Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1856 Page 3
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evening star. "Tqoal intelligence. Board of Aldebmi*The Board met at the usual hoar, the President, Mr. Clark, in the chair; eight members present. A communication was received from the Major, announcing hie having signed various bill' The Chair then announced that petition! were in order from different wards. Mr. Pepper presented a petition from S. B. Stewart, in relation to sewers; referred to Second Ward delegation. Also, one from Jonas P. Levy , referred to police committee. Also, from Francis Wheatley, in reference to paving alley in square 517; referred to im provements committee. Mr. Emery presented a petition from A. Hurdle; referred to finance committee. Mr Houston presented a petition from Wm. Aikin and others; referred to improvements committee. Mr. Pearson, from claims committee, re ported back without amendment, a bill for the relief of Je. se Williams; parsed. Mr Busey, from the special committee to whom was referred the Mil regulating the s.tle <>i poisons, reported a substitute, which Mr. B said met the views of the Apothecaries' A?sociation ; passed. Mr. Busey, from the police committee, pre sented a resolution authorising the Mayor to offer a reward of five hundred dollars for the apprehension and conviction of Washington Naylor, who was arrested for burglary, ad mitted to bail by Justice Birch, and has es caped. Mr Miller offered an amendment, instruct ing the Mayor to investigate the circumstances of Nay lor'? discharge. Mr Busey hoped the gentleman would with draw his amendment, lie was in favor of a strict investigation, but thought it should be carried on by the Council. Mr. Milier inquired if the Mayor had not the power to appoint or remove the Captain of the Auxilary Guard ? If so. he had the power to investigate the matter, and was the proper person. Mr. Busey urged that the Mayor, as havinf the appointing power, was not the proper per sun to nave charge of the investigation. The Coun ;l Boards were impartial tribunals, and before or.e or the other board the investiga tion should be conducted. Mr. Busey proceeded to speik of tho differ ent statements published in regard to the m&tter. Mr. Birch's card instead of relieving him, bad impressed him (Mr. Busey) with the idea that there was something wrong about the matter. The card had n.ade a very un favorable impression upon his mind He pro ceeded to read some statements of the card which he thought contradictory. Mr. Miller withdrew his amendment and the re olution of Mr. Busey was adopted. Mr. Pepper offered bill for paving alley in square 517, which wus passed. Mr. Houston, from finance committca, re ported a bill making appropriation tor cleans ing alleys in various wards of the city ; parsed Also, tor the relief of Mathew Trimble and Thomas Bain. A lengthy debate followed when, upon motion of Mr. Marks, the bill was laid upon the table. Mr Pepper, from canal committee, reported a bill making an appropripation of six hundred dollars to repair breakage in canal wall at Twelfth street; parsed Mr. Pepper, iu itk improvements committee, reported a bill authorizing curbstone set and footway paved on east front of square 353; passed. Also, one authorising the construction of a resorvoir eorner of C street south, and Thir teenth street west; referred to improvements committee. Council resolution authorising gutter on Fourteenth street west, between H and I north, to be taken up and relaid, was referred to improvements committee Council bill for the relief of B. W. P. Bal main was passed A concurrent resolution, grading G street north, between Twenty-first and Twenty-sixth streets west, was referred to Second W ard delegation. A bill for the relief of John W. Stevens was passed Mr Busey, from police committee. Intro duced a resolution instructing the poliee oom mittee to inquire into the circumstances re lative to the arrest and admission to bail of Washington Naylor by the Captain of the Auxiliary Guard. Mr Miller offered a substitute instructing the Mayor to institute a critical examination into the circumstances which led to the dis charge, upon insufficient bail, of Washington Xaylor, charged with being concerned in sun dry burglaries and other criminal offences, and if, upon fair and impartial examination, it should appear that the Captain of the Aux iliary Guard, or any other officer appointed by the M r, now in the employment of the Cor poration, conr.ived at, cr was in any manner accessary to the escape of said Naylor, or that the said Naylor escaped from any remissness or neglect of the Captain of the Auxiliary Guard or other officers iu the employment of the Corporation, or if the Captain of Auxilia ry Guard admitted said Naylor to bail know ingly or wittingly, or without having properly informed himself of the character or suffi ciency of the bail offered for the appearance of said Naylor, the Mayor be, and is hereby requested to take the ncoessaiy steps to have the said Captain of the Auxiliary Guard and others to be discharged from the position which they may hold under the Corporation or appointment fr.m the Mayor. Mr Miller stated that he bad just had an interview with the Mayor, who informed him that wi'nesies had been examined and an in vestigation > f the matter entered upon. The Mayor, the Corporation Attorney, and the Dis trict Attorney were now investigating it. Mr Smith was opposed to prescribing what the Mayer should do. The Mayor would very naturally a-t according to the evidence be fore him The substitute would prejudge Mr. Birch without trial. Let us proceed like men possessing that most beautiful attribute? charily ; and if we find him derelict in duty icake an example of him Mr. Birch had hitherto maintained an unblemished reputa tion in this community. Mr Miller said be did not design to argue the question. He thought the Council had no control in the matter. The captain of the Auxiliary Guard wa* not confirmed by them, and he might refuse to appear before the police committee. Mr Pepper said if the Board had nothing to do with it why meddle with it at all? Ho believed the Board had all to do with it. The oalj difference betwoen that officer and those made by the Buard was that he was paid bj the I nited States. He thought there waa ''inething about the matter which should be looked into. Mr. 1/jve explained why he should vote ig*iu*t the substitute. The resoluti'of the V lice committee had received his consent be f re being reported, and he could not now con sistently do otherwise thau sustain the resolu tion Mr. Smith stated that from h>a knowledge Captain Birch, he had no duuot he would cheerfully appear before the police committee Mr Houston said it was due to that officer, Jii i to the c >mmit:ee, and due to the commu that the subject should be investigated tie objo<*ted to the substitute as pre-supposing 'hat the M-iyor would not do his duty. Mr Miller expressed himself as indifferent at<,ut the adoption of the substitute since he 'Sarncl that the Mayor had taken the matter up After some further debate the substitute **s rejected, and the resolution of Mr. Busey ?Jupted. Coaacil bill fur the relief ot B. K. Morsell *** referred to elaims committee. Mr Clarke presented an amendment to the prescribing the order in which reports fr^tn committees should be received ; which ?as adopted. Mr Miller offered a bill for repairing pave u*ents iu square 254 ; passed. Mr I> presented a communication from tUe VV estern Commissioner of Canals, in refer ence to *?v?nteenth street wharf; referred. , ' ?*y'y offered a resolution requesting Jne Mayor to report the bank accounts of the Corporation; adopted. The Board then adjourned ^xjtbx Market ?The principal market opened this morning with a much smaller show than usual. This was probably caused by prospect for rain last night Til Gbbat Salb -?The reader in want of ornaments for the parlor or chamber, of ex quisite design and artiatio finish, at very low rates, should carefully read Mr. McGuire's advertisement of his great sale of artielas recently imported by the celebrated Philadel phia house of Vito Viti A Sons, who haYe so often disposed of large quantities of their beautiful wares in WMhington in the same way. For, perhaps, twenty years past, the house of Veto Vite has been at the head of the business of importing Italian ornamental work, of all descriptions, into this country. Their importations are already scattered orer the United States from Maine to California, and are to be found almost wherever persona of ^ood taste are themselves to be found. Their faoilities in their business enable them to be content with what are really very low prices, indeed, for their beautiful articles, all of which are precisely what they are repre sented to be. We say this with confidence arising from the well known character of the house, which stands as high in Philadelphia as any other mercantile establishment whatever in that emporium. Supreme Court?Yesterday, James C. Carter, Esq., of New York, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this court No. 138. The New York and Virginia Steam ship Company, owners of the ateamer Roanoke appellants, vs. George Hotchkiss- Appeal from the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York. The matters in controversy having been agreed and nettled between the parties, it is ordered that this cause be dismissed, with oost*. No. 80 J. W. Goalee et al., owners of the steamboat Autocrat, appellants, vs. Theo. Sbute et al., owners of the steamboat Magno lia. The argument of this cause was com menced by Mr Sargent for the appellants and continued by Hon. J. P. Benjamin for the ap pellees. Adjourned. Fights.?The neighborhood of Third street and Maryland avenue was visited last Sun day by a number of young gentlemen, who considered it no disgrace to get into a fight with men and women. It was quite boisterous for a time in that vicinity; but the officers were engaged at the time in another part of the ward, or all the parties would have been arrested. Another fight came off near the same place, on Maryland avenue, shortly after. In the last men only were engaged It was unfortunate that the officers were so busy at the time, as all exhibitions of this disgraceful character ought to be put down. Watson, who wai sent to jail for swindling, and attempting to swindle, various members of Congress, has been charged, since his ar rest, with obtaining money in the same man ner from Hon Mr. Woodworth, of Illinois. The amount he got from this gentleman was 560 From the letters found in his possession we presume that he has a list of aliases. Those found upon his person recommend Jno. H C. Johnson, Jno. Henry Watson, Mr Geo. W. Taylor. He also had a certificate, pur porting to come from Dr. J Dunbar, of Balti more. Court of Claims ?Yesterday, Hon E. Louis Lowe, of Maryland, and Samuel E. Guiloe, Esq , of Boston, were admitted to prac tice A3 attorneys in thia court. The argument in the case of N. Ward, claiming the payment of certain loan-office certificates, vs The United States, was made by Mr. Rockwell, who was followed by the Solicitor, who argued that the case might go upon the trial docket, and that all questions of law and fact should be heard and decided at the same time. Adjourned. Something New.?On the way to the Post Office this morning our attention was called to a new and handsomely arranged Restaurant on the corner of E and Seventh streets. Having looked through and sampled the establish ment, not the leaat attractive feature of which was an assortment of terrapin, canvas t.ack, asparagus, Ac., and finding all things about right, we take pleasure in reoommending it to our readera. For prices, Ac , see advertise ment ?? Peddling ?Officor Hurly of the first dis trict police, yesterday arrested a young woman for peddling goods without license. She was taken before Justice Stevens, who released her on security for a further hearing to-day. The gooda ahe was selling were valuable silks, shawls, Ao They were left with the magis trate until the case is decided. The young woman appeared to be ignoranfrof the require ments of the law in relation to peddling. Depositions.?We understand that various depositions to the drunkenness of Washington Naylorin the early part of Thursday night iact were taken yesterday before Justice D. Smith. We have not yet been able to ascertain the names of the parties who came forward to swear in this case, or the nature of the case in which they were sworn. Be Careful.?Persons arriving by car riages in the city after dark, and passing through the streets where thero are no gas lights, should be careful to drive slowlv and keep a good look out. The streets are being repaired in maay places, and persona are re ceiving coal in other places. The banks of stone and coal, and the hollows in the streets, might cause severe injury. The Escapb of Natlor ? From Captain Birch we learn that Mr Hammack had a hearing last evening, and the witnesses, Messrs. Owens and Abbott, testified that they did not see Hammack and Washington Nay lor together on the morning of his escape, but Hammack was with William N aylor. Wasbington Lodge, I. O. 0. F , accom panied by Mount Nebo Encampment and members of the Grand Lodge, yesterday after noon conveyed to Oak Hill Cemetery the re mains of their deceased brother, Edward Godey. The funeral rites of the order were conducted by P. G. M. John T. Clement!. Superb Pickled Oysters are those pre pared by Mr Julius Do Saulea, and of which r.e baa sent us a delightful sample. Mr. De Saules' establishment is at No. 294 Pennsyl vania avenue, corner of Fourtetnth street, where all who are in quest of delicious bivalves put up in the most approved style will find exactly what they want. Fire Alabm ?The alarm of fire at ten o'clock last night brought out the firemen, who had a long run with their apparatus to wards the First Ward. There appeared to be some belligerent feeling among those who fol lowed the apparatus, tut it created no diffi culty. _________ Navy Yard, ) Washington, April 14, 1H56. J Editor of the "Star":?The enclosed letter was received by mi late last evening; so you see I have but a short time to remain in Washington. As it is written with red inla sanguinary color?I presume there will be no respite given by the '? Sons of Liberty " I would be pleased to have the precious epistle published, strictly adhering to the grammar and orthography used by ?? Liberty s ^ans," hoping it may be a gratification to them to see their model composition in print, I ha\e not the least idea who " Sons of Liberty"' are, but presume it must be some one who wants the greatest amount of pay for the least num ber of hours' loafing. Respectfully yours, A. Leonard. Washington. Andrew Leonard. Sir you have acted unbecoming anny man To be with Civillidied Peoplo Your actions Have Been mora leike a Savage or we May Say a Brute fur the name of a Savage is an honour to a Tyrant and as Such you have Proved youself, to be Your Course, in Re moving americana that Have had the Misfor tune to Be under you in the navy Yard Have Render You So obnoxious, Wo the american people of Washington have Come to the Con clusion and are Determined that no Tyrant or Tyrants, will we SubgeoA ourselve to, We would not Suffer an american to Do it And you may expet that we will not Suffer no for eigner, and Such you are a Tyrant a foreigner and a Transport at that, and you are hereby notified to laave Washington in 48 hours after you Recive this, if you Do not Leave in the time Specified, you may Expect u> abide By the Consequences, be wh?t they May. It Tib So* a or Limrty, D7~ Gilaaa's Stlaolatia? Liniment will #p#*<llly car* ohroslr and arot* Kheomatltm. m he pror?n by hnndredf who hare ???<] it in thl# city. It will ' ?#i,l,# Pal* Extractor, will lubdue the pain and Inllammatlon from the severed ,r.n." ,n 'rom one *? twenty ml tin tee? and that tt will heal tb# wound# without #oar: and effectually roreFeTer "T1i Bhenni?Inflammatory rhenmatUm?Snr# and Inflamed Byee?Ciit#-Wo,u,d#? Bruise#?Old and Iu ?eterate Sorea -?c?ld Head?Corn# and Bunion#?Brytipela# ?9pr?ln??Swelling*?felon#?Chilblain#?Bite of Inaerta? Swelled and Broken Bre##t?Sore Nlpplea?Iroptlona?and all other Inflammatory an<l cntaneou# li.?a?e?, where the part# affected 'an be reached. Don t he Incredulona anont the many dlseaaee naneil to he cured by only one thing?hnt refect, that the few, but poal tlve propertlea which the Dalley Salve alone contain#, and aa heretofore enumerated?on?* to four?can reach not alone the afore-nientloued dire####, bnt many more not enameraUd. ?. ?n box of OitsfiMR Dali t # Paim Kxtractob haa npon It a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the nlgnaturea of C. V. CLICKKNKK * CO., proprletora, and HKNKT DALLKT, manufacturer. All othere are counterfeit. Prlc# ts cent# per bo*. ?fAll order# (hould be ad.lreeaed toC.T. Cllckener * Co., ?1 Barclay ftreet, New York * WPoria'e by CHA8 STOTT, NAIRN A PAI.MKB. and Dmgclfto generally. ap Irr Ceats, Pants, and Vests, ?..._ Dress Suits, Business Suits. *OAH WALK KB A CO., Marblk Hall Clothing Euro air*, Brown# Hotel Bunding, reepectfnlly aanounc# that th#tr annual dltplay of SPRING AND SIMM KB CLOTHING la now ready for Inspection, comprlalng an apaortment of Gkntlemkm aid Yocth#' Ci othix. of th# newest and rich est deafga#. In material, trlmmlLg, anj wtrkmanfhlp. To tho4# who etody excellence, with economy Id fashionable ar ticle* of dre##, an opportunity la now offered for #el#ctirig rrom on# or the moat attractive atock of good# lu th1a city. At very reduced price#. 4p 3 J Fresh Congress Water, received this day, direct rrom the Spring Dally expecting to arrive BKDPOBD AND BLCE LICK WATIKh"?SiL 5 Drug Store, 3*0 Pa. aruoe. ap 3 ? MARRIED, 'h iMtont, by the Rev. Mr. Allg, Mr. ua d^i 1 ? ' ot Baltimore, to Mirs MARGARET CONNER, of this city. died, the 14th in: tant, of consumption Mr. J AS f^rinill JVnAw?TlN' in tbe 45th year ?f hls 8K?> formerly of Baltimore, h.:t for the last 16 years a lesldentof thisrity. Requlescat in pace' Amen. His funeral will take place on the 16th instant, from the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. uC? tli ?j Fourteenth street, south of Pa av His rrlfnav and acquaintances are invited to at tend# ? (Bait. Sun, St. Louis and California papers copy.) u r?unty Md , on the 1 ith Inst ; Hon. orao MAG RUDER, in the 63d year of his wawts! ANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK ? ?'? Any person wanting one will apply at this office, between the hours r>t 11 and 12 o'clock to morrow morning. The advertiser wishes a cook's situation. ap is?it* TTfANTED?A SITUATION AS A WET ' " a respectable young woman. Apply at 438 K street, between 6th and 7th. Na vy ap 15-2t? Ilf ANTED?A MAN TO WORK IN A DAI ,r>*?he mu"t *>? * good milker. One who can bring good references may applv at Locust Hl'l Farm. 7th street road, near first toll gate, ap 15? 3t? R jXTURSE AND CHAMBERMAID WANTED at474 Pa avenue, with pood recommenda tion". JONAS P. LEVY, ap i5-tf W lne. Liquor and Grocery tnore. WANTED-TO HIRE A BOV CAPABLE cf taking care of and driving a Horse and Carriage, and of doir.g other work about a family Enquire of D ENGLISH, Georgetown ap 15-3t WANTED ?A GOOD COOK. APPLY AT Mrs. BECK'S, in ?he Star building, ap 14-Bta s WANTED ?TWO COLOREDSER VANTS (sla?es prefered,) one competent cook, washer and Jroner, the other as house servant. Recommendations required ApDly at Star Of flf<? ap 14-3t? HOARDERS WANTED.?SIX OR EIGHT mJ single gentlemen can bs accommodated with pood board at my house on 28d st., between I st. and Pa. avenue, (First Ward.) Terms moderate; and care taken that the housd shall possess the comforts of a home ?P IS-frt* SARAH PO^R. WAN TED?A COLORED OR BLACK girl as nurse A good horns and liberal wages may bs obtained by early application at the 44 Webster House," Louisiana Avenue, next to Unitarian Church. ap 12-3t. WANTE D -IN A SMALL FAMILY, A competent Cook, with good referenc-. None other need apply Enquire at No. 399, C street, ap 13-3t*^ WANTE D?A YOUTH IN A RETAIL Drug Store. One who can compound pre scriptions. Must come well recommended Ap ply at this office. ap 3-2w* board nr a. Board?six, or eight gentlejikn can obtain board at No 45U lOthstreet bewetn E and F, for ?3 per week. Also, a gentleman and wife. ap 14-lw# BOARDING?ONE LARGE ROOM, hand somely furnished, on the first floor, and one large front room in the second story, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board Also, two single rooms for gentlemen Table boarders can be accommodated on reasonable terms A large yard Is attached to the house, making it desira ble for a family with children. Apply to468.10th street, between D and E, east side, ap 9-2w# Board,&c.?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street ispre pared toaccommodategentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf MAD A VIE R. WILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ON THE 8'b of M-jr, and respectfully informs the public in general, that she will give information In all tbe Affairs lelatlng to Life, Health, Wealth. Marriages, Love, Journeys, L w Suits, Difficul ties in Business, Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and in respect to all other subjects She is also able to tell the ages of persons by reading numbers. She can be consulted at all hours o^ the day and evening. Htr name is on the door?at No. 295 UJth street corner of D, on the left hand side. Gentlemen 50 cents and ladies 20. ap11-2w?. A CARD. The undersigned (late of the Ann of D Finch A Son,) still continues to carry on tbe Painting business in all its various branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public gentrally a continuance of their favors All work contracted for by him will be execu ted with promptness and fidelity. Orders to be left as usual, at tie old stand, cor ner 12th and E streets. JNO. SUMMERFI ELD FINCH. ap 11-1m CLOTH DRKSS1NO AND DYEING TABL1HUMENT. The subscriber having re-estab lished himself in the above business is pre 6ared to DYE Silk, Merino, and Delaine Dresses: Ilk, Damask and Merino Curtains; Crape and Merino Shawls dyed or bleached. Gents' Coats, Pair.s. Vests, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L. J. DENHAM. No. 24U sooth side Pa avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, opposite Gautler's Confectionery. apll lm? KLOWERI! FLOWERS!! 1H A VE THIS DAY OPENED A FINE AS sortmeut of FLOWERS suitable for facs and outside Bonnet Trimmings con sisting of? Straw Sprays and Bunches Straw Buttons, Braids, 4c. Bunches. Sprays, Buds % Leaves, Wreeths, Ac. A. TATE, apM-4t 314 Pa av., bet 10th and 11th sts. P~AR.ASOLS !?PARASOLS !! ~Z Just received from the Manufacturer's*? 300 PARASOLS in every quality and siie, L and for sale veiy cheap bv WM R RILEY ap2-lm Cor Sth8t.,opp Centra .Market. BASKET*:-BASKETS! WORK, CARD, NURSERY, TRAVEL lng, Knife, Key, Cigar, Tumbler, Offise, Market and Clothes' Baskets Children's Nur sery and Rocking Chairs. Ladies' Jenny Llnd Workstands, Ac. Not "at cost," but lswer than some sell who say "at cost." ? FRANCIS, mar 26 480 Seventh at. ROSNETS, FLATS AND RIBBONS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR SEC oi AND R HATS AND CAPS. Also, BONNET, FLOWERS and TRIMMINGS, which we offer at very low prices. W. EGAN A SON, ap 7-2w 323 Pa. avenue, near 7th street. NEW SPRING MILLINERY. ON THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, Miss THOMPSON will open our stock of SPRING MILLINERY", ard we re 4B*I spectfully solicit a call from Ladles on theySQr above named day HUTCHIN80N A MUNRO, tp 2-tf No. 110, Pa. av^btt. 9th tad 10th ata, t v ondsupplyof BONNETS, FLATS, AND RIBBONS, Infant's and Children's IP FOR 8ALB AND RENT. For sale.-i will sell at private sale, a two story and attic Frame Houte and Lot; also a vacant Lot adjoining, situated ^n 12th street west. between M and N streets, No 333. The House contains 7 rooms, with an excellent dry eellar. Any person desiring a comfortable and pleasant residence, will do well to call and examine the premise*. Terms very accommoda ting. r JAS. T. FRENY. ap 15-lw* TCURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.?Will r be for rent after the 1st of May next, that large three-storv Brick House, at present occupied by ? C.Carter, Esq., of Maryland, on F, between 10th and 20th streets. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate For further particulars en

quire of 8 REDFERN, corner Pa. avenue and 19th street, or to L. F. WHITNEY, Patent Of flae ap 16-3t* Room for rent.?apply at ford a BRO'S drug store, corner Penn. avenue and list. ' ap 14-3t FOR RENT AND BALE, ON THE CORNER of I street North and 9th stieet west, a fine lar*e store-room shelves and counter, eligibly situ ated for a retail grocery store, being In a thickly sett'ed and good neighborhood, and a pump of the best water at the door. Also, for aalr with the jental of the store a small lot of groceries, sezars and fixtures. Enquire on the premises. ap 14-3t? NO.306 ?FOR SALE, A VALUABLE TWO story and attic frame House and Lot No 30fl. on 9th street West, hullt of best material, con taining ten rooms, wide passage, seller, all nece* sary out buildings, pump of excellent water in the yard, and is considered one of the most conve nient houses in the city. Terms, one-fourth cash ; residue in six. twelve and eighteen moths. Inquire on the premises ap 14-31 FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TWO Parlors, three Bed rooms, Basement snd kitchen In a neat two story brick house, provided with gas fixtures, situated In the First Ward, on the North side of F street, between 19th and 20th street. The above apartments will be rented to a good tenant on reasonable terms, and possession given immediately. For particulars apply on thepremi ses, or through the post office to FREDERICK D STUART. ap 12-3t* F FO R R E N T ?A DESIRABLE THREE story brick hocse, with basement and back building,?Ituated on 2d street, between B and C streets, north. The house contains nine rooms; and, also, has smoke house, wood house, and a f ood sized lot attached. The hou?e Is near Trin ty Church, and in one of the most convenient and healthy parts of the city. For further particulars, enquire at No. 171, next door. ap 12-dlw* OR RENT?A TWO-STORY FRAME and brick basement house, containing seven rooms and passage, on N street next to the corner of 5th street North. For terms apply to FRIED. IIEIDER, on 7th street, between L. end M street, No 276 ap 14-a? At privatesale ?eighteen small building lota for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First Ward, ranging In price from *0 to 160 dollars each. Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumber or bricks (at market price?) to the amount of 15U dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa av.,bet. 18th A 10th sta. ap 10?3m ITiOR SALE OR RKNT?A THREE-STORY frame House, with two-story back building, situated on Virginia avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, In the seventh Ward, near the Smith sonian Institute. Terms easy. Apply to \VM. R. RILEY, corner 8th street, opposite Centre Maiket. apD?lw House and lot in Georgetown for sale ?A two-story Brick House, at the southeast corner of First and Lingan street*. op posite the new Catholic Church, Georgetown The Lot has a front of 16 feet 6 inches on First street, with a depth of 120 feet on Lln^aa street. Terms accommodating. Apply to HENRY KING. Esq., Potoin?c Insurance Otflce, George town. ap 7-fet* f^OR SALE?A TRACT OF LAND CON tainlng 170 acres, 40 of which Is cleared, 15 or 20 well set In clover and timothy, and the balance In oak and hickory, some of which is very heavy It is handsomely localed, in a thickly settled and rapidly improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6# miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold in whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H . SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J . H CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf T Farm for sale, containing one hundred acres, about one half of it cleared, Improved by a good, new two-stoty frame dwel ling House, Ac. The land lies within sight of the Leesburg turnpike road, three and a half miles above Georgetown, and near the Little Falls Bridge, in Fairfax county, Virginia; Is watered by an unfailing stream. In a very healthy and pleasant neightoihood. Title perfect, and a chance for a decided bargain Inquire of J. F. BROWN, War Department. ep 12-eo3t Apollo hall: apollohall:?for sale or lease, the lot on which the Apollo Hall formerly stood, fronting 48 feet 4 inches on Pennsylvania Avenue, south side opposite the National Theatre, by a depth of 85 feet This lot Is genenlly considered about the best vacant lot on Pennsylvania Avenue for a safe Investment. Terms?one-third cash, the balance In one, two, and three years Apply at No 331, G street, or of | E. C. Dver, Esq , Pennsyl?anla Avenue, between 12th A 13th streets, north side. ap 10-ec2w FOR RENT ?A TWO STORY HOCSE con taining seven rooms, besides the kitchen, w th 6as through the house. Apply at ^66, H street, etween 18th and 19th street. ap 10 -eofit. O RENT ?A FLRNISHEDTWO STORY brick house on 17th street, a few doors from Pennsylvania Avenue. Possession given the 1st of May. Apply at No. 40, Winder's Building, ap 10?eo3t# FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient buard. Inquire at Mra. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov 27?tf FOR RENT ?THE DWELLING ON THE corner of New York avenue and 15?h street. Possession given on the 1st of April. The loca tion is very desirable, being directly en the om nibus route, and in the lmnudiate neighborhood of the President's House and Government De Cartments To a desirable tenant the rent will e very low. Enquire on the premises of J. W. NAIRN. N. B ?The premises can be seen at any time by applying as above. mar 17?4w? F~or rent? anew two story brick house on the corner of N and 4th street, north, containing six good rooms. One of the rooms is adapted for a store, and Is already fitted up. The location is salubrious and healthy, and a good chance for business. Enquire at 4So, Eighth street, north, near corner of L,. MRS. MARTHA WILLIAMS, ap 10?eo3t? TWO ROOMS TO RENT. AT 470 FOUR, teenth street, opposite Willards'* ap 10?eo3t? FOR SALE ?I WILL SELL AT PRIVATE sale between this and the 1st of May, my property, consisting of two two-story Frame Houses, situated on 20th street, No. 404 and 4? 6, between G and H. Also, two two-story Brick Houses, situated on 22d street, No. 214 and 216, between G and H Also. two small frame Houses, situated en 23d street, No. 114 and 116, north of K. Also, one vacant Lot of Ground on22d stieet, between G and H. For terms of sale Inquire of Mrs. HANNAH MILLSON, on 22d street, be tween G and H. mar 22?la?e Rare chance.?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H. C. HARROVER. Terms: A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1,2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, north A street, Capitol Hill. feb 23-tf For rent ?the large house, com pletely furnlsLed, situated on the corner of | Pa. avenue and the President's Square Posi tion given immediately. Enquire on the prem ises, No. 224 Pa avenue. ap 5?tf Desirable property for sale ?i will now tell my property, situated on the Georgetown and Rocavllle Turnpike, about two miles above Georgetown, adjoining the village of Tennallytown, where there is a post office. The plaoe contains 63% acres, and Is handsomely Im proved by a two-story brick house. 32 x 40, with a wing 25 x 31, and all necessary oat houses. Apply to H. W. Blunt, Water at., Georgetown. Jan 17?tf THOS. MARSHALL. For sale or rent ?a umall farm situated near the Old Fields, Prince George's county, Md , on the stage road from Upper Marl boro' to Washington, only seven miles to Wash ington. On the place Is a good Dwelling House. g<x)d fruit, a young growing woods, and the soil easily Improved. For particulars Inquire on D st , between6th and 7th, No. 424J ap4-lm? LLIB'8 STORE ta 306 Pennsylvania avenue, near Tenth street. mar 9 E AUCTION BALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Long boat toni thini, at acc tioa.?On THURSDAY, ths 17th Instant, I ?ball sell, at 6 o'clock, p ia.. In tbe Washington Canal, between 14th and 15th streets, a loos boat, named Tom Thumb. She ia a good beat, orlsg 75 feet long and 13 feet # Inches wide, and two ma<ta. Capacity upwardaof 33 tona. Teranseash _ap l?-d AGRF.FN, Auct By JAS C. Mc(il"IKE, Auctioneer Grand rale of marble stati a ry, Oraaaaeotal Vassaaat, aad objects ef Fine Arts, the Impsrtatlsa of Slgaer Ve to Vlte A Seat.?On THURSDAY morn ING, the 17th Instant, at 10o'clock, at the Saloon over Farnham's Bookstore, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and lltkstre-t, 1 shall sell a large invoice of beautiful works of art Just received by Slgnors Veto Vlte A Sons, from Italy. The asaor ment will contain claasical copies of all the ancient original Vases to be found in the studios in Europe Among them are? Superbly carved Hebe Vases. Etrurian Urn* Agate Baccante Vases Pure white Grecian Vases Baccante Tazzas, for Cards, Ac. A mong the Marble Statuary will be found? One finely caived life-size Bust of Daniel Web ster, In Carrara mathle, the finest grain that the quarries of Italy produce Also, a superb bust of the Emperor Nlcholaa One beautiful .Madonna of Tenerauni, by the veil known artist, Sig. Bach tan 1 One beautiful group of Bacchus and Ariadne One group, the Shepherdess One superb group, Divine Instruction. The assortruf nt also contains rare and beautiful specimens of Parian China, viz : The Finding of Mose?, The Return of the Prod igal, tbe Gentle Shepherdess Tragedy and Comedy, Ac., all of which are mounted on marble pedestals One superb new style Landscape Tea Service, the first of tbe pattern imported Beautifully decorated Tea Sets, Chocolate Cups, Ac. Elegant Grecian Pedestals for vanes or Busts. Pair of superb Amphora Va es, copies from the originals in the Pitte Palace. Rich Bohemian Glass Vases, Perfume Bottles. Card Receivers, and Jewel Batkets Terms cash Tbe saloon will be open and the goods on exhi bition on the day and evening of the '5th. ap 10?d JAB. C_McGUIRE, Auct BvA. GREEN, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE?By virtue ef a deed of trust, duly recorded In Lll*er, J. A. S No. 99, one of the land recordsfor Washington county, In the District of Columbia, we E C Morgan and H B. Sweeney, will sell, on MONDAY,the 31st of March, A D 1856, at 5 o'clock p. m , the following described Real Estate and improve ment." thereon, situated In the city of Washing ton, District of Columbia, namely : Part of Lot No. 4, In Square No. 644, being the southeast twenty two teet of said Lot No 4, fronting on D street south, and having a depth of seventy-five feet; with the improvements, which are a small brick house. The sale will take place in front of the premises, and the terms will be one-half cash, ana the bal ance in six and nine months; with interest, se cured by a deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. E. C. MORGAN. ( Trustees H. B. SWEENEY, \ A GREEN, Auct'r 'I he above mentioned property having been sold on the31 st March, and the purchaser having failed to comply with the terms, the undersigned will resell on TUESDAY, the 22d of April, ISJfi, at 6 o'clock, p m., at the auction store of A. Green, No 53ft 7 street. Terms, as above mentioned. If the purchasei should fail to comply with the terms in threeday? after sale the Trustees reserve the ri ht to resell the property at the risk and cost of the delinquent by advertising three tim^s previous to such resalt In the Evening Star E. C. MORGAN, ) M H. B SWEENEY, \ IrU8t?eh* ap 12-eodAds A. GREEN, Auct'r. Bv BARNARD A BUCKEY ; Georgetown Larue stock of new and r.\stf. ionuble boats and fehees, Hats, Caps Tool?. Lasts, Boot Trees, Cases, Trunks Store Fixtures, Ac., at Auction.?On WED NESDAY, the l?"th Inst , at 10 o'clock a. m , w< will sell, at the Shoe Store on Bridge St., soutk side, between High and Congress streets, the en tire stock, as? Ladies' black, brown end col'd Lasting Gaiters Do Morocco and Kid Slippers Do heeled Gaiters, Buskins Do Calf Boots, Walking Sboes, Ac. Misses' and children's Boots and Shoes Men's fine French Calf Boots; these are the besl quality, being home made. Youths and Boys' Shoes and Boots Coarse Shoes and Boots for men and servants Felt Hats, Caps, a good assortment Trunks, Boxes, Cases ard Fixtures Also, the entire stock of Tools Lasts, Trees, Benches, Ac. Sale positive, as the present occupant Is about ] to change his business. Terms liberal and at sale. The attention of the trade is invited, as the stock is large and of tbe very best and most fash Ion able klna. OVERTON C WARNER aplO-d BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auct rs. LAND WARRANTS LOST OR STOLEN^ To Registers and Receivers of Local Land Officei, and dealers in Land Warrants THE FOLLOWING NAMED LAND WAR RANTS have been lost, either from the mail between New Orleans end Washington City or in the latter city. They were mailed at New Or leans November 9th list, and supposed <o have been recelv d here about the lnh of the sair.e month All persons are rautionei against buy ing or receiving said Warrant*, as caveats have been entered in the General Land Oifiee to pre vent the issu nee . f Patents, Viz : 120 acres, J. Rice, No.2525*2 120 41 George Moran, 44 17091 120 44 James H. Hearsey, 44 16295 120 44 Roger Brown, 44 16144 120 44 William Hesse, 44 21941 120 44 James Myers, 44 21985 1*20 44 Thomas Hughes, 41 21942 120 44 Samuel Gourley, '? 22937 120 44 Tyler Ugwln, 44 2l0ft7 120 44 Loiis C Dlllard, 44 26847 120 44 J .G. Bocler, 44 17279 Also, stolen from ourofllce (or lost) on the 7th February last, the following ? 160 acres, Moses Hubbard. No. 1377ft 160 44 Andrew Sturtevant, ?4 1377s 160 44 Thomas Anderson, 44 13779 120 44 Saul Mercer, 44 17100 120 44 Sarah, widow of Saml. Morse, 44 33o6fi 1*20 44 Joseph H Page, 44 36^54 120 44 Hlllery Murphy, 44 37138 All of said Warrants were issued under the act of 1855, (March 3d.) snd, after a sufficient length of time, application will be made to the Pension Office for Duplicates. The eleven 120 acre Warrants first named were authenticated in Louisiana The three l60's and 120 acre (No. 34086) were authentieated in Maint. The three 1*20 acre Warrants lost on the same day were authenticated in Gtorgia. Registers, Receivers, and Dealers recollecting these facts can easily detect the warrants as they examine the assignments. 9WEFNY, rittenhouse, FANT A CO., apl-law6w Bankers, Was" ington, D. C. NEW FIRM AND NEW ARRANGEMENTS The undersigned, t. potentini a S Z1TELL. having formed a copartne-shlp for the purpose of carrying on tbe CONFEC TIONERY and RESTAURANT business, at 279 Pennsylvania avenue, under the style of POTENTINI A ZITELL, beg leave to call the attention of the patrons of the old firm, and the public generally, to the increased faci Itles which they now ofier for supplying WEDDING. BALL and SUPPEK PARTIES, at the shortest possible notice, with all the deli cacies both in and out of season. Rooms furnished for BR FAK FAST, DINNER and SU PPER, for private parties, at all times. We have also connected with our establishment a fine SALOON fitted up express!v for the ladies, where they can be furnished with GAME and OYSTERS of all kinds, served up in every style, at the shortest notice. Ladles favoring us'with a call can alwavs be furnished with every delicacy that the appetite desires. Ladles and gentlemen can h?ve their MEALS sent to them at their private rooms by leaving or ders We will also pay particular attention to the manufacturing of plain and ornamental CON FECTIONERY in all their branches, and will always keep on hand aselect assortment of French CONFECTIONS. BON BONS. PRESERVES Ac POTENTINI A ZITELL, 279 b. s. Pa av , between 10th and 11th ets. a p 12-2m (1 nt A Organ) M. WATCHES. W. OALT A BRO. OFFERS CON ? stantly a complete assortment of superior Watches, fhey call particular attention to those made by T F Cooper. F B Adams A Sons, David Taylor, Dixon, Oralg, and others, London. M. T. Tobias A Co . R. A J. Beeslry Joseph Johnson. Blundell A Co , Liverpool. Jules Jurgenson, Copenhagen. Alfo, Vacherdn A Constanune's celebrated Ge neva Watches, which, from their size and atyle, are peculiarly suited f t ladles. The above, with those by every other maker, are offered at the lowest rates. M . W . GALT A BRO , Jewelers, _ap 12-dtf 324 Pa av. bet. 9th and 10th ate. CLEAVER'S PRIZE MEDAL HONEY Soap, Low's Old Brown Windsor Soap, 8ha* Ting Soap, Shaving Cream, Barry's Trtcfc?**er ous, Balm of a Thousand Flowers * ? W G, FRA1490 Seventh *. - ^ * ??' TELEGRAPHIC WXWB FEOM THE ASSOCIATED ?EESS. BY HOUSE PRINTING TKLCflRAPH. Massachusetts Polities Bosro*, April 15 ?A State delegate Repab liean Convention had been called to meet at Worcester, Jaoe 4th. to chooee delegates to the National Convention in Philadelph ia, June 17 th Removal of a Judge Poutlaud, M?., April 15.?Governor Welle has removed Judge Davis from the Sapreae Court Bench of thu State. Southern Markets. Ch a a lb s ton . April 12?Cotton has advanced ic ; sales to-day of 3.900 hales New Orleans, April 12 ? Cottoa baa ad ?anced; sales to-day of 3,500 balea, middling lOalOic How York Markets. New Yure, April 15Ploar haa declined sales of 6,500 bbls ; common to good State t5 87s S6 25; common to low grades of extra Ohio $6%$6 43}: mixed to standard Southern S6.?7iaf7 37}; fancy to extra Southern ST.50 a$s 50. Wheat is firm; aalea 2,000 bushels; South ern white $1 97. Com ia Ana; sales 27,000 bushels; Southern mixed 62c. Pork is improving: sales of S00 bbls. mess at $16 87} Beef ia drooping; sales of 350 bbla Chicago repacked at SlX37iaS13. Lard is firm, sales of 400 bbls. at 10c Whisky has declined, salas of 1000 bbls. Ohio 25c.' GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gborobtowe, April 15, 1855. We understand that the manner in whieh the work has been conducted upon the Wash ington aqueduct, under the direction of Capt Meigs, and the progress which has been made, gave universal satisfaction to those members of Congress who made an excursion to the premises on Saturday last. Even some who have heretofore been rather indifferent in re gard to this great and important improvement, give it as their opinion, after having surveyed the progress which has already been made, that it ought not to be retarded a single day in consequence of a want of means to puah it forward. The excursion was made on beard the beautiful and popular canal packet M C. Meigs, of the Mesars. Bitter's line. W U. Ritter. Esq., accompanied the party, and gained for himself no small amount of praise for bis accommodating deportment and seal oue efforts to render the excursion one of real pleasure to his honorable gueata. Mr. Qau tier, of your city, wrved up the refreahmente in his own peculiar style?not to be beat The M C Meigs is constantly in readiness for excursions to the above named or other points. The leak at the Seneca lock, which caused a suspension of navigation upon our canal, having been repaired, business begins to wear again quite a lively and cheerful aspect. The quantities of flour, grain, wood, Ac., now arriving, are very considerable. Friend Shoe maker, and his efficient deputy W Q. Cla baugh. inspected yesterday about 5,000 bbls of the first named article, all of which ar rived the previous two days Several boats from Cumberland, with coal, have also ar rived. Business along our river wharvea also looks quite encouraging. Though the author of the acurrilloua and vu'gar communication which was sent to our city councils on last Friday night may yet be Tanning at large and mingling among respec table people, the fact of his having forged the signature of one of our most respectable eiti E9ns to said communication, proves conclusive* ly that he ought to be in tne keeping of the General Government. We would suggest that the gentleman into whose bands the letter wee placed for presentation, make some effort to trace it to the real author, that be may be placed before the community in hia proper light, or pointed out to some of the Washing ton officers. Fishtown is in full blast. The supply is fully equal to the demand. Shad are selling at f8a$10 per hundred, and herrings S6aS7 per thousand The flour market this morning is rather dull; holders are holding on, and buyers are holding off. to see the effects of the foreign news on the Northern markets; held at S6 75 a$7, as in quality. Wheat, $1 50aSl 55 for red and whito The sales of corn during the last day or two have been quite heavy, being from 8,000 to 10,000 bushels, at 50c. for white and yellow. Oats 36c., struck measure. Spectatob A PLATED WAITER*. NEW ARTICLE ?JUST RECEIVED, A handsome assortment of verv superior PLA TED WAITERS, from 10 to 9U Inches, equal in quality to tbe best Sheffield Ware, ant at veiy much lower rates. M W GALT A BRO., Jewelers, ap 9 3s44 Pa av. bet. Vth and 10th streets NEW SPRING UOOOk FOR GENTLE' MEN PJ STEER,MERCHANT TAILOR, No 496 ? Seventh street, between D and E, has received his new Sprlag Goods and bas^flB now the pleasure to announce to his custo mer? and the public that hla stock laveryJUa compete Gentlemen who wish choice styles are Invited to call earlv, with the aasnrance that the most elegant and desirable goods will be shown them The stock embrace*, a? usual, new and elegant Furnishing Goods for gentlemen ap 12-eoSw FRINGE AND TRIXMING MAN I FAC TORY. Ladies dress trimmings in frin ges and Fancy Buttons. Cord* end Tassels, every variety on band a^d made to order Wide Tasseil Fringe, Bugle Gimp and Buttons, fancy Wfsh TRIMMINGS, Ac No 2*7 Pa avenue, souih side ap 1-2,15.1V MRS LOWE. \|OST IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ifi WHO SUFFER RHEUMATIC PAINS The *ub clibers, late from Europe, recommend to tbe public their infallihle remedy as s perfect cure for all Rheumatic pains. Office No. *HM Fourth street, up stairs, first door from D, and opposite east front of Cltv Hall, and it Is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p tu. All orders left will be promptly attended, ap 13-eoSte MELA A OPPENHE1M THE GREAT REMEDY IB AT LAST discovered: Aud that Foil Destroyer of Human Hs.ppi nets at length is Conquered (CONSUMPTION SHALL NO LONGER rob J our friends of tkelr brightest ornaments, and sink many a gentle spirit to an untimely grave Consumption can be cured. Asthma will b;?ou be as the thlnga that were, and coughs and ooldt the parents of that fell disease that so often bring* woe to the homes of our land, vanlsk, as If bv magic, before DEVIN E'S COM PQiJND PITCH LOZ EN G E These Lozenges act beneficially on every pan of the system, and uake strength sad vigor take the place of weakness and debility , and will, in any case whee lungs sufficient are left to sustain life, check the ulceration and raise the patient to health. This Is not sn Idle boast, nor Is this remedy sent into tbe market without a thorough trial, but has proved, beyond a doubt, that what has been asserted can be done. Call and get a pamphlet containing certificate of c urea. ROBT. A PAYNE. Druggist, Cor. 4th st. and Mass. Av., and sole agent for the District. ap 11-71 FLttNISHING GOODS! SELLING OFF AT COST! TO CLOSE BUSINESS, AT BIRGE'A, apB-lw 240 Perm, avenue. FISHING TACKLE (CHINESE G R A SB , SILK. LINEN AND J Cotton FISH LINES, furnished complete and unfurnished. . . Kirby, Limerick, Gravitation. V lrgtnlas, and Chestertown Fisli Hooks of all sites Limerick Hooks on Silk worm but. Ringed, hollow and bank Sinkers Best Bamboo and Reed Rods And everything In the K Ish lng Tackle lt0? for sale very low by fc K LJJNOY, ip io 129 Bridge st_,_Georgetown. FOX SALE?ONE OF SWAN'S PATENT ATMOSPHERIC SODA VOUNTAlNS, complete. Apply to ap Il-Saw2w W. 4L1QT, Druggist ^THIRUL OIL, ?|R SPIRIT For sale by J. R aplfi-dlvf **7thet ,bet.La av "dDst.