Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, f i BLI*H KD KVKHY ArTKRSOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) j< tii SMf eo?^?r ?f PtnmtfimmmA* ?tn?i ?*d Eltvintk gT W. I>. WALLACE, *tll be served by oarriera at 811 4>p A QUARTKK CKNT8, payable weekly lotheAgeate; p?pw? aenred In package* at 37* fc-nw P*r &i0ntl:- To 10411 subecrtbera tbe snb mT ption price Is THREE DOLLARS AND PIF fV CEN rei " **?' ** TWO DOLLARS f* ilx months, and ONE DOLLAR for three aodths; for '?** thaB lbrf* naoatha at the rate ef ij? o^it> * week. SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. FRIDAY, APRIL IS, 1856. NO. 997. THE WEEKLY STAR. Vhlaeieelleat Family aad Newt Jearaai?roe talalajr a greater variety of latereetl** read'n* ihaa eaa be fboM la aay ether?la pabnabed oa Satur day aaeralaf tatn. Stable eepy, per aaaaa ?1 M ft eiaaa Five espies ?3 ?0 Veaeoplea 6 W Twrntv copies M(.,ll 00 CT Catm, tRTAiiiUt in iiTiiei Slajlecopies (In wrapped can bepror? ed at the oountrr. !mm*dlateiv after the leeoe of th paper. I'rUe?Thbbb Casra.* Postm a ivaa? whoaet aa areata will MaUewe a commission of twenty per oeat. J 1 IV I .1 \J NH ornciu. DIFARTMKNT, D?C. 1, 18*. Notice U hereby given to holder* of stock? of the United States that this Department will par eha?e 10 l^e ?moant ?' " '5?? 000 ?t ?*ld stocks tt aay t;m' when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the fallowing prices, to wit: for stock of the loan of 1?42, a premium of ten pat cent.; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock issued aader the art of 1S50, commonly called Texas-ln demnlty stock, a premium of six per cent ; and fir stork of the loan of 184d, redeemable on the lf-h November, 1B46, If received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of 3# percent; if received between the 1st Jan airy and the 31st of March next, a premium of i per cent; and if received after the list of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of 1# percent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified In the certificates, from the 1st jaly last, If assigned with the principal of tbe eertllcates received prior to the 1st of January aext After that date the Interest will be allowed la addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases oneday's interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest If sent prior to the 1st of January next) bv the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts open the assistant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct JAMES GUTHRIE, dee i?dtJ unel Secretary of the Treasury. rilHE RISK AID FALL OF THE Dntch 1 Republic; A history by John Lathrop Mot ley, 3 vols, 8vo A Second Journey round the World, by Madame Pf-? ffer The Teacher, by Jacob Abbott Confession; or "the Blind Heut. by W. Gllmore Slmms, E?q The Private Life of an Eastern King, by William Knighton, 1 vol. London Sheridm Knowies' Dramitic Works, 2 volume.*, London The Pirates of the Mississippi, by Frederick Gertstaecker. 1 vol. London ap 15 FRANCK TAYLOR TABLE CUTLERY. SILVER-PI.ATED TABLE AND OESSERT Knives ; Ivory Handle Knives ; Knives and Fork* ; Carvers, Forks, and Steels ; Game Car ter* B^efSlicers; Bread Knives. Ac. Remember, prices are low on 7th st , especially iHi*!. ap 14- G. FRANCIS 8. P. HOOVER, Irsn Hall Bast, Shee and Trunk Establish* meat. 1ST RECEIVED MY STOCK OF SPRING BOO TS and SHOES for ladies, mis-, ??* and children. , Al*o. a large assortment of Gents. Bovsj and Youths' French Patent Leather arid Calf Boots, Shoes and Pumps, all of which I will tell low for cash. >Iy assortment of TRAVELING TRUNKS cannot be surpassed In any cltyaouthof New Yora. S. P. HOOVER, ap 11- iron Hall APPLES! apples:: 1 Afl BBLS RUSSET No 1 APPLES 1"U 25 do Baldwin do do Now arriving per schooner Gassabaes, and for tale by HARTLEY A BRO, ap 11 101 Water St., Georgetown. CAST OFF CLOTHING BOU6HT AND SOLD AT 73 LOUISIANA av?aue, opposite Holmead's Grocery, near Semtnes'. Address, through Post Office, to "Mr. Tailor" ap 7-1 m* fOKKED COLLARS AND SLEEVES in sets ?Just opened from the importer a fill amort Tient of? Collars and Sle-vw in seta Camorlc and Muslin Collars at very low prices Aso, White Cambrics Piain and Plgured Swisi Muslins Piald Camrtrlrg md White Brilliants at IS# cts. per yard With many other Goods very cheap. WM R RILEY, _apjl-lm Cor tth st , opp Centre Market. MR WILLIAM PALMER, Profeuor of Singing and the Flute, DtGS TO INFORM THE INHABITANTS As of Washington that he proposes establishing SINKING CLASSES for iwo, three or four pu p:.s whereby rich voice will be properly ex a-n-.a-d. and 'separately cultivated, according to Its y l- lty. which could not be done, consistent ly. w th simultaneous teaching?as Sopranos. Mezzo Sopranos, and Contralto Voices require a widely different training The same care is ne cessary wltn male voices, viz : Tenor, Baritone, aad BWhen the pupils are sufficiently ad v<taced to sing by themselves they will then be ta^ht to ta?e thslr respective parts In Duets, Trias, or <4uartetts T*rin-? per (Quarter: S10 for each pupil, if only two pupils oue tour will be devoted, and an extra -iif hour for every additional pupil; 820 per qiarter fjr separate pupils *p3-tf 'i57 Pennsylvania avenue. PORSALEOR EXCHANGE.?SEVERAL * JjTT^n-oruve rosewood pi*mii-^m?? FORTE, eitgantl/ finished, will beffTn' ?old iow for cash or good paper, or will be ex changed for building material and work. These instruments may be see.) at my fcaloon. and any person disposed' to purchase or trade will please mik-early application. LEWIS CARUSl. T'HRKE Pianos RECEIVED THIS A weefc, aa<i f0T jOW( Bt the great Piano and Music store of JOHN F ELLIS, 30? Penn a~eaae between 0th and tOth streets. apS-tf ONLY 12* CENTS. UUCK LEY'S CELEBRATED SONG BOOK for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Soogs, as sung by Buckley's New Orleans ^erenaders at their opera house, Broad way, New York. For sale by the agent. ALEX ADAMSON, mar ?-3m 7th street, opposite Post office. \y&rilltfc A - D JEW ELK Y Ui per *v cent cheaper than can , bought elsewhere in Wash logt n. at J ROBINSON'S, tr.irtlt-im MO Pa av , opp Brawns'Hotel. APfLts A*D POTATOES. 10b bbls. prime Boston APPLES 100 bbls prime Mercer POTATOES f or sale by HARTLEY A BROTHER, rTia:2o Georgetown. W PLEAVEK'S PRIZE MEDAL HONEY ^ Soap Low's Old Brown Windsor Soap, Sha ?;ag S-.ap, Shaving Greain, Barry's Trichopher oas, Balin of a Thousand Flowers marli G kRANC1S, 4MO Seventh st. ('"KPOKATION STOC K??t*,000 Corpo " J ration of \\ashington Stock for sale at feb-^-tf CHUBB BROTHERS I 'I.OIKI-CLO! KS? CLOCKS.-A GREAT variety of fLOCKS, all warranted toj '?*P good time one year, at 1. ROBINSON'S, 34W Pennsylvania avenue, niarii? im opposite Browns' Hotel. JEWELRY-NEW STYLES. ?WE ARE now opening a handsome assortment of N P. W ?'fcVVKLKY, consisting of Coral, Cameo, Flor Mosaic and Lava Brooches, Bracelets, ??d Ear rkiw, A?ao, Ne?klac?*, Chains. Charms,Seals, Ktys, '-ocheia, he. M W.GALTABRO _^PJ^_ 3*4 Pa av , bet vth and 10th sts. \|H. W. HENKY PALMER'S 1 PIANO FORTE CLASSES, F?c< Dollart Per Quarter. APPly at GEORGE HlLBLS'S Music Depot, sylvan la^venue. mar 14-tf L. J. MIDDLKTUN, r,m D?ALER IN ICE, l?fm^'Pot?Southwest corner of F and ?wetKh street. feb<7-tf LIMK!-LIMK! !-LlME !!! NOW UNLOADING A SUPERIOR ARTI cleof wood burnt lime, which will be sold very low for cash. All persons wanting are re ?ue?ted to give me a call at the old Gas House, Oth street and canal. WM P. DRURY. ap 15-Steod* ESTRAY ,-CAMK E9TRAY TO THE residence of the subscriber somei days since, a red and white COW, longj tall, short hrrns, very poor and gentle * The ownir Is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. RICH. R. SHEKELL, 111, cor. 7th and High sts., Georgetown. apll-law3t* nORK RICH DRESS GOODS. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING VERY many Rich and beautiful Barege Robes Plain and striped Spring Silks and Robe Silks Lawn Robes, Organdie Muslins and French Lawns French Jaconets. White and Col'd Brilliants Plaid Muslins, Plain and Plaid Cambrics W 1th a full stock of all kinds of Mourning Goods T MANTILLAS, SHAWLS AND SCARFS We are now opening our Spring styles In Silk Mantillas, Shawls and Scarfs, all the newest de sign* and novelties of the season. ALSO, ICST OPKXKD? 100 new style Paraso'.s in all colors 150 Misses and Children'* Parasols at very low prices, in all colors To which, with many other new Goods, we In vite purchasers generally to call and examine for themselves. We must request again the settlement of all bills as endorsed, without further delay. COLLEY A SEARS, 523 Seventh street, 3 doors norih Pa ave. ap ?? eo2w NOTICE TO MASONS AID BUILDERS. STONE OF THE BEST QUALITY, THE best in the market, will be furnished this sea son from my Quarries, r.ear the Little Falls. All kind* Truck Stone, Flagging, Curb, Step and Sill, Wheel Stone, and small Building Mone. The quality is well known ; the same furnlsted last season through the agency of Mr. Wm Col lins, of Washington WM D. C. MURDOCH. Georgetown, April 7, 1*56. ap"-eo2w THE EAST TROTTING STALLION MOSCOW, (believed to be the fast ?V-? est stallion in the three adjacent States) will be lei to a LIMITED number of Maris dur in tke month of April only For term*, pedi gree, Ac , apply to Dr GEORGE SMITH, ap l-dl0tAeo9t* At Birch's Stablee. MARBLE AMD BRi'WJI STONEWORKS, Pa avenue, between ISrA tnd l?tA streets. HE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND _ and makes to order on the most reasonable terms?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONE*, MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring Also, all kinds of plain and ornamental Marble and Brown Stone Work for building purposes executed with promptness, and at a* low prices as can be had elaewhf re. ap 10-eoly H. PARRY. Shirts made to order, and sure TO FIT OR NO SALE.?Gentlemen in want of n?v: and beautiful white and fancy linen and cotton SH1R TS can now have them manufactured in style *ad finish, at short notice, st the gentle men's Baxaar, corner Cth street and Pennsylvania avenue HOPKINS, ap 9-eow2w T. N. KID W ELL, DEALER IN ICE. ORDERS LEFT AT THE FOLLOWING places will be promptly attended to : Kidwell A Laurence, corner Pa. ave. and 14th street. G F. Kidwell A Co., 14th street, opp. Frank lin Engine House J. B.Moore, Druggist, Pa. avenue, betw. 19th and 30th streets Geo Seitxe, New York avenue, between 10th and lltb streets. R. C. Dyson A Co., Druggists, corner of 9th and I streets. Robert A Payne, Druggist, corner $tb st and Maaa. avenue. ap3?'iawflw MASTIC WORM, PLAIS t OHNAMRXTAL PLASTER EH, Na. 426 K Street north. THE UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THE firm of Noonan fc Tlemey) respectfully in form* Owners, Builders. Architect*, and others, that h* Is prepared to attend to orders for Plain and Ornamental PLASTERING and MASTIC WOR K with promptness, and In his usual satis factory styl* Orders to the above address p nctu ally attended ?. [mar 20-eolm*] JOHN TIERNEY. NOTICE* THE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO call the attention of the public to hi?^-T? stock of GLASS AND QUEENS WARE, WW before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing Ba they will save from 15 to 25 per oent Mil Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at JOHN McDEVlTT'S, 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, mar 21?eolm CASH PAID EOR FURNITURE PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or having a surplus of Household Effects on hand, will find us prepared at all times to pur chase their entire Stock, or surb articles as they may wish to dispose of Call and see 1 BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 369 Seventh st , bet. 1 and K. feb 19-eod REFRIGERATORS OF THE MOST APPROVED KIND, JUST received at the House Furnishing Store of the ?ubecrilier. ? Also, a large supply of n?w FURNITURE made to order, and will be sold very low for rash or approved paper. N. M McGRKGOR, mar "II?ec6w No. 530 , 7th street. I THE SUBSCRIBER, BOUGHT BOUN 9 TV LAND WARRANT No 56,3115 for 100 acres of land, issued und r the act of Feb. 11th, 1947. In the name of Jane l'lckard, Stewart D. Piekard, Rol?ert B Pickard, Wil l^m l'lckard, Alexander Hckaid, and Mary Pickard; brothers, sisters, and helra-at-l^w of John H Pickard. iate a private in Captain Seftrlch's Company, Third Regiment, Tennessfe Volunteers. Mexican W ar. I mallei the same in a registered letter. No. 31, at Columbia, Tenn, November 12th, 1855. ad dressed to Hamilton G. Fant, Washington, D C. Said letter was either loet or stolen. Therefore, I hereby give notice, that 1 Intend to apply to the Commissioner of Pensions for a duplicate of said Warrant, after giving the required notice. J. F. F IKE, Mount Heaaant. Maury county. Tenn. mar 11?lawflw FKL'IT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES. fiiOR SALE. AT THE NURSERIES OF the subscriber, at l.lnr.?n Hill, and ongsgt 11th street. In Washington, a large and weli^W selected assortment of FRUIT and ORNA-^"* MENTAL TREES Amongst them 12 to 15 tho sand APPLE TREES, well-assorted and of fine growth, at 820 per hundred 15 to 'JO thousand PEACH TR EES, forming a complete assortment, at 812 60 per hundred, or 8100 per thousand 5.0UU to 7,000 PEAR TREES, dwarfs and stan dards A few hundred DWARFS of extra sixe. W 1th a general assortment of PLUM, CHER RY, APRICOT, NECTARINE, andQUlNCE T R . Alio, CURRANTS. GOOSEBERRIES. RASPBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES, Ac of the most approved kinds The stock of ORNAMENTAL TREES Is ex tensive and fine. Amongst those < f large size for street* and lawns are many thousands of such as American and European El ma and Lindens, Tu lip Trwes, Aspen, Abaie. and other Poplars; American and European Horse Chestnuts; sugar, Silvar, Scarlet, and Norway Maples; Mountain Ash. Green and White Ash; several varieties of Oaks and Magnolias; W*eplng Willows, Golden Willows, and many others. Ornamental Evergreens and Shrubbery. Great exertions have baen made to make this department complete; it now contains from thirty to iorty thousand Firs and Pines of choice varie ties, a portion of which are if extra six*. Persons wishing to embellish their grounds and Broprletors of public cemsterles wtll find it to lelr advantage to call and select such as may an swer their purposaa. Fereons residing near, when it Is desired, can have Tree* delivered, with balls of earth to the roots, which they will find to give them a decided preference over tree* transported from a <?stance. Job gardeners will be supplied at a reasonable discount JOSHUA PIERCE, mar 14-wtX ALNWICK FRENCH AND ENGLISH FE MALE SEMINARY, FOR BOARDING PUPILS. SITUATED SIXTEEN MILKS ON THE ^ Baltimore and Washington Railroad and Turnpike, and two miles south of the village of Laurel. M. A. TYSON A SISTER^ respectfully In form their patrons and others that It Is their In tention to close, pfrmanently, tbelr day school In the city on the 21st April, and that the summer term of their Alnwick Institution will open on MONDAY, May 5th. Applications mav be male at their city resi dence, until 1st May. or by letter addressed to the Laurel Post Office, Md N. B ?Every facility Is afforded for the arqul i tion at the French Language and Music, ap 1 vdt.YIay 10 oas light:?oas light:: Always sure, and under your own control! r^ALLAHER A SMITH HAVING PER u fected their PORTABLE GAS GENERA TOR, now off-T It to the pul>llc, assuring them that It Is tre* from all the objections whlcn have been urged against other Inventions for accom pllshlrg artificial illumination It will generate more Gas, at less expense, than any otht r A pj a ratus, take up less space, and is* free from all ncxlous odors, while its original cost 1s fifty per cent. less. For Public Buildings or l'rltate Dwellings this Gkkerator will be found pecu liarly applicable. and in the country highly ad vantageous. as the Gas can be manufactured from any kind of grease that la now considered valueless and thrown away. It is very simple in Its construction, not liable to get out of order, and can be tended with entire suety by an Ignorant servant, or child, without the least danger. The patentees do not think It neoe*sary. in en advert sement, to give any long description of their Gas Gsnhhtor, those dts reus of being supplied will examine for themselves, they would, ?her fore, respect fully refc the public to the Gas Fitting and Plumbing Establishment of MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No 395 Pennsylvania avenu j, fouh ?lde, Who are the "ole and General Agents, whe e the Gas can be seen burning, and all particulars as certained relative to the Generator, Ac. ap 14-lm THE GREAT REMKRY IS AT LAST DISCOVERED And that Fell Destroyer of Human Happi ness at length is Conquered CONSUMPTION SHALL NO LONGER rob our friends of their brightest ornaments, and sink many a gentle spirit to an untimely grave. Consumption can be cured Asthma will soon be us the things that were; and coughs and colds, the parents of that fell disease that so oft> n brings woe to the hemes of our land, vanish, as If by magic,beforeDEVINE'S COM POUND PITCH LOZENGE These Lozenges act beneficially on every pari of the system, and make strength tnd vigor take the place of weakness and debility; and will, In any case where lungs sufficient are lelt to KUMtain life, check the ulceration and rabe the patient to health. This is not en idle boast, nor Is this remedy sent into the market without a thorough trial, but has proved, bevond a doubt, that what has been asserted can be done Call and get a pamphlet containing certificate ofcures. ROBT A PAYNE, Druggist, Cor 4th st. and Mass. Av,, and sole agent for the District. ap ll-7t AUCTION BARGAINS. Fine de baife at i2*c White Brilliants 12*c Striped and plaid Muslins 6j^c Extra quality do 12)<c Black Alapacas l^^c % Brown Linens fltfc 4-4 do 12*c Fine Linen Handkerchiefs ijtfc Extra quality d I'i^c While Flannels 12)<c 4 4 Fancy Prints 12)fc 4-4 Purple do 10 c 4-4 Furniture Chintz 12#c 4 4 Brilliants 25 c 7-8 fine Bleached Shirtings 6j^c Fine Book Muslins l'-V^c Brown Linen Table Cloths 31 jtfe Urown Linen Towels "Jfc Fine Table Napkins 12XC also? A handsome lot of Black and Colored Visltee, verv cheap Also, a large assortment of Embroidery. Ac. W. EGAN A SON, No :J23 Pa av., s. side, 3d door from 7th. ap 14-6t Flour, flock, Ac. 50 bblt. Family Extra and Superfine Flour In store and for sale by the barrel or sack 500 bushels Corn 100O bushels Oats 5000 bushels Mill Offal of all kinds ISO bales more of that prime Hay just arrived 900 bushels Maine Mercer Potatoes And Corn Meal Received fresh, dally, all of which will be sold In quantities to suit, at CLARK A BRO.'S, Wholesale and retail Flour, Grain and Fted Store, comer Pa. avenue and Second street, ap 12-lw# NEW SPRING MILLINERY. QN THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, of S spectfully solic it a call from Ladle* on the^ Miss THOMPSON will open our stock of SPRING MILLINERY, ar.d we re % aoove named day HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, ap2-tr No. 310, Pa av., l>et. 9thand 10th sts. NEW FIRM A .YD NEW ARRANGEMENTS ! T1HE UNDERSIGNED, T. POTENTINI A S ZITELL, having formed a copartne-ship for the purpose of carrying on the CONFEC TIONER* and RESTAURANT business, at 270 Pennsylvania avenue, under the style of POTENTINI A ZITELL, beg leave to call the attention of the patrons of the old firm, and the pulillc generally, to the increased faci ltlcs which they now offer for supplying WEDDING, BALL and SUPPEK PARTIES, at the shortest possible notice, with all the deli cacies both in and out of season. Rooms furnished for BREAKFAST, DINN F.R and SU PPER, for private parties, at all times. We have alsoccnntcted with our establishment a fine SALOON fitted up expressly for th? ladle*, where they can be furnished with GAME and OYttTERS of ailkiud.s, served up in every style, at the shortest notice. Ladles favoring us'with a call can always be furnished with every delicacy that the appetite desires. Ladles and gentlemen can h .ve their MEALS sent to them ai ttielr private rooms by leaving or ders We will also pay particular attention to the manufacturing of plain and ornamental CON FECTIONERY In all their branches, and will always keep on hand a select assortment of French CONFECTIONS, HON BONS. PRESERVES Ac POTENTINI A ZITELL, 270 a. s Pa. av., between ldth and 11th sts. ap 12-2m (lnt&Organ) FROM ?? STON. ^CROONER GASSABAES HAS ARRIVED ?3 and is now discharging her cargo at our wharf HARTLEY &. BRO., Agts , ap 11 101 Water St., Georgetown. WATCHES. MW. GALT A BRO. OFFERS CON ? stantly a complete assortment of superior Watches. They call particular attention to those

made by T F Cooper. F B. Adarrs A Sons, David Taylor, Dixon, Oralg, and others, London M T. Tobias A Co . R A J. Beeslry. Joseph Johnson. Blundell A Co , Livsrp ol. Jules Jurgenson, Copenhagen Also Vacheron A Constanilne's celebrated Ge neva Watehes. which, from their size and style, are peculiarly suited fr ladies. The above, with those by every other maker, are offered at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT A BRO , Jewelers, ap If dtf 324 Pa av. bet. Vth and 10th sts. FISHING TAC ELF. tiHlNKBE G R A S 8 , SILK. LINEN AND / Cotton FISH LINKS, furnished complete and uufurnlshed. Klrby, Limerick, Gravitation, Virginias, and Chestertown Fish Hooks of all sizes IJmerick Hookson Silk worm but. Ringed, hollow and bank Sinkers Best Bamboo an<l Reed Rods And everything in the Fishing Tackle line for sale very lo* by E K L.UNDY, ap io 198 Bridge at., Georgetown. baskets:?baskets: WORK, CARD, NURSERY, TRAVEL ing, Knife, Key. Cigar, Tumbler, Offlee, Market and Clothes' Baskets Children's Nur sery and Rocking Chairs Ladles' Jenny Llnd Workstands, Ac. Not "at cost," but lower than some sell who say "at eost 1 G FRANCIS, mar *) 4W0 Seventh st. F Houses, &c , for Rent and Sale TO RENT?A FRONT ROOM ON THE first floor, convenient for a gentleman's offlcc or 1>ed room, would also he a suitable stand for a medium size store. No 469,14th street, second house from Penn. avenue. Rent moderate, ap 16-3t# FURNISHED OR unfurnished Apart ments to let, with or without board, in a pri vate French family residing in one of the most delightful parts of the cltv for summer residence, within five minutes walk of Pennsylvania avenue and where an omnibus parses e'verv ten min utes. Apply at No. t&O Twelfth street. Island, ap 16-3t? Three well-built frame houses with their Lots for sale. Also, a nnmber of fine Building Lots, all in the First Wa d. Apply to GILBERT CAMERON, 143 B street south, opposite Smithsonian Institution, ap 16-1 w? OR SALE?FROM 5 TO 30 ACRES OF good L and, part In word and part cleared, with all the Improvements, at a verv reduced price, and to suit the purchaser and the times Soli good. Would answer well for a v??getable gardener. Only 3 miles from the Capitol, ever Ana^ostia bridge,adjoining Mr. Scaggs. Anv one wishing to secure a comfortable home will get a good chance. For further particulars call on Mr. MILAM, C street. l>etween 6tb ard 7th streets. ap 16-3t? VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE ? The subscriber has the following described Real Estate for sale, which will 1*? sold on mod erate terms, for the purpose of settling up ar es tate : The whole of square <40, situated on" th street This square Is improved by a good brick house, which contains a store room and bake oven ; there Is also, a neat Cottage on this square, ahd fruit trees. Also, a Frame House on the Island ; the same being situated cn 7th street, and in square 673. T1 is house is now occupied by Mr. Harris as a Grocery Store and dwelling ; there 5s a stable at tached to the premises. On English H:ll 1 have also several fine lots for sale E. C MORGAN, ap 16-lw Executor. For sale.?i wil* sell at private sale, a two ttory and attic Frame Hou*e and Lot; also a vacant Lot adjoining, situ-ited - n 12th s'.rett west, between M and N streets, No 331. The House contains 7 rooms, with an exce'lent dry cellar Any person desiring a comfortable and pleasant residence, will do well to call and examine the premise*. Terms vervacc^mmoda tlrg. [ap 15-lw*] JAS T FERRY. NO.306? FOR SALE. A VALUABLE TWO story and attic frame House and Lot No 306, on 9th street west, built of best material, con taining twelve rooms, wide passage, cel'ar. all ne cessary out buildings. pumpof excellent water in the yard, and Is considered one of the most conve nient houses in the cltv. Te-ms, one-fourth cash ; residue in six, twelve and eighteen months. Inquire on the premises, ap l4-6t For rent ?the large house, com pletely furnished, situated on the corner of Pa. avenue and tbe President's Square Posses sion given immediately. Enquire on the prem ises. No. 2*24 Pa avenue. apjW-tf FOR SALE OR RENT ?A SMALL FARM situated near the Old F lelds. Prince George's county, Md., on the titage road from Upper Marl boro' to \\ asblngton, only seven miles to Wash ington. On the place is a good Dwelling House, good fruit, a young growing woods, and the soil easily improved For particulars inquire on D st , between 6th and 7th, No. 424: ap 4 - lm* OR RENT?SEVERAL handsome Pal lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov 27?tf F FO R K E N T .?A TWO STORY BRICK House, with a two story wing. It has exten sive grounds about it, and is situated on the south west corner of F and 20th streets Rent, $ 17 per moath Key at Mr. C. ALEXANDER'S, near Winder's building. mar 20?eolm* Rooms to let ?a furnished par lor and Chamber (including fire and gas) will be rented together or separately during the session of Congress. The rooms are on the first floor, within one square of the Klrkwood House. Enquire at the oifece of the Klrkwood House. Jan 30?eotf For rent?several handsome Rooms, including a Parlor and Chamber, with board. Als"*, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs BRYANT'S, No. 303 G street, between 13th and 14th. mar 18?eolm For rent?two parlors,suitable for offices. Apply at the passage door of No 5*1 Pr nn avenno, south side, between 9th and 10th 8tre ts ap 14-eo3t Brick yard for sale ?the under, signed will dispose of their Upper or Eastern Brick Yard, sitmted.on the corner of N and South Capitol streets, (20 building hill) with an abund ance of the best qufillty clay. The Improvements are?one steam engine of 20 horse power, iin Croved Clay Mixers, three large substantially ullt 12 arch kilns, and suitable shedding. Ac , and all the improvements necessary to make 28 or 30 thousand brick d>iily; will be'sold on libe ral terras. Application can be made to Richard Wallach, or Jchn Van Riswick mar 11-eotf SAMUEL B YJNGTON A CO For rent.?a handsome three story frame House on 1 Ith street, between New York avenue and K Hreet north, contiinlng n'ne good aud convenlently-arrauged rooms, with wide pastage. It has a large cistern in the yard. Apply to M . SNYDER ft. SON, Bankers ap4-tf FOR RENT ?THE DWELLING ON THE corner of New York avenue and 15th street. Possession given on the 1st of April The loca tion is very desirable, being directly en the om nibus route, and in tbe immediate neighborhood of tbe President's House and Government De Grtments To a desirable tenant the rent will very low. Enquire on the premises of J. W. NAIRN. N. B?The premlsc3 can be seen at any time by applying as above. mar 17?4w* For s\lk ?i will sell at private sale between this and the 1st of May, my Property, consisting of two two story Frame Houses, situated on 20th street, No 404 and lu6, ?*>tween G and H. Also, two two-story Brick House*, situated on 22d street. No. 214 and 216, between G and H Also two small frame Houses, situatM en 23d street, No. 114 and 116, north of K. Also, one vacant Lot of Ground cn22d street, between G and H For terms of sale inquire of Mrs HANNAH MILLSON, on 22d street, be tween G and H mar 22?lm* For sale?a tract of land con tainlng 170 acres, 40 of which is cleared, IS or 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balance In oak and hickory, some of which is very hea>y It Is baudsomelv located, In a thickly settled and rapidly improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6^ miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sola In whole or In part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H CI.EVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf OR RENT ?A desirable THREE _ story brick horse, with basement and back building, situated on 2d street, between B and C streets, north The house contains nine rooms and, also, has smoke hou*e, wood house, end a good sized lot attached. The house Is near Trin ity Church, and in one of the most convenient and healthy parts of the city. For further particulars, enquire at No 171, next door. apl2-dlwe T PRIVATE SALE.?EIGHTEEN SMALL building lots for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle. First Ward, ranging in price from HO to 160 dollars each Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumber or brlcas (at market prices) to the amount of ISO dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by de*d of trust on the property. Title indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av ,bet. 18th A 10th ?t?. ap 10?3m Rare chance?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice- H. C. HARKOVEK. Terms: A small cash payment, and the bu.1 snoc In 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No 6, north A street, Capitol Hill. feb23 -tf F A evening' star. A SOFT-HEARTED THIEF. tht* celcbrated Pointer of animals a* they never were painted before, and may never be painted again, had painted the por" trait of a splendid Newfoundland dog, but ho grayed or was 8tolen as he was returning ^ZhVjVmi"* His owner was inconS able , but knowing the distinguished artist's large and intimate acquaintance with per wi?h WtK? confid?n,Ua"7 concerned them selves w th other people s dogs, repaired to him f.?r ad\ice. and authorncd him uf the maguifi cent palettee to offer ten pounds reward f..r the recovery of the missing favorite. The ar tist soon put himself into communication with wh?at who a<ked him wnat kind ot a dog it was ? ?? Why " ?av< the artist,-look here; this is the picture should you know him again ?" The fellow gated at the vividly faithful reprobation f? J fhiXr ?r tw? ,^tently' ^ th*n 'aid if I d*? m nowi I shall know if I seo him But what's the tip?" " Tei pounds '' ? Werry andsome. indeed, and worth a little trouble ; but such a prime han t??!t h'li cre.wi11 coit ? deal of trouble t) get hoii on, such uncommon care is taken iVdWf", " haf ?ot ?m Mowse'er, do my bost, and again he glued h's A mrni^h .! pictured d?S) aD(1 thun withdrew L S W,'th0Ut tiJiD?S 0f th? iflhi i;? ? defu; but at icn*th in the ^ irgreat arti?f was summoned nrlfiS P*,uting-room, and there found his confidential agent. "Well. Bill," qU?th the firmer, any news about the dog ' 1 have giwo .? op." .. Oh, don. reply, with a wink. ? I do rally believe I re got him at last. But is the tip all safe still and no mistake?" " Ay?have it .n?-. J you like." "It aint a check " asked hi* astute companion. " No-a teL-pound note *!L^VeS' sovereigns." "Hell?and no questions an t to be askel ? l?-t I should get any friends into trouble ?? ? Only y.,u brin* Lod' ?f ?? mJ?' "nd y"u ",ka <"? i? ? dona^for ever. Honor!" ? '.W?1' Slr' wbcre ^at word's said by a gent, there s an end of everything; so the dog nr tt'i, 10 t an hour's time, and a pretty business I've had to find him. Half an-hour s lapse saw this little stroke of busi " W1?nIDP and dog and cash exchanged. Well now, my man, said the artist, " and it 8 all over, though I said 1 wouldn't ask you a question, I can t help it, merely out of curiosity. I give you my honor that 1 have no other motive, and will take no steps at all in consequence of what you may tell me Did 1 ever deceive you ?" " V0 sir m,, rlirl " n u^ii j . ' ir> ^?u never Old- Well do you know who stole him ' ' vou""? ? W? y?U l'*'1 ?? tothin? if 1 thu \ Honor?honor ' " Well, sir I wa< thA ? P,**KlK hitn-" " You "" ?choed the artist with expanded eyes, uplifted hands and a great start. ? Yc/mi. iir. I took'<1 the dog, and no mistake." '-Whew ' Well but now I m moro curious still to know whv you chose to be so long out of your money? himS *r Wihy not faaTe y?u br<>?ght him back in a few days and get your Ten "Co* 'ir, Joo M*I sold unto another party for seven pounds, who h^n't ti! k iug 10 the creature, that 1 hadn t the heart to steal un from him, till he d a week or two s comfort out of him; but as soon as he had, I know'd how to prig the dog. I, as could do it once, could do it twice -and now you ve got what you want, but ic sartiujy sounds coonous, don't it'" "Whv you consummate scamp," qUlJth the artist almost splitting with laughter?" you've got seventeen pounds out of the do*'" sir, that s the figure, exact," replied the stoii id man of dogs. " Well, but you impudent vagabond it you could prig a dog, as you "a&?l|nC? and tw,ce? Juu may thrice?" i o , ? !' 8.,r> So 1 m?y?but this ere dog will be looked arter unkimmin close note, and 1 shan t run no risk." ? Well, honor among thieves?eh " Quite correct, sir."? /J/W woodt. Thb Art ok Prkachisg ?There is much in common between the tragic actor and tho popular preacher, but while the actor's power is generally the result of a studied elocution, the preacher is almost always native. A teacher of elocution would probably ?-ay that the manner of Cyalmers, Uuthrie.orof Caird was a very bad one; but it suits the man and no other would produce a like impression. In reading the m?,st effective discourses of the greatest preachers we aro invariably disap pointed. W e can see nothing very particular in those quotations from Chalmers which aro recorded as having so overwhelmingly im pressed those who lit.iid them It was man ? 1?: 111 i*?1" Iu i'ilort.' Ra accessory, whie.i in Lngland is almost entirely neglected ii the secret of Scotch effect Nor is it any degradation from un orator's genius to say that his power lies much loss in what he says tnan now he says it. It is saying that hi weapon can be wielded by no other hand than his own. .Manners make the entire difierence between JVlacready and the poorest stroller that murders Shakspearc. The matter is the same in the case of each. Each has the same thing to say, the enormous difference lies in the manner which heeays it The greatest ef fect? recorded to have been produced by things which, in merely reuding them, would not have appeared so very remarkable. Haslitt tells us that nothing eo lingered on his ear as a hue from Home's "Douglass," as spoken by young Betty : ' " And happy in my mind, wax he that died We have heard it said that Macready never produced a greater cffect than by tho very simple words, Who said that !' It is perhai ? a burlesque of an acknowledged fact, to re cord that Whitfield could thrill an audience by saying, Mesopotamia ?? Hugh Miller tells us that ho heaid Chalmers read a piece whi h ho (M.ller) had himself written. It produced the effect of the most telling acting ; and its author never knew how fine it was till then We remember well the feeling which ran through us when we heard Baird say, As we bend over tho grave where the dying are bu rying the dead.' All this is the result of tha' gift of genius ; to feel with the soul, and otter with the whole soul The case of Uavani shows that tremendous energy can carry an audience away, without its undersanding a syllable oi what is said. Inferior men think by loud roaring uud frautic gesticulation, to pro duce that impression which genius alone can produce. But tho counterfeit is wretched ; and with ail intelligent people, the result is derision and disgust ?Frazer's Magazine Wuosa Baby is It??Tho Boston Post has a Paris correspondent, who writes there werj those so given to unbelief in the implicit hon esty of Louis Napoleon as to the credit the rumor that the "sound, live boy" who has been palmed off upon tho Empiro, is nothing but an ursurper, and that he takes tie place of a certain girl baby which was the real heir. Tho aforesaid rumor was to the effect that for Eometime previous to the Empress's accoueh ment, it was well understood that whatever the event might be, a fine healthy boy would bo ready to be presented as the legitimate child of tho Empire. This being so, at once acoounts for the fact of the king ef Algiers being as big at birth as his nurse 's baby at two months old. Pulpit Eloqi ejici.?Tho Appleton Cres cent of the 5th instant contains an elaborate review of a discourse delivered on Sunday, tho 23d of March, by the Rev William J. McDonald. From extracts from this disc* arte given by the Crescent, it appears that the reverend gentleman has beoome weary in his Master's work and turned his hand to that of the partisan stump orator. Our cotemporary does not state whether a eollection of rifles was taken up after the discourse. Science of Medicine?Opinion of Vagendie On u^uming the Professor's chair in the College of France, the celebrated Magendie thus addressed the assembled students : Gentlemen Medicine is a great humbug I know it is called a science?science, indeed' Its nothing like science Doctor* are mere empirics, when they are not charlatans We are ignorant, a." ignorant as men can be Who knows anything in the world about medicine' (Gentlemen, you hare done me the honor to come here to attend my lectures, and I must tell you frankly now. in the beginning, that I know nothing in the world about medicine and I don't know anybody who does kn^w anything about it. Don't think for a moment that I haven't read the bills advertising the course of lecture? at the medical school ; I know that this man teaches anatomy, that inau teaches pathology, another man physi ology, such a one teaches therapeutics. such another materia medica?Eh Men, et anpm ' What's known about that ? Why. gentlemen, at the school of M<jntpelier. (God knows it was famous enough in its day '.) they diecarded the study of anatomy and taught nothing but dispensary, and the doctors educated there knew just as much and were quite as sueces* ful as any others. I repeat it, nobody knows anything about medicine True enough, we are gathering facts every day. We can pro duce typhus fever, fer example, by injecting a certain substance into the veins of a dog ? that's something; we can alleviate diabetes; and, 1 see distinctly we are fast approaching the day when phthisis can be cured as easily as any disease. Wc are collecting facte in the right spirit, aud 1 dare say in a cantury or so the accumulation of facta may enable our suceessora to form a medical science; but I repeat it to you, there is no sucn thing now as a medical science Who can tell me how to euro the headache 7 or the gout ' or disease of the heart? Nobody. Oh! you tell mo doctors cure people. I grant you. people are cured But how are they cured' Gentlemen, nature does a good deal. Imagination does a go ?d deal. Doctorsdo?devilish little?when they don t do harm Let me tell you. gen tlemen, what I did when I was the head phy sician at the Hotel Dicu- Some 3 or 400 pa tients passed through my hands every year. I divided the patients into two classes : with 000 I followed the dispensary, and gave them the usual medicines without having the least idea why or wherefore; to the others 1 gave bread pills and colored water, without of course, letting them know anything about it? and occasionally, gentlemen. I would create a third division, to whom I gave nothing whatever These last would fret a good deal; they would feel they were neglected unless they are well drugged ; (lea imbertles,) and they would irritate themselves until they g?t really sick; but nature invariably came to the rescue, and all the persons in this third class got well. There was a little mortality among those who who received but bread pills anl c dored water, and the mortality was greater among those who were carefully drugged ac cording to the dispensary. You ask, then, what is the use of my lecturing. I 11 tell you. We have come here to study nature, not to spin fine theories about this and that, and anticipate brilliant conclusions?leave that t?? the Germans, gentlemen. 1 don't say theso i-jctrineuires tail to hit occasionally upon some brilliant truth, by the aid of their theo ries?for I have sometimes been astonished by their discoveries?but for once they are right, they are wrong a hundred times, and by their theories they are never sure of know ing assuredly what they do know Now whit 1 know, I kuow. There can be no mistake about it. 1 see it with my eyes 1 touch it with my fingers. I would not give that for all the theories in the world?give me stub born facts That a the way. gentlemen, we are going to study here. Escouxtkb with a Wolf?Some two or three weeks since, days the Cumberland Tele graph. a very large male wolf, driven bv hunger from the mountain forests, made his appearance in the region of country in this county known as the Crossings Forks He commenced his depredation on stock, and be gan to be c >nsiderable of an annoyance to the husbandmen of that locality He kept out of harm's way for several weeks At last a young man named Christian Beachy, who had frequently encountered his tracks in the deep snow, declared his intention to give him ch*?e if ever he came acres.* him when he (Bea'byi was on bis favorite horse?a powerful and swift-fo?ten animal, capable of endurance, and able to withstand the hardship* of a vig orous dash against the unscrupulous invader of sbcepfulds and stock yards. A few days since Be achy, in company with another young man, also mounted, beheld the wolf's track in the snow. It was fresh, apparantly just made, and a pitch for him was at once determined upon. Ibe snow was upwards of two feet deep, but nothing daunted Beacby. on his powerful horse, plunged through it into the forest, followed by his companion, who was unable to keep within hailing distance. The wolf, finding himself pursued, da-bed boldly forward, but the gal lant steed of Beacby, after a rapid chase of half au hour, bore him by the side of the wolf. Springing from his horse, he, beins unj armed, caught the animal by the tail. Thin a battle ensued cf a fierce character. The wolf snapped his chaws in powerful rage, but by constantly jerking him about and admin istering at every favorable opportunity, a powcrtul kick with a heavy boot in the side, he managed to hold on uninjured until the ar rival of his companion, wben the ferocious animal was dispatched with one well-aimed blow from a club. Beachy is a man of great muscular power and courage, and the two combined enabled him to retain his hold upon the wolf until he was dispatched When his companion ar rived be was nearly exhausted. The w.df would not have been so easily cap tured, but having been indiscreet in his young days, he had put one of his fret into a steel trap, and had thereby loet the entire foot tu the first joint. An Editor'a Lir* ?A gentleman who for merly conducted a weekly paper writes to a friend in this coun'ry. who has recently as sumed the charge of a daily paper, as follows; " You must live in and for the paper There is no escape from this voluntary and yet life long slavery F?rnow nearly ten years I have known the willing, voluntary, unbrokeu ser vice which the true servant of a free press must render. My weekly charge has been more than I can bear ; and often, like the slave de scribed with such pathetic eloquence by Job, I have "longed for the shadow ' which tells the hour of rest Feeling thus with respect to the weekly press, how can I but fear for you, my brother, my friend, when you bind your self in six-iold bonds T How little does the majority ot readers of newspapers know of the expenditure of thought, of the labor of the head and brain and hands, which goes to make up that which ministers to iheir highest wants' And also how many truths, thought out with brain throes, pass unnoted, unobserved, even if not received with relentless hostility' Nev ertheless, the true man must work, and work, too, in the martyr spirit, oontented even with the thought that his mere relicts, when he has laid him down in the dust, will constitute a kind of superstructure and basement, upon whi *h the glorious and eternal temple of truth shall stand." Foe Farmbr9 aud Stable***-?A com pound of gypsum and sulphate of magnesia, used on the floors of stables, will absorb the moisture and ammonia, and keep the stable dry and free from offensive smell. The com - pound salt, Ac , can then be removed and used for manure, which has been foupd very excellent. Fresh salts can then be applied i* the same waJ%