encroachments from legislation oi otherwise, which la oi vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed thejQ, for It has become a custom in all )ther cities when the burial ground becomes valu able fat other purposes, to sell It, and throw the dead promiscously Into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent ft, as no titles aie given to the ground. N. B.?O Ace open from 10 to IS o'clock a. where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of the ground, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey; No. ilO Seventh street, or any ether unftertaner. will be prempdv attended te. le 18?If BIRD CASKS, Bled Seed, Flsfc Bene, Ac., at the Ho:i*eke<*pers' Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh street. [merit] O PR\NOl<4 G O TO KLbiri my 8 FOR CHEAP SOOD6. Carter's Spanish Mixture THE GREAT PURIFIER OFTHE BLOOD! Bfit AlUratiTt !????!! HOT a F A BTICLB of Httcrii in IT ?? * An infallible rwnrt* for Scrofula. King's Evil. Rheumatism. Obstinate Cutaneous Friptlon* Pimples or Postules on the Fsce, Blotch*/ Bolls, Ague and Fever, Chronic #?i* Eye*. Ringworm or Tetter, Scald Heald. Enlarge ment and pats of the Bone* and Joints, Salt Rheum. Stubborn Ulcer*. Syphilitic Disorders, and all disease* arlting from an Injudicious mat of Mercury, Imprudence la Life, cr Imparity of the Blood. This great remedy, which ha* become so rmp. Idly and so Justly celebrated for Its exinordl Ma*? a_. ?* * _ ? .4 _ ^ _ nary e4eacy In relieving and curlnK many of the most obstinate and terrible forms of dl*ea*e with which mankind Is aSlcted , is now offered to the public, with the eontdent assurancethat no Mim ical discovbbt ever made has been so eminently successful In curing Seaorvla.and all disbasss of tub Blood,as CARTER'S SPANISH MIX. TURK. The proprietors are receiving by every mill most tattering and astonishing details of eures made In all parts of the country, and In most ea?e* where the skill of the beat Physician* had i*vs rled In Tain Its power over the Blood 1* truly remarkable and all diseases arising from Impurity of the great Si at of Lit a have been relieved ana cured with out a single failure, outof the thousands who hzvt used It. Carter's Spanish Mixture contains no Mercury, Opium, Arsenic, or anv dangerous drugs, but Is composed of Roots and Herb*, com bined with other ingredients of known virtue, and may be given to the youngest Infant or most de bilitated Invalid, without the least rtuslL r hesi tation. We have only room for short extracts from the volumes of testimony In our possesion, and a 1 from gentlemen of th? highest reaper'.ability. wull knowc In their various localities P.ease read to yourselves. We take great pleasure in calling the alter t'oa of our readers to the merit* of C&rter'* Sptn'*;; Mixture as a remedy for disease-: of the blood. It enjoys a reputation In this city unequalled by any other preparation ?D at If Dtrpuck, RichmtU, Fa. The Hon Joha M. Botts.of Va.,Biys hecoasii ers it a matter of duty to add his testimony to ike virtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture, fbom actial fbbsonaL oBPSkVAtioh of Its remarkable cum live powers for the diseases In which It Is used We have been cured of a violent and protrae'ed Liver disease by Carter's Spanish Mixture. We know It to be all It professes ? Editor Soaring Dtmoermt, Psttrsbnrg, Fs. We have found from personal trial, that < tr ier's Spahlsh Mixture is a truly valuable ra^d'-; cine.?Ed. Vtrgtnns* Indiptnitnt. ft. GREAT CURE OF SCROFULA -A press man in our employ was cured of Sercfcis of a vir ulent character by a few bottles of Carter's Hpar ish Mixture, after everything el*c L*id MM Dtk* er cures which have come under oar out obst ro tiod, proves to us conclusively, th?' is really a V1 - aable medicinal sgent. We take greet plr^Jrr" In calling the attention of the afllcteJ to us m > Its ?Riihmcnd Rtfublitan. SYPHILIS.?I have seen a simbw cf evrr* or dyphIlls performed by Carter's Spanish Mlstut I "believe It to be a perfect antidote for that horri ble d^esse. E. BURTON, Coaa. cf Berease for cltv of K.'2hm<on4. LITEti DISEASE?Samuel M. Drinker, c| the I'm of Drinker A Morris, Booksellers, R >.. ? mo ad, Va., was anr;d of Llrer d:*eaee of sever*] years standing by oaly three battle, of Carta ? SpanlsL Mixture. OLD SO EES. 7LBXS.S AND OBSTIN/TM ERUPTIONS OX THE BE IK*oe ffcf cure ?>f Mr. Harwood, and others, detailed In our A. ?nanac The ruiaber of such cases cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture, precludes the pcssibUity of Inserting them In an advertisement. EFFECTS OF MERCURY.?See the cars cl Mr. Kimore. He was eaten up with Mercury sad could obtain no relief, until he took six bottles cf Carter's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly rcstoit-d him to health and vigor. NEURALGIA? Mr. F. Boyden, formerly f the Astor House, N. Y.,but more recently propri etor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, wusl red of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish Mixture Sine*-, that time, he *ay? he has seen it cure more than * hundred case* of the dl*ease In which it is used Be never fails to recommend it to the ai&icted EHEUMATISM.?Mr.Johm F. H^in - patient cored him. SCROFUI A?Mr. Harrison also write* of a Eeat cure of Scrofula, la the person of a youcf ly, (of three years standing,) which all tLe doc tors could not reach. Six bottles made a cure of her. SYPHILIS?Dr K T Hendle, of WasklM ton. D. C , who cured an obstinate case of Syphi lis by Carter's Spanish Mixture, say* "It acts sp** clally on the Blood. Liver and Skin and is prompt and cScient in Its results." Dr. John Mlnge, formerly of the City Hotel, Richmcnd. now of Alabama, says he has se s Carter's Spanish Mixture &dn.mistered in a cum ber of cases with astonishingly good effect. He recommends It as'? the most emcTent alteratlvt ? ose." SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA -Hr Jos. Robinson, cf WocsteT, Ohio, was cured of Scrofula and Salt Rheum of three years standing, by only three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixtnrt. ?VM S BEKRS A CO., Proprietors, No. 304 Broadway, New York. Price f 1 per bottle, or six bottles for T5 For sale by CHAS STOTT, WaahlF^tor U. P.,and Drogglst* generally. ootl? \t THE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. Dr. KENNEDY, ef Rsxkary, Has discovered in one of our common pastii.b WBiDi a remedy that cures E / ER Y KIND OF HUMOR; TEOM TEB WOBST SCBOFDLA SOWN TO A CCK MOH PIHPLB. HAS TRIED IT IN OVER ELEVEN hundred ci??es,and never failed excep' la rwe cases, (both thauder humor ) He has now In Li* possession ov?r two hundred cortlftcates of its vir tue, all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted tc core a nursing A t mouth. One to three bottiaa will cuic the wcrst kind of pimples on the face. Two to three bottles will eie&i the rvsteoi of biles. Two bottles arc wa-ranted to eore the wr-? ear ker in the inouth and stomach Three to five bottles are warrunkd to core tif worst case of Eryslpelae. One to two bottles are warranted ts esr? tu humor in the eves. Two bottle* are warranted to cure imnnlEf the ?ars and t'.otchcs tLe Lnlr. Four to six bottles are warranted to cue ccri.<* and running ulcers One bottle will cure scaly eruptive cf tie rt3* Two to three bottle* are warranted to cure ^ Worst case of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted to ecre tke Most desperate case of rheumatism Three to four bottles are warranted to ctsr ?* ?alt rheum. Five to elgh: bottles will cure the worst ot^et of Mrofula. A benefit Is always experienced from the ftnu bottle, and a perfect cuie Is warranted wh*n tl' abeve quantity is taken. Reader, I peddled ever a thewaud benies or this In the vicinity of Boston. 1 knew the efct of It In every ease So sure as wsUu will extin guish Ire. so sure will this sure humor. 1 sever sold a bottle of it bet that sold another, af *r * trial It always *pe*k3 for itself. TLo.e ere Ihlagk about this herb that appe^rr to r?o . ;irpr<? lngj lrst thai It grows la our pail ires, la :-om? alace* qaite plentlfrl. and yet Its valu? faa been known watll I discovered 1* In that It sboald cure all kinds of humor in cider to give some idea of the sudii.~R t>? and preal popularity of tfap discovery, I will that in April, 1K53,1 peddled It, and t-otu about *> bottlss per day?la April, IBM, 1 sold over l.w? bottias per day of It. Some of the whclesale Prsj^lsu, wl-o l?t?f ;t* Ib bosines- twenty and thirty veirs. nay thai *? thlag In the annals of patent medicines wa* like It. There is a naive,uU praise of it froin ? > quarters. In my own practice i alw.iy* kept It strictly W* humors?bat slnoe its introauctlon as e ?9J?er*j family medicine, creat and wonderful have been found In it that 1 ..ever ?uspec.trd Several case* of epileptic ttv-adlsea'e T,tkJ was always considered incurable,have b^jfl by a fevr bottles. O, what a mercy If it will Frovr effectual In all canes of that awful malady?ibh* ar? but few who have seen more of It than J I know of several cases of Dropsy, ail cf theai Sed people curvd by It For the various dlses,<* the Liver, Sick Headache. Pyspepsla, A?tbrn?, Fever and Ague. Pain In the Side, Diseases of -s' Spine, and particularly In diseases of the K:d neys, Ac., the discovery has done more good tfc*? any medicine fwi known No change of diet ever necenar)'?tkc you can get and enough of It. . JJtrtcttoHi for Us*.?Adults one table spoon!: per day?Children over ten years de??ert speoa ful?Children from tve to eight years, tea spoot. ful. As no directions can be applicable to ah coc stltutlons, take suAclent to operate on the be**-1 twice a day. ?anbfactvbbd II DONALD KENNEDY, ife. 1*1 Ift^M strut, Rtxbnrf, If*"' Pbicb, Ohb Dollab ? Wholesale Agent* ?New York City, ^ CLICKNER, 81 Barclay street: C. H ?!>*? I? Broadway; A. B A D SANDS,1W Fulu* street Philadelphia. T W. DYOTT A Baltimore, BROWN * BROTHER, CAN?t * HATCH. Alexandria. PEEL A STEVLN/ At Retail by all respectable DraggUts In ^ - United Slates and British Provinoes, aud also by the Druggists ef this City. etttt-lf